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Laura (aunt)
6:58:33 PM

Dear Peter,

Thank you for reminding us of this truth. Too often we get caught up in the "poor me" routine. When this happens, we forget to pray and then HAVE FAITH.

Recently a friend told me about a family dealing with a child that had cancer. She was helping them holistically while encouraging constant prayer. They were already a spiritual family and not only did they pray; they had FAITH.

When the family went back to the doctor about six months later, they could not find any evidence of the cancer. It was completely gone. FAITH!

Thank you again for the reminder of having Faith as we continue this journey.

In Christ Love,

7:50:07 PM

Hello Folks

Here is an excerpt from of an article I came across in the Spiritual Care Association. It represents why I have come to so strongly believe in what I call
"treating through spirit."

By the middle of the 20th century, modern medicine was firmly anchored in science and developing technologies and had completely negated the role that religion and spirituality played in the health of people. However, there was gradual awareness among medical practitioners that, with all the advances in modern medicine, some aspect of care was being missed. Medicine, in fact, accepted very little input from patients and their families in treatment
planning, once they consented to treatment. Patients were viewed as little more than passive receivers of medical interventions. The medical establishment, it was felt, had become dehumanized.


The 1990s saw the emergence of literature that reexamined the role of religion and spirituality in patient care. While there is no unanimous agreement, the preponderance of the literature suggests that both concepts are important for patients and play a role in health behaviors, compliance with medical treatments, provision of social support and coping with their illness. Indeed, there is growing consensus that the study of the interplay between
spirituality and medicine is here to stay. This is particularly true in the United States where
spirituality and religion have been central to the lives of millions of Americans.

Hope you now see more clearly how important our faith becomes towards us fully recovering.


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