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The Testimonials Page is a microcosm (cliff notes version) of our site. It has been created to bring forth the most important information (knowledge) found here and share stories of encouragement and progress from those within our community.

It is with immense gratitude and great pleasure that we dedicate this testimonial page to our devoted friend and webmaster, John Waiveris of Invisible Gold.

This could never have been accomplished without his unselfish willingness to help others. I could have never gotten this far along with the web site without the endless hours of his generosity.

I will always be grateful for all he has done for all of you.

God bless you John,


This website has grown so large that in order to see the transforming impact that our protocol is having in the lives of Morgellons sufferers and their families, one must now wade through a massive volume of information.

Therefore, we decided to create a special place that is dedicated to sharing medical updates, progress reports, and encouraging stories from those who are having their health restored. The posts shown here are unsolicited and unedited, and are taken from our own forum. They appear in order of their historical appearance.

The person who invests an hour or two to review this collection of posts will notice an emerging pattern of transformation here. Many arrive here in a condition of hopelessness and despair, often isolated and estranged even from their loved ones. They find here a place of safety and compassion, a place of learning and inspiration, a place of encouragement and admonition to "First Do No Harm".

They devour the information available here and begin the process of improving their daily choices as they take back responsibility for their health. They begin to first stabilize, then to improve their health to a place where they are functional and productive again.

Their Hope restored, and "having their life back again", they begin the process of identifying what specific challenges remain and they may venture off to explore new interests or opportunities.

One thing should be perfectly clear from those who have reported improvement; they have all consistently stated that they have diligently stayed on the entire protocol.

The first three posts are without a doubt the longest, but they contain vital information that will give you a better understanding of how and why the protocol works and what one can expect when you have your herxheimer (detox) reaction.

You will find that the reading pace quickens thereafter. Each post or thread of posts is separated by a horizontal line. Sometimes threads were included to capture an original thought or train of thought in its entirety.

This testimonial page will be updated regularly. Anyone wishing to share encouragement and Hope may submit their story via email to:

Thread: New here, Lyme+MD

Rockin Robin

Dear Micaela,

I am so glad You have found Mel & the website and this loving community. I found it when I felt no hope! I feel God led me here and it has truly been a blessing.

Read, Read, Read and attend the free conference calls every weekend. Get coaching from Mel and trust me, in 6 months you won't believe how much better you will be!!

Also, we are all here if you need us. You can post and ask questions and usually several people will answer. Different things work for different people, but we have all been where you are and we can contribute and tell you some things that have worked for us.

You have support here and we truly care about each member! WE also like to share and have fun as you will see!

So...WELCOME sister!! You will be in my prayers!!

Love & Hugs,
Your Sis In Christ
Philippians 4:1

Thread: Finding Joy Through Reconnection


Hello everyone and blessings to all!

I know that this disease we're fighting is horrible, not just to our physical bodies but also to our mental health. We've all gone through, and probably still deal with, various levels of loneliness, depression and anxiety. The pain we endure is unbearable and, sadly, in a lot of cases with our community members, we are going on this journey alone. These experiences are painful and can beat our mental health into submission, causing us to look for other supplements or drugs to help us not feel so bad Although I've had my share of ups and downs, they don't compare to the stories I've heard from our community members - especially experiences from my wife who has endured so much pain with this disease.

I can't offer much in terms of prescription or over-the-counter medications and which seem to work well and which have a plethora of negative side effects, but that's not what this post is about. What I can offer is encouragement and a fantastic read of a book my nutritionist recommended me that I recently finished. He battles with his inner demons on a daily basis - anxiety, depression and other mental health issues that have roots in his Father, who, sadly, took his own life about a year ago as he could no longer cope with the pain. The book is called "Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression—and the Unexpected Solutions" by Johann Hari.

Rather than attributing depression and anxiety to a chemical imbalance in the brain, which can still play a role in such diagnoses, the author redirects the root cause to one that is social and how getting reconnected can be the superior solution. Reconnecting to meaningful work, other people, meaningful values, the natural world, sympathetic joy and towards a hopeful and secure future are key areas the author discusses how re-connection can combat challenges with depression and anxiety better than any pill that Big Pharma can provide. I learned so much from this book and already applying it much more in my life and conversations with my wife, Karianne, and it's made such a huge difference.

Again, I'm not saying that prescribed medications don't solve these issues - there could be some form of chemical imbalance at play. What I am saying is if we peel back the layers and ask ourselves how we truly enjoy life, what would we come up with? How do those moments/experiences make us feel? By finding those areas in which we truly find joy and reconnecting to them, I strongly believe we can come out from whatever darkness surrounds us. For me, that's reconnecting with my close friends I first met when I moved to Miami for a few years; reconnecting with my faith life and becoming more involved with my church than ever before; reconnecting with my core values and now being able to share and live those values with my wife. Am I always in a joyful mood? No, there are numerous times when I feel low. But when I get reconnected in the ways that matter most to me, I know I'm a better person who's smiling a lot more.

I encourage you all to dig deep during these trialing times we endure to discover where our true joy comes from and to reconnect to those areas. It may not be the ultimate solution and additional help may be needed, but it's a strong step towards a path of natural healing. I'm praying for you all and hope this message finds you well, no matter what state of being you're currently in.

Karianne & Joe
Thread: Saturday's CT&M with Special Guest - Robert Scott Bell


This past Saturday's edition of CT&M featured special guest Robert Scott Bell, from the "Robert Scott Bell Show - The Power to Heal is Yours!" For those of you who are unfamiliar, RSB is a homeopathic practitioner with a passion for health and healing, who has personally overcome numerous chronic diseases using natural healing principles and has dedicated his life to revealing the healing power within all of us. Robert wasted no time and dove right into the key topic: the healing properties of Cannabis/CBD. Robert addressed question after question, as this has been spoken about and advocated extensionally by Mel (see Mel's many posts to self-educate on the Endocannabinoid System here:

Additionally, Robert spoke about the controversial debate surrounding Kratom - a tree in which the leaves contain mitragynine - a chemical that works like opioid drugs to relieve pain. Although currently listed side effects are both positive and negative, there is really not enough information on the plant and really should be discussed with Mel prior to any kind of experimentation with Kratom.

It was a very informative call with lots of great discussion regarding the plethora of benefits that CBD offers - not just as an additional form of treatment for toxic disease sufferers, but for general health. With all things considered, it's still highly recommended each of us discuss individually with Mel and if it's a healthy alternative to try on. Be sure to listen to the recording when it comes out later this week!

Coffee, Tea with Me 01-16-21
Thread: Utilizing This Website


Hello and blessings to everyone!

Mel and I spoke a lot this week about Saturday’s (1/2/2021) Coffee, Tea and Me BYOQ call, regarding diet and nutrition questions. Although it was great to hear experience from everyone on what foods they enjoy that fit within our protocol, there were lots of questions and requests for having a nutritional call. While I agree with diet and nutrition playing a key part in the Sum of the Parts, it’s worth mentioning that we recently had a call on just this topic back in October (see More Communication post on 10/22/2020 for the recording that occurred on 10/17/20) - I encourage everyone to listen to that call, whether you missed it live or need a refresher to listen again.

Where I struggle the most, which many of us do, is understanding the amount of information on this website. I know it’s a lot to take in, but we need to understand that when Mel says “read, read, read… and when you’ve had enough, read some more,” he means it and is saying it not to beat up on us, but that the information on this site is all there and is what ultimately heals us when we understand and apply it. What has helped me the most is prioritizing the information in a “digestible” way - meaning I take where I’m at today and focus on a specific area, one topic at a time, so I can really understand the meaning behind it. For me, I need to understand the background and history of this toxic disease and what the overall plan is to defeat it. I built my plan, then, around reading Mel’s story (My Story), Guiding Principles, and the FAQs. After reading any kind of text, I like to hear/watch related videos to understand how the information gets applied. So that then led me to listen to the YouTube videos under Toxic Disease Pioneer. I’m telling you - those videos are life-changing because they involve Mel’s story and how he got better, as well as Warriors’ stories and how they’ve gotten better. Take each video one at a time and start from the beginning with the Sum of the Parts video, which was recorded during the April 1, 2017 conference call. Mel does an amazing deep-dive into the whole plan and includes sooooo much information on diet and nutrition! I’ve listened to it several times now and actually leveraged a lot of that information to help host the nutrition call on 10/17/2020 I spoke to above.

After understanding the history and plan ahead, assess where you struggle with most. If that’s diet and nutrition, there’s no better place to go next than to Articles and Diet! You will find nothing short of a giant cook book that provides not only the kinds of foods we can eat AND enjoy while fighting this disease, but so many recipes alongside (my wife Karianne’s favorite recipe is the Almond Biscuits… I had 2 last night with dinner!). Boys and girls - there are so many recipes in this section and other articles on food in general that any question you might have can most likely be answered here. And then of course, there’s the Forum posts - this is where the majority of reading needs to be focused. With nearly 40 pages of worth of posts since the website’s inception, there is a lot of information here AND the best part?? You can use the Search Engine tool on the website and type in whatever you want to specifically focus on (“WPS,” “Diet,” “Kleengreen and Laundry,” etc…).

The main point I’m trying to drive home is that we all have to do the work. It took us years for our bodies to develop this toxic disease - it was not done overnight. That being said, it’s going to take a lot of work to eradicate but we CAN and WILL do it when we do the work and trust in God! And if you’re struggling where to get started and how to build a plan that suits your needs so you can use the website’s full potential, that’s where coaching with Mel saves the day. There’s not one coach call I’ve had with Mel when I didn’t take down notes and ask a bunch of follow-up questions to clarify something I missed. I take every word he says as Bible when it comes to fighting this disease and wherever he points me next on the website, rest assured I’m on it that week until our next call. Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to utilize this website as much as possible and get coaching with Mel.

We WILL get better!

Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 01-09-21
Thread: Saturday’s BYOQ with Newbies


It goes without saying that Saturday’s Coffee, Tea and Me (BYOQ edition with new members) was the most fitting way to end 2020 and start 2021. Mel ensured community members and Warriors were available to participate and help answer questions from couples Erin and Michael, and Diane and Paul. It was a great way to meet these wonderful people who have come to this community in search for hope - which we can all say definitively, “YES! This is where people come to regain hope!”

Topics covering diet and nutrition, protocol supplements, WPS usage and navigating social environments were addressed. There was no lack in community members wanting to provide their own experiences and encouragement to get coaching with Mel, come to the weekend calls, and read, read, read the website forum posts. Mel allowed ample time for each new person to ask questions throughout the call and, of course, provided his insight whenever a more sensitive topic came up.

Such a great call and testament to this community and what we do for each other - we provide the best kind of support, hope and love that no doctor or medical professional can truly understand. To our newest members, this community is excited and looking forward to walking with you through your journey. It is difficult, it is challenging, and it will take time, patience and prayer to recover. But when you come to this place, get coaching with Mel and apply - consistently - the Sum of the Parts, you WILL regain hope and get better.

To all of you - WELCOME!

Coffee, Tea with Me BYOQ Saturday 01-02-21
Thread: Gone, but not Forgotten


Dear Linda,

I often referred to the people on this website as my friends without faces. During my recovery, my connections between the people in this community were stronger and more meaningful than the friends I saw on a daily bases. We had one very common goal; to overcome MD.

Thank you for your kind response to my post and I pray you are close to crossing the finish line in overcoming this disease. Stay true to the protocol, posting, and most of all our Lord. Remember, all things are possible with God.

“And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” Luke 18:27

In Christ,
Thread: Boxing Day Conference Call


In England we call the day after Christmas Boxing day, it has nothing to do with fisticuffs though.

Today's conference was again a lively one, even though there was a lower-than-normal attendance. Everyone was in good spirit and there were lots of laughter.

Mel asked us what our wish would be for the following year of course the main response was for all of us to be well

Then Mel went around the table asking us if we had questions, there were a few and these nearly all got answered, topics such as sugar, wps and the passing on of Morgellons, there was talk of a scary room in the house, which I too have, yet as time goes on it doesn't seem half as scary. people that are just a whisker away from being free of this disease, through dedication of the sum of the parts and being focused.

Mel had three wishes, yes that was a little greedy of him but we all hope they all come true, especially the one that he hangs around for another decade....

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 12-26-20
Thread: Eruptions-My Hallelujah Journey.

Rockin Robin

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been using Lee's "Hallelujah Moment" Treatment prescribed by Mel on my feet and ankles and it is fantastic!!! They are healing!! However, I noticed a difference after the first 2 days!! Doing it several times a day, every day now.

If you have not looked it up yet, here it is: Mix 8 drops each of the WPS in a glass glass, let turn dark gold (about a min.). Add 8 to 10 oz. water, stir with something plastic. Pour glass full into spray bottle.

Treatment: Spray WPS mixture onto troubled area, wait 3 min. Next, spray your diluted Kleen Green (according to KG bottle directions) onto troubled area, wait 3 min. Then put liquid stevia on it. Bottled drops are best, but if you have packages, use 2 or 3 in 2 T of water. That's it !!!

Make sure you make the WPS solution fresh everyday. Mel says works for most sufferers, it is definitely working for me!!

Try It !! God Bless !!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin
Thread: Gone, but not Forgotten


This morning as I sat reading my devotionals, I made a profound connection to the phrase “Gone but not forgotten.” It occurred to me the many aspects of life this phrase touches upon. This year I lost both my sister and mother within 8 days (NOT covid related). So yes, they are both gone but will never be forgotten. Their memories will forever be in my heart.

Another aspect this phrase touches upon, is MD. Although after many years of learning and overcoming this disease, it will never be forgotten. There will be constant reminders of why it is important to stay true to a healthy diet. There is a constant reminder of the importance of keeping my immune system strong through proper nutrition and supplements.

The message I want to share with people in this community is this; although the disease is mostly gone, it will never be forgotten. Although I have moved on with my life, I will always remember the lessons learned through MD and keep that message forever in my heart.

I pray everyone reading this post NEVER gives up. It takes time to overcome; but it can and WILL happen! Have trust in our Lord! This community and its member’s will also forever remain in my heart.

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.
Isaiah 26:4

In Christ,
Thread: Saturday's active Conference Call


Well what lovely active conference this Saturday, many members attended, even lovely Joyce who is a long-standing member popped by to say hello, between taking her dogs to and from the vets.

We started by going around the room to see if there were any issues/questions that member might need help with or answered, there were questions on foods that can or maybe shouldn't be eaten. Also, a discussion on what is best worn against your skin along many more. All questions received lots of very good answers and opinions.

Mel then asked us to tell the new members what was the first thing that made a positive difference to us after finding and joining the community, it seemed by the replies diet and Logos supplements were the main key factors. Also, people talked about how having Mel's help and support to guide them through each step was invaluable, others spoke about having such a positive member group was to them inspiring.

Thank Mel for all your hard work behind the scenes, you make everything seem so effortless ?? and a big thank you to all the members for helping this to be such a great safe community.

Freddie x
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 12-19-20

Thread: Saturday's active Conference Call


Well what lovely active conference this Saturday, many members attended, even lovely Joyce who is a long-standing member popped by to say hello, between taking her dogs to and from the vets.

We started by going around the room to see if there were any issues/questions that member might need help with or answered, there were questions on foods that can or maybe shouldn't be eaten. Also, a discussion on what is best worn against your skin along many more. All questions received lots of very good answers and opinions.

Mel then asked us to tell the new members what was the first thing that made a positive difference to us after finding and joining the community, it seemed by the replies diet and Logos supplements were the main key factors. Also, people talked about how having Mel's help and support to guide them through each step was invaluable, others spoke about having such a positive member group was to them inspiring.

Thank Mel for all your hard work behind the scenes, you make everything seem so effortless ?? and a big thank you to all the members for helping this to be such a great safe community.

Freddie x
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 12-19-20

Thread: You Don’t Have to Look Too Far to Find Vitamin C!


Hello everyone!
I know this is long-overdue so apologies but wanted post here about the multitude of foods that are packed with Vitamin C. Many whole, plant-based foods carry this precious vitamin and are low in carbohydrates/total calories, high in dietary fiber and very little, if any, natural sugars - mainly these are the fruits. Following a whole, plant-based nutrition for several years now, I incorporate a plethora of these foods into my daily meals - especially the dark leafy green varieties. Take a look at this compiled list of foods carrying loads of Vitamin C and start incorporating them into your meals today!

The Best Vegan Foods High in Vitamin C [Table]
Thread: Research For Low-Carb Foods

Rockin Robin

Hello Everyone,

I recently did some research on low-carb foods. I was very surprised at some of the information, so thought I would share it with all of you.

***All Numbers below based on 1 cup of veges for leafy veges, stems and flowers. Fruits, roots, and seeds based on 1/2 cup.

LEAFY VEGES: Fiber subtracted from carb count, these veges below have 3 net carbs or less (some have 0) - 1 CUP

Lettuce, endive, escarole, radicchio, romaine, spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, kale, bok choy (Chinese cabbage).
Parsley, cilantro, basil, rosemary, thyme

STEMS & FLOWERS: Fiber subtracted from carbs, 3 net carbs or less - 1 CUP

Bamboo shoots, celery, seaweed, cabbage, asparagus, fennel-less than onions, cauliflower, and broccoli. Brussel sprouts - 4.7 and artichoke hearts - around 6, however, excellent health benefits make these two qualify on the low-carb list.

FRUITS: The part of the plant that contains seeds is the fruit of a plant. BASED ON 1/2 CUP. Fiber subtracted from carbs, 3 net carbs or less except for bell peppers.

Okra, cucumbers, green beans, wax beans, eggplant, 1 med.tomatillo, snow peas, sugar snap peas, 1 Roma size tomato, yellow summer squash, zucchini. Bell peppers have 3 to 5 carbs based on size and color in 1/2 cup.

ROOTS AND SEEDS: Fibers subtracted from carbs, 3 net carbs or less. BASED ON 1/2 CUP except for white, yellow, or red onions.

Radishes, green onions, jicama, rutabagas, turnips. Red, white, yellow onions have 4/5 carbs per 1/2 cup. Green onions are much better with 1.5 carbs per half cup.


Leeks, water chestnuts, beets, potatoes, carrots, winter squash, acorn, butternut, parsnips, green peas, sweet potatoes, corn, plantains.


Strawberries 2g net carbs
Raspberries 2g net carbs
Blueberries 17 net carbs

Hope this helps, I frequently look at this list before ordering groceries.

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

Thread: Research For Low-Carb Foods

Rockin Robin

Hello Everyone,

I recently did some research on low-carb foods. I was very surprised at some of the information, so thought I would share it with all of you.

***All Numbers below based on 1 cup of veges for leafy veges, stems and flowers. Fruits, roots, and seeds based on 1/2 cup.

LEAFY VEGES: Fiber subtracted from carb count, these veges below have 3 net carbs or less (some have 0) - 1 CUP

Lettuce, endive, escarole, radicchio, romaine, spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, kale, bok choy (Chinese cabbage).
Parsley, cilantro, basil, rosemary, thyme

STEMS & FLOWERS: Fiber subtracted from carbs, 3 net carbs or less - 1 CUP

Bamboo shoots, celery, seaweed, cabbage, asparagus, fennel-less than onions, cauliflower, and broccoli. Brussel sprouts - 4.7 and artichoke hearts - around 6, however, excellent health benefits make these two qualify on the low-carb list.

FRUITS: The part of the plant that contains seeds is the fruit of a plant. BASED ON 1/2 CUP. Fiber subtracted from carbs, 3 net carbs or less except for bell peppers.

Okra, cucumbers, green beans, wax beans, eggplant, 1 med.tomatillo, snow peas, sugar snap peas, 1 Roma size tomato, yellow summer squash, zucchini. Bell peppers have 3 to 5 carbs based on size and color in 1/2 cup.

ROOTS AND SEEDS: Fibers subtracted from carbs, 3 net carbs or less. BASED ON 1/2 CUP except for white, yellow, or red onions.

Radishes, green onions, jicama, rutabagas, turnips. Red, white, yellow onions have 4/5 carbs per 1/2 cup. Green onions are much better with 1.5 carbs per half cup.


Leeks, water chestnuts, beets, potatoes, carrots, winter squash, acorn, butternut, parsnips, green peas, sweet potatoes, corn, plantains.


Strawberries 2g net carbs
Raspberries 2g net carbs
Blueberries 17 net carbs

Hope this helps, I frequently look at this list before ordering groceries.

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

Thread: The Benefits of Pumpkin


Oh, how I love pumpkin anything. So I thought it would be great to do research on all the benefits. When I came across the information I spoke with Mel who encouraged me to speak with John. He was in complete agreement with all the benefits pumpkin has is to offer. So with that being said I thought it would be nice to make a post in the forum with the Nutrional benefits of pumpkin.

Full of antioxidants such as beta carotene, which is a pro vitamin that converts into Vitamin A. Antioxidants are a big help in fighting with chronic diseases, bacterial and fungal infections.

Pumpkin is loaded with fiber. This helps your stomach fill up and feel full longer. It could also helps with keeping blood sugar levels normal and it’s great for your stomach and digestive system.

It’s great for keeping your eyesight sharp and helps promote healthy skin.
Pumpkins have more potassium than banana! Yay!!

Helps to boost your mood. Because it’s full of the amino acid tryptophan, which converts into serotonin, this helps us with our positive moods! This is also found to be beneficial when it comes to getting a good nights rest.

Pumpkin has vitamin C which helps the immune system and also helps in boosting collagen which is also great for the skin.

Another benefit that it’s full of magnesium which is a huge bonus when it comes to relaxing and the digestive system.

Pumpkin has also been proven to help lower the risk of stomach cancer’s and it’s also found to be a great source of vitamin E, iron and folate.

These are just to name a few. I will admit I am a true pumpkin addict and I love using it in so many foods with baking, in my oatmeal, and even in my renaissance vanilla shake! Ha ha!!

The information used in this post was found on these sites:, and

Thread: Eruptions-My Hallelujah Journey.


Hello everyone,

Another Hallelujah moment: Good news.

The eruptions I had on my upper chest and face are completely gone. I followed Mel's suggestions for 5-6 days and those areas are clear.

Still continuing the process to make sure everything remains clear.

WPS, Kleen Green, and Stevia are more than amazing!
Mel's advice through this process is another reason coaching is so critical.
Mel was there for me whenever I needed him.
So encouraging!

Kudos to the persons or person that came up with the Stevia solution!

Thankfully, Lee
Thread: Saturdays Conference Call with Mel

Freddie bean

At this Saturday's conference call Mel talked through Tables of Contents which can be find via the Home page. This was to help familiarise the new members however I feel it help us old members too! I for one forgot how much helpful information was stored there.

There were a few questions from member about Biofilm, the stages/cycles of Morgellons, the effects on Morgellons when one has surgery, my own issues on surgery were the effects either of the anaesthetic or pain relief had on me, I itched all over, it seemed the Morgellons were stimulated by the drugs. WPS seems to be really at the fore in the last few weeks as it was talked about using it as a mouth wash to help clear up infection this week.
One of our newest members asked how to post a new topic, as she would like to start posting but wasn't sure how, Mel talked her though how to achieve this.

Thank you, Mel, for all your hard work keeping not only the conference calls so interesting every week but what you do behind the scenes. I think you would make a good plate spinner!!

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday - 11-21-20
Thread: Eruptions-My Hallelujah Journey.


Hello everyone,

On Monday, 11/16, I emailed Mel pictures of 1 eruption on my face and many new eruptions on my right upper chest. It was a a concern, to say the least.

Mel suggested the following to me;

1. Spray WPS on the area and wait 2-3 minutes.
2. Spray Kleen Green and wait 2-3 minutes.
3. Apply Stevia.

After a day and 1/2, the eruptions were diminished by 75%.

Two days later the eruption on my face was non existent and the upper chest area eruptions were barely visible.

Mel called this my Hallelujah moment.
I so gratefully and joyfully agree!

Thread: Saturday's Coffee,Tea with Mel Conference call

Fredddie bean

What a great call, so informative with lots of questions answered, there were questions on....

WPS : Nancy asked about putting WPS in ones closet and Yolanta asked about putting WPS in her car.

Blood: Donald enquired about how and what happens when Morgellons travels through our blood.

Diet: Barbara talked about her struggles with foods that she cannot eat.

Electromagnetics : Ruthann asked about if Morgellons gets worse around electrical appliances..

There were many more questions and if you listen to the recording which Mel will put up very soon, you will get all the great answers.

Thanks to Peter for answering lots of our questions.

Mel you are our shining star, I dread to think like many about what would have happened to us, if we hadn't found and followed you.

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me - 11-14-20
Thread: Saturdays call with Robert Scott Bell

Rockin Robin

Hello Everyone,

This Saturday's call was honored by a popular and well appreciated guest and friend, Robert Scott Bell. Also on the call, was our very own brother in the community, Peter.

Robert gave an update on COVID-19 and basically there is a lot more to be discovered. Pay attention and do not be deceived. There are flaws in the testing methods which can lead to inaccurate conclusions.

He also talked about technology to help with 5G and the challenges in dealing with radio frequencies.

Robert and Peter both brought a vast amount of helpful information about our bodies being like eco-systems in and of themselves. Information on how chemicals in hand sanitizers and other products can be harmful to our bodies.

Members in the community asked questions and were given great answers and information.

The science behind much of what was discussed was phenomenal and provided by Robert Scott Bell and Peter. Thank you so much guys for the sharing of your knowledge and research!

It certainly helps us to better understand what effects our bodies and systems. They gave advice on more natural ways to cleanse and heal our bodies.

This was a great call ! If you missed it, be sure to take the time to listen to the recording of it !!

Thank you again Robert and Peter! What a great job!

Thank you Mel for bringing this forward and always providing us with valuable information to help us on our healing journeys!!

There's a bonus, after this call, Mel, Miles and Joe had a three way call about diet. Just answering a few question Miles had, certainly worth listening to!

Rockin Robin,
For Freddie
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 11/07/20


Your recent post really caught my heart. I remember being at the same point in my recovery as you are today. Believe me when I tell you, "You are winning"!! You understand what it takes to overcome this disease and accomplish your goals. Ultimately everyone's goal is to start living again.

We will never be the same people that we were before MD. We are a stronger and better version of our past selves. Through this journey we gain knowledge, compassion, understanding, and realize how wonderful other people in this world can be. We gain strength by communicating with others who are learning to overcome this as well.

I commend Mel for keeping his promise to our Lord of helping others. He also knows the challenges of MD and strives everyday to pass his understanding on to others. He also knows the importance of bringing forth the knowledge of others such as John B., Cathee of Kleen Green, Peter H. and past Warriors to keep this community informed.

I will pray for you to remain strong, to continue posting, and most importantly to keep the Faith in our LORD because he does hear your prayer.

Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief.
Psalm 143:1

In Christ,

Rockin Robin

Hello All !! One Year Anniversary!!!

I have been here one and a half years, but in the beginning, I did not have my family's support and had to have a surgery that caused me to have to get off the protocol and everything.

I knew Mel and his advice was the answer so I prayed and prayed and eventually God worked it all out for me, in quite miraculous ways!!

So.....It has been a year on the protocol faithfully!! The difference in where I was to where I am now, is dramatic!!

Back then, I never slept. I had huge dark purple circles around my eyes. My diet from the past was horrible. I was eating an enormous amount of sugar because I wasn't aware of what contained sugar!! I had no energy. I was listless and depressed. I didn't know what was wrong with me and couldn't find help! I wasted all my savings and tons of valuable time and money hunting for a diagnosis!

And, Yes!!! I went to many doctors!!

I had the creepy crawlies. the bites, the stings, the itching, the bumps, the scars or tunnels all over. I was miserable and had said, "If I have to live like this, then I don't want to live!"
This coming from a Christian! That's what kind of shape I was in!

But, I believe God sent me to Mel and his website. Then over time, worked it out so that I had no opposition and could do everything Mel guided me to do !!

The dramatic difference?

1. I can sleep!! Sometimes 8-10 hrs. at a time!! I had never done this before. I lived on 6-7 hours at the most, most of my life. Sometimes 5 ! But, with the Morgellons, I was not sleeping at all! I actually sleep now!!

2. I have a good healthy diet now! I have learned so much about food through this journey, it has changed the way I feel about food and the way I will eat the rest of my life when I am well. Moderation is the key!!

3. I have energy now and want to go outside and do things I have not done in a long time. I am no longer listless and depressed.

4. I rarely feel anything on my body anymore. Just in my feet or head, my two exit points. Yes!!!! It has gotten so much better!

5. I don't feel alone and isolated anymore! I have made new friends here in this community and have rekindled old relationships through facebook and phone, whereas I used to shy away from people because of this disease.

6. I no longer have a spirit of fear! 2nd Timothy 1:7

7. I have found a special friend, guide, mentor, (our HAWK) in Mel. What an honor to have him in our lives!!!

8. I have regained true joy in life again!! True happiness in this community, in friends, in relatives, in daily routines, chores, and success in life!

9. I have written a children's book in this healing process and it is in the process of being published. And, I am working on book # two.

10. But, most of all, the greatest joy of all.... is that this journey has brought me so much closer to God and rekindled a close relationship with God on a deeper level. And, He is speaking to me and revealing wisdom to me like never before!! This to me is priceless!!

Mel has told me before that many that go through this journey, in the end, they are actually glad and wouldn't change anything, because of what they have learned, gained, and experienced while battling this disease, it is worth far more than gold!!

I tend to believe it is true. I believe it will be for me!!! Yes, I have Lyme and Morgellons and yes, it has been rough to say the least ! However, this experience has changed me and is continuing to change me and it is GOOD!

Although I would not wish this disease on anyone, it can be so horrible and intense, I for one, will be glad I fought it and won and be grateful for what I gained through it all !!

I still have a ways to go for complete wellness, but I can see it in the distance and nothing will stop me!!

I have learned to look for the good, joy, kindness, happiness, compassion, caring, and sweetness in others, in situations and yes even in suffering. This attitude makes a world of difference. Philippians 4:11-13 Trust Him and be content in all situations. Paul knew the secret!!!

In closing,
Thank you dear comminity for your love and support!

Mel....there will never be enough words of thanks, love, and honor to you dear friend!!! You have my heart!!!!

SO......Keep going, keep plugging, keep running for the finish line, maybe we can cross it together!!!! I love you all !!

Luke 1:37
Matthew 19:26 Nothing is impossible with God,
with God all things are possible!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

Thread: Get To Know Nutrition to Better Feed Your Body


Carbs - Part 1: the Glycemic Index

Hi Everyone!
Continuing with nutritional information and guidance, I wanted to dedicate the next few posts to carbs... GASP! I know, I know, while on this protocol, especially if you’re early in your journey to restoring health, carbs are the enemy due to how they break down in the body as blood glucose (aka - sugar/sugar alcohol) and, as we’re well aware, this disease THRIVES off sugar. However, the light begins to shine towards being able to reintroduce GOOD carbs as you’re progressing (but not until AFTER you’ve been given the green light from Mel of course!). Before you cheer, toss the confetti, and bring out the cheesecake, you may be asking yourself, “Well wait, what exactly are GOOD carbs?” Great question! Read along the following posts to learn more.

Before reading on, I want to call to attention the Glycemic Index (GI) - “a system of assigning a number to carbohydrate-containing foods according to how much each food increases blood sugar.” Understanding the GI is very beneficial as you’ll be able to determine which carb-based foods have a higher impact on blood glucose. The higher the number, the higher the level of blood glucose. The index provides multiple ranges as to where a carb-based food lies on the GI: Low, Medium and High. Foods in the ‘High’ category should be avoided as they will spike blood sugar the most.

