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Reposted For Newbies: Food/Diet Help

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1:24:19 PM

Morgellons -

Thank you, Robin!

I really like that diet information. There are a lot of options with what you posted and the lettuce leaf idea for wraps and breads sound delicious. I like that we can have some berries and a small amount of (cooked apples). Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm also so surprised that you can put stevia on your wounds or skin. I've heard of it's amazing healing properties when you take it internally and now there are more facts to be found about it.

Thank you for the encouragement and hope,

4:53:26 PM

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Hope everyone is doing well. It’s so nice that daylight is now sticking around a bit longer as we move into Spring!

I know changing our diet seems like it could be difficult, but it is so important and it can be made soo easy! Please read through some of the previous posts to get ideas in deciding what could be increasing some your symptoms so you can make some simple changes that will help decrease them, along with sticking to a healthy diet. If your unsure please visit these two posts. Ideas for Delicious Dining and Grocery List Assistance. They will help!

You’ll get through this, just stick with the Protocol, Diet, Patience and Prayer!!


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