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8:18:17 AM

Thank you sooo much Mel,

and to all those who donate to the He Cures All Foundation, You are saving lives.

My wps arrived today!!! That's great!!!! :-)

I'm not to start it for another two weeks but excellent to have it here.

God bless you!

2:46:44 PM

I am now in my 5th month of treatment for morgellens disease through tbe generous donations of others myself and my 5 year old are beginning to get our lives back.

Befoe I began the protocol I was covered with bright red sores on my legs and back, well now these have all healed! My concern now is fixing the bio-terrain which is where disease starts. I continue to have severe bouts with pain but am confident I will recover if I continue with "the sum of all the parts."

Little Cruz showed very little outward signs but an occasional sore here and there in the beginning. This is now becoming a thing of the past for him now, I praise God and the HCAF for this.

I pray God will richly bless all who give and I'm confident he will. As scripture says, "Give and it shall be given."


2:17:57 PM

When I began experiencing my first morgellons symptoms I was working as a wound care nurse in a large nursing center.

In retrospect I am very sure many of my patients had morgellons. I will never know with certainty if this is where I contracted the disease because it really seems to be everywhere.

I turned to the internet after my (new) dermatologist diagnosed me with a catch all disease. He never even examined my skin so I asked for a biopsy. The results came back scary and what's strange is when I got a copy of the medical records there was no mention at all of what that Md was.I turned to the internet and found I had morgellons.

After much searching and prayer I found Mel's site. My heart told me this was no accident. Well by this time I was no longer able to work and my finances drained. The disease was taking a toll.

The pain, fatigue, and brain fog had been going on quite a while but the skin but symptoms were new. Now I know they are all connected. I lost my career, home, car, and health and didn't have the funds to get well. My health was rapidly deteriorating and as a nurse I knew my days were numbered.

Without the He cures all Foundation I would continue on that downward spiral. This is why it's so important to give to this Foundation because in doing so much for families and lives are changed. It's restoring hope and saving lives.

I can never thank the donors enough but I know God will bless those who give, to save others. Give and it shall be given good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

In this life and in the one to come.
I love all of you!


10:06:42 AM
Click image to go to He Cures All Foundation website.

"If you do not have your health, you have nothing"

This is so true!

Almost 3 years ago I started discovering really odd changes in my body. Changes that almost took over my mind. I begged for help and almost was admitted into a mental institution. No one acknowledged that I was sick but me and my, then 3 years old, Ella Grace.

I soon saw she was going through the same illness. I prayed for God to heal us. I prayed for Him to at least show me how to get well.

My prayers where answered!
Not only did God lead me to Mels website but to the He Cures All Foundation. Little did I know that these were two blessings in disguise.

I first had to accept that my little girl and I
had a toxic disease that made us very sick. I was not only physically drained but mentally and emotionally.

I was welcomed to this community with open arms.
For reasons beyond my control, I could not afford the protocol items we needed so desperately to get well.

I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders when I got the call that someone had sponsored me through the He Cures All Foundation. I was ecstatic.

My baby girl and I are getting better each and every day. Someone truly saved my life. Please know this battle of toxic diseases are real, you suffer daily.

There is an answer, Mels protocol.

I pray for the next family or individual waiting to get sponsored to get their call.

By your donations or sponsorship, you can help provide the funding required to save a life.Help meet the ever-increasing needs of others like my daughter and I. Help restore someone's health.

"We must be brave to beat our disease"

Thanks again He Cures All Foundation my daughter and I have that chance.

God Blesses those who bless others!

10:34:55 AM

After several years of suffering and exhausting financial reserves from my 20+ years of working as an RN I knew I was in the right place when I found The He Cures all Foundation.

I am now in my seventh week of treatment which would not be possible without the generous donations of others to the foundation.

There are other organizations out there, but none that I'm aware of who actually exist in order to provide help to those in need in the toxic disease community.

Without the donations of generous individuals, myself and many others would be left to suffer needlessly. The He Cures all Foundation is different from the rest in that it's a place of restoration.The focus is on getting well not on negativity. The support is tremendous via informative conference calls, guest speakers, and even a time to pray together.

What a blessing. My prayers are that I will be able to pay it forward in the near future and that people would bless this ministry with their prayers and financial resources.

I thank God every day for the He Cures all Foundation

God's richest blessings to all,
Ashley J

3:57:42 PM

Thank you He Cures All Foundation

My family just started our 5th month on the protocol! There are no words to express how grateful we are to benefit from all the Love given through donations.

