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Jen + 5

1:16:18 PM

Hi Loraine,

I would be more than happy to talk with you of you'd like. I have 5 children and have been throught this while pregnant as well. Took the whole protocol while pregnant and my baby came out perfectly. I am the same, never touch medication. And yes, please rest easy knowing you are in the right place, blessings!

7:46:40 AM


I'm new to reading about morgellons, maybe have been readiing about a month. And I was so scared!
The horrorible stories I was reading!

Then I found this website! and it calmed my anxiety down!!!
The only thing I can say that was good out of feeling this
way is that it brought me closer to God:)

I am happy to hear, how your children are getting better.

I am wanting to start my 3 children and myself on the protocol. Me being 8 months pregnant. I'm nervous because I don't ever really give them anything unless it's tylonal for pain.

But I am happy to know there is hope:)

I spoke to Mel for the first time yesterday and just the conversation we had, made things feel so much better!

Just know my babies will be ok and that I will be ok.

I love reading the stories about all your babies getting better!

It gives me HOPE!!!

8:35:31 AM

Good morning Michelle

I’m so sorry that your child is going through these horrible days. Hang in there n just assure him this will go.

My recommendation is a warm bath, lots of tlc (tender loving care), and ask Mel what he thinks.

Your in my thoughts and prayers.
Laura (aunt)

5:10:00 PM

Dear Michelle,

A previous warrior from this website many times has explained the importance of using magnesium oil. You might try massaging small amounts into the joints/ligaments and muscles around the bone site that may be causing the pain. Also try feeding him foods that have proteolytic enzymes. For example bromelain in pineapples is a good one to use.

In addition, ginger would also reduce prostaglandins (fatty acids that are involved in the contraction of smooth muscles)that may fuel inflation and joint pain. You should also stay away from refined oils for approximately 30 days. Try adding more leafy greens to his diet.

I hope this information is helpful.

In Christ Love,

2:13:01 AM


My toddler cries every night from joint pain .He also complains about breathing issues . He is on the children protocol .
I appriciate any advice .


12:32:08 PM

Hello awesome mom's

Sorry for the late response

I should have been more specific about which dairy products i gave my daughter. Plan Greek yogurt, Plan Kiefer milk.

I do believe the hardest part about the protocol that most people have is with diet. Which foods can we eat? which foods do we give her children? Which foods would cause a reaction? Well there's no real Answer to those questions because everyone is different. This website gives us a pretty good guideline on where we should start. So for your own records keep a log of the foods you can enjoy.

When adding foods to your child's Diet do it very slow and small amounts because While I do believe their diet should not be as strict. It is going to be difficult adding some of these foods that you haven't been giving your child without having a reaction.

You all are grate mothers
God bless you all.


11:15:16 AM

Thanks Jen

very helpful information . Yes , my son is taking vitamins in addition to the protocol. He is eating now cupcakes made of Tahini for the needed calcuim.

8:16:11 PM

Hmmm, have you considered giving him vitamins?

You may want to talk to Mel, better yet John B about whether or not you could give him a child dosage of the logos supplements.

It is possible to get calcium without dairy, bone broth is a really good source of calcium - you could make him soups with it.

Almonds, green leafy veggies, white beans, pinto beans, hemp milk, broccoli, sesame seeds, chia seeds, amaranth, figs, oranges, blackberries.

8:22:48 AM

Hi Jen ,

I am aware of kefir .. Unfortunately it is not easy to get it where I live.

Are they any dairy products that are allowed ?
I think my son is lacking in calcuim and that is the reason he is not growing.

I try to give him supplements but I do not reach the daily quota.

The best yogurt I could find caused his bad reaction as well.


2:55:12 PM

Hi Michelle!

Yes, stay far away from soy. Is there a reason he still needs to be drinking formula? If not you could try transitioning him off of it. My son loves a drink called kefir (it's a yogurt drink which is dairy based but has probiotics). It's definitely not for everyone but he loves it

11:36:02 AM

Hi Jen

Thanks so much for your food ideas.
I will definitely look for non dairy but most of the options where I live are spy based which is not allowed.

Eventhough my son is 3 he is still drinking formula which is dairy based... it is very hot here and most of his liquids comefrom his formula . I give him extra water in his bottle to dillute the formula . I suspect it is an issue

6:40:34 PM


Got some great for cooking.

My Ella Grace is a picky eater but loves fruit and salad. She also has started to try more. We enjoy walnuts n shredded almonds. I have learned lots about kale smoothies with blooberries n a nonfat yogurt.

Like Ashley mentioned I think there are a few things kids can eat that adults cant.

God bless you all.

10:42:02 AM

Another really yummy source of good fats is avocado, I usually make homemade guacamole (avocado, lime juice, onion, garlic and sometimes tomatoes) and coconut milk is great in smoothies made with berries and sometimes banana (again if he can tolerate it) ??

10:20:26 AM

Hi Michelle!
So sorry to hear he had a bad reaction, If that is the case I would consider steering clear from all dairy and trying to reintroduce it in a few months. The other option is dairy free cheese. Try to remember these changes are for the most part temporary until he gets to a place where he can once again tolerate these foods. I will give you an example of what I give my kiddos daily. For breakfast we usually do oatmeal, I buy gluten free and organic made by the brand Bob's Red Mill. With that I will mix in coconut oil (good fat) and usually either banana or blueberries (my kiddos will only eat blueberries if they are frozen). Another good breakfast option is eggs, scrambled/boiled. When scrambled I make them with olive oil and add some pink himalayan salt. For snack it's usually organic apple slices with almond butter, if he can't do fruit yet carrots are also actually really yummy with almond butter. My kids also love organic popcorn with olive oil and sea salt or little packets of organic seaweed. Celery with almond butter also works (only sometimes). For lunch it's usually salad or slices of cucumber with soup (organic chicken and wild rice) or half a sandwhich (we use organic sprouted grain bread). Dinner is usally sweet potato (with coconut oil and cinnamon) or brown rice, chicken and some green veggie (broccoli,peas, green beans, asparagus, brussel sprouts etc). You can get creative with the way you prepare things flavor wise. A really yummy way to do chicken is with olive oil, lemon juice, organic italian seasoning, organic garlic powder and salt and pepper to taste (and you can just toss the green veggies in the same sauce). You will find coconut oil (organic and unrefined) is your best friend. Hope this was helpful in some way. There is definitely a learning curve, but once you get used to this new normal it will just come naturally!

3:34:02 PM

Hi ,

My son had very bad reaction to Mozzarella cheese ( white) .
Ashley ,Can you please elaborate on the dairy products and the amount you give your child?



10:26:47 AM

Hi Jen

I agree with Ashley .. I Think his diet is lacking. I will try to add more food.


1:15:37 AM

I need to add that before I started his diet .. he gained cm in consistent way while still having M .. so It must be the diet. Very young children probably need adujments to the diet but I just do not know what to add without hurting his recovery.

2:21:27 AM

Hi Ashley ,

Thanks for your detailed response it is very helpful . I will ask Mel for your contact details .


8:56:45 PM

Hi Michelle,

I will second what Ashley said, I noticed myself and my children have also dropped some weight since being on the protocol, but not in an unhealthy way. I just think that goes along with eating healthier and our body purging toxins, some of which were stored in fat cells. I will also say that (with my children at least), that is definitely the age when I noticed their growth hit a bit of a plateau. They all grew pretty rapidly until then but since I've had so many now I am definitely seeing a pattern. How are his other symptoms?

3:08:41 PM


I have a 5 year old daughter who has been on the protocol for 7 almost 8 months now, in the beginning when I changed her diet she didn't gain any weight she actually lost weight she was 4 at the time. I change our diet to the Candida diet which does not work very well for children I believe. And can be very dangerous in my opinion kids are not as toxic as adults so their diet should be altered to some grains strawberries blueberries green Granny Smith apples. No sugar no gluten in the beginning a very limited amount of dairy and also some starchy vegetables but always keep a balance. My daughter is doing grate she's not 100 percent but she's almost there.

As far as the protocol she is taking candida rid an Essential Flora and I cycle out colostrum every 3 months.

I know as a parent is very hard but trust me when I say it will get better. I'm open to talking with anyone who has questions just ask Mel from my contact information.

This thing is beatable with this protocol and with good diet.

God Bless you all

7:32:29 AM

Hi Jen
Thanks for your caring reply .
My son is 3 years old, his weight is normal for his age but since he started the protocol 4 months ago he did not gain anything .. same height . It is very unusual for him and it never happened before . He eats a veru healthy diet with limited gruans and fruits

3:00:28 PM

Hi Michelle,

How old is your son? Does he eat regularly? I have a 3 year old who still fits into most of her 24 month clothing and I swear she hasn't grown very much since she was 2. Her brother who is 2 is now the same size as her, height and weight wise. She eats fine and doesn’t seem malnourished so I am not worried...I think each child is so different and sometime their growth comes all at once during a growth spurt. I would monitor him, but try not to stress over it. Again, anything related to this illness is being addressed by the protocol, so if for some reason the condition is causing, it will be addressed through continuing the protocol. Keep him on a nutrious, wholesome diet rich in good fats ??

9:58:44 AM

Hi ,

Has anyone had issued with a child development while having M ? My son's height has not changed for few months .


8:05:51 AM


Good morning my friend,

I first wanted to ease your mind to let you know that all the children get better on this protocol. I can relate to your concerns and definitely can address any questions that you have, so, you can get my contact information from Mel.

My daughter just turned six in but our onset illness started when she was three years old, we are now going on our six-month of protocol and we have very few signs n symptoms.

when we started protocol and the diet changed we started My oldest daughter and I started the silver, as well as the basic protocol.
Ella Grace started on the Colostrum and essential flora.
After about a month and a half switched colostrum for the candida rid.

The main thing is to make sure that you feed them plenty of vegetables and only fruits that are anti-oxidants.

To address any skin condition I used a lot of A&E ointment with Ella Grace .

Know that this disease did not just come over night and it'll take time to have your health restored, but you and your children will get better.

When God led me to this website I knew I was in the right place, because so many got well.

When your sure that you're ready to order, Mel will advise you
on what to order and what all the other parents have done to restore the children's health.

God bless you and I look forward to hearing from you soon

10:25:07 PM

Hello was wondering what supplemets and brand di everyone who has children put their children on? I dod by a multivit and probiotic to later findout it has high fructose syrup and otherthings we dont need in it please help.

2:01:14 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

As I mentioned in an earlier post today, let's not jump into anything quickly. It just so happens that next Friday June 16, I will be hosting a five person panel on the subject of food grade diatomaceous earth.

Regardless of our findings, we will address the subject on the following Saturday's June 24 Coffee, Tea with Me, the conclusions of our five person panel. It will be titled either "We agree" or "The pros and cons of DE". We will try to bring as many panel members to that call, so please be patient as we are only sixteen days away.

Thanks again for your patience.

God Bless, those who did not give up HOPE got well,



9:12:07 PM

Dear Jenny S,

I'm sorry to hear your 14 year old daughter is struggling. The digestion thing does seem to be a big issue with many of us...and I've certainly dealt with it myself as well. I've these issues all my used to be called "nervous stomach" when I was a kid and then later in life, it was called IBS. In any case, it's probably a symptom of the bio terrain being out of whack (for lack of a better description).

The Essential Flora and Essential Digestion from Logos have helped me in this area along with adding food grade diatomaceous earth powder to my whey protein smoothies daily. I'm certainly no doctor...but the food grade DE might be something you want to research a little bit. Maybe some others on this site can weigh in on this idea as well (food grade DE).

My best to you and yours,

Jenny S

9:18:15 AM

Hello all.

My 14 year old daughter and I have been on the protocol for 6 months on June 19. I have been doing very well, however, my daughters progress has been very slow and seems to be stagnant for the past 1.5 months.

She has had digestive issues her whole life, so we have slowly introduced more of the protocol to her over the months. It is discouraging for her to see me improving so much more rapidly while she is still in misery. I'm sure I don't need to mention how difficult it is for me to see her struggling so.

I would love to speak with some of you who have seen a child go through this with struggles. I read a lot about how kids heal quickly, but that is just not happening. Her diet has been excellent. She has had to be careful about that for years because of digestive issues. She does very well with no sugar, low carb. She has struggled with limiting cheese, but I spoke with Mel about getting better quality non-pasteurized cheese.

She is 5'2" and about 105 lbs, so I'm considering taking her close to full protocol, but would love some feedback from all of you wonderful veterans out there! I would love to chat with anyone who is willing.

Please ask Mel for my e-mail or phone if interested.

Thanks so much and God bless!

6:16:28 PM


I am needing guidance with shopping and diet for myself and children.
If I buy gluten soy free sugar free organic is that enough to help with the diet portion for the children?

What supplements would they use?
My daughter is experiencing black specs and severe itching in head and on her back sometimes every where.

We are still living with family unfortunately my job and my husbands has just started,so we should become more stable and in 4 weeks time we can move.

4:23:10 PM

Is it ok to give candida rid to my 10 year old child with morgellons.

11:57:27 PM

Hi Kash,

You and your children have been in my prayers! I pray that you know that you have come to the right place, a community that helps us heal physically, mentally and spiritually from toxic diseases.

The three recipes I would recommend are all in the thread New Recipes for 2016/2017 and are listed below.

Chocolate Peppermint Avocado Pudding
Coconut & Almond Butter No Bake Balls
Almond Buter Fudge (You can add 1/4 cup of unsweetened coconut to the recipe that's posted and it makes it extra delicious)

Here is a link to the thread...

Hopefully these will help you get started and I'm sure some others will share thier suggestions soon too!!!

Peace, Love & MANY Prayers,

7:56:57 PM

What are some kid friendly snacks to give to children who once loved sugar

12:55:10 AM

Hello Kash

I'm so happy you found this website, you and your family is safe here.

So please don't be afraid.I know it's easier said then done.

I myself found this website at my weakest with a 5 years old child.

This community welcomed us with open arms. I don't know if you have already talked to Mel, if not please do so asap.

God Bless


10:35:51 AM


My children 7 and 8 and I now 38 have been suffering for 2 years now.

Need guidance and help please

6:36:23 PM

Hello Michelle

Sorry for the late response I would not give your son soy of any kind. I know it's hard to find a balance. If you want you can ask Mel for my contact info so we can talk.

11:32:43 PM

Hi Chasity

Thanks so much I would love to chat .
Mel has my contact deatails.


11:32:24 PM

Hi Chasity

Thanks so much I would love to chat .
Mel has my contact deatails.


11:39:10 AM

Michelle when I saw your post it brought me back. I couldn't be more greatful God lead us to Mel's website and protocol. I hope that it gives you the hope and strength needed for you and your son to get well. In a few months YouTube we'll look back thanking God for restoring you and your son's help. You are so welcomed with open arms to this great loving and supportive community. Please know that we are all in this together if you ever need me please give me a call.

11:28:14 AM

Thanks Ashley ,

I talked with Mel yesterday and he was very supportive . Thanks Mel !!!.

I wanted to ask if I can give him tofu and soy beans and raw cacao ? He is hungry and I not sure what is safe for him .

Thanks for the help and support

10:05:12 PM

Hello Michelle

I'm sorry to see another parent going through this! But I'm so happy you found this website, I can't tell you the best approach to take when it comes to the protocol. But Mel if you haven't already talked to him will.

God bless you and your little boy.

5:41:09 AM

Thanks Mel for your kinds words.I have already read everything on your site.

I will follow all the instructions and Hope for best .


5:13:00 PM

Hello Michelle and Welcome,

I thought I would jump in and respond to your post to provide you with some very beneficial information prior to other parents from our website responding.

Last weekend's Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me conference call was on the very subject of Children and Morgellons. (listen to call in player below) I suggest that you first listen to the call and then let me suggest that you read this entire thread, Children and Morgellons, from it's beginning and before you finish this thread, I'm sure that other parents will have started to respond.

I also suggest you listen from the conference call archives 05/19/2013 Children and Morgellons.
(listen to call in player below)

By achieving these three things you will see over the years a consistency in treating children. There you will find suggestions for washing your child's hair and many other great tips and suggestions.

By the way, All the Children Get Well!

Michelle, you have taken the first step in becoming a member of our community by making your first post below. Now let me recommend that you start attending our Friday and Saturday Conference Calls (More Communication is Better) where you will have the opportunity to meet other parents whose children have gotten well.

May God Bless You and the Little Guy.

Those who did not give up HOPE, got well,


Coffee, Tea with Me-Children and Morgellons-04/15/2017

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Conference Call Archive-Children and Morgellons-05/19/2013

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10:24:58 AM

Need advice to which parts of the protocol to give to a 3 years old and how to wash his hair .


4:12:57 PM

Any mommies that will be willing to contact me for further questions in regards of the protocol will be much appreciated.

Thank you and god bless
Laura New

12:24:06 AM

I'm new here I have a 9 year old that I think is infected . Just looking for help and can anyone tell me if how often do they change their children bedding and how often you wash their head ?

9:11:20 PM


The story of Kyo calling Mel is absolutely precious and priceless!! Thank you for sharing it!! Children are soooo smart, she like soooo many of us knows who to call to help make us feel better!!!!

It truly warms my heart to know that you and Kyo are on your way to complete healing!!!

God Bless you both!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,
PS: Kyo is truly "beautiful"...!!!!
Ms. V.

1:47:21 AM


Deanna, Linn, Shari and several others, are so good at providing wonderful recipes to get us all through the trials of eating. I am also going to try the Carrie's Buns soon.

For weaning the kids off of dairy, you might try substituting two products that you can make creamy shakes with or hot drinks. They can also be used on hot non-wheat and non-refined grain cereals such as hot cream of brown rice cereal by Bob's Red Mill. The first is NutPods, which I've mentioned on the forum before. NutPods is a healthy dairy creamer substitute that is wonderful and can be used in cooking, coffee or coffee substitutes, for hot cocoa,,etc. It taste almost exactly like half and half. Nutpods is available on Amazon and online.

The other, which has a nuttier taste, is Califia Farms - they make a creamer and a whole range of almond milks and are available in grocery stores, health food stores and Whole Foods. As winter is approaching, I was going to post a couple of hot beverage recipes using these dairy substitutes.

Some people tolerate sprouted grains while having MD. I am one of those and I eat a half of an Ezekiel English muffin almost daily for breakfast. You might try these out with sunbutter, almond or cashew butter, eggs, tomatoes or even chicken or salmon salad - all very tasty, healthy and low threat as long as they are tolerated with no symptoms.

Best of luck. Sending you and yours warm wishes for maximum healing and peace.

Ms. V.
Ms. V.

1:27:42 AM

Just wanted to say - Kyo is beautiful. What a princess!

Ms. V.


2:40:04 PM

Dear Ashley and Kyo,

What a sweet post. Thank you for sharing!
Kyo will definitely get well. I'm so glad Grandpa Mel is a comfort to Kyo.


1:21:48 PM

Mel: Good morning Ashley, you called me yesterday.

AshleyJ: No I don't think so? Maybe Kyo called by accident.

Mel: Well, ask her what she needed?

Kyo: Yes, I called uncle Mel yesterday, I think he was napping though. hehe lol.

AshleyJ: I asked her what she wanted to talk to uncle Mel about? She said "She wants to get better".

It Made me cry! In a good way.

I'm going to have to change uncle Mel to grandpa Mel because when she's not feeling well, she calls her grandparents and yesterday she called Mel.

Oh, bye the way Kyo is 4 years old!

3:16:56 PM

Hi Kate,

I would "highly" recommend Carrie's Hamburger Buns recipe in the 2016 New Recipe's thread, as a bread alternative. Kids might not like the Rosemary that the recipe calls for and as it says it is optional. (Personally I include extra Rosemary in mine.) I have made them larger as a Hamburger Bun and also smaller so that they are like a dinner roll. Both are delicious!! Due to previous health issues I gave up grains and dairy about 5 years ago, so having these buns/rolls to include in my current menu plan has been quite a TREAT..!!

If you haven't already visited the 2016 New Recipe thread, I am sure you can find some ideas there. Additionally under Articles and Diet there is another Recipe section that includes A LOT of grain free and dairy free ideas..!!!

I can tell you from experience that removing these things 100% from my diet was MUCH easier than when I tried to eat grain and dairy free 80% of the time and would allow myself to be more flexible (or to so called cheat) the other 20%. Following the 80/20 standard kept my body in a constant state of craving; grains, dairy and sugar (since all grains convert to sugar through digestion). Removing these 100% from my diet meant NO more cravings and I "truly" mean NONE!!!

Hope this helps and best of luck to you and your children!!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,

10:44:08 PM

Thanks, Mel. I appreciate your advice! Chastity we will keep you in prayers!

Any suggestions on weaning kids off of grains and dairy would be most appreciated! Thankfully, my kids' sugar in take has lessened, but still working on the grains and dairy...

8:14:28 AM

Dear Chastity,

Welcome! It is very painful to be doubted while having this illness. For someone who is sick with any disease, love, comfort and support are what is needed. I'm glad to know that Peter is helping you. I know then you are in good hands.

As Mel says, for those who don't give up hope will get well.


4:26:02 PM

I must say God has put Peter in my life and has given me courage to keep going I have been dealing with this for over a year and along with my four-year-old and my dog.

I also have a 14-year-old daughter that is not affected by the disease and of course she thinks I'm crazy.

I'm a single mom I attend church. My family has pushed me aside because they think I'm contagious, whatever it is that I have.

I have come to except that it is morgellons disease. All of my doctors know of my problems, along with our vet and it seems like no one can help either one of us.

I just had a series of blood work done so I am praying to get the results back soon, until then keep me Prayers.

If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

Thank you and God bless.

Erica C.

11:54:29 AM

Hello, Friends!

My family began the candida diet. In addition, we have been taking one tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning. For myself, I've been taking two tablespoons of apple cidar vinegar in the evening. Now, not 24-hours into this, my children started vomiting (All 3!). I know this is die-off and as awful as it is, it's a good thing. Healthy, homemade turkey, veggie soup is just what this mom made for the day. We hope to begin the protocol soon, but I will say diet is HUGE.

Best to you and yours,

Erica C.

1:18:23 PM


Thank you for your response. It's nice to have some direction. I'm still at the beginning and read as much as I can, but there is so much to absorb. Although each one is good, the hardest part is changing so many habits at once. Every part of life has changed for my family, but with continued prayer, and educational and emotional support from this site, I feel better equipped to meet the challenge every day. Planning school lunches will be interesting, especially because they have no way to keep them cold aside from cold packs. If you could share some ideas, I would be very grateful.


Deborah B

10:49:41 PM

Hi Erica,

I want to welcome you to our forum and the "Children and Morgellons" page.

I believe your plan to begin with Colostrum and Essential Flora for your toddler and 4 year old would be a very good start. You may also be able to include the olive leaf as it too can be opened and blended with food and is generally considered safe for children.

Please remember though, that the greatest good you can do your little ones at this point is to commit to the dietary suggestions made on this website and to remove all sugar, gluten, dairy (with possible exception of yogurt) and all genetically modified foods from your table. Also increase your green vegies and alkalizing foods. As a mom who has been through this challenge I realize how difficult this can be with kids. However, you have the advantage of having very young children who can more easily learn new dietary habits. You'll find the younger they are, the easier the transition will be.

My daughter was just six at the onset of Morgellons and she was able to take Thymic Formula, Candida Rid and Essential Omegas in addition to the probiotics and Colostrum. We later added in other components. We split Thymic Formula into half doses by cutting the tablets and we stirred the Omegas into yogurt.

Your decision as to what to include in your children's protocol must be yours based on your own instincts and research, but it's my belief that your 7 year old could benefit from more of the protocol with little risk.

I am so glad to hear that your husband is without symptoms at this time. My husband also was without any signs of Morgellons when my daughter, and then later I, became ill. However, because he has a history of Lyme disease we put him on most of the protocol as a precaution. The good news is, that while he did experience some minor symptoms about a year into our illness, he never developed full Morgellons and his health improved greatly as he committed to the protocol. He currently is disease free and feeling great. I hope this encourages you to realize that a healthy individual who is willing to commit to at least the dietary changes and some of the components of the protocol can live in the same household with MG patients and remain well.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you and your family are doing. Our prayers are with you for a quick recovery. God Bless,

Deborah B.

Erica C.

8:17:09 PM

Good evening!

I was hoping to get some clarification on the protocol. Maybe I should note that I will not have access to any prescriptions as of now. If I take the full protocol, my children (7 years, 4years, and 20 months) will only need the Essential Flora and Colostrum if their only symptom is black specs which emerge upon exfoliating? What would I give my husband who shows no symptoms? For my children, do I give them the full dose of each daily capsule? Just want to make sure we do this right and put an end to this thing once and for all.



2:38:01 PM

Hello Kate and Welcome,

So often I have been advised to be extremely careful in the words I choose when it comes to suggestions for children. Not having any children in my home during my time battling toxic diseases we have had to rely solely on the experiences of those who were instrumental in the health restoration of their children.

And in keeping with our first mantra (First, Do No Harm), the consensus was to start with colostrum and probiotic first. Most parents recommendation for small children, since both of these products come in capsules is to open the capsule and sprinkle one half on their food or in a drink.

I know it is very difficult to read the entire thread, but I do suggest that you do that from time to time as it always being updated. The information provided within can serve as a positive reminder of the good things one can do in restoring your own child's health.

I sure hope this helps a little today and in the future please come to the Coffee, Tea with Me Conference Calls where you can bond with people just like yourself who are dealing with the scourge of toxic diseases and have found a safe haven to discuss their issues, make new friends and no longer feel alone.

God Bless, Those who did not give up HOPE got well.


10:35:42 PM

Thanks so much for sharing Lady T and John!

I didn't realize that I hadn't responded. It would be really great if someone posted something protocols for children under 3. All of the posts I have read seem to be about children at least 4 or something.

It's been awhile since I have read and reread this post, but from what I remember almost all of the suggestions, if not all, were for older kids.
Lady T

6:47:14 PM

Hi all - this is Lady T here and I wanted to chime in on this momma thread-
I have read most of the comments in this thread - but apologize if I repeat anything!
First - as a mom who nursed (not with MD - but years ago)
- I also believe we nurse to give more than nurtrients to our babes - it is (as noted by those in comments below) for attachment, immune function, relaxation, comfort, psychological development - etc. - and we can bond and do much of this with bottles - but I think the research is very clear that breast is best.

Breastfeeding also helps the mom's uterus shrink back down and many believe is important for the momma in so many ways (yes - we know that - but helps to remember) and it helps with mom hormones etc.

I also agree with JohnB about formula - there have been recalls we never hear about and some is made in China- and well - I "did" use some formula in the 90s - but thankfully not too much. So if you need to - first do your homework on the brand you choose -
I also like the point Mel made about those moms with AIDS not having enough to feed offspring - makes sense - plus - I have learned so much about AIDS in my own study of MD and feel we have the viral and fungal sludge similar to those with AIDS - but MD also has the six insects and various nematodes (or body bugs and worms) - yuck! So it is different but similar and hopefully in time MD will be recognized - remember AIDS and Lynme were dismissed for years.....

