How I Cured Morgellons

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Laura (aunt)

6:44:52 AM


Are you able to get some Kleen Green to spray on the carpet?
If not, I have often rotated Odoban which I purchased from Home Depot. I actually have a thread post titled "Odoban is Grand." It cost approximately ten dollars and you have to dilute it. Follow the direction on the bottle and make sure to leave your environment for at least an hour before returning.

God Bless you and your family.

Stay strong in the Lord and keep praying as we all will.
There is hope you just have keep the Faith.

We are here for you so please keep us updated.

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” Ephesians 6:10

In Christ Love,

2:48:14 PM

Hang in there Kash,

We also had carpet beetles. Not only were they in my bedroom carpet but also in my bed and daughter said they were in lounge carpet.

Diacometious earth is safe to use and kills them.

Get a low bedstead and a new mattress and get a bug proof zip round mattress protector.
You can take it with you when you move.

Spray the bed legs with white vinegar or kleen green.

Clove oil in water used as a spray will also help.

Try not to worry.
As each new thing comes along you will overcome it.

We now have no carpet beetles!

2:18:31 PM

So hello everyone,

I'm back with yet another concern.

I have found out that were we are staying now has carpet Beatles, they are all over the room.

I keep finding these larvae which look like rice grins we sleep on a regular air mattress so we are as close to the ground as you can be without actually being in it.

What do I do my anxiety frustration is through the roof,
I can't even respond to the children properly.

We are to be going to Georgia soon, but it doesn't feel soon enough I need help guidance I feel I'm about to lose my mind.

10:50:19 AM

Hi, Amy!

I am sitting next to my Rabbit Air Filter as I type this. I run it 24/7 and like I had said, I have not seen a white fiber in months. I also diffuse cedar oil, and use Dr. Bonner's peppermint soap with borax as a body scrub in the shower. Amazingly, this is not too harsh for my skin, and it leaves a tingly, clean feeling that is totally refreshing.

I am still using the oil of oregano in coconut oil on my skin, and I have a thieves oil hand soap pump at each sink. I agree that they hate essential oils, and of course I love anything they hate!

I am so happy you liked the book and that I may have helped you in some small way as others on this site have helped me.

Keep on keeping on! Nana

2:04:08 AM

Hey Nana,

I just thought I'd let you know that I ordered my Rabbit Air Filter! I'm so excited to get it. I also bought Diane Olive's book on Morgs and have been reading it. It's a treasure trove of great info and tips.

While I've been waiting for the filter to arrive, I experimented with some essential oils in my nebulizer diffuser to help with the floating white fibers. They are so bad in my bathroom, every time I enter and turn on the lights, here they snow falling from the ceiling. They come at me in such an aggressive manner now... like I'm a fiber magnet....immediately trying to enter my nose & eyes (ugg). Anyway, I started diffusing a combo of essential oils in my bathroom, and let me tell you, they HATE it. As soon as I turn it on, they run from it like crazy. It keeps them at bay so I can bathe in peace, at least. I thought this might be helpful info for anyone else who's having a problem with the floating fibers.

I'm planning to get a couple more nebulizers so I can diffuse multiple rooms at once. In Diane's book, she mentioned using Cedar Mountain Oil in a nebulizer as an alternative to fogging the house with CedarCide. So, I'm going to try that.

Thanks again :)

7:40:29 PM

Hi Peter,

Oh, thanks so much for your suggestions! I have some Kleen Green here, I'll definitely start spraying the carpet before vacuuming. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that.

I have a Dyson Animal..I'll have to check and see if it has a Hepa filter on it.

I'm so new to the protocol, I haven't started using MMS yet (waiting for the month on Logos supplements before starting). I guess, tho, that I could go ahead and start using it for my environment and laundry.

I'm so glad to know that the air purifier helped you, too! I'm going to order one for sure.

Thank you!


Hi Christine!

I'm so sorry I missed your reply yesterday! That's a wonderful suggestion on vacuuming - I'll definitely try doing it slower. I've been rushing through it like a mad woman hoping to get it done before I passed out. I can see now, that's not the way to go, lol.

As for the MMS, can I ask what dilution you use after activating it (just for topical spraying purposes)? And do you use that same dilution for spraying your environment? Of all the protocol, the MMS is the thing I'm finding the most confusing.

And thank you - that's a lovely way to think of things. For the first time in months, I played some music last night just to lift my spirits. I'm trying to be less frantic and more self-nurturing. Frantic isn't helping things :/

Thanks again :)

12:50:54 AM

Hi Amy

I want to share that an air purifier did help me a great deal with inside air quality, and did reduce the floating airborne fibers. I still use one daily.

Also, if you lightly spray the area you plan to vacuum with activated MMS or with Kleen Green before hand, it serves to reduce particulates thrown out by your vacuum cleaner brush. This should reduce your itching after wards. A good hepa filter vacuum cleaner is also best. Hope this helps. Glad you are here!


8:28:07 PM

Hi Nana,

Thanks so much for your reply! That really is encouraging to know that your white fibers are disappearing, and also that you're doing so much better! I had read before here that as a person's body improves, the environment improves - I'm hoping that will be the case with me, too. Of all of the freaky symptoms I've had, this has been the most disturbing for some reason.

Still gonna try to save up for the air filter....I'm sure it would help!

Thanks again,

4:52:57 PM

Hi Amy!

I noticed that when I vacuum too ( the crawlies). Ive found that if I do it in slow-mo my skin is much quieter; may help with your seeing stars too.

I spray any agitated area on my body with mms or eucalyptus essential oil while I work.

Know that Gradually you will get better.