Donating to the He Cures All Foundation expresses how much love you have for others and this community.

We all know the protocol is not cheap! Unlike conventional medicine, we can't use our health insurance to cover med cost. Without the He Cures All Foundation My family like other family's will not be able to afford to get well.

I want to thank so many of you that has become a life time Doner of the Foundation it means LIFE for families mine alike.

Any donation big or small are greatly appreciate, by everyone who is benefiting from the He Cures All Foundation.

Thank you all;
May GOD continue to bless this community,
Mel, John, Peter.

The He Cures All Foundation, the people who donate,
and those people suffering from this affliction.

God bless you all


9:31:22 AM

Giving thanks and hope for us all

I have learned so much since having this toxic disease . Through the struggle I have also gained a lot of knowledge and respect for others.

Since finding the website and Mel's protocol I found hope again and leaned on God more so than ever . Ephesians 432 says to treat others as you would want to be treated.

Where I struggle there may be many others with way more issues than most .

I am very grateful and appreciate to those that have generously gave to the He Cures All Foundation.
Myself and many other families Have the chance to get well because of this Foundation There is always a need.

If some of the things God has put in your heart seem overwhelming and impossible outside of God's divine intervention, take heart today.
Faith is a force that resides on the inside of our spirit...And when it is released, tremendous things can happen in our lives.

Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in by day.
Never let the "experts" talk you out of the things God has put in your heart. God has demonstrated that He can and will overcome the "odds" to accomplish His promises and purposes in our lives. He can still the storms...part the sea...heal the sick...restore the broken...put money in a fishes mouth...bring promotion from prison...rain manna from the heavens...bring water from a rock and bring life from death!
With the Lord nothing is ever hopeless!
Your current battle isn't too big for God. Whatever you're going through, you can conquer WITH HIM! Never give up Hope!
You have not been forgotten.
You may have weaknesses but God has strength. You may have stumbled but God has grace. You may have failed but God remains beside us.
I pray all the glory to God to manifest the blessings to come for all of us and those to come. May He supply all of our needs.
Please consider someone and make a way for their healing by donating towards the He Cures All Foundation.

God blesses those who bless others.



4:48:14 AM

Hi my friends,

Starting my 4th week on Mel's protocol and am truly thankful for the He Cures All Foundation, because I could not possibly afford this treatment on my own and the improvement I'm seeing in just 3 weeks is amazing.

Especially after 12 years of this horror, when it had appeared that - as one dermatologist told me - I'd just have to live with it til I died. And as I suspect many of you know, sometimes was just ready to hurry up and die, get it over with; but then I'd get mad and say to myself 'NO, you're not going to beat me unless I quit and there is NO UNCLE on this team.'

Then, along came Mel and the He Cures All Foundation and lo! good things are happening and even though I don't actually feel much better, I look so much less, like a leper, know the feel-good is coming, and again, I'm so very thankful for the support I'm receiving!

For all of you beautiful people who've come with goodness and friendship and bring such joy to what has long been a terribly dreary day-to-day existence. God bless you each and every one.

To those making this foundation possible, unless you, too, have been a victim of this horror, there's not really a way you can appreciate how much your generosity helps people like me, and others who've lost just about everything because of this disease, and who can find NO help from the AMA (except helping themselves, in many cases, to whatever little money we may have left).

Your goodness will help us regain our health, after which your kindness will be passed on by those of us you've saved.

Thank you most sincerely.
God bless you.

3:59:28 PM

The He cures all Foundation is such a blessing.

There are many suffering with toxicity illnesses who need help. Without a doubt this a very worthy cause!

Sufferers are not being helped by the medical community. I know this for a fact as I've experienced it. After going to an urgent care clinic and overhearing staff there basically making fun of my plight with Morgellons. I quickly learned what not to say!
Although I didn't even mention the word Morgellons.
As a nurse I found this very upsetting.

Next I visited a dermatology clinic and the Dr had a diagnosis within 5 seconds without even looking closely at my skin.
So I asked for a biopsy. A scary diagnosis came back even shocking the DR, Well this is where it ended.
The Dr was to get another biopsy but instead he burned it out. He knew what it was and so did his nurse.

After he walked out she told me they were seeing this all the time. I couldn't believe she would admit to this.

With nowhere to turn, most go to the internet and what a nightmare that can be.
it is a blessing to actually find Mel's site.

