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11:13:32 AM

Morgellons -

Great post Teddy!

You are so right.

You have to be ready to give it your all and follow all the protocols and listen to the people that have been healed.

Sometimes other health problems made make it take longer but this protocol can help heal a lot of other things.
You can’t get in a rush or try other things because it just doesn’t work that way.

Always ask questions and take part in the calls!

Keep up the good work Teddy!!

11:13:32 AM

Morgellons - There's light at the end of our tunnel!
There's light at the end of our tunnel!

To all the newbies,

My story is the same as most. I went to multiple doctors and got multiple diagnoses. Everything that I was given treated the symptoms, not the problem. I spent a very large amount of money and time self treating. I did get temporary relief, but the problem still persisted.

When I did find this site, I was a little reluctant to join the community. I read as much as I could get to on the site. I stopped eating sugar and dairy products. So when I did decide to join the community and get on the protocol, I was a little ahead of the game. I made significant progress in curtailing the symptoms.

In about 3 months I started to notice symptoms going away. I was getting my life back to some sense of normalcy. I have made some mistakes, I have gotten of course, and I have made some wrong decisions. This August will be two years on the protocol for me. Yes, this seems like a long time. But it took a lot longer than two years for this condition to consume my body and wreak havoc on my life. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Is it possible to get well faster ? Yes, if you are willing to do what I have listed below and stay the course. Is it going to be easy ? No, but being persistent and following the Sum of Parts will get you healed faster.

Plug into, or take advantage, of all of the available options. There is no place you can go and get the wealth of knowledge available on the website for $5.00 per month.

There is no place you can go and get to speak to others dealing with the same issues that you are like the Saturday calls. At no charge. The Sunday calls can be very uplifting as well, if you so desire.

Become active in reading and posting on the forum. Share your wins and loses along the way. Support is what the community is about.

Coaching is available and I would highly recommend it initially to make sure you get started properly and headed in the right direction. There is so much information available on the site, it can very easily be misinterpreted. Mel’s coaching will keep you moving forward and making progress.

All of the above is from my personal experience. I know it works !!


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