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8:13:17 PM

Dearest Sweet Holly,

I hope you have not once again wondered where Auntie Cheryl has gone. After all, I do say hi to you on the phone from time to time.

I am not sure where the phrase, "Has the cat got your tongue?" came from. I looked online out of curiosity. (Which reminds me of the phrase, "Curiosity killed the cat", yikes! But the 2nd part of that phrase is, "but satisfaction brought him back", whew!)

One person online wrote that if the cat did get your tongue, it would be very hard to get it back because of those sharp claws they have. He makes a good point. Best not to stick your tongue out too close to a cat :-)

Your mum doesn't want you to squeal and play at night when she is sleeping because she needs to get a good night's sleep. Sleep is an important part of healing. Why, just look at the name of this thread, "SLEEP & REST: Don't Deprive Your Body". Even sweet dogs who like to have fun need to get enough sleep.

I don't know why some cats are allowed to wail outside under the cars in the middle of the night. I am sure you are much better off inside safe, comfy, and cozy with your mum.

Thank you for sharing your philosophical quote with me. I think you have a good point. I can think of a couple of musicians right off who have sung that sentiment. Musicians seem to enjoy singing about being crazy or mad in general :-)

I am sorry that you were attacked by a cat when you were only trying to be friendly. Cats can be temperamental creatures. Maybe that is why people like to use them in phrases so much.

Some cats are sweet as can be. You just have to find the right one to make friends with. My advice is to sit down a little bit away from the cat, look friendly, and wait to see first if the cat approaches you in a friendly way. I think that would be the best and safest way to find a nice cat friend.

I agree that a dog wearing a hat with pretend human ears would look very weird indeed! You should definitely just keep showing your adorable Spaniel ears.

Thank you for thinking of me in not wanting me to receive stale dog biscuits and watching out for my carb intake.

I do have a rebounder. I can't really say that I jump and spring on it, but I suppose I do bounce a little bit. However, I am sure your bounce is much bouncier than mine.

It is nice how you and your mum train each other. I can see there is a good reason why your mum calls you a wee monkey. And while intense staring works well for a dog, it typically doesn't work well when one human is intensely staring at another.

If you are a human, instead of the person you are staring at doing what you want or calling you a wee monkey, they might look at you and say something like, "What's your problem?" or "Psychopath".

Then if you start making funny faces, the situation might deteriorate from there.

By the time the person starts with the amateur dramatics, the family or the authorities might have been called :-)

Auntie Cheryl was at a place once years ago, and saw 2 young women almost get into a fight because one looked at the other too long. One woman looked at the other longer than the other wanted to be looked at, and she started yelling, "DO YOU KNOW ME? DO YOU KNOW ME?"

I learned from watching these 2 women that it is not good to intense stare strangers :-) However, humans in general, strangers or family or friends, usually don't like to be intensely stared at by other humans. So, sometimes dogs can get away with things humans can't.

I know your mum doesn't ever want you to leave her, so it works out good that you don't want to :-)

It certainly would be a sad world with no laughter. Therefore, I appreciate all of your wisdom Holly, and all of your silliness.

Tell your mum I said hello, and that I hope you both have a very merry Christmas.

Auntie Cheryl


4:28:20 PM
No you can't drive Holly

Sweet Auntie Cheryl,

Lovely to hear from you. I'm so glad to get your reply, I missed you. I said to mum, 'where has Auntie Cheryl gone has the cat got her tongue?'. Why do humans say that?. Why would a cat steal your tongue?. Mum said you were very busy and productive for the website and working hard, so thanks for that!. And I'm glad your tongue is ok too :-).

I know what you mean re your parents saying there's a time and place for everything. Mum says I should NOT squeal with excitement, circle round and fling balls at her at two am!!.I say that fun does not recognise time, but mum says that SHE does, so hey ho.

But why then are the cats allowed to wail under the cars outside in the middle of the night. Hmph..They say its a dogs life, but maybe it's a cats? . One rule for them, one for me it seems!.

Ha ha mum laughed when you said my actions are always appropriate!.She said often my actions would only be appropriate in a mad house!!. Indeed, I am not sure what she means!.

I think in order to stay sane we all have to be a little bit mad (Holly's philosophical quote of the day). Look at Uncle Mel, he's a great example :-).

'Groovy, ' or 'cool cats'?, hmph one cat took a chunk out of my neck with her claw. I only wanted to play. It took a month to heal. That ain't, 'groovy.'

I like, 'what's up dawgs,' yeah THAT'S groovy!!!. Talking of fellow dawgs, oh Uncle Mel I loved the picture of me and my pals at thanksgiving :-). I'm the pretty one!.

Humans with fur on can sit on the plane?. Humans don't have fur they must have stolen it!!. Hmph, I'm glad mum's spaniel ears hat wasn't real!.

Ha ha imagine a dog with a hat with pretend human ears, not cute, just weird!.

Yes, even if I say so myself.. I think that spaniels have the best ears on the planet!!!. They are beautiful, productive, furry AND cute. What more could you want?.

Aw, Id share my dog biscuits with you anytime Auntie Cheryl. But by the time they were shipped over to you, they might not be that fresh!!. Besides, I don't think they are keto or low carb. I know you dawgs are down with that!! :-).

What? You and your husband never jump, bounce or spring up and down?. Aw!!! Why not?. Mum says that half of our community are all at it. They bounce, jump and spring daily (hoorah!!!!!). Thing is I do it for fun. Word is on the street, that they are all doing it to clear the lymph glands to restore health!!.

I bounce anywhere, anyplace, anytime. These folks are doing it on a rebounder!. It's a SPRINGING REVOLUTION!! :-).

Aw that's so good your husbands parents trained him for you, before you got him. It makes him easier for you to manage Auntie Cheryl! . Mum kind of trained me(or so she thinks). But at the same time I kind of train her.. Though I'm not sure that she knows it. A lot of it is achieved by intense staring. I find that she tends to do what I want after a particularly prolonged staring session. When that doesn't work I start making the funny faces. After that, the amateur dramatics kick in!! . Yeah, she doesn't call me a wee monkey for no good reason. You could try these techniques with your husband, see how it goes. I can't promise that he won't call you a wee monkey too though! :-).

I'd never want to leave mum. If I got me a nice dog husband id move him in here. Hmph.. Mum said that AINT happening!!!. There's only enough meaty meat for one!!.

Well Auntie Cheryl, thanks again for sharing your wisdom. I share both my wisdom and my silliness!!. But I think they both help. Hey, if we couldn't laugh at ourselves and the world, it would be a sad day!!

Love always,
Holly(woof) xx.

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