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Donna M

9:20:11 PM

Hi Everyone,

I cannot believe two more countries have visited the website in the four weeks since I have updated the complete list. I'm sure there will be more countries that access the website before I update the list again.

It is great that people all over the world hopefully realize that this is the place to get help and heal. If you are reading this and have any doubts, please read about all the people who have restored their health here.

Looking forward to posting the newest list of countries in a few weeks.


Donna M.

9:19:46 AM
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Flag of Nepal

Good Morning Everyone,

They just keep on coming, in the last five days we have had two new countries join in on our website; Pakistan and this morning Nepal .

That now brings our total since August 2019 to 59 countries and we still have have over five months before we complete a one year cycle.

Anyone who does not believe Morgellons not only exists, but is on the verge of being a pandemic, they are the ones who need a psychiatrist!

The good news is, that once they find us, they now have the chance to restore their health.

we will keep you updated!

God bless,
Those who do not give up HOPE restore their health

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