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How I Cured Morgellons

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11:58:34 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Thanks to our very own Donna/Sneakers for this article.

Morgellons Disease Support

Kathy L 06/12/17

The turning point for my healing came with the use of a Potato Poultice. One year ago, I had 85 lesions on my body, and one of the worse was 2 inches long under my eye and down my cheek.

I had Morgellons for 5 years.

I was awakened at 4 am and I heard a word, Poultice. So I went to and found a lesson by Barbara O'Neill on natural cures using the poultice. The next day I spent two hours with a potato poultice on my face and other areas.

Immediately there was a change. The juice of the potato caused the biofilm (google this) to soften, so the top layer of the lesion could be removed with a q-tip. I treated the lesion with MMS spray and alkaine (9) water. Daily application repeated the process til the lesion healed. In between I used Grapefruit Seed Extract or Oil of Oregano topically.

Currently all that is left is 10 lesions that are smaller than the head of a thumbtack. The two inch one on my face is cured. Note: I used juicy gold potatoes.

I have also followed the regimen by Mel on the website How I Cured, For faster relief follow this very strictly.

Internally, use the cancer regimen also including three tinctures for fungus, parasites and virus, which are Black Walnut tincture, Wormwood and Clove.

Be careful about feeding the sweet tooth and eliminate sugar, flour, and processed foods.

If morgellons sores show up in your hair, use a carrier oil like olive oil,coconut oil or castor oil mixed with potato juice. Wash with a natural shampoo from the health food store or Purad'or, (online). Long term benefit is your lost hair will grow Back!

Talk to a (Skin Specialist) in Reno, NV about Morgellons Disease.

Dan Rowe,MD

Whitney Hovenic, MD

Kimberly Kolar, MD
Ole St. Nick

8:41:26 AM

Hello All,

This is what I will strive for in the coming year!
To be a better me.

Nick, Nicholas, Ole St. Nick

Mel Says (Gee, Santa clause sure got a lot of names.)

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