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The Testimonials Page is a microcosm (cliff notes version) of our site. It has been created to bring forth the most important information (knowledge) found here and share stories of encouragement and progress from those within our community.

It is with immense gratitude and great pleasure that we dedicate this testimonial page to our devoted friend and webmaster, John Waiveris of Invisible Gold.

This could never have been accomplished without his unselfish willingness to help others. I could have never gotten this far along with the web site without the endless hours of his generosity.

I will always be grateful for all he has done for all of you.

God bless you John,


This website has grown so large that in order to see the transforming impact that our protocol is having in the lives of Morgellons sufferers and their families, one must now wade through a massive volume of information.

Therefore, we decided to create a special place that is dedicated to sharing medical updates, progress reports, and encouraging stories from those who are having their health restored. The posts shown here are unsolicited and unedited, and are taken from our own forum. They appear in order of their historical appearance.

The person who invests an hour or two to review this collection of posts will notice an emerging pattern of transformation here. Many arrive here in a condition of hopelessness and despair, often isolated and estranged even from their loved ones. They find here a place of safety and compassion, a place of learning and inspiration, a place of encouragement and admonition to "First Do No Harm".

They devour the information available here and begin the process of improving their daily choices as they take back responsibility for their health. They begin to first stabilize, then to improve their health to a place where they are functional and productive again.

Their Hope restored, and "having their life back again", they begin the process of identifying what specific challenges remain and they may venture off to explore new interests or opportunities.

One thing should be perfectly clear from those who have reported improvement; they have all consistently stated that they have diligently stayed on the entire protocol.

The first three posts are without a doubt the longest, but they contain vital information that will give you a better understanding of how and why the protocol works and what one can expect when you have your herxheimer (detox) reaction.

You will find that the reading pace quickens thereafter. Each post or thread of posts is separated by a horizontal line. Sometimes threads were included to capture an original thought or train of thought in its entirety.

This testimonial page will be updated regularly. Anyone wishing to share encouragement and Hope may submit their story via email to:

The Canaanite Woman


9:37:04 AM

Hi everyone,

Well I dearly wish you all good health in 2017!

For myself I'm so grateful I listened to Mel about MMS as there's no way in a million years I would have taken it otherwise.
It definitely does help, I use it every day im taking 9 drops, daily in two doses though I take a little food alongside as I was dizzy if I didn't and it's a fine balancing act.

I have been taking mms now since Summer time and I feel it work on my scalp it tightens the skin as if killing of something.

I still have black specks and bite sensations, Bartonella scratches appear all over, burning sensations on leg or feet, painful bones and inflammation at times.
Some days worse than others, heat makes it worse also if I get wet or damp, well then the black specks all come itching out..

Not good when live in a damp cold country!
However,it has improved thank god thanks to mms! :-)

My dog still bites at herself at times and scratches, but she mirrors me, so isn't as bad either.

I speak to Marie on here nearly every week and I'm so happy Ruth gave me her number.

If it wasn't for this website we would never have spoken!!:-)
Despite our age difference we can talk for hours!!
Age means nothing, it's the spirit and personality that counts.
It's great to be able to talk with someone who understands you and you understand them about Morgellons and how it is distressing and things we react to or struggle with.
But we also talk about other things, about things we like, about wonderful experiences we have had, connections, good things.
As Marie is a storyteller she takes me to order places with her evocative stories, with her words, she makes me laugh out loud or think of times long gone.. We care about each other and she is my friend now, even though we will never meet in person no matter!
And it's lovely to chat away, it's company.

Especially since I still feel unsafe being around people, though it's better than it was.
But because it has flared up three times now I'm very very wary being around people.

I saw a video with the lovely Joni Mitchell and the guy said, " is it true you are a recluse? "

To which she stated, " people don't understand, "

But fellow Morgellons sufferers know only too well exactly why she has kept to herself.

Yet I saw a strength in her face, a nobility, I was really strung out and stressed with Morgellons symptoms that day and so I sought out this video of Joni to see if she looked like she was coping..

Well she was..she was still strong, despite the fight she has endured.

It's important to see that, to hear it and to see it in ourselves.

To see that all strength is not lost and that we are still here in ESSENSE even if we lost some parts of ourselves along the way.

We will never be the same person again, but we have learned so many things..

We live very simple lives and take nothing for granted.

Health we realise is the most wonderful thing we can have. Our values change overnight. Often it's about survival nothing else.

In some ways it's good to cut the wheat from the chaffe,and not fret over material things or things that are superficial and do not matter. Is this a spiritual lesson? I guess everything is really.

I don't hear from Fiona since she moved, but last I heard was she was doing very well on the protocol and wanted to move forward!
So I still think of her and wish her well.
I think she will be doing very well as she was healing well :-)

God bless everyone here x

Amy B

12:09:18 AM

Hello friends!

It has been awhile since I posted – and I feel like every time I post, I am apologizing for not posting enough. But I also feel like this community is so understanding of everyone and how we are all so different that y’all don’t need me to apologize.

With this disease, I am becoming healthier both physically AND mentally. :) Letting go of fear was something I had to really work on – and I am also working on not feeling so guilty and “less than” all the time.

So even though I am not a frequent poster or able to attend the calls in person – please know how much this community means to all of us. I read the forum all the time and listen to the conference calls weekly - thank you – that is awesome they are recorded!!!!

And even though you don’t know me, I feel like I know so many of you thru the calls. Thank you for that,by sharing your stories and your life, I can’t tell you how many times you have touched my heart and I feel your love. This truly is an amazing place!

I wish I could do more to give back to the community, but as a single mom who works full time and tries to keep up with kids – I am learning to do what I can and “let go and let God” for the rest!!

So for today, I will just say THANK YOU to everyone for being the amazing folks you are. I give to Mel’s go fund me when I can…I wish it were more, but like others have said, every little bit helps. And I send you all my love and prayers every day.

I first spoke with Mel and John B last October and am in my 13th month on the protocol. Soooooo much has happened this year, both good and bad….sometimes I can’t even believe it all – but the message I want you all to know is that because of you – I am still “warrioring” on. Before finding this community, fear controlled me – but not anymore, because of you, I know I am not alone. I am doing so, so much better than when I started….I have also been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme, so I think my journey is taking longer than some – but that is OK. Glory to God that I am getting better and I understand it is on his time, not mine. :)

Please know – that you are touching the lives of more people than you even realize. I love you all!

Amy B*
*I am adding the B to my name, because there has been another Amy who has joined and posted since my original post. :)


8:29:24 AM


I'm into my third month now! The regimen has begun to feel fully integrated, normal even. That feeling of "doing lots of extra things" has passed. Right now, my symptoms are:

Scalp itching
Occasional face activity
Daily fatigue

Two major wins this month! No more intestinal purging (plaque?) and no more skin irritation aside from the scalp. For a person with Ulcerative Colitis to stop purging intestinal nonsense--something good is happening. I have no doubt my ability to absorb nutrients has dramatically increased.

This journey has brought about both challenging and victorious days. If you run into a tough day, take a nap or go to bed early. It's the best way to get through it!

Stay the course, pray for strength, and give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life.

Best to you and yours,



10:53:01 PM

Hi all,

I've been MIA working on my life because I've been relatively more or less pretty ok.

My underlying health issues of Lyme and co-infections are always very considerable issues that I can resolve to an extent but never completely not yet.

The depths of awful toxic symptoms of M are at bay from the protocol. Still needing the maintenance dose of MMS.

I'm on the verge of moving again as it's the second time in Brooklyn that I've encountered mold!

I have to reiterate, if your environment is a problem, get out of it!
I moved three months ago and am doing it again, because no apt is worth sacrificing your health.

It's just a place you sleep, and sit... you can sleep and sit somewhere else!

I'm beginning grad school in an effort to increase marketability, decrease stress, increase income and to get on track with a fulfilling career : )

Super broke at the moment, but toward the eventual greater good.

Just wanna check in, and thank Mel again for saving my life ;)
All things considered at the moment, still feeling pretty good <3

Sending love and positivity <3


3:53:21 PM

Hi everyone

I forgot to say some stuff in my last post about what a wonderful company Logos is.
First I want to thank Glenn (shipping manager) for helping to resolve some questions I had regarding ordering. He was responsive, kind and professional what more could I ask!

Second, I could not believe the quality for the relatively small price. My husband and I have been taking many of the basic protocol stuff for years. As an example, we pay $25 for a bottle of Olive Leaf Extract. We take multi vitamins, probiotics are usually $50, we take fish oil, we take b and d vitamins, we buy kelp and copper separate, we take enzymes... I could go on and on. All of these items were previously purchased at our local health food store.

I got all this and much much more for about $150. It's all in there. That's for the basic kit and the extension kit.


That is all I have to say. Don't go elsewhere and try and piecemeal your own protocol. You'll pay much more and anyway why would you want to WHEN THIS ONE WORKS.

Do everything you can you get it. I know many struggle financially. I have nothing but understanding there as I do too.

I'm on a fixed income due to my disability and have just had a great expense due to loosing my mother in May. But I realized that my life was in grave danger if I did not put fighting this disease on the very very top of my to do list.

That's where it must stay from now on.

Most of the time, I look a mess. I don't care about hair, clothes, nails, makeup, jewelry a social life or anything else at the moment.
Any money or energy I may have spent on these things now goes into affording Mel's Protocol.

Everything else that's not absolutely necessary can wait for me.

Lots of love



3:22:13 PM

Hi everyone,

Well I'm back to report that I have successfully completed my first month on Mel's Protocol. Yesterday I began my seconds month along with the extension kit and the MMS.

Was I scared to do MMS the first time? YES!!! Did I down that stuff like a champ? BIG YES!!! I figured that if all of you can do it, being the Warriors that you are, then I can surely do it too!

MMS tastes bad, but I've most definitely tasted many pharmaceuticals that are much worse. So we just have to put mind over matter and get the job done.

I'm noticing subtle positive changes to the way I feel. My body has done a great deal of purging this month. Every day I take long soaks in the tub, recently things (MD, bio-film) is just sloughing off of my entire body en mass.

I feels so good to get things out and I'm noticing less and less pain the more things leave. My fatigue has greatly improved since being on the protocol even though I'm still careful not to overdo things. I used to sleep all day, now I don't.

I no longer have to change my bedding every single night. I can do it every two or three days without being kept up all night from stinging and biting.

I am sleeping through the night and able to wake up at 7 am feeling refreshed. That's huge because I was a pretty sad sick little puppy not too long ago. I slept all day.

Now I don't want to paint a picture here that's all puppy dogs and rainbows. I'm still struggling in several areas. I've slipped on my diet a few times. I won't elaborate but overall i would say I'm about 80% on the diet. I strive daily to do better.

I'm also struggling with my environment reinfecting me. Every time I handle my dogs or get in my car I'm itching again. I've ordered Revolution for the dogs and I also give them MMS and MSM. Surely things have to get better there. One evening, I took them outside and was totally swarmed and attached by some sort of flying insect. Some sort of gnat. It sook me two days to fully extract them all from my pores.

Overall however I can tell you that I am in good spirits. I'm trusting God for a full cure. He has His hand on all of our lives and I know he's not finished with me yet.

I'd also like to say that I have enjoyed participating live in a couple of conference calls.

I ADORE MEL's INFECTIOUS LAUGH. That's the only infection we really need around here.

I will be posting here from time to time to keep a running commentary for myself and anyone else who may be interested.

I hope to see everyone on the other side of this affliction.

Lots of love



7:15:38 PM

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your response. I am so happy that you are able to be affectionate with your family an also that you don't need to buy kleen green anymore. It is very expensive.

I have one more issue that I hope you can help me with.

Did you make any one around you itch and/or cough when you were in the early part of your recovery? If so, did that stop and how far along on the recovery were you when that happened. It stresses me to no end when I see people around me affected and I can't wait for the day that it stops happening.

Thank you again for all of your help.


12:17:54 AM

Hi Paul,

I'm glad my posts are helpful to you! I haven't noticed anything getting worse since ending the use of KG in wash or spraying in my shoes. And, yes, my husband and I are back in same bed and no problems. Same with my son when my hubby is on biz trips, I let the lil' guy stay in my bed. So, that part is all wonderful. Glad to hear you are staying strong and with the program!
Peace of Christ be with you and your family!

10:46:49 PM

Hi Mary,
I am so happy to hear about how well you are doing. It gives me great hope that I too will be there soon. Have you noticed any difference since you stopped using the kleen green? I still use it for all laundry and cleaning around the house but it is quite expensive. I believe in one of your earlier posts you mentioned that you were moving back to the room with your husband. How has that gone? I would like to move back in to our bedroom with my wife but I am waiting until I get a little further along. Please keep posting. I always find comport and useful information in your posts.


2:42:28 AM

Greetings All! I am amazed that I missed my May posting altogether. It has been so busy. As a working mom, I am so busy with my own business, both direct client contact and then all the administrative stuff like returning calls/emails, billing, etc. Plus I find that I really need to stay on top of my son’s school work and make sure he is studying and preparing projects. It has never been so busy in my life. But, I love it for the most part. Summer is almost here and I’m looking forward to sleeping in a little and not having to get up to get him ready and off to school, packing lunches and making breakfasts. No morning review sessions of algebraic formulas and functions of the human anatomy nor medieval and renaissance history. Oy veh!

Well, as for my MD, it is still here. I have just reached the 2nd anniversary of when I first realized I had it. I recall it being in June 2014. Started the protocol as I’ve mentioned in other posts in August. So, this is quite the journey. 18 months is gone by the wayside. I do have a whole complete life, though. I have the crawling, some days so minimal I consider it none. But other days more. More when I drink too much coffee, such as ½ cup is too much. ¼ cup seems to be ok. I don’t really have any more crawling when I have fruit, even watermelon and pineapple and not when I have red potatoes with EVOO, lots of garlic and rosemary. I have the sugar free ketchup from the health food store and lots of hot sauce like Chalula. Also no problem with yoghurt, goat or cow’s milk, but plain not flavored. So, I can make my tzatziki (cucumber garlic dip) for lamb and beanitos or veggies. So, maybe I’m slowing my healing down, but I don’t know. If it doesn’t cause any crawling increase, I figure it is okay. I think that’s the way we are supposed to gauge it.

I’m so happy to watch all the new developments here. I’m not a phone person and am much more a writer, so, I don’t call in. Life is also so busy to find the time for calls. But, if I need to, I’m glad to know it’s available. I think it will be great for the newer folks, too. I definitely would have been calling a lot if I had this back in 2014. And, I don’t even know anything about skyping so, I think technology is now surpassing me. That’s great that you are keeping up with the times, Mel. I’m sure I’ll have to learn more of it as my son gets older if I want to stay in close connection with him. I’m glad it works for so many people here and that it is really getting user friendly with all the options of how to connect. Mel you are continuing to do a phenomenal job running this site. Peter, you continue to be amazing also with all your caring and informative posts. Lady T (could you be the Theresa of old? Or Tee?) I’m so curious now. But, lady, you have a lot to share, and it is certainly fascinating. You have amazing energy. You’ve got to be in the natural healing arts because you seem to know so much!

I personally do not have the energy (not low on energy due to MD just don’t have the motivation currently) to try more supplements than those on Mel’s protocol. So, when I’m 100% it will be because of only the protocol and nada else.

One newer advancement is that I no longer have been using Kleen Green in wash or anywhere. I use a ½ c of Borax and the Arm n Hammer detergent and softner that is biodegradable. I wash all my delicate clothing that require cold water wash in the washing machine with just the detergent and softner and then hang dry. So, I’m looking more "stylish" again with a wide range of clothing. I also had my hair dyed to get rid of the grey, twice now and all is well. Nothing at all happened unusual. My stylist that I’ve had for many years is using gluten free dye product.

So, I'm still fighting for full recovery. Peter's inspirational accomplishment of this after so long is really great for morale. I'll keep at it too. I'm not giving up either!

My prayers for all of us with MD continue and may God Bless all of us, everyone.

Cured Over 90%


9:06:38 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,




5:06:37 AM

That's wonderful news Ruth!!!

Thanks for sharing that with us.

It will no doubt keep us all going!

I can't wait to be writing the same thing.

I hope you are enjoying life once again.

5:07:50 PM

Dear Ruth,

I couldn't be more happy for you! It's such a wonderful feeling NOT to be feeling symptoms all the time, isn't it?

Only recently, while I was talking with someone at work, I realized that I was actually completely focusing on our conversation and not on symptoms I use to feel, or the fact that I have this disease that I can't tell this person about.

oday while I was at the grocery store, I was thinking how even if I could eat some of the things I use to buy (like Peanut M&M's...yum!), I wouldn't, because I so enjoy putting only good food into my body now.

If we all just stay the course, and share our information, (like you have done so generously), we will ALL beat this thing!

Congratulations and much love,


12:58:17 AM

Dear Ruth

I am thrilled to read your post. Congratulations! Although you may still have some challenges ahead, the worst is surely behind you now. Stay disciplined and continue to do what has proven to work for you. And thank you for your many contributions to this community!

I never doubted that you would succeed.


12:03:55 AM

Dearest Ruth,

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you! You showed that slow and steady spirit with your quiet and mild spirit. 1Peter 3:4 Wow soon we'll have a thread "I want to be well like Ruth" ahha it's such a great news! I'm loving it.


5:31:55 AM

Hi everyone,

Mel has asked that I put a post here and I am very happy to say that I feel I am in the 90% better category now.

The symptoms I have now are what I consider to be a tenth of what I have experienced at its worst. Some days I have no symptoms at all and other days see a few fibres and little cuts come and go. I no longer have any scratch marks or bruises and at the moment am rash and pimple free!

I'm currently in the middle of my second month cycle on Immune Pulse and had a wobbly moment a couple of weeks ago when I had two days of increased fibres. Reassurance from Mel that it is the Immune Pulse doing its work was very helpful. It shows that I've still got further to go but so far that is the only difference in symptoms I've had whilst taking it. I'm just starting my eleventh month on the protocol.

A big thank you to Mel, John and Peter for being here, for your support, help, advice and encouragement. Also thank you to everyone on the forum and conference calls, past and present as you have all been a huge help to me, passing on information, wisdom, humour and helping me keep on track.


3:14:26 PM

Hi Deborah

I appreciate your thanks and I am glad you responded for others to see that it was helpful. By sharing that your symptoms have reversed, you further assure others that our conclusions about the nature of returning symptoms are correct. Happy for you! You are closing in on the finish line.

Godspeed indeed!
Deborah W.

1:18:15 PM

Thank you for explaining that Peter. I really appreciate it. The rash is now gone to my shoulder and the other has subsided. Gods speed!

2:24:30 AM

Hello Deborah

In looking back at my journals, I can see where unexpected breakouts of pimpling and rashes returned to places that my body had maintained symptom free. This happened in a 5 month cycle. In other words, it seems that twice each year the disease makes a bold attempt to disseminate or go system wide again. It is just another cycle that occurs. Try not to be alarmed. Instead, try to ignore it.

The two or three times this has occurred, the symptoms localized around one knee, one ankle, and one bicep and reversed out within a few days. In other words, symptoms re-arrived quickly and then subsided quickly.

The key is to not worry. Worry will flood your system with cortisol which will then lengthen the time that symptoms remain. Trust in your immune response. This is representative of deeper detoxing and must take place to reach greater remission. Have no fear.

Strength and Love,

Deborah W.

1:42:23 PM

I was about 95% healed but in the past few weeks seem to be going a few steps backwards, still following the protocol, my hair and ears are a real problem right now and a rash where I was healed is now breaking out on my right shoulder. I have been adding tea tree oil to my conditioner and silver drops in ears but not progressing forward. Is this like "Custers last stand" or may I be doing something wrong? Does anyone have any advice?

1:05:31 PM

Hello Everyone,

I have not posted in a while but as Deborah mentioned, when I feel good, I am able to do so much more with my days. Last fall and winter I stayed home most of the time and spent many hours online, reading and researching. In trying to get my life back, I like to pretend I do not have this disease. I do read every single post on this site and today want to let others know how well I am doing.

In the beginning when I read the 90% cured posts, I didn't know what that meant. I can say now that I really don't have any symptoms when I keep to the protocol and diet all the time. When I am away from home more, I sometimes eat foods off the plan and sometimes forget to take supplements with me. It is then that I notice an increase in itching. Other than that, I have to remind myself that I have this disease. Some things that have helped me and continue to help:

DIET - I drink Every Day Detox tea or Red Rooibus Tea in the morning with an egg and Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel makes English muffins and wraps also. There is no flour in their products and they are high in protein. Other mornings, I have Ezekiel cereal with unsweetened coconut, cinnamon, flax and chia seeds and use almond coconut milk that is unsweetened. I now eat berries and green apples, but didn't in the beginning.
For lunch I eat lots of vegetables and try to have one big salad a day with at least 5 different vegetables. I might add some chicken, almonds, or egg.
For dinner I make a lot of veggie burgers by throwing lots of stuff into my food processor, cooking them and freezing for later. I have fish or grass-fed beef maybe once a week. I eat other vegetables in season, and if I have a grain, it is quinoa or brown rice pasta. I use a lot of herbs and spices like cayenne, cumin, coriander, parsley, basil, and curry powder.

I only use Stevia for sweetener. I put lemon or lime in my filtered water,
I snack on sunflower seeds and almonds. My favorite snack is guacamole with a chip called Beanitos made from black or pinto beans.

It is not always easy but if I plan ahead and bring my food with me, I can stay on the necessary foods. I do not feel deprived, and people around me have changed some of their habits by my example.

I need to make sure to get enough rest and days I do too much, I pay a price. It was this time last year that I was bitten by something, so I am very cautious outside this summer. If I spend time in my yard, I wash my clothes immediately and shower when I come inside.
I still do not know what caused my infestation, but my home is much more clean and decluttered so that I feel much safer.

I try to see the blessings in my journey and maybe the best thing is an increased awareness of how fragile we all are and how to count our blessings every day.
One of my favorite quotes is from Thomas Merton, 'This day will never come again.'
I am blessed to have a wonderful family, a great job, many friends and should never take those things for granted.

I am planning to continue the complete protocol of supplements and MMS and Molecular silver until I reach 18 months. And then we'll see. . . I am now in month 10.
I hope newcomers will be encouraged to know that I started getting better after one month, and after two months, aside from some fatigue and joint pain really had no symptoms. Everyone's symptoms will be different depending on how ill we are to start with. I think I was lucky enough to catch this early and then my daughter contacted Mel and he gave me a call. I am grateful that I was able to follow the protocol faithfully.
I still do not have a doctor who treats M, but at my yearly checkup in September, I will ask my PC to repeat all the tests I had last year to see my progress thus far. I mention this because many others spend a lot of time trying to find a sympathetic doctor in their area, and it didn't happen for me. You can get better in spite of that indifference by the medical profession. We all need to be more involved in our own care anyway.

I also want to mention that the 'He Cures All Foundation' while generous and life-saving for many, will never be able to help everyone who needs the assistance. I urge others with financial constraints to ask family and friends for help. I had to borrow money from others and am still paying those funds back. But when people realize that it is vital, I believe others can and should step up to help. I had a friend cook meals for me when I was too sick and I have been able to pay her back in other ways. Do not hesitate to ask for this help. Waiting for Mel's foundation should never be the reason to prolong suffering.

Be good to yourself so that you will be strong enough to be a source of strength for others.

Best to all of you in your journey back to health. You WILL get better!

Deborah B

4:57:07 PM

Hi Jane,

Thanks for sharing your story. It was very encouraging to hear of your progress. I wanted to respond to your post because I too am approaching my one-year anniversary and seeing the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Like you, I was most motivated to get well because I wanted to see my little girl grow up. She is seven years old and also has Moregellons. She and I are both getting well on the protocol. I have a hunch there are a lot of 'silent warriors' out there who don't post much but who are getting their lives back day by day, like you and I and my daughter.

For any of the newly stricken out there, please take heart. Especially the parents who may be tempted to give up hope for themselves or their children. . . like so many before me, let me just say. . DON'T! It is not hopeless . . you have come to the right place and there is an abundance of hope and help here. We found the help we needed to get well. A year from now, it could be you posting an encouraging update here about your own or your child's progress.

After one year on the protocol, my daughter is doing amazingly well (so am I!). She was much sicker than I was originally and we were certain that we would lose her if we didn't get help. . . and quickly! Her downward spiral was rapid and terrifying. I am convinced that we were led to this website and the protocol just in time. I am so grateful to Mel and others for help in saving her life and restoring her health. I give God the glory for her healing and Mel the credit for serving Him through this website. That I am getting well too is an added bonus. Last year at this time I was praying and begging God to save her life and never mind about me. But in His amazing love and wisdom He guided me here and let me know that healing was a 'two for one' deal in His economy and that He was not going to leave me behind. Mel was right to name the foundation 'He cures all', because He does and will.

Like you Jane, we also feel like we still have a row or two to hoe before being done with this disease. I'm not sure if we are in the '90% cured' category yet or what the criteria even is for that, but at this time we are free of all symptoms except for some scalp issues and some occasional bruising. We have no lesions, no significant brain fog or fatigue, and very little in the way of purging symptoms. Our progress is slow, but steady and sure. Because of that, we are starting to plan for the future again. Life feels 'normal' . . . or at least a 'new normal' because nothing will ever be quite the same again. But that's a good thing! We don't want to ever return to a life not fully appreciated or lived in a fog of fast paced activities and unhealthful choices.

So thanks again Jane, for your encouraging post. It inspired me to write about our progress as you did, and I hope others who are getting well out there will be encouraged to chime in with their own stories. It would mean a lot to all of us to hear from more of the '90% cured' crowd! ;-)


Deborah B

12:16:55 PM

This is Jane.

I have been doing the Protocol for about one year now. When doctors didn't help me (sound familiar?)
I turned for help on the internet. I feel I was very lucky to find Mel's web site and very lucky that he outlined his cure.

I felt like I really had no choice but to try it and follow it. The sum of the parts really works for this disease! I want to encourage anyone that is reading this, you can save your life by following Mel's protocol because it does work. I still feel like I have a long way to go and may be on this for a long time, but I am back to having my life again and don't feel sick anymore. I have my energy back and don't feel contagious either.

It's really hard to believe that the medical community would hide the benefits of MMS for a disease like ours over greed and patents, but that is what is happening. Follow Mel's protocol and you will get better.

You will get your life back. It works!

The thought of not seeing my children through their life was unbearable to me. So I did this every day. It takes time for it to work. Looking back to last year when I was so sick - there is such a difference. Be patient, follow the steps. Every day do your best. If you go off - then get right back on as soon as you can. The more you stick to it - the quicker you will get well.

Thank you Mel for showing us how to get well from the terrible Morgellons. There are good people in the world. Mel is a good person that is willing to help you with this. Listen to his advice. He has a good heart and is trustworthy.

I am walking proof that the protocol works.

Never give up hope. Never!

8:10:13 PM

Hello to all my beloved friends and warriors

As I post this entrance into the 90% cured thread, let me share the core truths that become profoundly apparent through the looking glass of my nearly complete return to health. It has been a great blessing and wonderful journey for me for the past 11 months. I am overwhelmed at just how rewarding this has become and how much love and support I have received from so many of you along the way.

Every morning, I wake up with curiosity and excitement to the coming new day, as well as what surprises and challenges the newly stricken and those becoming healed will bring to me. In addition, it is remarkable how much I have grown as a person and developed as a healing influence for others. This disease truly empowers us and enlightens us from within through the simple manner in which so many come together to fight the gallant fight that we all do each and every day.

To that end, I have fought this gallant fight with the heart of a warrior, and the enemy is now on the verge of complete surrender. And on a deeply personal level, I am now so able to appreciate, treasure, and respect the meaning of life. I have been made humble, thankful, excited, and prepared for welcoming the next chapter of my life.

Fight the gallant fight each and every day! Stay committed! Be a warrior! Never lose hope! Your fight to regain your health will represent to God the profound truth that nothing in life worth having comes easily. God will respond to your hope, your prayers and your faith. Never doubt this! I never did.

Pay everything you can forward. The living God inside you will reveal the steps to take to you. As you take them, always bear forth the desire for those behind you to also heal. This is Gods clear message delivered through the affliction. 'Above all else, take care of one another.'

Finally, to Mel. 'Thank you for saving my life!!!!'

You all remain in my prayers and my hopes for a complete recovery. Bring it home! Finish the fight! Declare victory! These are absolutely within your grasp!

Strength and Love

1:35:34 AM

Hi Mel,

I do not complain that I am not healed in 18 months, not at all. As you usually say everybody's body is different, and that is absolutely true. Also, with morgellons there are a lot of different conditions that can make someone was healed sooner than others. Even if someone follow 100% your protocol, their situation can be different than yours. Mould in someons house can make it much harder to get rid of morgellons. Someone can have different condition of desesase (sores, borrelia, springtails...). All of this can make that 18 months will not be enought for some of us.
Your protocol I started firstly, because you were cured with that protocol, and secondly, I found that Logos product were very good supplements.
When I started your protocol, my decision was ''let's try and see, what of this I can follow, and what of this I cannot follow'. It was my decision from the beginning, not to have Bactrim , and I was aware that the result could be unsuccessful because of that. In my post 'Hello Down Under Australia' posted on 9/27/2011, I said that I was not on Bactrim. Only what I can say is, that I do not have any regret about this, as I have done what I thought was good for me.The next decision was, not to have MMS before I make my own research on it. The rest of protocol I accepted and started with it. After 6 monthsthat I started MMS (july 2011).

I was eating some bread for a while, but it was not too much. Even so, I know it has not been a good idea. That was fault of my own. I am responsible for myself and no one else. In my observations I have noticed, that you and Mr Common sense are two people who are cured from morgellons, and both of you were eating fruit. The experience is the mother of the wisdom. Morgelons and pathogens need sugar, magnesium, silica, boron and many other minerals for their existence, and they take it from us. What they need we need too, the sugar is not exception. We will not stop taking it because of the fact that pathogens need it. However, intake of rafined sugar for morgellons sufferers should be a big NO. It is not healthy, even if you do not have morgellons. But everybody has right to make his/her own mind. There is some sugar in fruit and vegetable. My opinion is that if we eat vegetable, and fruit in moderation, and take care about content of sugar in it (a ripe fruit has more sugar), we will be OK. You and MCS are the best example for it. Sometimes experience is what make us learn and give us an opportunity to share our experience with the others. That is what you has been doing Mel. THANK you so much for that.

Since I have been more than 18 month on protocol, and I am not free of all symptoms, my decision has been to find the replacement for Bactrim. Probably I should do it earlier. There is something what borders me and I think it could be Borrelia burgdorferi, which migrated into my joints capsules, and my eyes (the symptoms that I have). As I did not take Bactrim, I could expect that. I work on it now, and I think I have found the good replacement for Bactrim. We will see in 3 months the result. When you start something new, it is not clever to give an feedback straight away. You have to have a proper evaluation time.

At the end, I have to say, morgellons is even for medical people mystery, so whatever we think or do, could be true or false. The experience in this stage is the only what metters. Accordingly, each of us with our experiance, or our mistake, or our succsee, make a step forward to understand this desease bette.

Love to all,

2:18:53 AM

Dear Deborah B,
Thank you so much on your generosity and your kind and supportive words. When our expectations are not fulfilled, even when we ourselves contributed to that, it is amusing to see that there are people there, who will not condemn us, then rather help us to sustain. You are very wise person, and with your attitude, you are a big asset to this forum. I wish you all the best.

Lot of love

3:56:49 PM

The interactions on this site never cease to amaze me. I can scarcely even come here any more without finding myself in tears. Against the backdrop of darkness that is Morgellons, what an oasis this has become!

I thought I would chime in and attempt to clarify a couple of issues:

Sugar/Fruit - Refined or white sugar is poison. Period. It wreaks havoc on the body in a multitude of ways, not the least of which are fueling yeast or fungal overgrowth, causing systemic inflammation, and suppressing immunity... not a good thing for anyone, but especially not for Morgellons sufferers.

Fruit or other natural sources of sugar are somewhat better because fruit delivers sugar in combination with fiber and various nutrients. Consequently, the body's response (in terms of insulin spike, etc.) is less severe - as measured by their lower glycemic index.

However, some isolated fruit sugars (like fructose) are even worse than table sugar. Many store bought juices contain added sugar, and typically the absolute worst kind, high fructose corn syrup.

Bottom line - all forms of sugar feed yeast and other pathogens, including parasites. Best practice - especially early on - is to eliminate all forms from your diet.

Stevia is by far the best substitute if you must have something sweet. It has no metabolic downside whatsoever.

Body Temp - Low body temp is almost never normal and almost always involves thyroid suppression.

Parasites can and do lower body temp by monopolizing energy sources and secreting toxic wastes and other estrogenic compounds that suppress thyroid function by binding hormone receptors.

We don't live in a vaccuum and life will never be perfect. Thank goodness we don't have to be perfect, but most of us can stand to make consistently better choices.

If we make better choices, we will inevitably get better results. To me, that is what this website has always been about.

What I see happening here is not an eighteen month journey to a fixed destination, but an ongoing - and incredibly beautiful - process of transformation.

Can any of us say that our life has not been enriched by our interactions here? I give praise and honor to God for allowing me to serve and learn from each of you.

You are, in a word, inspirational.

Love Always,

John Burgstiner

6:35:06 PM

I need to chime in here...

first- remember - EVERYONE even posting here only cares and wants to see everyone 100% well (not 90%)

I also have read and researched including ALL related to Mr Common Sense...

that said..

Mels protocol (extended) is a basic guide- developed over time-- which works-- does it work 100% and within a set time frame for all-- who knows--

but... it works--

one thing both Mel and Mr Common Sense did do- WAS TAKE LONG TERM PHARMA ANTI BIOTCS

Do I -- NO-- DO my kids - NO- have I thought about it YES-- but still believe this protocol-- and the risks vs reward for long term use of those--- well Im not convinced yet--


there have been- and continue to be MANY contradictions re diet- re sugar (fruit /honey)(APPLE JUICE / RED GRAPE JUICE MAPLE SYRUP)

I think this REALLY needs to be cleared up-- some try not to touch a gram of sugar-- while others are gulping down apple and grape juice-- LOADED with it..

HOWEVER-- some here-- and outside Mels site - HAVE gotten better with this type of sugar--

we cannot underestimate the natural power of GOD GIVEN fruits --

I use Xylitol (proven biofilm buster) as my sweetener--

my kids use stevia

we eat well- limit sugar- do the protocol (extended) things MUCH better-- not 100% but much better

I do want to add also--

re BODY TEMP-- mine is lower- my 8 year olds os lower/ my 12 year olds is lower-- is this all due to thyroid suppression to start ? maybe-- maybe not

I did read extensive re parasites somewhere-- parasites do what they can to lower your internal body temp-- just enough to thrive---

this research said .. if we can increase our body temps -- just back to 98.6.. this alone could be enough to rid the body of parasites-- as they would not survive long term...

ever notice - no activity while in a hot shower or bath? or less or none if you had a fever? may also explain the added benefit of a sauna/?

this research says raise your body temp with exersize diet certain fruits-- and COCONUT OIL

just my thoughts -- comments...

I will end by saying again-- I WILL BE 100% (as will my kids) hope you all will be too

thanks Mark
Deborah B

4:41:58 PM

Dear Sonja,

I just wanted to write to let you know that your honest post about your continuing struggle with Morgellons was an encouragement to me. It caused me to ask myself if I was focusing too closely on the 18 month time frame of Mel's successful recovery, and to rethink some of the choices I have made.

I realized that I may not be completely realistic when I assume my recovery will go exactly as Mel's did. It may be longer, or (wonderful thought) even shorter for some of us. I have since reconfirmed in my own mind that I am in the fight for the long-haul and for complete recovery, even if it should be harder or longer than I originally thought.

Your positive attitude even in the face of an extended recovery was an example to me. It encouraged me in my own fight and it sounds like that was your intention. . . to help others. I appreciate your honesty and humility, which is so in harmony with the spirit of this website.

I am praying that God will soon bless you with complete recovery and perfect health.

Much Love,

Deborah B.


10:33:57 AM

Hello Sonja,

Welcome as always.

This was the one of the times when I wish I had answered this post first, but to be honest, your post took me quite by surprise. I felt like I had failed you by not being aware of what you were not doing(Bactrim)and what you were still eating that I did not know about.

You might have told me about Bactrim, I don't remember. This has been and is one of my fears that I might by accident forget something! There are so many people!

You are the reason I started the topic thread "Hello down under". You under your own initiative started this thread "90% Cured". For you and your contributions to our website, I am eternally grateful!!!

I am also grateful to Monica for caring enough to show you some "tough love". Your response to her reveals a warm and humble heart and a mature and wise mind.

NOW let's see if we can't help you get to the finish line and rejoice with you in having your health totally restored.

Like Monica, may I be so bold as to suggest you try the new Morgellons Extension Kit which includes a natural antibiotic (olive leaf), Candida Rid and Magnifizyme. I consider Magnifizyme to be the final frontier (are there any Treckies among us?).

Based on the feedback we are getting from so many now utilizing these additional products, they may very well be what is needed to get you "over the top".

You obviously know the drill on the diet issues. We can all probably make improvements in that area.

I suppose it is possible that regardless of what you do, you may never be more than 90% cured, but if that is the case, it's a long long way from where you once were!!!

Don't forget:


May God bless you Sonja with total restoration! We can all plainly see that you have not given up HOPE!


10:29:40 PM

Dear Monica,

I am 68 years old woman, which is very honest with herself, as well as with the others.
I would be dishonest only in the case, that I did not say what could be a reason that I am not healed 100% in 18 months. I suppose we have to tell the truth, even when it is not so pleasant to hear.

The cream, I would add just a little bit in my coffee (as I said occasionally only). The fruit I do eat (mostly Granny Smith apples), but you are better to read Mel's diet, and see that he was eating the fruit as well. Also Mr Common Sense, who is cured from Morgellons, using his own protocol, was consuming fruit all the time. Yes, bred I should not have eaten, I know that, and that is why I mentioned it in my post, so that the others can be warned. I have spent a lot of time researching morgellons. The research is in my blood, as I worked as computer analyst programmer for 30 years. I am very well informed about everything what is connected to morgellons. My knowledge about chemistry is very good, so I do understand how our body works, and how food, vitamins, enzymes and supplements, affect our health and body.

You are very close to 18 months on the protocol and you are 90% free of symptoms (I suppose so), so I wish you all the best. I hope you will be able to say that you are 100% free of symptoms soon, but if you are not, don't be disappointed, as it can take more than that, even if you 100% stick to the protocol. That was the message from my post, posted on the 02/07/13.


1:14:55 PM


You said, 'Unfortunately, I have to say that I am not free of all symptoms yet. It does not mean that I will not be free of all symptoms, this is just acceptance of the truth that it can take more than 18 months, at the least for some of us.'

I don't think you're being honest here... You have been having cream, eating bread, eating fruit... Which means, your diet hasn't been clean. You've been feeding morgellons, candida, and whatever else is in your body keeping you sick, by not following the protocol to a tea with regards to MMS.

How is it, that the protcol isn't working, if you aren't going to take responsiblity for NOT actually working the ENTIRE thing? Be honest with yourself and the rest of us, please. This is too important.

Diet is critical...there's no way around it, period. I feel awful that you're still sick with symptoms, but, it's because you've not sufficiently changed the mindset of understanding how you got sick in the first place. There is an immune system suppression underlining all of us who have this condition. You cannot expect the supplements to do all the work for you--you have to undo years of eating improperly, while at the same time 'boosting' your immune system with the supplements, 'killing' pathogens with Molecula Silver and MMS, and finally 'killing' candia and other fungus with the anit-fungals... Are you taking any anti-fungals at all? You didn't take bactrium, but, are you on Candida Rid, Olive Leaf or at the very least Oil of Oregano? Have you included Coconut oil into your diet??

Again, I'm sad that you are still suffering, but, as someone who is working the entire protocol, I can say this: Bread, Fruit = sugar, which will keep you sick. Cream = mucous in the body, which will keep you sick. All of this would have been helped with some coconut oil and the anti-fungals mentioned before.

I hope Sonja, that you take a hard look at the protocol again, and see how 'tweaking' it, hurts you in the long run. It is, just how Mel wrote it... And, when you work it how he wrote it--you get better.

I'm in month 14 of the protocol, and for the most part, I am symptom free, and currently working on the underlying cause, systemic candida. Morgellons is just the beginning of what the root-cause issue is with all of us, and therefore, the starting point on the road to optimal health, and it will take the protocol in it's entirety to get us there.

Blessings to you, and much light.


12:48:18 PM

I was on Mel's protocol for 18 months (before Christmas time).
However, I never have had Bactrim. My MMS I had for 18 months, without any break. After 18 months, I stopped MMS for 3 weeks, as I felt that my body needed a break from MMS for a while.
Currently I am on MMS 5 days, with 2 days break.

For these 18 months I never have had sugar, alcohol or milk, but I have been consuming cream milk occasionally, eating fruit all the time, and a little bit more bread than I should have.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I am not free of all symptoms yet. It does not mean that I will not be free of all symptoms, this is just acceptance of the truth that it can take more than 18 months, at the least for some of us.

Anyway, I promise I will be back in 3 months to report about my symptoms and hope to come with more encouraging news.

Take care.

12:02:28 PM

Welcome Everyone.

So very often I am asked, "What happens to the people when they get well? Where do they go?".

I have always said that first and foremost, they go on with their lives. They often wish to disassociate themselves from the nightmare they have endured, which to them might seem like an eternity.

Absolutely understandable.

This message from Julie is typical of the emails I often get from people who have moved on with their lives. I rejoice in the restoration of your health Julie, and look forward to seeing what God has in store for you.

I am also very happy to welcome all the new members of the 90% club.

A Healthier and Happier New Year to all!

God Bless; Never, Never give up Hope!


12:31:41 PM


So good to hear you on my voicemail today : )
As you can guess you haven't heard from me because I've been doing AWESOME : )
Thank you for keeping me in mind & for checking on me!

After the hurricane everything was chaos then Thanksgiving and now Christmas all during the busy season at my day job.

So I must say I have been a bit overwhelmed, but so so beyond grateful to be near restored health!!! I am pretty much back to normal...
Still have some of that weird pattern on my legs but I think it's fading slightly.
I am ever-faithful to the protocol & just had a huge bowl of baby spinach & green apples. I've gotten pretty good with this.

I am planning to be in a band again soon & also doing some films so hopefully I'll get famous this year.
I cannot thank you enough for saving my life.... What a glorious life I have, & if I hadn't found you I probably wouldn't have survived this past year, I can't believe that's even true,but that's how it was. I am so happy Mel.

Hope you are doing wonderfully as well!
XO Julie

PS I told you I would get here nine months ago!

Bill M

11:53:28 AM

this week marks the completion of my first year on Mel's protocol, and what a year it has been. The first 6 months were a huge struggle...mentally, emotionally, and physically.
But with discipline, commitment and of course phone calls from the Mel Meister, every month thereafter has been easier. I have gained back 24 lbs of the 43 lbs I lost and right now I feel great.
At this time I can say that I am 95% cured, and I am still doing the protocol which includes the strict diet. There is absolutely no 'silver lining' to the Morgellons disease, but the good news for me is that I learned how to cook and educated myself on eating the proper foods for my body.

One big mistake I made a few times over was thinking that I was cured and I could start eating regular foods and drink alcohol. And every time I did that it came back to bite me in the butt. I was so convinced that since I caught this early that I could cure myself in 6 months or at the most 12 months. Not true. From what I have read and now know from experience, it will more than likely take the 18 months to be fully healed.


10:58:48 PM

Congratulation Linda.
Congratulation Monica.
Welcome to the 'Cured over 90%' club.
It is so encouraging to see that people who are undergoing the protocol, are over 90% free of symptoms. Once you reach this point, you have again almost normal life back. Still we have to care about the protocol and diet, but the body system has normalised its functions, and that is what matters. Very, very encouraging indeed!!! Good luck.
A lot of love.

2:13:29 PM

My name is Monica,

I've been on the protocol for just over a year.
I would say I'm 90% free of symptoms of Morgellons!

2:08:01 PM

Linda **


Great conference, I appreciate it. I am about 90% cured. Still have some symptoms. NO more black specks though.

3:11:40 AM

About 6 months ago I started this topic. I was over 90% free of symptoms at that time.

Today I can tell that I am very close to the end.

My cuts heal in a normal way; the crust is formed above the level of the skin. Earlier it was forming a crater around the cut, and very thin skin over the cut. pulling it downward.

My body temperature is normal, it is not low any more.

My urine and saliva are not acid. The test shows the saliva is very alkaline, and the urine slightly acid.

My hair has a normal appearance and my scalp is not itchy at all. I started to use MooGoo shampoo & conditioner after Anne from Sydney told me about very good results that she had with it.
Teresa from Australia also has a very good results with these products.

The nails are pinkish and very firm. My cheeks are pinkish as well.
My energy level is very good.

The only thing that I still have not solved completely, are my eyes. In the morning when I open them, they are just for a few seconds, like I have something in it. Mostly it is only in one eye, but sometimes it can be in both eyes. However, the conditions are much better now than before, so it is moving in a good direction.

I hope at Christmas time I will be back here, with mor good news.

A lot of love,


11:59:31 AM

Hi everyone
Sorry about not bring to post regularly as I mentioned b4 I have been given new challenges to me to desk with. First of all want thank everyone at the conference, Mel for making all this possible and John to make himself available for his vast knowledge. As I discussed this with Mel b4 even though I was making progress
Towards my Morgellons symptoms I always knew there is something still wrong with me. That was possibility of other infections and coinfections, therefore I began looking and searching
To see what else could be wrong with me. Sure thing after months of testing I did test positive for Lyme Disease and several coinfections which it did complicate things a lot more for me at this point. But I wanted to make this post and let everyone specially the newcomers know that even with my other complications I have been free of crawling, bitting now for several months which I credit this to Mel and his protocol I totally believe it works and if it wasn't because my other coinfections I think I would have been cured of this by know. They only lingering symptoms I have at this point are the purging of black and white specks which are minimal some itching when I purging these things and seeing these white micro fibers in my environment which also I believe it's getting less. Ofcourse I have other symptoms now that I do not contribute them to MD. I m still on bet strict diet, the protocol and one thing that I did differently than others was that I never took baths but in the beginning I took three showers and srub myself than with a lugs and tea tree soap daily. I still do clean my environment but I concentrate mostly on my self. Hope this helps I believe I m very close to being completely symptom free from MD very soon however I have given another challenge to deal with so keep up what Mel tells u guyz it really works, it worked for me. God bless and never give up hope it will get better.

6:53:48 AM

Hi JS,

Thank you so much for your help. It would be very useful if you can share your good experiences with all of us. I appreciate your advice. As soon as I am able to get some protein shakes I will start with that. At the moment I am trying to find out which protein powder is suitable to gain weight.

I have started recently to make juice from vegetable and fruit, and found out that beetroot and papaya (pawpaw) are absolutely fantastic for morgellon sufferers.


3:42:25 PM

Hi Sonja
Once I started to feel better I added few things back into my diet, in the morning I make egg white protein shakes, I now eat a gluten
Free, wheat free, organic bread, and use coconut oil instead of butter on my bread and other foods when I m cooking, also eating
More organic carbs such as organic brown rice. I know in the early stages of this disease I did not have any bread or carbs what so ever. I lost 45 lbs went from 190 to 145 in short few months and now back in mid 150s. The bread I order it on line from a organic bakery in Sanoma county California, let me know if u like me to share the info, I be happy to.

7:13:52 AM

Hi JS,
In what way you have been able to gain back some of the weight that you had lost. I have a problem with the weight. Simply I can not get it back. Otherwise, I am rather good.

1:07:29 AM

Hi All
First of I appologize for not posting sooner. I had lots going on in past couple of months. I had some set backs that maybe was not directly related to M, as we all have a compromised immune system I think I came down with some sort of a coinfection from work, with out going into the details of my set back, shortly after that I found a new doctor whos has been working me up, so she asked me to go off of everything inorder to get accurate results.
thats when I realized how much the protocal have been helping me. Anyhow I am back on the protocal and at 11 drops of MMS now, should add that there are days that I feel symptom free. I have been able to gain some of the weight I lost back. As I mentioned before I have been back to work since December, and just moved from my previous home after finding mold. For all the new people, it will get better but it requires a commitment and a life style change. Good luck and God bless, and thanx again Mel for providing this forum as I will try to make myself more available as I am picking up the piesces of my life while on the road to the recovery.

12:59:45 AM

Hello All,

I am definitely part of the 90% club, thankfully, and thanks in most part to the Logos Wellness kit along with the silver and MMS.

Hi Mel! I haven't bothered you in a while :)

I haven't written in a while. I'm doing really well. Last Nov/Dec when I first realized I had morgellons, I had little black curly fiber balls coming out of my face here and there along with the crawling under my skin and the feeling of an army of ants crawling together from one end of my scalp to the other. Sigh. Anyway, I had some sharp pricks all over my body and also experienced bright red, blue and copper colored fibers and threads coming out of my skin,maybe 10 per day. I experienced 1 sore, at my hair line. It has healed. I've battled other parasite issues and other morgellons symptoms (brain fog, inability to focus, things running past my eyes, fake hairs in my eyebrows, etc.)

Now, after 3 months on the protocol, I have less of everything. No sores, very few fibers and fuzz balls, an occasional black or white speck. No biting or crawling really, but I am still pulling out fake eyebrow hairs. They pull out more easily which I'm glad for.

Let me tell you want I've been doing. The Logos Wellness Protocol, I'm up to 18 drops of MMS and I do the silver first thing in the morning. I also take MSM (sulfur supplement) in some juice, I use MSM eye drops (the stringy things in my eyes are much less now) and various green powders (to mix in juice) extra probiotics, Neem, Tumeric, herbal mix for the eyes, herbal laxatives, DE and a heavy metal detox supplement (I had a leaking metal filling replaced so I thought this would be a good idea). I'm going to get the MagnfiZyme too. Trying to stay off the sugar and so forth.

I plan to beat this 100%...see you there


10:51:06 AM

Hi Idross,
Thank you so much on a good idea about coconut Milk/ Oil.
There are a lot of morgellon sufferers, who have a weight loss problem, including myself.
Your experience can be of great help to them, and I hope it will help me as well.


4:50:23 AM

For those who have trouble with weight loss (I was down to 80# from my normal 105), try using coconut oil (I use it in my oatmeal every morning and I use to drink coconut milk which I had to quit for it really made me gain too much weight. The coconut milk was so thick that I had to dilute it.) The coconut oil really makes food taste good, cook with it. I do not drink milk or soy, instead I drink Almond milk which is much healthier. ld

2:51:01 PM

Hi Sonja,


Thanks for the words of wisdom and encouragement. What a blessing and an inspiration you are! Every now and then another new face surfaces to lift us all up and we look at them and say, 'She (or he) gets it'.

Not that you are new; as you stated, you have been in our midst since last January, but it takes time to rehabilitate one's bioterrain. Congratulations on reclaiming your quality of life!

There is a mountain of information on this website, and it is worth every effort required to digest it all. But on the other hand, any person suffering with poor health would be well advised to simply follow in your footsteps.

I loved your excellent comments about thyroid suppression. It is a HUGE problem for most of us here. Please check out the article on Hypothyroidism Type II on the Important Articles page.

By the way, great idea - starting a 90%ers club, so to speak. I think we will see common factors for success emerge in that group just as we see common patterns associated with the Morgellons population as a whole.

It is my prayer that adding the MagnfiZyme to the protocol regimen will help target biofilm communities in the body and move people along in their journey to becoming 90%ers, and the 90%ers to complete freedom.

Finally, your advice on 'recording your journey' is brilliant, because when we are walking through the valleys, it is sometimes hard to see how far we have come.

Thanks again Sonja for sharing the wisdom you have gained through this trial. Your friends in Australia are especially blessed to have your knowledge and support.

Love Always,

John Burgstiner
Sonja **

1:03:40 AM

I am one of you - a morgellons sufferer.
I started on Mel's protocol in January last year, with the Morgellons Support Kit. Five months later, in June, I added MMS to what I was taking. I took this, as Mel had done, at bedtime. In this way MMS does not interfere with C vitamin, other vitamins and antioxidants, that I take ( e.g. Thymic Formula).

I have noticed that the symptoms become worse with the full moon. Mel gave me good advice on how to alleviate this problem. He suggested that, for 3-4 days before a full moon, and for 3-4 days after a full moon, to divide the amount of MMS drops (that I would normally take at bedtime), between the morning hours (around 10 - 11am), and bedtime. The morning dose worked out to be at the least 2 hours after I had my breakfast and vitamins, and at the least 2 hours before lunch time (when I take my vitamins again). When the moon is full it causes changes in the activity of these pathogens. It seems to speed up their reproduction activities and more toxins are released into the bloodstream. This effect causes morgellons sufferers to feel like their healing is going backwards. It is going slightly backwards, as the full moon approaches, but, as we continue the protocol and healing regime, we will still continue going forward and making progress. We are going 3 steps forward and 1 step backwards. Basically we are going forward slowly.

I would advise all of you, who are going to start Mel's Protocol, to please put down on paper, all the symptoms that you are experiencing, including 'brain fog' and your energy levels. It will help you later on, when your spirit becomes low, and you think that you will never be healed. This will allow you to compare your current symptoms and energy levels, with what you were experiencing at the beginning of the protocol. Trust me, you will see a big difference and it will help you to carry on with the protocol.

At this moment my health is quite good. I realised that I have had morgellons in its very early stage. Perhaps this is the reason why I hardly have had any sore. I am able to say that I am over 90% free of symptoms.

I tried Far Infrared. It is good, but I have been losing weight constantly - I have lost 14 kg (30.8 lb) altogether, which has not been good for me. I have known for a long time that my stomach acid is very low. Since I began the morgellons protocol, this has become critical. Even though I was taking digestion supplements with every meal, it did not help. My GP got my blood, urine and stool samples checked by pathology, but it was all reported as normal, and she was unable to advise me on what to do. So, I began to do my own research and, have recently, begun a regime to alleviate the weight loss. I am juicing vegetables (parsley, coriander, celery, beetroot, carrots) and fruit, to provide good nutrition to my digestive tract and the bloodstream. It is so healthy and good for our immune system and general health, and I like it. At the same time I am eating cooked food as before, and supplementing (Betaine Hydrochloride 650 mg, Pepsin 31 mg and Gentian 20 mg) at lunch and dinner time. In the mornings I take, with my breakfast, Logos Essential Digestion, as I was doing before. I need to ask John B for advice on this issue, and will let you know the results in a few months.

I do not consume any sugar, but I do eat all fruit, except bananas. Since I lost a lot of weight, I decided to eat 2 bananas per day and had noticed that my symptoms were worse than before. Gina, from Mel's web (Forum), also had the same experience. It would be very good to have in vitro testing to look for a banana/morgellons link. I limit my dairy intake. I only drink milk in the morning, to whiten my coffee, and very little cheese (no other dairy products).

I want to share my experience of problems with my joints, with other morgellons sufferers who have had similar problems. I had a problem with my hip for about 6-8 months. It was so painful that I started to limp. I saw my GP and she advised me to get an x-ray. The x-ray did not show any problems with my hip. I then asked if I could have ultrasound (one way) therapy. This worked to stop the pain and problem with my hip. After 4 -5 sessions, my problem was completely solved. A few months later I developed a similar problem with both wrists - again this was fixed with ultrasound. My hip and wrists have been fine since.

Before I started the protocol, my body temperature (BT) was so low, as is the case with most morgellons sufferers. An average BT is between 97.8F (36.6C) and 98.2F (36.8C). If BT is below 97.6 F (36.4C), it is considered a diagnosis of an under-functioning thyroid or insufficient thyroid hormone replacement. As morgellons sufferers have a lot of toxins in their blood, a thyroid condition usually exists, and this is reason that the BT is so low. I use a liquid-filled thermometer (which can be filled by mercury or alcohol) under armpit for 10 min. These thermometers are more accurate than the digital ones, and accuracy is very important, in regard to this. After a few months on the protocol, I had rid my body of a lot of pathogens and my body temperature became normal. Remember, a normal body temperature is a good sign that our body is healing. The other good sign is when cuts are healing in a normal manner.

Currently I have just a few of the symptoms, in a very mild form. if I didn't know what my condition was at the beginning, I would think that I do not have morgellons. However, I know that, as long as my cuts are not healing in a normal way (it is still in a shape of a crater), that morgellons is still present. Once my cuts heal in a normal way and my body temperature is normal, I will know I am cured, I do not have morgellons any more.

I know for all of you, if you can be patient enough and persistent enough, with your treatment, your health will improve and you will finally be cured of morgellons. The healing process is slow, however. There is no 'silver bullet', but, at the end of the day, our protocol becomes a golden bullet.

God bless you and help you to have a strength to carry on.
With love for all of you,

I think it is a good idea to start a new topic - to focus on those of us who have successfully cured over 90% of their symptoms. This will inspire and give hope to others, particularly those who are only discovering morgellons and those who are at the beginning of their healing process.

I am starting, therefore, a new topic, 'Cured over 90%'. It would be good if ONLY the Morgellons sufferers, who are more than 90% free of symptoms, post their experiences under this topic. In this way, we will have in one place only, the experiences of sufferers who have been on the protocol for a long period of the time, and who are hopefully, approaching the end of the tunnel.

In order to read these experiences in an easy manner (without being overloaded with all possible questions), I am creating a new topic called 'Questions to sufferers who have cured 90%'. So, if anyone wants to ask questions to the person who made a post on 'Cured over 90%', or wants to make a comment on that post, it can be done within this topic. This will keep information given in 'Cured over 90%' clear, concise and direct.

The 'Testimonials' section of this site offers plenty of good posts, but is a lot of information to wade through. When time comes, that I can say 'I cured morgellons' , I will post it on the 'Testimonials'!

Please give your feedback on my suggestions to Mel.

This is Year I Get Well


2:29:44 PM

Dear Shari

Hello and a huge hug to you. You are such an inspiration in how you demonstrate your love for the Lord and in how you instruct others to carry on.

You and I have a long history here and I know how much you have endured. No one can understand that quite as I do. Our love for each other is special and our faith in the lord is unwavering. So I just want to validate you, to let you know that you are loved, and to affirm for you that you belong. Stay the course and God will fulfill his promise.

You are a blessing to us!

In His Love,

4:10:27 PM


Happy Independance Day to all!

I guess I am writing today because it is an Independence Day of a different kind for me. I am choosing my own way to spend this independence holiday.

Just 2 years ago after or on this holiday I/we became sick wth this illness. July 4th-7th through each Morgellons filled passing year this week has often been difficult for me emotionally since that day when my life changed in 2014.

Over the last month I have been treating my Babesia with my meds from LLMD, and using our silver and certain herbs from the protocol. The protocol timing and my desire to improve has really given me a discipline that others now admire.

New moon and full moon are not generally easy times for me and yesterday I had another bout of Lyme paralysis and my fiancee had to feed me, how humbling a moment, but those are the days I am so grateful for his sense of humor and God leading me to choose a kind, sacrificial, sweet man like him.

Today when I woke up and was able to breathe (I have Babesia and some days I cannot) I took a deep breath and decided I will use what faculties are available to me to the most of my ability because with Lyme and 8 coinfections, I really do not know what tomorrow will look like, I cannot take moments for granted, and I keenly am aware more than ever that I am not promised tomorrow

I am so grateful for so many things so I will just write with gratitude here.

Today, I am grateful for Mel, Peter and this site as well as the first information shared here which got me to this point. The lasting loving friendships I have made on this site that have continued even when they left or they went off the protocol.

I am extremely grateful for my LLMD who diagnosed me with Morgellons coinfection without me saying anything, and when I was even trying to hide it (doesn't think I'm "delusional" at all), listens to me about the diet connection to my symptom diary and is working with me on a 3 pronged protocol to rid me of my Morgellons, but also my many other co-infections 1 by 1 for as long as my body can handle herxes and grateful my that my Medicaid will help me pay for some meds, however temporary, and is also willing to think outside the box for when I cant afford something or where herbs can step in and help.

I am so grateful and love that I still have my fiancee to care for me and to try to help me on my way to health and keeps me grounded in love and reminding me of God's promises when I forget.

I love that we are provided for by God with food, (for the protocol diet) and clothing to wear, if nothing else. I love that God is thus far protecting my liver, kidneys, my gut and heart from these little monsters who want to take over those areas.

I am grateful for my Facebook friends who pray for me and also share knowledge and information with one another in such a loving and non-condescending way.

I am grateful that we have a place to lay our heads and I have a bath here that I can detox in, however temporary.

I am grateful that I have free access to use the FIR sauna and get free essential oils massages.

I am grateful that I have inspired others to eat as I do as well as decide to join me on this difficult diet journey.

I am grateful that my mind is still intact and though I cannot write or text some days, I can still speak and use my mind cohesively and my voice.

Today I danced and I sang songs of praise. My singing voice has been taken away by this condition, but my legs still work TODAY! So.... I danced as I have not danced in quite some time. Really just letting it all go and crying with joy and gratitude that I can still move for today. It was wonderful just praising God and dancing using my legs. He says make noise of joy unto the Lord and sing songs of praise. I have taken it literally today and did so and was able, unlike so many bed ridden days I was able to dance for more than 1 hour as well as eve take a walk outside in the sunny New York/'nice weather we're having" for my vitamin D today.

It's a day of food, drinking, freedom, play, celebrating for most Americans, and I've never even lit a firework, but I guesss there is a first time for everything. I will eat my own protocol food proudly. It is a day for no fear in the battle and ours really has already been won. Thank you Jesus!

I see today that I am God's firework (if I will choose to be) and I plan to fly far up there, be bright and as big as I can (even from a bed) for His glory.

Praying for all those still suffering today-may you find comfort, strength and faith to go on in this unknown journey,
Your sister in Christ,

2:03:39 AM

Hi Shari! Good to hear from you as always. I will check out your blog. Thank you so much for your super kind words. They made me very happy and touched. I'm glad to know you haven't been sugaring anymore and for a long time, too. I just don't know when I'll be all done with this condition either. I am going to do my monthly post since I missed getting it in before the end of May. So, I'll put my details there. I just wanted to say God bless you and keep you and stay strong and stay you cuz you are awesome and quite a warrior, for God and for this website.

Trust in Resolve


2:02:16 AM

Hi Peter and Jane!

Thank you for being way showers. I have gobbled~up everything ive heard here and it has strengthened me.

I don't believe in Satan but I do believe in the confused, conditioned mind...and I have lots of it to deal with. The voice of unguided fear is my "enemy" and I found guidance and it's antidote here. I am so thankful for that.

I do love all the references to God or Spirit and I can hear your faith, humility and reverence. I feel part of a soul~family here; my heart opens and I cry as it softens with your words.

There is no way I could have made it to this site without God's grace and assistance; I'm not too sure Id be alive at all since at one point I wanted out very badly.

But I am here, all~ears, open to your mentoring and hoping someday I will be blessed to fill that role myself.

With Love and Gratitude,


5:20:04 PM

Hi Peter,

That's exactly why I am here.
I needed to be among those who have lit the way.
I can no longer rely on my own understanding.

My efforts were valiant, but incomplete (sum of the parts.)

For all the new people out there (myself included,) when we are up to it, we need to really make a concerted effort to continue the same community spirit as those who have gone before us.

The original "class" has graduated and moved onward and upwards.

If we stay the course we can do the same, we can be the ones who are coaching and encouraging those who will surely come behind us. But first, we must be good students and do all we can do to support each other just as Peter and all those named above have done in the past.

Don't ask me why, but for some reason the song from Ghostbusters just popped into my head lol " who you gonna cal...."

Peace and love

Peter **

2:29:25 AM

Hello Folks

“Always practice trusting the fundamental principle of consideration for safety in your actions.” (unknown author) This will serve you well.

Then, so that you always choose to give adequate thought to cautious prudent behavior, pay attention to share a healthy regard for the law of unintended consequences. In other words, "go slow and be steady" and "do no harm."

The adversary (Satan) is counting on you to fall for many traps. Don't.

Guard against doubt. "This is a proven way back." Your questions need only be about how you measure the success found in those before you. People like Kathy, Ellen, Roberta, Janelle, Dustin, Tawney, Nicole, Amber, Deborah B. Bill M.....and there are many more. Don’t discount this evidence? Be determined in this truth.

This is a good way to exempt yourself from danger. Because it is "evidence based," remain resolved to the science that is put in motion through this protocol." Then, simply stay the course.

I think it is always wise to surrender to hard evidence. It's always been that way for me. And I don't see this wisdom changing. Trust in resolve and make it where your focus should be.

Strength and Love,



10:51:38 AM

Hi Linn,

Thank you. Isn't it funny how something so horrible as MD can enable us to meet wonderful people that otherwise we would have never known?! I always enjoy hearing what you have to say during the conference calls, and I absolutely LOVE your positive and faithful's inspiring.

Thanks again!

8:41:31 PM

Dear Juli,

It was so nice to meet you tonight! I enjoyed getting to know you.

We are in this together. We will definitely have to celebrate once Morgellon is a thing in our past.



8:38:28 PM

Dear Kelly,

You have paid forward to me.. I just want you to know. To come to hear your voice, to know you, have brought joy to me. I want to thank you. I agree with you in that we must believe in the protocol, it truly works. That's very crucial to do. I agree.

Kelly, I hope you speedy recovery from your surgery.

I also feel the same about touch base weekly. I'm happy to know once a week you'll join the coffee and tea.

"Hope hope hope " I love it. It is the anchor that'll keep us going and heal and say goodbye to Morgellon.

Glad you joined tonight!

I learned a lot from what you said tonight.



10:49:55 AM

Dear Kelly,
Thank you for letting me know this information helped you to endure. May God continue to give you the strength to do so. I know he will.

12:06:16 AM

Dear Nan,

Thank you for the information on essential oils. Thank you! I hope your move will be finished soon. Also if you can let me know whether the recipes were to your liking.


2:08:46 PM

Thank you so much for that beautiful post! Sometimes it gets hard to keep "enduring", but your post describes perfectly what it really means to endure and that we will all be better human beings for it in the end. I'm inspired!
Thanks again,
Kelly :)

6:31:34 PM

Dear friends,

I hope you don't mind I'm sharing what I read that I find so encouraging and fitting for what we are going through.

The Bible often talks about Endurance: Matthew 24:13,"But the one who has endured to the end will be saved." James 5:11,"...endurance of Job..."

I love these scriptures, James 1:2-4 "Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you meet with various trials, knowing as you do that this tested quality of your faith produces endurance. But let endurance complete its work, so that you may be complete and sound in all respects, not lacking in anything."

Now the question is "let endurance complete its work". What does it mean?
What is endurance? My favorite definition I think you are going to love it too when you read it!!!

I quote:
In the Bible, enduring means more than simply putting up with trials or adversity. Endurance involves our mind and heart, or the way we react to hardships. A person who endures manifests courage, steadfastness, and patience.

Here it goes, my fav:
Endurance is "the spirit which can bear things, not simply with resignation, but with blazing hope. It is the quality which keeps a man on his feet with his face to the wind. It is the virtue which can transmute the hardest trial into glory because beyond the pain it sees the goal."

Isn't that beautiful !?!

Now, "let endurance complete its work" what work must endurance complete ?
It helps us to be "complete and sound in all respects, not lacking in anything." James 1:4.

Trials often reveal our weaknesses, aspects of our Christian personality that we need to refine. If we endure trials, our Christian personality become more complete, or sound. We may become more patient, appreciative, compassionate...

It says we not lack in anything. So the joy comes from when we endure a trial in a Godly way, we become a better person at the end of a trial than who we are begin with. We will have less weaknesses and we have an opportunity to taste how God helps us to endure and have an opportunity for his close personal attention on us.

I hope this gives you comfort and strength to keep enduring with blazing hope, with your feet on the ground with your face to the wind.

Stay courageous, steadfast and patient!


6:29:59 PM

Dear Peter,

Thank you, I have good examples as yourself and those before me to follow. I got a lot of benefits from all the posts. I hope I can help someone too as all of you have done for me.


3:59:52 PM

Hi Linn,

I was in conference call about a month or so ago...we were talking about Essential Oils at that time. I wanted to share some info with you, but this last month I had to move so I have been very busy. Packing is a lot of work.

Since I know you are into oils I wanted to mentioned 2 books my friend suggested: Essential Oils desk reference By D. Gary Young. Also, the Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart. The first book is easy to read reference book. The second book is more on the science of essential oils.

My friend goes to essential oil conferences and reads on it a lot. She had me diffuse Purification, Thieves or Ocotea regularly when I was sickest. It helped me sleep. I did not care for Purification, but everyone is different. I think it helped my environment thou. I love the smell of Thieves. I read Ocotea was taken orally and diffused in class rooms where there was out break of parasites and it removed the issue.

I have a couple of diffusers, but youngliving therapro premium helped me the most. It diffuses just the oil with no water. Has a timer and can change the level of output on the oil.

I have used Young Living oils. I think they are the highest quality, but also the highest cost. I have also order Piping Rock oils. Not as rich and thick as Young living, but helpful.

You have great warrior attitude. Keep it up! Your life has changed...the good news is you will now know how to have great health so keep moving forward.

Take Care.
Cheers, Nan

PS. Cannot wait to get back to cooking. I have been living on turkey burgers with garlic & onions, Eggs with oregano and red pepper, salads with pumpkin seeds and avocado for the last month since the move was so timing consuming. I cannot wait to try your recipes. Please continue to share.

PSS. Also, white sheets and PJs helped me sleep better too. I read that parasites like dark places and the white sheets are bright. Everyone is different, but I tried it and to my surprise it worked.

8:36:25 AM

Hi Kelly,

Aww! I'm so glad the pumpkin seeds and garlic worked for you too!

I have such fondness for you. Yes, I too was so happy to have talked with you. its nice to know we both tried in February together.

I hope w get to talk again.


2:56:42 AM

Dear Linn

"Thank you" for continuing to share and for participating in this forum. You are a blessing!


3:23:24 PM

Hi Linn,
It was so nice to talk with you last night during the conference call. I just took some time to read your entire thread from beginning to end. I share so much in common with you. I love that you are excited about seeing your purging, I am too. I have to tell you that a few weeks back I read what you wrote about the garlic and pumpkin seeds stopping activity, so I tried it and it was successful. I now make it a daily ritual whether I feel activity or not. Thank you so much for sharing!
Gob Bless and take :)

11:40:17 PM

Hi everyone,

I finally got my frankincense and myrrh essential oils. I saw this on the second episode of the truth about cancer. Frankincense can kill totally destroy cancer cells. Since I have Lyme parasites in my spinal cord and brain stem all the way down to my pelvis area and hip joints. I thought I can use these oils on my spinal cord and all the areas mentioned. Yes I can tell I'm disturbing them.

These parasites have done havoc with my nervous system since 10/2014. I'm excited to have heard essential oils in this case frankincense because it cured a girl's brain tumor.
I'll keep you updated how the oil help with my nervous system issues.

I love essential oils. I have an array of them and I rotate them.
I do take baths with baking soda, peppermint oil,and cedar wood oil. I also switch the cedar wood with apple cider vinegar.

Eucalyptus, tea tree, neem, lemon, oregano, cedar wood, clove, now frankincense and myrrh.
Something I added to my scalp treatment, in the morning I will do my tea tree soap, sulfur soap, then I soak my head in sea salt water about five minutes, then comb hair forward. With this step I use kleen green at night. My scalp purged fibers, glitters, specks. I was happy to see that.

Today I even purged amalgam in my right ear.

I hope something in this post can help someone.


Psalms 34:18,19 "Jehovah is near to the brokenhearted and saves the battered-down in spirit.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous; But Jehovah delivereth him out of them all."

I love these words. It shows God Jehovah is near us, with our disease, at times we are brokenhearted; and with this disease, we face many afflictions both physically and emotionally, but please be confident that Jehovah delivers all of us out of them all, every single one of them :) by providing us wisdoms to deal with each symptoms. As symptoms shows themselves, there is tactics to conquer and take care of them.

Thought to leave you with some comforting thoughts!

With love,


11:10:20 AM

Hi everyone,

During the 11 to 13 drops week, I had a lot of crawley feelings, I tried different things it didn't work. But one day I was hungry, needed something hardy, I learned how to make cauliflower tortilla and mixed whatever I had in my fridge and spices turmeric, came to this wonderful delicious combination.

I had this same meal for two consecutive meals, and the Crawley stopped!

It was great! The solution was effective and delicious I hope this helps.

The recipe is on the 2016 recipes post.


12:13:06 PM

Dear Van,

I'm looking forward to talk with you next week. Yes you described my diet before this ailment. I was feeding myself the same things. I'm happy to eat right foods now. It opened my eyes and it truly is a better way to live.

You're on the right track! May God continue to hold your hand tightly through this. I know he will and he has all along.


12:12:14 PM

Dear Van,

I'm looking forward to talk with you next week. Yes you described my diet before this ailment. I was feeding myself the same things. I'm happy to eat right foods now. It opened my eyes and it truly is a better way to live.

You're on the right track! May God continue to hold your hand tightly through this. I know he will and he has all along.


12:04:37 PM

Dear Peter,

Thank you for helping me with my war with Morgellon. You helped me sooo much.

Thank you for your constant cheering me on! It truly helps. This is like running a marathon, not worrying about getting less than two hours but running that 26 miles. The whole way those ppl cheering the runners on through those miles, how important that is for all the runners. And I am in a race spiritually and physically. And your cheering me on truly helps!

Please know how much you have contributed to so many of us in many ways. You're doing great!

Mel loves his little brother!


11:47:26 AM

My dear Shari,

I often think about you. I feel I know you because of those archive conference calls I listened to them over and over again especially in the beginning of this trial.

Thank you for posting on my thread. I was just thinking about you so much this week. I wonder how you are. How's your fiancée... I did read your thread. Please know even we never spoke, but just by listened to you through those calls, I have such affection for you and your fiancé. Please keep up the fight.
Psalms 121:4 "Not drowsy will he grow, nor go to sleep, who guards Israel."
Which means even during our sleep, we can sleep in security. :)

Thank you for encouraging me with your words and with who you are. (Heart)


11:25:57 AM

Hi everyone,

It's been a month since last post about my progress. This is a since its been a month. Ok here it goes:

At the end of the 7 drops week, straight into the 8 drops week I became very clumsy, and slow in thoughts, with a lot of lethargy. I managed to drop a lot of things, I broke a dish, dropped utensils,even cut my leg by accident trying to use scissors to open a box, burned my arm while cooking. I laughed at myself how clumsy this disease can cause.

During the 7 and 8 drops, purged a lot, however these two weeks the purging actually made the skin hurt, as they leave my body. I had two worms one even fuzzy left my body. I have to say the fuzzy worm I found comical because I found where it exited next to my knee. The next day I found it because the imprint of it was the same shape as the fuzzy thing. Somehow it made me laugh. I think after all the strange things can come out of my body, well as the French say, c'est la vie. Though don't get me wrong, some symptoms for the first time I get scared and sad over them and certain symptoms I find them more challenging emotionally to take than others. I'm just glad at least I can laugh at some symptoms and not have to carry all the symptoms emotionally.

I started using coconut oil on skin and for oil pulling. My teeth tightened, gums healthier.

I start to have more bumps on my face and more hair growth between the eyes and the eyebrows and above the upper lip also. For the bumps I treat them with clove essential oil it seems to help. I start to get post nasal drip, which I'm using sov silver.
Ears started to purge fibers.

At the 9 drop week I start getting crystals again. I haven't had them since February. So I guess it's another new layer. I'm happy to finish one layer of it.
I haven't had too much nerves dancing in my spinal cord for awhile however during this week, I started having them again. It's disconcerting since I dislike this symptom the most! however, I remembered reading that same symptoms will rotate through, but each time the symptom's intensity and duration will be less each round. So I prayed for peace, courage and wisdom. Then right way I remembered that I watched "the truth about cancer". In the show there was one woman when she was 13 years old had a brain tumor. The doctors left half of it behind and said she will need chemotherapy. Both her mom and herself refused and looked into essential oils. She used frankincense, one drop on her tongue then she put her tongue on the roof of her mouth, once every two hours. By the time she went back to her doctor, the tumor was gone. So as my nerves were doing weird stuff again, after God helped me to recall this information, I used coconut oil and oregano put it on my spine from the neck to the tail bone and the activity decreased right away. I have been doing that up until now. I'm grateful for all these different knowledge since this disease is quite annoying in that there are an array of symptoms to deal with. I'm glad to have the tools.

The 9 drop week a lot of fatigue.

A new situation developed on my skin from the neck to the shoulders very tight and snake like feel to them, also have red bumps. Very painful. I realized because all along, I didn't eat the right MSM it was contaminated. This is why my skin suffered. So please look at your labels of everything you use. MSM is to protect our skin during this disease. I was for last three months however with not carefully looking at the label, I wasn't fed the sulfur I needed for my skin. Fortunately I have MSM gel, I put it on right away the skin felt better. I do this three times a day to heal this area.

From 9-11 week the symptoms blend together,still same with skin of neck and shoulder, however the purging is less in the 10, 11 week. The facial activities just more and more. I treat my face with alternating between coconut oil with different essential oils, Vicks vapor rub and Claudia cream MSM peppermint oil.

This was my 11 drops week, I have used coconut oil with eucalyptus on my face and feet (I have swollen ankles again), I then put Saran Wrap to keep them moist throughout the night. I do it to my arms too but I use aquaphor with tea tree oil, then Saran Wrap them. This serves two purposes, help keep skin supple and don't have to worry about the stickiness on the sheet and blanket. In the morning after removing the Saran Wrap. Skin feels good and they purged without discomfort.

I came across something may help someone. Vicks vapor rub is good for fungal nails. It does work since I have it on my fingernails.
Also Vicks vapor rub, if have hard time sleeping due to coughing, place Vicks vapor rub on feet especially the bottom of the feet, wear socks, it'll allow sleep without coughing. They said this works on children very well. Maybe no one tried it as adults, but I think this makes great sense as reflexology, meridian points on the bottom of the feet.

Lately I also thought of digestion. Most of us who have this disease have gut problems, thus the protocol helps us to heal by restoring our gut. Therefore that means most of us have digestive issues. Something I learned last year, I just start practicing this this week. I just remembered is that since digestion starts in our mouth as we chew. How many of us are always eating fast because life's pace is fast. I learned that if you chew your food thirty times with each bite, your mouth have already helped you digested, it left you with very little to swallow, therefore this is better for our digestion. I tried this, it's true, by the count of thirty chews, you have hardly anything to swallow. I hope this information will help :)

I did get very dizzy on Thursday night of my 11 drops week. But recovered fast it only lasted like 4 minutes. I'm still waiting on my herx.

I started to include colon pro health. It's only been two days.

I brought sleep advance, but this week so far by evening time, I want to sleep so I haven't tried it yet.

Friday morning at 3 a.m., I woke up couldn't breathe, there were so much mucous/ phlegm in my throat, I couldn't expel either by swallowing or blow them out or cough them out. They just stuck. I had to stick my head between my legs bend over to breathe. I put some eucalyptus not by my nose, but the whole neck and by behind the ears and chest. Slowly about 4a.m. I fell back to sleep.

Last night during the conference call I asked Mel about this. He said to use sovereign silver! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT !!! Please NOTE. We want to keep these pathogens out of our lungs!!! This is what is behind the reason Mel and John wants us to use the sov silver to coat our membranes of our esophagus so to keep them not penetrate into our lungs. Therefore also blow your nose, clean them, then one drop of sov silver per nostril and let that go down the throat and into your stomach. I hope this helps.

What scriptures helped me lately?

I have to say there were certain days I woke up feeling off, due to die offs and fatigue, which means with my best intentions to stick to the schedule tightly. However, certain days when brain fog kicks in, literally unable to do it. Of course a quick panic arise, but God gave me a reminder from Proverbs 24:16, it says there, "For the righteous man may fall 7 times, and he will get up again... ". So it helped me to say to myself, "no guilt over this, it's ok, I'll do it right next time." Pick self up, dust off and move forward. This helped me when I get those days I'm feeling off and not able to do the protocol perfectly.

When I find those moments of anxiety either over some strange symptoms, or hurt because someone doesn't understand what I'm going through...or all other things out of my control:
Psalms 121:1-8. Especially I love verse 5 it says, "Jehovah it is who guards you; Jehovah is your shade at your right hand." (Byington)
What does Jehovah is your SHADE at your right hand means? In ancient Israel time in warfare ( or morgellon warfare) most soldiers are right handed, so you have your sword in your right and your shield on your left, so you are protected on your left, but vulnerable on your right. But if you have another friend who calls you to his side says to you, "stay right here, and every time you extend your sword, I'm gonna stand sooo close to you with My shield that you can see my shield's shade on your right hand." The psalmist said Jehovah was like that. Jehovah is not at the sidelines watching us battling this system (morgellon disease). Jehovah is calling us to his side so he can comfort which in Greek means calling to one's side. He's saying as we extend ourselves either it's difficult or not, we will know where he is, we don't have to wonder where God is, we are able to see his shade at our right hand. Isn't that reassuring! Isn't that beautiful ?!

Well I'm sorry it's a long post. I'll post next month. I realized it's easier to do monthly posts than weekly for me.

I keep everyone here and all those are afflicted in the world in my prayers. We are in the hard times to deal with. May we persevere in prayers, hold on tight to wisdom we get to attack this warfare and win the war. Morgellon daily may seem certain battles they have the upper hand, but our goal is win the war, it's ok little battles they seem that M is stronger, but we look at the big picture is they are going to DIE and we are going to LIVE!


10:23:18 AM

Missed it again this week. I got busy with grocery shopping and missed again :(.

I will definitely try and call next week (either Fri or Sat).

Thnx for your recaps Linn. They really make so much sense...and yeah it's so true that this world is getting more toxic every day.

Before my health declining, I used to eat all the rubbish from the frozen sections, all the pizza & hot dogs I could eat from Sams Club, all the food I could stuff in at the chinese buffets. Boy, I would eat till I couldn't breathe no more. After all, the food was cheap and that's all I saw it for. I didn't see the health repercussions of eating this food.

Well at least today I'm so aware of what goes into my mouth and those of my family. We're all aware of toxicity, GMO etc etc, which wouldn't have happened without my health declining.

Hope to talk to everyone next week. Till then take care and hugs to you all


2:14:30 AM

Dear Linn

Looks like reading Ellen's post has given you some great insight! Trust that you are winning, because you are. And keep pouring out grace, because it is so very therapeutic. You are a blessing.


12:35:39 AM

"I have heard someone said that when Satan reminds us of our past or of our imperfections, we can remind him of his future."

Linn, yes! I'm holding onto this word tonight! Thank you!!

Your sister in Christ,

12:35:44 PM

Dear Van,

Thank you for your greeting. Your post to me is with such kind tone, They're words as the proper time is so good.

Proverbs 25:11"Like apples of gold in silver carvings, Is a word spoken at the proper time."

My hair grew but I cut it again two weeks ago to earlobe length, I find easier to maintain. I'll go back to long hair in the future.

Yes I'm looking forward to speak with you!



7:15:11 PM

Hi Linn,

I hope to talk to you tomorrow on the conf call. Just got off the phone with Mel and he said you're progressing really well. Would love for you to share your thoughts.

Also, is your hair coming back? Would love to hear on this.


10:45:34 PM

Hello everyone,

Just an update:

I'm in my 7 drops week.

last week 6 drops week I had more itching and stings. I finally received my sulfur soap from Walmart. I got to start the scalp treatment Peter taught me. It truly works so well, I've been purging more from my scalp each wash. Tea tree soap, leave on scalp about 10 minutes, I then rinse off, then lather sulfur soap leave it for ten minutes, then rinse off, then spray kleen green 1:7 dilution comb hair over sink and see all the fibers, specks come out.

So,far with the 7 drops, I noticed a lot more purging with sand like material and fibers, it's nice I just read that bc the biofilm is less so I'm purging more. It's quite remarkable how much can come out on and on and on.

I'm looking at this as a sign of winning this fight. I know I'm still a way to go. Patience and slow and steady.

For the last two months, I have some yellow patches on the palm of my hands. I heard from a friend about coconut oil. I went and watched some videos on coconut oil, found out how much it can help in our health, I use it on my hands and put gloves on them. Just one day of virgin, organic coconut oil,the callous looking portion of the yellow patch disappeared. I've been using it on my face and under the jaw, I noticed helps to purge those areas.

I also remembered Papaya seeds helped me in the past to parasite cleanse, I had tapeworms before in 2009, I remember papaya seeds, and pineapples for four days, I saw tapeworm out of me.I had my friend buy papaya for herself, but wash and dry the seeds for me. I'm hesitant on eating it just yet. I want to make sure I have a good colon cleane system on hand first.

I also heard from my missionary friends that for prevention, one teaspoon of papaya seeds per day can keep an environment of our body displeasing to the parasites to even reside.

I just finished reading Ellen's post of final analysis,she said this was the toughest thing she went through, I have to say This too has been the most difficult physical illness I have ever dealt with. it's reassuring from her that this will make me strong able to handle other things.

I know I can't do this on my own. I'm grateful God continues got my backing, gives me support each day. I'm grateful also for all of you.

I want to have this experience make me a better person not a bitter person. Better, not bitter.

1 Peter 5:10! "...he will make you firm, he will make you strong."
Thank you for all of your posts,

1:17:03 AM

Hi everyone,

It's been awhile. I'm on the eighth week and 5 drops of mms (2/3).

The first week on 2 drops, more purging occurred, more pimpling, more itch and sting. I tell myself it'll get worse before better. Being reminded by Mel that it'll get worse before better, really helps me. What helps me with stings is eating raw garlic with pumpkin seeds. I stumbled on this. One afternoon I needed a snack, so I grabbed raw garlic and pumpkin seeds. While I was eating, I noticed after few rounds, the bite/sting stopped. Now it's one of my favorite snacks, one bite of raw garlic, with a spoonful of pumpkin seeds. Quite delicious to me.
For itch, I read it I think in Monica's thread is sometimes they're purging from the skin and the microfiber cause the skin to itch. When I feel it, I grab readily the lint roller and roll over the area,ahhh instant relief. I go for that first, bc it's quick and stops the itch right away if it is due to purging. If not, that didn't work then I know it's a different cause then I spray kleen green 1:7.

The week of 3 drops, a lot of glitters came out, I left a trail of glitters behind everywhere I went. I also saw some things I haven't before, but towards the end of the week I had a scare, I had to call Peter. This episode led me to cut my hair to earlobe length. Since that episode, I tell myself it's always better out than in and that helped me.

The week of the 4 drops, I noticed my hands' numbness was getting worse, which led to that Wednesday night, full numbness on both hands. They curled up as in stroke patients. My hands didn't release until half an hour later. I remember reading that the pathogens like to attack weak, previously injured sites along the body. They like to remind us our weak spots. I remembered that since I had this happened before, years ago. I prayed out loud throughout the 30 min. I thanked God for preparing me for this symptom and protected me from anxiety while it's happening. I had peace throughout the event.
Amos 3:7 shows He wants to prepare us by giving us knowledge and wisdom.
I felt protected and loved by him. That his close attention on me. I know he's doing that for every individual going through this.
My swollen legs went down to normal after 2 months. However the chin area is getting swollen. Which I'm targeting on extracting them.

It's my 5 drops week, I think since the three drops week I started feeling increasing fatigue. But I'm glad to know it's more important to rest than to clean. So I started to take naps started on my three drops week. I clean now every other day. Rest when I feel like to. I still have the muscles and joints pain. I noticed I lack of oxygen sometimes. I think that also means they're dying off in me. I have to remember to breathe four on inhale and seven on exhale to gain air.

In general I'm getting a lot of fibers and black specks. Scalp purging.

I've been reading the book of Job. Knowing why we suffer and the cause of all the suffering in the world, the big picture does help in my facing this challenge. Satan likes us to feel down. He's constantly looking for ways, either with the morgellon or how we feel about ourselves...I have heard someone said that when Satan reminds us of our past or of our imperfections, we can remind him of his future. God is more powerful. Satan is not happy that his destruction is around the corner as the book of Revelations says.

Knowing this point, at moments when I have a thought that may tear me down, I remind myself it's not true, because God and Jesus will never talk to me that way or wants me to feel that way. However, at the same time it's so reassuring knowing God is greater than our hearts and knows all thing. He knows why we feel a certain way. He's always ready to encourage us and lift us up out of our ash pits. What a magnificently beautiful and awesome God we have!

Sorry for the long post of update. I'm looking forward to my herx. I read about it so much.

May God gives you a warm and fuzzy hug today and everyday. May that hug be one that comforts (com=with, fort=fortis=strength, so when he gives us comfort, with him, he gives us the strength to face our trials) and fortify you in all ways.

With much love to all of you my fellow conquerors,


11:03:55 PM

Hi everyone,

In lunar calendar this evening 3/23 up til 3/24 is Nisan 14. That means 1983 years ago, Jesus sacrificed his life for us. All of us... John 3:16, Romans 5:8. He suffered brutal treatment up to a painful death so we can have life!

John 3:16 God loves us so much he gave his only begotten son. We did not come cheap, came with a great cost.

We are so loved. May I never take this life for granted. This gives me more reason to conquer this M!
John 16:33 Jesus said,"I have said these things to you so that by means of me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but take courage! I have conquered the world."

He will help all of us conquer M!

I will continue to keep all of us in my prayers.

I thank God for Mel, John, Peter and all of you who are my fellow warriors.

When I read all of your posts, I have confidence in winning this war. I get so much education and advices from you all. While you were writing them you didn't think how it can do so much for the next person. Thank you for all of your encouragements.

I'm touched by the forum for those friends in Australia. It's very loving!

Thank you thank you thank you for helping me to not be anxious about the cleaning. Thinking back most of the time I felt depression over the M is mostly due to cleaning the environment. It's the most stressful part of this disease in my book. Not confident if I'm doing the right way of cleaning or of the products. Or how to clean. It was everyday stress the second I wake up, i was ok time to clean again.
God stepped in again, having that conversation learning the better way of doing things. Wow lighter.

Today was the first day I took out time to sit down and say I'm going to sit on my bed and read, write the post... I took a nap without guilt today.

Thank you all so much!



3:56:25 PM

Hi Mel and Peter,

Thank you for finding answers for me regarding my concern with the facial growth of unwanted invaders. I was happy to know Peter gone through it and knew what to do.

I really appreciate the coffee and tea conference calls.

Mel, may I have Peter's number, thank you.

Hi Ruth,
Was that you from England yesterday? If yes it was so nice to hear your voice.

Hi Margo,
It's really encouraging for me to hear you've gone back to work, congratulations! I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better after your move.

Hi James,
It was nice meeting you too and thank you also for the tip on neem.

Hi Kathy,
I heard you were back on the phone line, however I didn't hear your voice. I hope you are doing well this week.

I start on my MMS tonight! I'm excited I finally got to start the killing of them.



2:41:48 AM

Hi Linn

I just wanted to tell you that I will be joining in for coffee tea, and me conference call this Saturday . I hope I get a chance to speak with you.

I can clearly see that you are committed. That is wonderful! You are taking steps to get well by becoming more involved here. Many have discovered that this treatment is the way back. Those who read here and remain on the protocol do get well.


5:23:06 PM

Hi Linn,

Although I've seen others mention fungal hair I don't think I have experienced it, or at any rate not noticed it.

So I hope others with experience will offer advice.

If you haven't already done so you might find help using the search engine here. Although it takes time to read through posts I always learn something new and re-reading at a later stage is helpful as different things are relevant.

Please keep posting and let us know how things go for you.

1:29:30 PM

Dear Ruth,
Thank you for checking on my post. I truly appreciate it.

Ruth do you have morg hair problems?
I'm getting morg hair growth on my face!! It's invading my forehead. Please if you or anyone else know what to do to stop their invasion. Please help!!

Thank you!

7:44:32 AM

Hi Linn,

Its good to hear that the dizziness is gone now. You are doing so well with your diet finding things that you enjoy eating. When I felt like eating something with a sweeter taste I made the almond cookies which are great!

I'm not sure what the right/best way of dealing with clothes is either so I can only say what I did! At the beginning everything feels overwhelming and we are so tired from having sat up at night for hours reading and researching and then realise that we have to start major cleaning and washing projects.

I started by bagging up everything I didn't need immediately. I didn't wash it first as I wouldn't have been able to get it all dry. I did throw some things out that I felt I would never be able to wash adequately and didn't feel happy about keeping. Then I did go through what was left in my wardrobe and drawers and wash those and clean all surfaces with Kleen Green. Because I didn't have many clothes to deal with I have always put them straight back into cupboards and drawers but I know others store in plastic boxes. Gradually I went through the items I had put in plastic bags and washed them.

Little by little we get on top of it all and it starts to get better.