And the pill "cocktail" that AIDS patients take includes a big amount of viral inhibitors - which I find very interesting - and when I learned about that - I started taking L- lysine every day! I also got away from taking this trio amino acid - (orthinine, arginine and lysine) because I think the arginine brought out vital stuff in a not helpful way (sometimes bringing stuff out is a good purge and we herx - and so in those times it is good - but this trio amino acid was bad for me - I could tell!) and so when I realized logos thymic formula had the perfect blend of these amino acids - (and more) I "rested" back into the protocol and only took L-lysine every day (still do take it - and I rotate brands for this).

Another reason why I like the Mel's protocol is because my brain started to "hurt" manipulating my own protocol and so trust me it is worth the moola folks.

Okay - back to the mom mode stuff!
So if it was me - I would nurse for sure. That experience was priceless for me. But back in the 90s I only nursed my second son under a year because I went back to work full-time - and he is robust and strong. I also soon stopped working full time and for many many years we read at night for at least an hour - or up two! So lots of bonding and chill time - among other things. I am glad I did not have MD back then - but I would have been strong if I did!
So I ended up having MD when one son was at college and one in HS (was not as tough as a nursing mom - so hang in there)

A quick personal story - before I got sick I used to rub my teen son's feet sometimes - he is a strong athlete and sometimes it would help recovery -
Years ago -'I actually got library videos and know how to give good massages - also have gotten many and just enjoy giving and getting them! We even have a real massage table (got it for 150$)
So that is what I missed so much with my athletic son - that touch with the teen- even tho my other son (college) never liked foot rubs- so anyhow - it was in my second year of MD when I gave my son his first foot and calf rub (my hubs will also do this for him and so it was nice to have that)
it was pretty awesome to do that again!
I cleaned hands real good and just prayed and prayed i was not contagious! But I honestly think he would have already had it if he was going to get it! He has no fungal stuff in his gut and has a strong well-developed immune system - which is why I think h never got it!

Ok- so I would suggest that nursing moms drink kefir for their probiotics - but if it were me - I would take the full protocol - probiotics and all - and then nurse away - I would feel like my body was filtering as needed but I would NOT take chaparral and red clover or other things - but the wellness kit (in my very humble opinion) would be a-ok!
I think Mel's protocol is mild and ever so balanced - and it works slowly, but effectively. Really - can't say this enough - but the formulas with each logos item has been well designed.
Like the herb most folks take for liver support is "milk thistle" - which is great for liver - right? But it actually works better with other herbs combined!! and my favorite herbalists always suggess an herbal blend for liver formulas - and I think I logos has this great bio available formula that does way more than plain milk thistle ever could (natures way has a top rated thislyn formula, but like logos more) Each logos item has this "balance blend" going for it.

Another side note - when I was in a tough phase of MD - and believe me when I say I lived the nightmare days and the parched phases - whew)
Well this one week, I actually felt like MD micro stuff was moving through my milk channels! One day - I felt all this stuff in the breasts - so similar to when milk would come in- and I had not felt that since 90s - and I was pissed cos now the critters were just invading my entire body! But that was stopped and wellness came! ;)

In closing, be sure to read, read, read - as Mel always says -

I know it is hard with kids and Brain fog and being sick and all this - but make time (find a way) to scour and soak up info!
You see - when I did this - I read with meals and at night and here and there - read snippets whenever I could -
I got SO encouraged !
- but I also ended up gleaning things I used later! Things I did not know I would use - some stuff was added in my mental storehouse that became a resource!
For example -
I read that one momma had her daughter taking half (or a bit less) of the Mel's protocol - and it was healing her! And when it came time for the MMS- the mom here would add pure grape juice (I think) and then taught the daughter this saying "don't think just drink" - and it would help the little girl get it down!

I told my hubs about this and sometimes when he would see me taking my pool water - um I mean my mms for the day - ha! Which is now in two servings - but my hubs would tease and say "don't think, just drink" "don't think just drink" and we'd smile!

So do you see? I never would have known I needed that resource - but because I was skimming and reading - i was more empowered!

So while it is nice to ask questions and start threads here - it is CRUCIAL to read back posts- and not just on your main topics!

Ok - hope everyone is having a nice week so far!
I know I have posted a lot this month and I will be taking a break when April ends - but I promise to start my own thread first! For sure!
In the meantime - I pray for everyone reading right now! I pray for all to be encouraged and to stay stable!
This is a whacko affliction and it gets even worse when the medical community misdiagnoses as delusional - argh!

one mom in this thread said she was scared cos they did not have health insurance - well it might be to your advantage to "not" because the mainstream healthcare does NOT know how to treat this - and in my humble opinion allopathic care is not helpful for chronic diseases and illnesses like this because they are taught to treat and manage symptoms! They are not taught to get at root causes!
But Mel's protocol is designed to eradicate the root causes by ridding and rebuilding!

If I could start all over again from day 1 - I would have used my faithful sonnes #7 and the super colon cleanse from health plus inc (not if I was nursing - in that case - I would have used Yerba prima fiber with sonnes clay) and that would have gently helped RID the body of gunk and then I would have taken logos wellness kit with it right from day 1! However - -I eased my way there (more in my story thread later) and praise the lord I am here to share a few things now!

It feels good and your day can come too!

Be encouraged and stay the course - quoting mr Mel again- it is the sum of the parts -
Let's all read this again-
It is the sum of the parts!!
All the little things add up
So keep at it -
the small things add up - and you do what you can for this day!

take deep breaths and enjoy this day for the very gift of life that it has to offer!
Be in the now as you fight for wellness and let God - who loves you so much - let his grace fill you up and replenish your spirit soul and body!

11:50:14 AM

Hi Kate,

Regarding Moms and kids, I really don't have any new info to add to what was already shared here in this thread along with a wealth of wisdom from other Moms who have walked the same path before you.

This website is an invaluable resource and a Hope-filled light in the darkness. Please invest the time to read here. You (and your children) will be blessed beyond measure.

Thanks again to Mel as always,


10:17:22 PM

Thanks, John! What part of the protocol would you recommend to nursing moms and which part of the protocol for kids? My one year old only nurses a 2-3 times a day.

3:40:14 PM

Hi Kate,

Fortunately we are living in the information age where researching drugs and natural therapies alike is actually possible. Of course there is the problem of conflicting opinions... Lord willing, I will be around to offer you mine. And thankfully you have a family here who cares enough to share their thoughts with you.



7:01:22 PM

What are the symptoms of Morgellon's in babies?

4:47:54 PM

Thanks, John. When doctors don't have answers, what references can we go to?

12:15:12 PM

Hi Kate,

Thank you for your excellent question about the safety of Essential Flora for pregnant or nursing mothers. I agree that the caution on our label may be a little over the top given that there is absolutely no evidence that probiotics might be harmful to moms or babies (and lots of evidence suggests they are quite helpful).

However, when it comes to product labels, our insurance carrier advised us from the beginning to always err on the side of caution, especially in regard to the use of any product by pregnant or nursing mothers.

For that matter, I believe it is a good practice for Moms to check with their physician before taking any supplement - or at least it should be. I say that because unfortunately, most doctors are even more ignorant about supplements than they are about the toxic vaccines they force upon their patients.

Anyway, I have no concerns about the safety of Essential Flora when used appropriately.



5:04:01 PM

Bumping for you. I struggle as well. My four year old is actually better than my one year old though. I find feeding kids when there hungry helps. My 1 and a half year old can't have any other foods til she finishes her veggies at dinner time. Giving her a head start on dinner works best. In the past we had some real battles but things are much better now. I think she finally realized I mean it when I say no other food til she finishes her veggies. I try to not serve her her least favorite veggies though!:). She seems to enjoy them with lots of coconut oil and some sea salt.

8:55:21 PM

I have been having a really hard time lately with trying to get my 4 year old to eat anything that looks, smells, or sounds like a vegetable.
he isn't even fooled by the smoothies I prepare for the entire household.

he is even starting to sway the other kids who I never have a problem with.

I have tried everything, bribery, trickery, punishments, like no movie night, nothing works he just isn't budging!

any suggestions are welcome please, I am starting to doubt how he is ever going to get better if things continue this way.

2:29:55 AM

Hi Kate

I would check with your physician. If you do not have one, perhaps you could ask John B. about the Logos Essential Flora. It does play a very significant role within the protocol for restoring digestive integrity.

The only other thing I could suggest would be to eat fermented foods like sour kraut, kim che, and raw kefir, all of which provide probiotic support.

I take the Logos Essential Flora and eat these foods in moderation. Hope this helps.


10:22:46 PM

Thanks, Mel!

Can you or anyone recommend a probiotic that nursing moms can take? I noticed that the one in your protocol says not to take if you are nursing. I have never seen a probiotic that said that. Most just say to consult with a doctor before taking it.

10:50:44 AM

Hello Kate,

Welcome as always.

I sent your email address to Uzzy the day after you both agreed to exchange emails!
Patience, as I am sure she is very busy between family and battling disease.

Uzzy, if for any reason you did not receive my email, come have "Coffee Tea with Me" today or Saturday,
I will be glad to say hello and give you the information again, or you can email me (

God bless you both, Never give up HOPE!


11:06:27 PM

Do I need to email my email address to Mel? I assumed that it was on file at this site since we enter an email address every time we post. How do people exchange email addresses?

3:10:12 PM

I have requested your email address, Thank you so much! I have so many questions.

10:50:38 AM


Hi how do I give the colostrum to my 16 month old toddlers? and I have a 4 month old baby?

12:35:41 AM


Will be praying for you too! You are welcome to get my email from Mel and contact me anytime. I don't think I have anyone I can speak with about this, since the only two people I had the nerve to talk with about this don't believe me.

So glad to hear that you are enjoying your babies! I read positive physical contact with the mother raises a baby's immunity/antibodies. And that's someone no other adult can offer, at least not to the same degree.
When I am holding my one year old or rocking my oldest, I always wear long sleeves and in the summer I put a blanket over my arm to limit skin to skin contact. I didn't limit skin-to-skin contact at all the first 3 months since I heard it was so good for them and since I didn't find out I had md till my youngest was 3 months old.
I always try to keep them from touching my head as it seems to be the area most affected with fibers-yuck:( I usually pull my hair back.

Other than that I don't worry too much about it and try to give them lots of love!

2:54:08 PM

Thank you so much Kate,NN and John

It just feels so good to be able to talk about it with some one else.

I have search and read a lot and at the end I did not know what to do hahaha since there is so many different opinions. so I'm still nursing, when I do it, it feels right.

I went trough a stage with my babies (twins) of not wanting to hold them or kiss them because I was so afraid. I got really sad and depressed, we all got really sad. I try to have babies for 9 years and finally I got pregnant and 1 month before they were born we started with this issue.

I was so sad that I felt I was getting worse so I decided to change that, I hug them and kiss them as much as I can we laugh and play a lot and we are happier!

We need that to make it through this, till we all feel better.

I'm not doing the protocol yet. but I have a good diet and take vitamins, I'm holding up OK but still around full moon gets really bad.

I think and pray for of all of you at night.
John B

11:14:33 AM

Thanks to Kate and Nykki for their heartfelt responses on breastfeeding. I must admit that before I read your responses, in my response I was thinking more about the issue of whether it is safe to breastfeed your baby while undergoing conventional treatments or taking the various components of the protocol.

Lyme Disease is not thought to be passed through breast milk and there is certainly no evidence to indicate that Morgellons is, but many Lyme practitioners do suggest avoiding breastfeeding while taking some of the powerful antibiotics being used with patients. Some of our more aggressive formulas such as Parabolish have label cautions for pregnant or nursing mothers. As a company, Logos will always err on the side of caution.

So with that said, I want to clearly state that like my father, I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding. Moms with AIDS have very little to offer to a child in the way of conferring immunity and their breastmilk may not have a great nutritional profile anyway. While Morgellons patients do typically have immune suppression, their immune systems are much more intact than an AIDS patient. Furthermore, when a nursing Mom takes probiotics, folic acid, omega fats and colostrum, she can pass along some of their benefit to her child.

Finally, not only are many formulas problematic, especially those made with GMO soy, but it is quite obvious that our Creator equipped Moms with the means to provide optimal nutrition to their babies. Granted, circumstances do sometimes prevent that from working out, and that is fine, but if possible, I would rather seek a surrogate Mom to provide nourishment than to forego the many benefits of breastfeeding.

10:45:55 PM

Uzzy, I have to add another comment as NNs comment wasn't yet posted when I first wrote my response. I don't know that breastfeeding would give your baby md. Unfortunately I don't think there is any way to prove that as labs will not test breast milk for it. What we do know is that when a mother is sick, she will pass on her antibodies to the baby to help that baby's immune system fight off the virus/bug. Also, if your baby is only 3 months, chances are you had md when you were pregnant and I have read that babies can get md in utero. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding and since my kids are doing so well, I don't regret it for a minute. Also, formulas are full of toxins, even the organic ones. I would not be surprised if even formulas contained nano-fibers since they are everywhere. Don't worry about what you can't change though. You should do more research if in doubt and better yet pray about it. Don't make a rash decision. Will pray for you! It's really tough to have a newborn with md, but take time to enjoy your baby! They grow so fast!

3:42:28 PM

Hi Mel,

just wanted to say It took a while but I finally finished listening to all the conference calls and I'm reading more from the forum every chance I get.

I have had a few missteps but for the most part the kids and I are doing well. I'm looking forward to saying great and md free some day but I will be happy with well for a while because it could always be worse right?

God bless and I'll remember everyone in my prayers!

12:33:16 AM


I nursed both of mine and they are both doing really well. I nursed my 3 yr old til he was 2 and I am still nursing my 1 year old girl.
Unfortunately, I don't have the money for the whole protocol yet so we still have to fight.

Outside of a few symptoms, are health is good. As mentioned, the supplements you shouldn't take while nursing should be labeled. Speaking of which, the probiotic is one of those things that says you shouldn't take while nursing. Can someone else recommend another probiotic we can take?

9:42:40 AM

Hello All

This message is for Uzzy

Hi Uzzy

My name is Nykki and Mel can tell you I was one of the very first women to post to this site with a newborn child while having MD. I personally believe that breast feeding was NOT a good idea for my daughter who now has MD. The reason I believe this is because she was NOT born with it and didnt show ANY signs of having it until she was approaching her 2nd birthday much after I had stopped breast feeding her. Now I could be wrong as there is the theory that it could have just been lying dormant or latent and what have you but I truly believe that had I chose not to breast feed her, there may have been a possibility that she never would have developed the symptoms. Many doctors are aware of how toxins are passed through breast milk in particular HIV patients are advised not to breast feed their newborns for this very reason. It is just my suggestion but I think its best to keep your little one off and away from the breast. I wish you all the best. Healing is very possible but we must be careful and wise along the way. Sending love and light and healing energy. Stay positive! And do no harm!
John B

9:42:14 AM

Hi Uzzy,

My father was a pioneer in nutritional medicine who as an OBGYN was a strong advocate of breastfeeding. That being said, there are some drugs and supplements that are not recommended for breastfeeding mothers, so this is an area that you need to work through with the advice and input of your physician.

Any such products in the Logos line are clearly marked on the label and on the product page on our website. You may reach me through Mel or through Logos if you or your physician have any questions.



4:06:30 PM

I could not find any comments of mothers nursing. I do not know if I should nurse my 3 month baby. Any Ideas?

1:25:30 AM

Hi all,

I am new to all of this and scared so much. I have a child who is a teenager and we have no health insurance.

I just figured out last week I had this and tonight just figured out he has it. I am going to read this entire page but just thought I would say hello.

I will have a million questions. Most important I supposed is what is the protocol and please pray for us as I will be praying for everyone here as well.


4:36:28 PM

How do you get grandparents to follow diet protocol with kids when you haven't told them about md? I don't think they would ever believe it since the only symptoms they have now are some scalp fibers, identical to hair, occasional itching, and every once in a while a lesion that could just be a normal scratch? One loves feeding sugar!

8:29:46 AM

hi Mel, I just wanted to let you know that I have not fallen off the wagon or anything. it's been a really busy holiday season.

I am half way through the conference calls and reading the stories of other people who have been getting better.

my baby is 7 months old now so it wont be too much longer until I can start the full protocol after he is done nursing.

my family and I are doing well but I still cant wait to see results using the full protocol.

thank you for all you do. every conference call I listen to I feel like I am that much closer to complete healing! thank you again!

8:45:24 AM

Welcome Kris,

I sent you an email requesting you join me in our Saturday morning Conference call; coffee tea with me. If for any reason you did not receive the email, then go to the forum, scroll down to topics and read "Better Communication", all the information is there!

You may also send your contact information to my email address, located on the home page welcome letter as well as the forum welcome letter.

You certainly picked the right thread to post. Now you must scroll down to the bottom of this thread to read about years of healing for the children. Then I recommend you listen to the conference call in the conference call archive called Children and Morgellons.

Hopefully that will curb your fears! I look forward to talking with you soon!

God bless, Never give up hope!


8:53:30 PM

Does anyone have a younger child (toddler age) that has been infected, and has utilized some type of treatment with success? Is there any adjusted dosages available that you may know of?

Thank you,

12:30:54 AM

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for the welcoming response. I believe I do have morgellons and is considering ordering the protocol to try for myself first. I've finally got my husband to witnessed my hair moving when I break it in half and that I'm not seeing things. Been switching out with washing my hair with Apple cider vinegar, dr bonnell peppermint, and tea tree oil scalp treatment. No scalp itchiness for now. My hands are starting to feel sandy so I soaked it in Espom salt and peppermint soap..couple minutes later I noticed a few pepper dots appearing and more fiber on my hand afterward. I thought I was improving but I believed after cleaning some leaked mold from out dishwasher along with all the corners in our carpet bedroom and throwing out some old rooms made the infection process speed up. Anyone went through the the same?

I have so many questions to ask because i feel like I have no one that went through this so if anyone can give me guidance or contact information (email) then that would be great. I'm also looking forward to my first phone conversation with Mel whenever he has the time to call.

Deborah B.

1:28:34 PM

Hi Thu,

You have come to the right place. Most of us here have experienced similar symptoms to what you are describing. Your son certainly may be in the beginning stages of Morgellons. With only one fiber, found, it's hard to say if more symptoms will develop but working on his health and cleaning up his body from toxins is a very good place to start. I would be very observant of his progress over the next few weeks and start immediately to conform his diet and yours to the recommendations here on our website.

You are so fortunate to have found this site and this protocol so early. Please read everything you can as quickly as you can. More information will help you tell if you are dealing with Morgellons and will help you form a plan for fighting it if you are.

I am a Mom of one child who developed full-blown Morgellons symptoms nearly four years ago. After two years on the full protocol and a year on a maintenance protocol, I am happy to say that my daughter is in excellent health and functions as a happy and normal little girl. It was a struggle to bring her this far though, and there is no doubt it is a long road to recovery so getting started early can have many benefits.

I hope you will connect here with other members of our community and other Moms like myself to get the support you need. I am sure others will be contacting you soon to help you begin the road to better health. Meanwhile, try to stay calm and focus on learning all you can.

God Bless. My prayers are with you and your precious boy,

Deborah B.

5:14:11 AM

Hi. I'm new here. I'm suspecting an early symptoms in myself and my 2 year old for morgellons. My child has been irritated lately mostly at night and keep scratching his head. I then assisted him and even out coconut oil on the itchy part. I've examined his head and noticed a very thin red fiber. He recently got bite by a mosquito then developed facial rashes after which went away. That's why all his itchiness symptoms appear. Have anyone dealt with this? I don't know what to do but I know I need to do something incase he really has morgellons and would like to start the protocol before the lension phase start to develop.

4:00:09 AM

hello everyone!

I know it is a very busy time of year for most but I hope everyone is in good spirits.

I just wanted to update our standing as it has unfolded to date,

the kids and I have been doing well for the most part I tried some new recipes for thanksgiving day, some successful some not so much, I hope to do better for Christmas though.

we are going to try duck this year since ham is out and organic turkey is so expensive, the kosher turkey was about $20.00 less than organic.

I hope the kids will like it!

Anyways, the kids are starting to get some bad symptoms again, I tried incorporating too many carbs back into their diets again I guess so walking those steps back now, I am also going to try maybe smaller doses a few more times a day of the flora and colostrum and even some of the candida rid for my 7 year old.

well I hope everyone has a blessed and stress free Christmas!

8:31:32 PM

Paul, what about apple sauce?

4:25:46 PM

Hi everyone,
I'm starting my 22 month old daughter on 1/2 candida rid this week but I'm still trying to find the best method for giving it to her. Any advice from experienced parents on how to do this? I tried stevia chocolate milk but that doesn't hide the taste very well and she won't drink it.


12:56:26 PM

Do any parents know of baby wipes or alternatives that aren't loaded with fibers? I have thought about using microfiber wash cloths, but those always seem to attract fibers...

8:41:01 AM

That's great Joy, it's all about finding those little tricks and incentives to get the kiddos to take their meds. Maybe even unsweetened organic yogurt sweetened with stevia for the kiddos, and if they can tolerate fruits like berries it might make it even more tasty for them. You're doing the little things that it takes to help your kiddos. Good job momma Joy!!

10:35:39 AM

thank you Nicole and Peter for the response, it really does help.
I know we can not tolerate any sour cream yet, but so far no bad side effects to limited amounts of cottage cheese anymore which is good because I put their flora in the cottage after it reaches close to room temp.

2:13:31 AM

Hello Joy

I am reminded by Nicole's post how she lead me to look closely and to understand the relationship between Candida and diet.

Strength and Love,

10:20:29 AM

Hi Joy

When I first started diet I used the Doug Kauffmann Know the Cause diet as an outline for what to eat and not to eat, but over time I realized although this diet works very well for my 9 year old son, I personally have more food sensitivities to some of the foods on their okay to eat list . I can't eat grains like quinoa or buckwheat or any of those pseudo grains they include in the phase 1 diet. I can tolerate some cheese but I really limit my intake in fact I've really excluded completely for some time now, just to have optimum detox. For me I really had to get in tune with my body and pay attention to food sensitivities.

Good to hear you are embracing changes for you and the kiddos. I know it's a journey in health. Stay encouraged and positive. It does get better with work, determination and faith.

Blessings, Nicole

12:27:02 AM

thank you Nicole for the info. we have had MD for almost 4 months now.
it took me about a month, almost2 to find out what it was.
my kids and I have been on a low sugar, no grain, gluten free diet for about 3 months now, I am still trying to figure out what works and what does not. I noticed some people on this site have mentioned (know the cause) does that mean it is okay to fallow his eat your way to good health diet? I am confused because I know it allows some dairy products.

8:38:20 PM

hi Mel, sorry I keep missing you. I do not have internet at my house and with 5 little ones during flu season I don't get out often to send e mail. I will be available tomorrow after 11:00 am eastern standard time. thank you once again!

4:47:27 PM

hi Mel, thank you so much for all that you do for others, this web site really has given me hope and greater faith that we will get better taking the right steps. my number is

thank you so much!

GOD bless!


6:20:18 AM

Hello Joy,

welcome to the site. I know how hard this is when the little ones are involved. Please take the time to read through the thread, there are many helpful discussions on children.

Giving the kiddos Flora is definitely a step in the right direction. My 9 year old son Tyler has been on logos probiotics and Thymic Vitamin for a few years now, he has also done colostrum, and Candida rid. He went from rashes, crawling and stinging, ADD symptoms in school that led to being held back to now Honer Role student, thriving, perfect skin No rashes, Very rare occasional flare in Lyme-like symptoms. He doesn't get the rashes or purging the way he did..

Thank you to GOD and this site for that!!! I did have to really step up his diet and cook a lot more. It really is a sum of all parts, good healthy whole foods. I don't give him junk or candy for years now, only good healthy foods, lots of fresh fruit and veggies.

It takes some time for everyone to get adjusted to the new lifestyle, but they do and so do we for the better of ourselves and our families.

Have faith. It really does help move mountains.

Blessings, Nicole

10:53:25 AM

Hello Joy and Welcome!

I think that if you take the time to read here you will find that not only are all of your questions answered, but the protocol is designed to address all of the issues you are describing. However, with your permission I will share your contact information with John B. Since you are having difficulty with your email, just submit a post here with your phone number in it. I will not publish it but will share it with John.

Take heart young lady. You have been led here for a reason. We are all pulling for you and many of us will be praying for you and your family. We look forward to sharing your journey back to health.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!


11:16:09 PM

I just wanted to formally introduce myself and my family.

my name is joy I have 5 children, 2 girls 3 boys ages

7 down to a 4 month old baby boy who are all infected with MD.

my husband and I also have it but I don't think he is willing to say it just yet.

we were seeing a nutritionist and she gave us some

supplements but it only seemed to manage things rather than heal.

it is tuff for my little ones right now, the

supplements we were taking ran out and since they are

also expensive I have started my children on the flora today.

I sure hope things start to improve for them

sooner than later, they are all starting to complain about the increase in stinging pains.

I am hopeful that this treatment will work, I see so

many inspiring stories of other children getting

better it gives me so much hope! in fact I try not to

think about the what ifs and just look forward to getting better.

I was wondering how can I get in contact with john B

personally so I can ask what doses are appropriate

for children under the age of 7? I am having trouble

with my email right now. do I need to set up another

email account or is there some way to send private messages from this site?

also I and a few of my children are having a problem

with severe internal gas. does anyone know if it is

the green diet or is it something else? I take

antacids but it does nothing.

12:46:53 AM

Hi Katie

Welcome to the site.

There are some parents with advice and really great strategies for diet changing, reward systems in this thread.
In the beginning when my son was really purging, I had him do much lower carbs and Candida cleanse , now he can tolerate much more.
No preservatives, gluten free helps, my son, he is able to tolerate fruits and some foods I can't .

He does fine with probiotics, he has also done colostrum and Candida rid, and a multivitamin . He requires much less than I do thank god!


2:28:21 PM

Hi there KT and welcome!

I would love to help you out. Feel free to ask Mel for my email.

7:54:15 PM

Hi Kate,

Just a reminder, if you decide to use the Kleen Green on bedding or on your skin (and especially on a baby), be sure to dilute it properly according to the manufacturers directions so it won't burn them.

God Bless: Never give up Hope!


3:50:39 PM

Kt, you are welcome to email me, but I don't know how to send a pm.

Question- how can you use kleen green for kids and their bedding?

4:53:06 PM

Hi All,
I just want to introduce myself as a mother of 3 and I am happy to hear that many of the children on this site have been cured.

I was wondering if I can get some of the moms and dads email address so I can ask more questions on how to change my kids diet in details.

I currently working full time and long hours so I'm having a hard time changing their diet since I'm not always home to watch what they eat.

I just found out they have been getting candies from school and hiding them from me. This is going to be a great challenge for me!

I will try my best but hope to get some guidance from some of you here.


12:13:39 PM

Welcome Stephanie!

Sorry to hear that you and your little one are dealing with this. It always saddens me to hear of children going through this.

Here you will find so many helpful resources to help you in the journey back to health. It's important to get going with a good diet. You can find help to get you started in the diet section of the website. There you will also find some great starter recipes.

