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Bill M **

1:22:48 PM
Good Day Everyone
Well....I am getting closer to my goal of being cured of this disease. Right now I am just at the end of the 18 month and I believe I would have been cured by now if I did not relapse. And the reason I did that is because when I was feeling much better I started going back to some of the old food and drinks (beer), and this caused me to take a few steps backwards....bummer.

But I persevered, got back on the healing train and now I am moving on down the tracks to the Main Terminal..... and within a short time.......I will be cured!!

Ever since I first realized that I had this disease I always told myself that I will be healed, and I continue to remind myself that I will not let these toxic critters topple me, or take over MY body. End of story........and at this point in my healing, I know I am winning the majority of the battles and will eventually win the war! ...... :)

I thought I would pass along some good information regarding one of the foods that we eat. As we all know an avocado is one of the best foods we can take, and I personally eat one avocado with almost every meal. At first I just poured a little olive oil in the pit area and perhaps adding a little pepper to spice up the taste.
Recently I started eating Greek Yogurt and have replaced the olive oil with yogurt and it tastes great!
I also came across this web site for avocados.... I would suggest going to this site and click on the nutrition tab at the top. Great nutrition information and also offering other ways to prep and eat an avocado.

Here is also very good information on why Apple Cider Vinegar is good for your body:

JUSTIN: it was good to talk with you this morning and I want to thank you for giving me more of an education on the foods we eat, and preparation of vegetables, not just eating them raw like I have been doing.

Fellow Warriors..... keep in the fight, don't give up hope, and if you stay with the protocol and diet you will see improvement. It might have taken years for this to organism to grow in our bodies but it won't take years for you to eradicate it from your life for good. What does it take??? .... Discipline, Commitment, and ...........Patience!

Blessings to all.......Bill M.

8:07:39 PM
Good Day Bill!

Congrats on reaching your 18 month marker! Sounds like you had some lessons learned along the way.. Which can only help those who read to know the importance of the CANDIDA DIET,and how important it is to succeed in the battle w/ M! Like you said it takes Disipline,commitiment,and..... Patience!

I eat my veggies cooked and I'm curious if your conversation w/ Justin stessed cooking because it's easier on an already sluggish digestive system?

I love hearing the determination in your words... I feel similiar in knowing I will be healed!!! With determination I know this is only temporary.. I am eating, living,& thinking more healthy than I ever have. The Sci-Fi symptoms of Morgellons kinda force you to clean up your life style in every way! For me it may have been a blessing in disguise.. A catalyst for growth I suppose:)

I hope you continue to keep us updated on your progress. I can't wait to hear when say you've conquered it 100%!!! I'm cheering for you & your success!!! Keep up the good work.. & keep us posted...

Your In Spirit
Deborah B

11:39:01 AM
Hi Bill,

I thank you for this post because it reminds us all, that it might take some of us a bit longer than Mel's 18 months to defeat this disease, but we will defeat it!

It's important that we commit ourselves to this protocol till we're done. . . not just till the 18 month mark. The most important thing isn't when you get there. . . but that you don't stop till you do get there.

As Bill says, keep in the fight and don't give up. . . for however long it takes.

Thanks again Bill, Deborah

6:20:44 PM
Hello Bill

Congratulations on reaching your 18 month date on the protocol. I know from speaking with you that you are so close to the end. Just wanted to celebrate your success.

Also wanted to share the little known fact that Avocados are a potent source of Glutathione, a known anti-oxidant that is very effective against thwarting the growth of the Morgellons organism. This is why they remain a constant within my daily diet.

Godspeed, brother,
Justin J

12:49:24 PM
Hiya Bill!,

I'm glad I helped! :)
A raw veggie diet is from my understanding a great detoxifying diet. However you can get more nutrients from some vegetables by cooking them, It breaks up the cell walls of the vegetable making more nutrients assorbable. Like lycopene in tomatoes, or calcium in kale for instance. Plus as nicole suggested it helps with the sluggish digestive system. You can eat far more cooked veggies than raw ones so you can get many more nutrients.
In ayureveda theres something called agni or digestive fire. When you eat warming things it stokes the fire.
So they favor warming teas and even cooking fruit inorder to make it more digestable or build the agni. You stoke the fire by adding more heat to it. Raw salads tend to cleanse but not rebuild as much I guess. In macrobiotics raw salads are extremely yin and will balance extreme yang meat or eggs. So in some cases they are okay and perfectly fine. Everything in moderation. Plus raw veggies in winter tend to make somone feel cold if they are in a more northern climate but if they are in a more southern or tropical climate they are great haha! Also seasonality is important more salads in summer haha because they have a cooling effect. I personally eat raw and cooked veggies and include as much variety in my diet as possible.
I think we all fall into the trap of eating the same things over and over again. I think its important to vary the diet as much as possible. Cooked or raw veggies also have an akalizing effect. I think everyone is different and some people do well on different things and different approaches. You can't really go too wrong with vegetables! Wishing you Wellness :)