11:55:36 PM

Hi everyone, Hi Ruth,

I am happy to report that the dizziness subsided on its own.

i'm start my fourth week today. i'm excited one more week i get to add mms.

i do feel tired more often this week, i think that means good that they are dying in me. i am getting better at this new way of life.

the other night i made lightly sauteed broccoli with garlic and jalapeno, also chicken with a mixture spices of cinnamon, clove, ginger, star anise and fennel all these with brown rice. it was quite delicious.

it was nice to have a hot meal. i do enjoy the salads though. however, nothing can beat hot meal.

i have to say, it is fun to be creative with the new way of eating.

after looking at the dessert and snack list of almond cookies, rooibos jello, so much more, looking forward to try them all.

however, i guess i'm a newbie, maybe it's too early to try them, stick to salads, lemons, cayenne peppers, apple cider vinegar...

can someone help me, i don't know if i need to clean out the closet at this time? i'm afraid of my closet. the last time i went in to look for rayon, polyester, nylon clothes, i walked out with a lot of black specks on my white jeans. kind of gross.

as i read many of you placed your clothes in plastic, before you have done that, do you have them all inspected and washed before store them in plastics? then take them out after healing?

if so, that's a lot of work, to wash them all before put them in plastics.

so far i only have few that i wear i washed and put them in plastic bags, i just rotate through these few.

please can anyone give me some guidance on this aspect?

thank you,



12:23:55 PM

Hi Linn,

So sorry that you having dizzy spells. Its a horrible feeling and I've had trouble with it in the past occasionally but it has always disappeared after a while. I felt then that it was caused by particles in the ear shifting and disrupting the delicate balancing function. There are ways of moving the body and head to help with settling it down if that is the cause.

I haven't had it more recently associated with morgellons so hope that others may be able to help and will be praying for you about it.

Love Ruth

5:40:51 PM

Hi Ruth,

Thank you for your post!

It's nice to read your little walk outdoors since I haven't the chance to do those things yet.

Thanks for the tip about the lemon juice.
yes, with God all things are possible!

I'm sorry you had a harder day that day, but isn't it beautiful God shows his personality through the things he creates Romans 1:20.

Ruth and everyone,

I start to have dizzy spells. By any chance anyone had it too? And why do We get it?

Thank you for the insight!


9:55:55 PM


Beautiful post, Ruth. God bless you. Your grace is indomitable. Sending you Strength and Love.


12:52:20 PM

Hello Linn,

Thank you so much for posting and sharing your experiences and thoughts. Although I love reading over the past posts its also lovely to hear from someone current and to know that I can pray for you by name as I pray for those going through the protocol at the moment.

Yes I find Kleen Green helps rashes which come and go. I also find lemon juice good.

I've had a harder day today feeling a little low but its helpful reading your post. I've just been out on a walk up the lane from my house to say hello to the animals, sheep here at the moment, and the sun was shining the last few minutes of the day. I know its important for me to be grateful and thank God for every blessing He gives and I was thankful for the sun and for the beauty of the trees, fields and hills. Also I'm thankful that nothing is impossible with God and when we face things that feel impossible for us it stretches and exercises our faith putting our trust in Him.

I'm a little ahead of you in my fifth month and will keep posting what is happening. Its the full moon today so we can expect a bit more activity. I've had some bigger fibres appear today whereas they had been getting much smaller.

Got to go and cook tea..

God bless, Ruth


4:12:53 AM

Hi everyone,

Yes, Kleen Green does help with the pimpling. I sprayed it and rubbed it in. Next morning, both of my arms all calmed down.

I finished my second week on the portocol. During the second week, I was able to do one errand by myself. This is huge since I haven't the ability to go outdoors for two months now.

I have more black specks now. I haven't gotten the crystals I used to in the beginning.

I have been using aquaphor with tea tree oil. I find that helps to keep the skin healthy. I saw on a health show once that aquaphor literally heals the skin.

I start to get the itch which I didn't have before, but during this second week, I start to get them quite often. Now, I understand what itch feels like. Kleen green does help me to control it with that too, and the bites.

I read from others that they can rub out by using coconut oil... I tried, I still can't seem to rub them out. I must not be doing it right.

Since the first week I have noticed I have wrist joint pain, however, during the second week, I noticed I'm getting more joint pain. It's 3 in the morning, I woke up because almost every joint is very painful now, I can feel them even during my sleep.

I remembered I read in Justin's thread that happened to him too. I just read it again to confirm. It's comforting to have the journeys to read and know what I'm going through is okay.

I'm grateful to have them to refer to.

I'm also so grateful for the conference archives. I find them very informative and calming too.

I appreciate to what Amber said that' it was messy'.
My first three days on the portocol, I kept messing up here and there.
Also trying to get my environment clean, laundry is definitely is still an issue for me. I'm just not secure if I got rid of them in my wash.

I'm also grateful to how open you all are, the ones that came before me. Many were candid about their sadness, having this disease.
I did have my overwhelmed moments and sadness, though maybe half an hour the most, but I felt them. I find crying to God helps me! Literally the tears come out. Afterwards, He regrouped me, and renewed my strength and focus on healing. I am grateful to know God. I don't know what my life would be like to endure without the power beyond what's normal. It will be a life of hopelessness.

I am grateful to this website. Like Peter, it's the second website, I found, and the only website says there is a cure for this.
I got hope! Hope means there is a way out!

I feel blessed to have a cure!! That All I have to do is follow the steps.

I'll keep praying for all of us to have a full recovery, and may God continue to provide us the courage, peace, joy in our healing process.
Joy, that despite what's happening, that quiet joy inside to fuel our endurance.


7:56:16 PM

Thank you Mel, thank you Mary for welcoming me. Hi everyone,

Mary the celery stick with peanut butter sounds delicious. I can do the same with almond butter then, great suggestion.

This is my second week on the protocol. Since yesterday I start to get pimpling on my arms, today increased in quantity. What does it mean? I'll try Kleen green. I think I read that on some posts.

How should I feel and view about pimpling?
If you have any insight and advise please share with me.

Thank you!

1:21:23 PM

Hello Linn and Welcome,

I guess I haven't welcomed you because of how much we have talked on the phone.

Having the ability to talk with me two or three times a week at our Coffee, Tea with Me conference calls has accelerated your ability to utilize the protocol. This has allowed you to do things you haven't been able to do in two years within the first three weeks of being on the protocol.

I remind you of what I said this morning on the phone, slow and steady.

I rejoiced in your tears of happiness this morning, may the praise go to God, for you told me he sent you to our website. Because of that you believed in us, and ordered the protocol within seventy two hours of acknowledging you have a toxic disease.

We look forward to your continuous story with the hope it will benefit those who come after you. Paying it forward is a godly thing.

Obviously at this moment very moment you are full of hope!

God Bless,


11:58:57 PM

Hi Linn,


I'm so glad you found this site also and that you are feeling so well so quickly. It does ebb and flow, but overall, it flows! I also found that even though onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers of various colors are sweet, they didn't cause me any problems. But, again, we all have to test it out for ourselves as everyone responds differently to foods. I've been able to now eat granny smith apples and carrots with no problems also, whereas before I couldn't as I'd get more crawlies. Onions caramelize nicely in the sauté pan with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and they never caused me any troubles.

So, I hope you will be able to enjoy these and find other veggies too. One of my favorite snacks is celery sticks dipped into sunbutter (sunflower seed butter). Anyway, it's an easy way to get a lot of celery into me. Now I also every so often use all natural Laura Scudders Peanut butter, too, but that's not recommended in the beginning due to peanuts having more fungal potential, I think.

Stay strong and stay connected here as much as possible for lots of support!

Warm Regards, Mary

3:21:54 PM

Thank you Peter!

Hi everyone,

I feel I should start documenting since my memories are pretty bad right now.
2/1/2016 I started to bath with sea salt once I realized I have morgellon. Before this realization, I was home bound. I suffered for more than a year from damage to my nervous system (I thought). All these time, I didn't know was parasitic. How was revealed, was acupuncture with herbal treatments. I saw white hairlike thing came out of my left thumb on 1/31/16. Mel's website was the one I found next day. I read his stories and I ordered the protocol right away.
I also ordered nature's gift is a debridement soap and peppermint oil.

Yesterday for half an hour I felt overwhelmed by cleaning this place. I realized I should remember what already gotten better, to remind myself there is progress already.

2/1-2/6 I had threads, amalgam, larva, specks, crystals, burning of the face, fungal projections on face and lips, fungal hair on my head happen all in one week. During this week I already balding bc of the morgellon. Iknow mine have been dormant for awhile, so they're fierce.

2/2/2016, I used the Clorox and alfalfa I was able to purge some things out. Then the next day, I added borax. And when I got the natures gift soap, it's with peppermint oil, I was purging more. I did the natures gift with peppermint twice, then stopped bc I feel things are moving too quickly. I also spoke to Mel, I was informed that bathing should be later. Do no harm. Therefore I stopped. Yes showers are quite effective too. I realized another new situation happening.

I forgot to mention that Before this, I was basically bed ridden for a month and a half.

2/7/2016 I got the protocol and started on Sunday:) I was a happy camper! I had very low strength for 16 months. 1/31/16 I asked my friend to pick up a bottle of detergent bc I was weak. As I shared already that my strength was restored just in three days of the protocol and eating right.

My biggest issue is the uncontrollable body movements which I had for 16 months. Now I'm starting on my second week of taking the protocol. I feel a bit better even in that respect. Still have to fight it, but more stable.

I want to record this so when difficult time like that half hour yesterday, I can feel good reading this.

I'm so grateful to God to pay such close attention to me.
When I saw myself balding in front of my eyes as it was happening, a strange peace came over me with the scriptures from 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 ( one of my favorites for a long time)
" therefor we do not give up, but even if the man we are outside is wasting away, certainly the man we are inside is being renewed from day to day. For though the tribulation is momentary and light, it works out for us a glory that is more and more surpassing greatness and is everlasting; while we keep our eyes, not on the things seen, but on the things unseen. For the things seen are temporary, but the things unseen are everlasting."

It's temporary and light. Morgellon what I see now is temporary, when it's cured its everlasting.

Thanks for listening,
God is a God of All comfort,


3:55:36 AM

Hi Linn

You are seeing that the search engine can be very useful to help you find information about many aspects of our disease. FYI...I use borax and odoban in my laundry and I find that they work really well together. The MMS will do the job too. So, yes, it should be sufficient.

A good question about red onions. They are a great prebiotic, which means that they further promote the friendly bacteria in the large intestine, increasing the overall gastrointestinal tract health. I believe they are better eaten raw, but lightly steaming is OK.

Brightly colored vegetables are powerful! But, again, I have always been of the opinion that they are best eaten raw. Also, I believe it is a good best practice to wash all vegetables with vinegar and water to remove any residual pesticides. Hope this helps.


7:19:15 PM

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the advise, I was doing laundry the old fashioned way bc I didn't have tool in hand. ,I wanted to make sure those buggies
Die :). I share machine with my neighbor, I hate to contaminate them. I went the extra. After boiling each wash three times, I even put in the oven for ten minutes at 400 degrees. Then washer, dryer.
I use odoban, borax, bleach.

Today I soaked my laundry with mms, I hope this is sufficient.

I'll put them in the washer later and will follow the steps as I read on the website. Still quite confusing bc seems variations of it.

I have question about red onions. We should stay away from sugar, but after stir fry red onions become very sweet, will that be a problem?

Also I noticed most recipes use red peppers or green. Is it bc yellow and orange ones are sweet? Can I have orange and yellow bell peppers?

Sorry I'm new at this :)

Thank you,


12:49:29 AM

Hello Linn

I want to welcome you here. God has indeed led you to this beautiful place of healing. Here you will find everything that is known about how we get well in the past posts of those before you. The more that you read them the better you will understand.

If you have not yet done so, make sure you visit the FAQ page. The protocol page then acts as your guide with the schedules for working Mel's protocol.

There is an easier, effective way to do laundry. Click on the search engine on the menu above. Type in laundry in the box under the globe when it appears. it will then give you several threads you can read that will give you information to make doing your laundry less work.

You are showing results quickly. That is wonderful! I can tell you that most people experience feeling a reduction in symptoms within the first 90 days of taking the nutrient support delivered by Logos.

If you continue to post in this thread you have begun, there are many here who will reach out to you and respond. I hope that you will keep us informed as you make your journey back to health.

Strength and Love,

Linn **

12:53:01 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm new at this. I learned I have morgellons on 2/1/16. I thank God for getting me to this site asap. Within a day I learned I have a cure for this.

Although I just found out I have this parasite, but I carried them for some time... Perhaps 4 years already. It's been difficult since end of two years ago. I was extremely no strength when it first happened two years ago. Even up until last week, I was still low in strength.
I ordered the protocol asap. I started on it 2/7/16, what amazed me is by the third or fourth day, I had the strength to do laundry on my stove, carried a heavy pot of water, from the bathroom to the stove, that happened six times that night, then the laundry down the stairs to the washer. The fourth day I had the energy to clean the bathroom.

I guess I must have been in such deficit.

I love these products. Thank you John B. for developing them, and Mel for your experience help all of us to have hope!

Thought I should share,

Welcome United kingdom and all of Europe


11:41:09 PM

Dear Ruth,

Hooray for you! ! You're getting there!



11:17:31 PM

Hi Ruth and welcome.

When Logos introduced the Immune Pulse John stated that he expected those who took it would experience a setback or resurgence of symptoms even though they may have reached a plateau where they were essentially symptom free. As you correctly stated, this is a good thing because it indicates that it is working to access deeper pockets of biofilm and expose pathogens to cellular immune resources and whatever antimicrobials you are taking.

Count it all joy my dear. You are heading down the back stretch!

God Bless; Those who get better never gave up Hope!


3:21:15 PM

Hello everyone,

I would be grateful for some advice/reassurance at the moment.

I'm just at the end of my 10th month on the protocol and this week started my second month on Immune Pulse. Over the past few days I've had an increase in fibres on my face with itchy sensations, not as severe as in early days but much more than I've been used to having since on the protocol, even over the full moon. Some paper cuts have come on my hands but no worse than other times and I have no rashes or spots anywhere.

I'm thinking that its either another cycle round, in which case the amount of fibres is more than previously. Or is it the Immune Pulse doing its job?

With regards to food, the only thing I have done differently is that twelve days ago I ate a few blackberries with no problems. Five days ago I ate a few blueberries. Otherwise nothing different.

Initially I found it quite difficult emotionally,lots of tears. Its always difficult when symptoms return and of course I want to be finished with it. But I know that its a long battle and can't be hurried and I want to do the best that I can to dig in and keep doing everything I can to get well.

I have it hanging over me that my husband was willing for me to take everything for a year and I have some anxiety about whether there will be pressure put on me in September to stop the protocol. Prayers would be appreciated.

Any comments/suggestions would be welcome.


7:21:48 AM

Hello Mary and Peter,

Peter, thank you for your encouragement and you are so welcome to come and visit me if you come to England!

Mary, I've just completed my first three weeks (five days on and two days off) on Immune Pulse and next week is a week off and then I start the next three weeks in the same way. During the first week I had a little rash on the back of one hand and saw a few fibres around it. Spraying with MMS helped the rash go away after a couple of days. Fibres on my face and hands seem random in the amounts each day, sometimes none and others just a few. There's not been a big increase over the past few weeks, just a continuing of on and off days. I also remember having some mild headaches but other than that I've not noticed anything else. Its been a busy period as my aunt who is 83 and lives in her own house but I am her main carer, fell and broke her replace hip a week and a half ago in the middle of the night. It meant loss of sleep that night and a busier time hospital visiting and doing her laundry and sorting things in her house. I've cut back on others things that I could, just concentrating on my work and things at home but despite the extra stress its been ok. I even managed to keep a long term commitment to take my mum (who is nearly 89) away last weekend in the midst of everything. I've been careful as much as possible to have some time resting each day. I'm not managing to meet up with friends as much and don't always make it to church, sometimes deciding its wiser to have a rest.

Yes gardening is such good therapy! But I now cover up a bit more, generally wearing long trousers if its not too hot and always wear barrier plastic gloves and then gardening gloves on top. And I'm not sure I will ever feel happy about bare feet in the garden again but you never know! I'm interested to see if all the essential oils that I have in my body lotion that I make up keep the flies off this summer.

Love Ruth

12:29:08 AM

Hiya Ruth! I was checking in to find out how you are doing with the Immune Pulse? Did you have any increase in symptoms? I was so happy to hear about your gardening and the rhubarb tart you tried. I could just imagine you outside gardening away. It is very therapeutic to garden, isn't it?! As long as we aren't getting bitten up by them bugs.
God Bless!

12:21:29 AM

Hello Ruth

I am going to find my way someday to visit that beautiful countryside that your posts conger in my imagination. I can almost smell the fragrant aroma of something baking in the kitchen as I stroll through your garden!

Love you, Ruth!

12:20:47 PM

Thank you so much, Ruth! I can't wait to give it a try.

Kelly :)

4:23:04 PM

Hello Kelly,

Yes try spraying with MMS. It took me a while to find a little travel spray bottle but now if I have a rash, cut or sore I make up some and spray as often as I remember in the day, rub it into the skin and let it air dry.

I add about the same number of ounces of water as I've used of activated drops, so if I've used 4 and 4 of drops I add about 4 oz water.

Love Ruth

1:39:58 PM

Hello Ruth,

I saw in one of your posts that you mentioned using MMS spray. I was hoping you could tell me the ratio of MMS drops to water that you use for the spray. I'd love to try the MMS spray rather than always relying on the Kleen Green spray as I have been doing for so long.

Thanks so much!


1:06:06 PM

Hello everyone,

and thank you Mary for your post and for keeping in touch with us all here. I'll never forget - you were the first to respond to my first post here and I was so so grateful.

I'm in my 10th month now and symptoms are very much reduced most of the time. I can probably say I'm 90% better! I used to wonder how people worked that out but what I've done is think about how many fibres I would have seen in the beginning and then how many now. Some days I see none! Those are great days! Other days there are just two or three on my face/feet. The only time there was anything different to that was at the last full moon when there was a slight increase for two days. The other time was this week when I started the Immune Pulse and had a small area of rash and little cuts on the back of my hands and saw a few fibres there just on one day.
I haven't had any stinging for a month or two now or itchy crawly feelings. I'm expecting for things to start happening with the Immune Pulse and want it to as I want to get rid of what's left of the disease.

I've had a busy week or two, catering for visiting family. A couple of them tried my free from Rhubarb Bakewell Tart (I will put the recipe up on the thread) and thought it was good! I've also been doing some gardening (to make it tidy for visitors but also to reclaim some ground). An area of vegetable and fruit garden had been completely overgrown by weeds and brambles and last year I didn't have the energy or will to tackle it. The weather has been so good here the past two weeks I've been able to get out and bit by bit get rid of all the weeds and yesterday planted out a strawberry bed. So I haven't been resting as much as I might normally - I need to get back to afternoon naps.

I've also been sorting out another area in a storage room where there had been mold. I'd cleaned it all but wanted to get it redecorated and change the flooring which all got finished a couple of weeks ago.

I had a coffee last week - I haven't added anything to the diet before just keeping to all the same things but thought I would try just one coffee when I was out with a friend. It tasted very strong! I had it black with just a little milk. It was probably a bit of a shock to my body and it kept me quite alert for the rest of the day. It didn't cause any itches anywhere though. Afterwards I thought that it probably wasn't a good idea to try it the same week as I was starting Immune Pulse! I think I'll leave it a while before another coffee :)

God bless


1:57:56 AM

Hi Ruth,

so good to hear your voice on the recording from 5/7! You sound so sweet and kind! And, I'm glad to hear you are doing better! I, too, am a meat and eggs person, because I get weak and shaky feeling without enough protein like protein from meat. Even best is when I eat beef, I get much more energy, though it is always grass fed when I do. So, apparently even though I didn't eat a ton of veggies, I was still able to reverse the fungal component and stay alkaline enough.

I do like to put a fried egg with avocado mayo on a slice of toasted brown rice bread in the morning or some of the Pedersons grass fed, sugar free bacon. So, I try to eat raw almonds for the alkalinity and maybe some blueberries.

I agree that when trying to take the split dosing of MMS, I now have to be careful about not eating any foods within 2 hours before or after that don't have antioxidants in them. It was easier at bedtime to achieve this. But since I do a little grazing rather than just 3 larger meals, not eating for 4 hours between breakfast and lunch is harder. I guess I'd like to know what has too much antioxidants in it to eat, since many foods have antioxidants in them. Maybe my sun butter and nut thin crackers would be ok. But, veggies with hummus, I imagine, would not.

Take good care and God Bless!


6:41:12 AM

Hello to everyone,

Its a few weeks since my last update and there's not much to report! No more big outbreaks of fibres, just occasional very tiny black dots that I see on my face or feet. Some days there are a few and other days none. At the moment there are a few little cuts on my hands that come and go in different places but heal up quickly with MMS spray and sulphur cream.

Its great having a quiet patch but I know things will still cycle round. Yesterday I had a moment of comparing working through the protocol to climbing a mountain. It felt like that before I started the protocol, that I needed to get my big boots on and start a tough climb. Yesterday I felt I could take a moment to catch my breath and turn round and look back at the view and see how far I've come. It made me cry. A mixture I think of the reality of it all, knowing its been tough, but also so grateful to God for the protocol and the help here and for the progress that I've made.

The thing about climbing a mountain is that when you look up you can't see how far it is to the summit and sometimes what you think is the top turns out not to be and there's a bit more climbing to do. Its the same for me with this that I can't predict how much further I have to go so I need to keep on with everything just the same and each day do everything I need to do to get there.

I've had a few times recently of feeling very sick, but not been sick, once feeling very ill and not able to move off the bed. It felt scary as I have a fear of being sick but after a while the thought came to me: things are dying off, things are dying off. I just kept repeating it in my head and it helped so much to reduce fear and feel positive about it and I started to relax and fell asleep soon after.

I know we all tackle this disease with different personal situations. I still have no support for this protocol from my husband which is hard but makes the community and support here so very valuable to me. I'm mentioning it because of others out there who may be in the same situation and wondering if they can do it and I'm here to say that with all the support and help that is here, yes you can.

Love Ruth

8:08:37 AM

Hello everyone

A couple of days after my last post some big boil like spots broke out on my leg! So it wasn't quiet for long but I'm grateful for the times of less symptoms. Even though I knew symptoms would keep coming round I was still disappointed! I suppose its human nature that we want to be finished with the disease as quickly as possible. When symptoms go away for a bit there is the thought that maybe this is it. Anyway there is still a bit more mountain to climb and its hard that we never know how much further there is to go but we just have to keep on going. I'm grateful that with MMS spraying and sulphur cream the lumps and bumps went after a few days.

I've been getting into the sun when I can and one day last week had 30 minutes in full glorious sunshine,let it get to as much skin as possible. Thought I'd check my face when I came in and there were quite a lot of fibres there which again in some ways is disappointing but good that the sun brought them out.

However MMS baths even with 60 drops is not bringing anything out that I can see. There may be very small stuff emerging but not that I can see.

Now that I am getting into the routine of MMS in the morning as well I really like it better! Drinking just 7 drops each time is so much easier, not hard to drink at all. I have a gluten free oatcake before the mid morning pills and MMS hoping that it is ok. I was trying to think what would not have antioxidants in it.

At the moment I'm keeping to eating all the same things not wanting to do anything that will delay me getting better. Trying to keep on alkaline foods as much as possible and avoid adding anything acidic although I eat quite a bit of meat and eggs.

Love to you all,



6:11:36 PM

Peter thank you so much for you post sharing about your life and being so encouraging. Yours is a wonderful story of health regained. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your story with others here. Your reassurance to me is so very helpful and a real comfort.

I am working on being patient! Symptoms have quietened down over the past few weeks. I am changing pillow cases a lot less and fibres are getting teeny tiny and hard to spot except with a magnifying glass. No more of those sudden itches and then spotting a fibre. I've had a rash on the back of my neck buts its calming down now. So I'm expecting another round again in another few weeks!

I'm sticking to the diet strictly still. I sometimes look at things in the shop and wonder if I could cope with eating it now but then just want to keep it safe and not eat anything different yet. I do find it helpful though to eat things that I really like the taste of and change flavours around a bit as it really cheers me up! I'm eating almond crackers at the moment flavoured with pumpkin seeds, rosemary and sea salt. Thanks to Nan for her recipe.

Thanks also to Margo for the castor oil information. It has helped greatly on the neck rash.

I'm getting into the routine of twice daily MMS. I used to find it tricky out and about but I now have an MMS kit in a little zipped bag that goes into my handbag. Its got the two bottles and a collapsible cup in it so that I can make it up wherever I am.

I'm trying to work out a way to make scones. Does anyone have a recipe that works? So far they come out something like a rock cake rather than a scone, quite tasty flavoured with sage and onion but still not a scone.

Love to you all,



2:04:16 AM

Hello Ruth

As I have come to expect, you continue to share very important and compelling experiences that can teach others. Your posts offer situations with questions that lead to deeper understanding. I would like to again thank you and to respond.

First, I am convinced the body intends for this disease to teach us about patience. My body patiently accepted years of abuse before it finally said "enough". That was when my co infections overwhelmed my immune system, and Morgellons arrived.

So, it stood to reason that recovery would also take patience and would take time. For anyone reading this, the proof that "patience and staying the course" brings remission lies in the fact that today, as I write this, I am symptom free. All that remains are brief periods of inflammation that are due to Lyme related factors.

There are very clear reasons why it has taken me 4 years to get all the way home. I am 62 years old, and I have lead a very "toxic" lifestyle. I smoked for 40 years. I went through years of alcohol abuse. My diet rarely included nutritious, living foods. Blood work has shown antibodies for serum Hepatitis and tuberculosis. I have had H-Pylori. I worked as a painter in my 20's where I was regularly exposed to Toluene and other toxic petroleum solvents like acetone. And there has always been high levels of stress during my career teaching and counseling.

"Overcoming these factors is nothing short of remarkable, and the primary reason why I strongly advocate for this protocol."

Some final thoughts. Like you, I had differing symptoms emerge through out my recovery. And, indeed, they are unsettling. But only until you come to understand them as an important aspect of deeper healing. And in that context, looking back, I now view them as necessary, and a good thing.

The disease will flux and will cycle. I too remember a time finding it harder to drink the MMS. But this happened at a point when I was feeling pretty normal again. So I saw this as a sign I was truly getting well, which I actually was. Like Mel, I now pulse MMS as a preventative measure.

Starting The Renaissance Whey will measurably help you. The rejuvenase enzyme allows your body to form polypeptide chains that actually have serious anti-microbial properties. I call it natures antibiotic.

God bless you, Ruth. Don't let new symptoms deceive you. They tell me you are really winning! Believe it,
and "Stay the Course!"



8:14:11 PM

Hello to everyone,

I'm either late or early for the prayer meeting and can't work out the time difference, possibly as its the time of year that the clocks change. We'll be going forward an hour soon which changes it again. Anyway so sorry to miss it, thinking about Daisy and wish and pray for a wonderful wedding day for them.

As I was all set to stay up a bit later here's a bit of an update. I feel that I'm in a stage now where I have to keep myself looking ahead, eyes fixed on the goal and not looking in any other direction and that this is why Peter says that patience is the challenge for me now.

It can feel unsettling having a new type of symptom emerge or things happening in a new way as I would much rather that all the symptoms went, now! Some mornings I'm having to change my pillow case after one night due to a large amount of fibres left there and I've had a different looking type of raised patch on my lower leg. Some things come and go quite quickly. Others like an itchy patch on my neck are persistent. I know I have to keep on doing everything each day and be patient. I had a few days recently when I was finding it harder than usual drinking the MMS, not for any physical reason but more mentally. Is this the disease? Can it do that? Anyway I decided to view it as if its the disease fighting back because the MMS is making progress in killing it off which made me feel much better and the last few nights have been back to normal. It was the same feeling as with the food cravings, that something was attacking my mind to put me off track.

This week I tried the Renaissance Whey for the first time using almond milk and it tastes so wonderful! Thank you John for making it such a treat to drink. With all the herb teas I've been trying I've been drinking things that don't taste very good always. I'm on Cat's Claw tea at the moment and will keep changing every few weeks.

The MMS baths are up to 40 drops now and I still don't see much, just a few small fibres.

Thank you for the love and support here.



4:29:30 PM

Hello to everyone,

Now into my six month and after having had quieter time of symptoms for a while things have been more active over the past few weeks. I've had an increase in the number and size of fibres coming from my face. My forearms have had scaly itchy rashes come and go over the past week and had a small lesion on my arm that was increasing in size. After reading some posts here I got some sulphur cream and also sprayed arms with MMS and Kleen Green. Happy to say the rashes are gone now and the lesion is healing.

A new symptom for me are white fuzzy balls that I find on my skin or see coming out of my skin on arms, face and feet.

I'm currently taking monolaurin and parabolish in addition to the protocol so lots of pills!

The diet is going ok and I'm sticking to eating mostly the same thing every day.

Good news about the cats! They were all declared well this week at their yearly check up and vaccination. The cat who had bare patches now has beautiful fur. I've no idea if they drink the MMS water but they get given it every day.

I'm not giving up hope, I'm trusting God, grateful for everyone here and pressing on.



7:19:10 AM

Hello to everyone,

I'm in my 5th month now of the full protocol and taking my maintenance 14 drops of MMS which is going fine.

In order to monitor how my symptoms are regarding fibres, I've developed a habit of checking my feet and face every evening, mainly those because they are easy for me to see. I wear white socks now so that there is no possibility of me mistaking fibres from clothing as coming from me. I check after rubbing cream in. I can see a trend of less fibres and that they are smaller which is encouraging. Occasionally there are days when there is a bigger and larger amount. My hands have been clear of cuts/scratches for a couple of weeks but these come and go. I very rarely feel any sharp stings from fibres any more but occasionally an annoying itch in lower legs and sometimes then spot a fibre.

I don't experience any crawling now. I must have done initially as I took antihistamines to sleep in the early days before starting this treatment.

This week over a couple days for the first time I felt as if I was getting better, that I could really see a change in the amount and size of fibres and that there is a consistent decline. Its hard to explain, but emotionally I felt different. It only lasted a couple of days but it was good to feel it! I think so often we struggle with self doubt as to are we doing enough, are we missing something and having to battle through with faith to trust God.

Interestingly it was this same week that I also for the first time since starting to diet had a mental struggle over food! Because although I've struggled sometimes with the inconvenience of the diet I haven't had sugar or any other food cravings. I don't often feel hungry in the way I used to. But this particular evening I had a fierce craving for toast and butter that came from nowhere unlike anything before in this process. I take this as a positive! That the disease is feeling under threat and fighting back. Remembering past posts from others is a big help to recognise what may be happening.

I've started MMS baths at 20 drops two weeks ago and this weekend will go to 25 drops. Nothing to report from the baths as yet.

I'm increasing my range of herbal tea adding mint, cinnamon, clove, ginger. I've got some cat's claw to try. I'm adding raw garlic sprinkled over salad, hoping its not too antisocial a thing to do! I'm getting used to cooking with coconut oil to fry things and trying it out for baking. I still can't seem to eat it straight.

Thanks to everyone who post here. I love reading your posts and its so helpful to me.


7:17:51 AM

Hello Debra and welcome here.

Thank you for posting as it helps so much to hear from others in the same situation.

I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with morgellons in your whole family and will pray for you all. There is a thread here called Children and Morgellons which will be full of advice on how to help and treat children.

When I first came to the site I read the FAQs to understand Mel's protocol. Then I gradually read through the forum pages making some notes as I went along. There are also the articles on diets which are a great help. Some of the conference calls focus on helping children and are very encouraging so will be helpful for you to listen to them when you can.

Its great that you have found this site now and I know that it will be a big support and help to you.

Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.


8:27:03 AM

Hi everyone,

This is my 1st time writing on this site (or any site!).

Myself, my daughter, my son and my husband are all showing symptoms of this.

It started with my daughter at about 8 years old or so but I was unaware what it was until I had lesions erupt and looked closely at them. I had already researched skin rashes as my daughter had recurrent sores exacerbated by an allergy to mosquito bites which confused the symptoms initially.

I knew what morgellons was but I had never seen fibres until recently. I have seen black bits come out of my hands when I apply cream and white stuff coming out the soles of my feet after
showering. The girls in our family have it worse- not sure why?

the boys have mild symptoms that could so easily be missed.
I am very grateful to find this site as it is very difficult to discuss issues like these without sounding like a loony!! I have always approached life believing the things other people tell me are happening to them as who am I to challenge / judge another's experience but not everyone is like that.

As a medical person myself I have experienced first hand the conversations behind patients back in the staff handover room and the dismissal of ideas that don't "fit" the normal.

This disease seems to defy the laws of physics but although it is dreadful it does prove how "life" exists on many different planes in the universe. That we need to open our eyes and question everything.

I am just beginning my research into how to treat this which will be made much harder by my son being severely disabled and unable to take medicine or understand why he should not eat sweets.

I can already tell that this site is going to be a great source of information and support.

I pray to our Creator that each and every one of you posting can achieve healing and that the root cause of this awful disease can be exposed.

I also pray that medical professionals can stop fearing being laughed at by colleagues or losing their jobs if they admit that morgellons is real, and stop labeling people as mentally ill. I felt just awful reading about the lady on this site who was sectioned to a mental hospital. Reading that makes me reluctant to call this disease by its name too as I have a disabled child to care for and concerns that people may not think me capable.

Please pray for our disease that we may recover quickly and without the stigma that could come our way.

God bless and goodnight.


7:01:47 AM

hello beautiful people,

OK what i have found is very helpful for my digestion (ginger with frozen lemon)

what i do is i freeze the lemon for 24 i use salad grater grate the lemon with skin i add it in my salad .i didn't like it now i love eat i eat everyday

i hope this help you have digestion issue

i have an appointment with one of the doctor which has got very good mogellons review i hope i will get help from him .

if no success i will start mels protocol

god bless all


12:20:29 PM

Hello Ruth and Welcome,

Just wanted to thank you for these wonderful recipes. My personal favorite appears to be Lemon and Lemon, because I love everything lemon. Apple ran a close second.

They have been posted in two sections (Deserts and Sauces, Snacks and Treats) in the Articles and Diet section under Recipes.

Once again, thank you very much!!

God bless you all; Never ever give up Hope!


2:04:08 PM

Hi everyone,

These are some English baking/pudding recipes I have been working on.


50g butter (softened)
2/3 cup xylitol
2 large lemons or 3 small
4 eggs (separated)
4 tbsp coconut flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 cup almond milk

Beat butter and xylitol togethether. Add lemon zest and juice and mix in followed by coconut flour. Then mix in egg yolks and almond milk. Whisk egg whites until stiff and fold into the mixture.
Pour into a baking dish and bake at 180 C for 30 minutes until golden brown on top.

There should be a light sponge on top with a lemon sauce at the bottom. If the sponge is too runny cook for longer.


2 lemons
2 eggs
3 oz unsalted butter
6 tsp stevia

6 oz ground almonds
3 oz coconut flour
4 ½ oz butter
4 ½ oz xylitol
the rind of two lemons

To make the lemon curd, whisk the juice, rind and stevia and eggs together in a heatproof bowl and add the unsalted butter cut into small pieces. Put the bowl over a pan of simmering water for 15 to 20 minutes stirring frequently until the mixture is thick.

Mix the ground almonds and coconut flour together and rub in the butter. Mix in the lemon rind and xylitol.

Grease a baking tray 10” x 7”. Put half the almond and coconut mix into the tray and press down evenly and firmly to make a smooth base. Tip the lemon curd on top of the base and spread evenly.
Scatter the remaining half of the flour mix onto the lemon curd so that it covers evenly and press down lightly.

Bake at 170 C for 20 minutes until golden brown. Leave until completely cool in tin before cutting into squares. It may benefit from time in the fridge to become totally firm. It will keep well in the fridge or freezer or for a few days at room temperature.


(For 2-3 portions)

1 large Bramley cooking apple or two smaller apples
2 oz ground almonds
1 oz coconut flour
1 ½ oz butter
1 ½ oz xylitol
1 tsp stevia
½ tsp ground cinnamon

Preheat oven to 180 C

Peel and chop apple into ½ inch chunks and put into saucepan with 5 tbsp water, stevia and cinnamon. Cook over low heat for 5 – 10 minutes until apples start to soften and fluff at edges. Take off heat. Taste and add more stevia if needed. Put apple into a small baking dish.

Mix the two flours and rub in butter by hand or in food processor. Add xylitol and mix in.
Tip on top off the apple and spread out.

Cook for 20 – 30 minutes until golden brown.


4:41:31 PM

A big thank you to Mel who telephoned me in the UK from America this morning to help me and give me advice. I find Mel's care and kindness so amazing. Just knowing that help, support and advice is here and so freely given has been such a huge reassurance and comfort to me.

I went up to 17 drops last night but at 3 a.m took some vitamin C as the stomach cramps felt a lot worse and more than I felt I could take! So Mel has advised that I take 3 days break and go back to 14 drops as my maintenance dose.

Thank you Mary and Peter for posting with advice. So lovely to know I'm not on my own.

My weight is 120 1bs so hope that is a good number to get to for my size.

As you say Mary I can settle down now with a set number of drops which requires less thinking about!

5:58:31 PM

Hello Ruth

I just want to tell you that I agree with Mary. I don't know your body weight, but the nausea, bloating, and other things you are experiencing do suggest you may be at your tolerance point with the MMS. So, I would also advise that you take 3 days off, but try to have a discussion with Mel.Then decide, how to proceed from there.

And yes, although uncomfortable and annoying, I would see this as a very good sign!

Strength and Love,

8:40:26 AM

Hello Ruth and Mary,

Welcome as always

You should consider calling into Mel at one of this weekend's calls. Good idea!

God bless you both, never give up HOPE


8:00:22 PM

Hi Ruth,
Since you are still increasing your MMS drops and you are having this reaction, I would think this may be your big herx and that you should stop for 3 days and start back up at 13 drops. But, I'm deferring to the experts, which I'm sure will chime in. Or you should consider calling into Mel at one of this weekend's calls.
Best Regards,


1:30:15 PM

Thank you Lady T! I will look for a good cottage cheese with nothing added and flaxseed oil and give it a try.

Thank you for all your posts which I love reading :) and grateful for the information you give and encouragement.

I'm having another week of feeling a bit yucky, as we say here, with bloating, nausea, cramps and wind and no appetite. Is this a good sign? I'm up to 16 drops of MMS now.
Lady T

12:22:43 AM

Just wanted to chime in about cottage cheese -
Cottage cheese is a source of Sulfer protein and eating it with a tablespoon of Organic flaxseed oil is a satisfying snack or for me - became a small meal! A half cup (or sometimes a full bowl or just a few bites) of trader joes cottage cheese (hate most store brands of cottage cheese with guar gum and gunk, but TJs is great) and then drink tbs of trader joes flaxseed oil (kept Cold so it does not go rancid)
I found this potent pair from budwig protocol for folks with cancer:

"Dr Budwig discovered that when she combined Flaxseed oil, with its powerful healing nature of essential electron-rich unsaturated fats, and cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur protein, the chemical reaction produced makes the oil water soluble and easily absorbed into the cell membrane."
Source: cancer tutor

10:58:31 AM

Thank you Mary and so lovely to hear from you!

I would be grateful to hear from folks what their experience of the big herx was. I am nervous as I have a bit of a phobia about vomiting, silly I know. Good to hear that it wasn't too bad for you Mary.

Last week I had a few days of feeling sickly with no appetite. I'm wondering if that was a bigger die off happening. Its hard to know sometimes if its a bug our bodies are fighting off or if its the MMS killing stuff. I feel much better now thankfully with more energy again.

I love the Kleen Green and my house is gradually feeling so much cleaner! Not that I didn't ever clean before but I guess I didn't look too closely!

My weight has dropped a bit more over the past month so trying to reverse that. What do people think about cottage cheese? I'm reading things about alkaline diets that suggest it may be ok. Also hummus?

Love to you all,


PS Sorry Mel for dropping out of the call today. The internet connection here is poor and I sadly missed your last comment and then the connection went and I couldn't get back in. But thanks for your encouragement and advice and I will never curse your name no matter what comes! Thank you as always.

4:37:22 AM

Hi Ruth,

So glad to hear how well you're doing!

I remember Mel telling me the same about adding more water and being so happy not to have the burning feeling in my throat anymore that the more concentrated form caused.

Glad to hear how you were able to enjoy the holidays more, with less anxiety. Less anxiety is good for us.

Lastly, just wanted to say, don't worry about the herx because it was really not very difficult for me and others! It's exciting because you're on your maintenance dose of mms. And that's a happy thing because you don't have to try to remember how many drops you're up to this week and all.

I look forward to hearing when you do max out and what your maintenance dose will be.

Keep up the great work!

Much faith and strength,


4:02:45 PM

Hi Josef

Let me share my experience. I worked very hard on digestion during the first year of my recovery. As I came to understand the role that the microbiome (the bacterial colony of the gut)plays in immune health, I came to realize how important digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics are, and why they are an important part of the protocol.

My research allowed me to understand that people over the age of 60 (like me) are no longer able to produce enough enzymes. Since cooking meals kills the natural enzymes, I learned the value of eating raw versus cooked and to supplement to restore digestive integrity, especially if you eating lots of cooked foods.

I would suggest that you try drinking 10 to 12 ounces of water 10 minutes before eating. I would also consider adding fermented foods like Sour Kraut, Kim Che (fermented cabbage and cucumber), and raw kefir occasionally. It doesn't take much. These are prebiotics that will help grow the essential flora . It also helped when I added the Logos Magniflora 7 at my lunch time meal for additional probiotic support. I did this because it contains a different blending and that did really help.

Bottom line is that it took a few months to restore my microbiome. But I no longer need prescription Prilosec and Nexium for Gastro intestinal reflux disorder. Now, I digest my food again like I did when I was in my 20's. Hope this helps. Stay the course!


1:49:04 PM

Hi john
Thanks for your advice I have considered to start my protocol but I'm not in good financial situation right now .my girlfriend suffering from morgellons .she is in her early stage we are trying hard to start the protocol soon
Good bless

11:10:50 AM

Hi Josef,

Compromised digestion is a growing challenge for all regardless of whether they suffer from chronic illness, but especially so if they do. This is why so much of our protocol is aimed at improving absorption and assimilation of nutrients, and we spend so much time and energy encouraging people to reject processed foods and to eat a wholesome diet.

If you follow the protocol your digestion is bound to improve. Keep the faith Josef, we are all pulling for you!



9:37:52 AM

Hello every body happy new year,

I'm just wondering if anyone in here can help?
I have very trouble digesting problem .
I eat lots of vegetables but still have problem

Thanks appreciate any advice you can give me


7:11:27 AM

Happy New Year to everyone!

To update on my progress, I'm now up to 15 drops of MMS and drinking it in 16 oz water as advised by Mel as I had some stomach cramps. I didn't realise that we had to increase it by this much! No more stomach cramps though so thank you Mel! I'm wondering if I will be nearly at my maximum dose now and have to admit I'm a bit nervous about it.

Most of the time I feel fairly comfortable in my body, only a few of the big stings in the full moon week. There are still fibres appearing on my face and feet when I put cream on in the evening but they come out without pain and with just a little
itch if anything. They are getting smaller and sometimes I only see them with a magnifying glass.

Christmas and New Year was busy with family coming home but was a lot easier than last year when I was so worried I was giving everyone whatever I had! No one seems to have developed symptoms during the year which I'm very grateful for but still pray a lot about. I cooked things for others that I didn't eat it and it was fine. Bit by bit I'll try and work my diet more and more into what everyone else eats! I didn't feel deprived at all, even with all the chocolate around, and I loved chocolate. I think I looked at the journey ahead before I made the decision to start and knew it was tough and would be a big challenge for me.

It was reading through the forum that gave me the courage to do it, so thank you again for everyone that has written here. Your voices echo in my head and remind me to keep pressing on slow and steady and keep positive. And especially thank you to Mel and Peter for being here for us.


6:24:23 AM

Hello everyone,

Christmas is on its way and I'm coming up to time last year (Boxing Day) when I first started with symptoms. Its been quite a year! But I am so grateful that a year later I am three months into the full protocol and feeling the benefits of it and also part of this wonderful community of people.

I'm now on 12 drops of MMS. I'm not sure how much to increase the amount of water but am taking it in 200ml now which I think is about 7 oz. My hands are still free of cuts which is great and the bruises are less. Fibres are still appearing on my face and lower legs and feet.

A week ago I was needed by my mum, as she was ill and couldn't get out of bed, to go and stay for a few days. I had to leave the house with no warning and with little time to think what to take with me. I survived on mainly nuts the first day and then when I did get the opportunity to go out and buy some food I was surprised to find it challenging again to walk past cake shops! It must have been something to do with coping with the stress of my mum being ill and not having all my normal food supplies around me. In the past in a situation like that I would just eat on the run and keep my energy levels up, not bothering too much about good nutrition! I managed to stick to the diet but lost weight again. It was a good experience for me to realise that in those unexpected life events there is an extra challenge in keeping the diet on track and not be surprised by it next time.

Love to you all,


5:53:46 AM

Hello Peter,

I'm so grateful for your encouragement and advice. Its really been reading posts from everyone here that has given me the courage to start this journey and stick at it day by day. Also of course trusting that God has it all in His hands as I commit myself to Him each day.

Thank you for mentioning coconut flour. I was starting to feel uneasy about using too much brown rice flour so it was just the confirmation I needed!

Thank you for being here and all your support.

God bless


10:54:44 PM

Hello Ruth

There is no "quit" in you. Your attitude is amazing! You are "the indomitable spirit of the British," and a voice for every warrior here.

Keep showing others that spirit. Keep showing them how to get the job done with an attitude of acceptance. I see great dignity and God's voice in you. What a blessing you are!

FYI...Your diet looks very well rounded and spot on. Try coconut flour in place of the brown rice flour in your recipe. In my experience, blood pressure lower (with spikes) is a very good sign that your bio terrain is restoring. Symptoms like the issues with your hands coming and going is OK, because as you reach double digit doses of MMS (10 to 20 drops) , you have greater die off. This is part of the detox process needed to reach remission.

I would urge you to wear a mask when cleaning mold and to be mindful to circulate air to remove airborne spores that mold throws off when disturbed. Stay the course. You are winning!


7:06:05 AM

Hello to everyone and thank you so much to all of you for being a part of this community and of course especially thanks to Mel, Peter and John.

I am now on 10 drops of MMS and still increasing one drop each week. Fibres are now generally smaller but occasionally there is a day when there are more and they are larger. My hands are free of cuts and scratches today but they still come and go. My blood pressure is at a healthier level. It was never consistently high and needing medication but used to spike up sometimes when I was working but if I check it now even when I've been under pressure it is remarkably low! Its very encouraging to me as an indication of my body becoming healthier.

My diet is keeping going well and I keep the freezer stocked with almond cookies and almond drop scones so that I always have a snack available. I still make egg custards with coconut cream most weeks. I eat far more than I used to and never feel hungry in the way that I did sometimes before I became ill and was trying to keep my weight down. I carry almonds with a few pecans as a treat with me when I'm out and about in case there's nowhere that I can get the right food.

I'm trying a chicory drink with almond milk as my morning 'coffee' with my snack before my mid morning pills. Not quite sure about it yet! Dandelion root drink in the shops I've seen so far has sugar added but I'll keep looking.

The dessert yesterday for mum's Friday teatime treat was an attempt at Lemon Surprise Pudding. Sadly it lacked the surprise as there should have been a lemon sauce under the lemon sponge and it was all sponge with a fudgy lemon bit at the bottom. Mum pronounced it delicious though so I will try adjusting the ingredients which are lemons, butter, eggs, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, xylitol, stevia and baking powder.

I was shocked a couple of weeks ago to find black mould under and at the back of the toilet cisterns. So have been cleaning thoroughly to get rid of it all. I was shocked not to have realised it was there and am trying to be more aware of where else it could be.

If I think about how far I've still got to go it can be challenging so I try to concentrate on celebrating how far I've come and taking steady breaths if I start to feel overwhelmed.

God bless,



11:47:06 AM

Hi everyone,

Its been about a month since I last posted an update and I'm now on 8 drops of MMS and doing fine with it. I still have fibres but they are smaller and there are less of them. I had about a week with skin clear of scratches or cuts and it was great - I could do a salt scrub in the shower again! I am resting as much as I can on days when I get very tired. It can be hard when my main working hours are late afternoon into the evening but I try to get a rest in the afternoons.

There were a few days when I battled through to remain positive and keep believing that God is going to help me through to full recovery. However I believe He showed me this site and therefore I'm in the right place. Declaring it out loud helps me; singing praise and worship songs helps me. I greatly appreciate the prayer meetings when I can join in. I use skype and our internet connection is very limited, but even if I only get a short time before the connection goes its great. Its 11.30 p.m. here so I'm staying up a bit late on a Sunday for it! Its great if I can get an afternoon nap in though.

Each time I make a right choice with my diet and take the supplements I feel I've taken another step in the right direction and I know that if I just keep taking another step after another step I'll eventually get there!

My social life is narrowing down at the moment as I don't have the time or the energy. It can be hard coping with the diet out and about but at one recent event I took my box of salad while others ate a Chinese takeaway and it was fine.

I've bought some measuring cups, hooray! I can now follow recipes with more confidence. I've discovered that rhubarb is alkalising as well as having very low sugar content. So I can still make a pudding when my mum comes for tea every week (I have always been a prolific pudding and dessert maker). I'm a bit limited by the diet restrictions but am working hard on researching and experimenting. We have Bramley cooking apples in the UK which are also very low sugar. My crumble topping made with brown rice and and tapioca flour, butter and xylitol worked out well.

I think I've finally settled on a laundry routine for my front loader washer. I use a normal detergent and add some borax to it that I order online and also add Dettol laundry cleanser which goes in the fabric softener drawer. I use the soak function on the washer as well.

Love to you all,



5:00:23 PM

Thank you John for your advice, i will look into this at the earliest convenience with my doctor who is treating me in London.
I went almost 12 weeks ago to my last visit and they took several bloods for testing different types, from what i believe parasite testing? It is very long and painful trying to explain to the doctors, he has heard and the condition Morgellons and even stated it on my medical notes there.
But to just advise me to take an anti anxiety pill every day, and his understudy asking why i have changed my diet, as it shouldn't matter, its like burying your head in the sand explaining or talking to them, It is ignorance at its lower form , they know what causes different symptoms in the skin, education is paramount to combat worldwide disease, natural all the way.
Quick update gas, and toilets back to normal, a blip that lasted 4 days, and also i had 5 roast potatoes on Sunday and no reaction again, i hope i can have organic turkey, organic veg and a few roast potatoes this christmas, then on a sorrowful note, we are enduring disease, the Paris population are grieving with a horrendous loss of life, we are lucky in that respect and grateful for our healing.God bless to them and my deepest sympathies.

John B

10:16:18 PM

Hi Shawn,

Have you been tested for a GI tract infection called c. difficile?

9:50:34 AM

Hello Shawn and welcome as always,

It sounds from this last post that you may be approaching your MMS maximum. The symptoms you describe are similar to my experience. Let me suggest you send me an email with a day and time this week and I shall give you a call.

God bless, Never give up HOPE!


1:57:32 AM

Thanks Shawn. I like the presence of oils. A select few have proven to be generally very useful, especially when blended. I think the value of oils is often overlooked.

Mel recently reminded us of this when he brought forth the anti microbial properties of Eucalyptus oil.

Tea Tree, clove, and sandalwood are also worth considering.


3:02:30 PM

Hi to everyone,

Just a quick update, i seem to be back on track, the talc seems to help a lot.

I have a new symptom(s) severe stomach pain along with horrendous smelling gas, very potent and strong, embarrassing and also makes me go to the toilet immediately. its not good at all, i just wondered if there was something i could take to eliminate this.

Maybe more probiotics or yogurt? Also i have heard green bananas are good? mainly for Candida, thoughts please??

Peter the answer to the talc is the following:
Bamford talc with: A blend of essential oils
Tea Tree
All organically grown ingredients,
Google and take a look, see what you think, very very expensive £17 for 100g

I hope everyone continues to rid this disease and is making great progress

4:57:46 AM

Hello Shawn

Good to read your post. I like that you have pointed out for people that it is important to keep the skin dry. I agree. I would like to know more about the talcum powder. Always remember that understanding product ingredients and processing are so important. Please let us know more. That would be helpful.

I used a glycerin and zinc oxide product on my legs before I started the protocol. It did help in the short term, but I think further research into Zinc Oxide is needed. Treating internally should be your primary focus.

Burning, redness, blotching, and pimpling of the skin are to be expected. See these as an inflammation response and the way that the skin pushes out biofilm. Don’t let it alarm you. It is a necessary part of your detoxification. Just look for it to reverse out more quickly each time it occurs. It’s what Mel intends for us to understand when he says that it will get worse before it gets better.

Stick with those avocados my friend. You are winning!


2:27:54 AM

Hi Josef

Very happy to see your scalp is improving. I appreciate your response post because it is very important for others to know that you are finding answers here. It also shows that you have a good heart!

Stay patient and your scalp will fully restore. You have the right formula because you are seeing improvement. Plan to treat this way for 6 months and be consistent and you will succeed. Keep us informed!


1:04:08 PM

Hi Peter
Thanks for you kind help
I'm using sulphur soap and neem and tea tree oil soap my scalp is improved 30% .
I got lots of white sandy stuff coming out from my scalp

Will keep updating God bless

6:00:53 PM

Thank you for your advice Mary, Nan and Ruth, it is truly truly appreciated.

Mary, I agree on all counts that kleen green will not help Candida of which i think this is, drying areas out and keeping it dry (no sweating) does help enormously as Candida albicans thrives on moisture. To help this i have used good old Talcum powder, although i have just ordered organic, yes organic talc, quite costly but i will give it a go.
Ruth, I agree Zinc oxide cream DOES work as i have used it on my face at night, every night and i have never had an issue, i obtained this particular cream in my very first days of getting this, because i googled my symptoms and it came up with Demodex mites, that alone freaked me out, i had pimples on my face and around my eye, so i went to this site , i don't know whether i am allowed to mention it here, but it has worked for me, although this cream should ONLY be used on the face, they offer many products for this particular problem, BUT i must stress this does NOT kill , they (parasites) etc hate Zinc oxide, this however might reduce cycles,
My current condition has greatly improved so much so i have bought some gluten free cheese and onion bread from this amazing place, like a nursery and railway carriage cafe that sells eating disorder foods, the selection is massive, i just have a slice per day with a new dairy free spread KOKO made with coconut oil, oddly it looks, smells and tastes like butter !! i will not go too mad as i have found if something agrees with me, like a gluten free chilli tortilla , i tried a few, it was a ok for a few days, then i was so hungry one day i had a good half bag then my symptoms started to re-appear, i tried a few roast potatoes my mother in law made and they were absolutely divine, i stuck to 3 and that was it, no symptoms, i may try again in a month and a few for Christmas lunch if my condition allows.
I am eating more avocados , 2 per day and organic coconut shreds, also plenty of almonds just to keep up the alkaline levels.Also i am on my third dosing of Immune pulse.
I hope each and everyone is fighting this at every angle to eliminate this, its brilliant to share our information as it may help others, i realise some things may help for one person but not the other, if we keep sharing we ALL one day will have this surrendered and victory is ours !!
Mel i hope you are ok, looking at your lovely photos brings a smile.
God bless x

3:56:07 PM

Hi Shawn,
I am so sorry you are feeling poorly. I wanted to write sooner, but we have had some terrible rain here so getting things done took longer this weekend than normal. I do hope my input sparks a solution for you.

A couple things come to mind regarding your rash and itching:

B12 Deficiency - Itching can be one of the symptoms if not consuming enough B12. Do some reading on B12 and maybe get of bottle of quality B12 supplement. I take one a day and it has really helped by itching, leg cramps and brain fog. I ordered B12 from Logos along with the protocol items. As time goes by and I feel my health is better than I will review to see if I need to continue.

Acid – PH level - One of the symptoms of Candida is hives/ rashes. If you are acidity then you attract pathogens. Do the Candida spit test and get PH strips and see what your PH level is during the day. Best results are to do it right when you get up in the morning before drinking or eating anything. You will have to review your diet very closely. May need to cut back on things then bring them back in the diet once PH level is managed. There are several websites and Youtube shows on Candida to help learn diet and limits. Be aware that some sites allow more fruits and things we cannot eat. Remember 75% or 85% of our diet should be plants/ veggies. Lately, I make a lot of veggie type soups on the weekend and freeze them. I have them with salads during the week. Veggie smoothies work too. Drink lots of water with lemon and/ or add Grapefruit seed oil to the water. Become a good cook with veggies since this is a life time change. The more I read the more I realize we need to understand the right diet for OUR bodies to regain and maintain long term health.
MMS – Do you get relief from your itching and does the rash reduce in the evening when you take your MMS? If not, then you may need to review your dosage. You may need to increase or may need to shift schedule until your rash/itching reduces? You may want to send email to Mel to set up time to have a discussion with him about MMS so you have knowledge to make good decision or if you can manage call on Sunday during the prayer meeting since Mel, John B. and Peter always have good input.

Keep a log – keep a log detail log when the issue changes (when the itching comes and goes & when the rash reduces or increase) then you may be able to zero in what you are doing external and internal that may cause the issue. This includes stress from traffic to regular every day things. Looking to see if there is a pattern, that may cause the problem then you can shift to see if improvement occurs. For me I use to eat oatmeal and too much caused an increase in discomfort. I would eat one serving, which was about 1 /4 to 1/2 cup, with an avocado or egg, but then one week, the avocados where not good at the groceries and I was tired of eggs, so I started eating 1 cup of oat meal to fill me up. About a month later I was feeling badly. I started my log and noticed mid morning was when I was not feeling well then I zeroed in on what I was doing in the early morning.

My first thought for you- do you put your laundry in bags and throwing them in the wash machine without touching? Also, are you using MMS in your laundry? If you sweat (I thought you mentioned you worked outside) then may be getting pores on your clothes that may cause it to spread if not cleaned well. You may need to do laundry several times a week to keep this managed and do light loads in high water so the water/MMS can get thru the clothes. Are you waiting for the laundry to cool from dryer before touching them or spray hands with KG? See below on Hot / Cold.

Hot/ Cold – I had a conversation with Mel and he reminded me that heat makes this illness thrive and cold reduces the issues. He joked when he was ill he wished he could live in a freezer then right before his last breath if they would pull him out then, he thought, that would resolve this illness. Mel is funny and it seems pretty risky activity to me, but I got the visual and realized keeping the body temp down is important. My understanding is you work outside so this may be hard for you to do. May be stay out of the sun or run to air conditioning place at lunch or during breaks. Use cold compresses on wrist and neck to keep body temp down. May be drinking cold water to help body temp. May be use cold water & lemon on paper towel and wipe the problem areas throughout the day to keep cool; only wipe once so do not spread. Look at your log and see what can be shifted. I live in Texas and it can be like a sauna outside do to the high humidity so it can be very HOT. As I was feeling better I was outside all the time to walking, bike riding, etc, but after conversation with Mel, I returned to the inside and only get out when cool and low humidity. I turned up the Air conditioner to be pretty chilly inside. I take cool/ luck warm showers. When bathing, I do sections of my body with cold water when rinsing the soap off so anything on me will go down the drain rather than travel down my complete body. I eat warm / not hot soup and tea.

I would play around with hot and cold until I could fix the issue with internally changes. For example, I would stand in the bath tub with hot water about inch deep with either a little KG or Epson salt. I think one could use MMS too. I would stand there for 5 / 10 minutes, adding a little more hot water, and things would go into the water. This helped the rash on my arm and itching on arm and head. Also, I use to put my shorts in the dryer and put them on and the pain would stop on my head. I then used lint brush all over clothes and body, spray with vinegar / water then put coconut or mineral oil with tea tree on my body. One side note in the morning, I used a Scotch-Brite 3M lint brush all over my body right when I get out of bed. I would do every inch of my body. Do not forget the bottom of the feet and head. I figured the MMS only last so long so if there is anything there I try to remove it. I do not see anything on the lint brush, but I still do not feel like my old self so until I do I keep removing the layers.

Bragg Apple Cider (Raw) Vinegar – I have not done enough reading on consuming vinegar, but others state it is good thing so may want to investigate. For external use, since I have sensitive skin I mix in spray bottle 1 to 4 mixture, where vinegar is 1 and water is 4 times more than the vinegar, and use it on my problem areas or all over. Others have indicated they use 50/50 vinegar & water mix so depends on what your body & rash can tolerate. I use to use Epsom salt and water too with a spray bottle with a very fine mist. Also, I apply mineral oil and tea tree mixture on my skin too. I know there is controversy about mineral oil because it is not nature, but still find it makes me feel better. Also, if there is anything, the oil seems to pull stuff from the skin or trap it, and then I can take tissue and wipe or remove with lint brush. This oil may make things active and I take this as a good sign that they do not like it so I am winning the battle. I would keep applying more until this would stop along with lint brush or tissue and or I would spray vinegar or Kleen Green and or I would do this in evening after taking my MMS if having too much activity. I do put coconut oil on my body sometimes to make a change, but my skin is pretty dry so need to apply more often. I use Kleen Green/ water mixture too, than switch out with Vinegar/water. I think we need to make shifts (small shifts) in what we use internal and external to change our body’s environment so our opponent does not have time to acclimate.
Reach out to Mel / John B. – If you are going crazy then send email to Mel and or John B directly and maybe they can ask you specific questions and give you some ideas. Provide them details from your log.

Be still – When I am agitated then I take some time to just take some deep breaths and be still; quiet the mind helps quiet the body. Anxiety increases the discomfort so I have learned to be very still and relax. This works well with my mindset when people are annoying too….lol. Takes some practice to do this, but it has really helps. I find a specific prayer for guidance to an answer helps as well.

Remember it is the SUM of the parts.

4:25:24 AM

Hi Shawn,
So sorry that your rash has been spreading and can understand your frustration with it.

One thing I did read about was cream with a high percentage of zinc oxide in (20 -40%). In the UK I've not been able to find one but haven't looked online. The other thing I've noticed is that when I'm squeezing a lemon to put in water if it goes onto my hands (which are covered in cuts, scratches and rashes at the moment) it stings very badly for a few seconds, but seems to help them to be less inflamed and heal up quicker. So now I make a point of rubbing a bit of lemon juice in each time.

Hoping you can find something which helps you.

God bless,


3:04:01 AM

Hi Shawn, so sorry to hear you are still suffering with that skin malady. Kleen green doesn't help. Did mms baths help? I sometimes feel skin rash, contact dermatitis type rash or individual itchy bump like I get now and then from this MD needs to be dried out. I will use rubbing alcohol and alternately, the beige colored safeguard soap that is good for poison oak rash. But I think it is probably the darn candida flaring up which is actually an internal issue. So, addressing the outside bumps helps temporarily but key is to get it internally. So maybe trying the immune pulse will help get rid of it?
Kindly, Mary

6:00:24 PM

Hi to everyone!

I am pleased to see so many healing from this,
I have a question as i am at my wits end and don't really know what to do?

Since July i have had itchy spots on my tummy, around my belly button, these have now spread around my back, shoulders, neck area and tops of my arms, they randomly appear, can be very very itchy,some of them feel like they have a crust on them, they can vary from 2mm - 5mm.
I have tried all oils, they seem to aggrevate them, also the doctor prescribed a steroid cream for Candida albicans, it subsides the itchy feeling temporarily but never disappears, i would be grateful for any advice, oh i use Kleen Green also.
Kindest Regards


7:40:07 AM

Hi everyone,

Its now been nearly two months for me on the protocol and I'm on 4 drops of MMS which I am doing well drinking. During the first week on the extension kit supplements I had some bloating/wind/cramp stomach issues for just a couple of days. Although I still see fibres, the amount of them has decreased. I sometimes get bits of pink glitter from my feet! I have nothing pink in the house so know its coming from my skin. I've had an increase in the amount of cuts and scratches on my hands and see it as a good sign.

I'm keeping up with the diet well and have experimented with black bean and quinoa patties that have garlic, onion, leeks and spice in them. They go well with eggs for breakfast. I made a big batch and froze them so its made breakfast time quicker and easier for me. I've used the recipe section here to make the almond cookies, shortbread and muffins and freeze these as well. Its a big help to me to feel that I don't have to be deprived of things that taste sweet. I can eat a small spoonful of brown rice with a meal without any reaction but am being very cautious. For lunch I eat large platefuls of green leaves with cucumber, peppers and avocado or else soup that I make in big amounts and freeze. My favourite is chicken curry soup with coconut milk. I'm putting a small amount of red lentils in that and seem to be ok with it. I've lost 14 1b since starting the diet and now weigh 122 1bs (height 66 inches) and want to try not to lose any more. Any advice would be welcome.

My three cats are looking very sleek after having been given a dry food with higher nutritional content! I also have an extra supplement powder that I add to their food. I started adding MMS, one drop, to their water this week. We have a pond that they sometimes drink from but hopefully if we get a freeze this winter that will get them to drink more of my water! They've been on regular treatment with worm tablets and Stronghold (selamectin, which is the same as Revolution I think). Just one of them has a small area of fur which is patchy so hoping this will clear up.

For the past couple of weeks when I stop to pray or think I'm finding that I cry a lot. I think its my mind and emotions catching up with what's happened and working it through as it was very traumatic to me in the first few months. So I see it as a healing experience emotionally that I will work through.

When I think about the website I am so grateful to Mel and John and how God has used such difficult times in their lives to help me and so many others.
I'm trusting God that He is working for good through this situation in my life. I find it hard to put down in words everything that's in my heart and express it. I just thank God that He led me here and thank God for you all and pray for everyone here.


8:52:06 AM

Hi Bill,

Thanks so much for your advice and encouragement about MMS. Squeezing nostrils has definitely helped! I have to remember to let go to swallow to help my ears but by then its ok!

Thanks again,

Bill M

10:19:59 PM

Hi Josef -

After reading your blog about the MMS and your hesitation of taking it, I thought to myself that if I chose to not take the MMS I don't think that I would be healed. I believe that this is a critical part of the entire protocol. The MMS will help to eradicate the bad bacteria from your body. It is approved as a Water Purification Solution so it is OK for you to have it and use it. After you start to use this you will notice a big difference in how you feel. It may take a few weeks but it will definitely make a difference in your journey back to good health.

For the scalp, I believe that everyone's symptoms can be a little different. In my case I had mites and other critters that were in my home so I had major problems with my entire body but especially in my scalp. After I would shower in the evening I would spray KIeen Green on my entire scalp and then put a tight shower cap over to cover my hair. This was very effective in that it stopped the itching and the helped in cutting down the attacks that I would get during the night. I also believe that the Kleen Green also gets through the pores of the skin to kill some of the bacteria inside the scalp.

Hi Ruth -

When everyone who has Morgellons starts out with the MMS it can be a little unsettling. When you are at the beginning with the smaller doses it is easy, but when you start getting to the larger doses it makes you think about the best way to drink this stuff. I found that if I kept thinking about it and putting it off it was more difficult, so I did what the Nike commercial used to say: "Just Do It"! Don't give it much thought and just drink it down. I also would suggest squeezing your nostrils so you can avoid the smell of the MMS and you will not taste it as it does down your throat. Works every time, and the more you take it the easier it gets.

Don't let this disease get the best of you. Just keep fighting and as you go down your path to recovery you find that it becomes easier.

Bill M

7:15:41 AM

Hi everyone,

Thank you again to everyone here for your continuing support and love! I am so grateful to you all.

My journey is progressing slowly and steadily! I am now up to 2 drops MMS and keeping up with supplements and diet.

Thanks to Jimmy for the advice about the pill boxes which are such a big help and mean I can prepare the whole month's pills at one session.

Symptoms are fibres, mainly in the feet and face, but maybe that's where I notice them. Some scratches and little cuts. Itching and crawling comes and goes. I'm working on trying to identify a cycle with it.

For those of you who haven't started the MMS yet I want to reassure you. I was worried whether I would make mistakes with the number of drops coming out, but they are easy to control. I try to think positively when I'm drinking it - that its helping me get to get better. I have a big man hankie that I liberally anoint with lavender essential oil and breathe in a big breath through my nose just before I drink the MMS to stop me smelling it. It probably calms me down as well!

My most challenging time is usually first thing in the morning when I wake up. Its the realisation of another day with morgellons and the fight ahead to get well and can be a bit of a heart sink moment. I've found it helpful to "call to mind" every morning that God's love and faithfulness are new every morning "and therefore I have hope" and I can trust Him. Lamentations 3:19-24.

Shawn, so pleased to hear that you are doing well.

Love to you all


7:05:38 PM

thanks Ruth and peter for great support
i wish i would have found this lovely people and this website long ego.

what I am thinking is the amount of stuff coming off from my scalp i don't think shampoos or tea tree oil or other stuffs will help i have used tea tree oil before didn't get help they may makes bit improvement for short time after will be same again. tea tree oil soap sulfur soap neem shampoo never tried them i will have to try them . you are right the dog shampoo will not help its been 3 days now using it. its driving me mad my scalp burning itchy crawling ,i may stop using it soon .
i have spent lots of money for wrong treatment like (seborrheic dermatitis psoriasis topical eczema and others )didn't get good result
but still don't want to give up I am hoping one day i will be free like everybody can eat everything and do the think cant do know
good bless all of you

12:47:12 AM


Hello. I was so moved by your story that I have to try and help you. I was very sick three years ago and now I am doing very well. So I want you to believe that it is possible to get better.

The truth is that the dog shampoo and alfalfa tablets probably won't help. Try this. For your scalp, see if you can find a simple sulfur and tea tree oil soap. Bar soaps are OK. Lather your scalp with the tea tree oil soap first. Let it sit on your scalp for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse and then lather with the sulfur soap. Let it sit on your scalp also for 3 to 5 minutes. Lastly, if you can get your hands on some kleen green enzymes, wet your scalp with them and let them dry on their own. If not, then rub in some coconut mixed with neem oil. Or a neem oil shampoo will work too. Repeat this three step process each day. If you shower with the same soaps using the same 3 step process, over time, your skin will do better.

Get on a good probiotic. Logos essential flora is a very high quality one with numerous strains. Eat a variety of green and red vegetables together with garlic and drink lots of purified or distilled water. Give your body additional B-12 and vitamin D. If you can afford it, the Logos supplements taken as laid out in Mel’s protocol will give you the complete needed nutritional support.

Please consider the MMS. There are many that are seeing improvement with taking it, and I feel it is instrumental to getting better as it kills infection. I will be praying for you. Don’t give up!

Strength and Love,

5:31:20 PM

Hi Josef,

If it would help you to have someone to talk things through with on the telephone, Mel has my number and you can email him to ask for it.

Hoping that things improve for you soon,


4:03:07 PM

Hi Ruth
Thanks again
Not really most of the doctors told Me I have seborrheic dermatitis and only treatment is anti fungal like nizoral shampoo atarax anti allergy tablets or scalp application one doctor said I may have psoriasis and he gave me treatment after few month went to see him again told him didn't work he ask me to stop the treatment if is not working

I will not give up I have spent lots of money !!
Will update again
Good bless

1:44:09 PM

Thanks Shawn and Ruth I have ordered dog shampoo which they say %100 chemicals free also I have ordered alfalfa tablets which I never tried there is lot of good review about alfalfa . My girl friend doesn't let me to use mms she is scared after she find out it's banned from Canada
(The issue I have got is to eat what to not eat last few weeks mostly eating eggs brown rice and vegetables)
I will see how I get on with the dog shampoo
I will update you guys

10:43:37 AM

Hi Josef,

I am so sorry that you have had such a painful condition for so many years and that the treatments given by doctors haven't helped you.

Because I have only recently discovered I have morgellons I don't have much experience of how symptoms may develop. I am sure that others here who know more will respond to your questions.

For myself I knew that it was morgellons when I saw tiny black fibres emerging from my skin.

I do hope that you soon find the answers that you are looking for.

God bless, Ruth

7:49:14 AM

hello everybody

my case is very different than you all.

let me start from childhood when i was age 2 i had trouble scalp condition which i lost lost of hair on top of my scalp its like moon and stars around my scalp i never had good scalp since my childhood but it wasn't very bad until age 16 my hair loss start with flaky oily burning itchy i didn't know what to do i went to see my local clinic doctor there told me that i have fungus he gave me some tablets .shampoo and liquid to try it worked for only 2 weeks.

now i am 40 i have been see 10s of doctors i have tried all different shampoos i have tried what ever i used everything i have read on line i had blood test i had allergy test i had 2 biopsy.nothing helped recently i test myself with red vine it shows that i have morgellons i been using clove, black walnuts, woodworm, oil of oregano, apple cider vinegar probio7 supplement i used baking soda Epsom slat with with vinegar recently i found my belly is not good all the time feel like vomiting. i stopped using everything for now.

im so helpless if anyone here can help me????

9:48:48 PM

Hi All

Just wanted to say I'm still here but going through a rough patch. Thought I was gonna lose my job due to sickness but it looks like it's gonna be ok :-)

I love the way this thread has grown it feels less lonely in the uk.

I'm not on the ball at the moment with my protocol but the last 6 months I have been doing it have given a definite improvement. I've been off the ball or a month now and can feel symptoms coming back.

Don't worry though I've got a plan & I'll be back on the diet & protocol from Monday coming.

3 quick things:
1) I hate custom charges please can you pray that God removes them from my life
2) I love green juices; taste rank but makes me feel so healthy
3) Mel sorry I've missed you calls its been a bit crayzee navigating the work situation

Love to all


5:10:56 PM

Hi Michelle,

Lovely to hear from you but sorry that things have been so difficult for you. Its a positive step though that you've made the decision to start the protocol even if it takes time to get it all.

It took me a while to sort out getting everything from the protocol and Mel advised me to work on changing my diet while I was waiting to be able to order things. Its a low carbohydrate alkaline diet so nothing with sugar including fruit and no wheat or starchy veg like potatoes and no processed food. Some people are ok with lentils/beans/brown rice but others cut them out as well.

I live in the North West and if you would like to be in touch by telephone you can email Mel for my number.

You're not alone any more and there is hope.

Praying for you,

Ruth x


9:47:16 PM

Hello Ruth,

sorry for the delay but I've been going through a rough patch & haven't been up to going online.

Thanks so much for your response & ideas - I'm very grateful for them & it;s so nice to have contact with someone who understands finally - that means so much to me. \

I am taking your advice re starting the protocol, but as money is tight (entire savings blown on various "cures"), so it may take a while to get everything. A sticky situation.

I can feel myself deteriorating pretty rapidly now. Glad to hear that you are on your way to reclaiming your body & I truly hope that you do. No-one should have to live like this.

I will stay in touch - are you allowed to say where in the UK you are? Very best of luck with it & hope to speak to you soon.

So happy to have found this site.

Michelle. x

4:30:27 PM

Hi Josef,

Like you I spent time looking at different websites to try to find out what morgellons is and how to get rid of it.

When I first came to this site I started by reading Mel's story, then Mel's Protocol and then the FAQs.

Reading these will help you to decide whether Mel's Protocol is right for you and will give you information about how to use the MMS. As you read you will learn that this is one part of the protocol but in order to become well all parts of the protocol will need to be followed.

All the information you need to order the products are included in the description of the protocol. The supplements and MMS are from US and can be ordered online and delivered without difficulty to the UK.

Keep reading through the rest of this site as it is full of information to help you.

God bless,


2:59:44 PM

hi everybody,

i been searching for morgellons treatment for a while.

i have read a lot about mms treatment

first of all i live in London, here i cant get mms?
Do i need to buy from us or canada ?

second i dont even know if it really work and how to use it and how long need to be used

more infomations welcome

2:12:26 PM

Hi Michelle,

I'm so pleased that you've found this site and saw the UK thread. I too felt the need for support from a forum and after praying about it came straight to this site, saw a welcome to the UK a d knew it was the right place for me. And yes there's hope here with wonderful stories of how people have become well, first Mel and then many others.

I started reading the protocol pages and FAQs and then the forum threads starting at the end page and working forwards. I made notes as I read. I also listened to the conference calls while I was doing jobs or if I was too tired to read. They are wonderful, often made me cry hearing peoples' voices, prayers being prayed.

As I read I started to believe that I could follow the protocol and face the challenges required.

I'd encourage you to order the supplements if you feel its the right thing for you. I waited until I'd read everything which took me about a month and now think I could have started sooner.

Also looking at the diet articles and threads will give you direction on how to change your diet.

Keep us posted with how you are getting on. I'm still very new to the protocol, still in my first month of supplements but been on the diet for about six weeks. Already feeling healthier, and slimmer!

God bless



5:33:37 AM

Hello, I am new here and felt I had to post after stumbling across this wonderful site and seeing the UK thread. Obviously, I have a great deal of reading to do first, but finding you has already given me back something that has been missing from my life for far too long - hope. I have known that I have Morgellons for 5 years and have felt so alone every day. I won't bore you with my story, but I will say that like many I've read about, my family think I'm crazy, my GP is no help and the one time I posted in a forum (elsewhere), I got accused of being a troll, which scared me off and was so upsetting. Having others to share experiences and support would be amazing and I'm praying that I've finally found acceptance. I'm starting to read/learn right after this and realise it's a big task, so really for now I just wanted to say hi. So happy to have found you. Thanks for listening, it means so much. Best wishes to all.

4:40:22 PM

Hi Josef,

I also live in England and discovered I have morgellons in January this year. Two months ago I decided to follow Mel's protocol and have been taking the supplements for three weeks. Like you I read a lot of stories here of how people have become well again.

If you read through the protocol and the protocol products there are links to order them. I have ordered the Logos supplements and they have been delivered to me without difficulty. Likewise the MMS from the link. I have ordered Sovereign Silver through Amazon UK and also iherb. MSM is sold in health shops or you can get it again from Amazon UK.

While you are waiting to get the supplements you can start working more on your diet to move to a low carbohydrate and alkaline diet. Again there are lots of articles and threads on diet that can be found using the search engine.

Its great knowing we are not alone with this and there is hope that we can be well again. I'm so grateful that Mel has shared his knowledge and experience on this site to help others.

Praying for you Josef,

God bless,



4:15:15 PM

Hi Josef,

Welcome ! Here you will find guidance on how to relieve your symptoms and ultimately cure yourself from this awful disease.
Please read read and read some more, and over again to digest this wealth of information that the community shares.
If you are suffering i would not hesitate to get on Mel's protocol from Logos Nutritional's and there is a link on the site to order the MMS, this is what i and so many others do, a bottle last an awful long time.I order my collodial silver from Amazon in the UK.
It is great you are eliminating sugar from your nutrition, i would drastically change your diet, no dairy, wheat, bread, potatoes etc, eat plenty of vegetables and salads, and i have organic chickens, salmon, etc, all diet suggestions are on this site even on a budget,NO fruit whatsoever in the early days of this dietary change, i have lemons and limes with foods. I hope this helps a little, you are not alone and we are all here to help, advise each other , Any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Ruth i hope you are progressing well and i am so pleased your family are supporting you in this fight to get well,
Jimmy i hope you are also getting to grips with this and winning and your symptoms have drastically reduced.
I am personally getting over my last episode, the odd symptom especially when i overheat as i work outside in construction but i feel i am nearly there, the fear has completely gone, i am up for the fight and i WILL WIN , just received another 3 months supply of protocol along with a £147 customs charge, this includes the NEW Immune pulse which Logos have launched, together we can ALL beat it and destroy it.
Prayers for each and everyone suffering from this.
God Bless

2:04:10 PM


Hi every body thanks for all your comment and sharing stories

I been suffering from itchy scalp for years I had blood test biopsy allergy test.
I have tried all the shampoos in the pharmacy but still not good.
Recently found that I have morgellons disease.

I off from sugar more than one month it's been bit better I'm taking clove oil tablets oregano oil and apple cide.

Just wondering where to buy MMS,I live in London in here is not easy to get it, need proscription/

please let me know if you have information thanks

Josef London

4:05:15 PM

Hi everyone,

Its now two weeks since I started the Logos Support Kit and I started taking the Sovereign Silver a week ago. There's acceptance now at home for me to take all the parts of the protocol which is a big help. Shari, you were right! I was getting desperate at the thought of not being able to go ahead with things. It certainly got me praying.

So I will start the Extension Kit when I've completed the first month of the Support Kit and also add in the MSM. Am I right to think that I start the MMS at the same time?

I've been trying some of the recipes with coconut flour and converting cups to ounces. I think that 1/4 cup of flour is 1 oz whereas a 1/4 cup of butter is 2oz. Does anyone think that's right/wrong?

Tonight I've had a go at cooking a baked egg custard:

200mls almond milk
3 eggs
2 tbs stevia
almond or vanilla flavouring

Heat, but don't boil milk. Whisk eggs with stevia and flavouring. Whisk in heated milk then pour into dish through sieve. Put dish into a bigger dish filled with hot water and bake in oven 170 for 30 mins or until set.

As far as symptoms go for me its all still the same, black fibres mainly from feet and arms, sometimes with an itch/sting, sometimes without. One day recently was more itchy, particularly face with fibres and very itchy nose. I took to the bath in the evening with epsom salts which was great at calming it all down.

I am sleeping very well! I have to watch myself to get to bed on time though.

Shawn, so pleased to hear that the rash is clearing. How are things with you now?

Off to do some hoovering ...



2:30:18 AM


What a beautiful thread this has become! I applaud you all.



3:20:33 PM

Hi to everyone,

Just an update, i have been extremely busy with my business in construction 6-7 days per week, tiredness does take its toll but energy is pretty great.
My rash on my tummy as per my last post and lasted around 8 weeks has finally nearly gone, i tried the Manuka honey 20+ from New Zealand on my tummy every night, it must contain enzymes that eradicate the symptoms?i have had a few itches and a couple of small red spots on my left foot.Diet is still strict, hope everyone is making great strides on the recovery road.Ruth and Jimmy i hope you continue to make good progress, Nan, Nichole, Mary, Ruth and Peter thank you for your advice and support, it means so much to me and sound advice for others.
God Bless


1:10:58 AM


I am glad to see you posting here. It will be healing for you at times to talk/write about what's going on with you. For now, continue to learn everything you can from these pages/calls and those who have come before! You can msg me or JimJim at anytime as well in Whatsapp.

I always remember our first RULE - which is DO NO HARM.

I believe your husband will come around. Who knows? God may use you to show him things or teach him something (about what Dr.s think they know) through your example.

Keep the faith as you have been and NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! God bless and I look forward to getting to know you.

11:01:35 AM

Hi to everyone,

My first delivery of logos supplements arrived and I was able to start them yesterday, the 1st September. I had a cupboard space ready for them and a written out timetable for the day with the times half an hour later than on the website as it fits in better with my work hours.

Thank you Mel for ringing me, for your help and advice and getting me started on the diet straight away. That was five weeks ago and I feel so much better already. I see fibres and specks, mainly in my arms and feet but its only occasionally that I have days that are crawly and itchy.

I used to eat chocolate every day, loved baking cakes and puddings and eating them. Now each day is a new day for me to make good choices and I see each good choice as another step I'm taking towards getting better.

One thing that has helped me with giving up chocolate, chocolate cake and biscuits is to imagine myself eating it and at the same time imagine seeing a symptom of the illness on my skin as I know that the sugar in chocolate would be feeding the disease. It just helps put me right off eating the wrong thing!

The other thing that helped me is a quote from a book by Billy Graham. It was something his wife used to say about the changes that happen in life and coping emotionally with them. She would say, "that was then, and this is now". Its different but its ok.

When I started reading the forum, a few months ago, starting back at page 27 I did wonder if I would be able to do everything that is required. The wonderful thing about reading all your posts is that as I read I started to believe that I can do it. I took notes and have grown to love you all so much and am so grateful for the time you have all taken to record your progress over weeks, months and years.

Also thank you for the conference calls. As others have said it is very comforting to hear peoples' voices and hear jokes and laughing.

I will keep re-reading and re-listening and use the wonderful search engine which has already helped answer things I've been unsure of.

I'm not getting support at home yet regarding taking the protocol and this has caused me some stressful and tense times but I know this is the right place for me so I'm pressing on with things calmly and gently, slow and steady. Also through reading I realise that everyone has different challenges alongside the disease that are stressful and demanding.

People in the UK: this protocol is for you too. I wasted several months mistakenly thinking that it would not be possible for me to be a part of this process living in the UK.

Thank you Shawn and Jimmy for your help. How are things now with you Shawn?

Love to all



7:25:19 PM

Hi Shawn ...

This might not be the best most natural way, but for me the spots that felt like splinters under my skin. I would Soak a washcloth in just straight alcohol and suffocate the clusters of infection, fungi or whatever.

I didn't really have money for a lot of different things so alcohol was what helped me with a lot of that. I personally did much better showering often in the beginning, even using saunas to help with my skin sweat detoxing, using a back scrubbing brush in the shower over the whole body helped a lot to , stimulated and cleaned my skin at the same time.. I took MMs or Epsom salt baths fairly regularly, selson blue, or anti fungal shower gel and shampoos.

I worked very internal as well as external, my skin issues were so severe In the beginning, I've been on the protocol and diet a few years and can say I have NO skin issues, no appearance of rash or at this time anywhere on my body , and no painful lesions like I once did, they have all have cleared but it did take time, and persistence. I will say the smell of alcohol is pretty horrible but that's what I would do myself , it worked well for me ..
Oh and coconut oil following my shower never lotions ..

I don't think I personally would put honey on any lesion or rash just because I see how the M seems to feed on sugars in my case anyway.. I would be very hesitant to put sugar on my body .. I rather put alcohol or essential oils, or sweat and shower and get a good scrub on itchy spots. I sometimes put a little hydrocortisone but that's just me.

Prayers that you feel better very soon! Keep up the good work!

Diet is so important in your healing not sure where you are in that but eat good, I do low carb it works best for me, good lifestyle habits repeated daily ..

Sending you lots of good energy and well wishes!!!

Blessings Nicole

11:22:42 PM

Hi Shawn,
I would suggest you do search on rash, sarna, or wheatgrass. Deborah B did nice post 8/ 11 under rashes please help.
I found drinking 1 gallon a water a day helps my rash and itching. 2 glasses morning good for organs, 1 glass 30 min prior to each meal good for digestion, 1 glass before bed keeps leg cramps away. I drink the remaining through out the day. When I do not drink enough then the rash seems to show up on my cheeks, head and wrist along with discomfort. Lint brush and Coconut oil helps too. Also, review your diet if you have added anything recently. I added blueberries and beans into my diet. I had to take them out again since did not feel well. Suggest cool /luke warm baths sine Hot water tough on skin and not so good with this illness. I have reduced to one bath a day to give my skin a break. I enjoy my evening bath, but going to think what Peter has shared as well. I have been consuming grapefruit seed extract in my water couple times a day too. Adding lots of garlic too. I put clove or tumeric in my tea and cayenne on my eggs and in water with lemon, but those items you listed sound like they would hurt on my rash.
Take Care and be careful.

2:07:40 AM

Hello Shawn

Morgellons is a disease that seems to always be about making corrections, no? These corrections often center on something we learn. For example, look at bathing. Did you know that our skin produces and uses beneficial bacteria just like our gut does? Should we be washing it away each day before giving it time to do something beneficial? Also, since fungus and mold thrive on moisture, is immersing the skin in hot water each day the right approach? What about the numerous toxic chemicals that we know are in tap water? How is the skin affected by washing it with these each day?

So, I am not persuaded that it is the right approach for you to shower twice daily. I look at bathing differently than I used to. I shower every other day, and I make it brief. In between shower days, I alternate between sponge bathing with Kleen Green and MMS, both of which are mixed with filtered water. I take one MMS bath per week and an occasional Kleen Green bath. My skin actually does better with less bathing. Go figure?

I would suggest you try to ignore the pimples on your chest. I remember something about the chest that causes symptoms to respond better when left alone. I do agree with you that sweating can sometimes aggravate symptoms. Rubbing may actually spread the fungal sludge to the surrounding skin, so try “dabbing” it lightly with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and then just try to keep it dry. Remember that Tea Tree oil is an astringent, so it is going to open up your pores. You might be better served with just using the Eucalyptus oil to dry the skin. .

Lastly, in my opinion, the ginger, turmeric, ground cloves, cayenne pepper, and cumin mixture would serve you better internally, by simply eating them with food. Nail polish remover is extremely toxic, so you should definitely avoid it completely. I have no experience with Manuka honey.

Unfortunately, Shawn, persistent organic pollutants remain ever present in our environment. No one can escape this truth. I am further convinced that water and food toxicity continue to increase each day, and I believe they are responsible for many of the chronic issues that continue for some people. This is likely a part of the infection that continues in my right forearm. So do not lose faith in the progress of your recovery. Just continue to make corrections. Hope this is helpful, my friend. Stay the course!



4:59:57 PM

Good evening to all,
I have not posted for a while due to severe symptoms that i cannot shift and i am a bit lost to be honest.
My latest symptoms are still with my tummy and between my pectorals running up to my the top of my shoulders. This symptom flared up during a very very warm humid day in the small creases of my tummy skin, itchy rash that has spread, i have tried tea tree, eucalyptus oil , this i found aggravated the symptoms, i spray with kleen green after the 2 showers i have a day, just more red itchy spots show themselves each day,
I was due to see a specialist at royal barts hospital last Friday and they have now put "unknown" on my forms to my g.p as before they stated Morgellons, i insisted they carry out more blood test, they are testing for staph, m.r.s.a and a couple of others with the exception of Lyme as he stated i do not have Lyme with the test i had 21 months ago.
He also prescribed an anti itch cream and thats it, just have to wait and see the results for the blood tests, my next appointment is 3 months with another 11 hour round trip.
On a different note i spoke to a lady who sells Kleen Green and she stated other customers who have bought this have also stated they are trying "Manuka 20+ honey" which is £40 a pot here to spread over the spots at night for 5 nights and the spots should disappear , i am trying this on a patch of my tummy , this will be the second night, also she stated bizarrely a sufferer used a dab of clear nail varnish on the spot to suffocate the area and hence the spot would disappear, i haven't tried this!! the other method was a mix of:
1 x teaspoon of ginger
1 x tsp of turmeric
1 x tsp of ground cloves
1 x tsp of cayenne pepper
1 x tsp of cumin
and 1 x large tsp of honey, mix with boiling water and take 2 x tsp of the mix 2 x per day after meals, then leave the rest in the fridge, after 4 days make another fresh batch, i am trying this on day 1 as i probably don't add enough spices to my meals anyway,
These itchy red spots, are they mite entries to the skin, candida yeast or fungal spores, love to know other methods or suggestions that are helpful with these symptoms,
My partner asked me what exactly does it feel like on my tummy, the best thing i can think of is wood splinters under my skin or glass splinters, very uncomfortable, and restless.
Jimmy thank you for your update, and i hope you are nicely back on track, you can do it !!
Ruth, lovely to talk to you and hopefully your Logos will arrive very soon , in the meantime diet truly is the key to get started.
Both of you welcome to keep in touch,
Mel " who's in your window" photos are brilliant and bring a ray of light.
Kindest regards to each and everyone of you. God bless

1:26:17 PM

Hi to everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself as I am just starting to find out about Mel's protocol and bit by bit reading through the website.

Thank you Mel for your call today, so helpful, and I will work through reading and processing the information.

I live in the UK and work as a piano teacher from my home in school term times, so now is a holiday, hooray! I'm married with three adult children. I have cats that do not come into the house.

I started with symptoms on 26th December 2014 on a small area of my arm with extremely severe itching. I thought I must have been bitten by something and took antihistamines and put bite cream on. Because it was in the Christmas holiday period with a house full of guests to feed and look after I hoped it would just go away. I then developed itchy spots on my other arm. I thought I might have scabies and was very stressed and worried that I had passed this on to elderly relatives who had visited. I went to see a doctor who didn't know what it was but suggested I try a scabies treatment. Of course by this stage I started cleaning seriously and also spent hours reading on line to know how to tackle it. It was when I spoke to a doctor friend for advice about the scabies and mentioned seeing small black things on my skin that I realised from his reaction that it wasn't scabies. So back to more reading for hours, so stressful and scary, mainly that I was infecting the rest of my family.

I've not had any lesions, just small fibres and specks. I get days when I feel crawly and itchy and I still get itchy spots and patches but not all the time.

If anyone feels able to offer me any help, support or advice please ask Mel for my contact details.

Thank you,


6:38:57 PM

Hi Mary & Ruth,
Mary a very in-depth forum reply describing your symptoms, i am pleased they have subsided and you are feeling great again.
This or these symptoms on my tummy and between my pectorals are slightly worse and have tried absolutely everything, i do not scratch the itching. Mel kindly rang me about this particular condition and it could well be a co infection, this is yet to be confirmed. I will try Eucalyptus oil on it as i have ordered it, hope this helps, otherwise i will continue my diet, protocol etc and god will assist me in this healing stage, i prey !!
Ruth please do not hesitate to contact me and any questions feel free, do not despair as we are all here for each other .
God Bless to each and everyone

1:33:21 PM

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your advice and I am hoping to contact Shawn for info on how he orders from the UK.

I have some anxiety about how my husband will respond to the financial outlay. I'm currently taking quite a few things but not really knowing what I'm doing so he's used to a cupboard full of bottles! But I would be grateful for your prayers about this that God will give me wisdom how to tackle it and make a way for me to get the treatment that I need to get well. Its not that we can't afford it but having his backing and support for it.

Thank you for your advice about the conference calls and I think that is where I concentrate my time next.

