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1:07:32 AM

Hi Donna,

You and I have spoken directly, but I wanted to reiterate here that once I felt that my crawling was significantly decreased, I started touching my son. I would make sure I was clean and then I'd hug him quickly at first. Before that I'd tickle his back with a wooden backscratcher every night as a bonding time when he was going to sleep. I would use a paper towel to hold the scratcher. I would spray clean green around the carpet where my feet had been. I used a wooden chair and then sprayed it down and took it out of his room each night.

But, I started getting well and the crawling decreased significantly and my son started hugging me and not letting go despite my warnings and trying to get him to let go.

Eventually, I just started hugging back for longer amounts of time. Stopped using the back scratcher and used my own hands. And as I got better and better, more contact. I didn't want him to sit in my chair or on my side of the bed because I felt wherever I sat for a long amount of time, might be most at risk. He respected those boundaries.

Well, now we wrestle, hug, massages, tickles....he never got the MD. Neither did my hubby. Neither did my in laws, my parents, siblings, friends, etc.... I don't know if it is contagious, but I think if it is, it is just the first 3 months or so once the protocol is started when there is all that activity in the skin with bites, stings, crawls, wiggles.

Once that subsides or really decreases, I think it is safe. Well, I also prayed intensely and constantly that my son and hubby not contract it.

That was a prayer that was answered. Thanks be to God!

Yours in Christ,
Donna M

10:25:28 AM

Hi Paula,

Thank you for your response. Do I remember you saying you are at 100%? If not, please correct me.

I am in the same position as you were, my son and his family want me back in their lives and feel I am going overboard on precautions. I so want them back physically in my life too! As I told them, this is not as easy to be healed from as the common cold. I know from this protocol that it can be healed but the medical world for the most part seemingly does not want to recognize it.

Could you elaborate or lead me to a post about things you did with your children and grandchildren in terms of touching, hugging, going to their home or coming to your home? If it would be ok and easier for you, I would love to speak to you over the phone - I would be happy for Mel to give you my number.

Thank you and God Bless.

Donna M.

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