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Karen (the Librarian)

9:44:36 AM

Hi Community Members an Friends,

We have had a visitor to the site from another new country: Cyprus!

This makes a total of 81 countries in the past 15 months that have visited the website.

The island of Cyprus lies in the Mediterranean Sea, about 40 miles south of Turkey, and 60 miles west of Syria.

In the New Testament book of Acts, chapter13, we read of Paul and Barnabas' stop in Cyprus on their first missionary journey.

Let us pray for the people of Cyprus, and particularly the person(s) that visited the website.

This is the complete list to date of countries that have visited the website since August of 2019:

2 Algeria
3 Argentina
4 Australia
5 Austria
6 Bangladesh
7 Barbados
8 Belarus
9 Belgium
10 Bosnia and Herzegovina
11 Brazil
12 Bulgaria
13 Canada
14 China
15 Colombia
16 Costa Rica
17 Croatia
18 Cyprus
19 Czech Republic
20 Denmark
21 Egypt
22 England
23 Estonia
24 Finland
25 France
26 Germany
27 Greece
28 Honduras
29 Hong Kong
30 Hungary
31 Iceland
32 India
33 Indonesia
34 Ireland
35 Israel
36 Italy
37 Jamaica
38 Japan
39 Kazakhstan
40 Korea
41 Latvia
42 Lithuania
43 Lao People's Democratic Republic
44 Luxembourg
45 Malaysia
46 Mexico
47 Moldova, Republic of
48 Morocco
49 Nepal
50 Netherlands
51 New Zealand
52 Nigeria
53 Norway
54 Panama
55 Peru
56 Philippines
57 Poland
58 Portugal
59 Puerto Rico
60 Romania
61 Russian Federation
62 Saudi Arabia
63 Scotland
64 Seychelles
65 Singapore
66 Slovenia
67 South Africa
68 Spain
69 Suriname
70 Sweden
71 Switzerland
72 Taiwan
73 Thailand
74 Trinidad and Tobago
75 Turkey
76 Ukraine
77 Uzbekistan
78 United Arab Emirates
79 United States
80 Viet Nam
81 Wales
Karen (the LIbrarian)

3:12:01 PM
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Hi Folks.

Did you know that 80 countries in the past 14 months have visited this website? Did you know that in the past 2 months there were first time visits from the countries of Suriname, Herzegovina, Bosnia and Uzbekistan, and Bangladesh?

Our heart goes out to people around the world who are suffering from this disease.

How thankful we all are that God is His sovereignty allowed a hawk to speak direction and hope into Mel's life. We are grateful that Mel gives unselfishly to give guidance and inspiration to person after person.

Can we join in prayer that more sufferers of this disease can find this site? Will you join together to pray for Mel as he talks with folks? Ask that God will give him wisdom and energy!

Do pray that Mel's dream of a clinic will become a reality!!

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