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He Cures All Foundation

He Cures All Foundation

Welcome Everyone.

A little more than thirteen years ago when our web site first began, I never thought too much about what would happen. I only hoped that people would benefit from what I had experienced so that others could also restore their health.

Well, I am happy to say that with God's help, we have accomplished this and much, much more. We have provided HOPE to a community that desperately needed it!

From the beginning, we have also provided assistance to many of you who were unable to afford this protocol. The needs have always exceeded the amount of donations.

Morgellons-free for fourteen years and no longer encumbered by constant excruciating pain, I have endeavored to expand my role in serving my fellow man. In November of last year we announced the formation of the HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION LLC, a Not For Profit (501-C) corporation serving the Morgellons community (as well as other toxicity diseases) worldwide.

There are a number of organizations that exist to raise awareness of the plight of Morgellons sufferers or to raise funds for researching the cause(s), symptoms, and/or possible treatments of the disease. The focus of our foundation is not to prove that Morgellons exists, but to reach out to those who are caught up in its grip and give them hope, inspiration and assistance to recapture their lives.

The reality of Morgellons and perhaps even its chief causes will one day be properly understood, but meanwhile, there are so many needlessly suffering in isolation and despair, often experimenting with dangerous self treatments. My life as well as many others' who are following our protocol are living proof that the human body is more than capable of overcoming this challenge when given the proper support.

Our short term goal remains to continue to assist those in need of our protocol through the generous donations received here. This is the prime focus of the foundation.

Our long term goals are ambitious indeed. It is my HOPE and my DREAM to create a holistic clinic here in Reno to treat Morgellons patients in the foot hills of the Sierra Madres. The clinic could possibly be staffed with those professionals that we have already assisted in restoring their health!

We have created the He Cures All Foundation Website in order to reach out beyond the borders of the Morgellons Community in the hopes that more people will help support our efforts. I will never be able to pursue this dream alone.

There is so much more work to be done! We heartily solicit your prayers and financial support as we intensify our efforts to change lives for the better.

If any of the information that you find here gives you or anyone you love any relief, we would appreciate a tax deductible donation of any size to the Foundation's Paypal account. For those who do not feel comfortable donating electronically, feel free to send your tax deductible donations to:

With your support, we can help those among us who are in greatest financial need, and in helping others you could be saving someone's life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those who have already done so.

One day I envision that many of you who are well again or on the road to recovery shall join me in holding hands around the pond where I live in Reno!

May God receive the CREDIT and the GLORY He so richly deserves. For He has given me more than I ever imagined could be possible and restored the enthusiasm of my youth. God cures all.

God Bless; Never, Never Give up Hope!



I always feel so hopeful when I see a rainbow.

I wanted to make sure that I thank you, Mel, and the Foundation for once again sending the supplements which are so appreciated by me and my granddaughter. I just can't express in words how thankful we are. We are now six months on the protocol and supplements and doing so-o-o-o much better.

Some of the things that I know are better: no more low-grade fevers and swollen glands, and I can now fit into shoes that I bought at the beginning of this disease eight years ago that I couldn't even get on my feet shortly after purchasing them. Another weird thing I have noticed is that I am feeling pain, ie. hot water and I haven't in many years. I am still purging white rubbery, stringy stuff in certain places, ie. where my salivary glands are and under my arms. Not sure what it is yet.

My brain fog has gotten so much better and Thank God, with my job things are getting busier all the time and I don't believe I could have kept up with working without the help of the protocol. I still have a lot of scars and my worst problem areas are still where I have salivary glands, and tops of feet. I even find that when others complain about allergy symptoms I don't really have any now.

My little one is better as well, a few little spots across her forehead which come out from time to time. I noticed this after the last full moon, so it definitely does make a difference. Otherwise, she is even doing better in school, a bit at a time.

Thank you all for the wonderful recipes, also.
I actually saw a rainbow yesterday in the midst of -7 degree weather. I always feel so hopeful when I see a rainbow. It started my day off great.

Anyway, thank you all - you're always in my prayers, everyone of you. (Derek, I hope all is well with you.)

Blessings and much love,

Thank God my children and I are so much better.

Hi Everyone
I haven't posted in a long while, going through many different life changes at the moment and have felt like I have to crawl into a cave so to speak, I have tried writing on the forum many times and each time I come on here I find that our community has sadly grown. This has sent me off in hysterical crying more than once I remember the old days and the start of this horror, even writing this now brings tears to my eyes.
This has really affected me, I'm sorry if it seems like I just disappeared but right now I just feel unable to cope, the situation we find ourselves in is a difficult one and I pray for each and every one going through this.
Thank God my children and I are so much better I would like to thank the He Cures All foundation for all they have provided for us. I thank Mel Peter Monique and everyone who has provided advice and support for me. I hope that we will all make a full recovery.
I hope to get over this phase and to continue pushing onwards and to come back to the forum and help where I can.


This web site is precious to me.


This web site is precious to me. The ongoing financial support provided to me through the “He Cures All Foundation” over the course of the last two years is what has made my recovery possible. Foundation assistance further brought forth the friendships, the guidance, the tools, and the miracle of a return to a full life. Through the foundation, I also now realize the opportunity to serve others that I have wanted all my life.

It has become a profound vehicle, in real time, of a greater ministry. A ministry of hope to the afflicted. A ministry of relief from suffering. A ministry of bringing people together. A ministry of searching for what "really matters." Simply, a ministry of fellowship to those in need.

