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4:08:05 PM

I've connected with the executive producer of The DRs show in Los Angeles.

My health has taken a terrible turn for the worse since Chris was killed in a shark cage diving accident, and due to the prolonged severe stress of his 9+yr case in South Africa, many of my doctors and therapists I've seen think it's likely that's why I'm so sick today with lyme and morgellons.

I will let you know if/when they decide they would like to do a segment. If so, hoping that Mel and John B will also want to be interviewed?

I will keep you posted...

2:13:49 PM

I just read the letters from the donors and man o' man - a whole lot of work and time has just been eliminated from the original game plan. For one thing, Richard Evans related Mel's life, which I felt was necessary to give credibility and strength to our request - and that's what I wanted to have done, but didn't have a clue where to start (well, maybe a clue, but not much more). Anyhow, it's done, and done beautifully. And secondly, there's a site "Calling Joni Mitchell" by Eye Openers Blog entry - and she's another devoted-to-Mel victim of this horror. Plus with Mel's little "Don't Worry, Be Happy" gig with Robin Williams and his other pal, the vocalist, she's going to see he's someone she needs to learn more about. She loves animals, people, and laughter - lots of laughter - and hence, I do believe we can get this show on the road pretty soon. Input from y'all needed, as yours truly here sometimes gets all excited about a minor issue not worthy of my mega-pitch.

Love you guys, and God bless.

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