Thanks so much for your replies. I know I'm not alone, that God's with me, but to have replies from yourself and Shawn is so reassuring and makes me cry but obviously in a good way.



1:25:55 PM

Hi Shawn,

Thank you for your reply. Are the blotches and spots getting any better?

Thank you for your offer of getting in touch by email and I will ask Mel for your email address. I will be grateful for advice about ordering the items from the UK as well as general advice.


1:30:14 AM

Hi Shawn,

I think your red splotches might be deeper levels of the pathogens being kicked out of your body. I had this around my eyes and then on my neck a couple weeks ago. Red, itchy blotches all over my neck. Red, itchy, scaly skin under my eyes. But, they did go away slowly over a week.

At the time, I was wondering if it was something I ate, but it only went in those two places. Usually a allergic reaction will set off symptoms all over the body. So, I decided to view it as healing, I prayed a good deal about it, and now I'm feeling great once again. Actually, I can say I'm feeling the best I have in a year. The neck and eyes have been a place of illness for me historically before I ever formally got MD. So, I think that this is where they started in my body, or whatever the precursor is to this strange condition.

I did put some Kleen Green on my neck, but that seemed to aggravate it. But, maybe it helped to get rid of it faster? I was just about to take an MMS bath for it, when it started getting better. But the crease in my neck seemed to be worse than the rest of the spots so the sweat does irritate this or attract this?

As far as my eyes, it has happened twice that my eyes start getting watery for no apparent reason and as the tears leak from the corners of my eyes, it makes the skin sore and itchy and then red and scaly. When this first happened, it affected my eye lids and this second recent time it affected the skin below my eyes.

It was so weird that the tears would seem to start this skin reaction, that I think that MD is bothering my eyes and that toxins or dead organisms may actually be being excreted through the tears at these times. And, then, when these tears touch the skin around the eye, it causes a reaction in that skin which then becomes scaly, red and itchy. No lotion or oil (I did put on coconut oil) would sooth it or soften the scaly feeling.

All just conjecture, hypothesis on my part....I don't know anything for sure. But, thought you might feel better knowing someone else had these symptoms too and that they did go away.

Warmth and Blessings,

12:45:40 AM

Hi Ruth,

Very cool that your husband is a psychiatrist and saw the fibers come out of your skin. It is so helpful to have a spouse that believes that this is a real condition. You'll get his full support. I'm hoping he doesn't have it either or get it at all. Maybe he will someday help to dispel the belief that this is a delusional disorder.

I didn't have lesions either, just the same stuff you have and lots of crawling feelings in/on my skin.

I definitely didn't wait to read the whole forum before I started the protocol. That forum takes weeks to read through. I don't think that is necessary. There is the FAQ's and the Mel's Protocol page and the Articles and Diet section for finding info on a low glycemic, anti-candida type diet. So, that's what I did, I started eating right and ordered the protocol asap. As soon as the supplements, silver, and MMS arrived, I started them. But, of course, as you may read in one of my first posts, I made a mistake and started the extension support supplements at the same time instead of waiting a month to start those. I didn't read Mel's Protocol section clearly and got confused. Everything was confusing at first. But, Mel caught that mistake during a phone call and I stopped and restarted those properly a few weeks later with my one drop of MMS. I would read the forum a little bit at at time as I could but listened to most of the conference calls as it was easier for me to listen than to read and it had a calming effect on me.

The supplements are from Logos Nutritionals in Georgia and I'm sure they ship to you. Mel will answer all those questions for you. And, you've got Shawn over there as well. As far as the Sovereign Silver, all our local health food markets carry that product, so maybe yours do as well.

So, don't hesitate, get those supplements started as they and the eventual MMS will destroy/eliminate the pathogens whose population has gotten out of control and is no longer within normal limits and will build up your body's immune system once again.

Warmly, Mary


8:58:14 AM

Hi Ruth and welcome,
I live in the U.K and have had severe symptoms of this disease since August 2013, although i believe i had this in my system many years prior to this.
I have taken the full protocol since December 2013, eaten a very clean diet, my symptoms have resided so much and a lot more energy, as i need it in construction. Too date i am not going to skirt around it but my symptoms for some reason have flared up for the last two weeks, and if anyone can also give me advice, i have itchy red spots and blotches around my belly button and up to and in between my pectorals, they will not go away and itch so badly, i seem to of got them bending down to do my work and in between my two folds of my tummy, maybe where i sweat as it was very humid, and as i said they will not disappear ??Any suggestions please? Ruth having said the above i have come a long long way since 2013, if you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact Mel for my email or my number, we as a community can beat this wretched disease.
God Bless to you all

7:07:44 AM

Hi Mary,

Thank you for replying! Yes I do feel overwhelmed by the amount of information but also know I need to stick to one protocol. Over the past seven months I have been trying on my own praying and asking God for help to know what to do and take but felt out of my depth.

Yes I've started to make notes now so I can try to draw information together.

I want to start the protocol but am I right to read everything first?

I've not had lesions, just fibres and specks though less now than at the beginning.

The great thing about reading through is that it is focussing me again on cleaning, washing, diet and hopefully I can get into a good routine over the summer as I teach in term time so have less time then. Although since all this I am now constantly clearing out and decluttering.

Are you well now? I look forward to reading your posts as I catch up on the forum.

Thanks so much for making contact. The only person I have spoken to about this is my husband ( a retired psychiatrist). But as a doctor he has a certain way of thinking about things. Fortunately in the first few weeks of this he did see something emerging from my skin which we looked at under a child's microscope and he saw it was a bundle of fibres so he understands that there is something there!

Thank you again for your kindness,



5:42:57 AM

I am also starting reading from the first forum page so will eventually meet in the middle! Thank you to the person who suggested taking notes. I now have a notebook to record things as I go.

If there is anyone from the UK to share their experiences I would be grateful. Have you tried help from doctors here? Do you order the protocol from the US?

Sorry if these things are answered in the forum.


2:38:45 AM

Hi Ruth! I, too, welcome you, warmly! I'm glad you found Mel's place here. Like you, the forum was and remains invaluable for me on this healing journey. I needed to feel connected to others going through the same situation and that interaction completely dispels the feeling of loneliness. That feeling of being scared and alone was so awful until I found Mel's place. It really never came back again since then, which is now a year ago.

I know it's a lot of information. Try not to get overwhelmed. I took some notes in a little notebook and noted the date and name of the thread so I could find it again if needed. Having very little time, being a little A.D.D., and in the beginning my anxiety being high and concentration being low, reading was more difficult for me and I found that the conference calls were really helpful with good information. Also hearing everyone's voices made it more real that I wasn't alone and calmed me down to hear healthy sounding people, with good attitudes and quite often, even joking together. I was completely blown away thinking, my gosh, how can they have such good attitudes with this condition? But, very soon, it was intoxicating and it spread into me. I felt their hope. I heard their improvements. I heard about their total recovery. It was very uplifting. And, the protocol started working and I began to feel better. The hope and confidence grew inside me. Together with the help of our Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I found much comfort and peace in the forum and conference calls.

So, I'm looking forward to hearing from you as often as you can write. I personally found it really helped me to participate in the forum, too, as have others, so I do recommend it. I hope you are starting the protocol and will soon be saying hello to much better health and eventually will realize a full recovery. This is a real cure.
Blessings, Mary

4:20:31 AM

Thank you for the welcome! I live in the UK. I started with symptoms 7 months ago and have been looking at websites, trying different things but felt quite lonely and felt I need to start reading a forum regularly to hear how others are tackling it. Thank you for this website - its an answer to prayer. I have started reading the forum, from page 27 as and when I can. Am now about to start page 24 and am trying to be patient and get hold of all the information.
Thank you Mel!


10:08:21 AM

Hello UK and Europe,

We started this thread about three months ago because of an influx of new people from this area.

I had been contacted by three new women within days and made an overture to ask two young recovering gentleman to try and help them as much as possible. The men agreed to help and the ladies had not responded until twelve days ago!

Now I know for a fact that both gentleman have made contact. I would like to see more exchange between you all as a sign to others in the UK and Europe that there is HOPE!!!


Please ladies as you get well, share your progress, to bring hope to others.

God bless, never give up HOPE!


12:35:16 AM

Hello Friends

I want to send out joyous greetings to each of you good people in the UK who have posted here. We have known for some time now that Morgellons disease is present on every continent. So, it stands to reason that we can gain much from you folks sharing your experiences with us here.

I want to extend a special hello to Shawn. We have communicated in the past by e-mail, so it is especially good to hear from you and to know you are still in the fight.

There is still so much to learn and so much to better understand in these particular co-infections and their persistent nature. Whether we are hearing from folks in the UK, or folks in Australia or Russia, the sharing of information is what is becoming so powerful. Please keep posting through this thread to keep it alive. I treasure you for your contributions to this community! May God bless you.

In His Love,

10:40:34 PM

Hi Shawn, sounds possibly like you did have a big system wide reaction to the bug or whatever that got in you. Like an allergic reaction actually. But, your system kicked it out fast. So, whatever it was, sounds like it's long gone. Hang in there and good to hear from you! Maybe that big herx type reaction is going to be the beginning of the last chapter in your healing. I will pray on it!

8:28:37 PM

Hi Gang
I'm Jimmy & on month two of the protocol. It's really helped with my symptoms & given me hope that things can be normal again. Mel has my details if you wanna get in touch.
Good luck xxxx

3:49:26 PM

Hi to everyone fighting this, some of you may already know me, i am from the u.k and have been on the full protocol for 17 months, it has been and i am not going to lie it still rears its ugly head ! Only two weeks ago i suffered a terrible bout of flu, this lasted around a week, then came the "rash from hell" over my whole body, and i mean totally covered, it looked like sunburn and was intensely itchy. this however subsided after around 4 days, no new spots or rash but as i work outside in construction and it has been very warm here in the u.k i got bitten on my arm and leg on consecutive days, hard very very itchy lumps. Today this is subsiding considerably, i feel my immune system is kicking in and relieving me of my symptoms far far sooner than in my self diagnosis of this disease.
The message from the above is pure and simple, take the protocol, totally strict on your diet and home environment , i know this consumes energy and time but believe me it is worth it, i NEVER ever want to go back to where i was 18 months ago!! , the only thing i am lacking is having enough sleep of which i am addressing.
Please if anyone wants to contact me for any advice feel free to ask Mel for my details, we are here together, to help, to advise and ultimately cure. Lets share our journey and help each other !!

God bless and kindest regards

mel **

11:12:21 AM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always!

Over three years ago we started a thread called "HELLO DOWN UNDER" and today it is still active. It helped those so far away to develop a network among themselves which proved to be invaluable to them.

Today because of the growing amount of people in the UK and Europe I thought it would be helpful for you all to start to network with one another. I ask those who would be willing to start communicating with others to post here!

The comfort knowing you are not alone is priceless. Relationships developed among people are what our website is about. They are beneficial to both parties, and some have become good friends.

This is your opportunity to interact and help each other through these difficult times. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have and help expedite communication.

God bless you all; Never ever give up Hope!


Healing Journey of Lady T

Healing Journey of Lady T

Lady T

7:31:44 PM

Hello everyone - wanted to leave a note that I am going to try and be offline as much as I can for the next three weeks - ;) and wanted to mention it in case it seems like I am MIA---
be back later in June and look forward to connecting then....
Lady T

11:22:44 PM

Hi nanna - glad your weekend is going great - I had a few minutes this afternoon and thought I would properly try and share a bit more info about CR- so no need to reply - this is for educational purposes as we all ponder and learn more in order to empower ourselves and equip ourselves with knowledge.

Okay - so it was Francis Bacon (17th century English philosopher) who advocated that longevity of life was related to frugality in eating ((note that He suggested a "frugal diet" whiich is no TJ same thing as not eating" ...))

and so some of the research (peer reviewed studies) show us that past researchers have found that in studies with animals -CR- calorie restriction (or calorie reduction) DID increase longevity and improved overall health (Sinclair & Howitz, 2006; Wolf, 2006; Guarente & Picard, 2005).

But here is the thing -
The restricted diet in CR must have adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals.
Makes sense, right?
So CR is only effective for helping health if we also have nutritional support (and if we are absorbing nutrients because we are NOT what we eat - we are "what we absorb from what we put in"

Also, some researchers found that longevity was increased by as much as 40% when CR (eating less) included adequate protein (need those Amino acids yo!) vitamins and minerals (Piper et al., 2005; Jolly, 2005).
CR was also found to "delay biochemical alterations" and might help provide neuroprotection for an aging immune system (Santrock, 2012; Bodkin et al, 2005; Sharma &Kaur, 2005).
Ward et al. (2005) found that CR slowed age related oxidative stress.

Well that was just a little bit more info about CR because it suggests maybe eating 30% less as opposed to eating nothing - and while we all have different needs - especially depending on our output - like think about how many calories Derek needs for his running!

And another aside here is that I sometimes think counting calories is not the way to eat -
Because some dense and rich foods are different sources of nutrients and a big mistake is to look at calories for the day - like if someone is trying to get 1200 calories - well it does matter what kind of calories those are.
instead - in my opinion ---
We should think of what we need for proper fuel for that day - and for hat week! - what do we need for energy, healing, and brain function! What do we need for higher stess days and what does our body like right now.

THe premise I like behind CR is that "less can be more" and in a culture where serving sizes are ginormous and where we sometimes eat a steak so large it could actually feed a small family - well we need to "lighten up" and seriously rethink portions

A few French people I know - they have their heaviest meal at around 2 - or midway thru the day - when the body can use it best! They also have foods with healthy fats - and they are healthy!!
I seem to now do this - I have protein shake in morn - with kefir - and then wing it, finding that one hearty meal for the day - not too late - is right what I need - and then other misc (like that healthy popcorn) and with all my "absorbable" supplements my nutritional needs are Met.

My spouse eats like a bear - where many times he can go all day with nada and then he feasts! We used to chuckle at how diverse we were because I have always been a "grazer" --- and was lightly snacking all the time - and then at dinner - I was full quick and juts picked - but would later would snack again!
I thought this was from years in restaurant work in college days - where we would eat on the go and graze - so I thought I had a tiny stomach - but I see there was more to my grazing - I believe it related to parasites and malsbsorotion!
Ann-Louise (health guru) once wrote about the year she was vegan! She said it was the hungriest year of her life! And she now promotes eating for your blood type and argues that some blood types need more meat - some need less to maybe even none.
Ann-Louise also had some amazing parasite info (in the 1990s in her book "your body knows best") and so I believe my grazing was from being off inside! And how I feel now proves it.

Because guess what?
After doing the major deep gut cleaning that came with recovering from MD - I eat a little more bear like! It is amazing!
I don't really feast for my big meal of the day - but I really like how I satisfied I am.

The best thing is that I do NOT need to graze

In hindsight I see that much of my snacking was related to parasites - critters I had long before MD kicked my ass!
And even though I cleansed on and off all of adulthood - and thank god for that - I see that I did some things wrong (like too short of certain gut cleansing because a week is a joke to some parasites that simply go into stealth mode)

and even tho I was always a healthy eater (never into chemicals) - I also believed the lie of "fat free" and had hidden candiaisis, which left me malabsorbed and snacking! I did not realize that the toast I had for lunch was perceived as sugar by body - and I guess my use of healthy carbs was more sugar - I never used table sugar - too smart for that - ha! But had fig Newton cookies - or one chocolate chip one- or a cin-raisin bagel - all this fed candidiasis ---/

I looked fine - and was doing yoga in the airport a couple weeks before I broke out with MD! And like Mr. CS - I believe if it were not for MD - I would have had cancer - and actually - I think the protocol healed something in my right upper chest that was off!

Anyhow - there are many robust studies that show that chewing, bruxism, and grazing can be related to intestinal parasites - I firmly believe that teeth grinding has s direct parasite connection - and the need to gnaw and chew has a correlation with specific nematodes! But even without the studies I am a living testimony as to how the chewing and grazing needs stopped - it all dissipated when I cleansed my inner pipes!

This physical cleaning of my gut was the best thing to ever happen to me health wise! Yes - it was even worth all the horrid nightmare symptoms - and to be honest - I believe this was the only way God could get my attention - and I graciously praise Him for it - and thank Him that I did not get cancer or other things first!

And so for eating nowadays - I eat when I am hungry!
And listen to my body! Yes, I have very limited options - but actually I don't mind. I know some disciplined people who choose to have limited options without illness and so I don't feel sorry for myself that I can't eat processed food - or certain things - and I find that some of the things I can eat are dense and rich!
Well the recent French silk pie that was in the fridge looked super good - and ok - I did take a chocolate curl off the top- tasted it, but then spit it out - ha! But as I looked at the pie I did not feel deprived because - well I don't know why / I am just a new me and I do not mind saying I can't have some things! And I might come back here and make the key lime cup stuff someone posted!
Oh - and another recent example -
We were setting up for a graduation ceremony a coupe days ago and folks were testing the coconut- Sprite- ice cream punch - I had to opt out - it was all sugar- and I could not sample to taste test it! And no one asked why- ;) but I am super glad to not have sugar streaming into my body - this can't be good for humans - to have this much access to sugar!

Anyhow - keep in mind on the journey that there is root stuff in your gut that takes time to eradicate. I think one of the reasons MD takes so long for some of us to heal from is because some of the structure of this pathogen gets imbedded in a root like structure (from my own tubular and root like samples that I passed and from what I Have seen others share across the web)

There is likely an invasive extensive root system and it takes time.....

It helped my perspective And cheered me up in some of the darkest and hardest days - to know that good health is worth the time!
yes it is! And because of MD - my personal health is closer to what I only ever hoped for - I feel so good and feel so grateful that a byproduct of this illness is a healthy me in my gut (where all health stems from- cos the mucosa lining of the gut must be freed up to allow the Immune system to fire and function))
Yeah baby!

Ok - more than enough for lady T -
happy Memorial Day everyone!
Stay strong and find some bits of joy in this day!
Thanks again for your comment nanna - and sending a hug to you right now!
"God loves you and he has a plan for your life that involves many great things - which includes making the most of each hour - even while afflicted - especially while afflicted!
Everyone can party and carry on when in the comfort zone - but when we move thru adversity we grow!
and when we overcome - we thrive!
we can end up BETTER for having MD
- we can have a more seasoned outlook - more appreciation for important things - more appreciation for Small things -
and more appreciation overall - and know that God will never ever give you more than you can handle - which is why he sent us a helper - the Holy Spirit - cos god knows we need help and we are strong IN him (((it sounds like a paradox but when we are weak he is strongest- and let's really find out what that means by growing closer to God right now)))

Peace to all!


9:50:57 AM

Good morning, Lady T!

Very interesting post and insightful observations on CR. I do find I often feel better when I do not eat at all during the day. I have naturally gravitated towards CR, but will be even more mindful of it in the future. I think you are dead on with many of your ideas on the subject.

The popcorn sounds delicious, by the way. It made me want to go right out to buy some. Thank you again for sharing your wealth of experience and appreciated.

I am having a great face and ear are both doing well.....thanks!

Lady T

11:41:50 PM

Just got the note about your ear purge - whew - and glad your hearing is back - and hope you have a wonderful weekend too!
Lady T

4:06:41 PM

Hi nanna -
I am back for part 2
I actually had to start over because I was getting sidetracked with too many rabbit trails! Oh this MD topic is layered!

So now I will just stick to what you replied with in your most recent comment.
Glad the teabag (aloe) helped - ;)

And when you mentioned eating meat - well Ann-Louise always reminds us that we look to our blood type and our family heritage to often see what our body needs regarding meats- I believe there is much to be said about blood type and meat consumption! Some blood types do better with red meat - some blood types do better with less meat- etc.
However - with a healing body - with a healing gut especially - we have to consider some factors - like red meat takes a long time to move through intestines - and all meat needs enzymes to break down and cos enzymes are usually in short supply for MD sufferers (((because pathogens can send out enzyme inhibitors - and we also have slime destroying enzymes and all this other stuff - and as we age we make less enzymes)))- well any choices we make should be based on what will help us heal!

- I cut back on the meat to help the GI-'but I made sure I had amino acids - and for a long time eggs were my huge satisfier -and always protein shakes -
but things changed often for my eating - but protein shakes are still a key thing for me (((and this was where my rabbit trail began because I started thinking of shari's recent reply that Mel posted a which I will get to in her thread later as I am able)))

Just remember that if you are on the protocol - you are getting nutrients from the wonderful products - and food does have a role as a human - because it can emotionally satisfy and also fills us up - - but we live in a culture of having too much food.

Side note - the nice thing about the protocol is that the vitamins that need to be taken with food are placed with a meal - there are little things like in the protocol that make it effective.

Anyhow - most people in 1st world countries eat way too much!

CR (calorie restriction) is something some people look at for longevity because even if healthy / the body needs periods of lighter food consumption and maybe even fasting
In years past - there were natural times of food scarcity which had other drawbacks - but it stopped over consumption!
Bottom line is we need to have times to free up the GI - this has nothing to do with dieting - it is more about realizing how food is fuel and then how and when we need this fuel in pipes that need healing!

And how much more can CR help when someone is sick!
But it takes this huge life change to rethink our view of food - it takes time.

The analogy that comes to mind is when I Used to turn down the TV for my boys - if I went from level 10 to level 7 they could not hear it! But if I turned it off for a while - and started fresh as their ears adjusted - the level 5 sounded loud!!
It is sensory adaptation and we have it with food too!

I know as a culture we know very little about CR and fasting - as food is so readily available - and with tainted food that satisfies less!
i know fasting can be done "incorrectly" (so we all need to use wisdom) but CR and light shifts of fasting is something I suggest every one explore more - which you might have done already with your years of exploring.
and I prefer what I call "supported fasting" - which is something that would take me too long to write about right now! But it is actually what we sorta do with a protocol that feeds us nutrients like this - and as we eat foods that do not feed this disease!

But to heal - the pipes of our GI need to be cleaned up and freed up - and the food choices for my MD journey changed over the months - i eventually had "less" meat - but think I got more from the little meat I did have because I was absorbing more and all that -

- I also made sure I took an HCL- pepsin tab with any heavy meal - which for me was once daily and not that heavy of a meal compared to what most people eat!

I also found that taste of food improved - less WAS more - and a few staples became an evening meal - like a big vat of TJ organic popcorn cooked in olive oil and with salt was so satisfying !
- on days I was needing more umph I added a little melted organic butter -'and it "worked for me"
in fact everyone in the house now asks me to make my version of this popcorn - and it has been a good fiber source - but also gives eating pleasure - and is el natural!
I also had a few "bites of dense foods" - like a few bites of roasts - few bites of savory Italian foods - and misc - and it was "a lot" and so satisfying!

Nana - it sounds like you have already been experimenting for years with foods with your anti candida diet - and sounds like you listen to your body - and the anti-candida diet isure s a tough one- whew - Diana from the site "my-RAdiary" talks about how rigid it must be to be effective - !

and so I look forward to hearing more of your story and how all this current stuff you do integrates with what you have done in the past! Your life experience will help many.

The other rabbit trail I got on that I had to edit - related to musings on where MD came from -
But that can be shared another time too!
my quick version is that I think MD has a fungal and worm/parasite foundation -
I think "mainly " those culprits are at the core and they lead to increased bacteria, virus, mycotoxins, etc. and they work with other coinfections or sources of rot (like maybe a root canal)
which then makes mites attracted to us - mites have been around since antiquity - and so have birds -
And so why all of a sudden do bird mites start to bother some people?
Because the person is decayed or has an odor or slime that attracts and hosts insects and microbes - bringing us back to the ubiquitous quote here about "the need to rebuild a healthy body terrain" - ;)

I think we get MD from a mosquito bite - because dog heartworm is only transferred this way - and that seems plausible!
or I think we get it from a tick bite -
maybe a water source -
and maybe even some get it from somebody breathing on food - where maybe the food handler had MD and they exhaled thru their nose and they shed a fresh and viable egg that landed in food - then someone ate it and then did not have the needed stomach acid in there to kill it and instead it found a home!
But my biggest guess is that it is was brought into the bloodstream via a mosquito or tick - ....:o(


Ok - hope your eye is healing up! And remember that any external sores are a sign your body is healing and fighting this off - so when you see these sores - take a deep breath and exhale slowly and think healing thoughts - smile and speak positive things that will release healing chemicals in the Body!
Have a great day!


12:52:08 PM

Hi, Lady T!

The bentonite clay I received had to be mixed with water and/ or apple cider vinegar. What a mess! But I used it on my face and washed it off with some peppermint soap and my skin felt and looked amazing. I have done it three times and am very happy! I am going to try to get the sonnes liquid....maybe not so messy?

Out of desperation I had put some hydrogen peroxide in my ear, followed by some sulphur ointment. I will not gross you out by telling how much yuck came out. Hearing is back to normal, thank goodness. I do need to add neem oil to my arsenal.

It's beautiful out today....have a wonderful holiday weekend, and thank you, Lady T!
Lady T

2:24:25 PM

Hi nana - I will respond more later (I am out of time for today) but wanted to chime in that whole foods has a nice ear oil / a few kinds actually -
And I also suggest getting a bottle of neem oil - and recall using it for so many things / including in the ears once in a while -
And sometimes when I would clean out my Sinus - the ear on my left side would itch like crazy / I think I was chasing things that way - but that for better -
And when your clay comes -if it is sonnes it can maybe help with this - even tho this stuff is inside and maybe not reachable thru the canal - but
I used to put sonnes #7 clay right inside my ear and around the lobe -//
it is s special bentonite clay because it is in a collodial state and other bentonite clays have good uses - but sonnes is unique /
And praying for you right now /
Be back later with part 2

9:57:35 AM

Thank you, Peter! I had ordered the entonite clay and it should arrive soon. i am now experiencing an ear problem. My ear feels severely clogged, but it is almost super sensitive to sound. Do you or anyone else have any idea what I could do to remedy this?

3:09:17 PM

Hello Nana

I just wanted to second what lady T has suggested.

She says:

"Once I really cleaned my nose and sinus area (slowly and gently) the face and eyes cleared up so much - my gut was also healing and so it was a combo - but keeping the sinus cleaned was key for face, eyes and forehead!"

I used the calcium bentonite clay on my whole face. I believe it is the safest way to treat around the eyes as it will draw out bifilm and debris from around the eyes in a safe way. It can be messy, so I found it easiest to apply and let sit and then wash off in the shower.


9:51:04 AM

Lady T.....thank you so much for all of the info! I did try the tea bags yesterday and aloe vera gel, and it definitely looks less angry. The edema looks a little better. I am going to get the bentonite clay as that sounds like a great product for our faces.

I have been lucky so far as this has been my only skin problem in months. I try to be super vigilant with my diet but do eat a fair amount of meat, as I have been on an anti-candida diet on and off for years, and always felt great on high protein/low carb. I had gotten lax the last few years which might be why I got M, but I highly suspect bird mites.

I so appreciate your nice to have someone who understands! I am going to seek out the clay right now. God bless you, Lady T!

Lady T

8:42:53 AM

Hi nana - ;) -
I really hope that others will join in and add some tips regarding this because I did not have this specifically happen- and I do recall some folks mentioning "eyes" in previous posts so maybe - hopefully - others will have some tips.

But the first thing that came to my mind was clay!
- for my worse external sores - sonne's bentonite clay #7 was soothing and healing. It just needed to be reapplied every few hours and it is mild and gentle inside and out. It also helped with some inner nose sores when/if that was an issue.
So if you can get some - you can lightly apply it on and around the sore - it calms things down and can also "cover" a bit. Not ideal foundation - ha- but for fair skin folks it can be subtle - for darker skin tones it will stand out more!
- sometimes I could go out with a thin layer of the clay on my forehead - and would spot treat any sores with a thin layer of clay and it worked out fine.
Only a couple of times did I use a compact (foundation) to cover sores - I was afraid to and so even if people stared at me - I just ignored it - I had to! I know is it is tough when it is right near the eye - but we can downplay some of the sores - to others and to ourselves - and so when I was more relaxed about any sores I had - this showed in my demeanor and then people responded with more relaxation - for example - I had to meet up with someone and had two face sores - I said something like "I broke out again - so please excuse it.... - and think I said the food I think contributed to it" - and this put them at ease - because sometimes people feel awkward if we do.... But it is tough and I am sorry you have this to deal with-!! Hang in there!
I know you said the sore is "under" the eye - but because all of this is connected - I will note a few things relating to the eyes:

For example, JohnB wrote some good stuff about the eyes (think it was around Christmas last year and I will look for that post later) - but the biggest takeaway I remembered was to be EXTRA careful around our precious eyes! Extra extra - ;)

Also - many folks here love a drop or two of silver in the eyes - so that is something that could help as it would also trickle down towards the wound!

Now I seem to say this a lot here - but once I really cleaned my nose and sinus area (slowly and gently) the face and eyes cleared up so much - my gut was also healing and so it was a combo - but keeping the sinus cleaned was key for face, eyes and forehead!

Anyhow - when you look in the mirror at any broken out face - or right now at this raised red bump -keep telling yourself that "this will pass" and that "this is a sign that your body is healing and ridding gunk"
I know a counselor who says we engage the "healthy coach" in our mind (and silence the critic) by repeating TRUTHS! Like Peter does at the start of his day-
And so remind yourself (with the health coach ;) ) that your Body is "working"- and that you are strong and healing more each day! so instead of feeling stress to see a bruise and crazy sore - take a deep breath and force some positive thoughts - like I would actually sometimes pray over each sore and thank god for taking them away - it was empowering - and it just took a second!

And this might not be an issue for you - but my biggest face breakouts happened when I had certain foods (like sugar) and it helped me to say "no" to things after a face breakout - like key lime pie was something I indulged in and dearly paid the price in my face! Not worth it -
Anyhow - be sure to assess what you are eating and see if anything has "hidden" sugar - like some folks (including me) had slight accidental sugar intake from almond milk and did not realize there is "unsweetened" almond milk with zero sugar- and this made s difference!
so check things like that....

Look at diet closely because sugar and breads feed this big time!

Also - make sure you are able to get your sleep - I know my wounds always healed way better when I slept - and our immune system heals us then--

Some folks have had good results with castor oil (and a warm rag) placed on a sore - but would probably not do this near the eye region!

Lastly - and I am just thinking of this now - but black tea bags can sometimes help all the area around the eyes - you brew the tea - let the bags cool a bit and then place a warm one on your eye - and it has a cleansing effect -

in the early 90s I prevented conjunctivitis in my eye with black tea - the tannic acid in the black tea draws things out - and it also reduces puffiness from eyes - which Has come in handy for me while traveling (cucumbers never did much for me- but the tea bags have helped a few times) -
And rinsing the eyes with plain water can also help keep things flushed too - sometimes we minimize plain water (clean water that is) -

Ok nana - hopefully a few others will chime in and thanks for reaching out with your question. Please keep us posted or just check in often.

In closing - I pray for you nana right now - that this wound will not scar and that it will not interfere with vision - and I pray that in Jesus name you will be healed from this affliction!
I pray this for everyone who has MD disease and confections - I pray for stability and a sound mind!
I pray for wisdom as to what is used and not used- and I pray that we can bring every thought captive and that with God's help we can silence unhelpful thinking and learn how to tap into affirming thinking to help our body even more!

Be encouraged everyone - "this is the day the lord has made - let us rejoice and be glad in it" - let us find things to be grateful for and find the beauty in the moment - setting goals and staying the course - while also embracing this very day for the small beauty to be found - ;)

10:04:23 AM

Lady T....
I am new to the forum, but have been reading the threads for a while and am on the protocol. You seem to have such a good handle on things that I thought I would get your opinion.

Two days ago I developed a large red area of edema under my eye. There is also some bruising. It is unsightly and I am not sure I can cover it with make-up.

Did you ever experience this or have any ideas how to deal with it? Anyone else have this problem and have a solution for me? Thought I would ask a lady who would understand the whole make-up/vanity issue better than a man might!

But if Mel or Peter have some ideas, please chime in!
Lady T

3:35:39 AM

Oh thanks so much Gale! ;) and heart - !
And Peter - that was friggin awesome to read my friend!

And thx Sheila - I am actually taking a social media break right now (so I will be back more regularly in June ) -but I was winding down tonight and felt led to come here - and so glad I did - so thanks for patience !

((please excuse any long pauses frome me - and also know that I pray for all MD sufferers at random times - will continue to do so! Please stay strong everyone And keep seeking God's strength- you can do this)).

Shelia - I am glad you went back to read past posts - ;) because there is a wealth of info in these post threads and that is why everyone keeps reminding us to read here.

Now - to reply to the comment about the sores and what to do....
First - remember we are all different and so what works for one might not work for the next one.
Second, what works one week might not the next and things need to be changed up because this MD is resilient.

I am trying to remember different detail phases - i did write some notes - but the best thing I did was to take photos -! this was key for me because it kept a record for me!

For example, I was not sure when I started using the wonderful coconut oil/green tea and turmeric in my nose - but because I took a few photos of the gems I pulled out - I saw it was 3 months earlier than I thought! And cleaning the nose became even more of a priority when I realized there was sludge and worms in my sinuses. ((( I had some expensive dental work done and have a very old root canal, which could have contributed To my MD - or at the very least it has provided fuel for certain bacteria to inhabit the sinus (per dr. Weston Price's root canal research).

Anyhow- I feel like sinus cleaning was HUGE for me and so I want to just share again - after cleaning of the sinus - I would either Lube the nose with castor oil. Or some jojoba with EO (mild like lavender) - or lie in bed and put silver in both nose holes and make sure it went down! Or I would use salt rinses for periods of time....

I also stopped swallowing phlegm and mucous drainage. You might not realize how much we swallow from the sinus area (and chest) - but it can add up!
Some parasites come up from the lungs to hopefully get swallowed in order to reproduce (per the Fearsome Fauna book) - and when I started spitting all the time (sometimes felt like a dude who chewed tobacco- ha) well I began to see thin worms, hairs, chunks, and - yes - embryos!

For example, I cleared my chest and the stuff that came up was like any other phlegm, but it also had a chunk in it. On my tongue it felt like a small rubber blob- when I spit - it was bloody! Not bad, but was red. It was a fetus worm - I took a photo of it - but forgot to save it.
I carried around tissues and became very mindful to NOT SWALLOW. I believe that the daily MMS , MSM and other stuff can knock off many of these things - but it helped me to not swallow -

Sheila - for skin - keep in mind the need to flush out the sinus cavity - find safe things to use because we want to do no harm - but the sinus and nose is a major area attacked in MD.
So is the small intestine - and so is the large intestine - so is the liver - which was Likley clogged before this (Hulda Clark has some good info about the connection between certain worms and gallbladder and liver issues) - and I also believe the bone marrow is impacted - but that is why everyone here says to "rebuild the immune system" - immunity and health relate to the health of your blood and the box systems - and the really good news is that this protocol REBUILDS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - woo hoo.

Sotry not to be overwhelmed at this itchy phase! It will pass!
I will never forget talking to Mel ((only talked to him twice- but heart)) anyhow - I was sorta where you are at now and Mel was so confident.
I needed that calm and casual - but it was hard to grasp cos I was in the nightmare.
Mel even said I did NOT have to boil clothes - whew - and so i stopped and that was nice!
and he said that the environment would clean itself up - but there was this disconnect in my mind because I was in the throws of it all and could not imagine what that meant!
The mounds, the patches and diverse sores, scratches!
the exhaustion, confusion, fear at different times and horror a few times - the not knowing and the constant eruptions -- yeah - so it was hard to even grasp "the environment cleans up as you get better"--
So NOW I see where he was coming from! Now I do!! Ha'
You know - That hindsight clarity ;)
and so as you heal right now - it might be hard to take a deep breath and realize that this will pass! But it will pass! You will get better.
It might be baffling right now to think the environment will take care of itself - I could not imagine that - but it does!

And so as you repair your terrain with the protocol - you manage symptoms on the outside - and I think you and I are similar in wanting to get the sores cleaned or killed !!
but try not to damage your skin too much - I know we all scar at different rates - and when we are afflicted we only care about relief - but please be gentle on your sores and your body! ;)

it is the only body you have- and when u heal from this - and you can! Well you want to be your best! And when you heal from this - you will have a strong body - which I think is good news!
And for when I managed sores....
I noticed that there are different kinds of sores. There were special mound ones that seemed to be exit sites for something in my bloodstream!
These exit site mounds were unique because they sometimes had a small line down the middle and then would form into a crater. When I would dig those out - they actually had a slight ring that would come off too!
A couple times when I left the sauna - about an hour later - under my skin would have red lines heading towards that kind of sore! I put clay on top and then made sure to shower (with dr b mint slow) after sauna!
I believe stuff in my bloodstream was stirred up and then headed towards the exit sore.' After I started drinking sonnes #7 clay (with colon cleanse by health plus- ((at night so it did not mess with protocol)) well the red lines never came back! Never.
But I was also moving along on protocol so I believe it was combo of things - but sonnes 7 liquid clay is very special and has physical properties that help combat this illness and it also gets rid of fungi and viruses!

- While I did "not" always mess with sores- I did lose hours of my life standing at The counter removing purging debri- feeling stiff from leaning or fatigued from hours there - when I probably should have slept because that would have helped my body more-!

Later on In my healing - I removed debris and purging stuff with a good warm shower and dr b's soap - but also had to watch the time I spent doing that.
For a couple of months in helping my skin- I had to use this covering of redmonds powdered benronite clay mixed with vinegar - and it was a Miracle for my skin! It was hard covering in it daily - but I did not work at that time!

Now for certain major sores - -I used my splash of DMSO to break them down and then would wing it on what else I would do - some days I would pack on some DE on top - I lovvvvve my DE (and I am careful not to breath it in - wink)
Sometimes I would dab on the DMSO - wait a minute - and then apply neem oil- or castor oil - or coconut oil! Always gentle and careful!
And then if the skin seemed to me messed with too much - I would skip the DMSO for days and use sonnes #7 to dry and heal the area - it took some thinking about - but we can get in tune with what we need - we really can.

Later in my healing - my arms were the big source of sores - I had a couple small face sores - because I was still getting the sinusses cleared - but it was arms that always had sores (and having pictures helped me see progress and even helps me remember now) - but I did "mess" with those sores a bit - like in hot tub or in shower / just scratched them off - and they would bleed a little, which was always nice because early on the sores do not bleed! (maybe the stage you are at) But as we heal our gut and clean out our blood and as we rebuild the terrain, the sores change and then go for good! Woo hoo.

For the itching - which was really only bad for me in the first few months - and it is miserable I know! Well I took different baths and covered in stuff - as noted above with the powdered clay and vinegar -
And sometimes cover in baking soda -or borax (just smoothed it on - waited - then- got dressed -) not ideal if you have to go out -but I also believe this is why I had wayyyyyy less fibers.

There were also different things I'd try - like one month I would cover all of my skin with now foods oregano oil! Hubs said I smelled like spaghetti! Ha! It was good for about a week - then I had a week or two of covering my skin with neem oil! I thought it was the magic answer and bought a bunch of bottles - but the slime that was inside of me had to be eradicated! The neem oil days were the stinkiest phase for sure - but it worked and led to some calm days!

But just snore the itching waned the more I removed the sludge within!
The sludge within you is a layered mix of gunk getting expressed thru the skin. It might attract stuff in the environment and it might be pouring out from your innards (because the skin is an organ that does this) and so this is why I think the many cleanes I did early on (my first 4 months) helped me so much!

I first did a 21 day Kroeger herb candida cleanse (bought the kit and faster lightly) - I then did a two week MSM (sulphur) cleanse (while supplementing) - I did ten days of drinking DE (passed a fan like object and all sorts of stuff).
Side note - which I will say again and again-
A mistake I made early on was to not use the sonnes clay and colon cleanse (from health plus)- argh! I had used the combo many times before, but just forgot about it- and never realized how powerful tbe combo was!
Anyhow -
I also tried some other herbs and the in my fifth month (I think) I did a very long MMS (CDS) cleanse (from Jim humbles site), which led me to Mel's protocol (the search term - "how Mel used mms") -but for about a month I used mms so aggressively (like sometimes on the hour - as noted on Jim's site - and I really think it stopped being effective for what we have -I will have to share why I think that some other time- like I think our sludge and gunk just go into a protective mode - and then we also need immune system repair) and a month of it like that obviously did not fully heal me!!
so when it comes to MD - MMS is only one part of the recipe for healing - and i like how Mel and those here have now determined (spring 2016) that mms is more effective when used twice a day with the full protocol.

Ok Sheila - thanks again for your reply here and so sorry it came right when I am in my break mode!

Stay strong - but also process through your journey - like use journaling - get some counseling books - or see a counselor if that is available or something you might like.
I know Shari (from this forum) saw a therapist and one of the things Shari wrote about here was how she had reached the point to where she was no longer saying she was sick - she was no longer exusing things saying "I am sick" and she was moving into a new mindset! A more empowered one and one that was not identifying with the being so sick!
However - let me point out that it was because of where she was at! She was MOVING ALONG on her journey and it was time for that new mindset!
But for some of those with MD - they need to just feel - still stay resilient and get back up - but they might need to just vent and cry and curl up and say "I have one freaky illness and I am very sick" or they have a meltdown and then take a deep breath and say - "ok - I feel better and I can do this....."
- and during the really hard phase it can help to cope by saying "ok - I am in crisis mode and so I need to stay stable and respond appropriately" or say "this affliction is very major, and as a human I feel and this hurts and drains me -and so now I need to strategize"
And Sheila - people usually stabilize within 90 days in protocol - so hang in there!
And during these early draining days (and the later days too) we take it one afternoon or night at a time! One hour at a time!
During the early phase we remember that we CAN cope even if we have to find unique support systems -
and did you know that some studies say the biggest benefit of expensive therapy is the feeling of having a support system - and of course the Good therapists can give succinct advice or share their training -and so that benefit is great - but my point is that we can find many ways to cope and we have to "hunt" for support systems - but this is more normal than we realize!!

Many people find comfort reading in the book of Psalm because David had so much anguish and his meltdowns with the lord can help us process and heal emotional! sometimes just by reading King David's arduous life journey we can share and cope that way! Or read about Paul in the New Testament and his coping suggestions! Oh yeah!
We also have the holy spirit inside who comforts us and keeps us stable and rooted and grounded!
Well it was exciting to read that Shari was no longer in the "I'm sick mentality" - and some folks who live the victim role too long REAlly do need to put their flesh down - or adopt a new mindset -
but other times we need to fully embrace that we are very sick - and that MD is sucks and we need to just feel - identify and own the hardship - warp our heads around it - and then problem solve and make goals for action for that day - for that week. Etc.

On some anguish filled days - just do what you can for that day! Come share a recipe on the forum - listen to conference calls - read back posts - watch a funny movie - read self- help books (my fav!) - and do not be "too proud" to ask other people for tips or advice- because we do not have to reinvent the wheel when others might have key stuff to share!
the more you "work through" this illness and "Cope as you go" - the less "post traumatic stress" you will have when remission comes.

I could go on, but this is reply is at a nice stopping point-

Be encouraged - never give up - feel - and then move into objective mode!! And may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may abound in hope and in power through the the strength and power of the Holy Spirit inside you!

6:51:13 AM

You're a super star Lady T. You are so generous with your time and information and it is so much appreciated. xx

9:35:04 AM

Hi Lady T....I apologize as I did not realize you had already explained what you did for your skin in Kelly T's post. No need to reply to my first post as you explained it all perfectly well in your post to Kelly T! You mention that the face tends to break out midway to the end of MD and I am getting them more now than ever so this seems to be true for me as well. Anyway, TY for being so informative and for taking the time to share with others.



8:38:45 AM

Hello Lady T.....Wow! What a journey! Ty for sharing your story it is very helpful to me as I am sure to many others who are new to Mel's group and people like me who are just beginning the protocol. I wanted to ask you about what you used to help heal the lesions on your face and everywhere else but I am mostly concerned about my face. Last night I had a lump on my right cheek and when I pulled on it I pulled out the longest thing and it had all sharp edges and a long sharp end like a tail. I don't know if this is fungus or what but these things are literally encysted in huge lumps all over my chest, neck, a few in my face but my fave itches like crazy it feels like millions of tiny mites under my skin. I realize that until each and every parasite comes out of each lump, the sores will not heal. I do have sores with deep layers like what Mr. CS mentioned on his website. It's awful bc they will not heal no matter what I do and I am not sure if I should pick the stuff out or leave them alone but if I don't pick them out they will most likely be here forever bc they stick like glue to this neon yellow substance which I have determined must be biofilm. Have you found any remedy to be helpful with healing lesions? I began the protocol on Monday but that's another story for another time. Lol



3:29:44 AM

Dear Lady Truth

You are a friend to this community, and I would like to thank you. There is great wisdom in your posts. People will read them and will learn so much from them. Wonderful!

You remind the newly afflicted that they must have the deeply felt belief that all will turn out well. You tell them to have faith and to rely on their ability to overcome challenges. Then you arm them with the tools to do so. Remarkable.

You teach what is required to move through suffering. You stir their will to do so and to muster the inner strength to carry on. Heartfelt.

You instruct them in how the science behind the miracle delivered by Logos becomes instrumental to treatment. Then, your testimony and remission convinces them that it is real.

Lastly, you demonstrate that they must have patience to learn the lessons that will heal them. And you affirm for them that you have genuine love in your heart.

You understand Morgellons in so many ways. Keep giving precious knowledge. Your love is our teacher!

With sincere regards,
Lady T

12:31:20 AM

Hi Kelly T
Thanks for the feedback and question!
I hate to always have such long replies here on the forum - but I have just learned so much about this and feel honored to share!!
It helps me to itemize - so I guess I will give you ten thoughts for my reply! No need to give a follow up - this is just FYI-' ;)

1. moisturize from the inside out!
We do want/need to apply topical stuff - but skin is mainly hydrated from the inside out! In 2009, I started taking sonne's cod liver oil and calphonite (it is their version of the logos omega caps and magnify-cal). And guess what? I stopped having to buy my yearly bottle of Clinique moisturizer! And my skin looked good!

I know some folks who take oils just for their skin - like vitamin E caps and even using more EVOO. In 09 - I went from super dry face and chapped lips to never buying bottles of moisturizer nuts with a teaspoon of cod liver Oil! So we hydrate the body (cells and skin) from the inside out first - and topically second! I got rid of all plants -felt I had to with MD- but would use fresh aloe at my mom's and that is amazing for the face too!
Also - my mom always internally takes flax seed oil for her skin- but for me - that cod liver oil helped.
I still use pure lanolin for lips and a thin layer on hands.
So keep in mind that you are getting the omega oil from the protocol - but at drier times maybe experiment with internally adding GOOD oils to see what your body likes.

2. Water in balance.
I still believe that some people drink too much water (those of us that can chug it) and while most need to drink "more" - oh yes - some of us might have over done it!!
for me personally - I drank way too much (cos I can chug it) and I likely was flushing out the little oils I had! I am sure the excess water kept my urinary tract extra flushed and had some perks - but really balance is the key!

I do not drink water the way I used to and I am hydrated more! On MDA site I also learned how we really hydrate the body - it with oils- salt - and minerals - so the cod liver oil was not the only thing hydrating me when i was rescued with it - it was the calphonite too! And so as people heal with Mel's protocol - eventually the omegas and magnify-cal will start to express itself all in the skin and face! it does soooooo much for the whole body!

3. Dry skin is sometimes a-ok with MD
I have read so much across the web about MD and Lyme- and cannot give credit to so many sources- argh - but I try to when I can. Anyhow - once read some info on how certain skin critters are thwarted in growth when the skin is a bit dry (not forever / just some days while healing)-
Also - I think early on I had less skin issues because of what I did with daily baths that cleaned and dried!
A lady on a forum said she had better results with dry skin cos the Lyme worm (or other eggs and spores) needed moisture to thrive! I just experimented - had days of going dry and days of using lotion/loil!
I would problem solve every day!
What does my skin need right now?
Did I rub my forehead too much and does it need a break with soothing coconut oil - or is it bumpy and does it need some drying and a light rub?
(Side note, like Sheila just shared about messing with her sores - I did this early on/ I spent too much time on sores and bumps early on - picking and I guess trying to help them get off - hours at the counter - and in hindsight I should have slept or rested!)
A most miserable time for me was when kinda near the end - in a final phase of healing - when my forehead was loaded - I would wipe my hand across it and get little pop noises - small and large bumps for a while -and a stubborn one right in between my eyes (have a yoga story about this - cos the sore was near the "third eye" part of the body, which is a supposed spiritual center. This one yoga teacher applied essential oil to everyone's forehead at the end of class and when she did mine - she paused and looked weird... I think she sensed the imbalance - then the next time I had her she said she was skipping the oil for that day! Never had her again since,'but I wonder if she sensed my affliction - cos massage therapists can feel heat at the site of knots) -

Anyhow - I often let my face skin go a bit "dry" and yes - it had some wrinkles and was not my freshest look - but who cares during healing! I am not sure this would have helped in early phases of this illness - but this was near my ending time and it was also when I got the lightbulb about cleaning out the sinus nesting source! Cleaning thie sinus aggressively (but safe) was key for everything, especially the face.

4. Explore and experiment!
As we mangage symptoms while the protocol does its work- I changed up what my face (and Body) needed. Early on it was wonderful coconut oil!
Early on I also made oil mixes! Like grape seed oil (cos it soaks in) with DE added and some lavender essential oil (EO) and maybe a drop of neem or drop of oregano.
I used borax directly on my skin and never ever had a problem - but it is very drying and a bit abrasive so i used it less and less - and then not at all - but do believe borax early on was key for me.
I Really was glad I read that post about how dry-ish skin helped a lady and then she also said the MD/L critters liked bone! They traveled along bone! Hm -

5. The final four months of the major healing of MD for me involved a "dry" and less moisturized face! Just had to do it. I would wash with dr bs peppermint soap - mostly twice a day - once in shower and then before bed (I would wash my feet and face with dr bronners mint soap before bed and it helped) Unless I went to gym - I would let pool water stay on my body and go to bed.

If my skin felt a little dry -- on some days I would spot treat with castor oil - around eyes - in nose - hairline.... Or I would put an entire layer of castor oil on whole body and face and gentle wipe some excess off so face felt lighter.
Other days I would address any slight breakouts! Sonne's #7 is wonderful for raw sores! Also liked powder benronite clay with vinegar for some phases.
but note: dry skin can be ok at times -
once during a full moon - I washed my face twice - and then lightly dried with a thin layer of 50% alcohol! Amazing good!
Then about 5 minutes later- I put on some DE- just a dab - waited and then after that applied a tiny layer of coconut oil.

If it all sounds like too much - keep in mind I was more in a routine and just like we get used to taking our supplements - I found that checking what my face needed (and keeping hands cleaned with alcohol or covered with a barrier) just became routine.
And then as I got healithier, It was this subtle getting better! I realized I had not checked my hands all day! Or i would come home and realize I was out for three hours and did not dig into my purse even once for something.
Or I was not itchy - ahhh - or I would come home and not have to run to shower - I was getting better!! And those days will come for all who are healing up - so be patient!

6. A little DMSO talk

I have mentioned DMSO in post replies before - and as Peter noted it is a solvent! It is used in transplants and In horse care to help deliver stuff through muscle and skin! DMSO, is made from tree byproducts and it penetrates the cell wall.

On YouTube there are workout gurus who use DMSO for muscle recovery - they just lightly use it straight from bottle. I find that interesting.

I first heard about DMSO from a couple on YouTube who had MD - they made a skin spray with a mix of things and added a few drops of DMSO to help delivery! Then - this other sweet guy online uses a drop of DMSO and a drop of peroxide to shrink his tumor! But the guy does not know about ridding pathogens And restoring his terrain - and so he is not fully getting well!
All this to say that DMSO is used by folks everywhere! It is also a secret ingredient in many cosmetic and skin help products! - DMSO is a helpful,
however - it is A solvent! So it needs to be used with care! The team here at Mel's protocol do NOT think dmso is needed for healing - and I respect that cos it is another wonderful example on how they err on the side of caution!
So I am NOT necessarily suggesting It now (smile), but I am sharing how I found it helpful for me in very small amounts. The founder of MMS (Jim) also has tips on using DMSO with mms-
Very early on I used a bit of DMSO in my essential oil baths and foot soaks - think it helped, but not sure.
Side note, I would alternate my baths too: borax and baking soda: neem oil and olive oil; plain essential oil; Epsom slat; and even alfalfa - (and FYI - alfalfa never worked for me like the supposed lady who had her cat drop all those alfalfa tabs into her bath and she was miraculously ealed -not the case for me).
But for MANY months, my daily bath soak was helpful - boring sometimes - but I jammed to praise songs - 80s jams - etc- and it was what I needed at the time - and I do think it stopped some stuff.

Back to closing thoughts on DMSO!
I tried the liquid and the gel - and did like dmso for stubborn sores!
in the last six months of my healing - I used it in small amounts because it penetrates sores! It has a slight sting - for a few seconds -'like sunburn- but I found it helpful when used lightly!

I would look at my face (or arms and body) and ask what is needed right now. Some people on this forum say the face gets the worse mid-way to then near the end of your healing phase- this was true for me.
This is just an example of how i used DMSO.
one day had a mound starting on chin - had bump on cheekbone and those slight pimple bumps on forehead and side of brows.
I would wash face w/peppermint soap. Dry.
Spot treat the mounds or bumps or pimples with a touch of DMSO - let it settle in. Now this alone would break down the cell wall of pathogens - and would have been enough! but DMSO is also a carrier for other solvents - so I would decide what to do next -(god would show me....)
And sometimes right on top of the sore/bump, with the DMSO, I would Dab on some DE powder - let sit - then cover All of face w- coconut oil - ahhhhh! So nice! Other times I would add neem oil to the spots - or whole face. Or castor oil !
So yes, DMSO needs to be used with care and a little goes a long way, but might be worth exploring.

Change it up.
We all know that changing things up helps manage symptoms because these critters morph! So as you look at your skin overall - think about what is going on with u for that week and that day! New strategies are a must.
unrefined coconut oil is a constant help item because it brings stuff out and moisturizers a bit.
Other items can be rotated in to try- like I heard some folks here in this forum had great results with mineral oil - I did not - but I did like it for some things (like a hand barrier at times - makeup remover - etc).
Castor oil is great skin cover to alternate because of its special properties - and even though heavy on face - it never seemed clogging! Also - a little goes a long way!

I still make my own oil mixes - like i use 1/2 teaspoon of DE - a few ounces of olive oil - or jojoba or grape seed oil - my choice of essential oils - nothing strong if for the face - but these little mixes are fun and effective! Or u can leave out the DE.

I also took a leftover bottle of castor oil - it had like 1/3 castor oil left - I added mint and lavender EOs and some olive oil! I carried it in purse for hands, arms, elbows - even feet!

I also love sonnes #7 clay for calming/drying/purifying the face - apply thin layer of sonne's clay - let dry for a while - wipe or leave it - and then i would apply thin layer of coconut oil oR even open a vitamin e capsule and spot treat areas!
Changing up what I used always made a difference.
Lastly, I love
Avalon organic lavender lotion.'I found it at very end of my healing journey - and rotated this into routine with a freshness.
This lotion is good for face, hands, even a light coat on hair ends was like a smoothing serum. It smells so good.

What I don't use on my face (and in general)
I do not use sunscreen- but might use natural formulas with zinc when I want some.
I do not use store bought face moisturizers - yuck!
I do not use any prescription drugs or creams - and will try not to ever. So many are made overseas and could have contaminants!
I don't use mms every day anymore - but will take it once in a while when I feel led. And might take it daily later - I do use mms to purify doggie water and to purify the Keurig water.

9. my aftercare.

in my "after care protocol" - which is still being tweaked- I take six thymic formula per day (2 tabs 3x a day) and mix up the rest - I drink kefir With added acidophilus - I take sonnes cod liver oil again and the calphonite -but think I actually now like logos omegas and Magnifical better - not sure.
I take the sonnes clay at night with fiber to help ensure the deepest stuff is still moving out- and take other misc stuff -'like a morning proteolytic enzyme - sometimes garlic capsules - or kelp - or my greens and Beet mix! I take HCL with my main meal- esp if meat!

I also make smoothies too - but have to watch fruit.

Oh and I have a nice custom drink I Make for my hot yoga class. Remember I used to bring an enormous bottle of water (cos I used to chug way too much of the stuff - which in hind sight I see I also was so thirsty cos I had malabsorption and my systems were imbalanced and cells were starved). Now I use a 12 oz water bottle (so small for moi - but fits the new healthier me)m- I add one emergenC - dash of vitamin c powder - dash of b complex - dash of niacin - and some flax seed oil - (for my skin! Cos we moisturize from inside out) Sometimes I drop in one blackberry or a strawberry and chill until class.
My favorite breakfast - in my aftercare mode- Is a big vanilla whey isolate protein drink - I add some l-lysine - half capsule of logos dig. enzyme - and maybe a dash of amino acid powder and mix with soy or almond milk - I add a splash of kefir too sometimes. I make it frothy and it is fantastic! Drink it slow- then have Cup of coffee.

Well Kelly T, I know this is a lot and I think you know I am just trying to share "extras" here because this entire website is a future resource for many people! Let us all keep that in mind as we make time to share. Because thousands of people get this each month and we can try and "pay it forward" :) so once you are healed (and hang in there because you can do this) well maybe you can share some lists of tips too!
my hope is that the little time I spent sharing misc here will maybe equip or empower someone!
Thanks again for your question Kelly and best wishes on your healing journey.
God says "call to me and I will show you great and mighty things" and he also is a god that works all things "for" good. Romans 8:28 - where all things work for good to those who are called according to his purpose" and so folks - what you are going through is not in vain- but it can have many good fruits with amazing outcomes! Bring every thought captive and use this time to ask God to reveal himself to you more and more - and he will lavishly give you insight and wisdom. Be encouraged and "stay the course"

Kelly T

11:32:43 AM

Thank you Lady T.

for your inspiring story and tips.

Could you tell me what you used for washing your face, and moisturizing your face, as well as your body. I find Dr. Bonner's great for washing my body, but extremely drying for the face. I just don't know what to wash my face with, and what to use for moisturizing the face, and what to use for the body.

Thanks so much!
Lady T **

5:44:34 AM

Hello everyone,

I am not really sure how to best share my healing journey right now. I have already shared tidbits in many post replies. So I thought it best to start the "Lady T" thread by sharing ten things.

1. I got MD in spring 2014. I usually stay away from doctors as much as possible, and have been very successful with natural remedies for things in past; However, this was so freaky I sought doc help right away!
I saw a few doctors (at a small clinic and then two at a high end place) all while researching online and trying everything and anything.
I felt respected with the docs I saw, but realized I was getting nowhere. I put my foot down when I was prescribed steroids and another permethrin cream- long story - but it just felt wrong. I know that God was leading every step of the way! I did multiple intestinal cleanses the first few months including a 21 day type of fast with Kroeger herbs (I was scared and highly motivated) - I also soaked in baths daily for months and months! And I hate baths! But I believe this early stuff helped me to not have major fiber loads - and had other perks - big time! but it was not enough to fully eradicate this illness. That summer, I found out about MMS from a wellness video - and then later found Mel's site - I was skeptical that Mel's protocol was a business promo thing. I finally decided to try it.

2. I started Mel's protocol in late fall 2014. At the time, I felt like I was already 80% better. I Was shocked by how fast Mel's protocol brought results and i was really doing well! i assumed it was from my other cleansings and So I minimized the role Mel's protocol played. I decided to go off the protocol because symptoms were gone for a while.
I Booked a trip to FL to see family and life was good. Then I got down to Florida and symptoms were back again. ??
The daily sauna likely brought out dormant stuff - or the mold and whatnot all around might have done it too - My hubs says FL is a swampy breeding place!
I had some protocol stuff left and so finished it when I got home from FL - / but when it ran out - I really wanted to try other brands / like natures way, new chapter, and now foods. I wanted to see if I could customize my own protocol (like mr. CS) and it was nice at first, but became annoying! And my protocol was NOT as effective! But I learned so much....

3. MY final healing phase came right after a temp job ended in fall 2015 - I was back on Mel's protocol - with the addition of sonnes #7 clay and health plus inc. colon cleanse at night (helped clean my small intestine and I passed so much stuff).
I also began cleaning out nose/sinus as much as I could (wish I did sinus cleaning sooner) and after a few months of this i could clean nose once a day.

4. Right now, I am mostly symptom free, I still get some scratches - less and less - but if I get any - they heal within 1 to 3 days! i did some gardening (which I never thought I would be able to do again- and actually I will only do very minimal garden stuff for a long time) -so after I Gardened - I had one small, thin scratch on my knee - (? It was covered with pant) but the scratch was gone in a day - and had a nasty scratch on my neck! I was wearing gloves and sleeve, but forgot about that area! So something in my yard still triggers something in me. however - it was a huge success to even be out there!
Right now, I still need to have a couple of nights where I get a good ten hours of sleep. At least two per week!
I feel super worn out if I don't. And look it too. I am in my 40's and believe I have aged gracefully (thank god for that) but after this MD- and likely Lyme - I start to look rough if I do not have those couple of nights with ten hours! Not always - but I can't get away with skipping sleep like I used to before all this! Sleep is such a beautifier and wonderful healer!

We all know how Important sleep is- It reduces irritability and sleep is when our immune system heals us - it is also when the brain cleans neurological mess and so with healing up any immune system illness - like MD - sleep is crucial! I know that many folks in the rough part of this might have trouble sleeping - but it is because your system is out of whack and your hormones and enzymes are all off - and other things need to be removed and there are byproducts from that - so hang in there because as you get well - sleep gets better and better!

5. For the past few months, I have been on a maintenance protocol. I am not sure what the after care protocol is for folks - but I tweaked the basic protocol.
However, this next month (May) I am actually going to do a month BACK on Mel's full protocol again- This last month (April) was a grieving month for our family - we had a few losses and I know it put extra strain on me -I am doing well - but want to fortify my immune system as much as possible!
i also Had candiaisis and this needs to be watched for a while more (still learning) but many believe that adults are vulnerable to MD c because candidiasis leads to leaky gut and mal-absorption, which then allows MD to travel through body.....

I know going on and off Mel's protocol extended my time of healing, but I also know I needed to do that for me. I needed to try other supplements and explore this and that.
even when I knew the protocol worked - I still needed to explore different products.
I really enjoyed the learning and wanted to "see" a few things for myself.
However, it also confirmed Mel's protocol to me - and that is why I am here now- to share some of my story for those who might get something from it!

If you are new here - or if you have been dealing with this for a long time- I want to encourage you right now! This is a crazy affliction, but it can be healed - it just takes time and patience!
And it really could be worse - because other diseases that the docs "know" about just get treated with symptom management and expensive drugs - and you slowly get worse and worse!
but if you follow Mel's protocol to heal from MD - you repair your bio terrain and it is a gift to yourself in the long run!
Healing MD is an arduous journey, but it can be done. We get healthy by cleaning out our inside and by rebuilding our terrain - we need our immune system at its best! You might not think you have an impaired immune system - but you do if you have this. The immune system is complex and layered - so it takes time- but this can be done!

8. I have some comical things to share about my healing journey, but I will have to come back to share them later on! Well wait - I can share one little story.

My teen some saw me battle with this illness for the whole time - my spouse has been a part of this and we both were shocked! Anyhow - I shared some things with my teen as needed - and he always felt bad for me when the face sores were there! Many times I had two - but a few times there were three large patches! Argh!

Anyhow-'when lesions had stopped and symptoms were almost gone - we went to a cookout- and I did not realize my son did not realize how recovered I was!

A few days before this cookout - i had a small pizza roll (not my normal food) But hubs was having some and brought me a couple - well the sauce burned my skin below my lip. It scabbed and at the cookout - I said to someone "oh please don't mind this - I burned it on a hot pocket" and my son was sitting there with his gf and they both looked at each other - eyes bugged out - and looked back at me - and his facial expression was like "really mom?" It was like he was saying, "don't tell stories" ha ha!
I had never made up stories about any of my leper days / if anyone asked I just said I had a breakout or that I was cleansing - I was careful - but always honest!

And I just smiled and told him it really was - later we talked more - but wow to how far I had come when my son did not even realize I could have a legit injury! - there I was with a hot pocket scab - my first legitimate wound after healing up from MD and it was funny to me! It still makes me smile because i know what I overcame - and by the way / that scab was gone pretty quickly too because my immune system is working so well thanks to all the cleansing and to logos and Mel's protocol! So later I will share more little snippets like this,,,

Right now, I am still finding balance with my workouts (do yoga - some swim - and the bike) and I am getting ready to work more and more! I want to advocate for awareness about MD, which starts right now just by sharing here and contributing when I can. I like to fast from social media at times and so please excuse any breaks and long pauses with me.
but I need to fast at times -
I am also very grateful to have had MD. As rough as it was - it was empowering for me! I feel like I am a pretty open person, but I see that I was a bit of a "know it all" - like in 2010, I told my mom she was spending too much money on vitamins! I thought vitamins were gimmicks - and while some brands are lame, other brands are wonderful and have bioavailability - like logos!
And so it is ironic that after slamming all supplements - they were actually key to my healing - and so I try to watch being a know it all!
I have apologized to my mom and she graciously just smiles and really is glad I was able to see the benefit. Sure - some folks might not need supplements - but some of us do!

In closing - I want to thank the Lord for all that he has done! For the promptings of the Holy Spirit - like the little things God would nudge me to do - i.e. go in and clip my finger nails to the see a couple black specs were trying to embed there. Or times he would just give me his peace - during a herx day - and the power to "be" during some very long phases
And his comfort during The times I laid there - in a towel while the borax dried on my body - or the times of itches and pin pricks and sores.
And how wonderful it was to find helpful info about this mysterious disease - and then to find a few folks who recovered - it gave me hope! I only needed to know that one person recovered - ;)

So I want to remind you that God has a plan for your life! When people share their faith in posts here - it is not from religiosity - it is because the power of God is so life changing and he gives us a peace that passes understanding!

Throw off the religious crap that might have hurt you and put aside any baggage - and use your healing journey as a fresh time to get to know God in a more intimate way! This is not our true home here in this world - but while we are here - the gift of life is to be enjoyed!

The breath in your lungs and the beating of your heart is a gift from God and God loves you! Sometimes he delivers us "from" things and other times he delivers us by taking us "through" things! And he WILL take you through - one day at a time - one hour at a time!

The best thing about healing from this illness of MD is that my quality of life is good and it was a desire of my heart to clean out my gut - I just never knew how!
My physical body has this deep, inner health and my outlook is one of gratefulness - pretty win-win!

Thanks for reading and be back in June with a check-in.

Paying it Forward - To All NewcomersNew Item

Jane T

6:35:08 AM

Hi Kelly,

As a newcomer, I thank you for your welcoming words.

I accept your challenge and am actively taking your advice.

Stay tuned because I want to be Well Like Mel (and also like you Kelly.)



2:54:15 AM

Dear Kelly

Thank you for this heartfelt post. I am deeply moved by it, for I too was lost, and am now found. You have declared for all that read this, that it is truly by God's grace that we are led to this place of healing. And it is with a warriors heart that we commit here to the work of healing.

Many will benefit from what you have written. I pray that God bless you abundantly for this, just as you have blessed so many through this.

In His Love,

4:09:48 PM

Dear Kelly,

Thank you for this encouraging, truthful post!

This truly is the place we can all be cured. Thank you for helping those behind you.

It was very nice to have talked to you on the conference call. Congratulations on how well you are feeling!
Keep up the good work!

I love you,

10:04:48 AM

Hello Kelly,

It's comment's like yours that make it all worth it!!!

It looks like you never gave up HOPE!

Thank you and God bless,

Kelly **

12:11:38 PM

To all newcomers,

To have found yourself on this site tells me that you have become sick with this horrible illness and you are afraid and trying to find answers and help.


I know because I was were you are, but with guidance from the people on this site, I am living a happy, healthy life again, while I continue healing. I'm just a normal person. I have a husband and two daughters, and I was able to continue working my part-time job in the medical field while I healed.

Back in May, 2015 I became infected with Morgellons, of course I did not know what it was at the time. Like so many before me, I spent too much time and money going to different doctors looking for an answer and begging for help, only to be insulted and humiliated by their rude, close-minded answers.

I truly believed I was being eaten alive, I was in pain and terrified, and I saw no end to this but death. I found so many different websites that talked about my symptoms and different treatments, and I tried them all. My symptoms would slightly improve, but then get worse.

None of it made sense to me....THEN I FOUND MEL'S SITE.

I advise you to do what I did, READ, READ, READ everything you can on this site.

Read the Forum posts of people who came here before you, and read about the Journeys that other people just like you have been on, so you can learn about the strict diet, as well as how to clean your environment, how to clean your clothes, and how to heal the outside of your body while the protocol heals the inside.

There are so many success stories of people just like you, who are now cured or almost cured. Read about Mel, our Lead Warrior, who had none of this help when he was sick, but got well, with the help of his friend John from Logos Nutritionals.
They put together a protocol that works to heal and cure this cruel and ugly disease and rebuild your body.

I owe them my life....they are my "Saving Grace".

"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found
T'was blind but now I see."

"T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear
And Grace, my fears relieved
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed."


Stick to Mel's Protocol
Learn about the diet and stick to it (as you heal it gets better)
Learn about how to clean your environment and your clothes
Learn about how to heal your skin while the protocol heals your insides

*Most of all, keep in touch. Ask questions. You are not alone. You WILL find your way back home!!!

"Through many changes, toils and snares
We have already come
T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far
And Grace will lead us home
And Grace will lead us home."

Love and strength to all!


A Blast From the Past


1:09:54 PM

Dear Ellen,

Reading your journey was so inspirational and answered so many questions I had in the beginning.

I am so happy for you that you have completely healed.

Thank you for all your sharing.

I wish you continued good health!

Kelly :)

2:45:29 AM

Hello Ellen

To hear from you is like a breath of fresh air! I know your heart, and I know that you have been busy enjoying the fullness of life fulfilled through your continued remission. This brings great joy.

I hope those of you reading this understand what it means for you. Ellen is further living proof that you can get completely well when you commit to this protocol.

We love you!



4:02:58 PM

Dearest Ellen,

I'm so happy to hear from you!! You don't know me, but your journey encouraged me so much! I often asked Mel about you. You did leave an impact on this site. I'm so joyful to hear, that you as Mel, you are maintaining your health and that Morgellon is a thing of the past for you!

Yes never take our health for granted again.

You still have a lot on your plate, please take time out for yourself, have some mental health days. They're great in rejuvenate us.

Please always once in awhile drop back and let us know how you are doing. You are a delight!

I want to be one of the 100% recovered group!

Ellen **

11:40:41 AM

Hello all,

I have been MIA the last year and feel compelled to reconnect with everyone on this site.

If you read any of my posts back to 2012, I got better very quickly – almost faster than anyone, and I am so grateful for my healing.

I work every day now, have two amazing grandchildren, ailing parents, a sister who is a quadreplegic, and other issues consuming my time. But I hope I never take my health for granted. I am blessed!

I plan to donate to the Go Fund Me page, and although my finances are not great, I know we all can contribute something to keep this mission going. And it IS a mission, run by Mel, but it takes a village as we all know. And I vowed never to drift off once I got well.

Anyone can get this disease, and anyone can contribute something.

God bless you Mel.


The Ultimate Proof of Morgellons and Mel's Protocol


7:51:03 AM

Hello Sylvia,

Its great that you've found this website which will be a big help and support to you. Its a scary time not knowing what's going on or how to get help and so difficult when doctors don't believe what we say.

If you read the protocol page and the FAQs that's a great place to start. After that reading through the forum pages and articles and listening to the conference calls will give lots of useful information.

Keep in touch and let us know how things are going for you.

If you want to read bits of my story I have posted in the thread Welcome to the UK and Europe. You start at the bottom of the thread and then work your way upwards.

God bless,


6:39:13 PM

Hi Sylvia,

1) MD (+ possible coinfections) are real.

2) You are not delusional.

3) The fact that those who are supposed to be a source of support (i.e. practitioners) betray your trust and send you off, says more about them & their inability to face their egoistic fears, rigidity, apathy and ineptitude.

4) You are afraid, and rightfully so, because you know darn well something's up.

5) Dermatologists are a joke. MD is way out of their league as MD is systemic, and not merely dermatological.

6) As for your family and entourage... point nr. 3 applies here as well.

7) Your rheumatologist seems like the brightest of the lot you've dealt with so far.

7) I'm in a similar situation, so I understand your position (and I'm sure many others here can relate to you as well).

8) WEEEEEELCOME! Enjoy your stay :).

9) MD is some serious doodoo, but there is hope!

10) As Mel would say: NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! ? ¤


10:35:08 PM

I am going through a terrible time of my family believing that something ,such as morgellons is wrong with me..I cannot talk to my doctor for fear of disbelief..I have been to 3 dermatologist. one that was about to escort me out of his rheumatologist seems more concerned than anyone..I am going to keep reading and see what I need to do...

10:56:48 AM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

Let me first thank John for his kind words and continued support.

Had I started this post, I would have named it "Family Matters".

Thank you Peter for sharing your brilliant insight about the nature of our loved ones' perception of our disease.

Over the past four years, I have talked with thousands of people who are affected by Morgellons,both personally and indirectly. I am keenly aware of the challenges and concerns of spouses, children and other family members, and I have seen first hand the tragic ripping apart of families due to their ignorance of the illness.

It is so sad that it actually takes getting well for us to prove to others that we were sick, but the good news is that our disease is beatable!

I would hope that this thread would now be a vehicle for others who have positive stories and information in regards to interaction with their family members for all others to utilize in communicating with their loved ones.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!

John Burgstiner **

11:54:56 AM

Hello Everyone.

I was blown away when I read Peter's recent post in the "How Lucky Can You Get" thread in which he stated:

"My family is finally endorsing the effective nature of Mel's treatment protocol and, remarkably, now acknowledge that I do indeed have a real disease that is treatable. I find it amazing that it took a noticeable healing and reduction of symptoms to create this acknowledgement on their part!!!

GO FIGURE! Human nature can sometimes be hard to wrap your arms around."

Morgellons was wrongly and tragically labeled as a delusional disease out of ignorance and convenience; ignorance of the people and convenience of the commercial interests and powers from which it sprang. The delusional diagnosis is made even more convenient by the debilitating nature of the disease which takes a terrible toll on physical and mental health.

Family members of Morgellons patients are totally unaware of the underlying errors of metabolism that combined with the terror of Morgellons symptoms, often lead to bizarre or obsessive behavior. So when the medical community writes their loved one off as delusional, it is all too easy to accept their misdiagnosis.

How ironic it is that when a person such as Peter embraces Mel's protocol and takes the steps to rehabilitate his bioterrain and reduce further exposures to toxic influences, his symptoms go away, his mind clears and his family says "Oh, look - Peter is Peter again. Maybe there was something wrong with him after all."

We sometimes see a similar sense of denial even in Morgellons sufferers themselves, who after regaining their health and productivity forget how far they have come. The life transformations that are taking place before our eyes here are all the evidence you need to see that Morgellons is real, that it compromises multiple organ systems and cellular vitality, but that the conditions it causes in the body may be reversible.

I thank God for the light and hope that is evident in this website, and ask His blessings on all who come here to seek assistance.

In His Love,


Success stories please!


10:29:46 AM

Thanks John and Linn! I've been reading here and will start listening to the conference call archives as well.

God bless you all.

12:56:00 PM

Dear Sam,

Canaanite woman, Mary. Please read her post!

Another success story :)


3:52:43 PM

Hi Sam,

Keep reading sweetheart. All that you are looking for is here in this place of hope and encouragement. You are literally surrounded with success stories, and that you were led here is no accident.

Please know that you and your family are in our prayers. We look forward to rejoicing with you as you experience your own transformation and return to health.

Abundant Blessings,

Sam **

3:28:26 PM

Hi everyone,

I've posted a hand full of times but realized I hadn't introduced myself. I'm a mom of two young girls, recently moved to CA and coming to grips with the fact I may have morgellons. I don't see any fibers, at least not the way I see in he pictures online. The crawling and itching, GI issues, and sand like particles are all there, along with what look like tiny dead worms at times. I also see tracks in my skin, and I have muscle twitching and spasms. I was diagnosed with anaplasmosis a few weeks ago by my LLMD, which is a tick borne disease. I was hoping the antibiotics would take care of my symptoms but t didn't.

I ordered the protocol and am anxious to start. I also looked into a Dr in Arizona who thinks Morgellons in linked to toxicity to dental materials. Anyone else look into that or have experience with it?

To me it feels like I am infected with some type of tissue dwelling worm that is systemic, not just skin related.

Anyhow, I'm feeling super scared and lonely today and would love to hear some succes stories from others. At times I'm just not sure how to make it through another day like this. I know we have so much to be thankful for, but I'm having a hard time seeing that. I'd love to hear of big wins little wins, any thing you think would give hope.

Thanks for listening. With love,


On the Path to Healing


9:13:13 PM

Thank you so very much Lady T! I greatly appreciate your help. You have answered many of my questions. I will look into all of your suggestions.

May you be blessed. :-)

Lady T

2:27:19 AM

Hi Martha**-

Be sure to use enough fiber in your diet to help move along the clay- and while I have tried a few powdered bentonite clay versions - the sonnes #7 is s special formula because they "use a special process to refine raw bentonite clay to remove mica, dirt, and other impurities in order to concentrate the active detoxifying ingredient, montmoriillionite. This procdure places montmoriillionite into a collodial suspension land retains the innate negative charge.this allows the absorption (physical binding) of positive charged metabolic, environmental, and.chemical wastes! It powerfully sweeps through to absorb stuff in the alimentary canal - has the ability to absorb 40 times its weight in positively charged substances. It is not digested and it has physical properties that tightly bind the bad gunk to be excreted" -

and it is superior to any other purified bentonite clay and only about 20 bucks - and a bottle lasts me a month -
But taking the fiber with clay is key in order to move out that gunk.
Look up P & B shakes (psyllium and benronite shakes) which are just fiber and clay - but it is the gentlest and safest cleanse I know - and I have been in groups where folks passed super long tapeworms after months on just P & B shakes - and I know it really helped me many years ago pass some stuff - but back then I did not know how to rebuild the terrain and I barely took the greens and beets that I had - but now I know about rebuilding.

So be sure to take fiber with clay (and trust me you need to move out the stuff that is absorbed) - and sonnes sells a fiber to go with it - the intestinal cleanse #9 - but i used big container of psyllium powder (I like yerba prima brand for powder fiber) but in addition to this -another option Is the super colon cleanse from health plus inc. - doing this on and off will also clean small intestine.

Another Imprtant thing is to not interfere with the logos supplements
make sure you take the bentonite clay at different times from all supplements because it will interfere with absorption.

The clay will also later help you absorb more from stuff (as it wipes away Mucoid buildup and pathogens) so I took mine in middle of night with water and then sometimes during the day way in between stuff (took a swig without water) cos the bottle says to do it this way - once a day with water and once a day straight! and this was powerful for me years ago and recently with MD.
Regarding the profession you are in - I have heard that nurses have a very high incidence of MD- it could be numerous things - but I think MD has no respect for profession (ha) and I think those who get it have had flora issues inside - and then candidiasis and a mix of toxins that allowed MD to survive.

IN my informal opinion on the handwashing - (others here might have more to share) but I have have heard some people say we do not absorb with our hands as much as people think - God made us with a nice barrier to keep things out- and the reason transplants are possible is because of DMSO - and horse owners I know use DMSO to deliver needed stuff through muscle - and so some believe that the hands are not as absorbing of these soaps - even tho Skin is an organ and is still a part of us. I tend to agree right now (but still learning with everyone here) -

In my very humble opinion, I think that stuff in the small intestine (and large) is a key root cause - and stuff throughout the GI is covered with the fungal form of candidia - then the biofilm and parasites that should be removed or lie dormant - are able to live in a new way - which wreaks havoc inside.
Fungal candida can actually change the way heavy metals function - so while a bit of some heavy metals might be okay - the candida can make them morph and change in certain ways - so stuff like this reminds me that it is less about external exposure to things like hands and most about the entire GI.

And later I still want to come back and reply to a post question about dr. Amin and the parasite center in AZ-
Because while I do think folks need to address dental work - I think many folks can overcome MD without it - I know I did - I almost had my porcelain crowns removed - so glad I did not - but later I might have my one root canal taken out.
Some dentists have shown with research (and I can send names later) that so many toxins in the body accumulate from root canals and fillings - !
but in the dental world most dentists are taught that root canals and fillings are fine - and for some people they might not cause overt issues - but some very legit studies show otherwise - some show they can be nests of bacteria -and lead to CFS and MS- etc.
I think dental work can trigger or Leave people vulnerable to MD - but if it was just from dental work - why do kids and pets get it too? Because you see - dental work might play a role, but it is from a burdened immune system - and immunity is related to the many feet of intestines and all the systems firing together - I am sure as a nurse you know all this - but I know for me I had to relearn much stuff .

And so with hand washing - I am not sure if you can use lotion or not - but if it were me - I would try and counterbalance the washing with a thin layer of castor oil, lanolin, or jojoba oil (non greasy and does not stain)- this will feed your hands and replenish. Not sure if this would work in a hospital - but I know some folks who Bring their own soap to use at work. Either way - I think the toxins inside you are what need to be addressed and just keep doing what your doing with the minimizing exposures while washing up. And side note - thanks for being a nurse - it is such a special profession with caring for others -
Lastly - I used the premixed CDS for a while and it was a nice treat and seemed to be effective - but it was really nice to have it premixed.
Hwoever - I went back to the other because it was cheaper and I did not want to have keep ordering from Australia
I also liked the other mix better - but I think ithe mixed one is a good option as you heal up - and get more into the protocol - but please let all of us know how the CDS works for you - I wonder about it too.

Okay - just my thoughts - oh and when you eat out - make sure to stay away from sugar - Bread - and processed carbs - and take your supplements as planned - ;)
Martha **

1:22:26 PM

There are some amazing people here! Although I rarely respond, your posts are encouraging and I thank you. Especially all of you who are healed and keep giving us hope. Mel, thank you for your uplifting words- every time I feel wimpy and want to quit, I think about what you said and how you love life. I want to be that way. Live and love to the fullest - so I must get well. Peter, you are very much like Simon Peter. You support us and guide us with your wisdom. We are so blessed.
John B, the Logos supplements really work. my hair and nails grow like never before. It also helps with my sugar cravings. I know that my inner terrain was really messed up.
Diet is the hardest. I work full time and my husband does not cook and is a fussy eater. I either cook separate foods or eat out. Which isn't good. But cooking takes energy.
I wonder, does anyone here with M work in the medical field and use ethyl alcohol hand wash? We actually have spies who will write down whether or not we washed before and after entering a patients room. I have used it a minimum of 20 times a day and usually a lot more. I wonder if there is a connection. I have started using gloves and then foaming my hands. I only wash with soap and water now.
I started taking Bentonite Clay supplements that a doctor gave me. At first, I felt terrible and thought that I was getting the flu because my husband had it, but then yesterday I felt amazing. I had energy! I have had thick sputum from the clay but my siuses are very clear.
I have had problems with MMS causing burning in my esophagus. I am now taking the premixed CDS. I hope that this is as effective as the other.
I will continue to post because I need the accountability and because some days I have felt so low I know I need support from others who understand. Thanks for letting me ramble in this post!

Final Analysis

10:02:20 PM

Dearest Ellen,

I too want to thank you for your journey, and the two conference calls you were on. They're very encouraging. Even just yesterday I listened to the Ellen of Troy conference calls three consecutive times throughout the day, it truly gave me hope.

I agree this disease challenges us in every aspects of life, and it definitely require spiritual strength to combat this war.
I believe the same 1 Corinthians 10:13 if God permits it we can handle it because 2 Corinthians 4:7 he provides us the power beyond what is normal.

Thank you once again, you truly made a great contribution to this fight. Many of us have benefited from your example, meanwhile you humbly went through this experience.
This reminds me of 1 Peter 5:6, one of my favorites "humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that he may exalt you in due time."
Dear Ellen, you've done it and he did do what he's promised.

Love with appreciation,

4:36:31 PM

I just read your story. My story is so similar to yours. I got infected in May 2015. I consider myself so lucky that this site was available to me by the Mel and the other warriors like yourself who paved the way for the rest of us so we could combat our disease sooner. I consider myself "almost cured". The only symptoms I still get are burning scalp (especially in the back, where it ALL STARTED last May), and my forehead gets burning and prickly every once in a while. Like you, I believe it happens from something I ate.
Thank you so much for your story, it gives me hope!

6:59:57 PM

Hello Nan, (and Peter)

Thank you for your post. I think you are right that if you were sick for a year, you may not get well as soon as those of us who started the protocol sooner. I can usually tell when someone has the strength to follow the plan and get well, and it sounds like you are well on your way!

To answer your questions:

I got these symmetrical large bruises, only in the beginning. They went away after the first few months. They weren't typical because I had no pain when I touched them. That's why I was frightened. I knew it was not like any bruise I ever had.

For tests – I went to my doctor with the page on this site that recommends the tests needed. I just printed it out and gave it to my doctor. When the results came back, she dismissed anything odd, saying the results were still within the normal range. For example, my body temperature was low, even though normal for me was 98.6 my entire life. My white cell count was high, my vitamin D was very low.
I lost 15 lbs in one month, a lot for someone 5'. My test for Lyme was negative and my thyroid level was ok, but I think better testing from another doctor might have produced different results.

What I decided to do was not fight the medical establishment any more because I was too tired to keep trying to find a sympathetic doctor.
I just followed the diet and protocol and got results pretty much from the start. It's not easy, but I always felt that the plan I was following would be a healthy way to live and that by following the diet, I would be prolonging my life.

Keep up what you are doing, and continue to reach out.

Best to you,


4:51:04 AM

Hey Ellen...Hey Nan

I have no doubt that "others are following you closely here." This is how you make this site flourish! Love you guys!


6:35:54 PM

Dear Ellen,
Thank you for this post. It provides the steps for hope and healing. I am so thrilled you are healthy and cured of this disease. I have listened to your conference calls several times and they have been so helpful as well. One of your conference call was the first one I listened to. I was so sick and wonder how am I going to do all this stuff. I did as you suggested and asked for help from neighbors, co-workers, friends and strangers. I looked pretty bad and even the manager at the drug store helped by ordering extra tea tree oil, and anything I needed. I did not like to drive when I was really sick and could walk to this store so her help with supplies was so great. Also, like you, I was concerned about the MMS in the protocol, but knew that this is the critical part in order to regain one’s health.

I have been on the full protocol for about 9 months. I had been ill about 1 year prior to finding this website so thought it may take more time to get my health back, but I am at the stage now where I wash my sheets 2 times a week and clean the house weekly with vac and mop with non toxic items. I found my head still itches and my theory is it is caused when I eat something that my body is not ready for (i.e. berries and kind bars). I just use the lint brush on my head & body and stop eating that item then try it again next month. I may have to do a little spray of Kleen Green mixture on my crotch which stops the head itch. It sounds funny, but effective. This disease likes warm areas and one’s crotch is probably one of the warmest areas on the body. I have some static electricity return this last week, but checking the weather channel I found that we have had a lot of thunder storms lately in the surrounding areas and my guess is that has contributed to this returning symptom. Again, I take the lint brush many times across my whole body and it seems to go away. If not to humid outside standing in the sun helps too. My biggest issue is lack of focus and fatigue at this time. I thought it was over, but has returned these last few weeks. It is bad where I have to set a buzzer to take my vitamins (protocol) since I space out sometimes. I think I am ready now to try to see a doctor again, and get some test to see if any other issues may surface. Mel agrees and suggested I make my place colder since this disease does not like cold and also, as you mentioned, it should help with dehumidifying. Now, I will look at switching to cheaper electric company to see if I can keep cost down. Mel’s other idea was go to kosher butcher and have a hamburger. I thought that was funny suggestion at first, but my thought is I may have iron issue so a friend suggested kosher restaurant that is open 24/7 in the city so getting hungry thinking about it. I do appreciate the help provided by you, Mel and others.

In this journey I must say I agree with your post about one’s spirit and will to win; I think it is 80% of this battle. Do as much as you can and keep trying. Keep good thoughts forefront is critical to moving forward. You must follow a plan and believe you can do it. A plan can be found thru out this website, like your post below; follow the protocol as it is documented, have a clean diet, drink lots of water, clean your environment, strong spirit, community that can help, research and learn, document your journey to note if need to ask for help or make adjustments, manage your budget, exercise, rest, give yourself a break if not perfect, be mindful, slow and steady, stay calm, stay strong, and keep doing it. You did it! Awesome!

I do have a couple of questions.
1. You documented that you had large round bruises. I have some on my legs. I thought it was from moving furniture while cleaning so thought it was interesting when you mentioned it. Have your bruises gone away like the rashes and other symptoms?
2. Also, you mentioned you went to the doctor for all the test; blood work, heavy metals, metabolic series. If you have any more specifics on what test let me know. Per Mel’s input I have asked Bill for Lyme doctor, but think I better have some more understanding of these other test as well.

Thanks again for sharing and caring.
Cheers, Nan
Ellen **

2:52:21 PM

My name is Ellen. I post on various threads on Mel’s site and on my thread, "A New Warrior from MA".

After getting very sick with Morgellons in August/ September of 2012 and after a year on Mel’s protocol, I can confidently report that I am cured. Others new to this disease need to hear stories with a positive outcome to give them hope to push on. I have said this repeatedly - there is nothing special about me. If I can get better, I believe anyone can. Everyone's body is different, so it will take different amounts of time for each of us, but believe that you will get well too. Curing myself of this disease wasn’t easy, but now that I have been through hell, I think I can tackle any health issue that comes along. I'm a different person today – hopefully a better, stronger, wiser person.

I don’t know what initially infected me, but in July of 2012 I got some bites that were very large and itchy, and after spending thousands on pest companies trying to rid my house of insects, I slowly cleaned my environment on my own. I took out my carpeting and now have just tile and wood. In the beginning I washed my clothes, sheets, floors and surfaces every day. I assume that I killed every living thing in my house except for me. Now I can do sheets once a week and can clean the house less often to maintain it. I also ran a dehumidifier and set it at 46 %. Supposedly mold and some bugs don’t thrive unless the air is more humid than that.

My daughter, who is a scientist with a PHD from Columbia University, found Mel’s site while researching my condition. My symptoms included: lots of black specks, white, salt-like specks, some crazy colored fibers, low body temperature, a horrible red rash on my neck and chest, tiny, scaly bumps on my legs and ankles, terrible head itching, cuts that wouldn’t heal, large, round bruises and a constant feeling of being nauseous and dizzy. We were both looking at bird mite sites, bed bug forums, everything - but never got to the cause of the infestation. The only thing I found in my house was fungal gnats (identified by one of the pest companies.) I will never forget when she said, “Mom, I think you have this thing called Morgellons." I had come to the same conclusion from my searching online and was terrified. I began to get my documents in order for my family in case I got any sicker.

Armed with information and encouragement from Mel’s site and the community surrounding his protocol, I now had a plan. I went cold turkey and eliminated all sugars, flour, dairy and acidic foods, felt better within a few weeks and dramatically better after starting the Logos Nutritionals supplements and MMS. The reason I started on the protocol and stuck with it religiously was because I was feeling like I was living a nightmare and I had nothing to lose. I knew I couldn't continue the way I was. I stayed close to my loved ones if only by email and phone, and came to a better appreciation of life. I didn’t know, and still don’t know if I was contagious, but I spent a lot of time by myself that Fall. Now I realize it gave me the opportunity to rest, which is vital to getting your health back.

I was lucky I could keep my part-time job, and to have supportive family and friends. I was also careful, however, who I chose to confide in. My PCP doctor did all the tests (blood work, heavy metals, metabolic series) I requested, but then asked that I see a psychiatrist. As a professional in Human Services, I was angry and insulted, but replied in a cheerful voice, "Sure!" I have since changed doctors.

This disease taught me to be patient with others, and we need go easy on ourselves too. To think we have brought this on because of something we did is pointless. I have no idea how I got sick, but because of unknown parasites, and the toxins in our food and environment, I believe everyone is at risk. I was not sick with any other disease or with a weakened immune system, but I did have to go on two rounds of antibiotics that summer for an infection.

I couldn’t sleep in the beginning due to the fear and also due to the constant itching. I got a prescription for Ambien which gave me terrible side effects. I weaned myself off of it after two months, and by that point the itching had subsided, so I was able to fall asleep.

Some things that helped me . . .

For breakfast I have an egg with an English muffin (Ezekiel flourless) with organic butter and either a detox tea or Red Rooibus tea. I sometimes make omelettes with 2 eggs and add vegetables and a nondairy/non-soy cheese. I alternate that with Ezekiel cereal with almond/coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, ground flax, chia seeds, and cinnamon and Stevia to taste. Sometimes I add berries. Or make a smoothie with those ingredients and add organic spinach or kale.

For lunch I have a salad and I try to put 5 items in each time as well as a protein. So that may be lettuce, peppers, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cabbage, broccoli, avocado, or whatever veggies I have. I add cooked chicken, quinoa, or an egg on top. My favorite dressing is lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Minute Maid makes a lemon juice with nothing added, in the freezer section of stores and it saves money.