I will be eternally grateful!


You ALL are truly my angels!!!

I just want to send an extra thank you to the foundation and all of you who contribute!!!

As some of you know I am a single mom and I have not been able to work these past few years. By No means could I do this on my own... I've been living off of a small child support payment I receive monthly & food stamps. With the help we have received and continue to receive, Tyler & I are getting soo much better!! Tyler is 7 and has been affected with Morgellons for over 2 yrs.Myself over 3yrs.. He & I were suffering so badly before we found the site & the support of the foundation! He is at the point now where he only has minor symptoms, limited purging on his elbows, & a purple spot on his upper arm and one on his forearm. I have improved tremendously, but still have a ways to go .. I have a spot on my chest that continues to purge debris & fungal hairs, but the activity in my body is almost completely gone with the exception of the full moon enhancing sensations at times. I feel everyday w/ the protocol we are improving!!

With Mel having his accident & not being able to donate to the foundation the way he has in the past I admit I have been afraid of what would happen to us... I have NO family or friends who will believe me, let alone help me! I was really scared he wasn't going to be able to send it out this month .. Then I turned my fear over to God , FAITH it's amazing stuff! I just got an invoice sent by email for my protocol.. It's on it's way!!!!!!:))))

I pray In absolute knowing that God will continue to provide for Tyler & I:) Thank you All for helping me & my little boy!!! As a mom to not be able to provide for your children is just too much, to overwhelming especially when the result of your inability to provide will mean your child will suffer. You ALL are truly my angels!!! I've said it before... I love you, I don't know you but I love you!!!

I pray that those who have the ability to donate do.. It's not just me & my little boy that are being helped.. Mel is helping sooo many of us! I know he want's to help everyone in need and can't always ... It is my greatest wish for everyone to get well, regardless of their financial means!! I pray in faith, knowing that even though Mel can not contribute the way he has in the past the recourses will come. Those who can step up will, I affirm this in faith! This disease is expensive to cure for those who have decent finances.. I was not prepared for this and I know soo many of us were not either. I pray for those of you in similar financial situation to mine, keep in Faith ... Affirm that God will provide .. I thank the foundation but I know It's God! :)

My Love to YOU all!

Keep in FAITH!

You all are amazing warriors... As my Boston Angel says.... Never Give Up Hope!!!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Yours In Spirit,

This website & the foundation have been my God send!

I am sooo thankful to you Mel..This website & the foundation have been my God send! We have received so much help and support, and to be honest I'm not sure how we will afford to continue protocol therapy, but I do believe God will continue to provide for myself and Tyler! Faith and not such a key to combating this:)

To each of you who has donated... You are truly Tyler & mines Earth angels!

My Love & Gratitude to you All!!

Yours In Spirit,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who donate so we may receive this wonderful gift of healing may God bless you all richly.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the foundation for providing for both myself and my 2 children, I can honestly say this support came at a time it was very needed and because of this myself and especially my children are doing so well, the oldest who is 7 is symptom free and his little brother who is 2 is not far behind, I continue to make progress.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who donate so we may receive this wonderful gift of healing may God bless you all richly.


Relief that my children would be getting what they need to get well and me, well that's just a bonus.

Hello everybody! So as I'm sure you all can tell from my last post there has been plenty of trials going on for myself and my family, I was keeping the faith, and what do you know...Mel calls me yesterday with the very best news I could have possibly received! As he explained to me that the foundation was going to help us, I was in disbelief. I started to cry and Mel says to me "don't cry " followed by "well go ahead and cry if you want to " :) A little humor goes a long way because I am still smiling. After we hung up the phone, I sat there crying for a while, they were tears of joy and relief. Relief that my children would be getting what they need to get well and me, well that's just a bonus. Not only will they get well, but I will get to stick around to witness it. We want to thank Mel and the foundation, our hearts are filled with gratitude, overflowing even! Thank you and God bless!!

With love,
Amber & family

MY DEEPEST THANKS and I DO PROMISE Once I am working again to make a contribution back

Sometimes it is really hard for me to write about my gratitude for the Foundation support I receive because there just really is not a word or enough to say that can convey that this is life saving! A gift when there was no other way to make it happen and when many/most just turned a blind eye. I just get this feeling in my chest that I can't explain that I know my life was prolonged and hopefully saved as I still fight and continue with the battle. But again, if not for the foundation, John B. Mel, Peter, Bill and all those making posts and contributions, I don't think I would be here right now. MY DEEPEST THANKS and I DO PROMISE Once I am working again to make a contribution back.


Nancy G

I now cry tears of happiness and hope.

There are not enough words, nor any words strong enough, sincere enough, deep enough, or powerful enough to convey just how grateful I am to Mel and the Foundation. I literally can not wait to be healed enough to have the means to give back tenfold to the Foundation and help others. Mel is a true angel ... And humble as he is... He always says no it's not me... But YES IT IS!
MEL YOU ROCK and my children and I - and hundreds others I'm sure- credit you our health , our happiness , our LIVES!!

I implore , literally beg, Anyone out there who is back on their feet financially or has the means to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate to the foundation. It literally saves lives and unlike other foundations you know exactly where the money is going and That it is going straight to these life saving supplements for people who truly are in need.

