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Justin J **

2:47:54 PM
Hello out there in the world at large. I basically am writing this post for others who are undertaking the journey that Mel has taken a few years ago and so many others have taken too. I don't feel like I'm blazing a new trail here but personally it's every bit it's uniquely challenging as beginning from scratch. My name is Justin. I believe I picked up morgellons disease sometime last summer around July. I think my immune system got progressively weakened by a combination of a bad cold, then some type of parasitic infection, slowly my health went down, and I was open game for morgellons which I might have had to begin with but something broke the camels back and my health was going down the drain in fast order. I'm a young person being only 20 so I could credit my youth to not developing full blown lesions but I have a nasty rash which I'm guessing is how this disease is manifesting for me. I have noticed the stinging, biting, weird plastic like worm things that look weird to say the least and all manner weird things going on with this. Shortness of breath, balance issues, memory fog, muscle weakness, swollen lymph nodes and grey eyes that sometimes get bloodshot, and intense fever burning sensation, stomach pain, and ubiquitous little fibers.
Luckily I had heard about morgellons and was well versed with a degree of natural health knowledge over the course of my life to begin eating better early on or so I thought!
I changed my diet took a few herbal remedies and it seemed to help but not really work for long. I eventually ended up leaving my job and moving back in with my family. My health and life was a shipwreck. I emailed Mel totally freaked out because I knew what I was dealing with. I just didn't know how in the world I was going to deal with it. So far Mel has helped me allot. He encourages you to read the website and read the whole forum. It's allot but It can't stressed how important it is. All the fear and fearful thinking clouds your mind. Just remember your not alone in this. Whatever stage your in on the healing journey. For me I'm on day 12 Im on the basic Burgsteiner wellness protocal nothing added to it and already I feel a little better. That says allot to me it speaks volumes. Early on starting out you have a boat load of fears. I'm having to face them one by one. It hit me after listening to the conference calls and reading the whole forum. You have to take control of your life reclaim what you gave away to fear. If you have morgellons others have had the same thing have have dealt with it, and have learned allot about life. There's two things fear and love and every manifestation of those two spectrums of emotions.
You can't heal just the mind or the body or the soul. You have to heal them all. That's deep healing. I'm learning to be diligent in my thinking eating and what I put into myself and what I put out. I realize its a long process and that if you think it's going to happen overnight! It's not!
But happen it will! You have to express all the things emanating from love and in doing so fight the darkness which is this disease the most polarized form of fear itself.
It brings out the best in you. Much love to others.

3:22:11 PM
Hello Justin
Welcome! After reading your post I want to tell you how impressed I am with your attitude. Your words tell me you are also Avery bright young man! You seem to fully understand some important aspects of how to handle our affliction. Several factors will work on your behalf for recovery from this. Your age, your education, and that you caught it early, just to mention a few.

You are so DEAD ON when you suggest that you must heal mind, body and soul together. I am uplifted that you understand this in that it will allow you to fully tackle the challenges you will face.
Your symptoms reflect those that are common for many of us. The really good news is that many symptoms noticeably diminish during the first 90 days as you continue to work the protocol.

Keep concentrating on your diet as that is critical. AVOID ALL SUGAR and stay away from eating processed foods. Focus on eating raw vegetables, eggs, and brown rice Drink fluoride free water. Red Rooibus Tea is also very beneficial . It is a powerful anti- fungal. I drink it daily.
Stay committed as you move towards regaining total health and please continue to share your progress here. Many can learn from you!


Justin J

11:17:39 PM
Hello out there to the world at large:

I had a nice conversation with Mel today, and he suggested I talk about how I made a Morgellons "Game plan in my situation.
The Morgellons 'Game Plan' as follows these views are my own:

I think to begin a Morgellons game plan you have to start with a few understandings which I take as inherent truths. These understandings are what brought me to Mel's site and allow me to continue fighting against Morgellons.

In order to fight an unknown disease what has helped me is throw out what we think we know about disease.

We're not suddenly stricken with disease if our system isn't sufficiently weakened to begin with. Healthy people tend not to get sick.

We live in a toxic world and our bodies are like mini versions of the Earth. We aren't removed from nature we are a part of it. Most people seem to think we are separate or feel separate from it. The Earth at the moment is dealing with a large influx of toxicity and so are people.

The next part that is crucial to my understanding is healing. I have seen 'alternative therapies' cure people of various ailments when people are left for the wolves by the modern medical establishment. There's allot of info on the web about big pharma and the medical drug cartels.

