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7:56:11 PM

Hi Everybody,

Maria and Anna saved the day on the celery drink. It's very exciting to know the celery juice is so beneficial, but...the taste of the first batch I made was...bleah.

Bleah is my polite actuality it was just short of vile. That's because I'd only used celery and water.

Maria suggested adding mint, and Anna suggested adding stevia. Tried it...drank it...and it makes ALL the difference. It's actually drinkable now...and almost tasty.

I now give it one thumb up from its original zero thumbs up status. Adding the mint and stevia has taken it from yuck to reasonably ok!



11:06:17 AM
I have been promoting the benefits of Celery for many years!

Hi Karen and everyone,

I just read a very interesting article about celery juice myself and will be partaking of it later today.

The article talks about its part in easing inflammation, helping to detox the liver, killing off bacteria and viruses, triggering improvements in metabolism, immunity, blood sugar etc.

For myself, I know from having recently gone through some testing, that my liver is kind of in rough shape which makes it harder to eliminate toxins. I know that Logos Liver CS supplement has helped tremendously. I went from almost every day nausea and getting sick to just once per week at most.I'm hoping celery juice will push the toxins out even more.

Leave it to beaver yo know these things!


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