You may be wondering why this is important when you’re consuming an already low-carb diet to fight this disease. Well, not all carbs are created equal in terms of breaking down into blood glucose. Take fresh fruit for example. While apples are ‘Low’ on the GI, bananas are a bit higher and actually cross into the ‘Medium’ GI category. Although both fruits are good and provide healthy benefits such as dietary fiber, bananas have a greater impact on blood glucose levels and you may consider avoiding them or eating smaller serving sizes like half the banana.

This piece from the Mayo Clinic provides a great description of the GI, GI ranges/levels, and examples of what carb-based foods belong to which GI level. I highly recommend getting an understanding of the GI and how you can use it to your advantage! Mayo Clinic - Glycemic index diet: What's behind the claims?
Thread: Get To Know Nutrition to Better Feed Your Body


Carbs - Part 2: Complex Carbs

Begin associating the word ‘complex’ with ‘good’ in terms of carbs. Complex carbs are primarily plant-based that are consumed in their natural state, meaning, they were not processed into some other kind of food. When you eat a carb-based food grown from its natural state, you reap the benefits of all the vitamins, nutrients and, most notable, dietary fiber. Among its many benefits, fiber primarily helps regulate the body and controls blood sugar. Complex carbs are lower in calories and carry 10x the amount of nutrients compared with their processed food counterparts. Some of the best complex carbs that you can EAT NOW include dark leafy greens (spinach, chard, kale…), cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts…), and some fresh fruit and berries. These foods are extremely high in nutrient value and carry very low carb content (in fact, with many of these plant-based foods you actually burn more calories just chewing and digesting the food - neat!). Higher volume complex carbs, which again I stress - DO NOT eat until Mel has provided his guidance - include brown rice, brown pasta/noodles, beans, lentils, steel-cut oats and sweet potatoes. These foods are packed with dietary fiber that provides a host of benefits to the body’s digestion system. They digest slowly and are processed efficiently in the body. However, due to their high carb content and total calories, they take longer to burn off. Given how fatigued our bodies are and not able to expend much energy, a lot of these carbs will not be fully burnt off and end up converting into sugar. (In case I hadn't mentioned before, be sure to clear any carb intake with Mel first!)
Thread: Get To Know Nutrition to Better Feed Your Body


Carbs - Part 3: Simple Carbs

'Simple' carb-based foods are bad… plain and simple! These foods have been processed down into other 'food' and have been stripped of nearly all nutritional value and injected with other non-natural ingredients and additives - most of which are comprised of sugars that go by names we can't even pronounce. What happens during food processing is the germ (yeast) and bacteria in the whole food gets removed (‘brown’ whole grain becomes ‘white’). Although proponents of food processing claim that stripping out the germ/bacteria reduces the risk of getting sick from eating potentially spoiled food (e.g. “leaky gut” syndrome), the main reason is to extend the food’s shelf life so consumers continue buying (doing it for the money!). Not that you’re eating bread, but if you were to go to the bread aisle in a grocery store and find a loaf that says “100% Whole Grain,” look at the expiration date. REAL, whole grain bread, once baked, should last no longer than 2-3 days. If that loaf of bread in the aisle indicates multiple weeks until expiration, walk away - it’s NOT true whole grain. Think of it as white bread with a tan. When we eat simple carbs, they process very rapidly in the body and can’t digest efficiently. Rather than regulating the body and controlling blood sugar like Complex carbs do, Simple carbs do the exact opposite - they deregulate the body and spike blood sugar (extremely High on the GI). Not only do these foods increase the sugar in your body that continues feeding this toxic disease, but high amounts of sugar can lead to Type II diabetes, which in turn can lead to a host of all sorts of cardiovascular diseases. Big

Big takeaway here is to just avoid Simple carbs (i.e. processed foods) altogether - they don’t do our bodies any good from an overall healthy lifestyle, and they certainly won’t help to restore our health.

Rockin Robin

Dear Newbies,

This is just a letter of HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE. Yes, that which is mentioned in the Bible in 1 Corinthians chapter 13.

First, I want you to know that I'm speaking to you from my own personal experiences and from what I have learned from Mel Friedman, his glorious website, and this wonderful community,

I have been here for about a year and a half and in that time, I have read, listened, and learned a lot from this website. It is truly an eye opener for people suffering with toxic diseases. Over my time here, I have come to understand what toxic diseases are, the theories behind how they are contracted and some of the only ways to heal successfully from these diseases.

This website can give you more than you want to know, everything you need to know, and solutions you will have to know to heal yourself and get completely well. This disease can be very scary; the symptoms make it hard to live a normal daily life. But, be assured there are others here who know what your going through.

If you have contracted Lyme, Morgellons, any of the over 50 co-infections associated with Lyme, or you just need to find a diagnosis for what is wrong with you and your body, this is a great place to start!

Unlike most doctors, who have had little or no training or education about toxic diseases, there is over twelve years of documented cases and healings of toxic diseases here on this website.

There are many people who have had similar symptoms, people who are experiencing the same strange phenomenon that you may be experiencing and people who will believe you, understand you and care about you.

There is great HOPE here! Mel Friedman does not ever turn anyone away, but has dedicated his life to helping others. With time, patience, a faithful regimen, and HOPE, you can get well. Mel has always said, " Those who do not give up HOPE, do get well."

There is Christian faith here if you are interested. However, all people of all religions, nationalities, and races are welcomed and respected here. There is caring for the human race and the human condition within this community. Basic faith is encouraged - the belief that you can and will get well !

We want nothing from you , only to help you. When you join the website, it will open up a vast amount of information that will be helpful in your healing process and it is cheap! $ 5,00 dollars a month. I went to many doctors and spent tons of money and never got any real help!

When you join this community of fellow sufferers, you will find an atmosphere of acceptance, non-judgement, sincere care and friendship. A love and respect for each other and a deep desire for helping and supporting each other is exemplified here. I have never felt more love and compassion from complete strangers who have now become dear friends by phone and posts,

It's a wonderful feeling! I truly love Mel and this community! assured that this is a safe place to be. There are no quacks, cults, fanatics or scams of any kind here, just a group of sufferers who have found an answer to prayers in Mel and his website

A man who was healed from toxic diseases that nearly took his life. His solemn promise to God to help others, has been fulfilled in the last 12 years and is still being fulfilled today!

I am about halfway there to being completely well and am so much better than I was when I first found Mel and the website, I see and know his regimen is working!

I have read and heard testimonies from many people who have gained complete health and wellness from Mel's advice and guidance!

And, during my healing journey, I have found joy again!

My advice to you, whether you are new or just browsing, is don't wait! Join the website; let Mel start you on the program. Waiting only delays your healing and battling this disease takes time. I have seen many who come and go and then eventually return here for real healing. I say from my own experience, don't waste valuable time and money.

Everyday that passes puts me closer to complete healing. I feel better and better as time passes and the symptoms bother me less and less. I have found joy and happiness again which I had lost a year and a half ago.

My wish for you is the confidence to start this program for complete wellness, success and happiness through the journey, and a feeling of deep peace and love!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

In His Love, Rockin Robin

1. Call or email Mel Friedman
2. Join the website
3. Start the diet
4. Start the Protocol
5. Start coaching with Mel
Those who do not give up HOPE, do get well !!!

Thread: Saturday's Call with Mel and Peter's story


This was a very well attended Saturday Conference call. Mel started by telling members how he first became ill, so we then walked with him through his struggles/challenges of suffering with Morgellons, starting back in 2006 when he was the first case of Morgellons reported in Nevada, so a time when there was little known of this disease, Mel was almost left to fight this alone apart from one doctor who kept him from harming himself with check any treatment that he thought he might try next. Days turned into years, left in his apartment alone with only two friends that delivered food to his door, it was such a very difficult time but Mel continued to study day after day, year after year, noting any changes with the different treatments he was trying.

One day John B called him, Mel knew Johns father but didn't know until that day there was a son that was going to help turn his life around, it was a wonderful heart felt story of Mel's struggles in gaining his life back.

Peter spoke about how he met Mel and joined him in Reno, Peter remembers so many things about how he felt and how Mel helped him so much on his road to recovery. Peter answered many questions that were asked by members his answers were kept in layman's terms as he understands that sometimes some of us with brain fog find some things hard to follow, I for one is so grateful that the conference is recorded, as things that I have missed or not quite understood is soon rectified by listening to the conference again, where I can replay as many times as I like. ??

This was really a great call and so interesting, so thank you Peter for your time and input and we are all looking forward to hearing about the first case of Morgellons documented in the 17th century!

Mel thank you for our Saturdays calls and making them so interesting and thank you for making this such a lovely community, where we can come and gain such great information, make friends and above all be kept safe.

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 10/24/20
Thread: Get To Know Nutrition to Better Feed Your Body

Karianne & Joe

Hello Everyone -

Thank you so much for your support and attending the call on nutrition. I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with you and receive further support and guidance from Peter and Mel. You are all spectacular people who want nothing more than to get well, which depends heavily on nutrition and fueling yourselves with the right foods and supplements in this protocol. I know a lot of information was provided so I'm going to take time to post separately on the key items discussed. First up - Sugar...

As we heard on the call, sugar can be known by many names, yet so many are unaware of this and the fact that food companies do not have to disclose those ingredients in the 'sugar' content on the food label makes it especially confusing.

These little pieces by provide good guidance and tools to identifying various sugars in food content and how to read food labels. I highly recommend reading these two short articles as they will add to your arsenal of nutritional knowledge to continue combating this toxic disease.

Article 1: "8 Ways Food Companies Hide the Sugar Content of Foods"

Article 2: "How to Read Food Labels Without Being Tricked"

More to come on other key topics from the call.
Bless all you Warriors!
Thread: Saturday's Call with Joe on Nutrition

Fredddie bean

How lucky were our members to have Joe to be our speaker on nutrition, lots of members turned up for this Saturday's conference call and they were not disappointed. Jo talked about his journey from how he got on the road to healthy eating, he covered so many aspects not only what was good or bad for us but how the body responds to the foods we eat, Peter came in with suggestions on some other things that were good for us and that are easily digested.

The book The China Study by Dr Campbell was/is a book that inspires Jo, he mentioned that at the time of Dr Campbell finding there wasn't a need for supplements as there was everything the body needed was in the soli, unfortunately this has changed over the years and for us supplements are a must.

Jo explained how food company's hide ingredients like sugar, the way they mislead us on their food packaging, is to use names like Dextrose, Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose to name just a few. So when seeing prepacked things that say low or No sugar don't get taken in as there probably is! The best way to avoid hidden bad ingredients is to buy clean foods and staying away from processed ones is a must.

This conference call is a real must to listen back to, as there was so much information, far too much for me to do it justice.

Thank you so much for such an interesting talk Jo and really looking forward to seeing the posts you are going to make.

Mel what a cracker of a call ! Thank you so much.

Freddie x
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 10/17/20
Thread: Get To Know Nutrition to Better Feed Your Body


Hello Everyone!

I am super excited for this week's CT&M conference call (10/17/2020) to share with you all my nutritional habits and knowledge gained over the last 5 years, including learning directly from nutritionists and my own research. Much of my talk focuses on why nutrition is seen the way it is in society, how sugar - like the devil - is "hidden in the details," and why so much confusion between factual data (i.e. published research) and medical industry's stance. I'll also provide some tips and guidance that continue to serve me for the better to take out all the guesswork when it comes to "what am I putting in my body?"

With all the different publications and research out there and that I continue "geeking" out, below are some key resources that ultimately led me to maintaining a whole, plant-based nutrition.

The China Study (T. Colin Campbell)
Whole (T. Colin Campbell)
Eat to Live (Joel Fuhrman)

"Why is the Science of Nutrition Ignored in Medicine?" (T. Colin Campbell - YouTube)

"Resolving the Health Care Crisis" (T. Colin Campbell - YouTube)

"The Way We Think About Sugar is Going to Change" (Amazon Prime)
This short (~7 minute) video provides good guidance on identifying sugar in food labels.

Other Articles/Research
"8 Ways Food Companies Hide the Sugar Content of Foods"

While there is a plethora of areas I developed in my own research, I'll try and call out the key items at a very understandable level (nothing too scientific), provide my own best practices, and attempt to answer questions to the best of my ability.

Looking forward to Saturday!

Thread: Conference call with John Burgstiner

Freddie X

What a great conference call this Saturday, with our guest speaker John Burgstiner from Logos There were plenty of questions from the members with John answering all of them. John mention about new products and spoke in more detail about the products we with Toxic disease take, this was found to be very interesting to our members. I for one often forget how each product helps our system to gain wellness and how others fight our disease, this conference is well worth listening to again.

Thank you, John for taking the time out of your day to talk to us and with helping us tackle this disease safely, this means such a lot to us all.

Mel as always, a big thanks to you, for all the time you spend organising such interesting calls.

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me 10-10-20


Hello Everyone.

I just want to remind everyone about the importance of coaching in restoring your health. It is truly a blessing that you have found this website.

There is so much knowledge here from people who are better, getting better or just new to this disease.

We all know how hard it is to deal with and impossible to get well without help. Mel is the go to guy for coaching.

He got very sick himself, found the right people and supplements to help him and through trial and error completely restored his health.

He promised God that if he got better be would spend his life helping others. He has met that promise, developed this website and continues to keep us informed of whatever we have to do to get well.

There are so many kind and informative people that post and come to the free weekend calls you won't be walking alone any more.

Read everything you can here. Talk to others and most importantly get coaching from Mel.

If God is for us and there is nothing can stand against us.

Thread: Saturday's conference call with Mel

Fredddie bean

Thank you Mel for such a great call, even though we didn't have a guest speaker.

The call was really interesting with lots of questions from old and new members and many answers for all, except for one and that is how to get rid of Biofilm from one's skin, this has always been an unknown.

So, if anyone has any idea if this is achievable please let us know!

Mel says,"when you restore your health it will disappear."

Everyone joined in with lots of the topics.... Apple cider vinegar, Oatmeal and where to buy the best product, WPS and where this can be used , MSM and how this can be so good for us , CBD oil which seems to be a favorite with many to help with sleep issues and where and which one to purchase. and the bane of our lives mold in our homes!

We are so fortunate to have such a safe, honest place to go for information and support during the battle with Morgellons and we are all indebted to Mel for his hard work and patience with getting us through difficult times that we first faced and the positive/can do attitude he promotes, as we gently rid ourselves of this disease.

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me BYOQ 09-26-20
Thread: Another Great Use for WPS

Micky M

Hello everyone,

Mel asked me to share this with you all.

I had root canal on a tooth with the preparation for a crown 2 weeks ago and the doctor gave me a prescription for an antibiotic which I had already decided I was not going to take.

In the past I had used Sovereign Silver whenever an antibiotic was recommended.

Mel suggested using 8 drops of from both bottles in a "short glass" of warm water. I did this 3x a day for 1 week; I never felt any pain and my mouth never felt cleaner. I go back to the dentist for the permanent crown on Monday.


I believe he will find my tooth in great shape.
Thanks Mel.


Dear All (but especially newbies),

This dis-ease is without a doubt the hardest thing most of us have had to endure in our lifetimes. For a lot of us we scrambled around in the dark, often for years before we got the help we needed via this website and forum, the protocol and the, 'sum of the parts.' Thank God and thank Mel that this all exists. Without Mel we wouldn't have any of it.

All this knowledge is wonderful and the support re the website and the free conference calls at the weekend. But it is not an easy path to tread and sometimes sufferers, especially newbies need that extra helping hand re one on one support. That's where Mel comes in!!!!

Mel has healed himself and helped countless others to heal over many years. He knows the pitfalls. He knows about tenacity, endurance and hope. He never gave up hope and neither should anyone else!!! He has extensive knowledge of this condition and what you need to do to get to the finish line.

If you are struggling, reach out. And I guarantee that he will make you laugh, just when you thought you couldn't laugh:-).

Mel will help you to stay on course and encourage you to see that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

You do not need to do this alone. Mels rates are reasonable and he will work with you at a time that suits you.

Take care,

Donna M

Hi Everyone,

I was just reading through the forum and stumbled across these posts that Leslie and I made two years ago. The messages in these posts still ring true today! As the saying goes, "Some things never change" and in this case, it is a very positive sentiment.

Coaching is definitely the way to go! Mel's coaching is invaluable. The cost of the sessions are so minimal in comparison to the knowledge, guidance and compassion you will receive from Mel. Do yourself a favor and read the posts in this thread - there are only two in addition to this one.

So in closing, please consider purchasing coaching. It is such a valuable tool in the Sum of the Parts. I know that I can talk to Mel and because of his great knowledge, he can 99 times out of 100 calm me down and answer my questions. This has been and continues to be a great comfort, support and confidence builder for me as it will be for you. One on One Coaching is definitely the way to go.

I am so happy to be celebrating over 16 months of restored health and loving life more than ever! Thank you Mel!!


Donna (Sneakers)

Fredddie bean

My Fellow Warriors,

No one understands as much as Mel, yes, the ones that have this toxic disease understand some of what they are going through, like crawling, itchy skin brain fog..... but only understand what is happening at one given time, as this disease mutates and goes in cycles, coaching is a God send for all of us.

When things change it can be scary, however having coaching with Mel can put your mind at rest, that this is part of progression of ditching this disease.

Mel has been one of the main pioneers to conquer Morgellons, with his determination and courage he found a way, there are no text book case when it comes to toxic disease, so this is where Coaching with Mel comes in, he spent many years reading, documenting and adapting many things to relieve his symptoms he knew he had to keeping fighting even though to a greater extent he was doing this on his own. Just at the right time John B came into his life and together they designed the supplement part of Mel's protocol we have be blessed with today.

Coaching covers everything we need while we all climb this mountain;
Mel sets you on the right path with explanations, he always says that knowledge is power, guidance for when need a helping hand and encouragement when we start to falter, He will some how get you to laugh!

Mel is an all-round good egg, we just need to remember to listen to the answers Mel gives with making notes and then following what he is saying.

Freddie x
Thread: Newbies & All - Song: Just to Brighten Your Day

Rockin Robin

Hello You guys!

Here's a song to lift your spirits. Play on your phone or computer. "YOUR LOVE BROKE THROUGH" By Keith Green

Also newbies, here are some songs that helped me get through the early days in fighting this disease. I listened to them everyday!!

1. One Moment In Time by Dana Winners
2. The Living Proof by Mary J, Blige
3. Sunny Day by Joy Williams
4. I Wish You Jesus by Scott Wesley Brown

I guarantee you will feel better and inspired after listening to these songs everyday!!!

Hope they bless you as much as they always do me!!!!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin
Thread: Attention Newbies!!!!

Rockin Robin

Dear Lily, Desiree, Jolanta, Diane & Joshua, Diana, & Neal ( and anyone else I may have missed),

I am so glad you are here. Some of you have been here for a little while and have already learned a lot! Reading will answer a lot of your questions. When I first came to the website, I read everyday until I had read nearly everything under each heading on the webpage site. Some I came back to later for more.

I learned a lot about help with symptoms from posts between members and in the search engine. You will learn a lot about diet that way too under Articles and Diet and the post Delicious Dining for Your Enjoyment. Keep some separate notebooks for the following: 1. conference calls, 2. diet and recipes, 3. prayer and devotionals, 4. information, medicines, and supplies. (phone #'s and emails for companies that sell our products) & help for symptoms. The reason being , is that if you put it all in one notebook, you will constantly be looking and looking for what you wrote down. I found it so much easier to organize and separate these. I like the 5inch by 7 inch or 5inch by 8 inch smaller spiral notebooks. This saves enormous time!! You will be filling them up and buying more, but it does slow down after a while.

I thought I would mention some of the food and meals I eat and are approved.

Meats - free range chicken, very lean pork, canadian bacon, turkey canadian bacon, ground lean turkey, free range beef-very lean, ground lean buffalo -delicious, Mel loves Kosher meats!! Lunch meats- that say no nitrates, no hormones, no anti-biotics, all natural. There are several brands in all big chain grocery stores. I like Hormel's All Natural Oven Cooked Turkey & Ham !4 oz. pkgs. Wild - Caught fish & shrimp

Vege's - cabbage, onions, bell peppers, garlic, celery, brussel sprouts, broccoli, califlower, califower rice, asparagus, mustard and turnip greens, okra, green beans, yellow squash, and zucchini squash, artichoke hearts, spinach, lettuce, kale, tomatoes in moderation. I buy all of these fresh or in frozen bags= nothing in them but the veges. No sauses, or extra ingredients in bags.

Other - Eggs, Eggs, & Eggs - you will eat a lot of eggs! Almond milk unsweetened, Vanilla almond milk unsweetened, and chocolate almond milk unsweetened. For a sweet treat a glass of vanilla or chocolate unsweetened almond milk with some stevia in it. ( occassionally) Olive oil and coconut oil only, Kerrygold Irish butter, Brand- Chosen Avacado Oil Mayo or make some homemade from articles and diet on the website. No regular condiments! Recipe for ketchup on website too!

Fruit- To start strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries - IN MODERATION
1/4 CUP A DAY!. I have mine with breakfast. I usually buy 2 kinds at a time. Later when Mel says its ok, you can add green apples - 2 TBS. cooked cinnamon apples.

I use lots of lettuce leaves for wraps! They are my tortillas and breads. Example: ground turkey with chili powder & cumin salt & pepper inside lettuce leaf with avacado and tomato on top. I have many different things to put in them! Lunch meat, chicken, almost anything. Salads with meat toppings! Oil and apple cider vinegar dressings. Approved mayo and lemon dressing.

Teas- Peppermint, Red Rooibus, Moringa, Green and there are others that are good, I buy all caffine free. Dandylion & coconut tea makes a wonderful substitute for coffee. add some flavored almond milk (vanilla or chocolate) and stevia and wow, it is good!

Drinks - Water, Teas, Lemon Cleanse or plain lemon drink, and Apple Cider Vinegar/ Cinnamon Drink ( with all these drinks, you have to experiment with the lemon juice or apple-cider vinegar to determine the strength you like mixed with water).

1. Lemon Cleanse - lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper ( stevia if you like, I do! )
This drink helps with the crawlies, they don't like it !!!
2. Lemon, water, stevia
3. Apple Cider Vinegar, water, cinnamon, turmeric & stevia
I love these on ice or freeze it to a slush. Mix or stir before drinking each time. All of these drinks are good for you!!

Snacks - fresh ground almond butter or in a jar. Nuts!!! Pecans, walnuts, almonds and my favorite pumpkin seeds without shells - the crawlies hate them!!

There are many other things you can add to this as time goes buy and other recipes on the website. But, this should give you a good start !!

You will bake, broil, steam and pan fry or cook most of these, plus microwave some of the vegetables etc....

NEXT - Some of your weapons for fighting this disease:

1. Protocol - Get on this right away!! This will heal your immune system. Talk to Mel.

2. Kleen Green - you can put this everywhere on your body but not in your eyes , nose, or face. It is ok in the hair. Kleen Green is your friend and kills the pathegens!

3. Sovereign Silver - You can put this on your face, neck, in your eyes, nose, ears, and sores and rashes. Mostly anywhere and you can take it orally. 1 tsp. under the tongue for a min. then swallow morning and night. There is a sovereign silver gel that is great for the sores and rashes and break-out bumps etc... However don't put the gel in your eyes, or mouth ( not orally ).

4. WPS - this is something you won't use orally until Mel tells you the right time to start it. He will instruct you on WPS. However, you can begin using it in the laundry and for me it was wonderful. After several washings, there are no pathogens in my clothes, Still using it over a year later!

5 . Stevia - can work on break-outs, rashes and sores. Mix with a little water. The Pyure brand is a good brand and Sweet Drops. Pure Organic Leaf Extract Stevia
I buy the packages, some prefer the liquid.

6. Sulfer Soap - You will bathe and shampoo with it. A miracle for sure!! I also use Tea Tree & Mint shampoo ( Walmart )

These 6 above are GOLD!!!! Your friends and you need them to manage this disease!!
5 & 6 I added because I have had great success with them!

The diet calls for organic veges and special meats and things that are expensive, you may not be able to afford all organic and special meats in the beginning but you will pick and choose and eventually work it out so your getting the best quality without the junk they add to foods and on foods ex. pesticides, hormones, dyes, and preservatives, etc...

I hope this helps all of you newbies, I floundered at first, Be patient with yourself! This is a lot of info. when you first find the website. It does take time to get it all organized and going smoothly. But, You can do it!! Take one day at a time, one hour at a time! You won't believe where you will be in 6 months or a year!!! Don't be afraid to call Mel or ask for help or advice from any of us!! We're here and we care!!!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin Romans 5:1-5 Have FAITH & BELIEVE !!!

Thread: Conference with Ruth from England

Fredddie bean

Ruth was our guest speaker at today's conference, I am not being bias when I say how wonderful to hear Ruth from England story, of how she got well from Morgellons. Ruth told her story from the very start of getting Morgellons in 2014 until she was full recovered in 2017 in a really comprehensive way which was easy to follow.

Ruth spoke about the diet being an important part to achieving recovery Wellness, she spoke about still sticking to 30g of Carbohydrate's a day saying that her body has got use to not having the carbs and no longer craves for them. There was mention an interesting fact about the carbs in vegetables for instance Ruth mentioned Broccoli , one of my favourite veggies saying about the amount of carbs, I have never counted my green veggies and was surprised to see by this chart here ...How Many Carbs Are in Vegetables? The amount of carbs they produce and hold.

Thank you so much Ruth for taking the time out of your evening to be our guest speaker, it is going to help so many who were on the call and the ones that listen to the recording once on the forum, to see there is light at the end of that long tunnel, we just need stick with the sum of the parts.

Also, a big thank you to Mel for making this all happen, we are all forever indebted to you.

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me 09-12-20
Thread: Cool Mat

Fredddie bean

Hello everyone

Here is the cooling mat I mentioned on Saturdays call, here is one similar to the one I have.

However there are many out there, this one you do not need to put it in the freezer nor the fridge it just stays cool, I pop mine into a plastic bag and store mine in the fridge, just for that extra instant coolness when I need it.

Freddie x
Thread: Saturday's BYOQ

Fredddie bean

Saturday's BYOQ conference call,

was firstly directed by Mel to the newbies, Mel talk through that although supplements were a big part at get us well, they were by no means the only thing, we must all remember the sum of the parts. Mel spoke about reading through the web site and forum, the forum is a such a great way in seeing how people are progressing on their journey to reaching wellness.

Mel mentioned it helps to listen to the videos on some of those who gained their life back, you can find all the links to these under "Follow the journey's". Coming to the conference calls and hearing people talk about how they have also had the same issues and for the newbies to come to the Sunday prayer meeting where we also have fellowship afterwards, here we really get to know the members and form friendships.

Posting in the forum is good thing to do, so you can map your progress. After the initial introductions for the newbies Mel went around for everyone to ask any questions, they would like answered. Mel demonstrated that just putting one word in to the search box they could find all the answers there.

There were questions on Palpitations, clothes washing, sleep problems and CBD oil, nausea ,coffee substitute and Kosher meat.

Thank you, Mel, for all your knowledge you share with us, goodness knows where we would all be without you.

Freddie x

Click Link Below to Listen
Thread: Organic Womens Beauty Site


Hello Ladies

Here is a link to a site that can provide you with organic women's beauty products. It is endorsed by Dr. Marc Hyman, whom I believe we can be confident in his integrity. There is also a $10 dollar coupon within the site link. Hope this helps you avoid hidden beauty products toxicity.

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

Strength and Love,
Thread: For the 'newly stricken'


Hello Everyone and Welcome,

We, the three amigos finally agreed on something. How important this call will be for anyone in the early stages of dealing with toxic diseases!

So please, listen and learn and eradicate the fear !! You will have a much better idea of what you will be dealing with in the coming months.

More knowledge = Less fear.!!!
Less fear = easier to move forward.

Thanks to the tank,

God bless you all,


Coffee, Tea with Me 08-05-17
Thomas the Tank shares his six month update
Thread: The love will come, just not always in the way you expect it to


Dear Robin, Linda, Karen, Jamie and Terry,

Thanks sooo much for your response re Ossian the seal. It made me happy to see that our connection brought a smile to your faces :-).

I still remember that feeling of utter joy I felt when he heard me call on him and he swam right to me. He saw that joy in my face, he heard that joy in my voice and he in turn was very happy to reciprocate the love back.

I remember how he swam right to the waters edge and lifted his chest out the water, the spotted colours of brown and grey and white and his huge brown liquid eyes sparkling and shining at me, it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

I decided to call him, 'Ossian,' because that name is originated from the old Irish Oisin and it is a boys name meaning, 'little deer.' Ossians eyes are big beautiful and almost deer like. And his name is pronounced Aw sheen... And I kind of thought it sounded, like Ocean.

After our initial meeting I longed to see him and I did 8 days later. I called, "beautiful boy," and he swam right to me. Again, he was smiling, eyes sparkling and baring his beautiful chest for me too see. I chatted away to him as one would a long lost friend. And he talked with that seal sound, his whiskers moving and he looked deeply into my eyes.

Five times I have seen him and called and he has swam to me . Once there were other people nearby and though he swam to me he was more reserved. But when I was alone he would always swim up out of the water bare his chest and open his eyes completely and we would look right at each each other and we were connected again

Each time I would walk away my heart feeling warm and my mind content and happy and exhilarated. And this feeling would stay with me for a while as I remembered our meetings in my mind. In my heart, the warm feeling would last for a few hours. Later, in the days that followed I would find myself doing something rather menial in my home and then remember Ossian and all of a sudden a big smile would appear across my face.

I started to research about harbour seals and fell in love with a myriad of pictures of them that I saw on the net. I watched and laughed heartily at a seal bobbing it's head in time to the beat of various songs. I was amazed that other scientists even taught seals to sing ten notes of the, "Star Wars, *'theme tune. I learned they are called,' the dogs of the sea.' As like dogs they are playful, childlike, inquisitive, intelligent and enjoy having fun. I watched videos of rescue seal pups being fed and watered and given soft toys to cuddle and blankets that resembled the feel of their mother's skin. And I cried and smiled when they released them back to the wild again. It's their lovely gentle faces that get me every time, their huge eyes and that bumbling awkward way they have when navigating dry land. And yet when they are in the water, they are elegant and delicate and dip and dive in the most eloquent and delightful way. I am transfixed by their gentle command of the watery universe they inhabit. I think to myself, how can they be so delicate in their swimming when they are such big fellows. Yet they swim like expert ballerinas of the oceans. And they love to play hide and seek, bobbing up and down, now you see me now you don't and teasing the onlooker :-).

We as land creatures can mostly only dream of the worlds deep under the blue yonder that seals inhabit. My favourite pictures of seals are taken deep, deep under the sea showing them swimming in their world. Surrounded by underwater plants dancing and fish darting and water swaying. The colours vivid and beautiful and mesmerising. I would lie in my bed and close my eyes and picture that world in my minds eye. It brought me peace to think of that world.

