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Hallelujah treatment

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8:57:43 AM

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Hi everyone,

We all know how hard it is to get rid of the sore's we get from this disease.
I have had a sore on my nose that keeps appearing over and over again.
I use the hallelujah treatment, but it takes so long for it to go away, and It has
become a very deep scar. Just recently, it started up again and was covered
with the white Filament and bleeding.

I was using thehallelujah treatment and decided to addvitamin E over the sore
and Hallelujah!it cleared up faster than it has before.

So what I did was the hallelujah treatment : first the WPS, clean green,
silver but before I put the Stevia, I put vitamin E (bit the end of capsule)
then the stevia over it and it cleared up. I am hoping it works for the
borrelia bars, it seem to have soften them ! Hope this helps!

Hope you are all so blessed in his love today and We know All things work
together for good!!