Natural healing works through different ways but ultimately it trys to bring the body back into optimum balance. In a rate of optimum balance disease-causing organisms can't thrive because there's no need for them. They are a cleanup crew.

In a weakened body there's an overburden of them. Which allows other things to thrive like morgellons and candida. There's theories the body actually makes a large number of germs bacteria and other 'pathogens' to clean up diseased tissues, and toxins. Only when overburdened does the system get totally out of whack.
Louis Pasteur father of the germ theory (the basis of modern medicine) recanted on his deathbed saying, ' that Bernard was right; the Terrain is everything, the Germ is nothing.'

When tuberculosis was killing people in the 1800s. The modern doctors of the time had a very low success rates but homeopathy (A form 'alternative medicine') was curing people.
Later homeopathy was viciously attacked and many homeopathic colleges were simply defunded by the government in league with the big corporations of the time mainly the Rockefeller foundation which went on to buy out the AMA. (The American medical association)
The AMA went bankrupt during the depression and was bought out by the Rockefellers under the stipulations they rewrite the doctor's textbooks in favor of chemical medicine, radiation, and surgery.
It could be argued the heads of the large corporations in league with the federal reserve were directly responsible for creating a depression by manipulating rates of inflation causing markets to fall and then buying things up on the cheap.
We are seeing this happen in the economy again today.
The AMA under the direction of the chemical oil industry supplanted natural treatments and dietary therapies, which were the conventional medicine of the time. They changed the meaning of alternative medicine and conventional medicine flipping them. Something that persists to this day.

Conventional medicine was basically natural treatments, our modern alternative medicine! These treatments had a long historical use, safety and effectiveness for generations, ease of use and affordability.
The alternative medicine of the time was surgery, chemical drugs, radiation, these treatments were, dangerous sloppy, unnatural, costly, addicting and patentable. Profitable.

We see a hostile environment to this day towards alternative practitioners of many paths that were once mainstream. Also a hostile attitude to things outside the mainstream and not easily categorized and put in a box. We see an overwhelming monopoly based on giving up your resources, funds, and sweat, tears, and blood to a system that has become corrupted, and tyrannical, not willing to use logic or reason or heart.

So basically this means a couple things to me. Disease is not a death sentence. Disease is profitable. Disease is an unbalanced body and ultimately disease can be healed. It also means nothing appears what it seems to be. We live in an unbalanced system dealing with unbalanced body systems, trying to heal people with unbalanced methods, which have become the standard. The cards seem stacked against us before we even get sick. This is not to say science is all wrong or all doctors are bad. Society was meant to be in abundance in accordance with nature since we are apart of nature. Everything in nature try's moving back in balance: or homeostasis.

These understandings lead me to Mel's site I think. I think everyone should find their own truth and what resonates with them. These things seemed to resonate with me. I was and am hell-bent on curing myself because I'm aware of the alternatives presented to the morgellons community at large. Either nothing or you would rather have nothing because of the solutions offered by most conventional doctors.

Some more understandings, which help me: the body is self-healing.

Healing is on many levels healing one thing can affect another thing.
Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual
Are tied together instability in any area can lead to hidden issues in another.

There's a hidden nature of reality that can affect us in the visible seeing reality.

There are good people out there.

Nothing you experience is too difficult to deal with in your life.

Also disease is often a blessing in disguise.

So you have find some of the ingredients before you put them in the pot and make a stew.

Next part okay you now have learned a little bit about the loss of empowerment in the healing process and some good things too it's time for taking it all back and putting in people's hands again.

I was living in Buffalo, New York at the time. I was working at a garden center for the summer when I eventually contracted Morgellons at the time I was splitting my min wage income with my significant other renting out of a house in a less than nice neighborhood of Buffalo. Everyday I would walk to work. I couldn't afford a car and I didn't need one I was mobile and loving it by walking. Or riding a bike. I was cooking my own food. Working at a fun job and feeling happy. I started getting sick. I kept working the summer passed I was still sick...
I realized if I had any chance of healing myself I would have to go home to South Carolina. I was not walking, as much life couldn't go on as it was.
My aunt managed to get me a plane ticket home. I knew I could at least afford a doctor with my parents help. My alternative remedies were failing. My worldview was shattered. Everything I knew was wrong I was crushed broke, broken hearted even.
Something told me go back to that site you were looking at settle on something. You need to fight. So I somehow found Mel's site again but for some reason It was hard to accept having morgellons. I kept thinking it was something else maybe just a parasite infection, but yea hexagonal glitter. It's clicked more now. Slowly the self-realization hits you more as you read others stories
I figured you could kill anything off with Mel's protocol and heal the body so that attracted me back to it.

