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10:06:51 AM

Thank you everyone who took part in this Saturday’s Call! A great turnout with so many really good entries, so a big thanks to those who posted their Top Ten! If you were unable to attend please take a moment to read all of them or listen to this Saturday’s Coffee, Tea and Me! Just go to the link below to listen!

Here are top three winners with a tie in second place! Yay!!

First place to Lola!
Tied for second is Carol & Tea!

Again, thank you so much to Mel and for all who made this such a fun Saturday call! I know it’s much appreciated by all! :-)

Have a blessed week everyone & super big thanks!

Love & Hugs!

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 02/26/22

Listen To Audio


10:06:11 AM


"What I find useful w/ the web site & conference calls."

1-Using diet to control these toxic diseases.

2-Not having lesions.

3- Controlling anxiety.

4-Knowing how to treat IBS

5-Understanding the benefits of exercise & Sauna to
remove the toxins.

6-Knowing how to clear the pathways.

7-Understanding how & what supplements to take,

8-Search engine that answers questions, so you have a
proper plan to move forward.

9-Understanding extra H2o is needed to detoxify the
blood & organs.

10- Love & Compassion from others who care.

Good Luck--Donald

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