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John Burgstiner **

3:54:30 PM

Yesterday I made a special offer to the Morgellons Community on Mr. Common Sense's excellent blog:

Morgellons A Mundane Approach

I have immense respect for Mr. Common Sense, a recovered Morgellons patient who, like our beloved Mel and many of you, has refused to yield responsibility for his health and his future to a medical community that largely chooses to minimize or deny outright your very real suffering (no offense intended to Dr's Zamboni, Kolb, Stanninger, Withington, Wymore, Mary Letaio and others who have taken this condition seriously and offered their time, talents and resources to its treatment). I have been following his determined and intelligent pursuit of real answers to this ominous threat for some time now.

I knew that we held similar views of what Morgellons is and how to "treat it", but the depth of his understanding of human physiology became clear when he revealed his "Poor Man's Protocol" a few days ago. When Mr. Common Sense presented his long awaited protocol on his blog, he graciously and independently (without remuneration or inducement) offered up the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol as an established alternative. Naturally, I extolled his efforts, and offered up my thoughts on his protocol and how it compares to the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol (to read my comments, click on his blog link above).

As many of you know, Logos Nutritionals has long offered a 20% online discount for full Burgstiner Wellness Protocol orders. We have done this to promote the use of the full protocol in order to maximize the health benefits received by our customers. In other words, our products work best when they work together. We believe that the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol along with our Ubinol CoQ10 for mitochondrial support is the proper foundation that is needed to restore the human bioterrain and promote normal physiology at the cellular level.

Having served the Morgellons Community for some time now, I am familiar with the financial challenges that accompany the horrifying physical and emotional trauma and isolation that is being endured. We want to do all we can to reach out and encourage each of you with truth, love and incredible nutritional support.

Therefore, I extend to you and the entire Morgellons Community the same offer that I extended to Mr. Common Sense's readers, which is that in addition to the 20% discount on full Burgstiner Wellness Protocol orders (all six BWP products for $119.99), Logos will add a bottle of Ubinol CoQ10 ($38.99 Retail Value) at no charge to your online order. Just add the words "Poor Man's Protocol" to the message box in the shopping cart.

Some of you have expressed concern about taking the pharmaceuticals in Mel's current protocol, and Mel has been working toward weaning himself from all drugs for some time now. As he has embraced more and more of the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol, his strength, vitality and confidence to claim and own his complete recovery has grown.

Mel has always taken fish oil (a good source of omega three fats), and considered it so foundational to health that he didn't even think to include it in his protocol. However, as we discussed removing the drugs from his personal regimen, I shared with him how our Essential Omegas and Essential Digestion target inflammation and how easily they can replace the Limbrel in his protocol while adding a host of additional benefits. from enhancing digestion to boosting heart and brain health. These are being added to Mel's personal regimen and to his recommended protocol.

Mel is not yet comfortable with removing the Bactrim from his protocol, especially for Morgellons patients with full blown multiple infections. Furthermore, certain individuals may require additional support depending on their specific challenges. For example, some may need to do a parasite cleanse, candida cleanse, or a heavy metal detox program. Some may need whey protein and glutamine to help rebuild the integrity of the gut. Other natural antimicrobials and/or antifungals may also be used to break the vicious cycle of reinfection that is associated with Morgellons.

One thing is obvious. Mel Friedman and Mr. Common Sense have a lot in common. They have both been around the block, tried a lot of remedies; the good, the bad and the ugly. They both have uncommon courage and persistence, and a passionate desire to make this world a better place. They have both been freed from the scourge of Morgellons by restoring normal physiology to their bodies. And, they both hold in very high regard the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol.

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