And so it is with a saddened heart that I say that I haven't seen Ossian for two and a half weeks now. After swimming to me five times, after I called on him, I hoped in my heart that this would be a regular connection between us. But as lockdown relaxes a bit and the world gets a little busier again it seems that the wild animals are now returning to their own worlds again. I walk to our meeting place and I gaze out to the water and I call his name and I look and I watch and I wait. Holly sits and watches and waits beside me. I look left, I look right. I look up, I look down.I think in my mind, "Where's my beautiful boy?" I feel in my heart, " Where's my beautiful boy." And eventually I come away up the road, to my normal life. I guess the essence of me longing for that connection with the wild, the free and the beautiful.

I still have my amazing memories and I'm still hopeful that I will see him again. Whether I do or whether I dont, I still say prayers for Ossian and his family. I hope that they will be all well and happy, with plenty of nice fish to keep them content.:-).i wish them all a long and happy life and a peaceful passing in old age.

I'm wondering what Ossian is doing now.

I dearly hope that he's basking on a comfortable, supportive rock, surrounded by the sound of gentle water, which lulls him into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Love you Ossian,
Chrissie and Holly xxx
Thread: The love will come, just not always in the way you expect it to


Dearest Chrissie,

What a beautiful story about your encounter with the seal! God’s creatures on this earth possess far more intelligence than we give them credit for!!!

Clearly, your brief chat with the seal lifted your spirits immensely! I don’t think I have ever had an animal respond to me like that, but God sends all sorts of messages via nature.

I recall one day during the first year of my illness, some day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when God opened the sky on a very dreary day to show me one huge ray of sunlight. It made me feel as though it came straight from heaven with the message that God is always there.

Thank you for sharing such a lovely story...and I am glad that Holly was awed by the seal’s presence, too!


Rockin Robin

Dear Diana,

Here are some of the verses I was telling you about. God has truly been speaking to me about afflictions disease, trials, and the reasons for them. Then there is usually a promise from Him involved! It has truly blessed me!

Roman 5: 1-5
Romans 8: 12-30
Romans 8: 16-18 & 26-30
1 Peter 1: 5-9
Ephesians 3: 10-20
Isaiah 57: 18 & 19
James 4: 8

These came over 2 weeks for me. Take your time. I hope they bless you and reassure you!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin
Thread: The love will come, just not always in the way you expect it to


Dear Chrissie,

SO amazing that the seal came up and interacted with you like that. No doubt in the world this was a direct expression of love and encouragement from God through nature.

It was so incredibly sweet how he responded to "Beautiful Boy!" It's like he knew how much love you were projecting toward him and he responded in a way that leaves no doubt he felt it. He was sending love back to you too!

This experience affected you deeply...but I kind of think it affected "Beautiful Boy" in some profound way as well.

Thank you so much for sharing this story. I was at work when it came up on my email and it completely touched my heart. So moving!



P.S. I think you need to write a children's book about this and title it, "Beautiful Boy."
Thread: The love will come, just not always in the way you expect it to

Chrissy & Holly

A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit sad and in need of a bit of TLC, so I walked to a local river. In the distance, to my surprise I saw a seal, his beautiful face bobbing in the water. For some reason I then decided to shout out at the top of my voice, "Beautiful Boy!!!! Beautiful Boy!!!!." I shouted it with as much affection and care in my voice as I could. To my surprise and utter amazement, instead of swimming away the seal dipped up and down there times and came to the waters edge to see me!!! I was over the moon!!!! Absolutely very happy indeed!!!

So here we were, the seal looking up at me and Holly and us looking down spellbound at this fantastical moment of beauty and goodness. He rose up and I saw his magnificent chest all spotted brown, gray and white. His eyes were the most gorgeous huge liquid brown eyes I have ever seen in my life and they were happy to see us. He was radiant, his eyes shining bright and sparkling as if he was sending us love. He WAS sending us love!!!!! :-). He was in his element at one with nature and it showed. I have never seen such a happy, content and peaceful creature.

I said to him excitedly, "thank you sooo much for coming to say hello. You are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen in my life!!!" The words were tumbling off my tongue, singing and dancing their way to his ears. He knew I was delighted to be in his presence. He knew he was very special and I was so happy to see him. He looked soo wise.

The seal opened his mouth and talked back his whiskers twitching and mouth open. All the while I kept telling him how special and beautiful he was. He was indeed enjoying the compliments and the affection in my voice!!

Holly didn't say a word which is unlike her. She was quiet as a church mouse and just watched this magnificent creature rise up from the water and share a special time with us.

Then he dipped down and disappeared into the depths below.

I walked up the road ecstatic. I was sooo excitable, almost like a child who had discovered that Santa Claus does actually exist :-).

It was a tremendous gift that meeting. Little did I know that day that I would be sent love by a wild sea creature who would swim to us, fresh from the depths of the water just to say hello!!!

So I just want to say, LOOK for the little moments of pleasure and happiness. Hold onto them for dear life as they will gladden your heart and nurture your soul. We all need that element of surprise, the times when even just for a little while we are happy and we forget our troubles.

Please feel free in this thread, to tell us of any unexpected moments in your lives that have made you smile from ear to ear. Sometimes in the face of adversity, all we have is those moments, they sustain us and for those times they bring some beauty or light or laughter in. And such moments will strengthen your immunity too! :-)

Love Chrissie, Holly and Ossian the seal Xxx

Rockin Robin

Hi Everyone!

I just want to say thank you again to Mel and the community for being here week after week on the phone calls, for the support, help, and friendships!

I talked with Diana today and it is so wonderful to hear her excitement, joy, and peace she feels after finding this website and the community!

I could relate so well, because I remember how I felt when I first found the website and talked to Mel. The relief, joy, and excitement at finally finding a diagnosis, someone who knew and understood what I was going through and friends who also knew!

She said her depression had lifted and I felt real joy for her and with her! I say this because I want everyone in the community to know how much each one of us matters, what we share, and say, and pray, and how it helps others and how we help each other.

The smallest thing we share, sometimes means the world to someone else. I feel the Lord's spirit move in this community.

So, thank you for the support and all I receive from each of you!!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin

P,S, Diana - You go girl!! So proud of you and your attitude! Your getting the weapons, tools, and wisdom to beat this thing!! I'm honored by your friendship!!
Thread: Saturday conference call with Cathee from Natural Ginesis

Fredddie bean

Well what can I say, other than another brilliant call with our guest speaker Cathee from Natural Ginesis, who supply us with such fabulous products.

Cathee talked about Diatomaceous Earth, which was so very informative the benefits of DE are vast!.....promotes hair and nail growth ,dental health and helps with bleeding gums, also promotes healthy digestion the add heath benefits list goes on...

Kleen Green one of our members favorite products was mentioned many times, we just love this product of Natural Ginesis, especially during these trying times, Cathee mentioned about carrying a little spray bottle of diluted 1 to 7 in the car so whenever we pop out to the shops we can spray our hands before and afterwards, what a great idea, I for one much prefers to use kleen Green on my hands other than the hand sanitizer which seems to be very drying.

There were many questions on essential oils were asked, on how to use them safely and their benefits.

All in all it was a great conference, so thank you very much Cathee for all the great information you shared with us and answering all our questions and once again thank you Mel for continuing in making these conferences happen.

Freddie x

Good morning Mel,

I was unable to answer full about what plant citronella is derived from.
I believe it was Terry. Here's the answer ....

Citronella oil is an essential oil obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon (lemongrass). The oil is used extensively as a source of perfumery chemicals such as citronellal, citronellol, and geraniol.

Have a blessed day!
Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday July 18 2020

Rockin Robin

Hello Everyone In The Community!

Happy 4th Of July!!!

I hope everyone is happy, confident and feeling good and full of hope!!

I have been blessed this year with many things, and thought I would share with you some of them.

Through my illness, I have drawn closer to God and he is teaching me wisdom about various questions and situations.

My family came around and began to support me in my battle with this disease.

I have rekindled old friendships through facebook and keep in touch with relatives more often which makes me extremely happy!
My two children are well and happy in their lives.

I have made wonderful new friendships in this community and have been blessed with Mel, a wonderful mentor and friend!!

And, I see God working in the people I know. There are blessings every single day, albeit some are tiny, but they bring me peace & joy!!

Everyday is a new day and a blessing and although I battle this disease, I am learning much through this journey. I know I can and will get well!!

I pray and wish each one of you good health, peace, love, and joy!!!!!
Never give up hope, try to see HIS beauty and wisdom in all things and most importantly, meet HIM everyday for a heart to heart.

Love & Hugs,
Rockin' Robin
Philippians 4:10-13
Song: My Treasure By Scott Wesley Brown

Thread: Karpe Diem, Carpe Deus.

Karen the Librarian

Fellow community Members,

Have felt led to share a few thughts with you all today.
First though, let me explain the heading of this entry:
You may remember the movie "Dead Poets Society" from the late '80s. That film meant a lot to me. Robin Williams was extraordinary (as usual.)

Carpe Diem has come to mean "Seize the Day'. Doesn't that have meaning for each of us in this Community? We have found the site, we have Mel as our coach, we have each other to encourage us! We must "Seize the Opportunity - Day by Day" and keep on keeping on, and not let go of HOPE!

(Well, to continue, please indulge the personal note here: I have changed it to "Karpe Diem", because I was a lifeguard for several years, and taught swimming, and had the nickname "Fish", or "Karp". Since my name Karen, I think Karpe works well! )

Well, Carpe Deus means "Seize God", or literally "Pluck God". Karen's paraphrase is "Seek God with ALL your heart!! He promises we will find Him when we seek Him earnestly! So, this day, be encouraged to SEEK Him, knowing that He knows your challenges, and He is with you, and yearns to encourage you in this day and this time in your life.

This morning, the song "Through it All" by Andre Crouch came to mind. We don't know wny this disease has attacked us, but we do know WHO walks with us. Through it All we can be drawn closer to Him, and somehow, He will bring glory to His name.

Please spend 7 minutes and watch/listen to this YouTube from Brother Andre, and be ministered to:

Karen (the librarian)
Thread: Conference with Cathee


Hi Freddie,

Thank you for giving us an overview of Saturday's call with Cathee.

Cathee is one of my very favorite people that Mel gets to come on the conference calls from time to time because she is such a knowledgeable, kind, and patient lady. She always has something interesting and useful to teach us and she takes the time to thoughtfully answer our questions.

Not to mention that Cathee's company is Natural Ginesis, which sells absolutely terrific products.

Cathee also kindly gives us a discount on her products when we use the discount code MORG15. I think that applies to all Natural Ginesis products except for the Toxic Disease Starter Kit, which is already discounted a lot more than 15%.

I was not able to attend the call Saturday, but no doubt like many others, I do plan on listening to the recording. So, thank you again for an overview of the call.

God bless,

Thread: Conference with Cathee

Fredddie bean

Hi Everyone

What a really great call......

Our very own Cathee from Natural Ginesis was the guest on this Saturdays Conference call ... she has such a wealth knowledge so never disappoints, we all learn something new each time Cathee kindly comes on to the calls.

We all learnt so much about all the different Essential oils today, how to prepare by adding drops into a carrier oil, what each one helps with and where to apply, also where NOT to apply that being your pets!

Of course lots of talk from everyone's all time favorite product, Kleen Green no getting away from it, Kleen Green is just an excellent performer and so versatile, yes a good all rounder on just about everything.
(Don't forget to dilute)

So very informative as always Cathee, thank you so much for taking the time to be this Saturdays guest speaker and thank you Mel for making this call happen

Freddie x
Thread: Morning, Afternoon and Evening Conference Call


Hello My Fellow Warriors,

I have to agree with Freddie B, our Saturday calls are always so inspirational and informative for all of our newbies.

Joining the community by joining the Saturday calls is the way I learned so much on how people were getting well. Everything is on the table for discussing. You can ask any question you want. This is such a fantastic way to learn from others how and what they are doing to get well.

There are several people who are 95% well. " One of them being myself." We are so happy to give advice, as we have all been where each and everyone of you are right now. I just love helping in any way I can. I want you all to know there is "HOPE."
You can get well as long as you follow the protocol and come to understand the meaning of THE SUM OF THE PARTS!!!

You must always follow the diet
You must always take the protocol
Don't ever miss taking your dose of WPS
Get coaching from Mel, it is priceless!!!
Slow and steady
Get lots of rest
Drink more water then you ever have before.

I have been doing this for over 2 years. I have never once giving up. I will make it to the end of this journey.

I will do my "HAPPY DANCE."

Mel has helped "Hundreds" get well. We will be on that list soon.

If I can do it, so can you!

Come to the Saturday and Sunday calls. I will be there to do anything I can to help anyone who has a question that I can answer.

God Bless you all as we go through this journey together.
With Mel's help and our faith in God we can all get well.

Your friend,

Thread: Holy Saturday Conference Call


Dear All,

I know it has been a few weeks since this conference call but these calls are timeless and also extremely precious!

I urge anyone who hasn't listened to the Call from 04/11/20 to do so :-).

I agree wholeheartedly with Freddie, Linda and Ruth Ann just how important these calls are.

This call in particular was such an excellent idea by our very own Mel who in the space of a few days thought it up, rallied together all the troops and seamlessly brought it all together. You go Mel!!!!!:-).

The call brought together 11 warriors from the past and the present and some who will be healing into the future.

James was there which was extremely pertinent as he was the fourth person Mel helped on the website, well over a decade ago. He said that finding Mel was a, 'godsend.' At the time he was going to school and had a job and was still able to heal himself re the protocol. He went on to train as a registered nurse. He felt that the protocol gave him a, 'rebirth,' like he was, 'born again.' This is because through building his health up, he felt better after he got sick than he did before. Mel encouraged him to be brave. He said to listeners that through prayers, patience and following the protocol... it worked!!! He keeps healthy nowadays by keeping up the basic protocol.

Mel said to James, " well we are all here because of a 40lb Red Tailed Hawk who talks." Love it!! :-).

Next on the call was Ruth from England. She was the first person that Mel helped in Europe and she comes back when she can to encourage others. She said that God answered her prayers when Mel phoned her!! Ruth said the forum helped tremendously also, she read it an hour every day for six weeks to acclimatise herself with everything. She encouraged people from the UK to get the protocol from Logos shipped to them and to get Sovereign Silver too!

Monica came on and It was personally wonderful to hear her. I had followed her journey religiously when majorly struggling before I had properly joined the community. She and her journey and her words and experience and knowledge and faith had been a crutch for me back then. To hear her talk I was bowled over!!! I used to say to myself, "what would Monica do?" That's how much reading her journey had meant to me.

Monica stated emphatically that Mel and John had given her the tools to save her life!! She said she couldn't imagine her life without the knowledge she has now. She stated that she's happy that her journey helped so many people :-). She said she also needed to journal for her own journey to learn and grow psychologically and spiritually. She said that the whole healing journey makes you question how much you love yourself. You learn to eat healthily. You realise how much you want to live. By taking herbs, food supplements etc, she said you learn to Love yourself every day!!! Powerful sentiments indeed from Monica.

Our very own Cheryl came on the call. Cheryl with her gentle, intelligent and thoughtful ways, stated that for her James is a, 'symbol of hope.' That his posts have always been important to her. They encourage her to keep going in her healing journey and to never give up.

It was so nice to hear everybody!!!!!!

Deborah and Carrie (mother and daughter) came on. Deborah said that scriptures say,"pain in the night, but joy in the morning." That through the consistent and persistent working at the, 'sum of the parts,' and cleaning the bioterrain, they both healed.

Carrie said that as a child it was hard to take meds. But she survived by listening to parents, trusting in God and listening to Uncle Mel :-). She said Mel has got, 'good advice.'

Mary came in and stated that Mel is fearless and we all owe so much to him. In 2014 Mary got Morgellons. Her name in the forum was Mary the canonite woman. At the time she was the mother of a ten year old. She said the protocol woke her up and that she didn't cheat.

Mel said it depends on how much people love life, if they love it, they work at their healing and follow the protocol.

Donna said that God led her to Mels website. It was the right place for her absolutely. She urged people to follow the protocol and said that coaching with Mel really helped her along her healing journey . Donna read other people's journeys like Mary's. Her friendships with friends on the site also encouraged and helped her along the way.

Peter came on and said the protocol really works! He is now a healthy 67 year old who works with seniors in a community centre . God allowed him to heal through the protocol. He said that Mel delivers Hope and that God comes and walks us through our healing journey. I know that Peters healing journey on the website has helped many a person through the years also :-).

Leslie who is almost completely healed now stated that past warriors gave her Hope!! She encouraged people in their healing journey to be bold, brave, get coaching and listen to Mel even If he has his hockey stick out :-).

Kelly said that Monica was her Rock Star!!!! Your not alone there Kelly! She said that many people in this community are Angels and that we are all incredibly lucky to have found this site.She said there are ups and downs in the journey but that setbacks get shorter and shorter. Finally, one day Mel tells us we can do the Happy Dance!!! :-).

Aunt Laura said she was thrilled to be on the call, able to lift the spirits of people listening. She stated that it takes time but don't give up. Have Hope. Believe it!!! Research the protocol, get the knowledge, good food and start your own healing journey. Aunt Laura emphasised to everyone 'YOU CAN DO THIS.'

Well my friends, I was one of the eleven warriors past, present and future. But I cannot tell you what I said on the call. I know I was tickled pink to speak to Monica and loving hearing everybody on there. However, I cannot go back and listen to ma wee squeaky Scottish voice on the recordings. Ha ha, you will just have to listen for yourselves :-).

Thanks ever so much for slotting that call together Mel, like an amazing, multicoloured jigsaw puzzle. Pieces coming in from all over the globe, but in the end fitting perfectly together!!

God bless everyone who came on the call and shared their individual journeys.


Coffee, Tea with Me 04/11/20
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Thread: Songs Of The Journey


Hi everyone,

I am overjoyed due to being able to breathe normally again at 99%, instead of years of breathing through the mire an O2 Sat. ranging from low 80's to low 90's. That in and of itself is a miracle!

My thanks goes out to Mel, Logos Nutrionals, the folks at Solvereign Silver, Healthy Way and each and everyone of you in the community.

God bless you and heal you all and may you have a wonderful day today and always.

Don't ever give up HOPE.

Thank you all, Sue!
Thread: More Communication is Better


Good day All,

Pray everyone is safe & staying home!

This is going to be epic!

I am so honored to join with all the Warriors who have gone before us and are living the healthy life. with restored health..

I am happy forAll of us who are in the 90percent club...

But most of all, looking forward to encouraging all newbies.

See you Saturday Lord Willing!

In The Master’s Hand
Thread: More Communication is Better


Hello Everyone and Welcome,

May I have your attention please! Last week's BYOQ (bring your own questions) was incredible and if I'm not mistaken, it was the highest attended call of this year! It was really great to have at least
10 members of our community join us who haven't been here for a while. People do come back to get refreshed, ask a question or just to say hello and share their time with all of you.

Great call so be sure to listen in the player below.

Even though this is very short notice I would like to invite any past, present or future Warrior to join us this week on the 1st "Warrior Call" ever!
This will be a fantastic opportunity for all our newbie Warriors to hear from our more experienced travelers about their roads to recovery.

So, if you're a Warrior now, be there and if you're a Warrior from the recent past, well I'll be looking for you with a hockey stick if you're not there.
If you're an Oldie but Goodie who comes back to join us, well I'll just smile from ear to ear!

Always remember your comments can save a life!

I'll see you all on Saturday and remember everyone is welcome, these calls are free and the information is all right here in this thread, More Communication is Better.

Times, phone number and access code are listed below.

Conference call line 712-775-8962, access code 664059

Problems Connecting? Try this Number
Back Up Line 302-202-1112, Access Code 664059

Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me
  • 11:00AM---12:30PM (Pacific)
  • 12:00PM---1:30PM (Mountain)
  • 1:00PM-----2:30PM (Central)
  • 2:00PM-----3:30PM (Eastern)
Sunday's Prayer Meeting
  • 11:00 AM (Pacific)
  • 12:00 PM (Mountain)
  • 1:00 PM (Central)
  • 2:00 PM (Eastern)

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 04/04/20

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I look forward to speaking with you soon.

God Bless you all; It's really true that those who did not give up Hope got well


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Thread: Toxic Disease Pioneer Presents - New Stories From Those Who Have Restored Their Health


I’d like to thank Margo and Daisy for the video on this thread. Mel thought I would appreciate listening to it, so I did, and he was correct. I found it to be a source of inspiration and hope.

We are all on this journey together, even if our individual experiences with MD & Lyme and other toxic illnesses vary from person to person in relation to the symptoms we experience and the degree to which we experience them. Everyone’s body is different.

However, as I listened to Daisy, it struck me that much of what she said, I could have said about my own experience. In the beginning, everyone is overwhelmed. Once we start the protocol, it starts to do its magic. Once we become involved with the forum, we are given immense support and hope. Slowly but surely, our bodies start to heal. Although I am not completely well yet, I hope to be someday, as we all do.

I think it is important to listen to the stories of individuals who have gotten there. Since I started the protocol, I have seen Donna get better. Leslie is inches from the finish line. So many others that I know and love have shown improvement in the year and a half that I have been around.

Thank you, Mel, for a website that enables us to view videos like this in order to reinforce how important it is to never give up hope and to trust in God, the ultimate healer.

Thread: Newbie here



I have gone through river of emotions reading other's journeys.

I believe with all my heart that it is no coincidence that I am beginning my journey at the beginning of 2020. New year, a new journey, a new commitment that I intend to see myself giving a wonderful testimony of how my Father God sent me looking desperately for what I could do to alleviate these terrible and unbelievable symptoms and how I found an answer to my prayer for help.

I searched one day and found Mr Mel and his wonderfully informative and lovingly accepting community.

After taking the time to read and read some more, I have to agree with those who believe there is always HOPE! Never give up!!

Thread: children and morgellons


I'm just beginning this Journey this rainy December day.

I almost had to be hospitalized, but my son and grand children kept me going. Is it true everyone in the home gets this.

Mel Say's it might appear that way because of your circumstance, but that's not normally the case!

I see signs in my son diagnosed with Autism but he has no complaints. My 3 yr old granddaughter has all the symptoms symptoms I have. What can I do for her?

Mel Suggest that you read this entire thread to learn that children are much easier to restore than adults, then let go of anxiety related to worrying about the children. We can Discuss this as well on Sunday or set up a time this week.

Hope this helps.

God bless,
Thread: Dance, Dance and Dance some more

Freddie bean

Hi Everyone

As many of you know I love music and dancing, well I had been invited to a friend's evening Christmas celebration and they had a disco, well I danced nearly non stop for three hours it was such fun. I wore a flapper dress which has lots of bling however the unfortunate thing was my dancing was a little too energetic the dangle sparkly fringe bits kept falling off, I had a good few in my handbag by the end of the night!

To all the newbies reading this I was very poorly 18 months ago or thereabouts, I was just giving up on life after doctors and skin specialists were telling me I was delusional when I found Mel and How I Cured Morgellons web site, when I read an email from Mel saying "I think I can help you" it was like a great weight had been lifted, I smiled laughed and cry all at the same time.

I haven't had much energy since 1998 when I got myself Lyme's, although I recovered enough after three years to go back to work part time, I was never really myself and struggled but I didn't look back because I was so much better than I was, I just thought this is me I am older this is what happens at my age, how wrong was I!

Mel has got me to the place that I am at how, with his protocol and his selfless support and guidance, Mel knows everything about this toxic disease when ever I need he a little extra support he is there at the end of the phone to coax me on.

I am nearly back to my old self a fun loving person, friends use to say if there wasn't smile on my face there must be something wrong. I smile all the time now, people at work think I'm weird ha ha...if only they knew what I have been through and now coming out of....

From a very Happy

Freddie x
Thread: My Journey With Morgellons


Hi Everyone!!

I never shared my beginning with Morgellons or shared my story because until I found the website and Mel, I didn't understand much of anything! All I can say is that I was in bad shape.

I ate horribly, didn't sleep much, and had terrible symptoms. All on top of family that did not believe me! At first, they were sympathetic. But, I couldn't tell them how to help me, because I didn't know how to help myself!!

I went to doctor after doctor ( MD's, Dermatologists, a mite specialist, and eventually a pchyiatrist). I spent all of my savings, over $10,000.00 dollars which was all I had in the world, trying to find help... to no avail.

And then... an answer to my prayers! I found the website and Mel Friedman!! It was a turning point in my life!!

Our road in the battle of Morgellons, Lyme Disease, Co-Infections and other toxic diseases is not an easy one. Everyday brings new challenges. Some days are good and some days are bad. But, we are not alone!!

I have more "family" than I have ever had! And God has taken the negatives in my life and turned them into positives!! Its hard to believe, but many good things have happened because of this disease!!

It seems to me that we become the best people we can be through suffering and trials. We certainly learn from these experiences. If that's what it takes for me to be where God wants me to be,...I'm OK with that!

Even though I am fighting this disease everyday, I am happy! I have hope! Through God, family, Mel, the community, friends, and my decisions each and everyday, I can win this battle!!

I am nowhere near to being well...yet. But, each day brings me closer to that goal!!

I pray for all of you continuously, for the healthiest, fullest, and richest bodies and lives we can have!!

Until later, HUGS & LOVE, Rockin Robin
Thread: Happy Thanksgiving / Be Thankful


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I’d love to start by thanking everyone for your posts and for sharing about your day. It helps me to remember that truly everything is okay and that I am reminded that I should be content with my surroundings, no matter my circumstances.

I’m thankful that this toxic disease is ONLY temporary, and that when we have moved on and our health is restored, that I’ll have friendships/new family that will last forever. I’m so grateful for Mel and for this site, for the strength in this community, and for the support we give to one another. Thank you!!

I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever. Psalm 86:12

Prayers & Blessings go out to all of you!
Thread: Happy Thanksgiving / Be Thankful


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Mel, THANK YOU for your beautiful post to each one of us!

'Tears of Joy', as I read with tears streaming down my face, with a heart full of gratefulness of the beauty brought about by such a thing as Morgellons!

I thank the Lord for you, and everyone here with hearts full of love that is a result of our tribulations and trials.

I will praise You, O LORD, with
my whole heart;
I will tell of all Your
marvelous works.
I will be glad and rejoice
in You;
I will sing praise to Your
Name, O Most High. Psalm 9:1&2

May God keep you all in joy today, Tracy
Thread: More Communication is Better


Hello Everyone and Welcome,

The HICM website is back up and running and a "BIG THANK YOU" to our webmaster, John W., who worked tirelessly to get us back online!

Last week's Coffee, Tea with Me, with special guests John B from Logos Nutritionals and Robert Scott Bell host of The Robert Scott Bell Show, on the subject of mold was incredibly powerful. Please note the specific post about the call from our very own Chrissie. Click Here to Read Chrissie's Post

Please read Chrissie's post and if you missed the call it can be heard in the player below or in the player on Chrissie's post. So very important...this is a MUST as mold affects so many more people than realize!

This week's Coffee, Tea with Me is very happy to announce a call by Donna, The Happy Dance Donna, aka. "Sneakers" and our very own Leslie, "98.6". The title of this call is "If You're Really Serious About Restoring Your Health". Donna and Leslie will discuss their individual roads to recovery, the similarities, the differences and their approach. Be sure to join us this Saturday as Donna, aka. "Sneakers" and Leslie, General of the Army lead our conference call to victory and don't forget, please bring a pen or pencil and some note paper.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me and Sunday's Weekly Prayer Meeting.

Times, phone number and access code are listed below.

Conference call line 712-775-8962, access code 664059

Problems Connecting? Try this Number
Back Up Line 302-202-1112, Access Code 664059

Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me
  • 11:00AM---12:30PM (Pacific)
  • 12:00PM---1:30PM (Mountain)
  • 1:00PM-----2:30PM (Central)
  • 2:00PM-----3:30PM (Eastern)
Sunday's Prayer Meeting
  • 11:00 AM (Pacific)
  • 12:00 PM (Mountain)
  • 1:00 PM (Central)
  • 2:00 PM (Eastern)

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 10/26/19

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I look forward to speaking with you soon.

God Bless you all; It's really true that those who did not give up Hope got well


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Thread: Shout Out


Hi Mary,

I totally agree with your post. I do feel like we are a family. Everyone is so kind and supportive. I dont want to think about where I would be right now without this website and Mel

I'm so glad you are here as well. You are a real sweetheart and a powerful warrior.

Thread: MEL

Ruth Ann


I must have hit the wrong key as I was planning on saying more but things don't always go the way you want them.

So here goes -

I've been on the forum for about 8 months now. When I first found Mel's site I had no idea what to expect.
I read what I could, not being a member.

I did contact Mel and he called me, most don't do that. Good.
We talked and he asked me some questions. I had previously determined that I had Morgellons but he wanted to make sure.

Mel told me I could get well by following "the sum of the parts" and not giving up hope.
That gave me hope which I didn't have at that time.

I had researched a fair amount and no one offered me hope to get well.

Thank you Mel for your assuring me there was hope and I could get well if I would take the protocol, get on the conference calls and be diligent to follow what I learned.
I didn't really know what all that meant.

Following the diet plan has been the hardest for me. I still struggle with it some days but I have stuck with it.

I know I don't want to go back to what I went through before finding this site. Do I believe I will get well, yes I do but
it hasn't been and isn't easy.
I miss my cookies and blueberry muffins. I love to bake but tend to not do much of that anymore. I love my macaroni and cheese but I haven't eaten any since I committed to get well and eat right. Now the holidays are coming up - turkey & dressing, Christmas dinner, desserts containing sugar etc. I guess its all about commitment and not wanting to go back to the way it was before
I found Mel.

Mel has been such a blessing for me, he is a coach and doesn't even make $20,000 never mind $200,000's a year as many coaches do, or much more.

Thank you Mel for being available when we need you.

I concur with Jamie,

My life didn't have much hope and I had some of the same thoughts she talks about in her post. I don't have them anymore and am better after 7 months on the protocol and attending the conference calls every week.

My question to all new people - where will you be in 6 months,
12 months or 2 years without the path to wellness this WEBSITE offers you?

Ruth Ann
Thread: This website works , it really works


Hi Neal,

I am glad that you have recovered from pneumonia, I have had it in the past and sure make you feel bad.

I would like to talk to you if you could please call me when you have time. I want to talk to you about ways you have dealt with breathing issues in the past that might help me.

Please get my contact information from Mel.


Thread: Deanna and Ruth bring hope!!!!



Thank you VERY much for your kind words!! It was "truly" my pleasure to join this wonderful community on the conference call last Saturday, to welcome my good friend to the beginning of her healing journey and to let EVERYONE know that this Protocol does work "when" we follow the SUM of the parts!!!

It takes time to heal the body naturally as we are doing but it can and will happen, to ALL who stay the course!!!!

My top three suggestions would be to...

1) READ, READ, READ the Website and then READ the Website again.
2) Listen to the previous conference calls and participate in the current ones as well as the prayer calls too.
3) Eat, Sleep and Drink plain, filtered, water as if your life depends on it... BECAUSE it does!!!

Please know I am praying for each and every warrior here!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,
Thread: Deanna and Ruth bring hope!!!!


Hi all,

I'm posting a big fat thank you to Deanna and Ruth for coming along to last Saturdays conference call :-).

It was lovely to hear from them and to hear that they are well and happy and are living their lives now free from toxic disease.

Both ladies still take the basic protocol to help maintain excellent health. They also still maintain a healthy diet and make sure that they get enough sleep, rest, fresh air, watch stress levels. But all in all both are doing great now!!! :-).

