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8:49:30 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

It is a blessing to read all these wonderful posts and I thank those who took the time to think and then write them.

Being raise in Manhattan I will only put one and in my opinion the most important reason is that;

More people restore their health from toxic diseases on our website then anywhere else!

So please take some time and read our website, it could be the best investment you make for your Health, after all is there any thing really more important.

God bless,

12:45:43 PM

Hello All,

Here are MY top 10 reasons for joining the website. Trust me, it will be one of the best things you've ever done!

1) Coaching. Mel is full of great information and knows exactly what you’re going through. For just a few extra dollars, you can purchase coaching and he will walk you through the entire process. This is a must have and do not recommend going through this without an experienced mentor. After all, Mel went through this himself and BEAT the disease!

2) Healing. We all want to get well right? Well, here is the pathway to healing. It’s certainly not easy, but the Lord will see you through.

3) Fellowship. During this storm in our lives, whether it be this disease or other things going on in the world, it’s great to have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are here to guide one another, strengthen each other and show love to one another.

4) Great food. You’re probably saying, “Huh”? But it’s the truth - you’d be surprised how many great healthy recipes you can find on this site. Not only does healthy eating aid in healing, but you just feel better and have more energy. This site has been around for quite a long time and throughout the years, fellow suffers have shared their recipes. All of these recipes are safe to enjoy.

5) Growth. Let’s face it, this disease is hard. As a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through thus far in life. Making a commitment to get well and perseverance causes growth. Also, trusting the Lord and having faith even when things look terrible will do the same. Fellow Christians, I don’t believe any of us found this site by accident.

6) Love. I can’t even tell you how great it’s been to chat with other believers. Not just believers, but those who are going through the same thing that I am experiencing. People who love you no matter what, people who believe you and don’t treat you as if you’re crazy when you describe your symptoms. I’ve made some great, lifelong friends on this site in such a short period of time.

7) Acceptance. This is a great community where everyone knows exactly what you’re going through. There’s no judgment here - we all understand your battle as we’re going through it ourselves!

8) Safety. This is a safe space for all sufferers! I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve found myself venting and being able to express my fears to my fellow sufferers. Again, there’s no judgement here.

9) A sense of belonging. I want to reiterate, this community is a place with NO judgement. We all have experienced the crazy ups and downs with this disease. Each Saturday and Sunday, we meet on a conference call to discuss various topics, to talk about what we’re battling and to worship and praise our Lord Jesus Christ.

10) Information. Last but not least, is information. As stated previously, this site is full of information on this disease from people who are either in the process of getting well or HAVE gotten well. This site goes back many years. There are so many people who have been healed of this disease. If you want to know what to do and how to overcome, then this is the place.

God Bless,


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