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5:23:01 AM

Hi lacy,
I am so sorry that your ear is so raw!
I do not have the time to post here very often, but had some time tonight and I felt led to leave a few tidbits.
If you read - you will notice that Mel is always mentioning the way he used MMS and how it is a powerful weapon against Morgellons Disease (MD).
So if you do not yet have MMS - that needs to be purchased ASAP!
It is a powerful weapon against MD-
And if you made a light spray with a diluted MMS and water - u can spray your ear on and off.

I also would suggest treating all of your orifices (body Holes) with MMS - diluted of course ;)
Look up Mel's eye wash.
Use it especially for the sinus - because that could be a nesting area-- and maybe buy the "sinu-rinse" bottle and squirt the sinus area thrice daily with diluted mms.
I don't think they promo enemas here - but in my humble opinion- MMS enemas will speed the healing so consider doing them and you can read more about enema options in Jim humbles online material.

Second -for the ear-
I would also suggest bentonite clay -
sonne's #7 is my fav because it is colloidal (and cleaned) and really soothing for the skin- but powdered bentonite clay works too - Redmonds and star west botanicals sells it - it can help your ear to dry and heal.
Third -kleen green really soothes and stops MD on th skin - so lightly misting the ear with KG could help majorly

Fourth -
Don't forget that you have to rebuild your bioterrain AND clean from the inside out.
So treat your ear and other sores - but just think of your body as having a serious mix of things inside and you need to seriously help it repair!
And that is done with using supplements to rebuild your terrain (and help your organs work better and have your immune system strong) and then using other things to cleanse from the inside out!
The good news is that when u heal up and restore your body - you will have the perk of a strong body. That is a huge pro!

Regarding your parents "not" understanding -
give them grace and try to adapt your expectations!
You want and need support - but get it elsewhere -
They mean well - but many folks just cannot believe this is real - but pretty soon folks will accept it - like LYME was accepted-
The conditioning in our society is to ignore certain things with health! It is very sad - but some common sense things are ignored! It is likely has a spiritual aspect....
However - humans are skeptical by nature and sometimes we just do not accept certain things easily - it can actually be a good thing so we don't get tossed to and fro with every wave of doctrine - or every idea -
And it is what anchors our beliefs -
And it takes TIME to grasp info that seems a complete mismatch to our current mindset!
it can take time for people to see truth - and maybe some things are only grasped by experience - and I would be skeptical of MD if I did not live it for myself !
Also - it took my getting MD to believe that vitamins minerals and herb supplements were good for us!
I thought they were a big scam - and while some companies are overpriced and making crap stuff - many other companies are making great products - lifesaving products and LOGOS is one of those - they make good stuff that is made for healing and absorption -
and if you are not on the protocol - I cannot stress how crucial it is for your healing!
Anyhow - I see how I changed my mind on many matters -big 360 - and so I try to have even more grace for people who cannot "see" Something.
Love your parents
Don't get frustrated
Slowly you can educate them and some people stay away from the word morgellons and use Lyme or parasite infection to say what they are healing from.
Or they say it is autoimmune and still being explored ...
And let's pray that god will lift all Blinders and give insight- to your parents and to the medical community in general -
This disease is not going away and pretty soon they will see the truth! Let us pray and take heart -
Just like we pray for someone who does not see matters of faith - we pray that insight will come from god -
Same here with your folks - it is a mind thing and their mind is not able to see what seems weird (or even somatic).
Maybe eventually they can see videos (and there are some good ones) or hear other people share experiences - and they will see more - but it is normal to have mental blocks and limits - and then as Mel noted on the main page -
People who have not experienced this disease will not always get it!
And so dear lacy - try and find your support with those who have had this nightmare affliction!
Detach from feeling let down and try to have more understanding for their disbelief -
Peace and grace to you and all who are healing from MD....
Be encouraged and take it one day at a time -


5:37:23 PM

Hi Lora

I want to extend a special "thank you" on behalf of Mel and this community for your post. You see Lora, there are so many people keeping in the background that are getting better but often times do not choose to share their wellness. And so there is a very special significance and great encouragement for others to see how far you have come.

I am thrilled for you, and it is our hope that you will continue to post the things that you have conquered together with the obstacles, like your ear, that you have overcome. This is wonderful to read! If you could further share your experiences in the "Hello Down Under" thread, you will join in a history of over five years of posts from others in Australia.

God Bless You!

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