Mel's protocol is the key to opening the door to health I think.

I was thinking at the time. "So yea now I'm broke I have no source of income other than being dependant on my parents and they aren't making just enough to scrape by. I have morgellons I'm so freaked out and 2012 is around the corner holey crap!!!!!!!!!"

There are days when I cried. I still cry and I'm taken off guard. I had total loss of empowerment. I was laid low.
I still will be yet this much I know.

There's many angles to this some people have strength and weaknesses in the battle: some financial, some will power issues, some technical issues, some emotional issues, body issues, many more! Your strengths and weaknesses are magnified dealing with this illness.
You have to attack on all fronts but find time to rest and let the process happen.

You have to empower yourself. Fight darkness with light (all you need is a candle to light up a room).
Maybe all the levels of concern I had should be discussed and how I'm getting around them and becoming empowered by it.

Personal: how you relate to yourself having a disease and how you relate to others.
(I was in denial abit about having the disease. The denial had to end. I was in denial about death also, which created a major source of fear. The personal is still a work in progress.)

Family: how you relate to your family, fear of spreading it and hurting others.
(I basically approached my family and tried educating them as much as possible on morgellons. I showed them specimens coming out of my hands and basically was like see okay now read this website read the part about black specs. It took them a while to really understand but they ended up ordering the basic protocol for me. I'm immensely thankful. Your family can help you if you empower them by letting them read the site. They did well listening to the conference calls. People dislike reading generally. Sorry guys!! Point out the parts you have in common with other people. Then share the process of healing. How long it takes what it's like. Allow them to think for themselves you might be surprised! Some people seem to never really get it. Don't feel bad human ignorance is pretty common. You might have to find family on the forum. As far as fear of spreading this stuff I try keeping my distance and using a separate bathroom and being clean as possible. I realize people have different feelings in the matter.
In my part family is instrumental to getting well. In some cases this might not be true everyone is different but don't be afraid to reach out. Realizing you're not alone and getting out of feelings of fear and isolation are instrumental to empowerment.

Financial: the burden of paying for the protocol and finding cheap healthy food.
(In my case this is my weakest point. In weakness we find strength. I have no income other than what my family can provide and what help friends can give me. So far I have broken the protocol down into parts, the basic wellness protocol, mms and silver and support kit. It seems like those are the basic components. My family is getting the protocol so far. I'm getting the silver and Mms through grace of kind people who donated to this site, and Mel. I think I might be able to close the loop even by outsourcing the support kit to another part of my family. Where there is a will there is a way!
Healthy food and what I found is working for me so far and is pretty darn cheap follows: Oatmeal or oat bran cereal for breakfast. Lemons are nice along with coconut or almond milk unsweetened. I can make that stretch like no ones business. Also organic yogurt suits me I feel my genetics do well on fermented things like yogurt. Then for lunch I found similar to Peter's Wal-Mart greens are similar cheap multigreens at Kroger's for $5.99. You get probably 13 servings out of it and its organic. 2 organic eggs and a bit of onion and tomato boom a meal. Then dinner there is dirt-cheap organic chicken thighs you can use in stir-fries with veggies or brown rice noodles. Also you can use the meat of chicken drumsticks save the bones and make soup stock with the bones! Also split pea soup is incredibly cheap as well as any type of bean soup from dried sources. Green tea is good as well. I sort of go total vegan for breakfast, vegetarian for lunch and meat for dinner. Some people require more animal protein but I figured out I'm a carbohydrate type so animal protein can be a bit more minimal. Also if you get bored with western grocery stores check out Indian grocery stores you will be amazed at what one can eat. Theres brown rice they sell in like 15-pound bags that are quite cheap usually. Also tons of Indian veggies and fish and most of their spices are quite potent and lovely.
Since the cuisine is mostly vegetarian with many thousands of years of history. You can usually find some interesting healing things that are pretty tasty in the vegetable department. Also Indian ghee, which is, clarified butter you can cook with! Its used in ayuerveda (Indian system of medicine) allot.

