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Conference Calls

We are giving you two of our more signigicant conference calls that we've ever done. We hope by listening to them, you gain a lot of knowledge but also come to feel the pulse of our community.

Oldies But Goodies-Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 10/07/17
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Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday - The Sum of the Parts 04/01/17
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Sample of Testimonials

"All I can tell you is the people on this website that have gotten well and tell their story has saved my life. If not for this surely I would be dead but, God had other plans for me. My best to you all and never give up HOPE!"

"If you are new on here, please take this protocol seriously... it has saved my life :) & for that I am forever grateful"
Deborah B

"It's saved our lives and my sanity!!! Mel with your support I have come so far!!!...Have faith.. And Mel man is right ... Never ever give up hope!!!! Many blessings,"

"I'm am so grateful for the help I got from you and this community when I needed it and still do. You all have saved my life! Thank you so much. Please let me know if I can help anyone that is just starting out." God Bless you all.

"This disease has taught me many things, first, to trust and love God, second to love myself, and third to Love the very special people God has brought into my life. I want to thank each one of you, and tell you I truly wouldn't be here without you!... Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Mel, John B., and Peter. You all are so dear to me, always. Love and Blessings"

"Also, I would like to add that there's no quick fix for this disease. Mel's protocol does take time. When i realized this I thought to myself, 'I've had this for 3+ years. What's a few months?'...Mel, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You and your protocol have saved my life! God Bless"

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