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Monica **

4:30:39 PM
I first want to say it was a blessing to find this website. And, though I'm actually talking for the first time, I've already ordered the logos and A2Z products to start the protocol.

I'm pretty sure I got Morgellons this summer after having a horrible experience in my basement apartment with fleas and bird mites, as a result of the wet winter the east coast had last year. Luckily for me, as soon as I realized what what happening to my body, I thought of morgellons... I should mention, I've been able to maintain a certain level of health through the usage of Food Grade DE earth, raw vinegar, essential oils (tea tree and clove have been a huge help), supplements (neem, alfa have been amazing), etc. Although, my scalp is now my main problem, its also the most annoying. I am looking to free myself of this sooner rather than later. And, all of you are helping in this fight. ;-)

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has posted here, especially Mel. I think you are all amazing for fighting for yourselves, while the medical industry either ignores this or sits on its hands regarding this disease. I'm reading articles in earnest, and will soon be starting the protocol.

3:20:32 AM
Hi Monica,

It is good that you got right on to treating yourself which hopefully will mean that you will have an easier time in getting a handle on it.

If your scalp is your main problem, be sure to soak your whole head as long as you can when you do the mms bath. It will wreck havock with your hair (may even bleach it out) but you can use tree tea oil conditioner or try something that others have recommended in prior posts. Watch the diet and your urine ph. ld

10:39:27 AM
Started the protocol today... already happy with the Logos supplements and silver. I'm feeling really encouraged. Also soaked my scalp with MMS last night. I don't have a bathtub, so, the bathing part may not be an option. If anyone has suggestions on how to use MMS in a shower...please let me know. Thanks again for your help.

1:51:09 PM
Hello Monica,


I can feel that you have come here with a purpose;to restore your health. I can sense that you have read a lot and made the decision to proceed with the protocol.

If you are diligent and totally committed, you have a great chance of restoring your health.

Please continue to read as much as possible and listen to the conference call archives. Read the testimonials when things get tough; see that others have restored their health as well.

Thank you for your kind words and faith. I will be watching you as you slowly return to the life you had before Morgellons.

God Bless, Never give up HOPE!


3:48:50 PM

Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate it. You are correct, I'm here to restore my health, and, therefore will be diligent in following the protocol, as well as reading and listening to all the information here.

Just a brief report regarding day one. The silver is just amazing, and the MMS--whoever said hold your nose while drinking it, is BRILLIANT! There's all sorts of crystals, specks and fuzzies popping out. And,the fact that I keep my skin moist with petroleum jelly treated with tea tree, clove and eucalyptus-- most of the time, makes it easier for the ickies to get out. I agree with, 'better out than in.'

By nature I'm a positive person. I believe if given the correct tools to do its job, the body will and can heal itself. And,I'm just so grateful that you, and so many others have provided me with tools to get better.

By the way Mel, I hope your surgery went well. You're already such a fighter and inspiration, so...I'm sure you'll be up and at 'em in no time.

Many blessings,


1:07:35 PM
So,week two starts today. So, I thought I'd give an update. The protocol is amazing! I'm so grateful for it. There were a few days where I had some herx-ing going on. But, because I've done a parasite cleanse in the past, I knew what the lethargy, bloating etc. was. So, I've been able to function quite well.

I'm happy to report a lot of the biting, stinging, crawling sensations have diminished on my body. And, my new best friend has been a lint roller to get fibers off of me (I have no leisions). I've found that my nightly scrub of coconut oil and epsom salt to be very effective, to getting the weird white 'hair' like thingys to come out. And, I rinse with ACV, borax in water to remove any strays.

As stated before, my scalp has been my biggest issue as of late. I've been soaking it in MMS... speaking of that; I'm getting used to the smell and taste. I don't know if its my determination or what, but, I now find that horrid smell comforting as I know that a lot of natsies will be dying everytime I drink it. And, that--that's encouraging! ;-) So, my scalp has been pushing out a lot of the white specks... at the most inconvenient of times. Like it normal to have almost like a invisible volcanic explosion of white specs flying from your scalp??? And, is that indicative of them dying? Clarification on that would be helpful, as I've scoured the site and cannot find the answer.

In any case... Thanks sooo very much every one of you. I am getting better, the protocol, my diet, D.E. and multi-vitamins are helping. Oh, and I'm losing the mysterious weight I'd been putting on over the years. Now, of course, I believe it was parasite and candida related... While this experience has been quite horrible at times, the blessing that is all of you has made it less so. Thank you, many blessings and rapdid healing!

4:57:55 PM
Week 3 underway... Symptoms are so much better, less itching and biting all over the body, but, the head is still the main issue. I'm soaking, spraying, washing it, etc all the time. Yes,i know this takes time, and I'm to have patience.

As I continue to get better all sorts of interesting things are coming out. Black specks, white specks, the plastic stuff,long white hairs, and short black ones,weird seed looking thingys...and ew... so far two wormy looking things. And, I have to say, I celebrate every 'better out than in' moment. I told myself the other day...I don't care what it is, as long as its dead when it leaves my body... ;-)

I cannot adequately say how grateful I am, that I was able to find this site shortly after figuring out what was wrong with me. Lives are improved and saved everyday here and that's such a blessing.

Thanks everyone, really...Thank You. ;-)

7:02:32 PM
HI Monica
I am really glad to hear that you are making progress. I have also been symptomatic with this affliction for 3 months. When I came down with this I thought I was in pretty good shape, but under alot of stress. After many Dr.s with out any help and looking for answers on the web not knowing what was really happening to me, I found Mels website. by this time I had already started myself on many supplements I started with Antioxidents and gradually added other stuff to it while externaly at first was using sulfur washes and then Tea tree oil with positive results. I have to add that at the begining one of the Derms I went to gave me two doses of Ivermectin that stoped everything for about 24 hours then they came back with a vengence. The infectious disease Doc gave me Albenza for a week same thing 95% relief but then the symptoms came back. At this time my symptoms Morphed, now I began to see Candida over grotwth, which another infectious disease Doc put me on Diflecan and I began to have a severe Herx for about two weeks.
I should add to the new comers to try to work with your Dr.s, they really dont know what this is and and dont really know what to do. They all knew there is somwthing wrong with me but wasnt sure what. Eventhough I knew what I had I tried to just go with it and let them do their testing and labs and doing this I was able to get them put me on 3 months disability so its pays to have them in our side and I learned quick not to say parasites or Morgellons...
Anyhow back to Mels protocal, at this point on my supplements I felt I was slowly getting better but far from being cured lots of good days and bad days. Mean while I went and replaced 14 Mercury amalagams that I know was effecting my immune system. I should add that out of all the labs that I have done so far the only abnormal lab they found was my immune system. So I knew I had to work on my immune system.
Mel was gracious enough to contact me and check on me periodically and keep me motivated and hopeful. At this point after a long talk with him and lots more research I ordered the MMS, I should say that I was taking Collodial Silver at first but with my order of MMS I also ordered Molocula Silver. Still wasnt convinced and wasnt sure if I was going to take them but wanted to have em in hand just in case. I finally decided to give MMS and switch my silver about 3 weeks ago. I started as Mel recomends with one drop of MMS each night and increased the dose by one drop each week. However I uped my MMS this week to 4 drops a night and thats when I started to see the stuff coming out. Lots of white and black specks different shapes and sizes as we all always say better out than in. The crawling have much subsided, more enegetic I truly feel I have turned the corner on this now, eventhough I know its still too early and far from being cured but I know I am on the right track. I am still continue to clean my environment daily vacuming and spraying down and whipping everything, laundry and change of sheets daily. I also been on Candida diet for couple of months now and lost 35 pounds so I think alot of my Herxing also had to do with my weight loss since most of the toxins store in your fat cells. How ever my car has been a big problem even after vacuming and spraying I still have lots of white lint flying around but going to use Menthol chrystals to see if it will improve. The things I am currenty taking are as follows Vitamin A, liquid B complex with biotin, Vit C powder, D3, E, selenium, milk thristle, CoQ10, Essential Omegas, chelated magnesium, zinc pic., NAC, Calcium, Colostrum, aged Garlic extract, liver detox herbs, worm wood, black walnut with clove and other antiparasitics in it, oil of oregano, grape fruit seed extract, two different kinds of probiotics, and since I am not on any prescription antibiotics I have replace that with MSM, olive oil extract and Golden Seal and Echenecia two weeks on and two weeks off, and ofcourse MMS and M Silver. Also keeping track of my PH and have 1/4 spoon Baking Soda if becoming acidic. I am also using Dr. Bonners soap which I think its really working by keeping the biofilm off my face. I am sure I left out alot of stuff out but I will post updates as I continue on this journy. I should also add that I will be switching to John Bs supplements after I am done with this round of my supplements. Anyway as Mel always says its the SUM of all not some of all. God Bless hope this help someone as it have helped me.


7:40:12 PM
Monica- I really appreciate you writing every week. I think it give a clear picture of what happens. I am about a week ahead of you.
Please continue the weekly updates

9:14:37 PM
Moica- I forgot to ask you a question. I have been on MMS maybe 4 weeks and the itching is less,almost everywhere. I do feel like there is more itching on my lower arms-hands and feet-did you get this? Could it be the little guys tryhing to get as far away from the mms as possible?
PS thanks for yoiur post please keep them up!

8:08:59 AM
Andy,James,and Monica. Try adding fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper to water and drinking it in small amounts throughout the day.Stop drinking it at least 2 hours before MMS dose at bedtime.The lemon converts to alkaline PH after it enters the digestive tract and the cayenne removes the ecofilm.I use 1 whole lemon,1/2 teaspoon cayenne to 1 pint water.When i started I used 2 lemons,1 teaspoon cayenne pepper and 1 quart water.You will probably have to decrease pepper as I am use to it and do not mind the heat.This will help to facilitate the critters leaving your body.Also,until recently I used suave coconunt shampoo and conditioner along with MMS soakings to clear my scalp.I now soak with MMS weekly as I have been doing this for 14 months.I do not have any scalp leisons and have not had any problem with them for about 8 months.I also mixed organic coconut oil with my body lotion every day.I take 1 teaspoon coconut by mouth every morning.I am not on antibiotics at this time due to no one will order them for me.I plan to order John,s new natural one this week.Olive leaf extract.There are ways of removing bugs without Menthol.Go to pesticide isle and think about what really gets into the air and penetrates all areas of the room.I did use Menthol at first but it mad my husband ill even after the rooms were aired out.If anyone would like to email me you may get my email from Mel.I want all of you well again.God bless and keep us all..............................Kathy

1:46:37 PM

I put lemon in my water, almost all of the time, and I've been taking cayenne supplements off and on for months. And, if there's a pepper to be eaten...I'm all over it! ;-) My new slight obsession has been indian food, for the spice and the heat..and, believe me,it gets hot.

I can't speculate why critters might be moving from one place in your body to the other. I can say, that I've found that sometimes things are so deep in the skin tissue, that they tend to itch more as they are nearing the surface to leave. Whenever I feel like something is popping out of my skin, 9 times out of 10 when I go look, there's a dead 'something' there.

I wanted to mention to everyone that I found a lemongrass tea tree bar of soap that I use in the shower. I spend time really rubbing it in while the hot water runs. And, oh my does that bring the icky crew out. I think the key is to leave the soap on for a while and continue to rub it into the skin, until its almost dried into it. Afterwhich, scrub with a loofah, rinse off... Then, I bath in Dr. Bonner's Peppermint soap. And, I always rinse off with a mixture of borax,apple cider vinegar and water.

I cannot say enough about my nightly dose of MMS immediately before I go to sleep. And, for those who aren't using food grade DE... please think about dusting your sheets in this stuff... It helps you feel comfortable about going to sleep again. Because no matter what comes out, while you're's going to be killed in the DE. --No,I'm not breathing it in, I have a hepa air-purifier that filters the air. In case you were worried. ;-)

Except for my head... I am watching most of bothersome symptoms slowly disappear. Hallelujah! And, even though the scalp is taking the is getting better. But, there's just so much to get rid of... I'm starting to wonder if that's where my problem started in the first place. As, I did have psorasis of the scalp--not so much anymore being on the protocol.

I also should mention, I added the Candida Rid to my protocol... And, oh that helpful. I feel most people walk around with a yeast overgrowth. And, I know that in the past, that was an issue for me. So, I added it to my protocol...and, it's helping out soooo much.

Oh one more thing... As I have sinus issues, I have always used menthol, eucalyptus, and comfry as part of my essential oil regimine in the winter time... I use an tea light oil diffuser, and I cut the oils, or crystal by mixing it with water. Of course, after being here I've come to realize I was 'cleaning' my environment. I don't feel comfortable telling anyone else what works for them. But, it has for me.

Tomorrow starts week four, and I just ordered more supplements. I won't lie...sometimes, I look at the pills and go...' tired of this.' But, in truth this protocol has restored energy for me, I've lost weight, I feel healthier, and just... good... So, I say 'Okay, orange, gold, white and tan pills... let's get this party started, because I've got to get back to who I am.' And, I stay on the protocol. Even the MMS doesn't smell as bad. ;-)

Again...thanks so much to all of you for being here. And, I'm glad to know my post are helpful to you. Talk to you soon. ;-)

1:58:50 PM

when I sit is my favorite chair or stand in my office and type on my computer I feel little bits on my lower legs. Is there a way to clean that up?

Thanks Mel,

2:13:56 PM
Hello Andrew,

Welcome as always.

Patience young man, In time it will be less and less annoying. One month does make you better, only 17 more to go. Be diligent, be focused, stick with it.

More and more the outcome becomes obvious.

Try putting cleaning home environment in the search engine and read read read,ten pages chocked full of good information!

Hope This helps a little.

God bless,Never give up HOPE!

9:00:17 AM
I have had this 2.5 years. I agree with James protocol. Also, ivermectin does not work. I pounded that down for a long time and, yes, the thing comes back with a vengence. The Logo products are great. Nothing, nothing ever comes out alive. I get the fiber balls, small black specs (which under microscopy are little fiber balls) and the crystals. Also I had sent a little larva looking thing, which I had gotten plenty, to a lab and the results were 'plant matter.' I had gotten bad, to a point that I'd feel a needle stick and be able to scratch a small white trilabite shaped thing from my skin. My invalidated theory is that these left in, cause the sores. I do not have sores, my mother has them. Anyway, the silver and MMS are a big part of cure and I am relizing that now. Mel spent years telling me and he is right. What is very, very important is to keep those bowels going. I had Staninger for a while and she advocated that. The same as Judith Knilans says (her book is on smashwords) You must do the nightly 'Mop up.' If you are killing with mms and silver, you must mop up at night with a major fiber product. Like, psyllium husk or some sort of parasite cleanse. I think drinking the DE does this or the bentonite clay. I'd do both. You have to keep taking your internals, sweating (FIR) and
S#!ting this stuff out. Like peeling back the layers of an onion. Constantly. A couple of times I felt complacent to stop things prematurely and it came back with flying colors. I'm doing a little better now, (MMS, silver) There is less poppage and I mostly have crawling. Takes a long time.

9:22:08 AM
Hello Robin,

Welcome as always.

It has been a long time that I have prayed that one day you would believe me!

In all our conversations I would say the same things over and over again, not trying to offend the other people's protocols that you were experimenting with.

I have always said and to this day believe that the protocol from our web site is the best available at this time and this CHRISTMAS will mark THREE YEARS THAT I AM SYMPTOM FREE!

The balance of the protocol is important, and that is why I have begged people not to mix protocols. Mixing protocols has to upset the balance!

Also, I remind everyone once you start to feel better don't skip your protocol, not even for a day. Many including myself have made this mistake, only to prolong recovery and and usually feel terrible.

As the other people who have gotten well always say,

Robin, I am so glad you are feeling better.

I will be forever grateful for the support you have given this web site. Your generosity has paid for the protocol for a person who otherwise would not have been able to afford it.

I will watch closely as you journey towards total recovery. Please remember balance, don't upset the balance.

God bless you Robin, my friend.


9:37:17 AM
Hi Robin!

Nice to Hear from you again.

I agree with Judith's advice about 'mopping up' on a nightly basis. There are other benefits to increasing your daily fiber intake as well, such as normalizing cholesterol levels and lowering inflammation by stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels.

The importance of moving the bowels is often overlooked these days, but auto intoxication is a huge problem... particularly in the Morgellons community.

For this reason, Logos is making available a new maintenance cleanse formula called Colon Pro Health that is safe and gentle enough to take as a daily regimen for as long as desired.

With ingredients such as fiber to help maintain regularity, absorptive agents for toxins in the intestinal tract, intestinal scrubbers, probiotics and soothing agents for the intestinal lining, Colon Pro Health is perfect for 'mopping up' the GI tract on a nightly basis.

I am glad to hear you are doing well Robin. Keep up the good work!


12:17:48 PM
Update-set back

Just wanted to leave a quick update, I felt so good last week almost with no symptoms, that I went out this weekend, broke my diet and did too much, well I m paying for it now, the itching crawling came back, so don't stop anything prematurely, I never stopped my protocol so I stabilized quickly, I agree with Robin it takes a long time to get rid of this after all took years to get this sick. Even though supplaments are important including mms and silver but I believe diet is equally as important.

12:30:12 PM
Hello James,

Welcome as always.

Been there done that; once was all I needed to stay diligent to the protocol.

The wellness protocol, MMS and Molecula silver and a good antibiotic (whether prescription or natural) are first and foremost, but diet is equally important as we change the way we look at food and start to eat things that are healthier for the body.

Cut out the carbs... especially refined sugar, pastas and bread, increase fiber intake and don't eat things that come from boxes. The more refined it is, the more foreign it is to the body.

If you put in the word "Diet" into our search engine, you will get six pages of ideas and helpful info.

Stay strong James.

God bless, Never give up HOPE!

2:42:52 PM

I hope you recieved my email the other day. So sorry to have missed your call. If at all possible can you call me this weekend? I'll be around. I'm interested in any advice you can give to help me recover. Even if it starts with a reprimand regarding MMS. ;-) Thank you, and I hope your own recovery is going well.


8:39:26 AM
Hello Monica,

Welcome again.

Yes I will call you this weekend, not to reprimand but to clarify.

Unfortunatley those in a hurry have a poor history of recovery.

You must be patient!

Talk with you later.

God bless,Never give up HOPE!

8:49:43 AM

Hi Mel,

I am new here, have had this M thing since the end of April I have been using DE fossil flour and the baths and essentials oils and was taking the MMS for a couple of weeks and stopped taking it, The MMS baths cured all the lesions. but i still have black specks and white things that look like eggs and blue fuss balls coming out of my skin the stinging and the biting stopped when i started using the DE Fossil Flour and the MMS and I killed it out of my house bedroom and car using the DE lightly sprinkled every where. I am still sometimes getting feathering on face and body what is that ..? and itching and crawling on and off I can go for a week no symptoms and then it starts again itching and crawling, from what my understanding reading all the testimonials the 3 most important things here are the MMS, Silver, Bactrim, is this correct and balancing the immune system. The de gives me lots of energy and I sleep very well at night everyone says how well I look lots of minerals in the DE powder.
What is the difference between the Molecula Silver and collidol silver ? I can only find collidol silver here in Australia, and a lot of your supplements I cannot buy in Australia, at the moment I am on the Bactrim, Selenium 150 max I take 1 in the morning and afternoon, 1 vitamin D Fossil flour heaped tablespoon morning and afternoon and Collidol silver in morning and 1 probiotica in the morning and afternoon and now I am back on the MMS started back on 3 drops at night and in the morning it upset my stomach so I will just take at night I was taking it on the hour up to 5 drops a month ago for a couple of weeks with much improvement.

Michele from Australia

1:36:17 PM
Hello Michelle,

Welcome again.

The severity of symptoms will typically fade within sixty to ninety days on the protocol. I really can't say what the most important piece of the protocol is because they all work together. Remember... its the SUM of the parts, not some of the parts.

In my opinion, there is a big difference in Molecula silver and most colloidal silver products. As far as I know, A to Z does ship to Australia (as does Logos Nutritionals).

As I have said many times, please do not mix protocols. You will only create an imbalance.

Four things will aid in your recovery:
1. Hope, which is a belief and a desire to get well.
2. Reading as much as possible because knowledge is power.
3. Diligence because the protocol is demanding.
4. Patience, because typically it takes 18 months to get better.

God Bless, Never Give up Hope!


1:51:40 PM


Thanks for the call this weekend. It was really helpful.
Even if you did mention a bagel with cream cheese. ;-)
I adjusted my MMS per your advice...
Things are still moving along quite well for the most part.
I will be getting an eye dropper to start treating my cats as well.
You're the best!

2:14:18 PM
Hi everyone
Just wanted to leave an update that I thought I had already left since my last post. I was able to re stablize myself within one week after eating out and getting the itching crawling back. As I said before protocal is very important but I think diet is as equaly important. I do feel pretty good except some new issues with peeling of my eyelids and under my eyes. I am now up to 6 drops of MMS, however not on any Bactrim just on natural antibiotics. planning to go back to work this week if God allows after 3 months of being very sick. Hope everyone else is improving as well. Best wishes and God bless.

8:47:05 PM
So, week six starts tomorrow. And, other than a lot of 'stuff' coming out of my skin, and occassional sting...things are good. I should mention my new BFF has become vick's vapor rub. I've been rubbing it on my skin and even more things are coming out...dead! YAY!

I can't speak for others but, I've found that a lot of the itching I've experienced is from microscopic fibers being kicked out of my skin. As well black and white specs. I definately notice when things are being released, as it can sometimes be painful, but, bareable.

One day at a time...really... no, really. Many blessings to all of you and Mel...I start six drops of MMS tomorrow. ;-)

9:58:11 AM
Hi Everyone,
Today begins week seven. I have to be honest, last week was purge week and therefore annoyingly horrible. As I've stated before, most of the activity seems to be concentrated in my scalp, so, there's a lot of itching there. And, critters jumping to their deaths from my scalp. --no...litterally. Yes, I'm happy with regards to the progess that I'm making. But, at one point, I really considered how nice it would be if it were possible to remove my head during the worst parts of the purging stage.

While I actually purge something everyday, last week was noticiably intense. Looking forward to stablizing soon. What they say about the road to recovery being pursued layer by layer is true. It's unbelievable how many hitch-hikers there are in our bodies that are only now being discovered.

I continue to be grateful for this site, and all of you. Without this information, I'm sure I'd be having a different experience. Many blessings to all of you during this holiday season.

11:51:57 AM
Just wanted to give a quick update, i have been stable enough to go back to work after 3 months of Bering off I m at my 2nd week at work. Still on the same protocol even though still not symptom free, I feel I got part of my life back, so this is for everyone who is just coming down with this affliction, there is hope. One thing I have increased is fresh juices to detox my body to daily still not on any prescription antibiotics. @ Monica, how do you use the Vicks I bought some couple months back but haven't used it yet, do u leave it on all night ?! Can you put it on ur face, most of my problems seems to be on my face (no lesions) thanx and God bless, never give up hope.

7:52:19 AM
Monica-thanks for the weekly progress updates-I really apprecaite knowing that someone else is living this.
I found something that really helps the scalp. Get some sulur shampoo ( I bought my stuff off amazon) then add several drops of clove oil and black walnut oil. Rub it into your scalp and let it sit there for about an hour. Every other day helps. Dont use to much clove oil or it will burn! Kills the critters-really helped me

9:48:34 AM
@JS... Yes, I use the vicks on my scalp at night, and I also use a thin layer on my face. Trust me, you don't need much--keep the layer thin. Also, be prepared for your nose and tear ducts to react, speaking of that, DO NOT get it too close to your eyes. Since 'things' like hanging out in the sinus area, I think its good to treat the sinus area. I've gotten a lot of relief in terms of a tickle-free nose.

Hope this helps. ;-)

1:35:33 PM
Hello All...
Week 8 starts today. And... I'm feeling really good. I'm happy to say most of the stinging has gone. The creeping sensations are completely gone. And, my scalp spews out less and less everyday, for shorter periods of time. So, what am I saying?? Major Progess...that's what I'm saying! I dare say I feel as if I'll be stabelizing soon. Woohoo!

