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1:38:08 PM

Hello All,

First, I would like to respond to Robin - you are welcome! Glad I got to be there for you some, you were on my mind a lot and always in my prayers. Glad you are back amongst the living.

Second, I'm happy to be back on this protocol.
As some of you already know, I was on the protocol back in 2017 for just a couple of months before my appendix ruptured. I went 3.5 years without continuing on the protocol and while I regret that decision, God lead me back and I am ready to focus, buckle down and GET WELL! I have been back on the protocol since March 1, 2021 and still going strong.

If you are having trouble sleeping or just want to relax, give the CBD oil a try. I personally tried a brand called NuLeaf after much research - they had great reviews.

My greatest advice is; to follow the Sum of the Parts and to

Diet, Supplements and rest are very important. While I am not yet healed, I believe I will be soon. I feel much better. The diet is not easy but you will get used to it. You would be surprised how innovative you can become in regard to cooking and how much better you will feel by eating clean and healthy. I not only feel better, but I sleep better also.

The more you do it, the easier it will become and it will start to feel natural. My question is, do you want to get well? If so, you have got to sacrifice now to get to where you want to be. There's no way around this and no quick fix for this disease. Believe me, if there was I would have found it already!

God Bless and I am here to help anyone who needs it,

Rockin Robin

1:29:16 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am back among the living, after a battle with COVID !!

First, I want to thank God for answering my prayers and all those that prayed for my family and I. God is so faithful and good. I constantly prayed Psalms 91 over our household and family members!! Thank you Brian!!! My granddaughter and I had the least symptoms. She was vaccinated, I was not. My son was not vaccinated, my daughter-in-law had been. They were the sickest!! I don't see that vaccinations helped us at all !!

Second, I believe that taking our protocol for 2 years, helped me beat the COVID symptoms!! Several of us in the community have gotten COVID and all of us recovered and never needed the hospital or serious treatment!! I know taking those vitamins and minerals helped restore my immune system and helped me beat COVID!!

On this website is Mel and all the tools to help you get better and completely well !! From this amazing protocol to Kleen Green to sulfer soap etc.... Mel has the coaching to get you well !!

This is good news for all of us!!!!

Get coaching from Mel and do The Sum Of The Parts - And you will get well !!!!

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