I humbly admit i am one of those people.

For me, this all started last December.. My children brought home lice from school, and I treated us all with Teatree oil and mayonnaise.
Luckily, we caught it early and eradicated them right away. But, there was something else going on in our hair. It was like you could "pop" the base of our hair Near the scalp. And little black tiny coarse hair type things and black specs were all in there and little blue fibers and white fiber balls. And I am sure, like many of you, Internet searches simply scared the crap out of me until I found this website. I too went to doctors and got the delusional diagnosis which actually really shocked me because she could physically see the things.

I will post another post later on that explains and introduces myself and my children but for now I simply wanted to say a big humongous thank you Mel thank you thank you thank you for all that you do!!!!!

Here are a couple emails that I emailed Mel... Humble Mel Angel is what I think I'm going to nickname him!! Lol

I can't wait to get better and be working again so I can one day buy protocols for another single mom! Bc this is SAVING MY LIFE and that feeling Is PRICELESS knowing I'm going to get better and not being afraid anymore !!

Words can NOT express my gratitude Mel!! I cry now tears of happiness and hope , just hearing your voice and knowing your heart... I know that we will be ok. And that is beyond huge!! Thank you infinite !! Plus your fun to talk to you handsome angel you!!

2)   Hi Mel!! I just got my package in the mail crying again lol!

You YES YOU are the BEST!! you always say ooooo it isn't me blah blah blah because you are just awesome like that. But I'm here to say it IS because of YOU all of us are getting well. God wanted to use you and you listened and are doing it. Most wouldn't take the challenge and I know your rewards in heaven are going to be many !!


Hi Shanin,

I and my four year old are also very thankful and humbled by the help we have received by the "He Cures All Foundation". Without this generosity I'm not sure I would be alive today. I am truly touched by Mel and his work and efforts to raise money for the Foundation, which has helped so many. I am now well enough to work again and will give back, how I can, when I do begin work. It is amazing how the generosity and humanity shown by those who had donated is inspiring to those who hopefully, will in turn, give themselves, to help others in the future.

I have been touched deeply by Mel and his work and I hope and pray that others continue to support the Foundation and it's very special work.

God Bless

I had to choose to buy supplements or pay bills.

I am writing to say thank you!

Like many of you living this, my family and I are having such a hard time financially. This came in to our lives after 3 years of cancer treatment for my youngest son. We were already completely strapped.

Myself and the rest of my family have this 6 of us total. My son who had cancer and I are the worst. I found this site after fighting 'invisible bugs ' for 2 months prior and buying and trying everything known to man. When I figured out what we had I didn't know how I would afford all of this and a new expensive diet. I had to choose to buy supplements or pay bills. I started my family on the diet got the supplements and we started to see results in 2 weeks. I also had to give up my job of 4 years due to the fact that I worked with kids and just couldn't risk it...not to mention I was in no shape to work.

I received a call from Mel a few days ago saying I would be getting some help from the foundation ...of course I cried like a baby. I am so much more than thankful for this! I would also like to thank everyone else that has taken the time to offer advice to me, cry with me, and pray with me....

I have so much love for all of you!


I am so blessed that the He Cures All Foundation exists.

I am so blessed that the He Cures All Foundation exists. Without them, I would not be here today recovering my health and neither would my daughter.

I thank the Foundation and those working behind the scenes and/or donating with every fiber of my being. I plan on paying it forward when I'm back on my feet again. I hope others will too. If you think of where we would be without Mel, this website, the forum and fellow warriors, the protocol, the recipes, the phone calls, all of us are VERY blessed. My inspirational song this month is BLESSED by MARTINA McBRIDE. We have much to be thankful for.

'I get kissed by the sun each morning
Put my feet on a hardwood floor
I get to hear my children laughing
Down the hall thru the bedroom door
Sometimes I sit on my front porch swing
Just soaking up the day
I think to myself, I think to myself
This world is a beautiful place

I have been blessed
And I feel like I found my way
I thank God for all I've been given
At the end of every day
I have been blessed
With so much more than I deserve
To be here with the ones that love me
To love them so much it hurts
I have been blessed....'

When I think back to April when I first reached out for help, so lost and alone and scared, it makes me cry because I realize I truly AM blessed. Night and day, Mel, night and day. Thank you to all those responsible. There's nowhere but up from here!

Much love to all,


I couldn't agree with you more. I love the song Monique, it really says it all.

Thank you for your post, thank you to Mel and the Foundation and everyone who is reaching out. I feel so truly blessed and was feeling that way before I read your post. AMEN.

I am just starting out = three months on the protocol, and one month on mms (starting four drops Tues.). I can see a change already and know that without this website, the forum, Mel and everyone here I wouldn't have come even this far. I am so truly grateful!

Love and blessings,

I am honored and blessed to be one of the recipients of this foundation.

Hi Mel and everyone,

I am honored and blessed to be one of the recipients of this foundation as well as my 10-year-old child.

We have had this for eight years. We have been alone in this fight until now. This disease isolates you, it takes from you in every way.

We have been on the protocol for three months and MMS and silver for two months. I am taking six drops and my little one is taking 3.

I cannot begin to tell you what a difference this has made in my life. When I think back to just 3-1/2 - 4 months ago . . I was so very sick. I was going to doctors and doing everything I could think of to do. I hardly had energy to cook, clean and work.