Yesterday when soaking my head in mms...I noticed a lot more black specs coming out... To me that's a great sign, as before it was mostly fibers... Nowadays, its the 'hairs'...those things come out at the most random of places. I've seen the white fuzzy ones, the black stiff ones, and some that look like cat hairs as they are two colors at once.

I should mention that I change my topical regimine up quite regularly. And, nowadays, I've been using a 50/50 combo of coconut oil and olive oil on my skin, after my bedtime shower. I then add to it, a couple of drops of tea tree oil (smelly), clove--not all skin can tolerate this, and neem oil (really smelly)...but, the pay off is great! Stuff comes out in minutes to be wiped off, or to die in my (food grade) DE dusted bed! I also use the mixture in my hair. Due to my heritage, my hair requires oil anyway, so, I never have to wash it out.

In terms of eating, I use the food grade DE earth in the morning with kefir, a yogurt product that has a lot of natural probiotics--it helps 'move things through', if you know what I mean. I've come to really love granny smith apples,grapefruit,lemons, oranges and olives!!! Chamomile tea, peppermint tea... What I've decided to do is become creative with eating and drinking, so, I don't feel like I'm suffering as I'm getting better. So, I can't have sugar, but, I can have manuka honey, and black strap molases (some people don't like the bark-like taste...I do.) In any case, educate yourself on a anti-candida diet, and akaline foods...and, then remember how good of a friend olive oil is to you, when cooking. Oh, did I mention you can cook with virgin coconut oil too?! Okay...enough about food.

I hope all of you are happily on the road to full recovery. This protocol is amazing...Mel is amazing...and, so are all of you! Many blessings...until next week... ;-)


11:47:26 AM
Hi...its week 9.... Okay, so, the only thing I can report is constant purging... It may be in small amounts, or a lot...but, it's happening... And, when I say purging,I mean skin and scalp. I'd like to tell you that I find it annoying that I have to wash my hair everyday as there are constantly dead fungal hairs coming out of my scalp, but, the truth is...I cannot be annoyed, because I'm getting better.

Along with the effectiveness of the protocol, I cannot stress enough, that you've got to adjust your eating habits. Its the holiday season, I know you want to eat all of your traditional foods,but, if you're going to get better, you have to prepare foods and eat things that promote wellness. I've avoided sugary things as much as possible... I run away when cheese calls to me. And, the blessing that is candida rid is nothing short of amazing--thanks John! ;-)

Its unbelievable how much I've seen come out of my own body--years of fungal overload... And, my having not known until developing morgellons... We have to educate ourselves in terms of what we eat, how we prepare our food and what our body truly needs to keep our bioterrain healthy. Our health is our responsiblity...if that wasn't clear before, its absolutely crystal clear now. to take some of those orange, tan, and white pills... To your health...stick with works. ;-)

7:29:43 PM
Week 10 starts today... And,of course now, I'm feeling bratty... Why? Because a lot, and I mean a lot of the sypmtoms have subsided or disappeard. So, now, I have to create extra patience, guessed scalp. While i'm still very much detoxing, purging and so on and so forth... My scalp is still the worst area, even though its LOADS BETTER. What I've been dealing with is a good thing, and that's the pseudo hairs dive bombing out of my scalp seemingly... all the time. Even leaving, this stuff can be uncomfortable. I'm convinced it's because they are leaving from pretty deep in the skin and therefore my nerves are being bothered upon their exit.

But...I'm getting better. :-)

It was an excellent holiday... I'm pretty much repulsed by looking at most sugary foods... Less candida, less cravings. ;-) Today, I made a spicey plain yogurt sauce to replace mayo in my diet. I'm in love with citrus, leafy green food, and water... Sugar...yuck... bread...ew... and white rice, flour, bread...gross! What excites me these days is coming up with yummy food combinations that keep me akalined...

Mel...I know you called me over the weekend. I'm sorry I missed your call. I'm available all week as i'm on a, check on me. ;-)

Tonight is the begining of the 10 drops of MMS... You know you're in a place where patience is needed when you'd rather drink MMS water, than take one more orange/tan/white pill... but, you know what the focus is??? Restored health. So, thank goodness for those pills, Mel, John and my patience, that even when I want to run out of it...I make some more. Heehee...

9:52:13 PM
Monica-please keep up the weekly postings. I think I am on week 11 or 12. It gives me confront to know somebody else has the same fight.
I itch less but clearly not gone yet. I see a ton of floaters in my eyes, stomach seems terrible and have had really bad dental issues but clearly have made real progress.
Any cahnce you have the floaters-stomach or dental issues.
Keep up the good fight

1:23:24 PM
Andy... I did some research on the floaters and molecular silver... you can actually put a drop of the silver in your eye. Yes, I've done it, and haven't had any floater issues since. In terms of dental issues... I found that the MMS water and Molecular silver seem to help with that as well. Although, I don't know the extent of what you're dealing with. I think people are in such a hurry to get the MMS down, they don't realize, it can actually help your mouth in many ways... My teeth and gums look so much better. Anyway...I hope this is helps. ;-) Oh...the tummy... I use fooddgrade DE that I blend with plain kefir and, I don't have any stomach issues... food grade DE kills the nasties in the tummy. But, overall, you must remain vigilant about your eating... And, once more with feeling... Candida Rid rocks. ;-)

5:44:50 PM
Monica- how many drops did you use in you eyes and how often. And how long did it take to get results

6:14:54 PM
Thanks Monica. You are right... Candida Rid does rock!

10:53:36 AM

I put in one drop of silver into my eye when I took it in the morning following the protocol. So, that would be one drop everyday. Hope that helps you.

11:34:18 AM
Week 11...MMS drops 11, starting tonight. So, happy, and grateful to start this new year, with my health in the process of being restored. My scalp is still purging stuff, but, not as much stuff, and not as often. But, my body is purging much, much less. Now, if I wanted to be completely silly, and not listen to Mel's sage advice, this is probably where I would 'think', I don't have to keep popping those pills I'm so fond of. But, you know what??? I'm going to stick to it, because I'm not interested in prolonging my real recovery.

Mel, I really appreciate your call the other day, and letting me know what's up ahead. I'll let you know when the big herx happens. Oddly enough, I'm looking forward to that.

Happy New Year everyone, may this year, be the year, you restore your health. Follow the full well, and stay positive. You can beat this thing. ;-)

7:48:20 PM
Hi everyone
Sorry been awhile for an update, as I mentioned before, I started the 2nd month of being back to work, something I didn't think I was going to be able to as sick as I was 3 months ago. First of all I was able to stay away from all the junk food that holidays bring.
Maintaing my organic, no sugar low carb no processed food diet.
I should say I m still on the protocol as well. Mel thanx 4 continue to check on me. I continue to have some good days and some bad days, but now I can say I have more good days than bad days. And sometimes feel even symptom free......the key to the recovery is to remain patient as this did not happend to us over night and will not just go away in one night. As I mentioned to Mel I was able to get one week supply of Bactrim DS and I did feel better on it after only one week but I have not been able to get any more since none of the Dr s that I m in touch with thinks it s needed, I also have to add to this that I did try the natural antibiotics with a good result but I felt most different with the Bactrim for me so I think Bactrim is what's missing from my protocol. I have cut down in my cleaning as this was not possible as I m back to work full time, and I should say I dont think it had made much difference. Anyhow I hope everyone had a wonderful holidays and for the ones just getting here I m into this since end of July beginning golf August and as sick as I was I was able to turn this around so there is hope. Main thing is to make a commitment yo your self that you will change your life style and have to believe that you will beat this thing no Mather what this is or how long it takes. God bless and thanx Mel for making all this available to us this forum and your support is also very important in my recovery.

2:40:51 PM
Just a quick note to let you all know that after reading about MSM sulfur here, I decided to buy the powdered version yesterday. I took a 1/4 teaspoon last night, and this morning in my water...and WOW huge difference! My skin is less itchy, but most of sinuses have cleared up in such a noticeable way, that I'm breathing easier--literally. So, needless to say, that along with my new friend vitamin D, for the lack of sun here in winter--it's going to become part of my daily regiment. If this keeps up, all of my sinus issues may become a thing of the past. So...grateful for this site and all the souls who provide solutions to this condition... Many blessings to you all. ;-)


6:04:25 PM
Monica one other thing you may want to try is Bragg's apple cider vinegar. pour sbout 2-3 oz in a pint glass then fill with water. it is hard to drink, but when you see the results you will start to enjoy the taste lol. Do that about three times a day.

I would also suggest switching to vegan diet. If you do this diet make sure you just focus on eating veggies and lean protein. Bread and pasta (or any other carb for that matter) break down into sugar which we all know makes things worse. Id say the one food i saw the best results from is steamed brussels sprouts.

stay positive! things will get better if you fight back

10:43:06 AM
Week 12...

What does winning look like? It looks like constant purging,my friends. It looks like crazy looking stuff from sand, to plastic, to hairs flying off your head, and out of your body. Who knew the human body could hold so much 'stuff' that doesn't belong there?! Winning feels like a dull headache, and clogged sinuses that all of a sudden clear up. Or,sometimes winning is a slightly weird stomach ache, that clears up after answering the call of nature. Winning is covering your lint roller with tiny fibers, specks and hairs that are 'better out than in.' But, at the end of it is winning.

So, tonight begins 12 drops of MMS...looking for the big herx and then stabilization...Until then...I'm winnng with this protocol. ;-)

Many blessings to you on this winning journey. Keep going, and do not give up on your health being fully restored.

10:46:17 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome again.

A special thanks to Monica and to JS who have been faithful not only to follow the protocol, but to share their experiences for the benefit of others.

Your explanations will help newcomers to understand what they will be experiencing if they decide to take this journey as well.

Thank you to those returning who are further along in the journey for sharing your comments and suggestions, for you are always welcome here.

Just remember everyone... better out than in. Whatever you do, never, never give up Hope!

God Bless,


John B

11:50:16 AM
Congratulations Monica on your progress. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Your attitude is wonderful! I like Clod's advice on cleaning up your diet, but would mention two cautions:

First, going to a more vegetarian diet (and eliminating all processed foods and refined carbs)is a great idea for cleansing the bioterrain and alkalyzing the body.

However, most leading authorities on natural health agree that a strict vegan diet is not a good strategy for long term health. At some point it is a good idea to reintroduce small amounts of organic meats into your diet.

Secondly, brussels sprouts are a great source of many nutrients including sulfur containing amino acids like cysteine, but they are also high in purines. Purines can promote a buildup of uric acid in the blood, so for those who are prone to gout, brussels sprouts are a no-no.

Thanks again for your encouragement. Best wishes to all for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



10:24:32 AM
Hello everyone...week 13 started yesterday. As did my 13 drops of MMS. I have to say, I had a bit of a rough weekend. There was a persistent headache for three days, plus nausea... I dealt with it, by eating citrus fruit, drinking plenty of water and getting a lot of rest. Yep...I think it was some serious die-off happening.

As I stated last week I added MSM sulfur to my protocol. It's helping a lot. I'm happy to say that save for the ocassional now-you-see it, now-you-don't rash, or pimple like red dot... Things are continuing to go well. My scalp is sooooo much better, even though yes...its still purging microscopic fibers, the hairs, and the wee black and white specks.

I didn't mention it last week, but, I purged quite a bit of bio nature's call. I've never been so happy to see something like that in my life. 'Better out than in', is a visual relief, and encouragement in this journey.

As far as my diet goes. I've never been a big meat eater, sugar or processed foods. And, knowing how my body works, I know that becoming vegan isn't the best approach for me. I've been borderline vegeterian for the majority of my life, and too many veggies, and fruits makes me acidic, and my tummy a very unhappy place to be. ;-) So...thanks everyone for your input, but, I'm good there...brussel sprouts and all. I love them by the way.

One question I do have is about blood pressure. I need to know if anyone has experienced their blood pressure going up as a result of this disease? Mine spiked last year, when I first was being invaded by bugs, I went to the doctor and found a spike in my blood pressure. Since figuring out I had morgellons and being on the protocol, it's come down, but, not back to the levels prior to getting sick. Can anyone shed light on this? And, offer any advice?

Once again...this protocol is working...So please stick with it, getting yourself back piece by piece is a lovely experience.

Many blessings, and happy health. ;-)

12:04:35 PM
Hello everyone... Today starts week 14...and, 14 drops of MMS. Mel says I'm going to be cursing his name soon, as I'm going to be having the big herx before the maintenance starts. Finger's crossed...I've never been so excited to be sick before. lol... Life is ironic, isn't it? But, I'm happy.

So, what's new? Well...I'm doing great! I'm doing so much better, even my scalp seems to be close to completing it's purge. What I've learned is, there was a definite fungal overload in my body, and I'm grateful this is being addressed. These little hairs are becoming less and less, as are the fibers, although the fibers coming out now, seems to be bigger than what I'm used to seeing. Great... 'GET OUT!!!'

So, for a few weeks, I had been feeling something moving around in my lower lip. Well last night 'it' came out. And, it was a clear, piece of plastic looking thing. Crazy! But, my lip felt happier with its departure. I will never get over how your skin can just puke out things that make you wonder how the heck they got there in the first place. So, I'm learning a lot about the amazing organ that is our skin.

As I get better... no itching, less purging, and almost no stinging (from purging), I realize I could fool myself into believing I can stop the protocol... But, um...OH NO... I'm committed to all 18 months. I will not be repeating this experience due to false pride and lack of patience. Too much is at risk. So, Mel... get used to our little chats... I happen to love them. :-)

To your health everyone... Stick with it...and, get a better version of your life back. ;-)

10:24:46 PM
Thanks for posting monica-at times I greatly need to read your words. I think I am about a week ahead of you. I am on Mels protocal and have seen some improvement-my ibs is better the last two weeks and the itching has slowed way down-although today it kicked up again.
The one thing that I have had to deal with has been terrible dental infections-at this point I have had seven teeth pulled-my guess is that was my immune system issue. I am not sure if I am finished with that yet. Check your teeth!
Please keep posting every week.

9:32:25 AM
Week 15... I don't know if I had the big herx over the weekend into yesterday. But...I spent the last three days with really bad headaches, more purging and the repeated feeling of a big knot in my stomach. Somehow... I don't think that was 'it'. I took yesterday off from work as concentration wasn't an option, ate citrus fruits, kept the MSM and food grade DE regimine and of course... the protocol did not wavier.

I will say that I've noticed that even though the purging has gotten less and less; what is coming out feels like it's cutting me to leave--its stinging. I'm not sure what it is, and I have to say...I don't care, as long as its leaving. I guess stuff really doesn't like the virgin coconut oil I've been rubbing in my skin lately. Too bad. ;-)

The lethargy from the constant detoxing can be annoying. But, the logos supplements help a lot, as does eating well, and sleeping! I hope everyone understands the importance of healing through sleeping. If you need extra vitamins, for me...vitamin D has become important, figure out what that is and go for it. But, of course, don't over do it.

I was thinking last night about how long it takes for the health to restore. And, while 18 months seems like a lot. I cannot imagine purging years of pollutants, parasites, and pathogens in less time. I think it would send the body into a toxic shock, and you'd be so sick that it would be extremely harmful. So, more and more, it becomes clear that a steady long term treatment is best for you on all levels.

Oh, did I mention, my scalp is doing sooo much better? But, as I mentioned before, whatever is purging now, does leave more of a cutting sensation than a stinging one. And, you know what??? Better out than in... All day...every day...

I thank all of you who've encouraged me to continue sharing my weekly updates. I'm glad its helping you. It's helping me as well. I like to go back and read this thread to remind myself of how far I've come. And, I have come far already, so, it makes it easier to keep going. Thanks again, Mel for all your help and words of encouragement. You are truly an inspiration! Until next week...


9:58:49 AM
Week 16... Hello everyone! :-) Okay, so no big herx yet, so, today also begins 16 drops of MMS. And, I'm fine with that...whatever it takes.

So, what's going on??? A whole lot of purging!That's what. It baffles me the amount of fibers, 'feathers', white specks, 'hairs' and glitter that are popping out and off me. This past week it was quite noticeable for me,as it happens the majority of the day.

Last night, while washing my hair, I noticed the fibers are less, but, more significant in size. And, the 'goo' that tangles your hair was coming out as I combed my hair through. This is major progress. And, I'm also happy to report that the white pseudo hairs are starting to disappear.

Needless to say, I am not symptom free...yet! But, it's coming. Last week included some nausea, and die-off headaches were more frequent. It kinda dampens the mood, but, the vitamin C in the grapefruits and oranges I ate helped out a lot.

I cannot stress enough the need for consistency and commitment in this protocol. Nor, can I stress the importance of diet, and topical treatment. Mel has wonderfuly provided us with a protocol for killing this stuff and boosting the immunity system. But, if we do not change our diet by lowering sugar, carbs, and processed food...we are feeding the dis-ease that we are supposed to be trying to kill. If we do not treat our skin, topically, it's hard to alleiviate the itching, or get the nasties to come out, and for those with leisions, getting them to heal. I've had 'scratches' in the past, that I've come to learn, may have been the beginning of lesions...I've always treated my skin...even before I knew about the protocol. There's so much helpful information here as to how to attack and win against this thing from all sides, that I cannot imagine not taking advantage of it. It would be one thing if we were discussing quality of life when discussing Morgellon's, but, honestly...we're talking about life itself.

I'm so beyond grateful to Mel, and to every person who has left a tip on this site. MSM Sulfur has been amazing to and for me. Giving the reaction my body has been having, I needed this supplement regardless of Morgellon's.

I won't lie, there's still some stinging going on as things die off and leave. But, nothing, nothing, NOTHING like it was before I started the protocol. Stick with it everyone, stick with getting your health back, stick with the idea that you are in control of your life, and it's quality.

Many Blessings,


10:36:54 AM
Happy Valentine's Day, and welcome to week 17. This past week was a bit trying, because the purging is becoming significant. It's constant, and that in itself can be annoying. A lot of these hairs and fibers are so friggin big that they cause a stinging and cutting feeling as they exit. And, when it's a lot of them doing it at once, it can be a real bummer. Whenever it gets me down I remember Mel's wonderful motto: 'Better out than in!' And,when I see the size of some of these 'hairs', and the multitude of fuzzy wuzzies, I'm like...heck yeah, get outta here and don't come back, ever!

I'll be starting 17 drops of MMS today... And, that's good, in that I've noticed that the more you do the protocol, the response of the body becomes quicker. It's like a sense memory thing, in that I take the silver, and my whole body is welcoming it in to kill stuff off. Or, I'll take some of those beautiful little logos pills and things start purging almost immediately, from EVERYWHERE! Again, purging from everywhere can be annoying at worst, but, the alternative is not purging at all--that's not even an option for me.

I found out my 50/50 olive oil and coconut oil has a techincal name, it becomes Caprol oil... neat. Now, I use this combination on my skin for it's antifungal and microbial remedies, but, it also apparently can be used internally to kill candida and other ickies such as that.

So, merrily we roll along everyone... I so look forward to reporting my stabilization to you in the near future. In the meantime... out with the fuzzies, hairs, specks, white wannabe hairs... And, cheers to more Molecular Silver and MMS. Continue to love yourself by sticking with the works, and the proof is in the living. ;-) See ya next week.
Theresa S.

6:40:18 PM
Dear Monica, Mel and Fellow Journeyers,

I have had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Monica. What a breathe of fresh air! She thinks, feels, believes and walks in in total and complete healing - nothing else is an option! Monica you have inspired me with your bravery, focus and determination and I thank you so very much. Girlfriend, hand in hand we will be living testimonies to God's healing and greatness.

With the excellent protocol that John B. has developed for us and the healing tools that the earth supplies us - everyone is more than capable of throwing not only the kitchen sink at this, but literally the whole freaking kitchen at this or any other dis-ease that comes our way.

You have reminded me that the earth provides us with many of the tools we need - like essential oils, herbs, foods and spices that have been around for zillions of years and are readily available to us. You have reminded me that fear is not an option.

Thank you for confirming for me that I must not focus on the dis-ease but my health - which not only includes my body, but my emotions, thoughts and actions. I look forward to speaking with you on a regular and sitting down together over a cup of green tea ;)

I continue to focus on and claim optimal health and well being not only for myself but for all others.
I send you lots and lots of healing energy, love, peace and abundance.

You go girl!

Theresa S.

9:06:56 PM
Monica-Thanks for your post. We will be healed soon-keep on plugging away-nothing will stop us!
PS this does take awile but works!

11:29:38 AM
:waving: Hi everyone! First, thank you so much for the love via words. It's much appreciated. As I was telling both Mel and Theresa S. I had no idea you all were paying so much attention to my posts. I'm glad to know it's helping.

So...where are we? I'm at week 18 starting today. So, what's up? Or, should I say, 'What's popping?' White specks, and fungal hairs like...WOAH! All the time, some times more than others, like at night after MMS. The white specks come out of my scalp like a popcorn machine. I mean, it's just nuts, it's like my pores are inhaling oxygen and spitting out hairs and specks... I've been wrapping my head in a towel lightly dusted in Food Grade D.E. for months to catch this stuff. As, having stuff fall on my face, can interrupt my sleep. And, we all know how important sleep is.

As I write this, I have a very slight, dull headache. And... this morning there was slight cramping in my tummy before going for my morning visit to the potty. And, I'm dragging a little this morning... I know all of this is die-off symptoms. There's been occassional sneezing, and my sinuses having been draining a lot.

What I've noticed about what I purge nowadays's mostly fungal hairs, and most of them are small, although a few here and there are big. And, very rarely, I'll see a fiber, but, they are very weak and thin, and barely noticeable... I really have to look hard to see them. Intuitively, I feel like i'm really close to stabilization... Mel is counting the moments until I call him with a earful of how horrible my big herx was... Yeah, Mel, me too. I'm like...'where is it?! where the heck is it?!' But, I'm hoping starting 18 drops of MMS will do the trick. And, I can start maintenance...after the three days of detox--yes, Mel, I listen to you. ;-)

Like Theresa S. said... for me, this is about overall health. And, therefore, I've treated it as such. I think people don't understand that getting this condition probably means, something in your body was going unaddressed for a long time. Meaning, were you eating correctly, exercising enough, taking good care of yourself in general?? I had Candida pretty badly a few years ago, I thought I had it taken care of, but, little did I understand the years worth of toxins that needed to be addressed. And, the truth is, once we get our health restored we CANNOT ever go back to who we were before this, in terms of ignoring our health, immune system, or taking good care of ourselves. In me, John has a life-long customer. I'll be on the wellness protocol forever. Because one cannot underestimate the need to keep your bioterrain optimal. This is a daily commitment I'm willing to make to myself out of love for myself and life in general. And, the people in my life will benefit from this commitment, in that I'll be here to spend time with them.

I cannot say how wondeful, the Melman is... I love our conversations so much. Theresa S. I'm sooo happy to have met you, and I'm so amazed at your 'throw the kitchen at it' attitude. We'll definitely be getting some tea soon.

Everyone...this doesn't have to be a scary experience, is it life-changing??? YES. But, you can CHOOSE to make it a positive life change, and to be a better you on all levels afterward. There's information here, there's a protocol that works here. There's tips on what to eat, what to avoid, what kind of essential oils, and natural foods to use in order to move things out quicker. But, mostly...there's a lot of love, and support, because we all want to see eachother get better, and yes... cured!

So, this isn't about being scared, it's about being smart, empowering yourself to become better.

Okay...I need to go find some citrus, this headache is getting worse, which really means... I'm getting better. :-D

See ya next week.



3:25:53 PM
Okay...week 19... Just want to say this past week has been rather rough. The purging, headaches, and bouts of diarrhea along with hormonal stuff... It's been quite the adventure.

Mel, got your VM... Just so you know... all my vitamin C has been coming from lemons,ruby red grapefruits and oranges... none of which I eat within 3 hours of taking MMS... No vitamin C supplements whatsoever, so,I do not believe that's hindering my big herx. It may be the daily use of food grade DE sweeping 'stuff' out of my system. I mean, if you're doing a daily sweep, can you have the same loss of control on 'nature's call' that you and I discussed??

