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Karen (the Librarian)

7:49:25 PM
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June 2021 Countries that have visited the website since August 2019: 105. You can view the list below.

The two new countries in June to visit the website were Pakistan and the Congo, Democratic Republic of.

What a blessing for people to be able to visit this website and be able to gain information in their own language!
We pray many will find very helpful information!

1 Afghanistan
2 Algeria
3 Anguilla
4 Argentina
5 Armenia
6 Australia
7 Austria
8 Azerbaijan
9 Bangladesh
10 Barbados
11 Belarus
12 Belgium
13 Renin, Republic of
14 Bermuda
15 Bolivia
16 Bosnia and Herzegovina
17 Botswana
18 Brazil
19 Bulgaria
20 Cambodia
21 Canada
22 China
23 Colombia
24 Congo, Democratic Republic of
25 Costa Rica
26 Croatia
27 Curacao
28 Cyprus
29 Czech Republic
30 Denmark
31 Dominican Republic
32 Egypt
33 England
34 Estonia
35 Ethiopia
36 Finland
37 France
38 Georgia
39 Germany
40 Greece
41 Guam
42 Honduras
43 Hong Kong
44 Hungary
45 Iceland
46 India
47 Indonesia
48 Iran, Islamic Republic of
49 Ireland
50 Israel
51 Italy
52 Jamaica
53 Japan
54 Kazakhstan
55 Korea
56 Kuwait
57 Latvia
58 Lebanon
59 Liechtenstein
60 Lithuania
61 Laos People's Democratic Republic
62 Luxembourg
63 Malaysia
64 Malta
65 Mexico
66 Moldova, Republic of
67 Morocco
68 Nepal
69 Netherlands
70 New Zealand
71 Nigeria
72 Norway
73 Pakistan
74 Panama
75 Peru
76 Philippines
77 Poland
78 Portugal
79 Puerto Rico
80 Romania
81 Russian Federation
82 Saudi Arabia
83 Scotland
84 Serbia
85 Seychelles
86 Singapore
87 Slovakia
88 Slovenia
89 Somalia
90 South Africa
91 Spain
92 Suriname
93 Sweden
94 Switzerland
95 Taiwan
96 Thailand
97 Trinidad and Tobago
98 Turkey
99 Ukraine
100 Uzbekistan
101 United Arab Emirates
102 United States
103 Viet Nam
104 Wales
105 Zambia
Karen (the Librarian)

4:33:02 PM

Let's welcome The Democratic Republic of Congo to the "How I Cured Morgellons" website. It is the 105th country to visit his website since August 2019!!

The "Congo", or the "DRC" as it is frequently called, (not to be confused with the country "Republic of the Congo", was called "Zaire" from 1971-1997. In a local African language the word "Zaire" means "great river", referring to the Congo River.

The name Congo has origins in the colonial period, when Europeans identified the river with the kingdom of the Kongo people, who live near its mouth. Following the overthrow of Mobutu in 1997, the country’s name prior to 1971, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was reinstated.

The DRC is the second largest country on the African continent after Algeria. The capital, Kinshasa, in the extreme west of the country, is the largest city in Central Africa.

Congo is rich in natural resources. It boasts vast deposits of industrial diamonds, cobalt, and copper; one of the largest forest reserves in Africa; and about half of the hydroelectric potential of the continent.

Ethnic groups
More than 200 African ethnic groups live in Congo; of these, Bantu peoples constitute a large majority of the country’s population. There are around 600 languages or dialects spoken in the country.

Congo’s rate of natural increase is among the highest in the world. More than two-fifths of the population is younger than age 15, with some three-fourths under age 30; on the other hand, only a small fraction of the population is 60 or older. The negligible provision of medical care by the state—along with poverty, violence, and endemic disease—has limited life expectancy, which for both men and women is far below the global average.

Agriculture, forestry, and fishing

Domestic agriculture is the main source of food and income for the majority of the population. Agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, and forestry combined provide employment for more than three-fourths of the labour force and, on average, account for more than two-fifths of GDP.

Although the country is rich in agricultural potential, deterioration of the transportation network and agricultural services since independence have led to a return to subsistence agriculture and a collapse of market production. Foodstuffs such as cereals and fish are imported in increasing amounts. Coffee is the chief agricultural export, although much of it is smuggled out of the country; production of palm oil, rubber, and cotton, once mainstays of the export economy, has become almost negligible.

Resources and power
The country’s main economic resource is its mineral deposits; mining produces almost nine-tenths of total exports. The abundance of minerals in Katanga province was among those factors that attracted European powers to Congo in the 19th century.

Do remember of pray for the people of the Congo (DRC). We welcome the people that found this website and desire that they will find helpful information in their journey towards healing.


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