4:50:40 PM
Congrats Bill! I am so happy for you reaching your 18 month marker. You had a slip but got back on the wagon and that's great. I'm really glad you've told me about the health benefits of the avocado as I love them but thought they were to fattening to eat so often. Now that I'm on a stricter diet I'll include them more. I'll be watching for additional tips from Justin too, as I really need the help. You are a great coach Bill, and I'll be talking to you soon.



10:20:21 AM
Hello Bill,

I am sorry it has taken me this long to respond to your wonderful news. Unfortunately I am busier than ever before.

I can not thank you enough for your post, for I know writing for you does not come easy. Although we talk regularly, I am grateful that you shared your success here for others to see.

I am also grateful for the help you give to others.

Soon we will dance the happy dance together.
(Morgellons free and loving it!)

God Bless, you never gave up HOPE!

Bill M

4:19:05 PM
Hello Everyone,
When I last blogged I mentioned that I was at the 90% mark, and today I feel that I am closer to 95%. I really believe that I would be 100% symptom free if my life for the past few months was not so stressful. Without getting into any specifics, I was suddenly faced with business and financial issues, which put some real stress on my mental, emotional, and physical well being.

As you know stress is not good for the healing process so I used every resource I knew in order to somewhat tone down the stress levels. This included exercising almost every day and meditation during the day and before I went to bed, even if it was for only a few minutes. This has helped me keep on track with my healing journey.

Still doing the protocol and there are two things I would like to suggest. For the NOSE....from what I understand, if you have post nasal drip, then you have the still have the bacteria in your sinuses. I really didn't have much nasal drip so I just didn't address it, even though I purchased a Netti Pot from Amazon 5 months ago. Well....I used it two days ago with MMS and Wow! completely cleared my sinus cavity within one minute and for the next few hours I was draining everything out. I wish I did this sooner since I can breathe much better and the post nasal drip for now, has stopped. I will continue to do this as needed.

SWEATING ....I think this is a must for eradicating this disease from your body. One of the key benefits of sweating is that it clears out the toxins by pushing them out through your skin. There are a number of articles on sweating and here is one that is short and to the point:

TIP: even if you cannot do a physical workout you can still sweat. When you take a bath or shower, close the door so when you are done the bathroom is still warm....this will make you sweat. The other day I was ready to work out but it started to rain, so I got back in my car and drove around in 90 degress weather with with windows up and heater on!! I was real sweaty but after my shower I felt great, especially with less toxins in my body...... :)

Keep up the fight people....and don't give up! Frustration can easily set in, and when it does, reach out and ask for support and use the community forum to relate with others.
Remember: it takes Discipline, Commitment, and........ Patience!

God Bless you all.......Bill M.
Bill M

3:24:25 PM

Good Day Everyone: is the latest update: In my previous post in September I wrote that I felt that I was at the 95% healed mark, and today I think I have moved a couple points closer to the 100% mark. It seems that the mopping up to totally eradicate this disease is taking longer than I had hoped. The last bastion of strength for this bacteria is in the extremities, that is, the feet, hands, scalp, and also my butt.

An example......just when I thought I was done with the feet, suddenly I would feel itching and a couple stings. In the hands and scalp I felt I was free of the itching but suddenly it was back. HOWEVER....... what I did notice that the legs were no longer a problem and then my chest, which for me was my major concern and where I had the toughest battles, was no longer a problem. So, I can only conclude that this bacteria has moved to the extremities. If that indeed is the case then after a few more intensive battles I will finally be victorious.

Lyme disease: if you have noticed in the media (newspapers, TV, internet) there are many more articles now about Lyme disease and how serious this disease can get if not treated. For those of us who know that we have the Lyme bacteria (borrelia) it is a blessing that this is now being reported more frequently. This will force the medical community not to ignore this health epidemic and take the necessary action to address the concerns of thousands of victims who have to live with and battle this dreadful disease. And as you are probably aware, the Lyme disease, if not treated in the early stages can cause co-infectious diseases, like Morgellons.