When I found this website and started reading, and then talking and then being given the GIFT OF LIFE through Mel's protocol and from this foundation there are no words to describe how I feel. A huge load has been lifted from my shoulders, I have renewed faith and hope and I'm getting healthy.

I've learned so much, I was only doing things to treat the outside and nothing to really treat the inside. My natural/medical dr. promised me when I was in such total despair that it was only a problem on the outside. I believed her when really she doesn't know the least thing about this. She is a wonderful dr. and helped me in many ways, just not with M.

Anyway, Mel, I am grateful for one good year of your generous help and will find a way. Like Nicole I believe that God didn't bring me this far to not stay the course.

I really want to stress how grateful we are for you, there is a special place in Heaven for all of you.

Love and peace,

God Loves all of us and He is knows our hearts.

This is the most helpful, up-to-date, and generous foundation I know. I had to leave work 2 years ago because of this illness and no one wanted to hear why or help.

I am a 64 y/o lady who wants you to know you do not need to doubt or fear the protocol. It has been tested and many users have gotten well. Go slow, read the 5 reasons for failure, make the necessary changes in your diet (use the recipe guide), listen to the conferences, and read the blogs.

Please write down your question(s) and present them for peace of mind, body and soul.

God Loves all of us and He is knows our hearts.

We love you Mel and yes, we do.....

Love and a hug,


... every time I take my supplements or give Tyler his.. I thank God & you!

Hello All...

I am sooo humbled by the generosity and support of the foundation through you all!!! Faith proves Miracles... Mel called us w/ the good news of some rather generous donations, Thank you! He says some of the donations came from fellow warriors ... Tyler & I are blessed to continue on the protocol.. because of you ..
We will overcome this dreadful disease w/ your help!

I pray you also continue to walk in faith, know you have conquered this, walk in that light & See your miracle too!
Faith is everything:)We are proof of that,coming from nothing yet everything is provided!!!

By the Grace of God we are healed!

Your Donations mean everything ... every time I take my supplements or give Tyler his.. I thank God & you!

I appreciate your support sooo much!!!!

Thank You for My Miracle!!!

My Love to You))))))

Love Always for eternity..
Yours In Spirit,

It is a good thing to have your help and know that people care about us

Dear Foundation and all Contributors,

It is a good thing to have your help and know that people care about us. This disease can drive one to despair and what is worse is the lack of concern, knowledge and credibility for us. Thank you for all your help.

Prayers to all and Mel. G-d is on our side. He will never leave you or forsake you......!

Love and Peace,


There are truly angels on earth and everyone who donates Is really saving lives!

I understand so much the feeling of needing the protocol and financial priorities.

I feel soo joyful to read your post this morning!Knowing another family will not go without,because of the love and care of those who are able to donate brings me almost a sense of relief that there is someone else who will be okay.. The finacial cost of just having a family groceries,clothing ect. can be costly.

There are truly angels on earth and everyone who donates Is really saving lives!

My son and I continue to recieve help so generously through the foundation,and I can relate to the gratitude you feel!

Sending love and healing prayers to you and your family )))))

Yours In Spirit

Thank you, you amazing and generous angels for providing the resources.

I enjoyed your post Nancy!!

I AM allowing this mess to refine me,sister! :)

Another Month and once again ...

Like you Nancy words never really feel enough to express my gratitude!

Thank you, you amazing and generous angels for providing the resources for Tyler and I to allow for healing to take place!

By the Grace of God myself, and my son are aligning with health!

I love & appreciate you ALL soo much!!!

Thank you


Please know that you are deeply appreciated.

Nicole Hey,
Thank you again. I would really like to talk with you it would be ok with me for Mel to give my phone no. or email. I looked in the library for Doug Kaufman's book but didn't find it. I can order it next week.

Dear Foundation,

Please know that you are deeply appreciated and you are very caring. I will have a healthy life to look forward to thanks to your time, concern and generosity. Thank you for the silver I received yesterday.

Mel,thank you for helping us inspite of your discomfort and condition. I envision a 'better-than-ever' Mel and a swift recovery for you. G-d is in control!!!!

Love and prayers,






Thanks to you, John and 'He Cures All Foundation for providing the protocol.

Greetings Mel,

Much obliged to you and John B. for refusing to give up on me. I drifted for a while there. On March 10, 2013, I added the Extention to the protocol. Today I feel so much better.My body feels like it is being renewed/ refueled.
I praise God for you and John who never give up on me. Thanks to you, John and 'He Cures All Foundation for providing the protocol. I am so wonderfully blessed to have you and John B. and all these great warriors.

Agape Blessings,


Dear Rose,

I am so uplifted to know that through help from the Foundation you are once again embracing the Protocol and feeling renewed. I have listened to your testimonial and it made me cry. It also made my heart sing and my spirit soar. You have been an inspiration to me as I move toward getting completely well.

May God bless you and strengthen you as much and more than your story has me!



It is truly a blessing!

Hello Mr Friedman.

Today i have recieved the Candida Rid, Olive leaf extract, and the MagnifiZyme.
Im am so happy that you have sent them for me!
I thank you so much.
I can finally add these with the other protocols and the MMS.
It is truly a blessing! I am making progress and pushing myself to keep on aiming for better health.

God Bless!


My shipments of the protocol arrived again today and each and every time they arrive, I am reminded and in awe that people care about us with Morgellons Disease when so many others have left us behind.

