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6:25:23 PM
An endless stream of knowledge

Hi Chrissie and Tea,

Thank you both for the very kind words! They mean a lot coming from such fantastic ladies.

I appreciate you both sharing your thoughts about why this is a great website and community.

If there is anybody out there who is still hesitant about joining this website and community, please read Karen (the Librarian's) post, "Karpe Diem, Carpe Deus" and seize the day! There are many caring people here who want to encourage you as you move forward in your healing journey.

By joining this website and community, you will also find an enormous amount of great information in the posts and calls, past and present.

So many wonderful benefits, and the cost to be a part is only 5 dollars a month. So, please don't sit on the fence any longer. Go ahead and sign up. Read the first post in this thread to learn how.

God bless,



10:22:31 PM

Hi Cheryl!

Thank you so much for sharing! I can always use these great reminders. Helps me stay grounded and to stay focused on getting well.

Not to mention that there is so much available and it’s so great because it adheres to each individuals needs. Also, I love the fact that I can always reread
a post, search for anything helpful and listen to any Saturday call, over & over again! :-)

You are such a blessing to this community!


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