For dinner I have soups or fish, chicken or once in a while grass-fed beef. I like to roast a variety of vegetables with olive oil. I use a lot of onion, garlic, cayenne, curry powder, cinnamon and other spices. I never felt I had to eat raw everything, and I got better with a variety of cooking and preparing. I do try to get everything organic and local, but I'm not obsessive about it. I just do the best I can. I'm kind of an ADD cook, so I never follow recipes but just try to prepare foods I like and adapt them to the protocol. Not always easy, but doable. I have used coconut flour, almond flour and brown rice flour in recipes as well as pastas made from brown rice and quinoa. I think the most important thing is to avoid white flours, white rice or anything that we convert into sugar.

I never used coconut oil in my cooking because I couldn't get used to the taste, but I do use it on my face every day. Mostly I use olive oil to cook with. When I wanted a treat I ate Kind bars - the dark chocolate and sea salt have only 5 grams of sugar and I felt like I was eating a candy bar. In between meals, I snacked on almonds, too. Nuts are very filling. And for more calories, I made guacamole and ate it with chips called Beanitos, also available everywhere. They are made with lentils and black beans, are GMO free and really tasty. I also try to have hummus and tabouli on hand to snack on. When I started to add fruit to my diet I relied on berries and apples. I bake apples with cinnamon and have that for dessert.

I know the foods and supplements can be costly, but here's what I did. I paid the bills I had to pay and got behind in others. I got a loan from a family member. I am still in debt but now I have my health back. Please don't let finances keep you from getting what you need to get well. Think about who in your life can help you, then make a plan to pay them back later when you can. For me, financial support from the He Cures All Foundation was not an option (although I certainly received a lot of loving assistance from Mel), but there is always a way if we are determined enough.

I took the supplements and MMS EXACTLY as described in the protocol page. For the record, I NEVER mixed protocols. If you do, there is no way to know what is helping and what is not. As for the MMS, I never got the nausea and GI herx. What did happen to me is that at 15 drops I got a terrible headache and dizzy and felt like I had to lie down. The feeling that it was unbearable passed after a little while. I was keeping a diary so I was pretty tuned in to my body at that point. I knew I was at my max. So even though the MMS seems scary, I think it is absolutely key to getting rid of this disease. I was fearful of it, but now I know that I didn't need to be.

As for cleaning, I used Borax, Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, and Kleen Green in my laundry and dried everything on high heat for a long time. I sprayed Kleen Green in my car, my boots and shoes, on the insides of my coats until I felt that I had that under control (after a few months). I washed my floor with a Swiffer and some type of cleaner that was non-toxic. I changed these periodically. I showered with Dr.Bonner’s soap and washed my hair with peppermint or tea tree products found in my health food store. After showering, I used unscented mineral oil with a few drops of tea tree, lavender, peppermint or neem oil on my skin.

These are things that worked for me, and I am not suggesting they should be followed by everyone, but I did spend a lot of time and money on a lot of products before I eliminated stuff that didn’t work. I never used Diatomaceous Earth, and think it could do harm.

In one of my first posts I wrote the following quote . . .

'We should ready ourselves to meet trials: the small and big ones of each day. They are the trials which we cannot help but encounter from one day to the next. It is a matter of realizing that God permits them not to discourage us, but so we can grow spiritually as we overcome them. There are two temptations to which we are vulnerable in these moments. One is to think we can go it alone. The other is the opposite, that is the fear of not making it, as if the trial were greater than our strength.'

I am grateful to all of you for your stories. I still read every single post on Mel’s forum, every day. If you don't have the caring support you need from people in your life, know that it is here in this online community.

Skype and Friendship


3:33:25 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Four months ago when we started the Coffee, Tea with Me morning conference calls we also offered another venue of communication using Skype. Recently, not only am I Skyping with more people but others are Skyping with each other, which leads to more communication, companionship, less fear and most of all friendship. Those who are Skyping with one another all tell me me they no longer feel alone.

As I had mentioned in an earlier post those who wish to Skype with me, send me your Skype address and I will contact you on a Wednesday or Thursday morning. Those who wish to Skype with one another, join us at Coffee, Tea with Me every Friday or Saturday morning to meet new people, make new friends and share your Skype address.

Hope to speak with most of you soon.

God Bless, those who did not give up HOPE got WELL


A Journey in Texas


2:58:54 AM

Hi Paul

There is one other consideration in diet. Based on insulin sensitivity, I incline myself to not only look to what I am eating, but also the time of day that I am eating it.

As I understand it, the body is generally least insulin sensitive in the morning. That means that the body is least prepared to draw upon insulin to metabolize carbohydrates and sugars. It is most insulin sensitive later in the afternoon.

So, In my opinion, understanding this equates to viewing the traditional breakfast of oat meal, toast, or other healthy grains, cereals, or fruits is all wrong. I believe carbohydrates should come later in the day when I am most insulin sensitive.

So,I begin my day with protein. Eggs or a Renaissance protein shake with a small amount of low glycemic fruit like blueberries or an avocado better fits this insulin sensitivity profile. I save my carbohydrates for the afternoon, or early evening, when I am more insulin sensitive.

There is a good article on the Logos Nutritionals web site that explains different body types and aligning foods to each type. This is also useful to understand and an important read.

Hope this helps and becomes useful to you.


Lady T

7:03:47 AM

Hi Paul-
I just wanted to chime in about the morning o's cereal - in my experience all cereal was off limits for me- i tried it again as I got healthier and it just was not life giving for me.
I also know many folks from Lyme forums and many there stay away from all grains while the lining of the stomach heals -

I also used eggs a lot during my first few months of healing!
Have them less now - but They are a multivitamin for sure -
I could list a bunch of my favorite foods - but you would still have to see what works for you - and I still tru and watch how much almond milk I have because the sugar adds up!
Many times when we are hungry we are actually Feeding the parasites - or we are dehydrated - or we are nutritionally lacking!
Because of the fungal load with Morgs - I believe many people start off with some level of malabsorption and have a very nutrient deficient body! And I live that the logos supplements are so bioavailable that they start feeding and nourishing -I hate promoting a brand like this - but it is the truth!
During my healing -
I also supplemented with beet powder - and powdered greens - and very early on I bought liver powder from now foods and put it in capsules with HCL! Wonderful! Wonderful!!
But the logos vitamins feed your cells and in hindsight I see this more / and the protocol reduces parasites and helps your body resist better
So for me at least - the appetite really became satiated -
Never was a big eater - but I was a grazer - always snacked - but I see now I was likely needing to chew because of parasites. But that is for another post!
Some top foods for me early on - were trader joes brown rice bread - thanks to Peter for that suggestion in a call archive! Toast and bread was a staple for me before I got sick (stupid that I would have toast as a meal - but I used to think fat free was good too - but now I eat healthy fats!!!)
and so having brown rice bread early on really helped me change my habits- I eventually moved away from needing to have any toast and I eat more paleo style. Yeah - I think I am more paleo for sure now that things inside can process better and all that!

But early on I also lived off of trader joes soy protein shakes - soy never bothers me and this low sugar organic non-gmo powder mixed with water and tasted fine! Not like cake batter - ha! The logos protein is super great -but was too expensive for me- I also bought whey isolate tablets online about five dollars from good n natural - and had some after yoga or when I needed them.
Trader joes slow cooking grits were a nice option- I would make a supply for three days.
Cottage cheese is a special item for me! And as you know there are many recipes here in the site!
Oh - also -
I made soups (lentil esp.) and drank kefir everyday- still do! Sometimes a whole jug - or just a few sips.

I know most carbs should be off limits - but potatoes seemed to work with my body - sliced wedges baked - or mashed with butter -
And I made trader joes organic popcorn with olive oil - and then added salt and butter - this was a dense meal for. Long time! Good snack for teens too - the butter and sea salt has many benefits - mmmm

We have a homemade chili that I also enjoyed - but I also adjusted my life to calorie reduction and times of light fasting for things to work better - but it was amazing how cravings dissipated and how satiation sets in!
I still get hungry, and have times I need to chow - but I am no longer a grazer -and one nice outcome of morgellons has been this contentment I feel!
Back in 1993 I was trying to cleanse with Apple cider vinegar and thought I knew so much- ha! But it took me getting this horrid disease to really "see" that supplements are needed for most people - especially those with candida fungal issues - and to see that the small intestine is where so much immune function is based from-
Our culture eats way too much sugar and most cereal is processed carb with little nutrients - it fills you up but does not give life!

And so we all need to keep that in mind with the protocol costs - it feeds the cells and supplements meals and you slowly feel more satisfied!
for me I ended up eating less because I was finally really getting nutrition!
I also suggest following a candida-rid diet- look online for tips on that'-

Hope that helps and hope you have a good week! Stay strong in your fight with this illness and when you are healed there will be many people you will share tips with- so as you explore new things each week - stay strong and may God bless you and your family - I know this is a nightmare - but it is not a death sentence and people do get healed - and you can too! It takes a while - it does require major life changes - but it is worth it!
Take care

11:24:43 AM

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted in a while as I needed to concentrate on my protocol, family and work and found it difficult to find time to write an update.

I now realize that staying in communication with the forum is therapeutic in addition to being informative.

As for my update, I was doing much better until the start of the year when I seemed to have regressed. In talking to John this morning, he feels this is related to having metal fillings removed at the end of the year. I am now having more crawling on my scalp and also seeing flies which I hadn't seen since I started the protocol. Hopefully this is a short setback.

I do have a question that I'm hoping Peter or someone else can answer regarding diet. I follow the diet as best I can since I'm working full time and have two young kids to contend with but I eat quite a bit of Morning O's cereal, almond milk and almond tortillas. Morning O's is made with Oat and rice flour but I'm wondering if it is ok to eat often.
Other than those, I also quite a lot of eggs and avocados. I love avocados so I'm so happy they are part of the diet.

As I mentioned in another post, I did manage to make the coffee, tea breakfast call on Saturday morning. It was very informative and comforting and I plan to make more of those as I can.

I'll post again soon and hopefully my healing will be back on track then.

John B

9:59:30 AM

Just wanted to mention for those who are dealing with anxiety issues that restoring the gut with probiotics, enzymes, fiber and the cleansing nutrients and clean diet promoted in Mel's protocol will inevitably help promote hormonal balance and healthy brain chemistry.

In the meantime, we do have a supplement that helps lower cortisol levels and lessen anxiety called Anxietame. It works really well, especially in conjunction with MagnifiCal which contains magnesium, God's muscle relaxer.

Those of you who are familiar with our Sleep Advance will notice that Anxietame is the exact same formula, just taken differently. It is not designed to be strongly sedative, just relaxing. And either way you take it will promote deep, restful sleep.

Over the years we had so many people share with us that taking Sleep Advance helped resolve their anxiety issues that we decided to offer the formulation to anxiety sufferers as well. We offer both formulas at the same price, but I point this out to prevent people from ordering both products separately.

I hope this is helpful information for those suffering with anxiety. Please know that we are praying for your perfect peace.



7:46:34 AM

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your posts letting us know how things are going for you. You are about a month ahead of me I think and I have found it so helpful to follow your journey as its so close to mine.

I know that feeling of anxiety about am I doing enough, or is there something I'm doing wrong. And its such a long journey to be on in such tough circumstances. I feel that it is probably a common anxiety for folks here and all we can is just stick at it knowing that we are doing our best to do everything right. I often ask God if I am missing anything or doing something not quite right and trust that He'll show me if that's the case. I try to take notice of what people say here about what helps them and add it in if I can.

You are doing so well sticking to everything and doing your best to protect your family even though its so hard for you.

I had a recurrence of skin rashes, on a smaller scale several days ago, like you not as I might expect during the full moon. Its faded now as I hope yours is doing.

God bless,



3:32:41 AM

Hi Paul

I wanted to respond to your post to lower your anxiety and calm any fear. Sometime around 8 months into my recovery I was doing really well. Then, out of nowhere, I was revisited with symptoms just as you are describing. I did not understand it then as I do now. It seems that many go through this.

I liken it to the 9th round of a 10 round boxing bout where your opponent has lost every round. His corner is telling him he has to knock you out to win. So, he comes out and throws everything he has left at you, in a last ditch effort to win. Of course, however, it is not enough to overcome you. He burns out quickly and surrenders the fight. That is a good analogy to describe what you are experiencing. It is what Mel means when he says you will get more sick before you get better.

Try to not be alarmed when symptoms return in this way. Instead, look for the symptoms to subside more quickly with each new episode. My journals tell me this happens every six months or so, maybe two or three times before reaching remission. The body is merely adjusting immune response as it evolves so that it can completely take over again. Stay the course. Even though it may not appear this way, you are actually winning!



12:00:58 AM

Hello everyone,

I've been wanting to get on and update my progress but work and the kids have kept me really busy. Anyway, I reached my max at 21 drops but my stomach became so upset I wasn't able to resume my drops at the lower dosage until about 5 days later. I was doing really well until about 10 days ago when the itching and crawling came back strong. I expected that might happen with the full moon but this time it has been different. I seem to have regressed as I now have bite marks on my neck and chest and extreme itchyness on my neck and legs as well as a burning feeling over a lot of my body. I hadn't experienced those symptoms since I started the protocol 6 months ago. It's gotten me really down as I am having a very difficult time not being able to hug and play with my kids or sleep in the same bed with my wife. The isolation necessary to deal with this disease is very difficult. I'm starting to wonder if there is something that I've missed or done wrong. I'm following the protocol, not eating sugar and following the diet like I'm supposed to though I have been working 45 to 50 hours per week at my job. I'm hoping someone can let me know if what I'm experiencing is a normal progression of the recovery or if there is something I should do differently. I need to convince my wife that I'm progressing to keep her spirits up as well as she is having a difficult time with this too. I pray and give thanks to GOD everyday that my wife and kids have not gotten this. That alone gives me comfort but I'm still afraid that as long as I'm sick they are at risk. I still try to read the forum and it gives me comfort reading and learning from others.


2:59:40 AM

Hello Paul

Thank you for posting. Very therapeutic! You are providing important testimony for others behind you, because you are getting well.

Tolerating 19 drops MMS with no serious herxheimer reaction clearly means low die off. Low die off means lower infection load that is less system wide. "A very good thing."

Your testimony supports that Kleen Green does keep the fungal sludge from reloading into scalp. This does help make hair care more manageable. And the things that are working for you will generate added certainty for others. Again, they persuade us that Mel's protocol delivers the science, and the science is sound.

You are doing everything right! What a blessing to see you take your health back. Welcome home, brother.


3:34:01 PM

I haven't posted in a while but just like most everyone here, I've been very busy. I am now up to 19 drops of MMS and still no herxheimer reaction though I was getting a bit of a stomach ache until I talked to Mel and he said to increase the amount of water in the mix to 16 oz. That helped quite a bit. I was doing really well until about 4 weeks ago when some symptoms returned including the head crawling and things popping from my face. I read on the site that some have used Kleen Green as a leave-in conditioner I started goind that and it has helped a lot with the head crawling. So much so that I don't feel it very much at all during the day and none at night. I'm also putting vick's menthol rub on my face at night and that has helped as well. I'm not sure how safe it is to do that but I haven't had any adverse reaction to it after a couple of weeks. Finally, I was also having the nose drip and for that I started rinsing with a NeilMed Sinus Rinse twice a day and that also has helped remove the issue with my sinuses almost entirely. I am grateful others have posted about what has worked for them as I've had success using similar remedies. I've been able to continue working full time without missing any days though I do get tired toward the end of the day and at night as I have to also frequently work at night. I feel fortunate that I am at the stage where I'm at after four and a half months on the protocol and hope that my progress continues as it has been. It hasn't been easy to stick with the protocol and the diet but I feel it has made a dramatic difference in my health. My wife and I have progressively change out kids diet removing as much sugar and gluten as possible. We are still letting them have dairy as we feel at their age they still need it but we are supplementing with colostrum. We shop quite a bit at Costco and get organic eggs, organic milk, gluten free bread and many organic fruits and vegetables. We try to limit their fruit to strawberries, blueberries and grapes at this time. Overall, the kids are doing well. I've started to do more cooking for them as well and hope to try the almond cookies soon. I did make them almond waffles and they loved them as did I. Here is the recipe I used. It is pretty easy and the waffles were really good.

I encourage everyone to conference in to the prayer meetings on Sunday as I've found them very helpful getting positive encouragement and also being able to ask questions from others who have a lot of experience in dealing with our disease. I hope more of you are able to connect in soon. This is all for now but I'll try to post again before the New Year. I hope everyone is enjoying a good holiday season. God Bless.


9:57:10 AM

Paul it is so great to hear not only have you found this site. Life is calling you back to your relationship with God. That divine inner power will carry you through. I I completely understand what it feels like to have a new appreciation of life. I try to focus on my blessings, I believe that positive mindset and faith can really bring the fourth miraculous outcomes . Sending my prayers to you and your family.


10:18:14 PM

Hi Paul,

So glad to hear you are progressing so nicely. I agree that everything happens for a reason, and He works even through the trials we face to grow us and bring us closer to Him. I can't wait to see what He has in store for you on the other side of this challenge.

Our prayers are with you and your family.

Warm Regards,


7:22:59 PM

Hi Paul,
I am in Texas too. I am in the southeast part of Houston. When I reached out to God I found this website as well. I am so happy your are here and improving so much. I am happy you got on the protocol and diet quickly. One of the doctors, I saw, did not tell me I was crazy. He just ran out of the room and said he could not help me. He ran pretty fast. The look on his face showed complete fear. I knew then I better go to higher source. Thanks for sharing your journey.
Peace and Strength.

Before you know it, a sense of God's wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life - Philippians 4:7

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths - Proverbs 3:5-6

6:57:09 PM


I am touched by your post. I know first hand what you have experienced and how hard it is and will be...

I am grateful as I am sure (looking back) Peter must have been when he read my early posts, that this experience IS bringing you closer to God.

What I have found with this illness Paul (after having lost most of my material possessions and lifestyle) is that NOTHING in our lives is actually more important than that. Coming into relationship with our Creator.

You will find as everyone (imperfect) lets you down, as your life changes around you (get jobs/ lose jobs, gain homes/lose homes, get money/lose money, gain friends/lose friends), as people you love may shun you, and as hopeless as these cycling M symptoms seem to be, esp in the future when it comes that time that you feel you felt great and then it feels like now you will never get better, that GOD is STILL there with you. Blessing you in small ways. Pleading with you to still trust in Him, not what you see. To stay close and to keep your eyes on Jesus. The words of Jesus (and others if you dare to read far into "that Bible book") will offer you comfort as you come to understand the intense emotional abuse and physical abuse Jesus suffered at the hands of those who "did not know what they were doing" and "who hated him" and his Father's ways.

God was with him then in his suffering, even as he is with us now in ours. God did not want for us to be under his wrath. He did not want a life of sin for us. He righteously righted our wrongs and STILL offers to do so! He knows our end story. He knows our macro (human) and micro (individual) paths and has it fully marked out for us should we so choose to "follow" that path instead of our own selfish, ungrateful, confused, angry ways.

I am glad to hear that you are still able to work, and you still have your wife and children at your side. I greatly look forward to hearing about your healing journey and hope for you to find the support and information here that you need to get well and to get closer to God.

May God Bless You,

"And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?" Matt 16:26

10:30:02 PM

Hello everyone,

Well, I'm up to 11 drops of MMS now. I've been very fortunate that I’ve not had any adverse reactions to the MMS so far. It is starting to smell bad but I don’t mind the taste at all. I was lucky to have found this site after a little over two months of dealing with Morgellons symptoms. I am a research nut and spent countless hours on the internet looking for answers until I found this site and things finally began to make sense. I had the usual biting and crawling sensations and initially thought I had a mite infestation but three visits by an entomologist produced no physical evidence. The entomologist did ask me if I was under a lot of stress and suggested it could be delusional. An explanation that my wife was also considering as she had no symptoms and couldn’t see anything on me that could account for my symptoms. It wasn’t until I bought a microscope and was able to visually confirm the fibers coming in and out of my skin that I knew for sure that I had Morgellons. As most everyone does once they realize what they have, I panicked and stressed myself and my wife to no end. I tried different home remedies that I won’t go into detail on but nothing worked for long. I also went to Dr. after Dr. without success and received suggestions that it was all in my head too many times. When I finally found the site and ordered my protocol, I was having dizzy spells, fatigue and severe brain fog. My wife noticed my brain fog symptoms and began to realize something was very wrong. It was at this point that Mel contacted me and assured me that if I followed the protocol and diet, that I WOULD GET BETTER. I wasn’t totally convinced initially but I felt so much better having talked to someone who understood what I was going through and who had conquered it. It wasn’t long after that, probably about three weeks, of being on the initial protocol that all of my dizziness and brain fog went away. I also had a bad case of stinky breath that had developed two weeks before starting the protocol that went away within two weeks of being on the protocol. I was so amazed how quickly I had started to get better. I still had the skin issues to deal with but at least I was getting better. I felt I was on the right road to recovery and the results made me more determined to follow the diet and protocol without fail.

There is a common saying that everyone I’m sure has heard that goes like this, “Things always happen for a reason”. As bad as this experience has been, the one good thing about this disease is that it has been brought me back to God. I grew up in a religious family but slowly drifted away from GOD after graduating from college. I’ve had so much success in my life both financially and with my beautiful wife and children and I don’t think I fully appreciated what GOD had given me and how I took everything for granted. Having this disease can make you feel so alone but once I reached out to GOD I knew that I was not alone. GOD led me to this site and working through Mel and everyone here has put me back on the road to recovery. I now pray every day as does my sweet, sweet son for my speedy recovery for both my family’s sake and mine. I have put my life in GOD’s hands and know that whatever is to come is his plan.

1:30:50 AM

Good to hear from you Paul! Glad you're feeling better already and look forward to hearing your about your healing journey as it unfolds!
Blessings! Mary

11:50:27 AM

Hello Paul

Thanks for sharing with us! I'm so happy to hear of yet another person having good results with the protocol. It's so important to share this kind of news because it really helps to bring hope to others.

I always wonder myself how Mel keeps up with all of it. He has seen me through some rough times as well, even beyond M. You have a good support through the website, we are here for you. I look forward to hearing about your healing journey.

God bless,
Paul **

11:04:53 PM

Hello everyone,

I'm a very private person by nature so writing on this website about my experience isn't something that I would normally do but I promised Mel that I would talk about my experience in the hope that reading my journey may help others as reading about others has helped me. I'm on my tenth week and am now taking 9 MMS drops every night. I started to feel better after a few weeks on the protocol as I was suffering from brain fog and dizziness right before I went on the protocol. After three weeks, the dizziness and brain fog completely disappeared and I knew then that following the protocol was the right thing to do and something I had to do. I have posted a couple of times asking questions of others and everyone here has been so helpful as has Mel, who I still don't understand how he finds time to help all those who are contacting him for help like me. I pray every night and thank God that I found this site and for leading me to Mel who cares so much to help so many people that he doesn't initially know. I just finished listening to the last conference call and it was wonderful listening to everyone, especially those who have already conquered M. I'll fill in my first nine weeks in my next post but for now, it is late and I have to get ready for a big day at work tomorrow.


Morgellons, keep the Faith


9:04:03 PM

Dear Molly,

How are you doing Molly? I was thinking of you throughout the day, and I'm hoping you're doing well.

Psalms 41:3 "Jehovah will sustain him on his sickbed; During his sickness you will completely change his bed".
God is that caring Father, when a child is sick let's say in a hospital, the loving parents stay next to that child's bed until that child heals completely. God will continuously be next to our sickbed everyday, stays so close to our bed.

May he cuddle you like the great shepherd Isaiah 40:11 "Like a shepherd...With his arm he will collect the lambs; and in his bosom he will carry them."
(in his bosom)
Lady T

3:14:04 AM

Hi Molly,

I prayed for you yesterday and today!

I also try and say a blanket prayer for those afflicted with this and right now I pray in Jesus name for strength, hope, wisdom, and inner peace to flood all on this healing journey!

May God's peace that passes understanding, fill us up!

Be encouraged

1:38:44 AM

Dear Molly,

I'm pretty new at this, I start to think about what helped me in the beginning. Today I remembered by listening to the conference archives helped a lot, they're comforting, encouraging, informative. I sometimes even listen to it while falling asleep. They calm me down. I hope it'll support you too.

I agree with Mary, this protocol will Heal you

I believe on one of the archive Monica said,"once you find this website, don't have to fear anymore." When I heard that it comforted,especially she had such conviction in her voice. That helped me.

Thinking of and praying for you,

12:03:06 AM

Hi Molly

I want to welcome you and assure you that you have found a place where people are coming together and getting well. If you remain here, you will find everything you need to take your health back.

There are many loving, kind, and knowledgeable spirits here to support you with this terrible disease. And there is great hope for recovery here. I got well here.

Here, we focus only on the cure. Here is how you begin. Read the FAQ page. Then read Mel's story. Then visit the protocol page. Then you can begin to read the numerous posts and listen to the conference calls. We have regular prayer meetings every Sunday. Mel has regular morning calls every Friday and Saturday to talk and share.

I hope my response persuades you to look deeper here. There is much truth to find, and the best chance for reaching remission.

Strength and Love,

1:03:25 PM

Hi Mel,

It has been a while since I heard from you, last December. I see the MMS dosing is changed so the full moon notice should not be necessary.

I would appreciate a time that I may speak to you other than the coffee,tea, etc days. Please let me what time I may call you or what time you may call me. I am feeling very uncertain about what to do.

Thank you.


1:04:08 AM

Hi Molly,
I'm praying for you also! For strength and courage and faith as all 3 are needed in addition to the treatment protocol described in Mels Protocol link at top of the page. The sooner you can get started, the sooner you will be healed and healthy again.
Blessings, Mary

12:27:43 AM

Dear Molly,

I'm sorry for you're going through.

I agree with you.
Yes I will specifically keep you in my prayers

Right now is hard for us suffering(ers), but God has our backing!
He's got this!

What has helped me out is what Isaiah 41:10. Especially when I make it personal to me. " Do not be afraid. For I am with you (Molly). Do not be anxious, for I am your (Molly's) God. I will fortify you (Molly) yes, I will help you (Molly). I will really hold on to you (Molly) with my right hand of righteousness”

And when we do cry, please remember Psalms 56:8, that God values our tears, King David asked God to collect his tears in his skin bottle. God knows this is hard, he knows our tears demonstrate our endurance. He values our integrity to him. You have maintained your faith and love for him even under hard times. I can tell because you believe in prayers and you're seeking his assistance . Please know you have the endurance of Job, That's beautiful!

One day this will be an event in the past. There are many ahead of us have done it, so we can too! Often this scripture comes to my head, In Ecclesiastes 7: 8 says, "Better is the end of a matter than the beginning..." And when we look back to this time, this trial we can say that we are victorious!

Actually, You ARE victorious everyday while going through this trial! It's a hard trial but you are doing it!

Again I know what you're saying about being normal


Advice for Fear and Anxiety


11:48:51 AM

Hello Sarah and Welcome,

To avoid the appearance of practicing medicine, may I suggest you join me for the Coffee, Tea with Me Breakfast Conference Call either Friday or Saturday mornings!

8:00AM---10:30AM (Pacific)
9:00AM--11:30AM (Mountain)
10:00AM--12:30AM (Central)
11:00AM-1:30AM (Eastern)

So I may respond to your inquiry.

Never, Ever Give up HOPE!


11:35:14 AM

Hi Mel,

Would it be possible to post the recipe here for the lemon water and cayenne pepper cleanse that people have mentioned helps with the crawling symptoms?



11:25:44 PM

Hi Peter,

I know it has been a while but I wanted to reply and say that I found great hope in what you wrote. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and words.

I love what you said about the potential for joy existing side by side with suffering. This is the hardest thing I have ever been through, but it has taught me a lot and I have faith that it will not last forever, that I will come out the other side and be a better person for it.

Thank you for sharing the verse. I highlighted it in my bible and over the past month it has given me hope and strength.

Gale - Thanks for your forgiveness and kind thoughts. I also hope and pray that you are able to find the strength to fight this each day until you are better.

Lady T - Not a problem! I am just as bad obviously haha. Thanks for your response and for sharing your wisdom as well. I have gained so much from what you have shared. It is definitely a marathon but nice to stand in the faith that it will end.

Lady T

3:37:46 AM

Hi Gale! Thanks for the reply.

the online course sounds very helpful for coping and stress release! Also sounds great for personal growth in general!.'Please keep us posted!

sorry about the current breakout on the face - good thing you can pull back - also I hope they are healed by the time you interview -

And best wishes with the job interview - I think it was a wise move to opt for part-time!

I just read where Mel was REMINDING someone how crucial the sleep and rest is (vs. cleaning- ha!)

We both know this sleep time is when our body heals and repairs! It was hard for me at some phases to devote so much time to sleep - but my symptoms were always calmer after a good night's sleep and things always just felt better!
I once had family in for the weekend and set my alarm to get up and cook brunch for them - but when it went off I turned it off and slept til noon! They all went out to eat and I apologized and just said I really needed to sleep in- it was terrible in one way - not my hospitality style - lol - but in another way it was just what I had to do that day. I had t selfishly pull back and fight to not get off track. I still
don't regret it - ha! I could have pushed and got away with it - but I just started realizing how "pushing it" only delayed healing! And I will have plenty of other times to be the better hostess. is a huge part of the healing pie! -because it is our immune system that heals us! The MMS, herbs, HCL, silver, and other things attack the pathogens (fungi, parasites, bacteria, etc,) while the logos items slowly feed our cells, feed the glands, and give nutritional support (life giving fortification) to the body systems. But it is our immune system that allows our skin (and gut and organs) to heal and repair etc etc

Okay - I don't want to hijack this thread either - but if you want to email offline - please get my email from Mel!

Peace out


2:21:06 AM

Hi Lady T,

Thanks for asking about me! I have enjoyed our exchanges too. I'll will try to keep things brief so as to not hijack this thread on fear & anxiety but on that note, I found a free course here in Australia which is run online over 8 weeks for anxiety & depression so I have started doing this & am finding it is giving me some useful skills to practice. Maybe others will have a government initiative like this in their areas too. It's worth investigating.

I still have not found a job but I must admit, the last month has been a bit challenging physically & mentally so I have not given 100% on my search... maybe 70% but I do have an interview next week which is great.

I have decided to only work part time for a while as this will give me more of a chance to focus on getting well and whilst things will be tough financially, I think the reduced pressure of not needing to maintain appearances 5 days a week will do me some good. I also decided I want to work towards getting a degree and have started a course in Health Science majoring in Nutrition. This too will be done with a 'slow & steady' mentality but I am looking forward to starting it next week. I have the option to do it online if I struggle to make it in to class physically which is great.

I am still having bad hair issues (hair loss & moving hair) but I think it may have slowed a little. I thought my skin was improving last week, which it definitely IS on my lower right leg (previously full of lesions for last 9 months) but this week I had a mass outbreak on my face (of all places) so I look like I have a serious case of chicken pox and have been hiding out at home. I am at least grateful I haven't had to make any appearances at work looking like this!! I have sat for hours at a time rubbing coconut oil into my face and extracting HUNDREDS of 'bits'... it was a non stop stream of them! I believe this has helped and I am hoping this is a final purge.. maybe :) (wishful thinking, I know).

Other than these issues mentioned, I guess I could say things are going OK. I have enough energy to continue with yoga and have even managed a few ocean swims before summer finished. It was so good for my whole being to do that :)

Again, thanks for checking in and I do hope you are doing well too.

Gale xx
Lady T

2:35:59 AM

Hello everyone on this site and especially to those in this thread!

First of all - Sarah - I apologize for only now getting back to your reply. I am bad with following threads and I know I have missed other comments! However, I was also fasting from some online outlets!! But tonight I felt led to come back - and wow! I really really soaked up every word in the various recent pists! So thanks for that to those who shared.

Sarah, I will look up your suggestion and get back with you. ;)

Second, I was digging through the current posts tonight to see how Gale was dong!! I enjoyed sharing with you in January and I am sorry about your job loss and hope things are working out! Remember that God is Jehovah jireh - our provider - and I have seen time and time again how he provides - how he makes the crooked way straight - how he meets our needs and in the bleakest of times He provides!!

I am sure you have seen this too - but even with this times can grate and it can really pull and get heavy!

Gale - I see that the post with the job new was from a while ago so I am not sure how it is going - but I pray for you right now - and in Jesus name pray that God would provide every single thing and that no weapon formed against you will prosper

I pray that for everyone on this forum! That no weapon formed against us will prosper! I pray that these afflictions and trials will run the course while we anchor in the Lord! That we will be empowered as we fix our eyes on the prize -
That we will see how healthy we will be when done and health is priceless - and worth more than any possession or job.
And so in Jesus name I pray that we all will stay strong in the lord and in the power of his might - that we will be rooted and firmly grounded in him - as HE is the author and finisher of our faith!

It is in and through him the we succeed and as we learn more about how this plays out - as we learn more about how he is strong when we are weak - and as we rest in him and grow in our intimacy with Him - may we find comfort in this all! Let us embrace the loving almighty God of the universe - may we celebrate his awesomeness and smile because of the gift of life!

One day we will go to heaven and meet our maker face to face - we will be welcomed by our welcome team in heaven and oh the joy with no more crying - no pain - and ahhhhh!!!

But in the meantime, God has left us here for a reason! God could have taken us home in an accident or with cancer - but instead we get this crazy misdiagnosed condition !! But it is.

God has made a way and this protocol is part of it!

In my case, healing from morgs has extended my life and has given me a better quality!
It has given me the quality of health I prayed about for decades! I am mostly symptom free, but had a small relapse last fall when I worked around mold and bad indoor air - anyhow - later I plan to share more of my journey more formally- but hang in there if you are in the valley with this! It takes time, but restoration comes.

I am also someone that prays for people with this ailment! Sometimes while making tea Or just while driving!
Thanks so much to those of u that pray for all of us too -

too many to mention by name! But I really thank you! I know what it does in the spiritual realm ;)

And coming to the forum tonight was such a God appointment for me!

Peter's sharing about the things he was grateful for was a chilling post!! And Linn, thank you my friend for the word of God you Inserted into your posts- from the Corinthians verse to the rest I found the powerful majestic wonder that comes with the word of God! It is something not everyone gets- but the word of God is truly ointment for the soul! I have been heavy hearted this week and as I was digging through posts (to see how Gale was doing and to maybe see how her yoga was going....) well as I read and skimmed - I was flooded with this encouragement and it was unexpected - so thanks to Linn- and Margo! And thanks again Sarah and all of the ladies here in this thread (((heart))) - and super grateful for the three musketeers (Mel, Peter, and John) -

i feel so blessed right now and I am actually kind of speechless. I wanted to comment on a few other threads here, but might just have to come back later - because for now I soak up and feel the ecnouragement that came oozing my way (sorry - only word that came to mind)!

Hang in there to all of you because this morgs healing is a marathon and not a sprint! This morgs thing is a horrid systemic ailment - but healing is possible and this protocol works - it just takes time......

Be encouraged and be strong in the lord!


9:56:21 PM

In reading these posts, I can definitely relate. The fear and anxiety of not knowing from day to day and moment to moment what is going on with our bodies is sometimes almost impossible to deal with. It seems like our bodies have been taken over and we have no control over what is going on. At least, that's how I've felt a lot of the time. In dealing with my situation, I have become more in tune with my body, emotions, surroundings, energy and intuition. I have slowed down a lot and take my time doing things, which I like. I have also become more aware of other people's actions and realize that a lot of people are afflicted with either Morgellons or other conditions that are related to this and they don't even know it. I have become more compassionate and my goals and values have changed a lot.

At one point a couple of years ago, I gave up my struggle to God and Jesus, realizing this battle was too big for me alone, that I needed spiritual help. Right after I did that, Jesus came to me in a vision and said, "Let me take this burden from you. This is My Battle." I immediately felt a deep peace come over me and a heavy weight being lifted from me. It was at that point that my battle with the intestinal worms was the hardest, but I started seeing improvement. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. We must remember that we are Spiritual beings here inhabiting these human bodies that can be attacked, become disease ridden, crippled and a myriad of things. But, WE ARE NOT OUR BODIES! I also believe this world is pretty dark and there is a Great Battle going on for our souls. We have to stay strong and persevere, whatever it is we have to endure as we also pray and search for answers.

Healing comes in many forms - not only physical, but also emotional and psychological. I realized a while back that I may never be 100% again physically, but as long as I'm improving and have my spiritual connection with God, that's the most important thing. I concentrate on what I CAN DO, not on what I CAN'T DO. That helps too. We must never give up hope, like Mel says. There is a difference between surrender to God for help and giving up. Once you understand that, it becomes easier too.

I feel like I'm coming know many of the people here just from reading the posts and from some of the conference calls I've attended. We are all struggling and this is a wonderful place to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

May God Bless us all and guide us in our individual healings and together, we create a great force of Light in the darkness.


11:22:44 PM

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your nice reply and of course I forgive you :) I know that there is so much to deal with in having this affliction and we can become time poor.

I think we all have differing experiences of M and not everybody has all the same symptoms, it's just how your particular bodily terrain deals with it.

I am glad to hear that you have found some help from the posts made by everyone and sometimes, you just have to get through the day and deal with tomorrow tomorrow. Hoping you continue to find the strength to get through one more day until the day when you are symptom free.

3:42:30 AM

Dear Sarah, Gail, Martha Mary and Ruth.

Life operates in cycles of darkness and light, of cold and warmth, of death and new growth. Nothing remains stagnant forever, and the potential for joy always exists side by side with suffering. Morgellons instructed me deeply in this.

Your posts are powerful to read. Why? Because they demonstrate a greater intimacy that is growing between each of you. And because I see that together, you are treating spirit. And this is more important than people may realize. I believe that the Holy Spirit is working greater healing in each of you through this thread.

I remember when there were times when I felt I could not bear to make it through the night. The darkness and despair was overwhelming. But when things were bleak and tough, I found here, a reason to be hopeful, and in my heart refused to give up and give in.

Keep reaching out to one another! In doing so, you renew your spirits and create a freshness of mind that gives each the courage to face whatever challenges that may come. Let tomorrow bring new found faith.

1st Corinthians 10:13....

No testing has overtaken you that is not common to everyone. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength....but with the testing he will always provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it.

Let your sharing here continue...remain mindful to treat your spirit through extending grace to others... and then "refuse to quit." If you do these things, with devotion for receiving God's grace, with time, the disease will surrender.

Again, "thank you for this thread." I commend you!

In His Love,

12:42:14 AM

Hi Ruth,

Thank you. It is very true. I have some days where my faith is strong, but others when it is hard to find hope. Reading everyone's advice here helps me to have faith.

I am still battling along but all have hope that this will end soon.

Thanks for the advice on Kleen Green. Will do some more research.

I hope you are doing well in your fight.

12:39:38 AM

Hi Mary,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post and I also apologise for the time it has taken me to respond. I am still struggling but your words have helped me.

I am not as religious with the protocol as I should be. I don't eat sugar generally, but will have something from time to time. The supplements I have been on and off with because of money and shipping times. I take 20 drops of MMS every day and have been at this level for a while.

I followed everything extremely strictly for 3 months but didn't notice any changes so it is hard to continue being strict when I lose faith that things are working. Given my symptoms aren't the same as everyone here it's hard to know exactly what I am dealing with.

I am trying to rely more on God. My friend (who knows that I am sick but doesn't know exactly what I'm dealing with) had a spiritual experience at a church conference. The speaker asked if anyone knew of someone who was dealing with an impossible situation and my friend said I immediately popped into her mind. She said she was crying uncontrollably for my soul and a great peace came over her and she knew that I was going to get better, that the impossible could be made possible and this will end. That experience has given me a lot of faith that I will get better. It's hard because I've been dealing with this for 7 years. It started with my scalp being itchy and slowly progressed. It's hard to have faith for a long time when you can't always see the progress.

Thank for your tips about prayer. I have been praying more regularly and your advice is helpful.

I hope that you are doing well, wherever you are in your journey and try to keep all those who are suffering with this in my prayers.

Thank you again!

12:20:30 AM

Hi Gale,

Firstly I want to sincerely apologise for the delay in my response. I had so many responses and planned to reply to everyone, but got tired after writing out the first block and planned to reply to the rest later on. Unfortunately later on turned out to be a lot later on. I only like to visit this site from time to time because sometimes I don't want to think about the fact that this is what I'm dealing with. I've been super depressed and don't always have to energy to deal with the reality of this. In saying that my delay in responding was very selfish of me. I didn't think about how you would feel. I do appreciate what you wrote and your words really helped me, particularly at a time when I needed to hear them. I'm sorry that I never validated them with a response. I hope you can forgive me. I also agree that what you wrote will help a lot of people, not just me.

I'm sorry that you were dealing with such terrible anxiety. It is not easy. But glad you have found ways which help with this. Thank you for sharing what has helps.

I have been itchy on different parts of my body for about 7 years, constantly looking for answers. But in the last two years I moved home and devoted my whole life to finding a solution. Things have improved in certain ways, but still suffering.

I'm not sure I have morgellons because I don't have all the symptoms. The main ones are being itchy on my head, in my ears and nose and also on my bottom. I feel like things are crawling on me. In the past I had aching muscles, weird indent lines on my skin, fatigue and small papercut marks that would randomly appear. I find white seems to be small white eggs in my hair and also when I brush my hair it seems that I have fluff in it. Those are my symptons.

I have been taking MMS for about 9 months and also taking the supplements, but that has been on and offer due to money and shipping to where I live. I also changed my diet. Cutting out sugar, gluten etc.

My doctor believes it is in my head, although she has tried to help me but nothing has really worked. I gave up going to her.

Meditation is something I feel I should do. When the fear takes over it is very hard for me to deal with and I'm sure this would help.

Thank you for all your tips and advice. I am sincerely sorry it took me so long to reply. I hope that you are doing well and that your health is improving each day.

3:56:11 AM

Hi Mel, thanks for your message, I certainly don't always expect a reply or comment from you in person to everything I post but it's very nice of you to do so on this occasion. I guess I was really only looking for a comment or ackowledgment to the person I wrote to but I understand that doesn't need to happen. As you and Peter have reminded me, the words are there for all to read an I do hope that they are found useful by someone, at some stage.

Personally right now I have a lot on my plate, dealing with this disease & all it entails, and now having lost my job 2 weeks ago plus stress relating to my dad having a stroke earlier in the week. So much going on so haven't been sharing much due to my stress. I don't know what the future is going to hold for me now.

Anyway, thanks again for your kind message.

10:38:25 AM

Hello Gale and Welcome,

Nothing on the website ever gets published that we don't feel will benefit the majority of people. The fact that you were not personally acknowledged is not unusual as most people that read here never say a word. Suffice to say that I have at least 400 emails, in the seven years of the website, from people thanking me for helping them restore their health who have never once posted on our website. Everything we do here is for the future of others.

I assure you that in coming year, thousands of people will read your comments and find what applies to them to be very beneficial.

Understand that if I were not so busy I would have replied to you sooner, but the higher power knows your heart, and isn't that what really matters?

Please keep us posted during your journey of restoring your health.

God Bless You, I Know You will Never Give up Hope!


5:50:43 AM

Thank you for your kind words Peter :)

4:52:05 AM

Dear Gale

I want you to feel validated, and loved. "I think the world of you," because of how you gave of yourself in your last post here in this thread.

Don't be disappointed. You gave your all in your response and there are many who will find their way to it in the future. And so they will gain from it, no? Don't lose sight of that.

Everything is a gift. And the Father sees....and knows your heart. You are a blessing!



6:49:38 AM

I guess my words weren't helpful or worthy of acknowledging. Not sure why but I wrote with the best of intentions and took time from my own very busy\stressful schedule whilst dealing with this awful disease myself to write. I was trying to help... but it would appear my words weren't received well. If someone else commented on my own post, I would always acknowledge them, but that's just me.

6:26:42 PM

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for posting again, so lovely to hear from you and hoping and praying that you are continuing to feel more hopeful. It is really hard work fighting off the anxiety and keeping positive, trusting God, refusing to accept the negative thoughts when they come so praying that we can all stick at it!

I live in the UK and order Kleen Green from a UK company which imports it from the US so you might find you have a supplier where you live.

It would be lovely to hear from you again - please let us know how things are for you.

Lots of love Ruth x

8:56:20 PM


Thank you for your kind words and help. I can tell you that by writing here and reading the responses I do feel less alone in my struggle so thank you for the part you've played in that. Thank you for your prayers. I will also pray for you.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and it helps to know what other people have done/ are doing to get through this.

I went through a period of desperately trying to find the bugs that were causing the itching. I put what I thought samples were on tape and paid a lot of money to go to a specialist to get them tested. They came back as nothing but this is an experience that a lot of people here can relate to I'm sure. I haven't been able to order Kleen Green because I'm not in the US. I do use Dr Bronner peppermint soap on my skin and I think that may help somewhat.

Cleaning up my diet has definitely made me feel healthier. I lost about 10kg in the last year through eating healthier and agree that eating healthier is a positive by-product of going through something as hard as this.

I love your thoughts on how although getting this was a shock to you it wasn't a shock to God. That he knew that this was coming but that he also wants us to know that we can trust him, that everything is going to be alright. I definitely struggle with this because I felt like there was a period that I had great hope that this would end soon and then soon became so incredibly long that my hope got weaker. But reading all the comments here and also talking with some people who love me, this has recently helped me to strengthen my belief again. You tips to ask out loud and to open the door of possibility through prayer is extremely helpful. Thank you. I will use your advice. Listening to the conference calls at night is definitely a good idea. I will do that if I can't sleep as well.

Thank you for reaching out and for offering your email address to keep in touch. I will keep that in mind and want you to know how much your words have helped me.

8:42:30 PM

Lady T,

Thank you for your response and for praying for me. It means a lot to me.

Thank you for the long list of tips! I know that would have taken a while to type and I truly appreciate it.

I am beginning to believe in the power of prayer. I grew up in a religious family and have been told my whole life that prayer is powerful. It can be hard to keep the faith when it seems that your prayers are not being answered. But just today my best friend told me that she was at a prayer conference where the speaker was talking about the power of prayer and how impossible things can happen as a result of prayer. They were asked to stand if they had someone who was struggling and she said that I was the one person that came to mind. That she knew that I was struggling but felt a great sense of peace that I was going to get through this and get better. The awesome thing is that I have not even told her exactly what is going on or the extent of which I am struggling. So I believe that God will get me through this and I will come out the other side. I will continue to pray, but not just for myself. I will pray for you and the other people going through this. Thank you.

I do at times listen to Joyce Myers, but I had not listened to Andy Stanley. Thank you for that. I do enjoy listening to inspirational and spiritual talks but could definitely listen to more and perhaps especially at night time when I can't sleep due to fear. I love podcasts so will search for some uplifting ones.

I have a hobby. I make animation videos and I have a blog. So I do take time to do stuff for that and it helps me to have a purpose, to keep pushing towards my goals and to not let my struggle define me. I also do a lot of reading. I love what you wrote here: "Oh my gosh a good dose of Calvin and Hobbes is like a shot of b12 for me!" Love it! I will have to check that out. I am also a lover of music and listening to inspirational and hopeful music helps me. I really like Brooke Fraser. I also use the Five Minute Journal, which I recommend. In it you write down the things you're grateful for, affirmations, and reflect on your day.

I love how you say that all things work out FOR good, not that they are good, but that they work out. Thank you for sharing that with me.

Thanks for the tip about the yoga instructor. I have a yoga mat but never use it. I will look her up.

I also appreciate the advice about physical healing. I have an enema bag and have down them from time to time, but it is something I would like do be better with. And also the foot baths. Had not read about this so good to know that it can assist healing.

I am going to take the words you have given me and say them daily to help me stay positive and make sure that I am living with intention for good things to happen. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and for your words of wisdom.


8:08:34 PM


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment. For sharing your experiences and offering your tips. I do find the isolation side of it to be perhaps the worst to deal with.

My doctor also think I'm nuts but she is as understanding as she can be really, without experiencing this, afterall we are a product of our experiences. I was prescribed drugs to relieve the itching, but it didn't seem to have an impact. I was also prescribed sleeping pills at one point but I did not want to keep taking them as they also effected my state of mind during the day. I try to stay away from drugs if I can. But I have considered if this gets worse that I will look at going on anti-depressants. It is the night time that I struggle with the most. But reading all the comments here from those who have responded is really helping me.

After reading your tips I have decided to up my garlic intake. I have clove oil so I will try rubbing that on my feet. I try to incorporate exercise and I am taking supplements and doing my best to heal the inner terrain of my body.

I am so sorry that you lost your son. Life can be a hard battle. It's so easy to let the darkness take over your mind but I have many reasons to live and would not want to cause any pain to the people I love, especially my mum who is a beautiful person. I am sorry for the pain that you have lived through and that you too are dealing with this illness. I will also pray for you and want you to know that it means a lot that you would pray for me. Your words have brought me comfort. Thank you.

12:35:00 AM

Hi Sarah,

I'm hoping you're feeling a little better today. I also wanted to reply to your post and I'm glad many others did as well.

I am curious first about how well you are sticking to the diet portion and the protocol. You say you are at 6 months and can't tell if you are improving. Are you sticking firmly to the diet of no sugar/low glycemic foods and alkaline forming foods? Also are you taking all the supplement protocol (Logos, MSM and Silver) and lastly, have you reached your maintenance dose of MMS or are you still increasing by one drop each week? If you could provide this level of detail, then I think we could all know a little better where you are at and if we can provide more information to help guide you. At 6 months you should be noticing improvements if you are following the protocol exactly. It is the Sum of the parts that is healing and not some of the parts.

Then, regarding how I coped with my anxiety, I definitely listened to the conference calls and they calmed me to hear the happy voices of fellow sufferers and their stories of wellness and their faith in God. My faith in God was the cornerstone for me. When I would be literally trembling uncontrollably all night long feeling freezing when it wasn't cold, I knew it was severe anxiety/fear. I would pray intently to God and ask certain saints special to me to intercede (pray) for me (if you ever get a chance to read the lives of the saints, it is inspirational). Some, like St. Bernadette of Lourdes, France is a patron saint of those with illness. Many saints were very sickly in their own lives, but they were so strong in their faith. They offered up their suffering to God for Him to use it for good for others. We can do the same. We are all called to be saints (which means to be in Heaven) afterall. Many feel that God allows suffering to help us become closer with Him, to love Him and give Him Glory and see it as a gift that the Lord is working some great good in us, transforming us, and a gift that we can have the opportunity to offer up something great to God. Suffering also is a test of our faith, it is also to help us reach a place of humility and trust in Him. Life has much suffering and we can't avoid it. Sadly for us men, if all was good all the time, many may never turn to God or feel that He is needed. So, I viewed it in these ways and it comforted me that it was being used to make me a better person and I was being able to do something useful while I suffered. I viewed it as an opportunity for as long as God wanted me to have it. Of course, I also asked God for strength and courage to endure it. And, I asked Him to take the cross of the illness from me as soon as He saw fit. So, try to stay faithful and know that He is always with us and He will reward us for our faith in Him. I always pray that it be His will just as Jesus prayed to our Heavenly Father in the Garden of Gethsemane, "Not my will, but yours be done". I know it is scary to give it up to God's will but we must trust Him. Boy, does this put things into perspective, huh?! I pray for you as do many others here for your healing and we ask it in Jesus' name that His perfect will be done for all of us. So have faith, it will be answered. God seems to be healing all of us as long as we stick to this protocol He has provided through Mel and John.

The 23rd Psalm was also one of my regular comforting scripture passages, The Lord is my Shepherd...

I look forward to hearing about your progress and also finding out the details about your actual practice of the protocol.

With warmth, comfort and joy,


5:04:39 AM

Hi Sarah,

I read your post yesterday & ran out of time to reply but I couldn’t stop thinking about what you wrote today. I do understand the anxiety and know how debilitating it can be and I want you to know you are not alone in this.

I too, was suffering from anxiety. My severe panic attacks became more & more frequent & starting occurring twice a week (besides my every day anxiousness). I would get so bad that I couldn’t feel my limbs & my fingers & toes would go into spasm & completely lock up. It was terrifying.

What I would like to share is what helped me, and from what you have written I believe it is timely.
You have stated that you aren’t sure you have Morgellons although you are on this forum and have been suffering for years. I am wondering if you have any other plausible diagnosis or plan of attack? What are your doctors saying about your illness?

Let’s say for the sake of this question, that you do not have Morgellon’s. The protocol mentioned in these pages will still benefit you anyway as it focuses on rebuilding your inner terrain. Cleaning you up from the inside, out. Treating the very core of the issues and helping your bodily systems to function at their optimum so you can heal - not just putting a bandaid over the symptoms. This is why it takes time to recover fully. But you must still follow it very strictly, especially the diet if you can’t afford the full protocol, and absolutely NO SUGAR. You must make this commitment to yourself as your diet is completely in your control right now!

If you do have Morgellons, well….. it’s best you get started on the protocol as soon as possible, and keep reading the forums and staying in touch so we can follow your progress too.

I was a little like you in that I did not full accept that I had this disease. I was so focused on what I was robbed of, the life I had that was taken from me… my social life, work opportunities, love life etc and I was just mad, and so very scared. Once I learnt to ACCEPT COMPLETELLY that this is my current reality, I HAVE MORGELLONS and it’s going to mean I am in for the fight of my life. It is from this point that I took back my power because I could then make choices and decisions to support me on my healing journey. And as the saying goes.. ‘What you resist, persists’ – so in accepting this tough reality, you can make room for the solutions to come & start moving forward. Until then, there will be blockages to healing.

The second thing I did was LET GO of all the other stuff I thought was so important (as mentioned above). NOTHING else matters right now than to get well, nothing. So in letting the other things go, again I made room for time, focus & full commitment to the cause. I tell myself that this reality is only temporary (this too, shall pass) and that when I get well, hopefully all the things I want for my life can enter into it again, although I have the feeling that I will be such a different person by the end of all this that my wants will have changed, and that’s OK. Because by the time I (and you) have come out the other end of this mammoth (but do-able) challenge in front of us, we will be stronger & better people for it because look at the enormity of what we would have overcome!

The third thing that has worked for me specifically for helping my anxiety is to do devote time to a yoga practice (you can start out gently), meditation, & positive affirmations. These will help to find you inner calm, peace & strength. These things, along with owning your mind & learning to control your fears will surely help you on your journey.

I also took up doing those adult colouring books as they say they are a great relaxation tool. When I feel anxious, I start working on a picture & it helps re-direct my focus away from my fearful thoughts.

Our anxiety is about the lack of control of our minds (=fear) and without this control, in my humble opinion we cannot fully heal. If we don’t take control of our minds, this disease will take that too and you can’t let it. Never underestimate the power of the mind. Go watch the documentary ‘The Connection’ if you haven’t already seen it. It will hopefully give you some inspiration.

Stay strong Sarah, and know that you are I my thoughts and prayers. You can do this!


5:53:58 AM

Hi Sarah,

My heart goes out to you for the years that you have been fighting to be well and coping with the fear and anxiety that this disease brings. I hope that by posting here that you will feel less alone and know that myself and others are praying for you.

I'm still fairly new to things but can share some of my experiences in case its any help. I can understand your anxiety in not being sure what your symptoms are. Mine were a bit different but I hope that others here will be able to help you with this.

I thought I had scabies in the beginning and then mites or other type of bug. So to check the floor in my room I put clear sticky tape across the tops of two upturned glasses (about 4-5 inches high) and put them on the floor in the part of the room where I was most. Have the sticky side of the tape facing down to the floor. I left them for three days and then checked with a magnifying glass to see if any bugs were on the tape. I've also used a bit of sticky tape where I felt something on my skin to look and see if there's anything there. I never found anything but it got rid of some anxiety by checking. I find using Kleen Green to clean helps me as I spray it everywhere in the house so know that it will keep the house clear of bugs. I also spray it on my skin if its itchy.

Getting my diet under control as suggested by the diet articles helped me a lot because I then knew that my body was becoming healthier day by day together with the supplements so even still having some symptoms I know that I am doing the best for my future health. There's even a sense that I can be grateful for it because my diet was filled with sugar and carbohydrates and I know that the Logos supplements are bringing great benefits to my health.

I often think that when this happened it wasn't a surprise to God even though it was a totally shocking and traumatic life event for me. When I feel anxious I try to acknowledge my feelings and put them into words, what the fear is, and then speak out loud what I know to be true. For me that is that nothing is impossible with God, when I pray it opens a door for to work in the situation, God is my Good Shepherd and I know He will lead me along a pathway that although maybe difficult at times He is always with me and loves me. I know that for me to live is Christ and all my hope is in Him and He is all I need and I can surrender all my lesser ambitions to Him and trust that He will work in all things for good.

I find that declaring truth out loud, reading verses out loud and what I know to be true, really helps my mind and body to respond to it and builds my faith.

Also asking God daily for help and sometimes I feel desperate and cry and ask God for comfort through the Holy Spirit who is our Counsellor and Comforter.

If I can't sleep I play the conference calls on my phone and it is such a comfort hearing voices and it usually sends me off to sleep quite quickly.

I've also sometimes used a herbal remedy to help sleep especially in the early days and Logos sell a product to help with this.

Also when I feel lonely and a bit scared I read a forum page, sometimes just pick a number out and read it through and it reminds me I'm part of a community here and not alone.

If you would like to be in touch by email ask Mel for my details.

Love Ruth

Lady T

12:09:41 AM

hi S- I wanted to reply to let you know that I just prayed for you -
Also wanted to give some tips to consider ;)
1. intercessory prayer is what has rescued me many times - so get on prayer lists if you can!
I seriously know that others praying for me was key to my strength and stability during hardest times- The battle in the spiritual realm is real and we are stronger together - even if you do not have a church - some ministries take prayer requests! So try and submit them!
Also - the prayer times here on mel's site could be a good resource for praye - and I was never too proud to ask for prayer because I knew the power of it - ;)

2. pray for others -have a daily time set aside to where you lift up others - like pray for folks with morgs - pray for your family by name - and pray for whoever God puts on your heart! There is something potent about interceding for others and while it can help the recipient - it can empower you too! really -'try it and see" - and the prayers do not have to be super elaborate - like maybe just pray for them for strength - wisdom - protection - insight - stability - etc.

Also - get under good teaching and preaching - put in uplifting and wholesome stuff to fortify your mind and spirit - and I did this all the time even beyond coping with a weird illness! But all the more when u are on the front lines with a battle like this!
Like listening to good radio shows or getting tv recordings To have on hand! Andy Stanley or Joyce Meyer are teaching shows I love - and then binge watching a bunch of episodes can be a dose of vitamins for the psyche!
And worship songs really carry and fortify too- because sometimes an empty mind gets loaded with worry - so occupy that Space offensively!
My spouse uses his phone and has podcasts enriching his thinking on and off all day! From sports to theology - he keeps his mind fresh- has his good ear buds and just keeps good stuff coming in!
and for me - I also like to learn about a few Hobby topics - which leads to my next point
Get a small hobby just for you! -pray for one if you do not have any clue on what to endeavor - and not all hobbies cost a lot - but maybe you could do art - draw - color - or get a cheap set of paints and find tutorials on you tube! Or make salt clay - so cheap- and build little figures - then glaze them -the act of creating is soothing-
Or you could create music - or take up an I instrument - one lady I know took up flute and says it rescued her!
and explore the library - read snippets in the magazines- read about topics you like - and explore comics! Oh my gosh a good dose of Calvin and Hobbes is like a shot of b12 for me! Get a journal and write haikus or simple rhymes -write short stories or read short stories from classic writers!
I love writing kindergarten style rhymes and sometimes I write about the weather or my dogs - or someone who recently visited - this writing takes me away!
Feel free to ask Mel for my email if you want more ideas on hobbies.
Get your hands on counseling resources - like books and workbooks - I found books on Amazon and went to a used book store - and here is where God showed up for me yet again - big time! He put used books across my path that I would not have NOT sought out! And nuggets from those very books fortified me - and sometimes taught me a lesson directly or just enriched my thinking. And they also made me fall more in love with God because he cares about the smallest details!
I know with brain fog reading is not always the first option - but even reading a paragraph or page at a time is helpful.
And sometimes Christian radio talk shows can be a resource - like I will never forget hearing a lady on a show - back in 1992 - she said after her horrid divorce God gave her the verse "all things work for good" (romans 8:28) this does not say all things "are" good - but they work FOR good to those who wait and trust - I was so young - but her story (testimony) infused me with strength / and i have seen over the decades that Romans 8:28 - can never be overused! I have seen so many wonderful things come from much hardship

So keep that in mind right now - much good can come from this - healing is the sum of the parts in the protocol and as you restore the bio terrain you may not always see or feel improvements - but the body is soaking up your supplements -
Learn more about burnout and recovery - because the exhaustion you feel is legit- so scour online for articles or workbooks for tips on recovering from burnout - some tips are sometimes universal for humans going through different things.
Draw closer to God - he is right there and will show his presence - and the word of God (bible) is ointment to your soul and so explore some chapters and verses that you feel led to- during a very hard season in my life back in the early 90s- I made a watercolor painting to go with a bible verse and it was powerful therapy!
I also hung up bible verses around my room:
"perfect love casts out fear" "we are strong by the power of the Holy Spirit" "I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength" "he who called me is faithful - who also will complete the task he started in me" "God has not given me a spirit of fear - but a spirit of love - power and a sound mind" and "Call unto me you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest"
Find the verses you love or are drawn to and hang them up!

Yoga - I am partial to yoga for mind and body health - but it is hard to find intro classes and all that - check out Adrienne Reed website and she has twenty dollar videos from when she was on tv - it will be worth every penny to get one of her tv episodes because the mini yoga sessions are for all levels and they made me love yoga and my body was changed in less than two months - I was also finishing my dissertation at the time and I see that God gave me her yoga at that time because I would also need it for coping with morgs! For years I wanted to do yoga - but only Adrienne Reed's wonderful short sessions pulled me in - now I go to studios and take 2 classes in a row - but check out her website (just type in her name -and yoga) - or get a video from library - but that never worked for me
Lastly -
Two other things that I know helped my physical healing were borax foot Soaks and enemas.
The Borax foot Soaks were sometimes for 2+ hours four times a week - and sometimes add baking soda to the cup of borax - dont have time to mention why this is so helpful - but it is! Esp for skin -

Enemas (esp lemon water) can be used to remove build up and then sometimes an enema is used to gentle "retain" a bit for short periods - of course we ALWAYS do no harm and always do enema with safety first - but this easy and powerful activity really gets dismissed as yucky or not needed - but I know it was absolutely key to part of helping me heal - and I actually belong to a health group where hundreds of others inisist that healing must include enemas. Lemon water -Castor oil - or kefir ones that are mild and potent -

Ok - hope that helps and remember to bring every thought captive and to thank god for giving you wisdom -for giving you Freshness and stability-
Also - "self-fulfilling prophecy" can be used to make sure you "expect" good things instead of dread and doom- so tell yourself "I will be healed" l can do this"
" l will not be moved by what i see cos things are subject to change" and "I have the mind of Christ" or "I am stable and I will stay stable - because many people have this illness and we can recover and one day I will share my testimony and empower others with it - I will stand tall with clear skin and a healed gut (and full hair) and talk about how God rocks and how He is our shield and strength!"
Best wishes to you!

9:06:02 PM

Sarah, this is a very difficult affliction to deal with. Not only do you feel bad and scared, but you feel isolated because of the fear of infecting others, not to mention many think we have lost it. It is imperative that you get sleep- you feel more hopeless if you don't.My family doctor thinks that I am nuts but she has been very kind. I initially was prescribed Hydroxizine for itching and Doxepin which is for depression and helps you to sleep. I now only take Sleep Advance from Logos and rarely Doxepin. I suggest that you ask your doctor to prescribe something to help with sleep until things improve. Here are some other thins that have helped: I have increased my fresh garlic intake (eating 2 cloves
mixed in with an avocado daily). I alternate between peppermint and lavender oil in my bath if it is not an MMS bath. Gold bond medicated lotion helps ( with menthol) but it makes me cold. I can't use it when it is cold outside. I also rubbed both clove oil and tea tree oil on the bottom of my feet last night as suggested in another post. It worked beautifully. Exercise helps. Walk outside or in the mall if it's cold where you are. We must make ouselves unappetizing to these nasties. It is said here that we must heal our innner terrain to get better. Please stay strong. As a Mom of a son who committed suicide, I know the pain and agony that it would cause those who love you. May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him. Romans 15:13. I want you to know that I am going to pray daily that you see an improvement in your affliction and are healed. God has plans for you. Stay strong.
Sarah **

4:58:04 AM

Hi everyone,

I am posting because I really need some help in terms of dealing with the emotional torment of this illness.

I really struggle to cope, especially at night time when the fear is almost too much to handle. I have been dealing with this for a number of years and constantly lived in hope that the things that I was trying would eventually work. And yet, I'm still dealing with it.

I have spent so much money trying to get better. I have been taking the supplements and mms for over six months now but I can't tell if I have improved. I honestly don't know if what I'm dealing with is morgellons as my main issues are just itching, crawling and small red bites on my skin. I know I should be thankful that I don't have a lot of the symptoms, but it makes me wonder what I actually have. If I knew it was morgellons for sure then I could have more faith that what I'm doing will eventually work. Do you think that the mms will eventually kill any kind of bug if I take it for long enough?

I feel that I have suffered a lot because of this. Although my parents are very good to me I am so lonely and have had to avoid getting into a relationship for many years as a result of this. The feeling of shame I feel at knowing I have this problem is hard to handle and then always living in fear that I will pass it or people will find out.

I'm trying to find the meaning in this and have spent endless hours praying that this will end or that I will find some kind of peace in the struggle, but I feel lost. I think about dying a lot and I used to think that I was a strong person but I don't feel strong enough to handle this. I'm so emotionally tired. I feel like it's my fault that I have this and I wish I could go back and do something about it sooner. I was so confused about what it could be for so long and although I went to many doctors I found no answers.

I am trying to carry on living my life but this is a dark cloud that seems to overshadow everything else.

Does anyone have any tips for handling fear and anxiety, especially at night time when all I can do is think about this. Do you have an exercises that you do to take your mind of this or that brings you peace? How do you keep the faith and hope that this will end? I know that the mind is very powerful but one can only believe for so long without seeing any proof. I know many of you are Christians here but I don't feel the presence of God in this storm. I wish I could. I would just like some answers and to know that this will end.


8:00:11 PM

Blessed beyond belief is how I am truly feeling at this moment. I can honestly say I am very close to being completely healed from Morgellons. I have been on the protocol for almost 22 months, and by following only Mel's amazing protocol, I am once again living a new type of normal life.

A new type of normal living for me includes eating a clean diet free of processed foods and gmos, using non-toxic make-up and deodorant, establishing a routine cleaning schedule, not stressing about life's hiccups and turning them over to my Lord, and maintaining a daily personal relationship with my Lord and Savior who has been with me every step of the way. I am so very blessed and thankful to be healthy, and if I can do this, so can you!!!

As I started my journey with morgellons, I remember being so overwhelmed and fearful of EVERYTHING. But God placed so many Angels in my life to help me accomplish my healing. Thank you, Mel, for sharing your knowledge and for creating and maintaining an inspiring website so people can be healed. Peter, my loving big brother, who has lovingly guided me every inch of the way. You have helped save my life with your generous time and loving words you have so graciously given to me. Thank you, John B, for working with a group of individuals that have been forgotten by so many others. Your vitamins have helped restore my bioterrain along with so many others. And, Cathy, with Kleengreen, thank you for your time on the phone and for such an amazing product. And thank you also for the talks I have shared with Deborah B, Nicole, Dawn, and Amber. I continue to pray for your healing. :):))

And the greatest blessing I have is for my loving Father who created me and lovingly took care of me during my battle with morgellons. He was, and still is, with me when others mocked me and left me alone. There were days when I simply said verse after verse to get me through each hour. So thank you, God, for being my one true Father who gave me strength, courage, and peace through your loving words.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you in my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10


1:39:51 PM

Good morning all!

It's a beautiful fall morning here and I'm so thankful to be able to sit here with my husband and enjoy all of God's glory.

As of late I have been focused on preparing my older children for adulthood. As we all know time flies and it's hard to believe I'm in this season already. I have been teaching them how to survive out there in an ever changing world. Making sure on top of all the usual stuff we teach our children, that they understand how important it is to keep a good diet and supplements in play. Above all that they understand how important a relationship with the Lord is. It's so easy during the college years to get caught up in the ways of the world.

Now that school is back in, my daily schedule consists of waking up at 5AM to prepare a healthy breakfast, dosing supplements, putting together healthy lunches, meetings, extra curricular activities, homework and then preparing again for the next day. In between that I am either grocery shopping, cleaning or running to doctor appointments for mom or kids, volunteering at church or doing mandatory volunteering for the kids' extra curricular activities.

I try to be in bed by 8:30- 9:00 every night so that I can get enough rest. Naps just don't and can't exist in my busy world. I am so blessed that my children are now well enough to do all of these things and because of the protocol and God's grace, I am able to keep up with it all. There was a time when I could hardly put one foot in front of the other because of this disease and because of all the other health challenges we as a family were facing.

I dream of having my career back. I am still dealing with ptsd and being overwhelmed by all the demands. I know that if I can get the older kids to a certain point of being more self sufficient and starting their own lives, with just my little guy around, having a career again is totally obtainable. Even though the thought of my babies growing up literally brings tears to my eyes, I know this is the natural progression of life.

My kids healing has come so far. They continue to do well and are still eating clean and taking their supplements every day. I continue to do well too. I have had an intermittent rash on my right hand that comes and goes. It will flair when we have a moon cycle or I'm stressed. Yes, I still battle with letting stress creep in. The Lord says I'm a work in progress. Hahaha!

My husband and mom are doing great. I'm so very thankful to have both of them by my side helping one another with this thing called life. I don't really have any friends outside of the ones in this community and church, and you know what? I'm totally okay with that!

I made exercise a priority over summer and plan to again. Exercise helps so much with those feelings of stress. I prefer to get a walk in during early morning hours. It almost feels like it's just me and God out there. I have the best conversations with the Lord during that time.

We have come so far! Thanks for taking the time to read my update and I hope it finds you well. This community continues to be my guide and I appreciate all of you more than you'll ever know.


New RichEdit2 Page

Remember the basics. Stay committed and stay patient. Remain in a constant conversation with God, and keep faith. You will get well! Believe it.


2:36:49 PM

Hi everyone!

As many of you know, I have had a very rocky road in having any family support in regards to this disease .
This website and connections with others from here has continuously inspired me through out my journey.

Along with closely walking through this with God.

I continue to get better, I went from what I believe was dying, to feeling pretty close to my old self.
I have been inspired to speak out and advocate through social media.
Obviously, I spent years working in the protocol, and healing.
It took me a long time to build enough confidence to reach out and tell people, expose my secret so to say.
I'm just so grateful to this website, most people are so much more accepting, and supportive than even my own family really..

That's where I am at.
I'm doing very well taking my full protocol plus low-carbs diet.

Oh and I just picked up a new avenue for income, I'm making custom made handcrafted jewelry using natural healing stones.
I will soon be selling in my sisters store.So that is pretty exciting! People have been really liking my work and asking to purchase, so I will figure out how to soon accept payment, shipping, etc.

Sending healing thoughts, faith prayers to ALL

We're all in this together!!


9:59:04 AM

Here's a update on my progress to date.

this summer has been a real turning point in my life, just as I was entering the final stages of curing morgellons I got a sun burn on my left arm back in July and somehow turned in to skin eruptions that looked more serious than usual.

I decided to see my doctor and get a blood test my doctor sent me to the dermatologist, he took some skin samples and they turned out to be yeast, fungus coming out of the skin, he also said it was a usual condition and prescribed me bactrim ds.
then the blood test came back positive for Philadelphia chromosome acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
I'm thinking how could this happen I did everything right or so I thought, maybe I missed something in my battle with morgellons.

I am guessing my immune system had had enough and now there saying that I have cancer and need to start chemotherapy treatment right away. You can imagine what I'm going through at this point.

Lots of prayer and and careful thinking lead me to believe that if I can wait for my next blood test it will reveal the direction I need to go. last Wednesday the test results showed that the cancer had stabilize and was not progressing, the cancer doc looked puzzled and asked me if I had started the chemotherapy medicine. I said I just got the medicine the day before and hadn't taken it yet .

Basically at this point my blood results were better than when this whole thing started, then the doctor says take the chemotherapy medicine anyway just to be safe.
For now I haven't taken the medicine and don't know what direction my blood is going but I figure I can hold on for another week and a half till the next blood test before I make any big decision.

this went from looking toward remission to what the heck is going on now I have all I can do just trying to keep my head up and maintaining diet and making the right decisions to pull out of this.

Prayer prayer and more praying it's in Jesus hands and have to roll with it.
I will post again in two weeks with results, your feedback will be appreciated.

Hope of recovery to everyone.


6:02:53 PM

Hi everyone, blessings from the lord!

I m very grateful for this website where we can gain insight, information, as well as personal support! Praise the Lord, Jesus! My special thanks goes to Amber, thank you for sharing your family struggles and success it was very encouraging to hear how God has not forgotten us in the midst of our struggle.

Thank you to Mary also, you have been supportive and informational. Blessings!!!

Christine, I'm glad you re completely recovered. Thank you for reaching out to me. I don't feel so lonely.

I'm still purging, dealing with aches and pains, but the scare is mostly out of me.

I still need a lot of prayers .

I'm definitely better now than how I was three months ago, praise the Lord.

Most grateful to Peter and Mel for been there to guidence to the right resources.

God is good!! All the time!

God bless you,

sincerely, Ellie

4:55:34 PM

Hey Everyone,
Well it's been a year on the protocol but 10 months on MMS and my symptoms are getting lighter. Sleeping is still my greatest challenge but I am truly happy with the progress I have made. I can go several hours without symptoms. I dont worry too much when my symptoms increase any more. You were so on point Peter.I think rain increases them and humidity and in New York theres lots of humidity.Just walk around with my lint brush in my pocket and when the crawlies happen it picks then right up. The thing that washes them off for me the best is the sulfur soap.
My diet has not changed much still eat a lot of salads, chicken,eggs,salmon my coconut macaroons and my kind bar for dessert or almonds and pumpkin seeds. Had to cut out avocados cause I noticed it increased my crawlies. Want to try them again maybe next month.
My son has already had a week and a half without symptoms, the full moon doesnt seem to be affecting him. I do expect his symptoms to return but of course I hope they don't.
For all the new comers there is no quick fix but Mels Protocol works. Stick to the diet and cleaning and of course our protocol and faith in the lord.It is the sum of all parts. God bless you all.

6:50:22 AM

Hello Everyone,

Just checking in. Didn't realize it's been so long since my last posting.

I am still having good days and bad days but feeling physically stronger lately. Tomatoes are in season here so I have been trying them on occasion and they are fresh from my mother's garden. Thank you Peter for your posting of the tomatoes, it really helped me make a decision to try the tomatoes again. I also added apples to my diet but not every day.

I tried hot yoga for a few weeks (they had a special on 20 days for $20.00) and it seemed to help with the symptoms. The heat seemed to draw all the toxins out of my skin and the exercise itself was very good for my overall well being. I can't afford to join the classes but I am thinking of just buying a yoga mat and doing the yoga exercises at home.

On Wednesday, I tried some restricted foods like potatoes and rice and so far I haven't experienced any increase in my symptoms, but I am being very cautious, so I am not going to eat it regularly yet.

I have to attend two family weddings in September so I am hoping to have more tolerance for different foods by then as I don't know what foods are going to be served to us on those days, only that I was able to request vegetarian gluten free on the invitations.

I am not splitting the MMS this month. It has been a challenge each month for me to get the doses in at the right intervals before going to work, so I am just going to see if it makes any difference this month to my symptoms. I kinda like taking the full dose at night as it makes me fall asleep quickly and it feels like I am killing all the pathogens while I sleep.

Getting lots of sunshine and going for walks seems to be helping my skin feel better too. We spent a whole day on a sandy beach last weekend and it was great!

There are still blood red raised sores and brown spots appearing all over my body and lately some sores have been appearing that look like moles or warts and have a tough callous surface to them.

My eyesight isn't the greatest so I wouldn't know if there are any fibres coming out of these sores and they are in hard to get places, like behind my knee, that I can't use the microscope to see anyways.

My weight has been maintaining at 120 to 123lbs. At one point I was 118lbs which I felt was too light for my 5'3" frame, so I increased my avocadoes to two a day and it really helped to increase to a more comfortable weight. I also use a lot of coconut oil with my meals as well as all over my body and head every night.

I have such a ritual I do every day that feels comfortable to me now, except when I have to sleep overnight somewhere, and that's when it throws me off a bit but I always recover when I am home again.

Well, that's my post for now. I will try to post more often!

Have a great weekend everybody!!

2:18:58 AM

Hi Everyone,
I am finally writing my monthly progress report for August. On the 10th I celebrated my one year anniversary of being on MMS. And, what did I do for my anniversary? I went with my family to the mountains and rode a bike through the alpine terrain (well, I stayed on the very nice, paved bike path as I think true mountain biking would have ended up poorly for me-LOL), but still saw some beautiful sights. My legs were so weak! I haven’t really been exercising. Even though I could shift into the other gears to make it easier to pedal uphill, the high altitude makes it harder to catch the breath, so maybe less oxygen to the muscles since less is in the air. I think thinner atmosphere means less oxygen. Well, anyway, I liked the down hill parts a lot! All the kids that I rode with (son, his friend, and our other friend’s kids) did better than me, so what. It felt really good and then I felt unusually low level of crawlies the rest of that day and the day after. Like, none. I think exercise is really key to getting the blood circulating and moving them out of where they are hiding and sweating is one of the ways our body detoxifies itself along with breathing. I breathed harder and did sweat, that’s for sure. I’m planning on continuing to exercise now that I’m back.
A year on the protocol and I feel good-great. I still don’t go swimming in pool for fear of the contagious possibility. But, do go in the ocean and the ocean water has been warm. El Nino warm. I don’t know why I feel it is not contagious in the ocean. Just a feeling. I shower once a day. Wash my hair every other day. No MMS bath yet, though planning to any day now. I don’t clean nearly as much as I used to and started using my dishtowels to dry dishes once in a while instead of paper towels or air drying all the time. The environment really doesn’t seem to affect me anymore. I vacuum all the carpeted floors just once a week. I don’t spray Kleen Green and just use in laundry now. I have a lot of energy and a really clear brain and find that I’m organizing a lot to try to get rid of all the clutter and find a place for everything. So much stuff we save over the years. Especially kids’ stuff. My little guy, almost as tall as me now, outgrows his clothes and shoes every time I turn around. His closet and room is a mess! Or was, much better now. I worked around the house and on errands today from the time I got up in the morning through until 9pm when I first sat down to watch TV. Seriously, we’ve been busy here today, got a lot done.
I am eating the same stuff a lot. Every week, the same menu. Once in a while a nice change with a new kind of fish. Got some king crab legs at Costco, those were incredible. I know, crab is a scavenger and so probably considered “dirty”. But, once in a great while, hopefully, that won’t hurt. The rest of the time it is grassfed beef, free ranging chicken, and lamb. And my new veggie friend is brussel sprouts that I pan fry in EVOO and garlic salt. Very satisfying. I found some Amy’s salad dressing that has no sugar, soy, dairy, etc…. That’s a nice change up to my EVOO and ACV dressing. I still love my sunbutter and blue diamond artisan nut thins. With a few squares from a stevia sweetened chocolate bar as dessert.
As far as symptoms, I still feel the crawlies though at the lowest point yet. It seems they come and then they go. I get really excited that they’re all gone, and then they come back. Then they go again. One day they will be gone all the way, but I’m planning to try the Immune Pulse to see if that helps with this last stage. I am not having any pimple/bumps on my neck or face. All clear. My skin has gotten so dried out from that Dr. Bronners soap that I switched to a dead sea salt bar of soap for moisturizing. After shower, before drying off with my towel, I put on coconut or argan oil and lock in the water. Then towel off just a little. Also had to start using my old moisturizer on my face because the coconut oils and health store moisturizers were not cutting it. I was looking very wrinkled. Much better now. On my darn big toes, I have nail fungus which turns the nail cloudy-white in portions. Amazing that I have any fungus with the protocol and all, but there it is. I am putting layers of stuff on them: oregano oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, vicks vaporub, coconut oil, and occasionally soaking in ACV and amber listerine. Going to try Epsom salts soak for the feet tomorrow. The left toe is getting better, the right got dark, so I think I’m killing it off. But, everything I read on-line says to be persistent and consistent as the fungus if not all dead will grow back. I’m also wearing a lot of open toe shoes.
So, that’s the state of affairs for August 2015. School starts up on the 1st so having some families over tomorrow for an end of year bbq gathering. All the kids have gone to school with each other for years now. They are going to be big 7th graders this year. Time flies.
Blessings to everyone!

2:52:21 PM

My name is Ellen. I post on various threads on Mel’s site and on my thread, "A New Warrior from MA".

After getting very sick with Morgellons in August/ September of 2012 and after a year on Mel’s protocol, I can confidently report that I am cured. Others new to this disease need to hear stories with a positive outcome to give them hope to push on. I have said this repeatedly - there is nothing special about me. If I can get better, I believe anyone can. Everyone's body is different, so it will take different amounts of time for each of us, but believe that you will get well too. Curing myself of this disease wasn’t easy, but now that I have been through hell, I think I can tackle any health issue that comes along. I'm a different person today – hopefully a better, stronger, wiser person.

I don’t know what initially infected me, but in July of 2012 I got some bites that were very large and itchy, and after spending thousands on pest companies trying to rid my house of insects, I slowly cleaned my environment on my own. I took out my carpeting and now have just tile and wood. In the beginning I washed my clothes, sheets, floors and surfaces every day. I assume that I killed every living thing in my house except for me. Now I can do sheets once a week and can clean the house less often to maintain it. I also ran a dehumidifier and set it at 46 %. Supposedly mold and some bugs don’t thrive unless the air is more humid than that.

My daughter, who is a scientist with a PHD from Columbia University, found Mel’s site while researching my condition. My symptoms included: lots of black specks, white, salt-like specks, some crazy colored fibers, low body temperature, a horrible red rash on my neck and chest, tiny, scaly bumps on my legs and ankles, terrible head itching, cuts that wouldn’t heal, large, round bruises and a constant feeling of being nauseous and dizzy. We were both looking at bird mite sites, bed bug forums, everything - but never got to the cause of the infestation. The only thing I found in my house was fungal gnats (identified by one of the pest companies.) I will never forget when she said, “Mom, I think you have this thing called Morgellons." I had come to the same conclusion from my searching online and was terrified. I began to get my documents in order for my family in case I got any sicker.

Armed with information and encouragement from Mel’s site and the community surrounding his protocol, I now had a plan. I went cold turkey and eliminated all sugars, flour, dairy and acidic foods, felt better within a few weeks and dramatically better after starting the Logos Nutritionals supplements and MMS. The reason I started on the protocol and stuck with it religiously was because I was feeling like I was living a nightmare and I had nothing to lose. I knew I couldn't continue the way I was. I stayed close to my loved ones if only by email and phone, and came to a better appreciation of life. I didn’t know, and still don’t know if I was contagious, but I spent a lot of time by myself that Fall. Now I realize it gave me the opportunity to rest, which is vital to getting your health back.

I was lucky I could keep my part-time job, and to have supportive family and friends. I was also careful, however, who I chose to confide in. My PCP doctor did all the tests (blood work, heavy metals, metabolic series) I requested, but then asked that I see a psychiatrist. As a professional in Human Services, I was angry and insulted, but replied in a cheerful voice, "Sure!" I have since changed doctors.

This disease taught me to be patient with others, and we need go easy on ourselves too. To think we have brought this on because of something we did is pointless. I have no idea how I got sick, but because of unknown parasites, and the toxins in our food and environment, I believe everyone is at risk. I was not sick with any other disease or with a weakened immune system, but I did have to go on two rounds of antibiotics that summer for an infection.

I couldn’t sleep in the beginning due to the fear and also due to the constant itching. I got a prescription for Ambien which gave me terrible side effects. I weaned myself off of it after two months, and by that point the itching had subsided, so I was able to fall asleep.

Some things that helped me . . .

For breakfast I have an egg with an English muffin (Ezekiel flourless) with organic butter and either a detox tea or Red Rooibus tea. I sometimes make omelettes with 2 eggs and add vegetables and a nondairy/non-soy cheese. I alternate that with Ezekiel cereal with almond/coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, ground flax, chia seeds, and cinnamon and Stevia to taste. Sometimes I add berries. Or make a smoothie with those ingredients and add organic spinach or kale.

For lunch I have a salad and I try to put 5 items in each time as well as a protein. So that may be lettuce, peppers, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cabbage, broccoli, avocado, or whatever veggies I have. I add cooked chicken, quinoa, or an egg on top. My favorite dressing is lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Minute Maid makes a lemon juice with nothing added, in the freezer section of stores and it saves money.

For dinner I have soups or fish, chicken or once in a while grass-fed beef. I like to roast a variety of vegetables with olive oil. I use a lot of onion, garlic, cayenne, curry powder, cinnamon and other spices. I never felt I had to eat raw everything, and I got better with a variety of cooking and preparing. I do try to get everything organic and local, but I'm not obsessive about it. I just do the best I can. I'm kind of an ADD cook, so I never follow recipes but just try to prepare foods I like and adapt them to the protocol. Not always easy, but doable. I have used coconut flour, almond flour and brown rice flour in recipes as well as pastas made from brown rice and quinoa. I think the most important thing is to avoid white flours, white rice or anything that we convert into sugar.

I never used coconut oil in my cooking because I couldn't get used to the taste, but I do use it on my face every day. Mostly I use olive oil to cook with. When I wanted a treat I ate Kind bars - the dark chocolate and sea salt have only 5 grams of sugar and I felt like I was eating a candy bar. In between meals, I snacked on almonds, too. Nuts are very filling. And for more calories, I made guacamole and ate it with chips called Beanitos, also available everywhere. They are made with lentils and black beans, are GMO free and really tasty. I also try to have hummus and tabouli on hand to snack on. When I started to add fruit to my diet I relied on berries and apples. I bake apples with cinnamon and have that for dessert.

I know the foods and supplements can be costly, but here's what I did. I paid the bills I had to pay and got behind in others. I got a loan from a family member. I am still in debt but now I have my health back. Please don't let finances keep you from getting what you need to get well. Think about who in your life can help you, then make a plan to pay them back later when you can. For me, financial support from the He Cures All Foundation was not an option (although I certainly received a lot of loving assistance from Mel), but there is always a way if we are determined enough.

I took the supplements and MMS EXACTLY as described in the protocol page. For the record, I NEVER mixed protocols. If you do, there is no way to know what is helping and what is not. As for the MMS, I never got the nausea and GI herx. What did happen to me is that at 15 drops I got a terrible headache and dizzy and felt like I had to lie down. The feeling that it was unbearable passed after a little while. I was keeping a diary so I was pretty tuned in to my body at that point. I knew I was at my max. So even though the MMS seems scary, I think it is absolutely key to getting rid of this disease. I was fearful of it, but now I know that I didn't need to be.

As for cleaning, I used Borax, Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, and Kleen Green in my laundry and dried everything on high heat for a long time. I sprayed Kleen Green in my car, my boots and shoes, on the insides of my coats until I felt that I had that under control (after a few months). I washed my floor with a Swiffer and some type of cleaner that was non-toxic. I changed these periodically. I showered with Dr.Bonner’s soap and washed my hair with peppermint or tea tree products found in my health food store. After showering, I used unscented mineral oil with a few drops of tea tree, lavender, peppermint or neem oil on my skin.

These are things that worked for me, and I am not suggesting they should be followed by everyone, but I did spend a lot of time and money on a lot of products before I eliminated stuff that didn’t work. I never used Diatomaceous Earth, and think it could do harm.

In one of my first posts I wrote the following quote . . .

'We should ready ourselves to meet trials: the small and big ones of each day. They are the trials which we cannot help but encounter from one day to the next. It is a matter of realizing that God permits them not to discourage us, but so we can grow spiritually as we overcome them. There are two temptations to which we are vulnerable in these moments. One is to think we can go it alone. The other is the opposite, that is the fear of not making it, as if the trial were greater than our strength.'

I am grateful to all of you for your stories. I still read every single post on Mel’s forum, every day. If you don't have the caring support you need from people in your life, know that it is here in this online community.

9:11:06 PM

Hi Mel, Peter, other Aussies and fellow warriors,

Sonja has returned to full health and we catch up when we can. She has been a great help to me, as have people here. Thank you. Thank you Mel. Thank you Peter. Thank you John. It's important to acknowledge the good things in our life and what we are grateful for, especially when dealing with illness and adversity.

My health continues to improve, although I am beginning to notice some symptoms returning from time to time now that I am no longer on the full protocol. A clean diet has made such a difference in my life and I cannot emphasise its importance enough. I have been on the protocol for a few years now and this brought me to this point in my life where I am happy and the healthiest I have been in many many years. Mel's protocol was, for me and my child, the turning point in our lives where our downward health spiral turned around.

My little ray of sunshine, Charlie, is dealing with other issues and is struggling. He does, however, always remain upbeat and we work together to meet challenges.

It is so good t o hear that others are having some success with the Eucalyptus oil Mel. I use essential oils quite a lot at home. I have made up different concoctions for my skin and also regularly burn it in an oil burner at home. Lavender oil is great to burn at night when you're going to sleep - or you can put a few drops on your pillow. It is great for stress too. Eucalyptus oil makes a great cleanser around the house; it has natural antibacterial qualities, also tea tree oil. I like the sensory aspect of using aromatherapy - it adds another dimension to the healing process and makes you feel good.

I have also been focusing a lot on reducing stress and how I react to challenging situations. I know this is critical to improving health. Some of the things I find that help are exercise, music and talking to someone. Another thing I have been using with a lot of success is Bach Rescue Remedy. It is good when my mind starts to become a bit overwhelmed with worrying thoughts or anxiety. The healthier I get the more insight I gain I guess. It is a journey and it's not always smooth, and that's okay.

To my dear friend Mel, you have given us something like an anchor, in all of this. You have never wavered and are staunch. I see in you all that is good and right in humanity. Peter, even though we don't communicate very often, it feels so good to know that you are there and you always have a kind word or helpful advice. You do so much for this community and never waver. John's kindness led me to Mel and his wisdom and knowledge give us direction. It is easy and a bit of a 'fall back position' for me to feel isolated and out of touch, but, without me even knowing it you have become my family.

With gratitude and love

3:35:53 AM

Hello Folks

Dear Mel...

I want to say “thank you,” on behalf of everyone here, for recently sharing the information about Eucalyptus Oil with us. We now further see your “behind the scenes” involvement with a greater network of others who, through you, bring their own positive experiences to bear on us. The oil is demonstrating powerful properties, Bless you, brother!

Here is something more. I recently listened to an archived conference call from a few years back which reaffirmed something significant, as it applied to my own experiences. During the call, you discussed newly discovered information about a greater five week cycle where symptoms become more aggressively active. This is so true. And the communities back then new it. Now you and I are reminded of it. Nothing teaches like experience, no?

Here is a quick update on my health. I remain on the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol (for bioterrain support) and the extension kit (for fungal and anti-biotic support.) I am pulsing in a cycle of Collostrum every 6 months (for immune boosting.) I pulse in a cycle of Parabolish every 9 months (for parasitic control.) I look to organic seaweed to deliver additional food based iodine (to combat fatigue.) I continue to rotate between grapefruit seed extract (oil) and oil of oregano, usually alternating between the two every other night, or, when I think I may need them (for fungal protection.) Energy is good. Digestion is a little off, but I am correcting dietary choices.


I recently wrote in my “three years later” post that one must keep their mind focused on truth. So, I am inclined to share with you this truth. Two days ago, my left bicep and above my left wrist showed two white welts. I felt inflammation underneath them. Although this got my attention, I was not fearful. More so, disappointed. I have been symptom free here for over a year. I left them alone except for rubbing in some Eucalyptus oil. Talk about Mels timing, eh? And, of course, God’s perfect timing here.

Anyway, as I write this, they have reversed out, except for several little red dots that remain. These dots are classic indicators of trace Babesia, and a stern reminder that I still have co-infection to consider and that I must correct current eating habits that are not acceptable (like dark chocolate and pot luck deserts.) Make the corrections, and all is good.

So, I am suggesting to you that you change your definition of symptoms. Instead, a better choice is to consider thinking that inflammation, blotching, and other expressions are “singular” events that are simply our body’s various reactions as it heals infection. It makes more sense that an isolated welt does not signify that I have symptoms. It does not signal greater infection or re-infection. This played out as correct!


I cried today as I sat in my car looking across a parking lot at a homeless man. His cardboard sign said hungry, please help. As I watched, I counted 20 cars drive by and look the other way. The drivers were so preoccupied and so detached from this struggling soul. I looked up to GOD and whispered… “Look how much we have lost our way.” I went and visited him. It was good for both of us.