Yesterday, was particulary rough... I felt very green around the gills for most of the day. But, by the evening after a ton more water and rest...I felt...well...human.

I have noticed that the purging has subsided quite a bit, even if some of the fungal hairs are frightenly larger... My sinus cavity had a major detox that lead to post nasal drip, that led to a soar throat from Friday into Saturday. went away.

There's been lots of white specks coming from my scalp for the past couple of days... But, my utmost favorite (insert sarcasm here) has been the dead black specks coming out of my lips. Oh,the many uses of lipgloss... :-D

Anyway...I'd have to say that everything is going along quite 'well' in that I'm feeling better. Even if that means cleaning more fungal hairs, and other stuff seemingly more. The green around the gills thing really sucked yesterday, but... today... back to feeling pretty good.

Hope everyone has a great day. And, continue working that protocol...restored health is within our reach.

Be blessed,



10:53:28 AM
Hello everyone... Week 20. I'm happy to report, I'm still purging. And, the amount of what has been coming out, ebbs and flows. So, I'm thinking its layers of stuff. What's coming out is mostly fungal hairs. I had no idea I was so furry on the inside, but, I'm glad that as I purge, I'm breathing much easier, and feeling a lot less foggy. While I'm still experiencing discomfort during the purge, I realize its only with the specks (both white and black), and the glitter that I feel the cutting/stinging thing. Therefore, keep your skin moist, so you can minimize this sensation. And,if you're using either MSM sulfur, or the Magnifinzyme you can lowering the inflamation of the skin, thus minimizing discomfort.

Believe it or not, I also start 20 drops of MMS today. Which requires, in my opinon, a lot more water to avoid the sometimes unpleasant taste. But, it doesn't need to taste good to work, and it does work. I've been maintaining my diet pretty well, and moving merrily along. I never mentioned this, but, I have steadily lost weight on the protocol. Which is awesome. Since, I've yet to have a big herx, I have told Mel that I know things are dying off when I feel lethargic, or, sleepy, get headaches, or slight nausea. At the this point, I have to listen to the 'quiet' die-offs a lot more, as the big herx has still not shown itself. So, keep that in mind, all die-off is good die-off.

Mel says that all my symptoms should be gone within the next couple of months--awesome, because I want to enjoy the summer. Imagine that?? Enjoying the summer morgellon symptom free?! Oh...YYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!! But, but, but... I'll still be on the protocol. Don't forget, this is an 18 month committment, for a lifetime of health. So...I'll be with you guys a bit longer yapping away. Hahahaha.

In anycase, I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you're eating well, treating your skin, your home and getting the rest and excercise your body needs for recovery. Many blessings and bright light to all of you!


10:14:23 PM
Keep up the good work Monica. I am about a week ahead of you-morgellons-ibs and terrible dental infections. Mel- thingks I may take longer-I think shorter. My therory is that I found my cause( dental infection). We will see.
One thing for sure is thatthings are getting better-I only take ten drops a night. I started magnifisyme and things really seemed even better.
I bet we both have good summers -)

11:21:27 AM
Hellllooooo week 21! Hi everyone! ;-) Before I begin, I want to say thank you to all of you for reading my weekly reports, and being cheerleaders for me. I think supporting one another through this morgellons dis-ease episode (It's an episode, it isn't your life--make that distinction for yourself) in one another's lives is crucial. It's important to know you aren't alone in this, that someone can relate to you, and offer advice, an ear or a laugh as you work your way toward restored health. So, thank you! :-)

Okay, so...purge, purge, and purge...still! The full moons, and rainy days are particularly annoying in the purging and recovery process. While I'm way past the feeling of being bitten, the stinging and purging of 'hairs' seems to be worse in moist weather, and full moons. I know that was mentioned by others on the forum some time ago. Oh, before I forget... last week, while removing a 'hair' from my leg... I was in the midst of pulling it out, and kept going, and going, and going. It was...and, I'm not kidding because I measured it... an 11 1/4 inch fungal hair in my right calf! Okay, that's like the length of my entire calf! How long had it been in there? I have no clue, but, guess what?? It's NOT THERE ANYMORE! Hello, 'better out than in!'...takes on an entire new meaning now.

Anyway...believe it or not...I'm still detoxing too. I've gotten the temporary rashes as of late, sneezing, sinus drainage, occassional sore throat. And, occasional red blotches, and little hot flash type reactions as well. I'm telling you, this really does require a lot of patience and persistence, because this detox is so much more than morgellons. It's about detoxing your entire systems. So, I hope everyone gets that. It's about the optimization of your immunity system, and the body's ability to function in the way it was meant to. I, personally have decided not to focus on the morgellons per se, but, on helping my body do it's job of protecting itself and me through the protocol.

After a discussion with Mel last week... we've come to the conclusion, that because of the new products, and things I've added to my protocol, i.e. the essential oils, olive leaf extract, candida rid, and food grade D.E. --there may not be a big herx in my future. And, yeah...I okay with that! Ha ha ha! So...I'll begin my 3 day detox from MMS today. Afterwhich, I'll start my maintenance of 17 drops of MMS.

As spring quickly approaches, I've already started dusting my apartment with foodgrade DE... While I don't anticipate as much bug activity as last year, because the issues of last year have been addressed--I'm also thinking if I do it now, nothing will live long enough to be a problem to deal with. ;-)

So...again, thanks everyone for your encouragement. And, special thanks to Mel, John and Theresa S, for...well...just being you. Have a great week everyone!

Love and much light,


2:42:05 PM
Hi Monica,

Welcome everyone.

As you and I discussed last week, we have observed over time that the point of diminishing returns on the use of MMS appears to be changing. We believe that the new products that have been added to the original protocol have so improved the body's detox pathways, people may not have to endure the same monstrous level of herxheimer (detox) reaction that others suffered prior to these products being introduced.

Take your case for example. You worked your way up to 20 drops of MMS without ever experiencing a serious herx reaction. I would never have attempted to take such a dose... nor would my body have tolerated it.

We recently talked about the point of diminishing returns, where taking more doesn't necessarily produce greater results, but may in fact do more harm than good. You made the welcome decision to back off on your MMS dose to a maintenance level... something most people have had to go through misery to achieve.

I feel so blessed that you have chosen to record weekly your journey and thereby bring Hope and encouragement to others. In watching you live out your testimony, they are seeing firsthand how this works.

Hope, then Health, then Happiness...


1:05:21 PM
Week 22? Already?! we are. It's funny how while you're in the midst of purging how things seem to be taking forever, but, then you do the math and realize that time is really flying by.

Okay, so...if you tuned into last week's episdoe--this is reality tv, right?! Hahaha... Anyway, last week, I did a 3 day detox from MMS. And, holy purging, Batman!!! I thougt prior to that, I purged all the time, but...ooohhhh no... I really purged for those three days. Mostly from my scalp. If I thought it would've helped, I would've walked around wearing swim goggles to keep things out of my eyes. The only problem with that is, sometimes, things were coming from my eyes! Hahaha! Yes, your sense of humor will be a mandatory tool in this journey, so, you might as well practice laughing now.

Surprisingly enough, I was able to sleep deeply without the help of the MMS, but...I was so happy when I could go back on it. There is nothing like that feeling of it working in the system... where everything goes quiet in the body, dying off, right before...the popcorn machine of flying white specks happen. It's a weird lullaby to fall asleep to, but, I'll take it!

I'm still purging fungal hairs, but, not as much, but, at the same time...these are big, up to 3 inches. Mostly, its the white hairs... haven't seen a black speck in a YAY! But, but, but... still seeing micro fibers...and, I know when I'm purging them, as they feel like they are slightly cutting me, as opposed to pricking me, which is what the fungal hairs feel like. If it weren't for my sticky lint roller, I wouldn't know about the fibers. They are that tiny. Again...a lot of your discomfort can be addressed with petroleum jelly that has tea tree essential oil in it. And,don't forget your friends chamomile tea, and MSM Sulfur! Another of our members here, mentioned to me the idea of using glycerin when the weather gets warmer. I think I'll give it a try as well.

If you notice, all I ever seem to talk about is purging. Well, that's because that's all there is to talk about. How nice is that? This is what I think about when I've had it up to here with the constant purging. I think, 'I'm purging, not being bitten, not being kept awake by this unknown issue. --Not itching, not doing anything but, healing.' Yes...purging is healing, don't forget that part.

Soon, there will come a time where I'm not even purging from my skin. And,yet, I'll still be on the protocol making sure, that yes... I am cured of this. And, then...everything else will become maintenance. I'm sooo looking forward to that. And, so should you. Keep going!

Many blessings, and much light.


3:39:56 PM
Hi Monica,
Thank you for spending the time to put this together - it's a nice cohesive journal of your experience and it's been extremely helpful to me, having just shown up here.
I wanted to know it there is any issue with taking the MSM too close to the MMS? I read that MSM can also make you tired, so I would think both would be good at night, but of course I certainly wouldn't want to do that if one would negate the other in any way...
I also am curious what else you've done in the environment that you feel has helped aside from the DE in the sheets. I live with a roommate (that I'm trying hard to not-terrorize with this too much) in an apartment and need to be really careful with money too, so I'm feeling stress about the extreme home cleansing.
Thank you kindly, xo Julie

10:46:05 AM
Hi Julie...

First, I have to tell you...I've had no experience with MSM Sulfur making me tired. I take it in the morning with my food grade D.E. in either coffee or a plain kefir shake with honey. Of course this is after my molecular silver and usually before my first supplements of the day. I think before you accept someone else's expereience with MSM sulfur, you should try it yourself. As, I've experienced a boost in energy from it. Albeit, I use the powder version, thus, I absorb it more quickly. That being said, remember feelings of 'tiredness' in morgellons, are symptoms of healing... so, try it first. I prefer it in the morning because the removal of inflamation means less discomfort when purging throughout the day.

As per my environment. I have a hepa filter that I run all the time on a low setting. I do use a light dusting of D.E. in the cracks and crevices of my apartment. And, I'm an avid user of essential oils. I specifically burn eucalyptus as it kills mold. I use peppermint, which is antifungal. And, yes...I use menthol crystals. With the crystals, you have to be very careful. I know there was a post here, that Mel removed, but, I really did my homework and found a way that worked for me. For example, I have a small amount in my dirty clothes hamper to kill anything that may hide in my clothes, until I can do the laundry. I mix a small amount with water and heat it on low heat on the stove--like its used in a spa. Again...very little, probably like a pinch or something... And, yes...I clean, vaccuum. I like to use TKO enzyme cleaner. And, I don't know if anyone knows this, but, the MMS can be used to clean the air as well. If you mix a small amount on a saucer--like 4-6 drops of the citrus acid and sodium chlorite and leave it on a saucer exposed in a room for a couple of hours--it kills stuff in the air.

That was a lot, huh? lol... You don't have to do all these things at the same time, but, since you have a roommate, perhaps the essential oils would work for you. As, not everyone appreciates the smell of MMS like those of us using it to get well. ;-) I hope I've answered your questions. Let me know if you have any others.

Much love and light.


10:55:54 AM
Monica YOU ROCK!!!!

Have a great week.



12:32:25 PM
Thank You John... You totally ROCK as well! As I told Mel, I thanked the universe for both of you just last night. Your very existence is changing the lives of many--One person can and does make a difference. I'm living proof of that. ;-)

Many blessings to you as well.


11:40:09 AM
Week 23... Hi everyone... Today, I'm feeling tired, and blah in general. Of course you know what that means, don't you? Something is dying, while I feel a general malaise... on the inside, I'm dancing. ;-) So, yes...while last week was all about the purging. The last couple of days have been about feeling 'off', or 'weird', or tired and sleepy. As has been stated many times, this condition seems to work in layers. That's why it's important to commit to the entire 18 months. As, you do have days when you think you're done, only to find out days later you were done with that layer. So, seriously...commit, discipline yourself and stay on the protocol.

Along with the lethargy/malaise...I've notice achiness in different joints over the last few days. Again...this is part of the healing. I'm convinced that as you get better, your body will let you know by being uncomfortable for a day or so. This stuff let's you know when it's there, and let's you know when it's leaving. And, that's good, because sometimes the progress can be so subtle, you're not sure what the heck is going on. And, other times, it can be so horrendous, you're convinced you're not getting better, but, you actually are. So...that's why you've really got to monitor yourself. Monitor your purge cycles, your discomfort, your pain. Is it getting better? Is it getting worse before it gets better? That's what the thread post has been for me-- A way to monitor myself and my progress. And, I'm glad you all have benefited from it.

I look forward to the time where I'm no longer purging from my skin, and I do not have to carry a lint roller while wearing black. But, all in all...I'm getting all of back one day at a time. And, the new version will be so much better than the new.

Thanks again for all your kind thoughts, words and support. If you're still here, still reading the post, still working the protocl,then you are winning and you are getting better! ;-)

Much love and light.


8:58:02 PM
Thank you Monica, that is far less drastic than what I've read elsewhere. It's the fumigation-type cleaning that overwhelms me, and since you're getting better without I feel much better about that.
xo Julie

12:29:23 PM
Week 24...and one week away from my 6 month anniversary of being on the protocol. So...let's see... acitivity was high over the weekend, because we had damp, San Francisco like weather in NYC. So, that was utterly annoying. But, it was a reminder that even if your going without major symptoms for a few days, doesn't mean the fight is over! So, stay on the protocol...don't let a few quiet days lull you into paying for it for months to come.

I should mention last week, I had a few days where I woke up with stomach cramps, and some joint pain...healing crises??? Don't mind if I do. They went away after a few days, but...yep...still purging. Yesterday, I noticed yet another up-tick in activity in my scalp... What could that be? Oh, wait... the full moon in a few days! Of, I started splitting my MMS intake, as really...the moving and grooving of morgies in my scalp really makes me utterly bottoms up. ;-)

At this point, as I was saying to Theresa S...even if the purging has slowed down greatly, it's been going on for so long, that anything annoys you... How do I deal with it? Well, right after the cursing... :-D I take a deep breath, okay...a few... and, I... stay on the protocol! You didn't think there would be a different answer, did you? Hahahaha!

The specks are few and far between...the microfibers are still coming out. And, yes, the fungal hairs are still dive-bombing off my scalp. In short: I'm getting even better! Heehee... I noticed after I did my first half of MMS last night... I got a headache almost immediately... ooppsss... killed something. :-)

Oh, one more thing... along with the stomach cramps and joint pain from last week. I did have a new experience, with the lymph node on the right side of my neck swelling. It stayed swollen for three days... I finally figured out what would help it... Claritin D. My allergies apparently had kicked in, and I was apparently draining onto my lymph node. But...I'm all better now.

So, my fellow destroyers of morgellons... The healing continues... Stay with it until you've gotten all of yourself back. In the meantime, have a great week, and keep taking those myraid of pills, drink that MMS and silver... burn that eucalpytus, and rub-a-dub in that coconut oil. This too shall pass! Muah!

2:23:00 PM
Week 25...and, the 6 month mark... Hello everyone. I hope you're finding yourselves feeling better with the protocol and dietary changes you've made. I'm once again, here to let you know what's going on with me and my journey to recovery.

In a word: PURGING. Yes, still purging away. I successfully, was able to thwart the lunar activity last week. Mel's advice regarding how to deal with the full moon activity worked really well. I'll being using it from now on.

What I've noticed this week is that I'm purging a lot of black specks from my scalp, along with a lot of fibers, longer and micro alike. And, yes, still fungal hairs. Though, not as much as in the bdoy, and certainly not as much as in the beginning. I'm certain that the magnifizyme is a huge factor as to why I'm seeing so much purging of the black specks, as I hadn't for a while. Be gone, biofilm! I'm hoping that I'm nearing the last layer of this stuff in my body. While I'm happy to be purging, I'm also happy to experience life beyond purging.

I'm also happy to say that I've been able to incorporate some fruit back into my diet, as well as the occassional piece of multi-grain bread. I don't really like bread anyway, wasn't a great loss when I couldn't eat it. Oh, and I had a piece of cheese... and, nobody (meaning my body) didn't freak out. But, again...I'm not that crazy about the fatty taste of cheese either. I have noticed, that my body is just looking for protein. So, yogurt, quinoa, meat, fish (not tuna), and eggs. It's so important to listen to your body throughout this entire process, only then will you know how best to support it. The days of mindless eating have to be behind you in this life-style change that healthiness requires when dealing with morgellons. You can't just shove food down your throat and hope for the best. You have to think, and feel into your body and know how best to allievate hunger, kill off the ickies, and promote healing. Sounds complicated, but, once you educate yourself, it becomes much easier.

I should also mention, I'm still, and always have been treating my skin with the peppermint soap, teatree, coconut oil/olive oil stuff... You must treat the body both in and out. Attack from both sides as it were. Don't let up...don't give up...and, stay on the protocol. Consistency is key.

Much light and Love... See you next week.

11:25:22 AM
Here we are at week 26... And, well, let me start with... for the first time in months I had one of those mysterious scratches that happens with this condition. It was a pretty long one on my hip. I gave it extra attention as I was treating my skin with the tea tree oil vaseline that I sometimes use. Plus, taking the manifizyme--it cleared up immediately. What that means is that there's still stuff in there needing to get out. So,the protocol must continue! And, it does.

The purging as of late has gone back and forth from mild to significant. From feeling like it's dragging along to an all our pouring. This tells me that little communities of biofilm are being destroyed and purged. None of this happens at the same time (Thank goodness), nor, overnight (again...thank goodness). The shock and pain of it would be too much. You don't spend years of accumulating fungal overload, overtaxed immunity and then purge it all out overnight. The body simply couldn't handle the toxicity, think on this as you're slowly or not so slowly getting better.

Another thing to be aware of as you're getting better and as its getting warmer... pest! I mean of the gnat, mosquito, and other biting bug variety. Why??? Because of your fungal overload, they may be attracted to you. So, take care. This morning I found a dead gnat in my hair. Could that have been random?? Sure...but, the point is... I know that I'm purging dead fungal hairs and other crap out. So, I'm going to be adding lavendar back into my skin regimine to repel biting bugs. We don't need anymore stinking parasites!

Other than the stinging of purging...I'm doing well... But, I gotta tell you... I'm so ready for my body to be empty of this stuff. What you have to remember is the body as a whole will purge from wherever it can. I've had tiny fungal hairs come from my nose, and eyes. Mirco fibers have come from my face, nose, and other places. Wherever it can purge from... let it do so.

The good news is... my energy levels are back where they should be. My skin looks amazing... my hair texture and color are coming back quite nicely, and... the weight loss continues.! Right... I've been able to add strawberries, pineapples and coconut...yes, not just using it as a oil anymore, actually eating it! :-) The other night I had a Caprese salad... Now, yes, there is fresh mozzarella in that, but, I am also armed with candida rid. And, if you didn't know, the dressing for that is balsamic vinegar and olive oil. So, let's see... fresh tomato, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella with balsamic vinegar and olive oil... I suggest trying this for those who are looking for something new to eat. If your body isn't ready for cheese take out the mozzarella, but, other than that--this is a healthy way to eat raw food. And, in case you've forgotten... olive oil is anti-fungal, basil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. ;-) I'm looking out for your tummy and your body, people. And, making sure you don't starve! LOL...

That's all from the frontlines for today... In the meantime, stay on your meds, drink your meds and stay positive... you are winning!



4:44:45 AM
Thank you, I am still here and still learning. I agree we cannot have this 'mindless eating', so it is important 'who' we are around. I am around roomates and co-workers and I cannot let their food influence me. They consider me fanatical that I dont accept bagels and spreads, or sugars, or pizzas. . When they pull me over to their side, I get sick again. My body breaks out instantly when I eat macaroni and cheese or peanuts, or pastries. This is a sign Monica. . If it goes as far as I cannot be around these people, then I will have to do that.

Consistency is key, and disciplining. . At times I have to keep myself in solitude to do this because people do not understand. . But when not following protocol and diet, my body goes from night to day.

Nice meeting you Monica.
And hello to Mel again.

10:11:16 PM
Hi Monica. Thank you for your posts - they have been informative and inspiring for me. As someone who is only new to the awareness of what is actually going on in my body, it has been a shocking, frightening, frustrating and alienating process on the whole. Finding this website, however, and reading of your weekly trials and gains, has been a very rewarding experience, and has given me hope. With God's blessing and the help of Mel and John, I am now on the protocol and having small victories of my own. I also have a toddler who is suffering from Morgellons. His turnaround on the protocol and collectgive wisdom has been amazing. For me, however, I am struggling, but do not give up hope. It has been good to note that your healing process has been long and has its ups and downs. I am also introducing some of your suggestions, like the ACV/borax rinse, as I too don't have a bath. I would like to ask what ratio you use for that, though. Once again thanks and I will keep readking.
God bless you

3:00:17 PM

I use a pitcher for my 'rinse' as it were. And, I use about 1/4 cup of borax, and 2-3 capfuls of ACV and the water is probably 12-16 oz... I think that's what my pitcher is. I use water that's really hot so it stays warm for the duration of my shower. And, it is the very last thing I use before exiting the shower. I do not use a towel, but, a hair dryer to dry myself off. Hope that helps. And, so glad to hear about the progress of you and your baby. If I helped at all, that means the world to me. ;-)

9:28:15 AM
Week 27... Hello warriors... I come to you this week feeling pretty great. Yes...I am still purging, but, I'm also still winning.

I think what I want to point out most this week, is how the purging seems to increase with rain. I don't know if pores are more opened, or what, but,it's been rainy here in nyc, and the purging increased for a few days. I made sure that I burned eucalpytus, and had my menthol crystals going alternately over the weekend. It was quite helpful. Hey, if this stuff is going to come out, while I'm at home and not work, I'd prefer to get out as much as possible.

I should mention that I had some...and, yes this is slightly gross... I had some small cases of diarrhea over the weekend, but, nothing out of control. And, with all this purging I'm constantly using the lint roller. Having fibers sitting in your hair is not only annoying, it's itchy! So, get it out... Yes, I use the sticky lint roller thing on my works!

I'm still purging from my body too, but, it's lots of fungal hairs, a few specks here and there. Theresa S. mentioned nerve endings... for sure, they are constantly being fired and annoyed with the purging. Sometimes its not annoying, other times, you're pissed off cursing in languages you didn't even know you knew. But, it's is barable. So, stick with it.

I'm so glad that I no longer suffer like I did in the beginnings of this complicated disorder. I have Mel, John and most of all... ME to thank. Yes, I thank myself everytime I think on what life was like before the protocol. I thank myself for sticking with it. I thank myself, and my health and sense of myself returns. This is a full-court press, this is an all hands on deck situation. Mel blazed a trail, with John's tools for health, but, its you that must walk it.

Many blessings all, and... I look forward to talking with you on the upcoming conference call. ;-)

11:55:35 AM
Week 27 and just shy of 7 months! Hello winners!!! Yes, you are a winner with every supplement taken, and every ounce of silver and MMS! You are getting better when you eat clean, get rest, and maintain the mindset of a warrior.

First, let me report... I am still purging... Yep. But, it's less stuff, and less frequent. I should also mention that occassionally, there's still joint aches, bloating, and fatigue. But, nothing, nothing, NOTHING like it was in the early stages. Things happen on occassion, to let me know I'm not there yet, but, they do not last as long. Yay!!!

Thanks to Mel, John, Theresa S and all of you who were on the call on Sunday. It's so important that we build a community, that we are able to discuss our experiences, remedies and treatment of this dis-ease, that the world at large is in (willful) denial of. Remeber: YOU ARE NOT IN THIS FIGHT ALONE!

While we are all connected by this experience, we are also connected in that we have bodies, that require investment of good nutrition, rest, and supplements that promote its well being. Do not take the vessel in which your soul resides, for granted. Love yourself by loving your body enough to take care of it. Your road to recovery will involve more just than the protocol, which Mel provided. It will require you research food, food preparation, start excercising a little bit, and take charge of your life. It will require you become conscience of your habits. This isn't for the lazy, the ones who want to phone-it in. This is for the brave, who know how precious life is, and who want to be here for it for as long as possible.

