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5:58:43 PM

Hi Karen,

Wondering if you or anyone knows about the ChocZero chocolates and peanut butter cups.

It would seem that there is no reason not to eat them-in moderation of course. The peanut butter cups are better than Reese's in my book. Is this too good to be true?

Also wondering about sugar alcohols. I read back in the diet section and there seems to be some ok's and some not ok's.

All this keto stuff is great for low carb, but most of it has sugar alcohols in it.

5:57:08 PM

Hi Everybody,

Thanks John. I LOVE my air fryer. It's the closest thing to fast food I've found for our food plan. If you don't have one, you might want to take a look at them on Amazon. The one Mel's been posting on these last couple of posts is around $69.

It's not only fast, it makes food delicious, it's easy to clean, and it won't heat up the house in the summer like it would if you turned your oven on.

One other "tool" I use with it is one of those little pump sprayers you can fill with your own oil. I'll write another post later about it so Mel can put in a link. Many of you probably already have one. You just fill up the little bottle and pump it before you spray oil. I keep organic coconut oil in mine and typically spray anything I'm going to air fry before putting it in the cooking chamber.

Vegetables are delicious air fried. The pic has radishes, okra, zucchini, and cauliflower...all cooked with the coconut oil lightly sprayed on prior. I've found it best to salt (I like sea salt) and pepper it after it's cooked.

The chicken in the pic is lightly coated in fine almond flour. I spray the coated pieces with the coconut oil as well before cooking. That'll keep the flour sealed in and make it cook nicely.

I wanted to include a lot of pix, so I made a collage for this post. It's kind of small, so you might have to hit Control + a few times to see the individual pix.




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