Ruth said something really poignant!! She said she's doing well, feeling well and can go for days without Morgellons even entering her head!!! She said Morgellons is no longer in her head all the time. If people take the, 'sum of the parts,' seriously it's a blessing. Ruth said it was an answer to her prayers. It took her three years to get well and she learned from this community how to live a healthy life. She says it CAN be done!!!! She is slowly but surely also getting rid of her metal fillings re a holistic dentist. She said she now always goes to bed early to keep her immunity tip top.

Deanna said she still reads the website and shares the website with others that it will benefit. On this call she introduced us to her friend Helen who is now joining us and learning all she can re what she needs to do to get her health back. She mentioned previously being really alone in this battle, with people turning their backs on her. She had no support from family, loved ones or the medical community. Then she found this website and everything began to turn around (familiar story with many of us!). Deanna eats to be healthy now, monitors the PH balance of her body, drinks enough water. Alongside the basic protocol she still takes some of the extention kit as has some candida issues still. But other than that she is doing really well!!! :-).

Thanks Mel for asking both women to come to the call to share their individual journeys to wellness!

It is so so important for us all to hear about the light at the end of the tunnel. It is music to our ears. It gives everyone hope that if they continue on their own personal journey of rebuilding immunity, they to can get well!! It is not an easy journey as Deanna said, but it can be done :-).

We all just need to keep on keeping on as Mel says :-)

God bless you all,
And God bless Deanna and Ruth,
Thread: Mel-o-riffic


Hi Everybody,

Yep..."Mel-o-riffic"...that's what I call Mel.

And's a term of endearment...but not altogether.

Mel is amazing in so many ways...and the indisputable way is that he is

Without fail.

He created this community to help...and at the end of the day every day...that's his purest intent.

At one point, Mel had suggested that I might like to coach. I told him NO WAY. If even had to do what he does for 24 hours, he'd have to rush to the drug store and buy a super sized bottle of anti-depressants and then wait about two years for me to come out of my room.

No idea on this earth how he does it day in and day out.

But he does.

And he does it because he believes it's the right thing to do.

And it is...thank God.

Mel runs this whole operation on a frayed shoe string. He can squeeze a penny until Lincoln screams and he can do without more than anyone I know. This alone would scare me to death...I couldn't live this way...but this doesn't rattle him too much. If he gets close to running short, he just holds tight and somehow things seem to work out. Financial hardship on a personal level doesn't stress him like it would for anyone else...but...

Oh Lord...can he ever get stressed over thinking the Foundation is running short. That scares him...he NEVER wants to let anyone down. He cares so much...and he's sustained that level of caring for years upon years.

When Mel get's stressed, he goes into major Mel-isms. Then he becomes "Mel-o-riffic" on steroids and not in a good way. He can be ornery when he's in a good mood, but he can be ultra horrible to deal with if he gets worried about one of our community members or the foundation funding. I've often told him he is truculent and incorrigible and that his behavior is sometimes even egregious. Not fit company for anyone.

It is a rare person who has never seen the backlash of this side of Mel's personality. It is not fun...but...hey...who said this guy had to be perfect? I mean really...he is not a funded program from some entity with deep pockets. He doesn't have an office with a team of paid staff. He is just a guy who is trying to help. We get the benefit of getting well if we follow his road map...and that's...well...that's EVERYTHING.

If he gets stressed out and even sometimes when he's not, we get to see the not fun stuff...impatient...doesn't listen...interrupts...butts in...and uses his supreme talent for saying the absolute wrong thing at the wrong time...well's really kind of understandable. I'm not saying it's ok...because Mel can tell you...I get furious with him for talking roughly to people...and to me. He sure gets to hear about it and I let him know I am NOT HAPPY.

But then I think about how he sits in his apartment day in and day out filtering all this stress and trying to do good. His heart is 100% sweet...but his mouth is sometimes the polar opposite. I don't know how he hasn't gone crazy...but he keeps coming back again and again.

Ok...with that being said...Mel has been on a major Mel-ism bender for the last couple of weeks. I'm just going to go ahead and say it...this is because he lost a foundation donor right after he put someone else on the foundation. He doesn't panic for himself...but he does panic if he thinks he can't cover what he's promised someone who's sick.

I've told him to expect some money from me toward the end of the month when I'm able to do so. He didn't ask me to write this, and I'm not even sure he'll publish this considering how hard I slammed him in this post, but I hope he does.

I'm throwing in some money to the foundation, and I'm reaching out to all of you to do the same. Please donate to the foundation. It'll be a blessing to the receivers and to the givers as well. We all suffer indescribably with this disease...but those who can't afford the protocol suffer even more.

We're all in this together...let's reach out and help our fellow community members. It should never have to be a choice of who gets the help and who doesn't. That's not how it works. It works when we all reach out to help one another. This is the most loving community I've ever been a part of. Let's show our love through helping our dear friends.

You'll feel so good when you do.



Thread: It’s Awful to Be Ungrateful


Hello Everybody,

I have not posted in the forum for sometime but bet your bottom dollar I participate in the community. It’s really hard not to be thankful for the wisdom, knowledge, understanding of the help we receive on this forum and through this community.

Mel, is one of the most knowledgeable and giving person I have met in my life. He’s committed his life to the vow he made with the Lord 14 years ago “Lord if you help me get well, I’ll commit my life to helping others get well”. I know he’s doing that.

I can plug a whole bunch of scriptures into this post but I just want to talk to us without making anyone feel guilty in anyway. Mel has helped you right. Mel is always there when you call (even in his days off) Right. Mel has gives each of us an opportunity to not go through this TDS alone right.

Well, all he’s ever asked is for each one of us to pay it forward by posting in the one on one coaching thread, so he may to procure new Coaching Client’s. Once Mel gives you friends and you no longer depend on him as you once did.

Coaching is for YOU and not for him.I could never gotten this close to my restoration without his coaching. Neither could all the other's who's health has been restored here!

So he can live and provide for himself and the forum. It cost money to run this website right down to paper & ink for a printer etc...

My heart is broken because many have become ungrateful and some have gone away, with their own opinions of who & what they think about him.

I must say, we all know Mel can be a little tough but I can say from experience, it’s all for your good, Please understand it’s only one
of him and probably 100 plus of us he speak with on a monthly basis,
So at times he can be short with us. We want him to stay around for as long as the Lord allows but also don’t want him to be stressed and burdened DOWN where it’s not possible for him to live a decent life as well. I apologize for the long post but think it’s necessary.

I work for a team of twelve and some times it gets a little overwhelming for me when everyone is depending on you to pull things together so, I can’t even begin to imagine how Mel feels.

So, let’s be kind. Let’s be financially supportive by buying coaching at least ONCE a month. Let’s keep Mel in your daily prayers. Let’s give to the foundation on any level to help those who aren’t as fortunate as us.

Mel and this Foundation saved my life and I’m giving back as I promised to help others.

We need each other and Mel needs us.

I love you all & appreciate those who’s doing their part.
Let’s show Our Mel some love & appreciation.

Written with much love and concern.

In The Masters Hand
Thread: Riding the Wave


Hello, Karen!

As you know, life has been rather challenging for me. When I spoke with Mel earlier today, he ordered me to read your post. When Mel orders me to do anything, I do it because I know that he always knows just what I need.

All of your posts are incredible, but this one is especially exceptional. Regardless of what stage of the game we are in (I am somewhere in the “endless 80%” (that’s what I call it, anyway), it is important to be reminded that getting well is a lengthy process, filled with ups and downs, victories and setbacks. In the end, though, we will prevail if we just keep plugging along and refuse to give up hope.

It’s the middle of the night, and I should be sleeping. I’m having one of those nights that have required some rather strong lemonade to calm the little critters down. I don’t often have nights like this anymore, but they happen to everyone. I’m not letting it bother me, though...I’ve been meaning to catch up on my posting anyway!

I know you have been tremendously busy with selling your house and trying to find a new place to live. Please know that my thoughts and prayers have been with you through the entire process.

Thank you for taking the time to post something so inspirational!

Love you, Karen!

Thread: *** Free Weekend Access**** To help restore ones Health


Hi Everybody,

I was talking to Mel on the phone this morning, and he told me that there were 367 "Visitors Right Now" the last time he checked the forum last night. The time he checked was 8 p.m. Pacific, 11 p.m. Eastern.

Those 367 visitors were from around 15 countries.

That is quite a LOT of visitors and countries!

God bless,


Thread: Even in Hawaii you can get better!


Hi Daya,

It's FANTASTIC that you are 90% better. That truly is a reason to celebrate!

It's tragic that there are so many people with Morgellons in Hawaii. You are very kind to try to help the ones you meet, by telling them about Mel's website.

I'm very glad to hear that you have found a church you like to attend. It's great that you were baptized this past Easter. I love how the fruit of the Spirit is growing in your heart

That last 10% of Morgellons will go as well, and you will be doing your HAPPY DANCE!

Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV)

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.


Thread: Even in Hawaii you can get better!


My name is Daya,

I just celebrated my 3rd year with "M". I say celebrated because I am 90% better!

It looks beautiful here but It isn't easy living in this year long humidity with people from all the world coming in and out on a daily basis... bringing they're international contagions with them.

I haven't posted in a long while because I had to make sure for the sake of our wonderful spiritual family that my post was uplifting , positive and inspiring.

Thanks to Mel... (after I finally realized he DOES know what he's talking about, ) I listened to everything he told me to do. I was stubborn at first but despite how bossy he can sound at times..LOL, he has a heart filled with love for each of us.
Listen to him..He's been there and his guidance will save us years of experimentation and confusion.

My other piece of advice is if you're planning to take a vacation you may want to consider some place other than Hawaii...Hawaii has many many people who have Morgellons and have no clue what's wrong with them.
Mel told me to move off island, but I now find myself stragely grateful to be here so that I may pay it forward my sending those I meet who are sick with "M" to Mel and to the open arms of our wonderful community of healing. I help as much as I can on my end. There is joy in this process.

Another blessing:
I must confess that I had my doubts at one point about beating this.
I prayed constantly,,,, every day, several times a day. .
I started going to church and was baptized this past Easter. My life turned around and I became a new person filled with hope, gratitude, faith and compassion. I realize now that everything happens for a reason and this
toxic dis-ease healed my heart.

There is a wondrous light at the end of the tunnel. NEVER give up!

If I can get better, so can you! Listen to what Mel has to say. He is a gift to all of us who need healing.
Extreme gratitude also goes to John B. for his fabulous Logo's supplements, as well as the team of Glenn and Jill,,, and of course Patty and Cathy at Natural Ginesis. THIS is the place to get better!

So... 10% to go.... I'll keep you posted.

God Bless - Never Give Up!!

Thread: Even in Hawaii you can get better!


Thank you, Daya-Chi, for your inspiring post!

Although I have never been to Hawaii, I know many people who have visited the islands, including my oldest friend who spent her honeymoon there back in the 1980s. The pictures from their two weeks were just gorgeous!!!

I was unaware that Hawaii is so plagued with Morgellons. What a tragedy that is, especially with so many international travelers.

This disease is spiritual journey for individuals who allow it to be. I am glad it has been for you, as it has been for me. Congratulations on your 90% don’t have far to go at all!

Thread: Everything happens for a REASON /AKA / CHOICE


Today I learned I am a MORGELLONS WARRIOR! A child of God !
I learned NO MATTER how bad things seem I HAVE A CHOICE ...

I'm no longer afraid
2 days ago God whispered ever so quietly in my ear "Fear not my child, for I am here and I have not forgot you" "It is in my time child , not yours." "Fear not because I need you" . "you must go into the forest and THROUGH the woods to get to the other side". "Be a brave warrior for those behind you in need. Those behind you who can not see. Fear not I'm here with thee.

Don't forget to be QUIET & FREE. I gave you WILL for a reason child, use it."

Had I not been still and quiet myself I would not have heard the whisper.

So what if something is there. Relax ,enjoy, be free, Go find something beautiful to see or create. Nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass.

It's been about a week I'm on just the basic protocol of vitamins clean diet and water. Nothing more and I feel so much better. yes i still have A LOT of issues but i don't care.

I BELIEVE and I see the light at the other side of the forest to guide me through the woods like the north star did Jesus or whoever it was. sorry I'm not good with biblical references...

I hope to have made you laugh, was supposed to be funny. Hope I didn't offend anyone.

I can only imagine how I will feel out of this stress with a quiet place to rest. AS you all heard on today's call. I can only apologize for my room mates behavior. If I can do this under this amount of stress with such little rest ...we can all do anything.

Thank you my warriors ahead of me and good luck to all those who follow.

Thank you God for creating Mel and making him such a warrior to have blazed the trail and kept the light so bright for all of us to find our way. What an amazing feat you have accomplished SIR.

I only hope i can help as many as you do.
God bless and good night to all.

P.S. cheap store brand tomato juice got the gunk off my hands. I believe the technical term is biofilm...Ok i'm just learning

Much Love,
Thread: A Warm Welcome to Newbies & Newbies Once Again


Hi Everybody,

It is great to see that more newbies have joined this community since I wrote the post below.

If you have recently joined this community, WELCOME! We are glad you are here!

I hope that all of you will take an active part in the community by posting in the forum and coming to the Saturday conference calls. We have Sunday prayer and fellowship calls as well that I hope you can attend. All calls are free.

We look forward to getting to know all of you newbies better, and encouraging you as you begin your journey to regaining your health.

God bless,

Thread: Thanks to my God sent helpers


Hello, Mary!

I’m glad to hear that you have been on the protocol for four months! That’s terrific!

It’s been nice to hear you on the calls!

Hang in there and reach out if you need to...there are so many caring and compassionate individuals on the forum!

Thread: Skype glorious Skype!!!!!! :-)


Hello to All,

I am so happy that Mel encouraged me to Skype a year and a half ago. It has made a big difference to me. Being able to call Skype to Skype to anyone across the globe completely free is amazing!! Also being able to phone landlines in the USA for pennies is pretty fantastic too. The wonders of modern technology!! Its also essential to join our weekly Saturday and Sunday conference calls from outside the USA and is very easy to do.

I just spoke to another lady in the USA who is going to join us:-). She just went onto the Google play store on her computer and clicked onto, 'Skype free IM and video calls,' which enabled her to install the Skype App. She then had to set up an account with her email address and a password. Skype makes it easy to set up the account:

Click on the first two instructions that pop up after you've installed Skype. The first says "lets go!". The second says "sign in or create".

This takes you to a sign in page. Below "sign in" it says in smaller letter coloured blue "no account? create one!.

Click on the blue and it will take you to a page that asks for your phone number. Below this is more blue writing. it says;

"Use your email address instead". Click on the blue writing.

From here on you supply the information Skype asks for. When you've completed that section, Skype will help you get started.

So....join up today. It's quick, easy and you can then fully join our community and get the support that you need to fight this!!

You don't need to be alone!

Best wishes,
Thread: Thanks to my God sent helpers

Mary W


Mary W

As you all know I don't post a lot of posting but I'm still a part of this community, however I do read some posts.

Just a few words to let you all know that I missed you ALL on last weeks call. I've read that Katherine won the funniest story told Congrats. I'm working at the time the conference call takes place so that hinder's me to get on call.

Four months into Mel's protocol, going slowly and persistent, I'm getting some relief from this Toxic Disease. Thanks to John at Logos for being knowledgeable about what can help strengthen our bodies.

Welcome any newbies in our community as well.

Mary W

Thread: Attitude is Everything and WE Choose our Attitudes


Hi Everybody,

I haven’t been around in a while...I’ve been very busy with “life,” but hopefully things will get less intense soon and I'll be back around as usual.

Something has been on my mind for a while that I’d like to share...and it all has to do with mindset and attitude.

It’s a well known fact that our attitude and thoughts can shape our realities. The most basic example of this is the placebo effect. I won’t go into an explanation of this because everyone knows what it is, but this kind of connection (mind / body) is nothing new. There are endless books written on the topic.

We are dealing with a complex disease that offers challenges on multiple levels. Coordinating the “sum of the parts” requires monumental focus, determination, and consistency. Keeping these balls in the air on a regular basis for months and even years on end requires a powerful mindset and a will of steel.

And that’s just the physical other words...what we physically DO every day.

Then there’s the emotional part.

Not only have we been abandoned by the medical community...we have been abused as well.

Not only have we not received the treatment we sought...we have also been discredited and declared mentally unbalanced.

The cherry on the cake for me was when I paid the guy $160 to use the DOP cop out that made him feel a-ok at the end of the day (after all...he was only going on what he’d been told by the CDC) and me to feel even worse than had $160 of my hard earned cash to do so! I guess he took the part of the oath that says "first do no harm" on the most surface level possible. Obviously he didn't feel compelled to look at any deeper evidence than which made him feel the most comfortable...that which came from the CDC.

Ironically, it actually takes the opposite of mentally ill to deal with this disease. It takes the most balanced kind of person to manage the “sum of the parts” on a long term basis especially while feeling extremely ill, having little or no support...and even having the abuse of being declared mentally unbalanced.

So...we all know how important it is to stay positive and focused. It takes a deep level of effort and the ability to listen to one’s own truth. That’s not easy...we’re told from early on that doctors are basically Gods...and they “know best.” It takes courage and a quantum shift in thinking to say…”No! The emperor has no clothes (’re wrong...I really am physically sick).

The most wonderful thing is...SO many people do this...they listen to their own truths...they find a better way that makes sense (“sum of the parts”)...they evaluate the protocol and see that it works...then they stick to their beliefs even when others (who don’t have this disease) want to offer advice that better fits with their model of how the world should be. After all...don’t the doctors know best? How many of us have kept our mouths shut while someone who's not sick offers various opinions? I know I have...and I know why. It's terribly difficult and unsettling to have your view of what the world is supposed to be like shaken. So...our responses to others take us to even higher levels...not only are we suffering...we are essentially making it "about them" to protect them from having to ever really understand the raw and terrifying fear of this disease. We suffer...we take abuse...then we protect others.

And it takes a toll on us.

However...we have true warriors here...and a long track record of people who have “done it” in spite of the monumental odds.

That means got well.

Not into remission.

Not just got better.

Got well.

Like Mel…

Mel is WELL.

And like so many others.

So...evidence is there...we CAN get well and stay well.

I’ve listened and read this site for three or four years now. And the thing that’s stood out to me more than anything else is that those who have gotten completely well have made the Herculean effort to stay positive, and they’ve sustained this positive attitude over the long haul.

That’s because a negative attitude is not only’s downright counterproductive. If our thoughts have the power to drive our outcomes and realities, how destructive is it to put the thought out there that we cannot get well? I’d have to answer my own question with...pretty destructive...and completely unnecessary.

My doctor acknowledges Morgellons. I asked her on my initial visit, “Can I get well?” And she said…”yes.” I wanted to put a fine point on it, so I asked more questions…”do you mean remission or do you mean well?” My doctor said…”well.”

It is just so important to keep one’s mindset pure and positive...and moreover...if someone offers the idea that Morgellons and other toxic diseases are “end of days” evidence in Biblical terms, I’d have to seriously question why a person would offer such an opinion. And that’s exactly what it opinion. Think about this...we’ve had terrible diseases in every century. Most have been wiped out over the years...but I’m sure many a person at the time declared that...let’s just say typhoid for example...was evidence of Biblical “end days.”

My grandmother used to talk about how scary it was to get sick before antibiotics came out. Any of us can look back a few generations on our family trees and see big families and also note that almost every family had one or more offspring to die in childhood. This was from diseases that have long since been wiped out. I’m sure many during those times thought these diseases were evidence of “end days” as well.

So...if you’re tempted to buy into the fear porn of these diseases being evidence of “end days,” then take a breath and use your cognitive reasoning to think it through.

Before I end this long post, I do want to offer up the most marvelous example of a warrior who has, in my opinion, one of the strongest positive attitudes of anyone I know. She also quite obviously has a tremendously strong faith in God and is one of the best examples of what Christ taught us to be like in the New Testament...and that is Love...toward oneself and all others.

It is our dear Leslie.

For those of you who don’t know, our Leslie had it BAD. I won’t go into all of her circumstances...those are hers to share...but suffice it to say...she had to dig herself out of one of the deepest holes I’ve ever heard of. I used to hear about it and worry so much for was she going to deal with all of this? Any mortal would be hard pressed to keep from going into a serious depression over any one of her challenges...but Leslie didn’t.

Leslie BELIEVED she could get well.

Leslie BELIEVED God would help her.

Leslie loves God...and it shows in everything she says and does. She takes the highest road in her interpretation of all things Biblical...never giving into the temptation for any negative and / or punitive interpretations. She just accesses and projects Christlike love in all things. You could actually feel the positive energy pouring out of Leslie even during her darkest hour...and she just encourages us all every time she speaks.

It is an inspiration to hear her pray...and to hear her acknowledge God and Jesus in the most positive way in everything she says. She declares God’s love...power...mercy...and protection, and guess what? That’s what she gets.

And Leslie is just about well...and many many wonderful things have happened in her life this last year as a result of her positive attitude and strong faith.

And so...two things.

We CAN get well. Many have...and many are on the road to same. Don’t allow yourself to buy into anything else. We decide our thoughts and our thoughts drive our results.

And...the thought that Morgellons and other toxic diseases are an “end days” Biblical thing OPINION, not a fact.

So...stay strong, and stay positive, and I’ll meet you at the Finish Line!


Thread: Funniest Story Ever Told Contest


Hi Everybody,

We had such fun on the conference call today (7/27), listening to everybody read their stories. I know I laughed an awful lot!

Each person read or told their own story, and Mel counted the votes after each story was read.

Debbie and Ruth Ann, you two were not left out. Mel read the stories posted here, and everyone had the opportunity to vote on them.

The story that won the contest was Katharine's hilarious story, about her amazing ability to put on lip liner, even in a dark movie theater :-D

Congratulations Katharine! I hope you enjoy your prize, which is a Natural Ginesis Toxic Disease Starter Kit.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest by telling a story and\or casting your votes.

If you missed the contest but would like to hear the funny stories, Mel will have the audio posted later this week. You can listen by clicking on More Communication in the subheadings at the top of the page, or by clicking on the More Communication is Better thread.

Thank you, Mel, for thinking up such a fun contest that had us all laughing. Thank you for providing such an amazing prize as well.

God bless,

Thread: In The Beginning....


Hi Leslie,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. It's fantastic that you are 96% well! I'm glad that God directed you to Mel's site, and now you are almost ready to do the Happy Dance :-)

I'm glad that you put in your post that your journey was a journey of ups and downs, because it helps others to understand that the journey out of toxic disease and into wellness is not just a journey of up, up, ups. The disease cycles, and there will be downs as well. But you stayed with it through the ups and downs of this disease and the ups and downs of life, and now you're almost at the finish line!

I'm glad to hear that you're still remaining consistent with doing all of the Sum of the Parts.

It's fantastic that you now have a great job and an apartment that you love. I'm very sorry that you ever had to experience being homeless. I'm glad that Mel and others in this community were here to support and encourage you through that hard time.

You're right that the HCAF is truly a wonderful blessing. Huge thanks to Mel, and everyone who gives to it. It's very kind of you to vow to give back to the foundation and to help others.

I hope you have a lovely time in Barbados, with a safe trip and beautiful weather while you're there. It's great that you're already thinking of many other fun vacations up ahead :-)

Psalm 139:17-18 (MEV)

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How great is the sum of them!
If I should count them,
they are more in number than the sand;
when I awake,
I am still with You.

God bless,

Thread: In The Beginning....


Hi Leslie,

I am so happy for you that you are almost at the finish line. You have worked very hard and overcome so many obstacles which really tells me that even in the harshest conditions anyone can make it if they persevere.

You are truly a warrior in every sense.

I too enjoy listening to your prayers. I would love to be able to talk to God even half as spiritually as you but I know He hears my prayers as well.

Praying for a very speedy Happy Dance for you.

Thread: In The Beginning....


Good day fellow warriors,

I must add an addendum to my earlier post....

A great BIG thank you to the He Cure All Foundation for blessing me months of the Protocol when I could not afford it. Mel with his great big heart placed me on the foundation and I have vowed to pay if for forward by giving back into the foundation and helping others anyway I can.

The HCA foundation is for those who are not able to afford the protocol or coaching. I ask that you all please help support the foundation so that others who can not afford it can get well.

This foundation has blessed many and still blessing many to receive the protocol at no cost.

This is a GOD sent website with awesome leadership in the person of Mel with his hockey stick. LOL

Give and will bless your life as it have done me and so many others. Luke 6:38 (New King James Version) Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be out into you bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.

I dare you to give and see what God will do for you as he’s done for me.

In The Master’s Hand
Thread: In The Beginning....



Congratulations Leslie to be well on you way to do the famous Happy dance.

I've listen to you on the calls since my first day on the call and was amazed at how serene you sounded and persistent you were to get to where you are now.

Praise God for bring you to the best Protocol I know.

God is going to use you to help others like myself. Thank you for the calls and conversations we had in such little time but powerful chats.

Love Ya
Thread: In The Beginning....


Hello Warriors,

Pray that everyone is well and standing in the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Well I have not told my story and have decided it’s time. I’ll keep it as short and brief as possible.

I contracted this Terrible disease in 2017 I believe and think I caught it pretty quickly, but not quick was contracted by being bitten by bedbugs at a family member’s home I was staying with.

However, it doesn’t matter how but I am so glad and thankful to the LORD for directing me to Mel’s site.

I had seen another Natural Pathic Doctor but she would not acknowledge it was “M” but did help in some way.

I ordered Mel’s Protocol on June 18, 2018 where my healing journey began…an it’s been a journey nevertheless with up’s down’s highs & lows.

Through it all I had to trust the LORD to bring me through. I can now say it’s been Thirteen months as of July 18th and I’m 96% there and almost ready to do the “Happy Dance.”

Thanking God I have not had issues with fibers & lesions but had a lot of upper body issues with my head, eyes, ears, nose and that crawling sensation almost drove me completely nuts for at least 6 months and then
I was able to get relief after spraying myself daily with the WPS & Kleen Green as Mel instructed me to do daily … This is a good segway to the things I learned.


* First I joined the website for a small fee of $5.00 a month and read
through the entire website
* I Invested (I don’t like to say purchased) Mel’s coaching - they are
necessary, needed, crucial and vital to your healing journey
* I listened to 1 year of conference calls & participated on the calls
rarely missing a Saturday call
* I posted in the forum as Mel requested (those who participate & post get
* I was determined and remain consistent with doing ALL the “SUM” of parts
and not “SOME” of the parts
* I did not mix Protocol’s – if you do you WILL NOT GET WELL - Stick to
the Protocol
*I immediately changed my diet ridding my diet of all sugar and used the
search engine for meal ( was not to but all the things I needed but kept
eating what I could afford until I was able to do better – I was blessed
to be able to buy Organic foods.
*I read about the Lemonade drink which helped me to get around a little
after six months ( see the food guide) it works!
*I attended/attend Sunday’s prayer meeting and fellowship “you gotta get
some fellow’s in your ship” i.e. why we do fellowship after prayer
service. There you connect and make everlasting friendships.
*I RECEIVED/RECEIVE so much support, love and encouragement each Saturday
and Sunday from participating on the calls

My journey has not been easy but had some very challenging moments with being fired from my job because of the TDS, being isolated about 6 months because the pathogens was giving off some kind of effect off my body causing people to itch like they had fleas when I came into a room or presence.

I became homeless for 5 months and had to make a decision to go into a shelter because the family member I lived with was so mean toward me and stressed me out so badly. And I thank GOD through it all JESUS kept me and the entire community of Warriors helped me through with much encouragement and support with Powerful Words of Prayer and one supported me with small financial gift when I needed it the most. I must say the shelter was a challenge in every way but God gave me much favor because I was able to cook my food at a family member home or friend home to have my healthy meals. GOD was/is still in control of all our affairs - Psalms 46:10 BE still and know that I am GOD. HE surely has proven himself in my life.
I now have a beautiful apartment as of March 2019 with many perks added :)

The beginning was no picnic in the park but I learned so much about myself, people and drew me even closer to GOD. And I don’t regret one minute of it. Ecclesiastes 3:1 Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses (Good News Translation). Mel found his purpose after making his vow to the Lord asking if you get me well I will commit my life to helping others and he is doing just that.

MEL- BIG HUGS & THANK YOU FROM ME TO YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Without you, I don’t know where this would have taken me. I so appreciate you, your gifts and wisdom.

I have gained my life back totally but never really lost it because I still went to Church but sat in the back, still went to family functions, found a perm job and am very happy and now going on my first of many vacations on Friday July 26th to the good island of Barbados … YAH! Watch out Barbados!

Just a little long snippet of my story.

God Bless you ALL – Those who don’t give up HOPE get WELL!

In The Master’s Hand

Thread: Songs Of The Journey

Sue H


Hi Cheryl,

Thank you so much for the support and appreciate your post with words of encouragement.
I am very fortunate to become a member of the community! Everyone is so kind and caring.

It's nice to be a part of something that affects so many of us with restoring health is the goal.

Being here is truly a blessing from God. This is one way we know our prayers have been answered.

I'm glad you are back and feeling so much better!

Warmest regards,
From Sue.

Thread: Doing a little better


Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you an update.

I had a relapse because I was overdoing it and fighting the disease too much. I know it’s a slow and steady but I interpret that as fast and furious LOL.

The fatigue is better and that really helps a lot even though I still have a lot of debris coming out of my body.

I know a lot of you are struggling and I pray for you.

Thank you for those of you who have called me recently and I love to keep in touch with all of you.

I still need a lot a rest but I’m able to do a few things around the house.

Mel says I’ve got to not do so much and rest and take care of myself.

I hope you are all are doing better.

God bless you all, Cathy aka Sleeping beauty
Thread: Green Lantern and Keto (Timothy)


Hi Timothy,

That's great you are getting into the swing of things slowly but surely!

It is sooo helpful to read others journeys that have went before us. At one point I used to read Monica's journey all the time, it gave me knowledge and helped comfort me. Theresa, Peter and Justin also wrote wonderfully about their journeys too.

It is also lovely that you are posting regularly, reading about, 'the sum of the parts,' joining the calls and becoming an active member. You are positively preparing yourself for the journey ahead, eyes wide open, you know what to expect and are laying the foundations down bit by bit.

In our conversation it was so good to hear that you already have every faith in Mels protocol. Your faith, positivity and endurance will see you through :-).

We also need patience, that's imperative. As just as it took a while for our immunities to fail, it will take some time to build up the immunity. It takes longer the longer someone has been sick. I am glad you found us quickly.

I'm sure it won't take long for the protocol to come. You will find the protocol to be a wonderful synergy of herbs, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, nutrients, that have been used all over the world to help heal people of numerous illnesses. It will build you up from the inside out.

It is good that the silver is already helping the fibres to exit and bringing out the pimples and red marks on your skin. Like layers of an onion it all has to come to the surface to leave.

That's good you are incorporating turmeric and raw garlic into your diet. Both are antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral and help general immunity.

Have you tried Nettle tea? I find Clipper Nettle tea is excellent, in Nettle or Nettle and Peppermint flavour. I'm drinking some Nettle and Peppermint as I write :-).

Nettle is anti inflammatory, helps with sore muscles and joints. It contains calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin D and K which help bones use calcium to protect bone density. Nettle contains vitamin A, C and iron is an anti histamine and anti microbial. It is also a diuretic, eliminating sodium from the body and decreasing sugar levels in the blood. It is good for aiding the liver, so can help cleanse the body and blood, flush out toxins and facilitate maintaining a clearer skin. Nettle also stimulates the T cells of the immune system and helps regulate digestion.

