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9:14:39 PM

HAPPY, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PETER!!!!! Just found out you have grown a year older; won`t be long until you catch with me. hahaha!!! I truly pray you had blessed and special day and that the coming days get even better! In CHRIST Love Always

4:11:22 AM

Hello Mel. Hope all is well with you!

Hello Friends

Thank you everybody. Your blessings mean the world to me right now. I give honor and thanks to God for leading all of us to this abiding fellowship. Count it all joy!

"One single ray of light," wrote Arnold Bennett, one single precious hint, will clarify and energize the whole mental life of him who receives it.". ....... "Happy me!

I rejoice on my birthday that in this community, potentially happy and successful people are no longer imprisoned in the ivory of defeat and despair. Each of you testifies to the truth in this protocol. In doing so, you release others to new life through the miracle-working power of your own individual inspiring influence. Always remember that appreciation accelerates accomplishment. We go on to bigger things when we are made to feel that our work is worthwhile. We are one body in Christ.... and we are a new creation in Christ. Faith, with works and grace through faith creates the doctrine that heals and sanctifies each of us. Then, the science being so sound completes the winning equation to heal.

Stay the course. Follow the guiding principles Mel teaches here. Never lose hope, and have the courage to see it through. You will get well. Believe it! God bless you guys!

Strength and Love,

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