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3:48:20 PM

Hi St. Nick,

I so get it about the biting and was like that at first for me too...and I'll still feel the biting occasionally if I start purging a lot. It seems like the little devils want to bite you on the way out sometimes when you hit them with some kind of topical solution that will make them gag and run out of your skin.

Topically, there are a few things we can do to help with the biting and itching...Kleen Green...WPS baths, essential oils diluted in a carrier oil...epsom / baking soda baths...and all of these are good and can help...but the REAL way to start getting the biting and itching under control is from what you put inside your body.

The lemonade cleanse is very effective for the biting and itching. Mel has posted the recipe again in the forum, so you'll be able to find it easily. It is SO easy to make...I don't use the syrup...I just use liquid stevia and it still works great. Mel says what ever is biting us really hates the cayenne pepper, so don't forget to add that as well. Just be careful though and don't add too much at first...taste it and then add more in small increments.

I go through cycles of having very little difficulty with my skin to sometimes having the tickling again...that's what drives me the craziest...the tickling! However...the lemonade cleanse just knocks those symptoms out for me. The trick (for me) is to make it in a big insulated cup and then sip on it all day rather than drinking it all at once and then not having more later. I like to think I'm providing ongoing torture to what ever is doing the tickling and / or causing other symptoms inside my body.

Because my symptoms cycle, I'll end up letting the lemonade cleanse go when I start feeling better. Then when I start cycling back into tickling, etc. symptoms I'll whine on the phone about it to Mel who ALWAYS says...are you drinking the lemonade cleanse?

That's when I think..why do I always forget about this? It's so quick and easy and effective.

So...St. Nick...go make yourself a big old pitcher of lemonade cleanse and start chugging it down. You'll be glad you did!



12:47:18 PM

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your strength and wisdom!

Your “Bozo” stories had me in stitches. It sounds like you’ve had so much fun despite being sick. I love the way you improvised and adapted to the situation.

I couldn’t stop scratching to even be present in the beginning.

You mentioned a lemonade drink.

I was wondering if you could expand on that a bit?

Is there also a lemon spray? Mel Says (NO)

Sometimes the biting is so strong.

Thanks so much, Nick

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