Stay the course. Make the bible your best friend and remain in a constant conversation with God. “Take the scary out of morgellons by trusting in the heavenly Father, not yourself,” And after all is said and done, watch out for what you think you know.

Strength and Love,

8:37:06 PM

Hi friends and fellow warriors,

It has been a while since I’ve written to you. I must truthfully say it’s not because you all have been absent from my mind. Quite the contrary, not a day goes by without me thinking of the blessing’s I have received from Mel, John and Peter. I must add I often read the writings from you warriors and I’m so blessed knowing you all are on this amazing cite receiving the assistance and guidance from these dedicated and knowable men. This disease of Morgellons that I acquired 27 months ago and now I’m in remission from has changed my life for the better.

Mel you were the first person to reach out to me and to guide me with your wisdom regarding Morgellons. You explained what I needed to do to achieve remission. You also directed me to John for the protocol system that has restored my health. I will continue using this system to maximize my health. Also, you sent my friend Peter to me. I cannot say enough about the dedication of this man. Peter was there through all my trials and tribulations, good and bad days. Peter you taught me a healthy way to eat that forever will be part of me. Also, many other things you offered such as advice on herbs that will detox and cleanse the body. You instilled in me to never give up and to keep moving forward that there would be better days ahead. Many hours the two of us have talked about our Lord and Master of this wonderful universe and I must say of me. Peter you are a jewel and I know you have put hours of research into the knowledge you so willingly gave not only to me but to many others you have helped.

Please forgive me for being so sentimental but all of you are such a wonderful part of my recovery, of that I’m so very thankful, and may I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I love you all…

All praise and glory goes to our Lord and Master who forever is with us through all trials and tribulations. James 1:2-4

May God Bless,


1:11:14 AM

Time again for my monthly update! I read the forum every night, but haven’t been posting much lately. I think it’s because I’m just tired by the time I finally get the time to sit in bed and click on my little blue bird icon at the top of my browser that brings me to our family meeting place here. I’ve had so many posts that I’ve written disappear in a blink after I’ve hit something on my keyboard. And once it’s gone, it’s gone on this website. No bringing it back. So, now I have to write it in Word and copy/paste it into the website. But, if I hadn’t written it in word and I’ve been on the website and the post gets deleted accidently, I give up and just don’t re-write the post. So that’s also why it seems I’ve been a little quiet.
Definitely writing this in Word first….On one hand, I’m busy and glad to be. I have good energy and lots of creativity flowing again. So much in fact, that I was motivated to pick up the project that halted after just starting to plan it last June when I was first symptomatic of MD. So, I’m back at scanning my wedding photos and I’m going to somehow make a picture arrangement on the wall of some wedding photos, my son’s baptism and First Communion. A wall of Sacraments. God willing, there will be several more to put up on that wall over the next 10-20 years… Confirmation, and later on either my son’s wedding or possibly ordination into priesthood, baptism of grandchildren… Only our Heavenly Father knows what He has in store for my boy. As parents know, he gives me great and deep joy to see him grow and to see what a good person he is becoming. Faith filled. Caring. Received an Academic Achievement award signed by President Obama….And I’m so thankful he’s also healthy. I don’t know how he has been spared from MD, but I’m eternally thankful. My heart goes out to all the parents here whose children have MD. You are incredibly inspirational people. When I think of if my son ever gets it and get scared, I just think of you all and it calms me down. I see that you are handling it so well even though I know how hard it must be to take care of yourself and them. You show us all that it is doable and not hopeless. Thank you from the deepest reaches of my heart.
I am in the midst on my 11 month on MMS. It was last June that I realized I had MD. It was July when I found Mel’s website. It was August when I started MMS. This one year anniversary is really bittersweet. I feel better, so much better. But, also, I realize that God isn’t ready for me to be done with this yet. I have to give Him my trust as I know that I will be 100% when He feels I am ready for it. I have to keep reminding myself of that undeniable fact and be patient. I am trying to stay grateful as I am sooo much better, clearly going to get healed of this eventually. But, we have to be mindful of our thoughts or they wander into negative thinking which the Enemy just loves. Sorry, I won’t give up my faith. Not ever.
Since my last post in May, I have had no more of those deep tissue vibrations. I have had a whole lot less purging as barely nothing is picked up in the morning lint roll of the sheets. I have some bumping on my face occasionally. Much less than ever before. Crawlies are much less, but still there. For the most part the frequency of them has decreased and the intensity of them is much less. I have really bad sinus congestion, but I think it is my allergies. Maybe some pollen in the area. It is so uncomfortable. I go through a box of tissue every two to three days. Mostly in the middle of the night, I awake and have to do a lot of blowing. Clear discharge but lots of it. It would be great if this was part of healing. But I think it is just allergies. I finally gave in and took a Benadryl tonight so I can hopefully breathe better.
I think that is all for this update. May God bless every one of you, may the peace of Christ be with you, and may you feel His deep love for you this night and all the days to come.
With Love, Mary

3:59:16 PM

Hello all!

We are at just about 22 months on the protocol. As far as M goes we have been doing very well. The kids are about 95% better. I still see a few symptoms in them now and again. When they are under pressure at school, they get a virus or we are having a moon cycle I will see some minor symptoms in them. As for me, I've been doing pretty great physically. I'm still trying to manage some skin symptoms. My symptoms at this point are little pimples on my face that heal fairly quickly. One could just shrug this off as a regular pimple but, of course we know better. I've had a little rash on my hand as well for a few months, It looks like eczema. I have a sort of static cling feeling sometimes and usually get shocked by touching metal when I have that feeling. With that said, it in no way stops me from living my life. These things are for the most part short lived. What I've noticed as of late with the majority of the physical symptoms gone, I am now dealing with some PTSD not only from M but, from everything else that has happened over the last decade, especially going through what I did with my son.

I was told that most parents need counseling to deal with going through a child with a cancer diagnosis. While I was having a conversation with my son's oncologist during a procedure that he was having, she stated that a childhood cancer survivor wrote her thesis on the effects on childhood cancer on parents vs children. While most children that were fairly young during treatment didn't not have PTSD from the experience, either one or both parents did suffer with this disorder. There are many reasons why this happen. Most people deal with these issues once treatment has ended or their child has passed. Because while you're going through it you're in pretty much a constant flight or fight mode. I never got the chance to deal with any of it because literally just as treatment was ending we got M.

I then was fighting for my own life and that took center stage. Besides dealing with the reality of the situation with what we went through and I do believe that the Morgellons fight has caused plenty of mental and emotional issues as well, I have also had a lot of normal emotional things going on. I know other women, mother's and wives could relate to. I believe these things are holding me back from getting a 100% well. I want to point out that when you're really sick with M nobody has the time to deal with any of these things. I guess this goes to show how well I am from morgellons. Life is a wild ride!

We have our ups and downs. Things change and people change that is why having a relationship with the Lord is so important. God is the one constant we can depend on regardless of what else is happening. Being completely honest in this post may seem that because of this struggle I am experiencing that my faith has wavered but, that's not the case. Without my faith in God, I would not be here today writing this post. It is because of his grace and mercy that I am still here today and I know that no matter what he will get me through this very temporary life.

One day we will not be dealing with the suffering of this earth. If there is one thing I could emphasize to all of you still in the depths of the morgellons fight is that don't put a timeline on your healing. Because life is a series of ups and downs. Just take it one day at a time and before you know it, you will get your life back. This fight is just another chapter in our book of life and this too shall pass. Have faith that God will get you through this.

I love you all here in this community! I have found my true friends and family in life through this website. Strong men who have become wonderful father figures for me. Strong women who have become my soul sister's. I'm am so very grateful for everyone here and I wouldn't change a thing because if I had not got this awful thing I would have never known all of you beautiful souls.

Love and blessings,


4:00:34 AM

Hiya all!
I wanted to swing through to give you all an update. I'll start with the kiddos, they are doing so much better and back to being THEMSELVES again. I can't tell you how many times during the day I just stare at them and thank GOD for their health and that the worst (as far as herxing goes) seems to be over for them. They are vibrant again, there are no dark circles under my one year old angel's beautiful brown eyes. My 2 year old can finally fall asleep at night without a fight because her body wouldn't shut off even though she was sooo tired. My 5 year old no longer complains of stomach pains and her chronic sinus stuffiness seems to be clearin. I cannot even remotely express the gratitude I feel for this site and for the protocol and all of you amazing people.
I am also feeling better, still having good days and bad days - though it seems that the good days are becoming more frequent and I know it will only continue to improve. I feel like my good days are gifts from God and little glimpses of hope amidst the darkness that has been consuming much of my life. When I feel good I feel SO good and just can't wait to feel like that every day. It helps me to remember that each day truly is a gift and to appreciate and enjoy it more deeply. There's no taking a good day for granted for me ever again! I don't think I ever mentioned that my maintenance dose of MMS is 20 drops. I've had to start taking it in veggie caps because I developed such an aversion to the taste that I found myself "accidentally" falling asleep before taking it at night which led to another small return of symptoms. Once I remembered hearing that I could take it in veggie caps I got excited about taking it again :-) As of right now my symptoms are some small scratches here and there, itching/small stings here and there, a few small lesions/scabs left on my scalp, intermittent brain fog, anxiety/depression here and there and occasional purging of micro fibers. I rarely have time to take MMS baths, but I did this Sunday and didn't have much of anything come out. It sure was relaxing though! Last week I had a 24 hour stomach virus/flu - I was miserable, but luckily it only lasted one day and I didn't ever throw up and my kids didn't get it either, woohoo! I keep getting complimented on how good I look, I just smile and say "thank you." When they want to know how I just tell them I changed up my diet and when I tell them what I gave up they look at me like I'm crazy, oh if they only knew...I learned long ago to stop worrying about what others think even though my Mother taught me very differently. My sweet little boy will be 4 months in 4 days! Time flies...he is SUCH a happy baby and my perfect ray of sunshine during this storm. He smiles and laughs all day. I feel as though he must be getting the benefits of the protocol from me and try not to worry about him, so far he has no symptoms. Please pray for me when it comes to my husband. He just can't seem to accept this as something real - he thinks it's all just nonsense and it sparked an argument between us last week. It was short lived as I did not have the desire nor the energy to participate in an argument but he was pretty upset and I know he just doesn't understand it becase he doesn't want to. I think the whole idea of it just scares him so he just feels the need to deny it. Well I figure that's a long enough update for now. My go to scripture lately has been: Phillipians 4:8 "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things." It helps to keep me on track with staying positive and not giving in to the negativity. God bless each and every one of you ? Love Jen and the littles

Bill M
7:29:28 PM

Good Day Everyone,

Well, some good news about research: a bill that would prioritize federal research on Lyme AND RELATED ILLNESSES, cleared an important hurdle in Congress last month, and may reach the Presidents desk by the end of the year. Why this takes so long is puzzling but it is a step in the right direction. I think lawmakers felt pressured from their constituents to move on this bill, and with more news in the media about profile people coming down with Morgellons and/or Lyme disease.

I have previously mentioned that changing my diet was the best thing that happened to me. Had I not come down with Morgellons - Lyme disease, I know I would still be eating what I thought was the good stuff.

A few nights ago I went to my sisters house for a get together and a number of guests bought dishes to share. Talk about junk food!.....which in the past I would consider good healthy food........chips, salsa, chicken wings, hamburgers, potatoes, beans, etc, etc. Because I didn't eat beforehand, I did partake of some of the offerings. BAD decision....the next day I was lethargic, not feeling well, heavy fatigue, itching in my feet and hands. I went right back to my healthy foods and back to feeling great. It takes discipline but it is worth it because when you eat feel right.

Keep up the fight people....and you will be rewarded. In August it will be four years when I first started having symptoms and when I look back now, yes, it was tough going for the first two years but I wasn't going to let some bacteria get the best of me. That's when I became a warrior......and fought to the finish. Fight like hell to win the battles and in time you win the war!

Prayer, discipline, and toughness!!!!!!!

Blessings to all,
Bill M

9:08:54 PM

Hello Everybody

June marks my 3 year anniversary of my journey with Morgellons, and I am well! Mel asked me to make an honest post about what I have learned these last three years. So, I am just going to throw it out there. This will be a potpourri of personal truths meant to share the best of what God has delivered and my recovery.

Core truth… Thoughts lead your feelings

Left untended, the mind will wander to who knows where. We must always be certain that our minds don’t wander from the “safety of truth.” Purposely obey Philippians 4:8,
“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – “MEDITATE ON THESE THINGS”

Mel’s Truth….Leadership, perseverance, dedication

Follow the guiding principles. Focus only on the cure. There is no silver bullet, but there are bullets. There is no quick fix, but there is a way to remission. Dedicate completely to this protocol. Adhere to the sum of the parts. Practice daily discipline and do the work. Do not mix protocols. “Fully” accept that it will take time to get well. Expect that it has to get worse before it gets better. Pay it forward. Never, ever, lose hope.

“You have my eternal gratitude for saving my life! Words cannot express the respect I have for you.” I love you, Brother.

Johns Truth…Restore your bio terrain and you will heal

Morgellons involves co-infection with secondary parasites that compromise immunity. Give the body adequate support across the broad spectrum of what it requires, and disease does not flourish. Practice fellowship and accept Christ into your life. Be charitable. Do more for others than you do for yourself. Always practice radical humility. Think from the end backwards.

“Thank you for being my mentor, my counselor, my encourager, my protector, my brother in Christ, and my friend! Charity towards everyone lies within you always.”

My truth……”This is what I did….This is what I now know”

Dedicate your time completely to reading all of the content developed here before you visit other sites. Then, dedicate your research to include reading every article on the Logos Nutritionals web site. Learn everything you can about nutrition and the physiology of the body. Then, let your food become your medicine and watch your medicine become your food.

Care not about where Morgellons came from. It does not matter. Instead, simply accept Morgellons as co-infection and not anything mysterious or alien. Rather than fear your disease, become intimate with it. Develop your own internal instincts and learn to listen and rely on your own ability to know what is correct, apart from the influence of others. Don’t be scared!

God has a role in this. Don’t discount that! Find him. Draw close to him. Discover his word. Learn to trust in God, not yourself. Then, give any fear over completely to him. Practice prayer. Develop faith. Faith will allow you the strength to settle into slow and steady. It is through faith that you develop patience. This is how Gods grace allows healing. It is these things that take the “scary” out of Morgellons. This is how you simplify any crisis. And there will be many.

YOU MUST AVOID TOXIC DISTRACTIONJS……”Why I simply call it infection”

Some have said its advanced nanotech. Some have said it is a reaction to industrial nanoparticles. Some have said it is Lyme. Some have said nematode. Some have said fungus. . Some have said parasitic wasps. Some have said fruit flies. Some have said thrips, rotifers, spring tails and collembola. Some have said it is the body ridding itself of toxins. And the list goes on and on.

“It does not matter because it does not change it. What does change it is focusing on immunotherapy.”

I will end, for now, with this. I remain close to complete remission, largely because of what I have written here today in these truths. I offer them, completely in the hope that they will benefit you in your battle. I will continue to work to try to be of service to this community and provide details about issues that I believe to be compelling. Until then, please know that I pray earnestly each and every day for every one of you stricken. Be affirmed, and fully convinced that you are on the right path. “Stay the course.”


9:38:05 AM

Hello again,

I would like to say a few words about my experience up to this point.

I started the protocol two and half years ago was maybe one of sickest people with this condition you can imagine.

In the summer of 2013 I contacted Peter and from there the healing began. In January 2014 began to get all of the protocol and eat a cleaner diet!

After I began to see some positive changes but realized I needed to make some mental changes in order to Truly get well.

when I look back now I really think worry and stress set this sickness off and once it took hold I was in the ride of my life.

Divorce, chapter 7, DUI, poor living conditions all this before the morgellons set in, if you new all the things that has happened to me in the last 5 years you wouldn't believe me anyway and Mel says no horror stories. It would be a best seller for my mother says.

So on with the changes and I have made progress, thanks to God prayers and Mel's website
I do feel like I will beat this morgellons illness, my skin issues still exists but at a different level than before.

I do mean a positive change in health with the mental being the hardest to over come maybe just as bad as the disease it selfish.
I really knew it was going to take a long time to get this under control and being the impatient I was always looking for the quick fix but it never existed.

Getting controlled of your self and calming down is really going to be a must or nothing else will fall into place. I might be messed up still but not the train wreck I was, my dear 78 year old mother can see and hear the difference.

All I can tell you is the people on this website that have gotten well and tell their story has saved my life.

If not for this surely I would be dead but, God had other plans for me.

My best to you all and never give up HOPE!

10:27:24 AM

Hi everyone!!

So as a lot of you here know I have been a part of this site for a few yrs now. This has been my place for refuge, knowing, sanity! The medical system has refused to be of any help to me!

In 2010 when I first got Morgellons I tried to go the traditional route, going to hospitals,doctors, dermatologists only to get diagnosed with DP!
Honestly they caused more harm to me, by prescribing me medications for bipolar and steroid creams for my skin..

I lost my families trust due to this diagnosis and treatment. They all feared I went crazy And to some degree, due to this overwhelming condition I did..

I was so alone, isolated, afraid and fearing for my sons health!
It wasn't until I empowered myself and decided that I wasn't going to let mainstream medicine decide my fate, that through prayer I discovered this
web site and the many other people who were well or fighting to get well!!

God has lead me to a place where after yrs of detox I have found comfort in my body!

I continued to try to find cooperative MDs but have yet to find anyone in 5 yrs that has been receptive or helpful!

My sons doctor believes this is an emerging condition but has been of no help only offering referrals to out of state doctors who don't take insurance, and on top of that when I spoke to their front office receptionist, she said "they offer no guarantee, another says he has no experience with it ...

Also the Lyme doctor I went to, was a joke. A messy office only tested for
co-infections, no Lyme test, all though when I asked him numerous times are we testing for Lyme, he kept saying co-infections, but left me with the impression we were testing for Lyme!!
He later told me my co-infections were negative, but Lyme test would be out of pocket expense.. I won't be seeing that doctor again!!!

As I've said we have to empower ourselves to find our own treatment plan with protocol ,diet ,exercise, sun!

The MDs are wasting time diagnosing people with DP!
I'm not waiting on them to help me or my son!

Thank God I have this forum, Mel, my friends here and the love of God on my side. I still think we should advocate and educate responsibly, there is valid information that can be shared with your medical doctors but don't be surprised or hurt when they can't help, and you have to help yourself..

I think at least they can know the face of someone with Morgellons and the realness of it .. Eventually our story will be heard!! Just don't wait to treat yourself, don't depend on MDs, empower yourself with the knowledge to heal yourself!!

I've been on the protocol for over two yrs and have regained a comfortable state of being .. No crawling, itching, stinging, I'm not 100% quit yet but I know I'm on my path to full recovery with the tools I've learned here ;)-

My love

2:47:45 AM

Hello Folks

Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

June will mark three years on the protocol for me. I am 61 years old. Here is where I was three years ago when I began Mel’s protocol and Morgellons was ravaging my body. Chronic fatigue; immobilizing back pain; arthritic knees; gastrointestinal re-flux disorder; anxiety and depression; slurred speech; shuffling feet; lesions; brain fog, and on numerous pharmiceuticals. Not a pretty picture.

Here is where I am today. I am 61 years young! I have energy again. I have no more chronic joint pain. I have great digestion again. I am free from depression and anxiety. There is no brain fog. I take no pharmaceuticals. Now you know why I cry. They are tears of joy.

I remain on the full protocol. I am currently on a maintenance dose of 15 drops MMS 4 nights per week. A teaspoon of silver morning and evening. Additional vitamin D3 and B12 daily along with Monolaurin for my extra viral load. I pulse three specific tinctures to address Lyme and Bartenella co infection because I am convinced this is what remains in my right arm.

I shampoo with Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo for the combined properties of the neem oil and plantain enzymes. Nothing else is needed. Scalp and hair are normal again. Only an occasional tingling sensation. I use Kleen Green for shaving. No itching in nose or ears.

I alternate brushing my teeth using three approaches. Myrrh tincture for its antiseptic properties. Good for the gums and breath. MMS to eliminate biofilm and related plaque. Sea salt and baking soda mixed together to whiten teeth and restore oral tissue.

For laundry, I combine Odoban , enzymes, borax, and Arm and hammer detergent. There are no residual fibers in my clothes and I can get more than one wear from clothing.

I continue to rotate anti fungals. Three to five drops oil of oregano under the tongue two or three times a week. Grapefruit seed extract once a day. Grape seed extract a couple times per week. Fresh basil and rosemary here and there. Garlic every day. Ginger a couple times per week. And I eat a garden of vegies a week.

I walk most everyday and get as much sun as the weather will allow. I try for 7 hours sleep each night. Resting pulse is 68 to 71. Blood pressure is excellent. Still have occasional fatigue.

There you have it. I call it remission! I am whole again. Morgellons has taught me that structure and discipline enrich daily living and bring the peace and fulfillment that hap hazard living did not.

Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing, and that there is no recovery except in the fulfillment of this obligation. Stay committed. Remain patient. Work the protocol and take your health back. By faith, through grace, God will fulfill the promise! It just takes time.I remain as your proof of this.


2:56:54 PM

Hello Everyone,

As some of you know, I'm still quite new here: I've been on the diet and protocol supplements for about 2 months, and I started MMS about 3 weeks ago (currently on 2 drops).

I was not planning on starting my own healing-journey thread, as I'm a very private person. But ever since stopping by this forum, I've been embraced with such kindness and help. So whatever I can do to contribute, in the form of encouragement and/or lessons passed along, would be an honour. I hope to pay it forward, just as I've been inspired by the courageous journeys of so many here. Monica, Justin, Twiggy, Peter, Ellen...and many more. I hope you guys realise what a light you're shining for those of us still reeling from disbelief, fear and grief.

A few days ago, Mel called me - all the way to Africa! My husband answered the phone. At first, I was in such a state of shock that I gesticulated wildly to him to say I'm not home ('she says, blushing furiously'!). Sorry, Mel, I was/am so in awe of you and all that you do for others. Guess I was a bit starstruck :)

Morgellon's does that to some of us, it turned me from an outgoing person into someone who feels very scared, ashamed, and who is always hiding. But Mel immediately relaxed me with his warmth and gentle reassurances. I felt validated for the first time in a very long while. And then he said it: 'Honey, we didn't do anything wrong to get this thing...' Bingo! A light went on for me. With those words, he instinctively lifted the painful burden that we had somehow brought this disease onto ourselves, that we're 'damaged goods', or to blame. Thank you, Mel. You helped me lift my head up again.

At 2 drops of MMS, I'm already seeing improvements. Crawling is down by 60%! (I'm purging mostly tiny black specks and foil-like glitter.) I still find this quick improvement hard to believe. Occasionally I'll hit a few bad hours or a night of itching and heart palpitations, but I'm learning to accept these times as a sign that the treatment is working, cleaning my body of multiple toxins. Despite short bouts of insomnia when I itch, I'm generally sleeping much better. Anxiety and mood swings are all over the place but, again, I see this as part of the healing process as I purge on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

God bless all here who are blazing the trail for those coming after. I have only the deepest respect, gratitude, and love for you in my heart.

All glory be to the One.


1:45:38 AM

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying a nice May wherever you are in this world. Here we have had some rains that are welcome due to a very dry winter. It almost felt like Christmas weather for a day or two. So, it’s been hard to get as much sun this month. Still I manage and it feels so relaxing. I need to get my D levels checked, but I don’t have easy veins to find, so I am not eagerly setting up appointments. I am setting a goal to do this in June.
I am in my 10th month on MMS and sadly, seem to have had a set back. I don’t know exactly why, but the crawlies really started up again. One day they were all over my body. Yuk, disgusting and depressing. It was strange because I had just had some super great days of feeling almost none at all and then it’s like a whole new crop of them sprouted. I got real tired too, and I don’t know if that was due to the MD being more active or if it was due to my stress and angst at the situation. Both probably served to drain me. I got pretty down. I had a meltdown yesterday and was having a big pity party. I kept telling myself to stop, but wasn’t winning the battle. I am a terrible sufferer even though I strive to unite my suffering with Jesus’ and offer it up for Him to apply to the interests of his sacred heart. Redemptive suffering makes good come from our suffering. So, I’ve been taught to offer it up. But, I was hardly able to get those words out. It was rough. Clearly, I will never be a saint, they suffer so and never complain.
Today though, my mood is much more positive and my energy was good. The craling sensations are still stronger than they had been and more frequent. But they are less than the other day. I think the whole thing could have started by eating Ciopino or the daily Kind bar I had been having. The fish and seafood stew didn’t have anything bad in it: no soy, dairy, added sugar, that is if they told me the truth. I have eaten tomato based meals the whole time, whether it be chili, chicken cilantro spaghetti sauce, or tacos with tomato sauce in the meat. So, why would the stew's tomato broth cause this? But, maybe too much protein and not enough alkaline (aka: veggies). That is the hardest part for me. I’m a protein person and not much into veggies. The way I get veggies is to put onions, celery, tomatoes, cucs, and avocado into my chicken and egg salads with my homemade mayo and sugar free mustard. I put avocado with my scrambled eggs for breakfast with a handful of almonds on the side. I just don’t eat salads except maybe 2x/week. I do eat lots of that cauliflower curry rice which is all cauliflower, onions, coconut oil, curry and sliced almonds. For dinner we tend to have steamed artichokes and green beans as sides. And, I snack on celery and hummus or celery and sunbutter. I’m just not a daily salad for lunch person like so many seem to be here. Maybe I need to work on that.
Well, we’ll see how it goes the next few days. I hope it keeps getting better. I cut the Kind bars out for now. It is weird if they were the culprit because I’d have one a day for months with no problems. So confusing.
I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and weekend! God Bless you all.
Lots of Love, Mary

5:08:39 AM

Hi All!

Had a bit of a rough week, but it's all my fault. I've been so good about keeping up with the diet and protocol, until this weekend. We went to a baby shower and I gave in and had some sweets. NOT a good idea, don't do it! But once again, I was able to find my solace here and get myself back on track. Trying to find time to read the word and pray more often, as I feel it helps my anxiety tremendously. I was able to sneak away for an afternoon run today, and it felt so good. I've had the sudden urge to get out and just run, kind of like Forrest Gump - perhaps it comes from wishing I could run away from this situation. But I can't and I won't, I know I have to face it and fight...for my littles and for myself. Just feeling a little overahelmed, mainly because the fatigue/brain fog is really hitting me hard this week and trying to keep up with 4 kiddos is HARD when all you want to do is sleep. Just hoping it passes soon. There are so many things I want to do, but there are never enough hours or energy in my days. Perhaps God is trying to tell me I need to slow down. I'mThank you so much for your responses and encouragement, Shari thank you sooo much for your prayers and for thinking of me on Mother's Day. I think you're a Monster too and loved reading how you're getting excited about the diet and trying new things! I'm also having a hard time keeping up with the cleaning. I do the best I can, but when I run out of time or energy it often makes me feel anxious. Anywho, I need to get some shut eye and my thoughts are all over the place so I'm going to call it a night. Praying for you all!! XoXo

12:38:41 AM

Hello everyone!
A bit of an update for you all since I know I have been absent for quite some time and I have been quite selfish in taking time to myself to try fixing my living situation, my emotional issues, and take a step back to try to fix my life back up a bit.

My health is looking okay for now. I am still trying to heal myself daily, never faltering from the protocol supplements, diet, and rest.

My energy levels are usually up there for the most part, I haven't had brain fog in months. I haven't had the itchy crawlies for months, except for tonight, which is why I felt so inclined to post.
I am now able to work a full time job and have a social life. Though I am still somewhat to myself because I have accustomed to being okay with being alone, and liking it a lot. Still dealing with the M thing, I'd rather be to myself.

I was quiet for a while because my eating disorder came back with a raging vengeance, sadly. I couldn't exactly seek as much treatment as I'd like to with having to stick to our diet and unable to explain anything about M to doctors willing to help with eating disorders... so I had to really be strong and fight my own problem and fix it. On top of that my living situation was not looking too great because of my crazy family and simply thinking M and the diet is part of my eating disorder. Things were just so complicated and jumbled, it took a lot of time to untangle the mess and I'm stil trying to clean it up a bit and find my own solutions as to what to do to cleanse my life and feel happy with myself again.

I owe a lot of my healing to the lemon, cayenne pepper, and grade b maple syrup water. I saw the most amazing results of healing from detoxing off of the mixture.

I also still juice my fruits and veggies every day and have kept up with my raw vegan diet. I have done a lot of studying of the raw vegan food pyramid and am very happy to say that I now know so much more about nutrition that most vegans or crazy health freaks. ;) I am in love with the raw vegan style and feel like I am pampering my body, plus my tase buds have never ever done a dance at a piece of lettuce or tomato or an olive... now I have strange cravings for vegetables that my body needs and they taste so A M A Z I N G it's insane.

I'm currently very happy with my job working at a juice bar... now looking great with some organic makeup and styling my hair with organic products. I'm enjoying some wigs here and there. Keeping up with laundry has been hard since my washer and dryer broke. I've been going to laundromat to wash my clothes and they don't have any top loader washing machines. Then I take the wet clothes from the wash and hang them in my back yard... which isnt so pleasant lately now that it's getting warmer and the buggies are out so it looks like I'm going to start having to use the dryers at the laundromat instead of saving money via clothes line. Oh well....
I am exercising for an hour 5 days a week and the sweating has been so beneficial. This is the first time in a while I'm able to work out and keep up with it, actually the first time in my life I actually have an exercise routine since I was so lazy before M and unhealthy.

My skin is looking fabulous because of my green juices and the amount of sunlight I make sure to soak up daily. :)
Keeping up with the cleaning and showering on a daily basis.
Just like everyone else, I have my good and my bad days. Health wise, emotional wise, family wise... but I am very very happy with where I am at in my healing right now. Not afraid to go out to eat anymore, I'm a little rabbit eating salad everywhere I go and I'm proud of it! :)

Well, I'm going to catch up on some reading tomorrow, perhaps post some more since I seem to be coming out of my cave for the summer after this harsh winter. I hope everyone is well.

12:52:44 PM

Hello everyone,

I thought I would also come on here and express how I am progressing, I have been taking the protocol along with the MMS and I am feeling so much better.

I begin a temporary job, that I enjoyed so much, and the other night, I decided that I was so tired of looking like an old woman, because my hair has turned so gray, now I know that you all are going to think that I am out of my mind, but this gray hair I feel, was doing something to me mentally, it made me so depressed and I wanted my life back.

I lost sooo much, and I wanted to give more to my children, because they have suffered as well. So I decided to put a rinse in my hair,to get rid of the grey...not a great idea, I tried this before, I know, I know stupid right, but I so wanted to feel better, so I figured I would just put it on the hair and not let it fall on the scalp, because before it fell in my scalp and cause me to get pink eye, so I was very careful, so I thought... not to let it get on the scalp.
So for my foolishness I got two pink eyes instead of one this time. So I warned you guys, DON'T DO THIS!

I was feeling great, less itching, less purging, less crawling, more energy...then I was told my assignment had ended, no I am NOT excited about that but I am thankful that the pink eye happen after that news, otherwise I would have been fired for taking off. They are in the process of finding me another assignment.

I have been trying to rush this thing, but slow and steady wins this race. Keep your head up everybody...God is working it out. I'm seeking first the kingdom and God's righteousness and believing that ALL these things shall be added unto me.

Take care, love you Mel !!


Bill M
2:09:03 AM

Good Day Everyone:

HEALTH UPDATE: It has been quite some time since I posted so I thought I would give you an update on my health. For the many of you that do not know me, I started on Mel's protocol in December of 2011, and after 34 months I was symptom free. It took me longer since during my healing I would convince myself that I could now start eating regular foods and have dessert, or maybe even have a beer or two. Well, the results of that mindless decision was an extended recovery time. LESSON: don't do what I did and stay with the protocol and diet.

HEALING: Let's face it, when taking the protocol and changing our diet and lifestyle, doesn't it seem like it will never end because our world was turned upside down. I dreaded those first few months but I did survive, and I think for all of us who have reached the 100% goal, when we look back it was difficult to go through but in the end for whatever reason, at least for me, it seems so long ago. And we must remember that for the rest of our lives we now know how to eat healthy, and to eat and drink in moderation.

FOOD: My BREAKFAST is 2 eggs (cage free), Traders Joes gluten free oatmeal ( w/ 2 tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, and a large table spoon of Greek yogurt), 2 slices of Spelt bread (no butter, I use coconut oil), and almond or coconut milk. I skip LUNCH, but I will munch on natural almonds during the afternoon hours. The almonds are very good for you and are very filling. For DINNAR I will have a salad of baby spinich, red bell peppers, red onion, or radishes, parsley, and definitely lots of cilantro. I may also eat a sweet potato, organic brown rice, or quinoa. If I eat meat it will be a cage free chicken, usually from Whole Foods since most supermarkets do not offer cage free chickens. For all the veggies I try to buy organic as much as possible. Keep in mind that you don't have to buy organic any vegetable or fruit that has a "shell"......avacados, oranges, bananas, onions, etc.
If I don't have an avacado or banana for breakfast or dinner then I may have either one as an afternoon snack.
Please note that I don't always stick to this every single day, so I try to be creative for some meals and try different veggies or fruits. Or some day if I don't want to prepare a meal, I may go to my local Whole Foods market and eat their prepared foods, which are very good and they offer a vast selection of organic items. Whole Foods can be expensive but if you just eat the prepared veggies you can fill yourself for between 6 to 8 dollars.

LYME DISEASE: I wrote previously that I was supposed to be tested for Lyme in December but the doctor had to cancel on me a couple of times, but this last month I was finally tested and the results came back positive. I do not have chronic Lyme so I just go on with my life but I keep myself aware of any symptoms, and for me the symptoms could be pimpling on my chest, itching on my scalp and my butt.
Right now my immune system is very healthy, thanks to the protocol and my diet, so I have been able to cut back on some of the supplements and have added other herbs which seem to work very well.

LIFESTYLE: From the very begining when I first found out that I had Morgellons I told myself that I would NEVER, NEVER, let this insidious bateria take me down. I was determined to put up a fight and I knew in my mind that I was going to win!
As of last month I reached my 70th year on this earth and yes, as far I am concerned I won the fight against Morgellons and Lyme.
So now I move on with my journey in this world: today I went with some friends and rode my motorcyle in the mountains. I ride my bicycle 4 times a week (high intensity interval training), and I also do strength training. I have a good social life and go dancing at least twice a week (just learning the West Coast Swing).
Through my church I am involved in a number of different volunteer projects within our community, and the feeling of giving back,I think, is part of the healing process. It is so rewarding for the mind and soul.
If you think young, you can stay young, in mind and body. And now I begin the second half of my life...... LOL

Please remember that if you keep the faith, and fight the fight, you may lose some battles but in the end you will win the war......and that's a good thing...... :)

Blessings to all of you,
Bill M.

2:24:05 AM

Hello Folks

I hope everyone is doing well. First, I want to remind you that there is a conference call this Sunday, May 3rd. I hope everyone who is able will join in because I believe the topic is an important one.

These last 3 weeks have been very difficult for me. It began with getting the flu and then going through some very alarming experiences that I would like to share. I hope some of what I will describe is meaningful. I think there are things we can realize from them. Physically, this flu started with a fever and a severe burning sensation in my lungs. I got very weak and very tired and had to take several days off of work. There were night sweats, blurry vision, hand tremors (shaking) and a mental flux between depression and anxiety. Old familiar symptoms that reminded me of when I was really sick early on.

Being sick has taken me on a roller coaster ride. I have had to put some things into proper perspective and I have had to reexamine other things. Like why was my vision blurry? And why the mental funk? I don’t really know for certain. But this is what I do know. I was not paying attention to certain things that the disease has already taught me that I must. Like how important it is to maintain a regular bedtime schedule. Like how important it is to manage stress and to exercise daily. Like taking time for myself! And of course remaining disciplined in my dietary choices.

Here is what else is important. Remember to fall back to basics when you get out of balance. Understand that you may get a cold or you may get the flu, but these are OK. They can lead you to discover that your immune system is working. I came through it and I am back on track. Energy has finally returned. The night sweats have ended. My vision is no longer blurry and I am no longer depressed or anxious.

However, this was a wake up call in a very huge way. Remind yourself each day that balance in all matters of life is part of remission and remaining well. I again fully accept this, especially at my age. Morgellons is to some degree a chronic disease. Accept this too, and allow yourself to see that you must be paying daily attention to healthy habits. Manage stress, eat clean, and get regular exercise and adequate rest. Do not deviate from these.

I will try to catch up on reading your posts and responding where I might be of help. I love you all. Stay patient, stay committed, stay disciplined and stay in the word. Remember to draw closer to God each day. He will then no doubt draw closer to you. You all remain in my prayers for a complete return to health.

Strength and Love,

5:18:55 AM

Aloha all,

Thank you so much for your lovely responses and prayer. It really is refreshing to have a place to come and feel safe and inspired by some true rockstars. I have had a marvelous week, after a discouraging one - knowledge is power and if I didn't have this site I wouldn't think I was winning, BUT I do have it and am sooo thankful for each and every post ever made. Because of the information on this site I KNOW I'm whooping these Morgys (thanks for the fun nickname!) My 3 angels seem to be doing much better too. I can recognize when they are going through a purge, and it seems like they are getting more and more mild each time. One big change I've made this week is to REALLY put God first and search him. I know I'm enduring this for a reason and I've fully surrendered myself to him. I can honestly say I've never felt more amazing than when I let go and let God. One of the best pieces of advice I've ever gotten and want to share here is the 3 best forms of defense against attacks from the enemy: scripture (read it, memorize it, repeat it) / prayer (pray without ceasing), worship (alternate this with praying all day, sing songs of praise even when you don't feel like it). In addition, if you rebuke the enemy he MUST flee from you. I had a rough week last week, started doing this consistently this week and I feel like a million bucks. Doing all I can to keep up with the kiddos, cleaning and trying to get enough rest. Wish I could share more but need to get some sleep. The intense fatigue and depression has lifted. I did reintroduce some fruits in my diet, noticed a slight increase in itching, but not bad considering where I've come from! I've been having fun cooking healthy meals as well, it's hit or miss with the kiddos though, coconut curry was a hit tonight. Blessings to you all!

10:36:45 PM

Happy April Everyone!
I am so happy that there is so many people posting and connecting with each other here lately. It helps me to fight off the loneliness of this condition. No one I know has it. So, it’s just all of you here that keep me company during this looooong journey. Well, of course, I have to say our Heavenly Father is with me every day, but as far as actual people… I hope it all keeps going just like it is with new people joining in saying they’ve been reading and have been on the protocol for a couple months. That’s so cool to finally hear from some silent warriors.
I’m almost through my 9th month on MMS. I feel fabulous. The only thing I’ve had since last month are the red, itchy bumps (would be like a pimple except for theyre itchy). These are only really surfacing on my face. There was a period when they were on my neck every day or so, a new one. Then they moved to my forehead and jaw line. A couple has come on my face near my nose. But, the rest of my body is clear. So, I don’t think it is anything environmental. I really think this is the last hold out of this stuff, in my face. They must have been hiding there and now the MMS is killing them and my body is pushing it out. They are leaving a bit of a “scar” a dark purplish coloration. But the ones on my neck are fading and a few are gone. So I’m hopeful the ones on my face will do the same. No one notices anything, they just think it’s acne. So, it’s no biggy. I do use natural foundation over the spots to go to work. And my health food store brand blush and colored lip glosses. I’ve been using regular mascara for months now, which I know isn’t good. But, I think the health food store brand was causing that rash on my eyelids. And, If I don’t look alert and healthy, clients will not want to come to me. I need to keep the business going. But, I think that since I stopped all the other hair weaving with bleach and the hair products with silicone and the unhealthy body lotions….I’ve really detoxed my body well. I’ve lost 35 pounds since starting and I’d like to lose one more dress size. But, really, all I really want is to be 100% healed. I just feel so healthy now with all that weight off. I’ll hope to start jogging and biking again soon.
I also noticed this month that the purging has dropped dramatically. I judge this by the amount of microfibers on my sticky lint roller after rolling my sheets each morning. Barely any and the ones that are there are real tiny little pieces. I never could see it in my clothes, but I’m shortening the wash cycle and not using all that extra water now due to the drought here. Fires this weekend and smoke in the sky. So, we are really starting to hurt for lack of rain. I’m thinking that I bet the Kleen Green in the wash isn’t really doing that much anymore and that really the borax and laundry detergent is probably enough with the hot dryer. I handwash some clothes in MMS, but don’t see any fibers in the water. So, I dunno. Is it still needed? I’ve been back in my closet and drawers now for a month or two and all is fine there.
I don’t have very many crawling sensations anymore. They are still there, but very little. They have not increased but only decreased this last month.
Food, I’ve started eating the brown rice bread, a slice toasted with a fried egg and slice of tomatoe for breakfast. I seem to tolerate it well, but when I started eating more than that one slice, I think I felt more crawling a day later. So, keeping it at one slice a day for now.
Celebrating my 50th birthday this week. I can’t believe I’ve been on this planet for 50 years. It’s amazing how fast it seems to go. I look forward to having another 50 years of good health though! This MMS adds years onto our lives. So, who knows ?
I’m praying for all of us always! Looking forward to seeing how much better we’ll all be next month.
Blessings, Mary

8:06:43 PM


Just wanted to update. Ive decided to be a turtle and take the race slowly since it seems to be working for me. Still trucking along. I start the second set of supplements next week. I plan on adding the mms a month after that.

I've been having pricking sensations again these past few days. I'm not concerned about it. It seems to pop up from time to time.

Yesterday I read a article about Morgellons that really upset me. The writer was "sympathetic" to people with Morgellon "delusions". Them vs us mentality is dangerous,especially when pity is involved. I clicked the article hoping to read the work of a good journalist with something insightful to say. Won't be doing that again. No wonder so few people speak up in this forum. No one wants to appear crazy.

TMI time. Over the past few days I've been losing wirey hairs from my chest. So even though I'm feeling bites again, I know the Morgys are dying brutal deaths. (I started to call them Morgys to further diminish their power.)

Random question but does anyone know anything about the red dots that are left behind after some "bites"? I dont have any new ones, but a still have ones from when my bites were something fierce. Are these marks something that eventually go away?




4:33:01 AM

Aloha all,

I've been wanting to post here for quite some time but haven't had the chance or been in the right mind to do so, but I have been reading when I can. Finishing up my 2nd month on the protocol and I definitely see the progress, though I know I have a long way to go from what I've been reading. Right now I'm going through the phase of serious brain fog (I feel like I'm completely out of it most of the time) also purging of micro fibers, some scratches and small lesions here and there and anxiety/depression. When I first contacted Mel I was 8 months pregnant with my 4th child (first son) and terrified. My husband and I were trying to save money for a move and decided we'd live with his grandparents for a few months, I believe that's where I started to get bit by something. My symptoms then were horrible lesions (at least 30 on each arm and same one my legs, trunk and scalp) and itching/crawling. I went through the whole trip to the doctor, antibiotics, premetherin,and a biopsy only to be told I had a pregnancy rash/eczema! Then I noticed the black specs and through more research discovered the horror stories all over the internet. I was absolutely terrified and lost it a few times and then God led me here. What's funny is I had no doubts and knew this is where I needed to be from the very beginning. I contacted Mel and he calmed me down and told me exactly what I needed to do. I got myself started as soon as I could scrounge up the money to do so. Unfortunately my 3 beautiful angels also began presenting with symptoms (5 yr old, 2 yr old and 1 yr old). This hit me even harder because they are so young. Thankfully I caught theirs pretty early and started them on a partial protocol right away so they never got as bad as me. I'm also a wellness advocate for an essential oil company so I had been using oils on them and myself. I want to try and post here as often as I feel well enough to do so. It's not easy fighting this disease, not to mention fighting it with 4 children that are all 5 and under plus breastfeeding an infant. Most days I just feel exhausted. That's why I felt the need to stay up late and post here tonight, when I have a particularly hard day (like today) I am able to find peace and strength through this website and I wanted to thank all of you fellow "warriors" for providing me with the strength I need to keep fighting the good fight. I know God is refining me and I have to keep reminding myself when I have those "why me" feelings. I only hope I can give back by providing hope for someone else through my experiences. I've always felt that I was put on this earth to do great things but I suppose I must first endure great training. Please know that I am praying for you all and ask you to please do the same for me and my babies.

11:32:38 AM

Hello everyone!

It's been far too long since I've checked in but I just wanted to updated you all on my progress. I will be approaching 1 year in April. This year has had it ups and downs emotionally but this fight I'm battling (Morgellons) "Oh I'm winning"!

Crazy because I before I realized I had this disease, my faith was everything (although still a work in progress) God has bought me to a place that I "truly" realized all my strength lye's through him. Through faith and the founder and people of this forum, I have LIFE. (I'm getting emotional and want to cry). I'm so grateful!

Almost one year later and I'm doing great! I'm not sure what my percentage is but I barely have any itching, biting and crawling. I've remained true to the diet and protocol. My body is still deposing of stuff and my hair is my biggest challenge a it's the only thing that annoy's me. Overall, I've never felt better!

For a while, I was trying to fall into a depression, financial I was struggling and falling back on bills trying to afford the protocol. All I can keep emphasizing is FAITH! I've had some doors open for me, it's still a struggle but I'm staying above water.

On another note "The Struggle" living in a house with a family of 5, my husband, 1 adult child, 1 teen, and twins...who (I can tell) clearly has M but know one wants to believe or think anything is wrong with them. This is where emotionally I become overwhelmed. It's so much that I would like to express but as you know I'm not quit the writer, I really had to sit a focus to write this.

I can't thank you enough Mel, John, Peter and everyone that partakes on the forum. I've been on the conference calls. I still try to keep up on the post when I can.

Life is a Blessing and everyday I'm counting it joy even when theirs suffering. God has shown me that, he wouldn't put anything on me that I cant handle!

Be encouraged!

Love Tee

6:40:22 PM

Hello everyone,
So I'm almost in the end of my 7th month of taking the protocol.I have been very busy between work and my son.Every month it gets a little better. Still struggling with sleep though. I'm right behind you Shari at 20 drops. Had a false alarm but no herx reaction yet. Is there a max of MMS that you should stop at? I'm so sick of the cold and snow, I'm so looking forward to spring.As far as the vacuum I got a new one but hardly use it. I use my swiffer more.
I see progress in my little one though we have had some set backs. He has been eating in after school even though he gets to eat a snack before he gets there and was itching and purging like crazy but he's back on track. He was struggling in school but is improving. He won 2nd place at his school spelling bee and that has boosted his confidence a bit. Mary you are so right that this too will pass. I'm almost halfway to my 18 months or hopefully even sooner. I think that I am doing good with my healthy diet. I found some coconut wraps in the health food store from Julians Bakery and also Mikeys Coconut flour English muffins in the freezer section in a local heath food store.Had a few bites of the wrap today and so far no reaction. It would be nice to be able to make myself a wrap once in a while.Is it necessary to do the MMS baths? My husband forbids me to bathe my son in it and I want to know if it will hinder him from getting better. I hope to attend the prayer meeting tomorrow. I will be praying for everyone on the forum.

2:14:01 AM

Hi Everyone!
In my 8th month of MMS here. So this is going to be along post and I’m sorry, but I would have liked to have seen more of this kind of info when I was startin’ out, so here it is. In this last month, I think I’ve made some good progress! Something that helped morale a lot was moving my clothes first back into my closet and then after a few weeks, and all was well, I moved the rest into my dresser. So, no more plastic bins for clean clothes! And for my everyday machine washable clothes, I’m putting them in my old wicker hamper with a hefty bag liner. So no bending over to open a bin to put my day’s dirty clothes into either. Now I’m only using bins for my clean and dirty towels (yes, I used real towels since day 1) and my hand washable clothes that get MMS. In my washing machine, since it is a front loader, it never worked out to use MMS. I got some bleach marks on my clothes, but I think somehow it was from Kleen Green as I never put MMS in the machine. I didn’t think KG would bleach, but I think it does if it’s too concentrated like when you get to the bottom of the container. So, since that happened months ago, I only put a ½ oz of Kleen Green undiluted in my machines bleach dispenser and select the extra water button. The Arm and Hammer detergent, fabric softner 7th Generation or one like it, and ½ c of Borax.
I’ve had some rough moments off and on. Like this weekend I was dizzy and no energy for two days at the start of my period. But, then on the third day, great energy and no dizziness. So, I assume that was some major die off being eliminated that slowed me down for a couple days. But, also maybe something to do with the hormones change of the period, but haven’t had that in all the months until now. Another rough time was that for a few weeks a bunch of bumps broke out on my neck. The same itchy red ones that I first got on my chest, later on my back, then on my neck and jawline. Some of them go away in a day, but some linger and linger. Well, the one stubborn spot on my neck seems to finally be on the way out, its getting smaller and no longer itchy. It is now just scaly and red and for size, maybe that of half a dime. Not a big spot but still annoying. My face and neck are clear now and it’s nice not to have an itchy bump anywhere in that vicinity. Or anywhere on my bod at the moment.
The crawlies have lowered down another notch. They are really few and far between. Hours without anything and I’ll be praising God in thanks for feeling entirely normal. I am living a normal life except the diet and taking all the protocol. Ok, and washing everything after wearing it once. That was not normal for me. But, with the bins reduced and the crawlies, I really do feel I’ve reclaimed my life and God is awesome! I will never take my health for granted again. I will always eat better and stay away from gluten for good. This is the second time in my life where gluten was named as a culprit for health issues. My auntie has celiac disease, so it runs in the family. Though as Peter just posted, I don’t think any body recognizes gluten as in the evolutionary scheme of things it is a newer grain and our digestive physiology was developed without it on the menu. So, when gluten came along on the scene thousands of years later, our body wasn’t able to digest it not having developed physiology to effectively digest that grain. Mostly the human body of today is really much the same as in the caveman days.
This last month I started eating a few slices of green apple for the first time. I had my first Kind bar with chocolate. I’ve been eating the Lilly’s and Coco Polo chocolate bars with almonds sweetened with stevia. I only have a row of the chocolate at a time/meal and not the whole bar. Even some of the Lilly’s stevia sweetened chocolate chips. I’ve used some of the Kerrigold butter from Ireland here and there. Until this month, I had not had any butter at all and have been completely dairy free. I’ve had a few slices here and there of cheese as long as it is European origin. But, I’ve seem to have lost my previous cheese addiction, so, I rarely desire any at all. I also had zucchini noodles with no problem this month. All sorts of things seem to be opening up. Going to try coconut again as I mentioned on another food thread. Sandwiches seem the only thing I miss. I haven’t had Ezekiel bread products because in the past they caused crawlies, so time to try it again and see what happens. And the Zevia Ginger-Rootbeer soda, 6 oz at a time, has been a delight. I used to always drink Zevia’s and it’s nice to be able to have them again.
I also brought out a bunch of my old clothes and added them to my wardrobe. Since I never stopped using cotton clothes, that wasn’t the issue, it was just not having the hang of hand washing in MMS, nor the bin space, and now I have that handled, so it’s nice to have some “new” old clothes to wear. Though, I’ve shrunk almost 3 sizes since I used to wear those 8 months ago. They hang on me now ?
Basically, I’m just cruising along, trying to stay focused on God and being a good mom and wife. Well, the wife part, we are living like friends of course, because we haven’t touched in over 8 months now. A little quick hug or kiss. Not sharing a bed for so long is really weird after 25 years of marriage. And, I think it is getting to us. A little lonely at night at times. No one to talk to. But luckily I sleep so soundly, it’s morning real quick, too quick and I want to keep sleeping instead of getting my son up for school, make him breakfast, pack a lunch and drive him to school. Then to church for morning mass and then home to shower, get dressed for work, eat, go to work….home, dinner, basketball practice or my catechism class….lots of busy, busy busy. So time flies by.
As always, I pray for all of us to be healed and by the looks of it, God is answering that prayer through Mel’s Place, the protocol and all of great world-wide support and comraderie that’s here. Thank you, our Heavenly Father, for loving us and looking out for us. I love you.
Blessings, Strength and Love to all!

5:55:26 AM

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've posted. I'm not as outgoing as many on here are and there have been a lot of changes and upheaval in my life over the last year, including 2 huge relocations.

My health is continuing to improve and I am fortunate enough to have Mel and the He Cures All Foundation that assist my child and I to get the protocol supplements that keep us on this healing journey. For that I am eternally and very humbly grateful. Thank you Mel and thanks to the Foundation. I try, in my life, to 'pay it forward' in any way that I can.

I am happy to report that, over the last few months, I have really 'turned a corner' in my healing journey. My mind is finally clear again. I no longer feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with things. I don't remember feeling this clear headed …….. ever, probably since I was a child. The pain that has persisted all these years is diminishing and it's becoming easier to make all the necessary changes to my lifestyle, that I need to make to be truly healthy.

I've learnt not to stress so much (thank you Mel!!)…..and good things just follow.

We all have different ways of coming to realisation of what it is that we need to adapt to or to implement into our lives, in order to make changes for the better. I've never been one to blindly follow what I'm told so I guess it's been harder for me to adopt such a rigorous diet as many here have been able to. But I've got there in my own way, from my own research and understanding.

It's important to have faith and to have a good attitude. It's important to be thankful for all the good things that we do have in our lives, and it's important not to 'sweat the small stuff'. I am also learning not to be too hard on myself.

If anyone who is new to this is reading my post, please be assured that there is hope and you won't always feel the way you do now. It does get better.



4:13:49 PM

This was a great question to post, Shar! At first when I could afford it I was spraying my hair with kleen green after the shower. It did not make my hair sticky or anything and acted like a leave in conditioner, didnt have to wash it out and believe it or not every time I sprayed it on my skin and in my hair I felt immediate die off. (I would feel it getting air bubbles on my skin and hear things popping like bubbles, the M was suffocating or something. ;) beat itttt!) For times I didn't dilute kleen green (please dilute it the safe way when applying it to your body or hair, remember, DO NO HARM!) I used my coconut oil mixture filled with essential oils. I rotated oils using no more than one or two at once. Lavender, peppermint, tea tea, clove, and eucalyptus to name a few. I left coconut oil with the essential oils on my hair and skin every night for the first six months and would wash it out in the morning using a protocol friendly soap/shampoo I could afford: sulfur 8, selsum blue with menthol, tea tree black african soap, dr. bronner's soaps (the peppermint kills EVERYTHING, I swear!)
I dont use coconut oil so much now that Im out and about in the world and its so hard to be greasy all of the time, so I just make sure I keep my soaps on for very long soaking in the shower before I go under the water. I've found Tate's all natural hair gel which is made of tree bark and essential oils and apply that to my skin and hair since it helps disinfect lesions and acne, as well as anti bacterial so it helps my scalp as well. There's not a single un natural ingredient in it. I love it since I kind of have a funky punk hairstyle again and use it to keep my bangs in place as well.
As for MMS without a bath tub: I know Monica didn't have a tub for a while and she was diluting it into a spray bottle. I'm not sure the exact combination or ratio to do when applying mms to the skin via a spray bottle but I know you can use one to basically shower your skin and hair in mms, leave it on, and then wash it off in the shower. It is mentioned in one of the conference calls as well. I would look in the search engine under "shower" and "mms". That's what the search engine is there for and I think we should all know how to use it. ;) I also think some people have had success with spraying their hair lightly with silver.
I hope this helps!

As for my health update: My scalp is still purging away and I still have my rad short hair cut called a chelsey. I shave my whole head and leave my front bangs and side bangs near my ears. It looks really cute and I think it really is beneficial to keep on cutting my hair. Shorter hair is easier to deal with right now, anyways. I hope my scalp clears up sooner or later. If anybody has any suggestions for that or even some encouragement on how long it might take... feel free to add that in here. I get kind of worried about it once in a while when I feel the crawling on my hair. :( There really isn't any more crawling or purging from my skin except for the full moon or just randomly about three times a week in my feet or body. I still shower and clean, daily, of course. I'm used to it. My energy levels are REALLY up and down still. Some days I have super human energy and I can't stop and won't stop, other days I just want to lay around and don't want to interact with a single soul still.
Juicing daily has made my skin and hair look so beautiful and so healthy... I'm so proud!
I've added a few things back into my diet that I'm getting used to... for the healing properties. They help me purge and I notice die off, instead of feeling any negative reactions. It's great. My water retention is finally going down and I am loosing my "pouchy" look.
I'm just trying to keep my head up, and work through this day by day. I'm slowly getting my energy levels back after a rough bout like I said. My foot is finally out of the cast, and I can work again! Pretty soon hopefully I'll be able to run, skip, jump, and dance again...
I am financially strapped at the moment, even more than before because I lost my job! I was not there for long enough to be out on a leave of absence that I had to be on for my ankle... therefor I was terminated and I have to weasel my way back in and reapply since we are still on good terms or find another job. Though, it's stressing me out a bit, my stress levels are not out of control and I am thankful to be taking care of it. Maybe breaking my ankle was god's little way of saying "slow down! You need some more time to heal before you're ready to go live in the real world again." So, I'm taking it for what it is and still resting as much as possible.
Sleep is soooo important, I realized I still need 9-12 hours a night. I swear my friends think Im an old lady, lol, I love my naps and I love my sleep.
My family is still quite an issue. It hurts not being able to have a relationship with my father or brothers still since they don't want to listen to a word I have to say or want to know what I'm going through. My relationships have been destroyed completely and it has me hurting... it also has made me closer to my mother and my dear friends who have helped me through this from the beginning. I feel tears of joy coming on right now thinking of my beautiful friends and how well my mother has taken care of me and nursed me back to health. I never had a relationship with my mother before, and this past year she has become my best friend, my world, my everything. I never thought I'd have my mother in my life, and I helped her with her health issues as well. We are both so blessed to be happy and healthy, all thanks to each other. Wouldn't be here without her.
I can not wait for spring to come and wash away so much negativity that I feel this harsh winter has brought me. From all of the snow, my broken foot, being stuck indoors with my crazy family, and sleeping... I can not wait to go out and be able to walk on both feet feeling the rays of sunshine nourishing my skin and body. Vitamin D is so important to our health, especially mine since I have the lowest level of vitamin D the doctors have ever seen.
My raw food diet remains, my digestion is getting better even though it's not up to par with digesting foods high in fat like nuts, seeds, avocados, olives.... not quite sure what to do about that except keep juicing for digestion.
I started fermenting my own vegetables for probiotics since I NEED probiotics even after a year to help recover from the damage I did with my anorexia. I don't do well digesting dairy and it causes a lot of water retention, so I decided to make my own do it yourself probiotics: started fermenting my own red cabbage about 5 days ago in a mason jar! A few more days to go and I'll let you know how the tester goes. ;) I only used two ingredients: pink himalayan sea salt and red cabbage.
Fermented foods are packed with benefits, you can read Peter's lovely post on kimchi and sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar.
Anyways, I'm off filling out job applications and doing some laundry and I'm about to take an MMS bath for some relaxation. I hope everyone is well and keeping their heads up. I know I am, an app on my phone that Shari and Jeremy use as a group chat daily has really helped me and I hope it helps them too. I think everyone who is open to it should be in on the group chat. It really helps for live talking down during our certain "freak outs", sharing recipes, getting answers or suggestions right away for recipes and tolerances on our diet, and just sharing cheer with each other in our every day lives. It's a real support system that I absolutely adore to have as a tool on hand! Pictures, jokes, songs, laughs. Shari shared with us a song that she recorded, she has quite the energy and is quite the artist... a truly inspiring warrior. Jeremy is great at keeping his cool and really knows how to think positive while being resourceful. Thank you to you both...
Of course, I am loving my supplements and taking them EVERY DAY. Keeping my immune system healthy and clean. At night, it's comforting to feel like I could hug my MMS like a teddy bear knowing its killing time for the aweful M. ;) It's comforting to know this strong MMS is loving my body and fighting my disease. Makes me feel super clean and super safe for some odd reason.
I have been juicing shots of a whole lemon, a clove or two of garlic, and a huge knot of ginger and adding omega 3 flax seed oil to it with non irradiated cayenne pepper whenever I feel a cold coming on and I have not been sick ONCE this year people! Isnt that a miracle?! Make your food your medicine, it will work!

I think I'm going to post again in a week or two for my thanks for being alive on my birthday on the protocol after one year. :) I am one lucky little twig. :)

2:08:50 PM

Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop by and say hi. We are doing well despite life being crazy for us the last month..Several new folks here with so much to give. Its wonderful to see the participation in the community. I absolutely love reading good reports and seeing positive attitudes, even though we know how difficult it is to be positive at times. Love you guys! Keep up the good work and never lose faith or hope!

Amber & family

3:57:21 PM

Hey everyone,

First, I need to apologize that I've not posted in quite some time. I have to share with you all that going back to work full time has been exhausting and overwhelming. I work in front of a computer all day and manage a team of 21 people remotely, which takes it's toll. I do read the forum during breaks and on lunch and on my days off when I feel like picking up my computer, which is rare. I can and should do a better job of staying in touch.

I have so many different symptoms than everyone else and have been struggling with several other unknown co-infections, which is truly frightening. I still lose my vision in my right eye and it can be painful at times, which is scary as heck! I frequent the doctor on my days off to be tested for what else I can be dealing with and that's an all day affair because she is so backed-up that she is only taking walk-ins, so my wait to see her can and has been up to 4 hours at times. That alone takes up one of my days off. The other day is spent preparing for my work week know, the typical grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. I thought I'd have the energy to do things before or after work or in between as I work out of my home, but I'm tied to my computer for a full 8 hours, so, I'm finding out that's not a possibility.

It's a tough disease to manage and being alone isn't helping. While I do feel better when I read everyone's posts, I feel even better to have people to talk to. I talk to Mel often and love to hear from him. His laugh and stories are always so uplifting, but realize he is busy too. This morning, Mel reminded me of how important it is to communicate and interact on the forum and he's right. Prior to returning to work, it was the first thing I did in the morning and several times throughout the day. I usually fell asleep with the computer on my lap listening to the conference calls and reading the website. Now and most days, it is a struggle to get in a few minutes here and there just so I can keep up with what everyone has been doing and going through. I have to be honest, that sometimes it's discouraging for me ONLY because my symptoms are SO very different than what I read. Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a battle that no one else has fought before and can't really describe how that feels other than 'alone' and very frightening. I've felt the most comfort when talking through my symptoms with others. It kind of takes more of the fright away. I will start to post more instead of being a silent

I don't get near enough rest and seems like all I want to do is sleep when I can't and can't sleep when I should be. I take my protocol, eat healthy and exercise when I have the strength to do so. I bought a small trampoline but hardly have the energy most days to even look at it let alone use it! Most of my exercise is walking the three flights of stairs to walk Keebler around the apartment complex throughout the day, running around on my days off, and carrying my groceries up the three flights of stairs. My energy is low, I feel like my body is falling apart limb by limb sometimes and often times I don't feel like eating at all, let alone fixing anything for myself. My weight has been up and down, mostly down because more often than not, I don't feel like eating. Mel has given me a few pointers on what to do when eating is the last thing I want to do and it does seem to help on those days. Mel has been really great to me, brings me fresh veggies from his indoor garden, drops off things that helped him when he was sick and the list goes on....I love him dearly for the support and guidance he's given me!

Well, my lunch time is over but I just wanted to reach out since it has been such a long time and let everyone know that I'm still out here even though I've not posted in some time.

I thank everyone for all your posts and support! I will try to be better at providing updates and posting more often.

Blessings to all,


8:30:21 PM

Hello everyone! I'm six months in and seeing much improvement. This full moon I am not experiencing many symptoms which is a little surprising given that the last full moon there were quite a few including tingling sensations in my skin all over my body and lesions on my right hand. So I'm encouraged by the fact that this full moon there are virtually none.

I am meditating every day at least once and sometimes twice. I recommend meditation to everyone. The method I follow is called Sahaja Yoga. It was developed by a woman named Shri Mataji Devi in the 1970s. She traveled all over the world sharing the technique and it is based on the rising of the kundalini through the chakras. When the kundalini rises it clears all the energy imbalances that arises from emotions and conditions and brings a sense of peace.

I have more work to do but everyday I meditate I feel that I am moving in the right direction towards good health of the mind, body and spirit.

About a month ago I believe I experienced the herx associated with reaching a maximum dose of MMS. It was difficult to manage as I felt very weak and overwhelmed by everyday life. Thanks to Mel for offering support and guidance when I reached out to him. That was a big help emotionally.

I'm certainly not at maximum health but I think I've come out of the "you'll feel worse before you feel better" period. Now I'm hoping I will move consistently to a stronger and healthier state.

Sticking to the protocol and diet. I still have trouble doing more than maintaining routines like sleeping, eating, working, and supplements but that's ok. I also have to remind myself that I have a disease that takes time to cure and I have to patient. Slow and steady. I live near Washington, D.C. a stressful environment. Other stresses include no significant pay raise for 5 years due to economic downturn and living in one of the highest income areas in the country due to federal and corporation salaries. My real estate tax more than doubled this year and I'm realizing I need to seriously consider moving to a less expensive area. At the same time job hunting is stressful and a lot of work so it is slow going given my energy level at this time.

I know many who visit this website are experiencing financial challenges as well so forgive me if it seems like I'm whining. It is just one of the factors present in my life right now and I'm trying to open up and share, reach out, etc.

Today we experienced a snow storm with 4-6 inches. Spent the day inside, reading, meditating, the cleared the snow on and around my car. It was quite peaceful at around 6PM once the snow and wind stopped and I enjoyed the fresh air.

Again keeping in mind to keep my thoughts and activities to a manageable level while maintaining my faith that I will regain my health given so many other success stories shared on this forum.


9:43:58 PM

Hello Folks

I hope everyone is faring well. I love you guys for continuing to show up! It’s when you show up that you ease suffering, offer hope, and end up healthy again. I read your posts and I see the results you share. I listen to you ask questions on the conference calls. They are compelling. You are honest. You are genuine. Your posts continue to make it clearly apparent that real people dedicate to this protocol and that real people get noticeably better. Hold tightly to a deeply felt belief that all will turn out well, because your body will never entirely give up on you. Accept your own ability to rise above the challenges and keep going.

I remain healthy. Energy is good. Digestion is good. Brain function is good. I can see where hair has grown again on my left arm, legs, and chest. My body is taking back the hair follicles that were lost to infection. I went from fungal hair when I was sick, to no hair during the majority of my detox, to normal hair returning again. Proof enough for me to know I am in remission, and proof that you too will eventually capture healthy hair growth again. Lastly, I went 10 days without any inflammation in the right forearm. That is a record to date. So I am getting closer still. I need 30 days, or one complete lunar cycle, with no onset of inflammation. With that in mind, nothing is required of me other than to remain patient and to live each day rejoicing.


The key to understanding this protocols’ success lies in understanding Morgellons disease as a mitochondrial dysfunction in energy metabolism. The mitochondria are little powerhouses within the cell that are generating the energy currency, (ATP), from the oxygen we breathe and glucose. It’s not a matter that you have Cancer, or you have Morgellons, or you have Lyme. They all go back to the fact that the mitochondria are dysfunctional, and the body is not getting the oxygen and the energy it needs to function. Until the mitochondria are fixed, there is no cure for disease. The protocol addresses this. It is treating disease at this basic or causal level.

Morgellons can teach us so much about how we entertain feelings of hurt, fear, frustration, and injustice. Let it teach you to see that our feelings are responders to our thinking. I used to think that wisdom was the proper application and use of knowledge. It is more than that.

It is the fear of God that is the beginning of wisdom, and wisdom is the beginning of the love of God. Morgellons aligned me to that love. Divine love that sees miracles that is invisible to others. That is why I confess Morgellons to be a blessing. The experience of pain takes our path to spiritual growth and expansion because what we must endure brings the opportunity to increase the power of our inner and outer strength.

“Then your light shall break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up quickly.” Isaiah, 58:8

Godspeed, and stay the course,

2:15:52 AM

Hey everyone!
February already…this is one time that I’m glad that time moves so quickly. I’m glad because I feel that I’m rushing toward being done with this and living my life again amongst the living. I am already doing more things, but Christmas was tough in retrospect and I turned down the few Christmas party invites that I received. I wasn’t feeling that I could be amongst the regular folks, who would be eating and drinking without care. I think that if I was at where I am now, I could do it and have fun without feeling deprived or at least without the deprived feeling ruling my experience. So far on this journey, I’ve learned how to be self-sufficient especially in the area of cooking. I’m learning tasty, healthy recipes and finding more which makes me realize how poorly we ate before. I’d gotten to relying on premade food like at Trader Joes that heats up in the micro in a plastic dish…that can’t be too good. I also used to drive through Carls J and get a low carb six dollar burger. Maybe if I felt like splurging, some fried zucchini and whatever it is that they call ranch dressing to dip them in. That was before Carls J started using grassfed or organic beef or whatever they claim to be using now. So, I got my share of pink slime, I’m sure. :P I've also learned how to have fun without food/drink but just au natural. Keep my house cleaner than ever before. So many new things at this later time in my life.

A friend’s husband died this past week, only in his 40’s. Kidney disease for many years. He left behind his wife and two daughters, one my son’s age (11). I’m so sad for them, though they were a family of faith so they know that they will be reunited someday. But still, so tough. So this has been a somber week.

To go with it, I had a little tough time last weekend as for the first time in 6 months I offered my home to host my father-in-laws 87th birthday. My sister in law has been hosting everything since I got M as I had said my home wasn’t available. I didn’t want anyone possibly contracting this. In the beginning we told about M and the parents of my husband researched it and came up with the conclusion that it wasn’t contagious and probably not even real. At any rate, all these months, none of them have called to talk with me and see how I’m doing, offer their support, or ever asked me anything about it. Is that how they’d treat me if I had cancer? Lupus? MS? I’ve given that painful experience of being invalidated and uncared for to God as I want to forgive and love them. So, I host this dinner and make some of my new paleo recipes: coleslaw, dirty “rice” and my husband made the crab cakes. Yes, they had gluten and who knows what all, so I didn’t have any. I was quite content with the other two items, though. They all acted nice as usual. I did ask my father in law to please not sit in a chair I found him sitting in as it is the one I sit in all the time and I didn’t want him to risk getting this. He didn’t budge and laughed at me. A few days later I heard from my husband that his sister, parents and sister’s hubby all thought I was pretty out there and are worried for my son’s emotional health since I talked about it so much and because we wash everything all the time…. Uggh. I guess I was talking to them about something, but I can’t recall what. I thought I was just talking about my food /diet guidelines. I think I was forcing the topic on them since they weren’t asking and never ask or check in with me. I can’t believe they never ask. It is the weirdest phenomenon as these are typically very caring people. I think I was trying to break through their denial and make my illness real for them. It didn’t work. I guess I’m figuring out now, that they’ve been thinking I’m nuts and that’s why they aren’t reaching out with support. Anyway, I’m so glad that my own mom believes me. I cannot put into words how hurtful it is to me when family doesn’t believe me. I've never run across this before in my life. I think they are so ignorant and I have to let it go. But if they ever got M themselves, I really think they wouldn’t be able to cope with it. so better me than them. The only good I can do with this suffering is offer it up to Him to use for the benefit of others.

Well, I need to get positive, so here’s some good news….my son and husband still seem to be symptom free. I don’t know if they ever had it and I don’t know if they have it inside of them and it will show later on. I saw that Nicole said her son Tyler got it a year after she got it. I hope I have that right, sorry if I don’t. But, when I learned that, I got nervous all over again. But, I just can’t think about it since I can’t control it. We still stay in separate rooms, separate chairs, separate laundry. So, I’m prayerful that it is working.

I’ve been loving the sun and sitting out quite a bit in our 80 degree weather. It doesn’t seem to be bothering me and makes me feel good and relaxed! I think the Vitamine K/D has to be a good thing for the immune system. I’ve been working and energy and brain power is good. I’ve had break outs of these red welt-type bumps, usually just one here and there. They are itchy usually, so I know that I’m having it. They go away pretty quickly. A bunch on my back between the shoulder blades. And, the crawlies pretty minimal. However, they came back pretty good during this past full moon. Last full moon, nothing. This full moon, definitely an increase. So maybe next one, I will divide my MMS dose. I have the microfibers in the sheets each morning. Blue and black. Black specks. I don’t see them on my clothes at all during the day. Nothing seems to be in my scalp and hair is healthy though now about 5 inches of natural brown roots with it’s new grey tinge. Lovely :/ But, at least it is healthy. The back of my hands got really old and wrinkly for a few days/weeks and now that’s cleared up. And, I’ve had a few experiences of what I think some people describe as fiber glass in my skin. I thought of it as really dry skin that stings/burns when it’s so dry and it gets stretched by a movement. I put lotion on it and it felt better and then after a few days, those sensations stopped happening altogether. Peter would probably say it was deeper form of healing, and I like that so that’s what I’m sticking with. And, I think my eyesight is getting better and my focus and concentration. Bill or Peter, one of you said in our con call that your grey hairs reversed out. I’m looking forward to that happening to me too!
So, I guess that is what’s going on with me here at the start of my 7th month on MMS. I’m looking forward, though, to being 100% and hope that I can beat Ellen’s record! I'm competitive by nature and can't help it, Mel. I'm still going slow and steady and no cheating. ?

I continue to pray for all of us daily. And, that this will be eradicated from this earth altogether.
God Bless Every One

2:43:44 AM

Hello Everybody

First of all, I feel great. Together with God, I remain in this wonderful place in my heart, body,and mind through becoming well. You know what folks? By this taking longer for me due to the ongoing issues with my right forearm, I get to keep learning. Then I get to share with you those special discoveries that can only come from lengthy recovery. I love that! Here is an example.

PERSPECTIVE MATTERS…Everything takes time

We must remain patient. Patience leaves no place for fear and stress. Let this protocol push you along. Let it keep you plugged in to what is really important… taking back your health.

Think purposely in the following ways. Accept that this is co infection, and nothing more. Because of that, see the disease as not a thing, but a state. You can change a state, right? So you know you can get well. Go with the notion that you have to get well in stages that can only unfold over time. Then,just continually practice patience.


The World Economic Forum estimates that the world will spend $47 trillion over the next 20 years on lifestyle preventable chronic disease. That’s more than the annual GDP of the world’s six largest economies combined. They still don’t get it.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) have announced that genetically engineered (GE) crops and bee and bird-toxic pesticides will be banned in National Wildlife Refuges. The ruling impacts more than 150 million acres of federal land. That’s a huge victory for our children, folks!

Whether it is a GMO, genetically modified organism, mercury and heavy metal toxicity, toulene, plastics, a stealth virus , or “whatever," the people that recover employ a comprehensive detox program and systematically re-build and correct their cellular systems and functions. Sound like what we are doing here? You bet it does.

Finally, on behalf of everyone, I want to say “thank you” to John B. for your recent 2015 announcement by Logos that their web site now has new content available for us, and for the mission statement dedicating their continuing support for everyone that is stricken with Morgellons. Give thanks for the profound blessing of his ongoing, selfless love for us! Philip Glyn, a welsh poet captured it best. “Through our actions and deeds, rather than promises, let us display the essence of love-perfect harmony in motion!”

May God Bless,

Kim J
3:30:56 PM

Hello Everyone!

I believe that this protocol will unequivocally cure me of this disease.My improvements have been dramatic.I am starting to look like myself again and I feel my immune system returning.

My symptoms are tolerable.These white specks that are spores are exiting my skin in the hundreds!I mean literally by the hundreds.My feet no longer stick to the floor.My clothes No longer stick to my skin.The twitching has been gone for awhile.My scalp remains the same purging the white clear fiber like hairs.I am considering going to my not so Morgellons friendly doctor and getting a CBC,metabolic panel and routine follow up female exams.This way I can monitor my values as I continue the protocol.

Diet remains good.I did slip up and have a few sips of a diet pepsi only and it repulsed me.In the garbage it went!

In Nov 14, I was on the verge of deteriorating with this and now as I look back I'm convinced that THIS protocol is my answer.I have endured a lot of trauma with this disease as most of us have.I say BRING IT ON because the trauma is reshaping and reminding my ENTIRE character.My diet, my outlook on life,the inability to remain calm and patient~ has ALL changed!!!!

I look forward to complete remission so that I may return to being a sister and an Aunt,and maybe even someone's wife some day!My life is not over with this disease.Its a RESTORATION of my entire body,amen.I feel like Jesus IS rising me up from the dead,the usual fast paced but bleak and miserable life I once lives.The changes in me are phenomenal! !!!
As we approach the full moon on Feb 3,I am prepared to split my dose of MMS as its been proven to interfere with the organism.I've been purging so much debris and my skin all over burns like fire!Its almost as if someone rubbed my skin raw with sand paper.

Cats have been doing well on Revolution and one drop mms.BOTH CATS HAVE ACCEPTED THEIR NEW HOMEMADE DIET!!!!!!GLORY BE TO FOD!Cats are incredibly finicky with what they will eat.Zero is a feline incinerator but can be finicky at times.My Ninja is the most prissiest finicky male cat I have ever owned.He is entirely to prissy with his food and litter box.Most Persians are though!God definitely intervened here!

Thank you everyone for your prayers.I can feel them because joy is slowly coming back to me.Laughing and smiling feels great!

I prayed for everyone here as I sat in my usual pew at church.The holy spirit visited me because as I was praying my body had been relaxed but all of a sudden it felt like my whole body was locked up with so much energy!It was the weirdest thing but dissipated shortly after I ended my prayer.

Thank you Mel for calling me to check up on my progress.You've made me feel like I do matter.In fact,hearing you say HOW ARE YOU DOING,just brought tears to my eyes because not even my ex boyfriend or family could ever utter those words to me.So thank you for your heart Mel.You are a ray of light to me in these incredibly trying times.I love you!

And Peter,my strength in all of this.You have taught me patience and how to tread calm waters.It has been extremely healing as I fight this!

Love and Light
Kim J
Zero and Ninja

2:22:49 AM

Hi guys,

My name is Jeremy. I'm one of the fortunate people here who realized my condition sooner than later.

Before I start my story, I wanted to tell you a little about myself. Two years ago I received my masters in writing from one of those fancy shmancy colleges. I decided to move to LA and make it big as a TV writer. This has not happened yet. Instead, I could only find a serving job, and ended up moving into low-income housing. Don't worry! I'm okay with it. My friends worry about me, but in it's own way, it's a gift. I have become more grateful for my blessings, and my heart has grown a bit. So many people here are struggling. Even so, then something happened which changed my life. My apt became infested first with bed bugs then bird mites.

That's where my morgellons story starts. I did everything possible to rid my apt of both pests. I had convinced myself that I was still being bitten by mites. And it puzzled me because I keep my apartment so clean. So two months ago, I began heavy research on bird mites about two months and became obsessed. Mainly, because my pin-prick sensations were getting worse. The preventative measures I was trying were also starting to become more and more toxic.

Two days ago I read a mysterious post by someone who had posted that pouring three gallons of milk over oneself would kill these bugs. I figured milk was harmless, so I bought two gallons and did just that. What I discovered scared me.

On my left arm, I watched as a red thread pushed it's way out of my arm. Suddenly black and red strings were coming out all over, then the black dots started coming out. I was pretty scared. It was worse than that movie, Alien. Once the milk had washed off my body, I decided to continue by rubbing grape seed oil on me and massaging my skin.

They wouldn't stop coming out of me, and eventually, I was so tired I got out of the shower and looked at the clock: I had been in the shower seven hours. I didn't know what to do: I had come across some Morgellons articles while reading about bird mites, and fibers coming out of the body sounded ludicrous. And yet, its happened to me.

Exhausted, I went to bed and slept 12 hours. I called my mom the next day and cried so hard. I couldn't have an intellectual conversation and told her I would call her back. I was terrified, from everything I've read, people who claim to have Morgellons are seen as crazy, and eventually they end up in total isolation. I thought all hope was lost for me. That lasted, oh about an hour. I pop back from things quickly.

I've never been one to give up, and I called my mom again and talked over the facts and what I could do. From what I could discern, Morgellons disease shares similar symptoms to lyme and candida disease. I started removing sugar from my diet. In the past I drank orange juice like water. I decided to substitute this with tea and also vinegar and water. I ate eggs and carrots because they were found on the Candida diet. Instantly, my body started feeling weaker, and I think I developed a fever. Yesterday I had to call in sick because I just couldn't get out of bed.

I'm here now because this seems like a good support system, and I want to believe that I can be cured. I love the optimism of this site. And I want to continue telling my story on here to help others.

I don't think I can afford Mel's protocol. Im as poor as it gets. But I believe all things happen for a reason, even this disease, I had an open mind before, but now it's even more open. I want to be part of this community and use my optimism to help others. It's the least I can do.

Because, you know...I'm so thankful to know Im not alone. And to know there's hope.



9:41:22 AM

An update after a year of being setback- I am no longer having morgellons symptoms and have finally gone off of the MMS after 3 years of requiring it to control the condition. I work 50 hours, I go to philosophy lectures, self defense/martial arts classes here and there, rollerskating, movies, working on music and singing, go to the beach a ton when the weather complies.

I hang out with friends and am dating a boy, but I know when I need to rest, and I do. I don't push myself and I wouldn't enjoy doing so.

I was finally able to come off of the MMS which I had been on since Feb 2012, with no ill effects returning.
My susceptibility to M came from either general autoimmune problems and/or bartonella exposure. I did not undergo standard treatment for bartonella (I was diagnosed with that very late in the game at which point it had pretty much been addressed by this protocol anyway). I may also have been in a moldy or some such environmentally toxic environment last year, and I think that set me back royally, and for a year.
I'm going on vacation next month, and I'm thinking about moving, my career, my life- things that were not remotely possible when I was unwell. People say I look great... and they are right : )
I wish I could say my recovery has been entirely clear and linear, but it has not. When I was set back and it was very hard to find the cause, and hard to rectify.

I have been diligent with sticking to the protocol and staying on the MMS. I needed it longer, and will always have it on hand and keep on the protocol and lifestyle/diet changes. If you are new on here, please take this protocol seriously... it has saved my life :) & for that I am forever grateful <3

Deborah B
2:13:17 PM

Hello to all,

I’ve been catching up on reading here on the Children & Morgellons thread after several months of a busy schedule. It’s great to come back to find so many parents supporting each other, and new members finding hope for the first time. This may be one of the most encouraging conversations going on here on our forum. Thank you all so much.

Also exciting is to discover how many of our children are symptom free, or very nearly so, in the last three to four months. I know there are others whose children are winning the race yet have not yet been on to post of their progress. I’ve had a couple of folks ask me how my daughter Carrie is doing, and so wanted to update. As some might remember, Carrie was a very sick little girl when we found the protocol and began the healing journey 17 months ago. Unlike a lot of children she was sicker than her mom and was symptomatic for 5 months before I showed any signs of the disease. Her level of toxic load was so high that I am sure gone untreated her life would have been in danger. If there is anyone else out there dealing with a similarly extreme situation with their child, I hope this post will encourage you to stay positive and take up arms to become a warrior in the battle for your child’s health. This protocol followed exactly as presented is the only answer.

Carrie is most definitely within a stone’s throw of being 100% symptom free. It has been quite the battle but worth every daunting minute of it. She is simply thriving in every way. The only symptoms she still faces involve some very slight scalp purging. Peter often points out that in the latter stages of recovery we purge via the head and feet. Her last symptom to disappear was a slight foot fungal issue, so your theory proves true again Peter! I brush Carrie’s hair with a nit-comb daily and only find some very fine micro- fungal hairs once or twice a week. All other symptoms are a thing of the past.

Carrie’s exact 18-month anniversary date on the protocol will be Valentine’s Day. We are praying that she will be completely well by then so that we can always remember that day as a time to celebrate God’s goodness to her in freeing her from Morgellons.

She is our own little heaven-sent Valentine because we began the adoption process for her on that date 7 years ago. We are confident she will cross the finish line at least very soon afterward if not before that date, and that is the really important thing. . . to get there, no matter how long it takes.

I will definitely be back to let you know when Carrie has officially finished the race. I hope other parents who have reached the symptom free milestone will log on and update us. Wouldn’t it be awesome to hear of even more kids regaining their health between now and February 14th ? I think 2014 is going to be remembered as "The Year of the Child" here at "How I cured Morgellons" as we see more and more precious children get well. That’s what I am praying for!

Love you all,

Deborah B.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

8:00:11 PM

Blessed beyond belief is how I am truly feeling at this moment. I can honestly say I am very close to being completely healed from Morgellons. I have been on the protocol for almost 22 months, and by following only Mel's amazing protocol, I am once again living a new type of normal life.

A new type of normal living for me includes eating a clean diet free of processed foods and gmos, using non-toxic make-up and deodorant, establishing a routine cleaning schedule, not stressing about life's hiccups and turning them over to my Lord, and maintaining a daily personal relationship with my Lord and Savior who has been with me every step of the way. I am so very blessed and thankful to be healthy, and if I can do this, so can you!!!

As I started my journey with morgellons, I remember being so overwhelmed and fearful of EVERYTHING. But God placed so many Angels in my life to help me accomplish my healing. Thank you, Mel, for sharing your knowledge and for creating and maintaining an inspiring website so people can be healed. Peter, my loving big brother, who has lovingly guided me every inch of the way. You have helped save my life with your generous time and loving words you have so graciously given to me. Thank you, John B, for working with a group of individuals that have been forgotten by so many others. Your vitamins have helped restore my bioterrain along with so many others. And, Cathy, with Kleengreen, thank you for your time on the phone and for such an amazing product. And thank you also for the talks I have shared with Deborah B, Nicole, Dawn, and Amber. I continue to pray for your healing. :):))

And the greatest blessing I have is for my loving Father who created me and lovingly took care of me during my battle with morgellons. He was, and still is, with me when others mocked me and left me alone. There were days when I simply said verse after verse to get me through each hour. So thank you, God, for being my one true Father who gave me strength, courage, and peace through your loving words.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you in my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

6:18:25 PM

Well I'm just approaching my 5th month on the protocol and what an improvement. I still can't tolerate much food. Not even beans and I want to eat Hummus and black beans so bad so just sticking to my veggies. Could never go wrong there.I started my MMS late so I'm only on 10 drops. I'm so much more energetic and I found something that I lost over the last 8 months. My smile and laughter. This disease has been such a blessing and curse.The upside is I lost 59lbs. I am probably the healthiest I ever been and definitely learned a lot because I was clueless about the food we eat. I had no idea about all the chemicals that is in our food. Now I try to teach my little boy about eating healthy. Also my relationship with the lord is closer. There are days that I did not how I would make it but he definitely got me through the tough days. I'm finally in a place where I feel like I got this and it's cause of my heavenly father and of course Mels protocol! If anyone has any doubts, I'll tell you it works.
I still have some ways to go but it is so much better. I wash my clothes borax and ammonia or sometimes borax and Dr Bronners peppermint soap. I have washed the sheets with MMS but bleached my son's uniform shirt so for the clothes I stick to the borax. A lot of lint and specks in my hair. The lint brush helps a lot too rub it where it itches and it picks up the specks and lint that's annoying me.His father has been challenging but has been a little easier to deal with. It's nice to have a little less stress to deal with. Working on the sleeping thing. It has been my greatest challenge. I notice the more sleep I get the better I feel so this is what I'm working on.They are also going to remove the mold next week so I'm thrilled. Taking one day at a time. Hoping that 2015 brings us all good health!

God bless,

3:51:01 AM

Hello Folks

Hi Christel, Thank you for your heartfelt words. Hi Deborah. No word from Monica or Theresa. Where are you guys?

I hope all is well with everyone. Wow, so many here continue to share about getting well. It truly is remarkable. Your posts remind me daily of what is important about returning health. Thank you!

I am doing great. Got through my first Christmas without mom. This was in no small way because I had so many of you to talk to. And Mel called every day to make me laugh and let me know I am loved. I am grateful, brother.

I remain strong and I feel wonderful. Only occasional bouts with fatigue and congestion. There are fewer cycles of inflammation in my right forearm. I am seeing only slightly new blotching these days. It is feeling better than ever as I get closer each day to being completely symptom free.

Always remember that recovery focuses on the continuous process of healing in stages inherent to complete the protocol, while realizing in each phase the meaning of the experiences. See crisis as involving opportunity. Determine to value creativity as you explore different aspects of recovery. Develop and stay true to a personal sense of security. Write your own personal narrative here, because this forum especially emphasizes the importance of each person's own voice, resourcefulness and wisdom.


I believe that developing a personal sense of meaning and overall purpose is important for sustaining the recovery process. For some, this will involve recovering or developing a social or work role. It should also involve renewing, finding, and developing a personal guiding philosophy about religion and faith.

I have learned how to become my own expert about my own key stress points and possible crisis points, and to understand and develop personal ways of responding and coping. Posting here motivated me to do much of this. So, I remain grateful to everyone here who grew this in me through your own participation. This forum makes it all work.

Accept fully that if you stay committed to the guiding principles of this protocol, you will get better. Be strong, and know that through faith, by grace, God does strengthen you and does guide you everyday to stay the course. So allow him into your heart and accept the promise. He will see that you all succeed.


3:41:49 AM

Hi everyone,

As we bring in this New Year ... I'm reminded how far myself and my son Tyler have come in these past few years. Family and friends, doctors diagnosing me delusional psychosis .. My son getting sick and not having any support, Me being put in mental hospital...
Morgellons going into hyper drive and taking over my body, purging, biting pinching sensations.. Trying to act like those things weren't happening to me so the people close to me wouldn't fear me taking care of and treating my son.. Having to treat my son secretly ...

My god am I sooo grateful for how far We have come ....
We couldn't be where we are without the site, and Mel !!

We have a few minor symptoms still but we are doing so well .. Improved energy, no biting, pinching..
Occasional rashes but very minimal .. I feel like I'm in a basically normal body .
The protocol and diet have been our saving grace!

I'm finishing up with school and I did so well keeping up with demands of being a very busy mom, going to school, member of my church ..

My family never choose to see me getting better from an illness ..
They see in their minds I've just gotten better from the mental break down, and improved my diet and lifestyle habits .. I think if they really realized what I went through it would be way to much for their sleepy eyes to comprehend, but I love and forgive them ...

I know that I have been strengthen by this and know how strong I am for myself and my son... I believe with all my heart that God has a plan of complete recovery for myself and my son and I trust that the support I need is there for me via - the universe :-)

I believe 2015 Is going to be a great year for us ..
Progress for each of us individually, and as a community!!!! ;-)

My love and support to each of u though the new year!

Never give up!!!

Be blessed,

2:20:06 AM

Hi Everyone,
Well, I finally had my Big Herx. Obvious from past posts, I’ve been anticipating it and wondering each time I increase my MMS if this is the level that is going to be my max. I started 19 drops on Sunday and Tuesday morning I woke up and had it. What mine consisted of was basically diarrhea, following by gurgling stomach and then a few brief moments of vague nausea a few hours later. It was not painful. It lasted about a ½ hour all total. I really appreciated Mel’s quick confirmation and congratulations. That felt surreal, but good. And, it was a little anti-climactic, I must have really built it up in my head what it might be like. It’s really encouraging that the herx indicates that a big portion of this junk has been killed off and that there aren’t too many more months left to get rid of the rest! Woo!Hoo!
So, no MMS for me for 3 days and then maintenance dose at 16 drops on Friday. I’m glad I won’t have to keep trying to keep track of how many drops I’m on each week.
Since my last post at 15 drops in November, I’ve been having very few black specks, they just stopped showing up. The only thing purging are tiny bluish short fibers. When I lint roll the sheets in the morning, it picks up tons of ‘em. Can’t see them by just looking at the sheets, even though white sheets, but when rolled they’re all there each morning. I go through several sheets of the sticky paper to get them all. I’m glad that is all coming out of me. Also, this month, none of the gross and weirdly shaped flies have appeared, so perhaps those have been killed off by the MMS for good! Hallelujah! I still have the crawlies, but just keep getting less and less and are now very minimal and still mainly on feet. I’m aware when I have one because it is so infrequent. Even at my computer which is where they always seemed to get really active, it is much quieter. So last two weeks saw a big improvement in that.
A new symptom did develop starting last week, which is my eyelids are red and a little swollen. My right eye waters easily out of the outer corner. The salty tearing stings that area surrounding my eye. But, both eyelids developed a red color and a little rough skin. Right eye is the worst one though. My eyesight is fine. The whites of my eyes are white. No pain. So, I’m hoping that this is a battle zone where the junk is being attacked and losing. I’m monitoring it for now. I’ve had pink eye before but that usually makes the whites of one’s eye red and you wake up with goo crusting your eye shut. Neither is happening with this. Just weirdness. It could be an allergy to the “healthy” mascara from Mother’s Market. I should go a few days without it. But strange that it isn’t bothering my eyelashes or the roots of the lashes part of the eye lid. Still, it could be.

I’m continuing to stick to the diet protocol. For months, I have had the crackers by Blue Diamond called Multi Seed Artisan Crackers. They are gluten free. I find them at Sprouts and Whole foods. They are great with Maranantha Sunflower seed butter. It always makes me feel satiated and lifts my mood. Sometime even adding a little stevia to the sunbutter or almond butter and putting that on the cracker for a sweet treat. Also, I’m continuing to take the Eucharist at mass which I go to several times a week in addition to Sunday. Even though technically, there is gluten in it, as per our Catholics faith, it is transformed and becomes Jesus under the appearance of bread. And, believe me, I want to receive Him as often as possible! So, for other Catholics out there who might have been nervous about taking the Blessed Sacrament, it has been okay for me.
Well, I guess that’s the news update for now. Loved the con call Sunday and hearing from more new warriors! It is so nice to be able to talk together like that, isn’t it?! Peter, great job!!! Looking forward to our January call.
And, may we all be filled with the joy of Christmas! God Bless us, everyone.