Hello all-

I will be posting an update under Heal me and Use me for good thread; however, I wanted to take a moment to Thank The Foundation - My shipments of the protocol arrived again today and each and every time they arrive, I am reminded and in awe that people care about us with Morgellons Disease when so many others have left us behind.

Thank you for valuing my life and all those lives you are helping. I am starting to feel some definite improvements Praise God. Thank you so very much! 

Nancy G

I already feel better, mentally, knowing that there is hope for both of us.

And Everyone who has contributed to making it possible for us to do the protocol. Words are just not enough.

I am forever truly grateful. My little granddaughter and I are on our way to recovery and good health. We got our supplements yesterday and it was just amazing. I took them all out and read all the instructions and went to Mel's protocol and followed what he did. 

All I can do is say thank you again and again. 
I already feel better, mentally, knowing that there is hope for both of us. 

I will be praying for everyone here and may God bless you all so much.

Thank you!


I Know the Feeling of Relief to Receive Help From the Foundation!


I'm sooo excited to share in your good news!!!

I know the feeling of relief to receive help from the foundation!

You and MacKenzie have been in my thoughts and prayers, and I'm soo grateful to share in your journey :)

Mel told me he was going to call you with this good news, and reading your post this morning brings me sooo much joy!!

Stay in faith & as Mel says... Never Give Up Hope!

You got this!!!

If you need to talk... Mel can give you my Cell #

Yours In Spirit



I'm Thanking God for the Privilege of Being Part of This Community

This month has been particularly hard financially for my family. I found myself having to decide between our protocol supplements or putting food on the table.

So once again I asked for help from the He Cures All Foundation. Without delay a donation of supplements was made to my family. I cannot put into words how grateful I am. Fighting this disease, often in the midst of those who don't believe or don't know what we are dealing with is challenging to say the least. Only other warriors know how important our protocol is in this fight. That's why it is so comforting to know our supplements are on their way.

I want to give thanks to God and to every single person who has so graciously donated to the foundation. It is because of your selfless acts that my family can stay in the fight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I recently listened to a sermon and was reminded of something I hear on this forum often. The pastor said things done with speed aren't necessarily better. This reminded me of, ' Slow and steady wins the race'. And in this race we are learning so much about ourselves. We are learningt to let go, to give, to love, what it means to heal our bodies and souls, to seek God and what humanity means. I'm thankful I became ill with this disease because it is teaching me who I really am and that is something I've wanted to know for a very long time.

Thank you to all the members of this community. I'm praying for all of us. I'm thanking God for blessing me with the privilege of being a part of this community. God bless.

Leah L.

Am I Letting This Mess Define Me or Refine Me?

Words are really never enough to express the support from the foundation!
I wanted to copy and paste these words from Christian author Lisa TerKeurst to express my gratitude :

We all have messes in our lives. Financial messes.
Relationship messes. Health messes. Home messes. Business messes.

Sometimes messes are small and just feel like a slight annoyance. Other times, they are so huge they strip the hope right out of our lives. But here's a thought to ponder right in the midst of your mess:

Am I letting this mess define me or refine me?
The answer to this question is crucial.

If I am letting a mess define me, I will feel hopeless.
If I am letting a mess refine me, I will be hopeful.

Thank you to the Foundation!


Nancy G

You are Making a Life Saving Effort.


Thank you for your support. I am getting better incrementally thanks to your generousity, concern and devotion. You are making a live-saving effort. We can pray that the powers that be will wake up and help with this disease(s). God is with us and so are you.

God Bless,

Leah F.

On Behalf of All Who so Deeply Depend on the Foundation Please Accept Sincere Thanks

Dear Mel
The Foundation fundraising work is done by you day in and day out and often in the face of what could best be described as insurmountable challenges . When funding for sick and desperate people is needed, you find creative alternatives to make sure that those who are sick and financially exhausted are still able to get help. When new obstacles make it difficult for people, many of which are children, to start the protocol, you partner together with and through the Foundation to develop and fund meds for them.

Without your dedication to finding needed funds and your commitment to assist, recovery would be so much more difficult for so many. Perhaps this is not said nearly as often as it should be. So on behalf of all who so deeply depend on the Foundation, please accept sincere thanks as you continue to provide and expand the world of possibilities for becoming well again!!


Thanks to those whose generous donations are saving lives by making these precious products available


I was able to purchase the protocol for my first month thanks to a loving and understanding friend. I planned to continue the protocol on my own, as there were already notable improvements in my health; however, I had an unexpected temporary financial setback and just could not afford to replenish my supply. I e-mailed Mel and asked him if the foundation could help me. I thought to myself, I know funds must be limited as there are thousands of people with Morgellons around the world today searching for a cure, many I am sure that have fallen into financial hardship. Imagine my delight when Mel called me and said "Yes! We can help you." I received my precious packages just last week.
I owe a big Thank You to the He Cures All Foundation for helping me and others like myself suffering with Morgellons to obtain the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol items we so desperately need but cannot afford. Thanks to those who’ s generous donations are saving lives by making these precious products available, those who’ s time and efforts make it all work, the helpful caring people at Logos Nutritionals, A2Z, and God for being with me all the way. Words cannot express how grateful I really am!”
Carol W.

The Foundation is showing God's Love in every way.