In conclusion, every week I am feeling a little bit better than the week before and if I stay strong and keep taking the protocol I will be running a marathon in short order.....well maybe a miniature marathon (about a quarter mile run).... :)

I pray for everyone's health and well being, and hope that in time, all of us will be healed........Amen!

Bill M.
Deborah B

1:02:00 PM
Hi Bill,

Thank you so much for this post. It is great to hear how well you are doing. It's such an encouragement to me to read your monthly updates because I also suffer from chronic Lyme while concurrently fighting Morgellons.

I am in my 14th month of the protocol but have always assumed it might take me longer than 18 months due to the Lyme. In your case it sounds like that has proved true.

Hearing how well that you're doing even though you feel it is taking longer than you'd hoped, keeps me hopeful too. I would love to hear more about your progress with Lyme specifically and how the protocol has affected your ongoing battle with that disease. It seems as we learn more and more about this protocol that it may turn out to defeat Lyme disease as well as Morgellons.

Again, thanks for your posts. Prayers for your ongoing recovery,

Deborah B


11:14:25 AM
Hello Bill,

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I congratulate you on this marvelous news. I cannot tell you much happiness it brings to me that you are a few steps away from the finish line. If you ever have the time to go back and read your own posts, I am sure that you too will appreciate the magnificent changes that have been wrought within you.

I am eternally grateful that you chose to become a counselor for the foundation, and the fruits of your labors are already evident in the lives of those you are serving here. Your willingness to give back through your time, your talents and your resources is deeply appreciated.

May God richly bless you for choosing to pay it forward.

I know you never gave up Hope!


8:26:00 PM
To: the "buffalo"

Congrats, brother!!!

9:48:43 AM

Do you think there is hope for someone who has had this for over 6 years and just didn't know, and who has had lesions for 5 years?

I became quite ill about 2 months ago and became alarmed, feeling like I was on the off ramp, and started researching as you did.
Bill M

11:21:37 PM
Hello Marigold,

First of all I would like to welcome you to Mel's web site where you will find a wealth of information which will get you started on your journey to getting healed. So there is the answer to your question... ..yes, you can be healed and enjoy good health again!

It is good for you to know that you don't have to go down the road alone......there is tremendous support from the community, which can include phone support from one of the counselors.

I would personally like to talk with you to find out more about you and where you are right now and where you want to be. If all goes well, then we can get you started in short order.

If you want me to contact you, please email Mel with your phone number, and let him know the best time to call.

God Bless.....and keep the faith, you can be healed!

Bill M.
Bill M

1:11:19 PM
Hello Everyone,
I thought I posted a blog last month with an update on my health but it has been a couple of months, so here is my update:

At this point I thought I would be close to 100% healed, but I still have some symptoms that are letting me know that I am not there yet. Still have issues with my scalp, fingers, right foot, and butt.
Here are some of the symptoms that I had which are now gone or just about going down to defeat in short order.

~ Pimpling on my chest: almost completely cleared up except maybe one or two that will appear after an MMS or Kleen Green bath.

~ pimpling on my legs and groin area: gone.... :)

~ Itching and pimpling on my scalp: since this is the most difficult area to eradicate these pathogens, this gives me the most frustration. When I get the itching then I realize it is time for MMS or Kleen Green bath. And usually the next day I will get the pimpling, usually just one or two.

~ fingers: about 27 months ago when I first was really feeling the effect of Morgellons, I felt a stinging sensation on the 2nd knuckle of my baby finger. The next day I could not bend it, and this lasted for about one month and then I was able to bend it, ever so gradually. And now, 24 months later it is starting to heal at a quicker pace, to the point where when I make a fist, the baby finger will not yet touch the palm of my hand.....but about 90% there. Not sure what caused this but my guess would be biofilm in the knuckle area. I also have this on the 2nd knuckle of two other fingers but not as bad.

~ pathogens in the eyes, ears and nose: gone in both the eyes and ears, but with the nose I am still getting a lot of drainage and post nasal drip. I now use the Netti Pott on a regular basis with MMS or Molecular Silver and they both work great. I do this 2 to 3 times per week, which really cleans the sinuses. If you don’t have a Netti Pot you can get a nasal spray from your local store, empty it out and put in MMS or Molecular Silver.

