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8:11:26 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Last Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me conference call on diet was tremendous! You can read all about what our very own Joe had to say, in the post directly below this post.

And be sure to listen to that call in the player below.

This Saturday, due to the recent large increase in our mailing list (53) and with those joining our community (12), I thought we better hurry up and get in another BYOQ (bring your own questions.) I have invited a couple Warriors who have been here for a while and are on the right track to restoring their health. We have Joe and Karen the Librarian, aka. Laughing Bird as well as John Burgstiner from Logos Nutritionals and of course myself, the Donkey - hee-haw.

So be sure to join us this weekend for Coffee, Tea with Me - BYOQ (bring your own questions) and Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship, where life long friendships are made.

Times, phone number and access code are listed below.

Conference call line 712-775-8962, access code 664059

Problems Connecting? Try this Number
Back Up Line 302-202-1112, Access Code 664059

Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me
  • 10:00AM---11:30AM (Pacific)
  • 11:00AM---12:30PM (Mountain)
  • 12:00PM-----1:30PM (Central)
  • 1:00PM-----2:30PM (Eastern)
Sunday's Prayer Meeting
  • 8:00 AM (Pacific)
  • 9:00 AM (Mountain)
  • 10:00 AM (Central)
  • 11:00 AM (Eastern)

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

God Bless you all; It's really true that those who did not give up Hope got well,


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Our YouTube videos are also now a subheading on the menu banner as Toxic Disease Pioneer.

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 02/20/21

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12:51:31 PM

Hello everyone and Blessings to you all!

Last Saturday's CT&M was the sixth conference call in twelve years on diet and needless to say, we received a resounding response that this was one of the, if not the, BEST call ever! Thanks to a major contributing factor - an article pointing DIRECTLY to Mel's Protocol and this website - which lead to a beyond significant amount of website visitors and page views, we had a record-breaking number in attendance from at least the last two years with ~60 people! You can view the article here:

As for the call, nutrition was covered by Karen, John B. and Joe. Not in the sense of recipes, rather, more focused on the foundation of how food works in the body. Karen blasted away the audience by explaining how sugar feeds the parasite that lives within us and the only way to defeat something so toxic is to take away its fuel. Following Karen, both John B. and Joe peeled back the layers on how all food, but primarily carbohydrates, breaks down in the body as glucose (aka SUGAR). The big discussion topics here were on 'good' and 'bad' carbs and processed food. The short and the skinny of the key points - stay away from all things processed, learn how to read ingredient labels to identify sugar additives, and read, read, read everything you can on the Articles and Diet link.

Great discussion and lots of opportunities for questions from our NEWEST members - a call that would be tough to miss, but fortunately can be heard using the link below.

Thank you all for joining as we're all on this journey together, no matter what individual stage we may be at. It's this community, Mel's guidance and the Good Lord that will give you back hope and the desire to live again!

Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 02-20-21

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