Dear Foundation,
Your concern, help and perservance are making a huge difference in healing for me and others. The Foundation is showing God's Love in every way. I pray for this group and the Foundation. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity of wellness. Thanks to you we have the gift of Hope and Health.
Love and a hug,

You Made My Day When You Called


Oh my gosh, you made my day when you called and when I told MacKenzie, she got a huge grin from ear to ear.

We are so grateful to you and the foundation for helping us. I was actually praying yesterday that I will be patient and do whatever God wants for us and it will happen when He wants it to and then I felt prompted to email you today and you called me with the news - that we're starting on the protocol. Alleluliah!!!!

God bless,


Your Help is Priceless.


Thank you for your gift of health and a cure for this unrecognized disease. We are pioneers who are on our way to recovery due to the compassion, wisdom and generosity of the Foundation and Sir Mel.

I love you for your big hearts. God Bless you all.

Leah, a senior citizen

Your help is priceless.

God Bless again.


I too would like to thank the foundation as today I received another shipment of the Logos products.
I am moving south to a new state this Saturday and it is so comforting to know my supplements will be in route with me and ready to go as I unpack and adjust to a new city and environment.

It will be one less worry when I get there and I will need to keep my strength and immunity strong as I face a nine hour car trip by myself and leave behind over 20 years of memories. I am doing this to give myself the best chance of healing and survival from what this illness has taken from me.

There never really are enough words of gratitude to the people who support the foundation. I don't think I would still be here if not for the support of the foundation, website and people here. It is obvious the foundation and protocol are saving lives, reducing suffering, and providing hope where there is otherwise none to be found.

I continue to pray that many can benefit and again wish to express my deepest gratitude for this gift.

I am looking forward to my new environment and praying it will spark a new level of healing energy to my tired body. Without the protocol and help, I honestly know I would have succumb to this affliction by now.

My healing has been slower than some and my energy and stamina down but never once did the products not show up which shows the depth of the understanding, compassion,commitment, and the continuation of the 'never give up' slogan we all have come to know so well.

I have not once been given up on even when I was so exhausted and hurting by this illness. That in and of itself is simply amazing and has provided me with time I would not have had. I cannot claim to have had the best ability to fight like a warrior, but I have fought to the best I can and I know that this protocol has given me a chance which we all deserve. So even for the weary, it still arrives at the doorstep and that means I am worth it in the eyes of those standing behind this foundation.


I don't know what God has in store, I need a Savior in this fight and every day I now say to God,
I need a savior and then He gives me manna ---
it's in HIS Hands...

God Bless,


Hi Mel,









Hi All

Another month of support thru the foundation:) and we are soo extremley grateful!!

I admit when we are low on our supplements I get a little nervous - thinking all these what if's.. I wouldn't be able to afford the protocol for myself, let alone my son. With your continued support and donations, my son and I are both fully on the protocol and healing!

Honestly I throw my hands up to God almost daily, sometimes more, saying this is yours. I know this has all been worked out for us,and like clockwork our meds arrive!!

IT IS THROUGH ALL OF YOU MY SON AND I ARE WORKING TOWARD OUR FULL RECOVERY!!! I may never have words enough to express my gratitude but I can try. God is working through each of you who donate. You are our angels truly!

Thank you for believing our needs are real,and not imagined! Thank you for giving me my health, sanity, and security to take care of my little boy! I really couldn't do this without you!

I have made all the diet changes and adjusted my life to fully embrace the protocol and allow the meds to work. I am determined to conquer this. I have FAITH~ WE will be/ARE HEALED!

You are saving our lives, and you don't even know us, but we love you. I want you to know I truly love each of you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul. I am eternally grateful!

Oh and not sure if I should put this out there but to me it's something .. I took my GED test Morgellons and all, and passed!! You would think I got my Masters w/ honers or something:) but my point is I'm working toward a better future with your help! I will continue to heal all aspects of my life in the light with love ... Keep the faith warriors! Know you're healed!

Love Always,


In Memory of my Mother

Dear Mel,

I wanted to write a brief note to say thank you once again for all your help and encouragement in the early days of my illness and my daughter's. She and I are doing much better and progressing as you might expect. some ups and downs, but a slow movement toward better health and freedom from Morgellons.

We are about to pass the five month mark and I know that we will make it the full eighteen months with God's continued blessing.
My elderly mother, whom I have been caring for in the midst of our Morgellons crisis, passed away recently. She was a woman who walked in close fellowship with the Lord Jesus since childhood and I know she is rejoicing in His presence now.

In the last months of her life she was so concerned for us even though we revealed very little about the disease to her. She still knew we were sick and often said she wished there were something she could do to help.

She left a small amount to me at her passing, and I couldn't think of a better way to grant her that wish than to pass this check on to the He Cures All Foundation. I hope it blesses your work and brings the protocol to more individuals and families who might otherwise be unable to get well.

Thank you again for your ministry to myself and my daughter and for all you are doing for others who suffer with us.

Deborah B.


Greetings Mel,

What a marvelous creation! I am referring to the "He Cures All Foundation". It has taken one with your genius, dedication and concern for Morgellons victims to spearhead such a monumental project.

This foundation brings comfort to hurting suffering humanity who are desperate. I know for I am one of them. I am blessed to have the protocol sent to me in conjunction with this endeavor. It is a privilege that I certainly do not take lightly.