TIP OF THE DAY: when I first got Morgellons I was doing a journal but stopped doing it after about 2 months because I became overwhelmed with this disease. I really regret that I stopped because a few days ago I looked at my journal from 26 months ago and whoa! ....I was amazed that some of the symptoms I had way back then are not there any longer, and I forgot that those were my first symptoms, until I read my journal. So… Tip of the Day is that everyone keeps a journal which will be an excellent indicator of where you are and how far you have progressed.

Six months ago I started again to note my symptoms and now as I get better I look at where I was and how far I have come. As you slowly defeat this disease and can check off the each symptom that leaves your body, you will feel great, mentally, emotionally and physically!
Perseverance, Patience, and.............Prayer!
Blessings to all,
Bill M.

11:49:58 PM
Dear Marigold


Believe it and start your journey back to health. It just takes time and patience and working Mel's protocol

Strength and Love,
Nancy G

11:52:41 AM
Bill, just wanted to say thanks for keeping in touch with me. Always good to talk to you and keeps me out of the isolation somewhat. So glad you are better and can began to engage in life in more ways and with family, etc.

Marigold, I feel more hopeful now than ever. I had a horrible time with this illness and lesions and not responding well to the protocol for a while. But I stuck it out through grief, fear, terror and sadness and God does intervene and give us strength go keep going. Read all you can here since it is so multifaceted with diet, protocol, environment, etc. It can be overwhelming and even paralyzing but I started a new plan- Do what I can each day within my ability and give the rest to God. Next day, do what I can, give the rest to God. I read a story about a dogsledding race. One team woke up every day rain sleet snow, sun, wind, ice, frigid temps, no matter what the conditions they traveled 20 miles each day then stopped to rest and feed themselves and dogs. Other team pushed through going many more miles each day but after about 3 days of this, they would crash for 2-3 days losing ground. The team with the methodical plan won the race. The other team never crossed the finish line. I like this analogy to our fight because it takes some of the pressure and worry off and hands it over to God.
Bill M

11:15:58 AM
Hello Everyone,

It has been sometime since I posted so I thought I would give you an update on my health and what has been happening in my life. For the past few months I have been preparing for my move from Raleigh, North Carolina to San Diego, California, so from trying to sell my house and everything inside the house, to closing my small business, things have been rather stressful. Official moving date will hopefully be late July, so there is a lot to do before I get in my Jeep and head west.

My health has been improving to the point where I only have mild symptoms on most of my body.......BUT.....because the last battleground to eradicate these pathogens seems to be in the extremities, i.e. the head, feet, and hands, I am still on the protocol and that "Light At The End Of The Tunnel" is getting brighter.

~ head - most of the itching is on back and top of the head and if I push down on the skin it feels like a bruise would feel after a few days. This is the inflammation that is being created by the pathogens. I still get occasional pimpling on the scalp but after a few days it is gone.

~ feet - a few times per week I will feel itching on the topside of the feet. Interesting that it only itches when I am wearing my shoes or sneakers.

~ fingers - are consistent with what feels like arthritis in the joints, and right now it is mostly in the middle finger on both hands . What is interesting is that I have had this in my other fingers but it would be gone after a few weeks, but the middle fingers have been a stronghold for these pathogens. When I awake in the morning I have to rub my fingers under hot water before I can even bend the finger. If I don't do this it will just stay locked and I wouldn't be able to straighten out my finger, which means I would not be able to use the keyboard to type this blog. Curious to know if anyone else has experienced this finger joint pain. I know in talking with Peter, he has the same thing....and the same middle finger!

The good news is that I know that the biofilm is being broken down and the herbs and selected supplements are the terminators taking out the pathogens. Yahoo!!

Even though I have been feeling much better, I am still making an appointment with a local Lyme doctor, who also happens to have the Lyme disease. So I look forward to sharing the results of my testing and their recommendations for treatment.

Patience, courage, discipline, and prayer....... key ingredients for healing.

Blessings to all......
Bill M.
Bill M

7:00:02 PM

Hello Everyone,

I wish I could say that I have beat this disease and that I am symptom free, but the truth is that I still have minor issues with Lyme. I was going to make an appointment with my local Lyme doctor but when I called they said that they were out 5-6 weeks for getting me in their clinic. That was not good for me since I am moving out of state in 3 weeks, so I have found three Lyme doctors in San Diego.

