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7:47:42 PM

I have not actually started the protocol but have already been helped by being part of the community. I think it is best to be connected with the community BEFORE even starting the protocol - For preparation. This is why:

1). This protocol takes a great deal of determination and commitment. Being able to read posts, (available after becoming a community member) and getting to talk to others has given me many ideas to make it easier to follow.

2). Mel has walked many people through the protocol which has fine tuned his personal knowledge. His counsel is invaluable. He is truly involved personally with community members and even "one on one" counsel is available for a very reasonable cost. I recommend it!

3). I can talk or send posts to other members which allows me to have many questions answered from those who have gone before me and are at various stages of healing.

4). Eating healthy is a primary part of the protocol. Many recipes and healthy eating tips are available. They are really helpful. And I have already tried some ideas and recipes. The ideas worked and the recipes were yummy! This is truly very, very helpful.

5). Besides the contact above there is also a Sunday prayer meeting and fellowship available for those who wish to join. The prayer for/from others, the connection with God at a time we really need some extra TLC, and the fellowship with others after prayers allows for true connections, asking questions, having concern for one another, seeing how others are doing in this process, etc, etc. This can go as deep as someone wants to share!

6). Due to the extensiveness of the protocol it would be very difficult to figure it out by yourself.

7). Most (or possibly ALL it appears?) who do not connect with the community do not make it through to completion to receive the full healing of their bodies. There are ups and downs in the process so without knowing what IS progress someone could easily quit thinking it is not working when it gets worse, wrong Mel always says you will get worse before you get better. Mel and hundreds of others attests to the fact when a person joins the community and faithfully follows the protocol they DO get healed.(Check the Testimonials)

8). It is a no brain er to become a community member and get all this help since it is ONLY $5 a month.
Where else could you possibly get well for only $5. Like I said it's a no brain er

9). I hear from many who are healed now or are very close to it. They have a new lease on life! Their energy and health is back and they love life. I can't wait to get there!

10). Once totally healed I hear many say they have learned how to stay healthy and want to incorporate what they have learned for the rest of their lives! This is truly life transforming health information.

P.S.I am not one who likes to get on facebook, twitter, nor talk to strangers, nor yack on the phone - yet as a true introvert I have already found all information available to be invaluable. You don't even have to talk nor pray in the prayer & fellowship you can just listen and learn. All are welcome as they are.

Brenda ***

4:47:39 PM

Wow! There are so many awesome posts in this thread for the Top 10 Reasons to Join this Website and Community that I'm certain mine will be repetitive...nevertheless, here are mine:

1. If you are truly committed to healing this is a PROVEN PATH

2. Mel, our ever vigilant leader, has over 12 years assisting
people from all over the world in getting well from Toxic no matter where you live REACH OUT!
Help is waiting!

3. Where else can you go for AFFORDABLE, EXPERT
COACHING? And for those who have been financially
devastated by this dis-ease the He Cures All Foundation
provides support in a BIG WAY!

4. The well-organized website is chockful of information on
How to Heal with expert tips on nutrition and

5. Every Saturday there are FREE CALLS available for
learning and feature many well-known experts who help
us navigate toxic dis-ease. International callers often use
Skype. This is an opportune time to ask any questions you
may be wondering about..

6. Every Sunday there are Prayer Meetings followed by
fellowship for those who are unable to get out into public.
Everyone is welcome. Come pray with us!

7. The people in this community are AWESOME and very
supportive .Hear from those that have become well again
following this program as they share tips they have
learned on their path to wellness. No need to re-invent the
wheel! Simply listen, ask questions and put into practice
what they have learned. It makes this journey much

8. There are recipes and diet suggestions to fit everyone's

9. There are resources galore... and contests to win FREE
PRODUCTS and gifts.

10.This is the ONLY online community where people actually
heal and restore their health naturally as God intended.

***What's to lose?*** Join us today!***

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