12:50:29 AM

Hello Folks

First,"thank you" Lyle for posting. You are really moving forward! It won't be long now.

I must be doing something right.(LOL) First, I am feeling terrific. There are still occasional episodes of inflammation in my right forearm, but it does not advance to blotching. This is huge because it equates to a very adequate and well regulated immune response. That makes me happy.

My Body Mass Index (BMI) is 21, which is a really good number based on my height and weight. The nature of the proprietary blending within the Logos Meds has brought about specific, internal balance. Now my body gives me abundant energy and good digestion. Add regular light exercise, and a consistent diet of living foods, and adrenal and hormonal balance is in place again. Blood pressure is beyond good for my age. I am sleeping great. Emotional calm continues.


The tiny cysts on my right forearm are still numerous, but continue to be less noticeable. Occasionally, I will have a non specific itch here or there, but not much more. The nodules around my ankles have left purple scars as a reminder of just how far I have come.

I want to keep this post positive today. God is telling me that you already know all that you need to. One thing is clear. Morgellons is curable. Your faith can awaken deep inside, and God’s infinite love can pour out healing grace. You can come to understand this profound truth.

Leave you with this thought. What we are doing here today, is a great thing. We are showing what noble ideas people with serious disease can bring to bear upon our world. There is beauty in that. Heavens’ light is shining inside each of you and it cannot help but make you well.

Thank you Mel, for the remarkable work you do!

“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15


4:11:28 PM

Howdy everyone!

Hope this finds everyone in good spirits. We've had a gloomy week in Kentucky and I honestly can't wait to get out of here! I'm almost through my third week on the protocol and again wanted to thank everyone for their encouraging words, kind thoughts and loving support on behalf of anyone who chooses to make this their home for healing and support. I heard from Mel last weekend and I have to say that instead of utilizing his precious time to ask all of my questions, all I could do is cry...he was very patient and understanding, thanks a bunch Mel! AND again, in speaking with John B. yesterday...the tears wouldn't stop! I often feel like a big sap! With that said, I want everyone to know how grateful I am to have this site, the support of Mel, John B. and each one of you! I'm in the process of relocating and that scares the Bjesus out of me! Everything is scary at this point, but it is what it is and all we can do is focus on healing. At any rate, I wanted to share with everyone that I'll soon be moving closer to my daughter who will be living just outside of Sacramento, CA by January. In speaking to Mel, his advise was move to a drier climate if I'm planning on relocating, SO, I've decided that Reno, NV is the place for me...what I've seen, it's simply breathtaking beautiful! Watch out Mel, here comes Mel #2 haha! I was originally going to relocate back home to South Florida as I miss the ocean dearly. Mel says that humidity is no good for us...SO, Reno it is! I'm hoping that I find a nice little place to move asap, as soon as just after Christmas. My head is spinning but I can't wait! Please keep me in your prayers as I know relocating can be a setback. Watch out Reno!! :) Best wishes and God bless to all!!


Bill M
4:56:04 PM

Hello Everyone,

Well on December 18th I get my results back from the Lyme doctor as to whether or not I have the Lyme disease. Three years ago I had a blood test and the results came back positive, but as the doctor explained to me at that time that the results showed just a small measure of Lyme, so he did not treat me with an antibiotic.
About 6 months ago I had another blood test done at the VA Hospital and the results were negative but they only took one vial of blood. For this last test they took six vials of blood so this will probably let me know for sure where I am at with Lyme.

MARY .....thanks for your congrats post. Yes, I feel that I am in the 100% club and as I look back it was one heck of a journey: the first few months were really tough, but as time went on and my health started to improve it became easier, even though I had to adjust my lifestyle. I learned so much about eating the correct foods and eating in moderation and drinking in moderation. So now I can drink a couple bottles of beer or a couple glasses of wine when I go out socializing.

Regarding getting a good night sleep: At one time I use to meditate in order to get a good nights sleep, and it worked. But as time went on I got away from it and now I am having a tough time getting a good nights sleep. So I have decided to again do meditation every night just before going to bed and I believe this again will work for me. And, I also have to get in the habit of turning off the TV or the computer at least one hour before I go to bed. I just read where the computer and TV give off a blue light which stimulates the brain and this could be one of the reasons why I am again struggling to get to sleep. So it is wise to turn off the TV and computer one hour before going to bed.

PETER .....I forgot about Logos Sleep Advance and the real good news is that when I was taking inventory the other day I found an unopened bottle, so now I will give it a try. Thanks bud.

Bill M
4:08:14 PM

Good Day Everyone,

Well, it has been 3 months since my move to California and this has been a real challenge. The first challenge was the trip across county trying to find healthy foods to eat, especially in smaller towns with just one or two restaurants. So many times instead of going to a restaurant I just purchased healthy foods from the local supermarkets, including Whole Foods, and ate on the run. And so I survived the journey and had very few symptoms...... Yahoo!!

For the past three months the challenge has been to eat as healthy as I can for most of my meals. I have more of a social life here with the family, and in order to make new friends, I have been active with a number of Meetup groups in the area. The biggest challenge has been to stay away from the happy hour finger foods, like the chips, wings, meatballs, tacos, dip, etc. I avoid them like the plague and by just not eating the junk food at all I feel much better and I know that my gut is very thankful.... :) For a drink I may have 1 glass of wine or one beer and thats it. If I do go out to a party or to dinner the secret is before I go out I eat enough healthy food so I won't eat much when I am out. Works every time.... .:)

I finally went to a Lyme doctor and I should have my results from the blood test within a couple of weeks. Interesting that this doctor told me that the blood test is done in Virginia and the cost is $4000!! When I picked myself off the floor the doc informed me that they will take whatever you give them. So since I have Medicare they will accept whatever Medicare pays. I couldn't pass up that opportunity. My next appointment is on December 18th so I will know then if I have Lyme or not.

So right now I am still very healthy, taking the protocol, and working out 3-4 times a week. Sleep is my biggest problem and about 3 times per week I was taking about 1/3 of an Ambien pill and it has worked fairly well. But now I have stopped taking any Ambien because of the numerous side effects, including a possible link to Alzheimers. Need help in this area, so if anyone has any suggestions for getting a good nights sleep, please let me know.

You are all in my prayers and I can let you know that my journey to healing was slow, frustrating, and very depressing at times, but in the end........well worth the trip.

As I have stated over and over, the key ingredients to getting back to good health are: Patience, courage, discipline, and prayer.

Blessings to all.....
Bill M.

5:25:10 PM

Hello everybody!

I am still alive, now 8 years since first developing symptoms. It's time for me to do another post.

I'm back in my home state of WI where it is already looking like Christmas. My mom is happy I'm back although she has no clue how sick I truly am. It is nice to have her nearby though as I no longer feel so isolated. Since I'm not working right now, I'm also taking a class online to get additional certification so when I return to my career, I'll be able to offer more to employers.

I'm trying to make lemonade out of lemons...

I've made some progress since the last post in August, but even bigger progress if I compare to further back in time like a year ago. In my opening posts a year ago, I talked about having uncontrollable anxiety and the need for xanax just to function. I no longer use any pharmaceuticals as I no longer have anxiety or severe pain!
I still get some pain from stinging and muscle aches, but it is now tolerable. I no longer hyperventilate from lack of oxygen or acidosis like I did only 4 months ago.
I do get a slight shortness of breath though a few mornings each week so I know there is still quite a bit of infection there. I gage my progress more on how I breathe, think, and energy level, rather than on skin symptoms as the skin symptoms are always there and hard to really measure and remember what they were like a year ago. If I try to remember, I would say the skin symptoms were more severe a year ago as I was ready to end my life>(I felt so alone, and now I am no longer thinking that way. I can also say that I purge MUCH LESS than I did even 2 months ago under the same conditions.
I would conclude that there are fewer and fewer fibers in the body over time as I have worked hard at removing them for the past 4 months using oils and heat. I don't get any big stuff coming out anymore. But, since I still have crawling and stinging and brain fog, I know there is a lot left in the body, but probably much deeper than right below the skin. I look forward to the day where I cannot get anything out of the body and the skin symptoms totally disappear.

Considering how sick I was last year when I relapsed in what seemed like overnight, I'll accept the progress I've made over the past year. When the disease is more disseminated, it does take longer to recover and there is less room for error, especially with diet.
My diet has been good but not perfect over the past 3 months, but I'm in the best physical shape of my life, with bodyfat in the single digits and at my maximum lifetime strength. The root cause of the few dietary slip-ups was consuming insufficient dietary fat while eating so few carbs. We don't slip up on our diets because we choose to (because we all hate Morgellons more than anything), we slip up because our body is telling us we are lacking fuel to function, and it needs that fuel (sugar). Then, we give in to our body's cravings by giving it sugar. I have a solution to this though.
To eliminate the cravings, the answer is to switch your body over from being a sugar burner to a fat burner by eliminating carbs as much as possible and eating more fat.

IF ANY OF YOU ARE UNABLE TO CONTROL YOUR CARB CRAVINGS, INCREASE THE FAT IN YOUR DIET AND REDUCE YOUR DAILY CARB INTAKE TO LESS THAN 30 GRAMS A DAY. ONCE YOUR BODY BECOMES ADAPTED TO USING FAT AND KETONES FOR FUEL, YOUR HUNGER AND CARB CRAVINGS WILL GO AWAY AS YOUR BODYFAT IS AN UNLIMITED FUEL SOURCE FOR THE BODY. This takes about 3 weeks though for your body to adapt. And remember, to stay alkaline by eating lots of veggies and herbs, drinking lemon water, and consuming a reasonable amount of protein to maintain your muscle mass, but not too much where you become acidic. There are sites where you can estimate your daily protein needs so I won't get into that here.

I look forward to reading your posts, and STAY IN THE FIGHT. You will beat this.


2:01:50 AM

It's hump day! Does anyone from SoCal remember how radio station KMET referred to Wednesdays that way? Well, I'm an 80's girl and to this day, when Wednesdays roll around, I get a smile remembering this and thinking if I make it through this day, I'll be over the hump and on the downhill slide toward the weekend. So, we're over the hump as it's Wednesday evening now. I'm actually surprised how the weeks roll by now that I'm all grown up. Boy, do they go fast. And, I'm already on 15 drops of MMS. I just can't believe how time flies and we're around the corner from Thanksgiving and Christmas before you know it and then the new year. The year I'm going to be healthier than I've been in years. I'm really looking forward to it.

So, it's been since August when I started MMS and I was scared and stressed a lot back then. Crawlies like crazy. Then the MMS started (I also went to a healing mass) and the improvements began, slow but steady. I would get some days of brain fog and low energy, but they'd pass in a day. I have gotten and still do get a few black specks in the sheets and shower. I don't notice them anywhere else. However, I do find them randomly in weird places like on jars that I've touched. I think they are attracted to things and I think I recall reading about someones thought that there is an electrostatic or magnetic attraction at work that attracts them. I know when I sit at my computer they are way more active in my feet and my feet are resting on one of those plastic mats to allow the chair to roll around when the floor has carpet on it. So, all that plastic and the electricity of the computer, seems to energize them. But, this week, there was a significant drop in activity in my feet while at the computer and in general. One day, I was praising God all day as I had no crawlies for hours at a time and even when I had one it was small and on my feet only. I felt really normal!

My energy has been at a very healthy level and I'm able to think clearly and focus. I go to bed between 10-11pm and get up at 7am. Energy is good all day. I'm not anxious anymore because it is very clear to me that I'm getting well. The protocol is working. I will occasionally still get an itchy red bump pop up, but it goes away in a day or two and I am viewing it as some of this crud that the MMS just found and killed and that my body pushed to the surface to expel it. Better out than in. And speaking of that, the one symptom that is my gross, sci-fi symptom (doesn't everyone have one of these?) is still happening. I hadn't mentioned it before because I was trying to not think about it, but here it seems that flies come out of me. I know. Gross. Creepy. No way. But, it has been 5 months now and each month, around the full moon, I will find one of these distinctly shaped flies in my room or at my office. I do not feel them come out of me and I don't see where they might have come from, but I'm sure now that it's coming from me somehow because even when on a vacation in the summer, there was one in my bedroon in that rental condo. Twice I've seen it fly away from me from my head area. The other times it was just on a wall. So, I guess better out than in, but I'll tell you, I hate the sight of those flies and they do bring me down because it's just too gross and weird. I've heard of a few others that had this symptom, too, and spoken to one of them and they are sane people. So, I know I'm not delusional, though I wish I was imagining this. This symptom my husband is not able to accept and I don't understand how it could be either. But, enough said. I'm just hoping that in December, I don't see any and never see another one again. But if I do, I'm just planning to eliminate it and then keep moving on and not think about it at all.

As far as my food, I'm doing well. I made some almond-butter and pumpkin cookies using quinoa flour, oat flour, and vanilla stevia. They turned out okay. But, my son wasn't super thrilled with 'em, so I'm going to dip them in some chocolate that I plan to make with raw cacao powder, coconut oil, and stevia. That should do the trick for him. I really want to get him off sugar and gluten by making more healthy treats like that. The pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving is next with coconut cream whipped cream. The pie is also gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free using stevia. I plan to also have the cauliflower "mashed potatoes", turkey, green beans with sliced almonds and sauteed onions, and a green salad. I don't think I'll suffer much while I watch my family (sister in law and her family, my parents in law, and my hubby and son) eat all the regular fixins. I might even try some of my mother in law's sauerkraut with caraway seeds and pork. She promised to buy organic pork, (hope she can find it) and Bubbies sauerkraut which is made only with salt and water and no sugar or vinegar. I did find a brand that makes sugar free and nitrate free bacon. But I had to search as most bacon has that. Shawn, I saw that you ate bacon and it got me thinking that I'd like to have some every once in a while as long as it didn't have sugar or nitrates. I think the brand I found is called Pedersons. Haven't found the CoYo yet. The internet was wrong.

Cleaning is a little less intense now. I wash my sheets every 3rd day and lint roll and Kleen Green spray in between. I still wash my clothes after I wear them once. I use towels and have all along after showering and to wash my face. But still use paper towels to dry hands off. No kitchen towels, got a dish drying rack for dishes that don't go in the dishwasher and are washed by hand so they can air dry.

And lastly, my hair is doing better. I've never cut it since contracting this condition and its 4-5 inches past my shoulders. But, it's no longer getting weaved with highlights, so my natural color is growing in along with a fair share of gray hairs. But, it's getting healthier and I'm not minding it as much as I thought I would. Being healthy is most important, but I still want to look somewhat together. I just tell people at work that I have Lyme's (as I probably really do since I did have tick bites when riding my horse on the trails as a kid) and for this treatment protocol I can't use any chemicals on my body, so I'm letting my hair go natural. The women have said they think it's a great idea and are supportive. Men say the same and a few even say they think it's even more attractive when women let their hair go gray. No one says anything rude and if they did, all I would think is just that, that they don't have good social skills and are judgmental and I wouldn't take it personally. I know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Being vain just has to have it's limits or a person will become obsessed with non-important worries and issues and stay sick. Life is too short. If I look good enough to me that's all that matters. Well, actually, I want to be beautiful in God's eyes, but that beauty is another kind of beauty and that is the most important kind.

That's the update for now. Going good, getting better every week. God Bless everyone and wishing all a most Happy Thanksgiving. Much to be thankful for....Mel, John, the fellow warriors here, my faith, friends, and family!

3:57:04 PM

Good Day my fellow warriors of light.

Do you all remember the Simpsons? If so, you might remember that whenever Marge (the mother) would get really stressed, she would rub her temples and repeat, "Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean."

This always made me laugh really hard and recently it came up because I found myself get really stressed out. It didnt matter the life topic, I chose to get anxious about it.

And then I remembered what Mel had said about stress and how this thing really likes a stressful environment. So I prayed. And then I gave myself one hour of unleashed screaming in my pillows, crying, stomping around, pounding on my drum, praying loudly....a real big pity party. After about 20 minutes of this madness, I burst into huge belly laughter. Thank you Mel, Marge and mostly the Lord for his long arms that inevitably reach down every time I call to Him.

My personal experience: Managing stress = quicker healing/less symptoms

Ok, so Im now on my 5th month of the protocol. I literally run to take the logos supplements. Its so interesting that given all my experience with herbs and plant medicine, these are the first ones that I literally crave. I do not have the same love relationship with MMS. I have had some difficulty integrating it into my routine, so in essence I had to start again at a very low dose. A reminder that our bodies are all different. My energy has greatly improved and the itching at night is getting so so much better, though still there. And oh man, there is so much purging going on..mostly black specks, changing lesions and increased scalp activity. Im taking this as a positive sign my immune system is kicking in. Thank you Peter and Twiggy.

Im doing really well with the diet piece, only I really really miss dairy. Just sayin'... Also, if you must know, cleaning has never been my greatest skill, but this protocol has helped me prioritize and organize my life and surroundings. I have not chosen the throw away my things. Still have my rugs (vaccuum frequently) and most clothes are in a separate room in bags until I can wear them again. I have a beloved dog who I also treat with herbs. He shows no symptoms.

Lastly, I want to give a big thank you to Mel for his leadership, kindness, and steadfast support of all of us. I know you don't have to do all that you do, Mel. I am truly grateful.

Blessings and Thanks to all of you who continue to post your progress. We WILL beat this thing, even when setbacks happen.

With Love,

1:04:01 PM

Hello All,

I decided to write .

For persons new and lost, confused, worried, my post is a good place to look from the start until today November 9th 2014

My kids- 95% better? my son has NO issues
my daughter s only issue is a few red hive bumps sometimes after a shower that go away they have NO other symptoms

me some days I feel 100%
the 100% days that seem to go for a week at a time-reminds me how our bodies are supposed to be and can be again.

other days slight reminder that Im not done, but if I compare to the start of this post 90%+ better then too- and then only feels like a very MINOR inconvenience

I took my kids and I off the silver and MMS 6 months ago. I change my bedding once a week now. I wash my laundry in borax/with regular detergent and sometimes also peppermint soap. our diet is almost no sugar, some fruit, mostly organic (however we do go out to eat sometimes for a steak at outback or chicken wings ect just un- sweet tea with Stevia and lemons then

I give my kids and myself very basic protocol now- in smoothie form
and we drink ALOT of herbal teas. teas I suggest are from YOGI TEAS - their healthy fasting tea and daily detox teas- look them up. also we all eat a small amount of FRESH rosemary and thyme herb daily (this I learned from a respected naturopath)

will probably do the above forever- but thats just fine. We are all so much healthier because of it.

thanks Mark

8:09:36 AM

You are so right it's all about diet and protocol Shawn .. listen to the way your body responds to the food u eat... It seems were all so different in diet and we all react to certain foods differently..
I have for years now ..eliminated quinoa,rice,buckwheat.. Also no fruit for me , to high in sugar, even berries .. My body just won't tolerate these foods: I don't eat any of those carbs!
My diet is mainly veggies, loads of greens, salads, lean proteins, whole milk yogurt with stevia, nuts, eggs ...I thrive on a extremely strict anti candida type diet .. Since I'm so busy I do eat out a lot which was challenging at first but I've got it down now .. Even if there are times I have to eat a salad no dressing .. You do what you gotta do ;) I usually get subway chopped salad all veggies, turkey chopped, oil no vingar .. Usually oil for salad dressing if I'm not making my own..

In conjunction with diet is out PROTOCOL.. It really is AMAZING!!! We are so lucky to have Mel and John develop and lay out such a comprehensive approach in synergistic way we are taking our supplements ..
I love having a plan and intelligent approach to taking these life saving vitamins .. Giving your body all these friendly little helpers to boost your bio terrain is the best thing you can do for yourself ... It's saved our lives and my sanity!!!

Mel with your support I have come so far!!!

I remember our initial conversations ;) I was a terrified mother just wanting to help my son and god willing myself too!
I was panicked ..dealing with no support from family or friends.. Coming out of a psychiatric hospital .. For Delusions ...Scared that if my family caught me trying to treat myself I would get locked back up ..
I was dealing with soo much against me , but u helped me calm down and have faith .. You helped me see I had time .. you yelled at me too calm down.. Insisting; I could get better if I listen.. I would have never thought those years ago I would be as far as I am now ...
Tyler is doing great he thrives with use of probiotics and candida rid...
I have my sanity , Tyler and I have enjoyed so many good days, health filled - because of you!! I swear your were the answer to my prayers .. This site .. John B - and Logos have been our saving grace!! My gratitude is eternal!!!

I have talked to so many of you on here, even making a few life long friends.. I consider family!! ;) I hold each of you in prayer knowing you can do it!!!

Have faith.. And Mel man is right ... Never ever give up hope!!!!

Many blessings,

7:42:49 PM

Hello all

Thanks to everyone that is posting and sharing here. You continue to give information and to forge relationships that demonstrate how we can feel mutual support and a sense of acceptance. I applaud and commend you again for doing this. Your posts do inspire others to accept this protocol as the proven way back from this debilitating disease.” Don’t seek the healing, seek the healer inside.” And don’t give the medical system the power and authority to tell you what to do to be healthy. Your own informed choices are what tell you what to do to live a vital life. You have my hope for the blessing of complete healing.

I am now at 28 months on the protocol. However, there is nothing that you should consider unusual about this taking longer for me. The real net gains remain. Energy is good. Digestion is good. Mental focus and clarity is better than ever. I sleep the whole night through. The time for me has been longer due to several pre existing factors. I am 60 years old. For most of those years my diet was filled with refined carbohydrates and modified foods together with many years of alcohol abuse. My medical history includes additional viral and bacterial infection that is more extensive that most. I have been dealing with other co infections for a very long time. So don’t be discouraged by this. I feel really good. I just want you to realize why it is taking me longer.

During the last three weeks I did experience an increase in cycles of inflammation. I also saw small patches of reddening, blotching and leathery skin around my angles, knees, elbows and wrists. There was also a mental funk that I am not accustomed too has come and gone. The nature of these symptoms is hard to explain. I know it is NOT a relapse. It doesn’t feel like that. It’s different. It feels like deeper healing because each expression leaves me feeling better on the other side. So I simply continue to accept them as part of the end stage of my detox.


“What if the lunar cycle is not a reproductive boost, but an immune response triggered by regular daily and monthly hormonal cycles?” What if symptoms are aggravated during the full moon not because the pathogen is multiplying, but because hormone levels have fluctuated? Hormonal cycles do change on regular intervals. Menstruation is a good example. This makes sense to me, and is a far more optimistic view to take, no? See symptoms as an inflammatory response. This will eliminate fear and allow you to see that you are still moving forward.

“What if you fail to consider the law of unintended consequences?” There is always the possibility that something you do may bring forth unintended consequences. For example, antibiotics kill bacterial infection, but as an unintended consequence, also create an imbalance in friendly bacteria. It is wise to pay attention to this rule in all matters. Especially in the foods you eat and the products you use. Good intentions can have unintended consequences.


Walking in service, as God commissions us to do, does have rewards. Here is an example. I have developed a relationship with my health and vitamin store manager by being of service to him. A simple sharing of information during an uplifting conversation given with love has brought forth a special friendship that is Christ centered. Out of love, he now gives freely to me whenever he can meet a need. You might say this is the flip side of unintended consequences. I am blessed through my relationship with him because it was unexpected. God only asks us to spread the gospel. Provide your testimony to others and the blessings arrive. It is God’s promise to us all.


Finally, the following was written by a Morgellons sufferer who is now almost completely healed:

“Morgellons for me is like that impossible teacher I had in my youth. The one that frustrated me, and demanded too much at every turn. The one that was contrary and mean and who pushed too hard. But it has also left me savoring hard won battles and set me straight on how to live more in balance. Therefore, I try not to rail against the unfairness of the experience, but to look at how much I learned and the ways in which it has stretched me as a human being. Yes, it has been a miserable teacher, but by its hand I have been transformed into a wonderful student.”

Strength and Love,

1:26:15 PM

Hey guys!

So here we are in our 14th month on the protocol and diet. As most of you know my entire household has morgellons to varying degrees. My intention in posting today is to bring hope to all.

I was the sickest of everyone, or at least it appeared so. I wont go into extreme detail but, lets just say I was feeling as if the disease didn't kill me, I would be forced to take my own life. The torture that I was experiencing was beyond comprehension. My life has definitely been challenging on many levels and I've always endured through the lords strength. This time is no different, it just took a lot of trust and faith to get past the worst of it. So where I'm at today...I feel really good most days. Im not symptom free yet but, I am sleeping soundly in my own bed, I can think clearly, I only have to shower once a day, I'm exercising, I've got my creativity again, I feel happy most of the time and I feel comfortable loving on my children again.

My youngest who was almost as sick as I was and recovering from cancer treatment is doing wonderful and his blood work proves that the protocol and diet are really working. He has returned to school and his teacher says he's really excelling this year.

My teenagers are also doing great, especially my son who has struggled for a few years before morgellons. He's attending school everyday and says he really feels like he can absorb what he is learning and his grades are steadily improving. My daughter is also excelling in school this year. She used to feel very tired and couldn't do everything that she wanted. Now she is not only doing well in school but, is also serving the lord by volunteering in the preschool at our church and designing props for the theatre at school. The kids barely itch anymore at all and get only an occasional bump. Usually those things only happen during moon cycles. Which doesn't make me worry, because I know its part of the process. All 3 kids are on a modified version of the protocol, as they didn't require as much to get better and of course diet.

I focus, and direct their focus to all of the progress and healing we've done so far when something comes up.
Stress has been the biggest challenge and as we all know, life doesn't stop just because you're sick. We must push forward.

My husband was showing some pretty significant symptoms but, never had some of the more disturbing symptoms, so it was very hard to convince him that he was sick with morgellons. I knew better of course. He has been doing so great on the diet. He's lost that extra weight and over time has excepted what we have. I think seeing me and our little guy so sick and then seeing us get well helped a lot. Because he was so resistant, it made everything that much harder. I discovered that talking about ways we can be healthier, instead of bringing up morgellons really helped to get him on board. He's a beer and football kinda guy, so the fact that he's given up beer is amazing. The lord really answers prayers!

Finally, my Mom ....I haven't talked about her much. When my son was diagnosed with cancer back in 2010 and we were told he would need 3 + years of treatment, she came to stay with us to help out. She was widowed and needed help too as she was not old enough to collect social security and my dads pension had run out. She was unwell and overweight. My fathers unexpected death had really took its toll on her. So we were helping eachother out. She is my angel and such a blessing in my life. The fact that the possibility that she could become as ill as me, scared me to death. So when she started showing some symptoms, it broke my heart. I explained to her how the diet could be really life saving for her in so many ways and she agreed to get on board. She currently has no symptoms and/ has lost a total of 75 lbs!! So many of her health issues have resolved.

I feel like something for everyone to keep in mind here is the importance of eating healthy and getting rid of as many chemicals in your life as possible. Also something as simple as drinking enough water. Water is so very important and if you're not drinking enough, it could make a huge impact on the way you feel. Remember, we take a lot of stuff on a daily basis. Things are dying off and drinking plenty of water will help to push it out. Adding in that lemon will greatly help with detoxification and keeping those kidneys healthy.

None of this is easy. I didn't think it was even possible. Our diet and lifestyle was just awful and there are so many of us. I'm here today to tell you that it is possible. There have been times I wanted to give up, I'm so glad I didn't. I have excepted that I am doing everything I can to get us well and we will be completely free of this when the lord sees its time. In the meantime, I stay in the fight. Life is once again bearable, good again, even. We have made so many sacrifices in order to afford the cost of healthy eating. I know that once I can return to work, it will change. It wont always be this way and things just keep getting better. Diet, protocol, lifestyle change and faith will get you there. Believe it!!

I have so much love for you all! I couldn't have done any of this without the help I've found here. I consider the people here my family. I've been shown true love through this website. Don't lose faith or hope! If you stay the course, you will get better.

Praying for a better tomorrow! Love and peace to all of you.

Amber & family

10:32:11 PM

I am so happy to be posting! It's been a long time since I've been on here!!

I usually post from my iPhone no problem since I don't own a computer. There were a few hiccups with me posting the latest posts and all of the lists I attempted to post, scrambling words and sentences together when I would try to post.
I'm doing soo good. Still taking full protocol and anti candida diet strict!

I'm in the practical phase of my education at school finishing up and prepare for some of my last final exams.
I've never been so busy, but I'm doing what I really love to do so it makes it fun for me! Aside from some minimal lingering symptoms (small spot in my chest that gets a little purge, and exhaustion when I get home!

I'm living my life like it's the only one I have!! Demanding, trusting and believing that God and the universe support me in my dreams :) I just want to show the world who I am.

Morgellons has caused me to live somewhat less fearlessly! I have been networking with some really successful people in my field and doing great in what I do, which is amazing! I stay inspired by my friends here. I've been so busy with trying to live my dream but you all, are my support .. I wouldn't be where I am and doing what I am doing without you guys!!!

I'm so grateful for Mel, and all of you, I love you!!

Tyler is doing really good no rashes in awhile ...Still taking flora and candida rid :)

Staying in faith believing we are all walking on the path to the answer and cure we need ... Diet and protocol ;)

Love, Nicole

6:25:24 PM

Heya Mel and everyone!
Just a quick update since Mel did mention I was feeling the one year blahs and I've been resting, resting, and more resting!
Well... guess what? That HUGE fatigue was indeed a healing herx and I am doing better than I have throughout this whole thing! This week my energy levels came swooping back to me, my skin has been clearing and I have been bouncing off of the walls. No itching, barely any symptoms, and overall I am very very happy. I will be pleased to let you know that I will be going to the library tomorrow to get most of the recipes section updated in one swoop and make a fantastic post on my healing.
I hope the almond cookies recipe helped people out... those things are delicious. Blessings!

7:45:31 PM

Hello everyone,

just wanted to take some time to reflect on my journey living with Morgellons. I believe this all started back in Nov. of 2013. I remember being sick and coughing profusely, my vision was going (so I thought), I was always so tired and fatigue…I actually thought I had phenomena because I was sick for so long (about a month or so).

Being the stubborn person I am, I didn't want to go to the doctor because I thought it was just a little stressed because of the holidays approaching (because that was a normal reaction for me since I was a child) my birthday is a few days before Christmas and I always work myself up, planning, shopping trying to prepare for my birthday and Christmas because it’s my favorite holiday and I get so very excited that I make myself sick. LOL!
This year was a little bit different, A mile stone that I’ll never forget!

I remember itching like crazy, I thought “as many of you have” that I had head lice and maybe my children had contracted it at school…let’s just say I wasted a lot of energy, time and money. I started my journey going to countless doctors back a forth to the hospital so forth and so on….you know the rest.

My husband and my older children (ages 19 & 15) thought I was losing my mind as so did I but I knew I wasn't crazy! I started goggling my symptoms and ran across some horrible sites. then one day, I was blessed and lead to “How I cured Morgellons” I had hope! My real journey started in April 2014, it’s been 6 months.

As far as my health, my progress has been phenomenal! Although I felt I was a pretty healthy person, I worked out often but my eating habits weren't good at all.

I work in the fashion industry and my image (appearance) is a big part who I am and what I do. In the beginning of learning of this disease, I suffered serious anxiety, loss self-esteem because (If you don’t remember, I thought I had lice so I cut off all my hair) and although I had a relationship with the Lord I even thought of ending my life. Morgellons tested the core of me.

When I first came to this site it was really over whelming for me, I was grateful for the knowledge because I was being empowered, but at the same time it was too much! I wanted answers; I needed someone to talk to that understood my pain!
My own husband who I felt was my best friend didn't/still doesn't believe me. I think that’s what makes this the hardest to deal with…coping with something that you know exist and living with the unknown.

I haven’t journaled my progress as all of you have but my progress once again has been great! I've been pretty consistent for the most part except when I went out of town for a wedding. My timing was off schedule (taking the supplements) but I did stick to the protocol. I was so determined to stick to my diet that I barely ate which wasn't good because I lost “a lot more weight” over that weekend but on a good note stayed true to my diet. My total weight lose is 38 pounds, I’m about 5’7 so I am a bean pole…LOL! I look good though, but I need about 5 more pounds. I've always been conscious of my weight 135-155 is the norm for me (my adult weight) I haven’t been this skinny sense I was in my early 20’s.

Thanks to Mel, the many warriors for sharing information and especially my faith….I wouldn't be where I am today “physically and emotionally”!

The worst challenge for me to concur is my stress. I try to manage it as best as possible but sometimes it gets the best of me…. wife, mother of two adult children, one teen and 8 yr old twins. It can be very overwhelming; especial while dealing with M and no support.
This is where my faith kicks in triple time! :-)

On that note….stay focused on the protocol and your diet “I have” and I’m getting better. I know I have a ways to go but I’m looking forward to my full recovery.

Take care; keep me and my family in your prayer as I will keep you in mine.


1:07:25 AM

Greetings All,

I am posting an update as I'm at 10 drops now and just about to go up to 11 tomorrow. I'm feeling anxious about whether it will be my Herx level. I'm also wanting to get to that point so I can get onto maintenance mode. But, I think I'm mostly anxious. I think tomorrow I'm going to go pick up some Vit C 500mgs to have on hand if I herx and it is a strong reaction. I'm thinking tonight of all the warriors that have gone before me. I remember bits of posts like someone saying how vile the MMS tastes and those that use a chaser after drinking it. It really is a strange and quite awful taste. Sometimes it feels like I'm drinking pool water. But, I've tried not breathing in my nose and it does help. I think how delicious it is now, just wait to see how lovely it is going to taste if I get up to 20 drops. Ughh! LOL :)

Last night I had a "herx" of a different kind, stress. I was cooking and using a mandolin to cut cucumbers thinly. Well, for those that know this culinary device, it is darn tricky one and I don't know how many times I have cut myself on its sharp blade. And, I did it again. Didn't need stitches but it's a good cut on the tip of the finger. Ya, it hurt darn good, but, my point in sharing this act of clumsiness is that I cried like a baby. I think it was all my stress from this whole last 5 months coming out finally because I was really sobbing deeply and for quite a few minutes. I am not one to cry hardly ever and I realized that I really haven't truly cried since this started, until last night. Got my husbands shirt all wet and messy from when he was consoling me. But, then it stopped and I felt calm and had a good night sleep. Even though I had to release all that stress from all the washing, cleaning, spraying KG on chairs I sit on and wearing disposable latex free gloves to do my family's laundry.....I am still visualizing the Canaanite Woman who in Matthew 15:21-28 wouldn't give up asking Jesus for her daughter to be healed. I'm hopeful my faith will also be rewarded and my request for healing be fulfilled. I'm not giving up. And, actually, I believe I am being healed now. It's a slow healing, not instantaneous. And that's okay. I believe it is God's plan for me and there's a good reason to make it this particular path I'm on. I have to change my lifestyle and the longer I practice this because I have to, the more likely it is going to stay in place once I don't have to.

I have been having good energy and still working 5 days a week. Really clear thinking and no brain fog. I have had itchy small welts that are coming out here and there around my chin, jawbone, and neck. I had developed a fatty double chin for a while when I had all the weight gain that wouldn't come off prior to getting this and I think as I've been losing weight (almost 30 lbs now), this stuff is leaving that fatty area where it had been living. So that is a happy event even though I don't like the itchy welts. Some black specks on sheets and maybe tiny black fibers in shower. They are thin and very short so, I just realized that they were there and that I'd better start using my reader glasses when I clean to make sure I don't miss any.

Lastly, I'm still happier and less stressed around meals now that I've found some good recipe websites and cookbooks and can cook some tasty food for myself and my family. I'm a foodie, hence the previous weight problem, but I was a lazy foodie and would microwave pre-made fare. Not anymore. Tonight was Spicy Chicken Cilantro Spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash. Tomorrow is Lamb Stew. (sorry if this is offensive to the vegetarians and others out there, I am a Mediterranean girl at heart so was raised with lamb as a regular meat). Lately, I feel like a a traditional Old World mom, like my YiaYia was, as I spend most of Saturday making food for the week now. It is surprisingly satisfying for the soul to know I'm doing good for my family with healthy food and that I'm joining women that for centuries have known this same good feeling.

I guess that's all for now. I wonder what another 2 weeks will bring....
May the Peace of Christ Be with you all-

12:25:20 PM

Here is a update on my currant condition,

I am 24 months on the protocol, but I would say the fist 12 months was quite rocky and my diet was not to good.

I Believe I now would be at the 90% better, instead I am now at about 60%. In the last 12 months I have tighter reins and I see the difference in my progress.

My arms and chest have improved 90%.
The problems I am having still are back of neck and legs.
The legs being the last strong hold.
If they stay in the leg area I would be completely happy,
its easily managed There.

Now my diet is strict and keeping stress under control is a major must, one that I have struggled with.

Money is always a problem and this is a very costly thing to fight, I just got a cheap laptop a month ago so I could post at home.

I don't have a car any more so I have to ride my bike to the store, it has baskets mounted on the rear, thank the lord I can still ride a bike.

Thank God for this website, it did save my life.
I have had Morgellons for 4 years and if I found this website sooner, well you know the rest of that story.
(I would be better by now!)

Good luck to us all

1:55:41 AM

Hello everyone,
I enjoyed the conference call very much with you all and want to say a great, big thank you to Ellen for sharing her experience and for being willing to be very detailed. The specifics about food are so helpful. Since you got well so quickly, perhaps the fastest on record to date, I am trying to emulate you and replicate your behaviors from cleaning house to laundry to food. And thanks to Amber for sharing her positive experience with unusual soap, Nature Rich. I might try it, but I think I'm still avoiding doing anything besides mms to increase the purging. No baths yet! LOL

Well, I am now up to 8 drops MMS as of yesterday. I have mostly good energy and cognitive functioning days. Still working 5 days a week. And then come home to my second job, but not second in importance, my family feeding, sports practices, piano practices, homework, and laundry (always laundry).

I've had more black specks in my sheets in the morn but less than 10. Some days only one or two. The lint roller and KG spray are very helpful. I also find them around in the bathroom and shower so spray my KG and wipe them away. I have very low crawlies now. Still mainly just on my feet and ankles. Also I've been getting some itchy red welts mostly on my right lower inner arm. They come and stay around a day or do and then are gone. It's not fun but I remind myself that I've got these things on the move and that's good news. They aren't comfortable in this body anymore and won't be able to call this body home much longer!

I've added monolaurin to my regimen for the fungal and bacteria that a test the doctor ran showed I have an overgrowth of. No surprise there. Also I added the Renaissance activated whey protein powder. Very tasty in blender with unsweetened almond milk and ice. A yummy energy providing "milkshake". Thanks, John!

I also got a rush of energy after having my first bowl of hot quinoa flakes cereal with almond milk, cinammon, and stevia. Guess that seed has lots of good protein. Going to use it more now that it no longer increasing the crawlies like it did earlier on.

Lastly I discovered the comforting goodness of red rooibus tea with stevia. Yum! And Ellen has said she drank that often too. Want to try to make that rooibus jello next that I saw in the recipe section.

One last food note to mention, my new fave website is Okay, not a fan of the name of the site but Melissa "Melicious" is an awesome cook and the recipes are very tasty and satisfying. It's a paleo website. My family loved the cauliflower mashed "potatoes" and the cinammon beef stew also known as Greek stew. Food is so important to me as I was raised with Mediterranean food so I really need spices to make food interesting which then raises my morale. I am looking forward to thanksgiving now! And there is a great short video showing how to make an olive oil mayo much easierly? (more easier) than how I had been doing it. She says dont use EVOO but plain OO to avoid getting a bitter taste. Makes my deviled eggs really good. I can't find a store bought mayo that doesnt have soy or canola oil for the life of me.

As far as make up... I have to wear it to work so I'm using a line that Mothers market carries called Benecos which is from Germany and is reportedly made with über clean ingredients. The mascara too is the best I've found. I put it on with disposable wands my friend got me from a beauty supply company for estheticians. but I'm sure they can be found on amazon, can't everything?! Then there is a nice light lip tint by Hemp Organics that I use daily. But though the Giovanni line of hair care is really helping my dry hair look healthy, I've stopped weaving highlites into my hair because of the chemicals. So, hello grey! I'm tring to make friends with the grey and as my roots grow out, it's the first time I've seen my actual hair color in decades. But with the added touch of grey. Perhaps what God has given me in the hair department will turn out to be even better than what I've been paying for all these can dream, can't they?

So, for now I'm doing well. I pray for all of us each day and am starting to really feel that this is a blessing, crazy as it sounds. I am learning how to eat better and cook better. My family is getting healthier. I avoid the microwave as much as i can and have rediscovered the oven! I'm learning to not even think about a glass of wine, don't know when the last time I craved one was. And I'm making sure exercise and sunshine are a daily part of my life. I must say I do get very fatigued from walking around the hilly neighborhood where I never used to and used to be able to go on treadmill at high speed walk with incline. It seems like my muscles have atrophied as I get weak legs just going up stairs somedays. But, I have a very definite feeling that this will get better, too. God is amazing! Thank you!! and thanks to everyone here for being so supportive to one another!

Warm regards,


6:05:05 PM

Hi my name is shawn from the u.k.
I have what i believe this disease for several years, until it really showed its card in April 2013, later subsided then reared its ugly head in August, 3 months went by, doctors, sent away, reading websites etc and really panicking, eventually being referred from my local doctor to a doctors at Royal Barts hospital in London, he stated he knew of Morgellons but knew very little. ~So i decided and was lead by our good Lord to this site at the end of November. I ordered the full protocol for 3 months as i live in the u.k.
I am not going to say it has been easy as it has fought with me, I HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT GIVE INTO THIS, I HAVE HOPE!!
MEL has so very kindly supported me with weekly telephone calls when things have gone into reverse, ( thats how i saw it) and several others Twiggy, Justin, Eleanor to name but a few. I have read and read this site, always looking at the forum topics.
Basically what i am saying, those who are in the position that i was in, please as Mel says "never give up hope" there is light at the end of tunnel, i am just going into month 11 soon, i have stuck to my diet, the protocol, i exercise as i work in construction and try and go to the gym, my energy is abundant, i feel way better, i am winning, i do get tired now and again, then just try and rest even if it is a cat nap.
I know i have a way to go, but i know i am seeing the light, i talk and prey to our good lord, Please believe that god will guide you if you wish to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.
Apart from the protocol, diet etc i must emphasise i use a sprayer just like the hairdressers use and put Kleen Green 7 parts water to 1 part Kleen Green, luke warm, all over my body 2 x per day, morning and night. i have found this helps tremendously.
We will win the battle and join Mel, Peter and so many more warriors to the end of the tunnel and into the light, We are all here for each other
God Bless to you all

Justin J
1:14:11 PM

Health Update

Hmm I’m not sure how many months it’s been since I started my journey but I’m diffinently nearing the finish line towards ridiculously good health. There have been ups, downs, bumps, detours, snags, back peddling, all kind of crazy but I’m still here and kicking. My constant work is a blessing as it keeps me physically mentally and dare I say it emotionally fit. Dealing with the general public has indeed fine-tuned my ability to filter BS LOL! What a journey, By Christmas time I will hit the two year mark…my how time has flown! The will to live is a tremendous thing and I have persevered and am reaping the rewards of health.
All of reality is like a computer game people who get Morgellons got their settings set to superhuman “BIG CHALLENGE” not easy mode ha! It’s just a challenge I think as a group humanity isn’t defeated so easily, and when I reach the ripe age of 85 I will tell my children that grandpa survived strange times and an even stranger disease. I will be like no grandpa around though; I won’t be “old” and playing bingo.
I’ll tell you what I’m doing and what I’m eating not to make you jealous but to tell you that it can be done and you can get there I believe.
I have become a semi-vegetarian and no longer eat red meat or pork at this time as it was simply messing my body up. I eat a decent amount of dairy but only really clean things and no milk. I partake of many types of fruit and different grains and beans and veggies. I can tolerate chocolate now! Blueberries are really important and antioxidant rich! I drink loads of green and black tea mmmm
I lost my pouchy gut and my skin is gorgeous my hair has grown back and I have muscle tone.
I still am working on killing upper intestinal hookworms that are feeling the burn at the moment but otherwise looking good and feeling gorgeous :)
Love to others

2:08:21 PM

Hello all!

I'm way overdue for an update, for that, I apologize.

Lets see...where do I start?

August super moon was not pleasant for me at all. I started experiencing symptoms pretty bad. It reared its head in the form of crawling sensations and mental and emotional distress, and lasted about a month. The only saving grace, was that, the rest of the family's experience was not nearly as bad as mine.

It was during that time that, my husband was having some heart issues and we ended up in the ER.

I was also trying to figure out what we were going to do about Matt's schooling. I chose to home school him last year, so that he could have the best possible chance for recovering from Morgellons and years of chemotherapy.

Since I had to leave my job, and wasn't working for the first time in 10 years, I figured it would be the best scenario. Well, it was decided that he was recovered enough to return to school this year. We did retain him, so he is redoing the 5th grade. I felt he needed it. The process of getting the approval for the retention was brutal and such a long drawn out process. It did put extra stress on me.

Preparing Matt for his return, now was very well planned and thought out. Everything is going so well, so far! I couldn't be more happy for him. If anything, it has improved his health, by having that structure and socialization again. Lets just say, I wasn't the strictest of teachers. My two other children have returned to school after a long summer, as well.

As I write this, I'm feeling really good again. In fact, I feel better than ever. I feel a full recovery for us is on the horizon. God continues to pour out the blessing, even in the midst of chaos. This protocol and the help we have received continue to be one of our biggest blessings.

I'm so grateful beyond words. I wish you all health and happiness!

Amber & Famil

Bill M.
5:44:09 PM

Hello Everyone,

This last February I decided to leave my home in North Carolina and move out west to San Diego, where most of my family now lives. So two weeks ago, myself and a good friend packed my Chrysler Van and headed west, stopping along the way to see the sights: Nashville, Memphis, Dallas (Cowboys stadium), San Antonio, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Bryce Canyon, and Las Vegas. After 12 days on the road we reached our San Diego destination and I can tell you that it really feels good to again be reunited with my brother and sisters, all the nieces and nephews, and of course my daughter, who lives in L.A.

The trip across the country was a challenge for me since it was much more difficult to take meds and eat good food while traveling. So for the 12 day trip I had to be creative as I could and that included buying good whole foods at the local supermarkets. But even with that, there were times I missed taking my meds and I made too many bad choices for meals. Usually late at night when there wasn't much of a choice for restaurants. This was a concern since I was afraid up slipping up and having symptoms again.

The good news is that I did survive with maybe just a few minor issues: a few itches and a couple of pimples on my chest and arm. But, the most important thing I learned from this whole cross country adventure is that the months of sticking with the protocol and watching my diet has really paid dividends when it comes to my health and well being.

I think at this point I honestly believe that I am pretty much symptom free!! Which means I can now eat some foods which I stayed away from, and that includes some fruits, including my favorite: bananas....... :) I now drink my daily Starbucks coffee, and have an occasional wine and beer......... all in moderation. That is the key word: MODERATION, and please keep in mind that these foods I have introduced ONLY AFTER I got better.

I think it is so important for everyone fighting this disease to know that you have to win the battles before you win the war! But once you do win you will feel fantastic!

Blessings to all.....
Bill M.

12:03:04 AM

Hey, guys!
I just had my first Doctor's appointment since March or April and thought I would give an update on my progress. He was excited about the improvements I've seen; localized and greatly reduced crawling and biting, improved gut symptoms, better sleeping, etc. He didn't like where my weight is still and found I still have a low thyroid and yeast on my tongue. He's put me on thyroid medication now and a series of Nystatin and Diflucan, to attempt to wipe out the yeast. If it doesn't work, he'll continue another series. He also wants to try a new therapy they have, an Ozone Sauna treatment. They're not even going to charge me for it because they want to see if it makes any difference in the M.
I've started back teaching again, so I have to get up at 5:15 everyday. I can't get to bed until after 10, so it's more difficult to get the rest I need. I take naps quite often after school, for 30 minutes or so.
I'm still eating as clean as possible. My only cheats (OK, Mel. I guess I do a little) are 2-3 small onion rings on Saturday's and an ocassional 1/2 of a Kind Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bar (2 1/2 grams of sugar).

Blessings to everyone!

7:49:20 PM

Hello Everybody,

I wanted to give you a quick update. Now some 27 months on the protocol, I am still doing well. My mind set still includes acknowledging that every day brings me closer to the reality of reaching “complete remission.” Strangely, this is in the midst of seeing a return of inflammation and blotching to my left forearm and above my right knee. Let me explain.

I very well may have had co-infection for a very long time, and I am convinced that these symptoms are a result of a deeper detox that is occurring. Although I am disappointed that they did not reverse over night, I am convinced that they do not represent a setback. As I write this, after 5 days, they are almost completely reversed out. They did not affect my sleep or appetite. Digestion is good. There is no biting or stinging. There is only a deeper kind of itching that feels like healing.

I continue to eat clean. I pay attention to rest. I take every step to manage the stressors of work and daily living. I am not at all worried. I will update everyone in my next post. Be well! For now, I will be focusing on getting rest.

Strength and Love,

1:23:05 PM

Mary, your journey is something I can really relate to. Started the protocol the beginning of Nov. 2013. After bathing and seeing skin roll off and all the specks etc, I too couldn't take another soaking bath till this July....showers only and I never looked only towel rubbed off the purging.... Scared me senseless... Now I am doing the mms baths 3 times a week, doing the full protocol along with my husband, and am also renewing my faith with the "Big Guy" up there! I am finally able to laugh and enjoy my family again! The panic and terror over the unknown is going! I still have the scars from the open wounds and wear long sleeved shirts but now I have more important issues at hand that I am able to deal with.... I feel like myself again only Better!! My mantra: cowards die a thousand deaths, the valiant only one.... I am a warrior! Hang in there.... It is only temporary and Mel's protocol Works! That is all we need to know!

6:48:19 PM

Greetings to all of my sisters and brothers in this good place!

I am fairly new and have been on the protocol for about 7 weeks. I am up to 3 drops of MMS now as of Sunday.

I am so thankful to Mel for his faithfulness to God and to God for his use of Mel to help all of us! And, very thankful to John B for his dedication to helping us heal and to God for also working through John! I feel blessed to be part of this group.

I have been reading the posts since July 4th, when I finally found this place. Mel contacted me right away and I ordered the protocol. I have been strict with it since then (a little confusion as I started both the basic support kit and the extension kit right off the bat mistakenly following the protocol as it has evolved to date and missing the caveat that the extension kit is to start 30 days later). Mel caught that after a week and I stopped. No harm done.

My understanding of how I contracted M in June (I am figuring M started when I got my second case of "scabies" which may not have been scabies at all) is that I have been ill for years since going through in vitro fertilization procedures about a decade ago. They not only failed to allow my husband and I to get pregnant, but the mass amount of hormones taken during those months, crashed my immune system. I gained a lot of weight and then developed angio edemas (large swellings of my tongue, lip, on my arm, bottom of my foot....) randomly. After much allergy testing and getting the run around by allergists who don't really know a whole lot about allergies and who's tests produced different results of what I was allergic to at each doctor's office, I found one MD that thought out of the box and knew about ph balance, gluten sensitivities, eating for your blood type and a whole lot more. He was an allergist/immunologist and through his guidance to avoid gluten/wheat/and carbs except vegetables, the weight came off and the swellings stopped happening.

Eventually, I began to eat carbs again. Always minimal wheat, but it got in there. Raising my beautiful adopted son, and the snacks for school, I started to eat some carbs. And then there is the wine. We were wine drinkers and enjoyed it with meals and to relax in the evening. Started to gain weight again, (no surprise there) as I would be too exhausted from coming home from work, only to have my second job of doing homework with my son for 2-3 hours (I am not smarter than a 5th grader!). So, no exercise, sitting all day at work and then all evening doing homework, and wine. Recipe for dis-ease.

Around Thanksgiving 2013 I start not to feel well. Christmas and I start to develop skin colored, non itchy bumps. Then around New Years, they spread and were itchy and red, and I go to doctor who thinks they are scabies. So, got the premethrin and my husband, son and I all use it. We go into the sterile anti-scabies routine with washing everything and sleeping separately. It works and everyone is clear in a few weeks. We go back to our normal routine.

Then, at the end of May, it reappears on my arms. I see those burough tracks like scabies are supposed to have. Started using all the natural remedies for scabies that I found on-line and in my Prescription for Nutritional Healing as I really always have disliked and avoided medications if it can be helped. Essential oils, coconut oil, tons of vitamins/supplements/sovereign silver, baths with Borax, bleach (ok, I know this isn't natural, but I had started getting desperate). Then, one day some funky stuff came out of my legs in a bath and I knew I had M. I had a major, bonafide, meltdown of terror. I had run across this condition in my scabies research and it had impacted me then as terrible and I recall reminding myself that I didn't have it and to not dwell on it. (I wonder if my body knew I had it or I was having a glimpse into the future through the reality that space/time is a construct we operate on and can be transcended). At any rate, after "the bath" I knew I had it and started searching the web on that. Went down a path with another on-line "expert" in the natural health field who at least stressed alkalizing diet and ph of 7. The other external remedies he had me using, did help but I know it only would have been temporary had I stuck with it.

My mother, God bless her, found Mel's website and encouraged me to look. I was all set to see a local MD who specializes in M, but his website was so scary due to the photos of his patients. I had a bad vibe about it. So, I finally took a look at Mel's website and I knew immediately, this was the place for me, a good place that God wanted me to find.

My symptoms were the stuff coming out of my shins that day in the bleach bath (which only happened once because I have not stepped foot back into a bath since), a black fiber randomly here or there, a bunch came out of the top of my foot when I had been in the sun and got too hot one day (it looked like a bunch of dirt, but upon inspection was short fibers and specks), and then the skin crawlies which I have everyday, mostly on my feet. I am so thankful I don't have lesions and I don't have any itching. I sleep well and the crawlies seem to stop while I'm asleep. I don't have much purging yet that I am aware of. Occasionally, I'll itch and there will be a little white granule. I have a bottle of Kleen Green in every room and vehicle. I am so thankful for that stuff!

I titled the name of my post today after the parable of the Canaanite woman because it is an example of how Jesus and our Heavenly Father puts stumbling blocks in our way to test our faith. The Canaanite woman was persistent with her faith despite Jesus's first ignoring her cries and pleas, then putting her off, and then insulting her. Due to her faith, she was rewarded with the healing she requested for her daughter. I firmly believe that Our Father is gratified when we don't give up on Him during our suffering and believe in Him despite our crosses in life. It's easy to believe in Him when life is going good. And, I must say, that this cross is no fun and is abruptly, acutely, life altering. I sleep alone, we don't hug and cuddle like we use to do. I miss that soooo much. I am a very physically affectionate mom and person. Though I find ways to stay somewhat physically connected with my son by tickling his back with a long bamboo back scratcher that I spray with KG as he's falling asleep each night. I sneak a quick hug in after a shower or when I have less crawlies. But, it is nothing like the amount of touching we did before. This is the most painful part of all this. Truly a heavy cross.

I have had deep faith in God, who had started calling me to Him, well, I guess I started answering His lifelong call, several years ago. I believe now was preparing me for this crisis. And, it is my faith in God that has kept me from drowning in a sea of panic/despair. I have received some signs of consolation from Him along the journey and am very thankful. God is good! I clearly see that this "crisis" is going to turn my life around. I have realized that life wasn't so tough after all, what really matters in life is faith, family and friends, wine is not necessary to relax (LOL), and it has got me back to the person I was before the stress of adulthood which was a person that loves the outdoors, the beach, the sierras, God's natural churches, and a love for cooking and eating wholesomely, exercising....
And, it definitely brought us all closer to God. My husband is learning so much about patience and tolerance too! :-)

Well, I realize I am extremely wordy individual and I know I have a weakness of being too focused on details. I'm sure you will all come to realize that about me, if I keep posting, which I intend to do. Hope it isn't too annoying. I very much want to be part of this group and go through this with all of you. The support and caring here is truly God's love in action! We didn't' know that we would all be family of sorts one day. So interesting and I'm just choosing to go with it and accept it and let God turn this bad thing into a blessing as He always does and always will.

Warmest Regards,


3:43:53 PM

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I posted. I have been kind of in sort of a funk to this point. This will be my 9th year since contracting Morgellons and I've been feeling like I'm not where I should be in my journey and after a whole lot of stress (family stuff) I kind of got worse as far as lesions and depression. Anyway, thanks to Mel and Amber, and Deborah who I've been in contact with, I'm ready to hit the road running again.

I am interested in finding out if I do have a coinfection of LYme. I've been reading a lot about the symptoms and am interested in hearing how some of you are doing who are being treated for it.

My little one is doing well; a few bumps every little while but better all the time.

I do know looking back to where I was last year at this time I was way sicker and am soooo grateful to Mel, and everyone here who continue to encourage, to post and for all you do to lift us up. We would never have come as far as we have without this website, Mel and all of you. I am honored to be part of this group and want to thank each and everyone here for their friendship, guidance and caring.

We are using a new soap product which I really love. I feel that it will be a valuable tool to add to the protocol.

My brain fog still continues to improve, still have days when I am tired but not as many. The purging is way better but have lesions in places I never did before like the top of my head. All in all much improvement in the last year. It has been almost exactly one full year since I came here; give or take a week.

So thank you Mel and everyone for letting me know we aren't alone. God bless!!!!!


2:21:16 PM

It's been over 7 months since my last post and a lot has happened in my life as I continue on the protocol. After that last post in December, I was living in SC and started job interviews all over the country. I was fortunate to get a job and relocated. However, I struggled as I was very sick when I started the new job, and they let me go at the end of June. I just wasn't me during that short time in the company, and I took the firing as a sign that I need to focus on getting well first before trying to find more work. I realized how hard it really is to recover when ravaged by M and balance it with a work and social life.
Although I ate fairly clean, I still was not on the diet from January 5th-July8th, and the added stress of the job (that wasn't really a good fit for me anyway) just made me sicker. Coworkers urged me to drink with them at times which I succumbed to. I was on the protocol though, but I was having a hard time staying awake late enough after dinner for my nightly MMS dose very often. I think giving in to the urge to drink diet sodas and coffee to give me enough energy to work hurt me in the long run. There is no doubt in my mind that my body was acidic the whole time.
After losing my job, I really had to reassess what things I was doing wrong that were preventing me from getting better. I would say diet, lack of adequate rest, not using my CPAP machine for my sleep apnea,doing no topical treatments except for MMS baths, and taking pharmaceutical drugs were all hindering me. I was having severe breathing difficulties on most mornings, my skin was starting to break out, and I couldn't think clearly. I felt like I was close to dying.
So, a month ago, I had to reassess everything from my diet, sleep, drug use, and topical treatments and get more dialed in to move in a direction to restore my health.
First, I changed my diet to match Peter's as close as possible. I now eat raw garlic, red onion, and ginger before every meal. I eat no carbohydrate containing foods except green vegetables. I eat virgin coconut oil every day. I also realized I could eat indian curries, which I love, every day. I drink only water and herbal teas now. I also test my urine pH daily and found I need to take in 2 tsp of baking soda daily to keep my urine pH above 7. In time, I expect to have a natural pH over 7 without the need for baking soda. I reduced my consumption of meat to once every other day. The remaining protein in my diet comes from whole eggs and whey isolate sweetened with Stevia.
The second thing I modified was my topical and whole body treatments. I bought an infrared sauna blanket which I use twice a day for 20 minutes each session. This has really helped me purge things out of my body, especially very large fiber balls that were as big as my fingernail. I don't know how they even came out of me, but the sauna blanket really opens up my skin pores. I shower with sulfur 8 shampoo or take a bath in MMS or Borax after the sauna to get the stuff that came out of me but is still stuck to the skin off of me.
I also began extracting spores from my skin from head to toe using coconut oil with a little tea tree oil added everyday. I bought myself a small near infrared heat lamp where after oiling up my body, I can heat the skin locally. This definitely helps me pull more spores etc. to the surface and get them out of me.
I found that this works especially well after weight training. I always get a dramatic, bodywide purge after doing a full body workout with a couple sets for each body part in the 4-8 rep range. I actually get excited during my workouts thinking about all of the stuff that's going to be exiting my body once I get home, oil up, and get near the heat lamp. I think everyone should try doing their extractions after strenuous exercise. My guess right now is that we have a lot of this stuff stored in our fat cells, and it gets released during strenuous exercise due to the low carbohydrate diet forcing the body to use bodyfat as a fuel source.
The next thing I want to try is the Mustard bath that Susan recommends. I'd like to stack it in a way which follows my sauna and oiling/heat lamp sessions.
As I've been purging tons of dark spec/fiber material, my skin went from almost clear to very pimply, with scratch marks in many places on my body. I take that as a good sign as this crap is coming out and my immune system is also recognizing it. Peter recommended that I use Kleen Green after oiling and showering to get the oil and unseen surfaced spores off of my skin. That should keep the skin more clear.
For sleep, I now use my CPAP every night, and it seems to help me get more restful sleep.
So, have I seen improvements since implementing all of these changes? Yes, I have.
I no longer have shortness of breath or hyperventilating. My skin no longer hurts from that feeling of having fiberglass imbedded in it. My crawling and stinging has also dimished except for the full moon periods. I have been able to get off of one pharma med and have been successful so far in tapering off Klonopin. I've cut my dose in half and continue to notice no rebound anxiety. If all goes well, I could be off all pharma meds in 5 weeks.
I still have brain fog and fatigue though. I'm really hoping to get some of my brain back once off all of the pharma meds and adding Magnifimind to help reset my brain.
My next big challenge this month is going to be another move to a place where I can recover while keeping my living costs down. I'm not sure yet where I'll be in 3 weeks, so I'm stressed about that. But otherwise, I plan on continuing to pound away at this everyday, with a rigid diet and taking the protocol.

Much love to all of you!

7:54:35 PM

Hello everybody,

I have been watching the testimonials here increase. I also remain symptom free with the exception of my right arm. I am working part time and feel pretty darn good compared to where I was 2 years ago. I still have some work to do to complete my detox, but I remain completely convinced that I will declare complete remission in the not too distant future.

Let’s not forget about several others who have not yet posted here. There is Ellen, Justin, Janelle, Roberta and Bill M. just to name a few. And I am working with two others who may be getting real close.

There you have it. I have always put forth to you that this disease can be reversed. Here, real people give you further proof. So, stay committed. Stay patient. Stay disciplined. Just allow for time and this protocol to bring forth your own healing. If you love God, by faith through grace, he will fulfill his promise to work all things for your greater good.

Strength and Love,

6:04:52 PM

Hello everyone!

After 3 weeks of diligently reading ALL posts and making lists, etc I am so happy to announce that I have been on the protocol for one month now. YAY!!!!

I also am blessed to have found some other genetic issues that were also interfering with my healing. I knew that I could not dive face first (though I wanted to). I had to start really slow because of my known methylation blocks (see previous post on methylation). And when I say slow, I mean turtle slow. I started with only one Thymic formula/day. The first week was sooo tough, I was in bed most of the day everyday with everything hurting, but I knew from reading (and past experience) that I should stay the course as long as I was still eliminating.

Ok, so here I am writing because I am out of bed (most days) and although my skin lesions seem to be increasing still (I have a pretty severe case), I know that this is an onion that needs peeling. Right? I have been on the full protocol (minus MSM and MMS) for 3 weeks now. Thank you my Heavenly Father!

So, I want to encourage anyone who has known methylation issues that it IS POSSIBLE to do this protocol. Thank you Deborah on this forum for encouraging me when I first wrote in. Thank you all for being here. I will be writing more now that I am about to enter MMS phase.


10:28:52 AM

Hi, everybody!

I thought I should give an update on my progress at this point. I have just passed 90 days on the protocol and have seen a difference in my symptoms. I had 3 weeks where I nearly felt normal, had little to no biting, and minimal crawling. I had been washing my bedding every single day and have changed to every 3-4 days, spraying with Kleen Green in between. I am able to wear my hoodie for that long before sanitizing, as well. The protocol is working!
The last 4 days have been a reminder we still have a way to go, though. More biting, crawling and burning sensations, but mostly on my legs. As you've have said, it cycles and will just continue to get better. My next goal is to cut down to 1 bath a day. Bathing twice (in the mustard bath) was the only way I could continue working. In the morning, to make it through the work day and at night, to be able to sleep.
I go back to work on Monday, so getting the proper rest will be challenging. I get up @ 5 a.m. and don't get to bed until after 10. I have a 14-year-old son and can't just leave him unsupervised to go to bed earlier. My husband is on assignment out of state, since March, and won't be back until close to Thanksgiving. We're taking steps to try to free up finances, so maybe I can stop working full time in the next year. That would be helpful.
If you are new, stick to the protocol and diet and you will get better! Get as much stress out of your life as possible. Surround yourself with things that make you smile. Let anything unnecessary go for now and focus on getting well.

Pressing on,

1:05:31 PM

Hello Everyone,

I have not posted in a while but as Deborah mentioned, when I feel good, I am able to do so much more with my days. Last fall and winter I stayed home most of the time and spent many hours online, reading and researching. In trying to get my life back, I like to pretend I do not have this disease. I do read every single post on this site and today want to let others know how well I am doing.

In the beginning when I read the 90% cured posts, I didn't know what that meant. I can say now that I really don't have any symptoms when I keep to the protocol and diet all the time. When I am away from home more, I sometimes eat foods off the plan and sometimes forget to take supplements with me. It is then that I notice an increase in itching. Other than that, I have to remind myself that I have this disease. Some things that have helped me and continue to help:

DIET - I drink Every Day Detox tea or Red Rooibus Tea in the morning with an egg and Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel makes English muffins and wraps also. There is no flour in their products and they are high in protein. Other mornings, I have Ezekiel cereal with unsweetened coconut, cinnamon, flax and chia seeds and use almond coconut milk that is unsweetened. I now eat berries and green apples, but didn't in the beginning.
For lunch I eat lots of vegetables and try to have one big salad a day with at least 5 different vegetables. I might add some chicken, almonds, or egg.
For dinner I make a lot of veggie burgers by throwing lots of stuff into my food processor, cooking them and freezing for later. I have fish or grass-fed beef maybe once a week. I eat other vegetables in season, and if I have a grain, it is quinoa or brown rice pasta. I use a lot of herbs and spices like cayenne, cumin, coriander, parsley, basil, and curry powder.

I only use Stevia for sweetener. I put lemon or lime in my filtered water,
I snack on sunflower seeds and almonds. My favorite snack is guacamole with a chip called Beanitos made from black or pinto beans.

It is not always easy but if I plan ahead and bring my food with me, I can stay on the necessary foods. I do not feel deprived, and people around me have changed some of their habits by my example.

I need to make sure to get enough rest and days I do too much, I pay a price. It was this time last year that I was bitten by something, so I am very cautious outside this summer. If I spend time in my yard, I wash my clothes immediately and shower when I come inside.
I still do not know what caused my infestation, but my home is much more clean and decluttered so that I feel much safer.

I try to see the blessings in my journey and maybe the best thing is an increased awareness of how fragile we all are and how to count our blessings every day.
One of my favorite quotes is from Thomas Merton, 'This day will never come again.'
I am blessed to have a wonderful family, a great job, many friends and should never take those things for granted.

I am planning to continue the complete protocol of supplements and MMS and Molecular silver until I reach 18 months. And then we'll see. . . I am now in month 10.
I hope newcomers will be encouraged to know that I started getting better after one month, and after two months, aside from some fatigue and joint pain really had no symptoms. Everyone's symptoms will be different depending on how ill we are to start with. I think I was lucky enough to catch this early and then my daughter contacted Mel and he gave me a call. I am grateful that I was able to follow the protocol faithfully.
I still do not have a doctor who treats M, but at my yearly checkup in September, I will ask my PC to repeat all the tests I had last year to see my progress thus far. I mention this because many others spend a lot of time trying to find a sympathetic doctor in their area, and it didn't happen for me. You can get better in spite of that indifference by the medical profession. We all need to be more involved in our own care anyway.

I also want to mention that the 'He Cures All Foundation' while generous and life-saving for many, will never be able to help everyone who needs the assistance. I urge others with financial constraints to ask family and friends for help. I had to borrow money from others and am still paying those funds back. But when people realize that it is vital, I believe others can and should step up to help. I had a friend cook meals for me when I was too sick and I have been able to pay her back in other ways. Do not hesitate to ask for this help. Waiting for Mel's foundation should never be the reason to prolong suffering.

Be good to yourself so that you will be strong enough to be a source of strength for others.

Best to all of you in your journey back to health. You WILL get better!


11:40:58 PM

It has been one year since I started program.
I am a lot better, but could be probably almost
Well if I would stick to the protocol diet all the time.
I have noticed my body tolerates different food
Better than it used to, but still have a long way to go.
I am much more happy than I used to be! If it were not for The Lord
Guiding me to Mel and this website, I would be lost. Thanks
For everyone's help and encouragement! I will
Win the battle!

God bless!


1:12:58 PM

Hello all! I wanted to stop by and offer a little encouragement to my fellow warriors! I haven't talked about my Mom much, but she has morgellons as well and will be 61 in September. She also had a myriad of other issues. Once I got her started, her health really took off. She has dropped nearly 60lbs and is off of 2 medications!! She is able to participate in more activities with the family, like long walks. She never let it shake her up and told me from the beginning that she knew the lord would heal all of us. She is the most amazing mother that anyone could ask for! I lost my Dad very suddenly a few years ago from a massive heart attack and feared I would lose her too. I no longer worry about that because she is doing so good!! Stay hopeful and focus on the the blessings. I found that keeping a journal and writing down even the smallest of blessing each day can be really helpful. Love to each and every one of you!

Amber & family

2:07:26 PM

Hi Mel,
I just wanted to send you an update on my status.I am still symptom free and have been since my one relapse January of 2011.As you probably remember,I went back on the full protoccol at that time.I have been on the supplements only since the fall of 2011.
I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know the program works and as you say "NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!"
I continue to work full time and have not missed a day due to any illness in about 3 years.God bless us all.

12:16:55 PM

This is Jane.

I have been doing the Protocol for about one year now. When doctors didn't help me (sound familiar?)
I turned for help on the internet. I feel I was very lucky to find Mel's web site and very lucky that he outlined his cure.

I felt like I really had no choice but to try it and follow it. The sum of the parts really works for this disease! I want to encourage anyone that is reading this, you can save your life by following Mel's protocol because it does work. I still feel like I have a long way to go and may be on this for a long time, but I am back to having my life again and don't feel sick anymore. I have my energy back and don't feel contagious either.

It's really hard to believe that the medical community would hide the benefits of MMS for a disease like ours over greed and patents, but that is what is happening. Follow Mel's protocol and you will get better.

You will get your life back. It works!

The thought of not seeing my children through their life was unbearable to me. So I did this every day. It takes time for it to work. Looking back to last year when I was so sick - there is such a difference. Be patient, follow the steps. Every day do your best. If you go off - then get right back on as soon as you can. The more you stick to it - the quicker you will get well.

Thank you Mel for showing us how to get well from the terrible Morgellons. There are good people in the world. Mel is a good person that is willing to help you with this. Listen to his advice. He has a good heart and is trustworthy.

I am walking proof that the protocol works.

Never give up hope. Never!


1:50:56 PM

I'm currently at 21 drops and seeing much improvements! Brain fog is nearly gone. :) I can think straight and focus when I need to, my eyesight is soooo much better as well as my emotional problems. My anxiety is lifted so much and I'm thinking much more positive. :)

I've learned to control sugar cravings, though I don't get sugar cravings very often at all now. Some plain organic yogurt mixed in with stevia and sugarfree alcoholfree vanilla extract. Probiotics are the way to go, and it is sooo tasty with any meal. Mmm. I'm enjoying my diet more and more. I eat some sort of green alkalizing raw vegetable for every meal. Basically my day looks like this for food:

Breakfast: A 2 egg omelet with flax seeds in the eggs, the omelet is filled with spinach, onion, broccoli, peppers, and those are topped with fresh avocado. Sometimes I top it with a nut butter, like almond of sunflower. I usually eat broccoli or celery on the side of that. My other option for breakfast is 2 hard boiled eggs, some asparagus on the side, or another veggie. And some plain yogurt like I mentioned before. I drink a giant glass of lemon/lime water mixed with stevia, and some red roibos tea.

When it comes time to take my olive leaf, and MSM in the afternoon I usually take a spoon full of coconut oil with it, bite on some ginger, and eat a whole clove of elephant garlic.

Lunch: Usually a huge salad mixed with about 5 different veggies/greens. I usually use slices of cucumber, red/green pepper, broccoli/cauliflower, red onion, and spring mix or spinach. I was using tahini mixed with olive oil and spices for a while, which is my favorite creamy salad dressing, buuut I want to lose weight so I've just been using whatever oil it is I am cooking with for the weak: olive oil, sunflower oil, red palm oil, almond oil Sometimes I top the salad with some chopped almonds. I always add in some himalayan sea salt and pepper since salads always taste better that way. And, with every meal once again I drink a tall glass of lemon/lime juice with stevia, and either red roibos tea or egyption licorice tea.

Dinner: I really like to mix things up with dinner. Whatever veggies I have, sometimes I like making a stir fry with curry powder. Or I take this thai red/green curry paste and use coconut milk boiling, add my assorted veggies as to whatever I want the curry to be with some stevia to the milk and it creates a great curry. Sometimes I boil spinach and add pine nuts, olives, broccoli, onions. I use my imagination a lot. I stuff peppers with different mixtures I create, or make fake cauliflower rice. I derive a lot of my dinners from the recipes section in this site, but make them my own. I still do not eat any sort of meat, though. Once again, a tall glass of lemon/lime juice and some tea. :)

I've found that saurkraut is a form of probiotics and use it sparingly on a daily base, like a condiment, because it is acetic as well.

To snack between meals I usually pick on some almonds or a nut butter, I recently cut those out to lose weight though too. I now snack on some broccoli if I get hungry.

I still find myself in my house, in my pajamas somewhat avoiding the world. It's easier for me to wake up, I'm not feeling deadly tired throughout the day. So doing laundry, making meals, bathing, everything is much easier and having it down to a science also makes it easier as well. I find myself having more free time to look things up, watch some tv, or just socialize with old friends via internet or phone. Sometimes I find myself getting bored and lonely. To me that's a good thing, because before I was so sick and overwhelmed that I would get stressed that I had too much to do between the cleaning, preparing food, laundry, and bathing. Nooope, now it's quite simple to me and I find myself wondering what to do with my free time since I'm not too tired mentally. And the loneliness part is a good thing, too. I didn't miss anything or anyone before. I didn't want to see or talk to anyone since I was so sick and scary looking and lethargic. My brain was so tired and I couldn't deal with people. Now, I find certain memories from my past coming back to me and missing certain times with certain people. This means my memory is coming back to me and Im not just sitting here focused on my disease, I can allow my mind to wonder to things besides feeling sick and scared. Even though I still do not wish to deal with people in person, I find myself fighting so that one day I can make new memories with those people and nothing makes me happier than the thought of the day where I do want to and will see those people again.

I still have a bit of stress from my environment, my father is convinced I'm not sick, and is telling me I'm sick mentally, how I need to get out in the world and get friends, how I need to do things, and get a job because this is "no way to live life." I'm trying to dismiss him for as long as I can until I am well enough to get a full time job, and support myself. My mother understands and supports me, I am thankful to have her by my side, trying to help me as much as she can money wise and understanding me. This is the most time I've ever spent with my mother, and I think I am helping her with her own problems just as much as she is helping me. I'm blessed to have her by my side like an angel.
I did get a hold of the logos supplements, so I only wen a few days without supplements. I'm in the clear for yet another month, I have to figure out how to tackle the next month's payments now, and I know I will. :)
I noticed more swelling around ankles than usual, I recieved a few paper cut like lesions on my face, and on my ribs. Had some bruising on the top of my head in my scalp, and then a lesion appeared there a week later. It's been about a week and it's mostly healed now. :) My body doesnt purge as much fungal hairs/specs, it really is diminishing slowly on my body. My skin looks horrid on my face still, not going to lie. I'm trying to take care of it with a product called "kiss my face" which is a natural acne treatment from tea tree and aloe and different essential oils. My scalp is still a big issue. Though I am letting my hair start to grow, it looks kinda funny since its thick and wiry and stick up. I look like an old lady mixed in with a mad scientist, lol! I'm okay with this, at least it's hair. Eye issues are mostly gone, though my eyelashes are not existent and if they are they are off colored. My face was purging some pink and blue wiry glitter this week as well, I don't usually purge glitter so to me this is a good sign. Probably from all of the pink and blue hair dye, I'm convinced.
I've been doing some studies on getting in touch with the universe, and man has the universe been speaking to me and vibrating so much energy to me and to others around me! My higher power, and God has been supplying me with multiple challenges, with multiple answers, teaching me so much. Nothing has been a coincidence in my life, I've noticed. Everything was to teach me something, or things have been foreshadowed, or answers to my questions weren't randomly answered by miracles that just randomly would pop up in front of me, it was all God's way of guiding me, I know now. Something I've never thought of my entire life and ignored, signs from the universe. Nothing is a coincidence, ladies and gents. We're all meant to pay attention, listen, and the good times as well as the bad times are meant to teach us a lesson and keep us growing as a person. Certain things happen to certain people at certain times for a reason. Always.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I know it's really long and I'm sorry about that. I just want to share as much info to my fellow warriors as possible, in any way I can help. I try to make my posts fairly simple to understand, I hope this post, as well as every post I make, can help at least one person on here. :)

9:18:58 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am now well into my 25th month on the protocol and I am doing really well again. Although there have been increased stressors both at work and in my personal affairs, I find that I am able to remain emotionally calm and mostly free from anxiety. This really amazes me! As I expected, the fatigue issues and the return of symptoms spurred by the Lyme tinctures I am taking have mostly passed. For lack of a better term, I looked at this as “treatment induced anemia.” However, I know die off is certainly a factor. So, energy is good again because I am not in that constant low level herxheimer reaction that I was in for the first month upon introducing them. The main thing is the tumor like cysts on my right forearm continue to reduce out more each day, so I remain convinced they are doing what they are intended to do.. It is definitely noticeable, but just slow going.

My scalp remains healthy. My face is clear. Digestion is good. I am sleeping the whole night through. There is still regular muscle cramping in the morning, but only occasional joint pain. Mental focus and clarity is better than ever. A pretty good report card, no? The biggest hurtle in my recovery still remains to be the financial burden. However, God continues to provide what is needed.

I am seeing more and more testimony from others in this forum that offer proof of moving forward and reaching remission. These continue to serve and affirm that the science is sound and that this protocol heals. There is no doubt! Follow it, and you get better. Simple as that.

I will be working on gathering the really good parts of my past posts to bring forth in a single future post. I got the idea from Mr. CS. It is my hope that to re-visit these may be useful to people on many different levels. I think this may remind us all of important issues across all stages of recovery.

Lastly, this week I want to again thank Mel, the He Cures All Foundation, and John B. The dedication that I now hold to this community was first demonstrated to me through their example. They remind us all that the hope for fulfillment of God’s promise is made real when we walk in the spirit and “take care of one another”. Nobody does it better!

Strength and Love,

3:44:58 PM

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been posting as much lately. One reason is that since I got well, I got my life back and am more involved with my family - I have a new grandson born a week ago!

I also work more hours at my job. I am SO grateful to say I feel well enough to sometimes forget completely how sick I was two years ago. I believe that's healthy - so that we don't dwell on our past fears and memories of pain.

I do wonder sometimes if some of you are not getting well because you haven't been able to incorporate the information necessary on this site. So I will ask that if you have not done so, remember the following:

Please take the time to read the posts on the forum. It took me three weeks. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THIS. I WISH THAT THERE WAS.

I worked 3 days a week while getting well but some of you are not working. Regardless, MAKE YOUR HEALING YOUR JOB. I spent a lot of time alone - cleaning, preparing food, reading, praying, staying in touch with friends and family by phone and email. I was isolated, but it gave me time to rest. When you get better, which you will, then you can make up for lost time.

I have spoken with some of you by phone, and I fear that people tell me (and Mel) what we want to hear. I do not want to criticize people who are already so scared and sick, but I hear a lot of excuses re: following the protocol. Please be honest with yourself. And do not beat yourself up if you get discouraged and are not eating the way you need to, for example. You can always get back on track.

I have said this before - there is nothing special about me. If I can get well, anyone can. I had no resources to help me financially, but I pushed forward anyway. Taking care of yourself, so that you can take care of others should be a motivating factor.

I want more than anything to hear more people cured.



9:43:44 AM

Hello fellow warriors,

An update on my recovery of Morgellons. I am starting 16 months of being on Mel's Protocol.
Thank you John for the changes you have developed that are so beneficial to the healing that is transpiring my body.
I am so pleased to say I am stronger now then I was even before I acquired this disease.

I have just returned from a four day Family Reunion in CO held every other year. I flew to Denver then rented a rental car and drove for another four hours to the mountains in CO.

In attendance were 141 family members. I am the President of the group, so there was much effort put into the organizing of the area and activities. Not to speak of the effort required while the function was in process.

Lots of hugs, awesome visiting and good food. Many told me that this year was the best reunion they attended. Must share that my four children and two of my four grandchildren also attended. This hasn't happened for many years. I'm so blessed.

Guess what warriors, my energy level maintained throughout the four days of activities. Yes, I will admit I was beat and tired upon returning home. However, a good rest and good sleep has me up and going again.

Thank you dear Jesus for the healing that is happening in my body.

What a blessing this site is and has been to me through my recovery of Morgellons. Thank you Mel!
Peter and John for your dedicated assistance and continued support.

Peter, I can only sing praises for all you have done for me and the uplifting manner you approach this disease that has given me the courage and strength to follow through.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Never give up and keep moving forward.

Our Lord is good and HE will do as HE promises, we only need to trust and keep the faith, stay with the program and eat healthy.



3:21:13 PM

It's been awhile since I've posted ..
I have been keeping up and reading posts though.

For any of you who Not know, myself and my son have Morgellons..
I got it in 2010, he in 2011.

We have been on the protocol for around 2 years and are both doing Great!!! Tyler hasn't had an outbreak In nearly 2 months!
My symptoms are minimal In Comparison to what they were when I started the protocol ...
I still have to really watch my diet And take my meds, occasionally I have some little black fungal hairs when I dry after a shower.
No biting pinching or scalp purging!!!

I'm so happy with how far we've come... I couldn't have come this far without Mel, the site, and the amazing protocol!!

I am Back in school full time and am excelling at what I'm doing!
I never thought I'd be able to be where I'm at now..

A lot of faith in God and my main man Mel ...
Tyler is doing amazing because of u Mel!!
We love you!!!;)

I love each of u so much, and prayer for your healing too!!

Believe, have faith and God will move mountains to make u better!
(Tyler and I are proof of that;)

The protocol works!! Be patient, if your as bad as I was it does take time!

... Anti candida diet is so important ... Listen to your body it will let you know what u can tolerate :)

Have faith... I'm believing with you:)

Yours In spirit
Love, Nicole

9:14:55 PM

Awh, thank you for your kind words Peter! That really brought a smile to my day. :) I one day hope I can be as near healed like you are, you sure do help keep me driven with your posts! You're so inspiring, and that post just made me even more motivated to sticking to this.

My update: I have been a bit stressed still lately with family issues and money issues. I ran out of my protocol this week and may not be able to afford it until my mother gets paid in a few days, it stresses me a bit not having the supplements to keep my immune system repairing itself. So I have to step back, take a deep breath and find a way around this. Yet another challenge I have to overcome, and eventually I will. I talked to justin about it and I'm thankful I still have MMS to last me months, as well as silver and MSM. So right now those are going to have to keep me afloat along with my strict diet. I am trying to drink my limeaide with stevia than ever, and taking a bite of ginger and garlic before every meal and making meals anti fungal. Drinking plenty of herbal teas and coconut oil will hopefully help keep this at bay! I'm really nervous about not being on the logos protocol for a few days. I'm doing the best I can to fight this with diet.
I added plain organic yogurt into my diet because Justin and I decided that I really did need probiotics for my gut. Remember, my co infection I believe is basically my anorexia, so I need to help my body and gut heal from that in order to get my immune system working again. Doing research on my eating disorder, it says that I need probiotics in order to help my good gut flora come back. So a cup of plain organic yogurt sweetened with some vanilla stevia and some raw almonds it is. I even put flax seeds in the yogurt cup so I can feel more full, I never seem to be able to get full since my body is still in starvation mode. So far I am seeing no negative effects from the yogurt and I do it every other day. :)
I know M can get used to dairy fairly easily and feed off of it, so I am going to rotate it to a different probiotic: cottage cheese. I have looked up the budwig diet, which is cottage cheese, flax seed oil, and flax seeds blended together a specific way. It is antifungal, and I read it has cured skin disease, brain tumors, cancer, cancer tumors, diabetes, black mold in the human! I was shocked to look this up. I'm doing a bit more of research on it BUT this is going to be my next big idea I think... making some probiotic budwig cottage cheese for the probiotics and antifunal properties. ;) I may have stumbled upon something great here.
My symptoms are still about the same. Some fungal hairs have been jumping to their death from my scalp. Okay, well, a lot of fungal hairs have been jumping ship from my scalp, hooray! I noticed it was starting to become less and less when suddenly two days ago the black specs came back full force and a bit big, and more hairs were jumping ship than ever. It scares me a bit since I'm not sure if I did something different to cause die off or if I went back on my healing somehow. I'm not quite sure, it was just a lot after weeks and weeks of these symptoms slowly diminishing. Most of my itching is gone completely. There is very little crust on my eyes when I wake up, I used to wake up with my eyes caked in goo. Ew. The back of my tongue had a yellowish tint to it, that is now gone. My vision is very much clear except for random brain fog, then it seems to get a bit hazey. For the most part my brain fog has lifted, it bounces back to and fro though. My concentration is really coming back to me as my energy is also coming back! I no longer feel fear (except for when I realized I didnt have money for the protocol this month and have to wait days to order it, that's the first time I felt fear in a while.) I don't feel so achey and I am finding myself more interested in things I used to be interested in. Before I wanted nothing to do with friends or family or people... now I at least am talking to some old friends online and having great conversations with them!
Emotionally I can be quite edgy... a lot. I've always been quite the firecracker little irish tempered girl, so it may be getting my zest back or it may be the die off causing me to be emotionally everywhere. At least I can say I am smiling and laughing now too! I find myself emotionally healing spiritually. When I started this journey, I was not religious whatsoever and did not believe in a higher power. Now, not only have I found a higher power, but there are ways that He has become my best friend and listening to His signs and giving thanks and signs back is something so eye opening. All of my life I feel like He has been trying to show me so much, and I feel like I was so blind ignoring signs and feelings... I'm learning so much about my own heart and being. More than I ever could have imagined.
I have been using MSM soap in the shower again, and that causes a decent purge when I get out of the shower. I am also using black african soap on my face to help heal my acne or whatever this may be on my face, and with the protocol and african soap it is ever so slooooowly subsiding. :)
I'm up to 19 drops MMS and my body takes it in so easily and drinks it up like "Gimme gimme gimme! I need this!"
That is all for now. I am quite the happy little Twiggy, even though I'm not so twiggy anymore, and I am still as focused as ever still doing my daily routine and just trying to make time pass day by day.
I hope everyone has a wonderful fourth of July. All of your posts that day were marvelous and inspiring. I wasn't having such a good fourth but when I came onto the forum you all inspired me and reminded me what that day was really about. Even though I didn't end up celebrating it with family, I was glad to give recognition to who and what that day was all about. That felt pretty great.
I hope this summer goes by fast, I'm going to keep on keepin on and I hope you all do too! :)

Deborah B.
9:49:59 AM

Hi Peter, Linda and everyone reading this post,

Thanks for your encouraging words and reminders of how much I have to be grateful for. And Peter. . . I am so sorry this was a difficult holiday. I pray that the Lord continues to comfort you as you mourn your precious mom.

I wanted to also apologize and correct a mistake I made in my original post.

I came back this morning to read through responses and to look over my own post again, only to discover something. When I posted here on the Fourth, I failed to paste in the final paragraph. By doing that I had managed to thank many people but unintentionally failed to include my thank you to the most important person who has helped and sustained me through this very long and nearly completed battle.

Here is the last paragraph as it should have appeared:

"My deepest gratitude goes to the Lord who has inspired these amazing heroes to persevere for themselves, their families and as an example to folks like myself and my daughter. He is the one who used others to lift us up when we needed an encouraging word, or new information. Without the Lord’s constant grace and daily provision we would never have made it as far as we have. I know He will be the one in the end who carries us over the finish line to good health and restoration. For anyone facing this battle for the first time, or who is only a few months into it, my prayer for you is not only that you will be successful in your efforts to restore your health, but that your life will be transformed by a growing relationship and dependance on the Lord. One of His many names in the Bible is the "Great Physician". When other physicians have mocked and rejected those of us with this horrible disease, He is the one who will never fail or forsake us.

Let me just say in conclusion that the best advice I could give anyone just starting out on this journey is to cling to Him daily as you do battle against this frightening disease. Ultimately He is the source of all wisdom and He is the author and creator of this challenging yet effective cure for Morgellons.

He is the one who will carry you, as He will us, over that finish-line someday too. Never fail to give Him the credit. . . as I almost did!! ;-)

May He bless you and keep you every step of the way,

Deborah B. "

2:21:38 PM

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well. We are finally settling in to our new place and doing well. The move was definitely challenging, but so good for our health. The fact that I was able to do everything I did during that time is pretty amazing. My strength and energy haven't been this good in years. The rest of the family are doing really good as well. The main issues we are still having are skin issues. My little guy and I are still purging and itchy at times. With that said, its so much less than before. We are getting better every day. I know healing from this takes time and patience. Patience has never been my forte, but I've become very good at it these days..its a God thing. We had a wonderful 4th of July this year. The last 4th of July, I spent the night sobbing and miserable. I can't really even think about it...its too painful. My kids and husband played football for 2 hours straight, can you believe that?! It found me smiling from ear to ear. Nothing makes me happier than to see my children having fun and feeling good enough to do so. We will continue to be diligent in our fight, trusting the lord every step of the way. Praying for us all and so hopeful for the future.
Love & blessings
Amber & family

8:52:43 AM

I haven't really posted in a couple months. I have had a lot of stress recently and am kind of just maintaining instead of moving forward. We are so much better after having had this for 9 years this month.
A year ago this month is when we started with the diet and the following month the protocol. I can't even begin to say that I was pretty sick a year ago and can gratefully say that looking back I know I am doing so much better. That being said, after reading about Justin's success and so many others here, I need to start really buckling down again, exercising, sweating, juicing, reading posts again and actually talking with others. I finally broke down and called Amber a couple weeks ago and it was wonderful. I felt so much better. And then talking with Mel this weekend - it was great. Thank you Mel. Anyway, I just wanted to share that you all are so inspiring and I don't just want to be halfway there, I want to be all the way there. Thank you all for your continued posts. I really enjoy yours, Twiggy. And Peter, I'm so glad that you are on to the finish line.

Up until this week I was feeling fairly good, doing well at work, my little one had a good report card. We still show symptoms at times, but less than ever before. Still breaking out from time to time and for me summer has always been the worst.

We went camping with the girl scouts last week and yikes, I haven't felt well since. We both had stomach problems and fevers after returning home. I can honestly say that I will not camp again until I am completely well, if ever. We had to drive to get to a shower and we went at 10:00 one night, me and three little girls. The girls are screaming at bugs, it is pitch black. I feel like I'm in a movie where something jumps out, When we were done, I backed into a tree and came back to camp and slept in my car. Anyway, you can just imagine. Funny now.

Soooo I'm back from my adventure, ready to become an even stronger warrior because I am and will win this fight. All of you are always in my thoughts and prayers.


Deborah B
2:44:23 AM

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to wish all our members here in the USA a Happy Fourth of July this evening. And to Mel. . . thanks for helping Carrie graduate to the 90% club and for the wonderful gift of her new train set. She is a happy girl to be feeling better these days, and no one is happier than her mom.

The amazing thing is, we've reached this new state of growing good health together, and I know now that we will cross the finish line side by side someday soon. While we still have a bit more to accomplish, the battle has nearly been won. It's been hard won though. Our road has been a particularly rocky and uncertain one. But if someone like myself can get well who has had Lyme disease for 25 plus years, then truly, anyone can.

So many times in the last two years, I had nearly given up hope. Always, at that point someone in this community came along and lifted us up, prayed for us, or shared new information that helped. It's been a tough battle, but not a lonely one. I am so grateful to Mel, John, Peter, Amber, Dawn, my fellow coaches and so many other amazing friends who refused to give up hope for us. Those of you who prayed for us. . . what can I say? What a gift you gave myself and my little girl.

