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9:28:45 AM

I have been somewhat impressed with the reiki teachings I have found on you tube and the internet so I set out yesterday to find a couple of local places offering reiki. The first store literally had the front door locked with a sign in the front window stating they were open. I drove to the second place.

There I reluctantly told the owner about my condition. She seemed only interested in my $65 dollars price of admission for treatment which she recommended I apply at least once a week for a month. As I was leaving a pickup driver almost hit me and rudely honked his horn at me. To say the least I got a pretty bad vibe from it all.

But this is the point: I did not let any of these experiences bother me as I would have in the past. As I have improved my life to be cleaner, more relaxed and yet focused, I am able to navigate through life more aware of everything that is happening and what their meanings are.

I can taste if there is plastic or petroleum in the water I drink. I absolutely know if something I eat is good for me or poisoned. I can feel people around me intensely although sometimes more than I like. Life is much more relaxed and simpler. I actually enjoy life now. I am forever changed. It is much more than just diet, the supplements, and even the "sum of the parts." It is a knowing of what's happening in my environment at any given time.

It's true that I am still exhibiting some symptoms like the candida in my mouth, throat and intestinal tract which manifests itself as an infection in my throat. This too will pass one way or another.

I Never thought I would hear myself say this, but I am a better person for having this disease. It is the trials that sharpen us and prepare us for more hardship. This is life.



5:14:46 PM

Hey Thomas,

It is certainly true that fear and anxiety feed this.

It sounds like you have learned the importance of having a peaceful heart. Also, you are learning to embrace the unique individual that God created you to be.

I know those are things that I need to work on.

Jesus spoke about peace that passes understanding and that we are greatly loved and valued by God.

Your post reminded me of the importance of letting those truths sink deep down into my heart.

I am really glad to hear that there is a deeper healing that has been taking place in your life that goes beyond physical healing.

Thank you for sharing.


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