Everyday that I get better, I know that one day...I'll be cured. Morgellons will no longer be part of my reality. But... the lessons, the supplements, the friendships I've gained will be. Keep going everyone... YOU ARE WORTH THE FIGHT.

Many blessings and so much light.


P.S. The next full moon is on Saturday, May 5th... Get on that full moon protocol! ;-)

11:30:39 PM
Week 28... Apologies all for the tardiness of this update. I was out of town due to a death in the family. And,I had to travel. Please know that I am fine in terms of dealing with the loss of my loved one. But...onto why I'm here.

So, week 28 was all about purging. It was mostly quiet in the beginning, quiet meaning no volcanic like purging. There was just a lot of fungal hairs and longer, albeit more fragile fibers. I found a red one that measured at 4 inches... I still marvel at how the heck our skin can carry such things. I wonder how far this stuff travels to get to the surface of our skin. The marvelous mysteries of the body....

My full moon experience was strangely quiet for the most part. Very little activity. Which I think is a good sign, but, funnily enough after it was over, the purging of white specks was increased. White specks, as Mel informed me, means that black specks have died. Um... buh bye...and, don't come back!

Still...still I purge fungal hairs. And, as I see bigger ones coming out, I wonder... how long have I been like this and not known. It boggles the mind to know that I've been ill for years and not known. And, its even more upsetting that so many are walking around feeling sick, feeling inflexible, feeling sluggish, feeling off, and no one is mentioning that their unhealthy eating habits are possibly contributing to a serious fungal overload in their bodies. And, they are mostly part of the problem, through lack of proper education in food nutrition, and all that's available to them. If you learn nothing else from your experience on the road to health, please learn this... Food Education is PARAMOUNT in maintaining health. It cannot be stressed enough. Know what you're putting into your mouth. A car runs better, when the gas is of premium quality... your body is no different.

I'll discuss what it was like traveling with this condition next week... meaning Tuesday, week 29.

Please, please please... STICK TO THE PROTOCOL... And, educate yourself on what food really means in a FDA run society... You'll be shocked to find what's allowed to be put into your food, and perhaps then you'll understand why so many are prime bodies, for invaders such as ours. Good immunity is hard to maintain when you cannot pronounce most of what's in your food.

Mel... thanks so much for our call last week. ;-)

Blessings, love and much light.


10:56:01 AM
Week 29, and month 7!!!! Woohoo! I'm getting there! Hi everyone. So, I mentioned last time that I traveled last week. So, I have to tell was okay. Yes, I still purged, but, it's getting less and less. What was challenging was...EATING!!! Oh my lord, I was in the south for four days, and almost starved to death. I'm from a southern family. So funerals mean comfort 24/7. Comfort means fried, white flower, and cooked within an inch of nutrition. I was so happy when I could eat a salad again. But, I did my best to avoid fried food, ate mostly veggies, lots of water with lemon... And, popped Candida Rid twice a day instead of once.

Since I was traveling, I made sure I brought all my meds, including my Food Grade D.E., MSM Sulfur, Molecular Silver and MMS. There's no excuse to miss a day of your protcol...including grieving. I even brought my own soap... you know, the peppermint kind. So, was okay.

The south is kind of warm, so,I noticed that the purging was affected by this. Did I purge more?? Actually no...and, I thought that strange. I did wrap my head in a D.E. dusted towel like I always do to sleep, and honestly...all was well.

Now, here's the annoying thing, I've found a dead fungal gnat in my hair on two separate occasions. Ewwww!!! But, the good news is...they are dead. But, hey, there's a fungal overload, I'm purging fungal hairs, and these gnats, think I have their dinner. It's not personal, it's just gross! Did I mention...Ewww?! But, yes...the purging is slowing down... I dare say, I feel like it may be finally coming to a close soon. But... still, I'll be sticking with the protocol for the entire 18 months. In the words of the late Nina Simone... 'I'm feeling good!' Did you know she was from North Carolina just like me?? ;-)

Be well all of you... stick with it, no matter what. Mel promised me one day the purging would stop, and I'd finally be emptied of all these unwanted guest. And, I am starting to believe he 'might' be right. ;-)Lol! Okay, I know he's right... but, sometimes, you just don't have enough patience... So, you've gotta make more. :-)

Many blessings, lots of light, and cheers (with a big gulp of MMS!)


11:37:40 AM
Week 30! Omg!!!! Hello everyone! It's good to check in here with you again. So...what's new...biofilm that's what's new. I've been purging a lot of biofilm lately. What does it look like? It looks like tiny, clear, sharp plastic. And,last night, I spent an hour rubbing it out of my thighs, along with a lot of white specks, and a few black ones too. But, no, the fungal hairs haven't stopped, in case you were wondering. Nor has the white fibers, or the myriad of micro fibers. And, it's still mostly in the scalp. And, rain just makes the skin purge more. Yep, my scalp starts spitting stuff out, and it just goes and goes and goes.

I've been losing more weight recently, which is nice. And,U have been able to start incorporating yoga and stretching back into my daily regiment. It's nice for my joints to be stretched out, as I'm naturally very flexible, so, its one step closer to getting all of me back. The thing I'd like to concentrate on now, is buidling up muscle. Yoga and walking should help in this process, but, eventually, I'd like to go back to running. This weekend, I'll be hiking. Yay!!!

I noticed my dear Theresa S. posted about the experiences she's had regarding yeast infections... Well, the woman she was referring to was me. :-) Yep... we discussed it at length. And, I really do feel that the infections aren't really infections, but part of the purging process. I haven't had a full-blown one, but, I did notice that all of a sudden things were starting to purge in odd places. I'm also convinced there's hormonal aspect to all of this, that we haven't quite figured out yet. Purging more during a woman's moon cycle? Why is that? I don't know, but, it happens. And, yes... Molecular silver and it's many uses can come in handy during that particular time. I'm sure it might be uncomfortable for some for us to be discussing such things, but, honestly... at this point in the game... you've gotta know the entire body is affected, and therefore the entire body will purge this stuff from wherever it can. up and keep going! ;-)

My eating habits are all but, back to my version of 'normal'... which is pretty healthy, wheat, gluten, and mostly sugar free. But, I still stick to the protocol, with my candida rid and magnifizyme. Its no longer enough for me to be symptom free of morgellons, but, I need to get rid of this fungal overload! It annoys the heck out of me to know these fungal hairs, bacteria, etc. have been living in my skin, sinuses and lungs affecting me, my body and life and I had no clue. Illness in any form is no longer acceptable for me. I think we are taught to accept illness in this society. Colds are okay, a stomach flu, bronchitis, allergies, the flu, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes... you name it. We are constantly being taught that some illnesses you just have to 'live' with. And, my response: 'The hell I do!' Since I've started the protocol I don't know what a cold is, a flu is... my sinuses are better, my lungs are in the midst of purging right now... My allergies are better, my psoraisis of the scalp is history... NO dandruff even. So... NO! I don't have to accept ANY illnesses in my body! I do, however will accept that its my responsibility to understand my body, and find a healthy means of taking care of it. That's my job, and I don't expect anyone else to do it for me. But, no... sickness is no longer an option... on any level!That's the big picture here... you do NOT HAVE TO BE SICK! Understand your body, feed it well, excercise it, keep your immunity system running at an optimum level...and, then you'll realize... you were in charge of you the entire time.

So, as more fungal hairs are being spit out of my scalp, and more fibers leave... I'm here to tell you... I'm living proof, that this protocol works, it changes your perspective on life --it changes your life. And, there's no going back after you have this knowledge. You know that don't you??? Who you were is no more, because that person was ill...and, by doing the protocol you are choosing to become well. There's only wellness from here on in. Keep going, there's a better life straight ahead. ;-)

Love and Much light!



5:35:22 AM
Hi Monica
First let me thank you for your weekly posts. I have had a very similar experience to you and as terrifying as this disease can be, I take comfort in the fact that someone else is going through similar circumstances and winning!

Would you mind if I asked you a few questions?

My problem also started with bird mites. I do not think that whatever is currently infesting my house is bird mites, but i think it might be some sort of microscopic mite. I have tried very trick I can think of get rid of these from my house, but with no success. Can you please tell me how you eradicated the mites?

Do you have any current problems with things infesting your apartment?

I also never had any lesions. My main problem was the sensation of something invisible crawling all over my skin, pin prick bites, and the feeling of something living in my skin. Once I started the protocol the biting and crawling stopped, however I still suffer from a sensation which I feel over my body, especially when I wear tight clothing. It is difficult to describe, it feels a bit like my hair follicles tingling all over, or little bits of electricity popping under my skin. Did you have this problem? If so, how long after you began the protocol until this stopped?

Did you ever have the sensation that there was anything in your eyes? I have just starting using molecular silver and I think this may be of some assistance but I am wondering how long it took for this to disappear also.

Thank you so much for your time and your help

12:57:00 PM
Oh look... a question...okay, I'll get to that in a moment. But, first... Week 31!!!! Yeah baby, I went on a four mile hike over the weekend! :-) And, it was awesome!!!!

Yes, I spent the holiday weekend in the mountains with my best friend. And, yes...stayed on the protocol, ate as well as I could. I tell you, mountain resorts should consider revisting their sugar and bread intake... too friggin much! Thank goodness for Candida Rid! Oh...and, thanks for the weekend sale John, it was so helpful! <3

As per symptoms... you guessed it, fungal hair gone projectile. As in...I purged mostly fungal hairs. A lot less in the body, and less from the scalp. But, they were longer. I think the end could be near... (fingers crossed). As this stuff purges significanlty from my scalp, the pain associated with it is more acute. As in, I notice it a bit more... it stings.

The entire time I was in the woods, I got one bug bite on my hand. I'm pretty sure the bug was desperate as there's MSM sulfur, silver and MMS in full effect in this body... So, wherever that bug is...I'm sure its dead. And, making a paste out of Magnifizyme per advice of Theresa S. helped the bug bite start to heal a lot sooner.

FYI... I was smart and brought Food Grade D.E. that I lightly dusted all over my bedding. And, I also dusted the inside of all of my clothes before I packed them. And, of course...insect repellant. I'm not trying to have any sort of relapses. It's just not in the program. Nope...not happening.
Okay... to answer Terri's questions.

Terri, if you want to keep your home pest free... and, mine is... dust it in Food Grade D.E. I've been talking about it from the very beginning... You must get one of those pistol duster things, so you can spread it thinly and evenly all over your home. Also... lavender... bugs hate the smell of lavender. You can choose the essential oil, or the dried variety. And, no...there are no infestations in my home any more.

In terms of the stinging you speak of... Yep, I'm familiar -- in skin, eyes... all of it. And, if you read my post from the beginning, you'll find answers there. I hope you've changed your diet by now... if not... you really will have to. If there's anything living in your skin, it's probably parasitic... Did I mention my friend Food Grade D.E? Hmm... ;-) I thought I might have. You can use it internally... Again, this is mentioned in my previous posts.

Here's the part you don't want to hear, but, its necessary... THIS TAKES TIME. And, the better your diet is, the more familar you become with all the other things in additon to the protocol that you can use... the better your progress. If you still have an environmental issues, you've got to get that under control immediately. All the information is here on this site. But, you will have to read it, to find your answers.

I know this is painful, slow torture at best. But, you can do this... we all can. I did...and, am still working toward the end of this journey. Breathe, cry, scream...ask 'why me?!' Do whatever you need to-- to get the emotional part out of the way. Because afterward, you must get down to the business of killing the stuff for good.

Please post your progress as you continue to get better. I make an awesome cheerleader! ;-)


That's it for this week all. My life is better now, than it was before this all started. I'm beyond grateful, and once you're over the hump, you'll know first-hand what I'm talking about. They'll no longer be words on a screen, but, your reality.

Love Light and Courage,


5:00:21 PM
To Terri regarding bird mites, my husband(well ex now) and I had a similiar problem, we first had a bird mite infestation before we got morgellons. Birds came in thru a bathroom vent and built a nest and one died and the mites came.
My immune system had been recently compromised due to high stress and once the birds were removed the mites searched for a new host, which unfortunately became me.
Anyhow, we took a sample of the mite(by putting out bowls of water w/ lights over it)to an entomologists and he verified we had a cyst mite which lived in my skin and then I gave to my husband.
We moved out for months, had carpet ripped out, and ceramic tile and pergo flooring put in and threw out everything. We were desperate as we tried everything we knew to do and I was so isolated and missed my children and friends and needed to get back to work. My kids lived away during this time, my daughter did get bit by the mites and ended up w/ morgellons but my son is still fine.
I don't know if that is necessary now- to do such extreme things as we did- throwing out all belongings and removing all carpet, as I have now had good luck w/ menthol crystals.
We had to change our diets, no gluten/wheat, dairy, soy, and low sugar and use a lot of oils to suffocate the mites. Now we do very well using tea tree soap and Jason Aloe lotion. The protocol on the website would be most helpful too. We are doing much better and I am back to work and living more normally again. The diet change was a huge key in this happening. Also the protocol. Much love and hope and prayers to you!

10:11:23 AM
Week 31... Hello fellow warriors! I'm very happy to report to you once more, that yes... yes... yes I am still purging. While the microfibers haven't stopped, I'm noticing more green, that before. The reds are there still, as are the others... but, things are getting smaller, and smaller. Except, those friggin fungal hairs aka rhizoids... those are coming out large, small,and tiny!

I had a great full moon experience, this time around. Mostly...I purged, very little stinging. And, while lately I've noticed itching, I've come to realize, it's something attempting to come out, but, requires my help via coconut oil, and serious massage. After a while, lo and behold 'something' comes out. Yesterday also was 'glitter' day. Yep... I purged more glitter from my scalp. I was just saying to Mel, how crazy it is the things that our body is capable of carrying around that we aren't aware of. This has been such an educational experience. Knowing yourself in this way, is priceless. You need to know the 'enemy' in order to fight it. And, I'm so blessed to know what this is, and how to figt it off for good.

Blessings to you brave souls who choose to continue to get your life back. It does get better, and as Mel has being proving for years now... there is an end to this insanity. Please keep going... eat well, and rest as much as possible. I know that before we know it, I'll be telling you that I'm cured. And, I'll be one more saying, if I can do it... you can. And, each day you stay on the protocol, you're one day closer to the end.

Til next week! Love and light...

Pink Light

11:30:41 PM
Hello, this is the first time I post anywhere but from all the information on the net, this seems the most sensible.

Like many of you, my problems started in March with a flea infestation as soon as me and my fiance moved from an apartment to an older house. We took care of the fleas right away but I always felt like something was crawling on my legs afterwards, right by the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. A month ago, I woke in the middle of the night with a trail of bites on the back of my knee. We moved the bed from our carpeted bedroom to the living room with hardwood floors. All of clothes are in plastic bins or bags. My symptoms are pin-prick biting, a few mosquito-like bites, and crawling on my lower legs. What is really getting me is the lack of good sleep because of crawling sensations at night on my face and feet. We have sprayed, bombed, cleaned to no avail. Went to the nurse at school and told me I don't have scabies. My fiance told me tonight he can't stand living like this anymore, he has gotten bit too, but I'm the one who really gets bothered. I'm tired, under much stress at graduate school, and do not know what to do. We live in South Texas, so it's really humid here. Our exterminator has found 'booklice' which are due to high humidity in the house even though we have our AC unit running 24/7.

At this moment, I'm considering moving because I really don't want to deal with carpet. I feel it would be easier to clean all hardwood or tile floors. I don't want to live out of plastic bags. We will have to break our lease and lose close to $800.

I think we have some sort of mite infestation, we spent a couple of nights at other friends' houses and I still had sensations and bites. That has led me to believe that I have to work on myself rather than trying to control everything around me. Much like an allergy.

It's been over a month since this all started. I've got my laundry protocol down. I'm also using sulfur soap, rubbing coconut oil with essential oils on my skin, taking diatomaceous earth, apple cider vinegar, and magnesium. All of this has been helped, but I really want to stop it before it scales to something else. I have no other visible signs but a few mosquito-like bites.

I really want to have my peaceful home and life back. My plan is to start the protocol ASAP, clean all our belongings, and maybe move to a more manageable environment.

Thank you all for sharing.

11:21:38 AM
First of all... Hi 'Pink Light'! A very Texas name indeed, reminds me of trying to drive in Dallas, where I'm sure the yellow light is really pink! :-) Welcome... sounds like to me that you're already starting to get things under control. It's so good that you found this site. And, if he hasn't already, I'm sure Mel will be reaching out to you. There's a lot of information on this site. I hope you can get your environment under control because, I suspect if you bombed your aparment and dusted in food grade D.E. that the biting probably is internal by now. I know, sucky news, but, it's probably accurate. As it sounds so much like my beginning-- the quicker you get on the protocol and educate both yourself and your fiancee about diet changes... the better. So, welcome... wish it were under better circumbstances...


Okay... where am I? Ah yes... NYC and in week 32!!! Mel, you won't believe this but, I had a HOOOOORRRRRIIIBBBLLLE Saturday last week. And, it was of the big herx variety! There was pain, there was convulsions, there was relay racing between my couch and the bathroom. I didn't curse you though. I just went with it. I'll give you details during our next call.

So, its raining in the big apple... And, yes, that means more purging...even more so because Mel suggested I up my MMS intake from 17 to 18, making my way back to 20. How's that going?? Oh, splendid... I'm getting herxing headaches again, stomach pains, and nausea-- I'm a friggin rockstar! LOL... Only in cases like this, does feeling like a big plate of crap, mean you're getting healthy. But, hey... I've hosted these fungal hairs, specks, and fiber for long enough. 'NO, really... you gotta go!'s

So, since I've upped the MMS, and continued using coconut oil,as an alternate to my vaseline tea-tree treatment... I get pain, burning and pricking feelings in certain areas of my body. Why is that?? Um...stuff is dying! And,apparently, this stuff doesn't appreciate the protocol and coconuts like I do. Did I mention that coconuts are quickly becoming my favorite fruit, like...ever?! I won't lie though...the stinging, pain crap can be annoying when you're trying to go to bed. But, once the MMS kicks in...and, you start feeling drowsy... And, you look at your Food Grade DE lightly-dusted bed, you say... 'Wow...I'm about to have me some good sleep!' And, you're grateful.

My scalp, which I've said hundreds of times, is my most affected area is still purging micro fibers, but, mostly, those annoying fungal hairs aka fungal rhizoids. And, I tell you, the scalp is so sensitive, that this is where I experience the most discomfort. Hey??? Is that your hand vibrating??? Your thigh? Why does it-- no, you're not happy to see me... That's a sign of die off! I've noticed that after I've treated my skin with either the coconut oil, coconut/olive oil, or the vaseline/tea tree mixture-- as these things penetrate the skin...its starts vibrating...and, after a little while...the skin will purge either a speck, hair, biofilm or...(insert answer here). So...that weird vibrating sensation means, you just killed something! Yay! 50 points per purge... Which means... you're winning! And, you really are--remember that in those moments where your skin feels like there's volcanos errupting all over it.

Overcoming morgellons isn't easy. It requires a lot of self-love, discipline and commitment. But, it does give you the opportunity to love life and yourself a little bit more. ;-)

Much love, light and health to you!

Pink Light

10:35:10 PM
Hello, Monica! I've been doing ok lately. I got a call from Mel and I've been reading many posts on the website. I have kind of good news, my landlord let me take off all the carpeting, so we'll try that. I had been taking MSM for a couple of weeks and then I got a small rash on my arms when I upped the dose to 2 capsules a night. I'm not allergic to sulfa drugs, as I had taken bactrim when I was younger. Mel told me I 'herxed' so I stopped MSM. I have continued my vitamins, omega 3s, cq10, DE, and magnesium as I am now waiting for my wellness and a2z kits.

I don't use DE on the floor because it's so humid here that it clumps after a couple of hours, so it doesn't dry the bugs. After taking the carpet out, we'll try a dehumidifier and I'm looking into menthol crystals in sachets and containers with DampRid. My scalp doesn't itch that much, I only feel itchy occasionally. I switched to Nizoral and all has been good.

I'm really scared of 'herxing' after what happened with the MSM. I've been following 'paleo' diet as a candida diet is too taxing on my body, but I know I have an overgrowth because I have persistent feminine infections. I cannot afford to lose weight, I'm 5'5'' and 112 lbs, and I train for short distance triathlons. My fiance trains for triathlons as well, so he's cool with the whole 'paleo' thing. In order to sleep at night I still need to take Benadryl. I hope I can stop this once I'm on the full protocol.

For the first few weeks I was really depressed and lost. Now I feel a little bit hopeful as the more I read, the more it points to us-the sufferer, our terrain- which I think it's easier to be responsible for than trying to control everything around us all the time. I also want to think that I have a lot of good things going on in my life to let this define my state of mind, life doesn't stop so I want to keep going. Yes, I worry about my bites, crawlies, and itchiness but I'm still fully functional if I get good rest. And thanks to Mel and everybody else for their protocol and website, I already feel I'm gonna get well.

Hope is truly one of the most powerful gifts we could ever receive.

10:51:01 AM
Week 33 Hello everyone. As I type this my scalp is purging away. Funny, these ebbs and flows of purging... There's the quiet one moment, volcanic purging in another, and even still, sometimes its annoyingly calm purging. Okay...all purging is annoying when it's through the skin and your nerve endings are firing off.

What's new? Well, that huge nasty herx I had a week or so ago, worked really well. The stinging in my feet has all but disappeared. I had a moment the other day, where my left foot was doing that weird vibrating thing. Mel says it may be a colony of ick dying off all at once when the 'vibration' thing happens. I'd agree with that.

I'm pretty certain we're getting to the strong hold of this thing. And, I'm pleased by it. I want to be clear that I'm not getting bitten anymore. And, I haven't for months... I'm purging. The stinging comes from purging...the pricks come from purging, the rashes are die-off they can hurt a moment or so, and then I purge. I want people to understand, the reason that this takes so long is because your entire body has been compromised-- this stuff is in deep tissues, your nerves, places you'd never guess. That's why the process of detoxing all of it seemingly takes forever. So, you must stick with it, if you're going to kill it all.

Mel assures me that a time will come soon when I won't purge anything through the skin -- I look forward to that. But, because I understand how deeply rooted these things become--I know that I'm going to be working every aspect of the protocol until next spring. Afterwhich, I'll be using the supplements until... well, forever. My immune system will never be compromised like this again. The amount of fungal hairs I've seen come through my skin, is nothing short of nauseating. To know that these fungal hairs represent candida in it's agressive form, really angers me. I'm convinced that they are the real culprits to systemic candida. We think of these tiny little fungal pieces, never understanding that once there's too many, they try to take over. And, take over, they do! Your body becomes the hot bed and meeting place for other bacteria, fungus, parisites, and yes...morgellons.

There is no going back to sleep walking through your life after this. This disease forces you to be present with each sting, bite, itch, rash... But, now that you're here, now that you've got tools, you can do something about it. And, you can make sure it never, never happens again. That is the blessing this site offers. And, if your priorities are off --if you think that this disease will wait for you while you go do this, that and the third, first... YOU ARE WRONG. As many know at its worse, you don't sleep, you can't think, you're tired, but, can find no rest--because the morgellons doesn't rest. So... until you understand that this must be the focal point of your life-- you're going to be sick. Until you understand that you must grind things to halt, look at your life, adjust it to fit killing this stuff at every turn, with every opprotunity... you are going to stay sick. Understand it, accept it, and get to work on getting your life back.

Mel says I'm a warrior, and I am. Why? Because I know the enemy. The enemy doesn't sleep, it didn't allow me to sleep. So, therefore killing off the enemy has and remains at the forefront of my existence right now. Morgellons doesn't define me, and everytime I work this protocol, get the rest I need, eat to kill it and nourish me --I'm winning, and it's losing. If you're new here... Heed Mel's words, heed the words of all who came before you, and save yourself the trouble of learning the hard way. Whomever you were before morgellons is gone -- you cannot afford to be that person anymore. Now, you have to be a warrior. I suggest you arm yourself with the protocol, healthy food, rest and a positive attitude. All is necessary and none of it negotiable.

