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9:13:18 AM

Morgellons -

Wow ,

I just noticed an increase in numbers from Russian federation and Turkey , I truly hope they are finding the information they need and they find their path to healing and good health again ...

I hope we can all remember that all these countries are reading our posts in hopes of finding answers and light at the end of the tunnel, it's not just the U. S.. or our community so I Would hope to encourage everyone to post some helpful things if possible that might encourage and give some answers to all the people who visit this website , there must be some just basic or simple things that can help so many ...

God Bless All in your journey..
Amen !

8:24:49 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

As I had mention just recently, there are other countries at different times and days that have more visitors than the good ole USA!

Herc's just one example I found very early this Morning. 4 Am Saturday morning

Visitors Right Now
Russian Federation 6
Turkey 4
United States of America 3
Other 1
Romania 1
South Africa 1
Canada 1

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