This particular thread is also a wonderful way to see what other moms are doing or have done to get their children well again. Most of us here have done a modified version of the protocol for the kids. The key is to start out with a less is more approach and see how they respond. You can always add more as you go.

Another great resource is the conference calls. I think you will find comfort in listening to the "children and morgellons" call. You will see that you are definitely not alone in this.

I want to give some encouragement and let you know that myself and my family have all gotten well thanks to this protocol and the wonderful people here. It takes time, perseverance and trust in the Lord to get there but it is within reach.

Lastly, great attitude! Having that spirit will get you though not just this but all the challenges we have to overcome in this life. I hope this helps a little and gives you hope.


7:13:04 AM

Hi Stephanie

Welcome to the site!

I'm so glad you us and have found help and support here!!!! The tools you will learn here are a great value to you, your family, and your children. Topics such as protocol, children's protocol, diet, sun, excersise, cleaning, are all discussed in great depth here .

This site was the answer to my prayers!!

I have learned how to heal my body from the inside out and have regained comfort and find myself . My son has also had a tremendous amount of success taking a partial protocol .

I do a very strict low carbohydrate diet , along with my protocol . I have found this is the combination that works best for me . My son is able to eat more carbohydrates and tolerate them such as fruit, I can not tolerate fruits personally, but thank the lord my son can.

Self empower with what you learn here, and have FAITH,
God is supporting you in your recovery.

Many Blessings,


9:40:58 AM

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I love the fish and MMS story! It's uplifting, cute, and quite honestly sounds like something I would have done or would do.

Now, I wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Stephanie, and I am a 36 yr old mother of a 7 month old girl.

We both have Morgellons and I am here with lots of questions, need support.

I'm a loving, patient, motivated, and a positive person and child of God. I want to be able to also support those in need! Like everyone here, I have a story and going through difficult times so even though venting is nice, mostly am in need of some good advice, guidance, and recommendations.

Interestingly enough, it's Sept. 27 2015 and we are in the full moon phase. So, I have tried several different things and symptoms have come, gone, and because of the moon, feel my symptoms have come back out. Last month, my little one spent a few nights in the hospital with a staph infection. I'd love to know about potential doctors.

Unfortunately, I'm in between physicians and 'living in a glass house and with judgement.' This has caused me to retreat and stop seeking help. I can explain details later.

As my symptoms lessoned and though I continued my home remedies, I pretended my illness was better or hoped non existent, like a dream.

Funny, I live in the Chapel Hill, NC area which is where UNC is and home of a huge research facility, nearby is Duke Hospital in Durham with another research facility. I am still clueless, but I do know ' Morgellons' is not found when looking for clinical studies. Any ideas for treatment here?

Thanks all!

10:12:00 AM

Hi Paul

My son Tyler did not start showing symptoms until a year after I did . That said I wasn't on our protocol until maybe 2 1/2 years into my M journey. He started having rashes that doctors tried to say were eczema but when I rubbed hydrocotizone on them black specs and little hairs would come out. Also he had sometimes pretty intense scalp itching and appearance of little hairs,fibers ect. When he got sick was when I was lucky to find Mel and the site shortly after. I have given my son flora, a few rounds of colostrum and candida rid, with the candida rid i give him lots of good purified water daily its a natural product but it is a strong product so defiantly lots of water, water is just good anyway in general. I have really tightened the reigns on his diet also hes used to it now but it was not easy in the beginning, no refined sugar ofcourse, when he was experiencing symptoms more intensely I cut out fruit sugars such as bananas and high sugar items, but included berries because the antioxident benefits. I personally have a extremely strict diet for myself but I don't seem to have to be as strict with my sons diet he doesn't react as strongly as i do to fruit sugars, he now tolerates all fruits very well with no increase in symptoms, i don't feed him preservatives or any processed food, i try to make most everything from scratch or if not pretty close.. All of that said I can hear you are a man of faith try to keep that energy of knowing they are protected and well, limit the fear around them if possible, focus on faith of your healing and faith in their protection.

I personally would sugggest putting them on probiotics and maybe a round of colostrum, and no processed junk foods, keep their immune systems and gut health up high.. The gut is important.. I wont let my son have any sugar drinks at all and now he loves water with is meals, I tried to convert him to almond milk but he doesn't like it so i do give him organic milk with breakfast.. Good foods, and good probiotics really help them so much!

Blessings and prayers for you and your family!


9:58:22 AM

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm happy to hear that Tyler is doing so well. Can I ask you when he got M and what specific signs you noticed that indicated he had contracted it? I do worry a lot about my kids but I'm not sure what to look for to see if they may have signs as I understand they manifest differently in kids than they do for adults. Also, what is the modified protocol you used? I would like to prepare just in case one of my kids does start to show symptoms. I am at three drops of MMS now and I feel so much better so hopefully their chance of catching this is decreasing. My 4 year old son prays nightly for my recovery and it just gives me the most amazing warmth and motivation to beat this as soon as I can. Thanks again for responding to my post. God Bless.

10:04:39 AM

Hi Paul .. I'm kinda late in welcoming you, but I wanted to say hello and welcome to the site. I have a 9 year old Tyler who has improved so much over the years on a very partial protocol. I know and understand your concern about the kiddos , I think the best thing you can do for them is start them on probiotics, a muti vitamin, maybe a round of colostrum even, and although there are different views on contact I think hugging them is so important!! Put faith over them not fear!!! Just support their immune systems with high quality foods and probiotics, digestive health can really help them so much.
Many blessings to you and your family!!!


7:42:38 PM

Hey Paul!
Yes kids did end up with symptoms despite my best efforts to keep my distance. My kids did a modified version of the protocol. I also had extenuating circumstances with one of my children but they were all pretty much cleared up within a year. They still have some very light symptoms as do I. Most of it people would just brush off normally but because of having M we are pretty sensitive to certain things.

If you look at my thread titled blessings you will see the timeline of our story. There is lots of good info from many of us in the forum and on conference calls. You should definitely check it out.

Deborah B.

6:43:27 PM

Hey Paul,

In answer to your question; I would contact Mel to see if you can discuss the details of the protocol for children with both he and John. He might connect you with John directly or relay his advice. Both these wonderful guys have wisdom and insight when it comes to how to modify the protocol for children and can guide you. In the end, it will be your decision based on what you believe to be the right choice for your children and what resources you have available, but getting good counsel can help as you decide.

Many Blessings,

Deborah B.

4:11:40 PM

Thanks again for the very helpful information. Do you know where I can find John B.'s contact information so I can email him directly? Thanks again.

3:39:14 PM

Hi Amber,
Thank you and Deborah for the very helpful responses to my post about being able to hug my kids. From your responses, it appears that the environment may be more of a worry that will be more difficult to control. I will contact John for guidance soon. I do have a question for you Amber. You mentioned that your kids ended up showing symptoms even though you kept your distance. Did you use the protocol to clear them of their symptoms? If so, how long before they were cleared? Thanks again to you and Deborah for the help. I appreciate it very, very much.

1:42:55 PM

Welcome Paul

First off congratulations on starting the protocol. I am a mom of 3 and also started the protocol in August 2 years ago. You can find my thread under "blessings".

I didn't want any physical contact for the first few months because I was worried. I didn't want to hug or touch my children out of fear, so I can understand your worry about that issue. As I got better I started hugging and loving on my children again. My kids were older and I was able to explain to them why I had stopped doing those things.

In hindsight of all this it probably didn't really make a difference for them because they ended up with symptoms. I'm not convinced yet that this is spread just by simple contact such as hugging. I think Deborah gave you some very sound advice above. Because of everyone having a different experience my advice is to do what feels right to you. Something to consider is how young your children are and how very difficult it would be to avoid physical contact with them.

I wish you all the best on your journey! Keep the faith and never lose hope!

Love from my family to yours

Deborah B.

5:40:50 PM

Hi Paul,

Your question is a very good one. You will find that there will be varying opinions here on how to handle physical contact with non-infected family members. I believe that there are some precautions you can take that may make a difference. There are probably other things we all worry about in the beginning that really don't matter much. I will try to give you my perspective and I hope other parents will chime in with their viewpoints as well.

I am a mom of a 10 year old daughter who came down with Morgellons at the age of six. She is now a perfectly healthy little girl after several years on our protocol for children, and another year on a limited maintenance plan. She was the first to get sick in our family and I contracted Morgellons later. This isn’t typical as it is often we adults who are most vulnerable to this disease. I know you’ve likely already read much on our site and you know that children almost always get well quickly since their little bodies are much cleaner and their immune systems more able to adapt and fight than ours are. I hope that is comforting for you to know.

When my daughter first got sick I tried to protect myself from “catching” this mystery disease from her by limiting my physical contact with her. It nearly broke both our hearts. Eventually I started wrapping her in a clean blanket after her baths and bundling her in my lap so I could cuddle and comfort her. It helped, but in the long run I did become ill with Morgellons. I don’t believe it was because of physical contact with my daughter, it was because my bio-terain was primed to receive and be a host for the Morgellons organism. No amount of avoiding affection and contact could have protected me.

The greatest shield of protection you can give your precious children is to work on their health at the same time that you work to recover your own. My husband was NOT infected with MD early on and immediately went on the protocol and began building his health as a precaution. After a year and a half of exposure on a daily basis he did develop some very minor symptoms which never became full-blown Morgellons. His life was minimally impacted and he is 100% healthy today. And this after having had Lyme disease for nearly a decade.

Our protocol is not only a health recovery program, it is a health protective program. I recommend putting your children on as much of a modified protocol as you can afford in order to keep them healthy. Ask John B. which of the components would be most helpful in building up their immunity and begin the diet with your kids as soon as possible. That won’t be easy. . . believe me, I know! ;-) But for you, the good news is your kids are very young and able to adjust to a new diet easier than older kids. Commit to this and stick with it no matter what; regardless of tears, or wining and expect some resistance. Be gentle, start slowly but don’t give in. It is the best thing you can do for them.

Hugging is not in and of itself going to give your children Morgellons. On the other hand, I do believe keeping your environment spotlessly clean and refusing to share towels, sheets (no cuddling in bed ;-( , no eating off of shared dishes, or drinking out of the same glass, etc., can make a big difference. Waiting for closer contact until after you have been on the protocol for three months can also help. Taking an enzyme or MMS bath and then scheduling regular times of holding your clean blanket-bundled kids for reading and cuddling can also meet their needs and yours with less risk.

Whatever you decide to do about the question of physical contact, be sure you start your little ones on a sugar-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free diet immediately. Add in some of the best immune system boosters on our program and your children are well on their way to better life-long health for the future and for the present. . . protection from MD.

God bless you and encourage you Paul as you recover your own health and care for your little ones. The most amazing warriors are our brave Moms and Dads who fight the battle on multiple fronts while never giving up hope!

Deborah B.

6:02:09 PM

I just started the protocol a week ago and i am excited to be on it. I have a question regarding children. I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old. Is it ok to hug them?

2:32:29 PM

Hello everyone.
My name is Cynthia and I am a mother to a 7 year old boy ( Jose) and we both have been suffering from morgellons since May of last year and I am so grateful to this site because he is doing very well. He has been on protocol since September of last year and he is now going through a few days without symptoms. Its been such an improvement. His skin looks great. He has so much energy.
His protocol consists of candida rid, an essential flora, a thymic formula, kiddie omegas,silver and since he is not a good veggie eater I have found a greens supplement that he absolutely loves. He really loves the shortbread cookie recipe. He tolerates brown rice products very well and I think I going to try to introducing fruit(green apples, strawberries, blueberries). Slow and steady. Thank you to my lord and saviour for helping me find this site. Thank you Mel and John.Where would we be without you! Just stay with it and your kids will get better too.

11:26:30 PM

Hello Everyone,

Let me just say that I am glad this full moon is ending. My son has generally been doing pretty well but this full moon caused him severe bone pain in his legs.
He had this pain in the beginning of the disease and, as usual during a full moon, his symptoms get worse. I have him on the colostrum, flora and silver which do pretty well for him but the force of the moon is strong. My poor baby was screaming in pain for two nights. Children's Tylenol helped him through it but the event was a stark reminder to me that he has a way to go to heal from this.

I am taking the MMS (and full protocol) and my symptoms are (dare I say) almost gone at just 6 drops.

But not so for my baby.
Last month when his symptoms were severe I took him to the doctor and of course they did nothing but infuriate me. When I tried to tell one doctor what he had, she had the nerve to look at me with a cocked head, arms crossed with a little smirk and say, "well I have years of medical training, so how would know." I was so angry and upset I could have just cried right then and there. Such ignorance and arrogance!

I am thankful, however, for finding this website and for giving this a try. I don't want to think about where we would be without it.


12:57:45 PM

Recently I have had several emails from Moms seeking clarification on which Logos products to give their children and for how long, so I thought it might be a good idea to address this once more here.

Although the Logos product line is designed for adults, many customers do share the products with their children in dosages adjusted for body weight. Tablets may be broken in half or ground up and added to room temperature food. Capsules may be opened and divided as needed with the contents being sprinkled on or mixed with room temperature food.

Not only are lower dosages needed, but children often respond favorably with far less comprehensive support required (i.e. - Essential Flora and Colostrum rather than the full protocol). Typically, most Moms move on after a few bottles of the Colostrum to the Candida Rid unless their child’s symptoms have already disappeared, which is actually pretty common.

The two supplements act in different ways. The Colostrum is designed to kickstart immunity by replenishing immunoglobulins and other factors that are actively involved in our immune system while the Candida Rid contains herbs and nutrients that have direct antimicrobial activity.

As always, make sure to coordinate your children's supplement program with your physician's guidance. Typically, children rebound quicker and easier than adults who are experiencing Morgellons symptoms.

Hope all you Moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Deborah B.

1:42:57 PM

Hi Suzie,

My prayers for peace and assurance go out to you today. May the Lord bless you on Mother's day and give you encouragement and strength to continue on.

I want to commend you for your love and commitment to getting your precious little boy well. You ARE a good mother already and you are doing the right thing for him, even if others around you have not recognized that yet. I can tell you from my own experience, they usually do after they see the improvement in your child.

Your question is do any children actually get over this 100%? The answer it a resounding "Yes!" kids do get well. As you probably know, for all of us a change of lifestyle and diet may be a permanent necessity to stay well, but being free of all symptoms is possible and is happening here in this community, especially for the little ones.

The first thing to do is to stay calm, focused and keep your spirits up as you do battle against MD for yourself and your child. Remember, the disease seems to feed off of negative emotions and doubt and your child will pick up on those emotions, even if you endeavor to protect them from your fears. Stay positive and stay strong for his sake. It's taken me a long time to learn this to the point where I practice it consistently, but it is so very true.

This is an very long and often very difficult battle, more than we can know and understand at first.Even more difficult when you have a child. I sometimes wonder how any of us with children have made it through to the end, but amazingly it is happening and whole families are getting well. The key is to realize and accept that there will be set-backs and bad days, that is actually part of the healing process and proof that the purging cycle is in place and protocol working. When you see sudden purging symptoms like the itchy rash your son has, take heart! He is actually getting rid of toxins. It is a good thing and often peaks around the full moon. It may take many such cycles before you win this battle, so get strong and stay strong through the hard times.

I also agree with Mary, fruit just doesn't work and for my daughter, it can actually trigger a relapse so I would avoid all fruits except lemon for the time being.

I make stevia lemon-aid for my daughter's lunches and the other kids at school tell her it isn't fair that she gets home-made lemonade and home-made cookies (protocol friendly) when they have only milk and store-bought candy. Just goes to show you! ;-) We don't need to feel sorry for our kid's because of their diets. They are the lucky ones who will grow up free of food addictions and eating and loving real foods, not junk. The other day my daughter told me she feels sorry for kids who eat candy all day. Bingo... mission accomplished! Good eating is now a way of life for her, and it will be for your boy too.

I just want to finish by saying "Bravo" to all the awesome and brave Moms like you, Suzie, who will stop at nothing to get their little ones well and safe from this awful disease. With the Lord's help you will do it. You will cross the finish line and get well.

God bless and Happy Mom's Day,

Deborah B


9:35:28 PM

Hi Suzie,
From what I've read and heard here, children get well quickly if on the right diet and modified protocol. I don't have a child that has MD but its the same diet for adults and fruit isn't on the diet. So he's probably still getting too much sugar if he is eating fruit. There are moms here that will probably help you with ideas for protocol friendly snacks and meals for kids. Read all the posts from Nicole and Deborah. And I don't know how old your son is, but some kids take the colostrum and flora and then move onto flora and candida rid after 30 days or so of the colostrum. Some kids take more of the protocol, too. I know what you mean about loving him more than life itself, I feel the same for my son. It is probably what all us moms feel. I'm sure dads do too. Stay strong and faithful. He needs you to be his warrior, too. You're in my prayers for healing, strength, courage, and faith.

5:47:49 AM

Hello All,

I am wondering if anyone has known of any children who were 100% cured of Morgellons? My son and I have been battling this since late summer of last year. We are on the protocol and are doing so much better - especially me. However, for my son, during this last full moon, he broke out with itchy bumps all over his body. I have never seen this happen with him before. It has me quite heartbroken. He is such a wonderful little boy and generally eats very well. He goes to school every day and watches the children around him eat processed foods and sugar while he eats very healthy, organic fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts. The bottom line is he doesn't deserve this. Can I have hope that he will be cured of this disease? Has any child been 100% cured? As adults, we can take the MMS but for a little boy, I don't think that is an option. If anyone knows of any children who have been cured of this, I would love to talk to them to mimic what they are doing. I love my son more than life and I am alone. Like so many others, my family doesn't support me. This is the hardest thing I have ever done and it has made me very sad on this mother's day weekend. I want to be a good mother and cure my little boy of this terrible disease.



5:27:13 AM

Hi Nicole,

In response to your question regarding getting blood tests on our children - I've never gone there. I don't live in the US and, as bad as it is over there with the medical profession, it is 10 times worse here in Australia.

I would like to add that we, as mothers know when our children are sick and, in many ways, don't need validation from the medical community, in order to give them supplements and introduce good eating habits. Of course, it is important to consult your GP if your child is ill. No one here would ever suggest not to.

There are many of us who have experienced the same response as you, when trying to talk about morgellons with different professionals, including me. I have learnt to be very mindful of what I say to most people, including family.

My child's health changed for the better as soon as we started on the protocol. He was very ill at the time, and very young. Because he was so ill, I supplemented his diet with more of the protocol than other children now use, but it was carefully monitored and with consultation. That was well over 3 1/2 years ago now and he is a totally different little boy these days. The fact that he is better now, on the protocol, is enough.

It is difficult with young children to get them to eat particular foods. It's hard enough for me to get him to eat any vegetables or even a good variation. I do my best, though, and try not to 'sweat the small stuff' so much. I have tried to live a clean life with a clean diet myself and don't have any 'bad' food in the house. I have my little 'tricks' that I pull out of the bag at times, to get him to take the big capsules etc. or to eat well. One of these was a little ditty that I used to teach him - don't think, just drink. He would earn a gold star.

Your son, Tyler, sounds like a brave and beautiful boy - you are very blessed. I am not sure what support you have around you - hopefully family, but I would caution that it is very important for children to feel safe and secure and not to have fear. Please be mindful about putting too much on his shoulders. I believe it is important to be open and honest with our children, but it is also important that they can feel safe and secure; it is important for their emotional growth to adulthood.

I also understand how difficult it is, as a mother and an individual to be at this stage and trying to fight for something when no one understands. In that way, I am here for you as are the many others you've already communicated with on this site.

Peace and blessing to you and Tyler.


9:15:27 AM

Hello everyone

So with Tyler having the sore throat, and swollen lymph, taking the antibiotics increasing morgellons sensations It fiueld my strength in trying to talk to his peditrition on our follow up visit . She didn't know my history with this or his. I had such a bad experience with my Drs dillysional parasitosis is a convinient label. I felt so enabled to speak up for my son being labeled this way!

When I choose a Dr. For I Tyler was looking for an MD that practiced eastern and western medicine ,she was it ..I'm hoping and I think that after over 2 yrs of bringing my son to her she sees my truth , feels my character. I have always tried to to the best by my son regardless of my resources. After everything I've been through with Doctors .. I've been hoping to build a relationship with my sons Dr. I told her the yrs of saying his skin is sensitive isn't it! I told her about the symptoms and how they got worse after antibiotic. How he was feeling the sensations on his scalp, about morgellons, practitioners letter on website, about the Charles e holeman foundation, and other Drs .. She says well it sounds like an new emerging thing and she would like to discuss with a group at a conference coming up, 35 eastern/ western MD. She thought the protocol and diet I do for Tyler are good, I showed her the silver, flora and candida rid - all good :)

She wrote us a script for him to have blood work, which he had taken .. CBC, CMP,TSH,D3, 250 H levels,, Lyme disease titers, MMR titers,lead levels, copper levels, zinc levels .. Now were just waiting to hear back .. My questions is have others had these tests and how were the results? Anytime I've had bloodwork in the past it come back pretty normal which is far from it.

Anyhow it felt great to be heard for once! Hopefully her and her colleges don't mention Dillysional parasitosis .. I really think she's better than that.. It would be great to have an MD on our side. Even just checking his blood vitamin d ect is such a positive .. Feels like progress .. Gotta get this little guy balanced. For that cold to bring about symptoms he wasn't having anymore , And not really knowing how to threat him .. Scary as a mom to have to make some I these descions! He's doing much better lymph is down , sensation have slowed down, some to minimal iching his probiotics are helping him get back on track!

I'm so blessed to have the site, my angels here!!!

Feels like progress ;-)



11:40:45 AM

Hello warrior family

So as some of you know .. I have been forced to treat my son secretly, for years now, he's 9 and has had this 4 yrs. I've been controlling his diet but really just demanding low to no sugar .. If my family heard my reasons why talks of this disease would make them believe I was having dillysional issues, and a danger to my son .. When M first hit I became way to vocal an took dramatic steps toward healing, and ended up being put in a mental hospital, my only way out was to say I was better, no more hallucinations.. I was being told I could lose my son, as a single mom.. I was so afraid, scared for so many reasons but the thought of my son getting this and not being able to treat him properly was an unimaginable hell, I was so fortunate to find mel early into Tyler having this ... We found our angels of hope in Mel, John B, and the foundation!!! We have been continuously working towards health and healing .. Although limited in my ability to help my son with his diet .. I don't have all the answers .. But he has been getting sooo much better just taking his protocol and having a good-ish diet - school ect. Was hard to control.. So anyhow .. Tyler just got sick recently with a sore throat and very inflamed lymph node .. We went to dr.. And decided to follow through with taking the antibiotics but another natural gut protectant album arsenicum in addition to his probiotics, vitamin d, mollecula silver , his swollen lymph node went Down but sensations I bitting pinching increased ..

I couldn't take being silenced anymore!

For the first time Tyler and I had an open discussion about this!!!!he such a smart sweet little boy 8 yrs old but so wise!!
He's on board with diet, he knows and understands .. I told him we can't discuss this with friends, school ect.. Which is so sad to me I have to tell him that .. And I noticed it has kind of put a weight on his strong little shoulders .. He's said he can't have a Slice of pizza at a pizza party. Being able to share food in social events ..ect but he's on board anyway. I love him so much and couldn't be more proud of him!! His lymph node has went down and the diet has really tightened up.. We recieve free lunch at school and are now packing lunch which increases my expenses dramatically .. Just have to have faith God has brought us this far and will continue to help us get to the finish line! I'm just thrilled to have an open way of speaking with him. When I was telling him he was comforting me .. I know I need to be the one strong and able to protect and educate him in his health and healing but he is to be admired,so strong, & so smart .. I just love him ;-)

Blessings of health and healing especially to out children!

My love to each of you .. Stay strong parents and caretakers ..
It's not easy but they do get better and respond well to protocol and diet .. It takes time, slow and steady wins the race;)



11:30:41 AM

Hi All,

I just wanted to say thank you, to those of you who encouraged me, it really meant a lot, but I like to apologize, for just getting back to you, I have been working very long hour, and when I get home I do my mommy stuff and go to bed. I am not complaining, because I feel like I have new life again, I never thought I would see this day again... talk about losing hope and feeling depressed, that was me, though i am not totally healed, i am sooo much better than I was. Stress and depression aggravated MD and made things worse, anyway, so thankful for your encouragement, hope to meet you all one day, when we're all morgellons free with super duper immunity :)

Take care, LT

11:47:47 PM

Hello LT

I just wanted to say welcome to the site and this thread...
My prayers to you and all of your children! Keep in faith, and focus on your recovery .. Put the oxygen mask on you so you can help them .. You're oldest will come around.. Encourage taking probiotics and making good healthy foods in the house... Eating healthy can taste good with some extra effort .. There are great recipes here

Debra so glad to hear of you and Carries continued success!! You are such an inspiration to so many!!!! Super immunity sounds great!! ;-)

Love and blessings ...

Prayers for our children to be fully healed

Deborah B.

7:51:26 PM

Hi LT,

I not sure if we've "met" here on the forum yet but I wanted to respond to your heartfelt post.

I think you made the right choice to place your comments here, on Children and Morgellons, because your post so clearly reveals your heart for your children and desire to see them well above all else.

As moms we find ourselves focused on our kids and their health above our own. We worry, we fret and often think. . . "I can stand anything for myself if my kids can just get well". I can relate because I am a mom who is nearly well and have a young daughter also afflicted with MD and nearly symptom free. For us it has been a long and difficult road too with many set-backs, challenges and seemingly impossible odds.

Just wanted to encourage you that even with less than perfect conditions such as your son's denial and possible reinfection, you will succeed and you will get well! So will your younger kids. I know it because I am living it. My daughter was arguably the sickest child we've had here in our community and she is thriving today in spite of less than perfect conditions and a lot of stress in the last two years. I can't tell you how many times I was tempted to give up all hope, but I am so grateful now that I was not allowed to! ;-)

Both Peter and Twiggy have recently mentioned the possibility of creating super-immunity through our protocol. When I first heard people talking about that concept two and half years ago I had my doubts. I don't anymore. . . again because I am living it. Our family is gaining ground in the arena of immunity every day and with much less than ideal conditions to deal with.

In our case the challenges include a living situation that means a constant battle with mold. Not good and for anyone able to move I highly recommend you let nothing stop you if at all possible to get to a healthier environment. We will be able to soon, but for awhile we have to fight the battle where we are. If you cannot move to an ideal situation, or you have re-infection issues with family, do not give up or let worry and discouragement derail you. . . you can still win this battle! It might take a little longer but eventually your natural immunity and your body's God-given ability to heal and fight infection kicks in. It is nothing less than amazing to witness when you finally turn that corner toward greater health.

I pray that your oldest son begins to realize what is happening to him and what he needs to do. But even if that takes a while, you can still get well and so can your younger children.

Stay the course, remember that it only gets better from here on out, and never, never give up. That isn't just a buzz phrase here on our website. Your commitment to never give up is a huge part of what will bring you and your children to the finish line of this daunting race toward health.

God bless you, uplift you and strengthen you in the battle. May He tenderly care for you and reward you for your trust in Him.

Much love,

Deborah B.

