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4:40:57 PM

Hello everybody,

This song has always helped me to feel happy, reassured and loved.

It brings a wag to my tail :-).

I do hope it will help other pooches, especially those going through difficult times!.

Mum says that it sure is a cheesy video! She always touches my nose when the man touches the little dogs nose and we both smile!

Lots of love Holly woof xx.

3:49:22 PM

Dear Auntie Tracy,

Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful prayers for me and mum, they are very much appreciated.

At prayer call yesterday, I was bowing my head alongside y'all. I peacefully closed my gold coloured eyes, as I loved the softness and gentleness of everyone's prayers :-). That was......until the meaty meat man van came up our street and tempted me with a morsel or two!. My apologies for barking at such an inappropriate time. Mum has taught me some manners at least :-).

Auntie Donna,

Ha ha I am so glad that my posts make you and Auntie Tracy laugh. Mum said laughter is the best medicine. Again, she talks in riddles, how can a laugh be medicine?... Humans are strange and mysterious creatures!. 'Happy Days with Holly,' sounds like a great title. Mum said she used to know a ' Happy Days,' show, but that it starred the Fonz and not me. Apparently though we are both funny and kinda cute so that's all good :-).

Uncle Mel, I love the picture of the cute springer diving into the sea, oh happy days indeed!!. And the musical mice, dancing and playing drums no less?. I thought I was seeing things and had ate some catnip by mistake:-).

Unfortunately Auntie Donna, singing is not really my forte, I love music , I dance to it, smile, go round in circles, squeak with excitement and flip toys up into the air!. But I have no musical ability other than my natural sassy rthymn.

You are right Auntie Donna, Auntie Cheryl writes such amusing responses to me, that make mum chortle with laughter!!.

Uncle Mel that's a great photo of you when you were a handsome , gold shiny haired, little whipper snapper and me in your very cool car: -)

Wow, how did we manage that?. Ha ha I know the protocol makes you younger.. but?!?!

Did I time travel back without realising it???

Again, mum what are you putting in my meaty meat?. Strange and bizarre things are indeed happening!

Yours bemusedly and with love,
Holly woof xx

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