I have done quite a bit of research on Lyme disease so I am going to attend an orientation from each of 3 doctors to make sure that I am comfortable with what each of them recommend for treatment. At that time I will make my choice of a doctor that I feel is the best for me.

The symptoms I have at this time are in my hands, feet and head. I can still function in my daily activities and I feel good, with no fatigue issues. The fingers are probably the biggest issue, especially the middle fingers, and at times it feels like arthritis and can be somewhat painful.

If anyone is looking for a Lyme doctor to get yourself tested, you can google a few sites to locate a doctor in your area.
Here are a couple of sites that I would recommend: ACAM - American College for Advancement in Medicine. You can read more about this organization at or just go to

Another site: ......which is Tick-Borne Disease Alliance

The good news is that Lyme disease is such a health issue across the globe that the medical community can no longer avoid the outcry from those who are suffering. Just today I read four news articles on just how bad this Lyme disease is to individuals and families. So with this increased exposure I believe that we will start to see additional research of this disease, and hopefully a cure.

Blessings to All.....
Bill M.
Bill M.

5:44:09 PM
Hello Everyone,

This last February I decided to leave my home in North Carolina and move out west to San Diego, where most of my family now lives. So two weeks ago, myself and a good friend packed my Chrysler Van and headed west, stopping along the way to see the sights: Nashville, Memphis, Dallas (Cowboys stadium), San Antonio, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Bryce Canyon, and Las Vegas. After 12 days on the road we reached our San Diego destination and I can tell you that it really feels good to again be reunited with my brother and sisters, all the nieces and nephews, and of course my daughter, who lives in L.A.

The trip across the country was a challenge for me since it was much more difficult to take meds and eat good food while traveling. So for the 12 day trip I had to be creative as I could and that included buying good whole foods at the local supermarkets. But even with that, there were times I missed taking my meds and I made too many bad choices for meals. Usually late at night when there wasn't much of a choice for restaurants. This was a concern since I was afraid up slipping up and having symptoms again.

The good news is that I did survive with maybe just a few minor issues: a few itches and a couple of pimples on my chest and arm. But, the most important thing I learned from this whole cross country adventure is that the months of sticking with the protocol and watching my diet has really paid dividends when it comes to my health and well being.

I think at this point I honestly believe that I am pretty much symptom free!! Which means I can now eat some foods which I stayed away from, and that includes some fruits, including my favorite: bananas....... :) I now drink my daily Starbucks coffee, and have an occasional wine and beer......... all in moderation. That is the key word: MODERATION, and please keep in mind that these foods I have introduced ONLY AFTER I got better.

I think it is so important for everyone fighting this disease to know that you have to win the battles before you win the war! But once you do win you will feel fantastic!

Blessings to all.....
Bill M.

6:29:14 PM
Hello Bill

Congratulations on your success in relocating, and “thank you” for continuing to post and share. As you remain active in this community, you bring forth hope and make it evident that others can also get well. For some, returning health has not included remaining here to help others. For this, you are a blessing.

You have become a genuine friend, co- researcher, and spiritual partner to me and I will be forever grateful for you for this. We have shared many ideas about Morgellons, and our work together has become so powerful because we always “focused on the cure.” Now, through you reaching remission and your testimony, we can further tell others just how important this is. The mystery and the miracle of this protocol again become evident through your recovery. So many battles endured….now the victory! God has fulfilled the promise. I am so very happy for you, my friend.

“We also boast in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.” Romans 5:3-5

Bill M

4:08:14 PM
Good Day Everyone,

Well, it has been 3 months since my move to California and this has been a real challenge. The first challenge was the trip across county trying to find healthy foods to eat, especially in smaller towns with just one or two restaurants. So many times instead of going to a restaurant I just purchased healthy foods from the local supermarkets, including Whole Foods, and ate on the run. And so I survived the journey and had very few symptoms...... Yahoo!!

For the past three months the challenge has been to eat as healthy as I can for most of my meals. I have more of a social life here with the family, and in order to make new friends, I have been active with a number of Meetup groups in the area. The biggest challenge has been to stay away from the happy hour finger foods, like the chips, wings, meatballs, tacos, dip, etc. I avoid them like the plague and by just not eating the junk food at all I feel much better and I know that my gut is very thankful.... :) For a drink I may have 1 glass of wine or one beer and thats it. If I do go out to a party or to dinner the secret is before I go out I eat enough healthy food so I won't eat much when I am out. Works every time.... .:)

I finally went to a Lyme doctor and I should have my results from the blood test within a couple of weeks. Interesting that this doctor told me that the blood test is done in Virginia and the cost is $4000!! When I picked myself off the floor the doc informed me that they will take whatever you give them. So since I have Medicare they will accept whatever Medicare pays. I couldn't pass up that opportunity. My next appointment is on December 18th so I will know then if I have Lyme or not.

