How I Cured Morgellons

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8:21:21 AM


I just wanted to say thank you so much for thinking about us sending your famous meatballs and sauce .

We truly enjoyed opening it up and Ella Grace was so excited to have received something in the mail .
She enjoyed opening and playing with the bubble wrap as well .

And I must get the recipe because it was truly a real Italian cuisine .

Ella Grace sang the magic meatball song up until her Second helping .

Thanks again

Chasity, Mallarie, n Ella Grace
Laura (aunt)

6:34:32 AM

They were so adorable on the conference call as they sang the meatball song. God Bless both of these beautiful girls. They truly bring joy into this world. Even more amazing; they are both overcoming this disease as they sing. Perhaps a lesson we could all learn from this.

In Christ Love,
Mel **

5:42:57 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Well, sometimes better late than never as today both Keyo and
Ella grace will finally get the magic meatball dinners as promised.

I waited till the weather got colder and I saved up for shipping. Hopefully we will get a great report and maybe even the girls will honor us with an encore?

Any one who missed their first performance, can hear them sing the magic meatball song at the beginning of our conference call back on MAY 5th.

Bonn Appetite,


PS. Just got a call from Ella Grace, her mom is cooking the spaghetti and they are both excited!

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