I do recommend Steviago tablets from Amazon UK as they are made with pure stevia with no fillers or artificial ingredients. Steviago has a high content of pure Rebaudiosid-A 97%(Reb-A) which is the sweetest component of the stevia plant. Stevia has a zero glycemic index, no carbs and has no effect on blood sugar.

I add four steviago tablets to a mug of cold fizzy mineral water into which I have added the juice of half a lemon. Leave the tablets a few minutes to dissolve. It is my bliss drink... I adore it, absolutely love it!!! :-).

Lemons are nature's anti depressant, the colour, the smell and the taste, especially sweetened with steviago is divine!

Lemons themselves are antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and detoxifying. They also provide anti inflammatory and anti histamine properties and masses of vitamin C. Besides, our disease absolutely hates them!!! So it's a win, win.

You could also get a large jug, squeeze the juice of a whole lemon or more, add some chopped fresh ginger, cold fizzy or still mineral water and steviago tablets(to taste).

Fresh ginger root contains antibacterial and anti viral properties. Ginger can also inhibit the growth of candida, as it contains the antifungal compounds gingerol and shagelol and anti inflammatory agents. The taste of the lemon and ginger together is lovely.

So... "Bottoms up Timothy!!!!"

Although our little tipples are most definetely non alcoholic :-).

Take care and let us know how you get on with the holistic dentist.

Thread: Hello to all in the UK!!!!!!


Hello All!

I think that it is excellent that non paying guests can come to this forum and see the first two posts in each thread. They can also listen to the last two Saturday calls in, 'More communication is Better,' to get a feel of the rich pulse of our community.

Recently, there have been many people from the UK joining our website. For a tiny sum of five dollars a month there is a plethora of knowledge, experience, insight, support, camaraderie and hope! However most are too shy to speak up. Timothy recently joined us and he quickly participated in the calls and the forum, which is great!

I myself am from Bonnie Scotland. I do find however, that many people in the UK tend to be a bit reticent about speaking out in the forum or joining the calls. I can assure you that it is a safe space, a caring community and very integrated despite the fact that we all live in various corners of the globe :-).

It makes a HUGE difference whilst dealing with toxic disease if you have the proper support and help around you.

Please anyone from the UK who is not sure about joining, do so, you won't be disappointed.

Anyone who has joined and isn't sure about speaking up, we will welcome you with open arms and do our very best to help you.

All the best,
Thread: Hope is a Good Thing


Hi Everybody,

In the process of moving this mountain called Morgellons, it's sometimes easy to get bogged down and lose sight of the end goal.

Sometimes things seem impossible.

But there's light on the other side of the mountain...and each step forward is up to us.

We decide.

I hope you can all watch this clip...because it shows the undiluted joy of breaking through to the golden sunlight. Andy Dufresne (the main character) said...

"Hope is a good thing...maybe the best of things...and no good thing ever dies."

So today...just for a moment...close your eyes and savor what life will be like when the big M is behind you like forgotten dust in the road. See the good things...and remember all the joy that comes with good health. Feel it deeply and hold onto it tightly in your heart.

I'll meet you at the beach!


Thread: The Fish Lives ! ! !


Hello everyone and welcome,

Last week during fellowship part of our Sunday prayer meeting we had a fun little contest;

We had all those who wish to name that fish and give there version of the original story, a chance to do so.

Cheryl was our winner and down below is her version.
The original story has been brought back as well and is
and was truly amazing!


Hi Mel,

Here is my story about Buddy, told as if it were Pamela Mae telling the story now.


My Buddy, the Beta fish, is the happiest little fish I know, swimming around to and fro, playing. But, that was not always the case.

One evening, back in 2009, I started to turn off the light, when I realized that my usually life-loving little Beta fish appeared life-less. Buddy was floating on his side on the surface of the water!

What does a person do when their much-loved pet fish appears life-less? What has helped me fight disease and get stronger and healthier?

With tears streaming down my face, I ran for the MMS and lemon juice. (That's what it was called in 2009, and we mixed it with lemon juice back then.) But how much to put in Buddy's fish home? Instinctively, I put 3 drops of MMS and 15 drops of lemon juice.

Feeling very sad, I went to bed.

I woke up the next morning, still thinking of Buddy. Could the MMS have helped him? Would I see a sign of life? Maybe a wiggle or 2 of his little tail?

When I walked into the room to see if there was any change at all in Buddy, I was amazed. There was Buddy, life-loving and happy once again, swimming to and fro in his fish home! I cannot be certain, but I think Buddy even had a brand new sparkle in his little fish eyes.

Ever since then, I have faithfully put the same amount of MMS in Buddy's water once or twice a day.

And that is how my Buddy, the Beta fish, became the happiest little fish I know!
Thread: Game Changer


Hello Everybody,

I haven’t really been posting as much as usual until recently. That’s because this last two months of my life have been challenging to say the least. It’s been the busiest time of year at my job, and...I had surgery on April 18th.

I haven’t mentioned much about the surgery, but after considering some pretty compelling factors, I’ve decided to share because if someone else has had a similar experience, my story may help.

But first...the backstory.

Of course...I can’t write a post (or anything else) without the details.

Basic facts:

I first got bitten by “something” in May of 2014. I got Morgellons symptoms in October of 2015 and immediately went spiraling downhill to acute illness. I found a doctor who diagnosed me with Lyme and Morgellons in January of 2016, and I started various prescriptions. They helped some...but then I’d just go backward.

I actually ordered my first protocol from Logos in March of 2016...but I really didn’t do much with it...I took the supplements sporadically until December of 2017 when I finally decided that Mel’s site was the way to go. I’ve been on the protocol since.

That’s two and a half years...I’m kind of the opposite of my buddy “Sneakers”...I’m in the slow boat to China club.

I’ve been dragging around the 90% club forever...sometimes getting a bit better and sometimes going backwards a little. The going backwards was always a result of my dropping the ball on implementing the protocol in some ways...and the ways were always some kind of cheat on the food…”forgetting” to take supplements...and outright exhaustion.

Actually...the exhaustion from the pace of my life is what always kick started the spiral down to losing ground...but...I'd always get back up on the horse and move forward. Still...even after having months in a row of being the protocol police on myself, I just couldn’t get to the finish line.

Of course, I’ve wondered why...but life just kept moving forward, and I’d keep at it. It was / is obvious to me that I feel SO much better when I do the sum of the quitting has never been a option...but I really wanted to get well.

So...about a year ago...or a year and a half ago...I don’t remember, there was a conference call with a past community member named Thomas. Thomas was talking about his progress at the six month mark. It was a great conference call...but if by the hand of got even better.

A past member named James decided to “drop by” after being well for some years. James got completely well with Mel’s protocol. The timing of it was the most amazing thing. We all needed to hear about someone who had gotten well and stayed well. James kindly gave us his story, and it was so encouraging.

One of the things that James mentioned that stood out in my mind was that he had the metal fillings in his teeth removed. He said he felt that really helped him move forward to getting well.

I’d thought about that over the last year or so many times and had started connecting some dots. One big dot is...foreign stuff in your body related to having a toxic illness. Easy enough to see that wouldn’t be a good thing.

I too, have metal fillings...and I’d wondered about having them removed...but...I also had something else.

I had a lap band, which is a silicone device that goes around the top part of the stomach to keep a person from eating much. I had the lap band “installed” in 2004. I really wasn’t severely overweight...but after a friend told me about her husband getting one, it seemed like a fast and easy way to get some weight off and not have to really knock myself out to do it, so I found a way to get one for myself.

Well..guess really worked. I had a wonderful and conservative doctor who would only fill it (which is what tightens it) a little at a time, and I lost the weight very gradually, and I never had any trouble with it like others I know of had. It was great!

I wasn’t that hungry either, and I couldn’t eat a lot at the first time in my life, I could eat anything I wanted and keep my weight down. I mean the choices were so much fun...I never ate all that much, but I could have a Snicker’s bar for lunch and wash it down with a Diet Dr. Pepper...and the day continued with even worse choices.

My life has always been busy and I loved being able to grab anything I wanted to eat and go at top speed. Sugar and caffeine fueled me, and I could just get SO much done. I had always been healthy and thought I’d go on forever being able to do what I wanted. I didn’t worry much about nutrition, even though I certainly knew better. I was going full speed ahead and living my life to get things done. I assumed I’d be healthy forever.

Silly assumption.

Fast forward to my getting sick. Obviously I stopped the bad eating and got careful pretty quickly after I got sick...but I didn’t really think much about still having the lap band.

For a little more clarification, a lap band is a laproscopically installed doughnut shaped “band” around the top of your stomach that keeps you from eating very much. The “doughnut” is fillable...a saline solution is injected into a port right under the skin to either make the band tighter or to pull some of the fluid out and make it looser depending on the circumstances. There’s a tube that goes from the band itself about eight inches to the right and that’s what connects to an egg shaped “port” that I could actually feel under my skin. That was the injection site for the saline solution.

By the way...this was not an intestinal was a very low invasion procedure. As a matter of fact, there was no pain at all involved in having it put in. I just had to get over the general anesthetic and then learn to eat differently. It was a real no big deal thing at the time.

And so...after being on the protocol for a couple of years, I got to thinking. Why am I not getting “there” yet? I could certainly attribute the slow movement to some of my fall from the “sum of the parts” from time to time, but I wondered if there was something else.

I didn’t even tell Mel about the lap band until I’d known him for a year or two. I just didn’t want the lecture...but I finally broke down and told him. He said I needed to get it out. I thought about it, insurance is so crummy...and I knew it would cost me a bundle out of pocket even if the insurance decided to cover it.

This rattled around in my mind for some time...but about ten months ago, I started having other problems with it. I’d get what I now know was acid reflux at night...and it was a really big problem because of swallowing all those night supplements. It was hard to stay awake and upright to allow the night supplements to get past the band, and I’d end up going to sleep and waking up later feeling like I was choking...or that some liquid had gone down the “wrong pipe.” I'd have to cough my head off to get a breath. It was scary.

I just kept thinking about what James said about his improvement when he had his fillings I asked Mel about it. The question I posed to Mel was this…”if I had to choose between getting my metal fillings removed and having the lap band removed, which do you think would be the most important?”

Mel didn’t even hesitate...he said...get the band removed.

So...even though I was super busy at work...I finally got an appointment with the lap band doc and told him my story. He was so nice. He said...let’s just take it out. His office staff dealt with the insurance and I did get it covered because of the acid reflux...I guess that’s what “saved me” because if I’d have had to pay for this surgery out of pocket, it wouldn’t have happened.

I really couldn’t take off much work because of the time of year, so...I just took off the Thursday before Good Friday, and had the surgery done on that day. It was an out-patient kind of deal, and the doc conceded to me going back to work after a week when I’d told him I really couldn’t miss much work. I read later that the recommendation is to miss two to four weeks of work, but that wouldn’t do it for me. I went back to work the following Monday...four days out of surgery. That seemed kind of like a week-ish to me.

Actually...I didn’t think having it removed would be a big deal. Having the band put in didn’t hurt at all. I had no idea it would be so incredibly painful to get it out, but it was. Here’s why...I found out later that the whole silicone contraption can get wrapped around your organs and create scar tissue. My doc said mine was and was also really embedded in my abdominal wall.

Judging from how much it all hurt and how long it took to get well (the surgery was on April 18th, and I just was able to start sleeping on my stomach again a few days ago), I guess mine was pretty embedded.

A google search revealed some people saying that the silicone lap bands start to disintegrate after a while. Ok...embedded in organs...disintegrating silicone...a toxic disease that I can’t get completely well from...and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots.

Before I had the surgery, I'd asked long do you think it’ll take for me to see an improvement in my symptoms after I have the surgery? He didn’t even hesitate...he immediately said…”about two months, you'll really notice a difference.”

I just want to does he KNOW this stuff? But he did.


It’ll be two months since my surgery next week.

I have made such a quantum leap forward in so many ways, I can’t even believe it... and here they are:

1. Increase in energy level...and good thing too because this last two months has required it.

2. Decrease in biofilm in problem area...a significant’s still there, but improving every week.

Those are huge...both of them. The decrease in biofilm is remarkable. I’d told Mel that I felt like I was purging what felt like white “plastic.”

It’s now going away.

Could it have been the disintegrating silicone leaching out into my system? Would that have purged out of my skin?

I don’t have a definitive answer, but logic tells me that getting the band out has preceded one of the fastest leaps forward I’ve experienced since I started on my journey back to health.

It kind of adds up, doesn’t it?

In any case, I’m sharing all of this epistle in the hopes that it might help someone else with similar circumstances.

A lap band and / or metal fillings aren’t the only “foreign” things that a person can have inside his or her body. There are any number of things. My thoughts are...if it’s something you can do without...get rid of it.

Doing so has really helped me.

I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. It may take some more months to get to the finish line, but now I have no doubt that I’ll make it. The lap band removal has been a game changer.

Mel had asked for some encouraging posts...and I’m as encouraged as I’ve ever been. As a matter of fact, I’m downright ecstatic!

Getting well is just the best!


Thread: Happy Post!



My name is Mackenzie as some of you may know from the calls.

I am 15 turning 16 in September.

In my free time I like to paint, draw, write, watch Netflix, and do other arts and crafts.

On Sunday mornings I teach Sunday school to children. My favorite subject in school is business law.

Linda is my grandmother. We are so grateful to Mel for all his help and all of you for supporting us!

I am as healthy as ever! Though I have only been listening to the calls for a little while I absolutely love being part of such an amazing community of such amazing people. Thank You!!!

Love, MacKenzie
:) <3
Thread: I don't know how I contracted this!!!


Hi Mrs B,

I am sorry that you have gotten this illness and that your sister and brother are affected too.

Rest assured, we will do all that we can to help you. I am glad that you have reached out to us.

Firstly, I am sad to say that its highly unlikely that an infectious disease doctor will help you. I went to one re the NHS in UK and he did not even take a skin scraping. They assume its psychological or scabies or something like that. It is terribly distressing to go to them. They do not have the knowledge of this disease.

You have come to the right place here, there is such a wealth of knowledge in this website. People here are at various stages in their recovery and others have recovered and stick around to help others.

I will tell you this, if you can at all afford to get the logos protocol then I urge you to get it. It is a wonderful synergy of nutrients, vitamins,enzymes, probiotics, omega fats etc etc that work together to help build up the bioterrain.

You need to fight this first and foremost from the inside out. Topical products like sulphur soap and kleen green are very helpful too.

Tell your sister and brother to get Kleen Green concentrate , dilute it seven to one with water in a spray bottle and spray their scalp and head. It really helps with the crawling sensation. They can also splash their heads under cold water. This disease does not like that much. I would also urge them to take internal medicine re the protocol also.

Drink lemon water, this disease does not like lemons.

Follow a low carb diet and cut out sugar, alcohol, cigarettes. Follow the, 'sum of the parts,' as laid out in this website.

There are many people who are not sure how they got this. I got it from bird mites, others from spiders, fleas, gardening. However, if your immunity had been strong in the first place it would not have taken hold. Many of us had Lyme and Co infections before contracting Morgellons. Something took out our immunity, first which made us susceptible.

If your husband, kids and parents have all a strong immune system, they should be fine. However, I would avoid unnecessary contact, until you start getting your compromised immunity back on track.
You can also use Kleen Green to clean your environment. It's non toxic and safe.

Try and get enough rest.

Hang in there and take good care,
Thread: I don't know how I contracted this!!!

Leslie Williams

Hello Mrs B!

I have not posted in a longggggggg time but wanted to stop by to say hello and welcome to the form.

I guarantee and put my life on the line that you have found a great family in this community. We share our faith with one another, our experiences, we cry with one another, rejoice, and Lord do we laugh with one another. It’s such a great joy to know you don’t have to feel alone or be alone as we all walk to this road to recovery with patience and great hope. We are the only ones that understand each other. But the main ingredient here is our faith ion Jesus Christ.. and you don’t have to be a believer in who we believe in but he’s our sustainer through it all.

Mel’s a real “PISTOL” but rest a-sure it’s all done in LOVE.. The Hockey stick is coming! ??????

Mel’s protocol is the only one I know of where tons of people including himself have gotten well here.

A few tips:
I encourage you to buy coaching sessions.. you need them
Listen to at least 6months of conference calls - listened to 1yr of them - there you will find answers to your questions
Do the SUM of the parts and not the SOME of the parts
Don’t mix the protocol - stick with how it’s done without adding to it
Diet change is imperative to your healing - many delicious recipes in the starter guide
Sleep, Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep is important and imperative for the healing process. So get as much ??’s as you can.
Kleen Green is amazing for washing your cloths and your hair
Kleen Green essential oils are amazing
As you get better your environment gets better. Trust me is does!!
This will take time and it’s not a quick fix but take much consistency and patience.

Welcome to the family/community Mrs B! We are Warriors!!

PS - please excuse the typos as I sent this from my mobile ??

In The Masters Hand
Thread: I don't know how I contracted this!!!


Hello Mrs. B.,

This is from Karen...another one of the teachers on this site. Actually...I've been out of the classroom for several years, but I still work in education.

There's not much I can say that Jamie, Maria, Tracy, and Ruth Ann haven't already said very well except to say they are all exactly right.

I wasted a lot of time wanting to believe there was a "magic bullet" out there. You'd mentioned you have an appointment with an infectious disease doctor. One would think that would be the gold standard of medical care for our very strange symptoms. However, not one person, including myself has ever been helped by an infectious disease doctor. I was patronized, and insulted when I went to one and told I needed to see a psychiatrist. I'd have been thrilled to death if this was all in my head and I'd have been running to get the big bad psychotropic drugs they love to prescribe, but I had enough sense to know it wasn't that easy. I've never had a history of hypochondria and had too many things to do to waste time being sick for even a minute. No way I'd have cooked this up in my what end? Who would pretend to have these weird symptoms?

I may have been looking for a magic bullet, but I did have enough sense to believe in myself and what I was observing in my body. The infectious disease doc, the PCP, the dermatologist, etc. etc. etc. didn't provide any help at all. As a matter of fact, if not helping a patient, insulting them, and then charging them isn't against the law, it sure should be.

I finally did find a lyme literate doc who I dearly love. I didn't make much progress with the pharmaceuticals she prescribed, but I love her because she recognized my morgellons. She also gave me a blood test to determine if I had lyme disease...I did. That was a lifesaver because it gave me something to say to others about why I was so sick. I still go to her but for blood tests only to keep track of my progress. It's also good to say to family members, etc. that you're under a doctor's care. That'll help with unwanted advice.

I'd like to share some wisdom with you I wish I'd realized when I first got this would have saved a lot of time.

1. No magic bullet. It's going to take some time. Once you accept that and get going on the "sum of the parts" you'll be that much closer to the finish line.

2. Sum of the parts...did I already say this? Yes! It's because it's so important. It's THE magic ticket. Take some time to read the Beginner's Packet...that will give you an idea of what to do.

3. Discipline...just take one day at a time. It's going to take some practice to get things ready to take to work. There are a lot of supplements...WPS (when you get on the extension protocol a couple of months down the road), and all of your food.

Summer break is coming up though...and that is a perfect time for you to get really on top of everything you need to do and start the sum of the parts. It'll also give you some time to plan how you're going to get everything packed and ready for work in the fall.

4. Let go of the fear. Once you get all set up with your supplements, food, and clean environment, etc., then do anything you can to avoid fear. Fear will generate cortizol and that feeds the disease. I do anything to escape my thoughts if I can. Netflix is my BFF with Youtube and Amazon Prime running a close second. Come to the conference calls and find a buddy to communicate with. That will help you more than you can imagine...because the person you'll be talking to will completely understand what is all but unexplainable to anyone else. There's a real peace in's always great to share tips and ideas.

Relax in the knowledge that there is a long history of many people getting well who have used this protocol. I looked everywhere and had found what you did...the message that you can't get well. That is inaccurate. Evidence supports the fact that many have regained their health over the ten plus year history of this site. I'm in the 95% club and working toward 100%. Mine has been slow...and that's because I'm sometimes a little challenged with discipline...when I do what I'm supposed to do consistently, I see huge progress.

The rest is up to you. YOU'RE in just have to put your foot on the road and start walking. You won't be alone though...we're on the road with you and will keep you company as you head for the finish line.


Thread: I don't know how I contracted this!!!

Ruth Ann

Welcome Mrs. B,

As with you I thought I had scabies for several months and tried many products to get rid of them. They helped to some point but didn't get rid of them and they continued to spread.

I finally realized after around 7 or 8 months that I didn't have scabies but had morgellons.

It was very hard to accept that because every site had no cure.

Finally I believe the Lord led me to Mel at How I cured my morgellons.

It took me a little time to admit it and to get involved in the community and the conference calls but I did.

I now try to attend every conference call as I always learn new things that will help me.
Everyone on the calls is very helpful and encouraging.

Mel has also been very helpful in getting me started and going - he is very knowledgeable as he has recovered from this disease himself. He always says "Its the sum of the parts" that will lead you to get well.

There are a couple of other teachers that are on their way to being healed of this disease that are on the calls.
I encourage you to join the conf calls on Sat and Sun and to read as much on the site as you can.

Be kind to yourself and try to get the rest you need. I never went to a doctor as I learned early on that most don't know how to treat morgellons.

You are at the right place to learn how to be healed from this toxic disease.

Blessings Ruth Ann



Hi Mel,

Here is a link to the video I hope this works.


Cathy AKA Sleeping Beauty
Thread: I don't know how I contracted this!!!


Hello Mrs. B,

You have absolutely come to the right place--Jamie is spot-on correct in everything she wrote, and I echo her words here.

We seem to get this disease only if our immune system is compromised in some way...I was exposed to mold which made me very ill, and then I somehow caught Morgellons.

My husband and children were also exposed to the mold, but did not suffer ill effects nor have they contracted Morgellons, thank God.

Print out the beginner's packet from the website..brain fog is a problem for many. I had to read everything 5 or 6 times to get it straight.

Silver in the eyes, ears, nose will help clear them. My eyes were terrible in the beginning--I was seeing white flies that did not exist--a common side-effect of the disease, but now my eyes are fine, thank God.

The protocol will immediately start to help you feel better.
Sleep is extremely important--try to rest, nap and sleep as much as you can. It is more important than cleaning your house.
It's hard not to obsessively clean in the beginning, because we are terrified that the things are lurking in our house. But the house will get better, and cleaner, as you get sounds weird but it is true. I have experienced this as I've gotten better (I'm in my 9th month of following the protocol, diet--sum of the parts.)

Diet is of paramount importance--it's undoubtedly hard at first, but it is key to beating this disease. There are many excellent recipes published on this website. You will have to cut out all sugar, reduce carbohydrates to around 30 a day (no rice, no potatoes, no starchy veggies, no bread, or white flour products, no gluten either).

No dairy products except butter.

No alcohol, no diet sodas, no artificial ingredients, no fake sugar except pure stevia.

No real coffee or tea with caffeine.

You will want to eat a healthy, organic if you can, diet full of cruciferous and leafy veggies, eggs, avocados, lean protein--chicken, fish, turkey, beef, nitrate free bacon in moderation, almond milk, cooconut milk, herbal teas, tons of water.
Lentils, pulses and grains like quinoa--very small portions are ok for some people, not ok for others.

Each person is different, so pay close attention to what seems to flare up the crawling and itching, and biting..and eliminate that from your diet.

To get rid of the crawling and biting, drink fresh squeezed lemon juice, mixed with still or sparkling mineral water and a few drops of stevia to taste. Add as much cayenne pepper as you can tolerate, and sip throughout the day.

Western-trained doctors are not usually of any help, unfortunately--I visited many and none of them were able to figure out what I had. They thought I needed psychotherapy. Morgellons is not recognized as a disease by the CDC, as you no doubt know.

But do not fear, Mel is here and you will indeed truly have the opportunity to restore your.

It's not a quick fix, but it works!

Please join us on the conference calls on Saturdays, and fellowship on Sundays. We are a very friendly, caring group of people from all over the country and world, in different stages of recovering our health.

You do not need to be Christian, or religious, to join on Sundays. The point of the prayers is to lift our hearts and spirits, and draw us closer together, to each other, and to God, if you believe in God. While this is not a religious group of any kind, many of us (myself included) find prayer helpful.
t is a frightening, mysterious disease, and very isolating. Being part of the community is very helpful--I have made new friends here that I will I hope have for life.

Mel will help you every step of the way. I have found coaching with him to be extremely helpful...he has gotten me through some dark days and nights. He's a tough cookie (he had to be to beat this on his own), but has a heart of pure not be put off by his at times gruff New York exterior!

I'm a tutor and part-time teacher, as are several of the women in this community. If you ever want to talk, you can get my number from Mel. I have found talking with other women to be very helpful and comforting. It's pure hell in the beginning when this disease strikes. But believe it or not, you will be smiling and laughing again before you know it.

Take heart, always have hope, and know that you are not alone.

Maria aka Mimi
Thread: I don't know how I contracted this!!!


Hello, Mrs. B.

I am sorry to learn of your struggles but thrilled that you have already made your first post!!! Welcome! :)

I am a teacher, too. There are a number of us on the forum who are teachers. In fact, for reasons still unknown, teachers (especially middle-aged females) seem to be targets of this disease.

The good news is this. You have absolutely come to the right place. I’m sure Mel probably already told you that the disease is not “contagious” in the ways that other diseases are, so I am not surprised to hear that only some of your family was impacted and not everyone. Clearly, you and your sister and your brother were impacted by either exposure to an infecting agent or weakened immune systems or both. I have had the disease for at least three years (possibly up to 10) and have NOT given it to my husband, my two stepchildren, any of my biological family members, any of my friends, or any of my students.

Please brace yourself for the possibility that an infectious disease doctor may not be helpful or even know anything about what you have. Many of us have had the frustrating experience of dealing with a medical community that has been extraordinarily slow to recognize chronic Lyme (which many of us also have, including myself) and Morgellons especially. I wasted the better part of a year listening to a doctor that had me on antibiotics, which did me more harm than good—that was before I found this website which has literally saved my life. A person has to heal from within, and antibiotics just won’t kick this.

You were very wise to immediately begin the protocol. I can reassure you that it works because it has absolutely performed miracles for me in only about a year. I have a thread (A Teacher’s Journey)...please read my recent post if you need some reassurance that it works if you do the things you need to do. My thread isn’t the only success story you should read. There are so many other threads that celebrate TOTAL VICTORIES against the disease. Coaching with Mel is absolutely essential. He has over a decade of experience helping people, and countless people have gone on with their lives due to his efforts, the efforts of the people who run the companies associated with this site, and the support of people on this forum. If you can participate in the Saturday and Sunday conference calls and read everything you possibly can on this site, you will receive a wealth of information and support that will make you feel as though you have received a thousand blessings.

There are a lot of ingredients needed to cure yourself: sleep, tons of water, the correct diet (which will require sacrifices you absolutely will not want to make until you realize how much it will help you), the reduction of stress, the protocol, coaching with Mel, utilizing the forum in many is doable, even when you think you cannot possible tolerate the disease even one more second. You can. If you are a teacher and work with young people, you are already a strong person.

Feel free to ask Mel for my phone number if you would like to speak with a fellow teacher. Although I still have a ways to go before I beat this thing, I can certainly offer my emotional and “career-related support.”

I will say a special prayer for your healing.

Thread: An Aussie Warrior's Journey - or How Mel's Coaching and the HICM Community gave me my life back

john K

An Aussie Warrior's Journey - or How Mel's Coaching and the HICM Community gave me my life back, for which I'll always be eternally grateful :-)

This is my 1st post - I've been on the protocol plus extension for 4 1/2 months now (i.e. since the start of 2019) - am up to 9 drops of WPS morning and night which I'm tolerating quite well as I have all along. I've now lost 19 Kgs or around 40 lbs of weight, and I no longer have any requirement for blood pressure medication (or any other mediation either) which I took daily for 10 years. I feel really good, I have great clarity of mind and more energy than I can remember. The protocol, silver & WPS are healing me so well I can now see an end in sight to this nightmare. Oh BTW this protocol & diet has also pulled me back from Type 2 Diabetes which I've never had but which with my former weight and habits I was marginal with my blood sugar levels for Type 2 Diabetes.

Part of my hesitation in posting has been that since I'd only been suffering with bites for 2 years and I mostly felt OK and that I'd always eaten reasonably healthily, but with 2-3 wines quite often of a night, a modest amount of sweet food and carbs, I felt far more fortunate than many others in this group. But I started to get sores on my legs and ankles that wouldn't heal and it seemed to be getting worse, and it was then that I started to feel I was losing the battle with whatever it was that I had?

By some miracle (of God :-) I stumbled across this site although at first I thought is was for US folks only, and Morgellons sounded far worse than anything I thought I had - still have never seen any black fibers or dots coming out of my skin - but I sure have been stung till blood was drawn by barely visible floating or flying white fibre like bugs - but nothing with legs or wings. Yes like many others I've had the full experience of being told by doctors and dermatologists that I was imagining it (DoP?), being given Permethrin cream (30 tubes) & Ivermectin tablets (dermatolgist said guaranteed to kill everything inside you - it didn't), sprayed gallons of eucalyptus oil, vaporized peppermint oil by the litre, UV non-thermal fogged cedar oil with silica - best for hotel bed bugs & fleas?, hot washed sheets at 95 deg C with a special Asko front loader washing machine - used bleach & borax in the wash more recently Kleen Green, vacuumed daily & relentlessly with a strong vacuum & sealed the nozzle between vacuums, blasted ozone throughout the house which appears to work in strong enough concentrations (20 gms/hr in a confined space over 4-6 hours) but it has the effect of starting to dissolve plastics or turn them sticky, and it's harmful to your lungs - i.e. you can't stay in the place you're treating) - even with this bugs still find hiding places and don't get killed. It goes on but basically running around like a dog chasing it's tail for 2 years with limited success - problem didn't go away - but we could live & sleep. Sleeping and everything in life was helped by big powerful air purifiers which seem to suck bugs out of the air - our biggest air purifier would cycle 1000 cubic meter of air per hour (10,000 cu ft ?) - it's wonderful sleeping in a room and house with dramatically reduced dust etc. (And yes, we have spent a fortune pursuing a solution to this problem - and a lot of things didn't work)

What changed / what did I learn from Mel & the community?

As per the "Sum of the Parts" keeping your environment (e.g. house, sheets, clothes, car etc.) clean is important but it won't get you better on its own - and once your body starts to get better you don't have to be as obsessive about your environment - still clean though.

That I couldn't get rid of anything I was feeding and my "not as good as I thought" diet was feeding what I had. Also what I had wasn't just biting me, it was increasingly inhabiting my body to give me sores that wouldn't heal, and that wouldn't stop making me sicker.

That I got this "affliction" because I was "flavour of the month" to these bugs which existed in nature i.e. I became a host, because I had a compromised immune system in some way - I didn't know the way but having time to think about it - yes there were points of infection in my body (not 100% sure but I did have a tick I got rid of 2 years ago, MRSA could also have been a factor although I hadn't had a procedure in a hospital for over 50 years, there was bursitis inflamation in a shoulder years back - so yes, wrong diet and inflamation helped me be attractive to the bugs. Thankfully my immune system, the colloidal silver and the WPS are totally eliminating all sores & inflamation - I am getting close to 100% clear, but I still will need another few months to finally be clear and prove I'm clear for 3 months - then I expect to be doing Mel's Happy Dance.

