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Tracy's Devotional

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11:00:43 AM

Morgellons -



For My people, saith the Lord, lift up thy voice and
weep aloud.
Yea, let thy cry be heard in the night.
In the stillness, rouse the sleeping.
Say ye to My people, Up, shake thyself from slumber.
Lay aside thy garments of sleep.
Gird thyself and put sandals on thy feet.
Make haste.

Yea, flee to the rock of refuge lest in thy drowsiness,
sleeping past the hour, thou waken at last to
find thyself ensnared in the net of the enemy.

For the powers of darkness are about thee on every side.
Yea, he doth not rest in his scheming and plotting.
For he desireth with an unholy, fiendish delight
and with bitter, deliberate design,
to destroy the godly and to break down the
building of God.

But I have builded My Church, and founded it upon
the Rock, and the very gates of hell shall not prevail
against it.

I would not that ye be unaware of his devices;
but having calculated the strength of the opposing
force thou shalt be moved to see thy need of greater
power that ye be not overcome.
For My power is available to thee.
Yea, I will Myself fight for thee if thou put thy trust in Me.
Only relax not thy vigil.
For they that stumble, stumble in the darkness,
and they that slumber do so in the night.

Be thou not overtaken.
Fix thine eyes upon the Son of Righteousness
and He shall cause thee to walk in a path of light.

7:22:15 AM

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He departed again into a mountain Himself alone. John 6:15

Man needs to be alone with God. Without this, God cannot have the opportunity to shine into his heart, to transform his nature by His divine working, to take possession and to fill him with the fullness of God. Man needs to be alone with God, to yield to the presence and the power of His holiness, of His life and of His love. Christ on earth needed it; He could not live the life of a Son here in the flesh, without at times separating Himself entirely from His surroundings and being alone with God. How much more must this be indispensable to us!
When our Lord Jesus gave us the blessed command to enter our inner chamber, shut the door, pray to our Father in secret, all alone, He gave us the promise that the Father would hear such prayers, and mightily answer them in our life before men. What a great privilege is the opportunity of daily prayer to begin each morning. Let it be the one thing our hearts are set on, seeking and finding, discovering and meeting God. (Andrew Murray)

I love the lonely creative hours with God. (Madame Guyon)

PRAY ABOUT IT: If we think about it, we realize it's true: It's not possible for us to give our attention to God unless we're alone. We're too easily distracted by life. We may, of course, pray anytime, anywhere----but for our deep communion with God we must be shut away.
We must come to the place of loving those lonely hours with God. We can do so when we think about the beauty of being alone with God.
At the age of eighty-one the great Christian preacher, John Nelson Darby, wrote: "Do not reckon yourself lonely: it is a good thing to be alone with God. I have always been alone, but I bless God for it."

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