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer" Romans 12:12

9:58:23 AM


I have been on this site off and on battling this disease, and I've had it for awhile.

I believe its due to a lot of things, from the lack of funds to my eldest son who is in denial that he has the disease, and continues to eat whatever he wants.
I believe that he is re-infecting me and my other two children. It's been a laborious ride, to say the least.

I am thankful to be able to get the protocol more consistently through The He Cures All Foundation.

I really am not a writer, and I was really laid back and depressed for some time, which in turn made me very moody and I didn't desire to do much at all. that's why many may not know me on this forum, cause I had no desire to write at all. Except to show or to say how grateful I was to find this site, and to Mel and all of those who were helpful in get my life back. I didn't know where to post my concerns on Children and Morgellons or here. As I started to read the post here, I felt this is where I needed to be.

I feel the same sentiments as Jeremy, for I know that what has been going on in my life, God has allowed it for my good and His glory.
I know the enemy meant it for evil,(divorce, family problems, financial woes, losing my home, my job, my health - you name it. But I've have had some tremendous blessings happen to me in this storm, and many great lessons. Someone told me today, that God wants you not to look at no one but Him, completely trusting because I have been too anxious and I need to rest in God.
I am so thankful for you all, though I only got to know a couple of you, I would like to meet others, you know, we all need each other, (seriously), because no one else can understand what we are going through, and trust me we run the risk of looking and sounding crazy to many.

My prayer for you all is that "You will have perfect peace as you and I keep our eyes and mind stead on Thee"

Have a good night and God Bless.

6:12:33 AM


I wanted to share with you all the brands of chocolate I found that contain Stevia and that, at least to me, are even better than chocolate with sugar. The first is Cavalier. It is belgium chocolate and is delicious. The second is Lily's. So, if your significant other wants to purchase a chocolate treat for you on this Valentine's Day then these might be good options.

I hope you all have a nice weekend.


8:48:06 AM

Thank you Peter and Km for your feedback.

It is very hard to figure out what to eat.

My life is very hectic, I make my son's lunches for school and yesterday he was very sad because all the kids at school were eating heart shaped cupcakes but he couldn't have any. I have been purchasing him really good chocolate made with Stevia for these occasions but it is still very hard on him.

We are both improving quite a bit so I am thankful for that. We have never had things coming out of our skin but we have had the crawlies, bumps, I have had some small lesions and I make everyone around me itch and sometimes cough.

The full moon was awful for both of us but hopefully next month won't be as bad. This disease is just so weird.


10:13:15 PM

Hello Ladies

What a blessing to be a matriarch! I am profoundly moved to see yet another expression of love, reassurance, and guidance bearing fruit in your posts. I see comfort and strength for Susie in knowing the truth!

In HIS Love,

9:23:06 AM

Hello Suzie

I know how scary this can be to have a child affected by morgellons. I have a now 8 yr old who has been thriving on a partial protocol for 2 yrs now .. I have given him 2 probiotics daily, 1tsp silver, and candida rid capsule everyday!! He has also has a fe rounds of colustrum to boast his immune system. He went from having low concentration, having to be held back in first grade to have an A,B average this year!! His skin is clear, and eyes are bright. This I accredit to protocol and good diet!! The probiotics are extremely safe and so benificial to their little tummies, colustrum is very safe product also! I give my son a a tsp of silver a day, more if he's sick, and have never experienced negative side affect. It's not easy making these choices for our children but I can assure you that after 2 yrs of taking this protocol my son is doing better than ever!

Maybe it would be good to try to reach out to John B. I like you worries about what to give my son early in taking the protocol and John put my mind at ease, answering all my questions and concerns.

My love to you an your little one!

Many blessings,

1:11:34 PM

Hi Amber,

Thanks so much for your reply! I know how busy you must be. I listened to the conference call where you described your journey and I must tell you how impressed I was with what courage you must have to go through healing yourself and your family. I have actually thought about you often and hearing you has provided motivation and hope for me.

I have started to put half capsules of the colostrum and essential flora into my son's drink because I worry about giving him too much. Not sure if I really need to be concerned about that or not. I also have been giving him 1/2 teaspoon of the silver every morning. He is doing so much better already! His headaches and tummy aches are only slight now and his eyes are no longer bloodshot all the time. This morning he jumped around like the little happy boy I know. I am also taking the protocol along with the silver and I have improved dramatically too. This illness changes you and your perspective on life. The silly things that used to stress me out are much less important now. I enjoy looking for healthy and yummy things to feed my son and am teaching him that they healthy alternatives are actually better-tasting.

Again, thank you for your reply. I hope you and your family continue to have continued health and wellness.


2:48:05 PM

Hello, Suzie!
Let me start off by saying that I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this along with your child. It is so very difficult to watch a child suffer.

I can relate as my 3 children also have this. I think you should see results with your child quicker than yourself but, still it may take the child some time. I would start off with a less is more approach with him. Keep giving him the flora and colostrum and if you feel it necessary, the silver.Give it a few months and then reevaluate to see if he requires something more.

Let me encourage you to get your child on the diet. As he will need to adapt very good eating habits to overcome this completely. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the diet. It's hard but, it's with it. Please look through and read the diet section. It basically lays it all out so there isn't a whole lot of thinking involved. It's so hard with brain fog, I know. Also listen to the conference calls, they were such a tremendous help for me during the extreme times of brain fog and bad eyesight.

I hope you find this helpful. Trust me, with time and persistence, you both will get better with this protocol. I will be praying for you. You can do this!



5:13:51 PM

Hi everyone,

I just started the protocol and my brain fog is so bad right now I have to concentrate very hard to do anything. I also am starting to feel sensations where I previously had crawling feelings and I have headaches. I have also started my six year old son on 1/2 teaspoon of silver in the morning and 1 colostrum and 1 essential flora with dinner. I am wondering what other parents have given their children. Is 1 whole capsule too much? I have been pouring the capsules in a drink and he drinks it right down. Did you give your child anything else?

Thank you,


6:22:32 PM

Good evening everyone,

My six year old son has been having a lot of symptoms that I believe are Morgellons - related. They include headaches, tummy aches, now having a hard time seeing the chalk board, red eyes and little rashes. I have ordered the colostrum and essential flora for him but was wondering if anyone gives their child silver and if so how much. He doesn't feel well and it breaks my heart. It seems like the silver should help build his immune system but I would be interested in hearing what others think. Thank you.

9:17:10 AM

Cynthia ..

Sorry it took me so long to reply, busy week.

I completly understand when it comes to our children it can be really hard to keep calm when something is wrong but it's worth trying.. Kids feel our energy and stress, try to know that the symptom youre seeing will pass and do your best to alleviate the discomfort. Tyler has experienced headaches though out his recovery, and occasionally I will give him tylonal,I have also used hydrocortizone on his rashes to help reduce inflammation and ease his discomfort. I do give Tyler candida rid, when taking this you have to make sure that your son is drinking lots of water to help the supplement flush though his little system properly, h2o is important when taking your supements.

Stay calm, you may not have control over the situation but try to control your reaction to the situation .. Have faith, Jose will respond to treatment over time you'll notice things gradually improving .. Be easy on yourself, your doing a great job mom ;-)

Sending prayers, thoughts of abundant health and healing to you and your little guy Jose.


6:31:04 PM

Nicole you really inspire me. You are so strong. Despite everything you went through. I have a question. My son Jose has been complaining of headaches for the past week or so. Do any mom's give their kids anything like Tylenol or Motrin.I don't want to give him anything that's going to hurt him more.Any advice? I'm considering adding candida rid to his protocol but I want to talk to John first. Is this normal. Is it part of his detoxing? Since my son started the protocol. This is the first time he ever been sick. He is always so energetic. He is doing poorly in school and very unfocused. Trying not to worry telling myself that this too will pass but when it comes to my kid, how do I not.He hasn't had rash in months and now it's come back to his face. I guess I will just keep praying for guidance.I am welcome to any suggestions.

God bless,

9:57:52 AM

Hello and welcome to the site Cynthia ( and other moms)

My son and I have been a part of the site and on the protocol for a few years .. My son started showing symptoms a year after I did and thankfully soon after we found Mel! Tyler has been on a partial protocol and has only minimal symptoms now, itchy feet that have that have some the fungal hairs come out when I rub ointment on them.. But like I said that is minimal to what it was.

Like you I have had no support with family. They all thought it was a mental thing .. And I have had to treat myself an my son without their support. It does make it more challenging .. I give my son Tyler a Candida Rid supplement to help with candida and although it takes time, I also give him flora 2 times a day .. And Silver ... Especially when people give them bananas... It has helped immensely .. He used to have purging rashes on his back, arms, really almost full body ... Now it seems to be just on his feet, I attribute some of that to being in shoes all day, dark warm place for fungus to grow .. I know how stressful it is to have your child sick and the people who should be supporting you questioning your sanity, you are saner than they know!!
I lost it in frustration and fear and got put in a mental institution, that when I really turned to god ... TRUST that what your doing is enough and that in time your child will be healed.

It's challenging , but most important you have to be calm, it's not going to happen over night it takes time .. Some of these challenges you have to give to God.. Prayer helps .. I'm sure it's what brought you to the site :) diet is important ... But u can only do your very best, be okay with the progress you are making .. Everyday gets a little bit better ! I have faced similar challenges .. And it has probably slowed down Tyler's healing time a bit but were getting there anyway!!!!

I'm determined to make my son well even if I don't have full control and support .. god does and I have faith that what we are doing has cured us!!! Sometimes the manifestation of that faith takes time to see :)

You and your family are in my prayers ..

You are a good mom and your doing great ...

Stay calm & have faith ... Healing takes time

Blessings, Nicole


6:40:26 PM


I have a 6 year old who is on Colostrum and essential flora.

He is very picky Eater and I was wondering if any of the moms from who's kid has recovered or close to recovery, can give me some ideas!
My son hates veggies but now I can get him to eat raw spinach and a very small amount of broccoli and a lil bit of avocado with Lots of bribery. He loves almond butter.

I bump heads a lot with his father and it's very difficult when your not on the same page. His father is trying to convince me to see a psychiatrist. He thinks it's mental. I'm trying so hard to keep it together. I just take one day at a time. He doesn't see the progress that we are making. It's very hard because I can't always be around my son as a full time working mom.

He goes to after school and sometimes I can't control the food around him. but we talk constantly about sticking to the protocol so he can get well. For the most part he does good, once in a while he eat something he's not suppose to like a banana that someone gave him.

Trying not to stress over things cause that not really good for me.

Deborah B.

12:48:14 PM

Hi Stacie,

I understand your sadness right now. My daughter presented with Morgellons symptoms at just six years old as well. It was a devastating time for me until I found this website and Mel's protocol. That is when the healing and the hope began for our family.

In answer to your question concerning how to treat this disease for family members with fewer symptoms: you will most certainly need to follow the protocol in order to see improvement and to work toward the goal of complete remission. I don't believe it is possible for our bodies to simply resolve this without the support of the diet and protocol presented here. In your position, I would waste no time in getting started.

The fact that your daughter and husband are presenting with fewer symptoms is a tremendous plus. It seems you have caught this disease in them at the earliest possible stage. That may or may not make the journey to health any shorter, but it will definitely make it easier. My husband was already on the protocol as a precautionary measure when he became infected and as a result never developed full symptoms. He has had a much easier and more comfortable journey to health than most people I know.

My daughter on the other hand, was the first to get sick in our family and she was extremely symptomatic. She was bedridden with lesions all over her body. She has underlying co-infections and complications that have made her journey longer and more complex. But for most children the prognosis is very optimistic and they usually get well quicker than their parents. You should be encouraged that you are catching this so early with your little girl. She will undoubtedly heal quickly on our protocol should you choose to commit to it.

It isn't easy though. As a Mom who has faced a three year battle with this disease for my own child, I can tell you that it takes courage, hard work and complete commitment. But it is worth every minute of it. The benefits go far beyond just recovery from Morgellons as you will read from so many of the testimonials here.

So Stacie, my best hopes go out to you as you begin your journey to wellness. Please feel free to ask Mel for my contact information if you decide to proceed on our protocol and would like regular support in the process. In any case you, your husband and your precious little girl will be in my family's thoughts and prayers,

God Bless,

Deborah B.

12:27:49 PM

Hello Stacie and welcome.

So glad to hear that you are under treatment for your Lyme infections. Hopefully your doctor will see the wisdom of embracing our protocol to restore your bioterrain and strengthen your organ systems.

As you can see from this thread and from the conference call on children and Morgellons, many people with children have seen tremendous results from taking only the probiotics (Essential Flora) and Colostrum.

Your husband would certainly benefit from whatever support you are able to get him on... the Thymic Formula at the very least.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Start with the FAQ's and read all you can. Let us know if you have any questions.

Know that you and your family are in our prayers, and this entire community is pulling for you!

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


7:29:44 PM

Hello all,
I am so sad-- I suspect that my six year old daughter has Morgellons. I am in the midst of therapy for Lyme and co-infections in the hopes that it will help me with my own Morgellons, but I thought I was the only one in the family with it. Now, I suspect we all (husband included) picked this up through a continuous bout with head lice last school year. As opposed to me, neither my daughter or husband have any symptoms beyond blue, clear, and black filaments coming off their skin. Should we treat them too despite the lack of other symptoms, or just let their bodies try to resolve? Please, any guidance would be so appreciated.
Thank you,

2:11:48 PM

Hello and welcome!
Let me start off by saying that I'm very sorry that your child/children are sick. I know how hard it is to see that. I remember all too well the fear I had when I first came here.

The good news is, that you have found a safe place here. If you are willing to follow the diet and protocol, you and your children will get better. It is not an easy undertaking by any stretch of the imagination but, nothing good comes easy. We had very special circumstances, and I can say we are so much better thanks to this website and the wonderful people here.

The best advice I can give the new people is to listen to the conference calls. They were a life saver for us. I say listen to the calls because when your dealing with this, sometimes reading can be overwhelming. The calls also help you feel connected to others going through the same thing. Take the advice from others who have got well and run with it. The sooner you accept the task at hand, the faster you and your children will get well. I know the diet change is by far the hardest task. Try and not overwhelm yourself and keep it very simple. As you get better, everything gets easier and you will find what foods work best for your family. Do read the diet section, because there you will find many recipes and ideas. I can tell you without a change in diet, you probably won't see desired results. Remember, as Mel has said time and again, it's the sum of the parts. Put your faith in the lord and trust that you will get better. Faith is just as important in my opinion as the rest of the protocol. You can find my journey with my family under the thread titled blessed. May the lord bless you with courage and strength and most of all health! I will leave you with one of my favorite Bible versus.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Love and blessings from my family to yours,


10:01:18 PM

Thanks Nicole, I wanted to see how was everything going with Keshia and breastfeeding. I breastfeed as well and was not sure about starting the entire protocol based on candida rid and parabolish not being able to consume while nursing has anyone breastfed while starting the protocol?

9:00:49 AM

Hello Samone,

Welcome to the site. You defiantly found this site for reason. We are each others support! Being a parent and having this with little ones takes a lot if hard work, faith and dedication ... Dedication to diet,protocol, positive lifestyle changes.

So glad u talked to Mel .. He has been there for me through so much, with my 8 yr old Tyler .. Who is doing very well, I might add:)

Best to you,

11:58:26 AM

Hello Samone,


Hope our talk this morning put your mind at ease a little. Being a parent and having Morgellons requires even more discipline than that of a single parent.

I am sure some of the other mom's will be along to welcome you.

Look forward to you joining us this Sunday on the conference call.


4:13:05 PM

HHello everyone, this is all new to me and I am sseriously trying to do my best coping with all this information. Bless u all! I know that I ran across this site for a reason, and I hope someone can help me. I think I caught morgellons around june and I have an 8 mpnth old that I nursing and I have been trying to figure out if it is safe to start the protocol. I have a 5 yr old and and 8 yr old boy and girl with mild symptoms and my husband is affected but no symptoms. What should i do he also is not worried about it and does not see what I try to show him, I need help and advice as well as people who can relate. Please help!!!

9:39:30 PM

Hi Liz,

Welcome to our forum and our community.

My child and myself have morgellons and Lyme disease. He is now 5 years but has been on the protocol since he was 2 years old and has been infected for longer. I can relate to your situation a bit.

Whilst I have been on and off antibiotics over the last 4 years, since I came to realise what I actually had, I have rarely given them to my child - only when absolutely necessary. He had a lot of problems with his ears and middle ear infection and ended up having to have a procedure to insert grommets.

I was lucky to have a GP who was willing to be open about both morgellons and Lyme disease (neither are recognised in Australia). He always advised me against antibiotics for myself, unless necessary. I found that once I stopped taking them that my body actually healed quicker and was better able to heal itself. He also strongly advised to not give antibiotics to my child.

It is my opinion that children need to be able to let their bodies develop and maintain their own immune system and that we have become a society too reliant on pills to fix every ailment.

Having said that, though, children who have morgellons and Lyme disease already have compromised immune systems.

As a mother of three children and grandmother to two, I have always relied on my own observations and maternal instincts to know when my children are ill and were not coping with illness. There are many great doctors and many doctors who feel that they are the authority on our own health - which isn't always the case.

I hope my thoughts are helpful to you in some way Liz.

God bless you and your son.


9:22:47 PM

Hi nn,

I haven't been on the forum for a while, so am not quite sure about any official protocol for children, but I can give you the benefit of my experiences.

My child has been on Mel's protocol since he was two years old; he is now 5.

I think it would be virtually impossible to develop one protocol for all children, as they are all different sizes, ages, stages of development and with very different symptoms and needs.

The Logos Colostrum is very good for children (and adults too). My child began on some of the protocol products and we began with limited amounts. For example I tried crushing up about a quarter of a Thymic Formula tablet for him and putting it into food. He began on children's omega 3s, that came in a cute teddy shape and were like jelly and also children's probiotics. By the time he was 3 1/2 he was taking the Logos products for these and as he got older I tried him on more of the products, as needed.

I'm sure if you read this whole thread (Children and Morgellons), there's plenty of discussion on what our children are taking and how we are giving it to them.

My little boy is very healthy these days and has responded so well to the protocol.

I know this is a hard time for all of us afflicted with the disease and it's even harder for parents of children with it, but keep your chin up. You will find lots of great advice, information and help here.


11:11:55 AM

Dear all,

I am from Europe, and I wanted to know if people on this forum have given antibiotics to their children alongside the protocol. My son is 12 and has Morgellons since 6 months. I contracted it first, and I tested positive for Lyme disease. We are doing reasonably well for the moment, but still have a long way to go.
With kind regards,

8:33:32 AM

Hi, Mel, Everyone...

Quick question: Is there an officially modified version of Mels protocol for children, say under 5 years old?

8:37:40 PM

Hi Keshia,

I believe you are in a good place here. I can relate to your feelings. My little one and I got this at the same time which is what a lot of people experience. I don't believe it is contagious, although I am not an expert and wasn't breastfeeding. The only people in the whole world that know about us is this group of friends and my medical natural doctor who believes but doesn't treat it. I myself would not ever go there with family and friends.

Everyone experiences it in slightly different ways. Some are worse with hair issues - I had mostly skin issues with severe brain fog and tiredness.

I believe that you can get better. It is hard work, but well worth it. Everyone here suggests that you read as much as you can of earlier posts, and try to start with the diet for the first month. I don't know how old your baby is so I am not sure what to say for her.

There is a wealth of information here and I am sure that Mel will hook up with you.

It is so difficult to stay calm when it is so bizarre but I believe stress can make it even worse. We got sick nine years ago now. I can tell you that we are much better but far from healed. I am grateful for finding this group and hope you get better sooner as the less time you have been sick the sooner you get better.

Blessing to you and your little one.

11:14:08 AM


I am new to this.

I and my child have been suffering for quite sometime now and we've been searching for a cure.

I breastfeed also and I was afraid that I may have given her this dreadful disease.

I am still researching everyday and night for a cure.
My family doesn't believe me. Everyone thinks I am going crazy including the Dr's and they are just about ready to commit me.

It's nice to know they are support groups out here. I need some support. Please help.

Desperate and loving mom trying to save her child!

6:43:12 PM

Hello Sasa
I have a 3 year old also affected by morgellons he has been on the protocol for some months now and is getting better when this first began his skin deteriorated rapidly.
Now with the help of the protocol he is on the mend and his skin is looking better. try not to worry too much easier said than done but please know there is something that can be done
Please feel free to ask Mel for my email if you would like to talk further.

1:08:17 PM

Could somebody that helped their kids with eye-ear-nose condition please give me the email. He is a healthy little boy: he didn't catch a cold for 15 months. I have so many questions related to this subject and about how to aply on my 3-year old boy the protocol. We are already taking Nutra silver, probiotics, chlorella but I can see from his reactions he has a bothering sensation on the facial skin area, ears and somethimes nose. I give him mostly healthy food, low of sugar and no processed food in his life at all. I'm feeling desperate and helpless. Would this protocol make any changes, I already tried so many things I'm concerned about that ...
Please answer.

Deborah B

1:25:42 PM

Hi Sasa,

Welcome to our community. You have come to the right place for help with your child's health. I know because I was in your situation a year and a half ago and was led to this site and this protocol for the help I needed to save my daughter's life.

For the protocol that all of us are using here at this website. . . and the one that Mel was cured with
you can just go to the top of the page and click on "Mel's Protocol" in the black menu bar. It will give you all the information that you need.

Please continue to read through our forum to learn as much as you can. Many of us here have seen drastic improvement in the health of ourselves and our children. Many are now well and have regained their lives. But this is neither an easy protocol nor of short duration. It requires courage, commitment and a deep desire to get well.

Please read-up and keep in touch. There are many caring individuals here who will help you along the way if you decide to commit to this protocol.

It does work. It has worked for many sufferers in the past and many are in the process of getting well here as I write this. My daughter was once very ill and now is in the final stages of defeating Morgellons. Other children have also gotten well on a modified version of Mel's protocol.

Take heart and hope, study up and let us know how you are doing and if we can help!

God Bless you and your precious child,

Deborah B.


5:21:32 AM

Hi there,

could somebody please tell me where can I find this Mel protocol. I have a situation with a morge-child too. I would really like to try it.


11:28:21 PM

Dear Carrie

I wanted to tell you that you are MY HERO! Will you be my valentine for a day? You are a wonderful warrior and I am so PROUD OF YOU. Be happy and give thanks to the Lord.

Always your friend!!

7:57:25 PM


Tears flowed down my face as I read your post. Tears of complete joy for Carrie, and for you! Nothing is more difficult than seeing your children suffer with this disease. I remember you telling me this during our first conversation. Look at you guys now!! You and Carrie are an inspiration for us all. I will pray for Carrie's complete recovery, especially on Valentines day.

Welcome to Beth and Annette. I know there is so much information to process in the beginning, but rest your faith in God, and he will see you through. It has helped me to find a favorite verse and repeat in times of need. I can remember vacuuming, and being so tired, but saying my verse over and over until I was done. I hope you will find hope in my bible verse.

Isaiah 41:10... So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

All my Love,
Deborah B

2:13:17 PM

Hello to all,

I’ve been catching up on reading here on the Children & Morgellons thread after several months of a busy schedule. It’s great to come back to find so many parents supporting each other, and new members finding hope for the first time. This may be one of the most encouraging conversations going on here on our forum. Thank you all so much.

Also exciting is to discover how many of our children are symptom free, or very nearly so, in the last three to four months. I know there are others whose children are winning the race yet have not yet been on to post of their progress. I’ve had a couple of folks ask me how my daughter Carrie is doing, and so wanted to update. As some might remember, Carrie was a very sick little girl when we found the protocol and began the healing journey 17 months ago. Unlike a lot of children she was sicker than her mom and was symptomatic for 5 months before I showed any signs of the disease. Her level of toxic load was so high that I am sure gone untreated her life would have been in danger. If there is anyone else out there dealing with a similarly extreme situation with their child, I hope this post will encourage you to stay positive and take up arms to become a warrior in the battle for your child’s health. This protocol followed exactly as presented is the only answer.

Carrie is most definitely within a stone’s throw of being 100% symptom free. It has been quite the battle but worth every daunting minute of it. She is simply thriving in every way. The only symptoms she still faces involve some very slight scalp purging. Peter often points out that in the latter stages of recovery we purge via the head and feet. Her last symptom to disappear was a slight foot fungal issue, so your theory proves true again Peter! I brush Carrie’s hair with a nit-comb daily and only find some very fine micro- fungal hairs once or twice a week. All other symptoms are a thing of the past.

Carrie’s exact 18-month anniversary date on the protocol will be Valentine’s Day. We are praying that she will be completely well by then so that we can always remember that day as a time to celebrate God’s goodness to her in freeing her from Morgellons.

She is our own little heaven-sent Valentine because we began the adoption process for her on that date 7 years ago. We are confident she will cross the finish line at least very soon afterward if not before that date, and that is the really important thing. . . to get there, no matter how long it takes.

I will definitely be back to let you know when Carrie has officially finished the race. I hope other parents who have reached the symptom free milestone will log on and update us. Wouldn’t it be awesome to hear of even more kids regaining their health between now and February 14th ? I think 2014 is going to be remembered as "The Year of the Child" here at "How I cured Morgellons" as we see more and more precious children get well. That’s what I am praying for!

Love you all,

Deborah B.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

10:26:19 PM

Hi Beth and welcome. You have come to a good place for knowledge, empowerment and support. All of us share similar stories to you and I, too, have a child who suffers from morgellons. He was two when he began on Mel's protocol.

This experience can be very frightening, isolating and overwhelming - I remember exactly how I felt when I found out what I was suffering from. I was also told I was suffering from a psychotic illness and imagining the crawling etc.. None of the 'specialists' were able to help me. They were too marrow-minded to think outside the square.

My child, who is now four years old, and I have now been on Mel's protocol for two years. There is a photo of my little boy further down the page on this thread. You can see for yourself how healthy he is now. As for me, I'm the healthiest I've been for a very long time and I improve each day. The reason why I'm here now replying to your post is because my life and health changed profoundly from the day my own research led me to this site. It has provided me and my child with: a natural protocol to slowly regain systemic health; support when I felt I couldn't cope; encouragement and motivation; information on what I needed to do around the house and our environment; information on nutrition and even healthy recipes.

I understand that when you are so sick and overwhelmed it is hard even to take the first step at times. To begin with, you don't have to change your life - just take some 'baby steps'. I began by making the changes to our diet, that I could (cut out sugar and processed food) and cleaning the environment. I sorted out our beds so that we weren't reinfecting ourselves when we slept and I washed everything in MMS. After being on the protocol for a while I began to notice and feel an improvement in my health. It has been slow and very difficult at times, with setbacks; but if I think back to how I felt two years ago, it is incomparable.
My little boy improved so much quicker than I did. Children are much more resilient.

I suggest that you read through some of the forum threads and search for information here on cleaning your home, laundry and diet. Even on this thread you will find lots of good information to help you begin your journey to health.

I pray that you find hope and inspiration here Beth. Try to turn your fears around and take positive action instead. I am sure you will find the support and information you need.

Peace and blessings to you

11:06:17 AM

Hi Everyone!

