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9:39:01 PM
Thank You John For A decade Of Service To Toxic Disease Community, May God Bless You!

Hi John W.,

Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making a great website for us. It is such a blessing and helps so many people.

I hope that if anybody has created an account and not activated it, they will post here or email you as you asked.

I want to check and see if your email should read instead of

I just want to make sure that everyone who tries to get in touch with you can.


Thank you again for working with Mel to create such a nice site for toxic disease sufferers.



10:03:56 AM


I'm the web developer that helps Mel with

He asked me to check with folks that created an account but never activated it. Would you be willing to chat?

Feel free to respond to this post, and send me you're phone number and a time that might be good for a phone call to,

Note, this isn't a sales call.
We are trying to gather information to better serve you.

We just honestly want to know if you got stuck in the process, changed your mind, was not ready to spend money, etc.

For those who wish help completing the process we are here to help!


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