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1:13:43 PM
Hello Everyone,

Mel asked me if I would run this popular special again, so here it is.

Support your immune system with Complete Thymic Formula and Vitamin D3 while fighting infection with the anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of Colostrum and Monolaurin.

You can't beat this four punch knockout!

God Bless,



2:32:46 PM

Hello Everyone,

We're at it again, this time with ZyCran Urinary Tract Support, a product many in the Morgellons community are using to great effect.

Here's the savings breakdown:
1 Bottle = 20%
3 Bottle = 25%
6 Bottle = 31%

Must use this link to order!!

This advertised special is to end on Monday but I will keep it active for the HICM community until next Friday July 24th.

God Bless,


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