I'm sitting here tonight at my computer listening to the sounds of people celebrating the freedom we enjoy here in America. Earlier today we went to our small town Fourth of July parade and had the privilege of standing with our hands over our hearts as the flag passed by. We honored elderly veterans of foreign wars and cheered as our local high school band played their hearts out for us. This is my idea of what the Fourth of July is all about. . . a bit corny perhaps, but I love every unsophisticated moment of it. To top it all off, we enjoyed a watching our daughter march with a patriotic girl's group she is involved with. Something that would not have been possible a year or so ago due to her illness. One of those proud parent moments that we'll always remember.

As we watched, I took a moment to look around the crowd and noticed lots of signs and tee-shirts with great patriotic sayings. Old favorites and a few new ones I'd never heard before. You all know the kind of thing I mean. My favorite new slogan . . . "Real heroes don't wear capes, they wear dog tags". Love it! And one that's become a time-proven classic: "Freedom Isn't Free". I am so grateful for the men and women who have sacrificed so that I and my loved ones can enjoy freedom and opportunity today. They can never be thanked enough.

But tonight, I am also grateful for a different kind of warrior. For the warriors here on our forum from all over the world who have led the way for others of us to win this battle. The ones who did not give up hope until they won the prize and not just for themselves. . . but to benefit others who would come after them. For those folks, freedom from Morgellons certainly wasn't free, and it wasn't cheap. It cost them an awful lot.

Thank you all so much. . . you are real heroes, capes or not.

Deborah B

4:00:56 PM

Hello Everybody

First, let me assure everyone that I am doing fine. I am just behind on many fronts right now. However, I want to make a quick post to get you caught up. I have had some challenges these past few weeks, due to the addition of the two herbal tinctures that I am taking to treat for Lyme.

I am experiencing times of low level fatigue together with some aggravated symptoms arising around my ankles and elbows. This was expected. It tells me that as I am pulling this out of the cysts on my arm, it pops up briefly somewhere else. I don’t see many of the little black hair like fibers on my arm. However, there is still serious muscle cramping from time to time. All of this represents deeper reduction of these cysts and must take place for me to cross the finish line.

Those cystic bumps on my right forearm also continue to cycle in and out of inflammation. In other words, they will increase and then decrease in size and redness. However, the length of time between cycles continues to get shorter and shorter. The purging is also greatly reduced. This lack of purging is the most enjoyable thing for me right now. As energy is now becoming steadier again, I remain convinced that, as these cysts get smaller and smaller, I am closer than ever to reaching complete remission.

That’s about it for right now. Remember the basics. Stay committed and stay patient. Remain in a constant conversation with God, and keep faith. You will get well! Believe it.

Strength and Love,

Bill M
11:15:58 AM

Hello Everyone,

It has been sometime since I posted so I thought I would give you an update on my health and what has been happening in my life. For the past few months I have been preparing for my move from Raleigh, North Carolina to San Diego, California, so from trying to sell my house and everything inside the house, to closing my small business, things have been rather stressful. Official moving date will hopefully be late July, so there is a lot to do before I get in my Jeep and head west.

My health has been improving to the point where I only have mild symptoms on most of my body.......BUT.....because the last battleground to eradicate these pathogens seems to be in the extremities, i.e. the head, feet, and hands, I am still on the protocol and that "Light At The End Of The Tunnel" is getting brighter.

~ head - most of the itching is on back and top of the head and if I push down on the skin it feels like a bruise would feel after a few days. This is the inflammation that is being created by the pathogens. I still get occasional pimpling on the scalp but after a few days it is gone.

~ feet - a few times per week I will feel itching on the topside of the feet. Interesting that it only itches when I am wearing my shoes or sneakers.

~ fingers - are consistent with what feels like arthritis in the joints, and right now it is mostly in the middle finger on both hands . What is interesting is that I have had this in my other fingers but it would be gone after a few weeks, but the middle fingers have been a stronghold for these pathogens. When I awake in the morning I have to rub my fingers under hot water before I can even bend the finger. If I don't do this it will just stay locked and I wouldn't be able to straighten out my finger, which means I would not be able to use the keyboard to type this blog. Curious to know if anyone else has experienced this finger joint pain. I know in talking with Peter, he has the same thing....and the same middle finger!

The good news is that I know that the biofilm is being broken down and the herbs and selected supplements are the terminators taking out the pathogens. Yahoo!!

Even though I have been feeling much better, I am still making an appointment with a local Lyme doctor, who also happens to have the Lyme disease. So I look forward to sharing the results of my testing and their recommendations for treatment.

Patience, courage, discipline, and prayer....... key ingredients for healing.

Blessings to all......
Bill M.

11:03:39 AM

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to say hello and update you a bit. I am now going into my 8th week on the protocol, feeling “a whole lot better” compared to before I starting. I was dealing with extreme itching (especially on my back) the crawling & stinging sensations from time to time, joint problems, blurry vision (which I thought then I just needed glasses because I’m in my middle age) which we know now wasn't the case ;-) I became super clumsy and constant fatigue. I didn't have lesions but I would get occasional scratches.
I've expressed to you all before that I’m not much of a writer (but as you can see by the conference call, I can sure run my mouth…LOL!) but I wanted to take this time to do what you all have done for me…be a blessing! If it wasn't for your informative post, personal stories, methods, experiences, courage and faith. I’m not sure how I would be dealing with this right now? So I would like to offer if just a little of that back. “It’s a blessing to be a blessing” is what I always say!
My story is so much deeper than just pieces of what I’ve shared. You know that my husband doubts me (and I’m confident he has Morgellons as well) I’m lacking much support which was causing me a great deal of stress. Holding-up with this disease is a task of its own but to have a husband that’s not on board, two 7 yrs old twins that also has it, a teenager that I’m praying to God it surpass (I don’t see any symptoms) so I’m running around doing everything by myself (you already know all the responsibilities that go with this).
With all that being said…. Thank you so much Deborah for taking the time to call me and for prayer. Your heart is so genuine and sincere and I felt that!
I have been praying for strength and peace to deal with this and although I won’t act like it’s been easy, I believe God has answered me and has giving me just that! Because I have accepted this…I’m able to move forward a lot better. (Just taking things in stride!) I still stress a little :-) (because it hurts sometimes) Like any mother, I’m so emotional when it comes to my babies! Having to deal with this with the twins and the fear of exposing our older children. I don’t want them to have to experience this. The Blessing…. Although they have the symptoms (The twins) they carry on as normal active children and they are happy!

There is Peace in Jesus! I will win…and he will have all the glory!

Love Tee!

11:22:22 PM

Woo, it's been a little longer than I thought with my last post. Here's a lovely update:

I'm still cleaning daily with Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap in my room, and falling back on my daily routine of cleaning, food, and showering when I feel fatigued. There's some days where I'm ready to go and feel the need to go for a bike ride and go shopping or get things done, and other days where I'm tired and sluggish and stressed. I am learning how to deal with stress really well though and slowly eradicating stress from my life which is important. My family is not so functional or understanding, and there's so much going on in my house that no one can relax. I'm learning to let the words of others go, and be selfish for once and focus on my healing.
I've been seeing my two best friends a bit more lately, they took me out hiking three hours away with their boyfriends and I was the fifth wheel. I didn't mind, they swam under waterfalls and dragged me along to cross huge rivers jumping from boulder to boulder to stay out of the cold water with a strong current. It was an adventure to say the least... packing my food in a cooler and packing my meds as well. I even slept over my friend's house that night, and since she knows what's going on, she let me vacuum the room and wash my clothes/blankets at her house. She has two kitchens and let me use her professionally stocked kitchen all day for my meals and let me tell you did I have a ball! Spices, food processors, appliances galore. Her mother even bought me vegetables to prepare since she works at a farmer's market.
I've been fully vegan for quite some time now BUT I have been studying and reading up on raw vegans and I LOVE the concept. Eating live alkaline foods straight from the earth and juicing?! Raw veggie recipes packed with nutrients all day long with nuts/seeds/good fats fascinates me. Perhaps I could bring my healing to a new level with raw foods.
Remember that talk about going back to college? Well, I decided to make the next few months pass and since I want a decent paying job so bad to pay for the protocol, and get out of my environment, I'm currently looking into a 9-12 week course of becoming a certified nursing assistant. That's right people, I'm going to try and start a real trade/career so I can start my new healthy life as a strong independent woman! Also, I need money for a gym membership too to try to get rid of these pounds I've been packing on and that's just expensive. Hehe. Soon you'll all be calling me by another name besides Twiggy, for I no longer look like a twig!
Coming out of bulimia, I tend to go with what my body craves while following this diet. Lately, it's been craving a lot of natural fats. Avocados, tahini, almonds, sunbutter.. I usually end up with a nut or nut butter with every meal. I can't help it, my body is just absolutely soaking it all in and telling me "you need this in order to live missy!"
Excited for the next few months of healing and I have some little goals to meet for here and there, kinda feeling quite content with my healing.
OH! And I'm purging some glittery fibers here and there with black and white fungal hairs, scalp is still purging and being treated every night as usual with my whole body in tea tree and coconut. Witch hazel has been slowing down the acne on my face but it still looks not so great. Any ideas for this acne or pimpling on my face?
I need to stop rambling, this is why I try not to post so much, I could go on forever!
Getting some sleep now, goodnight all and keep patience in mind for healing.
Time heals all wounds, whether physical or emotional. We must all learn to make time pass and be happy while letting it happen. I promise you, time will pass and things will fall into place if you work hard. I need remind myself this every day. I'm in the process of learning to love myself as well. Spiritual as well as physical purging as at an all t

12:40:47 PM

Well I'm up to 9 drops MMS. Slowly progressing... time seemed to be flying before but the past few weeks seem like they've been taking forever. I've slowed down completely on the exercising and went back to resting and eating, my fatigue has returned to me since my body has a lot more healing today. Looks like my weight loss and muscle gain are going to have to wait until later.
On the bright side, I am having less and less purging. In the beginning there was so much black specks and things popping out of my skin. I still get black specks, but fewer and smaller. I do have a lot of white fungal hairs appearing out of nowhere. Not at all like I was purging in the beginning though.
I'm still rotating my roibos and dandelion teas and such, along with my spices. The diet is the same, I'm a vegan and have been eating all of the vegetables I can tolerate three times daily. My bloating is still extreme from recovering from bulimia so I look really disproportionate, glands below my chin/on my neck are swollen along with my face. I have pimpling going on still on my face, it's really annoying.
The conference call we recently had last Sunday helped me a lot. My hair is so short, and I do not look good with it. Mel, John, Peter, all three of them encouraged me so much. I'm going to start growing my hair back. My scalp is still a nuisance to me with the amount of fungal hairs I purge from it. Still washing it with either MSM soap, peppermint soap, teatree conditioner, and after I use one of those I always use some kleen green rubbed into my scalp and then oil my body and scalp up in coconut oil mixed with some witch hazel and teatree.
I'm still living in pajamas, keeping to myself a lot. I don't mind it, I know I have a lot of healing to do and I don't want to be distracted.
My family are still a bunch of nonbelievers, and they cause a lot of stress for me. It drives me to heal faster and reminds me that I have to be strong on my own and get out of here. First things first, is healing. I'm only able to clean my room and bathroom, quietly mopping with peppermint soap because if I vacuum every day my family wants to send me away. I don't need that again. I'm just sticking to my day to day routine in cleaning, the diet, and never straying.
Recently, my brother graduated college and we had to stay overnight out of state in New York City. I thought it was going to be a nightmare. I made a salad for each night I was away, and packed 2 different veggies in containers for breakfast and lunch. Put some tahini dip I made in a container, and stuck that all in an iced cooler for a two day journey so I was on the diet the whole time. Also carried my protocol already sorted out in plastic baggies labeled in my purse. Brought my own blankets and MMS and my topicals with me in bags, did my laundry at where we stayed and stayed on the floor comfortably in my own blankets and pillows. I was fairly comfortable with a big two day treck in the city. It was a strange outting for me, but I put up with it.
When I first started this protocol I was around 110 lbs, now I am around 140 lbs and I am 5'5. Not such a bad thing considering I want to stay healthy so I can fight this off!
I'm taking it easy and quietly waiting for some more healing to go on. One day at a time, trying to keep myself occupied. I'm excite for the double digits of MMS and maybe hitting my max tolerance, who knows when that will be. Only my body will be able to tell.
Slow and steady wins the race, and so does listening to your body. I need to keep this in mind. I am so dedicated and willing to stick to what I'm doing for as long as it takes to kick this in the butt. My brain fog is disappearing and I'm starting to gain more and more hope for myself every day. Less fear, more love for the new life I have planned for myself once I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I think some college is in order! Something I've never thought about, and now something I really want. Oh boy, how I'm changing emotionally. And I love it.

7:06:27 PM


I continue to enjoy each day. Digestion is good. Energy is good. Outside of the right forearm, skin is good. I am finding the introduction of two specific herbal tinctures, that have shown to be effective with Lyme, appear very promising here. I will update you when I know more. Remember, however, I did little outside of Mel’s protocol for 18 months. You must not mix protocols until you allow your physiology to return to balance. You must remain patient. You must learn to roll with cycle after cycle of returning symptoms. Then you must accept that, with time, you CAN get well.

Let your research take you into the field of nutrition. Read the articles on the Logos web site. Cultivate discipline and diligence. Ask Mel what you can do to contribute to the furtherance of the fundraising capacity of the foundation. Post your progress. Share information. Keep a journal to revisit. These things can become so very therapeutic. They continue to be a mainstay in why I am doing so well. Do them, and continue in a belief that "complete remission" from Morgellons is within reach for everyone. That means you. And it means me. It won’t be long now before I will be making the most significant post of my life in just this regard.

Strength and Love,

11:17:26 PM

Hey all,

I know I haven't posted in a while. That's because I've been so FOCUSED on my day to day life. Slowly getting my energy back, I'm at 6 drops MMS. Gaining energy back, and not wanting to let this M thing control me: I have been exercising like crazy. Between the clean eats, exercising, my usual phone calls with Justin, the topical treatments, the tea, and just absolutely living my day to day life fighting this I really don't have any time to feel fear of never moving forward or time to feel so alone. Granted, I have been really isolating myself trying to do my own thing as I am not ready to go back out into the world yet, I am looking better and even my outlook on life is looking better.
I have chipmunk cheeks still with water retention in all sorts of places, I believe the herbal teas, the lemon water, apple cyder vinegar, garlic, herbs, and exercise will all slowly help flush out my system and hopefully I can see some improvement in the swelling and water retention category.
I have found tea tree and Neem toothpaste at my health food store and that has been one of my simple pleasures along with xylitol gum. Also, as much as I love baking, I have cut back on the baking a lot and the only real cooking I do is cooking up some vegetables once in a while for dinner. But, I have found that a vegan raw vegetable diet really does work wonders for me in healing. More than the other things I've been trying.
I have been riding my bike everywhere, jogging daily, doing zumba in my living room, and doing pilates on a blanket in my room. Oh man, does my body feel the burn and my sweating feels beneficial and works wonders! I've also been getting tan from going out jogging for a bit every day, something I have not done in years! I'm usually pastey white and never used to exercise.
I lost most of my left eyelashes... meh. Kinda sad about that but I think that it's a good thing in a way since that means all of the fake fungal hairs that were in those eyelashes couldn't take it anymore and jumped ship. I'm starting to see less white and black specks, I had A LOT at first. Now I see more fungal hairs from my body that look like different colored cat hairs, or white.
I have barely any itching, and if I do it's on my feet if I eat too much or something Im intolerant of, I have mostly found the foods I tolerate and I've been sticking to those. It's pretty easy and pretty rewarding, especially when you're working out. I feel like I'm on some sort of path to be the healthiest person I've ever come across or heard of in my life between the exercising and the eating.
I'm working out not only to pass the time and keep the focus on getting well, but so that when I am ready to go back out into the world, I can proudly show off the new me! It's exciting working towards a new body every day, it's like the harder I work on diet and health and for the longer time I don't see people and work on myself... the better my body feels and more excited I am to work harder to get my dream life and dream body. Who knows, by the end of this all I might have my dream looks back! But, who cares about looks at this point? I know I still do but I'm sooo much more concerned about how I feel.
I find myself getting jealous of people living their lives normally easily, I've found. Exercise lets me get my anger out and helps me feel normal as well. It's a huge outlet for me.
There's been so many challenges for me so far: our natural gas was shut off so I took freezing cold showers and had no heat/stove/oven for a week. I lived with it happily knowing that I could just go for a raw cold veggie diet for a straight week, and it made me realize that was the way to go since I noticed even more healing! Once in a while though a cooked meal is needed for comfort now that my gas is turned back on though. It's hard being broke and trying to afford the protocol and the diet. I'm so strict and I try my hardest to overcome EVERY challenge. Between my family not believing, leaving most of my friends and significant other behind, the money challenges, the health challenges, people bringing me down, my anxiety... let me tell you is it hard. But, you know what? I've found ways to get through EVERYTHING and solutions for everything instead of going around them. Facing each challenge head on and without fear, something I've never done before. I am me, I am going to be happy with myself and who I am, and I will get through anything and everything and can do anything. If we can get through this, we can conquer life!

Justin J
2:49:57 PM

Time flies~Health Update

Well I haven’t made a post in a while as I have been cautious to look at how I’m doing in months instead of days lately. Over-all I’m in the best health I have been in probably since getting ill. Everyday I’m getting better, and better. I havn’t cured myself completely but I would say I’m close to 90 percent better. I still deal with minor purging from the scalp and different parts of the body but it amounts to a minor annoyance and quickly passes. This winter has been rough with lack of sunshine nothing to do and allot of boredom but its breaking up, and I’m welcoming springtime with open arms. I have had the energy to do things I miss like walking around enjoying life, and even looking for a job.
Concepts that were completely foreign to me for a time when I was severely sick.
I have managed to get my health accessed by a natropathic practioner and they said you are doing something right because your stomach, kidneys, and bones are completely clean, However you still have some issues in your lower colon and muscles and left lung. So I know the battle is far from over but I have made huge strides in health improvement and I can feel it. I celebrated my 22 birthday on the 27th and It made me reflect allot on what it means to be alive. Plus I made sure to have fun by indulging in a movie marathon of sorts. No I didn’t eat my entire birthday cake, or any cake for that matter !
I would not be here at this place without the constant support from family, friends the forum, Mel, and John Peter, and the people of this website. I’m looking forward to this year. Like all things this too shall pass.

So big huge Thank You!


7:52:21 PM

Hello everyone!

I apologize for not updating sooner. My son had to have surgery and we had a roof leak and discovered mold. We were planning on moving soon, but, not this soon. The good news is the landlord gladly let us out of our lease and we were able to find a place that is a perfect fit for us, we move in, may 1st :) Sometimes when we have these things happen in our lives, its easy to feel like ..why me?! Well, sometimes these things can mean that the is lord intervening, to give you something better. This just so happened to be the case with us. As fearful as I was, my sons surgery proved to be beneficial in his healing, the same with the house. The place we found, is smaller, which means I will now have more time to rest and spend less time cleaning. Also it is newer, safer and more affordable. Money is still an issue, as I have not been able to return to work this is definitely a very good thing. I guess what I'm trying to say is, never lean on your own understanding, because the lord has much better things in mind for us then we could ever comprehend. God is good all of the time :) As far as how we are doing in terms of this disease ..we are doing so well! We have had a couple freak out moments, but, they are short lived. Still have some skin issues and purging, but I can't complain. I can feel my immunity is coming back. Sleepless nights, no appetite, bumps everywhere, being emotionally unstable, lack of energy, all a thing of the past. There are days that I can't believe how much energy I have! My kiddos are doing so good! My sons surgery went so well, I could have not asked for it to have gone better. Its a God thing. God is using people like Mel and John B. To help so many. The fact that these men and others here are helping us to make it thru this is such a blessing. I've lost ( friendships over this, but in exchange God has given me the best friends I've ever had. Friends who are never too busy or preoccupied with the ways of the world to lend a helping hand or a kind word. These are the blessings that come when you give it to God and trust in him. We are blessed beyond belief!

Love & blessings,
Amber & family

3:07:04 PM

That's funny that it's your birthday also! Happy belated birthday! :) Us aries gotta stick together, we're stubborn, so therefor we've got that trait to fight this with, hah. I turned 20!

Soooo, only 22 days into the protocol and about two months on the diet. I will tell you, my itching has greatly gone down already and I have yet to get to that MMS since I have yet to get to day 30! The diet really is key to helping... eat clean and don't ever cheat (I've never cheated yet) and if you do the diet hardcore, you will see the difference in how your body reacts. I can easily control the itching and biting from what I eat. At most, sometimes I get itchy feet and my face gets red when I have a slight reaction, I'm cleaning, or if I'm overtired. Of course it's only day 22 so all of my symptoms are still blasting me hard, but I am better than when I first started at least. I think it's because I'm not as freaked out by it and I do have hope. The light at the end of the tunnel knowing I can beat this. Some people had trouble sleeping with this... all I want to do is sleep most of the time. I do get random spurts of energy throughout the day and that's when I seize the time to vacuum or clean a little bit at a time.
On top of that, since recovering from alcohol and my eating disorder... I've reconnected with my best friend who has been helping me out on this through a day to day basis. It's great, I can talk to her about what's going on with me and she won't be scared or not believe me. She listens to me, kisses me on the cheek, cheers me up and makes me smile, but also understands my tears at time. Whenever I need a ride somewhere she will get me to the super market or help me cut my hair since she's a hair dresser. I need to cut my mohawk a lot shorter today actually, I just cut it and it's already growing out of control. I need it shorter lately to treat my scalp. She kind of forced me to go out for my birthday even though I didn't want to. I'm too tired to care about my looks or get out of pajamas, I don't like people seeing me too much. My lesions are small on my face but they get red easily and looks like acne with pimpling, and loss of eyebrows and hair makes me look like a cancer patient. But, kleen green is helping my face and redness little by little actually. Same with tea tree and coconut oil on my face at night. Slowly but surely, I won't feel so bad about my skin in a few months I think. I need some sunshine, it's been so cold and rainy or snowing here lately. I have a feeling sunshine will help my skin heal. That's another key to getting better.
Anyways, I was scared to go out to eat for my birthday. She took me to a local organic place with vegan choices on the menu, and organic salads and such... but I was too scared to even go near anything I didn't cook myself. SO, I called ahead of time asking the staff if I brought my own things if they would cook the things for me since it was my birthday and I was very sick and Im highly allergic to a lot of things. Brought my own huge salad, and my own zucchini flax seeds chicken patties I made in the food processor. My birthday was the first time I had meat in a VERY VERY long time, but I treated myself knowing I needed the protein. I gave them the organic coconut oil for them to cook the patties in, and all they did was cook em up in the coconut oil for me and voila, I had my two patties to cut up and put in my salad with my own tahini hummus recipe. (tahini is my favorite dressing, I've been eating it with my lunch time salad almost every day. mmm.) I also brought my own dessert since it was my birthday! I baked a coconut vanilla crustless custard pie with stevia and coconut flour. It was the most delicious meal I've had on this diet. I couldn't stop eating! Lol, I ate both chicken patties, the huge salad, another salad under my chicken, and three or four slices of the custard (I know, everything in moderation... at least it was sugarless and all coconut and anti fungals on my diet. It was my birthday and was hard for me to resist a pie I could eat. Good part is, no reaction. :) My best friend and her two friends she brought along were great, they all wore pajamas since I couldn't get out of pajamas being too sick and tired! They had organic red roibos tea at the restaurant too, I ordered a whole tea kettle of it and everyone shared it with me.
For the first time in a while I felt... human. Loved, not so stressed or scared, and okay with living with this. My best friend has restored my stress levels and keeps reminding me of who I am and how strong I am.
Yesterday, I even went to the pool hall for about an hour with the same group of friends! Granted, I was in my pajamas, but I'm starting to get used to this.

I know everyone is losing weight on this diet but... I am gaining weight. Is this a bad thing? I eat very large salads stuffed with greens for most of my meals. Tons of veggies and spring mix, some tahini and olive oil or avocado dressing I make. I only eat two eggs in the morning, and once a day about a very tiny amount of almonds. I do take about two or three tablespoons of organic coconut oil every day as well. Other then that I binge out on all sorts of veggies a lot, I can't help it, I'm so hungry all day. I'm not sure if it's the M making me like that or the fact that I need all of the nutrients I need to get over bulimia. Maybe that's why I'm gaining so much weight, because my digestive system is so slow from being bulimic for sooo long? All I know is I've been packing on the pounds.
The more pounds I pack on, I notice the more the itching goes away. But my body aches and I'm a bit swollen in my gut, kinda looking pregnant. Well, not really PREGNANT, but for how tiny I usually am I can notice tht my gut is swollen. I think this will go away as I continue eating the diet as I've been doing and still adjusting my metabolism to eating, and also as I beat these morgies and diminish the parasite from my system, I think the swelling of my legs and redness in my face will go down as I progress into MMS drops. Mmm, is it sad I'm excited and counting the days till I start my first week of MMS knowing it's a key component to this battle? Don't get me wrong, slow and steady wins the race, and I KNOW that. I have been careful not to rush a single thing in the protocol, but I'm just sayin people. Don't be scared of MMS, it EXCITES me knowing it helps me attack this thing. ;)
I have less cravings for sugar... more cravings for eggs. I'm scared to try red meat, and still afraid of meat and chicken in general. I did do it for my birthday but I think it's going to take some forcing or guiding from you people on eating it. Sorry guys, I need some help here. I gotta start eating meat at least once a week, right? Maybe two nights if I get there. Being a vegan for years... eggs are hard enough daily as it is. I have organic red meat in my fridge ready to go for burgers whenever I feel like it. Any ideas on when or how I should try that? There's ground beef in there and not ground beef. All natural, no antibiotics, grass fed, free range. Good stuff. Just so scared of it! Lol.
My doctor says I'm perfectly healthy except for my vitamin D. No lymes, my liver and kidney and insides are all fine and great. Which is good to hear but I'm STILL waiting for that stool test (which takes a while to process) to see if I have parasites in my body. I do believe I have other parasites along with Morgellons. Just a hunch I have.
I am getting more lesions and cuts, it's ugly, but I don't think it's such a bad thing. I think it's them already trying to push their way out since my body is getting healthy so quick from finally eating. It's pretty easy to eat a lot, and eat perfectly clean when getting over bulimia. Kinda painful since my intestines are stretching out, not used to any food whatsoever. But it's definitely worth the pain and fat to beat this. I just hope weight gain isn't a bad sign.
I've been soooo tired lately. I've been sleeping and cleaning a little bit by bit. Anyways, I'm going to the store today to get more yummy yummys to add to my salad. I've been leaving kleen green on my hair and spritzing it on my body. Idk if it's helping my hair, I usually leave it in overnight, and sometimes I leave a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil, wormwood, clove, and tea tree in my hair overnight. That same mixture goes on my body every night and I massage it into my skin every night all over.
Welp, off to the grocery store in my pjs, tired but hopeful!

8:39:34 PM

Mel and everyone,

Once again we can't even begin to thank you for all that you are doing for us. I am grateful to each and every one as well as for God's grace.

I am still holding on and feeling better than ever. Even reading what I wrote before makes me feel like - oh my gosh I was so sick.

Actually, this past month I have had a sinus infection and my doctor actually prescribed Bactrim. I am feeling so much better on this. I also had a blood test a few weeks ago and it turns out that one of the reasons I was so exhausted and depressed was because my Vitamin D levels were almost depleted. As soon as I started back on high Vitamin D levels, I felt so much better. This is something I have to do every little while but this time it was the worst. It probably has to do with 0 degree weather.

I've also been reading a lot of Magnesium and thank you John B for Magnifical.

Otherwise I am doing well on the protocol and MMS. I do have a lot of scars which I know take a while to heal.

Mel, I hope everything is well with your shoulder.
Again thank you for everything!!!!!

Blessings and love

Fight the gallant fight each and every day!

5:52:21 PM

Hello fellow warriors,

It is with much happiness and pleasure that I am writing and sharing this message.

I am staring my thirteenth month of Morgellons and have reached the 90% mark of this disease. I am feeling so blessed. The Protocol system does work. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have a ways to go on this journey but I will come out of this a stronger and better person than I was when I started.

Thank you Mel, Peter and John for your dedicated assistance and continued support. Mel, your openness and willingness to share with the world your disease and how you found the cure for Morgellons is so remarkable. Peter, you have been and are a blessing with the diet and weekly support and advise you so willingly give. John, your knowledge and ability to have developed this system is so amazing and your willingness to have it accessible for all to partake of is a God send. My daughter, Janell for telling me about this Morgellons website, her daily talks and her wonderful recipes she so willing shares. I would never have done this without these dedicated warrior's. I do not want to leave out our Lord because HE has carried me and given me the strength to see this through.

My health, and strength are returning and I'm regaining my life. Don't take this wrong when I overdo the next day is slow and on these days I have learned to rest. My skin has at this time no major breakouts. When I do have a pimple or abrasion I treat it and it is gone the next day. This tells me my immune system is working. I still do some purging but I know this will soon be over as well. I know I will forever eat the right way, exercise, stay on the protocol system and lean on our precious Lord.

Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

God bless,


12:53:59 PM

Hi everyone,I haven't posted since Oct 13. So I guess the Lord is telling me to "get with it"! I have been on the protocol with MMS for 8 months. I have just read Deborah's post regarding symptoms and expected stages of Morgellons. I seem to be where I should be at 8 months. I never had the rash until about 5-6 months into the protocol, now anytime I get cold or shiver, (which isn't hard to do in this Tundra like weather), the rash appears on my neck, back, and now traveling down my legs, but as soon as I warm up, it's gone. I'm pretty sure this is all "STUFF" that needs to come out! Luckily~ I never got any lesions/cuts. I do have red/blue and black tiny fibers yet that I can only see with my digital microscope. They make me ITCH! I definitely have more strength now, the worst time for me was at 5-6 drops of MMS. Now at my max of 17.

I have learned so much about nutrition these past months. Wow-Kale,spinach, blueberries, can I say WONDERDRUGS all by themselves! It continues to be a struggle with family, slowly they are trying and eating better foods. We made it through Christmas and Valentines day without any major setbacks, now the Eater bunny will tempt them all again. I did find a new item that wasn't posted before that I throw in my purse for a back up plan..It's made by Go-Raw, Live Pumpkin Bar. It's all organic- it does contain 3g of sugar, but in a pinch, it's the cat's MeOW! To all of us who don't eat sugar, it is a real treat! Vitacost has them.

I just want to tell everyone to hang in there, especially the newbies, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling.

I will leave you with a verse for strength.

Romans 8:18
I consider that the sufferings of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us.

Many blessing to each and everyone of you! I pray for everyone at night to keep the FAITH!


12:12:48 AM

Hi all ;)

I'm not typically a negative person..

I have choose not to post for some time, for this reason....

Winter is just a difficult season for me,it always has been. Lack of sunshine during the winter months drains me.. I love connecting to spirit .. God ... In nature, finding every opportunity to connect with my inner being, the universe and my creator. It has really helped me this past 4 years my son Tyler and I have been dealing with morgellons, I guess just and being trapped in my house due to polar vortexes, state of emergency after state of emergency just has me off my zen a bit! Lol :)

After the holiday Tyler had some return symptoms and that really just challenged my whole being..he's only 7.. He had ate foods over the holiday... His grandmother passed away..As some of you know I have to treat Tyler as low key as possible to ensure my family doesn't think I'm hurting him..,he takes 2 flora and candida rid daily .. Tyler ended up getting rashes on his body purging fungal hairs.. Tyler himself has choose to give up the Sugar , so this helps my job, we tightened the reins on diet and already he's doing soo much better!!

I called Mel sooo upset, we spent lots of time talking and reaffirming the game plan.
He suggested a Conference call with John B. Thank you both so much for the help and advice! John thank you for the prayer we needed that.. I will continue to affirm daily!:) also thank you John for suggesting Sleep Advance, I didn't know that it would act As a natural anxiety reducer, I'm excited for my order to come.

It's nice to have a natural alternative to reduce stress.. I used to take things like Effexor ect...

It's so crazy out here in Indiana right now, polar vortex weather conditions,it's suppose to get down to negative 18 or something crazy like that! I stocked up on groceries.. And prepared us the best I could!
Now we just wait..Their calling for a blizzard .. The weather is sooo brutal out here right now....

To any other experiencing these conditions ... Keep your head up!
Stay I'm faith! And drive slow!!!! :)

I have to report .. I am doing very well physically, improving and flourishing on the protocol... And Tyler is back on track and doing better too!! The prayer guided our way John :)

My prayers are with each of you,.. I believe in you!!
Anti Candida diet, Protocol and Faith..
God lead you here.. You will get through this!! Affirm!!

Yours in health and spirit,

Nancy G
12:39:17 AM

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas Season!
I am writing today about Essential Flora from Logos.
One site I do look at for Morgellons is the Charles E. Holman Foundation since Dr. Evi Sapi is becoming or has become renowned in studying spirochete infections (Lyme and co infections) and I like to see what the new research is coming up with in studying the Morgellons samples.
The latest findings from samples taken from Morgellons patients were all found to have H pylori. Since I take antibiotics for Lyme, I began to ramp up my probiotics and this lead me back to the Logos site to read up again on Essential Flora. I knew it is a great product just like all of the Logos products, but this time I read about all the different essential bacteria needed in our systems and what each of them contained in Essential Flora actually do in and for the body/immunity/gut health. Well low and behold; Essential Flora contains one of the bacterium that can eradicate H Pylori! YAY...
Now I am not saying I agree or disagree with the research on H Pylori and Morgellons. I just find it interesting and I believe Dr. Eva Sappi is doing great things for the Lyme community, so I keep an eye there.
So I was pleasantly surprised to find this out about Essential Flora and H pylori helping that if in fact my body may be holding that bacteria. I have not had any issues with my digestive system for many months now and feel my leaky gut and IBS and digestive issues are cleared up.
So just wanted to say Thanks again to Logos!
SO that's about it... Other than that, I am holding my own... doing okay, much better than this time last year for sure. And, drum roll... I am moving back to my home state! No more missing my boys and home town/city!!!

Peace and Goodwill to all,
Nancy G

9:17:32 PM

Hi everyone,
I haven't been so well lately. As you know this healing journey has its up and downs. My condition is chronic (I have multiple other health challenges) and it is hard to stay as focused and vigilant when you're not feeling well.
On the other hand, though, there are so many 'pluses' to my story. Being unwell these days, is nothing like it used to be for me? It used to mean that I was admitted to hospital or that it was very hard to get out of bed. These days, being unwell means that I'm slower than normal or I might need a nap - it doesn't stop me doing things much anymore.
I think it is very important to acknowledge the great community that contribute to the knowledge found here; it has provided me with inspiration and the knowledge and resources to get this far in my healing. It has also been helpful to get to know some of you who are here in Australia too. Hope you are all improving and staying positive.

Take care,

2:02:41 PM

Hello from the Midwest... let me introduce myself.... My name is Diana and I have been dealing with this cursed condition for 9 years.... the saga began with various illnesses off and on till four years ago when it took over my life. The medical quest has been emotionally a roller coaster with many diagnoses and no healing. With no help or supervision I tried to take control of my situation by visiting my vet and trying horse, dog, cat remedies whatever... I have been quite ill and just didn't care anymore... Gave up trying to figure out what it is and decided to just try and get healthy. Have been doing various cleanses since March and lots of vitamins...still am suffering with open wounds with purple and red spotted skin.. Found this incredible site this October and purchased the protocol immediately... Have been reading everyone's inspiring stories and digesting all the information till the wee hours every night... "I am going to get well".... Oh, the stories I could tell you... I start the mms on Friday... Thank you everyone (especially Mel) for restoring me and my family with HOPE! My goal is to be worthy of the term Warrior!!

4:57:22 PM

Hello fellow warriors and Mel,

It has been a long time since I have posted on this site. Like the title of this thread says, this is one of the few sites I have found that gives me some hope that this disease can be cured.

My story with this illness has been pretty long and rough. I initially contracted this in 2006, with the worst years in 2009-2010. I began Mel's original protocol back in the summer of 2010, but lost focus as my marriage finally crumbled from this thing.

In the spring of 2011, I refocused on Mel's original protocol and also took some additional herbals orally and topically Using DMSO(GSE, wormwood,and oregano). In only about a month or two, I got much better and lost focus again on the protocol, but this time I went into complete remission for 2 years with absolutely no symptoms. I was able to get my body in top physical shape during my remission as I have always had a passion for bodybuilding.

I really forgot about this illness and was moving on with my new life.
Then, however, this past summer, the illness came back extremely quickly and aggressively in July. This time, though, Morgellons seemed stronger than the first time I had it. I can't quite say for sure what the trigger was to bring it back. Was I reinfected from the environment?, or did I just suppress my immune system enough so the "stragglers" in my body from the first time came out of dormancy?

The one thing I do know for sure was that my air conditioner near where I slept developed some mold growth. I may have been exposed to many mold spores for a few months. Hence, I believe that this could be some type of mold, but that's just speculation.I moved out of my apartment and saw an LLMD who did both mold and Lyme testing on me. I tested negative for two of the most common mold toxins, but got a positive test result for Lyme
(Igenex western blot) like many of us do.

In August, I restarted Mel's basic protocol and began IV treatments for Lyme and mold. I changed my diet to practically a carb-free diet too for a while, but then caved as my Morgellons symptoms were getting no better yet, and I sought comfort.

So, here I am now in November 2013, with Morgellons again ruling my life and realizing that in order to beat this, I have to follow this protocol plus the diet religiously for an extended period of time. It looks like 12-18 months is the usual duration.
Since I have been on and off the protocol for the past few months, I am calling today day #1 as I refocus on diet and the protocol.

I really enjoy reading the journeys of the fellow warriors because I can see that others are getting better slowly. That's what gives me the hope that I can AGAIN recover. I'm hoping that in a few months, I can give an update that I am improving as well. Although I should have a better handle on this disease by this point,I will still be soliciting advice from all of you if I hit a roadblock.

Cheers and wishing you all a quick recovery!

7:13:21 PM

Hi there, hope everyone is doing well. It’s just about 3 months on protocol and diet. I'm happy to say that my Mom, husband, and Daughter are virtually symptom free at this time. Myself and my two boys are so much better than we were. I still have the most symptoms, but I was very sick in the beginning. It’s amazing that I have come this far so fast! I am starting to feel like I can do things again and not shut myself off from the outside world. The isolation is so awful and not easy with children. I really thought about the fact that nobody is promised tomorrow and I'm not going to let life pass my family and I by, no matter what the circumstances. I know this is easier said than done, I do believe this has made a huge difference in our mental wellbeing and as you all know that a good state of mind really helps with Healing. I thank God every step of the way, without him I could not take on this difficult task back to health. The advice and help that has been given to me from others on this website Is invaluable! My thoughts are with you all during this holiday season; remember we are not promised tomorrow. Try to enjoy the time you have, regardless of the current circumstances. God bless you all!!


Jane L
10:54:01 AM

Hi Mel,
After being out of touch for a long time, I wanted to tell you how I am and also find out how your are. I didn't even go to the web site to read posts until today.
I have been following the protocol (pretty much) and I feel that I am getting healthier and healthier. I know I still have Morgellons but it doesn't really negatively impact my life anymore. It's getting less and less. I feel as long as I take the protocol I will continue to get energy and lead a normal life.

I am working a lot and feel blessed that I can still run my company and do the work that I love to do and take care of my sons. My creativity has returned also has my psychic ability which was lost for a time.
So in other words. I'm getting back to normal - a new normal.

My normal now is eating healthier, raw when I can, taking the vitamins, the MMS at night and resting when I'm tired - and exercising when I can. In other words having Morgellons has forced me to take care of myself. I know I'm not completely well but I can stick with this routine for the rest of my life without a problem.

I'm am so grateful for the help I got from you and this community when I needed it and still do. You all have saved my life!
Thank you so much.

Please let me know if I can help anyone that is just starting out.

God Bless you all.

PS - I'll be buying Kosher Meats from now on. Thanks for that info.

12:42:33 PM

Hello to all my colleagues out there suffering this terrible affliction. I am a quiet forum reader who would really like to thank all of you for contributing you advice freely. I began having symptoms in Jan 13 and in Feb things mushroomed. Yep- I went the medical route and nothing helped. My daughter and myself were diagnosed scabies. So yes, we used lots of toxic chemicals externally and prescription tablets also. So by my faith I was led to Kleen Green and then lead to Peter and Mel. I started the protocol the end of May and MMS the latter part of June. My daughter is in denial about this and is not following the protocol. She is in her last year of high school.It totally breaks my heart to see my loved one hurting herself. My husband has no symptoms as of yet. He does understand the seriousness of this affliction.
I am up to 16 drops of MMS as of last night so I am purging lots of white hard granules. I am doing my best to keep the house as clean as possible. I have lost 30 lbs and can't afford to loose any more weight so trying to eat more avocados daily.

All of this has brought me closer to Our Savior. I thank him daily for what I do have.

Please Pray for my daughter so she may understand the seriousness of this affliction and start the protocol.

Blessings to all of you!

Bill M
3:24:25 PM

Good Day Everyone: is the latest update: In my previous post in September I wrote that I felt that I was at the 95% healed mark, and today I think I have moved a couple points closer to the 100% mark. It seems that the mopping up to totally eradicate this disease is taking longer than I had hoped. The last bastion of strength for these bacteria is in the extremities, that is, the feet, hands, scalp, and also my butt.

An example......just when I thought I was done with the feet, suddenly I would feel itching and a couple stings. In the hands and scalp I felt I was free of the itching but suddenly it was back. HOWEVER....... what I did notice that the legs were no longer a problem and then my chest, which for me was my major concern and where I had the toughest battles, was no longer a problem. So, I can only conclude that this bacterium has moved to the extremities. If that indeed is the case then after a few more intensive battles I will finally be victorious.

Lyme disease: if you have noticed in the media (newspapers, TV, internet) there are many more articles now about Lyme disease and how serious this disease can get if not treated. For those of us who know that we have the Lyme bacteria (borrelia) it is a blessing that this is now being reported more frequently. This will force the medical community not to ignore this health epidemic and take the necessary action to address the concerns of thousands of victims who have to live with and battle this dreadful disease. And as you are probably aware, the Lyme disease, if not treated in the early stages can cause co-infectious diseases, like Morgellons.

In conclusion, every week I am feeling a little bit better than the week before and if I stay strong and keep taking the protocol I will be running a marathon in short order.....well maybe a miniature marathon (about a quarter mile run).... :)

I pray for everyone's health and wellbeing, and hope that in time, all of us will be healed........Amen!

Bill M.

3:32:16 PM

To any of you frustrated or frightened,

My name is Ellen. I post occasionally on other's threads and on "A New Warrior from MA".

After getting sick last September and after a year on the protocol, I can confidently report that I AM CURED! I have been cautious about speaking too soon but feel others need to hear any stories with a positive outcome to give hope.

My daughter, who is a scientist with a PHD from Columbia, found this site researching my condition. I will never forget that phone call. She said, Mom, I think you have this thing called Morgellons." I had come to the same conclusion from my searching online and was terrified. I began to get my documents in order for my family in case I got sicker.

I went cold turkey and eliminated all sugars, flour, dairy and acidic foods, felt better within a few weeks and dramatically better after starting the Logos supplements and MMS. I think I caught this thing early and that may be why I got well faster than others. I also was in good health with no other preexisting medical conditions.

I am lucky I could keep my part-time job, to have a supportive family and friends. I was also careful, however, who I chose to confide in. My PCP doctor asked that I see a psychiatrist. As a professional in Human Services, I was angry and insulted but replied in a cheerful voice, "Sure!"
I haven't gone back to her.

To finish my post. . Whatever it takes to get you through this, do it. I am thousands of dollars in debt - so what. I will pay it off eventually. I did what I had to do to make my house safer, including ripping out my rugs and replacing them with wood and tile, cutting down all the trees hanging over the back of my house, and paying people to do manual labor around the property when I was too sick to do it myself.

I had a lot of people praying for me. You are never alone in this. Don't be too fearful to ask others for support, either emotionally or financially.

I have said this repeatedly - there is nothing special about me. If I can get better, I believe anyone can. Everyone's body is different, so it will take different amounts of time for each of us, but believe that you will get well too. I'm a different person today, hopefully a better, wiser person.

And last, I am grateful for all of you for your stories. I have read every single post, every day. If you don't have the caring support you need from people in your life, know that it is here in this online community.

Best in health to all of you,


11:14:01 PM

Good evening fellow Warriors!

First off I want to add that I got back on my supplements and I’m feeling very good. I have not even started the mms and I am noticing great changes in my health in general. This disease really took a toll on me so far from mental to physical health and for the past half year since it been taking the protocol supplements alone.

I used to have serious eye issues. Now this problem can do a serious toll on your mental health. If it could go back and comfort myself that I would be receiving the comfort it had been praying for, I would be in a lot better state before.

This thing at first is scary because we don't understand it. Initially, anything as unidentified and strange as this disease, the fear alone will put you in a bad state of health. Never feel alone with this because you're not. You will be surprised at the warmth of the hearts the sufferers of this disease have, and once we are on top of things we go back to enjoying life.

Never obsess and spent endless hours looking into different sites about Morgellon's. Half of them are just trying to scare you. Your ultimate friend with this in the long run is your own head. Stay disciplined, do not obsess and don't let this disease get in the way of your normal thought process.

I remember how scared I was starting the protocol and being left on my own after talking to Pete or Mel everyday literally on the phone when my condition was a lot more severe. They can give you the motivation, courage and the tools to fight this, but nothing can really improve yourself as a human being better than this disease.

This disease helped me appreciate allot of things in life. It really improved me as a person. I am more mentally developed I believe, once it learned to motivate myself and get past the fear and turn to God.

While I was in the states a week ago I also got the chance to speak to Peter. I was literally in tears just thinking of what I was going through physically and mentally last time we spoke. He noticed I was doing allot better at talking and I was literally a different man from the past year.

I am not going to lie and say I am not even half way to being fully recovered. I have quite the way to go. But when you are on the path that's what truly matters. This disease will really build you as a person and I always look at it as a positive thing and brought me closer to God.

Now that is my positive message for the week to those scared and recently stricken. I pray for you to find courage and find your path to recovery like it did.


“I am happy to have made it over this bump in the road. Perseverance everyone!! I thank God every day for Mel, this website and the foundation. Words can never express how grateful I am that Mel is paying it forward. I am crying tears of joy for having found you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mel. I pray for your recovery so you can continue to do God's work. What a blessing! Much love to all” Monique
Mike 10/7/2013 12:13:29 PM
Good evening fellow Warriors!

First off I want to add that I got back on my supplements and I’m feeling very good. I have not even started the mms and I am noticing great changes in my health in general. This disease really took a toll on me so far from mental to physical health and for the past half year since it been taking the protocol supplements alone.

I used to have serious eye issues. Now this problem can do a serious toll on your mental health. If it could go back and comfort myself that I would be receiving the comfort it had been praying for, I would be in a lot better state before.

This thing at first is scary because we don't understand it. Initially, anything as unidentified and strange as this disease, the fear alone will put you in a bad state of health. Never feel alone with this because you're not. You will be surprised at the warmth of the hearts the sufferers of this disease have, and once we are on top of things we go back to enjoying life.

Never obsess and spent endless hours looking into different sites about Morgellon's. Half of them are just trying to scare you. Your ultimate friend with this in the long run is your own head. Stay disciplined, do not obsess and don't let this disease get in the way of your normal thought process.

I remember how scared I was starting the protocol and being left on my own after talking to Pete or Mel everyday literally on the phone when my condition was a lot more severe. They can give you the motivation, courage and the tools to fight this, but nothing can really improve yourself as a human being better than this disease.

This disease helped me appreciate allot of things in life. It really improved me as a person. I am more mentally developed I believe, once it learned to motivate myself and get past the fear and turn to God.

While I was in the states a week ago I also got the chance to speak to Peter. I was literally in tears just thinking of what I was going through physically and mentally last time we spoke. He noticed I was doing allot better at talking and I was literally a different man from the past year.

I am not going to lie and say I am not even half way to being fully recovered. I have quite the way to go. But when you are on the path that's what truly matters. This disease will really build you as a person and I always look at it as a positive thing and brought me closer to God.

Now that is my positive message for the week to those scared and recently stricken. I pray for you to find courage and find your path to recovery like it did.

2:13:39 AM

HI Lisa
Yes I am getting well, and have been on this site. Please free to email me. My hardest part has been clearing the skin, but most other symptoms have disappeared. Hope you email me, you can get my email from Mel or John.

Everybody be blessed.


Well.... Been asked to post
Can't believe it's been 13 months plus... I know I'm ahead of Peter by. Month? :-).
Anyway. Looking over my thread posts. Below..
. What a trip so far
I have this .( for now) as do . My 8 year old son and 12 year old daughter

Speaking to Mel the other day.. It was decided we are all in the 90% club probably ( although 100% is the goal)
My kid’s symptoms are pretty much zero now
Mine .. I have extended days in a row with zero symptoms
Then will be reminded as I get an occasional muscle twitch or some small sensation of crawling on my face...
But nothing to what I started at... So bad I could not sleep
We take the protocol. I take the mms. Kids limited mms
We do stick to the diet part
We do the environment and laundry protocol
I have asked many times. Why me? More important why my kids ?
Well.. If you can deal with this challenge. You can deal with anything .. Character builder
And we all come out on the other side of this forced to make life changes ... For the better.
Sorry haven't posted.. But as Mel said before .. You get to a point where you are grateful you are not thinking and letting this consume your life
When you do get back some sense of normalcy.. Days with no symptoms .. You will appreciate life like you never have before
It will come.. Takes time.. And for adults drinking that yummy MMS
Thanks Mel!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark and Chase and Maya

Deborah B
4:57:07 PM

Hi Jane,

Thanks for sharing your story. It was very encouraging to hear of your progress. I wanted to respond to your post because I too am approaching my one-year anniversary and seeing the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Like you, I was most motivated to get well because I wanted to see my little girl grow up. She is seven years old and also has Morgellons. She and I are both getting well on the protocol. I have a hunch there are a lot of 'silent warriors' out there who don't post much but who are getting their lives back day by day, like you and I and my daughter.

For any of the newly stricken out there, please take heart. Especially the parents who may be tempted to give up hope for themselves or their children. . . like so many before me, let me just say. . DON'T! It is not hopeless . . You have come to the right place and there is an abundance of hope and help here. We found the help we needed to get well. A year from now, it could be you posting an encouraging update here about your own or your child's progress.

After one year on the protocol, my daughter is doing amazingly well (so am I!). She was much sicker than I was originally and we were certain that we would lose her if we didn't get help. . . and quickly! Her downward spiral was rapid and terrifying. I am convinced that we were led to this website and the protocol just in time. I am so grateful to Mel and others for help in saving her life and restoring her health. I give God the glory for her healing and Mel the credit for serving Him through this website. That I am getting well too is an added bonus. Last year at this time I was praying and begging God to save her life and never mind about me. But in His amazing love and wisdom He guided me here and let me know that healing was a 'two for one' deal in His economy and that He was not going to leave me behind. Mel was right to name the foundation 'He cures all', because He does and will.

Like you Jane, we also feel like we still have a row or two to hoe before being done with this disease. I'm not sure if we are in the '90% cured' category yet or what the criteria even is for that, but at this time we are free of all symptoms except for some scalp issues and some occasional bruising. We have no lesions, no significant brain fog or fatigue, and very little in the way of purging symptoms. Our progress is slow, but steady and sure. Because of that, we are starting to plan for the future again. Life feels 'normal' . . . or at least a 'new normal' because nothing will ever be quite the same again. But that's a good thing! We don't want to ever return to a life not fully appreciated or lived in a fog of fast paced activities and unhealthful choices.

So thanks again Jane, for your encouraging post. It inspired me to write about our progress as you did, and I hope others who are getting well out there will be encouraged to chime in with their own stories. It would mean a lot to all of us to hear from more of the '90% cured' crowd! ;-)


Yes, Mel does have a big heart. That big heart is primary reason I am well today have been symptom free for 18 months.

I started the full treatment the summer of 2010.I had a relapse January of 2011.As soon as it got back on the full treatment was better again within 2 months’ am just on the supplements since the MMS was interrupted when I was at the hospital with my husband for 10 days when he was dying did not relapse and kept the supplements going.

I am healthy, at a good weight and work full-time. If anyone had told me I would be this healthy again in 2010, I would not have believed them was very ill and lived in a weakened fog.

Stay on the treatment and I believe you have a great chance of getting your life back.

God bless us all....


This is Jane.

I have been doing the Protocol for about one year now. When doctors didn't help me (sound familiar?)
I turned for help on the internet. I feel I was very lucky to find Mel's web site and very lucky that he outlined his cure.

I felt like I really had no choice but to try it and follow it. The sum of the parts really works for this disease! I want to encourage anyone that is reading this, you can save your life by following Mel's protocol because it does work. I still feel like I have a long way to go and may be on this for a long time, but I am back to having my life again and don't feel sick anymore. I have my energy back and don't feel contagious either.

It's really hard to believe that the medical community would hide the benefits of MMS for a disease like ours over greed and patents, but that is what is happening. Follow Mel's protocol and you will get better.

You will get your life back. It works!

The thought of not seeing my children through their life was unbearable to me. So I did this every day. It takes time for it to work. Looking back to last year when I was so sick - there is such a difference. Be patient, follow the steps. Every day do your best. If you go off - then get right back on as soon as you can. The more you stick to it - the quicker you will get well.

Thank you Mel for showing us how to get well from the terrible Morgellons. There are good people in the world. Mel is a good person that is willing to help you with this. Listen to his advice. He has a good heart and is trustworthy.

I am walking proof that the protocol works.

Never give up hope. Never!

8:12:38 PM

I should have posted at the mark of 5 months but I've been too busy lately. It’s hard to tell if I’ve really improved since the last time I posted, but I believe that the protocol is working either way based on what it had accomplished earlier on.

I'll be honest, none of this has been easy. So many things (food, drinks, late nights, time, money) have been given up to follow this protocol. There's a reason why this sort of approach to disease treatment isn't standard, as it is one is required to be incredulously disciplined and meticulous in order to achieve results. I believe that sort of approach will work, that all the sacrifice and commitment will be worth it in the end.

I've gotten down at times when comparing my situation with those around me who are unburdened by the same things, but that's not a healthy way to look at things whether you are ill or not. Those are the times that you have to tell yourself to suck it up because everyone will always have problems one way or another, to keep walking through the tunnel and get the job done.

And thank you for the info Peter.

9:22:13 AM

I would like to 'publicly' thank Mel, John B, and his Crew of people who volunteer, and or offer their time in building this website! I found this site after affirming In prayer to God that this problem wasn't mine It was Gods, in God there are No problems only solutions, and I knew I was healed. I told God I knew my steps were being led, and in divine order things would line up! That evening I found this site!! And all of you :) The support here is truly lifesaving.. Physically and mentally!
Yesterday I had time to navigate the net a bit typing in Morgellons and found some other various support groups. They were discussing treatment options, but none as comprehensive as the protocol Mel & John have offered here. There was a lot more fear and worry , rather than support and helpful advice.
I feel that God’s Grace is guiding me to perfect health... The divine order I believed in that night in prayer led me here! I was led here first, and I am so grateful!
Prayers are answered .. Affirm ,know , & believe!
God will strengthen you!
I love and pray for each of you!
Yours in Spirit,

4:04:05 AM

Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum and glad to be a part. A little about myself. I am 54 and have had a very active lifestyle until about three years ago when I thought I had contracted scabies. I had itching and biting sensations as well as some type of critters coming out of my skin but they didn't move. I underwent the treatment and felt better, though no scabies were ever found.
Since I have been to the emergency room twice, and to two different doctors with my little box of samples and was quickly excused as delusional. They never even looked at my critters under a microscope!
About two years later it started up again and has persisted and even gotten worse. Sores here and there, critters and fibers from underneath my skin, chronic fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains in my muscles and joints and digestive problems. My active outdoorsy lifestyle it seemed had come to an end and I became very depressed.
I hadn't had a computer at home for a couple of years and a friend gave me a lap top. I typed in my symptoms on line and M. came up over and over again. Right away I knew what my illness was. I went to see a doctor I had found on line and received a topical spray, cream and soap which helped to purge the critters from the skin pretty well. I know now though, with my particular manifestation of M. the critters are actually full of fibers and they shed their skin so to speak and the fiber bundles are growing deeper now into muscle tissue. I realized the topical treatment was not the answer for me but what else could I do?
Well, I am so happy to say I happened upon Mel's site. I just knew his protocol, the wealth of information on the site and being able to communicate with others that have gone through or are going through similar situations was a God send. I e-mailed Mel and asked him to give me a call and he got back to me right away. He told me I didn't have to go it alone and let's get me well! He then asked Bill if he would be my coach and I'm so glad he did because Bill is just a phone call away. He takes his time explaining things to me and has e-mailed me many great websites so I have plenty of reading to do. He even calls me just to see how I'm doing! I'm going on my third week with the full protocol (except the MMS until next week) am adjusting my diet and walking.
Mel, Bill and everyone...I am so grateful to God for your guidance and help. It's so good to have people like you in my life. And I look forward to getting back into the great outdoors again one day and maybe I'll do some traveling too. It's so nice to be hopeful about the future again!


11:21:28 AM

I want to start this by saying thank you Mel for everything you have given so freely! Knowledge is power and so many people withhold knowledge from others if they feel they will not benefit from sharing what they know. I would never have known where to start if it wasn't for your humanitarian efforts. You are truly an angel.
1 month prior to starting this protocol, I went to see my Rheumatologist for my Fibromyalgia. I knew I had Morgellons, however I didn't say anything to him for fear of being disregarded completely. I asked him if he would test me for Lyme because I had never been tested. I had a blood panel done. I was negative for Lyme, however I was showing extremely high anti-bodies on two separate tests for Scleroderma. Scleroderma is a serious, degenerative, often fatal disease that affects the skin, collagen and organs like lung, heart and kidneys’ had my primary doctor do the same test to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Again I tested high in both tests exclusive to Scleroderma.
I started the protocol shortly after that. I also switched to a different rheumatologist closer to where I live. After my first visit with her she decided to run the test again because I lack the outward physical skin appearance of someone with Scleroderma. Two weeks ago I had my blood panel done again and IT'S NEGATIVE! All anti-bodies to Scleroderma are gone!
Personally I don't think I ever had Scleroderma. I believe it's something to do with Morgelllons. But what I'm here to say really is this protocol does work and is working! I praise God for this and thank everyone here that is in this fight with me. God bless and stay strong!


Hello to all my beloved friends and warriors
As I post this entrance into the 90% cured thread, let me share the core truths that become profoundly apparent through the looking glass of my nearly complete return to health. It has been a great blessing and wonderful journey for me for the past 11 months. I am overwhelmed at just how rewarding this has become and how much love and support I have received from so many of you along the way.
Every morning, I wake up with curiosity and excitement to the coming new day, as well as what surprises and challenges the newly stricken and those becoming healed will bring to me. In addition, it is remarkable how much I have grown as a person and developed as a healing influence for others. This disease truly empowers us and enlightens us from within through the simple manner in which so many come together to fight the gallant fight that we all do each and every day.

To that end, I have fought this gallant fight with the heart of a warrior, and the enemy is now on the verge of complete surrender. And on a deeply personal level, I am now so able to appreciate, treasure, and respect the meaning of life. I have been made humble, thankful, excited, and prepared for welcoming the next chapter of my life.

Fight the gallant fight each and every day! Stay committed! Be a warrior! Never lose hope! Your fight to regain your health will represent to God the profound truth that nothing in life worth having comes easily. God will respond to your hope, your prayers and your faith. Never doubt this! I never did.
Pay everything you can forward. The living God inside you will reveal the steps to take to you. As you take them, always bear forth the desire for those behind you to also heal. This is Gods clear message delivered through the affliction. 'Above all else, take care of one another.'
Finally, to Mel. 'Thank you for saving my life!!!!'
You all remain in my prayers and my hopes for a complete recovery. Bring it home! Finish the fight! Declare victory! These are absolutely within your grasp!

Strength and Love

5:53:48 PM

My name is Ruth. I am a newbie here. I have had morgellons since November, and at first thought I had scabies. It was only after a guardian angel (Kathy from Kleen Green) brought me in contact with Peter that I realized I had morgellons. I cannot say how much Peter has changed my life. He has helped me on so many different levels. I would not be where I am right now without his passion to help people. I am so blessed to have found him!

Mel, I have only spoken with you briefly, but I have learned through others what a deeply dedicated man you are! Thank you for giving back to others by sharing your website and your experiences.

I have been on the vegetable diet which Peter has helped me learn and I have had much more energy. The Protocol has helped me with my energy levels too. I am relieved to find such a detailed program to make me healthy again.

I am a mom, so I would love to hear from other moms out there too. There is so much to learn and process. I have been reading and learning from other posts. I could go on and on, but since this is my first post, I will keep it short.

Praise be to God for leading me to Mel's website and to Peter.

12:43:20 AM

I hope this Easter weekend finds y'all doing well. I don't post very often; I'm planning to change that now! As I'm getting better and better, this is news that must be shared!
First off, I want to say how much this site has helped me and I hope I can help at least one person to not wait as I did, jump on the protocol as I'm a true witness to the fact, 'it works!'
You have all that is needed here, and if you are like me...God led you here!
I never thought I would get the help I needed, and believe me, I tried everything! Don't get me wrong, it's still a constant battle, but one I know I can win! And with an army backing me...
I have to say I've never loved anyone that I haven't personally met until now! And I have a list of three, who have touched my heart, my soul, my life! And I want you three to know how much you mean to me...
Starting with Mel, I love you from the bottom of my heart, you have no idea how much you mean to me!!! From that very first phone call, I knew I would be Okay! Your voice had such a powerful impact; I knew I was in good hands. And you are 'my hero!' Yes Mel, I said it, My Hero, live with it! I love you my dear friend!
John B. words can't even express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your kindness, wisdom, and guidance! The time you take to talk to all who are seeking your advice is unheard of! I can't tell you how your phone calls have been uplifting, educational, and downright amazing! I think you've saved me on a few occasions...I love you!
And last, but not least...Peter. Peter, you are a man who I consider many things...A true friend, a great ear, when I'm at my darkest moments! And there have been more than a few. But also a great educator on diet, wellbeing, and how to well, balance life! I love you!

This disease has taught me many things, first, to trust and love God, second to love myself, and third to Love the very special people God has brought into my life. I want to thank each one of you, and tell you I truly wouldn't be here without you! I love and adore each of you and keep you in my prayers always...

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Mel, John B., and Peter. You all are so dear to me, always.

Love and Blessings,

8:12:02 PM

Hello to everyone!

I have not posted in a while, mainly because I am a private person, and it doesn't come naturally to me to share, but if information on my progress can be of help to anyone, I am happy to do so.

I have almost no symptoms after being on the entire protocol since October. I do have some joint/muscle pain, mainly at night in my shoulder and hip and occasionally some dark soot that comes off my feet in the shower, but that's it! No pimpling, itching, specs, fibers since November. I have to remind myself how far I have come, because I feel so much better. I still rest more than in the past but it is more preventative. I decided not to get a flu shot this winter, and not only did I not get the flu, but not even a cold.

I have said this before, but it's worth repeating - There is nothing special about me. Anyone who follows this protocol can get well!

I also want to say that if I was told today that I am completely cured, I don't think I would ever go back to my prior habits. I have no rugs to clean, nothing much to dust which makes cleaning so easy. And I would continue to eat what I now eat, with the exception that I would add in fruit. I miss my fruit! I still eat alkaline, no sugar foods and never deviate. What's fascinating to me is that it's as if I flipped a switch when I gave up sugar. I am around foods every day (at work, etc.) that I can't eat, and yet am not tempted. I lost the craving for sugar and carbs. I make sure to cook the foods I like - I could not stay on this food plan otherwise. I have found substitutes and adapted recipes to fit the protocol foods. I never feel deprived. If we have to spend more time shopping and preparing nutritious food, then we are only creating a healthy future for ourselves. Shouldn't everyone be doing this?

I have stayed with family and friends in the last few months but always bring my own linens and then wash at home. I do spray Kleen Green around before I leave. The isolation of this illness is the worst aspect, and at this point I do not believe I am putting anyone at risk. I hope I am right about this. I wish I knew for sure.

I wrote to Mel to let him know that when I am in a better financial position, I will be happy to give back to the Foundation. I had to empty my bank account when I got sick and am trying to dig myself out of debt. I make choices every day to afford the supplements, because I can't afford to be sick. Investing in our health is not a luxury. I try to be creative and buy the best food I can. I have a hard time asking for help from anyone. Sometimes my dad will slip $20 in my pocket and that will put gas in my car that week. To say I am grateful is an understatement. I am grateful for all of you and your willingness to share your stories.
As Mel says, 'Never Give Up!

10:12:00 PM

Hi my name is Eleanor I'm 24 and it live in the UK and I came down with the dreaded M some time at the end of January this year, it all started innocently enough when the oldest of my 2 sons who is 7 got head lice from school I had never dealt with lice before and freaked out quite a bit, to make matters worse my mum who is my rock wasn't in the country.
Needless to say with all the stress of worrying how long he had lice then discovering my 2 year old and I had it was a recipe for disaster for an already bad immune system, the previous year especially towards end I had been sick a few times.
Anyway the symptoms started quickly it seemed to plague my feet the most in the beginning the itching crawling lead me to think maybe the lice had moved to my body yet more panic any way we went to the GP saw about 4 different ones in total not to mention hospital visits, all the time jumping from lice to scabies to thinking I had some kind of mite and finally DOP.
I had no idea what was wrong with me it had black specs coming off my skin itching fatigue crawling stinging tiny black fibers I was so depressed searched the internet daily cried day after day worried about the kids and possibly affecting my husband and others around me I wanted to believe I was crazy it would have been easier.
Finally it accepted that I had Morgellons and was preparing myself to leave my family and just disappear as I thought it would be best if I wasn't there to infect them, I thought because I saw a few black specs occasionally come from 2 year old and 7 year old that maybe if it left they would be fine.
By God’s grace my prayers had been answered when I found this site it was like an oasis of peace where I was given hope no nasty photos no conspiracy theories no one saying it’s not real just hope kindness and peace since this all started it have prayed more than I have in a while, there is a saying for us that when God loves his servant he loves to hear you call him for he will never get tired or annoyed and through illness or suffering he cleanses you of sin.
I have been reading and absorbing all I can on here I hope to start the protocol soon I look forward to posting my progress when I do. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Mel for sharing this protocol and to everyone who has contributed information may God bless you all and may we all recover and continue in health.

I got to go dancing and to 2 movies this weekend!


11:38:42 PM
Hi all, just wanted to update that I got to go dancing and to 2 movies this weekend! I have had some ups & downs even after stabilizing, but I have been good for most of the time, and enjoying life. Thank you Mel, and everyone here for your support & encouragement! XO

12:32:23 AM
Hi all. Like my initial post, still feeling good. Gave up wearing heels, that made me feel even better. I've switched to all natural everything, makeup, cleaning products & had already launched into the alkaline diet.

The patterned rash on my legs continues to fade until I will totally forget what it looked like. I have to take care of myself. But that is a nice thing to do for your body anyways, that is being kind to yourself. Well, still no time, so thank you all for your support!!! Coming up on a yr. for me (on the protocol) on St Paddys Day & I can't wait!!!
Jul **

10:44:57 PM
I will attempt to keep this as brief as possible because I know you're all busy, but I am hoping this will help someone. As I write this, I am doing well. I have some minor muscle aches, and I still see a couple signs of this condition. But otherwise I am very happy and extremely high-functioning.

In February, I was not. My symptoms were as follows: dry scalp/skin, hair loss, tremors, white things in phlegm, allover itchy crawlies, pinprick bites, finding black fibers and some long shiny blue ones in my bed, black specks on my skin (would rub/wash off easily), short-breathing, watery bloodshot gunky eyes, cold body temp, brain fog, panic/sadness (not about anything, just the feelings), a weird sort of nightmare-feeling (sorry if this is scary - I think this is maybe from the neurotoxins from the fungus), muscle weakness, dry mouth, difficulty eating (NO appetite and then when I would get a small bit down it would go straight through) and getting full really quickly, constant running phlegm in the back of my throat, pain in calves/lower back, difficulty sleeping.

I am now up to 16 drops of MMS and all of that is gone :) Still have some black specks showing up on me, some rashes on my legs, and some minor aching in my legs, but I'd say I have a pretty good quality of life that I couldn't appreciate more.

MMS has made the most dramatic improvement. I was scared of it out of ignorance at first, but then once I read enough about the progression of this condition, I was far more scared of that.

I hope that by sharing how far I've come, that someone new decides to take this protocol seriously. I do have a pre-existing condition (that doctors also don't understand) and the protocol helps a bit with that too. It seems like many individuals with M symptoms have something pre-existing.

Doctors have wanted to help me with my overall health and rebalancing my terrain, but they have not known anything about M and my regular doctor does not even believe in it. I am ok with this because I found you all and I am no longer turning to them to figure it out, but I am monitored and getting blood work checked with the turn of each season.

I can't wait to update this when I'm 100% all better!

Bless you Mel.

New Doctor

Pokys Mom

Had my Lyme Dr. appointment today. She is embracing Mels protocol. She is at a loss as to what to do for me , but will still monitor my labs. My Igg was low, so now she is checking Igg subclasses. I guess my immune system is shot! no wonder.

Monica , if you read this, i just got 10 lbs of D.E. and the little puffer thing. I am going to go D.E. crazy! Thanks for the help!

Nancy, thanks for posting on my link. I feel at this point I just have to make it til September.....hopefully the protocol and diet help me achieve that!


"I've improved much more when using the Logos supplements"


Hi again Nancy,

You are so very welcome! I am glad to know you are feeling hope and encouragement. And thanks for your kind words concerning my mom's passing.

You mentioned your supplementation prior to starting this protocol. That's great. . . you were already committed to many of the things your body needed to heal! I was also on many of the supplements included in the protocol before finding this site. Surprisingly though, I've improved much more when using the Logos supplements and Mel's exact protocol than I did when using my own system. I think that's because as Mel often says, there is something about this protocol that creates balance. I was skeptical at first that it there would be a dramatic difference, but there has been for me.

I had also been on MMS even before knowing I had this disease but when I increased the dosage shortly before starting the full protocol I experienced symptoms that were pretty intense and intimidating. Mel suggested backing off until my immune system could be strengthened to deal with the detox. It worked well when I followed the supplement protocol with silver for two weeks before adding in the MMS. I am now up to 10 drops with nothing but normal and expected detox symptoms that I can handle.

Take care, take heart and God bless,




9:38:43 AM

Well I got a call from Peter last night and have to give a big THANK YOU to this amazing soul for reaching out to me and others for support during this time.
All I can say is that God is using Peter to uplift the spirits of some pretty tired and weary souls and I for one was/am one of them. I cried when I got off the phone.
Peter as I said on the phone, you have a gift in the way you are able to bring forth a spirit of hope, caring, support, understanding, faith, practicality with lots of information and cheerleading. But- Mostly when many in my life are just at a loss for what to do and or don't even know what I am dealing with, you were like a beacon in a storm and I felt valued for the first time in a long while, not a leper, but a valued person. That in and of itself is healing and gives me new found faith in mankind, when this crazy illness stripped any normalcy from my core being.
Peter, you are just a gentle soul and God is using you to combat darkness.


3:20:08 PM
Dear Mel,

Of course you can use my email on your website; you can also use this one as well, if you like. Charlie is still going strong and continuing to improve. Sometimes it's important to have someone like you, to remind me about what I should be doing.

You were also totally right about getting better results using MMS in the laundry, instead of borax. For the first time since last December, when I first learnt of morgellons, I am not seeing the horrible fibres and spots etc. on our clothes, so much.

Also, for the first time, I actually feel as though I've 'turned a corner' with my health. I am beginning to feel that my body is getting better, instead of worse. I still have a very long way to go, but it is very empowering to feel, even the tiniest bit, that I am on my way to recovery. I have always had hope but now I really have hope. Having access to the entire protocol, support from you and the impetus to make some big lifestyle changes, is helping me turn my life around. Thank you so much Mel. I know how busy you are and how many people need help and support.

It would be great to have a chat with you and I do have a couple of questions. I am wondering if it would be possible to do this on my Friday/your Thursday. I will, hopefully, be at prac' (it's my student professional placement and I don't get paid) tomorrow and the following day, but have the next day off, and then our weekend after that. Charlie is home sick today, but, hopefully will be better tomorrow. If we can speak in 3-5 days time, I will make sure that I've searched for some of the questions I want to ask, on your website first. I just had a look online and it looks like out available hours don't match up too well, when I'm at prac. Also we started daylight saving here two weeks ago.

God bless you Mel, you have inspired me so much.

Kind regards



11:54:28 AM

I have been following this protocol for 2 months now and it has been a true blessing.
I caught it early so my recovery has been swift. Every day I am getting better.
I don't know where I would be without this information.
To all those, stay the course. As mentioned its the sum of the parts.

Many blessings


6:01:41 AM
Dear Mel - Thank you so much for your phone calls over the last few weeks. You really know when I need support. I am following the Protocol for a few weeks now. Tonight I go to two drops of MMS. I am so relieved to have a tried and true plan that is laid out rather than what I was doing which was trying something new every day on my own and also hurting myself at times with those things. It's good to know that this has worked for many people and I hope that one day I say that I am in the 90 percent club. I am thinking now that I will get well. Thank you to Peter and Monica for reaching out to me. There are no words except for Thank you. . My son texted me from College - Mom I love you and I hope you get better. I texted him back - I promise I will. With the help of this web site and all of the people contributing - I believe that will happen for me. This is an isolating and terrible disease. The coverup associated with it by doctors is unbelievable. Thank God for Mell and this web site.It is like a floating oasis of kindness in a sea of despair. Thank you Mel - for doing this for me and so many others. You are my hero. - Jane

12:49:14 AM
Mel, thank you for taking the time to speak with me the other night. It seems that each time this happens, you always 'plant a seed' of an idea in my head, that is exactly what I need to be reminded of at the time. Thank you for reminding me about the importance of sleep - I am now consciously working on this, to help my recovery.

You may also like to know that Charlie is now taking Thymic formula and we are both slowly improving.

Thank you, also, for improving the search function on this site. I can now find information through this, that I couldn't before.

God bless

3:25:18 AM
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to John B.. In the times when I felt down, scared or unsure you have been there to offer advice and kindness. Even though you must have such a busy life, you have always taken the time to answer me and I truly appreciate it. John, your support, along with that of Mel and others who I have found from this site, has given me the strength to keep going, in what often feels like a losing battle. I still have a long way to go and have good days and bad days, but, last week, I actually felt better than I have done in at least 10 years. A large part of my recovery is due to your wonderful products, and the advice and help you have given us in obtaining them and taking them. I thank God every day for the support I have been given and as I get better, I can repay your kindness to others.

Thank you John and may God bless you.


1:47:00 PM
Hi Mel,

I received the package on Friday. Thank you so much for this. I've printed up the new protocol and am now taking that. Will get some MSM from Australia in the next couple of weeks.

I also wanted to let you know that I finally have got Charlie to take the Logos products - hurray!! What you said about it to me, made a lot of sense and I just persisted. I was worried for him, but am not now.

God bless you Mel and all the good work you do.



2:45:26 PM
Hello Mr Friedman.

Today i have recieved the Candida Rid, Olive leaf extract, and the MagnifiZyme.
Im am so happy that you have sent them for me!
I thank you so much.
I can finally add these with the other protocols and the MMS.
It is truly a blessing! I am making progress and pushing myself to keep on aiming for better health.

My daughter is healed now for one year


3:27:00 PM
Hello Linda,

Welcome as always.

Thank you for bringing this WONDERFUL NEWS to our forum at this time.
There are Many new parents who are just starting,
they should find this VERY ENCOURAGING!

Now it's your turn; DIET CHANGE for you could be your missing link! Please keep us posted.


May God bless you; as he has your Daughter!
Never Never give up HOPE!


1:20:07 PM
In 2010 I visited my daughter in Georgia. I have been dealing with this 'healing opportunity' now for 4 years so I was 2 years in in 2010.
I travel alot, so I always take my own linen or buy my own and keep there like at my mom or sister's house...I wash all my clothes in Borax (Borax is boron and it kills alot of things) any way, on this trip I brought my rule I didn't wash the comforter. i told her to wash it and she didn't...and she slept with it and in 21 days she was having symptoms. I flew to Georgia immediately because I had been told the sooner you deal with this issue the better.
I invited her to come and live with me so I could support her and she could support me also.

It was difficult for her to drop the sugar but she did it. She didn't take the mms...she did do the protocol for 4 months. (she followed Mel's instruction) She did take MSM at night and also MAX GXL (gluthatione) which I got from another source. She also used magnesium oil on her skin and worked out alot. She drank lots of water and fresh 4 months it was gone. She has been free for one year now.
She still takes msm at night and her vitamins.
I am grateful to her healing.
If any family members get these symptoms ...start them on the protocol fast...the faster the better...this stuff got entrenched in me because I didn't know for almost a year what the hell it was and I believe the longer you have it the more difficult it is to rid it from you body.
I am better. I have no more biting and itching however I do still have lesions coming out. I am on the protocol faithfully and I am on my second bottle of Parabolish. This stuff is awesome. I KNOW that soon I will have a testimony. Theresa's testimony inspired me to commit and allow the warrior spirit to emerge. I am at peace. Blessings to everyone.
You know it just might be a good idea for your family to go on the protocol for prevention.

New Horizons Health Report and Eighth Month Update


8:46:27 PM
Hello Everybody

STRENGTH and love


Poker is often a very serious game of chance. If your dealer gives you 4 aces, the smart play is to 'go all in.' In other words, that dealer has shot you a strong hand that gives you powerful odds you will beat your opponent!

I MET THE MAN THIS WEEK.... and the first thing I saw was 4 aces on his shirt. What I saw next was the face of a man that was vibrant and youthful. I was reminded of his picture on the home page of the website and found it hard to believe this man was Mel!
Upon exiting his car( a delightful powder blue compact)I was floored by what I saw. He was standing fully upright, and taller than me (I am 6'2'). He was vibrant and his body build reflected strength and tone! Their was no fault to his strideful gait!

'WOW', I said.'.... You don't look anything like the old man in the picture on the website!! You are going to have to change that picture. ' I am amazed to see the difference in you compared to the person I was expecting to meet!'

We were able to spend some time at the river Mel visits and has mentioned in his posts. He brought me some homemade soup and we talked about many topics from poker to ponies to Morgellons and my success with the protocol to date. I asked him if I could meet LIVERWORST but the bird that has provided so much inspiration was not around. Maybe next visit.

We encountered an acquaintance who works for the doctor he visits, ( a nice younger gal) and she too didn't recognize him and was amazed at his improved health and stature!!
What a strong testimony this was to the both of us to further affirm and validate that the protocol Mel provides does indeed fully restore health!!


Morgellons is not a game, but it is our serious opponent that we are all facing, and the stakes for winning our health back couldn't be higher!

Mel's' protocol is our 4 aces!! Mel has dealt us just as strong a hand to play, and anyone facing this disease should 'GO ALL IN BY COMMITTING TO IT!!'

STRENGTH and LOVE to each and every one of you!!!





10:04:42 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

As promised five days ago, a brief new update:

This past Monday was my last day of physical therapy, and based upon the reactions of those who haven't seen me in a while, I am experiencing the best health that I have had in ten years.

Due to the generosity of those who have helped us help others, we have been able to change more lives in the last eight months than in the entire year before.

As I continue to think about my dream of building a clinic, I have decided to start looking for a small piece of land backed up against the mountains and laid out before the river.

I know that God has already prepared the hearts of those who will help bring this dream to fruition. May He receive the glory that He so richly deserves.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!



11:45:25 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

As you can read below from both of my doctors' reaction to my last visits with them, they both seem very, very happy with my general health as well as my recovery from hip surgery.

If you think they're happy you should see me!

The looks on their faces when they saw me spoke volumes.


New Horizons update coming within a week.




Patrick Osgood, MD

11:24:45 AM

Every time I see you in my office I harken back to our first meeting. You were hunched over a walker, barely able to move. The xrays of your destroyed hip explained your lame gait. What struck me more so was your indomitable spirit and your belief in mankind. I am not sure where one learns such mental fortitude, but you must have had a great mother.

Now, you come dancing into my office talking of surfing, roller blading, and other enviable enjoyments. You inspire me, as a healer, to continue my job with the confidence that I am helping to restore people's lives and function.

You are an inspiration to us all. Continue to spread your warmth and experience.

Best Regards,

Patrick J. Osgood, M.D.

Shannon Zamboni, MD

10:35:22 AM

Dear Mel,
It was so good to see you tan and tall...or at least the tallest I've ever seen you! You have come a long way, through many trials and hard work( and a few guardian angels :).

I wish that attitude of yours was contagious!
Keep inspiring us!

From one of your many fans,
Shannon Z, M.D.


11:57:31 AM

It's amazing how quickly time moves along, for it seems like only yesterday we posted NEW HORIZONS.

I am happy to announce that more of you on this protocol are getting better than at any previous time in our brief history. (Praise the LORD!)

I am also happy to announce that since the forming of our 501C not for profit HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION, I have not had to use my own money to help more of you than ever!

I wish to thank those who have helped me help others from the bottom of my heart.

As for my health, I FEEL GREAT! I continue to recover from hip replacement surgery, and have physical therapy twice a week. I have regained my mobility and can almost walk without a trace of a limp. I can ride a bike again. I did give up roller skating, but have been surfing twice(blooper pictures coming soon)!

I can say it is truly amazing what has been given back to me.

As far as our short term goals are concerned, it was decided to use the donations for those who need our help the most, as opposed to me touring the country trying to share the knowledge.


We will be putting pictures and video on the website of the MELMAN in action throughout the summer in the hope that it will inspire others to become warriors and to take charge of the restoration of their own health.

I still dream of a small clinic, looking up to the beautiful Sierra Madras Mountains. I have now seen the land where I someday hope to bring this dream to reality... So that never again shall a person with a new disease ever be treated as a leper!

GOD bless all of us who have lived through this.

I think I covered everything, but if not, post your question in this thread and I will respond.

By the way, don't forget our next TELECONFERENCE CALL SUNDAY JULY 8th.(SEE POST IN FORUM)

There is so much more work to be done! We heartily solicit your prayers and financial support as we intensify our efforts to change lives for the better. To learn how to donate to this most worthy cause, please visit our Help Us Help Others page. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those who have already done so.

May God receive the CREDIT and the GLORY He so richly deserves, for He has given me more than I ever imagined could be possible and restored the enthusiasm of my youth. God cures all.

God Bless; Never, Never Give up Hope!


Cured over 90%


12:59:45 AM
Hello All,

I am definitely part of the 90% club, thankfully, and thanks in most part to the Logos Wellness kit along with the silver and MMS.

Hi Mel! I haven't bothered you in a while :)

I haven't written in a while. I'm doing really well. Last Nov/Dec when I first realized I had morgellons, I had little black curly fiber balls coming out of my face here and there along with the crawling under my skin and the feeling of an army of ants crawling together from one end of my scalp to the other. Sigh. Anyway, I had some sharp pricks all over my body and also experienced bright red, blue and copper colored fibers and threads coming out of my skin,maybe 10 per day. I experienced 1 sore, at my hair line. It has healed. I've battled other parasite issues and other morgellons symptoms (brain fog, inability to focus, things running past my eyes, fake hairs in my eyebrows, etc.)

Now, after 3 months on the protocol, I have less of everything. No sores, very few fibers and fuzz balls, an occasional black or white speck. No biting or crawling really, but I am still pulling out fake eyebrow hairs. They pull out more easily which I'm glad for.

Let me tell you want I've been doing. The Logos Wellness Protocol, I'm up to 18 drops of MMS and I do the silver first thing in the morning. I also take MSM (sulfur supplement) in some juice, I use MSM eye drops (the stringy things in my eyes are much less now) and various green powders (to mix in juice) extra probiotics, Neem, Tumeric, herbal mix for the eyes, herbal laxatives, DE and a heavy metal detox supplement (I had a leaking metal filling replaced so I thought this would be a good idea). I'm going to get the MagnfiZyme too. Trying to stay off the sugar and so forth.

I plan to beat this 100%...see you there


10:51:06 AM
Hi Idross,
Thank you so much on a good idea about coconut Milk/ Oil.
There are a lot of morgellon sufferers, who have a weight loss problem, including myself.
Your experience can be of great help to them, and I hope it will help me as well.


4:50:23 AM
For those who have trouble with weight loss (I was down to 80# from my normal 105), try using coconut oil (I use it in my oatmeal every morning and I use to drink coconut milk which I had to quit for it really made me gain too much weight. The coconut milk was so thick that I had to dilute it.) The coconut oil really makes food taste good, cook with it. I do not drink milk or soy, instead I drink Almond milk which is much healthier. ld


2:51:01 PM
Hi Sonja,


Thanks for the words of wisdom and encouragement. What a blessing and an inspiration you are! Every now and then another new face surfaces to lift us all up and we look at them and say, 'She (or he) gets it'.

Not that you are new; as you stated, you have been in our midst since last January, but it takes time to rehabilitate one's bioterrain. Congratulations on reclaiming your quality of life!

There is a mountain of information on this website, and it is worth every effort required to digest it all. But on the other hand, any person suffering with poor health would be well advised to simply follow in your footsteps.

I loved your excellent comments about thyroid suppression. It is a HUGE problem for most of us here. Please check out the article on Hypothyroidism Type II on the Important Articles page.

By the way, great idea - starting a 90%ers club, so to speak. I think we will see common factors for success emerge in that group just as we see common patterns associated with the Morgellons population as a whole.

It is my prayer that adding the MagnfiZyme to the protocol regimen will help target biofilm communities in the body and move people along in their journey to becoming 90%ers, and the 90%ers to complete freedom.

Finally, your advice on 'recording your journey' is brilliant, because when we are walking through the valleys, it is sometimes hard to see how far we have come.

Thanks again Sonja for sharing the wisdom you have gained through this trial. Your friends in Australia are especially blessed to have your knowledge and support.

Love Always,

John Burgstiner


1:03:40 AM
I am one of you - a morgellons sufferer.
I started on Mel's protocol in January last year, with the Morgellons Support Kit. Five months later, in June, I added MMS to what I was taking. I took this, as Mel had done, at bedtime. In this way MMS does not interfere with C vitamin, other vitamins and antioxidants, that I take ( e.g. Thymic Formula).

I have noticed that the symptoms become worse with the full moon. Mel gave me good advice on how to alleviate this problem. He suggested that, for 3-4 days before a full moon, and for 3-4 days after a full moon, to divide the amount of MMS drops (that I would normally take at bedtime), between the morning hours (around 10 - 11am), and bedtime. The morning dose worked out to be at the least 2 hours after I had my breakfast and vitamins, and at the least 2 hours before lunch time (when I take my vitamins again). When the moon is full it causes changes in the activity of these pathogens. It seems to speed up their reproduction activities and more toxins are released into the bloodstream. This effect causes morgellons sufferers to feel like their healing is going backwards. It is going slightly backwards, as the full moon approaches, but, as we continue the protocol and healing regime, we will still continue going forward and making progress. We are going 3 steps forward and 1 step backwards. Basically we are going forward slowly.

I would advise all of you, who are going to start Mel's Protocol, to please put down on paper, all the symptoms that you are experiencing, including 'brain fog' and your energy levels. It will help you later on, when your spirit becomes low, and you think that you will never be healed. This will allow you to compare your current symptoms and energy levels, with what you were experiencing at the beginning of the protocol. Trust me, you will see a big difference and it will help you to carry on with the protocol.

At this moment my health is quite good. I realised that I have had morgellons in its very early stage. Perhaps this is the reason why I hardly have had any sore. I am able to say that I am over 90% free of symptoms.

I tried Far Infrared. It is good, but I have been losing weight constantly - I have lost 14 kg (30.8 lb) altogether, which has not been good for me. I have known for a long time that my stomach acid is very low. Since I began the morgellons protocol, this has become critical. Even though I was taking digestion supplements with every meal, it did not help. My GP got my blood, urine and stool samples checked by pathology, but it was all reported as normal, and she was unable to advise me on what to do. So, I began to do my own research and, have recently, begun a regime to alleviate the weight loss. I am juicing vegetables (parsley, coriander, celery, beetroot, carrots) and fruit, to provide good nutrition to my digestive tract and the bloodstream. It is so healthy and good for our immune system and general health, and I like it. At the same time I am eating cooked food as before, and supplementing (Betaine Hydrochloride 650 mg, Pepsin 31 mg and Gentian 20 mg) at lunch and dinner time. In the mornings I take, with my breakfast, Logos Essential Digestion, as I was doing before. I need to ask John B for advice on this issue, and will let you know the results in a few months.

I do not consume any sugar, but I do eat all fruit, except bananas. Since I lost a lot of weight, I decided to eat 2 bananas per day and had noticed that my symptoms were worse than before. Gina, from Mel's web (Forum), also had the same experience. It would be very good to have in vitro testing to look for a banana/morgellons link. I limit my dairy intake. I only drink milk in the morning, to whiten my coffee, and very little cheese (no other dairy products).

I want to share my experience of problems with my joints, with other morgellons sufferers who have had similar problems. I had a problem with my hip for about 6-8 months. It was so painful that I started to limp. I saw my GP and she advised me to get an x-ray. The x-ray did not show any problems with my hip. I then asked if I could have ultrasound (one way) therapy. This worked to stop the pain and problem with my hip. After 4 -5 sessions, my problem was completely solved. A few months later I developed a similar problem with both wrists - again this was fixed with ultrasound. My hip and wrists have been fine since.

Before I started the protocol, my body temperature (BT) was so low, as is the case with most morgellons sufferers. An average BT is between 97.8F (36.6C) and 98.2F (36.8C). If BT is below 97.6 F (36.4C), it is considered a diagnosis of an under-functioning thyroid or insufficient thyroid hormone replacement. As morgellons sufferers have a lot of toxins in their blood, a thyroid condition usually exists, and this is reason that the BT is so low. I use a liquid-filled thermometer (which can be filled by mercury or alcohol) under armpit for 10 min. These thermometers are more accurate than the digital ones, and accuracy is very important, in regard to this. After a few months on the protocol, I had rid my body of a lot of pathogens and my body temperature became normal. Remember, a normal body temperature is a good sign that our body is healing. The other good sign is when cuts are healing in a normal manner.

Currently I have just a few of the symptoms, in a very mild form. if I didn't know what my condition was at the beginning, I would think that I do not have morgellons. However, I know that, as long as my cuts are not healing in a normal way (it is still in a shape of a crater), that morgellons is still present. Once my cuts heal in a normal way and my body temperature is normal, I will know I am cured, I do not have morgellons any more.

I know for all of you, if you can be patient enough and persistent enough, with your treatment, your health will improve and you will finally be cured of morgellons. The healing process is slow, however. There is no 'silver bullet', but, at the end of the day, our protocol becomes a golden bullet.

God bless you and help you to have a strength to carry on.
With love for all of you,

Brain fog slightly gone!

Theresa S.

10:42:50 PM
Hey Jessica,

Praise be to God Almighty, your victory is at hand!

Jessica, just clean your house and read my post about the realization I came to about 'worrying' about cleaning my house.

Bottom line - concentrate your greatest efforts on getting yourself and your parents well - eat clean, take your supplements, rests, rest, rest and then clean your house.

A strong immune system is your greatest defense and cleaning your house like a mad woman or worry about cleaning your house - will only make you sicker.

Keep Strong!

Theresa S.

Jessica S.

8:44:41 PM
Awww thank you Teresa! If it wasn't for Mel and the website including you I don't know how I would pull through. But yes lmao I will keep on my big girl undies and continue this journey with my healthy protocols and diet. I'm just worried about cleaning my environment and which products to use to clean my clothing. But I'm still learning. I'm blessed to have you guys!

Theresa S.

7:03:01 PM

I am so proud of you. It takes courage and a brave heart to move forward into this new lifestyle. The benefits are not only curing Morgellon's but being much, much healthier and living in a state of awareness.

There may come a point where you 'hit the wall' so to speak. Just recognize it for what is it is, your ego fighting you - wanting to go back to your old way of living. Just keep firming in mind that going back is not an option, pray, pray, pray and pray some more and keep it moving.

Baby girl, you will need to put your 'big girl panties' on for this journey. The fear may propel you in the beginning, it is your bravery that will keep you going. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and don't give in to the fear or the illusion of illness - don't claim it. You are young and may find that your body responds to healing itself rather quickly. Keep on the path, even if you feel better - keep going forward.

God has you, has this, has everything. No worries. Rejoice in your freedom and keep going.

I am proud of YOU and send you much love, light and healing.

Theresa S.

Jessica S.

9:11:06 PM
I have now realized how important it is to take these protocols and start with a healthy diet. It takes so much courage. My skin does not itch as much as it was before taking the protocols. I have felt so clear minded and my feelings of depression and worry is slowly going away. Im now juicing vegetables and checking all ingredients making sure that there is no sugar, wheat, dairy, or flour in any product that i buy. Its so much fun finding healthier foods. I really never knew that there is brown rice noodles or brown rice flour! There is so much to cook! I was told by Teresa S. that i would be in the kitchen a lot lol and she was right! Now my parents are enjoying the meals i cook. Im trying to change their diets as well because they are both diabetics. But the protocols + A2Z kit + diet= is the key. Im not all better but it is a start for me! Good Luck to all!

