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Rockin Robin

7:23:20 PM
Click the pic, Here is where HOPE and RESTORATION begins!

Hello Everyone!

If you are new or just browsing, this is an important message for you

If you click the button that says "Create An Account For $5.00 a Month" you still are not committed to join at that point; it will simply take you to a page called "New User Registration" where you will find full explanations of "The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Join The Website And Community". You still don't have to join, but you can read and browse and learn all about this website. Here is a very brief run down of what you will read about:

1. Everyone Is Welcome
2. Our Guiding Principles
3. Our FAQ'S
4. Our Articles & Diet
5. All About The Forum
6. Free Conference Calls (Sat. & Sun.)
7. Sunday Prayer & Fellowship Available
8. Community - No Judgement & You Are Never Alone
9. Coaching Available
!0. It's Economical

Besides the top 10 reasons you should join, there are 2 wonderful conference calls you can listen to and several testimonials from fellow sufferers who have gotten completely well here following this protocol!!

You don't have to join, but if you read everything on the page (keep scrolling down), and listen to the 2 calls "Coffee, Tea With Me", and read the 3 testimonials by Ruth, Kelly, and Brenda, I'm sure you will want to join this wonderful website and community of fellow sufferers. It has made ALL the difference in my life!! I am finally getting well!! Don't delay! Read this page and listen; it could change your life!!

In His love And Concern For You,
Rockin Robin

12:55:17 PM

So many reasons to join this wonderful, loving community of believers who not only seek to restore their health and wellbeing, but also choose to SERVE US to restore our own!

The biggest reason why my wife, who suffers from this horrific toxic disease, and I joined this community is quite simple and found in the word 'community'... UNITY. Of the many definitions, one common concept sticks out: "a whole or totality as combining ALL ITS PARTS INTO ONE." (Does this sound awfully familiar to anyone? Perhaps, the Sum of the Parts??)

While we are all on our individual journey to restoring health, this community unites us in whole. We are all one and lean on each other for support, courage and the will to fight this disease. It can't be won alone in the trenches - we all need support for empathy and accountability to stay the course. This is what this community is all about. No one here is out just for themselves - we don't receive coaching from Mel and go off on our own without supporting each other. Even if you've never attended a Saturday conference or Sunday prayer and fellowship call, you will get the feel real quick just how evident that wholeness in support is by visiting the site and subscribing as a member. I'm never ceased to be amazed at how many new posts are populated daily - posts from current members, "Newbies" just joining us the last couple months, and even "Warriors" who have healed themselves completely and STILL post and even attend weekend calls, paying it forward by serving us who are fighting to get better. This is what our community is all about - WHOLENESS IN UNITY.

This is the hope that we all need that you will receive, and much more, when you subscribe and join our community. Remember the words of Andy Dufresne from one of my favorite movies, Shawshank Redemption: "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."

When you join this community to take courage and have hope, you WILL get better. I look forward to seeing and hearing from all who join - WELCOME to your NEW life!

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