As I write this, my blood stream is being rejuvenated by the protocol. New Life is being infused into my body, which energizes me. The calls, emails, smiles, assistance, I receive from you are uplifting and appreciated beyond anything you can conceive of.

I am so thankful to our brilliant John B. for spending his time and energy to brainstorm Morgellons and design the Extension to the Wellness Protocol. This is undoubtedly a divine gift to the Morgellons community. John would desire me to give the Glory to God, I know. Glory to God!!!

I find myself unworthy to unlatch and walk a mile in Mel or John's sandals. Website Morgellon warriors, be cognizant we are being touched and renewed by Angels in human form (Mel F. and John B.).

This foundation has undertaken the sponsorship of Mel's protocol for those who have nowhere to turn. I know for I am one.






I received my shipments today!

I Opened them just now and cried tears of joy.

God Bless the Foundation and people who donated to help those like me who cannot afford the products. And Mel, thanks from the very bottom of my heart.

Only those who have braved this territory and are worn out from this can even begin to understand the tears of joy for the people (angels) showing up to help a stranger on this lonely road.

Thanks for honoring your vow to God to help others upon your recovery!

Let the healing begin!!!!!




My name is Peter and I live in Northern California. I am 59, and a semi-retired school teacher. I currently work part-time as a Social Worker at a frail elderly retirement community.

I acquired Morgellons in Jan., 2012, after being bitten by what I believe was a bird mite. I think this is the case since there are always numerous pigeons roosting under the eaves in the apartment building where I reside.

Within a week I developed a pustule at the bite site that looked crater like and was red and very itchy. Over the next 3 weeks, I further developed 12 of these pustules that covered my entire right forearm. Several had become open oozing sores and none would heal.

There were other things too that I simply cannot mention as they are, quite frankly, to disturbing to recall. What was happening to me was beyond imagining or believable to someone who wasn't experiencing it. There was a real physical "thing" occurring inside my body. I had what felt like bugs crawling under my skin, and sometimes, the movement felt like big things moving, as if there were worms beneath my skin. After trying to treat topically on my own with anti- bacterial and anti fungal creams and ointments, I realized from what I already knew about Morgellons that I probably had it.

I saw my primary care doctor in early February. He quickly made his decision that I was either delusional, a drug addict. He refused to prescribe and suggested I see a dermatologist. In early April, I went to see a dermatologist as the sores were now very deep lesions. By this time I had become extremely tired no matter how much I slept and I had fallen twice and knew that I was not functioning normally. The dermatologist came to the same delusional conclusion and prescribed an anti hallucinogenic and referred me to a psychiatric dermatologist in San Francisco. At this point I was losing all hope and actually was entertaining thoughts of suicide. Through Gods grace I fought through them!!

I have no idea how I managed to keep functioning professionally. What was happening to me was overwhelming my "normal" life and I found myself living another "secret" life. A life I choose not to tell anyone about Suffice it to say my life was full of fear, yet I had to maintain the illusion that everything was alright or else lose everything. Mix into this an incredible feeling of panic and the realization that no one was going to help me, not doctors, no one!

The world that once made sense to me was slipping away. Still not knowing exactly what it was that was causing the crawling, biting, and stinging I began to suspect anything and everything. My behaviors had become somewhat bizarre as a direct result of the horrifying experience I had been thrust into. I felt mocked and abandoned, not only by the medical community but by my own family members. Since I was on my own I did what most in my situation would do, I went online looking for answers. I researched and posted on this forum in late May, 2012.

Mel reached out to me within a day. He had read my post and told me that he had discovered a protocol that had cured him of Morgellons. He re-assured me that there was hope and offered to provide the means and the guidance to get me started towards recovery. Needless to say, I cried like a baby with the newfound hope he was offering. Since I had exhausted my finances, THE FOUNDATION PROVIDED HELP by paying for the first wellness support kit. THE FOUNDATION HAS ON OCCASION CONTINUED TO PROVIDE ME WITH SUPPORT WHEN I WAS NOT ABLE TO AFFORD WHAT WAS NEEDED TO CONTINUE THE PROTOCOL.

Now, some 6 months on the protocol, I can honestly tell you that I am becoming well!! I have re-captured most aspects of my life. I am functioning well again at work. My brain fog has completely lifted. My daily energy and overall vitality has greatly improved. AND THE LESIONS HAVE COMPLETELY HEALED. My joint pain is gone and coordination is back to normal. I am still dealing with the continuing aspects of purging Candida, metals, and other overall toxins from my body, but I know to a certainty that I will be completely healed in another year!!

I give all the credit to God and to Mel's protocol and I will be forever grateful to this man who has become MY FRIEND and MY BROTHER IN CHRIST!
You can read about the rest of my journey to now on my thread "HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET" on this forum. I post weekly. This journey to date has been without a doubt the most difficult thing in my life. But there is also something "truly precious" within this renewal.

Today I realize that I probably would have died had I not committed to this protocol. COMMIT TO IT YOURSELF TODAY. If you have doubts, put them aside. If you do and you are willing to invest 18 months of a disciplined restructuring of your daily living, I and many others are proof that a complete return to health is within your grasp




I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to the He Cures All Foundation for making it possible for myself and my child to have access to the protocol.

I have suffered from Morgellons for the past eight years; the complications from this have been life threatening to me on several occasions. I had to leave my job over three and a half years ago, to take on full-time and sole care of my newborn grandson and we further struggle financially, whilst I complete a full-time undergrad uni course, to try and provide for our future. My grandson also has Morgellons.