So I am new at this & still have so much to learn, so bare with me please. At the beginning of this week I saw what I believed to be an extremely small black bug crawling up my daughter’s back. As I put my finger over it, it seemed to disappear as if it burrowed into her skin. A little bit later I saw one on myself and it did the same thing. I immediately knew something was wrong.

I realized after looking at my skin that I had very small little fibers sticking out of my skin in different places and have been experiencing a myriad of issues with my health for 3 years. 3 years ago I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter and I had moved into a new apartment. I noticed over the next few months that there was significant mold in many different places and began to experience health issues to the point that I was unable to go back to work.

I’ve lost most of my teeth, my skin is red - especially on my face - with lesions, and marks that never heal right, i am always tired & fatigued to the point that its interferred with my everyday life significantly, have developed significant depression & anxiety, and have felt itching on many different parts of my body. My bones have also seemed brittle & inflammed & I am only 30 years old! I also had a very severe seizure a few months ago for no apparent reason. But the worst thing for me is that I break out (esp on my face & back) into intense sweats for no reason and have a hard time even going to the grocery store.

I’ve seen a couple of doctors and was told (alternately) that I had severe dematitis, exzema, and lupus. After I noticed these fibers all over me this week I immediately thought that I had scabies. My skin issues started to get very bad with intense itching. I tried to show and tell my husband what was happening he looked at me and thought I was crazy and loosing my mind. All these issues have interfered with my marriage.

Then I looked at my daughters skin & noticed a couple red marks (nothing like what I have) and a small amount of blackish spots or residue around her wrists and hands. She is 3 years old. When I found that on my daughter I broke down bawling and have never felt as low as I did at that point....that is until I went to urgent care yesterday with my husband and daughter. I broke out into a sweat so bad that my clothes stuck to my body and you couldnt determine that there was a difference between the fibers coming out of my body & the ones from my clothes. She very gently told me that I didnt appear to have scabies and opined that I must be very stressed out and may need to see a psychiatrist because "sometimes the mind can play tricks on itself".

Ive NEVER felt as low as I did yesterday. It was devestating that I was being passed off as a headcase ane more devastating knowing that my daughter may have this too. (my husband doesnt seem to be experiencing anything) My heart just sank and I came home with my husbans berating me for"seeing things" & "being crazy".

I felt so helpless and hopeless...Until I did some more research and realized that I didnt hav scabies after all, but instead came across morgellons info and matched EVERY critera - I felt then that I *finally* had a name for it AND could finally be able to tackle whats happening. So thats where I am right now - after a few more tears - Ive brushed myself off & I need to get started for my own sanity and well mostly for my daughters health.

So thats where I am at. I dont know where to even start; like should I make an appointment with a dermatologist or internal medicine or family practice dr? and does anyone have a small child that is going through this? I am wondering how I can get help for her. And clearly I need to get the hell out of my apartment but until my lease is up I am stuck here and would like to know what things to do to make my home safer. And is anyone on disability because of this diseases' effect? Ive needed to be on disability for a long time now, but could never put my finger on what is wrong with me.

I hope this post isnt too long to post or too depressing - I just need support and understanding - something that is severely lacking right now.

3:20:24 AM

Thank you Ellen for replying to my post you all are wonderful courageous people it definitely helps when you know there are people that will listen and hasnt been easy.I'm glad you are doing better and that gives me hope for me and my children.and of course to Mel I hope your doing well in your recovery you've done an amazing thing with this website and forum giving people a place to share and connect with such caring people.Best Wishes Happy Holidays and God Bless you all

11:19:42 AM

Hi Annette,

Welcome to this forum and give yourself credit for beginning this journey. It won't be easy but it is doable. We all have what it takes to beat this. I know I repeat what others have said but it is important to read as much as you can and then ask specific questions. It is definitely a lot to process, and I wish I could say there is a shortcut but stick with it - a year ago I was in a very sick, sad place and now my life is amazing!

The diet alone will help you heal, so if that means throwing out all forbidden foods and spending money on protocol friendly foods, do that as soon as you can.

I got better even before I started the MMS because I was very strict with this diet. The foods will help anyone be healthy, so we can look at it as the food plan everyone needs to incorporate into their life for the long term.

I spent all my waking hours on laundry, cleaning my environment and taking really good care of myself because I have a lot of people depending on me. Getting well becomes your job. I was able to keep a part time job, but did little else. BECAUSE THIS IS TEMPORARY, you can do it.
Reach out and we will respond.
Stay strong for your children,


6:47:10 PM

Hi everybody so I been looking on this site for awhile now this is my first time and my two children have been dealing with this.there's alot info to someone willing to contact me and help with where to begin I have only been able to get the basic protocol for myself not the supplements for my children yet. God Bless You All

11:30:43 AM


I am so proud of you for starting school. :):) You are a true inspiration to so many. I continue to pray for you and Tyler.

I know life is not easy with this disease, especially when our children are involved, but God will see you through!

Sorry we haven't spoken in awhile, but I know your time is so valuable. Keep up your positive attitude!!

Love you,

8:18:24 PM

Hey Nicole,

Wow, I'm really thrilled for you. You've accomplished so much, working really hard to regain yours and Tyler's health and going back to school. This is great! You must be sooo proud and know that we are all proud of you!!!

Thank you for your call by the way. I was sitting by the phone and when it rang I hoped it was you calling. Yeah! I felt a lot better after I talked to you.

You are truly an inspiration to me and I know to others. Your support is invaluable to me.

So thank you for sharing and prayers and many blessings to you and Tyler!


6:03:13 PM

Hi all It's been awhile since I've had a chance to post!:)

Some of you who I speak w/ privately know I choose to go back to school! I'm doing so good too! Always testing over 90%, it makes me feel so proud, like undefeated or something! lol.. I still have a ways to go,in school & health..

but I know the result of my faith is inevitable... We will be/ already are 100% healed of this!!!

Myself and Tyler are doing so well... We are not 100% symptom free but we are doing a million times better than we were when we started the protocol over a yr ago.

At this point I'm not exactly sure how we are going to continue to afford the protocol since the foundation isn't able to continue to provide for us much longer, & I have no outside help from family...

But I feel, know & believe..God continues to support me in making my dreams come true.. TO LIVE, LOVE, LIGHT, and accomplish finishing school.Actually being able to one day soon, provide for Tyler,I can't live w/ my Granny for ever! lol :) I continue to have faith because it is what has got me where I am now!! So I refuse to worry month to month about my protocol.. FAITH FAITH FAITH...If you could see me I look healthy, feel good, and am thinking pretty sharp again.. This is thanks to the foundation, and all of you! The protocol really is AMAZING!!! The advice, info and support I've found here has been so valuable to me in my recovery.. I will continue to be " here" ... Even when I'm super busy w/ school and life..

I have made some of the most wonderful friends here,life long connections,really!

You all are in my prayers <3

Sending my love, and TRUE BELIEF IN YOUR HEALTH TOO!!!


Yours In spirit,
Love Nicole

4:44:17 PM

Hello everyone I just wanted to share some wonderful and exciting news which I hope will give a boost to all he mums out there.
My 2 kids and I have been battling this menace for almost a year now and have made some tremendous progress, I am pleased to report that my 7 year olds symptom free and doing very well.
The biggest change is my 2 year old when this nightmare first started he was very itchy and had terrible skin, today I can report that this is the smoothest I have seen his skin he itches sooooooo much less and is full of energy and very happy, I hope his progress will keep up and he can start nursery in the new year.
We have come a long way and still have a way to go but through Gods grace we can and will win this battle, to any mother worrying about her child or children please know there is hope hold on and keep faith.


11:16:42 AM

Hi Nicole! I THANK you from the bottom of my heart for replying back and giving me an update. So glad to hear there IS hope! I would SOOO love to be able to connect. Mel has ALL my info. The most convenient time for me is anytime before 3pm as my kids start to get home at 4. I stay home and am available. But if days are not good for you I will certainly make time for what works for you.
You all are true Angels!

12:09:44 AM

Hi everyone,

I hope and pray for everyone, that your healing journey is going forward and you remain hopeful and optimistic.

Thank you Deborah B, for the recipe with chia seeds - can't wait to try it. I very much appreciate your input.

Hello and welcome to all new parents and their children. I really feel for you, and what you are going through right now. I remember, myself, how hard it was to begin with. I can assure you that, from my own experience, and that of my child, you WILL get better if you take the protocol, regulate your diet and sort out your environment.

Charlie and I continue to heal and are very grateful for all the help we have received from the 'He Cures All' Foundation. Looking at my little boy, no one would know he was sick now. He has really thrived on the protocol and benefitted from the knowledge we have found here.

God bless us all and watch over us.



8:31:46 PM

HI Lea...

I've had this for 3 yrs too... Also my son Tyler has had this for about 2yrs. He and I are doing sooo incredibly better!! The protocol is so amazing , diet is extremely important... I do the Anti Candida diet, and have had such success!
I'm so glad you found the site ... there are so many of us here improving,but with lots of determination and hard work!

Me & John B are soo great in helping with the specifics in supplement dosing with the kiddos.. Tyler takes the candida rid, Probiotics & colostrum & he's doing soo amazing barley itchy anymore!

I would love to connect for a chat .. If that's okay with Mel. I know I have quit a few people I talk to.. but I could make time for a chat :)

Stay strong.. DIET DIET DIET.. & Religiously take your Protocol!!

Welcome ..

Love & Light

Yours In Spirit
Love, Nicole

1:34:30 PM

Hi there my name is Lea. I have posted in the forum and my name is shown as Lea. One of the newer posts here. But as I stated in my post I along with my 3 kids and dog are dealing with this thing.
Mel advised me to post here to see if any moms would be able to call me that have gone through this with a child or as in my case children. Any support in this area would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to one day soon be on the other side and to be able to help others. Mel has my contact info and I would welcome calls and emails.
Thanks so much!

9:21:17 PM

Hi Amber,

My little one, who is almost 10, and I have had this for 8 years this summer.

We also have actually just started the protocol. I took the supplements for one month and now am just starting with MMS as of Tuesday. It arrived on my birthday so I kind of feel like it's another sign that I should be taking it to get well. It will also keep me on track with my dates, etc.

We started out with one drop of MMS each and will increase one drop on Tuesday.
I know I will keep increasing it each week myself but not sure yet about how much to give to her. I'm going to watch closely and see how she is doing. She starts school this week and want her to ease into it with all the changes.

I would love to have Mel send you my phone no. and email address. It would be good to talk to someone who is exactly where we are on the protocol.
There are REALLY nice, caring people here on the forum and am sure we are in the right place. It took me a while to get here. I actually just got a computer this year from my sister so I didn't have access to the internet for a few years. So many good things are happening this year. I feel so blessed!
Anyway, it will be great talking to you. I'm home evenings and weekends.

May God Bless You and Your family,

1:34:35 AM

Hi all,
My name is Amber and I am new here.
I have morgellons as well as my 10 year old son. My other 2 children who are teens and the other 2 people in my home are showing limited symptoms. We started showing symptoms directly following my 10 year old sons 3 and a half year battle with leukemia

I have made a connection with a couple of wonderful people on the site. I would love connect with other parents who are treating their kiddos with mms.

We have just started the basic protocol last week. I have listened to all the conference calls and basically read the entire forum. It has been very helpful,still I need some advice on how to use the mms from parents who use it on their little ones.

I have to say that reading and listening to your journeys really touches my heart! It takes a lot of bravery to embark on the unknown, and you guys are doing it with grace!

So if anyone would be willing to share with me please ask mel for my info.
God bless each and everyone of you!!

6:21:28 PM

Yes, of course, it is ok for Mel to share our email. She uses mine so they can talk and we can talk. She readily agreed when I asked but I knew she would. You stated earlier that she has an allergic disorder. Is this to medications?
Kenzie has allergies to animals and environment. It must be very difficult for you to have this on top of the allergies.
I hope to hear from you soon.

2:49:53 AM

Linda, our daughter is the same age as Kenzi. She likes to email, text and FaceTime (its like Skype) with kids her age.
(NO Facebook) . Would Kenzi be interested in striking up a friendship with someone her age who also shares some of the same issues? If so, please have Mel share my email with you to get them started.

6:47:58 AM

I'd love to talk to you again. I wrote down your no. and tried to call but got voice mail yesterday. I left a message (hope it was you I called lol).
Anyway, I know how busy life can be at times. I can't believe school is starting in little over two weeks here. Kenz is eager to get back to her friends and social network, but not math of course. She has been diagnosed with adhd and also has allergies (mostly to animals and hay but probably pollens). So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that MMS may help her some. She also has problems with eyes (lazy eye).
Not sure how much of her issues are m related. She will be in fifth grade this year. Growing up faster than I can keep up with her.
Is Tyler eager for school to start?
I'm looking forward to talking with you!!
Love and light,

10:52:30 AM


I want to apologize for not calling you in awhile... It seemed it was one thing after another... Family in town... kid getting ready for school.... just not enough hrs in the day sometimes!

I somehow misplaced your telephone number .. I should'a stored your info in my phone! I really have been thinking about you.. I enjoyed connecting with you in our initial conversation and would love to talk to you soon!

Gotta tell me how that grand-daughter is!

If you have my cell number still please call me...

Mel can you resend Miss Linda's info to me Thank you!

Hope your feeling better Mel!!

Yours in Spirit,

7:48:07 PM

Im interested in talking with anyone with a child going thru this. we have a 10 yr old who also has a few other medical issues, one being an extreme allergic disorder, which makes it hard and even scary to try some/most of what is on the protocol. anyone else here have this type of challenge as well?

8:05:14 PM

Hi Deborah, Nicole, Ruth, Teresa, and all,

Your recipe for Chia Seed Pudding sounds great.

I will be ordering the 'Know the Cause' cookbook at the end of this week finally. I'm trying to catch up with dentist bill from two weeks ago. I wasn't feeling well (low-grade fever) before and after and now that I've taken care of the tooth thing, I am feeling much better and I think the vitamins are starting to give me more energy as well as changing my diet completely.

I love how you share your recipes. We tried the flat bread recipe that Nicole shared - it was great. I have tried some of the dinner recipes too.

I find that after eating healthy for a couple months I don't crave the wrong things like I did before.
My granddaughter is doing well too. She is doing great with taking vitamins.

I'm so glad that you and your families are all moving forward so positively and will be so grateful when I can say the same.

Blessings and love,

Deborah B

7:40:12 PM

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I have posted regularly here. My daughter and I are approaching our one-year anniversary on the protocol and doing well. Hope and pray that all the Moms and Dads out there struggling with Morgellons are feeling encouraged and hopeful today.

Thought I'd share a recipe and some info that is helping out at our house. Lately we have been trying to enjoy seeds more and particularly Chia seeds. I'm discovering that they are tiny little packets of nutrients and antioxidants, particularly protein and Omega 3s. They are known for adding bulk and fiber to the diet and are very filling. Even more interesting is that unlike other seeds they appear to be extremely alkalizing. At least that is what a number of web sites say on their acid/alkaline lists.

I've been adding Chia seeds to smoothies, eggs etc. But just found a new recipe that my daughter loves! My apologies if it is already hiding out there somewhere on this site, but I didn't come across it when I searched.

This is for a delicious almond/coconut milk pudding made with Chia seeds. Like I said. . . it is loved at our house. So much so that I must warn you. . . you might not be able to make this fast enough to keep it in the fridge! We like it for breakfast and for dessert sometimes. The seeds swell and gel over time giving something like a tapioca flavor and texture. Yum!

Chia Seed Pudding:


3 cups coconut or almond milk
(We are making our own now and use half coconut/half almond.)

2 Tbs. stevia (depending on your brand and taste)

1 Tbs. organic vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon organic almond extract (optional-- hazelnut and caramel work great too)

2/3 cup Chia seeds

A pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of sea salt

Combine all ingredients in a blender and whirl for 30 seconds . . just to mix well and break up some of the seeds. Place in a covered bowl in the fridge and leave for about 2 hours. The pudding is ready when it is well set with a tapioca type consistency. You can also add a little melted coconut oil to the recipe for those who need extra calories. If you are at the point where you are adding some low-sugar fruits to your diet it is delicious with berries on top!


Deborah B

'Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits, who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.' Psalm 103:2-5

7:12:18 AM

Hi again, I really just want to say that I am so happy that you and your little ones are getting better and that there is a light at the end of this long dark tunnel.
It is so good to be a part of a group again of really knowledgeable caring people. I have much hope and encouragement now.
Thank you all!!!!
God Bless, Linda

6:28:37 PM

Nicole and Ruth,
Thank you thank you again and again. I can only do a bit at a time but I bought some stevia and a small jar of almond butter. MacKenzie is liking the almond butter and had it on rice bread for lunch today. I guess I'm taking baby steps. I know what you mean about sneaking stuff in our food. I try to read labels and don't allow anything with corn or high fructose corn syrup or anything that could be genetically modified. It just upsets me to the enth degree that our food supply is allowed to have this stuff in it.

I also have the nodules which you talk about. I had fever, swelling and was really quite sick for the last year with this. I went to three different ear, nose and throat drs. One said I had tmj, one said I had swollen salivary glands and would operate and one sent me for a cat scan, though I was on antibiotics and nothing showed. My medical, naturopathic dr. suggested boiling bay leaves and make a tea to drink and a stronger tea to put on the gland with a wash cloth or compress kind of thing. It actually worked and now if I feel it swelling up I boil up some bay leaf tea.
It will take me a while to be able to get the protocol so I'll just start with the diet for now.
God bless,

5:40:14 PM

Hi Linda ...

Since you work full time and aren't able to navigate the net for recipes as often.. It would be a good investment to buy a recipe book.. If you buy from Doug Kauffmans, Know The Cause website I defiantly recommend doing the Phase 1 diet as opposed to Phase 2... There are really great recipes in the cookbook! A friend of mine from church had purchased and let me borrow it :)

Like you said the fungus craves sugar so now you know this and you are better equipped for your battle!
Thank God, there are ways to trick your body into thinking it gets a sugary treat every now and again... The almond cookies, muffins ect.. all using Stevia, or xyilitol. The Sweet Leaf brand stevia has no other fillers like dextrose or whatever and is a better option.. Also I know Ruth A.K.A Janel had told me she found a liquid brand on the net that has NO alcohol like most of the liquid brands do.. It's sooo important to really read labels! They sneak stuff in the foods and rename it things like dextrose,evaporated can syrup,etc. the list goes on and on.. Try to stick with simple whole foods, no preservatives, etc..

As I said before I'm happy you found the sight... In knowing what your dealing with and how to battle it you are on the road to recovery!!!

I want to note some progress in myself that I would like to share... I have had these nodules in my neck, right under my jaw, I believe them to be the fungus rhozoids and have noticed them pretty much from the begining of Morgellons .. it seemed to be connected to ear and jaw pain I was having... I just want to share they are shrinking!!!!!!!! I know this is a direct result of the protocol! :) I also massage them .. I believe it helps break up whatever it is.. I believe fungus ... Anywhoo... They are sooo much smaller & I feel like this is big progress and I'm excited to tell you all!

Hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July weekend!

Know my love and prayers are with you!

If your working the diet and protocol ... you're working toward recovery, it's not easy but you can do it!

It has taken me some time to really feel .. this is really really working but you know what it is!!!

God Bless You!

Yours In Spirit
Love, Nicole

9:56:29 AM

Hi Ruth, thank you - it's been taking me some time to find and read the articles, etc. - I do most reading on Saturdays in the morning because I'm usually whipped when I get home at night during the week. I just read through the recipes and they sound wonderful. I am going to put together a list and go to the grocery store today.
I want to try the almond butter. It sounds scrumptious. Also, Nicole, I looked up the website of Doug Kaufman and found it very interesting. It is good to know that the sugar addiction is the fungus and not necessarily my weakness in saying no. I turned down frosted sugar cookies at work yesterday, a first. I did go on the Atkins diet for six months years ago and did fine until I had one Christmas cookie. It was all over for that diet.
Anyway, blessings to all - thank you again.
Love, Linda

12:22:55 AM

Hi All

So yeah.. Linda & Janel

School lunches are fairly challenging!

I am defiantly open to more conversation about this,

When Ty was in school before summer break I would make the almond tapioca flat bread. Bake as much as possible in bulk and store in parchment paper, and freeze. This bread is acceptable on the diet.

I have found in looking for deli meat you have to ask to read labels... Some meats have yeast, sugar, preservatives .. I found one I feel is acceptable It's Dietz and Watson brand black forest smoked turkey. They use no preservatives, and seem to be the highest quality my grocer carries.. They also have chicken brats w/ no sugar yeast ect.

I give him some strawberries & blueberries ..
I know some would say this is sugar and feeds the fungus but they are also very high in anti- oxidants and in moderation perfectly acceptable according to Doug Kauffmans Phase 1 Anti-candida diet.

I also give him carrots... I know some would oppose this too, they are also in Doug Kaufmanns phase 1 anti candida diet and I feel my little guy needs some of the things I don't personally eat.. He's growing and developing... I don't eat oats but I give them to him:)

My lunch packing has been same stuff over and over though... sandwich on almond bread, turkey w/ avocado (I feed the kiddo tons of avacados), berries, carrots, maybe some almond cookies if I pre prepare these.. pumpkin muffins.. whole milk unsweetened yogurt in a mini Tupperware w/ stevia & berries..

Everything is very time consuming & I'm not in any way claiming I've got this down to a science yet!

My kiddo is picky... I wish I could give him celery with home- made almond butter, he doesn't like it though.. That might be something your kids will like:)

I'm excited to see the creativity that comes though regarding this subject!

Your doing great Linda! 3 weeks is awesome... Its your new lifestyle now. I'm yrs into it and plan to keep my diet as long as I live! If it's up to me I'm going to be here many many yrs to come :)

Thanks for bringing up the subject of the kiddos school lunches! This is something I'm certain we all struggle with!

Keep up the good work!

It most certainly pays off!! :)

Yours In Spirit
Janell (AKA RUTH)

12:19:59 PM


I am so proud of you!!! You are making the first necessary steps. I haven't had to deal with school lunches yet, but I would also appreciate any helpful advice from other moms.

You could look at the diet section on our website for many wonderful receipes. Maddie and I have started making the mint ice cream, and it is so yummy. Maddie will freeze it in popcycle containers, and she thinks it's better than her old ice cream. She also likes to put some of the ice cream in the refridgerator for some 'yogurt' as she calls it. Learning to be creative.....Maddie actually thought of the yogurt idea. :):)

Nicole, Maddie made the crepe receipe from Doug Kaufman's phase one diet, and she loved it. And Doug Kaufman also has a tv show!!! Watched several episodes and learned a lot! Thanks for letting me know about him.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!! Enjoy your day! Maddie and I are going to be making more ice cream (yogurt). :)

So blessed,


8:33:41 PM

Thank you Nicole. For now I'm working on my diet. No sugar for three weeks and more vegetables. I really feel like just doing that so far is making somewhat of a difference.
I'm finding it hard to figure out what to pack for a nutritious lunch for MacKenzie for summer day care. I've really gotten inspired by reading and listening to the conference calls by all of you on the forum. I'm just really impressed.
Nicole, I can relate to some of your story. You are very brave and strong and I know that you will be even stronger because of all you've conquered. God is always there (even if it seems like it is at the last moment sometimes) in every situation.
Thank you all for your posts. You are amazing Moms!!!
Your recipes sound great too!!! I like the posts about getting organized. It hits home with me as I'm not at all organized.
Blessings and love

10:37:11 AM

Hi Linda :)

So nice to hear from you,and your commitment to fight!

I think that fighter spirit Is what carries people on through to full recovery!

I wouldn't say that all the changes you all will need to make are easy in the begining... It takes educating yourself on dietary needs,and really never stepping outside your diet,taking your protocol and really being diligent in your recovery. I feel that the love for our children and grand-children really helps in lighting the way!

It takes being commited for some time before you notice results ... but trust me ..You will! I feel soo much better, and continue to feel better.. Tyler does too! We have are not so good days but we are detoxing and that's not easy! I plan to be here for many yrs and see Tyler get married and have kids one day.. So what is not easy now ~ is certainly worth it in the long run!

Stay in the fight ... Some say Slow and Steady wins the race, and I like that.. It does!

Sending you and your grand-daughter love

Yours In Spirit
Love, Nicole

6:40:35 PM

Hi Ruth and all,
I've been reading a lot of great advice on the forum and started listening to conference calls. It is going on 7 years this summer since we have lived with this affliction. I have done a lot of thinking since I found this site and all of you. I am so amazed at the commitment, caring and love here. I realize that since I've heard there is hope I don't want my little one or myself to be ill any longer. I find that we are much worse when the hot weather and humidity hit. I work full time and have just been doing what I can and have to do survive. I want to fight this. I'm open to getting emails from any moms with any advice. I've been talking to my granddaughter about our diet and lifestyle changes (no sugar). My little one is 9 and she doesn't know what is going on because I don't want her to be scared, although people ask her what is wrong when they see the skin..
Thank you all for sharing your stories. Blessings to you, Linda

2:12:23 PM

Yes ofcourse! I would love to talk:) Mel... can you please give Miss Eleanor my yahoo? Thank you!


5:43:44 PM

Nicole would it be ok to ask Mel for your email I'd like to speak with you please if possible.

2:17:27 PM

Thank you Nicole I have the cream and will put some on tonight also will try the tea tree soap.

4:16:05 PM

Hi Eleanor..

My son has eczema.... I do put coconut oil on his skin, but sometimes that just isn't enough! To be honest I put hydro-cortizone on him to help. I have a perscription strength of 2.5%. Like you I don't want to see him suffer. I feel and may be wrong that keeping focused on the internal cleansing, diet, protocol is top priority, and some use of a steroid cream can be helpful in moderation. I put it on and usually in a day or two his rash goes away and I dont put it on till it comes back. I do continue with coconut oil daily.Also we wash in tea tree soap, even put drops in our shampoo..

I don't know if that helps...

I wish I could say I found a better more natural option.

Yours In Spirit
Love, Nicole

4:34:05 PM

Linda and Leah, daughter is 11 years old. She is such an amazing child! An old soul in a young body. I would be willing to speak or email with you, if you would like. Mel has my information. daughter has the same symptoms as yours. Do you think we might be able to talk or email?

May God continue to strengthen and guide us all!!



4:14:07 PM

Hello everyone just want a little advice...has anyone got a child with eczema or psoriasis what do you use to help calm the skin, I have tried using sulphur soap coconut oil Vaseline, his skin is in a bad way and getting worse rashes and sores are breaking out at least the sores are healing...he is purging a bit and itching alot I have a steroid cream but don't know if I should use it don't want to make things worse but at the same time don't want him to suffer.
Any advice will be appreciated.
Thank You

8:02:31 PM

Thank you Ruth, how old is your daughter. I am the only one who knows what is going on with us. I don't feel I can tell my family or friends or my little granddaughter's parents. Oh no.
So it is good to be able to talk to others in the same situation. I appreciate so much having this forum as I have been alone in this fight.
Thank you everyone.