Be brave, and be healthy!

With much love and light.


2:16:50 PM
I agree Monica- completely!!! Our old life is gone and each one of us are now 'Warriors'! We have to take responsibility for 'our own health- mind and body'. Keep the stress low- learn how to handle/react to stress in a positive way, keep a good attitude, take supplements, eat right, love ourselves and support one another and trust God! We will be okay, and we WILL beat this, there is HOPE! And we, armed w/ knowledge and power- will lead the way for others! God has chosen us to do that!

11:24:35 AM
Week 34!!! Wow, wasn't I just here yesterday?? No? It really was a week ago? Okay, if you say so. ;-)

Helloooo Warriors! Today, I've come to report, that truly, I think I'm almost at the end of this skin purging thing-- please lord! lol!!! I'm telling you that nasty herxy experience I had two weeks ago, was the breaking point. I won't say the purging has stopped. I will say, the purging has decreased quite a bit. What's annoying me these days is the 'glitter' or, metals. Heavy metal detox anyone? I swear when that stuff comes out, I'm consciously breathing... because it's like a weird flood gate has been let loose in my scalp.

I should mention that occassionally, I still see one long red fiber here or there. The micro fibers are getting fewer and farther between. The white specks, though few, are out-weighing the black specks in numbers.

I haven't mentioned the weight loss, the breaking down of cellulite, but, I guess it's because I look at those as added bonuses, not the reason why I'm here, if you know what I mean. I know some have mentioned the fear of losing too much weight. My answer to that is-- you do know you can cook in olive oil and coconut oil right? Coconut oil is actually good for you, and can help you keep some meat on your bones, if that's what you're looking for. Also avocados are a neutral food, neither akaline nor acidic, but, healthy fat. So, come on people go do your research if you aren't into the supermodel look that might occur while on the protocol. It's not rocket science, but,it is research. ;-)

I also want everyone to know that while I'm mostly better than ever... Every once in a while,there will be a headache, back ache, joint pain... aka detox symptoms. As I've said many times, this stuff is everywhere, and deep,deep in the eveywhere. So, even when you're over the hump, the detox doesn't stop. So, how do I deal with these types of on-going detox symptoms. Remember my friend Food Grade D.E.? A bloated stomach, headache, etc... I put Food Grade D.E. into my water if necessary during the day, and, the symptoms go away. Why? Remember-- The Food Grade D.E. calls the nasties to it... so, kicking and screaming, the stuff has got to go, and be 'eliminated' from the body. Oh, and folks, make sure you're eating your 'greens' to facilitate an easy 'elimination' digestive process.

It's been raining here a lot lately, its been hot and humid, and, there's been a full moon or two. And, you know what?? I did purge, but, not like I have in the past.

I'm so grateful for my committment to this protocol, because I've been able to enjoy summer. I was able to go hiking, and not attract ever insect in the insect kingdom. Such a luxury.

Oh, before I forget, I've added monolaurin (derived from coconuts --logos people, logos) to my protocol. I decided to do that because I need to get this fungus out of my body. So, I've added it to my olive leaf extract, and candida rid portion of my protocol. If you're a fungus, you aren't welcome here! I want my body to be hostile territory for anything bacterial, fungal, or parasitic. I want the MMS sulfur to be a repellant for any biting insects... In short, I hope they hate me in terms of being a food source. :-) I've never wanted to be hated by anything in my life, but, fungus, bacteria, microbials, parisites... Feel free to hate me to the point that you smell sulfur eminating from my skin and you go, 'Phew!!! She stinks! I can't eat that.' Lol! That would be such an honor.

Humor??? Remember humor? I do. It's a great tool for working your way through this process. Make sure you keep your humor sharp. Be sure to research your food, drink water, eat well, and get plenty of rest. This is NOT the end of you. IT IS A NEW BEGINNING!

Much love and light.


12:15:49 PM
Week 35... Hi everyone. As I write this, I just finished a scalp purge cycle.... Way to start a morning, right? lol The thing is I pulled my hair back because it's hot, so, this somehow makes the purgeing more annoying. Pop, pop, pop goes the scalp. Alas...better out than in.

So, I checked my trusty lint roller thingy (I should own stock in 3m)and, it looks like microfibers and fungal hairs. Very, very few specks of any kind... YAY!

So, last night, after taking my MMS,I got very bloated. It was quite uncomfortable. I think it had something to do with the brown rice pasta I had with olive oil and toasted garlic. Did I mention I like garlic?? We usually like each other a lot, last night... um not so much. But, I did fix my situation before I started floating--as I really was starting to feel like a blimp. I went to the kitchen sliced a bit of fresh lemon and ate it... The bloating went bye bye, and I was able to go to sleep. :-)

Something else I've been meaning to mention is muscle aches and joint pain. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Now, while I have experienced muscle and joint weakness in the past. I now think what I'm experiencing has to do with detoxing of fungus, and specks. Especially around my knees... they purge so much crap when I do my nightly rub down of either tea-tree treated vaseline, or coconut oil. So, that tells me there's been a gathering around my knees. Let us not forget that it was in my calf that I found that 11 1/4 inch fungal hair!!! I'm telling you this, so that when of if you start to notice your bones or muscles seem to get sore on this protocol, they very well may be detoxing. When we say this stuff gets everywhere... we really do mean... EVERYWHERE!

What else... Um...Yes, still some headaches, but, I think they are also allergy related. Although...I've also purged 'hairs' and white specks from my nose before. All together now... 'Eeewwww!!!' But, some of you know what I mean, stuff gets into your sinuses, and's gotta come out. And, that tickling feeling is an indication that--that you're purging. Isn't this so much fun?! Why yes it is... YOU'RE GETTING BETTER!

Listen if any of you are like me, you're dealing with a fungal overload. And, thus, you may be purging the fungal hairs aka rhizoids for a while. I swear, it's hard for me to believe that my belly is where that insanity started. I mean really?? Puncturing my intestines and attacking the rest of my body?! Yep...really! When I think about it now, I'm really annoyed at how many seemingly little digestives issues I complained to a doctor about years ago, were overlooked because no one wants to admit, treat or realize the fungal overgrowth issue in this country! In my mind right now, there's a lot of expletives being fired off. It's best you don't read them right now. ;-)

I'm still dropping weight too. And,it so nice to start feeling like me in my body again. Getting my normal energy levels (which is pretty high energy) back, is sooo nice. I missed myself--don't you miss you? --Great! Stick with the protocol! ;-)

FYI... I still do the infused water/menthol crystal thing. It turns out, that once the water molecules are absorbed through the skin, it encourages the purging. So, keep your hepa filter and vaccuum handy.

Okay, I think that's it for this week. Keep on keeping on!

Many blessings, lots of light.



12:08:40 PM
Week 36! Hello... First let me thank everyone for participating on Sunday's call. It makes me really happy that people are feeling encouraged to really attack and heal from morgellons. :-) Getting beyond this really does call for your active participation.

So, what's new??? Well, as you've probably guessed, I'm still purging! lol! But, I have to tell you though the cycles remain mostly constant, the amount of ick coming out of my skin has reduced greatly. Even the fungal hairs are noticably less. They still come, mind you, but, the amount is so much less, that I dare say, that I could actually be done soon! :-) Perhaps by my one year anniversary of the protocol in October, I'll no longer be purging anything from the skin!

What else?? My scalp is still purging the most, but, what's coming out is prodominately white specks--YAY!!!!! There's still some fungal hairs, and micro fibers... But, the most noticable thing are the white specks when they come out. As they will sting if the skin isn't moist enough. I usually notice when they are coming out of my feet, fingers, or scalp.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to detox. When I focus on the long-term benefits of really scrubbing out my entire body from years of toxins... it makes me really happy. Once you're on the otherside of morgellons, you will still have all the vitamins, supplements and knowledge you need to stay healthy for the rest of your life! Do you know that?? You will know how to eat to maintain, as well as enhance your body's natural defenses! This is what my friend Theresa S, would call the 'blessing'. And, it is, people, it is.

I will forever be using my good friend Foodgrade D.E. do deal with intestinal issues, environmental issues for both people and pets. Logos will be my go-to solution in terms of supplements,and who doesn't want to keep molecular silver and MMS in the house knowing what these things can do?

The picture is sooo much bigger than morgellons. It's so much bigger than being sick. It's about being healthy from here on in! It's about living and loving life in a new way. It's about building your strength in body, mind and spirit. It's about being consciously whole. :-)

I am so happy for everyone of you that's here, committed to yourselves and the protocol. You're on the verge of having a life you may have never imagined. A life of total, complete and whole health. And, when you think about the possiblities... MMS starts smelling a bit better, and you stop counting the number of pills you have to get down on a given day. :-)

Go for it everyone... You deserve to be healty.



10:53:26 AM
Week 37... So much to say, so much to say, so much to say... That was a quote from a Dave Matthews Song. But, it's quite appropriate.

My goodness, what a week. This week's dextoxing included developing my first, ever cold sore. Which I became oddly fascinated with. Yes, 'Google Gal', finds herself interesting on a cellular level! :-) As you know, a cold sore is indicative that I had been carrying around the Herpes Simplex 1 virus--the one that causes cold sores. Had I not been on the protocol, and upset this virus to cause it to begin dying off... I would have NEVER KNOWN. That amazes me, so, if you think I felt bad about my cold sore-- you're wrong, I've been wearing it like a badge of honor, because it means, I'm killing the virus itself! Woohoo! Now, here's the deal,I immediately put the molecular silver on the cold sore, and it began drying it out, then, when I went to work, I applied Burt's Bees Lip Balm on it throughout the day. Why is that important?? Have you ever paid attention to the ingredients of that product? No? Well, there's coconut oil, beeswax, and peppermint oil in it. All of which, viruses and bacteria hate--not to mention die from. And, when I got home, I applied, per Mel's suggestion: coconut oil. I drank Chamomile and Peppermint teas to control the inflamation, and I ate Papaya to continue to thwart the cold sore spreading. If you can't eat fruit yet-- forget I said that part. ;-) It's scabbed over several times as a result, and very much on it's way to disappearing all together. So far, it's been five days. These things usually take up to 2 weeks to go away. Yeah, I don't have that kind of time....

But, wait... there's more. Two nights ago, after taking my MMS, I was lying in bed, when one of the most intersting die-off symptoms happened to me. My lower back aka my spine, got very warm...and, I felt a very low vibration come from it. Something or somethings MAJOR was just killed off! YAY!!!! Now, I'm not sure you know it, but, the Herpes and Shingles Viruses both reside on your lower spine. Did I kill one, or both of them? I don't know, don't care... it's dead! (Insert happy dance here)

While my scalp remains the most constant place of purging, even it has slowed down. I have psorasis of the scalp, and as part of the detox, one patch as flared up, but, it hasn't spread, and it's not itchy. Some believe that it is caused by fungal overgrowth, well, we know I have that, and have had it for years. So...I'm increasingly encouraged.

How did I get Herpes Simplex 1, if I've never had a cold sore? Would you mom? Yep. When I told her about it, she said, that she used to get them off and on for years. I guess we never think about the things we take on from our mommy's bodies, when we're one with her for nine months. I cannot prove it,but, I wouldn't be surprised if my fungal overgrowth, started with mom too. A lot of the hormonal, and weight issues I've had, reflect things that she's either gone through, or still going through. Heavy,huh? So,disease...what does 'hereditary' really mean? Hmm... Passed on through procreation, or predisposed because of DNA structure? I don't know, I don't care...I'm STAYING ON THE PROTOCOL!

This experience has been a God send, and, in case you didn't know it-- My Mel (yes, I've taken some ownership) is an Angel. His messages of hope, the tools he's provided here, through his OWN EXPERIENCES, are nothing short of miraculous! What started out as a cure for Morgellons, has truly become a call to overhaul your entire body and life-- assuming you want to be here to live life and enjoy it. Truly, it takes one divine spark, to light the flame of awareness, and that is what Mel has done for all of us, whether we have 'the eyes to see', or not.
And, because I recognize the HUGE implications this experience means for me, and everyone I know--I'm very passionate about helping Mel anyway I can. He knows,and, I'm telling all of you--If you're ready to do the tough work, I'm your number one cheerleader! I'll give you all the information I have. I'll even give you recipies for eating--I'm a very creative cook, and I know not everyone thinks as abstractly as I.

For example: Last night's dinner was a homemade chicken salad that I made without mayo, instead, I used plain yogurt. The chicken was sauteed in olive oil, dried basil, sea salt,black pepper, tarragon, red pepper flakes and fresh minced garlic. After it cooled, I shredded it, and added plain yogurt, and put it on a bed of endive leaves. It was YYUUUUMMMMYYY!!! Nope, I didn't miss the bread at all.

The rest of my body, is still purging, but, nothing like before. There's still occasional headaches, and bloating, letting me know I'm still detoxing. But, all in all, I feel amazing! I'm so blessed by this site, by My Mel, and of course by myself--this isn't an easy road, it requires a lot of discipline, but, my goodness its so worth it. Life was good before Morgellons, life is so much better healing from Morgellons (and, a bunch of other unknown ailments)!

Stand firm everyone... The end of agony is closer than you think--it's right before the unspeakable calm of bliss!

See ya next week!

Blessings and Light,



3:05:15 PM
God Bless you Google Gal!!! Loved your most recent post. I am so happy for you right now. You continue to provide strength snd inspiration to me!! I was strong enough to go to church on Sunday. Provided a testimonial of my faith. I am praying for you and look forward to the day when we can meet and hug!

LOVE and STRENGTH. Your riend, Peter.

12:03:56 PM
Thank you Peter. I look forward to a time when we can all hug in confidence that we are fully restored in spirit and health. ;-) Iyala Vanzant, has this wonderful quote, 'Your life is your testimony.' And, I couldn't agree with her more. ;-)

Be Blessed,


3:07:48 PM
Week 38, and what a week it was! Let's start with the odd, flu-like symptoms I started experiencing last Thursday. Congestion, soar throat... There goes my weekend. On Saturday, I was full-on 'sick'. It seemed as if I had the flu. I was seriously detoxing. I had chills, achy joints, fatigue, my throat was raw, my sinusues stuffed. It was in a word: Horrible! My friend was kind enough to bring me over soup, and fruit. I slept most of the day. Yes, I stayed on the protocol. But, by the wee hours of the morning... things got WORSE!

You ever awaken in the middle of the night with that feeling that you're gonna up-chuck something? Well, that was my 3 am wake up call. And, the rest was a gross blur, of sinks and 'thrones'! It was a HUGE DETOX. And, expected, I was 'ALL IN!' Though it was gross at best, it also meant it was my biggest herx in a very long time. I felt things had died from my lower back, my knees, my head...everywhere! And, obviously, the die-off was so severe, despite my drinking plenty of water, and using Food Grade D.E. I had killed off 'stuff' quicker than my body could get it out. So was taking the expressway, and I was going with it, whether I liked it or not. :-)

Sunday, I felt like a million bucks! Downright giddy! I spoke with Mel, who might have been slighly gidder that I --let's pause to imagine that, shall we? Ha ha! Anyway, after I ruined his breakfast with my account of what happened, he told me to go off MMS for two day.

Well, that two days off MMS allowed my scalp the major purged it needed! Oh my... yesterday, there was so much stuff coming out, that I was reaching for my lint roller for what seemed like every five minutes. What was coming out was everything from fungal hairs to long red fibers! And, they were signicantly long. I think the longest was a 3 1/2-4inches! And, it went on all day periodically.

Today, Tuesday...I'm feeling the congestion and soar throat thing again. So... Mel suggested I up my silver intake. So, there will be another tablespoon before dinner tonight. And, then right before bed, my stinky friend MMS will be back on the scene.

Guys...this is wonderful. I am a winning warrior. And, becoming a stronger one every day! Please,please stick with the protcol. Watch your diet. Be smart and do not let up, let go, or give up. We're beating this.

Much thanks to the all those with a kind word to me, and the encouragement. I'm as inspired by you, as much as you are by me. ;-)

Many blessings, much light!


5:49:01 PM
Hey Monica....I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!

You take the most TERRIBLE ASPECTS of your recovery and express them in a fashion that ALWAYS FINDS ME SMILING. That is WHAT MAKES YOU AN INSPIRATION TO ME!!

Your recovery has been 'SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT, PROLONGED, and SEVERE' than mine so YOU COSTANTLY REMIND ME that 'I CAN and I WILL' fight every day without any feeling of 'poor me.'

You do more good for me in this way than you will ever know!



ALWAYS! Peter.

9:45:52 PM

If only you knew how many times I've googled today! Hahaha!!! Seriously, thank you for your words. I'm very honored to receive them.

I log every week for myself, and anyone who wants to know what the road to recovery is paved with. For me, it was the moment by moment account that was missing. I wanted to know the who, what, when and where. I wanted to know what was 'good' sick versus, true 'sickness'. And, well, no one was telling it like I needed to hear it. So... I did it myself.

I think a lot of times, people give up at the first sight of messy, smelly, or achy. And, come on... life has these things! It's how our body heals itself. We're so used to instant gratification, that we don't realize, sometimes, our bodies simply cannot handle it all now! It needs time to do what comes naturally... heal.

Even with your best efforts, when you detox on the protocol, it's going to get UGLY! You might as well 'embrace' that truth right now. And, if it never gets ugly, you're not getting well. Now, thinking about it that way, makes 'ugly' a lot more attractive. Doesn't it?

Peter, I read your post on your page you started, and I agree about those brisk walks for breathing trouble. You have to sometimes force the body to work for you... Get the breathe going... Mel has his whistling thing, I sing and sometimes walk, and do some conscious breathing... Inhale for 7 counts, hold for 7, exhale for 7.

I'm just so blessed by your presence here Peter, and just love feeling your smiles whenever I read your post. You're a good egg! ;-)

Keep going everyone. You can be happy where you are now, but, NEVER stop fighting with everything you have!

Much love and light,



12:52:43 PM
Week 39... Wowza...the year anniversary is coming to a body near you--okay, me! ;-)

Much to report... Last week I had more herxing... And, I knew that because of what was happening during the 'elimination' process. There's been changes in frequency, more lethargy, and feelings of 'tiredness.' And, oh my lord, the phlegm!!! My lungs apparently were fully of it, as were my sinuses... Amazing how you don't know this until you do a detox. Yes, we've detoxed deep into the lungs people, and I'm going for the brain!!! lol I'm breathing so much better. As a singer, you have no idea how much this means to me. I'm getting all of my octaves back. :-D

Oddly enough, I've also found that sometimes, the MMS has been harder to tolerate than others. Now, I know it stays in the body for about 12 hours, so, I'm not sure if its because I've been taking it so long that the body reacts quicker aka sense memory. Or, if it's because there's so much less junk in the body that there's less stuff to vaporize. What've I've done to adjust is to wait even longer after dinner to take it. I drink it literally before I go to bed.

I want to mention that my skin purging cycles are less frequent. YAY!!! It's not all the time now. It feels more like every-other time. And, what I'm purging has also changed. I'm purging more heavy metals than before, and where from? Mostly my scalp, but, most certainly my skin. I'll look down at my arm, or thigh and there's glitter glistening back at me. Mind you... I love glitter,but, the cosmetic kind, not the kind that comes from your skin. Ever have a piece of 'glitter' fly from your scalp into your eye? No? Oh, you just don't know what you're missing! :-) It's like being stabbed in the eye--in short: annoying!

Recently, my scalp purged quite a few black specks. And, since this seemed to have taken a while for them to come up and out..I'm inclined to think they traveled pretty far from beneath it. There's still micro fiber, and rhizoids... I tell you the fungal hairs aka rhizoids are unbelievable. Once fungus becomes 'agressive' it really does take a while for you to kill it all. I'll go days without seeing anything below my neck, and then one day boom... a long one comes out. It's the thicker ones that I'm glad to kill off the most, as they have had a chance to really become embedded into my body. The thinner ones are more frail, and 'younger' if you will.

I wanted to say, that I'm still attending my environment, albeit not as intensely before. My environment is no longer the problem. It's my constant purging that has me vaccuuming, and using the swiffer duster all the time. There's nothing like watching my hepa filter suck in the fungal hair that just floated off my scalp, because my skin just puked it out... My thought is, if it weren't dead, it wouldn't leave. These things are rooted in, so, if it's's probably because its dead.

What I love most about all of this is I can say, I've had only two bug bites all summer! Yay! Every once in a while, I'll find some stupid gnat dead in my hair, but, other than that-- parasite and bug free! The fungal hairs may attract a gnat, but, I'm pretty sure the coconut oil in my hair, along with the other essential oils, kills the one, lone, stupid gnat that thought I was purging dinner. :-)

So, once again...I'm telling you that the protocol does work! The other day, I was looking on other sites, and found myself frustrated with those so willing to 'cope' with Morgellons. They spend tons of time and money 'coping' with it--years, even! Let's skip over the expletives I was thinking... But, let me tell you this: I am NOT MARRIED TO THIS DISEASE! I refuse to have Morgellon's any longer than completing this protocol takes. In short, it bullied it's way into my life, and I'm KICKING IT OUT! We're not going to cope with one another. I'm killing it and that's all there is to it! My body isn't dying, it's living, so all of these organism that have confused me for a dying tree, need to find an actual dying tree if they insist on living. But, here, in this body--you're DEAD if you don't belong here. You will NOT be setting up shop and cause detioration in MY SOUL'S HOME. Coping is not an option!

Keep going everyone... There is a cure, and you're working it right now. Do not give up on being free of this disease.

Love, Light and freedom of Soul!


11:10:20 AM
Welcome Everyone.

A very special thank you to Monica for your continuous efforts to bring clarity and understanding about our most perplexing disease.

One has to wonder if your honesty has frightened some along the way. As I have often written and also told every person I have ever called, this protocol requires bravery, diligence and regimentation.

Our disease is extremely complicated and must be battled on a multitude of fronts. I have said from the beginning that each of you will likely get sicker before you get better. For this I am sorry, but I know no other way.

The demands that are made upon you are enormous, but for those who are able to comply, not only have they seen the restoration of their health, but they have had their lives restored. The rewards far outweigh the sacrifice.

Remember this: If one is not willing to make change, one has little hope of getting well. Be brave, be bold, for there are more people getting well in our community now than ever before in our history.

Please, please PRAISE THE LORD, for He Cures All!

God Bless; Never, Never give up Hope!


P.S.- For those with additional complicating health issues, it is imperative that you find a medical practitioner to monitor your progress. Remember the website's first rule: First Do No Harm!

2:13:23 PM
Week 40!!! First, Mel, thank you for your kind words,and the many belly laughs I've had because of you! ;-)

Well, I suppose the number one thing I could tell you is, rather than having an increase in activity during a full moon or rainstorms, I purge more. How nice is that?

Yes, the purging continues... Hairs, hairs, some white specks from the scalp, some heavy metals, and hairs. It hasn't quite stopped yet.

I still see the occasional red fiber, or green, but, it's still mostly that blackish blue from before. And, its still mostly in my scalp. I've gone back to rinsing my hair more often simply because I've noticed that while the purging doesn't seem as often, there seems to be a lot more of it in quanity.

I'm still using coconut oil in my scalp, which truly...this stuff hates! And, I'm currently in my vaseline tea tree oil skin treatment part of my rotation. I like to switch off between it a coconut oil every so often. I supposed I could add drops of teatree to my coconut oil, but, I do not want to over dry my skin.

I had a couple of moments with MMS last weekend, where I had to pause while drinking it. I feel like it works through the body faster than before, because so many layers of stuff are gone.

As you all know I've been able to add some fruit back into my eating and that's been nice. But, I have to say, I'm enjoying conscious eating more than ever before. Last night, I made a watermelon blueberry salad with fresh basil and lemon juice/ manuka honey dressing... For all of you NOT at this stage... DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. ;-) You'll get there soon enough. So...enjoy discovering food where you are now, create recipes with olive oil, coconut oil, limes and lemons from where you are now.

I have to tell you, the mornings can still be a bit groggy in the start because of what died the night before. My sinuses are still draining every so often. But, once my body starts going with the supplements... I feel amazing.

