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Jenny S.

11:08:44 AM

Hello Kash,

We did move successfully! We were approximately five months into the protocol when the move took place. The home in which we got the original infection, had a flea infestation upon our arrival and it took months to eradicate the problem completely. We also believe, it had mold or fungus issues. We never did find the source, but knew we needed to move in order to heal.

We took our move very slowly. We had several storage pods in the driveway that we unloaded an item at a time. I washed everything thoroughly with clean green before it entered our home. I was overly paranoid, but desperate to have a successful new start. We have not had any problems in our new place and we have been here for 4 months.

In regard to your springtails, I would do everything possible to eradicate pests before moving into a new location.

Our vehicle was an issue for us. Early on, the crawling seemed impossible to overcome and our van always seemed to exacerbate things. We diffused menthol crystals at times in the evening and went out early to crack windows in the morning. This did seem to help, but I believe one needs to be careful with menthol. I would also ALWAYS have a bottle of diluted kleen green available for the car. I wiped it down most days and sometimes multiple times and would spray the carpets. I vacuumed the vehicle once or twice a week. These all seemed to help and we still have the same van and do not have any issues after 9 months on the protocol.

We have had great success using WPS in our wash cycles. We have found 10 - 15 drops per large load to be sufficient. When we were having great difficulty with crawling and getting our clothes clean, I would sometimes stretch any elastic in the treated water and hand agitate for a bit. I would then soak for 1/2 hour to an hour. This helped. This may be a good idea for your clothes in storage.

I, too, had a teenager and an 11/12 year old through this nightmare. My oldest had symptoms so intense that we had to pull her from school and homeschool her last year. She is now back in school and at about 85% recovery. After working with Mel and John, we realized we needed to put her closer to the full protocol and since then, we have seen tremendous improvement.

It is hard enough to deal with puberty without managing MD and my heart goes out to you. Are all of your children symptomatic?

Please feel free to ask Mel for my contact information. What you are going through is extremely stressful and you need support! Please lean on us!

Praying for you and your family.

Jenny S.

5:32:32 PM

Thank you Marie.

I was informed that Jenny, Bill and Babes, have all relocated.

If you all could chime in with some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!
I will be starting back on regular scheduled conference calls.

I appreciate you all.

Mel talking to you today gave me such a sense of peace and joy and I, so greatly honor you for that.

6:54:15 AM


You will find all the help you need on here.
The first blessing is that you managed to relocate and that the possibility of being cured is now just a step away.
Mel, John and Peter will guide you all the way to wellness. So start the protocol as soon as possible.
Meantime cut carbs from your diet. Eliminate sugars.
Have organic meat. Eggs and veg when possible.
Plenty fresh salads and drink water with lemon.

As you get well your environment becomes cleaner.
Mold is an enemy.

We all have different lifestyles.
Some cannot move so have to do the best they can.
Do not let stress dominate.
Don't worry about the stored stuff. Mine was moved to a damp shed and over a year later I have it back though a lot was burnt.It holds no fear.
Had it not been for Mel answering my desperate e mail instantly I would have lost all my photos and treasured stuff.
Your car can be left out to air . SPray it inside with clean green or wipe seats etc with water purifying solution.
As you get well you lose the fear. The debris clears.
Know that you can and will get well.
You need faith and hope. Love you already have from all on here.

We are all lead here and get help.
All shall be well. Believe me.

3:16:38 PM


It has been sometime sense I have been here a lot has happened and unfortunately not for the best.

Well I have to move to Georgia soon it will allow me to have a steady income and a place to stay which I had none in California.

I'm anxious because I do need advice on how to handle our belongings, car clothes which are in storage. We did have a problem with spring tales, which I did see some in the storage. How do you handle items for a move?

Also This is going to allow for us to start the protocol soon and some one in one coaching with Mel.
I am so desperate and confused please someone help me!

I'm also dealing with the lil ones who are now going through puberty and man oh man the stress level is unbelievable.

So I am crying out and pleading for your help!
Mel **

9:41:18 AM

Hello Everyone,

I am taking this opportunity to invite discussion about an observation I have made during the almost six years of our website; it concerns moving (Relocating).

First and foremost, KNOW THY SELF!

If you suffer from high anxiety, moving may not a good idea until you are completely well. Many with this condition have relapsed due to the additional stress(es) involved.

Once you are well, anything is possible. Bill M moved coast to coast and is doing great!! Bill has been shy about claiming his wellness. I think he is afraid he may jinx his health...

That being said, those living in a toxic environment where mold is prevalent or recurrent exposures are inevitable (including emotionally toxic relationships or living next to fields that are sprayed with pesticides) may not find significant long term relief without making a strategic move.

Those of you who find yourself in such a situation and feel you can't afford to move must understand that continuous exposures will never allow you to get well. In reality, you can't afford not to move.

Wherever you are and wherever you go, remember to cast your cares and burdens upon HIM. Since I no longer have the responsibility, since I have turned it over to God, people tell me I am much calmer.

Your thoughts and especially your experiences are welcome here.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!


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