Technical: sticking to the protocol, following the diet and still remaining sane.
(Following a schedule is hard so I posted the schedule on my phone and follows it diligently. It's hard to stay on time with it. I'm a bit more free spirited but I realize the importance of spacing things out but since I'm not doing the mms or silver yet. I start tomorrow with the silver I'm going to have to push myself to follow a schedule to a diabolical level especially when I start adding other components. Cooking and maintaining a budget is pretty easy for me. I think for peope who hate cooking make meals ahead in large batches and just have an all out cooking day and the eat the rest of the week. Or simplfy your diet and change it around to make it interesting. Don't be bored with your food!
I also made a list and am counting down the days on paper as well as writing important things I find regarding diet and other things people mention on the site. Trust in the healing process it takes time don't give up early.

Discipline waking up doing it again and again.
(This isn't so hard when you have the answer to a freaking scary disease your tired of and your tired of being tired of not living)

Murphy's Law effect:
(Sh!t will happen! My parents nearly lost their social security a few weeks ago and we almost lost our home. Thanks to the grace of higher powers they got it back today. So yea you can plan something down to an insane detail but Sh!t will happen. I said allot of prayers and it worked.
When your getting hit with Murphy's law go into your inner knowing place outside of what your head is telling you which loves going in circles and circles of fear and trust things will be okay. Its been working for me lately.

(lately my body has been more tired and I just listen to it and sleep I know the protocol is taking effect because I have been having bouts of anger and different emotions. Anger is related to the liver and fear to the kidneys. Also a bit of purging has happened even without heavy hitters like MMS or molecular silver or other components. A good sign I can't wait for it to really begin. Also I notice pain in different places and a bit of a fever at times very good signs I think.

(I pray to god allot. I get myself out in nature as much as possible because it's healing. I say these affirmations three times a day: I am what I am and what I am has strength and beauty.
In this day I express love and openness to everyone I meet because I know I'm truly lovable.
I love humanity by letting it be whatever it wants to be. I love myself by becoming what I want to be.

This helps me

(Some people feel emotions are tied in the energy body of a person and that healing the emotions you can heal the person. What I know is that I cry allot. I get angry; I experience a good amount of emotions all the time. I see this as helpful in my case it means healing is progressing. If I'm not feeling something I'm not living you know ^^ It makes life alive. Also finding that it's okay to be crazy. It's really all-okay. Just don't hurt yourself or others

So that's the self-empowerment part, also realize you never stop learning just keep striving practice makes perfect. Don't be afraid to ask for help along the way this is what I'm using to get from point a to b hopefully some people get some ideas from this and are helped.

Healing the world is bringing yourself back into balance so you can bring the world back into balance because theres one less person out of balance and you can pave the way for other to follow so before you know it theres less unbalance going on and everything it working allot better.

Also I should mention I'm only 20 so if I can do it you can do it!!

Much love to others

11:13:24 AM

I have to say, I'm so impressed by the balance of mind, body, spirit you already have. I think you understand how to cure yourself from morgellons really well. It really is now about showing up each day, to do what you 'know' will get you cured. I appreciate the resolve you have--I can't tell you how helpful and critical that is in your recovery. Attitude really does set the stage for everything. And, I already know that not only are you a warrior, you're a 'seeking warrior', which means, you're going to do your research, you think about how all the abstracts are really connected, you understand the oneness of us to the planet, and the planet to us. Yeah, you're going to get there, I'm sure you've already imagined it, and therefore, as you work this protocol, as you learn about yourself through this journey back to balance and optimal health--you'll be there,and better than ever before you know it. ;-)

I'm so glad you're here, and I look forward to reading about your progress.

Many blessings, much light.


2:18:20 PM
Hello again Justin

Mel has included in his introductory message here and in bold type 'my people perish for lack of knowledge.' Your recent post contains a lot of deep information. What I found most uplifting was when you remind us of the following:

There are good people out there.
Nothing you experience is too difficult to deal with in your life.
Also disease is often a blessing in disguise.

Your story is also not unlike many here and your presence will surely be a benefit! It appears to me that God has blessed you with the gift of discernment. This means that through grace you are able to bring forth special knowledge that may help others then bring forth healing through special relationship with you. Through discernment, you provide a unique insight about the world we live in and the role you now play in it.