So right now I am still very healthy, taking the protocol, and working out 3-4 times a week. Sleep is my biggest problem and about 3 times per week I was taking about 1/3 of an Ambien pill and it has worked fairly well. But now I have stopped taking any Ambien because of the numerous side effects, including a possible link to Alzheimers. Need help in this area, so if anyone has any suggestions for getting a good nights sleep, please let me know.

You are all in my prayers and I can let you know that my journey to healing was slow, frustrating, and very depressing at times, but in the end........well worth the trip.

As I have stated over and over, the key ingredients to getting back to good health are: Patience, courage, discipline, and prayer.

Blessings to all.....
Bill M.

11:53:18 PM
Hey Bill

Thanks, Billy, for a very candid and noteworthy post. What a great place to be. Sharing that which is you going about normal life again. Choices, and the role they play in your remaining well. Being surrounded by family. New experiences which continue to prove that you are well. I, for one, celebrate you!

Welcome home, brother,

1:26:48 AM
Hi Bill! So very happy to hear your status which to me sounds like you've made it to the 100% club. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing. As a newer warrior it is really encouraging to hear from those that are all the way healed like Mel and Ellen. I see so many names on the forum over the years but then I dont see any final post of their status, but yet they aren't posting anymore. I want to assume they got completely healed and went on about their lives. And I don't blame them one bit. But, it sure means a lot, A LOT, to me that you took the time to come back here and post your status. So, thank you and I keep you in my prayers. And, welcome to California from a native. I hope you are getting to love this state as much as I do. I'm sure it feels wonderful to be back with your family. I plan to visit North Carolina when I'm well because after my son's state project on it, we all decided it looks like a beautiful state that we must visit.
For sleep I've heard magnesium deficits can contribute and that Epsom salts baths help especially with lavender scent. And Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that works great on insomnia.
Warm regards, Mary

7:13:24 PM
Hello Bill

Hey brother. I wanted to follow up on Mary's post where she gave good suggestions on how to improve sleep. I want to share that several people that I have worked with have found noticeable sleep improvement upon adding the Logos "sleep advance."

Bill M

4:56:04 PM
Hello Everyone,

Well on December 18th I get my results back from the Lyme doctor as to whether or not I have the Lyme disease. Three years ago I had a blood test and the results came back positive, but as the doctor explained to me at that time that the results showed just a small measure of Lyme, so he did not treat me with an antibiotic.
About 6 months ago I had another blood test done at the VA Hospital and the results were negative but they only took one vial of blood. For this last test they took six vials of blood so this will probably let me know for sure where I am at with Lyme.

MARY .....thanks for your congrats post. Yes, I feel that I am in the 100% club and as I look back it was one heck of a journey: the first few months were really tough, but as time went on and my health started to improve it became easier, even though I had to adjust my lifestyle. I learned so much about eating the correct foods and eating in moderation and drinking in moderation. So now I can drink a couple bottles of beer or a couple glasses of wine when I go out socializing.

Regarding getting a good night sleep: At one time I use to meditate in order to get a good nights sleep, and it worked. But as time went on I got away from it and now I am having a tough time getting a good nights sleep. So I have decided to again do meditation every night just before going to bed and I believe this again will work for me. And, I also have to get in the habit of turning off the TV or the computer at least one hour before I go to bed. I just read where the computer and TV give off a blue light which stimulates the brain and this could be one of the reasons why I am again struggling to get to sleep. So it is wise to turn off the TV and computer one hour before going to bed.

PETER .....I forgot about Logos Sleep Advance and the real good news is that when I was taking inventory the other day I found an unopened bottle, so now I will give it a try. Thanks bud.
Bill M

2:09:03 AM
Good Day Everyone:

HEALTH UPDATE: It has been quite some time since I posted so I thought I would give you an update on my health. For the many of you that do not know me, I started on Mel's protocol in December of 2011, and after 34 months I was symptom free. It took me longer since during my healing I would convince myself that I could now start eating regular foods and have dessert, or maybe even have a beer or two. Well, the results of that mindless decision was an extended recovery time. LESSON: don't do what I did and stay with the protocol and diet.

