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11:38:36 AM

Hi Everybody,

I hope you all will take advantage of this fantastic sale of Magnifi-Greens by Logos Nutritionals.

I won a bottle of Magnifi-Greens in the March Sunday Contest. I started taking two, twice a day, at the same time I took my Thymic Formulas.

Mel advised me to get a coffee grinder to grind up my Thymic Formulas, when I told him that I might not be digesting them well. I put the Magnifi-Greens in the coffee grinder with my Thymic Formulas. Then I take it all together with the rest of my supplements.

I was really amazed at how much taking the 2 Magnifi-Greens twice a day helped my brain function! I found that I was much more able to work with numbers than I had been. I was pleasantly surprised and very happy when working with numbers became much easier for me, as this has been a huge problem for me.

Thank you so much Jill, Glenn, and John, for donating the Magnifi-Greens and Renaissance Activated Whey Protein shakes for the March contests.

Thank you John, for the wonderful, amazing products that you have made available to us, to help us restore our health and brain function.

Thank you, Mel, for starting the contests in the first place. That's what gave me the opportunity to try such an amazing product as Magnifi-Greens.

God bless,



2:44:10 PM
Hello Everyone,

Tax Day is here so save some greenbacks on MagnifiGreens.

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