I'm not a person who looks back a lot. But, when I do in regards to Morgellons... I feel so utterly thankful and blessed. Save for the purging... I have my life back and it's better than ever. To have gone from trying to figure it all out by myself, to finding this website, and learning all that I know, have learned and figuring out how to get them to work together...nothing short of a miracle!

You know what I look forward to now? I look forward to my scalp getting to a place where I feel comfortable enough to go back to my hairdresser to get a trim and my hair dyed back to the blazing black cherry it used to be. I never cut my hair with this disease, but, I have been treating my scalp a lot. After you get things under control, there's no webbing you have to deal with or the white hairs that try and take over your hair. No, you just deal with the constant purging... lol.

It's been an interesting journey, but, worth every moment of discomfort... When you doubt yourself, please remember my journey, and my weekly post. You can do this, you are doing this. And, you will get well.

Many blessings and much light to all of you.


11:03:52 AM
Week 41... I have to say, my post may begin to bore you dear warriors. As, the truth is...I'm getting well. :-) And, while I still purge... The major symptoms of this disease are gone. I don't get bitten by things anymore. I don't have any parasites internally, never had lesions, and haven't seen one of those annoy 'scratches' in months! For the most part, I'm fatigue free, no twitching, no muscle aches... Nope... Yawn... wonderfully... BORING! For the record, boring has never been so attractive to me before. Hahaha!

But, I'm still purging... oh, the purge of it all. My scalp, my scalp is the major hold out in all of this. It's still got fungal hairs, glitter, fibers, micro fibers, white specks and the occasional black. I tell you, the day that my scalp is done, I may just break down and have a huge cry of gratitude. When my eyes are sting free, where a stupid fungal hair has decided to leave that way...yes, a celebration of some sort will be had. But, I'm not there yet... It's coming though. I know that for sure.

Since I have recently been having issues with my 20 drop count of MMS, I decided to go back down to 18. My body aka tummy seems to like that better. And, things are still purging away. I feel now that getting stuff out of my skin is where the focus needs to be. As things die off, they've got to have an avenue to leave from. And, that is our skin. So, it's about keeping me supple; my skin lubricated so that pores open up with ease and pushes these invaders out! It doesn't have to be painful, but, it may be uncomfortable at times.

I'm so grateful to be clearing my body of these needless bateria, viruses, and microbes... We take our bodies for granted. We assume that aging must have illness with it. What if aging were just that, and not necesarily illness? This is what I think about now. Aging gracefully, and illness-free. Mel, the adventurist that he is, has told me about surfing, roller skating and all sorts of madness. While I worry that he may over do it, as that's his personality. I'm glad he enjoys life. As life is for the living.

Alright, so, next week, I hope to have an even more boring post. You know, in the near future, I'll be reporting that I'm cured. And, that is something I look forward to sharing with you. Until then... stay on the protocol, enjoy your new clean diets, have a glass of water with lemon, and toast to your health.

Many blessings, and lots of light.


1:36:41 PM
Week 42!! Wow,it's been almost a year, hasn't it? So much has happened in this short time. I went from darkness into light with this protocol... I went from constant itching, biting and parasites, to calm plus purging... It's been quite the journey. And, it's not quite over yet--but, soon. Soon...I can feel it.

So, just like last week. The report remains the same...I'm purging fungal hairs. Oh my goodness, am I purging fungal hairs. Yes, most noticeably through my scalp. But, still in my skin. I tell you the fungal problem was systemic indeed. You may not understand how badly, until you find yourself so close to 100% that you can taste it, yet still, you're purging fuzzy hairs, coarse hairs, little fuzz balls that want to be hairs, and micro fibers... Only then do you understand, you've been sick a lot longer than you first realized.

Today was an odd morning... My tummy felt odd, and I had weird die-off this morning. Except, it wasn't a die-off, it was a detox from the ruby red grapefruit I ate last night after dinner. You do know that grapefruit is a diuretic, don't you?? Well...I was reminded.

The most annoying thing, I think is the fact that this fungal purge really does feel like the last hurtle. But, because I had systemic candida prior to morgellons, it would be the final hold out. I purge about three to four cycles per day. And, then after my shower and skin treatment, things die and come to the surface of my skin to be wiped off. But, the truth is, once candida becomes aggressive, it really does go everywhere, even in your joints. So, I really must be patient with the process, because once its will be over forever! And, I will NEVER let my body get sick with ferral fungus ever again.

Yesterday, I did some yoga, and I was a bit stiff, where I'be been used to my natural flexibility. While I was mildy annoyed, I was also reminded-- detoxing is tiring for the body, so, it will take time for my flexibility to be my permanent state again. In the meantime, I'll begin practicing yoga more often, to help my body remember it. ;-)

So, next week...I'm going to LA for a brief vacation. And, I'm so excited... I need a vacation. And, before you even ask... YES, I'll be on the protocol the entire time. There's no vacation from that. ;-)

Be well everyone, continue to fight for your restored health. And, look forward to the part, where your only moment of annoyance is skin purging. Compared to all I've been through, this is almost bliss.

Much love and a lot of light,


1:55:30 PM
Dear Monica

'Thank You' for reponding and addressing the questions I had. You have affimed what I believed to be going on with the sleeplessnees and other issues. I am grateful!!!

I also appreciate the tip for topical treatment with ACV and Borax. Will give it a shot asap!
Just so you know, I am having good success with Kleen Green for skin treatment after showering.
I start with a good lathering of Dr Bartows Lavender soap. I follow this with another good lathering of Bartows Tea Tree Oil soap. Then I finish with a third lathering of Bartows Peppermint soap. I air dry and spray Kleen Green over my entire body and air dry again.
This is working wonderfully, but I will try your suggestion none the less!

God Bless you Google Gal!!!!
STAY IN THE FIGHT..WE are almost there!!!!!


2:43:23 AM
I simply want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU for your posts and much needed information for the newbies like me to this! I have been battling this for four months now and have adopted much of the protocol-; I was petrified when my body started HERXing last week- I thought I had taken steps backwards.. but, after reading your post Monica I felt much better. I sit here with my prayers in the weee hours of the night and pray fpr each one of you- because you have been a God send to me and angels to help me through this. I recently discovered symptoms in my 9 year old daughter and panicked a bit- but after a brief breakdown- pulled it together and started her protocol. In a way I am grateful for the awareness to the body that this has brought to me. I am also a lupus patient- have been for 11 years- so my immune system is already weak- no worries though I just feel like that must mean God thinks I am that much stronger to fight this!
Don't give up my friends- God is very very powerful and the ultimate physician! Miracles happen everyday and living and fighting this is a miracle! I send love and light and a million blessings out to each of you in hopes that you find strength in knowledge and comfort in prayer and friends!
We will win- don't fret and no matter what _ HAVE FAITH IN GOD AND IN THE GOODNESS OF LIFE!!

12:04:58 PM
Week 43... And, the day before vacation. Hello everyone... how goes it? I tell you, the body is a most wonderous place, isn't it? How in the world did it take me so long to realize how awful fungal overgrowth had become in my own body?? Sigh...I'm grateful for this knowledge... Truly, because at some point, this purging will stop.

Last week, I noticed that I was having to make more trips to the bathroom, and, I was getting herx headaches more. So, believe it or not, another layer is being ripped away. Oddly enough, my body is purging a lot less prominent fungal hairs, and more fuzzies. Could it be, that we're getting close to the end? Perhaps... That being said, my scalp is still purging away. And, given the fact that the last two days have been either rainy or humid...well, let's just say the pathways are expressways for a little while.

There's fuzzies, a lot of glitter, which I hate purging the most as its the most uncomfortable. And, microfibers here and there. And, even though it's the same players, the amount of them are changing. I'm very happy to report, as I continue to do my yoga, I've noticed that my strength is returning quite rapidly. And, I tell you, I start feeling hot right after the first few downward dog poses. So, it's nice to know my body is all for getting back into shape, and getting my flexibility back.

I'm going hiking this weekend, and I'm supposed to hit the beach too! It's a beautiful way to close out summer. And, to continue to relax, renew and recover!

Many blessings to all of you-- Thank you so much for your kindness, and sharing your words with me. I won't talk about how touching it is, as I may start sniffling again. I just want you to know it means a lot!

Love and Light,



There's a full moon on Friday!!! Work the full moon protocol people! ;-)

11:37:31 AM
Week 44 started yesterday. I'm a day late, because I had to recover from my red-eye flight back from vacation.

Hello warrior dears! I'm happy to report that I just came back from a fabulous vacation in Southern California. It was good to see my friend, to see my niece, and to meet my great niece. It was so wonderful to know that my health has progressed to the point where I am beyond fearing getting someone sick.

I'll tell you it was humid and hot in California. Much worse than the heat on the east coast. I wasn't used to, or ready for that, but, I adjusted. And, yes, yes, YES... I maintained the protocol. The entire protocol! Even our very good friend MMS. I even turned my friend onto Food Grade D.E. He liked it, and actually began detoxing an hour after using it. I'm convinced everyone could use some Food Grade D.E. in their lives.

My purging was quite slow over the vacation. The scalp has even slowed down quite a bit, though has yet to stop completely. I was able to maintain, a relatively healthy diet during the course of my vacation. I'm not one of those people who takes vacation time as the opprotunity to go crazy and start eating everything in sight. Especially when it's that hot. In fact, I eat even less, and drink even more water.

I will say the most noticeable detox was my sinuses... The first two days was serious sinus congestion. I kept the protocol and added allergy medicine. And, so, the final days were all about sinus drainage... And, drain, I did. My friends were like, 'Dude...that's a lot of lugies you're spitting out!' But, hey... Better out than in, right?

So, yes, I had a great end to my summer. The next teleconference is coming soon. And, I have to get Mel my prettiest version of my roasted vegetable recipe. So...look for that.

Stay focused everyone, fully restored health is possible, as is a fully restored life. Keep going.

Many Blessings,

Deborah B

1:46:16 AM
Hi Monica,

I am very new to the protocol and so I'm many months behind you. My seven year-old daughter and I are both fighting this disease. I've had the privilege over the past few weeks to read through your entire journal and been encouraged and educated by each entry. However, this week's entry somehow really lifted me up and gave me hope.

I guess is just helped me to see in a more realistic way that there really is 'life after Morgellons' for others of us besides just Mel. You have been through so much and yet now are enjoying life again and can see that proverbial 'light at the end of the tunnel'. I am so glad you had such a wonderful vacation and end to your summer. You have earned those rewards by your courage, determination and willingness to share openly what you've been through so that others can benefit.

Thanks so much for being a source of encouragement to me during a week when it was easy to become disheartened.

God bless,

Deborah B

2:28:52 PM
Week 46... Hello warriors. First, Deborah B. thanks for the note. I greatly appreciate it. Especially today... why today? Because the purging from my scalp is in a full swing cycle right now, and gosh darn it, there's still stuff to purge! Sigh...

It's a bit frustrating being this closed to being symptom free and not be there... Wait, Monica are you whinning? Um... maybe a wee bit. lol The firing off the nerve endings during the purge really can be annoying. Though, I should mention the stuff coming out is pretty much fungal hairs... fragile, smaller, annoying... Glitter, occassional and annoying. And, microfibers... I'm mostly talking about my scalp... Jeez... When my scalp is finished purging... I'm almost certain, that I may burst into tears. Then, I will believe that I'm 'there'. My body, while it still occassionally spits out stuff... It's nowhere near the amount of my scalp.

I've not rushed to say this, but, I would say that I'm in the 90% cured catergory... I guess I don't care much because as long as I have symptoms... I don't considered myself 'cured enough'. You'll understand what I mean when you get there... Although, if your fungal levels aren't as high as mine were, you may not... And, if that's the case... BLESS YOU!

On the other hand... I've never had a lesion... Only the occasional scratch here or there. And, while they may still happen...they are very, very rare. When you're doing a detox as deeply and as long as we are... Your body just wants things out... And, really doesn't care how it does it.So, while I'm whinning a bit today...ultimately... I'm sucking it up and allowing the nasties to go...

By the way, how was your lunch?? Mine was great! I just had roasted chicken with sauteed garlic cauliflower and baby carrots. I brought it from home. :-) Leftovers from last night's dinner. I've said it once and I'll say it again... WE DON'T HAVE TO STARVE!

So...til next week...I once again, stand with you in light and say... 'stay on the protocol!' Talk to you on the Sunday Conference Call on Sunday.

Many blessings, and much light!


1:08:50 PM
Um... I'm at week 45, not 46... so,um... you'll see 46 again next week... Whoops... :-D

12:17:35 PM
Week 46... No, really this time... It is. First let me say thanks to everyone who listened into our last conference call. As has been said many times before, diet is such a huge part of your road to curing yourself of Morgellons. There is no need for us to our discomfort with this disease by compounding it with starvation.

So, what's up with me? Well, I have to say, that its another rainy day in the city, so... there's an uptick on the purging... Overall its a blessing because skin pores are more open for things to get out. On the other hand, my nerves are firing off a lot and are annoyed.

My digestive system has been moving out quite a few toxins as well, thanks to my vegeterian diet over the past two days. I made vegetable soba noodle stir fry Sunday night before the conference call. It was really good.

Stay in the fight everyone, you can beat this and have your life back better than ever. I'm living proof of this fact.

Many blessings and Much light,


10:52:26 AM
Week 47... Well, now, it's odd that I had some bloating and bathroom trips were loosey goosey... but, hey, purging isn't always predictable... Even though, my scalp is feeling rather predictable. Yes...yes...still the fungal hairs come. And, a lot more frequent these past couple of days. But, I really think it has much to do with my menstrual cycle. It seems that hormononal level changes helps kick this stuff out of my body at a higher, more frequent rate.

I'm still dropping pounds here and there. And, while people think I'm doing something purposeful to lose weight. You and I know, I'm kicking out toxins, toxic fat, and eating clean and healthy. Amazing, how, when you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

Alas, dear warriors... except for the firing off of nerve-endings in my scalp... Life continues to be really good, and getting better all the time. The end is near...for Morgellons in my body! ;-)

Keep going...take those supplements, drink that Silver and MMS... You've got this!

Much love and light,


1:42:48 PM
Week 48! Yahoo!!! I can see the one year mark from here! Hello everyone!

I tell you, the last week has been crazy... I've been purging internally and externally. It's been so significant that I called Mel yesterday to discuss it. That harvest moon, had me purging so many fungal hairs and heavy metal that I thought I was going to lose it! All friggin day Sunday my scalp was purging.
One thing is for sure, I am being cured of systemic candida along with morgellons! Holy moses! lol...

I think I angered 'stuff' when I made Sunday a high coconut oil day... And, then had lunch cooked in coconut oil yesterday. Oh...the headaches, the pinching in odd places, the weird pains... Yes, people die-off, die-off and um... die-off. Things that thought they were safe going deeper into my body are dying in those very places. And, for some odd reason, they won't go quietly! But, hey, thanks for letting me know you're dead!

Today, I have a dull headache, and minor neck pains... My lypmh nodes also let me know they are working hard for me... I'm consuming a lot of lemon water, trying to stay on top of the worst of the herx symptoms. And, I'm breathing through the lethargy...

I have to tell you, this is the most significant things that's happened to me for a while... And, I'm glad to know that the healing continues... This is such a multi layered dis-ease...and, I'm thankful that as I cure myself of it... I'm killing off all its friends too! No more candida needs to be here, no tummy issues, skin issues, hair issues, energy issues... mysterious weigh issues... Heck, even the cellulite seems to be going away... Toxic fat, indeed! :-)

Be ever vigilant everyone... The protocol is 18 months because it needs to be. This isn't just about curing moregllons, its about restoring your immune system an overall health! Tomorrow is my 38th birthday, and it occurred to me that I now understand why Mel refuses to allow his age to dictate his life. My 38 is going to be as hot, if not hotter than my 28! Watch me! Ha ha ha!

To celebrate my birthday tomorrow, I will be going upstate to the mountains for the day, enjoying the fall foliage and doing some hiking... Life is so good! Keep fighting for yours to be the best you can make it!

Much love, and much light!


10:32:11 AM
Monica -
I think this is the place to contact you but I'm not sure. I am new - Just one day into the vitamin part of the Protocol. I know that I have a few weeks to go before taking the MMS. I have at home DE and the Clay. I wold like to add them in. I don't know - how do you take the DE. Do you mix it? Just east it? How much and how often? Also - how do you incorporate the Clay.? Do you think this is a valuable thing to do - or just follow the Protocol without the DE or Clay. I would like to speak with you if you have time or just email to me back. I am getting a lot of inspiration to stick to this and to continue by listening to the conference calls. Thank you so much to everyone here for helping me.
God Bless You,


4:18:11 PM

I mix Food Grade D.E. into my morning beverage every morning... like clock work. I also dust my bedsheets in Food Grade D.E. I haven't used bentonite clay in a while, but, when I do, I mix it with apple cider vinegar and use it as a body mask.

So, how much Food Grade D.E? 1-2 tablespoons per day. It helps move things out, it gets silica into the blood stream... It kills parasites, it boosts metabolism... It's my dear friend... Hope that helps. If you have any more questions, please contact Mel for my information.



4:32:33 PM
Week 49, and three days away from day 365 days aka 1 year anniversary!!! And, still, I'm purging away... But, with it being mostly fungal and metal...I can see it... the end of purging is near... Hallelujah!

But, you know what?? I'm still dealing with die off symptoms, though none like before. These symptoms of lethargy, small headaches right before my scalp purges, a wee bit of insomnia, or restlessness... Frequent urination...Yeah, that seems almost unimportant compared to the big booms, I've already lived through. But, you know what? Every herx symptom means, I'm still killing something off. Every die off means, I'm not 100 percent pathogen free. I'm telling you, if I weren't aware of my body I would think that I'm just purging and nothing more. But, I am aware. And, if you are going to get your health back, you'd best study your body the way you would anything you have no clue about. What are your die off cycles? How many times a day does your skin purge? What foods serve your body best? For me... lemons! See what I mean? There is no phoning it in here. And, when the fireworks part of healing is over, will you notice the ripples in the water that tell you, you're not home-free, yet?

I've seen a lot happen on the site in my almost one year here. And, the two things that I've grown tired of are this: 1. Looking for the silver bullet. 2. The know-it-alls.... Sorry, but, I for one have seen both attitudes be humbled by this disease. And, make no mistake YOU WILL BECOME HUMBLED by this disease. And, even more so by the curing of it with the PROTOCOL. A few 'I hope I make it' trips to the bathroom will humble any silver-bullet curious know-it-all... If you can keep yourself from this behavior, PLEASE DO! That energy would serve you better by popping those vitamins, drinking those liquids, and staying away from SUGAR! Do you understand what I'm saying??

This website is so straightforward, the protocol when used properly delivers what it promises... And, still--still people want to come here with guns blazing like something out of a western, only to at the end of the day say what we've all said at some point, 'Mel, you were right!' By the way, I've only done it once! Hahaha! For that, I'm proud of myself.

Attitude, discipline, humbleness and researching this site... That's how you're going to get your health back. It's simple... I'm not saying you won't herx, you will! I'm not saying that your life won't change... it will! I'm not saying that you'll always feel great while getting better... you won't! What I'm saying is... this is the answer, you will get better, you will thank yourself, Mel, John and all of us for being with you on this journey back to life... The alternative is not something any of us want, otherwise we wouldn't have found this site in the first place.

Come on everyone... dig deep... do what you must to get your life back!

Much love and light,


12:57:07 PM
Week 50,and yes, it's official-- Year 1. Hello all... Well, as I've stated meany times, this is an on-going process. And,I have to tell you last week was a very purge-happy one (and, its still going on now). Why is that... well, I'm a woman. And, I have to tell you that our monthly cycles have a huge effect on how much we purge. No ladies, it isn't just the moon that you have to be wary of--it's your monthy visitor, too.

The week before each cycle, there's an uptick in the purging. It's more powerful, more constant, and yes... more annoying! The fungal hairs and heavy metals are coming out in droves... It's utterly shocking how long and how much of this stuff I've been purging. I mean, we're talking well over six months. But, again, how long is that compared to my entire life of developing this stuff? So...even though I'm beyond annoyed at times. I realize, at some point, it will stop!

So, have you been paying attention to the goings on in the world today? Outbreak of 'this and that' in food, in people... Stuff that can't be medically explained, nor cured?? Well, I have... And, you know what I feel?? Gratitude! That's what. When I think about the 'new' ailments coming to people in food, blood transfusions, etc... I think about this protocol, and the fact that it includes methods to build my immune system and 2 products to kill pathogens! Today, right this minute, they are giving out free flu shots at my job. I've never done those. And, knowing what I know now, I'm so glad I never did, and at this point, never will. We've got the best stuff, we've got the knowlege, and we've got education. So... this is so much bigger than morgellons...and, as you see old ailements, allergies, etc go away, you'll begin to see, this is preventative medicine. And, so much cheaper, and better for you than the alternative. ;-)

Be well all... Keep it going. And, know that even in the darkest moment, light is already on it's way, and it will always find you!

Much love, and light,


7:05:10 PM
Hi Monica,

I have read your postings twice as my brain fog seems to be taking away my memory!
I also listened to you and Teresa on the conference calls and have been so inspired by your stories and positive attitude. Having faith, a sense of humor and courage are what it takes apparently and I am all in!
I have ordered the Logos protocol supplements and should get them tomorrow.
I am hoping and praying to have an experienced 'warrior' to help hold my hand online through this process, and Mel suggested you. He has already called me four times. Because this is new to me, I sure would appreciate someone further along on this journey to respond to my questions.
Love to hear back from you or any others (I live in eastern Massachusetts and don't know of any support professionals in my area).
Thank you so much,


10:57:44 AM
Hi Ellen,

Thanks so much for reaching out... I want to be honest in my approach to talking to people new to the boards... I am very good at answering questions, and encouragement. I'm an awesome cheerleader to cheer you on as you overcome this disease. But, I stop just short of hand-holding... Now why would I do that? Because I want everyone to be clear whose in charge of your health being restored. I want to be clear that I can guide, but, you must walk. I can answer questions, but you have to take the pills, drink the stinky MMS, and keep a clean diet... Each warrior must walk his or her own path. And, it will take courage and faith beyond, your deepest darkest fears. I can be the light, I can talk you down the path as you make your way back to yourself, but...still YOU must do the walking.

So, with that being said... If you'd like to speak with me further, by all means, Mel can give you my information. And, I would be happy to be of service. ;-)

Much love, Much light,


1:29:11 PM
Week 51... Oooohhh... I wish my skin would stop purging... I wish that it would just be done... But, not yet, not yet... but, were oh so close... I know we are. When I tell you that Candida is mad at me, it is... I've been battling it and all its morgellon's cronies...and, I'm winning. The purging is still going on, the cycles are changing up, and I'm still losing unhealthy weight. Just this week during my monthly cycle, the purging was crazy while my hormones were elevated. I had to do some natural balancing with supplements and creams. But, I got the purging back to a more acceptable level. As in... not everything out all at once from my skin-- My nerve endings in a constant rapid-fire state was making me feel on edge and cranky!!! So, hey, if your purging is making you feel cranky... It's going well! Hahahaha...

I've had, in the past couple of days odd pimples coming up in odd places. One on my tummy, another on my thigh. I tell you, if I didn't know better, I would think they were 'normal', but, nope. When I treated them with my tea-tree oil cocoa butter, or vaseline...they give up, and leave. Everything wants to leave. I'm purging bits of bio film, and hey... you can leae too! No, don't delay...get out! I've also been experiencing gum bleeding more and more. One might think that's a bad thing, but, what's happening is, that gingivitis, and inflamation causing agents are being killed off... And, the bleeding is a means of purging, if you will.

Understand, even this far along, my body gets tired from all the purging. My sinus allergies have all put disappeared,but, still... still... I get tired. And, I make sure I rest. My psoraisis of the scalp usually flares up pretty badly this time of the year, but, it's not as bad... So, when I tell you to stick to the protocol because this is bigger than Morgellons... I mean it, people! Fully restored bioterrain is a fully restored healthy life. Believe it!