After being on about every Morgellons group on Facebook and seeing the different protocols, in the end only one made sense
to me was Mel's.
I've never seen a protocol that can actually cure this until now. Reading the testimonials here is enlightening.

This foundation is unlike all the other groups out there in that it gives help to families who are unable to afford the protocol.
There are families waiting to receive help and that breaks my heart. The foundation has graciously supplied my supplements at no charge to me and I know it works, now being on the protocol nearly 2 months has literally saved my life.

I am looking forward to the day that I'm able to give back to the foundation. Paying it forward to one of the most worthy causes of our time. Since the medical community will not accept these toxicity illnesses.

it's amazing to know that God has ordained this site!!

God bless


7:46:39 AM

The struggles from morgellons, lime disease, or any toxic disease are real.

The signs and symptoms itself are so overwhelming and unbearable sometimes many may loose their mind, loose their family, or even loose their life.

It's truly a daily struggle, but I'm so grateful that my girls and I are getting better. We take one day at a time.

I'm forever grateful and blessed that an unknown guardian angels sponsored me and my family.

I have a reason to live again regaining all faith, trust, and hope to continue healing.
I Couldn't imagine me and my children suffering through this toxic disease because I couldn't afford for us to get well.

After running out of optionson the web, God lead me to Mels protocol.

Mel, Peter, John, and my morgellons/toxic disease community are so dedicated and encouraging through the whole healing process.

Having a toxic disease we all have similar signs and symptoms. Some of us are more financially stable as others .
Unfortunately some can't afford the cost to get well.

I am truly blessed and pray that the next family in need can get well by your sponsorship and/or donation.

Mel's protocol, website, and team have proven to get many well.

Please know, by your help you can change someone's life forever.

You never know who else's life and family you can save by your generous donations or sponsorship.

God blesses those who bless others.

12:13:37 AM

Hello everyone

Four months now on the protocol, Thanks to the He Cures All Foundation. I can not thank this foundation enough, I have no idea where my family would be without Mel, and the foundation he created to help families and people who struggle with financial restrictions. Plus the community members who donated to help people and families alike.

There will always be someone in need of this foundation, unlike other foundation you can read, or talk to the very people that benefit from this Foundation, so you know without a doubt where your money is be spent.

So thank you to everyone who gives to the He Cures All Foundation, and will continue to give to help support new people who suffers from this affliction.

My goal is to get well to be a forever donor to The He Cures All Foundation, also to be a member of this community always.

Your donations are saves lifes!

My God continue to bless this community, the He Cures All Foundation, Mel and the people who gives there time or donate to the He Cures All Foundation.

Thank you.


10:15:10 AM

Thanks to you all who responded to my "1st day" post; your support is a big percent of my strength,
and I am very thankful to have you and this beautiful, upbeat community now a part of my daily life.

And my goodness, Sue-I thought I had the record for the longest diseased, but you, bless your heart-18 years in hell. The not knowing what this nasty stuff was made me nuts (ok, nuttier),

I researched diligently for about 3 yrs., finally found it in Mayo's file on unknown skin diseases (something like that), then couldn't find a single doctor who would, or could, help me with it.

Then was blessed with He Cures All Foundation, for which I thank God daily.

Your animals have this also, you mentioned. My dog had it and I was told to get Dinovite for him (you can find it with Google or whichever you use; not sold in stores). It's not expensive and cleared him right up - told them I wanted some, but no go;
this was years ago. Also, Mel may have something for our 4-legged family members in the search engine under cats,dogs,pets!

I'm in my 2nd week now, and my scalp seems much clearer than in the past.
My nails, both hands and feet, are now a horror, but that's ok. It's coming out, and that's a good thing.(Better out then in)

Thank you, my heroes,

Mel and Peter and John,

and God bless you always.

4:16:33 PM

Dear Marie,

Thank you for all your kind wishes :-)

Yes it's just great!!!

Very delighted and so looking forward to having all this ammunition to fight this disease with!!

I hope you are well today and taking care of your operated on arm, it's good you have been doing do well!


Thanks for your kind words and hugs :-)

Can you share your journey with us all when you are ready? I like you did, threw everything away the first time Morgellons affected me and all clothe things and my bed the second time and many other things too.

Just to be safe in the future would be so utterly wonderful!!

I'm glad you are a lot better than you were and yes plastic is most certainly not fantastic, but necessary at times.
I slept with bin bags on my pillow for a year it was horrible and those cheap plastic bug covers on my blow up plastic bed, ugh they make you sweat..

