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8:53:09 AM

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Hello folks

I want to add my personal testimony here where I can provide direct experience with seeing this protocol lead to restoration and renewal from these very difficult health challenges. Lets take a closer look in this regard. What follows here is my testimony behind the individuals named that are provided.

Lupus - Deanna and Brenda...I have seen solid evidence that this auto immune disorder can be reversed. No doubt here
> Psoriasis - Mel.....I have seen the incidence of skin issues associated with psoriasis reduced considerably in people I have worked with. I think Mel would agree.
> Gingivitis - Mel (gum issues).....Again, like Mel, I have generally halted my own personal gum deterioration. This is huge when we see the importance of gum health to general body health.
> Lyme - Bill M and many others...You can add me and sooo many others to this list which provides clear and unequivocal evidence that this protocol brings Lyme disease into remission.
> Candida - Kelly from Mass had in her sinuses and many many others....I have directly witnessed MARCONS and the resulting destructive sinusitis that is a huge contributor to many of the systemic co infections that demonstrate with morgellons reversed.
> Fibromyalgia - Bill M....I am fully persuaded that a a very significant result of this protocol is relief from this muscle disorder along with other auto immune challenges to include rheumatoid arthritis for starters.
>MRSA - MORGELLONS - LYME ....The list if folks that I have personally seen eliminate this insidious infection is endless and secures the truth beyond any doubt that this protocol brings deep and consistent healing from bacterial infection.
> Thyroid level improveent (TSH) - Jamie...I have seen numerous individuals in my health ministry that have reversed thyroid disease. Again, no doubt this protocol addresses and reversed thyroid
>Vitamin D deficiency - Marie....There can be no doubt that the Vitamin D support is making a demonstrable difference in bone and skin health.
>Hepatitis C....I have seen my own Hep. C reverse and hold for over a decade now. The Logos Liver CS is clearly the reason for this. It includes specific glandular support that is directly responsible for this.

For a decade now I have been sharing the amazing healing benefits of this protocol unfold. One cannot discount the countless number of people who have restored their lives through the wisdom it provides. Believe it!


6:57:19 AM


Hello Everyone and Welcome,

I Feel compelled to re post this for all our new people about every six months.
Be Calm, Be patient, Become disciplined and Believe;
that those who did not give up HOPE all got well!!!!

Donna / Mel

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

After Yesterdays fantastic call it would be hard to add to the
hope and positiveness, but in these troubled times it felt so right to bring this information to your attention!

The first time I saw this list it was compiled by Cheryl, thinking what she sent me was amazing so I needed conformation.

I then asked Donna to compile a list from posts and testimonials. She then compiled her list which was the same as Cheryl's.

So here go's;

Subject: Homework

Hi Mel,

These are things I have found by reading the forum. I have not listened to conference calls other than the one with Ashley. I did not hear her talk about leukemia , so I am not sure which call it is.

Her testimony about her son's Leukemia can be found on the
> Lupus - Deanna and Brenda
> Psoriasis - Mel
> Gingivitis - Mel (gum issues)
> Lyme - Bill M and many others
> Anemia - Leslie , Linn and others
> Candida - Kelly from Mass had in her sinuses and many many other
> Fibromyalgia - Bill M
> Scleroderma - Leah ( was diagnosed with this skin disease but was not sure she really had it. She was tested for it again and there was no evidence of the disease.)
> MRSA - MORGELLONS - LYME Kathy (nurse)
> Thyroid level improvement (TSH) - Jamie
> Vitamin D deficiency - Marie
> Others I have not found the names to reference to, but can be found in testimonials.
> Hepatitis C
> Rheumatoid Arthritis or Arthiritis
> MS - Multiple Sclerosis
Everyone who had MORGELLONS, Over 70% also had LYME


6:46:33 AM


Hello folks

You must remain convicted. The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is, in truth, instrumental towards reaching remission (from both Lyme and Morgellons). And have no doubt that the Logos Lyme Support further promotes reversing most co infections. It also reflects how leadership here delivers an evolving protocol. Physiologically, Mel's structure and delivery schedules clearly better equip you to defend from microbial assault. The sum of the parts gives your bioterrain a system wide boost in immunity. Especially against microbes and genetically modified organisms we see today,

Researchers have only recently begun to appreciate the value of bioremediation. John Burgstiner, Logos, Mel, and Robert Scott Bell have always understoodwith chronic infection. Their gift lies in this understranding. Pursue it.

Be advised as well that the Lyme Support in this protocol also restricts and reduces protective biofilms, therefor directly inhibiting parasitic growth. Infection can no longer spontaneously evade the body’s immune defenses. I proved this out. Just stay the course and give your internal terrain time. If you do, you will get clear of symptoms. Believe it!

Strength and Love,

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