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11:44:47 AM

Morgellons - The Sun Of THe Parts, Not Just Some Of The Parts
The Sun Of THe Parts, Not Just Some Of The Parts

Hi Teddy,

Thank you so much for your kind wishes for me!

The marked progress you're making and continued improvement are encouraging for sure. It's great that you're seeing yourself get better and trying to keep your focus on that improvement.

Slow and Steady, one of The Sum of the Parts, is not always easy but is necessary. It's great that you're following that and having such positive results.

Take care,


9:30:23 AM

Morgellons -


Thank you for your words of encouragement !

Yes, joining the community has been life changing.

The journey is taking longer than I expected, but I am far enough along to realize that I am making marked progress and continue to see improvement.

When you reach the point of feeling and seeing yourself get better, it makes it easier to accept the fact that it takes time.

Good luck on your journey as well !!

9:40:16 AM


Hi Teddy,

Thank you for sharing your story with the rest of the community.

You were very wise to begin changing your diet after you read about the importance of diet on the forum.

It's great that you decided to join the community and get on the protocol. Congratulations on the significant progress you've made in 2 years.

Noticing your symptoms were going away after only 3 months on the protocol, and beginning to get your life back, must have been a great encouragement to continue on.

Now your progress is a great encouragement to everybody in the community, because you've chosen to share your story. Thank you for that, and for the excellent advice you have given in your post. Such sound advice can help anybody in the community if they choose to follow it.

Take care,


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