Without the help and assistance made possible from the Foundation, we would not have been able to finally find a way to begin the journey of healing.

We ARE healing and this has brought renewed vitality, hope and happiness to our lives. It has also touched our lives in a sense, by facilitating a connection to others and humbled me to the kindness we have been shown. I no longer feel so isolated and powerless.

The great work of the He Cures All Foundation will also be passed on through others, like myself, who in turn, will then extend the same kindness and hope to others. It is a self-generating and powerful gift.

I thank God for bringing me here and inspiring Mel, John Burgstiner and others to continue their great work.

I will keep working on improving my diet. Peter has given me some good tips and I will continue to read the diet information from the website. I do know that it is very important and I do need reminding. Thank you for that.

You have been very kind and generous to me. The funny thing is, that it wasn't until I REALLY decided to overhaul my diet, that I understood that there was so much more to do. Charlie is well and I am continuing to improve and feel a bit better each day.

Thank God and thank you Mel. Blessings to you.


God Bless You Mel


I received a package of mms and molecula silver. Thank you so much! I did not realize you were sending me that package as well as logos Products.

God bless you Mel from the bottom of our hearts. You are truly a man of God am I am honored to have contact with you. I'm literally in tears from your generosity.




Hi........ This Is my first time posting on the forum or any forum for that matter! I'm not to tech savvy :)

Let me start out by introducing myself~ My name is Nicole,and I have a 6 yr. old little boy Tyler. I was the first one of us to show symptoms of Morgellons,2 yrs ago. The biting pinching on the legs,and thighs. Tooth & earaches, sore throat swollen neck. I went to a doctor explaining some of these symptoms,not really putting together they were ALL related. He told me he would do a full panel of test,but didn't think anything would come back positive. He asked me if I had some time,looked at his nurse in the room and stated I'm not gonna let them ruin her,not this one,and then proceeded to tell me he believed I was in the earliest stages of something fairly new,he didn't name! He said his colleagues were not accepting this,and were treating symptoms,and failing miserably!

He gave me advice on how to treat,but totally off the record!! He told me to look up Doug Kauffmann of KNOW THE CAUSE,start probiotics,do dry saunas, and some more details of what to expect! I was in horror & refused to believe this was true!

A few months later while dying my hair,I had an explosion of white poofy things come out of my head!! I freaked out,and went t the E.R. explained to them what happened. The doctors came in asking various questions,took some tests,everything fine~perfectly healthy 29yr old woman! I insisted a doctor told me this was going to happen, please something is wrong I had a team of 3-4 doctors come in my room and basically litterly laugh at me! My mom flew in from out of town. They all decided I was a danger to myself(I couldn't stop itching,picking) & put me in a mental hospital!They drugged me heavily with medication for delusions! They were saying things like if I didn't take them I would loose my son!

I decided to turn fear into FAITH, the best I could!!! Treating myself the first year not know of Morgellons,just know Fungus was a major component I calmed myself down enough to learn about the Phase 1 diet,supplements,various healing modalities.

Then about a year in & feeling some progress. My baby boy,my angel, my love~ My Tyler, started showing symptoms! Fungus~ the blacks hair looking things,started coming out of his skin in droves! His skin,red & bumpy! At this point everyone including my own family thinks I went crazy! If I start saying this about him, what would happen? They would think I was hurting him, me lock up & not able to treat him either!!! I was living a complete living nightmare!!! I gave him Epsom baths, children probiotics, 1 daily,steroid creams from the Dr. It was just not enough!!!

Okay allow me to back up a little bit~ When this first started i just left my ex of 10 yrs. It was a very abusive relationship! I took myself and my son,leaving with ourselves,and a small grocery bag full of clothes,with the hope that I was going to give him a better life!! My immune system shot from stress,him fighting me, the court room a circus! I had NO job a 3 1/2 yr old baby, and now Morgellons!

I was believing God for more,affirming health & support..

I started investigating,found Mel, & YOU ALLl!!! I AM SOOO GRATEFUL FOR THIS WEBSITE!!!

I FINALLY found the help,hope,support I need!!! I started talking with Mel:)& reading the wonderful posts on this forum!

Thanks to the HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION, my son and I are now taking the protocol,about 2 1/2 months! I wish YOU could truly feel my gratitude,relief,and regained hope! I love each of YOU ALL SOOO MUCH for making this possible for us!!!!! I know that my dream of giving my son a better life is being made possible through the kindness shown through ALL of YOU!! If not through donations, your prayers,forum contribution,and ALL of the above! My son is starting to feel less pinching, and I'm feeling relief too! Again thank you! From the depth of my being thank you!!!!! Your generosity has given me,and my son more then you will ever know!!!!!!!

Thank you Mel for all your phone calls, & lifting me up when I felt hopeless!

Thanks John B for ALL the advice regarding my son & I! Including the applesauce tip!!

Thank you to ALL OF YOU TOO!!!

NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE!!! AFFIRM YOUR HEALTH~ With God ALL things are possible! I know I am healthy, I know my son is healthy.. Divine order lead me here & in divine order ALL IS BEING MADE WELL!!!

Love,Peace & Blessings! Sending healing prayers to all of you,especially your children!

Nicole & Tyler~