HEALING: Let's face it, when taking the protocol and changing our diet and lifestyle, doesn't it seem like it will never end because our world was turned upside down. I dreaded those first few months but I did survive, and I think for all of us who have reached the 100% goal, when we look back it was difficult to go through but in the end for whatever reason, at least for me, it seems so long ago. And we must remember that for the rest of our lives we now know how to eat healthy, and to eat and drink in moderation.

FOOD: My BREAKFAST is 2 eggs (cage free), Traders Joes gluten free oatmeal ( w/ 2 tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, and a large table spoon of Greek yogurt), 2 slices of Spelt bread (no butter, I use coconut oil), and almond or coconut milk. I skip LUNCH, but I will munch on natural almonds during the afternoon hours. The almonds are very good for you and are very filling. For DINNAR I will have a salad of baby spinich, red bell peppers, red onion, or radishes, parsley, and definitely lots of cilantro. I may also eat a sweet potato, organic brown rice, or quinoa. If I eat meat it will be a cage free chicken, usually from Whole Foods since most supermarkets do not offer cage free chickens. For all the veggies I try to buy organic as much as possible. Keep in mind that you don't have to buy organic any vegetable or fruit that has a "shell"......avacados, oranges, bananas, onions, etc.
If I don't have an avacado or banana for breakfast or dinner then I may have either one as an afternoon snack.
Please note that I don't always stick to this every single day, so I try to be creative for some meals and try different veggies or fruits. Or some day if I don't want to prepare a meal, I may go to my local Whole Foods market and eat their prepared foods, which are very good and they offer a vast selection of organic items. Whole Foods can be expensive but if you just eat the prepared veggies you can fill yourself for between 6 to 8 dollars.

LYME DISEASE: I wrote previously that I was supposed to be tested for Lyme in December but the doctor had to cancel on me a couple of times, but this last month I was finally tested and the results came back positive. I do not have chronic Lyme so I just go on with my life but I keep myself aware of any symptoms, and for me the symptoms could be pimpling on my chest, itching on my scalp and my butt.
Right now my immune system is very healthy, thanks to the protocol and my diet, so I have been able to cut back on some of the supplements and have added other herbs which seem to work very well.

LIFESTYLE: From the very begining when I first found out that I had Morgellons I told myself that I would NEVER, NEVER, let this insidious bateria take me down. I was determined to put up a fight and I knew in my mind that I was going to win!
As of last month I reached my 70th year on this earth and yes, as far I am concerned I won the fight against Morgellons and Lyme.
So now I move on with my journey in this world: today I went with some friends and rode my motorcyle in the mountains. I ride my bicycle 4 times a week (high intensity interval training), and I also do strength training. I have a good social life and go dancing at least twice a week (just learning the West Coast Swing).
Through my church I am involved in a number of different volunteer projects within our community, and the feeling of giving back,I think, is part of the healing process. It is so rewarding for the mind and soul.
If you think young, you can stay young, in mind and body. And now I begin the second half of my life...... LOL

Please remember that if you keep the faith, and fight the fight, you may lose some battles but in the end you will win the war......and that's a good thing...... :)

Blessings to all of you,
Bill M.

10:02:01 AM
Hello Bill,

Welcome as always and THANK YOU!

It makes me proud and happy that even though you are well again, you are still willing to give back to others by posting your progress. So many have promised in the past that they would pay it forward when they were very ill and and yet forgot, once they regained their health.

It has always been my hope that those who got well would at some time come back and post to help create hope for others. This does not happen often enough.

So thank you very much. You are a great warrior!

God bless: you never gave up hope!!!


5:15:05 PM
Hello Bill

Thanks for the update, and congratulations!

You already know how very happy it makes me to know that things are going so well for you. I will always treasure the special moments we have shared these last 3 years. We learned so much together. I will always consider you my brother, and everyone here is blessed that you remain such a special friend to this community.

Victory is yours. There was never a doubt. Thanks are given to our heavenly father for fulfilling the promise. God is always on time. Love you, buddy!

Deborah B.

1:34:44 AM
This is so awesome to hear Bill! I was wondering how you were doing and am thrilled to hear that you are feeling so well and enjoying life to the fullest.

Your story is an encouragement to all of us!

