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2:27:01 PM

Dear Friends

If you need the help,
Please, do not whelp,

We are here..
So do not fear..........

1) It barely costs a Cent
Your purse, you will not dent.

2)You'll never be alone
So my dear, don't moan,

3)We listen and we care,
Our troubles we will share

4)Healing is our game,
Your strength you will reclaim

5)The protocol is wise,
Please open your eyes,

6)We like to laugh a lot,
So we dont lose the plot

7) And when you Cry,
We will hold your head high

8)We understand it all
And hear you when you call

9)Our message is always Hope,
Enabling you to cope

10)We will pray as one,
Until all healing is done.


Cheryl / Mel

10:22:04 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Cheryl, oh Cheryl, how do we miss thee!

Friends these are the original Ten Reasons as done by Cheryl.
The name was changed later.

Ten reasons to remain on this Website
R = Restoring bio-terrain
E = Encouragement
G = Guidance
A = Acceptance
I = Involved members
N = Nutritional support

L = Love of Christ
I = Inspiration
F = Faith based
E = Effective protocol

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