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Follow the Journeys

Follow the Journeys

Below are links to a hand full of Forum threads that chronicle the successful journeys of Morgellons sufferers who are at different stages of recovery.

We hope that highlighting their stories will help newcomers gain some perspective and encouragement from those who are winning in their struggle with Morgellons.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to these brave souls for their persistence, determination, and their willingness to faithfully share their story despite the ups and downs of our horrific disease.

Terry's Journey

Terry's Journey
Take these words not as a payment for a debt owed but as proof of the flowers you helped me grow. You gave me a priceless gift I can never repay. You gave me back my life.
And with that, someday, I hope I can return some version of the strength I borrowed from you.

Today is a new day. I can look at the full moon once again without fear and hopelessness. I can kiss and hug my grandson and the people I love so dearly.
Thank you for being the wonderful person you have been to me. You are a selfless, kind, and giving man. Thank you for just being you!

Follow Terry's Journey

The Red Cardinal

The Red Cardinal
I decided that I need to start my own thread about my journey, which I will write very soon and explain why I chose to name it "The Red Cardinal". However this post will be about something that happened to me last night.

Purging - "The Red Cardinal"
Purging - "The Red Cardinal" - One year update on protocol
The Red Cardinal - The Finish Line
The Red Cardinal - two year update

Welcome United Kingdon and all of Europe - Ruth's Journey

Welcome United Kingdon and all of Europe - Ruth's Journey
I tried joining other forums before I started Mel's Protocol but was so disappointed. No one responded to me or answered my questions.

Here I was welcomed immediately. When I read the first response to my first post from Mary I cried. I had been so lonely and scared. My whole story is lower down on this thread and I kept posting each month how I was.

Because posting here and being on the calls was such an important part of my healing journey I've always wanted to have this thread visible to encourage others from UK and the rest of Europe to join me here as I truly believe it makes a huge difference in getting better.

Welcome United Kingdom and all of Europe

A New Warrior from MA.

A New Warrior from MA.
Here's what I think about the FEAR. I believe it is what keeps me from giving up. I can stick to the protocol because of my fear, not in spite of it. If I wasn't afraid, I would have eaten all the sugary deserts over the holidays. It keeps me from going back to my old habits. And the fear has led me to reach out to God. I had taken my life and my blessings for granted.

A New Warrior from MA. (Ellen of Troy)
Hope for Others
Final Analysis

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Ever since I first realized that I had this disease I always told myself that I will be healed, and I continue to remind myself that I will not let these toxic critters topple me, or take over MY body. End of story........and at this point in my healing, I know I am winning the majority of the battles and will eventually win the war! ...... :

Bill M's Story

Living With This For a Few Months

I'm not a person who looks back a lot. But, when I do in regards to Morgellons... I feel so utterly thankful and blessed. I have my life back and it's better than ever. To have gone from trying to figure it all out by myself, to finding this website, and learning all that I know, have learned and figuring out how to get them to work together...nothing short of a miracle!

Monica's Story

Newbie Here

What I take from this experience of disease is never be a victim of your circumstances , everything in life is a challenge. You can take charge of the most horrific circumstances and cope and manage and come out from it. A normal life is something I took for granted until I no longer had it, now everything I refuse to take for granted.

Justin's Story