Do things that soothe your soul with loving nurture as you would a small child. This will strenghen the Warrior you are within.
You are never alone; we are doing this together.

Have hope and trust in your strength, one step at a time.

You have come to the right place, you re one of the lucky ones!

With love,


11:58:11 AM

Dear Amy,

I have not seen the white floating fibers in a few months, but I think it might be the result of being on the protocol. I used to see them in my car and floating off of me in public places, but I haven't in a while.

Everything is improving, and the air filter might be just one of the things helping. I feel fairly normal other than some purging of fibers and still some lingering crawling sensations, but other than that I feel quite healthy.

Hang in there, Amy. I am back to enjoying life and you will be, too!



4:51:40 AM

Hi everyone!

I am SO thankful I found this site. I've been reading here for a few weeks, but this is my first post. I'm in the early stages of battling MD, and one of the big problems I'm running into right now are those white fibers that are floating in the air (and seem to be attracted to my head area). It's mortifying.

Nana, does your ionic air purifier help with the floating fibers? If so, I'm getting one tomorrow! I also just ordered the book you recommended.

I feel so comforted knowing that I'm not the only person dealing with this. I feel so alone, sad and overwhelmed right now. I believe I'm beginning to make small strides with my internal health, but the cleaning is proving to be too much for me. When I vacuum, I see stars and feel like I'm going to faint. Also, vacuuming seems to stir the morgs up and I get tons of increased crawling afterwards. Any suggestions for helping this? I've thought about buying a Hazmat suit to wear while cleaning (no joke).

Thanks so much,


4:41:20 PM

Dear Nana,

Thank you!



3:01:37 PM

Hi, Linn!

I purchased the Rabbit Air 2.0 Hepa Ultra Quiet air filter.

8:40:22 AM

Hi Ellie

You can sanitize your environment easily and inexpensively using the following items/supplies:

- spray bottle + microfibre cloths

- white vinegar

- chlorine dioxide (= MMS - for both air purification and all-around disinfection)

- food grade peroxide

- essential oils + diffuser (for air purification - recommended)

- borax/soda crystals

- disposable disinfection wipes (e.g. Lysol) + paper

- steam cleaner (recommended)

- ionizer with uv-filter & hepa-filter, for dust particles (optional)

You can also opt to:

- remove carpets and/or curtains

- replace bed sheets with a synthetic sleeping bag

- isolate both clean & dirty laundry in storage boxes or bins/plastic bags/laundry bags

Handling MD and keeping it under control is both a matter of external & internal cleanup (so body/immune system and environment).

In order to reduce the load, it is advised to:

- vacuum regularly, wipe regularly
- change clothes frequently (including coat)
- shower/bath regularly
- restore balance in the body (skin pH, blood pH and gut flora)

It's quite a bit of work at first, but I can promise you that if you stick to a plan, you can get it under control, and with the time, the environmental load will lessen.

Though, realistically speaking, MD is a very sophisticated phenomenom with many proverbial faces (hence the different stages).

So it really boils down to persistence, structure, routine & dilligence.

10:36:11 AM

Hi Nana

May I ask which air filter did you purchase?

Hi Ellie,

I concur with both Kelly and Nana with the products they use. I use different products for different purpose. I did get an air filter early on too, but not sure how well the machine I purchased work with nano particles. However when I finally stopped cleaning like a maniac was when I got the kleen green. It soothed my mind knowing after I spray with kleen green with a mixture of 8 oz kleen green and 24 oz cold water in a 32 oz spray bottle, these Morgellon
die. So throughout the day I'll spray where I sat or have been. It's safe, natural, no chemicals and it dies the job well.

If there is anything I can help you with you can ask Mel for my number and email. It's hard at the beginning, but your asking good questions to be equipped for your attack.


3:22:31 PM

I got a lot of ideas for cleaning in the book written by Diane Olive about curing Morgellons (bought it on Amazon). She used a lot of different things, including menthol, cedar, and air filtration. I did break down and I bought the air filter she just gave me peace of mind having it running non-stop, sucking those nasties out of the air I was breathing!

1:20:34 AM

Dear Ellie,


I know how you feel about this. I would recommend to get the right products from the beginning. With the right products can ease your mind and give you a peace of mind. Kleen Green, MMS, for me is a must have.

Can you give more details on what you have done so far for cleaning your environment?



1:58:43 PM

Hello Ellie,

I know it is very scary to have these things infesting our homes, cars, and clothes, but with time, patients, and work, your environment will get clean.

I will tell you that my house started off getting fleas from a shelter dog we were caring for, my husband and I both got flea bites and shortly after I began my MD symptoms. Next thing we knew our house was infested with springtails, which we identified by trapping them on flea trap paper and having them identified. I believe the springtails came in because they were attracted to the MD fungus. So, first we had to treat our home to eradicate the fleas and springtails. We chose to use diatomaceous earth and cedar oil because it seemed safer than other pesticides.

Then we started cleaning everything with Kleen Green... furniture, floors, walls, clothes, and ourselves. It is VERY important to do this and begin your strict diet, along with beginning the protocol, at the same time. You may have read this on the site before, but as you heal, your environment will heal too. REST is a big factor too. Yes, you have to clean, but not at the expense of your health.

Things I use which work great for us, but remember everyone's situation is different:
Vacuum and swiffer cloths
Kleen Green (laundry, house, furniture, skin/scalp early on)
Borax (laundry, rugs)
Diatomaceous Earth (car mats - wear a mask)
91% Alcohol & white vinegar (50/50 in a spray bottle)

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

Ellie **

9:44:16 PM

Help please!

How do I clean my home so that the morgellons in all their stages, will die, and can't infest and reinfect me?


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