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Cheryl **

7:56:29 PM

Hi Everyone,

If you click on "Create a login for $5/month" located in the rectangle on the top right of the page, under the subheadings (links), that will take you to the "New User Registration Page". There you will find, "The top ten reasons you should subscribe to our website and become a part of our community".

I thought that it would be a great idea to bring this list to the forum.
Mel Said (GO GIRL)

How many people might have missed reading this list when they subscribed to the website? How many people are thinking about subscribing to the website, but have not yet pushed the "Create a Login Button" and have missed reading all of these great reasons to join?

Before you read the list below, it is important to know that each one of the ten reasons listed was given by a different person who has gotten well, beginning with Mel at #1.


1) Everyone is welcome here!

2) Our Guiding Principals reflect 14 years of research, understanding and compassion for all toxic disease suffers.

3) Our FAQ'S are simple, direct, and easy to understand. The FAQ'S include our basic outline of what, when and how to restore one's health. This information can be printed on less than two pages (single side) for easy reference.

4) Our "Articles and Diet" section not only explains the necessary dietary changes, but more importantly includes why these changes make a difference. A comprehensive recipe section is included as well.

5) Then there's our forum...and everyone loves the forum! Here is where community members interact on a daily basis exchanging questions, answers, progress, great tips, feelings, etc.

6) Let's not forget our conference calls! "Coffee,Tea With Me" takes place each Saturday morning with BYOQ'S "Bring Your Own Questions", at least twice a month, and special guests or specific topics as requested. Oh by the way they are free.

7) Every Sunday Morning we have prayer meeting and after we pray, we have fellowship where each person may speak with any other person attending. People who attend our conference calls and prayer meetings claim they no longer feel alone! It is also free.

8) Our community is a place where no one judges you, no one thinks you're delusional, and where you'll find many many people who have, and are, experiencing the same things you are. Community members are very supportive and willing to share what has helped them restore their health.

9) Community members have the opportunity for one on one coaching sessions with a toxic disease sufferer who has restored his health, and who at 72 years young remains in unbelievable health. after being diagnosed with Morgellons July 13th, 2006.

10) It's economical. The protocol works, and is spelled out specifically and in detail on this site. This will help you focus on a straight path to restoring your health, and help you avoid being tempted to buy the next dangling carrot "cure" that seems to be too good to be true. This isn't a magic bullet. It takes work...but those who have dedicated themselves to the protocol find themselves becoming progressively better and finally healed. Yes it is true, those who do not give up HOPE get well.

Now that you have read this list, please take the time to listen to 2 of the most important conference calls ever made and posted to this website. These calls are always posted free for anyone to listen to on the "New User Registration" page.

1) Oldies But Goodies - Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 10/07/17

2) The Sum of the Parts - Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 4/1/17.

God bless you all. Please remember what Mel always says. Those who did not give up hope got well.


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