Success for my toddler on the protocol


10:48:28 PM
Dear Teresa H,
This is a very good news for all parents which have a child with morgellons problem. Now there is a hope that their kid will be cured, and that is fantastic. Thank you for giving the people a hope, and thank you for this update.

Teresa H

1:35:57 AM
Hi Mel and all of you who are going through the same trials. I am posting in the hope that I can bring hope to others who have children suffering from morgellons.

My child, who has just turned 3, has had morgellons since about 6 months of age. I have had it for about 7 years. We went through all the emotions and frustrations that each of us experience in trying to work out what was wrong and how to fix it.

Last December I began to do my own research, finally giving up on the doctors and found this website. Both myself and my little boy have been on Mel's protocol now for about 2 months. I have had some problems with the MMS, but am working through that.

My child has also been taking MMS and has not had any problems with it at all. I am, in fact, so amazed at how quickly he responded to the protocol and his symptoms cleared. These days he is almost like any other 'normal' child - full of energy, happy, undisturbed sleep, no more lesions, no more itching scalp and no more white stuff coming from his eyes, mouth and nose.

This is directly related to the protocol. There was a period of about 4 days, when I was experiencing some personal issues, when I didn't follow the protocol for either of us, and his symptoms began to reappear - since then, when we recommenced, he is once again fine.

As a mother, I know how others would feel, when you realise your child also has morgellons. It is at first unbelievable and incredibly scary. Mothers would do anything to protect their child and keep them well and safe - I felt quite crushed when I first came to this realisation. I do hope, though, that I can offer a bit of light and hope to other mothers who are going through the same thing.

Children are very resilient little beings and react positively to the protocol - usually quite quickly. Seeing my little boy getting so much better each day also makes me feel happy and positive because I know that I am also on the same protocol and, even though my healing is a lot slower and difficult, I know that I am on the right track and am getting better. Of course there are days when things are not as good as you would like them to be, but they do pass.

I have also had success with the protocol, but because I have had this for so long, it will take a while to build up my immune system again. Every day I notice improvements for myself as well.

We have a 14 week old kitten who also has the MMS in her water each day and she is going very well on it. I think perhaps if you have pets, it might be worthwhile to give them MMS as well.

Other things that I have introduced to help in curing morgellons have been the cleaning guidelines, outlined by Mel on this site. My child, as well as myself, never wear clothes for more than 1 day (including pyjamas), I change our bedding every second day, I wash our towels after each use; I soak all our laundry in borax then add it to my washing machine; I have adopted Monica's shower rinse of borax and apple cider vinegar (but only splash this onto my boy); I vacuum our sofa every day, as well as everywhere else.

Also, since I began my critical cleaning routine, I have been using paper towel, rather than cleaning sponges or tea towels and also to wipe hands and face. This is not the best thing ecologically, but it has made me feel safer in that I'm not recontaminating the surfaces that I'm wiping. Perhaps someone can offer me advice on a better way to do this. I do soak some things, like my child's toys in bleach, to clean them - perhaps I could soak cleaning sponges in this as well.

I have had help and good advice to get both my child and myself to this point - without it, we would probably still be struggling. I am happy to answer any queries (where I can), but, more importantly, I would like to offer hope to those who are worrying about their children, and to let you know that, if you're here reading this on this website, you've already taken the first step to help you child.

God bless


Doc Holliday

4:39:40 PM
Hi Anna such good positive news, be well Mel

7:15:02 PM
I have been friends with Mel for a long time. I have seen Mel's health go back and forth with issues that at first were unexplainable. In all the time that I have known him, I have never seen him out of pain, if even just that his hip was hurting. As the years have passed, his hip has continued to get worse & worse until he was bent almost in half and using a walker. Therefore, the hip surgery.

Mel has baby blue eyes, like Paul Newman....only I had never see Mel out of pain, so when I saw him after the surgery, it seemed that there was something missing....the pain in his eyes. His eyes are crystal clear, vibrant, white, and no pain!!!!! It is good.

Mel has overcome so many obstacles in his life, as you have read here, plus morgellons,...his challenges seemed insurmountable at times. He, however, rose above the anguish & pain & through courage, endurance, expermentation & just plain hukspa...he is surviving & I beleive he will be dancing again, soon.

When I saw Mel the thing that 'grabbed' me is that for the first time since I know him, he is at peace. What a lovely gift. What a blessing for all of us that he will now be able to do what he came here to do. He will now be able to fulfill his purpose on this earth.

I am soooo excited both for him and for all of us. Mel is just who he is, no fillers...just the real deal, you should all know that. His light is shining through & it is good to feel that peace.

Mel, I love you...I am grateful for you in my life and for the honor of being able to see your transformation. It has been a long road, my friend, and it is so worth it. The difference from the day we met to now....amazing. You are Awesome!!!!



Overcoming the Access Issue


4:33:12 AM
Both of these emails touched me so much. Thank you both for writing them. They struck something deep in my heart with some kind of insight and understanding.

actually made me feel better



2:08:22 PM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

Thinking back to the first time that I ever spoke with John Burgstiner always makes me aware of how far I have come.

It was July 2006 and a day earlier I had called Jill to place an order for the Thmyic Formula. I had lived in Georgia in the 90's and knew of John B's Father's reputation as a doctor and a pioneer in Natural Medicine. During my conversation with her I started to cry. That day I had been told that I had Morgellons and would probably not be here by Christmas.

The very next day John called me and asked "How can I help You?" and that was the day my healing process began in earnest.

He has become a great friend and mentor for me.
He has taught me to be more patient and peaceful.
He has tried to teach me to spell(SO SO RESULTS).

More importantly, he has been a great ally for the Morgellons Community. His wellness protocol helped save my life as well as many others.

For the last three years, since I have become well, he has continued to develop new products that should help even more,including the new natural antibiotic - Which seems to be the most difficult part of the protocol to obtain.



John Burgstiner

9:00:57 PM
Mel's protocol has been a blessing to many. The greatest challenge he has encountered is getting people to stay focused on the SUM of its parts once they commit to following it. This is understandable given the nature of Morgellons and the urgency it imparts on the sufferer to find immediate relief. Sometimes, however, the problem is not focus but access.

Some people have difficulty finding a doctor to take them seriously... much less prescribe antibiotics... especially long term. Others simply cannot afford the drugs or the testing to help identify specific metabolic or microbial challenges. We are all concerned (and rightfully so) about being labeled and targeted for isolation by 'the system'.

Over the years, I have received numerous emails from those among you who for whatever reason cannot gain access to all the parts of Mel's protocol.

In order to remove this barrier of access, the Logos Nutritionals product development team set out to gather some effective natural medicines that work in a variety of situations.

Morgellons patients often struggle with multiple infections and/or infestations, so in addition to the protocol nutrients which restore the bioterrain and provide you with a good defense, you might want to look at some of the Logos products that are all about offense... getting after the pathogens themselves:

Olive Leaf Extract is a time tested broad spectrum antibiotic.

Candida Rid provides further coverage and is particularly strong in helping to control yeast and fungal overgrowth.

Monolaurin (the bioactive form of lauric acid from coconuts) is a very effective antiviral agent.

Finally, Colostrum can sometimes provide the boost that is needed to get 'over the hump' when one's immune system is overtaxed. It is rich in immunoglobulins and growth factors that stimulate immunity.

Logos will continue to seek answers to relieve all suffering, including and especially Morgellons. We rejoice in the opportunity to have a positive impact on your quality of life.



Monica - "The Protocol is Amazing!"

So,week two starts today. So, I thought I'd give an update. The protocol is amazing! I'm so grateful for it. There were a few days where I had some herx-ing going on. But, because I've done a parasite cleanse in the past, I knew what the lethargy, bloating etc. was. So, I've been able to function quite well.

I'm happy to report a lot of the biting, stinging, crawling sensations have diminished on my body. And, my new best friend has been a lint roller to get fibers off of me (I have no leisions). I've found that my nightly scrub of coconut oil and epsom salt to be very effective, to getting the weird white 'hair' like thingys to come out. And, I rinse with ACV, borax in water to remove any strays.

As stated before, my scalp has been my biggest issue as of late. I've been soaking it in MMS... speaking of that; I'm getting used to the smell and taste. I don't know if its my determination or what, but, I now find that horrid smell comforting as I know that a lot of natsies will be dying everytime I drink it. And, that--that's encouraging! ;-) So, my scalp has been pushing out a lot of the white specks... at the most inconvenient of times. Like it normal to have almost like a invisible volcanic explosion of white specs flying from your scalp??? And, is that indicative of them dying? Clarification on that would be helpful, as I've scoured the site and cannot find the answer.

In any case... Thanks sooo very much every one of you. I am getting better, the protocol, my diet, D.E. and multi-vitamins are helping. Oh, and I'm losing the mysterious weight I'd been putting on over the years. Now, of course, I believe it was parasite and candida related... While this experience has been quite horrible at times, the blessing that is all of you has made it less so. Thank you, many blessings and rapdid healing!


3:48:50 PM

Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate it. You are correct, I'm here to restore my health, and, therefore will be diligent in following the protocol, as well as reading and listening to all the information here.

Just a brief report regarding day one. The silver is just amazing, and the MMS--whoever said hold your nose while drinking it, is BRILLIANT! There's all sorts of crystals, specks and fuzzies popping out. And,the fact that I keep my skin moist with petroleum jelly treated with tea tree, clove and eucalyptus-- most of the time, makes it easier for the ickies to get out. I agree with, 'better out than in.'

By nature I'm a positive person. I believe if given the correct tools to do its job, the body will and can heal itself. And,I'm just so grateful that you, and so many others have provided me with tools to get better.

By the way Mel, I hope your surgery went well. You're already such a fighter and inspiration, so...I'm sure you'll be up and at 'em in no time.

Many blessings,

1:51:09 PM
Hello Monica,


I can feel that you have come here with a purpose;to restore your health. I can sense that you have read a lot and made the decision to proceed with the protocol.

If you are diligent and totally committed, you have a great chance of restoring your health.

Please continue to read as much as possible and listen to the conference call archives. Read the testimonials when things get tough; see that others have restored their health as well.

Thank you for your kind words and faith. I will be watching you as you slowly return to the life you had before Morgellons.

God Bless, Never give up HOPE!


10:39:27 AM

Started the protocol today... already happy with the Logos supplements and silver. I'm feeling really encouraged. Also soaked my scalp with MMS last night. I don't have a bathtub, so, the bathing part may not be an option. If anyone has suggestions on how to use MMS in a shower...please let me know. Thanks again for your help.

3:20:32 AM
Hi Monica,

It is good that you got right on to treating yourself which hopefully will mean that you will have an easier time in getting a handle on it.

If your scalp is your main problem, be sure to soak your whole head as long as you can when you do the mms bath. It will wreck havock with your hair (may even bleach it out) but you can use tree tea oil conditioner or try something that others have recommended in prior posts. Watch the diet and your urine ph.

4:30:39 PM
I first want to say it was a blessing to find this website. And, though I'm actually talking for the first time, I've already ordered the logos and A2Z products to start the protocol.

I'm pretty sure I got Morgellons this summer after having a horrible experience in my basement apartment with fleas and bird mites, as a result of the wet winter the east coast had last year. Luckily for me, as soon as I realized what what happening to my body, I thought of morgellons... I should mention, I've been able to maintain a certain level of health through the usage of Food Grade DE earth, raw vinegar, essential oils (tea tree and clove have been a huge help), supplements (neem, alfa have been amazing), etc. Although, my scalp is now my main problem, its also the most annoying. I am looking to free myself of this sooner rather than later. And, all of you are helping in this fight. ;-)

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has posted here, especially Mel. I think you are all amazing for fighting for yourselves, while the medical industry either ignores this or sits on its hands regarding this disease. I'm reading articles in earnest, and will soon be starting the protocol.

If you can not get the medical support you are seeking, you still have the means to getting better!



I know it is important to find a doctor if you can. My problem was not being able to find one in my area that would take me seriously. Finally,after much expense and humiliation,I found this protocol.

I have used it to get from pain and despair to having my life back. After this experience,life could not be sweeter.

My point is,if you can not get the medical support you are seeking,you still have the means to getting better. Yes it is costly,but not as costly as going from doctor to doctor to find help.

I firmly believe that MMS kills this and the supplements build the immune system. God bless and keep us all.

The Only Way to Kick This Affliction



Hi Everyone -

Mel asked me to share a little bit about myself. I guess I am one of the first to have found Mel's site about 3 yrs ago.

I have had this for 4.5 yrs now. Had I listened to Mel 3 yrs ago I would probably be pretty much cured by now. But I did not know who to believe. Who was this guy and why is he trying to help strangers, what's in it for him. This is what I thought.

I have gone through the same experience as everyone else, No need to rehash it all. Except I have not had lesions or fibers. For me it all started with a flea infestation of my dog and before I knew what was going on it had spread to my 3 cats. All my cats usually find their way into my bed during the night. By the time I found out we had fleas they were jumping on my bed. I was sleeping with them. Before I know it I am in the Twilight Zone.

I have been a health freak for 40 yrs. I was reading prevention magazine as a teen. I had been driving my family crazy complaining about additives and preservatives, etc. for decades. I studied Nutrition in college. I refused to take medications, antibiotics, etc. I was a professional dancer for many years. I was in the best of shape even at my age of 50. So why me?? Obviously, this could happen to anyone. I am sure that I contracted some bacteria or parasite or both from the fleas. As I learn more and more, I realize that it may be some new organism that is not identified or some genetically modified thing that is being covered up by the CDC. My original thought was that it was something as simple as a mite that wraps itself in skin so that the body can not detect it - this does exist. (There is a great book called 'Big Fleas have little Fleas' if you want to read about the beginnings of genetically modified substances.)

I tried Mel's protocol and for the first time I started to see improvement. But I hated the mms so much I stopped and went to Mr.C's protocol. That seemed to work too, but there was something missing. I then took both protocols to a terrific Holistic Doctor in NY. This doctor graduated from Harvard as an MD but decided at some point that mainstream medicine was not doing the job it should be doing. He became very disillusioned with the profession and decided to look into alternative medicine.

He asked me - out of all these pills you brought me to see, what one thing would you say actually works the best. What makes you feel the best? I said to him - the MMS without a doubt. He explained to me that that means there is a parasite involved and that mms was perfectly safe to take and I should continue taking it. This was what I needed to hear from a doctor I respected so much. I went back on it.
But I again eventually started to look for answers that did not involve mms. I did this mainly to help a friend that would not take mms. I tried to find a cure for her. I went on another protocol by another alternative doc but every day I got worse and worse.
After 4.5 yrs of looking for answers, the real answer was the first one I found.

The only people getting better are on Mel's protocol. I started mms again along with my own group of supplements. It took only 3 days on very small doses to feel better than I had in months. By the 5th days I came down with the worst cold, congestion and laryngitis I ever had. But I stuck with the mms. My illness lasted 2 weeks. I added the Bactrim back in twice a day after the first week. I am so much better now. I did not think it was posible to ever feel this good again. And my improvement was almost overnight
I will now slowly add in other supplements. I like paragone very much and it seems to help. And I probably should add in molecular silver.

At this point, I am convinced this is the only route to take to comletely get rid of this. There is no other solution that works. I am not stupid enough to wait for the medical profession to find a cure.
I hated doctors 40 yrs ago and I hate them even more today. It is an embarrassment today to be a doctor. They should be ashamed by their arrogance and ignorance.

Mel - where would I be without you?? On psychotic meds, dead..I can't even imagine living like this without hope. You gave us hope to look forward to living our lives as normal as possible.

The step we all need to take is stop hiding and to group together. To meet, to have chapters across the country. To march in Washington, to picket the White House. The fact that we are all in the closet is the biggest problem in fighting this.

I Wish to Thank This Website.


Hello everyone,

I spoke with Mel and Pat during the end of the confrence call last Sunday about my recovering from Morgellons using Mel's protocol. Unfortuantly, I was a little nervous and waited until almost everyone had left the call before speaking up. I've decided to post everything that I said to Mel and Pat that day in hopes that maybe this could help other people that read the Forum.

Here goes...

I've had Morgellons for over three years now. I've only known that it's Morgellons for maybe a little over a year. When I first started experiencing symptoms( bites, itching, and black specks) I thought maybe my home was infested with fleas or mites. I had the exterminator spray my home top to bottom several times but it never seemed to help. My symptoms only got worse.
Then I want on to thinking that maybe it was scabies and at one point I even thought that I was losing my mind. Losing my mind would have been much easier to deal with.
One day I decided to look up my symptoms on the Internet. The first thing that came up was Mel's site. I started reading and realized that my symptoms were the same as many people on this site.
After contacting and speaking with Mel I decided to try the protocol. I had everything but the bactrim because my Dr. was sceptical about Morgellons and thought that it could possibly be a well known parisite instead. After I showed him pictures of all the lesions on my hands( seventeen altogether) he immediatly prescribed the bactrim.
Once my Dr. started believing that it was Morgellons, I brought him everything that I could print out from Mel's site. After reading, he completely agreed with Mel's protocol including the MMS and the Molecular Silver.
I've been on the Mel's protocol for about two and a half months now and I've made a huge improvent. I no longer have any lesions, I have more energy than I've had in 3 years, the brain fog is finally clearing up, vision is clearing up, and I'm going back to work full time again. I can also spend time with my six year old daughter again( I kept a distance between us because I was afraid that she would get it).
I truly believe that I couldn't have done this without Mel's protocol and MMS.
In the beginning I was so afraid of MMS. After talking to Mel and my Dr., I realized that I had no other choice. I started taking doses of it just every few days and soon realized that it wouldn't help unless I was more consistent with it. I saw the biggest improvement in my health when I started taking it everynight and bathing in it once or twice a week. I still get afraid of it each time I take it but after taking it I feel so much better. Ive come to realize that MMS is nothing short of amazing and I really hope that I can help other people overcome their fear of it so that they can get better too.

Also, I would like to add that there's no quick fix for this disease. Mel's protocol does take time. When i realized this I thought to myself, 'I've had this for 3+ years. What's a few months?'.

If anyone would like to hear my conversation with Mel and Pat last Sunday, please go to the Confrence call Archives at the top of the page. Also, if anyone has any questions for me please get my cell number or email from Mel. He knows that I'll be more than happy to help.

Mel, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You and your protocol have saved my life!

God Bless,



Hello Ashley,

Welcome as always.

A big big thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts and your progress into words for the forum as well as on our last Teleconference Call.

Originally we were going to call your portion of the teleconference call 'A visit from a recovering Morgellons friend', but we decided to simply call it 'Ashley's Story'.

I know that you never gave up hope, and I hope your story inspires others to do likewise.

Thank you again.

God Bless, Never give up Hope,




Thank you for allowing me to share my story with everyone here. I hope that everyone who listens to it and/or reads my post below will have the courage to do the same as I have...just follow the entire protocol day after day and listen to you. Your words of encouragement and knowledge made me a braver and healthier person and for that, I cannot thank you enough.
I'm looking forward to a full recovery soon. I know that I'm almost there!

Well, got to go... It's almost time for my dose of MMS :)

God Bless,


Kathy W

6:36:14 PM

Dear Mel,

I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you are doing well. I have been very very buzy. I am working 5-6 days per week.

I am back on my feet financially. God has been good to me. I just wanted to say I am so grateful to you and everyone on the site. Every time I read a post from someone new,I feel so much for that person and what they are going thru.

I wish they could see thru the pain and the fear to where they can be if they stick with the protocol and as you say,never give up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Always your friend,


Lori C

10:55:21 AM


I am a 39 yr. old wife and Mother of three wonderful boys.We had the perfect life until almost two yrs ago, that's when our life changed.

I won't go into the horrifying details, but I can tell you that I went from playing tennis three times a week, yoga twice a week, and being very involved in everything my boys did, to not being able to do anything.

I didn't know what was happening to me, so I sought the help of medical Doctors, what a nightmare, I had no idea they could be so clueless and so heartless, you can't imagine all the damaging things they said and wrote in my medical records.

I really felt lost at this point, so I turned to the internet and looked up my symptoms, and there it was, MORGELLONS!

I had never heard of this before, but the symptoms were dead on. I realized at this point there really was no one to turn to. That's when I truly believe God led me to an angel on earth, MEL FREIDMAN!

I started on the LOGOS vitamins (believe me I spent an absolutely fortune on other brands ) and they are great. Then I added the Bactrim, but it wasn't until I started the MMS that I started to see big changes.
I was nervous about taking the MMS, but Mel helped encourage me to try it, I'm so glad I listened.

I wanted instant results, so after 3 or 4 weeks I still wasn't feeling very much change, except for I noticed I was purging many more things out of my body, so as frustrated as I was, I kept taking it, by the time I finished my second month on the full protocol I felt like a new person.

I can't say that I am totally cured yet, but I feel sure at the rate I'm improving I will beat this. All of the protocol, but I think without the MMS you won't see the BIG changes. I can't say enough good things about MMS.

I encourage anyone who might have this horrible affliction, PLEASE get on this protocol, and stick with it, you will see the difference it makes. And I thank God everyday he led me to Mel.

Thank you Mel, and thank the guys at Logos and A2Z!

Mel, if anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.




4:44:51 PM
Greeting Everyone,

I'm pretty excited about the upcoming teleconference call. I've found some important information that may help you and your Doctor. This is so important that I just couldn't wait for the teleconference call to share it with you.

You may not know it, I know I didn't until I did some research, but your Doctor uses a Diagnosis Code to bill your insurance. So, just how does your insurance pay for a disease that has no insurance code? I found the answer.

A few 'Morgellons Friendly Physicians' report using the ICD code 709.9.

2010 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 709.9
Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue

709.9 is a billable ICD-9-CM medical code that can be used to specify a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim.

That's how.

We are going to be covering this in detail on the December 5th during the teleconference call. The other part of the teleconference includes three recovering Morgellons Sufferers from our website. They will be discussing with us the importance of a good doctor patient relationship and much more valuable information. The kind of Information Morgellons Sufferers Need.

Ask your friends and families to join us and learn about this little known emerging disease. Ask other Morgellons Sufferers to join us.

Let's make this the biggest Teleconference Call yet!



8:28:20 PM
Hi Michele, Kathy, and Maribeth,

I want to thank all of you for time to be on the conference call.

It was a privilege to be able to spend some time getting to know each of you. I feel honored that you took the time to share your stories with me as I was preparing for the call.

Morgellons can be a very isolating disease. Each time I have the opportunity to talk to another Morgellons Sufferer I am reminded that we are not going through this disease alone. I hope that those who were able to listen in to the call and those who will listen to it from the Conference Call Archive will understand they are not alone.

Kathy and Michele you both were marvelous. What a message of hope you were able to convey. Telling about your symptoms expressing your fear in the early days of your disease. Then tellings us how you were overcoming Morgellons and able to return to 'normal' lives. You are leading the way for many from despair to hope and wellness.

Maribeth, I know you were disappointed that circumstances beyond your control prevented you from being able to be on the call. But by being there, behind the scenes, as we were preparing made rest of us better. In addition to your story of hope you are in a unique position to share information about the Health Care Provider - Patient relationship. We will have time or make time for you to get that valuable information out in the not too distant future.





10:04:38 AM Hello Everyone,
My name is Maribeth, I am a Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years in Health Care. I will be a speaker
on the Teleconference call, Dec 5, 2010.
I am also a fellow Morgellons sufferer, now recovering
following the Protocol on this web site.
I hope to be able to offer insight to the development of a good patient/Dr relationship by being available
for discussion or questions.
From my heart, Maribeth


5:42:25 PM
Hello My Friend,

That we have been from our first phone call back 2006.

It was one of our early communications in which one of us tried to convince the other to try horse medicine.

I honestly can't remember whose idea it was. WE sure have come a long way since then. I have been Morgellons free for two years this month, and if I understand correctly, you are almost there.

I can think of no one better to explain to our listeners on the conference call how to create a good patient/Dr. relationship. As a Nurse Practitioner for over 25 years you have been on both sides of this relationship.

Thanks in advance for your willingness to take the time to help others and create Hope!

God bless you My Friend

Thanks for trusting me, when many before me disappointed you!

11:06:36 AM
I want to invite everyone to the teleconference on Sunday,Dec.5,2010.I will be joining the other Morgellons suffers to share our experiences on the road to recovery.I am a Registered Nurse from the southeast and have been a morgellon's sufferer since the fall of 2009.It is my hope that I will be able to give Hope to others thru the progress I have made! All knowledge gained empowers us to move forward. Lets not look backward but forward toward the possibilities we once thought was unattainable. Together,we can beat this thing.
God bless all of us,


4:59:04 PM
Hiya Kathy,

Welcome as always;

I cannot thank you enough for your willingsness to now, reach out and bring hope to other's as you have stablized and continue to recover on the Protocol.

I know Pat has enjoyed exchanging stories and information with you. I am sure so will those who attend the conference call on Sunday.


Thank you for trusting and beleiving in me, I rejoice in your recovery!

God bless, Never give up Hope!



7:35:30 AM
Mel,if I had not found this site,I am certain I would not be working again.More importantly,I have a life again.You are truly a wonderful friend.
God bless us all


7:15:15 AM Hi, my name is Michele and I would like to invite you all to join in on the teleconference call that is being conducted this Sunday.
I have been asked to answer some brief questions during the call pertaining to my experience with Morgellons.
I work in the housing development industry in Northern California. I married my first husband three years ago and he shows no signs of the disease. (thank goodness)
I have had severe Morgellons symptoms for the last 4-6 years.
Fortunately, I have a PA who just recently diagnosed me with Morgellons Syndrome after monitoring my health over the last four years. (She did her job!) I am very thankful for her support and care!
I am very happy to say that I found Mel's Protocol about 6 months ago. I began to feel enormous improvements in my health within the first month!
All I can say is.Thank you Mel from the bottom of my heart! I did what you suggested via the protocol and I now have gone three months without becoming severely ill. I feel like I am getting my life back slowly but surely. (MMS works great for me!)
I really hope I get a chance to meet with more of you via the telephone and this Sunday would be a great start!
I wish you all joy, peace and health!


7:15:15 AM Hi, my name is Michele and I would like to invite you all to join in on the teleconference call that is being conducted this Sunday.
I have been asked to answer some brief questions during the call pertaining to my experience with Morgellons.
I work in the housing development industry in Northern California. I married my first husband three years ago and he shows no signs of the disease. (thank goodness)
I have had severe Morgellons symptoms for the last 4-6 years.
Fortunately, I have a PA who just recently diagnosed me with Morgellons Syndrome after monitoring my health over the last four years. (She did her job!) I am very thankful for her support and care!
I am very happy to say that I found Mel's Protocol about 6 months ago. I began to feel enormous improvements in my health within the first month!
All I can say is.Thank you Mel from the bottom of my heart! I did what you suggested via the protocol and I now have gone three months without becoming severely ill. I feel like I am getting my life back slowly but surely. (MMS works great for me!)
I really hope I get a chance to meet with more of you via the telephone and this Sunday would be a great start!
I wish you all joy, peace and health!



12:06:47 PM
Hiya Michele,

Welcome is an under statement!

To trust and believe in a total stranger is not an easy thing to do. To do this during the confusion that accompanies Morgellons is even more difficult.

Your post brings a big smile to my face!

I have said many times in order to beat Morgellons
one must be brave and diligent, as well as patient!

I am looking forward to this Sunday, I thank you in advance for the help you are now willing to give others as you have your health restored.

God bless, YOU never gave up HOPE!



Edith Springer

Edith Springer
1:28:11 PM

Dear Mel:
Maybe I just wasn't able to locate it, but how can I find out how to dial into the teleconference calls which are the last Thurs of each month at 8:45 EST? If there's a mailing list could you kindly add my email address to it for these notifications? Usually there is a special code along with the phone number and I'd like to get it.

I'm at the beginning of my journey, 64 years old and retired and have been sick since February of 2010. it took me a long time to find out what I had and it would not have happened without the help of an entomologist at Cornell to whom I was sending samples of the Morgellons critters for Insect I.D. After telling me my samples were 'debris' repeatedly, I begged her to say if this ever happened before. That's when she told me to look up MOrgellons. Everyone said it had no cure and no 'real' treatment. I contemplated suicide. My doctor, once he got over his 'you're delusional' stage, looked it up and said he would treat it like Lyme disease. I was not satisfied because he was so unsure. I kept going online and one day I put 'cure' and 'Morgellons' into the browser and I got your site. Mel, you changed everything for me. Just coincidentally, my mother's maiden name was Friedman and you and I are close in age. It gave me such hope. I figured if you could be cured, well maybe I could too. I followed your instructions and got to Pamela Crane and now I've just gotten my test results back and am being treated for the gut problems that are suppressing my immune system. I bless you and thank you and you are in my heart all the time. When I get downhearted I think of you and all you went through and yet perservered to find a cure. I am living on social security and just barely making it with all my medical expenses eating away at my savings which are sparse due to the economic downturn which halved my retirement investments. If I had money I would definitely send it to your site. If the abundance I ask the universe for ever comes, I will send some your way.

Enjoy your life and be well.
Edith Springer
Brooklyn, New York


2:39:39 PM

As I progress towards complete health and wellness, it uplifts the spirit to know others are also. I refer you to my story on Mel's website, located in The conference call archives link, dated May 20, 2010. I am eternally grateful for the supportive assistance, receive through this community. I have experienced highs and lows,however I do not give up on faith and hope in God.
Mel has assembled an excellent team. He offers his protocol, with PERSONAL knowledge on how it works to devastate MORGELLONS. It is free!! Awesome!! Pamela Mae brings unlimited knowledge to the community about testing and her most informative website. John B.offers his infinite expertise on nutrition, health and body funtions. Pat shares boundless Information on Morgellons via his in-depth research. Mr. Common Sense visits with invaluable inSIGHT.
blessings TO ALL,


1:35:11 PM
Hi Mel!!!
It's Laurie!
Well, I believe I have the protocol down-pat!
I have been doing it now for '8 WEEKS'!!!!
I can't believe it!!!
My skin is starting to look like skin!! It is turning WHITE!!! NOT THAT GREY OR ORANGE COLOR!!!
I am NOT CURED, BUT . . .
I have some energy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sleeping sooooooooooooo much better!!!
I FEEL better!!!!
AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE MMS!!! In my opinion, MMS is what is doing it! Although, of course, I have been on the Logos Nutritonals for just about a month now, and TRULY believe GETTING YOUR BODY TERRAIN/IMMUNE SYSTEM UP AND RUNNING!!
And, of course, everything is NOT perfect, as I still get hit with BAD diahrea, and I still have 3 fingers affected, but . . . compare me to who I was 2 months ago, I COULDN'T EVEN GET OUT OF THIS RECLINER!!
Now I can do:
the dishes
REMEMBER to pay bills!!!
make phone calls!!!
REMEMBER THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do the laundry STAYING ON TOP OF IT!!!!
I KNOW I 'still' have a LONG way to go, but . . . I will continue on the Protocol as I have been! I will only CONTINUE TO GET EVEN MORE BETTER!!!!!!
GOD steered me to your site for this reason!!! I thank God EVERY DAY!!
***I do have a question for you. HOW did you even THINK about MMS? How did God guide you there? How did he put that little spark in your mind to use it??
I am just SOOOO gracious you tried it, it worked, and you SHARED IT WITH PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!

4:27:48 PM

That is Awesome. You even sound better. Congratulations for having the courage and fortitude to get better.

I look forward to the time when you can post that you are rid of the awful Misery of Morgellons.

11:59:57 AM
Hiya Laurie,

Welcome again;

Congratulations on your progress so far. Based on your post I think that the protocol is having a very positive effect.

Stabilization is only the first part of the journey. I have said there is no quick fix, and unfortunately that is true.

Next, one must look for a lessening of all symptoms.

As you know, I stayed on the entire protocol for eighteen months and not without some ups and downs.

I still take the wellness protocol from Logos to ensure I remain in top health.

I look forward to your next update in a couple of months and hope your post has given others Hope!

God bless, Never give up HOPE!

1:52:52 PM
Hi Laurie,
I am so happy for you. Yes MMS is truely a miracle. It is the #1 reason that I can live a normal life.
I just started giving it to my cat who has cancer. I expect she is going to be around a very long time.

Actually - Mel - I could use some advise on mms and cats/pets.

11:38:24 AM
Hiya Kathy B,

Welcome as always;

Yes I stayed on Bactrim for the full 18 months as well as all other parts of the protocol.

I still take the Wellness Protocol from Logos Nutritionals every day to ensure I maintain my good health.

It was very nice to talk with you yesterday... I hope I helped!

God bless, Never give up Hope!

PS - It was also wonderful to talk with you Debra and I am happy to hear you have recaptured your life.

John B
12:23:50 PM
Hi Debra,

It is great to see that you are doing so well and now that you "have your life back", you care enough about those who are still suffering to come back here and lift others up.

That is what Mel's life and this website are all about... in a couple of words, transformation and hope.

I am aware that you have been faithfully following Mel's full protocol for quite some time now, and as is typically the case with those who do so, you have stabilized your health and restored your quality of life.

Having survived and overcome this plague which can only be described as Hell on earth, many people would not want to glimpse back - and even if they did, the the world from which they were once isolated has a way of recapturing one's time and talents.

So thanks again for sharing your success and in the process, giving encouragement to all and restoring Hope to some who desperately need it.

Peace and Blessings,
John Burgstiner


12:57:49 PM
Hiya All,

Welcome as always.

Saturday, August 21st is the second anniversary of the inception of the protocol that has restored my health as outlined on the protocol page. It also marks one full year of my being on the entire Burgstiner Wellness Protocol from Logos Nutritionals.

I have been symptom free since December 2009 and off all Morgellons related medications for for a little more than nine months now. If someone would have told me two years ago that I would be rafting down the Truckee River twice in a five week period of time, I would have found that difficult to believe.

The fact that I sustained a minor back injury between the two rafting trips makes it a little more difficult for even me to comprehend. Rafting down the Truckee was something that I had not done in the first nine years that I have lived here in Reno.

Now, I have gone down two separate parts of the river. the second even more beautiful than the first, as we started high atop Lake Tahoe at Tahoe city.

As you gently float down the river from Tahoe City to Truckee, you are in awe of winding through the mountains. The beauty is incomprehensible.

During my five hour trip, many times I found my mind wandering to all of you who are caught up in the nightmare of Morgellons disease, and looking forward to the day when many of you will be joining me on a trip such as this.

As I have often said, never, never give up Hope. My back is a little sore and my knees are a little stiff, but according to my doctor, Shannon Zamboni MD, I am "The Picture of Health".

Now I would like to thank the folks from A2Z, a very special thanks to my doctor Shannon Zamboni as well as John Burgstiner for enduring along with me my struggle of many years against Morgellons.

God Bless You All.
Never, Never Give up Hope.

Shannon Zamboni M.D.
3:21:54 PM

2:43:21 PM
Thank you, Mel.

9:33:45 PM

River rafting is something I have wanted to do for many years. In 2001 I had the opportunity to watch some people river rafting. Due to my health it was out of the question for me at that time. It looked like fun and I have had it on my list of things I want to do every since.

With my continuing to recover from my Morgellons and Rheumatological conditions I will, in the near future, be able to go river rafting.

Mel, you are very fortunate to have Dr. Zamboni for your physician. I know she has been an integral part of your recovery from Morgellons. I wish everyone were so lucky.

One of my goals regarding Morgellons has been its recognition by mainstream medicine and for people with Morgellons to be treated well by their physicians, as you were. I am thankful every day that I have been able to work with you toward that goal. So, thanks and lookout because I'm coming river rafting.

no name
8:10:09 AM
Mel,You inspire me to 'never give up'. As with PS,I too think you are very fortunate to have you physician.

4:42:59 PM
Hiya Kathy, PS, Maribeth, Dr.Zamboni, and all who read these comments.

Welcome as always.

I have often said that I felt Lucky to have Dr. Zamboni as my doctor. I also have noted that I was her patient for 5 years prior to getting Morgellons. That certainly helped, because she knew for sure that I was not crazy.

Today I will link all those who can use help with their doctors to a published letter by Randy S Wymore, Ph.D. and Rhonda Casey, D.O. Copy this Practitioner Letter and take it to your next doctor's appointment.

It should be a big help!

Practitioner Letter


3:40:06 PM
It is so wonderful to share in joy with you on being sympton -free and rafting. It kindles renewed hope. I wish to thank you, Pat, JohnB. and Pamela Mae for much assistance. That is a wonderful Practitioners Letter. Pat sent it to me earlier. I am unable to get that phone number to work for Dr. Wymore. Has anyone else tried it?
Blessings to all

12:18:00 PM
I am sooo glad you got your life back!
it proves it can be done . .
keep it up, and enjoy all your sports, energy, and vitality . . and most of all your spirit of love. .
b-c with Love comes endurance

11:26:43 PM

Congratulations Mel. You really inspire me


1:17:34 PM
I had told myself that I would not post until I was significantly improved from Mel's protocol. I am significantly improved after 2 months. I have a long way to go but I do feel my 5 year fight has finally found some help. I am doing the protocol just as Mel describes with topicals different and keeping on some of the herbal supplements that I had before and I did not do Lab testing as the Docters were not close by and I did not have the energy to go through contacting. However I decided to start everything as listed and it seems to be working out.
Thank you Mel

Doc Holliday
11:40:59 AM
Why Jeane,...sounds like you are heading in the right direction,..good for you. I have also started the Mogellons protocol here,..and seeing noticeable results,.so glad I bumped into the right folk,..and it is surly paying off,..I belong to 4 other site's and will not be shy about letting people understand this important find,.seems like all the folk here are extremely friendly,. and help as much possible


10:52:24 AM

Welcome as always:

I imagine HOPE means something slightly different to each and every one of us.

Before I get into to HOPE;

Quickly lets give you all a brief update.

I have been fairly quiet on the website recently as I have been rearranging my home (apt) for living.

What exactly does that mean?

Back in 2006 when I was told that I would probably die from this disease, I decided to build my last model railroad(My Bucket list). I have always loved trains. My first set was a gift from my parents when I was 19 months old!

My Bucket List Railroad took me over two and a half years to complete. It encompassed most of the living and dining room. It has taken parts of the last 64 days to take down, box up and store it. Hence, I have not been as active on the site as I am going to be once again.

Now that there is no doubt that I will be around for a while, I wanted to recapture my space for living. I now have friends over again, I am spending more time with people and anticipate entertaining all of my grandchildren this coming Christmas.

If you told me in 2006, in 2007, or in 2008 that I would be writing this today, I would have said (only if you have HOPE!) I never have and never will ever give up HOPE. All things are possible.

If you would have told me I would be river rafting
with my friend Lloyd and his buddies (these boys are 25 years younger than I am)when I was very ill back then, I would have said (only if you have HOPE!)

A rafting we shall go!

I show up on time @ 11am Sunday, three weeks ago, I wait about thirty minutes, then the others show up. I limp from the parking lot to the river, (I can't walk too well)and watch as the others climb into a large raft.

It looks like I'm stuck with this big ole inner tube.
Ok by me, now how to do this. I try lying across the top of the inner tube and immediately fall off into the river and cut my leg a little. I am laughing and swimming trying to catch up with the inner tube.
As soon as I get the tube, the boys decided it might be better if I was in the big raft. Sounds good to me.

This one hour trip winds up taking five hours. I am thrown out of the big raft three additional times
because of the rapids. I am tired, sunburned and as happy as if I were a child.

Why is this all possible? Because I never gave up HOPE!

Now that I have been able to recapture my health, it is MY HOPE, that I might be able to HELP some of you regain your health. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE THAT YOU WILL BE WELL AGAIN, I am living proof that it is possible!!

God bless you all,
NEVER NEVER give up Hope!

4:29:23 PM

Your story is an inspiration to all of us with Morgellons. Thanks!

Never give up HOPE!

pamela mae
5:19:37 PM
Mel man,

Thanks for sharing this.
You tell the best adventures,always.
I pray that soon we will all be doing the 'Happy Dance and having friends over'
Meanwhile - lets be family to one another and link our hearts online.
Thanks for sharing.
Pamela Mae


4:14:26 PM
I am so happy to say that my mother and I have followed your protocal and after five months are doing so much better. I still do not go to her house but she is comming to mine to visit and watch a movie. We haven't Been able to do this in years! We both did the GPL test and have had our first consult with Nancy Guberti. She so knowlegable and kind when I just don't quite get it. I am so blessed to know you and I thank you for a better quality of life and more to come.
I know that God led me to you.
Thank you again and God Bless!

1003:44 am
Hiya JDB,

Welcome as always;

I have followed your's and your mothers progress with great interest, as you have had morgellons much longer than most people.

I am so very happy that you both continue towards better health and recapturing the simple joys of things you have not been able to do for a long time.
I trully know that feeling.

Please continue to keep us all updated as it should encourage others and help share the Hope!

God bless you both,
Never give up Hope!


1:00:23 PM
Hiya All,
Welcome as always;
On Sunday the following post was made by clod and I thought it merited it's own thread:

5:50:37 AM
' for me, and i almost zero symptoms 95% cured. i bought a new bed and covered it with vinyl cover that i wipe w/ clorox wipes and my pillows taboot. i sleep in a synthetic sleeping bag i bleach every night. i believe this has helped my healing a lot.i also read all the threads on here, this site is great. '

I would like to congratulate Clod and look foward to his total recovery!

AS we have seen continously, those who report the greatest inprovement have had two things in common. they all claim to take the whole protocol religiously,
and they have committed to our full protocol for a minimum of three month's before even beginning to assess their progress.

Therefore, We would suggest that any one who is considering our protocol be willing to make that commitment!

God bless, Never give up Hope!

5:18:26 AM
Thanks Mel!

This whole experience has been the obscure thing to ever happen to me in entire life. I really feel bad for the people out there that do not have internet, or do, and still have no clue what is plaguing their life. I really hope someday the public is aware of this syndrome/disease so people can start healing faster. It is sad how many people think they have scabies or similar pests. I myself was on looking for cures to the infamous 'unseen mites' It took me over three months to figure out it was morgellons and i am a young guy that is always on the internet.


5:45:46 PM
Somehow....I love to say it and think it...but I feel funny in finally declaring that this is really gone....because it is so hard to believe! Yes, this was one persistant disease, and each 'cycle' seemed to bring a greater feeling of hopelessness.

Just last month, I felt I would just have this forever. But.....I want to let you all know that for at least a week or two now, we (myself and my two children) have all had no symptoms!! I LOOK for things and can not find them. No itching, crawling, no sores, etc. Even the flakes in the hair are gone! No tickling in the nose!

In the process of getting well from this with the Wellness Protocol and some molecular silver, and topicals (peppermint soaps, laundry detergents...lots of cleaning...and essential oils)...many other health problems were cured as well!!!

I got a cure from my Chrohn's like illness that I had for 20 years, and learned how to keep my reflux from 2 hernia's under control. I thank you Mel, John, Pam and others that I have had the pleasure of meeting on here.

Most of all I thank the Lord Jesus Christ my SAVIOR and our Father in Heaven...for it was an answer to prayer that led me immediately to this site. I knew when I clicked onto it that the Lord brought me to this information. HE is so good to answer our prayers of faith and deliver us from not only the problem at hand, but other problems in the process!!!

Keep the faith....the cure will come for all with faith and persistance. It didn't take us as long because we just got Morgellon's last October and I found this website immediately....yet it did persist for 6 months! That shows how strong of a vector it is!

PS....we never used MMS much, because I was afraid of it..... I will check back on here every week or two, because I have a great compassion for all those who are suffering with this...and I always read almost all of the posts. You will all be in my prayers, and if anyone wants a reply from me, I will be happy to via this site. If anything changes for us, I will post it as well.

'But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the LORD.' 1 Corinthians 1:30-31

There was always a Bible verse that carried special meaning for me personally. It is: 'And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his prupose.' (Romans 8:28) I felt that meant that even the bad things that happen to us who love the Lord, these things have a good purpose.

I prayed for at least seven years for a cure for my Chrohn's symptoms. I knew in my heart it would be cured someday, but just learned to live with it. It is interesting that through this new ordeal with Morgellons, I was cured of Chrohn's (I believe it was the first treatment I tried..eating raw garlic for a couple of weeks). I was doing it for the Morgellons, and found the Chrohn's was being healed! Therefore, I believed the the Lord would also cure the Morgellon's one day...and praise HIM now for He has!!!! Amen!

Please turn to the Lord in this...have great faith in Him and keep Romans 8:28 in mind always! And never forget John 3:16 above all, 'For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.' Love and Prayers to all...Gina, Timmy (age 6) and Danica (age 3)

John B
9:11:59 PM
Hi Gina,

Congratulations on your Victory! We celebrate with you, and give thanks to the Lord, the source of all healing.

Thanks so much for sharing your joy and the source of your Hope!

Love Always,

10:59:45 AM
Hiya Gina,

Welcome as always.

The news that you bring to the website should bring hope to many others. I find the most intriguing part is when you thanked the Lord for answering your prayer by immediately leading you to our website.

I think your diagnosis after five months of dealing with Morgellons was a saving grace. Unfortunately, most people are told for an extended period of time that there is nothing wrong with them. Yours is the quickest diagnosis of our disease that I have ever heard of. This was instrumental in aiding your quick recovery.

As we have seen in the past, children usually recover quicker than adults, so I am very happy to see that you are progressing at the same rate.

Thanks again for sharing your exciting news. Please keep us posted on your progress as you continue to follow the protocol.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


5:31:18 PM
Hi Mel and Everyone,

My name Pat. I have been posting as PS. I have Morgellons and other health issues. Like many I have been researching Morgellons extensively. Your forum has been a daily read for me. First I was interested in MMS--how it was affecting people and what dosage was being used since I have been using it myself. Second, multiple people have posted they are getting better with a protocol similar to mine (Mel's Protocol is similar to the one I have created for myself). Using my protocol I have been slowly recovering from Morgellons and my other health issues have been remitting.

My experience with my regiment tells me that Mel's Protocol works. Mel's recovery tells me that what I am doing is going to work for me. Some of us may be sicker with Morgellons than others and have other health issues that can cause different rates of healing. I have been ill for a long time and I have had to go very slowly.

Despite my slow improvement I believe strongly MMS will get rid of Morgellons. I believe so strongly in MMS I purchased a lifetime supply.

3:16:59 AM
PS AND THOSE INTERESTED IN MMS. I became a believer in the MMS when I read the personal testimony of "E". Go back to post dated 4/24/2009 from E titled OPPS forgot to mention this...

When I first began I started the protocol then cut my drops to 8 drops twice a day but was taking it once in morning once at night and bathing in it twice a day, once morning and night. After 3 months, I cut back to once a day for drinking and bathing after noticed things coming out of my skin were slowing down and getting smaller. I finally got rid of my lice because I was also soaking my head during the bath.

10:50:58 AM
Hi PS, Pamela mae & Mel, I'm Teresa and I just want to say Thank you to all of you for posting such helpful info. I am really suffering from this disease and alot of other co-infections.
My mom just gave me her MMS (& cd's) that she had but have been too afraid to use it(I will watch the mms vid). I also just got 1 months supply of Bactrim DS. I am waiting to start all of this until I can get tested to make sure I follow the correct protocol.
Thank You & God Bless

10:39:11 AM
Hiya Teresa,

It was certainly exciting to see your reaction in the topic "Straight Talk on MMS" only 40 minutes after your original post here. That 30 minute video provides some of the best information ever presented on MMS.

Hope it will encourage others to take the time to watch the video.

Looking forward to hearing your progress reports once you begin the protocol and start to feel better.

Thank you again for your post
God Bless, Never give up Hope!


6:36:57 PM Praise The Lord, Greetings Mel,
Your protocol is working. I am taking the Logos Nutritional Wellness protocol, Bactrim, MMs internally, and mms baths. I am begining to feel better. The legions are opening up to allow the debree to be expelled from my skin. New HOPE is coming to my life. I wish to thank you Mel to the utmost,as well as John B., Pamela Mae A2Z, and all the rest of the ANGELS on this site. There isLIGHT!!!! Thank you all. Blessings, Rose

John B
9:03:28 PM
Hi Rose,

We rejoice with you in your celebration of HOPE and LIGHT! That is why I am here... to God be the Glory!

Thanks for daring to share!

Love Always,

10:47:50 AM
Hiya Rose,

Welcome as always;

Your wonderful news has brightened my day! It appears that our bimonthly phone conversations have made a difference(I think it was the laughing).

I have always felt very close to you, because both of us have unfortunate additional health issues that we have dealt with most of our lives.

I hope your news will encourage others to stay focused once they commit to our protocol.

Thank you for never doubting our team, our motives, and our goals.

Thank you for sharing

God bless, never give up hope!

3:06:11 PM
Greetings Mel,
Yes, I look forward to our conversations. They help uplift and encouarage and keep me focused. Let's write a joke book. The laughter is like a medicine from God. Thanks much for your concern and giving spirit May the Lord continue to keep you in his hands. Always praying for you and the ministry you are so lovingly bringing forth to all of us. Blessings, Rose

3:15:22 PM
Greetings John,
To God be the GLORY for your dedication to this cause as well as for everthing else your life touches. Thanks for the the support and time you so lovingly share with me. There is healing in your voice. I am praying for you and yours.


1:03:18 PM
Mel, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice and protocal. My mother and I have had this for fifteen years and have tried so many things that have exhausted our funds. I know you are a blessing from God!

My Mother and I have been on your Protocal for three months now. Mother and I have to live seperately because it cuts down the bugs. Because she is elderly I have to do things for her and see her. We are really close and it has been awful not being able to spend time together.

After taking your protocol religiously for three months I am not totally attacked by them when I see her. This has given us hope and a better quality of life. Thank you for being here to guide all of us out here that need you!

I have had the test through a Doctor but he does not know how to read it. I am in San Antonio , Texas and will call Pam to see if she can find some one that can read this test for my mother and me. God Bless you!

10:50:35 AM
Hiya JDB,

Welcome as always.

Thank you so much for sharing with all of us the improvement that both you and your mother have had. It is truly a blessing that people who have suffered for 15 years with this have found such profound relief within 90 days on the protocol.

As I mentioned in my story, it was about 90 days when I realized that my symptoms were abating.

Hopefully your post will encourage others to do two things:1. Stay on the protocol; all who have reported getting better have also reported that they have stayed on the protocol religiously.

2. Also post feedback as they begin to recover.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


4:18:53 PM]








6:32:42 PM
Wonderful Mel,
Now, I can participate vicariously in conference calls at a later time. Smile!! This is splendid. Thanks so so very much.

Pamela Mae
7:36:48 PM
Great job Mel!
The new 'Conference Call Archives Page' is a great
new addition!
Nicely done as usual!

God Bless
Pamela Mae crane


2:12:51 PM
I wanted to share with EVERYONE there is hope :) ! My husband has been symptom free for 6-8 weeks now and that is with eating whatever he wants. I myself have no symptoms now other then a fiber once in awhile, and only when I put lotion on! I still am pretty careful what I eat, for the most part anyhow.

We use the protocol religiously for about 4 or 5 months now, including MMS and silver. Neither of us have been on an antibiotic.

I did the organic acid urine test and comprehensive stool which showed I needed goldenseal(natural antibiotic), caprylic acid(anti parasitical and anti fungal), and nystatin(for yeast). I did all the natural things and then got my doctor to order Nystatin.

We didn't even wash the sheets for over a week and no crawlies or anything!!! I am so encouraged and want to share with you all!

I truly believe in this protocol Mel has discovered. And also that the testing is the ultimate key in getting your body in the right position to truly have wellness and a chance at complete healing. Knowledge is power! Please do whatever you can to move forward with the testing. And don't be discouraged if you get worse first, hang in there, it does get better.

Never lose Hope, some ARE getting well. We survived and you will too. WE were completely infested w/ bird mites which is how we than got Morgellons. Hang on and do what you can to get well!

God loves each and everyone of you and my prayers are with you!

2:31:38 PM
This is so cool.
Kim and Joe.
Seems in this the guys go first.Mels well and Joe.
but you are right on too.

I am inspired.

2:32:19 PM
Hiya Kim,

Welcome as always;

YOU MADE MY DAY, WEEK, and MONTH all in one!

I cried like a baby.

I am so happy for you and your family!

We can all rejoice when one of us starts to get better.

I HOPE your news will encourage others to stay focused,to be brave,and follow our protocol.

Thank you for sharing; Hope to talk this evening during our teleconference call.

God bless you and your family,never give up Hope!


3:34:48 PM
Kim, Thank you for sharing your good news!!! On Mar 7 I got off everything in order to do the GP testing and had decided not to go back on any antibotics, MMS and M. Silver until I got my results back because I was really making progress and feeling good so had planned to just do the vitamins and probotics. Also because I heard so much negative about the MMS and M/Silver that I did not know whether to start it back up even though I felt that it was responsible for my good progress.

After reading your posting last night, I immediately took the M/silver this morning and notice more bio film in my stool coming out. I also know thet the MMS has helped me with my gums so will be using that tonight. As for bathing in MMS, I always believed in it because of an earlier post way back in the beginning about a guy who bathed in it for 3 months and a spider came out of his neck and that is what convinced me about MMS but again all the warmings I heard from other sites made me question.

You had bird mite, I got mine from lice and when I got serious about bathing in the MMS in Nov. and dunking my head I finally got rid of the lice in Jan.

I know Mel got well but I was beginning to think that it would not work for everyone until I read your post because everyone else seemed to have tweaked the protocol.

So thanks, Mel, Kim, John, Pam, Mr. C/S and A-Z and everyone else who has posted.

5:30:22 PM
Hi all and ld,

I think it is amazingly AWESOME that 2 more people who followed mels protocol and had testing are well and better.

WAY TO GO !!!!

I would like to say that Kim at first had the morgellons allll over,her face and legs.
And recently her friend exposed the whole family to Mononeuleosis - blood work showed she got it and in
one week end she was well.Every one was shocked.
The result is amazing,but she and her husband stuck to everything religiously.

I would like to add something about 'Tweeking'
We on the forum know that means 'adding in addition to mels basic protocol those things that testing shows us.

Kim and her husband stayed on the protocol while having testing . I did as well.

So when one has testing I sure hope they are staying on their needed things.

The lab will tell you to go off all things but the Docs who use the labs often say 'stay on what you need we can read the tests anyway.'

You just don't know what a blessing it is that this has come about in its perfect time- to prove mels hard work ,

Pamela Mae Crane


3:10:27 AM From the website:

9513 worldwide Morgellons afflicted replied to this survey (Updated February, 2010)

Ratio of gender: 72 % female 28 % male'

This rather large (9513 respondents) does indicate a female predilection for Morgellons. This is a very complete survey with lots of interesting information.

If the link posted above isn't live you may need to copy and paste it into your browser.



2:56:21 PM Mel,

This video is the best information I have ever seen on MMS. You won't regret watching it. I hope it helps shed some light on why your protocol is effective:

Straight Talk on MMS - Guest: Andreas Kalcker


2:57:06 PM
Thank you mel. That sure does answer a lot of questions.

Pamela mae Crane
3:46:21 PM
Thanks Mel and PS,

I learned something from Andreas Kalcker!

I never thought of taking the MMS away from coffee and tea. These are antioxidants.

I knew this from all I had studied but never put 2 and 2 together.

I actually was drinking green tea right after taking MMS- I will stop.

Excellent and professional video!
Blessings and big Hugs,
Pamela Mae

10:40:37 AM
I was very scared to start the MMS at first. It took me months to get up the nerve. At the time, there was not a lot on the internet about taking MMS, just horror stories. Then, after talking to Mel, I started the MMS. He had to call me and stay on the phone while I drank my first. My point is, I wish this video had been out back then. It takes the "scare" out of starting it.

6:19:03 PM
Greetings Mel,
Thanks for "Straight Talk On MMS". Excellent!!!!
Blessings to ALL,

11:37:57 AM
wow wow wow!!! That does answer alot of questions, incredible info on MMS.
Thank You,


8:38:56 AM
I tried my first MMS bath yesterday and definitely saw it working in the first few minutes-saw a couple of fuzzies floating in the water. I noticed afterwards I was less attractive to biting 'mites' as before.

Would recommend you shower first-then bath- as I had some sunscreen I should have taken off before taking the bath. No stinging or irritation-but can change hair color!

Question-HOW many bathes is it safe to take?

3:43:26 AM
Hey man,
Im loven those baths.
I thought I read somewhere that its like
every other day,thought Mel wrote it up somewhere.
Maybe my hair will turn a stellar color?

2:02:07 PM
Hiya Gentlemen,

Welcome again;

As I mentioned in past posts, No more then every other day! Do not forget to rinse off, in the shower,in cooler water.

Hope this answers The question?

God bless,never give up Hope!

John B
12:38:51 AM
No question... we are all different. You might get a different experience the next time you take one too... depending on the condition of your inner terrain and the life cycle of the pathogens.


12:41:54 AM I was wondering if anyone has tried ice massage to their lesions? I had some clusters of white spots on the upper corners of my lips that seemed to resist any topicals that work elsewhere. A couple days ago I tried a cold pak and then ice cubes and the coldness seemed to bring things out of my pores (not immediately in the spots receiving the ice, but spots nearby...maybe an inch or two away).

After removing the ice or cold, it seemed like a few minutes later, things would poke up from the pores. Anyway, a few of the spots on my lips came right off immediately, and a few more came off the next day. I still have several more to work on. If this works...maybe we'll have another thing for our arsenal! I thought maybe wearing an ice pak on the head under a toboggen/hat may help the scalp??

Anyone try ice or cold???

Pamela mae
1:36:32 PM
okay here we go,
Mel says brilliant!

Truly out of the box and something Mel has discussed with John and I and always has said he believes this could help.

On days when things are very tense he repeatedly tells us this funny story.

He is strapped to a gurney, he is being pushed into the freezer of a large hotel,where he lives in Reno.
Although he has never done it,nor does he recomend it. He truly believes that cold and ice deinitely have a positive effect.

He often laughs and says 'You know its free!'

God Bless never give up hope!
Pamela Mae

5:15:22 PM
I did read a while ago that someone cured themselves with ice baths. But it was right in the beginning of the symptoms.


11:04:09 AM Tim asked the following question in another thread that is too important not to make it a thread unto itself:

Mel-once you were on your stated protocol, did your symptoms from Morgellons ever get Worse before they started to get better??
Thank you for all you do!
Also, did your feel ill from the protocol itself at anytime?

My response:

Hiya Tim,

Welcome again.

I've been waiting for someone to ask this question for a while now. This is such an important subject. As you begin the protocol, you will find that if it is working, yes you will get sicker.

It is very difficult to explain to the general public that one must get sicker before they get better. I often attempt to tell people that they must be brave in order to conquer this disease.

There is a thing called the Herxheimer reaction or response which refers to the body's reaction to acute toxicity. Many people get frightened when this happens, but it is actually a good sign. This is also why so much of our protocol is about supporting detox pathways.

When I started to get very very sick, what helped me stay brave in my case was the fact that I had been told I was going to die. Bottom line, getting sicker was better than the alternative.

I hope this answers your question. Welcome again.

God Bless, never give up Hope,


11:08:12 AM

I have been watching the whole Morgellons thing ever since I heard a Jeff Rense program talking about it several years ago. Shortly thereafter, I met Mel and he had similar symptoms to those people on Jeff Rense, so I told him to look it up on the internet- and he did and confirmed that was what he had. Since I spend a lot of time on the internet, I suggested to Mel that he ought to try the Abodenzol that everyone was raving about. It was from that point that Mel began his journey.

For some reason, I have a lifelong interest in alternative medicine. I am not a health practitioner, just a nutcase (as my wife suggests). I am 54 years old and for my age, in perfect health- yet I am drawn to alternatives. I try to stay as far away from Allopathic medicine as I can. If I get a medical issue, I use my bevy of devices first (Colloidal Silver, QXCI, Scenars, Cold Lasers, Etc) and if those don't have an impact, I take some aspirin.

I tried all my trusted devices on Mel, to no avail (he was a willing "victim" of my mad science).

As soon as Mel noted the sores were healed, I went out to a bunch of yahoo Morgellon's forums and posted his results. I took great effort to make the posts not to appear as sales pitches on the forums, yet all my enthusiasm did was get me banned from most of the big ones. I've been emailing the Rense people about Mel to get him on, but I never get a reply.

I find it quite odd that mainstream medicine and the media have no interest in Mel's successes. In my clouded opinion, I feel it is because - unless the cure is patentable, and huge profits can be made by the patent, no one in the mainstream cares about Mel's success.

It is my own gut feeling that Morgellon's may be the body's response to people ingesting years and years worth of pharmaceutical drugs and toxic food- and the combined toxicity of all the drugs building up within the body. I have no scientific basis for my opinion, other than a gut feeling.

I think if anyone is waiting for the mainstream medical establishment to come out with a cure, don't hold your breath. And maybe when they do, the cure will be as "successful" as chemotherapy is to cancer.

Good luck you guys. You are in good hands with Mel. He is as wonderful of a guy in person as he is online. You have no idea the amount of love that exudes from his pores. He wants to make the world a better place and I think he has a good start.


2:16:26 PM

I am a friend of Mel's for 8 years now. I see him at the very least once a month.

I have watched Mel in all phases of this disease. It has been an incredible journey. He has attempted to heal himself through trial and error. I saw him when he was ashen grey and full of sores. I have seen him unable to leave his apartment due to pain, fear, open wounds, itching, and total devastation because he could not understand what all was happening to him.

I have seen this man pull things out of his skin and bag them to show the doctor because he wanted proof and confirmation. I have witnessed weight gain, weight loss and a man so scared that only two years ago (2008) he was sure he was going to die, and at times prayed for the relief. I do not know how many times we have cried together..the emotional stress alone of this disease is tremedous.

I would like to say that when looking for a cure to anything...we can take medicine that will mask our symptoms or we can take medicine that actually cures the disease. When we do the latter, we tend to get Sicker before we get better. Mel was a 'choclate mess' while on the protocol. A good analagy would be 'that we need to pull the weeds up by the root and not just cut off the top.' It might look good for a day or a week, but then it will rear it's ugly head again.

I don't have Morgellons, I had never heard of this disease before Mel was diagnosed. My heart aches for those of you who do...

Mel's health today... he is vibrant, energetic, his skin color is back in 'the pink' so to speak. His hair is growing and looking good again. The cold weather hurts his old injuries, but other than what a difference.

He is actually happy. He is feeding his soul by helping others. I for one am so grateful for the return of his health and his beautiful smile. I do not believe that Mel has a Messiah complex. Being from NY, he does have a strong personality, but nobody knows better than He that 'It Is Not All About Him.' I am proud to call him my friend.

Mel has also been battling psoriasis for years. He also has some nail and skin fungus that are disapating at an amazing rate! YAY!!! One would guess that a side-effect, if you will of the protocol is to get rid of fungus and psoriasis..his skin and nails look better than I have ever seen them.

The psoriasis covered most of his lower leg and is no longer thick & crusty. His legs are considerably better, the psoriasis is in patches and just a few places on the lower leg. The nails are not quite clear, but's pretty exciting, acutually.

When Mel was asked to do this website, he was a little taken back because he was afraid of ridicule and what it may open up for him. I encouraged him to do it...I believe that we are all here for a reason and that we have a responsibility to share what we know. This website is Mel's passion.

Rick, I thank you for encouraging this website. For those of you who care...the money is not here...that is not the reason for the website. There are skeptics in all walks of life. In my experience, especially the medical field. Everybody wants a 'piece of the pie' and if they don't get it, they poo- poo the whole system/protocol/medication, if you will. That is an unfortunate reality.

My hope is that anyone who comes to this website gets something. This web site is meant to help. Be willing to go the distance. Remember if the protocol is working for you , you will get sicker before you get better.

Bottom line...sometimes we need to tweek whatever protocal we use to accomodate our different system. what I Do know? This DID work for Mel. No question about it, you just have to see him! There were many times he was frustrated, depressed and ready to give up and yet here he is willing to risk his reputation in order to help others...

NICE,My Friend.

Mels Morgellons Medical Update (Jan 2, 2010)

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to say I am in the best health I have been in the last 6 years. As mentioned in a post on our website forum called "A MESSAGE FROM THE MEL MAN, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE MAIL MAN" (posted 12/10/2009 on our forum) where I had mentioned I had ceased taking all prescription drugs on Thanksgiving 2009, it appears that so many of you have missed that post.

I stated that I will continue to stay on the wellness protocol as well as Molecula Silver and my herbal anti-fungal. I have not been bitten or had a Morgellons sore in about a year. Yet I refuse to claim I am "cured" until I am off my prescription drugs for 120 days without any new occurrence- at which time I will be preparing for a hip replacement operation and could not do so unless I was cured.

Some of you who have been on the protocol for many months, who have not achieved the results we had hoped for you, will find it imperative that you contact the Great Plains Laboratory for testing to determine which anti-biotic and anti-fungal will work best within your body.

As I have mentioned from the beginning of the creation of this website, all of our bodies are slightly different and therefore may require a different anti-biotic or anti-fungal medication than the ones that worked for me.

Great Plains Laboratory test results that have been processed to date, have shown that "Mel's Basic Protocol" foundation is sound, and everybody's body is different as I have often stated. Bactrim and Oil of Oregano were the medications that were right for me and may not be exactly what someone else needs.

I am looking forward to reporting back to you in early April 2010, that I am cured.

May God Bless Us All

sherry Taylor

12:23:53 AM
Thank you Mel and Pamela..
it was a tuning point for me in my isolation to get a peronal response' not to jump yet'..which woke me up to how bad I really was feeling...and someone 'heard' and I wasn't alone anymore. It's been almost a year of a hard stuggle. It's Christmas degree and the radio is charting Santa's route.

I gave up TV, the roommates, the townhouse in False Creek by the Ocean, any savings I had, oh, and cute clothes..and longer hair, and a bed and couch, and rugs, comforters. Actually, better to talk about what I and appreciation for unconditonal love and the kindness of strangers, appreciation of nature and our culture...including last minute shoppers it's all good. Sunsets, and the ability to ride a bike and skate(roller and ice). And I'm learning the computer..yay. And I can still answer'not love' with love. Double yay. and I moved after 28 it can be done. The skys the limit but it is my fondest wish for this new year to be released from the 'mite' esperience permanently..soon.
sincerely, with love,


3:42:38 PM
Just wanted to encourage everyone by letting you know how this protocol has helped us. My boy is 5 and he is free of itching and will only have an occassional black speck on his cheek on occassion...nothing else. I no longer get the crawling, except nose tickling and an occassional itch in the ear.

My 2 year old girl scratches at her hair on occassion and (very rarely) has black specks around diaper area after bowel movements, which crawl and infest her back too...spray with Kleen Green to eradicate (again this is rare now). They have primarily left her stools, now...but if I let her eat a banana..they are back. One thing I did that really seems to help with environmental reinfection is taping the bed covers and floors (near baseboards and under edges of bed or edges of sofa cushions) with masking tape...By this I mean tapping the tape to pick up the black specs. I do this on floors under edges of throw rugs, too.

We rarely feel a 'bite' now. We bathe with the Bonner's peppermint soap, even our hair, and laundry. I look microscopically at the white 'nits' after the peppermint shampooing and they have a hole in them! I also shave all the fuzz balls off all clothes or those will 'bite' too. I believe we drove them out through healthy eating and the wellness protocol supplements/alkalinity...and hope we are eradicating the house now, too.

I hope this helps someone to be encouraged. We are looking forward to the New Year, now. Even if it stays as it least it is manageable now. Prayers to you all.

Hope, Faith, & Love

3:35:47 AM
To all our Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings & Children. To all our dear friends & family that we hold close to our heart,
We do LOVE you, MISS you, and think of you often. None of us are ever really alone. =) We pray for you, and the rest of us, that someday soon there will be more than just 'air xo's'!
Remember - Hope, Faith, & Love.
Feel it... It's is here, it is!


3:17:53 PM
To all of you who are feeling alone and isolated at this time when others seem to have so much joy, I want you to know my heart is with you all.

2010 will be the year, all who visit this site and who have access to this great protocol, will be cured of this scourge. I see those around me following Mel's protocol, who were once struggling with M, now steadily improving, all at there own pace, depending on their commitment to the treatment, but the downward spiral has ended, and the slow steady ascent back to health is underway.

Thank you Mel for sharing your success with others. It is a desperate void people face without the help you and those who visit your site offer. Please keep up the great work.

Wishing you all quick recovery and great health soon,



10:00:35 AM I hate to use this word 'cured' because I am never really sure. But I did want to post in case I could help anyone, especially after reading the last post by Gina about her children.
My believe is that this thing starts in the hair, it had for me. My first symptoms were black specs in the hair and movement in the hair 1 year ago. I decided to focus there. Lice killers don't work because they focus on the hair itself. This is in the hair shaft. I believe this is an ectoparasite - lives outside of body and hides in any openning of the body - which makes it hard to kill - and possibly reproduces in the hair shaft.
Maybe we do not all have exactly the same thing. But I urge you to focus on how this started for you and focus there.
I never had any lesions and I do not believe I have had any fibers unless they are under the skin and I do not see them. I have had this for a little over a year. I believe it started with a pet flea problem.

Most important #1- MMS - kills anything that is hiding out inside. If you want to get this over and done with as fast as possible - bite the bullet and do it.
#2 - diatomaceous earth - put all over including bed, car, in clothing drawers, on you, sleep in it, put it anywhere needed.
#3 - Kleen Green - bathe in it, spray it on you, clean with it, spray in car, etc.
#4 - Attack the hair folicles. I used 2 things - Neutrogena T/Gel Coal Tar shampoo extra strength AND
now this is perfectly safe- DermaBenSs by Dermapet. This product cleans deep inside the follicles and is for pets with parasites. This is a safe product and I would use it on my young children if I needed to.
#5 - a 30x hand held microscope - purchased cheap from a educational website. It certainly clears up what is going on. It allows you to stay 'sane' and figure out what is normal and what is related to this infestation. I have also ordered the 100x version.
#6 - Some great protocol to get you healthy and keep you there without the use of perscription drugs.
PH Balance important so this does not happen again.

But I do feel you can get rid of this first before your body adjusts to being healthier. I did and my ph balance is still a struggle. I have not limited my fruits as some of you have. I have always been a healthy eater and have just made it even healthier.

I am now in the process of doing the stool testing through Great Plains and also a similiar test done by a lab my doc recommends. I stopped all supplements including MMS 6 days ago in prep for the testing and have not had any reoccurrence of any symptoms.

I am so very grateful to Mel and Mr. Commonsense who are to be credited for the most part for giving me a life back.


3:26:50 AM
I am new to this disease....first symptoms about mid October and then my two kids started having symptoms about a couple of weeks later. I have stayed up all night so many nights trying to read and learn what to do. I really didn't know where to begin until I prayed today and God led me to this site. I have been so scared I couldn't live my life anymore. I have gotten hope and peace here today...but only a sketchy plan of where to begin. I have been to two doctors and to no avail. I am concerned for my children who are ages two and five. I thank the Lord for all of you and this site. I hope someone can help guide me on where to begin treating this in myself and the kids. Thank you and God Bless! In Christ's love....


11:44:10 AM
I have never been completely satisfied with the outcome of my washing clothes till I tried MMS. Before I tried detergent with borax and vinegar. Then detergent with borax and ammonia. Switched detergent to Arm and hammer and used 1/2 c. of each borax and ammonia.

The first time I did the MMS I was shocked to see all the dead stuff at the bottome of my wash tub. The clothes were also covered with the dead stuff so I shook them out outside and then threw them in the dryer. I had to go back to clean out the wash tub with windex and paper towels.

The second time I tried it, most were the same clothes but I did add a few others that had never been washed in MMS. There was alittle of the (?)and dirt which made a ring around wash tub just above the water line but nothing like the very first wash.

The third time the clothes were great and I am able to wear my flannel pj's for two days straight and sleep in the same sheets for three days.

Here is what I did for washing the clothes:. I set my washing machine on hot wash, smallest load setting. I let it fill up with the hot water, then I turn it off. Then I go and mix the MMS. First time I used 20 drops of MMS to 100 drops (I have actually been using lemon juice as my activator when using mms because I can get lemons free) If you use the lemon juice, for the 20 drops of MMS you use 1.5 teaspoons of lemon juice. After mixing the MMS and lemon juice I wait the required time (with the sand timer) and then I take the mix and put it in the washing machine. Turn on the washing machine and let the MMS get mixed in.

Then I shut off the washing machine again. Add the clothes I want to wash and change the setting on the washing machine to what ever load you have and usually mine is large. Don't over stuff the machine for the clothes need to have room to move without bunching up so they can get full exposure to seams and pockets etc. and the MMS. Then I turn on the machine again and let everything mix up for acouple of minutes, then I shut it off again.

Being cold weather and my washing machine is out in my cold garage, I lay a large plastic garbage bag on the top of the washing machine and cover it with a towel to keep the heat in since the lid of the washing machine is not very thick. I let the clothes sit for at least an hour (was told by someone that MMS is only effective for an hour and a half)

Since you do not add any soap or anything else with the MMS you do not have to worry about doing a rinse if you do not want too. My washing machine is so old that it does a cold water rinse and I cannot change it so I do not let it go through the rinse cycle. I shut off the washing machine after the spin cycle. Shake off the clothes outside then throw them in the dryer.

After the clothes have been washed in MMS once, the second time you will not have to shake out the clothes for you probably will not be able to see anything. The first time, they were everywhere on the clothes and seeing that filty wash tub made me love MMS!! Hope you have as good as results as I did.


9:05:50 PM
First I want to thank you all for the information. I have to admit, that I did not tell my girlfriend (Suzanne,is her name) that I was writing to anyone about this. I was just trying to find out as much as possible for myself so that I could help in anyway.

After reading all the great responses I had to let her in on what I had done. She would also like to thank you all for your responses. She is not as computer savy as I am so I do most of the typing.
I would like to tell you a little about how this all came about. Also she has been seeing a doctor at Dartmouth Hitchcock as we live in New Hampshire.

For many years, the house we live in would flood down in the basement, usually in the spring. And, every spring we would go down and try and clean it all up. There was usually about an inch of water through the whole basement and it's a fairly big basement, so there was a lot of water.

This is also where we keep the washer and dryer and there was a small room down there until recently but we have since removed it. We think this is where and when the problem started. I will also tell you (as I'm sure most of you know) it has taken its toll on our relationship but we have both come to terms with this and been much happier since.

Any way about two years ago is when things started to kind of change, she started getting sores on her body and it got worse and worse and it turns out she had shingles. So now we have alot of fungi in the basement from the flooding and open wounds from her shingles and whala, this thing.

She started to get very depressed and didnt want anyone to be around her (even me) for some time. She would isolate herself for weeks at a time. Most of her brothers ans sisters and even me at times thought maybe she was on drugs or something. It was horrible.

Im kind of skipping alot because as most of you know it's really hard to understand what is going on through all of this. The fact of the matter is that although it's much worse on her the both of us are happier at least knowing what it is she is dealing with and there are other people out there dealing with the same thing, and are trying to beat this thing.

Suzanne is very anxious to try some of formulas that you all have suggested and also has something to go to her doctor with as far as information, because it really seems like they are not really sure what direction to go either.

Once again Suzanne and I would like to thank you all and I will be sure to have her or I let you know what the turn out is, and I will be checking in daily to learn more.

Thanks Agian


7:10:48 PM
Hiya All,

Welcome as always;

From where did these words come; What does this mean; How to make sure?

I first heard these words From Dr. Shannon Zamboni.

It means whenever you add any type of medicine or supplement to a protocol, that your doctor checks the book of medicines that explains how the different things will interact in your body.

Some of you have two or three doctors and you must make sure that you are not poisoning yourselves!

Ask one of your doctors to check all your meds to make sure you are doing no harm.

God Bless Each and Every One of You !!!!!!!



3:17:18 PM This should make you laugh,and amuse you.
The other evening when I went to turn out the light I looked down and my beautiful little Beta Fish 'Buddy' was floating on his side.
I am so sappy I started crying and saying 'oh no buddy please don't die!'
My next thought was 'how do you perfomr cpr on a fish?
I thought -'OK' I am giving the fish some MMS , it lives or dies .
I mixed a solution of 3 drops and 15 drops lemon(the whole time thinking )' will a fish be ok with lemon?'
I turned out the light and went to bed.
When I got up in the morning -first thing I looked at was Buddy.
He was swimming - happy as a lark, straight side up.
I could not believe my eyes.
Now, he is getting mms 1 or 2 times a day ,same dose.
And I now have one of those spectacular off the wall stories to tell that I always read and say 'REALLY?'
For what its worth - 'THE FISH LIVES!'
God Bless you,
Pamela Mae

Pamela Mae
4:48:03 PM
He STILL blows bubbles...
THE FISH SWIMS ! ! and right side up!
Glad to make you smile Sara.
A good testimony for MMS .
It came at a time when I was discussing with a very good friend their use of MMS and they were not sure.
We did not plan the fish disaster - it discovered us.
Pamela Mae

11:38:24 PM
This thread is hillarious!!! Thanks All!

Pamela Mae
6:07:38 PM
OH MY GOSHY ! ! ! !
REEEEEEEEeeallly for reals ? ? ? ? ?
Goes tah show yah -Huh?
Thanks for that Debra,you are the best!
God Bless you
Pamela Mae

2:06:46 PM
Pamela -
In Jim Humbles book - part 1 on page 123 - It states that sodium chlorite was first used in 1985 in fish tanks to kill diseases on tropical fish. That was when he first heard of it.

Pamela Mae
2:55:12 AM
SMILEN..really big.
The Fish Still LIVES !
Hugs and much love all over thah place
Pamela Mae

Auntie M
6:08:36 PM
What a great story. Hope Jim Humble hears about it.

5:57:23 PM
Now you know why MMS is called the miracle mineral supplement!!

Kim S
5:11:04 PM
Ha- ha, how cute! Funny story- I am actually getting a pet fish soon myself as I thought a fish is the safest pet to have ;)!

4:56:43 PM
thats cool

3:34:41 PM
That's really a funny story. I must start my MMS.


11:03:01 AM
I also believe that when they turn white they are DEAD!!!!! Most of my stuff is either white or gone. Still have a few to go in my worst areas. I "think" brown is a good sign, but a better sign is when they become flat. Kepp doing what you are doing.

Pamela Mae
7:54:16 PM
Hi honey,
Dunno. I have some brownies too.
I am just CELEBRATEN THE WHITE SPOTS !!!!!yayyyyy!
Keep up the good work I am proud of you.
God Bless you
Pamela Mae

10:51:11 AM
Very very Good.
What does it mean when they turn brown, I have some that have and are now flat.

Pamela Mae
10:26:07 AM I would just like to announce that 5 of my Red lesions have turned to white.
Many of us have discussed that we feel when the red is turning to white that we are getting well.
Praise God...
We are on the road!
Pamela Mae

Mr. Common Sense

3:30:01 PM
Mel and John,
the conference call was absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for putting it on. I know now why the aminos are so important, I do the Whole Foods Mixed Amino, it has them all in it.
Also, you guys did a great job running the call, really, very nicely done. What a wonderful service.
This kind of grass roots movement has been needed for so long.
I will alert my readers a few days before each call as a reminder before each call, that was thrilling.
Sorry if I seemed scatter brained, I was so wound up about the call. Anyway, if you ever want me to speak I will have a clear outline. ;)
Anyway, you just helped a ton of people, I hope many adopt your protocol and start getting better. Maybe between all the combined efforts of those involved (and there are many) we can begin to find a way out of this mess for most people.
We heard a few on the call say they have found their way out, I think this is just the beginning !!

Most Excellent !

What can I do if I can't afford the whole protocol?

2:46:14 PM
Hiya All,

Welcome-as always!

This question was first asked on Sept 17th., and I have taken a long time in responding. We all have a private side to our being and may not wish to disclose every little detail about our personal lives.

This was a struggle for me, as it may well be for others. As evidenced in my bankruptcy appearance of October 1, 2009, in which the court appointed trustee dismissed my case.

I am not sure if she felt bad for me because the way I walk or because of the hundreds of visible scars on my neck. Nonetheless, when I got to my car, I cried like a baby, much as I am now as I reveal this to you all.

In life we all have choices, so this is what I did:

I stopped using my car, cut down use by 90% (gas is not going to get cheaper), and changed my diet completely. The diet change was healthy and saved me money as the wrong foods actually cost more.

I could then afford my medications and supplements. Remember, "If you do not have your health, you have nothing"!

I will not discuss this further, nor do I want your pity. I am healthy once again and I am sure with the big Guy's help, all will be well.

Toughen up, one must be brave to beat our disease!

God bless you all,

Kim S
6:16:41 PM
Thank you Mel, that is very true. If we don't have our health- we have nothing! You are right! Thanks for sharing and God bless YOU. I agree we need to do all we can do to get well! We need to get rid of as many expenses as we can and use what money we do have wisely! Much love! Kim

Pamela Mae
2:58:48 AM
Mel man,
It is very true we all have choices,and we are the only ones responsible for those choices.
You are fearless big man,bold.
Please forgive me for being so distracted today.
This is beautiful and I have seen so much growth and the beauty of Gods love through the comfort and support given here.
Make me sit still when I need to read...hey?
Bless you my sweet friend,
Pammie Mae

Auntie M
11:21:57 PM
Dear Mel,
I went through bankruptcy due to illness 10 years ago and felt profoundly humiliated at the time. More recently, I did not have the proper insurance for hospitalization so again, my inability to pay my medical bills has placed me back in the position of no credit worthiness. Living without money and not being able to work to earn it, is forcing me to have far greater faith in the spiritual realm as the source of my Supply. I am being forced to CHANGE the way I perceive the world. Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American philosopher said in his essay on Compensation, ' the natural history of calamity. The changes which break up at short intervals the prosperity of men are advertisements of a nature whose law is growth. Evermore is the order of nature to grow, and every soul is by this intrinsic necessity quitting its whole system of things, its friends and home and laws and faith, as the shellfish crawls out of its beautiful but stony case, because it no longer admits of its growth, and slowly forms a new house...But to us, in our lapsed estate, resting, not advancing, resisting, not cooperating with the divine expansion, this growth comes by shocks...'

Okay, that's enough philosophy. But for me, I am growing and learning so much because of this M experience. I am grateful to individuals like you who have had the courage to go public with your process to help so many others. I believe we are 'canaries in the mine' and that we will be helping so many others who will face this in the future. You give me hope. Thank you.

8:21:22 PM
Psalm 107:20

7:14:11 PM
Many kudos for Mel and John's company. It is wonderful how you support us all and giving of yourselves. The time and information that you have given shows what truly caring people you are.

4:46:55 PM
Dear Mel,

Your willingness to humble yourself so that others might be inspired provides Hope to a community that desperately needs it. The same source of courage and determination that led you out of this wilderness compels you now to serve others as they follow your lead.

Your unconditional love and concern for those fortunate enough to have been gathered here (not by accident)is evidenced by the sacrificial efforts you have consistently made on their behalf. It has truly been a blessing to witness what God is doing in and through your life.

Pamela Mae

3:26:02 AM I would like to post the positives about my experience while being on this journey with all of you here.
1.I found for the first time that their was hope for this disease.The hope keeps rekindling with friends,intelligent advice and constant refocusing on 'I can get well,I can do this,I can I can I can'
2.I found a community of people I can talk to about Morgellons.I am a bit private sometimes so its been very healing to be able to share in this way.
3. I found I do not need to be humiliated any more by doctors and I can help others in the direction of finding Morgellons friendly practitioners for themselves(good feeling)
3.I found a sound definition of Morgellons and it reaffirmed that this multifaceted disease was not all in my mind.
4. Inch by inch I have slowly been reclaiming bits of my life. I have been loosing weight and feeling a little stronger every day.
5.I found sound scientifically valid research on the things involved with Morgellons.This took me out of the fearful frenzied pictures on the internet and the wild theories about space aliens in my blood.Please.
I have also learned SO SO much . So much. Don't you think when we are learning from scientifically sound data that we grow incredibility ?

6.For the first time in 15 years I can sleep at night.This is an extreme miracle.

7. I found growth as a person in being a determined advocate for all of us with this disease. This by watching the sheer determination of mel and seeing Johns kind and merciful steadfastness. And by joining in the lives of you here and feeling what you feel -crying with some,praying,and sometimes just a good laugh.

Thank you all for adding to my life and enlarging my sometimes selfish vision.
Thank you mel for hanging in there with the good and the bad.
Thanks John B. for all the research and commitment
Thanks to all of you with your sweet voices ..I think of you last thing at night and first thing in the morning...
Blessings my brothers and sisters - I hope this is all right- and in some small way in the days to come I can serve and bless you.

Because of Jesus great love,
Pamela Mae


Hello Everyone,

Welcome - as always! Today marks the first day of our Search Engine Feature. I hope this will make things
that you are most interested in easier to find. Just
type in the key word: Example...MMS...hit search, and boom! You are there!

Another interesting option provided by the search engine feature... it allows you to read all the information supplied by any one individual, so that you may come to your own conclusions as to the consistency and credibility of their recommendations.

God Bless you all,


6:20:10 PM
Hi Mel, John and Mr. Common Sense
(and fellow "mite" sufferers),

Thanks so much for the update on the protocol.
I am so grateful to all of you gentlemen for your knowledgable information and explanation of what is going on with this condition.
I have been on the protocol for five months now and although feeling much better, I am still working on getting the "rice-like" critters or "biofilm" out of my skin. Would anyone know if this strange substance is a new parasite, a fungal reaction to the antibiotics or another stage of this disease?
I have gone from rashes, bites, some lesions, black specks and now to white "rice like" specks. It may be a phase of this affliction but not sure. Although I see improvement, these "specks" are persistant! (as many of you already know!)
Anyway, I continue to pray for us all for a complete and lasting recovery from this terrible disease. Thanks again for all you do and God Bless you all!

Lady Dee


12:15:32 PM
Hello Everyone,
Welcome as always.
Yesterday it was decided by both JohnB and myself to repost his "extremely compelling information" post with a live link. This brillant young man,"Mr.Common Sense" has also been treating himself and is now symptom free. Please take the time to read his information. The more knowledge we have, the better prepared we are to beat Morgellons.

God bless you all,


4:27:18 PM
Hiya G,
Welcome- Dr. Zamboni Does Phone Consultations With The Doctors Of Morgellons suffers. She can not by law talk to any Patient not being treated at the clinic where she Works.
good luck God Bless,


4:54:14 PM
Deb 2,
The person using Bactrim has had Morgellons longer than the others, about 1 year, it is more established in her, (some lesions and fibres), and so she wants to use all the products recommended by Mel in his protocol.

The others have more recent symptoms 4-6 months, and started treating early with borax/peroxide baths, and later switched to MMS baths. I think this helps to rid the body of some of the more superficial disease signs(those just under the skin), and thus there has been little in the way of fibres, and no open lesions.

Oral treatment with MMS and Molecula silver started about 2 months ago, and all report improvement; it is very encouraging.


8:03:26 PM Hi Mel
Just to let know there are 4 people here following your protocol, primarily using the MMS, Molecula Silver, and 1 also using Bactrim. All 4 started within the last 2 months, and all are improving.

If there are others out there improving on the protocol, it would be great if they would give feed back, so those thinking of starting, will be encouraged to begin.

Thank you for this so very informative, caring site, I cannot imagine where those suffering with Morgellons would be without your help.



7:27:27 PM To All,
I have now completed 1 week of Mel's protocol (short a few days on the Limbrel)and I am cautiously optimistic. Physically, it was a bit of a rollor coaster week, some days better than others, The biggest change is the amount of fibers I am ABLE to pull out of my face, neck, back and arms. They are coming out in droves. I have never been able to pull them out like this. I initially had more spots appear, but now they are starting to scab up. I have itched more on occasion, but I have been able to pull out many of the white organisms. More and more are coming to the surface (I believe this is a VERY good sign).

Mentally I am even more thankful for! The 'fog' is starting to lift. My sense of humor is starting to return and most importantly of all, there is now hope for a 10 year relationship I have been in that was disintigrating rapidly!

If this proccess continues, I will be so very grateful to Mel!

With all this being said, I had tried many of the items Mel had mentioned, but individually. Mel hit the nail on the head (I am hoping) with his combo! I always felt it would be a combination of things that needed to be taken at the SAME time, but I couldn't quite get there.
Keep trucking and keep up the Hope

Mel's Morgellons Update (May 5, 2009)

Hello Everyone,

I have been giving lots of thought as to how to present my current feelings on Morgellons to all of you. First and foremost, according to my last Dr.'s visit 4/24/09, I remain in good health and symptom free - since Dec. 2008. My recent blood work came back comparable to my blood work from 2004, prior to contacting Morgellons.

When starting the web site at the request of my close friend Rick, as well as the news paper reporter Frank Mullen Jr., I did not have the amount of knowledge about Morgellons that I do today. I was very excited to share my findings with other Morgellons sufferers because I thought that I had discovered a cure (which is obvious from the site's name).

After four months of interaction with many brilliant people including medical doctors, nurses, scientists, chemists, naturopaths and homeopaths, I have come to the understanding, by the nature of the disease, that there is no quick and easy way to beat Morgellons. We have to methodically support our bodies so they can take back control over their environment.

I have no plans to change the name of the site. it may be taking a strong stand, but it is highly effective for reaching out to those who are suffering with a message of hope and with vital information that can change lives.

I have decided to stay on my protocol for a total of fifteen months (Sept.2008-Dec.2009) in order to completely eradicate all the virus and fungus parts of Morgellons. I will then stop all medications, but not my vitamins. I imagine by then, we will know if this is truly a cure.

I know for sure that I share a protocol that has restored my health and given me back my life. This is not a complicated protocol, and it is not very expensive. It is my prayer that all of you enjoy the same amazing results that I have... symptom free for over 150 days now.

May God bless us all,


michelle taylor

1:47:41 PM Please tell me Mel how long did you take the Bactrim in your protocol? Are you still taking the Bactrim. Also are you symptom free now? How long sonce you started your protocol did it take before symtom free?I just couldn't get the Limbrel. But everything else I am getting better June 11, 2009 it will be one year since I acquired Morgellons. Borax and epsom salt baths work great. Your regimen helps thanks for sharing!


5:21:34 PM In one of John B's posts he mentioned '3.dieoff of pathogens (often characterized as a 'healing crisis').
It is my belief that to really heal - our bodies must get rid of years of toxic build up. I wanted to post the following wonderful article which explains this process very clearly. I believe if you read the whole article it will encourage you immensely in your journey to health and wellness.
God Bless you richly with all that is Him,
The Healing Crisis
Date:09/29/2003 By: Jon Barron
The Healing Crisis was originally observed while administering antibiotics during the treatment of syphilis, but was later identified during the treatment of other illness and in a wide variety of natural healing programs. It is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detox process. Reactions may be mild or they may be severe. You should expect it and work with it. It is an indicator that the cleanse is working. There are several causes.

The body must go through an elimination process to achieve good health. There will be ups and downs. You do not go immediately from disease to good health. This elimination process is what we call the 'healing crisis.' The healing crisis is the result of every body-system, in concert, working to eliminate waste products through all elimination channels and set the stage for regeneration. The end result: old tissues are replaced with new.

There are three distinct categories of Cleansing Reaction:

When any treatment or cleansing program causes a large scale die-off of bacteria, a significant amount of endotoxins (toxins within the bacteria itself) are released into the body. The more bacteria present, and the stronger their endotoxins, the stronger the cleansing reaction.

When any treatment or detox causes the organs of the body (particularly the liver, which is a storehouse of drug and poison residues) to release their stored poisons and toxins, a cleansing reaction may occur.
Any program, such as fasting or the use of weight loss herbs which causes a rapid breakdown of fat cells (which are a storehouse for toxins), can be accompanied by a detox reaction.

Specifically, we can now see that a variety of cleanses and/or products can initiate a detox reaction.

Category 1

Intestinal Cleansing and Detox Programs can obviously trigger a die-off of bad bacteria in the intestinal tract and colon.

Likewise, use of the probiotics will cause a die-off of bad intestinal bacteria (as much as 3 1/2 lbs worth) as new beneficial bacteria take their place.
Digestive enzymes when first introduced can literally eat up colonies of bad bacteria, thereby releasing their endotoxins.

And use of immune enhancers and pathogen destroyers can produce die-off, not only in the intestinal tract, but throughout the entire body.

Category 2

The liver is the primary processing and storage organ for drug residues and poisons in the body. The primary purpose of the Liver/Gallbladder detox program is to flush those toxins out of the body. The bottom line is that this makes the use of this program one of THE most important for improving your Baseline of Health, but also the program most likely to cause a healing crisis.
Use of an herbal blood cleansing program can likewise initiate a Herxheimer reaction

Category 3

Rapid weight loss, when fasting for example, can also produce a healing crisis as toxins previously lodged in the fat cells are released into the blood stream


The healing crisis will usually bring about past conditions in whatever order the body is capable of handling at that time. People often forget the diseases or