So, as I sit here in the middle of yet another purge cycle... I think how far I've come. And, how little more there is to go... 8 more months... Yeah,I can do that. ;-)

Much Love and Light,


2:09:04 PM
Week 52! Yes, yes...I am alive... There was a pretty bad storm here in NYC, Sandy--you're heard of her, right? But, I'm fine. I didn't experience any flooding or power outage. So...DON'T WORRY! ;-)

I will tell you that I've noticed quite a bit of purging since last week. Ah yes...moisture and full moons had everything wanting to leave more quickly... I think I'm experiencing more mirco fibers from the scalp along with the ever-present fungal hairs. I've also noticed more die off in my feet, and purging therein. I'm truly feeling that what's dying is more fungal aka candida, then anything else. I haven't seen any black specks to speak of... So...this is good. But, when oh when will it stop? Um...when it stops. :-D

Even in this storm, I've been able to cook with conscious... Making sure, that food is cooked in olive oil, coconut oil, or both. That oatmeal, or cream of wheat was loaded with almond milk, clove, ginger, and cinnamon... It tasted wonderful, but, more than that... It was a killer army for the nasties. Again... you don't have to starve! I had lemon tea yesterday too... I made black eyed peas too. How about I put coconut oil in it, to keep the defenses up and running? No, there's no excuse not to make every meal work for you in all ways possible.

So again... I'm fine... And, I'm still winning the fight for fully restored health.

Much love and much light,


10:21:23 AM
Week 53... Oh, the weather outside has been frightful, but, inside is still delightful. And, as long as I love me so... Protocol, protocol, protocol! ;-)

Hi ya! Yes, I am a bit late thise week. Ah yes, there was an election and a snowstorm. It's getting colder people. Please do your research on treating your skin for the winter. You're going to need to keep it moist for purging. I've talked about it quite a few times in this post and, I've given you tips. So...the information is there.

Now...what's up with Monica? Well, for the most part, I've been purging like crazy... When I go out into the cold, my whole body quiets down quite a bit. In case you didn't know...this disease doesn't like the cold! So, I make sure to take a walk in it whenever I can--because of that, and because I've been working from home since hurricane Sandy. Our offices, took on quite a bit of flooding,and, we can't get back in there for the rest of the year.

The last couple of days has been filled with trips to the bathroom. I'll call it a combination of hormones, and something that didn't agree with MMS for dinner. Oh yes...even me... even at this stage... Strange herxing can and does happen. I would love to tell you the bloating was fun... It SUCKED!!! At one point, I considered sleeping in the bathroom. I mean really, who wants to get up that many times... The following day, I took it easy on myself... I laid off everything, my poor sensitive tummy couldn't take it. I barely ate, had some broth, water, and rest...lots of rest. That was yesterday... Today...I'm still not at 100%, but...I'm well enough to keep the party going in terms of protocol... See? You must take your time people. Rushing yourself and your body can be harmful. There's a difference between a detox, and overload... You will herx, you don't need to hurt yourself. As in the end, you're not moving the process along any faster. So...TAKE YOUR TIME.

So, just when you think that a year later you wouldn't have a notable herx... YOU do. And, you realize... nope, not yet... we aren't quite there yet. But, but, but! I'm getting closer. So, let my scalp purge, and skin purge, until it can do no more. The detox is so deep, that I know things are coming out of joints, and muscles now... We're getting to body ground zero! And, that's a blessing, because at some point, there will be no place left to purge and then, then... I'll know its over. And, that is a blessing indeed.

Keep's worth it!

Much Love, much Light!


11:02:27 AM
Week 54... Holy blessed mother, people! I have just come through three days of the third circle! Never in this journey have I gone through, what I just came through before. You must, must, must continue with this protocol for the entire 18 months!

What am I talkng about? I'm talking about a scratchy soar throat last Friday, that wouldn't go away after a day. No, instead it exploded into a full-fleged FAKE-FLU! I want to emphasize that is was a FAKE-FLU. Part of detoxing and die-off, is that the body will exhibit flu-like behavior. But, seriously folks, with the ammount of vitamins, molecular silver and mms in our bodies, a flu couldn't live. So, I knew this was die off. And, die-off it was. My head became swollen due to my inflammed sinuses, breathing was quite difficult because of the congestion. I had a low grade fever, I had achiness that would appear and disappear in different areas of my body and joints. I had chills...and, yes they multiplied! And, I maintained the protocol until my body said, 'NO! I will not keep down one more pill, or MMS! Do it an you'll be sorry!' --When your body has that kind of attitude...don't go against it. It will never end up good.

So, today is the first day where I feel like I'm almost all back. I have gone through a ridiculous amount of toilet paper from blowing my nose. I got things to loosen up in my sinuses, by using my nasal irrigator. My friend suggested a cold compress to get my sinus cavity to go down, so I could breathe. Bless her, because not only has it worked, it was the only way I could sleep.Imagine it, me, sleeping soundling with a cold cloth plastered to my forehead, buried in blankets. I know, very attractive...but, I slept like a baby! ;-) Eating was almost impossible, because I had no appetite, but, when I did eat, it was soup. I made sure it had either cayenne pepper or tabasco sauce in it too. Lots of water, lots of water with lemon. And, oh yes, more sleep!

I want to say thanks to Mel and Peter for checking up on me. I knew the entire time this was a detox, I wasn't scared. I was more amazed that at this late stage of the game, I was detoxing so heavily. People I literally felt like I was detoxing from my bones. Yes, yes, you can do this! So, that's why its important to stay on the protocol. I feel like my body was housing an alien nation! Like... 'Who the heck is living in the house of my soul?! Hey...get outta here, you! How dare you make me sick and I didn't even say you could live here! GET OUT!' I was mad. I was sick, mind you, but, I was mad to know that all this stuff has been here, had gotten as deep as it apparently had, and I didn't know. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. We've been hoodwinked into believing that getting sick is part of life. And, I'm so angry that we've been lied to like this. We do not have to be sick! We do not have to suffer if we truly know how to take care of our bodies. And, the idea that it's natural is part of the propoganda to keep us in the perscription drug market! Not me... Not ever! The more you stick to this protocol the more enlightened you become to all the marketing, propoganda and games been played with human life in the world of capitalism. I'm all out. I'm done with it. Keep your antibiotics, your vaccines... keep it all. I've got a protocol, some molecular silver and MMS. I'm good. I'm cool. And, I'm healthier than ever.

I don't know how many more die offs are ahead of me. And, that's probably best. All, I do know is...there is NO WAY I'm going back to life before this new-found knowledge. And, I actually knew a lot! You have to stick with this...this is about changing your life for the better, forever. And, it's beyond worth it.

Much love and light.


6:46:54 PM
Hey Monica

Your last post is dead on! I would concur that you are finishing a major purge!! Love that you realize it as a positive!! I continue to learn from you, and from Thersa. You are in my prayers and YOU ARE A CHAMPION for us all!!!!!

P.S. I figured out to put the melody to your week #53 Jingle....pretty cool!


10:09:07 AM
Week 55, and still going for it! Hello everyone. Well, I'm having an interesting time of it to be sure. As you know last week, I had the fake flu herx. And, this week, I'm still working through the sinus part of it. Last night, I did something that I hadn't thought of before. I added the molecula silver to my sinus irrigation treatment. OOOOHHHHH MYYYY!!! Let's just say it was very effective. When the silver hit whatever germs, bacteria, etc, it burned it. Yes, it was slightly uncomfortable at first, but, I breathed through it, as I knew that someting was dying off. The die off was so intense, my tear ducts started it leaking. Yes...I was crying... I didn't care. I stuck with it, in both nostrils. And, good lord did some mucous come out when I blew my nose. But, it worked... How do I know? Well, I drank my MMS after this and it stunk worse than ever. And, I started sneezing like no bodies business--die off, baby! Die off!

So, yes, you can use the silver in your neti pot along with the normal saline/water mixture. I highly recommend this. My nose feels great this morning, although, I know I'll have to rinse it out again today, as, I know I didn't get everything.

I would also like to mention, it's been purge crazy with me lately. The cycles are so much closer together now, and bigger rhizoids are come out from my scalp, but, also random places in my body. So, I'm truly on a winning streak in terms of health. With all the antifunglas, the coconut oil, the eucalyptus soap, and diet changes... I believe I've finally overwhelmed the nasties in my body, and they are just dying faster than I can get them out of here. But, I'm working through it... I'm drinking lots of water, working the protocol, etc.

I hope you're all doing well, this is such a battle, but, it's a battle you can win. Just never let up, never give up, and be consistent. This is truly the healthiest I've been because along with the curing of morgellons, I'm detoxing candida, which is the root cause of so many body issues... I'm convinced people don't age as well, because of having a fungal overload. Well, not me... Not in this life. ;-)

I'll speak to you all again next week. Until then... I'll keep purging away... The end of this is coming up soon. And, I cannot wait.

Much love and much light,


4:24:19 PM
Hey Google Gal

So glad to hear you are getting through your epic purge. Again, I would agree with you that you are breaking through deep seated biofilm within your nasal cavity. I believe this because I too am sneezing in the morning and blowing my nose throughout the day regularly now for the last couple weeks. This is something that I have not done since I became sick. My sense of smell towards the MMS has sharpened also!

Great tip on the silver!


12:25:54 PM
Week 56. As, I write this it's a cold, damp, gray day in NYC. And, I have a detox headache... Candida is very angry with me... I keep killing it off. :-) It seems that I'm truly in a great place with my detox. I'm constantly purging fungal hairs... the cycles are closer together and seem to last longer. I feel as if the last hold outs, perhaps the 'oldest' culprits are finally giving up and dying off. But, it isn't without discomfort. There's been a noticible uptick in the prickling feeling as these fungal hairs come out. And, while it is definitely mostly in my scalp. I have noticed things in my arm here, my side there. The bottom of feet sometimes... In other words, random places. It's no longer just the fungal rhizoids, but, the baby fuzzies, the little tiny balls of candida. Everybody wants out, and I'm totally fine with that--I encourage it... Get out!!! ;-)

A major piece of news I wanted to share was this: Last year prior to finding this site, I did a full-body bentonite clay mask. While it was helpful, it was also painful. Bentonite clay calls to the moregellons and I experienced a lot of purging of everything from specks--both black and white, to plastic-looking stuff, to what seemed to be crystals. I left the clay on for an hour, and it was a very uncomfortable hour, let me tell you! Most recently, after my fake flu, I decided to do another Bentonite full body mask. I honestly, couldn't tell you why, I just felt the need to. Here's the good news. NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING, NOTHING CAME OUT! I discussed this with Mel, and we both agree... this is a HUGE SIGN that I'm almost fully recovered. I knew in the moment where I didn't feel a constant popping, or stabbing or prickling that the majority of the 'stuff' was gone. You should know that the bentonite clay doesn't call candida... so, fungal hairs do not respond to it. So, where am I??? I'm in a major fungal detox, that's where I am. And, obviously I'm winning.

I am still dropping weight, which is good. But, I've noticed that my sinuses are putting up quite the fight. Candida likes to live in the sinuses and brain, hello brain fog. And, apparently, in this area of the body its easier to purge from your actual scalp, face, eyes, nose and mouth than it is to go through the intestinal systems. So, if you find a 'hair' on your face, you're purging. ;-) There are more stuffy noses, more mysterious headaches, the cracking in my neck is more frequent than its been in months. Like I said... I made Candida really mad. ;-) While some might panic and think that this means I'm getting sicker, I've been on this journey long enough to discern a heavy detox from getting sick. If you follow the protocol, if you maintain your diet, you are going to go through many, many, many layers of detox. A lot of them will look and feel alike, but, if you pay attention, you'll notice the subtle differences. Things will come, and go and come again. Not all colonies of this stuff are living in the same area of your body--not all will die off at the same time. Some have stronger biofilm then others, so it will take longer to kill them. But, this is no reason to stop the protocol, or to get discouraged. These are parasites whose lives depend on yours, they, like all life forms will not die quietly, or easily. The only thing that will rid you of parasites, or parasitic fungus and bacteria--is your will and committment to use every day, to kill them off. Do not let up...ever! Because this truly is a war for your body--they need your body to live, and so do you. Understand? So, morgellons, candida and all their parasitic friends want to live just as much as you, expect them to put up a fight. You need only to commit yourselves to fight longer and harder. That's how you cure yourself! Use these tools, and do not ever put them down...ever. No matter what, no matter the discomfort--and there will be a lot of it... Keep going! Morgellons doesn't sleep, candida doesn't sleep, so you cannot sleep on healing yourselves.

I'm so very grateful to be able to share this news with all of you. Everything I've been through has been worth it--even as I have purging happening right now in my scalp. These parasitic beings of nature, possibly tampered with--cannot, and will not live longer than my desire to live. I'm a fighter, I'm a winner. And, so are you.

Much love and much light.


8:15:37 PM
Week 57... Hello there winners... I tell you every week is a different one. There's no rhyme, reason, or pattern to detox. We really do have to take each day as it comes.

In this past week, I've dealt with lethargy, twitching in random places and vibrations. You need to know all of it is die-off. I had a stuffy head, die-off. I had a twitching in my left ankle as I lay in bed, die off... I had fatigue...die off. And, of course I've had guessed it... die off. And, just when I thought I was done with the heavy metal detox, I noticed one or two pieces of glitter yesterday. So, what does this all mean? I'm in a deeper stage of detox. The thing is, you never know where the colonies of nasties are in your body, or how much biofilm is keeping them from being killed off. That is why this protocol takes 18 months. There's just so many places for things to hide and become insulated in the body. So, you must take your time and remain committed.

Since its getting colder here in the northeast, I've started reincorporating my aroma theraphy into my wellness regimine. If you've been reading my post you should know that eucalpytus oil, comfrey and peppermint are all antibacterial, and antifungal. By burning the oil in a oil burner, you are treating yourself by treating the air. I've recently added lavendar, fir needle and cinnamon to my list of essential oils. Whenever I burn this stuff my scalp and body begin purging like crazy! Good thing I have an air purifier to catch all the stuff my pores spew out. But, also, here's something I'm sure you didn't know... Lavendar is an's soothing, and can calm your senses. While cinnamon is actually stimulating and can help you with your mind fog. Peppermint, Eucalpytus and fir needle are all used in decongestants oinments, and when breathed into the sinus and lung area, helps kill nasties and open up breathing pathways. Oh, lavendar soothes itching too.

I have to be honest, I really didn't think I'd still be purging beyond the 1 year point. But, I had systemic candida, and apparently a lot of heavy metal too. So, purging I am. I also wanted to note my sinuses feel great, but, I have noticed... my skin is breaking out with a lot of fake acne. Fake as in, my face is detoxing but, pores are getting clogged. I've been mixing one drop of tea tree oil with my daily moisterizer to move things along. It's working, but, that too is a process.

The great news is... my normal hair is coming back healthy, thicker and strong. So, after a year, I'm actually entertaining the idea of getting it cut--trimmed actually. It's been quite the journey. Also, my psorasis of the scalp is getting so much better. I feel like it's going through its on purge cycle. The layers seem to be getting thinner, and flare ups are becoming shorter.

So again, there will be all sorts of die-off symptoms, both in-your-face, and so subtle you may think you imagined it... But, it's real and so is your healing... You are getting better everyday you work the protocol. I'm living proof of this. So, keep going's worth it.

Many blessings, much light.


8:59:30 PM
Hello Monica

A HUGE 'THANK YOU' to you for persuading me to incorporate virgin Coconut Oil into my skin treatment. I recently could afford it and have been using it now on my forearms for about a week. WHAT A WONDERFUL STRATEGY THIS IS!!

Also, the information you have provided on the different essential oils and their applications is really USEFUL.

Finally, the way you have explained the many expressions and how they represent die off will be instructional and comforting to many who are trying to understand the ongoing stages of our detox as it applies to our disease!



12:30:49 PM
Week 58... Hi ya Warriors... First, you're welcome Peter. I'm glad that my constant nagging on behalf of coconut oil finally paid off. May your skin continue to 'ooo and ahhh' and heal as you continue your journey back to health.

So, what's up? Okay, well... I'm still purging, but, again, it isn't the same. It seems that the cycles have changed. I used to purge seemingly all the time. Now, the skin purge requires a trigger. The triggers are all the antifungals. When I take the anti fungals, I go into a purge cycle. When I burn my essential oils, I purge--but, even more, and more intensely.

Yesterday, my body demanded we do some deep stretching and yoga poses. Which was great as it hadn't asked for that type of excercise in months. I'm naturally very flexible, so getting more mobility back is very nice. In the recent past walking was the bulk of my excercise, just to keep the muscles active and my breathing going.

I still have been dealing with the die-off headaches, they are so random. And, while the twitching has disappeared all toghether (again), I do deal with the random prick of something trying to escaped my skin. Also, please be aware that any odd pain in your joints that feel like inflammation, could be something trying to get to the surface of your skin. When I rub tea tree oil into these places... sure enough, something pops up...dead. ;-)

As a woman, I know some may suffere from odd monthly cycles... I used to purge more during these times... while that continues somewhat, it too has all but disappeared in terms of where I'm purging from--and, that's all i'll say about that, ladies. Hahaha. So... stick with it ladies, it does get better.

I hope everyone is taking the dry air, and cold seriously. It's soooo important that you give extra TLC to your skin. This is the body's largest pathway of detox. Treat yourself externally. Mix up some olive oil/ coconut oil and add a drop or two of tea tree oil, clove, or lavendar, eucalyptus, or peppermint---NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME, mind you. But, try it, you'll thank me when your skin starts to look normal and heal faster. When you actually start looking younger and more vibrant. Looking better is definitely connected to feeling better, people. Take the time to care for yourself inside and out. As, both have been affected and infected, therefore both require healing.

That's all for now. Gotta take some protocol pills...
Many blessings and much Light.


12:57:24 PM
Week 59... Oh, the purge of it all. Yes,'s still happening. Along with the purging, I'm still getting the die-off headaches and the vibrating die-off symptoms. Last night while washing my hair, I noticed for the first time, one only one fiber. As opposed to the myriad of microfibers that I dealt with for most of this experience.

I suppose save for the occassional long rhizoid, one could argue that what I'm purging is negligable. But, the frequency is constantly changing, and the sizes are mostly small, and, it really does have your nerve-endings firing off all the time.

I had a great weekend, and took part in making NYC merry during SantaCon. It's basically an event where people dress up like Christmas, Hannukah, and other holiday characters, and take to the city to spread good cheer. I was an Elf, and I was cute! lol... I spent so much time outside in the cold, that I didn't have to deal with a lot of purging through out the day, but, was able to enjoy the excercise that all the walking provided. And, it was a lot of walking!

Today, eh... I'm dealing with a lot of purging, die off headaches... you know... the usual. Each day is its own battle. I'm drinking lots of water, and taking in vitamin C too. The weather has gone from rainy to, that will help as well.

I hope everyone has a great holiday, I'll be traveling for mine this weekend. And, yes...the protocol is coming with me.

Many blessings, Much light.

Pokys Mom

1:30:24 PM
Monica! What an adorable Elf! Happy Holidays ! Lisa

11:02:28 PM
Week 60... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. I've been spending the holidays with my family in the south--cognizant of my diet, and very much staying on the protocol. Needless to say, I'm still purging but, not as much and not as long... I'm not sure if the weather has something to do with it, or what, but, there's been a difference. No, I repeat no itching, though still some random prickling...

Last weekend, I noticed a 2 inch long either fungal hair, or, fiber was purged from my scalp. Mind you, it was so chemically burned, I'm not sure what it was. It was shrivelled, dry and brittle. Mel says it was something that had probably taken a while to make its way to the surface and to be purged.

The weight loss continues. And, unlike what a lot of others have reported--my weight loss is good. As, the weight was all from fungal overload. I've never overeaten nor been an unhealthy eater. This weight wasn't mine, it was candida's. And, candida has been, and is, being killed off, and I'm taking my body back.
It's so good to be getting back down to my true size.

I hope you all have been enjoying your holidays as I am enjoying mine. Mel, has decided to move me into the 90% cured thread, as he says I belong there now... He's right of course, but, I just don't tend to use anything other than my experience to measure progress by. But, I feel pretty awesome... Better than ever, actually. ;-)

It's been a difficult, often challenging road to getting back to health. But, I couldn't imagine the alterernative... Which, I have no question, would have eventually lead to death. Never have I ever questioned that this protocol would work. When I first came here, I 'knew' that Mel had the answer. I never questioned, I never really ever tried to cut corners. Any mistakes I made came from honest misunderstanding, I suffered the consequences, and corrected myself immediately. I changed my diet, I did research and worked on my environment. I've attacked this disease from every angle...and, it's been working.

This is the real deal, I'm living proof of that... And, if you truly commit yourself to health... You'll heal. I have no doubt.

The New Year approaches, focus on yourself being healthy and happy for all of it. ;-)

Much love and lot of light!


2:28:14 PM
Week 61... Happy New Year Warriors. I come to you after another sinus dextox. And, it was an odd one for sure. It may have started with the dry heat in my mother's home last week, that turned into laryngitis,then post-nasal drip, and finally,a clogged sinus cavity. How did I deal with it... Well, I switched between hot and cold compresses... Used my nasal irrigator, and slept. I didn't eat much as nothing would either stay down, or taste good enough to eat. So, lots and lots of water, and oh yes, two hard boiled eggs and one granny smith apple. Oddly enough, while I was going through this, the purging of fungal hairs was all but non-existant.

Today, I'm feeling much better, but, still not at 100%. And, I am purging a wee little bit. Ladies and gents... though it feels not great, I think that we're at the final frontier. My head has been my main source of issues from the beginning. And, I honestly feel that this latest dextox soley from my head it a huge sign.

It interesting to feel pretty good everywhere but your head. So, unlike the other time, I cannot even say this is a fake-flu. Perhaps a fake sinus-cold?? Who knows? Or, cares...I'm just glad to be at the back end of it.

While I didn't do all of the protocol yesterday... Today is a different day. Today, I can keep things down pretty well. So, back to popping my vitamins and supplements. I hope everyone had a great start to their New Year. Even though I was in pain yesterday... I would say one step closer to total health, is a great start to 2013.

Many blessings, and much light.


1:15:39 PM
Week 62! Hello everyone. Another week, and yes, the purging continues, but, it's all in my head-- get it?? LOL... Laugh! It's okay to do that here. So, yes, the purging is solely concentrated in my head. And, it's doing so, much slower than ever. It's still cyclical, but, what is coming out varies from miniscule, to--jeez, how does something that big come out of one pore. I have to tell you--at some point, you stop freaking out about what comes out of your skin. You just simply want it out! And, I've been in this place for a long time. Listen little, fiber, bacteria, virus, parasite...thingy... Just leave. We don't have to have know eachother's name for you to die off and get out of my body!

So... My fake sinus cold is completely gone. I sneeze every once in a while. My eyes are thankfully, not as tired as they've been for the past couple of days. Yes, they were feeling tired behind the actual eyeball. This was part of the sinus die off, I am sure. And, I was feeling so fatigued, and congested, but, only in my sinus cavity. It's important that you get to know your body to the point where you can locate where the die off is happening, because it's a good way to monitor your progress. Often we get so caught up in the discomfort, that we do not realize that it represents we're healing, and where we are healing--your body is giving you good news when you detox, even if the good news is most uncomfortable, and inconveinent.

I am also still occassionally getting a wee sting or two in various places in the body as something dies. But, it is sooo wee, that it could be missed, if I didn't have such a close relationship with my body. But, I do, and I encourage you to do the same.

My health is improving so much because of this protocol and detox that people are noticing. They are saying I look younger, and thinner. My energy is on the increase, which is good, because today I had to climb a football field worth of stairs today as part of my morning commute... I got winded, but, I did it! Yes, my lungs are mostly mine again!

Special shout out to my three amigos, Mel, Stacey and Peter. You have been a constant source of love, joy and laughs for me. And, I so love to laugh.

Stick with yourselves everyone--stick with this protocol, your diet, and treating your skin. It's sooo worth it. Promise.