The greatest revelation of this whole experience is "that as I fixed my body from the inside" everything in my environment that was bugging me started to go away - I became "NO LONGER flavour of the month" - it's like the greatest weight being lifted off your shoulders. You're just not bothered, life returns to normal and they have "bugged off" mostly from your environment. With time I feel confident it will be a 100% bug off!

Mel and the community provided the confidence for me to go down a path to heal my body - so that I could take the plunge and without much help from any medical practitioner (however I don't believe I had any complications otherwise I wouldn't be where I am today)

What did fixing my body entail? When this disease takes hold of a person, your priorities change as it "hammers you down to your knees" - many things that are important to others in their daily life aren't important to you. You can only deal with the lowest common denominator of life - appreciate the simplest and most beautiful things - you can see it with Mel's & others' love of nature. And so it was that when I got a sniff that Mel had the REAL SOLUTION - I embraced it with 1000% of my being - 100% cold turkey on alcohol, no sugar in any form, no sauces or condiments, or carbs, never a desert or anything like it - nuts for snacks, almost as much quality protein as you like, truck loads of steamed greens, no processed anything. If it comes in box it probably is not good for us! And believe it or not I started to feel so good that I had zero temptation to ever go back to being attractive to those bugs again. It's those who don't give up hope get well. And those who follow the guiding principles - no heroics - slow and steady, don't jerk around with the protocol, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING OFF THE PROTOCOL - 3 week to 5 month setback (that was too scary to contemplate).

So what happens when you're on the diet, Mel's protocol and the colloidal silver (Sovereign Silver - the best) ? Once you cut out all the bad stuff (alcohol, sugar, excess carbs, dairy, grains or anything with yeast - since yeast and mould are really bad when you're fighting this - a high % of the population has candida and you have to get rid of this too) - but once you cut out the bad stuff your digestive system starts to come to life, and with the Logos Thymic formula the Thymus gland gets a boost and then your immune system gets a boost - to start fighting all that's gotten into your system. In no time after starting the protocol & the colloidal silver my skin started to flare up - pretty much everywhere I'd been bitten became a war zone - and it lasted that way for a few weeks - you thought, what? Am I getting worse ? But no, keep on the diet, nutritionals and silver and all starts to heal - the healing power of the human immune system with the bad food load taken off blew my mind - it's amazing what a healthy body can heal. After about 3 months I got a bit of a cold - everyone in this community says it's a good thing - it didn't worry me much since I didn't have the ache's etc from 'flu. But that too lasted a few weeks and yes you cough up anything bad in your lungs.

So things with your health and being left alone by bugs continue to improve as the months go on - almost unbelievable - but such a joy to see your life coming back to normal - but yes it's a battle and only those that stick to the diet and protocol get to come out the other side. Yes I am aware that if you been suffering for years more that I had and you have other health issues the road may not be as simple.

Mel asked me to tell my story, especially so other Aussies could believe it also, but so could everyone else in our community. I hope it's been of value to you. Thank you all for the love and effort you put into all your stories and explanations - although I haven't been on the 4-5 AM calls, Australian time as often as I'd like I have learned heaps from others and now I can give a bit back. Warm regards to you all. - John K from Down Under
Thread: Hi everybody


Hi Cathy,

It is nice to see your post and your kitty is beautiful. I don't post a lot either, I fear I don't always make sense. But I also get on the website every day and read everyone's posts and am so appreciative when people post.

You sounded stronger on the call and I am so happy for you that you're getting consulting with Mel.

Take care and give your cat a hug.

Thread: What I would say to New people on the forum


Hi Chrissie,

You are so right that laughter is the best medicine. I love the pictures Mel puts on our posts. He always seems to find just the right ones.

Tell Holly that you are not "daffie" at all. Although Zee probably believes I am as well. She has been waking me up at 4 am each day for breakfast. Actually, she makes me laugh. She has broken off 4 tiny pieces of window blinds so she can watch people coming and going. Not really funny but I still laugh every time I see her little face peeking out.

I am so grateful to be a recipient of HCAF and am thankful to God and everyone involved in helping us out every single day. I will kick M's little butts to the curb if it is the last thing I ever do. I want to be well again so badly.

Thank you for your encouragement, I agree patience is hard a lot of the time.

Take care Chrissie and Holly. Zee says woof to you.

Thread: Hi everybody


Hello Cathy!

It's so good to hear that you are making progress and beginning slowly but surely to get better:-).

I was pleased to hear your voice on Saturday's conference call as you sounded well and you were giggling away, cracking jokes. That is always a good sign isn't it.

Your cat is lovely as is Jamie's and what a great picture of Freddie's cat Michael looking at Kitty.... Priceless!!

Holly says she doesn't approve and we need some good pictures of dogs on the site now to balance things out :-).

All the best
Chrissie and a disgruntled Holly (woof).
Thread: What I would say to New people on the forum


Hi Linda,

Holly my dog says that I am not always wise, in fact sometimes apparently I'm a big daftie!!!!

I tell her it takes one to know one but yes we all have our moments both of wisdom and silliness :-). Thank goodness for that!!

On that note did I mention in my previous post the importance of laughter in releasing tension and helping us to let go? They call laughter the best medicine and they weren't wrong. It's why Mel puts funny wee pictures on here that make us smile. This disease is grim to deal with, so we all need any laughter we can get.

Holly... Your supposed to laugh with me.. Not at me!!!!!

Note from Holly ("Humans are regularly soo absurd it's impossible not to laugh. I try to look serious but my twitching whiskers give it away!!!!" ).

Linda, I am so glad that you are also on the HCAF and getting help with the protocol. You have been poorly a long long time now with this illness too. It is so important for people ASAP to build up their bioterrain in order to fight this. We don't want people being sick a long time like us and many others. I think it's wonderful that the protocol, the knowledge and the help is all here to show people what they need to heal.

It is also soo important for people to take on Mel's mantra of, 'slow and steady.' So many people get discouraged or give up before they have even began. They don't realise that it took years for their immunity to break down, so it will in most cases take a couple of years or more to build it up again.

Patience is indeed a virtue and if we don't have it yet, we should work on getting it.

Note from Holly ("What do we want.. PATIENCE... When do we want it?... NOW!!!!!!").

Ahem!!!! Well... we should try not to be impatient about being patient.

Though I'm sure we can all work on it gently :-).


Thread: Hi everybody

Freddie Bean

Hi Cathy

Great to see your post and your lovely Kitty as you will hopefully see, my cat Michael was very interested in Kitty :)

That's great news that you feel you are making progress sometimes I think due to it being a slow progress it creeps up on you so you don't really notice it, I was the same saying "well I don't feel any different health wise", then it just hit me of course I am getting better, I just needed to stop and think at the things I struggled with and how those things are not such a struggle anymore, we just need to stay focused and as Tracy said "keep your eye on the prize" I love that saying as I am pretty competitive as many have probably realised :)

The new front page picture is lovely, we are so lucky to have this site and to have Mel at the Helm even when he is waving his hockey stick around.... naughty Mel!

When today's conference starts it will be 8pm in Great Britain so I think I will take on the aka name of Sleepy from the seven dwarfs as I can see me dropping off to sleep by 9pm... Mute me Mel if I start snoring as I am likely to!

Hope to see you later Cathy

Freddie x

Thread: What I would say to New people on the forum


Hi Chrissie,

This is an amazing post. You are wise and absolutely know what you are talking about. We can all learn so much from you.

Everything you said here is so right on. I agree that if you are sick with this disease, start right away so that it won't take as long to recover. I also am fighting for my life as I have been sick for 13 years this summer. I am getting the help I so desperately needed now and I can't stress how important diet, and coming to the conference calls will be for you. The community of people who faithfully come to the calls on Saturday and Sunday for prayer service are special and genuinely want to help everyone. If there are questions they get answered or research will be done. Pretty much everything you need to know is here on this website or someone will know the answer. I learn something new every time I come on a call.

Like Chrissie said those who are getting better as well as those who are completely recovered come to help new people, people who are partially better and then those who are almost 100% and come back on the calls to encourage us. The calls are what truly turned my way of thinking from dark, dark despair to finally having hope that I will get to the end of the tunnel and come out as a rainbow.

You must fight, it is the only way and there are many who have and their lives are better than before. I want my life to be better than ever before and I encourage you to come and listen.

Thread: What I would say to New people on the forum


Hi there,

First of all.. welcome to all newcomers you have come to the right place !! :-).

Im a very grateful and blessed community member who is getting help to get the protocol via the HCAF. Every day I am grateful for the medicine I have as it is a complete and utter lifeline for me.

Having been with the community for some time I have seen it evolve over time. I agree with Mel when he says that now it's a very tight knit bonded community. It really, really is.

Apart from when I am really sick I am on the weekend conference calls come hail or rain or shine and I have been since the end of December 2017. It is important for HCAF members to learn, grow within the community and give back to others too. We do this through attending calls, posting on the forum or talking to other members. It is especially important for newbies to hear from others further along in their healing journey.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from the conference calls. The Saturday conference calls are recorded and in average 2000 people worldwide listen monthly to them.
There are Guest speakers come back, who have regained their health.

Manufacturers come and we learn re the products that will help us.

This community and forum has existed for over ten years, so there's an awful lot to learn from Mel and other people involved here too. People are very lucky to have the calls as a resource, they are free to join also.

The Sunday prayer calls are not recorded to allow a greater openness and self expression. We get to know each other better during these calls. We come together in fellowship to pray and to connect with God, but also we connect with each other. This weekly oasis of calm helps sustain us all and I cannot recommend it enough.

It makes me a bit sad that not many people from the UK or Europe join the calls. Honestly, being fully immersed into the community including taking part in the calls truly helps in the healing process.

The call's help because although shunned by the medical profession and often family and friends, people are welcome here with open arms.

We do not encourage discussion of the Sci fi or grotesque, bizarre, weird aspects of this disease as its disturbing enough to deal with. I have heard that other forums or other phone ins regards toxic disease, with other organisations have been utterly depressing to take part in. Our organisation however, does its very best to be upbeat, bring hope, camaraderie, knowledge and a sense of normality.

I say the word, 'normal,' as though it is a strange and difficult disease, no one in the community will find any individuals symptoms strange. We get it. We know. We live it too or have lived it. We are just at various stages in the healing process.

So what do I want to say to newcomers on this journey?....... Well, I will tell you this, I was very very sick for six and a half years with Morgellons, Lyme, Epstein Barr virus, I think mrsa at one point , systemic candida, Bartonella. I was alone, I was lost, I thought my life was basically over.. I was just treading the water.

I got severely infested with Morgellons three times full blown, with weeping sores and lesions all over my body and big long cat scratches and long black fibres..Constant crawling and biting.. For get the idea...... BECAUSE I WAS NOT ON THE PROTOCOL. Because I was not doing the, 'sum of the parts.' At first I didn't even know what this disease was and when I did find out I did not have the money to get the full amount of medicine that I needed to heal this. A little medicine here and there does not work.

So after over six and a half years of suffering Mel gave me this lifeline and helped me to get the meds I needed. Being on the protocol has given me hope. It helps my symptoms daily. It will take me longer to heal than most because I was full blown three times and for those years the disease managed to take hold. But every day I am grateful for the help I get and the medicines I have.

Recently, six weeks after my operation I had a setback. The pathogens tried to take hold again more white, black fibres, crawling, biting,Epstein Barr virus sores flaring up too. It was scary but I truly believe that the protocol stopped me becoming full blown for a fourth time. The protocol fought for me... Thank God and thank Mel!!! This also showed me that we need to be careful when our immune function is low and we are rundown to take extra care. This is because stealth pathogens will take advantage if there is any weakness in our system at all. So if you are particularly unwell not just with toxic disease but with other illness too, be extra careful and gentle on yourself. Honestly, I would have been done for if I hadn't had the protocol to attack back!!!!!!!

The f1000 research paper on Morgellons disease called it, 'a, multi systemic infectious disease process.' it is a very complex, multi faceted disease that can incorporate bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, various Co infections, Lyme, and various other pathogens. We don't all have that complete extensive list, but we have many of the same things in common.

You cannot continue to eat sugar and get well. If you are buying the meds and eating sugar you are never going to heal.

You cannot drink alcohol and get well.

You cannot smoke cigarettes and coffee is bad for you too.

You have to go as low carb as you can manage. Many are keto.

You have to look at stress levels as cortisol feeds this disease like sugar, so staying calm and watching fear, anger, worry, stress is paramount.

Many of us are only learning to love and appreciate ourselves now. You have to be gentle on yourself.

If you are exhausted, you are not lazy!!!! If I had a penny or cent for everytime someone said to me that they are lazy I'd be a rich woman :-).

It's important to realise that we are sick. That our immune systems were taken out and that we are fighting serious, chronic disease. It takes time, it takes rest, it takes self love to heal. So people need to give themselves a break.

Don't think you have it worse than everyone else and that others can heal but you can't. If you tell your mind and body that you cannot heal.. It won't!!!!! Watch your negative and self defeating talk. I know it's very difficult when you are struggling,but you have to fight.

Every single day,you have to believe in wholeness, wellness and a time when you will be well. It won't happen over night, you have to have trust and perseverance as our Donna said when she recently won the 8th guiding principle competition.

It also helps if you have faith (as Donna also said) and God has certainly gotten many of us through the darkest times.

We know what you're going through because most of us have had severe, horrendous symptoms too. However, in time and with hard work and, 'the sum of the parts,' I promise you that bit by bit you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So..... Its amazing, for people like Donna to get well in 16 months with the, 'sum of the parts.', Donna was sick a few months before she found this website and got the help she needed. She has healed quickly because she wasted no time and got the medicine and the knowledge and became a much valued member of the community.

If new people reading this take away anything it is this.... If you are sick with toxic disease and are sitting on the fence not sure what to do.. Take action now.. The sooner you get the protocol and do the, 'sum of the parts,' and join the community for support the sooner you can heal. Don't leave it until this disease takes a further foothold into your body, because the longer you have this and the more times you are infested.. the harder it is to heal from it.

Please learn from our experience. Many of us have fallen down or went down the wrong paths, or had trials and tribulations so that you don't have to.

People are truly, truly blessed and lucky to have this forum, this community, the knowledge and the medicine to heal. Take advantage of what we know. Trust in what we have learned.

The good thing about community also is it has a domino effect. Mel teaches us community members,(as does John B and Cathee) and then we in turn teach you... And then you in turn teach others. This ripple effect is profound and soo important. As this world we live in becomes more and more toxic and more people become affected by toxic disease, we need to get the knowledge out there. Knowledge is power.

Take your power back today. Do what you can to fight this. Don't waste any time, just do it.

That's my message today :-).

God bless everyone,

Thread: Hi everybody



It is great to see your post!

Our journey is a slow and steady pace, one day at a time with much prayer and hope!

It's good that you recognize that you are making progress and are consulting with Mel.

You are sounding encouraged, so stand strong keeping your eyes on the 'prize' Miss Sleeping Beauty!

In His love, Tracy
Thread: Hi everybody

buddy 1958

I haven’t posted much and I’m going to try to post more in the future.

I do feel like I’m making progress and as Mel says it’s slow and steady and I tend to get impatient and overdo it.

I really like the new Website layout the background it’s a really beautiful color.

I think Mel is going to put a picture of my kitty with this post.

If you’re not consulting with Mel yet, I highly recommend that you do it.
It is worth every penny, he has a decade of experiences, is very knowledgeable and compassionate.

All he wants is for us all to restore our health.

I’ve heard from Cheryl and I told her that we prayed for her on the Sunday prayer meeting and she’s very grateful and she like the picture of my kitty that I sent her.

Much love, Cathy aka Sleeping beauty
Thread: Hello to everyone worldwide.... Join us for our second free weekend


Hello there!!

This is our second semi annual free weekend.This weekend everyone world wide will be able to partake in the website

We are hosting this weekend in honor of Cheryl, our arch angel and beloved warrior :-).

This weekend beginning Friday May 3rd midnight EDT. to Sunday May 5th midnight EDT. everything will be available to read, listen to and partake thereof all weekend!!!

Be sure to join us on Saturday's conference call, when our very own Donna (aka Sneakers) talks about her total health restoration, in just 16 months.

Sunday, if you choose, you can join us for prayer and fellowship. People even if they do not pray or speak, when feeling the pulse of our community say they never feel alone
in this journey any more.

If you need any help to set up Skype so you can partake in the calls, give Mel your email address to pass on to me.

I will do my best to help you join us.
Skype calling worldwide is actually very cheap and easy to do.

Become part of our community, find your voice, ask questions directly to Mel, other members or guest speakers, Or just listen.

You do not need to be alone in this. Reach out, you can be supported you through this journey. Its not an easy journey, but it's a lot easier when we come together to help one another through it.

Our Cheryl just went through her third surgery in a year. It went well, but there have been post surgery complications. She is a wonderful trouper, she just gets on with it! She is incredibly stoic!

We are all praying for our dear Cheryl. We value her very much, her gentle nature, empathy, subtle ability to get on with everyone.

Please join us, we will welcome you with open arms!

Kind regards,



Congratulations on winning the contest as well as restoring your health. I'm sure it was no small feat and you worked really hard.

"Have faith and perseverance. Trust the Lord" fits in just right as the eighth Guiding Principal. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to hear your story Saturday.




'Have Faith and Perseverance, Trust the Lord' is the perfect addition to the Guiding Principles!

For where would we be without His hand guiding us?! Congratulations, Donna! You have lived this and know He has brought you through to restored health :)

I am so happy for you!

Mel and John,
Thank you for the great photo holding the painting from the first auction ever to benefit the He Cures All Foundation!

Thank you, Ellen of Troy, for this gift and John for your never-ending generous heart to all of us here!

In all your steadfast work, to make this ALL possible,
thank you!

In His care, Tracy


Congratulations Donna!

Giving tribute to our Lord is a wonderful guiding principle.

I am happy to hear you won but even more happy to know you have restored your health.

May God continue to bless you! I know you must be enjoying those grand babies now.

Congratulations again.

In Christ Love,


Hello everyone and welcome,

I am happy to announce, that the creation of our eight guiding principle was a wonderful success.

We had over two dozen entries and many more people
who actually were part of the voting process.

No one Knew the author's names until after the voting.

As in previous contests, we a had a tie for first place and had a second round of voting to determine our winner. We also had a three way tie for second and a five way tie for third.

I wish to thank everyone who participated for their part in making this a truly enjoyable event.

Interesting to me was the fact the the two entries that had the most votes brought God into our guiding principles. (Brilliant)

Our winner is our very own Donna AKA Sneakers, who ironically will be doing her "HAPPY DANCE CALL", this coming Saturday May 4th.

Here is her winning entry:


Thanks again to everyone who was part of this wonderful event!

God bless you all,



Hello everyone and welcome,

I am happy to announce, that the creation of our eight guiding principle was a wonderful success.

We had over two dozen entries and many more people
who actually were part of the voting process.

No one Knew the author's names until after the voting.

As in previous contests, we a had a tie for first place and had a second round of voting to determine our winner. We also had a three way tie for second and a five way tie for third.

I wish to thank everyone who participated for their part in making this a truly enjoyable event.

Interesting to me was the fact the the two entries that had the most votes brought God into our guiding principles. (Brilliant)

Our winner is our very own Donna AKA Sneakers, who ironically will be doing her "HAPPY DANCE CALL", this coming Saturday May 4th.

Here is her winning entry:


Thanks again to everyone who was part of this wonderful event!

God bless you all,

Thread: Uncle Mel's Spring Diesel


Thank you Holly,

For this thread to support our Mel!

I love what you said, Neil, that there is no room for shame! That is right on!

I also think often of where I would be if it weren't for the promise Mel made to God.?! I look back reminding myself how ill I was for years!

I am starting my 10th month on the protocol, HEALING! LIFE coming back into this body and mind! I even am able to work a part-time job now.

It gives me joy to be able to give back to Mel, no matter the amount, it adds up, especially if we all would commit to even $5.00 into Mel's Go Fund Me account.

Let's bless Mel and show our appreciation today!!

Thank you, Mel, for your love, care and dedication to each and every one of us here!!

In Christ, Tracy
Thread: Uncle Mel's Spring Diesel


Hi everyone it's Neil here.

I used to write under the name old saint Nick or Nicholas.Today, as I battle my disease there is no room for shame. I didn't ask for this disease but now that I have it and confections to deal with also, it has brought me closer to God than ever before.

Thankfully, we all have a community to turn to for inspiration strength and hope. This is made possible by one man who's promise to God to help others.

It just occurred to me that it doesn't only pertain to this community but to everyone we meet in life, that we may help or leave a positive impression on if possible. But I digress...
Where would we be without Mel?

I don't believe I would be alive if I kept on the direction I was going in. I believe many of the community would be in bad shape as well.

So when I can do so, I purchase one on one coaching from Mel who gives back to the world ten fold.
If you can do the same I encourage you to do so.

Thanks so much Mel and
God Bless you all,
Thread: I love life again


Hi Freddie,

I love the picture of you as a wee girl and the donkey :-).

It's really good that you are feeling so well on the protocol and the, 'sum of the parts'!!

To have your energy back is such a wonderful thing!

It's so good for others who are just beginning their journey to read from others like yourself, who are further along the road to wellness.

I agree, this is such a great community, it helps us all tremendously.

No one needs to be alone whilst suffering this disease. I urge anyone who's unsure about reaching out to us, please do!!

We welcome all with open arms.

Meanwhile, keep on keeping on Freddie, as Mel says :-)

Thread: I love life again

Freddie Bean

Hi Linda

Thank you for your kind words.

I wish I could go back to those carefree days when that photo was taken :)

Oh yes the diet is so VERY important, we are so very lucky that Mel worked this out for us, so I am virtually itchy, bump, crawling free but I know by my other issues like joint pain and memory problems that I still have a way to go but getting to where I am now is fantastic.

Today I had two hospital appointments and the one specialist mentioned my two stays in hospital a year ago, I had to ask him what I was in for! He said what it was but I cannot remember those two stays, he knows about all my memory issues from way back but unfortunately doesn't accept Morgellons which is fine... I told him this before... that it is not his remit and I would deal with this issue myself :) anyway all my other health issues are all good. So my memory isn't quite up and working properly yet. My next appointment was with a Neurologist my yearly check up of course we all know what the problem is (now) but they don't! I did think about cancelling this appointment but thought no I will ask about Lyme's and what I went through back in 1997 before I could say much she wrote out a blood form for me to have the Lyme's test, I know it isn't going to make any difference other than if it comes back positive to the Lyme's it might over ride some of the stuff on my notes but to tell you the truth I don't really care, what will be will be, I feel so well nothing is going to faze me now :)

I have always fought for what is right when it came to my health, I learnt from quite a young age that doctors do not always know best, you need to listen to your body and go with what it is telling you, I always remember a specialist saying to a trainee..."listen to your patient they will tell you what is going on with their body" he was so right, he later became a Professor, only wish he practised in the field that would help us :)

Freddie x

Thread: My Journey Through Poetry


I wanted to bring my first post forward to give all the newcomers hope. This post was made a little over two years ago. I have since moved on remarried and started a new life. It can be done so please never give up.

My Journey Through Poetry

My life has forever changed,
I am not sure of the moment or day.
But I know I have started a journey
which was lonely in every way.

I began to search for an answer;
that not one doctor had.
My health was beginning to fail me,
and my heart became very sad.

Why is this happening to me?
I tried to live a life that was right.
I prayed for God to just take me,
I did not have the courage or fight.

I would look in the mirror with disbelief,
again to the Lord I would pray.
Why God has this happened to me;
is there anything I can say?

Each morning I woke up to this nightmare
Not understanding what I could do.
I became very angry with my Savior
Still not believing that this could be true.

And still I would search for some answers,
Because of my children’s undying love.
Knowing that somehow God could save me,
My eyes looked to the heavens above.

It has been almost two years that I have been trying,
to get healthy and become all I can be.
Through this journey I have come to realize,
God has a new plan for me.

So now I embrace my Lord daily,
Praying for the strength somehow.
To severe my God with the Glory,
He has deserved both then and now.

I know he has answered my prayers,
and led me to a place that is true.
So vitamins, rest, and have faith,
are the most important things I need to do.

Each day I start off reading scripture,
God’s message is very profound.
I learn from the people he sent me,
Understanding there is love all around.

It is my goal to stay through this journey
The rewards will one day be great.
I have beautifully amazing grandchildren
I want to hold before it’s too late.

I will embrace this new life God has sent me
Knowing he is leading and guiding the way.
I realize GOD chose me to help others,
And this I must do every day.

I now walk through this life without fear
Because my GOD has a mission for me.
Thank you God for the courage and strength,
I Love you and your truth; which now has set me free.
Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Dear Leilani,

A herx no matter how small is part of our healing. Each person will have different symptoms when herxing. I was also extremely tired and had some flu like symptoms that lasted over 2 days.

You are certainly moving in the right direction so count it all joy as you are winning the race.

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” Philippians 1:6

In Christ Love,
Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!



I hope each of you are having a nice start to your week!This is just a recap of weeks 6 & 7:

I have been on the extension protocol for a few weeks now, with the exception of the Candida Rid (I am almost certain I have an allergy to black walnut), MSM & WPS.

Last week was the first time I’ve ever experienced an incredible amount of exhaustion and increased tiredness. It lasted almost the entire day and it came in waves.

It was a bit of a challenge with working and raising the little ones, but God is always so faithful in providing just the right amount of energy and encouragement needed to keep on going. The next day I was back to myself but several new bumps appeared on the palm of my hand and am hoping that this clears up soon.

I am wondering if it may be a part of the herxing process?

I can’t recall if I ate something out of the ordinary...

I am hoping it’s all part of the healing process and am thankful they’re beginning to clear up.
I am so thrilled to report within only a month and a half of the protocol, my arms that were almost covered in little bumps look 100% better! All of the bumps have completely healed (aside from one which seems to be on the mend) and there is almost no scarring.

I am so grateful for God’s healing and all the wonderful wisdom I have gleaned through Mel, and all of you in this community.

Diet has been the biggest challenge especially with cooking for all the different allergies members of our family has, but I couldn’t be more grateful for all the great, creative recipes shared here on this site!

I am hoping to be more present via conference calls as my schedule may change up a bit and active on this forum! I feel like I know a lot of you through listening to the recordings ~ you all are so lovely!
But for now, I hope to keep these updates going when I have a few minutes to logon and write.

Thank you again for all of your have been in my prayers!

Thread: t’s my Birthday today! #54 Yah!


Hi leslie,

I hope your birthday was wonderful and I don't remember if I congratulated you on getting your new apartment and all the other blessings you have received this year. I am so happy for you.

You are such a wonderful prayer warrior and are getting well even though you had to do so under not so great circumstances. You endured so much and worked so hard to get better . . .you deserve every happiness that comes your way. You are a wonderful friend.

May God Bless You
Love, Linda
Thread: "Whey Hey"

Freddie Bean

Dear Jamie, Laura and Tracy :)

Thank you for your lovely Congratulation posts :) I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to get a cold.

Jamie I cannot wait to hear you have one too x

Laura it does feel amazing I have past the first marker! :)

Tracy I smile too when I am on the calls I am so very lucky to have met you all.

I kept doubting myself with even asking Chrissie if she thought it was a cold, it is the strangest thing when you doubt that it would ever be possible to get one and when you do, you think your body is playing tricks on you, 20 years without a cold is such a long time and stupidly I thought it was me having a good immune system not the other way around.

Some will know that I have other health problems and have a love hate relationship with soon as I am pushed through the doors I am fretting to get out within a day, many times I have said oh "I'm OK I don't even get colds so I cant be that ill" how wrong I was.

I thought I would feel like I did for the rest of my life, I use to be such a happy go lucky girl full fun and then I got sick with possible Lymes and although I did get better after a few years I never really recovered to my old self and then as you know got hit with the Morgellons skin issues not sure how long it was waiting to break out, my other problems were/are a walk in the park compared to this disease but look at me now I am back to my old self smiling, dancing (around the kitchen) and singing (when I can remember the words!)

Life is good and I am planning on making the most of it now my immune system is kicking in, next step is to completely recover, I know I still have a way to go but it is there for the taking :)I can taste and smell success..... ha ha how competitive does that sound! OK my motto against Morgellons is...

"Winning isn't everything, it's the ONLY THING!

Freddie x
Thread: What is under our control


Dear Chrissie, Laura, and Maria,

Thank you SO much for your feedback. Your kind words help keep the positive momentum going, and that is a key factor in dealing with this disease.

These Youtube videos have given me much to think about...they really illustrate how our thoughts and words can affect the outcome of...well...just about anything.

I think our prayer meetings harness the power of doing this as a group...which is of course something the Bible teaches us...

Matthew 18:20 New International Version (NIV)

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

I believe we were all led here to help each other...and I think we are doing a very good job of it too!

If you are new and reading this...if you are out there and suffering and have no idea of who to believe or what works or even if anything works...then...please pause for a moment and take a breath. God has led you here and has provided a group of strong and caring individuals who will understand and offer much practical and emotional support. I know this is true because it happened for me and for every person here.

We hear this story over and over again from every person in the community...words like...I was at my breaking point and had tried so many things. I prayed and asked God to please help please show me what to do...and then I found this site.

There is a way to beat this disease...and there are many people who have gotten well and stayed well over the years using this protocol. There are answers...not easy ones...but there are definitely answers that work.

And you are most welcome here.



Thread: "Whey Hey"


Congratulations, Freddie,

On getting the cold you were asking for! You are doing fabulous!!

I smile listening to you on the calls and reading your posts sounding so strong and so happy:)

Such a testimony of how well this protocol works when followed as it is laid out!

Keep strong!

Your fellow warrior, Tracy
Thread: "Whey Hey"


Dear Freddie X,

Congratulations on restoring the integrity of your immune system. This is truly what your cold represents. WOW, how amazing this must feel to you! May God continue to bless you as you continue to heal!

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” Philippians 1:6

in Christ,
Thread: I love life again


Hi Freddie,

I am so glad to hear how well you are doing now. It is always so good to hear you on the conference and prayer calls. I love your accent and the picture of you is adorable.

It is very encouraging to me to know how important the diet is and that it just takes time to get where you are now.

Thank you Freddie,

Thread: What is under our control


Hi Karen,

Thank you for your beautifully expressed post. This video also is very powerful, evocative and so true.

It is so important that we all focus on the things we have control over. It is imperative that we don't lose our sense of self to this disease. We are NOT this disease, we may have it, but it is not who we are.

Before i joined this community, when I was flailing about trying to fight this on my own I was lost. In the times that the disease was taking over my body I thought I had no control. I didn't know about the diet, I didn't have the means to get the meds I needed. I felt as if it was engulfing me. I felt as if I could never be happy not when dis-ease was having a field day/week /year at my expense.

The truth is that the very time when we need to think or express ourselves in a positive way, is WHEN we are SICK.

We all need to challenge the sad thoughts, face the fear and throw it out the window, it won't help, it will hinder.

When we are fearful, God's love can't get through, fear blocks the love. If we allow worry and fearful thoughts to dominate our bodies, our immune function will stay depressed also.

We have the knowledge and life experience and community now. We know what we can do with , 'the sum of the parts,' the correct food, water, rest, fresh air, protocol.

