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                                       CAN MORGELLONS DISEASE BE CURED?
Health Restoration Begins With HOPE
Everyone is welcome here!!!

This site is intended to provide rays of HOPE where fear and desperation are replaced by knowledge and restoration. Here you will find no gruesome pictures or horror stories; there is plenty of that elsewhere. Instead, here you will witness lives transformed and pictures of beautiful children whose health has been restored.

In addition to providing access to a vast amount of life changing information, we humbly and gratefully share with the world the protocol I (and now many others) have used to ultimately get rid of all traces and symptoms of Morgellons from my body.

I would like to clarify right up front that despite the catchy name of this website, I believe that all healing comes from and through the One who created and sustains us all.

However, we have been given access to various healing herbs and nutrients that when combined with proper dietary changes promote healing and restoration.

I am not a doctor, nor am I attempting to tell anyone what to do or how to do anything. I am not advocating that anyone attempt to follow in my footsteps, nor do I accept any responsibility for anyone attempting to follow the procedures I used on myself.

May I suggest that after viewing the Table of Contents below, that you turn your attention to The FAQ's, they were designed as a quick overview.

If you have any questions you would like answered, I have set up a forum so we can discuss any of the information presented here. The forum where our Welcome Letter will guide you on how to best utilize this website. Rules for posting on the forum page are provided and enforced for the protection of all who are led here. One must scroll down past the welcome letter and forum rules to find the topics.

If you wish to speak with me directly, send your contact information to: (

I will answer all questions to the best of my knowledge and ability.

All information is offered for educational purposes only,
in the Hope that you too will get well.

I hope we helped a little today, and again, welcome!

Thank you and God bless,


PS: Those who did not give up HOPE, got well!


FAQ - The following are answers to frequently asked questions that we hope will help you as you begin the daunting task of assessing your options and committing yourself to a successful course of recovery.
Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles - Everyone is welcome here and those who have embraced these principles are in the highest percentage of those who have restored their health.
My Story
My Story - How I believe I Got Morgellons, the trials & tribulations, the nightmare we all endure, and the wonderful results.
Mel's  Protocol
Mel's Protocol - The protocol I used in ridding myself of Morgellons and the evolution of the protocol as it is today.
Forum - An opportunity for you to learn and share. Please read and follow our simple rules.
TESTIMONIALS - A special place that is dedicated to sharing medical updates, progress reports, and encouraging stories from those who are having their health restored. The posts shown here are unsolicited and unedited, and are taken from our own forum. They appear in order of their historical appearance.
Join Free Email List
Join Free Email List - Join our email mailing list to receive updates, notable posts and developments, and discounts available to members.
New User Registration
New User Registration - This page allows visitors to create user accounts.
Toxic Disease Pioneer
Toxic Disease Pioneer - Hear the stories of Mel Friedman and other “pioneers” of toxic disease who restored their health and paved the way for others to do the same by following the “sum of the parts” and using a protocol designed by utilizing different manufacturers.
We Are Warriors
We Are Warriors - Listen to the healing words of those who have chosen hope over despair. These warriors lift a lantern in the darkness and illuminate what is possible when we embrace the Sum of the Parts with courage, faith, and a whole lot of discipline.
Follow the Journeys
Follow the Journeys - Links to a hand full of Forum threads that chronicle the successful journeys of Morgellons sufferers who are at different stages of recovery.
Forum Archives
Forum Archives - The archive dates are 2/2/09 through 1/6/13 These are forum posts that have not had comments or activity since January 2013, although the most pertinent posts during that time frame were moved to TESTIMONIALS that same year
More Communication
More Communication - This heading was created to make it easier for you to navigate our site to gain access to our weekly conference calls "Bring Your Own Questions" and "Coffee Tea With Me" which take place each Friday night and Saturday morning.
It's The Sum Of The Parts!
It's The Sum Of The Parts! - Those who come to understand all that makes up our sum of the parts and to utilize them, have the absolute best chance to restore their health.
Hope & Inspiration
Hope & Inspiration - We thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a page on our site where inspiration, hope and smiles rule the day.
He Cures All Foundation
He Cures All Foundation - A convenient way for those who wish to contribute to our efforts to keep Hope alive. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
Great News For Toxic Disease Sufferers
More Communication Archives
More Communication Archives - Conference calls that are older but still relevant. Listening to these will help you as you move forward in your journey.
Search Engine
Search Engine - Use this feature to answer your questions and zero in on specific areas of interest, (i.e. - "diet","food","clean","MMS", etc.)
Articles and Diet
Articles and Diet - A collection of articles and information confirming that our disease is truly real, that anyone can be infected, and that there is Hope for sufferers. Also included are articles to help you better understand various issues underlying chronic illness and contributing to a compromised bioterrain.We have hundreds of wonderful recipes from Breakfasts to Beverages. Just click on Recipes in the Articles and Dietary Section.
Herxheimer's Reaction AKA The Healing Crisis
Lab Testing Options
Lab Testing Options - This thread has convenient and affordable lab testing options that will give you valuable information about the status of your health.
Prayer Archives
Prayer Archives - Recordings of our weekly prayer meetings for those of you who might wonder what goes on in a typical meeting of our Intercessory Prayer Team. After prayer time we always open the floor to questions from anyone attending, and some great information always comes forth.
Conference Call Archives
Conference Call Archives - Listen and Learn about Morgellons and about How and WhyThis Protocol Works.