5:45:34 PM


Welcome to the website!! :) You are in the right place to find help and information. Diet is so important. I have been feeling so much better eating a clean diet. You could read, How lucky can you get, and For the newly stricken. These are posts by Peter who gives so much important info.

My daughter is experiencing itching, headaches, and tummy aches. She also goes through periods of hot and cold flashes. Also periods of raw emotion. She just started a partial protocal using molecular silver, colostrum, and probiotics.

She is not a big fan of coconut, so using coconut oil on her skin for the itching will take lots of prayer. The positive is she eats lots of veggies, even raw! So I should count my blessings.

Thanks again for all the great info, Nicole!

Keep us all the valuable information!!


6:56:05 AM

I have been reading with great interest all of the articles and advice on this site. I have had this for 6 years and my 9-yr.-old granddaughter, who I am raising also has it. I have been treating my skin with everything under the sun but haven't given a lot of thought about diet. I really want us to get better so I need to make some huge changes in our life style. Thank you for this site.

12:52:23 PM

Hi Ruth :)

It's soo good to see you on here!

There is so much valuable information in the 'pages'.Don't underestimate the value of reading and researching. The creativity of the moms in helping get the kiddo's on board...Is really just amazing!

As I've said do not hesitate to call or text.. I'm here for you, and appreciate our friendship also:)

Sending you & your kiddo's my love & affirmative prayer.. seeing the wholeness of you all!

Yours In Spirit
1 Love, Nicole

11:23:47 AM

Hi all Moms,

I am so thankful for all the information I have read in this thread. Thank you to all who have taken time to share all the valuable information.

I have been dealing with Morgellons since November. It was only after talking with, Peter, that I realized it was Morgellons rather than scabies I was dealing with. I have been on the Protocol since March, and have started to see improvement. I have also been in a constant conversation with God.

I was horrified to learn my youngest daughter has started showing symptoms. I have read the information in the forum, and listened to the conference calls.

I was hoping to talk to Moms who have more experience dealing with their children. Thank you, Nicole, I have truly treasured your information, and I value our new friendship. It helps to have a voice to speak with sometimes.

Mel has my direct phone numbers and email address. May God continue to strengthen and guide us all!


9:18:27 PM

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the Moms out there! Just wanting to send a little extra love, light,& compassion to each of you divine and amazing women!

In faith..

Love & Light..


5:35:36 PM

Great minds think alike :) That's great Justin!! I love the Goodwill!! :)

I want to share a super yummy BREAD recipe you all will love me & Tyler do!!


⠢ 1 ½ cups blanched almond flour

⠢ ¾ cup tapioca flour

â ¢ 1/3 cup (2 TBS whole seeds) ground flax or ground chia seeds

â ¢ 1 teaspoon xylitol or raw honey or 7 drops liquid stevia

⠢ ½ teaspoon baking soda

⠢ ½ teaspoon sea salt

â ¢ 3 organic eggs

â ¢ 1/3 cup plain organic yogurt, preferably full fat or low fat

â ¢ Any dried herbs with sea saltâ " Italian seasoning, Frontier Adobo Seasoning blend (my favorite!), or whatever seasoned salt you like


1. Pre-heat oven to 350º

2. In a large bowl, combine almond flour, tapioca, ground flax or chia, xylitol, baking soda and salt.

3. In a small bowl, blend eggs and yogurt with an electric mixer for about 30 seconds.

4. Add the egg mixture into the dry ingredients and use mixer or stir to combine until it forms a sticky, wet dough.

5. Pour batter onto a 12Ã-16 jelly roll pan/cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or asilicon baking mat. Smooth batter out with a spatula over the entire surface area, so it is thin and even.

6. Sprinkle herbs of choice and sea salt (if you're using a salt-free seasoning blend) evenly over dough.

7. On center rack of oven, bake at 350º for 8 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Don't over bake or it will be too dry.

8. Cool and cut into desired size. I like using a pizza cutter to do this.
Justin J

10:33:52 PM

The food processor is your friend haha :)
I love mine, Its my baby. You do start cooking more from scratch tho and making more dishes haha! I scored mine from goodwill for like 5 bucks as well. No need to feel deprived where there is a will there is a way


1:15:11 PM

Hi Nicole and Tyler

I am so happy for you today. You are a remarkable mother!

Your post also proves that there are many ways to tackle the difficult issues we face with our loved ones. What a heart you have.

You know that I HAVE to post the following testimony, Nicole. 'GOD IS ALWAYS ON TIME!'


9:34:30 AM

Hello Nicole,

You're darn right, I am proud of you!

You took a situation that was not working, causing you anxiety and leading to fear. You stopped and you thought, then you implemented your game plan. From what you posted here it appears you are happy and feel more in control.

Those who overcome fear have the best chance to have their health restored!

Thanks Nicole for sharing. Keep on cooking, but remember, man can't live on snacks alone! Lunches and dinners are fun too!

God bless you and Tyler

Never ever give up HOPE!


9:51:23 PM

Hi All..

Mel :)

As Mel knows in regards to my son diet has been especially difficult. Living with someone who refuses to believe we have anything,refuseing to even hear the word Morgellons,looking at me with judgement for excluding sugar ect. has been more than difficult to say the least!!

You're gonna be proud of me Mel :) I took your advice .. I'm a baking cooking machine, I've been making faux sweets like crazy! lol :) She thinks he's eating cookies,muffins, pancakes what have you , just higher quality. How can you argue with that? He doesn't appear deprived, which is good for him ,her & me!

I found a small food processor at the thrift store for 4 bucks.Now I'm an almond butter making machine!I'm soo excited about my find...As this should help in making the diet more affordable:)

I've tried some of the recipes from the diet section.. which were fab! Some I altered measuements but they all turned out great,and best of all Tyler like 'em!!! I also pulled recipes from' Know the Cause' .. Phase one diet section! Which also has some seriously amazing recipes Ya'll!! :)

They only thing I'm not excited about is ALL the TONS of dishes I've been washing!! :) Atleat the plates are cleaned before they go to the sink! :))

8:58:34 PM

ALmond Cookies... So good your kids will love them!!

1 organic egg

1 teaspoon vanilla, almond or maple extract

1â 4 teaspoon sea salt, if you use salted almond butter omit the salt
1/3 cup xylitol
25 drops liquid stevia
1 cup almond butter or SunButter OR 1â 2 cup almond butter and 1â 2 cup SunButter

⠢ Preheat the oven to 350°
â ¢ Using an electric mixer or food processor, beat the egg, extract (vanilla, almond or maple) salt, stevia and xylitol. After these ingredients are well incorporated add the almond butter and mix well.
â ¢ Form balls, about an inch (1 tablespoon of dough), and place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Flatten with a fork to make a crisscross design. These cookies will be small.
â ¢ Bake for 10-12 minutes. This is the most important part â " take the cookies out of the oven and do not touch them. They will fall apart. Let them cool completely and then transfer to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator. This makes them more chewy. These will keep for about a week, if they last that long! You can also make a double batch and freeze them, so you always have a sweet treat on hand.


2:48:56 PM

Hi Jennifer
If you ask Mel to give you my email or ask him to pass yours on to me I would love to speak to you. Take your time when you can start the protocol do so.
I am only 4 days into the full protocol myself I was mostly managing it with diet and I found as long as I stuck to it I wouldn't slip back into the terrible state that I was in before I found this site.
I first suspected my 2 year old had Mogellons simply because of the specs I would see coming off his skin, he has eczema and itches anyway but then I also found he was coming up in huge spots that were scaring him, they would heal but I found this unusual because they'd be in a group of 2 or 3 and were quite large.
Apart from that he is ok sleeps well eats well has adjusted to his new diet and even enjoys it. Hes on the partial protocol of colostrum molecula silver and essential flora.
My 7 year old not 100% he has it but better safe than sorry hes also is on the partial protocol and diet we can all benefit from healthy eating.
If you contact Mel and get Peter's contact details he will also help you he has been an invaluable source of advice and support.

7:14:49 PM

Thanks everyone for responding! Eleanor I would love to talk to speak to someone going through this with me. I need to order the Kleen green but it's so expensive! Had a good few days been outside in the sun a lot and keeping really busy. I want to start the protocol but don't have the money at the moment. How did you guys know when you're kids were stricken? So far, my boy is still sleeping well other than teething a few nights ago. He seems his normal cheerful self otherwise so I hope he's in the clear!


12:05:29 PM

Dear Jennifer,
Welcome to the site. I'm so glad you found this site. So many other sites on the web can leave you feeling confused and terrified. This is a wonderful place with loving members and sound advice. It's formated in a way that helps you get organized and get a plan of action laid out.
It's good you realized what you have early on. I know many people have suffered for years not knowing what it is. I thank God I found out early. I've always had an open mind and stay well informed aboyt health and enviromental topics so I already knew of Morgellons before I became infected. I hope you can start the protocol soon. It's a sound way of attacking this thing. The sooner the better. I've been improving as well as my children.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

8:47:22 PM

Welcome Nicole

Eleanor and Nicole have given you the simple truths that demonstrte how we bond together. I would just add to read the 'for the newly stricken ' and 'newly stricken by a newbie ' threads. These contain more useful information to help you as you begin yourjourney back to health. I will be praying for you and your infant child.

Strength and Love

2:07:14 PM

Hi Jennifer!

Welcome to the site.. As parents with little ones it makes what were going through even harder,the last thing we want is to think they could beaffected by this!Really try and surround your little one in as much faith as possible,they feel our energy. Try and let the love of your child inspire you to believe,hope ,and trust in your healing. You can only do your very best,try to have faith, TRUST your making the right choices for you, and your baby. It's soo great you started the diet!! I hope you'll be starting the protocol soon! Myself and Tyler have made alot of progress,but it's an on going battle. I don't have a lot of time to on the computer right now, but if you would like a friend to talk to Mel can give you my cell phone number:) Sending you lots of love and light..

You ALL are in my prayers!

Love, Nicole

11:47:38 AM

Hi Jenifer
you are in the right place to get help I want to tell you please don't worry too much and knock yourself out with trying to clean everything daily its a task which will do more harm than good because it will leave you drained.
I like youu vaccum daily and this helps a great deal you could try using kleen green and spray it around the house and on surfaces as for the toys I just wash them of in a little water with bleach oor spray with kleen green you could try this in your car also.
If you use the search engine you will find info on pets I dont have any so cant advise you on this, there is loads that you can do so please try not to worry too much I know the mental aspect of this disease is so tough but please know you will get through this, I will remember you and your son in my prayers.

2:50:05 PM

Hello all,

I have recently found out I have Morgellons a few weeks ago. Since then I started on candida diet and am trying to keep my 20 month old on it as best as I can. I have seen a few specks/fibers on him but I am hoping it is just from me or the clothes. I have been dousing him in coconut oil since he was a babe so he easily picks up lint with that. I am still breastfeeding him also and currently trying to wean. Does anyone know if this is transferred that way or would he have already been exposed by now? He is really stressed out with me trying to wean him :(. Things were really really hard at first and I admit I was thinking really bad thoughts. I know now I have to maintain my strength and as much normal as I can for my son. I have been feeling a ton better this week not crying and actually sleeping and getting exersice in the sunshine. I am really wondering what to do about cleaning? I vacuum everyday but we have a bagless vacuum and a few area rugs and the couch. I mop every other day and clean the kitchen, bath and bedroom surfaces daily with vinegar/peroxide/and a thieves oil blend I made. I currently am using Peppermint Dr Bronners and borax in the wash. What does everyone do about toys and books and things? There is no way I can wipe all that stuff down on a daily or even weekly basis! Also any info on pets? We have a fluffy dog and I have been giving him DE since I discovered tapeworms in his poop. I hope he doesn't get this too! Also my car is another story I have no idea what to do with.

Thanks in advance!


10:37:50 PM

Thanks Ellen for sharing Dr. Brasco's article. While it does get rather technical, it is by far the best article on diet I have read in a long time. What a rare and wonderful thing it is to see a gifted physician with such an obvious grasp of the role of diet and nutrition in health.

Not only does he expose some very common misbeliefs such as the unsubstantiated vilification of saturated fats and the cholesterol propaganda used to promote dangerous drugs such as statins, he really does a good job of capturing the diversity of factors that affect how we metabolize our food.

He points out a chilling fact that explains why the U.S. leads the world in degenerative illness; not only is the Standard American Diet grossly imbalanced emphasizing all the wrong things, but we have allowed even the truly good health promoting foods to be adulterated so they are no longer healthy (such as grain fed animals, genetically modified crops, or farm raised fish).

He also points out that although there is no such thing as a perfect diet (we are all different), most humans respond best to an evolutionary (paleo) diet that combines small quantities of high quality animal protein (fish and wild game or free range livestock)with larger quantities of vegetables, raw nuts and seeds and low glycemic fruit.

Another excellent resource to help understand many of these same issues is a great book I often recommend by Sylvia Zook PhD called Eatin After Eden.

Thanks again Ellen!


Deborah B.

9:15:07 PM


Just a few comments on your thoughts about brown rice.

My daughter and I do eat organic brown rice occasionally now, with no apparent problems. We didn't in the first four months of the protocol. We ate only non-starchy vegetables, organic chicken, eggs, fish, almonds, seeds, lemons, coconut, Stevia, and a very moderate and controlled amount of organic, unsweetened yogurt. Later we added some brown rice, quinoa and for my daughter only, small amounts of low-carb fruit such as strawberries, kiwi and occasional grapefruit. Added that at about 6 months. We have had no problems that I can detect but again. . . added these items slowly, one at a time and only after stabilizing in our fifth month.

Others may have other thoughts and experiences but one thing to think about for the little ones is that kids do need some carbohydrate. I was told by a Naturopath who is supportive of the protocol and whom I trust, that the very restricted diet I had Carrie on was fine for a short time therapeutically, but that after a point I should try to increase her carbohydrate intake at least slightly. That is what we did and she is virtually symptom free at this time (8 months).

I still have symptoms and am much stricter with my diet. No fruit and careful with the grains.

Deborah B.

PS. Parents might want to check into 'black' rice or 'Forbidden Rice' as it's sometimes called. It's higher in protein and has more antioxidants than even blueberries. Has a lot of great flavor, is a deep purple color and my little girl loves it. We use it almost exclusively now.

6:44:32 PM

Hi Teresa,

In the book the 'Fungus Link' brown rice is excluded from the Phase One diet. Whenever I have tried to add it to my diet a small brown rice cake or whatever.. I purge much more. Maybe this isn't the result for everyone, but my experience with it hasn't been good. Quinoa seems to be more easily tolerated,but only in small amounts. I wish we were all the same so the was a perfect outline to follow... All we can do is share in our experiences:) God Bless You and Charlie!!

8:32:48 AM

Hello Everyone,

Check out this article - it's long but has a lot of information and research about grains.


4:07:48 PM

Hello Teresa I can understand the times you will be busy I myself am just starting to regain a small amount of normal life instead of sitting at home depressed and crying all day and I hope to piece by piece regain my life completely.
I would be happy to swap emails with you when you can,its great to see Charlie is doing better and doesn't have to take the entire protocol every day.
I hope we will all continue to improve and go from strength to strength.

3:29:58 AM

Hi everyone,

Eleanor I am happy to email you, although there are periods where I am extremely busy. It is helpful to have someone that you can communicate with, who understands where you're at and is going through something similar.

It is also very positive for me to see others using this thread as there wasn't too much on here, regarding children who are suffering from morgellons, when I first found it.

I am following the diet tips from this website - Peter has been most helpful and I am really seeing and feeling a difference. I would urge everyone to keep up with it and, once you get started, it not as hard as you think. Unfortunately me little one is not so good at eating vegetables, but I'm always trying. He eats no junk food or sugar.

I have also found that Charlie doesn't need to take all the protocol products all every day, although he takes mms each day. To begin with, he took all the products but now, after 12 months, I often give him Thymic formula, Ubinol Q10, Liver CS plus and Olive Leaf extract every second day. The rest he has daily, including Magnifizyme and Molecula Silver. He has only just turned 4 though and is quite little.

Nicole I'm not sure about rice and would be interested to hear what others think on this. I eat brown rice - it's basically the only carb I do have. Do others find their symptoms worse if they eat rice??

Blessings and peace
Deborah B

6:34:13 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have been away from this discussion for a month or so due to some extraordinary needs in my family recently. I was amazed and pleased to come back and to see so much conversation and interaction among parents here. For a while I think Teresa and I were the only parents posting regularly. The only thing more challenging than having Morgellons is having Morgellons WITH little ones along for the ride . . so it's extra important to support each other. Thanks to all of you who have done that here.

Deborah B.

9:49:16 AM

Leah Nicole Peter thank you so much for your great advice I will have to try much harder in regards to diet and topical care.

8:03:07 PM

Hi Leah :)

I just wanted to say hello. I had computer problems at time when you first started posting here. It sounds like you and your girls are doing lots of great things to promote healing & making progress,that is so wonderful to hear! Im not sure if you ever posted where you're from,but if you're in the US.. I'm available to chat:) It would be nice to talk to another parent.. Mel can give you my cell phone number or if you want I can call you.. just thought to put it out there. Extra support is always helpful:)

I truly seeing all of our children and ourselves as strong,healthy,fully supported, & healed.. We got this! Keep in FAITH warriors!


3:34:23 PM

Welcome Eleanor

I wanted to say hello and tell you that you have been given some very, sound dietary advise from Nicole. You are already doing many things right with your diet. Continue the many herbs mentioned as they are very strong in fighting this pathogen. Like Nicole, I too have found that I do much better by eliminating carbohydrates like brown rice. Honestly, they are convrerted to sugar and will feed this fungal organism. You will find even more relief from the protocol in combination with diet as time passes. You and your children will be in my prayers!


6:36:09 AM

I just wanted to say welcome to the forum. You are definitely in the right place to make progress and fibd some peace. I know having children affected by this can be hard. Once I found this site I decided not to go on other sites that promote fear or confusion. So Im really glad you are hear.
I also am affected more than my children. We had this for over 6 months before I realized what was happening. My children are on a partial protocol and Im on the full protocol. I have seen huge improvements in them within by the end of the 1st month. We never had lesions so I mark their progress in other ways, like itching, crawling, headaches, gut aches.
I do recommend mms baths a couple times a week and showers with sulfur soap on non-bath days.
We still have along way to go and we are still learning about diet.
I'm very thankful for this site and all of the shared knowledge. I pray for your recovery. Stay strong and you when you see the children improving you will have the strenght to push forward.

9:47:42 PM

Well it sounds like you have a really good diet! Altough for you I wld think about cutting out the rice completly,I notice if I have carbs like brown rice I start purging fuzzies heavily.. I cut them out and It gets better:)Maybe a very small amount of quinoa would be okay but i recently cut that out to,and It's helped. You being the most affected I would wash your clothing seperately from the kiddos.. My son seems to do alot better keeping laundry seperate.I do his after rinsing my washing machine in a cycle of bleach. I use lint rollers to get the rest off our belongings. The M definatly helps but without really starving the fungus by way of diet it wont work fully.I don't have this all figured out but I can help in any way, I'm here. You & your family are very much in my prayers!

God Bless You,

4:23:31 PM

Hi Nicole thank you for responding to me your prayers will be very much appreciated as is your dietary advice, I'll definitely look into it any way to to add a few extra blows to M is a plus. Our diet has no wheat, yeast, dairy (only eggs), sugar,fruit.
We eat brown rice as our only carb, chicken, fish, sometimes beef,pumpkin seeds, almonds lemons all vegetables except carrots beets, anything sugary basically not even stevia, we also use lots of spice turmeric chlli curry coriander cumin garlic ginger we use these spices in all our food.
Since we have started the diet we have seen changes for the better I am just waiting for the protocol products to arrive out of our household I am the worst affected which I prefer out of the children my husband and I.


11:23:37 PM

Hi Eleanor

You said clean diet... I'm curious what you mean by this? There is a lot of good diet advice on the site.. I initially referenced Doug Kauffmann the nutritionist of KNOW THE CAUSE, he has some helpful advice,including books on cleansing diets to starve candida. Fungus being a major component of Morgellons it is soo necessary to starve the fungus which will allow the protocol to do it's job in restoring your system.I followed his Phase1 diet for nearly 2 yrs making alot of progress but it wasn't until a friend told me recently to cut out the buckwheat and quinoa I was eating have I started to see more progress. NO SUGAR, NO YEAST, NO FRUIT,BREADS,GRAINS, LIMIT CARBS! EAT VEGGIES!- (excluding carrots & potatos beans), lean meats, fish,everyones body responds diferent to foods Im just saying what works for me.. i exclude even brown,white rice some others eat this and make progress I wouldn't.Eat highly alkaline foods.. I was eating cashews for the longest time not realizing thier acidic.. ALMONDS HAZENUTS are alkaline, Oh and PURIFIED LEMON WATER, STEVIA to sweeten:).. There is more dietary advice here just thought i'd throw some basic essential diet advice out there(if u know all this already good your quicker than i am lol:) Honestly takes some fierce dedication and will to make the changes needed,but i know you got it.. those to little boys are inspiration enough!You and your boys are in my prayers.. I know there is an amazing healing taking place right where you are and you and your boys will pull thru this as a team! Love will see you thru :) Keep in faith!!

Love, Nicole

9:55:57 AM

Hi I'm Eleanor I'm a mum of 2 little boys we live in the UK and have been dealing with Morgellons for a bit over 2 months now I'm in the process of getting the full protocol together and the kids are on a partial protocol.
We do wash with MMS and have been eating a clean diet for a few weeks now which has helped somewhat.
Would anyone be willing to email me...I try to keep positive most days but sometimes its so difficult I can't really speak to others who don't know what we are going through because they just don't understand.
If anyone on the forum is willing to email me please ask Mel for my address.
Thank you

9:21:35 AM

Hi everyone,

Back again - it's been a while since I've been on the forum. I've had some personal issues to deal with and life gets quite stressful and busy at times. It's always good coming back here though - a bit like coming home.

Welcome Leah and Jaime. It is so good to read that you and your girls are improving Leah. I have a three year old who has done, and is still doing so well on the protocol.

I have given mms to Charlie for the past year. I originally used the weight ratio and gave him percentages of drops to begin with. He is now basically on a maintenance dose of two drops. I have given him up to three drops in the past. He suffers from lesions, itching and sore joints without the protocol, but is full of vitality on it.

Deborah thank you for the recipes. I will try them out soon and let you know how they go - I am still having lots of trouble getting Charlie to eat well. Thank you for your great advice and kindness always. Your generosity of spirit and wisdom here, on this forum, is very helpful to me and, I'm sure, many others.

Peace and blessings to you all.
Deborah B

9:08:41 PM


Thank you so much for letting us know how you are doing. It is so great to hear that your girls are improving so rapidly! Keep up the amazing work you are doing on their behalf. I hope you are feeling much better yourself as well.

My prayers are with you for continued improvement,

Deborah B.

6:40:13 PM

Both my girls are improving very fast on a partial protocol ( probiotics, colostrum, molecula silver and NAC )as well as mms baths a couple times a week. The mms baths are incredibly effective for all three of us. Topically I rub them down every night after their shower or bath with a homemade lotion I made from bees wax, coconut oil and olive oil.
We wash all our clothes and bedding in mms.
My youngest daughter has gone from a headache everyday to a headache about every other day. Her eyesight is less blurry and the sties on her eyes have gone away.
Both are itching and crawling less as well as less gut aches.
They both broke out in bumps all over there backs and necks after starting the protocol and I'm happy to report in just one short month all the bumps have cleared.
We are on an amazing clean diet and they have adapted well. I'm still working on getting them to drink enough water but they are getting there.
This website has brought me hope, happiness, support and encouragement. Seeing my children feeling better calms my spirit. I do not go on any other sites looking for any information because everything I need is here. Thank you Mel for setting me in the right direction.

9:54:25 AM

Thanks both..

I think i will hold off on the MMS re my child-

the protocol seems to be working fine without it

interesting to note- how intuition plays a role in this--

as I know I need it--

but can see as Mel says-- kids usually dont

2:17:14 PM

Welcome Mark and Deborah,

As I have mentioned in previous posts, most parents in the past have not found it necessary to treat their children with MMS. They seem to respond very well to the basic protocol - or even just parts of it.

Only in the past year have we seen parents utilizing MMS with their children. One might imagine that if they are symptom free, they have passed their major herxing and should begin their maintenance dose after a three day break and restart on the fourth day on three less drops than they were on before.

Always remember FIRST DO NO HARM. We have never recommended using MMS with children, but recognize that it may be helpful in severe cases.

If they were my children, I would not use MMS until after I determined they were not going to respond without it.

God, please bless all of our children and parents!

Never give up Hope!

Deborah B

9:07:43 PM

Hi Mark,

Good to hear from you. I hope you and Chase are doing well these days.

Actually, that's a question we both should probably direct to Mel since I have been wondering the same thing. Not certain when or how to determine a maintenance dose in the case of kids.

I do know that there is a formula to use as a general guideline based on body weight. I believe it comes from Andreas Kalcker. It gives a rough idea of the approximate maximum maintenance dose recommended. Of course there are variables since how we handle MMS is so dependent on our pathogen load.

You could check it out though. I found it on a thread titled 'Max Dose of MMS' 6/5/2012.


Deborah B.

10:02:03 PM

HI Deborah

Can I ask-- what dose of MMS do you give your child/?

How did you determine what does to max out at with your child?

Also- Mel.. with children- when 'symptom free'.. what to do re usage of MMS? with them//

As Mel has said- kids respond MUCH quicker....

thanks Mark
Deborah B

6:04:50 PM

Hi Everyone,

I've been promising to post this recipe for awhile. This is for a very delicious home-made granola that is protocol-friendly. It's great for kids who are a little further into the protocol and can handle grains and a few more carbs than they could in the first phase. We still use it sparingly and did not introduce this into our daughter's diet until she was about 3 months into the protocol and rapidly improving.

I make this in large quantities and the amounts below last us about a month. We use it less as a breakfast food and more as a treat. . . so sparingly.

Protocol Granola:

8 cups organic, glutton free oats
2 cups organic, raw sunflower seeds
1 cup whole or sliced almonds

1 1/2 cups home-made almond butter*
1 cup coconut oil
2 1/2 T. NuStevia Stevia (concentrations vary by brand)
2 T. cinnamon
1 T. organic vanilla extract
1 1/2 tsp. sea salt
1-2 scoops whey powder (optional)

Preheat oven to 300 degrees

Place the first three ingredients in a large mixer bowl and set aside. In a medium sauce-pan, heat the coconut oil until just melted being careful not to burn. Add the almond butter and stir until smoothly blended. Add spices, extract and whey powder and stir until smooth.

While mixer is on low, slowly add the coconut/almond butter mix into the dry ingredients until completely blended and it covers the oats and seeds well.

Place about half the granola on a lightly oiled cookie sheet and put in on the top shelf of the oven. Stir every 3 to 4 minutes until the granola is evenly toasted and firm. Usually takes about 30 minutes and you should stay close by and check often as once the granola dries out it toasts quickly and can burn.

Try adding pumpkin or sesame seeds or other organic extracts to customize to your own tastes.