Yes Karen, you are so right! A huge part of healing is watching our thought processes and our words.

Are we making a conscious choice every minute of every day to disregard the unhelpful thoughts and words and focus instead on what will be nurturing, positive or helpful. Both for ourselves and for other people?

In times of struggle do we dwell on the difficulties or do we choose to focus on something that will help us or others to feel better?

We have to have hope. We have to be positive both for our own health but also for others around us.

This is not an easy illness. It is a difficult journey. No one has ever said it would be clear sailing. But even in the days when it feels too much, it is better to rest and sleep rather than over think it. It is better then to tell our thoughts, that's enough for today. We must learn to be gentle on our minds as well as our bodies.

We must learn to be loving to ourselves and also loving to each other. The protocol works because it is a synergy of wonderful nutrients, herbs and vitamins all working together to help us to heal physically.

Like you say Karen, we have to be holistic, in body, mind and soul. In this way our body will have the emotional and spiritual nutrients it needs in order to fully heal.

God bless,

Thread: "Whey Hey"


Like I said on Sunday’s Prayer and fellowship call,

I am SOOOOOO happy for you!

I will be crying tears of joy when I get my first one!!!

I never thought I’d actually WANT a cold!!! How ironic!!!


Thread: I love life again

Freddie Bean

Aw thank you for your kind words Cheryl,

I think I was about 10yrs old, such a long time ago!

When I first joined this site I needed reassurance that this was the way to go, I knew the diet was a must as I use to think my skin itched worse when I was eating but my brain couldn't connected that it was certain foods, so when I found Mel's site and it stated there was a Morgellons and food connection I knew I was on a winner :) and signed up straight away!

What I was unsure about was the supplements as I didn't really understand about the immune system, however I took the plunge still feeling a little doubtful but oh my goodness I am so glad I did, I know I would never have felt this well if I hadn't.

I spent so much money on lotion and potions trying to cure my skin issues from the outside which in some cases made the Morgellons worse not realizing I needed start from the inside, this all makes sense now!

So telling my story I hope that people will feel more confident that they are in the right place for the road to their recovery x

Freddie x
Thread: "Whey Hey"


Hello All

Some of you will know that at Sunday prayer and Fellowship I was whinging on about really wanting a cold, as it had been 20 years since I had one and if I got a cold that would mean my immune system was starting to work......

Well on Monday I had my first cold for 20 years AMAZING!!

Freddie X
Thread: What is under our control


Hi Everybody,

I've been thinking a lot lately about attitude. Maybe attitude isn't the right word. Maybe a better term view.

A holistic approach to healing involves body, mind, and soul, and I believe our community has much to offer in all areas., I "accidentally" found something that has reminded me of the limitless power of our thoughts.

The name of this thread is "What is Under Our Control." One of the hallmarks of this disease is the feeling of a complete loss of control, but in reality we have much more control over our healing than we might think.

Mel often talks about the "Sum of the Parts." One of the biggest areas of control we have is over each small decision (there are dozens daily) related to staying in compliance with the "Sum of the Parts" in our lives. Those choices are physical...we choose to take our supplements, eat the right foods, get enough rest, drink water, etc.

WE are the ones who make these endless small choices, and each of these has a cumulative impact on our healing.

However...there are other very powerful decisions we can make that will have a direct and powerful impact on our healing.

We decide what we think...and...we decide what we say.

As mentioned, I'd been thinking about view...just some random thoughts rattling around in my head while I was driving. And then...this morning...something very "interesting" popped up. I picked my phone up and was doing my usual morning internet check suddenly the following Youtube video popped up.

I decided to listen to it, and...all I have to say is...there is no doubt in my mind that this was a direct heavenly message I needed to hear at this point in my healing.

The truth of this video touched me in a very profound way.

And of course...I wanted to share this with my sweet and precious friends in this community.

Here it is. I felt very empowered after watching it...and I hope you will too.

Much love,


Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!



Hello all,

I just wanted to share a recap of WEEK 4 & 5:

Once I began the Keto Diet, most, if not all my bumps stopped spreading!

Thank you so much Mel for your conference call on Food/Diet and all the helpful tips everyone has been sharing on this forum!

I did have a few hard nights with little sleep due to the kids needing attention around the clock, but God has helped me power through those days and I am grateful!

I just started the extension protocol a few days ago and its continued to give me energy. With the exception of a possible food allergy to one of the products, all seems to be well.

Sleep has and always has been the hardest for me to make time for in the midst of everything going on, but I am definitely working on that!

I appreciate your prayers and support!
Thread: I love life again


Hi Freddie,

You are quite adorable in that picture :-)

I'm glad to hear you are doing so well. It's really nice of you to try to encourage everyone by sharing how much you have improved.

It's great that your skin has almost completely cleared up and your friends are complimenting you on how great you look.

I remember when you were worried about talking on the Saturday and Sunday calls because of brain fog. You now being able to enjoy talking to the people you meet when you go places is fantastic.

I'm looking forward to hearing more good news from you in the future as you continue to regain your health.

Isaiah 40:29-31 (MEV)

29 He gives power to the faint, and to those who have no might He increases strength.

30 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall,

31 but those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.

Thread: I love life again

Freddie Bean

Dear Laura and Tracy

Thank you both for your lovely response. My goodness there is so much hope and I just wanted everyone to know, you will get better I can vouch for that, it's just a slow process so hang in there.

I met up with a few people that hadn't seen me since September...well I cannot tell you how many compliments I got, Mel my hair got a lot of notice too :) None of these people know that I have Morgellons they just know that I haven't been very well.

I was able to wear a dress without a scarf wrapped around my neck as the lumps and bumps have shrunk to pimple size really hardly don't pick or agitate them....they will disappear I have proof!

Also I was able to hold conversations with different people and felt comfortable doing so, whereas back in September I just sat feeling so scared of what rubbish would come out of my mouth, my brain fog although not back to normal is so much better.

Freddie x
Thread: I love life again


Dear Freddie x,

Thank you for sharing this inspirational post. It is so important that people who are searching for answers see there is hope. That is what your post brings; HOPE.

IT is great to know you are getting better and moving forward with life. The conference calls, the prayer meetings, and posting on the forum are also part of our recovery. You seem to be doing all three. Keep up the faith and persevere to the next level of life.

"We know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." Romans 5:3-4

In Christ,

Thread: I love life again


Such a wonderful, encouraging post Miss Freddy Bean!

As Laura said, your post brings HOPE! Not only to the newbies either! And I love the photo you included. It is lovely! Sure brought a smile to my face!

I am so happy you are part of this community and sharing your journey with us.
Thank you...

In His grace, Tracy
Thread: Out of the Forest / Into the light


Hi Robin,

I love the name of your thread. It says a whole lot with just a few words.

So sorry you lost your original post! I have lost one or two of mine also. It's awful when that happens. Now when I make a long post, I copy it, hit "Post Response", and then paste the copy in an email to myself. That way if Mel does not receive my post, I can go into my email, copy the post I saved, and paste it in the thread to try again.

That might not help you, as you said that you lost your post when you hit the wrong button. But I have actually done something like that too. If you hit the button to go back to the previous page qick enough, your long post might just still be there. This has worked for me at least twice.

It's great that you have decided to become a part of this community. It's always nice to hear you on the calls. I'm glad the tips you received on how to help your eyes feel better helped a lot.

I'm not diabetic, but I would trust John's wisdom concerning that. He has been working with the toxic disease community for years, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you are already doing what he suggested, and it's working without you having a negative reaction, chances are your healing is not being affected.

I know you must have already talked to Mel concerning your diabetes. Maybe you could discuss it with him some more, and go over what John said with him. Maybe that would help put your mind at ease.

You definitely want to try to avoid being anxious as much as possible. Stress causes your body to make cortisol, which will be worse for you in the long run than a few strawberries. One thing this disease feeds on is cortisol.

So if you begin doing something regarding your diabetes while on the protocol, and it needs some tweaking as you go along; Mel, John, and other kind people like Maria and Deanna, will give you suggestions as you move forward in your journey.

Lamentations 3:22 (NIV)

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail.

Thread: I love life again

Freddie Bean

To all newbies

I just want to share with you that I was so very poorly in body and mind prior to finding this community, I couldn't think straight I was so ill all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep and never wake up, yes I was in a desperate place like many of you might be feeling right now, however if you are reading these posts, Well!

You have found the right place to getting on the road to recovery, just hang in there.

From struggling with 4 hours a week, I now am able to work 5 days a week hold down 2 jobs which are quite physical, more than I have done in years! If you listen to the conference call on Saturday,the Sunday prayer and fellowship meeting you will come across me, I don't say a great deal but I really look forward to being surrounded by people that understand and care it is such a great community, I smile all the time now :) like I use to, I can see how much better I am getting thanks to the diet of low carbs and NO sugar, Logos supplements and all the fantastic support from people here.

The diet I know is the main thing that started me on the road to recovery it helped with many of my skin issues, which in turn helped me to stay calm and understand what was going on with me and once I understood, this help with eliminating a lot of my fears, giving me the strength to be able to deal with things that Morgellons seems to throw up.

Stay calm and stay strong, we are all here to support you

Freddie x
Thread: t’s my Birthday today! #54 Yah!



Happiest of Happy Belated Birthdays to you!! It sounds like this year has already been filled with many AMAZING blessings!!! May the year to come continue on His bright and shining path for you and for your life!!! May it bring you closer to complete AND total health restoration too!!!

Love you and your beautiful God filled spirit!!!

Love, Peace and MANY Prayers,
Thread: t’s my Birthday today! #54 Yah!


Happy Birthday, Leslie!

I am very, very happy for you. So many great things are happening in your life.

I hope you have the most fabulous birthday ever!

Thread: t’s my Birthday today! #54 Yah!


Happy Birthday Leslie!!!

May this year offer you abundant health and happiness. You're already off to a great start!

Much love,


Thread: Pilgrim's Progress


Hi All!
Here is the devotion from Sunday's Prayer Call called A Picture of Patience from Quiet Places of the Heart:

The word "patience" as it is used in the New Testament, really has no true equivalent in the English language. Certainly it does not mean merely being placid and phlegmatic as so many people assume.

Patience is the powerful capacity of selfless love to suffer long under adversity. It is the noble ability to bear with either difficult people or adverse circumstances without breaking down....

Patience is the potent perseverance that produces positive results even under opposition and suffering. It is love, gracious, self-giving, pressing on, enduring hardship, because of the benefit it may bring to others....

The patience of the New Testament writers is that of a small donkey bearing enormous burdens of firewood, sacks of grain or other produce for its owner. Year in, year out, surely, steadily, safely it transports loads of goods from place to place in quiet compliance with its master's wishes.
Phillip Keller

Praying for patience for us all.
Many Blessings today and always,
Thread: t’s my Birthday today! #54 Yah!


Hello All,

I feel like I’m 25 again in mind, body, and energy. That’s the truth!

The lord is so GOOD to me! Thank you JESUS!



Dear Ruth AM,

First of all, welcome to this community where people do overcome this disease. Please understand this requires perseverance. They say slow and steady wins the race and that applies especially to MD.

Please continue to read information from this website regarding nutrition and remember "one size does not fit all." In other words since you are struggling with other health issues, you must determine the right foods that that will help with heart issues as well as high blood pressure.

I have found that researching information from this website is beneficial and helps to ease my fear. As they say "knowledge is power."

Hopefully you have already started the protocol. It is very important to restore the integrity of your bio-terrain with the proper supplements. Again, I encourage you to research; supplements and the many benefits each one has.

Lastly, please take sugar or of your diet. You must not feed this disease. There are so many healthy alternatives you can enjoy. After eating a sugar free diet, when ever I have something sugary it is too sweet for me. I have found many healthy alternatives for my sweet tooth.

Please continue to post on this forum. We are here for you. Mel is staying true to the promise he made to our Lord by helping people in this community. So you have definitely come to the right place.

This journey may be difficult at times but God is with us every step of the way. "Ah Lord God! Behold, Thou hast made the heaven and the earth by Thy great power and outstretched arm; and there is nothing too hard for Thee." Jeremiah 32:17

In Christ Love,
Thread: Out of the Forest / Into the light


Hi Robin,

Although I am not diabetic, and cannot help you specifically with that.

I do know now that certain fruits seem to be okay for certain people, while on the protocol.

Check with Mel before you try anything...he is always the first one to talk to (he's the 'horse' as he puts it!) Every body will react differently--Mel ate strawberries and blueberries, while he was going through the protocol, and I occasionally eat very small quantities of those fruits, as well (only organic).

You have to sample just a tiny amount at first, to make sure it does not flare things up with crawling, biting, etc.
The taste, and the anti-oxidants these two berries provide really are a pleasant, albeit very small (3 or 4 berries), part of my diet.

I have been on the protocol for 8 months now, and am feeling vastly better...the difference is nothing short of miraculous. This protocol really does work--be patient with it, and have faith.

You have to be brave, and take the plunge with the silver and MMS (both of which I was frightened to try). I now look forward to the silver and MMS every day, as they work to win the battle every day.

You will start to feel better once you are on the protocol, so hang in there!!

Stevia is a wonderful natural sweetener that is safe for us to use. Again, please check with Mel before using anything.

all the best to you, Robin, and welcome to our community of friends--

hugs, Maria
Thread: This website works , it really works


Thank you Laura, Jamie, and Tracy for your feedback and your commitment to this community. It's also nice to read scripture and faith that God is at the helm.

I should have started my post with my experience with overuse of antibiotics which most certainly brought my immunity down and then it set the stage for Morgellons and Candida and perhaps Lyme.

I had a bone graft done back in Dec. 2016 also known as a sinus lift. The jaw bone is opened and cadaver bone is inserted to give the jaw more mass to support dental implants. My body rejected the material which was highly refined human bone. My face was infected for months and I was prescribed a high dose of antibiotics which I took about six weeks straight.The pain level was at 10 . It hurt so much often I cried . I wanted to go to the ER to have it removed and in retrospect I should have.
I think this is an important testimony in the dangers of antibiotics. This would also include chemicals like permythrin and antiparasitics like Ivermectin and so many other things that made the situation so much worse.
I was also given a "low dose" of bactrim and an antifungal - I can't recall the name.
I just wanted to illustrate the point that medications do not help this disease as our bodies are already in turmoil. In my case, I was killing the good bacteria necessary to maintain the balance of yeast in the body.
In a panicked state I made almost every possible mistake in search of a quick fix.

The only thing that works is this protocol.

I was once just about symptom free and then I got the respiratory infections leaving me no option but to take antibiotics for my lungs. This was the important piece of medical history I left out and it clearly illustrates the damage they do.

Be very careful my friends.

I know this disease will bring you to your knees and when it does; don't forget to pray and come right back here to the solution.

Peace and Love,

Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!



I just wanted to share my Week 3 update in case my notes of this healing journey might help someone! I am continuing to have energy and strength with the supplements and am hoping my body is stabilizing. Taking them each day is part of my normal routine now. I couldn’t be more grateful for them! Even with the extra energy, I do feel at times overwhelmed with all of the extra cleaning on top of raising the little ones and working. I am grateful for my husband who has been helping out a ton, especially with all the laundry and errands. I have been applying some apple cider vinegar to my bumps and it seems to be helping dry them out. I still have them spreading a bit and noticed some around my hairline on my neck. I hope they stop spreading soon! I am bracing myself for the next part of the protocol which is just around the corner but trying to take things day by day, trusting in God as He is upholding all of us!

Have a wonderful blessed week,
Thread: Tina's Journey


Hello All fellow Warriors!

Can't believe it's been almost a year since posting. MY BAD!

How easily I forget my promise to myself that if this thing ("website,protocol,etc...) could help me I would always stay on here actively to help the next person. So I apologize for that and will do better.

After renewing coaching with Mel a couple months ago I was definitely "goin thru it". I called Mel and described my symptoms of headaches and horrible mood swings, totally fatigued that seemed to be lasting a good solid month at least. This thing "M" sure is relentless! Especially towards the end.

HOWEVER after speaking to Mel he once again explained the herxing! Especially towards the end. I remember one of Karen's posts saying how totally frustrating it was for her towards her finish line and it just seemed to keep going on without a break.

I am at the 1 year anniversary of the protocol (March 9, 2019) and honestly thought: I should be better now! This is ridiculous! Why am I not 100% yet?(mood swings)

Even though I was light years feeling better than I have since getting "M" I tend to be really hard on myself comparing myself to others who were healed faster than me.

In all fairness though I could have done much better with the diet and exercise part which I have corrected in the past 2 months and then BAM!! I felt like a heavy blanket was lifted off of me! Almost like I could feel it dying! So I talked to Mel again last week about it and updated my progress and was able to honestly say I believe I've reached the 95% club.

This freakin thing is the most bizarre and intelligent "whatever" that really doesn't wanna let ya go. But what I've been so humbly taught; is that we are Warriors with God and Mel on our side! To feel 95% is THE BEST FEELING EVER!

Please, Please do what you're supposed to do to rid this evil thing!

PRAY!! & Protocol!!! NEVER GIVE UP and may God continue to walk WITH you during this and count it a blessing that we're chosen NOT forsaken!

In Jesus' Holy and Precious name!
Thread: Pilgrim's Progress


Hi All
It's now been a year since I found this website and 11 months steadily on the protocol. Praises to God as my blood work came back this week with EVERYTHING in the normal range for the first time in I'm guessing over 30 years. My doctor was exuberant and told me to stay on the protocol!

Although I still have some arthritic pain here and there, I am feeling blessed to be energized, active, working, and sleeping so much better at night. I've even gained 2 more pounds since my last post. I have 3 more pounds to go this year to reach my goal - to weigh over 100 pounds.

I am so sorry to have missed so many conference and prayer calls these past few months, but I have not been available on weekends. Once again I leave for Georgia on Friday. Thank you for those of you who reached out by phone or Skype to check on me. I love you all.

When I think of this community, I think of these 2 verses:
"He who walks with the wise grows wise." Prov 13:20
"A sweet friendship refreshes the soul." Prov 27:9

Thank you all for your love and support.
Blessings upon your day,
Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Hi again Leilani,

You will feel so much better once your kleen green arrives.

I find it helpful to use Dr. Bonners liquid castile soap with hemp and eucalyptus. They hate eucalyptus and menthol, which is why I also use Denorex shampoo, which has menthol and salicylic acid. I have used it on my whole body but it makes me too cold for comfort. Denorex can be ordered online from Walmart, with same or next day pick up at the store.
Two bottles cost about $18 with tax.

Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Dear Leilani,
Thank you for posting your journey. It is great to see you are feeling better with more energy.

Even in my later stages of recovery, occasionally I still notice a bump on my skin. They do not open and as soon as I notice them, I put a little liquid Stevia on them. The following information is from the Duckduckgo search engine from an Article in Medical News Today on the benefits of Stevia:

"Stevia is believed to have anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-glycemic, and anti-hypertensive properties which may help with hypertension, diabetes, chronic fatigue, indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, cold and flu, gingivitis, dandruff and hair loss, brittle bones or osteoporosis, streptococcus, candidiasis, bacterial infections and skin conditions such as cuts, wounds, rashes, itchiness, blemishes, acne, seborrhoeic dermatitis, eczema, and wrinkles."

When I apply it a few times per day, it helps dry out the bumps. I hope this will be useful to you and you continue to heal.

My prayers and thoughts are with you as you continue on this journey. Stay true to this protocol, a healthy diet, and get plenty of rest. Remain confident because you are on your way! Keep up the good work.

"Being confident of this very thing, that He who hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the Day of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6

In Christ Love,
Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Hello all,

I just wanted to share a week 2 update: I have been feeling well and thankfully continue to be filled with energy even with the one hour lost with the time change. I am so grateful! My little bumps continue to spread unfortunately on my arms and legs and am really hoping these will come to a halt and eventually heal. I am wondering how long these bumps will stick around and what it means when they continue to spread...any insight would be appreciated!

Thank you all again for your encouraging words, wisdom and support...I am so appreciative!

Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Hello Leilani,

You have a beautiful Hawaiian name, makes me think of the islands and all their beauty.

I'm not too active with posting, so belatedly welcome you to this group where we are all bound by a common challenge.

Before I found this community, I was lost in space.
This disease is confounding, with no explanation in sight. It took quite a while for me to discover and then accept what I was suffering from. I spent thousands of dollars on stuff that didn't work, used harsh chemicals and the like. I thought my skin was going to fall off from all the bathing with cocktails of Epsom salt, borax, hydrogen peroxide and bleach.

Slowly, I am getting better. My favorite product is Kleen Green, an amazing natural cleaner, for your body and your environment. WPS baths really help and I now take one WPS bath each week. I spray Kleen Green on my body before bathing at least twice a week.

We all find what works best for ourselves and all the helpful advice on Mel's site makes it easier to find our way in this complicated world we're in.

You are not alone. Ellie.

Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Deanna, Jamie and Ellie,

Thank you for all your warm welcome and advice on Kleen Green and the lotion! I will be sure to search for the ratios and any other tips on the site. I just ordered some so it should be here next week! Each of you are so encouraging and this community truly brings me hope of full restoration and healing! I hope I can be of support to all of you too!

In His love,
Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Hello Leilani AND Welcome!

I agree with everyone else that has posted thus far... you have an absolutely beautiful name!!

Also based off of your commitment you've shown here on the Forum, the steps you've already taken with removing fear and nervousness, as well as your diet and water intake... I am quite confident that you will restore your health!!!

One thing I would like to mention in addition to the above is rest, it sounds like you have a busy schedule so PLEASE do be sure to schedule PLENTY of rest for yourself as you heal... our bodies do their best healing while we sleep or at the VERY minimum rest!!!

I do speak from experience as I have had a busy schedule during my healing journey, with a demanding job that includes long hours. The general consensus between myself, Mel, John and Peter has ALWAYS been that I would be further along in my healing "if" I could rest more!!!

Lastly, I wanted to address your question from 3/3...

"Is there a good alternative to taking baths if one isn’t available?"

Yes, the best alternative that most in this community have found is to spray themselves down with diluted Kleen Green using the 7:1 ratio; 7 ounces of water to 1 ounce of Kleen Green. You can put Kleen Green in the Search Engine above to learn more about this AMAZING natural, organic, enzyme cleaner... soooo safe it can be applied to your scalp and body!!!

Additionally, contrary to popular belief you will also actually further your healing by not bathing or showering every day!!! I was like many and took a minimum of two showers a day when I first found this site... hoping an praying I could or would wash away some of the craziness that was happening to my body. I now shower 2 - 3 times a week as this allows my skin to heal itself the way God intended it to do. It is also MUCH easier on my hair, which I was initially losing by the handfull. I understand its a strange concept but trust me YOU WILL see the benefits if you try it and using the Kleen Green in between definitely always made me feel clean and content!!!

I hope this helps and I hope to continue to follow your journey, my new fellow warrior friend!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,
Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!

Jamie S.


I agree with Deanna. Spray yourself with Kleen Green if a bath is not an option. It is an amazing product with so many uses. I even spray it in my hair. It calms everything down!

I also find that my skin settles down when I use the Oasis Advanced Hydrating Lotion from Natural Ginesis. Something in it makes my skin feel so cool, almost like the effect that peppermint oil can have, although peppermint is not on the ingredients list.

The basics are key, too: restful sleep, enough water, no cheating on the diet, taking the supplements religiously. All of that reduces the skins sensations that plague all of us: the stinging, the burning, the itching, the lesions, the crawlies (my personal favorite: NOT!).

Every once in a while, I go to Supercuts and get a scalp massage. It is inexpensive—$15. The product they use has a menthol/mint-type effect. I decided that since I have continued to go to the hairdresser through it all (several of them over the past three years) and haven’t infected any of them, that it is safe to help myself in that way. That’s just me. I need to feel like a normal human being every once in a while!

I hope that helps!


Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Hi all,

In hopes that these posts will help someone along the way, I’ll post weekly updates as best as I can!

Week 1:
Thanks to the Lord answering our prayers, my nervousness and fear has vanished and I couldn’t be more grateful for such a loving community here!

I am so appreciative for these supplements and the idea shared about pre-bagging them labeling each as B, L or D and having them organized in the fridge. Truly, that was a lifesaver!!!

I feel more energetic than ever with the supplements and while I don’t quite see any changes aside from energy (my energy level has been quite high before I started a week ago), my little ones told me that my bumps on my arms and legs are beginning to go away so i’ll take it!

I’ve been drinking 10 cups of lemon water plus cranberries daily (I blend them all together in filtered water in the morning).

In addition to even more water and am keeping on a very low carb diet (no grains, dairy, soy and a tiny bit of grapefruit or green apple in addition to limes, cranberries, coconut, lemons and avocados). I enjoy a large salad with lots of raw veggies daily, bone broth and a cooked meal with a little grass-fed meat or wild caught fish. I make muffins out of almond flour and chia seeds and they are delicious with soup!
Once a day I usually have 1/2-1oz of 92%+ dark chocolate or matcha with some unsweetened almond milk.

Also, I’ve been spraying an enzyme cleaner everywhere in hopes to keep my environment clean. I’m hoping my body begins to stabilize in the next weeks.

Week 2, here we come!

Blessings to all and thank you deeply for all your prayers...
Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Chrissie and Jamie,

Thank you for your warm welcome and support! I am so grateful and feel so comforted by all of you! It is so good to see how connected everyone is on the calls and the forum. I couldn’t imagine going through this alone. I appreciate you offering to help with any questions that I might have. Here’s one that came up the other day:

Is there a good alternative to taking baths if one isn’t available?

Thank you again!!

May God bless you abundantly,
Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!


Hello Leilani,

What a beautiful name you have, it sounds like an exquisite flower :-).

I am very glad that you have joined us here, are getting the protocol and that you are also going to join the calls.

I suffered alone with this disease for six and a half years before joining the community. Therefore, I can tell you that it truly makes a huge difference to be part of this. We are no longer alone with this sci-fi like disease. We have people who understand exactly what we are going through. We have support, knowledge, camaraderie and even laughter at times. And since stress is worse for this illness than sugar, we all really need a laugh or two :-).

I look forward to hearing you on the calls!
Best wishes,
Thread: Today Marks the Beginning for Me!

Jamie S.

Hello, Leilani!

What a beautiful name!

I just want to welcome you to the site. I am relatively new, too.

I just want to assure you that you are in the right place, and this community is amazing! I’ve only been active for a month or two online but have been on the protocol much longer than that.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Jamie S.
Thread: What is under our control


Hi Everybody,

I hope you will all take a few minutes to read this thread. Especially watch the fascinating video of Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Experiment, which is only a few minutes long, and read Karen's 10 tips on how we can get a handle on our emotions and send positive signals to our bodies.

I was going to post my favorite of the 10 tips here, but they are all fantastic. I would only add to #2 that when my mind gets caught up in circular thinking, and I realize it (It usually takes a few minutes of that kind of thinking for me to realize what I am doing.), I start combating the negative thoughts with what I call intentional thinking.

No matter how hard I try, I can never get myself to just stop thinking about something negative. However, I can intentionally add positive, good thoughts.

So, I might intentionally think of a Bible verse or song that I like a lot, or something I have been reading. I might intentionally think about something I watched on TV or YouTube, or listen to the Bible on YouTube. (David Suchet, who played Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot on PBS has a great reading voice, and reads the Bible on YouTube).

As long as those bad thoughts keep coming, I keep adding good thoughts. The bad thoughts will eventually stop. The truth of the matter is that it usually doesn't take long for that to happen. Once your mind grabs onto an interesting positive thought, it will usually think on it for awhile.

You can't stop negative or scary thoughts from popping into your head, but you don't have to welcome them with open arms. There are things you can do to combat them.

Watch and really think about what is shown in the video below. Try implementing some of the tips and suggestions shown in this thread into your own life.

If anyone has other ideas on how to combat negative thoughts, please post them here. Your ideas might help somebody else.

Philippians 4:6-8 (NIV)

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Thread: Pilgrim's Progress


Hi All
I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. As I feel better and better, I find that I am spending less time at the computer and more time working and engaging with others face-to-face.

Its been almost 9 months now since I've been on the protocol and I have been feeling very well. The only set back recently was a runny nose along with a slight headache and aches all over my body for over a week. I'm better now and have gained back some of the weight I lost, which puts me at a whopping 96 pounds. My goal for this year is to break 100!

I'm still pretty strict on the protocol and diet and it has become a way of life. I do, however, have a cheat day every month where I might have pizza or pasta, but, thank you Lord, I haven't felt any ill effects.

I am sleeping much better these nights and continue to nap when I can. I itch occasionally but rarely feel any stinging. I still find some fibers is my bedding but nothing compared to the past few years.

I am grateful to those who have gone before me and continue to post, like Mary. I loved hearing that she remains 100% healed and now eats what she wants. That's very encouraging. I am blessed by my friends in the community who stay in touch even when I am out of touch. Thank you especially Chrissie, Leslie, and Cheryl.

May healing blessings rain down on you all!

When I think about the Lord
How He saved me
How He raised me
How He filled me
With the Holy Ghost
How He healed me
To the uttermost
When I think about the Lord
How He picked me up
And turned me around
How He raised my feet
On solid ground
It makes me want to shout
Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!
Lord, you're worthy
Of all the glory,
and all the honor,
and all the praise!!!

Thread: What is under our control


Hi Anne,

Thanks so much for the tip on the Inner Talk recordings. I bought an Mp3 recording off the site but had some problems with downloading...and the transferring to my phone was another whole app that got a little complicated.'s an easy option...Youtube has some of these recordings. I found one about stress that we could all really it is...

It's great! Thanks again for the idea.


Thread: What is under our control


Hello Everybody,

We all know the downside of these toxic diseases...and dealing with them can be so difficult that we sometimes become discouraged and feel like victims. Victims are those who feel they have no control over their situations...and it's easy to develop a victim mentality when facing this disease.

If you ever find yourself sliding into a victim mentality, then remember...the opposite of a victim is one who is in control...and...if you think about it, we actually HAVE the control. It's not easy...but the ball is definitely in our court. So...with this in mind, here are some things to remember that will keep YOU in the drivers seat:

1. You can get well. Evidence supports this. The evidence is in the large numbers of people who have gotten well and stayed well using this protocol. It's not easy, but it can be done.

2. Time plus effort will equal the results you desire.'s a long period of time to get to the finish line, but it's do-able. In life, there's always a flip side to every coin. We know the negative aspects of this disease...but there are positives too...and this experience offers us the opportunity to learn consistency, patience, discipline, and management of our emotions at a higher level than we'd have ever thought possible. Morgellons is a great teacher (not one any of us would have ever signed up for...but we can learn much from this experience, nonetheless).

3. You CAN manage your emotions. That is the hardest part...not giving in to despair. Management of your emotions is important because it has a very direct impact on your physiology. Many of you have already heard of Masaru Emoto, but if you haven't please take a moment to enjoy this link:

It clearly illustrates the effects of emotions on matter. The "matter" involved is water. A very high percentage of our bodies are water, thus...our emotions have a direct effect on our physical bodies.

We can use this to our benefit or to our demise.

We choose. can we make ourselves calm down enough to take advantage of the benefits of positivity? How can we do that when we're so very scared and dealing with the range of symptoms that would make anyone want to get extremely upset? Well...I've given this a lot of thought...and here are some tips that have helped me:

1. Get the "sum of the parts" under control. Do what ever you can to get your food organized, your of it. Don't obsess on house cleaning...just simplify everything as much as you can and clean reasonably using non-toxic methods. Shove stuff into garbage bags and park it either in the trash can, or in another room until you get better and get a chance to go through it. Keep everything super simple for now. It won't be forever. I'm going through things now that I put away a couple of years ago and I'm fine. You will be too.