So, I'm grateful I don't need to do that now, I.have a bed bug cover that is better and allows me to breathe better.

Only other morgellons sufferers understand exactly where we are coming from!

And Oh boy we never take any improvements for granted do we!!
Looking forward to more and more improvements..

There is hope now and that hope is a lovely thing,
like a little light being lit to help us to see our way through this..


7:39:12 PM


Congratulations! That is such wonderful news! If I can tell you something to remember as you begin your fight - it is this.

1) You WILL NOT ALWAYS have to wear those damn plastic shoes! (I wore them for a year, so I definitely feel you on this! Now I CAN wear any regular shoes without too many disconcerting crawlies)

2) YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE YOUR CLOTHES IN BAGS! <3 I was living what I call on my Morgs blog, "the plastic life" for 2 years. EVERYTHING I acquired while early on the journey (I had thrown everything away) - I made sure was plastic. My bed, my shoes, my utensils, all cotton throw away or put in a storage, all my furniture and every single item was often fastidiously bagged and sealed.

I still keep a plastic over my sheet, but that is the extent of my needs for plastic. Trust me, God is and can and DOES restore what you lost! Though I've never told "my story" of this journey yet -- believe me, I am living proof of that.

NEVER GIVE UP HOPE, my sweet! Be PATIENT and work the Protocol. IT WILL get better.

sending you hugs tonight,

11:11:02 AM

That is wonderful news Chrissie.

I am so glad for you and that soon you will be really starting on your journey to a new, healthier, happier life where the fears are lifted and you can have peace of body and of mind.

What a blessed year this will be for you and for all those who are starting on the protocol and whose hopes will all be realized.

Never give up HOPE, for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

God bless us all.

1:15:26 PM


I just received a wonderful call from Mel to say that in two or three months I should be accepted on to the protocol and be helped!!!

I'm absolutely over the moon, I'm so excited and happy and utterly grateful. It's amazing!!

Phew after nearly 6 years, and three times it being really bad and fighting, fighting, fighting,

I have a huge big smile on my face.
I said to Mel he knows exactly how I feel, as he does, exactly, as does everyone else reading this.

My stomach is doing somersaults and I can't believe it.

It's a great thing to even think that I can now for the first time PROPERLY FIGHT THIS with all this wonderful medicine that I will be gifted.
Phew!! I have just been treading water those last five or so years.. But NOW.. To think that in the future I could be well enough to hug someone or take their hand and not be scared of affecting them.. Little things to other people.

But such little things would mean THE WORLD to me.
To be safe, feel safe and others safe around me and for my bio-terrain to be strong enough that I won't keep getting bad with it over and over as I have done.

Smile.. My heart feels warm and I have tears in my eyes.

To not have to cover up all the time, to be able to walk on the floor barefoot and feel the ground beneath me..
without these plastic shoes.

To no longer store all my clothes in plastic bags.

To be safe.. Just to be safe.
To be given this chance to be well.

Well, that would be worth All THE TEA IN CHINA!!

Thank you so so much to the foundation and to Mel for helping us,

God bless you All.


6:44:41 AM

Sue and Joyce,
Ladies I'm so happy for you also, this is a fight with a few battle wounds. You will get better! Both of your stories moved me and just wanted you to know God lead you here. We are like His sheep n He is our Shepard. I'm so proud to say I'm a part of this wonderful community and the dynamic God sent team Mel, John, and Peter. We all need this support to get well along with Mel's protocol and a heathy diet. Love you ladies and I'm cheering for us all. The devil will loose this battle, we are victorious in the precious name of Jesus

6:28:05 AM

So glad to hear you and your family committed. You have taken the first step in accepting and taking Mel's protocol. I'm so happy for you and your family. I can honestly tell you from mother to mother no more worries, my little Ella Grace is feeling so much better. Her color has came back after almost 2 full months on protocol. God has a plan for us all and this is not our destiny to be sick but well , happy, and rejoicing. You have a loving community and a God sent coaching team that is rooting for you.
God bless you n your family

6:27:43 AM

So glad to hear you and your family committed. You have taken the first step in accepting and taking Mel's protocol. I'm so happy for you and your family. I can honestly tell you from mother to mother no more worries, my little Ella Grace is feeling so much better. Her color has came back after almost 2 full months on protocol. God has a plan for us all and this is not our destiny to be sick but well , happy, and rejoicing. You have a loving community and a God sent coaching team that is rooting for you.
God bless you n your family

2:58:13 AM

Dear Joyce

What I find dramatic is the depth of your spirit in that you have endured much. I'm celebrating and sharing your newfound joy because becoming forever friends is the greatest gift that this community bestows. Congratulations, sweetheart.