* We make our own almond butter to save money. We purchase almonds at $3.99 a Lb. and then grind them ourselves in a food processor.This makes this recipe more affordable and fresher tasting.

NOTE: Almonds are extremely alkalizing, as are sunflower seeds and whey powder. Whey adds extra protein which is great for us. All of these ingredients help to make this granola acceptable for protocol diets. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar and is also alkalizing so if you like it. . . use generously!

Deborah B.

Deborah B

6:21:30 PM


Hi again!

So sorry to have been awhile in responding to your last message. Hope you are doing well today and feeling better. You are so right in one thing you said. . . you are NOT alone! Not only will you be prayed for and supported here, but the Lord is with you in this fight, every moment and every day.

I know it feels overwhelming right now, I truly do remember the first weeks and months on the protocol and I CAN relate to the feelings. It might feel like it some days, but it is not hopeless. Each week on the protocol brings improvement and a sense of having more control. My advice to you would be to remember that like any new skill or lifestyle, there is a learning-curve at the beginning. It takes a while to get into the swing of things. I remember so well those early weeks. Reading your post brings it all back and the emotions seem fresh again. I remember conversations with Mel where I blubbered my way through with him saying quietly in the background. . . no, don't cry now, don't cry again.' ;-) But he didn't give up on me and we won't give up on you either, Leah. It's just tough at first. But you sound like you're tough too and you can do it.

Here are some thoughts that might help in getting started:

1). Focus first on learning everything you can by reading the forum forward and backward. . . really! That will do more good than you can imagine right now. It arms you with the information you need. Try to schedule at least 30 minutes a day to just read. Don't obsess or beat yourself up, or loose sleep to do it, but be consistent.

2). Next, focus on getting organized with your protocol medications and supplements. Once you get past that hill, things will be better. Find a system that works for you. We purchased a med organizer at Rite Aid that had a row of five covered boxes for different times of day and one for each day of the week. It clips into a bigger frame and so each day's meds can be grabbed quickly to take with you if you must go out. I used a watch that I already had tucked away which has an alarm capacity that can be set for various times throughout the day. I set the alarm for 10:30, 12:30 and 6:00 because those where the times I was most likely to forget my meds. This system helped me lot but you may find something equally effective for you. Whatever you decide on, make it happen quickly and get into the habit of making up your med packets at least weekly or even two weeks at a time so you are less likely to forget or miss something.

3). Simplify! This is going to be your life for awhile, you might as well be comfortable. Turn your kitchen into 'Morgellons Central' ;-) and put away anything that you don't need right now. Any unnecessary items are just dust-catchers for the next 18-months. We finally got rid of a lot of things and those we wanted to save we washed in MMS and put away in plastic boxes in the attic. We won't bring them out again until we are well. We have about three outfits each, not much cotton (sad---I love it!), but we can enjoy it again later. For now we've focused on simple, comfortable clothing that does not gather much lint and we use MMS relentlessly in every load. 10 drops in colored loads (mix in well before adding clothing. MMS can bleach!) and up to 20 drops with sheets, jams and undies. Soak for 45 minutes to an hour. Simplify with the cleaning too. If you have some furniture that you really don't use much, or rooms that are not needed, close off the rooms or store the furniture in the garage. Vacuum carpeted areas daily and wipe down surfaces with a Kleen-Green solution. As time goes on, you'll be able to do a bit less and still stay clean and healthy. For instance, I only have to change sheets every-other day now, and soon may be able to do it twice a week, we'll see.

4). Change your diet as quickly as you can! For the first month or two just eat a simplified diet with the items you know you need most and don't worry about being a Morgellons gourmet :-)! Reading on the forum will give you the basics. Peter's posts were a great help to me in communicating the basics of diet. Everyone has a slightly different approach to food but I personally found that cutting out all fruit and using only Quinoa (really a seed) in place of grain was best for the first three months. We were really strict at first and I believe it paid off. After we stabilized a bit we were able to add some healthy things back in that were still protocol-approved.

5) Focus on the positive and don't give up. You have to closely monitor your children's health and progress but don't succumb to depression over their struggle. This is where I failed the most in the early days of this journey. I would look at my little one's beautiful little face all covered with acne and giant red track marks, her legs and arms scarred and sore and begin to despair and panic. Don't do it. A short six-months later and my daughter's complexion is peaches and cream again. Her scars are slowly fading and if they never do completely. . . well then they will be a subtle reminder to her of how far she has come. . . and to whom she really belongs. We see them as marks of ownership. She belongs to God and His plans for her are for good, to give her a future and a hope. I look forward to having a front-row seat in the coming years to see how He plans to use this for her good. He will do the same for you and for your children. Look forward to it. Bank on it.

I really hope this helps a bit. Overall. . . push hard at first to get organized so you can relax more later, but remember to sleep and rest too, no matter what needs to be done. Be kind to yourself and don't obsess about what you didn't do today or didn't do perfectly. You are still learning. You'll get better at this and while you are becoming more skilled at the protocol, you will still be getting healthier.

Take heart and God bless you Leah,

Deborah B.

'For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' Jeremiah 29:11

Deborah B

4:24:01 PM

Hi Jaimie,

Welcome! My name is Deborah and I am a mother who suffers from Morgellons. So does my 7 year old daughter. We have been on this protocol for about six-months. I am so glad you are here.

It certainly sounds like you could be dealing with Morgellons and yes. . . as you will find when you read through this forum, your experience with the medical community is identical to that of most of us here. They may want to help but they do not yet understand this disease or accept it and therefor can't do much for us.

Now for the good news. . . and it's REALLY good news! There is not only hope, there is a cure and it lies in this protocol offered here. After only 2 months on it I was near to symptom free. After six-months my little girl is entirely symptom free and on her way to great health. For you, there is the very best news. . . you caught this very early and found your way here within in only three weeks of the onset. That is amazing! Many people suffer for years before arriving here. My daughter was very sick for 5 months before I found my way here but I had only been sick three weeks, like you. I responded very quickly and my daughter soon caught-up with me and surpassed me in her progress. Now I work hard everyday just to keep up with her! ;-) A year ago I thought I was going to loose her.

Just the same, we are not finished yet and won't be for at least a year because recovery takes a long time and is hard work. It requires courage, tenacity, discipline and consistency. But what alternative do we have? Our children need us to make the right choices for them and to it with courage. Many Moms and Dads are seeing their children improve and get well here. You found the right place and no doubt you were lead here by the Lord.

As I said. . . I am SO glad you found us. Mel, the author of this website will likely soon be in touch with you and will be able to help you in the coming days and weeks. But know that you have been added to my prayer list. I will be praying! Meanwhile, as Mel always says, 'read, read, read!'. It's very likely your questions have already been asked and answered by others. Those who are a few miles down the road in the journey to health will be quick to support you and answer your questions if they are not easily found in the forum.

Stay calm, trust in God, know that He will be with you in the fight to regain your health. God Bless,

Deborah B

'He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.' Psalm 147:3

1:03:36 AM

Hello everyone.
My name is Jamie and I'm a 28 year old married mother of two beautiful children.My son Matthew is 6, and my daughter Reese is 4.We've had a very diffult year to say the least.We lost our home about a year and a half ago and moved in with my in laws.About 3 weeks ago,i started experiencing major crawling sensations all over my body.Soon after i actually saw something moving underneath my skin,and lesions,threads and many other substances came out of them as well.Not ling after i found out about Morgellens and realized i had every single symptom almost!Not long after my husband was affected,and now i believe my daughter is as well. The medical community has been no help at all and im so afraid for my famuly. I am thinking about ordering this protocal for us. This all is just so new to me and i feel so overwhelmed! I dont know whay to do or wherr to start.Im praying for Gods intervention. Any help appreciatef asap. Thank you and God bless.

1:43:08 PM

Hi Leah,

I have been on the protocol since October and decided to write things down at the end of the day to help me keep track of symptoms. That way if I had a bad day, if would be easier to figure out if it was because of something I ate, or if I overdid it energy-wise. I had to simplify my environment to keep up the cleaning, and that worked for me. I have a lot less of everything now, including clothes, bedding, rugs and furniture. I was completely overwhelmed, and had trouble making decisions, but tried to tackle large chores one at at time instead of all at once. I also had to ask people for help, and I struggle with that still.

In the beginning, I did the least amount of activities I could and explained to family and friends that in order to get well they wouldn't be able to see much of me.
The amazing thing is that while I was figuring it all out, time passed and I got better. As I get well, I have to remind myself to rest because I can get fatigued (after shoveling the over 2 feet of snow we just got!).

Try not to be too hard on yourself throughout this time, and do the best you can.
Know that we are all wanting you to succeed and get better.


9:02:30 PM

Dear Deborah B,

Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Everyday I wake up feeling like I can't keep up with all the cleaning,cooking,bathing and monitoring everything. This site and all the wonderful souls here remind me I can. It means so much to know I'm not alone.
I can't afford the entire protocol for my children. I was able to start them on probiotics, colostrum and molecula silver. I'm waiting to see how things go before I decide if mms should be added.
I'm not sure how I will know what progress is being made with them because we have no lesions. I'm worried what I'm giving them won't be enough. Any advice on things to look for or any advice really would be appreciated.
Thank you again and I'm praying for everyone who is afflicted.
Deborah B

4:33:49 PM


Welcome to the Children & Morgellons thread! It it great to have you here and I can see already that you will be a great addition to our discussion. While I am sorry to hear of your illness and that of your children, I am so glad you found this website and have decided to become a warrior and not a victim of this disease.

Making a full commitment to the protocol will benefit you and your kids beyond what you might now believe possible. You will discover over the coming months that it is the best decision you could have made. You WILL get better and as Mel said, your children will progress even more dramatically. He kept telling me that in the early months for us, and I didn't quite believe him because my daughter was much sicker to begin with than I ever was. I am thrilled to report that she just passed her sixth month on the protocol. She is nearly symptom free with only some occasional mild scalp purging and fungal foot rashes. She has passed me up and is racing a break-neck speed toward the finish line of good health and a Morgellons free life. Now I have to work even harder to keep up with her! ;-)

It hasn't always been easy though, and the first three months were the most critical for us. The coming months will likely be very difficult for you too, but it gets better and quickly! Most of us have stabilized and resolved many of our symptoms at only two or three months on the protocol. That doesn't mean we're done with this disease, but life get's easier and worth living again.

I understand your concerns about your children's diet. What we eat is so essential to our recovery that every effort you can make to move your children toward change will be invaluable. We also struggled at first with outside sources for sweets. I finally wrote an official and formal letter stating her dietary restrictions and both my husband and I signed it. We provide it to everyone who is going to be working with Carrie for any length of time. Just making eye-contact while handing this letter to them and stressing that there can be NO exceptions to Carrie's diet has done the trick for us. It lets them know you mean business and are willing to put it in writing.

My little girl also fought the food changes even though we also had a very healthy diet before we got sick. Still, to hear that you cannot even have a bite of birthday cake or a taste of chocolate at Easter, etc., well, it's just tough for a little one. I hope it will encourage you to know that this is not an issue anymore for my girl. I had to be extremely consistent and relentless in keeping her on target with the diet. I hated being the 'mean Mommy' but stayed the course over those early months and now she is a different little girl. She doesn't even want sweets or crave them anymore and if an adult offers her candy she turns it down politely, even when I am not there to enforce it. She has changed her definition of 'dessert' and considers a half a grapefruit with a little stevia on top a treat. Or maybe some yogurt with sliced strawberries and stevia. She loves almond butter spread on organic brown-rice cakes with a bit of coconut oil and stevia mixed in. Delicious after-school snack! And the maturity, compassion and character growth we have seen in her. . . well that is another topic and requires another post someday.

For now, just know that we are all thinking of you and praying for you and your family. Again, welcome here and please keep us posted on how you are doing. Your posts will encourage other parents as well as keep you in-touch with those a few miles down the trail! God bless,

Deborah B.

PS So glad you enjoyed the ice-cream! It's fantastic isn't it? And thanks for the tip on the coconut cream. I had heard of this but hadn't had the chance to try it. Now you've got me going. . . trying that tonight! ;-)


6:01:17 PM

Hello Fellow Parents,
I have a very simple but delicious recipe for a whipped cream substitute my children love. It's so simple some of you may have already thought this up, but just in case you haven't here it is.
1 can coconut cream
organic stevia powder to taste
Put the coconut cream in a bowl and put it in the refrigerator until firm. Whip powdered stevia into cold coconut cream with electric beaters. Done!

11:50:16 AM

Hi Leah,

Welcome as always.

So glad to see that you have gotten started. As you have read here, children typically respond much quicker than adults, often without even having to use MMS.

Stick to your guns on the diet. They may not appreciate the wisdom of your new choices, but they will benefit from them nonetheless.

Please do keep us posted on your progress.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!


10:02:28 PM

Dear Deborah,
Thank you so much for sharing the ice cream recipe! This is my first week on the protocol and my children will be starting colostrum, essential flora, silver and mms next week. I've always been fairly healthy on our diet but this is an added element trying to remove ALL starches, yeast, sugar and so on. I've been really finding it difficult as far as what to feed them. They are both in school and that adds another tough challenge with things like candy being given out at school and cupcakes on birthdays and such. I know they feel like I just told them everything is off limits. This recipe was a huge hit and gave them some much needed comfort food.
Deborah B

2:03:01 PM

Hi Teresa,

Carrie struggles with vegetables too and she is much older than Charlie and really should be doing better. At his age. . . no way! But if I had started her earlier on a better diet as you are doing with Charlie, she might have adjusted sooner.

Carbs. . . yep, she loves em'! And vegetables and green things are still an area we need to improve in, although she is learning to appreciate healthy treats. Have you tried Quinoa as a carb/grain/pasta substitute? Really tasty and it is actually a seed so it is higher in protein than brown rice and very nutritious. Carrie LOVES this and it's fairly cheap too.

You're right about the price of stevia. . . Ouch! I order it at and with free shipping (here in the States) it's the lowest price I can find anywhere. I'm pretty sure they ship world wide but perhaps not without cost. The best deal is their 2-pack of 12 oz tubs of NuStevia for about $24. That lasts us about 3 to 4 months if we are careful so we buy it quarterly and use sparingly. Much, much cheaper than buying it locally. I do the same thing with their organic coconut oil in the 54 oz tubs.

We also use green powder supplements that we 'hide' in food like smoothies, scrambled eggs, etc. Most green powders are really expensive except what we found at a store here in the states called 'Trader Joes'. It's their 'Super Green Food' supplement that is really affordable. About $10.00 worth lasts 2 months when we give her one serving per day. I don't know if you can find a similar product in your area or if you might be able to buy it online at their website or Amazon? If not, just juicing green vegies or if you don't have a juicer, puree them in a food processor or blender. Better, fresher. . . and cheaper. You can hide the puree in so many things.

Also make 'green lemonade' everyday, sweetening it with stevia and adding green powder or juiced/pureed greens. It was frowned upon at first but now she thinks it's cool since we started calling it 'dragonfly punch'. Someone gave us a gift of a dragonfly shaped ice-cube tray so those help create a charm to the idea of green. Anything to bring in the 'cute factor' :-).

We also make 'sneaky' mashed potatoes. . i.e. just puree cooked & drained cauliflower and add salt, pepper and butter. Not green per say but not too bad and it is alkalizing.

Sorry for the long response. Hope these suggestions might be helpful for you and Charlie. I still have some actual recipes that might be helpful too and will post more soon. Hope there are other Mom's & Dads out there with suggestions who might get in the discussion too.



9:37:37 PM

Thank you so much Deborah! I really appreciate the recipe for the Coconut Avocado Ice cream. I will get the ingredients and have a go at making it in the next couple of days - will let you know how it goes.

I would also love to have some more child-friendly recipes from you. I actually have a big problem with getting Charlie to eat well - he is SO fussy, although I do have to remember that he is still only 3. He hardly likes any vegestables at all, but loves pasta and rice. His diet is nowhere near where it should be, but I'm not being too hard on myself about that. He doesn't eat junk food or soft drinks or sugar. I would like to try the Stevia - I went to buy some last week but it was quite expensive in the supermarket. I buy things as I can afford them, week-by-week and it all works out in the end.

I don't have an ice cream machine but I will try to make it as per your instructions.

It's great to hear that you and Carrie are doing well and I always remember you in my prayers.

God bless you both and take care.
Deborah B

12:49:55 PM

Here is a protocol-friendly & alkalizing recipe I found to be a great treat for my daughter. We make this about once a week. . . kind of a Friday night family treat-time for her to look forward to. It helps us in our attempt to keep life somewhat normal for her while fighting this disease. I hope other Moms and Dads might enjoy this with their kids too.

Of course all ingredients are organic whenever possible and always unsweetened. Keep in mind that different stevia powders vary in concentration so sweeten according to your brand and your preference.

Coconut Avocado Ice-Cream:

1 1/2 cups organic unsweetened coconut milk
1 cup coconut cream.
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon coconut extract
1/4 teaspoon sea-salt
1 to 2 tablespoons powdered stevia
1 1/2 to 2 large, ripe avocados, peeled & pitted

* Puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth.
* Freeze in counter-top style ice cream machine
until firm and serve. Nice with toasted,
unsweetened coconut on top.

I was skeptical at first when I heard about the avocados . . .in ice-cream? But this comes out like a very thick, rich vanilla ice cream only with the added benefit of having a lovely light green color. You can hardly tell that the avocados are in there. They simply add richness and body but not much flavor. We tried this same recipe only left out the avocados and used pumpkin pulp and pumpkin spice instead. Also delicious!

If you don't have an ice cream machine, you can still just freeze this in a dish in the freezer and then stir every 2 hours or so, finally freezing over-night. It will still come out great, but not quite as smooth. Makes great pop-cycles for kids as well.

Deborah B

PS. I have other recipes that I'd be happy to share if needed. Cookies, pumpkin pie, gluten & sugar free granola, etc.. All are protocol friendly and sugar-free. Would love to exchange recipes with those of you who have stumbled on some good treat options for your little ones!

Deborah B

2:04:20 PM

So good to hear you are feeling better right now, Theresa! Yes, I am doing fairly well most days with some set-backs occasionally, but like Charlie, Carrie is doing great.

She has now caught up with me and surpassed me in her progress. She is virtually symptom free. She no longer resists her medications and likes to challenge me to a 'race' to see who can drink the liquid meds the fastest. ;-)

Diet is such a key for her and I can relate to what you said, we have to watch the sugar from outside sources too. I'd like to be the 'cool Mommy' who says 'yes' to fun treats. The few times I have, I've really regretted it later. Real 'Cool Moms' do what is right for their kids even when no one understands or cheers them on. You are a 'Cool Mom'! ;-) Consider yourself cheered and applauded!

Although she does not always like it, Carrie is thriving on this strict diet and learning to love foods that she turned away from in the past. I don't think we'll ever go back to eating as we did before. Her idea now of a delicious desert is half a grapefruit, or some almonds sprinkled with stevia and cinnamon.

Speaking of treats for kids, I've recently tested some recipes, some of which turned out really well. One is for totally sugar-free, Morgellons-friendly ice-cream to make at home. Maybe it would help with all that heat down-under right now!? ;-) I will post them here soon in hopes that Charlie might enjoy them as much as Carrie did.


9:01:18 PM

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for your encouragement. I am feeling better at the moment and Charlie, as always, is getting healthier each day. I am very blessed to have this gorgeous little boy in my life.

I hope and pray that you and Carrie are doing well, although it seems that you are - I read your post to Maria a short while ago. Your words in that post really touched me. You so eloquently outlined the upside of all of this - things to remember when you're having a bad day - thank you. I would have to agree with you. This disease has brought awareness and a much more mindful interaction with my environment. Charlie is in the best health of his life and my health is improving.

One of the hardest things I've found, with regards to living a clean and healthy lifestyle, is that people are always trying to give Charlie sugar. Unfortunately I'm the sole voice of reason at the kindergarten and I'm always asking that they do not give cakes (unless it's a birthday) and only the occasional iceblock. It has been incredibly hot here and I'm always the spoilsport!!

Give Carrie a hug from us.

Deborah B

11:19:26 AM

Hi Teresa, and Happy New Year!

I have been traveling and so haven't posted for a while either. It was good to see your post here upon returning. So good to know that Charlie continues to improve. I often think of him and his little smiling face and am encouraged when I know he is so much better. It helps me stay focused with Carrie.

As far as your loved one's lack of understanding on this, I hope that Charlie's progress will soon convince them and will sustain you. You are an amazing and courageous Mom, standing and fighting against this disease and doing what is right for your little one. I am so glad you are no longer isolating yourself because your presence here is a huge encouragement to me and Charlie's story is a blessing to us all. All of us here DO understand what you must do, even when those fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with this disease cannot.

I hope the joint pain has subsided even more by now and that you are feeling better, fresher and able to fight again as we face this new year!

God Bless,



7:50:05 PM

Hi everyone,

Deborah I love reading your posts. Thank you for reminding me to calm the mind and focus on God. I trust that you, Carrie and your family had a peaceful and happy Christmas, as did everyone else.

I have not posted here for a while as I've been sick and also under a lot of pressure with the holidays. Charlie is well and his usual happy self; he brings me much joy and being around children reminds me not to overthink too many things and to keep it simple.

I seem to have ongoing problems with my digestive system and terrible joint pain, which, at times, is hard to bear. It is beginning to subside, though and I thank God for small mercies. Tomorrow my little angel goes into hospital for minor surgery. He has a build up of fluid in his middle ear and will have grommets inserted. He and I have had a lot of problems with our ears and have both been found to have a degree of deafness - I feel that, in one way or another, these are all related to morgellons.

I would also like to mention that, over the holiday period when all the family are together, I got a lot of resistance to the whole 'morgellons thing' and how I am treating it - particularly the mms. It was suggested that I was harming Charlie by giving it to him. I know that this is an issue for many here and it demonstrates to me how important it is to keep on communicating with others here; to build up support networks and to not isolate oneself, which I have done in the past.

I pray that the new year brings peace to those of us who are suffering and that we all continue the good work and support to others. May we and our children keep on improving and fighting for what is right and our health. God bless us all.

Deborah B

2:43:18 PM

Dear Teresa & Charlie, Nicole & Tyler, Mark & Chase, Briana and all the parents out there,

You all were in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. I am grateful for each of you, and for this thread for those of us with little ones fighting Morgellons. Thank you so much Teresa for getting this thread started to benefit us all. It was a wonderful idea.

I am feeling very blessed today having just come through a week of purging symptoms, sleeplessness and pain, and coming to the other side of it this weekend with a renewed sense of health, peace and hope for the future. I know that there will be more weeks like the last one, uncomfortable, even painful, and sometimes depressing as the purging symptoms surge for a time. When this happened in the past I used to immediately panic that I might have done something wrong, perhaps unintentionally caused a relapse. Now with a little more experience under my belt I am slowly learning that these times mean progress and that I can expect to reach a higher plateau of healing afterwards. This makes it so much easier to face the waxing and waning of Morgellons with levelheadedness and determination. I hope all of you are finding this to be true too and that you are facing fewer of those times of doubt.

I woke up in the night recently to find my little girl awake and sitting up in her room singing. I peaked in and listened while she sang 'Silent Night' with the sign language that goes with each word. We've been working on this for an upcoming Christmas presentation, researching each sign and it's meaning and origin. The sign for 'peace' in American Sign Language is one that I really love because it is so graphic. You bring your two hands together as though you are going to gently clap, then you twist your hands against each other representing conflict or lack of peace. Finally you separate your hands and smooth them out over an imaginary table, slowly and gently coming to a stop. This represents the resolution of stress and conflict, ending in complete calm. I watched while Carrie formed the sign for 'peace' as she sang 'Sleep in heavenly peace'. When she realized I was there she said she couldn't sleep and was 'singing to Jesus' to help her feel better. We cuddled together for awhile and prayed and eventually she was able to sleep peacefully, knowing that the Lord was watching over her.

In an addition to the reminder of all that God did for mankind that night when He sent His son, the experience reminded me that each one of our battles with Morgellons can end in calm and victory over another stage of the bigger conflict. I know that without keeping my mind and heart calm and focused on the One who is the source of all healing, I only make it more difficult for my body to heal. I know I need the composure and assurance that only the Prince of Peace can give. I am experiencing that calm and peace this week as I prepare myself and my daughter for whatever comes next. I pray that each of you are experiencing these times of calm after the storms of Morgellons and that you are resting in the love and care of the Prince of Peace today.

Deborah B.

'For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.' Isaiah 9:6

PS: Please keep posting and let us know how you all are doing this week. If you've had a recent experience of 'calm after the storm', Carrie and I would love to hear about it! :-)

6:35:43 AM

Hi Briana,

I think you will find that Mel's protocol will help a lot in adding to your recovery. The good thing about it, is that it also works very well with children, if you ever need to go there.

I really feel for you and your situation and I can empathise with your dilemma. Perhaps you can take some comfort in the knowledge that one of my friends, here in Australia, who has morgellons, lives with her daughter and grandchild who have not contracted it. Her grandchild is young. My own children, apart from Charlie, who have now left home, have not got the disease either and my son was at home with me for most of the past 8 years whilst I have had morgellons. So .... it is possible for you to have your children with you, without them getting morgellons.

It is very important to address the disease from different aspects to make sure you are getting things under control and that it is not spreading. This involves looking at your immediate environment and keeping it clean, getting rid of any mould or toxic substances that you are coming into contact with; taking on new regimens with laundry, diet and lifestyle. There is lots of very good and specific information here on this website - Mel's FAQs, articles by John Burgstiner and other professionals, different threads. I read a post from Peter (How lucky can you get thread) from 12/4/12, where he spoke about a treatment approach. This is relevant.

There are other things that you can do as well, to minimise threat to your children, if they live with you. My friend always wears disposable gloves when preparing food for her daughter and grandchild and after she has a shower or bath, she cleans it out and wipes it with some type of antibacterial cleaner. This works for her household.

It is totally understandable that you are anxious and worried about having your children come home in the coming months. There is plenty of hope though, and, if you can adopt a good daily regimen at home, there is every chance that your children do not get sick. If they do, though, there are options available in having access to the protocol. I'm a single parent also and have received help from the He Cures All Foundation, in this regard, as have others - there is hope and it is better for you and ultimately, your children, if you don't stress too much about what might happen.

I think each one of us has gone through all sorts of emotions when the enormity of what is happening to us sinks in. Then there is the whole aspect of family, friends, doctors etc., thinking we are psychotic. We can all empathise with you and I am sure there is a lot of support for you if needed. I for one, am happy for you to email me if you need moral support - you just need to ask Mel for my email address. There is also a monthly conference call in the US, that Mel organises, and that is another way to access information and support. You are not alone.

As you continue to get better you will also feel better mentally as well. There are so many generous, kind and lovely people here. I have felt humbled many times. I am by no means anyone of any great knowledge or significance but, as a fellow parent, and having spoken to a few parents who have morgellons and live with children, I am happy to tell you what I know from my own experience and what has worked and not worked for me. I will include you in my prayers Briana.

God bless you, your children and parents. Through His love you will find the strength to get through this.