2. If you find yourself going into that circular thinking of how your life has changed, how it will never be the same again, how in the world am I ever going to ever get through this, am I contagious, where did all my money go, how unbelievable the medical community is, how disappointed you are in the medical community...and how, if they've missed something this obvious, how can you know what to trust from them ever again, how your family has treated you...any of this...if you find yourself going into that kind of thinking, do this. The minute you start the thought, mentally (or even out loud if you're alone), yell STOP. You have to do this quickly to stop the neurotransmitter loop that will perpetuate the circular thought pattern. Then get up and move. You have to physically move to stop the thought process. Go outside for a minute if you can. If you have a rebounder, hop on it and jump a few times...that will offer other benefits as well.

3. Surround yourself with positive things. Youtube people. Read this forum and take notes. Get a big spiral notebook with tabs in it to separate your notes into topics. That will increase your sense of control and that always makes us feel better. Find a friend from this site to communicate with. That person will understand what you're going through and you can help lift each other up. Bear in mind that Mel will not automatically give you numbers of others. He is very thoughtful in how he does this. You might ask for someone's number, but he will also have to ask the other person if they want to communicate before numbers are exchanged.

4. Stay OFF of other sites. I was the world's worst offender on this. Most other sites have at least some negativity...and we all know the negative side...but dwelling on it even in the most minor way does not benefit us.

5. Create one beautiful corner in your home where you spend the most time. I put a pic of a tea corner I made in my office in the post "Hyacinths for the Soul." It's really important to have some beauty in your life. You don't have to go out and buy anything...everyone has "stuff" around their house...just take a mental inventory and maybe use something you already have in another way. One example of this is an old vase I had that holds a "bouquet" of combs and brushes in my bathroom. I also use a pretty glass coaster to hold my "about to take" supplements. I have the spot I sit in at home surrounded by pretty and functional things. My big box of supplements (a lovely floral decorated box with a lid)...tea laptop...a pretty tablet and pen...all are in close proximity to my rocking chair by the fire. I keep this area clean and organized at all times. It just makes my life less stressful. I also don't ever allow junk to pile up in this mail or flyers...magazines...nothing is allowed to stay past the time I'm actually reading it, with the exception of magazines or catalogs that I really enjoy...but I have a special shelf close by for those things, and I keep them neatly organized. I try to do anything I can to alleviate stress, and keeping visual clutter down and practical things handy helps to do this.

6. Figure out snacks and meals you can eat, cook ahead, and don't get yourself in a place where there's nothing you can eat in the house. Keep it simple. One of my favorite things on a cold day is egg drop soup (super easy and recipe is in the recipe post) and hot tea. There are really a lot of food options...take the time to read the Beginners post that Anna wrote...there are lots of good ideas about foods.

7. Take a bath...not super hot...and not every day. Mel says to alternate baths with showers...but the plus side to baths is that you can add things to the bath water like epsom salts, baking soda, and essential oils. These things are very soothing...and it's nice to take a bath with low light (candles are nice) and soft music...that is very calming. Lavender is very relaxing smells wonderful as well.

8. Chamomile tea is very soothing and most of us can drink it with no problems. I like to sweeten it with stevia and lighten it up with almond milk. It's very calming and tasty too.

9. Listen to past conference calls, and attend current ones as well.

10. Read the forum every day, and make posts often. Don't be shy. If you have a question, ask. We are here to support each other, and that makes us all feel better. We cheer each other on and delight in every small step forward for each and every one of our community members.

Once again...a very long post from me, (and I apologize) but...I'm hoping it offers something of value in positivity and in keeping YOU in the drivers seat.


Thread: This website works , it really works


Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for your kind words.

We are all really happy to hear you on the calls and your wee son. Its lovely that he calls Mel, 'the train man,' and that he was singing Happy Birthday to Mel too on Saturdays conference call. Its sweet that he wants to be part of the calls with the grown ups! When he grows up does he want to be a train driver? :-).

It is so good that you are getting stronger every day. And also that you are writing about your journey and speaking more on the calls. When you speak, you too are offering positive insight and encouragement to the community. And also to the four thousand listeners every single week!

Ah, so your grandparents were, 'fae Glesga!'. That will be where you get your good banter from then? :-).

All the best,

Thread: This website works , it really works


Thanks so much to everyone for their kind responses.

Donna, for your kind words. I also enjoy listening to you on the calls and asking questions that I never think of.
You are so correct, without faith in God we don't have a chance against this disease.

Chrissie, I can't tell you how much hearing you means to me. You have an incredible amount of knowledge and research your facts before bringing them forward to the community and always great suggestions that have helped so many people!
Your dialect is very special to me as my grandparents were born near Glasgow. It brings back my childhood and I feel so fortunate to know you.

JohnB wow! I don't think we can ever thank you enough for your painstaking work. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be writing anything if not for you, Mel and the logos team.

This is truly God at work.

Thanks so much for your dedication to this community.

With Love to all,
Thread: For Newbies by a Newbie

Freddie Bean

Tips for Newbies from a Newbie

I still class myself a newbie as I still have so much to learn on this disease but things are fresh in my mind at what I was told when I joined this great forum some three months ago.....

Don't be scared you are not alone, just please remember that there are plenty of people here with so much experience on this disease to help you through this you will not be on your own.

Try to stay calm as the Morgellons get worse when you get upset and agitated. It thrives off your stress hormones, this is so true because my stress level which was through the roof dropped when I found this forum and bingo the crawling and itching lessened.

Change you diet tomorrow, this is so important cut out all sugar and get your Carbs down to 30 a day you can check the amount of carbs in a product take the car gram figure and subtract the fibre gram amount that will give you the net grams you are after. This diet has been a godsend and it will be a good start for you and again many people on here can help you and there are some lovely recipes on here too. Yes at the beginning it's not easy but it will get easier and will become second nature.

We all need to build up our immune system, as this is why we have got sick our immune system was so compromised that it couldn't fight off this disease, so now we need to take good vitamin supplements to build ourselves up before embarking on ridding us of this disease.


Brain Fog well I still suffer with this but it is getting better so be assured this is just a blip and as you start getting better so will the fog and you will soon see things through it.


Donna M

Hi Everyone,

I know I have posted about getting coaching with Mel in the past, but I felt it important to bring Leslie's post to the top of the forum.

As she so beautifully said:

"He's (Mel) the vessel God has use to bring each one of us to this junction in our life and he will not steer you in the wrong direction."

I feel and truly believe that every person and treatment that I have gone through in this journey has been "divine intervention" of our Heavenly Father. If you are here and reading this, you were guided here.

Mel has a big heart and is very generous. I don't know of anyone who could do what he does day in and day out. I know that I absolutely couldn't. He has helped me so many times - too numerous to remember especially with all the brain fog at the beginning.

I wouldn't ask anyone to do what I wouldn't do myself. I purchase coaching and will continue to do so even after I am healed as a thank you to Mel and to ensure that in the future, others will be able to come to this website and be cured.

Unfortunately, I don't see that M is going to be eradicated as soon as we all hope. I pray daily for M to become a bad memory or chapter in the book of diseases like Polio has become. In God's time it will, but in the meantime, He has given us Mel and this protocol. So if you have been helped from Mel and the protocol, please pay it forward by purchasing coaching. Thank you!

Continued prayers for all of you!

God Bless,

Thread: Pilgrim's Progress


Hi my friends

I continue to press on toward the goal of restoration!
The Lord is my light and my salvation, and I trust in Him!

I'm in my 5th month and presently taking a total of 10 WPS drops. No problem with the WPS, Praise God, as I just keep adding more water as the drops increase.
(Gee that's what I did)Me again

I have been sleeping considerably better this past month and not feeling much of the crawlies; then last night I was up most of the night wanting to scratch so badly. But even in my drowsiness, I could hear Mel saying, "No scratching!"

So I wriggled around in my bed and realized I was doing a Happy Dance. Thank you Lord, for once again putting a smile on my face during a difficult time.

I learned something new from Mel today...not to take a shower every day as the skin needs a rest to heal. The more showers you take, the more damage occurs in the top layer of skin and it has less time to repair itself and recover through natural oil production. Frequent showers also prevent good bacteria from growing on the skin which is beneficial for protecting the skin and body from infections.

And here I was taking a shower every morning thinking I was cleaning off dead stuff. Well, I was, but removing good stuff as well. Thanks again, Mel. :)

Until next time.
Blessings to you all
Micky (also known as The Mouse)
Thread: Pilgrim's Progress


Hi Micky,

It has been wonderful connecting with you also!

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling much better after 4 months on the protocol.

Thank you for your kind prayers and encouragement, which have truly been a blessing to me :-)

1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 (NIV)

23 May God Himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

24 The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.

Thread: For the 'newly stricken'

Laura (aunt)

After Saturday's conference call, I realized this community is cycling through a new group of members.

I started reading over previous threads and found great information in this thread and wanted to bring it forward for all the "Newcomers".

Hope you find all the information helpful as you begin your journey!

In Christ Love,

Previous Post:

The first thing Mel always tells a newcomer is to read, read, and then read some more. Just in case you haven't done that yet, let me suggest a little outline.

Start in the FAQ section and read each one more than once (especially if you are experiencing brain fog) so you understand the sacrifices and challenges that lie ahead of you. Invest the time to listen to some of the Conference Calls (start with the last one first). You will likely find the answers to all of your questions and many that you may not have considered.

The "Follow the Journeys" page chronicles the progress of fellow Morgellons sufferers as they work towards total recovery.

If you have only recently begun to experience symptoms, then that will bode well for you. The sooner you begin the process of rehabilitating your bioterrain, the better your chances of a quicker return to health.

Mel teaches that you begin with Sovereign Silver and the nutritional support from Logos. The Burgstiner Wellness protocol, (Morgellons Support Kit,) will address any nutrient deficits you may have and begin the process of restoring integrity to your body's immune, digestive and detoxification systems. Then his protocol instructs about how you go about adding one of the Logos Extension Kits and then WPS_.

It is the sum of these parts that, over time, return homeostasis and bring forth remission.

We rejoice with you and welcome you here as you begin your journey back to health.

Please keep us posted on your progress.


Hello Everyone,

I would like to take a moment to encourage each one of us as to how important it is to have One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Mel.

Mel's coaching will save you from going through a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding of this disease. He's the vessel God has use to bring each one of us to this junction in our life and he will not steer you in the wrong direction.

Mel's coaching have brought me to a safe place with much love, care, honesty and guidance.

He has answered every question and given his expertise regarding how to get well.

Again, I am encouraging you (especially all of the newcomers) to purchase sessions for a more personal touch in beginning a journey to healing and restoration of you healing.

In The Master's Hand


Thread: For the 'newly stricken'


Welcome Brenda!

You are in the right place and things will definitely get better. You have much to look forward's a process, but it's one that works. Everyone knows hind sight is 20/20...and so it is with this kind of sharp vision, I share the following.

At first I was a very hard sell on it being the sum of the parts. I kept trying to make it work by piece milling it...and it kind of did work a little bit that way, but once I started getting serious and sticking to the protocol as written, I've experienced increasingly wonderful and positive results.

If I could go back and give my last year's self some advice it would be...don't get anxious (HA!)...don't get in a hurry (double HA!)...but do get educated about the process and then prepare, prepare, prepare. Once that's done, then just get up every day and do what you know to do just for that one day and let go of the constant fear and worry... know in your heart you are a few steps closer to your goal...then do it again the next day and the next. If you do this consistently, then by this time next year, your life will be a totally different story, and you'll have made the journey without making yourself completely crazy with all those negative thoughts we're all so familiar with.

My thoughts ran along the lines of wondering, am I doing this right? Is this really the best way? Is there a faster way? Do people ever really get well from this (Yes! They do!). Why am I having {what seems to be} a set back? Why is this taking so long? Will my life ever be normal again? Why me Lord? What did I ever do to deserve this?...hey...I can almost hear some song lyrics coming through here...etc. etc. etc.

It's those kinds of thoughts that drive us all to the brink, and can derail us from putting our shoulders to the wheel and pushing like we need to...but knowing what I know now I'd not indulge in that kind of thinking so much but would take the long view and understand that it's just a part of the process.

And so...with those thoughts...please do be encouraged...always feel free to participate, and do know you're most warmly welcomed. The people on this site understand and can help shine a light on your path on even on the darkest of days.


Thread: For the 'newly stricken'


Hello Brenda and Welcome,

Congratulations, You Get It!

I was extremely happy as I read your post this morning. I am extremely happy that very early on you had a good understanding of what we are trying to accomplish here. I am extremely happy that you have chosen to begin the protocol. I am extremely happy you understand the "Sum of the Parts". I am extremely happy that you have embraced "Slow and Steady" and I am extremely happy that you are keeping a journal so you can monitor you own progress as you restore your health.

Last but not least when it comes to wps let me recommend that you go to Hope and Inspiration, read the story of Buttons and watch the video of Andreas Kalcker on You Tube.

Again, welcome and by becoming an active member of our community you have put yourself among the highest percentage of those who get well. Please join us on the conference calls and keep us posted as you restore your health.

In case you don't know it, you made me very happy today and everyone single person who Gets It, got well!

God Bless,

Thread: For the 'newly stricken'


Hello everyone!

This is just my second post but I wanted to share an update with ya'll about what's going on with my recovery, mostly because I don't want to feel alone with this sickness.

I'm finding this site is my lifeline.
I read the forums every night and listen to the conference calls and prayers regularly and I learn more and more daily. Listening and reading help me to learn more about how to take care of myself.

I believe I have to begin posting more so that I can feel more connected with all of you and stop feeling so alone and isolated as I heal.

I have aligned my diet with the one proposed on this site for over a month and have been on the Logos supplements for 3 weeks.

I just received my order of Kleen Green. I didn't order it at first because I thought it was too expensive but finally decided my peace of mind was more important.

I have just placed my order for my second month of the Logos supplements and must admit I am a bit afraid to take the additional supplements based on some of my readings,
especially the WPS, because I don't know if I'm ready for what might happen or how I might feel physically with the additional supplements and WPS.

I know a lot of people waited to use these products and I'm wondering if that's not the best way for me to go as well. Mel says go slow and I'm finding that the more I listen and do what Mel and Peter say, the better things work out for me.

I have systemic lupus and am on monthly Bentlista infusions. Last week after my infusion it was a full moon and I got the crawlies and am still fighting them today. Mel's lemonade Cleanse helps more than anything, but I have lost my appetite to eat at all.

I eat raw or steamed veggies with high a alkaline ph but honestly I am eating bc I know I must. I found water at the grocery store that has a ph of 7.4 and I drink lots of water.

If I eat something my body can't handle I get the crawlies and I know my body isn't ready for that particular food yet.

I've been keeping a journal since before I found Mel's website and the most wonderful news is that there are some things that have stopped entirely or have gotten a little bit better.
I want to say that again, some things have stopped or are a teeny bit better!

Beyond all doubt I believe that Mel's protocol is what God is going to use to heal me. I know I am being healed.

I am making extreme financial choices because these supplements are expensive, at least they are for me. I decided I want to be healed so I found a way by cashing a retirement security early, which is something I never thought I would do.
I did it without blinking. I want to be healed!

My children and friends think I'm nuts, so I don't talk about this with them, but I know what we all know. This is not a disease for the those unwilling to fight.

I am fighting.

Thank you Mel, Peter and all who post and speak and pray on the conference calls, because I read your posts and I listen to you every day. You are the ones you give me the courage,
strength and tools to fight.

Thank you for that.

I will be posting more regularly because I need to feel a part of this community. I want to be a part of this community.
Thread: For the 'newly stricken'


Hello Everyone and Welcome,

In the last three months our website has grown approximately 25 percent, meaning there are many more new people than at any time before. I beg your indulgence as I am three weeks behind in returning calls from the overwhelming number of requests I am receiving.

Let me suggest that you be patient and in the meantime let me recommend that you do the following things to begin the restoration of your health.

1) I recommend to all new people that you PRINT the FAQ's. They are the basic outline on the steps, the changes, the challenges of what is necessary to restore your health most effectively. It discusses pitfalls and obstacles along the way as well as the time frame as to how and when to use the Protocol parts.

2) I recommend you go to the Forum and scroll down to topics list and find the thread More Communication is Better. The Coffee, Tea with Me conference call recordings are posted in this thread. Listening to these weekly calls have proved to be the most beneficial approach to relaying information to new people. I would start with the last call first and work your way back to the first call dated April 16, 2016.

Each one of you will get a call, in the meantime a couple things that will help:
Changing ones diet. Articles and Diet
Getting more rest and sleep. (The topic of this weeks Coffee, Tea with Me conference call)

God Bless You All, Those who did not give up HOPE, Got Well

Thread: For the 'newly stricken'


The first thing Mel always tells a newcomer is to read, read, and then read some more. Just in case you haven't done that yet, let me suggest a little outline.

Start in the FAQ section and read each one more than once (especially if you are experiencing brain fog) so you understand the sacrifices and challenges that lie ahead of you. Invest the time to listen to some of the Conference Calls (start with the last one first). You will likely find the answers to all of your questions and many that you may not have considered.

The "Follow the Journeys" page chronicles the progress of fellow Morgellons sufferers as they work towards total recovery.

If you have only recently begun to experience symptoms, then that will bode well for you. The sooner you begin the process of rehabilitating your bioterrain, the better your chances of a quicker return to health.

Mel teaches that you begin with the nutritional support from Logos. The Burgstiner Wellness protocol, (Morgellons Support Kit,) will address any nutrient deficits you may have and begin the process of restoring integrity to your body's immune, digestive and detoxification systems. Then his protocol instructs about how you go about adding the Logos Extension Kit, MMS, and Sovereign Silver. It is the sum of these parts that, over time, return homeostasis and bring forth remission.

We rejoice with you and welcome you here as you begin your journey back to health. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Thread: Hello Down Under (Austraila)


Hi Mary & Ruth,

Thanks so much for your kind messages and apologies for my delayed response. I have found it difficult to make the time to come on here with work, plus the hectic routine of cleaning & hygiene and finding that additional mental energy, especially at night which is when I may have spare time.

I am pleased to share that I have added in some of the Logos products to compliment my existing protocol and my diet is now quite finely tuned so this time around (my 2nd lot of skin eruptions) has improved much faster than the first. Also, my energy levels are much better and just in general I feel healthier in my self (mind & body). I can function fairly normally again now (apart from lesions still being on my legs) but the crawling & biting sensations have all but disappeared. I am so very pleased about that!!

I decided to speak up to the medical practitioners that I have seen and TELL THEM what I have. I tell them with no emotion, just as fact, as I figure that they need to know that this IS REAL and I am willing to stand up for not only myself but all those that will come after me with this condition. I feel we need to stand tall and get this condition recognised, regardless of the fact that they will most likely think we are mad - but they do anyway! I don't care what they think of me anymore. I don't have their support anyway so there is nothing lost, only something to gain for all sufferers.

I do have a question for those who are now symptom free and or feel they are healed. I want to know if "healed" means that the condition will NEVER return, or is it dependent on always staying on the protocol?

I hope you are all doing well and I have all of us in my thoughts, prayers & meditations.

Thread: Hello Down Under (Austraila)


Hi Mel, Peter, other Aussies and fellow warriors,

Sonja has returned to full health and we catch up when we can. She has been a great help to me, as have people here. Thank you. Thank you Mel. Thank you Peter. Thank you John. It's important to acknowledge the good things in our life and what we are grateful for, especially when dealing with illness and adversity.

My health continues to improve, although I am beginning to notice some symptoms returning from time to time now that I am no longer on the full protocol. A clean diet has made such a difference in my life and I cannot emphasise its importance enough. I have been on the protocol for a few years now and this brought me to this point in my life where I am happy and the healthiest I have been in many many years. Mel's protocol was, for me and my child, the turning point in our lives where our downward health spiral turned around.

My little ray of sunshine, Charlie, is dealing with other issues and is struggling. He does, however, always remain upbeat and we work together to meet challenges.

It is so good t o hear that others are having some success with the Eucalyptus oil Mel. I use essential oils quite a lot at home. I have made up different concoctions for my skin and also regularly burn it in an oil burner at home. Lavender oil is great to burn at night when you're going to sleep - or you can put a few drops on your pillow. It is great for stress too. Eucalyptus oil makes a great cleanser around the house; it has natural antibacterial qualities, also tea tree oil. I like the sensory aspect of using aromatherapy - it adds another dimension to the healing process and makes you feel good.

I have also been focusing a lot on reducing stress and how I react to challenging situations. I know this is critical to improving health. Some of the things I find that help are exercise, music and talking to someone. Another thing I have been using with a lot of success is Bach Rescue Remedy. It is good when my mind starts to become a bit overwhelmed with worrying thoughts or anxiety. The healthier I get the more insight I gain I guess. It is a journey and it's not always smooth, and that's okay.

To my dear friend Mel, you have given us something like an anchor, in all of this. You have never wavered and are staunch. I see in you all that is good and right in humanity. Peter, even though we don't communicate very often, it feels so good to know that you are there and you always have a kind word or helpful advice. You do so much for this community and never waver. John's kindness led me to Mel and his wisdom and knowledge give us direction. It is easy and a bit of a 'fall back position' for me to feel isolated and out of touch, but, without me even knowing it you have become my family.

With gratitude and love

Thread: Hello Down Under (Austraila)


Hi all,

It's been a while since I've posted. I'm not as outgoing as many on here are and there have been a lot of changes and upheaval in my life over the last year, including 2 huge relocations.

My health is continuing to improve and I am fortunate enough to have Mel and the He Cures All Foundation that assist my child and I to get the protocol supplements that keep us on this healing journey. For that I am eternally and very humbly grateful. Thank you Mel and thanks to the Foundation. I try, in my life, to 'pay it forward' in any way that I can.

I am happy to report that, over the last few months, I have really 'turned a corner' in my healing journey. My mind is finally clear again. I no longer feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with things. I don't remember feeling this clear headed …….. ever, probably since I was a child. The pain that has persisted all these years is diminishing and it's becoming easier to make all the necessary changes to my lifestyle, that I need to make to be truly healthy.

I've learnt not to stress so much (thank you Mel!!)…..and good things just follow.

We all have different ways of coming to realisation of what it is that we need to adapt to or to implement into our lives, in order to make changes for the better. I've never been one to blindly follow what I'm told so I guess it's been harder for me to adopt such a rigorous diet as many here have been able to. But I've got there in my own way, from my own research and understanding.

It's important to have faith and to have a good attitude. It's important to be thankful for all the good things that we do have in our lives, and it's important not to 'sweat the small stuff'. I am also learning not to be too hard on myself.

If anyone who is new to this is reading my post, please be assured that there is hope and you won't always feel the way you do now. It does get better.

Thread: Hello Down Under (Austraila)


Hi Lea,

Nice to hear from you and, of course, I'm happy to communicate with you. I've just emailed Mel and asked him to give you my email address. If you are here in Australia we can also chat on the phone.

I can totally relate to how you feel overwhelmed at the moment. It must be so hard, especially with your children and pet suffering as well. How old are your children? Mine is four years old and has been on the protocol (adapted to him) for the past two years. I found that children respond very well when on the protocol. There is another 'Therese' (slightly different name from mine) here amongst the forums, who has dogs who have suffered from morgellons as well - so there will be some information here I'm sure.

Depending on where you live (and we can speak or email about that), someone might know of a sympathetic doctor.

Everyone that I've been in contact with on this forum, has experienced difficulties with family and loved ones - including me. It is so hard to try and get better when the medical profession don't even recognise Lyme disease here in Australia, let alone morgellons. Many of us, including myself, have been told that we are suffering from a psychosis and that it's just not real. That is why Mel's site has been such a God send for me - I can actually communicate with people who are going through the same thing.

It is so good that the supplements are on the way. It usually takes 3 weeks. Good that you have the MMS, though. You can use it straight away in washing your clothes. I can tell you how to do that when we speak if you like - or you can search here on the forums for it.

In the meantime there are positive things you can do to help turn your life around. It is important to have a long, hard look at what you are all eating and cleaning up your diet as much as can - working towards cutting out sugar, processed foods and white carbs. Try to eat fresh as possible and to get out and exercise and breath some fresh air. It's a great time of the year for us now.

Mind you Lea, I do know what it's like to be so sick that you can't do very much. Try not to be too hard on yourself and just do the best you can. You WILL feel better than you do now, when you begin taking the supplements and eat and live better - it's just a matter of time. As you begin to feel a bit better it will create a snowball effect and your healing journey will be well on the way.

Take care. I look forward to catching up with you soon.


Thread: Hello Down Under (Austraila)


Hi Mel, Peter and my fellow Aussies,

Welcome Jess. You have come to the right place and you are in good hands.

I haven't had much free time for a while so haven't had the chance to read through and contribute to the forums for a while.

I would like to let you know, though, that we (Charlie and I) are continuing to heal and going very well on the protocol. I can't believe how much my health has turned around since I began on it nearly two years ago now. My journey has not been easy - my illness is chronic and I've had problems with MMS, but thanks to the kindness of Mel, John, Sonja, Peter and others here, I have continued. I've picked myself up each time I've fallen and kept going with it all. The diet has made a huge difference for me. If I look back, to where I was 2 years ago, I have come so far.

Mel has been instrumental in our recovery and I can't speak highly enough of him. If I can give hope to others, then that's a good thing. It is also good that we in Australia have a platform of support and access to information.

Thanks Mel for your indomitable spirit. You are truly inspirational. Thank you to all those who have shared and contributed here. You've helped me so much.

God bless and I will never give up hope.

Thread: Hello Down Under (Austraila)


Welcome Jess.

The first thing I always tell a newcomer is to read, read some more and read some more. Just in case you haven't done that yet, let me suggest a little outline.

Start in our FAQ section and read each one more than once (especially if you are experiencing brain fog) so you understand the sacrifices and challenges that lie ahead of you. Invest the time to listen to some of the Conference Calls (start with the last one first). You will likely find the answers to all of your questions and many that you may not have considered.

The Follow the Journeys page chronicles the progress of four fellow Morgellons sufferers as they work towards total recovery.

It sounds like you have only recently begun to experience symptoms. Hopefully that will bode well for your recovery. The sooner you begin the process of rehabilitating your bioterrain the better.

I suggest you start with the nutritional protocol from Logos (Morgellons Support Kit). This will address any nutrient deficits you may have and begin the process of restoring integrity to your body's immune, digestive and detoxification systems. Then I would go about adding the Logos Extension Kit and A2Z products.

We rejoice with you and welcome you here as you begin your journey back to health. Please keep us posted on your progress.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!


P.S. - A special thanks to Nicole for her consistent efforts to give back to our community.
Thread: Hello Down Under (Austraila)


Hi Jess

So I definatly agree with Mel and think it's important to read all you can on the site..

Start the anti candida diet, as I've said so often Doug Kauffmann of KNOW THE CAUSE. com has a great diet, do Phase 1. Getting familiar w/ your dietary needs & restrictions is one of the most important things you can do for yourself!

As far as protocol .. The Logos products & A2Z are such an important part of your recovery .. Mel can best assist you on shipping to Australia, there are other like Theresa who receives them soo It's possible to get everything you need right to you!

I was having the hairs on my face too... & completely empathize with where your at right now. You are at the right place and with determination can beat this! Try your best to remain in faith ... don't fatigue your body with added fear & stress, ask yourself am I in faith or fear? Breathe deeply if overcome with anxiety, and know you are going to get through this! I believe with all my heart your faith and fighter attitude can bring you to the finish line, you will win this!!!

Were going through this together...

There is support here for you!

You are not alone!

Your best bet is to advocate your healing by equipping yourself with knowledge & there is soo much info here for you!

If you would like my private email , I give Mel my permission to give this to you:)

You are in my prayers, be strong & have faith ...

This can be overcome ... So when you read the horror stories know .. The cure is available, but it takes dedication!

Thread: For the 'newly stricken'

Justin J

Hey Tawney and everyone!

You can watch the full documentary Hungry for Change at book

It's in the third row down, click on the picture it should take you to the video. Also there are a bunch of eye opening health documentaries on the site check it out !!!

Thread: For the 'newly stricken'


Hi Betty

About your question on sugar, let me try to explain. This disease involves an overload of destructive yeast and fungus in our bodies that are very toxic and create high levels of internal acidity. Since yeast and fungus feed on sugar, it becomes vital that you eliminate sugar so you can bring your body back to a more alkaline state. Pathogens and disease don't thrive in an alkaline body. The idea behind restricting sugar is to starve the bad yeast and reduce the fungal overload over time.

John tells that that certain fruits like lemons and limes are very good at alkalizing our system. And although the idea is to eliminate all sugar, including fruit sugar, these fruits are the best for low sugar. Don't be confused by the acidic taste of these as they do actually create alkalinity inside us. The body also uptakes vegetables and uses them in a more natural way. So, the more vegetables in your diet, the better!

Hope this answers your question.

Thread: For the 'newly stricken'


Hello New Warriors




Patience means that you FULLY realize that to get well will take TIME. I have written in past posts that 'the quickest way to race through healing is one day at a time!' ACCEPT THIS. The quicker you do, the better you will be able to COPE with the disease. Remember, there is no quick fix!


Discipline means TAKING YOUR MEDS THE SAME WAY EVERY DAY! It means avoiding ALL sugar and eating the proper foods. It also means taking the time to treat your skin with oils and to GET PLENTY OF REST. LIGHT EXERCISE like WALKING is also important when you feel strong enough as is SUNSHINE!


Diligence means you do these things EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL!! It means NO CHEATING on your diet AT ALL! It means bathing and cleaning every day. This is the greatest challenge you will face as it means stepping up when you don't feel like it! For most of us, it means a whole new lifestyle.

Then, as you give your body what it requires, over time the pathogen dies off and you detox it from your body. You can expect to lose weight. This is toxic fat coming off as your body renews. You will strengthen over time and end up with a brand new body and mind and free of the disease.

There you have it. This is what Mel means by ' SLOW and STEADY and THE SUM OF THE PARTS is the only way to get well!'

SOOOO, Get in the fight and 'STAY IN THE FIGHT'
Thread: Diet Suggestions



8 to 10 glasses of purified water per day
Fresh vegetables
Green vegetable juices (try adding a Granny Smith apple to the juice for flavor)
All fish except shell fish
Free range or organic chicken and turkey, eggs
Lemons, limes, fresh cranberries, Granny Smith apples
Well-cooked grains: brown or wild rice, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, spelt, teff
Pasta made from any of the above recommended grains
Beans and lentils
Raw fermented foods
Essential fatty acids like flax oil and olive oil
Plain unsweetened yogurt
Unsweetened rice or almond milk
Raw almonds and seeds, raw almond butter
Herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint
Stevia or SweetLife

Sugar intake: sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose,
glucose, mannitol, sorbitol, galactose, maple
syrup, brown, raw and date sugar, honey and
artificial sweeteners
Wheat and yeast
Alcohol, soda, coffee, ciders
Condiments, sauces and vinegar products
(mayonnaise, catsup, MSG, pickles)
Dried or candied fruits such as raisins or dates
Processed fermented foods such as soy sauce
Fruit juices
Fruits, except those listed above
Dairy and cheese