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9:27:27 AM

Hello all,

Ellen of Troy here. (that's the name Mel gave me)

I want to share a few things that might help. I was working when I was the most sick. I barely made it into work and from reading other's posts thought I would have to quit. Once I started the protocol, however, by the first month, I felt better and stronger every day and always had an income. Illness-related expenses that were put on a charge card, put me over $4000. in debt. I am still paying off some of those bills, but I have my health back. When I hear folks on this forum say they can't afford the protocol, I think that person can't afford to make excuses. Beg, borrow the money. Do whatever you can, because the illness is temporary and you can pay back the funds once you get well.

The most important thing to remember is that you WILL get better if you follow all the protocol parts. Working full time can be exhausting, but it is also a healthy diversion from worry. It helped me focus and maybe was a blessing I wasn't aware of at the time. I always felt that I needed to work to support myself or I could become homeless, and that motivated me to get better. Use the support of others in this community to lean on when you need to because others not infected will not understand. You may be a lot stronger than you think!

Blessings to all,


11:44:41 AM

Hi Dee,

So good to see one of Mel's good friends on the post! You and Mel have been friends for a long time...I still smile every time I think about you two being friends back in the 70's in NYC..."Saturday Night Fever" images come into my head when I think of it.

Mel also told me about his Studio 54 days back then and I can only imagine him having the time of his life and smiling from ear to ear. I'm sure you all had so much fun!

Thanks for your kind words about my post. I actually haven't considered the ph on water...Mel and John have talked about ph and testing it, etc., but the water hasn't been a factor.

I bought a small Berkey water filter system a couple of years ago and love it. It was a bit of an expense on the original purchase...around $200 dollars, but the filters last for four it's much cheaper in the long run.

I've also been taking apple cider vinegar in the mornings to help with ph and I've seen a big improvement in my symptoms.

Thanks again for posting, and I hope you're enjoying your day!



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