3:07:32 AM

Hi Nicole,

Like Deborah, I feel blessed to be reminded of all that I have to feel gratitude for. Thank you for reminding me.

It is hard, at times, not to feel sorry for oneself. I actually had one of those episodes myself today. There are times, many times, when I wish that things could be different and I could be 'normal'.

I also thank you for your openess in sharing your story. It inspires. You are braver than I am in doing this.

My journey has also been very challenging and difficult - virtually my entire life. I have shared some of your trials. Throughout it all, though, I have come to know that (a) I am strong and resourceful and can overcome and (b)ultimately God provides exactly what is needed. This has not always been exactly what I might have thought I needed at the time, or did not necessarily arrive at the exact point in time I thought it should, but, in one way or another, I have been looked after. My prayers have always been answered. This is, in a way, what you have just said.

You are amazing and resilient and you have a lot of love from Tyler. I feel very blessed to be able to share your journey and that of all these generous, giving people here. I look forward to us all sharing our journeys and supporting each other.

Blessings, strength and love to you all.


1:55:54 AM

Hi Brianna,

I understand your feelings regarding you children!!I have had many of the same concerns! I was told something by a prayer practitioner..... She told me to trust in my sons immune system. God is inside of him,as well as ALL,and since we are all connected our thoughts and feelings regarding them have an affect on them. Fear can have an affect of manifesting something we may not wish to create.

Take your action steps through faith,the best you can! I don't claim have this all figured out by any means.I hope to be of some advice though. I would say probiotics from the get go, a good diet(I like Doug Kauffman,of Know the Cause).I personally wash my and my sons clothes seperatly, and wash his after I do a load of towels w/ bleach,to ensure a clean wash basin.Lint rollers to roll up fuzzies.Prayer & positive affirmations!

I say trust in their immune systems.Take percautions ~ cleaning,ect. Try and come out from the fear. I truly believe all things are working for our good!This didn't manifest over night,but you have the ability to re--dream your life, manifest through faith!:))

I'm soo thankful for Mel and ALL those responsible for creating this sight,& forum!God is the source of my joy ,and I am soo joyful to talk with you and the rest of the parents here, I know I was led here my God! You and your children are in my prayers!!

I prayer to rest in the feeling tone of health and wholeness,knowing ALL of my needs are met!!

Love & Light

1:11:28 AM

Hi Deborah B :)

I was sooo happy to read your post,after coming home from a very long,and difficult day!!!

It seemed that one thing after a nother was not going my way today.

Sometimes I can be very stubborn in surrendering,fighting the current instead of just letting go and letting God.

My car wouldn't start, I left my cell phone at home & I had 3 dollars to feed the both of us!I found this challenging to say the least! but ya' know it all ended up working out!

Eventually my car turned over,and started. We had to eat gas station hotdogs,but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!lol

In the car I had a major feel sorry for myself moment,and started crying... Tyler says mommy why are you crying? I says crying rediculously I don't have a husband to fix my car(lol), no money, and I'm sooo sorry or eveything baby!! My amazing little guy says mommy I love you more then anything,and your family loves you too,and there are soo many people that love you mommy:) He's soo wise beyond his years sometimes! He snapped me out of it immediatly! I try not to have yo many of these extreme emotional moments around him but, I couldn't help it today. Maybe sometimes these moments are needed!

So on top of him cheering me up... I have to tell you I appreciate everything you said to me soo much!!! I feel re-inspired,and utterly grateful for every moment here,with my son, and in connection with such amazing souls, like you and Carrie!!In the life of God there is NO disease,no in-harmony, I know this to be true for you and your daughter also! I've been told there are two main feelings fear and faith... I pray we all choose faith!With God all things are possible... and In this faith, we got this conquered!!! We are strong,and at EASE! Healthy and whole, everthing is working for our good,each of us! In divine order I affirm all things are working for our good!Try and be easy w/ yourself. We my not have traveled the same road,but I assure you were headed to the same place. I Know about those dark and doubtful days!Even in days like those try to be optimistic,notice the blessings,aplify the feeling of gratitude,and more of those good feeling thoughts/blessings will come to you! Your post is proof of that to me! Thankyou for being as blessing to me today!!!Like a light in the dark:)

Ps.. I can't put into words how that made me feel to be a part of you and Carries 'Grateful Day' All I can do is send you ALL love!

Peace& Blessings,

1:08:48 PM

Dear Forum,

I have been in tears the past hour reading your posts and finding inspiration in your brave souls as Moms and Dads.!
I have had Morgellons for about 6 months and have tried everything, currently I am having great success with magnet therapy but have decided that I need Mel's protocol as well.
However, I have not had my children for 5 months because I am terrified of giving them this disease. I visit them currently on the weekends when I can, but it is truly killing me.
I am a single parent and cannot afford the protocol for my kids if they were to get this. However, recently my parents have grown ill and need me to take back my children in the coming months, I am terrified.
I am no where near recovered and I need your help. My son is 11 and daughter is 9- please offer me your advice on what preventative measures I need to take to help this.. I am scared and worried.
I pray constantly for all of you and your families and simply need some help to get this under control
I miss hugging my babies and lying next to them, I am terrified to touch them because of this disease.
Thank you for your inspiration and thank you for your support. Your stories have meant the world to me and I am grateful.!

you are a guardian angel to so many and I ask God to continue to pour his blessings on you and all of those who suffer.


Deborah B

8:03:56 PM


I'm writing to respond to your amazing posts and to introduce myself. I have posted below that I and my seven year-old daughter both have this disease and we are at about 3 1/2 months into the protocol. We are much improved but obviously still have a long way to go.

I have been so touched reading through your posts. You have faced so very much more than I have had to face in fighting for your life and the health of little Tyler. You are a truly courageous Mom!

We've faced some hard times, as anyone with Morgellons has had to. There are days when I feel very hopeful and those days are becoming more frequent now as I grow stronger and my daughter Carrie shows increasing signs of healing. But there are still days when things seem dark and doubtful and I am tempted to feel sorry for myself.

Hearing your story has been a huge wake-up call to me to focus fully on how much I have to be grateful for. When someone such as yourself can express gratitude, hope and full faith in the Lord with such confidence. . . well it just challenges me to do much better than I have been doing.

I think it is particularly significant that you posted your full story here just a few days before Thanksgiving or 'Grateful Day' as my daughter calls it. ;-) Because it certainly did cause me to count my many blessings and also to place you at the top of my prayer list. I read your story out-loud to my entire family on Thanksgiving Day and there was simply not a dry-eye to be found.

Because you have faced so much more than many have, I believe the blessings God will bestow on you as your recover will be even greater. It often works that way with the Lord. I also believe with all my heart that God works though the prayers of His people and I know from your story He has been working to answer your prayers by bringing you here. Even more people will be praying for you now.

I look forward to hearing the next chapters of your story as they unfold! Thank you giving us your story to this point. It was a gift and I know it must have cost you something to share so openly,


'He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.' Psalm 147:3

4:45:44 PM

Hi Teresa

I'm doing well considering the circumstances. Tyler goes to his dads every other weekend,and he stayed for a long holiday this last weekend. His dad doesn't really know the circumstances fully. At one time I tried to explain,and It was not being recieved well. Soo when Tyler goes there he eats anything,and is off the protocol!Today after school he was saying mommy sometimes I have misquittos bite me. They get in your house and bite:( I'm soo sad I can't explain to him what is happening,explain to others what his needs are! All of my treating Tyler,and I is very secretly! I live w/ a family member who also thinks I went crazy. Which make it doubley difficult! When making my mms at night she asks why it smells like bleach! I pray she dont think I'm drinking bleach! At this point in his life I still bath & dry him so he hasn't really seen the hairs & fibers. I'm sooo grateful to have accsess to the protocol! I believe it's helping ig time... He does sooo much better when he's w/ me,less pinchy, & hairs! Although even I have a hard time monitoring his diet fully, family will give him cookies & Ice cream at times!! I try sooo hard to keep the sugar out but... When your dealing w/ the 'crazy label' not easy, they want to know why I wont let have have just a little... Thats where I just have to surrender! God has made the way, my fear does not benifit him or I! Soo Yea..dinatly building strengh!:)Anywhoo... I'm feeling better,and better though... kinda sleepy,a bit cranky but better!! Getting Ty back on the protocol, he'll have amost 2 weeks on and then 2 days off. Hopefully the ratio will still have enough of an effect!

Love & Bleesings,

8:49:54 PM

Hi everyone,

I feel happy that, finally, we are talking about our children who suffer from morgellons. It IS something very close to our hearts and I do know that the only way to get through it, is to share and compare our own experiences and information.

Mark it's nice to hear from someone else who isn't in the US. Indonesia is on my doorstep and a place I hold quite dear. Do you have a young child who is on the protocol? I think it would be hard to get there and the post is quite dodgy!

I am happy to share contact details as well, although this can't be by phone for me. I do have Skype. The first time I actually spoke to someone who I had contact with, from this website, there were so many questions, it would have been quite hard to type them all. There's also many reasons why it's good to communicate through this forum and it leaves a record to check back on and for others.

Take care


8:33:18 PM

Hi Nicole,

Nice to 'meet' you and Tyler and to be able to share your story. You must be a very strong and resilient person to be here now, coping with this illness and helping Tyler.

In getting through these adversities and set backs you are actually building strength and the skills that will help you, in future, to stand up to those who may label you with any number of mental health jargonisitic terms.

How are you and Tyler going now after being on the protocol for 2 1/2 months?

God bless you both.

8:13:33 PM

Hi Deborah,

It made my day to hear about our little motto being used on the other side of the world. I will tell Charlie tonight and I know he will love the idea.

I am sorry to hear that Carrie is experiencing a set-back in her recovery and pray that she is perhaps feeling a bit better by now. Charlie also goes through ups and downs, particularly with his digestive system.

You also mention that Carrie has been affected more, by the disease, than you have. Perhaps you could look at that from the position that you have more energy to give your daughter and help her get through it. I know for me, there have been many times where I have felt so bad because I was too sick to give the time and energy that I should have to Charlie.

I can also empathise with you on how we, as parents and carers, are affected by seeing our children suffer. I guess that, what we are doing now, here, gives some relief for that. I would also like to share a thought I had a short while ago while walking home -

no matter how much I HATE taking the MMS and shoving mouthfuls of capsules down my throat, the way that I have felt, since Day 1 of my journey of healing has been NOWHERE NEAR how I have felt, being sick, for the last 7 years of my life. I know that this is also true for Charlie, even though he can't express it.

I will say a special prayer for Carrie tonight and hope that you and your family are finding solace
and peace. You have contributed to my wellbeing by responding to my initial post and I am happy to do the same for you. God bless you.


4:20:08 AM

Great Post

Maybe Mel can let the families on this thread share contact information..

as phone support now and then goes A LONG WAY!! exsp regarding children!!!

Mel.. please ask Debroah to email me -- I would like to speak to her on a few things if possible..

to everyone...




interestingly enough,,, all who end up here usually do so after praying to god,,, myself included,,, read into this what you will...


9:13:23 AM

Hi........ This Is my first time posting on the forum or any forum for that matter! I'm not to tech savvy :)

Let me start out by introducing myself~ My name is Nicole,and I have a 6 yr. old little boy Tyler. I was the first one of us to show symptoms of Morgellons,2 yrs ago. The biting pinching on the legs,and thighs. Tooth & earaches, sore throat swollen neck. I went to a doctor explaining some of these symptoms,not really putting together they were ALL related. He told me he would do a full panel of test,but didn't think anything would come back positive. He asked me if I had some time,looked at his nurse in the room and stated I'm not gonna let them ruin her,not this one,and then proceeded to tell me he believed I was in the earliest stages of something fairly new,he didn't name! He said his colleagues were not accepting this,and were treating symptoms,and failing miserably! He gave me advice on how to treat,but totally off the record!! He told me to look up Doug Kauffmann of KNOW THE CAUSE,start probiotics,do dry saunas, and some more details of what to expect! I was in horror & refused to believe this was true!

A few months later while dying my hair,I had an explosion of white poofy things come out of my head!! I freaked out,and went t the E.R. explained to them what happened. The doctors came in asking various questions,took some tests,everything fine~perfectly healthy 29yr old woman! I insisted a doctor told me this was going to happen, please something is wrong I had a team of 3-4 doctors come in my room and basically litterly laugh at me! My mom flew in from out of town. They all decided I was a danger to myself(I couldn't stop itching,picking) & put me in a mental hospital!They drugged me heavily with medication for delusions! They were saying things like if I didn't take them I would loose my son!

I decided to turn fear into FAITH, the best I could!!! Treating myself the first year not know of Morgellons,just know Fungus was a major component I calmed myself down enough to learn about the Phase 1 diet,supplements,various healing modalities.

Then about a year in & feeling some progress. My baby boy,my angel, my love~ My Tyler, started showing symptoms! Fungus~ the blacks hair looking things,started coming out of his skin in droves! His skin,red & bumpy! At this point everyone including my own family thinks I went crazy! If I start saying this about him, what would happen? They would think I was hurting him, me lock up & not able to treat him either!!! I was living a complete living nightmare!!! I gave him Epsom baths, children probiotics, 1 daily,steroid creams from the Dr. It was just not enough!!!

Okay allow me to back up a little bit~ When this first started i just left my ex of 10 yrs. It was a very abusive relationship! I took myself and my son,leaving with ourselves,and a small grocery bag full of clothes,with the hope that I was going to give him a better life!! My immune system shot from stress,him fighting me, the court room a circus! I had NO job a 3 1/2 yr old baby, and now Morgellons!

I was believing God for more,affirming health & support..

I started investigating,found Mel, & YOU ALLl!!! I AM SOOO GRATEFUL FOR THIS WEBSITE!!!

I FINALLY found the help,hope,support I need!!! I started talking with Mel:)& reading the wonderful posts on this forum!

Thanks to the HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION, my son and I are now taking the protocol,about 2 1/2 months! I wish YOU could truly feel my gratitude,relief,and regained hope! I love each of YOU ALL SOOO MUCH for making this possible for us!!!!! I know that my dream of giving my son a better life is being made possible through the kindness shown through ALL of YOU!! If not through donations, your prayers,forum contribution,and ALL of the above! My son is starting to feel less pinching, and I'm feeling relief too! Again thank you! From the depth of my being thank you!!!!! Your generosity has given me,and my son more then you will ever know!!!!!!!

Thank you Mel for all your phone calls, & lifting me up when I felt hopeless!

Thanks John B for ALL the advice regarding my son & I! Including the applesauce tip!!

Thank you to ALL OF YOU TOO!!!

NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE!!! AFFIRM YOUR HEALTH~ With God ALL things are possible! I know I am healthy, I know my son is healthy.. Divine order lead me here & in divine order ALL IS BEING MADE WELL!!!

Love,Peace & Blessings! Sending healing prayers to all of you,especially your children!

Nicole & Tyler~
Deborah B

3:54:15 AM


What a surprise when I arrived here to see the picture of your sweet little boy, your encouraging note concerning his recovery, and Mel's encouraging words. They were much needed just at this time.

I was having a rough day because we have seen some symptoms return for my daughter today and as a family we found ourselves discouraged. Unlike most families dealing with this disease, we've found that my daughter has struggled far more than I have and her recovery has taken longer with more set-backs. Just the same, she has been doing so well for months now.

I know we can reasonably expect some returning symptoms from time to time on the protocol even when we are following it to the letter, but of course when it happens it is easy to panic. Your post was a big encouragement and reminder to focus on the protocol as a marathon and not a sprint.

Best wishes and prayers for continued progress and happy, hopeful times. . . from myself and Carrie to you and Charlie,


PS. The other day I walked by my daughter as she was sitting at the kitchen table taking her protocol medications. I had to smile when I heard her quietly repeating to herself 'don't think, just drink. . .' I thought you and Charlie might like to know that your motto made it all the way around the world to the Pacific Northwest of the USA and is now being used by my girl to get through those tough challenges at medication time!

12:20:32 PM

Hello Everyone,

I believe I can honestly say this will be my most cherished gift this Christmas.

I am honored to have witnessed the restoration of little charlie's health.

I have said many times 'Children heal Quicker than Adults'
There are posts from early (7-8 Months) after our web site began of different children getting well and this has continued to date.

I hope this creates a quite calm for new parents and this TOPICS THREAD affords you the opportunity to asked questions of those parents who have had susccess with the protocol.

Thanks Teresa for sharing!
I know you never gave up HOPE!

God bless you both,

10:40:57 AM

Dear Mel and John,

I received this photo a couple of weeks ago - it was taken at kindy. I've sent it to show you what a happy, healthy little boy Charlie is now. You wouldn't have recognized him a few months earlier as his Morgellons symptoms came back worse than ever.

Thank you for making it possible for him (and myself) to have access to the protocol and for all the advice & support in getting him to this stage.

While I'm nowhere near Charlie's level of recovery, I finally feel that my health is improving, instead of just deteriorating (I did mention this to Mel a while ago).

For the first time in about 3 years I am able to grow my fingernails long again and wear nail polish (little joys like this make a difference) and I don't have to have a 'nanna nap' during the day anymore. Chores and work are becoming easier to do. I still have a long way to go to health but I know that I am getting better and I will be better.

Thank you both so much and may God bless you and your work.

3:19:43 AM

Hi Deborah,

You have lots of great ideas for me - thank you. I will look out for unsweetened cranberry juice. I had a little smile to myself when I read about your 'reward' (bribery) system - I think that is a universal strategy of parents! I've also tried the cumulative reward system - lucky for me, my child doesn't really understand the importance of money yet, so we used gold stars!

I look forward to hearing about your coconut and almond flour recipes Deborah. I don't have a lot of time to do those sorts of things at the moment, so it's great to hear how other parents are getting their children to eat well.

I really hope other parents will join in - I know that I have spoken to a few from this site and every parent wants to know the same things as we do. At least we've got the conversation started and I look forward to more of your posts Deborah.

Teresa :)
Deborah B

2:45:16 AM

Thanks John,

I must have missed the labeling on age restrictions when looking at ingredients. Thank you for clarifying.


11:48:58 AM

Hi Deborah,

The Parabolish and Candida Rid labels both contain a caution indicating that the products are not intended for long term use, pregnant or nursing mothers, or children under the age of 18.

Some naturopathic physicians use the herbs you mentioned to treat children, but only short term and with reduced dosages under their supervision. If a child does have parasites, those herbs may actually be less dangerous than prescription antihelminthics. I would suggest you speak with your practitioner and get their input on this.

For general immune and bioterrain support,kids typically respond well to Essential Flora and Colostrum.


Deborah B

5:31:40 AM


Thanks so much for your post and the helpful information.

I did have one additional question for you. I noticed that the Parabolish has both Black Walnut and Wormwood powder in it. Are all of the ingredients in the Parabolish generally safe for kids? Are there any of the protocol supplements that you would not suggest for children under a certain age?

We have not yet been using Parabolish for her because we were not sure. I would love it add it though, if there's no problem with children using it,

Deborah B

5:19:00 AM

Hi Teresa,

Thanks so much for the good information you've shared. I have already gained some new insights and ideas and look forward to more in the future.

I appreciate your toy reward system. My daughter is older but we also found that bribery works well and for her health we are willing to stoop to it! Actually, it's truly not bribery when you present it as a goal to work towards, as opposed to a payment in exchange for compliance. At least I keep telling myself that. ;-)

With my little girl, during the first month of the protocol we allowed her to earn toward the purchase of a larger toy she wanted very badly. She earned a quarter for each time she took her supplements which totaled a dollar a day. We required that she take them without complaint or delay in order to earn the money. She was also promised that she could make the purchase herself at the end of the month. This succeeded in getting her in the habit of taking the supplements regularly. She still speaks with excitement about going to the store to buy her item and how grown-up she felt. Since then it has been a struggle but not impossible to keep her on-track. However, like you we had a rough patch recently which caused us to miss some doses on and off for about a week. Luckily it was not long enough for her to relapse, but when we were able to get back on track she was not willing to get back on track with us! Just that bit of inconsistency caused her to begin rejecting regular doses again so we are going to have to get creative once more and come up with a new goal to work toward. This has really taught me the importance of total consistency.

Like your son, my daughter is also on all the Logos supplements, just in smaller doses. The Thymic formula is the real show stopper for her. She hates the taste and smell, so mixing in food is not always the complete solution. We've recently found that crushing it in a smoothie made with plain yogurt sweetened with Stevia and a few berries can make it possible. That is the method we are using right now.

For some of the other aspects of the protocol I have found that having some sort of juice to help take the meds can help. However, the sugar is not a good thing on the protocol and even unsweetened juices are normally not good. However, cranberry juice if unsweetened is extremely low in sugars. We found that if you purchase cranberry juice that has no sugar or other juices added it can be diluted and sweetened with Stevia to create a protocol-friendly juice. It really helps the medications go down and I even use this to make popsicles. Here in the States you can purchase unsweetened cranberry juice in the health food stores and in some large grocery chains. One brand that produces a totally unsweetened cranberry juice is Knudson called 'Just Cranberry', but Safeway also has a much cheaper version by 'Open Nature'. These products are very tart and strong though so you do have to dilute with a good deal of water and of course add the Stevia to taste. A positive of the added water is that it makes the juice go much further and keeps costs down. My daughter loves the fact that she can have some juice occasionally now.

We also enjoy Stevia sweetened lemonade as an occasional treat as well as the yogurt smoothies. We blend these with organic yogurt, a few berries, Stevia and some added green vegetable powder. She has gotten used to the taste of the green powder and it helps on those days when she is just not going to eat vegetables.

Like you, we also use the garden as a way to generate some excitement over vegetables. I've been green-gardening with Carrie since she was your boy's age and it is finally working! Of course it is Winter for us now but last Summer she told me she really liked kale (while munching a leaf just picked off the bush!) and has now added salads to her diet. I make a 'lemonade dressing' just for her by whisking together lemon juice, coconut oil and Stevia. It has opened up the possibility of salads for her.

Some other treat ideas include organic brown rice crackers with a spread made by mixing almond butter, coconut oil, cinnamon and Stevia. These are surprisingly good together and spread on the crackers or rice cakes makes a dessert for her. I am also experimenting with coconut and almond flour recipes and will report on the results when I have something that proves promising.

Thanks again Teresa. I enjoyed hearing more about your approaches with your little boy and what has worked well for you,


PS. I loved the 'don't think, just drink' motto. We'll definitely be using it at our house!


12:49:07 AM

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for supporting my suggestion, I do think it is important to 'compare notes'. Thank you John for your input.

It's great to hear that you've also had good results for your daughter Deborah. My boy, who is now 3 1/2 yrs old, is now taking one of each of the Logos protocol products, MMS & Molecula Silver. John may wish to correct me on the dosage, and this would be very welcome.

We began on the protocol last December. My boy took MMS, Essential Digestion, Liver CS Plus, Thymic Formula & Essential Flora. I bought some children's Omega 3 jellies for him. There was a stage when we both stopped taking the protocol, due to my illness and lack of money. During this time my child's symptoms returned worse than he had had them the first time and he was finding it hard to sleep at night. He has now, though, been back on the protocol for about 2 months and the symptoms have all disappeared again. He has so much energy and is a very happy little boy. He will now stay on the protocol basically while he's under my care. I decided to add the other products to his regimen as his symptoms had increased.

I had no trouble in getting my boy to take the capsules or to drink MMS when he was younger. This time around, though, apart from the MMS & Molecula Silver, he wouldn't take them, no matter what I did. In the end, it was good old-fashioned bribery that did the trick. I went to a '$2 shop' (not sure if you have them there) & bought 5 days worth of cheap, safe toys & gave him one each night after he took everything. I also make a bit of a game about the whole thing for him (e.g. pull silly faces when he drinks the MMS), count down how many are left to take & came up with a motto for him 'don't think - just drink'. I tell him that he has to drink as soon as they are in his mouth and not think about it too much, or else he won't want to swallow it. I also give him heaps of praise when he takes the products, which works for us.

My boy has always had a fairly good diet but I have now cut out sugar totally for myself and have mostly cut it out from his diet as well, although, at times, I will allow him some low-sugar things as a treat - e.g. he can have a Milo now and again. He's never had lollies, soda or processed food, which has helped.

I haven't, as yet, conquered the issue of getting my child to eat a well-balanced diet - it's a work in progress. He's pretty fussy about lots of stuff. I try, as best I can, to get him to eat from the 5 food groups each day. Another thing we've done over the last couple of months is to establish some vege gardens out the back. He helps me plant seedlings, water and then harvest. This way I teach him about vegetables (which he hates) and the importance of eating fresh food.

I'm not trying to pretend that what I am doing with my child is the right way - but, instead, offering information on what I have been doing in the hope that others will also give input and start a discussion. Deborah, I would love to hear how you've been going with administering the protocol to your daughter, which products she has been using, and diet. Thank you for your post - I would have felt quite dejected if no one had answered. I know that, at times, I have felt very sad to see a child suffer with this disease.

May God bless all the children.


12:23:25 AM

Hi Deborah,

Although the Logos product line is designed for adults, many customers do share the products with their children in dosages adjusted for body weight.

Tablets may be broken in half or ground up and added to room temperature food. Capsules may be opened and divided as needed with the contents being sprinkled on or mixed with room temperature food.

As always, make sure to coordinate your children's supplement program with your physician's guidance. Typically, children rebound quicker and easier than adults who are experiencing Morgellons symptoms.

Not only are lower dosages needed, but children often respond favorably with far less comprehensive support required (i.e. - Essential Flora and Colostrum rather than the full protocol).

Thank you to the brave Moms and Dads who have safely shepherded your children through this challenge and who are now willing to reach out to encourage others.

Please keep us posted on your progress and let us know if you have any additional questions.


Deborah B

4:45:26 AM

Hi Teresa,

This is an excellent suggestion. Sharing what we've learned could be a huge encouragement to those of us walking this path with little ones.

My seven-year old daughter and I both face this disease and we've been on the protocol for nearly three months. My daughter presented with symptoms first, and I followed after months of caring for her and trying to figure out what she was facing. We have also had very positive results on the protocol and are approaching the point where we are nearly symptom free. We still face a long road ahead though.

I'm sure there is a great deal of information parents could exchange, but the areas I would most benefit from hearing about are; the Logos products for children, dosing, etc., creative was to get our children to take the supplements when they're resistant, and ideas for diet and meal planning specific to kids needs. Perhaps John B. would be willing to write about how best to dose and administer the Logos products? I think on the diet issue, collectively we parents probably have faced just about every challenge by now and could share some great solutions.

I'd enjoy sharing some things that are helping for us and to hear from other Moms & Dads. Thanks for suggesting this Teresa. I hope many will respond positively to your post.

Teresa **

11:29:00 PM

Hi all,

I would like to suggest that those of us who have babies or children with morgellons, and who have been on the protocol, share their knowledge/experience with others on this site.

I have a young child myself and have experienced very positive results for him on the protocol. I have spoken to or had contact with others who have babies and young children with morgellons - naturally there are a lot of questions about which products to take, dosing and how to administer. This website provides the perfect opportunity to share this knowledge, to give hope to others who are also trying to help their children get better.

I hope others will join me in sharing.


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