Many blessings,

Deborah B.
Bill M

7:29:28 PM
Good Day Everyone,

Well, some good news about research: a bill that would prioritize federal research on Lyme AND RELATED ILLNESSES, cleared an important hurdle in Congress last month, and may reach the Presidents desk by the end of the year. Why this takes so long is puzzling but it is a step in the right direction. I think lawmakers felt pressured from their constituents to move on this bill, and with more news in the media about profile people coming down with Morgellons and/or Lyme disease.

I have previously mentioned that changing my diet was the best thing that happened to me. Had I not come down with Morgellons - Lyme disease, I know I would still be eating what I thought was the good stuff.

A few nights ago I went to my sisters house for a get together and a number of guests bought dishes to share. Talk about junk food!.....which in the past I would consider good healthy food........chips, salsa, chicken wings, hamburgers, potatoes, beans, etc, etc. Because I didn't eat beforehand, I did partake of some of the offerings. BAD decision....the next day I was lethargic, not feeling well, heavy fatigue, itching in my feet and hands. I went right back to my healthy foods and back to feeling great. It takes discipline but it is worth it because when you eat feel right.

Keep up the fight people....and you will be rewarded. In August it will be four years when I first started having symptoms and when I look back now, yes, it was tough going for the first two years but I wasn't going to let some bacteria get the best of me. That's when I became a warrior......and fought to the finish. Fight like hell to win the battles and in time you win the war!

Prayer, discipline, and toughness!!!!!!!

Blessings to all,
Bill M

7:09:26 PM

I always love your posts and the way you continue to tread on! I did sign that petition and got some international students to also sign it.

There definitely needs to be more research on Lymes, not to mention MD, but they don't mention it!!

Thank you for your post, I am so glad to hear all is improvong on your front!

2:44:13 PM
Hi Bill,
Talked to Mel yesterday and he suggested I talk to you about Lyme disease. He indicated you have great doctor in So Cal and maybe that doctor can suggest a good Lyme doctor in Houston / Clear Lake area. If you can get my email from Mel then we set up some time to chat. Appreciate any insight and help you can provide.
Thank you

10:46:06 PM
Perfect post, Bill! "I wasn't going to let some bacteria get the best of me"
"That's when I became a warrior"
Beautiful words!


2:26:12 AM
Hi Bill,

I would love to get a referral for your Lyme Dr. in So Cal. I am in Los Angeles.

I have recently decided I am going to begin searching for Dr.s to do this with me and help me with testing - while I continue my protocol.

Please call me or email me.

Bill M

9:10:54 PM
Hi Shari and Nan,

In July of 2014, I posted his information for those who are looking for a Lyme doctor:

If anyone is looking for a Lyme doctor to get yourself tested, you should be able to find a doctor in your area on Google. In addition to Google I would also suggest going to this web site for Integrative Medicine doctors: ….ACAM -American College for Advancement in Medicine.
Here is a good article from Natural News which explains just what ACAM is and how they differ from “Main Street Medicine”…….

When you locate the Lyme doctors in your area I would check out their web site and their credentials and then give them a call.
I would suggest calling at least 2 or 3 in your area and if ask if you can talk with the doctor, which you may or may not be able to do. If you can talk with the doctor, have your questions ready because you will have only a few minutes to talk with them, and the key question is how they can help you get back to good health. If you cannot talk with the doctor get as much information as you can from the office staff. Because of the spread of Lyme disease there are more doctors treating patients but I would recommend going with a doctor that specializes in Lyme disease.

I hope this information is beneficial to you, and a bit of encouragement for those of us who have Morgellons or Lyme disease, is that because of the rapid spread of these diseases that right now there is much more research taking place…..…worldwide. I am confident that one day there will be a cure that will make it much easier to eradicate these diseases from our body.

Blessings to all……
Bill M.

2:18:59 AM
Hi Bill,

Thank you. I have taken a look at that site, however, since we are in the same area, I was wondering if you could possibly get in touch with me so I can set up an appointment with your actual Lyme Dr.?

I heard you have just had surgery on your shoulder. I am sorry, I am sure its beating the poop out of you temporarily!

I am sending you well wishes and praying for a quick recovery! God IS good!!

Thank you kindly.

11:41:14 PM
I heard you on conference call say you had to get specialist to get rid of certain mites. Id really like to chat with you about that I'm trying to figure out if I have a separate issue or if it's just more Morgellons critter I am seeing on my clothes