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9:20:11 AM

Dear All,

This week's Saturday conference call (14 th may) had a surprise guest on. I really like the suprise element ,you never know who you are gonna get :-). And this week we were very pleasantly surprised to have no other than the lovely Donna (aka Sneakers ).

It was great to have Donna back with us again sharing her story to help others!! Especially since poor Donna went through heart surgery completely out of the blue four months ago (not at all related to her Morgellons journey ). So, we were mightily relieved to hear her hale and hearty and doing soo well :-).

You know Donna got well in 16 months !!!Yes you do not need to reach for your glasses you read it right ,in less than a year and a half here she was cuddling her husband and grandkids and children once again,with a spring in her step.How wonderful is that! Mel affectionately called her ,'sneakers,'as she was in a hurry to get well and get to the finish line :-).Donna wanted to beat Helen of Troy who got well on the ,'sum of the parts,' in just nine months !! Mel said,"Donna was the quickest person to get well here since Helen of Troy." Mel would often say to Donna ,"slow down ,there's no hurry,it's not a race." As one of the guiding principles is ,'slow and steady.' But Donna got regular coaching from Mel and it really helped her to stay on track.

Donna was absolutely determined to beat this and get on with her life ,so much so she only deviated from the protocol once in that time. She really was a trouper and the thought of holding her grandkids was her main goal. It was what she wanted more than anything in this life and so we are delighted that she achieved all she set out to do . And I know her grandkids and whole family are delighted too :-).

Donna said she does not know how she got Morgellons but that she has been ,"burning the candle at both ends before so my immunity was probably low which opened the door for Morgellons."She woke up one morning and felt biting ,but couldn't see anything .Donna got an exterminator,went to dermatology, thought it might be bed bugs....until with the Grace of God she found Mel's site and the ,'sum of the parts .' Within two months of getting sick Donna was on the protocol and doing the ,'sum of the parts .'

I think its tremendous when people get on the meds and diet fairly quickly because it truly, truly helps stop the disease in its tracks from getting any worse .And the less time someone has been unwell beforehand,the quicker the journey to wellness. Also ,Donna did not have any other chronic illnesses putting a huge strain on her immunity. Everybody is different and it will take everyone different time frames to get well ,based on an individual's health circumstances.But ,everybody no matter what their starting point is, has to follow the ,'sum of the parts ,' without fail.

Donna says she ate ,"eggs,chicken ,vegetables ,salmon and organic ground beef from Cosco." She ate very simply and tried to get organic wherever possible.She lost a lot of weight when she got sick ,but started gaining weight when she was getting well again.

Donna said ,"WPS is rough to take but I did it religiously ,people need not be afraid of it ." But she cautions laughing ," do NOT put WPS on your hair mine started to fall out !!!!" Mel laughed and said ," you did NOT read that on my website !!!" It is so common with this disease that people do desperate things until they settle in on a regime and they see that it is helping. At first Donna was desperate like we all are in the beginning .She did well though ,her body tolerated everything and she only experienced one big Herxeimer reaction (herx) during her time on the full protocol. Mel said that once Donna stopped being afraid ,that was when she started to get well.And Donna talked to Mel several times a week for coaching and support.

Donna talked about everything she felt before being gone and says that her life is now normal .Wow ,that is truly wonderful . She does take the basic protocol to keep her immunity ship shape and will do so for life .And she follows a keto diet still.However,she can have the odd treat and will eat some of the things she used to love ,"in moderation ." Mel said ,"moderation is soo important ." Donna agreed saying ,"it's the sugar that's our biggest enemy with this disease." She does have a little bit of sugar now and again but will always be careful.

Donna said ,"first of all trust in God ,don't give up !! Do coaching with Mel and I promise you will get well as I am living proof of that !!You just have to persevere!"

Mel said ,"it's like children they grow up and go away ,but some come back like you Donna ,to help others. Everyone is blessed that you came back." Mel then went on to say about Donna," there she is now, happy and healthy with her grandkids hugging." Ah and I know that with these words ,that everybody on the call no matter where in the world they were ,was smiling :-).

Thank you Donna and thank you Mel for a lovely ,positive , inspirational call.


Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 05/14/22

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10:00:04 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Last Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me, "The Absolute Essentials", as described by our very own Chrissie in the post below this post, was a tremendous success. Be sure to read Chrissie's post and listen to the call in the player below.

This Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me - "Mystery Guest Time", that's right, warriors from the past are going to be back to give you a look at life after restoration of their health. We'll have a minimum of two and possibly three warriors from the past with their stories of hope, inspiration and restoration of their health. You don't want to miss this call so be there or be square and hear what people have to say about their journey to wellness!

Upcoming Coffee, Tea with Me conference calls:

Saturday, May 21, 2022 - Robert Scott Bell - one of HICM's most favorite and knowledgeable guests.

Saturday, May 28, 2022 - Meet the Manufacturers 3 - The companies that provide all the parts of our protocols will be represented on this call.

So I'll see you all on Saturday and don't forget the best two hours of the week, Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship and if you're serious about getting well you might consider joining us for Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship, where long term friendships are made and people help each other go through the process of restoring their health.

Times, phone number and access code are listed below.

Conference call line 712-775-8962, access code 664059

Problems Connecting? Try this Number
Back Up Line 302-202-1112, Access Code 664059

Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me
  • 10:00AM---11:30AM (Pacific)
  • 11:00AM---12:30PM (Mountain)
  • 12:00PM-----1:30PM (Central)
  • 1:00PM-----2:30PM (Eastern)
Sunday's Prayer Meeting
  • 8:00 AM (Pacific)
  • 9:00 AM (Mountain)
  • 10:00 AM (Central)
  • 11:00 AM (Eastern)

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

God Bless you all; It's really true that those who did not give up Hope got well,


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Coffee, Tea with Me - The Absolute Essentials - Saturday 05/07/22

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