Strength and Love,

11:07:55 AM

I started St. Mel's protocol yesterday and WOW! what a thrill.

May sound a bit dramatic to some, but the last 12 years have passed like one very long, very boring day; I tried to sleep as much as possible, my dreams far more exciting than my life. And catching my reflection in the mirror - gag...wanted to cut off my ugly leprosy-looking head. Most of you guys can likely relate, in a state of perpetual fatigue and pain and hopelessness, day-in, day-out.

However unlikely, day 1, I felt energized, alive, human. Ok, day 1, a fluke; but so divine...When you fill a dismal gray void with energy, with life, with hope, "gee, thanks"

Seems lame - but please know Mel, Pete, John, my heart, my loyalty, my forevermore friendship is included with my gratitude.

God will bless He - & His 3 Saints - The Cures All Foundation.

I love you guys.
Sue B

9:28:59 AM

It is so encouraging and refreshing to find this site.
I was up until 4:30am reading posts. I appreciate the honesty, God led, no bullying.

I have been dealing with this for approximately 18 years. Just recently found out what it is.

My husband has it, our two dogs and one of our horses.

I got a good laugh reading the hair protocols, what people have tried. The one who used dog shampoo.
I resorted to a horse product I have used for years. I have had success with it on horses, does not smell the best ?? .

I look forward to going thru your forum and learning what has been successful

Thank you for the light at the end of the tunnel.


12:29:03 PM

Hi Deby,
That;s wonderful news! A testament to me that so many need this protocol and so many of us are missing these needed nutrients and minerals in our previous lives.

I am so elated to hear that the protocol is already working for you! As a fellow warrior and a very grateful HCA beneficiary, I can definitely relate to both your joys! :) May you continue to be well and not stray from this path.

I am so glad that you are realizing also that there are tough times ahead. This is a long term fight! Use your energy wisely and stay the course!

Yours in love and prayer,

9:16:02 PM

Hi Deby,

I'm soooo happy to hear you are experiencing results so soon from the Protocol. I felt a HUGE improvement just 5 days after starting the Protocol myself, it really is amazing!!!

You are right you won't always feel great BUT I've been on the Protocol a little over 6 months now and I don't think that I've EVER felt as bad or as helpless as I did before finding this site and this solution. Now when I'm having a bad day or even a bad week I know without a doubt that, this too shall pass and that it's all part of the process that is bringing me to complete health restoration!!!

God is soooo incredibly good!!!!

Congratulations on being a recipient of the He Cures All Foundation definitely another WONDERFUL gift this site brings to the World!!!!

Thank you for sharing your journey!!!!

Love, Peace and Prayers,

7:43:26 PM

I've been on the protocol for one week today and I've been feeling incredibly great for the past few days. I didn't want to say anything, I thought I might jinx, myself but it's real. This protocol really works! I know I'm going to have some times where I'm not feeling so great but I'm going to keep pressing on.Thank you to the He Cures all Foundation.

1:50:52 AM


thank you for your words of encouragement.
I definitely plan on staying the course! I've been doing lots of reading,lots of research and running after a five-year-old, it's been very hectic to say the least but it keeps me outta trouble. Lol.

I' m very grateful that Mel shared my number with Linn. As we all know support is helpful when dealing with this disease.

I truly believe God allowed Mel to go through this hell in order to be a light in these last days.


10:28:24 AM

Hello Deby!

You are welcome here! So happy your son wants to take the vitimins, that is a plus. Stay the course Girl, this is where you need to be to get healed! Read, read and read some more! And if you can get on the conference calls that would help lift your spirits to hear people that are on the same path as you and that you are not alone!

Love always, Paula
Deby **

12:40:24 AM

Thank you He Cures all Foundation!

Our supplements arrived and Cruz who is 5 couldn't wait to take his colostrum! This is a kid who is a very picky eater, who never wants to take even a vitamin but he actually wanted to take this supplement.

That itself is miraculous to say the least.

I'm hopeful for the first time in several years. I'm going to give this 110%. This is the least I can do after receiving this package today.

God bless everyone of you for supporting the foundation.

I love you all in Christ.

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