Much love, and light.


4:30:14 PM
Week 63... It was the best of times, it was the not-so-best of times... No, this isn't the tale of two cities, this is the current week of my healing. So, let's get right to it...

I am still purging, and the concentration point continues to be my noggin! The cycles are farther between, but, the discomfort feels much more acute this week. Why? I think there's some heavy metals mixed in this week. Yes, I know... I thought I was done with that part too. But, you know what? I'm not...yet. Why? Um... who cares? I'm just not...yet. Notice how I keep using the word, 'yet'? I do that because like all moments, this too shall pass into memory. It's my choice as to which moments require a lot of my time and energy. And, the peeling off of another layer...doesn't. Though, I will say, that I'm getting the prickly feelings from odd places. For example, I'm feeling it in my right knee cap as I type this.

I've also noticed this past week, I had a bad psorasis flare up on my scalp. Now, this would've upset me if it included the relentless itching, but, it didn't. What it did include was larger flaking, and a larger area of my head. Why?? I can only surmise that it's the antifungal treatment, plus the dry air of winter. After that... I haven't the foggiest.

I'm still experiencing die off in my sinuses, and I tell you the lethargy experienced when candida dies in my sinuses is almost as effective as the sandman blowing sand in my face... It makes me feel sleepy, even thought the rest of my body is good to go. It's an odd experience to be sure. But, it still means I'm getting better, so... I drink water, or have some grapefruit or something with vitamin C, and I keep it moving.

So, I supposed the thing that's standing out the most are the odd places I'm feeling the sting/pinch of the purge... Kneecaps, my big toe, finger tips... I guess if I really thought about it--I'd say my joints are purging... In a word: YAY!! So, fungal hairs, glitter and occasionally some fiber.

It's occurred to me that I've been purging like this for just short of a year. I wanted to share that realization so when or if it's you--you'll know, you're still in the right place, and things are going well.

Now, more than ever, I'm so excited about my life beyond this experience. As that life will be a life without morgellons, candida, parasites, colds, flus... A life of optimal health.

I wish all of you courage, laughter and love in fighting and winning against this dis-ease... When you go for it, I mean really go for it--you cannot help but to have your life change for the better. And, who wouldn't want that? Keep going... You deserve good health!

Much love and light.


2:56:40 PM
Okay, here we are at week 64, which has proven to be a very active week in terms of die off and purging. As 'luck' would have it, I'm also in the midst of my monthly cycle. --Why is that important? It's important because a lot of people don't know that candida feeds off estrogen. And, before a woman goes through her monthly cycle, her estrogen levels go up, which can cause problems such as a yeast infection. While I didn't experience one, I did notice itching and burning, which I remedied immediately through the usage of coconut oil, olive oil and one drop of tea tree oil. I alternated each these methods twice a day for two days. The discomfort and activity went away completey in two days. Mind you, I haven't had to deal with such things in months, if not a year. But, again... Candida has lost control of my body, and is on its last legs, and is desperate to repopulate itself. And, I am killing it at every turn, giving no ground.

So,along with the extra purging, because of my cycle,I'm also killing off the sad attempts of repopulation of fungus. Also, this week, I have to tell you the purging and die off is significantly noticeable. Not only is my head purging like crazy... I'll get back to that soon... But,my body is twitching, stinging, and kicking all sorts of fungal hairs, fungal puffs, and glitter out. My muscles are occasionally twitching with die off, my side may sting while something is attempting to purge. The bottoms of my feet, have been purging. Yes... I can actually feel the pores spitting stuff out of my feet.

Now, about my head... Last night when I went to bed, as per usual, my scalp was purging. But, what I'm noticing now, is the depths from which I am purging these fungal hairs and micro-fibers. As, I lay down last night, I had a few cycles, where it felt as if someone was holding a magnet over the top of my head, pulling things out from the center of my brain! I could feel things detaching, and seeking the surface to leave, and eventually, right out of my scalp. Was it painful? No, not really... it was uncomforbale to be sure. As, it felt like a suction, or vaccum was pulling stuff from a great depth. I lay there thinking... wow, I really was seriously sick, if this stuff is really this deep. And, obviously, it was... The result from this weird experience was that my sinuses immediately cleared.

Today... today has been a purging bonanza of fungal hairs, just like the last couple of days. Except, it's more body wide than it's been in a while, and again...the head is still purging the most.

I have to say, yesterday, everything I consumed was anti-fungal I had kale yesterday, almond butter, carrots, olive oil, onions, green tea, lemons, lemon water, grapefruit juice... Now, mind you, this wasn't something I set out to do, it was what felt good to eat. And, I also had this overwhelming craving for carbs. You know how I dealt with it? Brown rice! Yes... I'm full, candida's fooled, and cannot feed off what I've eaten. All that, and the protocol just may explain the uptick in the purging. But, I gotta tell you something... I feel amazing! This one of the final pushes... I know it is... So, nothing, and no one will keep me from getting to the finish line. Which, is technically this coming April.

So, dear hearts, dear warriors... you must keep on, keeping on. You must keep on, even when your body (the parasites, bacteria and fungus) is begging you to stop. And, it will. It will fight you--but, you must fight harder and longer, and that's how you beat this. That's how you win a better life for yourself.

I'm so grateful to myself for finding this site, to Mel for creating it, and for John for the tools and knowlege. This experience has truly made my life better, the people I've come to know and love via this site, are precious gems, and I'm happy to have 'collected' you!

Until next week. Much light and much love to you!


10:55:11 AM
Week 65, and still ALIVE... AND KICKING! Hi ya,everyone... Oh, what a week of purging it was...
So, where should I start? Let's start with my foot bath in MMS last week. Yes, I was given one of those heated, massage foot bath thingys last week. So, I soaked my feet in it for about and hour and a half. In that hour and a half my foot purge 1, count 'em, 1, once more with feeling... ONE black speck. Do you read me? One black speck. Ladies and gents... that's huge! Why? Well, isn't it obvious? No? Um... yeah, well, it means, that morgellons, as we know it, isn't center stage in my recovery. Nope... it's the other thing, the other thing, possibly the root cause of why I was open season for this disease--Candida.

I don't know about anyone else, but, this body, my body was riddled with Candida. Is it because I have an unhealthy lifestyle? No. Is it because I'm an emotional eater, and obsessed with sugary food? No. Was I overweight? No... Then, what pray tell, what was I doing with all this candida?? It was hereditary! I remember being little and my mom would always have issues with yeast infections, or sores that would errupt during her monthly cycle. I remember her obsession with white rice, and white bread--as a child I hated both, and still do. But, after I was born, it didn't matter, did it? So, I'm pretty sure, that while I almost never got sick as a child, I didn't have the best immune system--my mom has immune issues to this day. And, the added stress of college in NYC and surviving it, only surpressed my immune system even more-- I got my first canker soar when I was 20 years old. I had no idea what they were before that. As I approached my thirties, I started putting on mysterious weight that I couldn't shake, I developed psorais of the scalp. What was happening? Um... yeah, the hereditary estrogen dominance that runs in my family was feeding candida! Yes, I told you last week, high estrogen levels, feeds the beast. The women in my family also usually develop fibroids that have led to a many hysterectomy in my family... Right before I started protocol, I, myself had been diagnoised had with high-levels of HPV... The good news about that is, a short three months on the full protocol, my doctor was very angry to find out that either I had a miracle and killed off the HPV, or, the test were wrong. I know in my heart of hearts... the tests were right, and I had killed off the virus, and therefore, there would be no development of cancer in MY BODY... And, yes, it is MY BODY and I'm not letting anything take it away from me.

People... this is so much bigger than morgellons... I'm increasingly believing that all of us have some root cause issue, that leaves us vulnerable to morgellons. For me... Candida, and it had become agressive and systemic... And, while I haven't seen any specks...white or black, or any bio film... I see fungal hairs, puff balls, and micro fibers everyday. The fibers, again, are mainly focused in my head. And, I suppose my head has always been the most affected place. But, I know when it's done... I'm done.

Last week, with its full moon, only lent to more purging... And, yesterday, I took a walk, and my hip joints we're achey. I got tired, I got passing headaches, and, I had to take a nap or two. What am I saying? I'm saying, I'm still very much detoxing, there's still die off symptoms. And, though I've been on this protocol for over a year, my body isn't done detoxing. And, I'm going to remain on the full protocol until it does. So, when you're done with the morgellons, parasite portion of this full mind/body/spirit detox--the root cause, the gateway issue will be next. And, I implore you to keep going until you are truly free of it. When the gateway is closed, and you are fully healthy, your immune system back in order, your diet balanced, PH levels akalined, and your laughing more than crying, happy more than lethargic... You're HEALED from this, and can rest assured that by maintaining all you've learned from this site... you really do not have to get sick like this again. Blessing? Is it not?

Oh one more thing... I came up with an amazing skin treatment last night--yes, Peter, it's greasy!--sorry, that was for Peter, who complains about stuff like that. Love you, Peter!!! Like I was saying... Last night, I made a mxture of cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, with about six drops of tea tree oil. Then, after my shower, I used it all over my body as moisterizer. Not only are all the things I mentioned anti-fungal, but, they are all some of the best moisturizers that nature has to offer. Your skin doesn't have to be dry, flakey or itchy people. Your treament should be both internal and external. If it's better out than in, let's rush it out through the expressway. And, remember, supple skin purges with less pain. ;-)

Keep going warriors, there's a victory up ahead!

Until next week.

Much love, much light.


11:41:07 AM
Don't cry for me Argentina!!! It's week 66, hello everyone... Yes, I am still purging fungal hairs. I think it's important that everyone who isn't me, understands that I am dealing with, and currently healing from Systemic Candida. This is why I'm constantly purging fungal hairs. Candida that was in my gut many years ago got aggressive, grew into it's fungal state aka rhizoids, punctured holes in my intestines, and got into my blood stream and infected my whole body. Are we clear on this now?

While I still purge microfibers, and some significant red fibers from my scalp, it is mostly fungal rhizoids, and candida puffs. And, while some may be concerned that I am purging off and on all day, and have been doing so for little under a year, I wonder have they considered what the alternative might be? Um, yes, the alternative would be, I would still have major horomonal problems, acute/chronic sinusitus, psorasis, food allergies, canker sores, drop in body temperature, premenopause, inflamming joints, breathing issues, chronic yeast infections, UTIs, and chronic fatigue, and let's not forget my close call with high levels of HPV. Yes, I've already gone through these things, so, constantly purging the root cause issue several times a day for a year is a small exchange--this isn't just my view, my theory, my speculation, this is MY EXPERIENCE.

I realize that where I am may be unheard of here, unreported or what have you. But, it is happening. And, if I'm the only one on this path, charting new territory, blazing new trails--I'm good with it. Leaders, aren't followers, they don't let fear, or the fears others have for them, thwart, curb, or doubt the trust they have in themselves. I trust myself with myself above all others. Prior to finding the protocol, I had already started my exploration in detox, diet, essential oils, vitamins and yes, diatomaceous earth. And, while the protocol has been the answer, I have to be clear in saying that my usage of food grade D.E. and essential oils made life bearable until I found the answer-- I was moving parasites, and other nasties out of my body to such an extent, that it took quite a while for my first big herx. And,it's probably one of the reasons I've been able to work throughout all of this. That's my experience, it continues to be my experience.

If you'll notice, I do not offer a lot of advice in my posts. I answer questions about my experience,because that's all I know for sure. What I know for sure is: I had systemic candida long before I had morgellons. I know for sure that I suffered greatly from candida before I understood the depths of which I have been infected. I also know for sure, that my lifestyle has little to do with why I have it, given my family's health history. Now, I ask you-- What's your story? How did you get here? And, what are the nuances of your experience that separates you from the rest of us? I cannot, and have no desire to answer this for anyone. Getting to know your own body is a huge undertaking, but, luckily for me, I've spent my entire life with getting to know myself spiritually being at the forefront, and that includes my body and my mind. At some point, I will be at optimal health, maybe truly for the first time in my life ever. And, I'm excited about that. My life is so very full, it's very blessed, and it's in constant expansion. So, I will not falter, give up, or give in to anything that will negatively impact my health. I know what's best for me at the end of the day, and I love myself enough to do just that.

One final thought, in recent days, I've been dealing with die off in the form of slight headaches, and loose stool, fatigue and a wee bit of sleeplessness. My response to that? Die Candida, die!!! :-)

Remember: Love Yourself enough!

Much love and light,


4:09:12 PM

I truly believe that we are all teachers and learners. Through the honest sharing of our own experiences, we hope to teach others a little about ourselves with Morgellons. My hope is that our posts will then enable others to be able to learn a little about themselves with Morgellons. When someone as committed as you comments through a post, it allows myself and other readers unique opportunities to be able to learn so much.

I have faired well during my recovery due largely from reading the posts of so many others before me. So I try to find ways to take social action here that can encourage others to do as well in their own recovery from reading mine. I learned early on that this is really about the ongoing pursuit to become more humane to those around us and it's about increasing self awareness as we fight the disease.

Ultimately, this forum is about coalition building. If we all can see that we play a role in how conditions are either improved or perpetuated, the hope is that it will help us to be able to work together to better allow us to heal.

God bless you for what you contribute here weekly! Your message has now, and always, been instrumental towards my recovery.


4:27:07 PM
Week 67, and as of Sunday... Month 16. Yes, Mel, 16, not 14! ;-)

I want to tell you all that I've been experience a lot of the vibrational herxing. I've read that deep detoxification works ogran by organ. And, I have to share with you that while lying on sofa yesterday, I experienced the swirling, vibrational dextoxification of my left lung, larynx and pharanyx. It was soooo weird! If it had a sound, it would have been a buzzing. I literally lay there, bearing witness to the death of all the things that had kept me from breathing easily for years. And, from hitting all 4 octaves I have in my singing voice. Today, I woke up breathing from my lungs with such ease, no tightness in my chest, no shortness of breath taking the stairs. And, my sinuses are on their way to be completely clear. YEAH BABY!!!

There's still purging from my body and head, but, I'm telling's different. It's deeper, and I'm sooo happy, because finally, I'm starting to feel like I'm almost done with all of this! My energy levels are elevating back to my normal levels, which for some may be considered 'high'. What I look forward to now is getting back to the point where I feel comfortable running again. Yes, once upon a time I was a runner.

The lethargy has been hard for me throughout most of this, because I have never been used to not getting things done, doing them passionately, and getting it done NOW. So, getting some of that feeling back, has been nothing short of lovely, and in some cases a complete luxury.

I don't know how much longer it'll take to be completely free of the Systemic Candida part of this, but, this experience of having morgellons, and then being on the verge of overcoming it... It's been life-changing for the BETTER! I've always believed that the planet was designed to help us heal and maintain our bodies. And, this protocol, our diets and every aspect involved with healing, proves it. This is an education, a call to consciousness to BE HERE NOW in mind, body and spirit. And, honestly, doing so allows you to live a full life.

You're almost there...All of you! Do not give up on having a full life that you're passionate about living, every moment of everyday!

I'll talk to you all on Sunday during the conference call.

Much Love, Much light.


1:56:44 PM
Hello Monica

Just wanted to thank you for what I learned from your response to Sonja. I have never understood why we need to restrict dairy until now. The fact that it creates mucus has eluded me!

As usual, you continue to provide me with valuable information!


11:39:58 PM
HI Monica,

First, thanks for all your useful information.

Can you tell me how much Molecula Silver you used to rinse your sinuses/nose? I have the neil med plastic bottle with the saline that holds about 6 ounces of water (I'm guessing). I have major problems going on inside my nose, sinuses and now my lips.... I won't describe since I don't want to gross you out.

Thanks again

6:47:01 PM

To answer your question, I must preface by stating, that instead of using a neti pot, I use a electronic sinus irrigator. SinuPulse to be exact. I combine nasal saline salt with 500mg of water and a capful of molecula silver. And, I use that formula for each nostril.

Math isn't my subject, so you'll have to look at the measurements of your device and adjust accordingly. FYI... I disolve the salt before I add the molecula silver.

Warning: The first time I used this silver in my nose it burned like hell. My tear ducts emptied aka, I cried. This is the result of immediate die-off! So, be prepared. Shortly after the burning stopped, my sinuses drained, and I was blowing my nose for off and on for the rest of the evening.

All that being said,after the inital usage, I've NEVER had the burning sensation again.

I hope this helps. ;-)

And, happy breathing to you!

Much love, and light,


9:42:02 PM
Thanks so much Monica. I think I can figure out the math. My bottle holds about 180 mg (6 oz * 30 mg) so I will start with a very small amount and see how it goes. Those 'hairs' have been attacking my nose for months and I shudder thinking whats going on in my sinuses.

Thanks again.

12:30:41 PM
It's May 8, 2013... Miss me?! :-)

So, everyone I wanted to say a proper farewell, to this forum. My official journey ended on April 11th of this year. And, now, I'm in the midst of fully healing from Systemic Candida.

How've I been? Um... excellent! Thanks for asking! That being said, I am still purging from fungal hairs from my skin. But, there's no itching, prickling, or awful pain from before. I still purge heavy metals once in a while, and occassionally a wee bit of biofilm. But, no black specks / spores, the majority of all fibers are gone, although there are some stragglers every once in a while--remember, this stuff goes very deep into the body, it sets up shop, so, do not be alarmed if you see the occassional escapee-- who took the long way out. ;-)

I've been maintaing my diet and,I've been able to re-incorporate most fruits back into my diet, but, I don't overdo it on...well... anything. I'm also maintaining very low carbs--though, that's not really new for me overall. And, wait for it... I STILL MAINTIAN THE ENTIRE PROTOCOL.

I have to say because I'm battling Candida, which is extremely dangerous in terms of what it can do to the body--yes, including death-- it is important that I maintain my immune health, so, yes... still using food grade D.E. and MSM sulfur,I'm still slathering myself with cocunut oil, and I eat a teaspoon of it everyday. I still use monolaurin, mangnifezyme and candida rid.

So, while a lot has changed in terms of my overall health, weightloss, looking and feeling younger, getting back my energy, mysterious joint pain inflamation becoming a thing of the past-- a lot hasn't changed. I still maintain a healthy lifestyle, I still maintain the protocol, and I'm ever viligant on completely ridding my precious body from all harmful bacteria,viruses, parasites and fungus.

The education I've received from this experience has been priceless, the people I've met here have become dear friends. So... with that... I am telling all of you-- YOU CAN DO THIS. You CAN beat this... It's possible. I'm living proof of it everyday. And, no--you can never go back to who you were before, why?? Because that person was SICK and you have chosen to be HEALTHY! That person was ignorant of how to support their immune system, you are in the midst of becoming a minor expert. The sick person took life for granted, and now you're excited to not only experience life, but, to enjoy it! No...there's no going back. And, who would want to?

Namaste, many blessings to you all, and a long, healthy life to you.


11:05:06 AM
Well hello Monica,

I know I have missed you, for there were times when I've been tired and I could always find strength in your posts. You were the first of a new breed of Morgellons sufferers that I have fondly dubbed the "New Wave of Warriors".

Your commitment to share your journey on a weekly basis in the hope that it would help eliminate some of the fear has helped countless thousands, and I will be forever grateful.

You, Theresa and then Peter were the first. We all know Peter, a born researcher, encourager and diet enthusiast. Miss Theresa is very busy these days looking for Mr. Right now that she's almost completely well. Sorry Theresa but everyone's asking about you!

All kidding aside Monica, I will miss you dearly! Your journey encouraged others to settle and post here on the most positive interactive discussion forum on Morgellons to be found anywhere.

I truly hope that your struggle with Morgellons is behind you now. Your commitment to remain on the protocol will serve you well wherever life takes you.

I still remain on the basic protocol and have seen my health continuously improve. I am the youngest 67 year old man I have ever met, and suffice it to say that I'm the only person I know on the planet fishing in a snow storm and surfing in ice water!

Please know that you are always welcome here. On behalf of all of us,




7:05:05 AM
What is the protocol please ?

6:00:05 PM
Looks like I have this nasty illness. Could you tell me the protocol?


6:43:06 PM
Hhello everyone, I am new but trying to beat this mysterious illness on my own. Does anyone know if you can start the protocol nursing a baby?

10:09:59 AM
First let me say I'm truly excited to have found this site. I've recently diagnosed myself as my physicians all think I'm crazy. Will someone please reach out to me and help me get started with detoxification?

11:34:08 PM
Hi Rayshon

My name is Peter. Welcome to this site and this community. Here you will find everything you need to heal from Morgellons.

It would be best for you to click on the start a new thread above, choose a title, and begin your own thread. That will better allow others here to reach out and help you get started.

In the meantime, you should visit the FAQ page and then the protocol page. Reading is the first step in beginning your journey back to health.

Strength and Love
Julie k

6:22:46 PM
Would someone please share the protocol with me. I've had this for a year and it seemed to be doing better, but am battling again. Thank you for any help you can offer.

12:27:42 AM
Hi Julie

There have been several people asking about the protocol recently. Here is a post written by Justin in March of 2014. Justin no longer posts here because he is in complete remission and, like many, has gotten on with his life. However, I believe his post will be useful to you and others who are new to Mel's web site and his protocol.

Go to the top of the Website where it says: Home, My Story, FAQ,
Mel's Protocol, ect...

Click on Mel's Protocol

A new page should pop up saying Mel's Protocol. There is a picture with a rainbow over a lake.

Scroll down the page till you get to the next picture. It should say Logos Thymic Formula: Click on the picture it should take you to John's site where you can order the protocol off of there.

Here is the website link.

That is the basic protocol.

You will also need MMS and Sovereign Silver.

It's recommended that you read or listen to the conference calls, and start educating yourself as much as possible on the protocol and different aspects of the protocol. So you understand what you are committing yourself to. Also starting a dietary change prior to starting the protocol is most helpful.

That's it

12:10:09 AM
Hi Mel --
hard to believe that I have had this horrible problem for almost 6 years --
I want to try your protocol but I have a question -- how do I help my cat and what about the living environment.

I have tried so many things that I am surprised to be alive. Actually I am surprised that I have lived with this this long - thought to end it all several times in the beginning years ..

but I am a fighter first.

Thank you for your response

8:57:55 AM
Dear Kris,

Welcome! I'm sorry to hear you learned you have this disease for over six years. You're amazing living with this for these times. You are a fighter. This this is a good place for fighters like you!

Mel's protocol really works, together with sleep, clean up diet, are important.

A good way to. Get started is set up an appointment one on one with Mel, he will be able to guide you on to the right steps to take. He's a good captain, also really good cheerleader for us sufferers.
Friday and Saturday conference calls are good too.

I hope the best for you Kris. I'm so happy you found it, the cure, or the method to fight this thoroughly.

My name is Linn, I'm cheering you on!

5:18:51 PM
Hi Kris,

I too am sorry to hear that you've been living with this so long but can and will guarantee you that Mel's protocol works. I've been on it 5 months now and can tell you that I truly feel about 75% better than I did before the protocol.

As for your cat, you can put pets in the search engine of this site and will get a wealth of information to help your beloved cat. Another thing I can promise you is the environment does get better as we heal, I promise!! In the meantime Kleen Green which can be found on the Protocol page is a wonderful tool to help with our environment!!!

Last but definitely not least, I too would HIGHLY recommend a one on one call with Mel. You can click on the tab at the top of the website and fill out the form. Mel is direct and to the point and will get you started in the right direction!!!! Also the weekly conference calls are a HUGE help both listening to past calls in the More Communication is Better thread and participating in the calls too... There is always time for questions on the call, I know as I've asked MANY!!!!

You have truly found a place to heal, I hope you stay!!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,

6:21:05 PM
Hello Kris,

Welcome to the place where you will finally end your six year illness.

I wish everyone who got this disease could be told right away about this site and Mel's Protocol, but unfortunately our society hasn't evolved to that yet.

I agree 100% wish what Linn said to you....Protocol, Diet, Cleaning up your environment. You WILL heal, and you will come out of this new person.

If for any specific reason you may need a woman to talk to, you can let Mel know and I would be glad to speak with you.

God Bless,