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8:42:09 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Last Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me had John Burgstiner from Logos Nutritionals as our special guest discussing his new book "Nurturing Your Bio-Terrain - The Gateway to Optimal Health". What a fantastic call which you can read all about in a post by our very own Chrissie in the post directly below this post. Be sure to listen to the call in the player below.

This Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me will have as our special guest our very own Joe of Karianne and Joe and their beautiful baby girl who just turned thirteen months. My how time flies. Joe, who is one of our resident dietician will be here to discuss the importance of dietary choices when dealing with toxic disease and as always, Joe will answer any and all questions you may have. So be be there to pick up the knowledge we always search for.

So I'll see you all on Saturday and don't forget the best two hours of the week, Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship and if you're serious about getting well you might consider joining us for Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship, where long term friendships are made and people help each other go through the process of restoring their health.

Times, phone number and access code are listed below.

Conference call line 712-775-8962, access code 664059

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Back Up Line 302-202-1112, Access Code 664059

Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me & Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship
  • 9:00AM----10:30AM (Pacific)
  • 10:00AM-----11:30PM (Mountain)
  • 11:00AM-----12:30PM (Central)
  • 12:00PM-----1:30PM (Eastern)

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

God Bless you all; It's really true that those who did not give up Hope got well,


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Our YouTube videos are also now a subheading on the menu banner as Toxic Disease Pioneer.

John Burgstiner's New Book
"Nurturing Your Bio-Terrain - The Gateway to Optimal Health"
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 09/16/23

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11:00:57 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone and Welcome!

Guess who's coming to dinner this Saturday 23rd August?

There are 479 recorded calls in this thread. Enter your monthly access code to listen to them all and please join us each Saturday morning. 100% of the funds go to making this community possible.

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