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8:16:18 AM

Morgellons -

Hello folks

You must remain convicted. The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is, in truth, instrumental towards reaching remission (from both Lyme and Morgellons). And have no doubt that the Logos Lyme Support further promotes reversing most co infections. It also reflects how leadership here delivers an evolving protocol. Physiologically, Mel's structure and delivery schedules clearly better equip you to defend from microbial assault. The sum of the parts gives your bioterrain a system wide boost in immunity. Especially against microbes and genetically modified organisms we see today,

Researchers have only recently begun to appreciate the value of bioremediation. John Burgstiner, Logos, Mel, and Robert Scott Bell have always understoodwith chronic infection. Their gift lies in this understranding. Pursue it.

Be advised as well that the Lyme Support in this protocol also restricts and reduces protective biofilms, therefor directly inhibiting parasitic growth. Infection can no longer spontaneously evade the body’s immune defenses. I proved this out. Just stay the course and give your internal terrain time. If you do, you will get clear of symptoms. Believe it!

Strength and Love,

RSB / Mel
7:14:45 AM


Hello Everyone and Welcome,

This was sent to me a couple months back and have decided despite possible consequences I must share this with you all!

God bless you all,

REMEDY is focused on providing solutions for those who have suffered vaccine damage from the CDC’s recommended shots (not just covid-19 but all of the vaccines on the current schedule), thus offering real hope and actual remedies for those who might be living in fear as well as those who are already vaccine damaged.

Robert Scott Bell and Jefferey Jaxen share shocking studies from the Cochrane Collaboration which indicate that the flu vaccine is completely useless to prevent the Flu
Thanks for helping me rock the health world!

Robert Scott Bell

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