Remember first to give thanks for this gift. Also remember to choose the information you provide carefully. This place is first and foremost about 'Healing.' I have said before that where Morgellons came from or what is actually is doesn't matter. All that matters is 'getting well!'
Understand that information is key, but it is best to always focus on the disease and healing. We mostly need to know everything we can to beat this pathogen. Mel's message here is about becoming well and why he says 'Never give up hope!' What is absolutely necessary is courage and discipline and that you work the protocol. This is not often easy, but the rewards of the journey back to health are many!

I applaud you and hope that you stay committed and involved here on the forum! Like you so eloquently put it, ' Your strengths and weaknesses are magnified dealing with this illness.' 'You have to empower yourself. Fight darkness with light (all you need is a candle to light up a room.)' SO TRUE!!
'Maybe all the levels of concern I had should be discussed and how I'm getting around them and becoming empowered by it.' POWERFUL WORDS, young man!.

Your game plan for how you will make your way is ROCK SOLID and very comprehensive. Thank you for mapping it out in the way you did. The diet you intend to follow is appropriate and vital! I will pray that God strengthen you as you follow it.

Justin J

3:38:44 PM
Hello world at large

Hello Peter! Your story is impressive! It has helped me to figure out what was going on with myself. Plus your positive attitude really is extremely helpful when your having a dark day. I go back and read your posts on the forum, among the many others on this site. Your all my heroes on this forum because I can relate very much to everything everyone has experienced, and or is experiencing at the moment. Plus you guys have the drive, dedication, and wisdom to keep at it. No-one has to be alone in the process anymore I don't think. Thank you guys

Today is day 20 one day before I add mms to the basic protocal I have been on and its already been 4 days since I have been taking molecular silver.

The first time I took the basic wellness protocal. My body sortof lunged toward the thymic formula. I held it in my hand and I smelled it and my body responded and before I knew it had eaten it! I do this allot with cooking but I never had such a strong reaction to something like that before it was subconscious. I know one kinesiologist/iridologist that would chuckle and say so! Also lately the fish oil has been smelling so good. I seriously think the best smell in the world is the fish oil. It has this fragrant smell that just smells wonderful.

So I have been taking my protocol for 20 days and the first day I noticed right away abit of purging from the hands mainly black worm like things dead on exist.

That was the litmis test for me of the power of the protocal. Then I notice my stomach is feeling less pressure and things are flowing. (This is hard to describe but it feels like someone is unclogging a drain in your stomach.) Then I have tons of energy for about 2 days.

On the third day I'm get really really tired and then abit feverish, sick to my stomach, the neck starts burning. This feeling happens around the middle of the afternoon then diminishes. Then around the evening I feel semi normal but my energy was pretty low. This persists for a while maybe 3 more days.

Then the feverish feeling seems to go away I sortof plateau with low energy throughout the day. This pattern keeps up I begin to notice bone pain or joint pain, muscle pain, lymph pain? Something is painful hard to know the specifics of it.

Then I hit another week I began to lose track of days a period of days of just utter fatigue and I also notice a bit of pimpling on the tops of my hands. Then one morning I awake to find loads of little fibers coming out of every pore next to real hairs. I rub my hand over them and they come out quite happily. Then a day goes by still loads of fatigue no purging and then anther day of the purging.

Then I begin the molecular silver and I begin to get more tired during the afternoon I got a bit sick feeling in my stomach and there was dead stuff in the toilet. The next day similar pattern nothing weird in the urine. Near the mid afternoon I notice I have abit of energy and this seems to last into the next morning and then I seem to have enough energy throughout the day. My burning neck feeling has come back and moved to my ears it feels like a bad sunburn. I think the molecular silver is killing stuff I have way more energy. This energy has persisted up today. Tommorow I will be adding mms to the protocal. I wrote to Mel freaked out about mms a few weeks back and he had me read over the site and especially the part about how Teresa S used it on her dogs under the hope and inspiration column named "Buttons".
He also had me look up the Adreas Kalcker video linked into the Buttons page.
I have a healthy respect for what it can do instead of total fear but It should prove interesting when I start it.

I have yet decided if I should try taking a really reduced dosage since I think theres some lymph issues going on and I'm a little worried about over loading the detoxification sytem which I'm thinking is pretty weak. I'm undecided as of yet as if I should half or even quarter my first drop of mms.
One thing I think Morgellons does is it adapts to different treatments so you have to increase the MMS dosage like Mel did till you severally weaken the pathogen/ completely killing it. It seems very adaptive. On the plus side morgellons like its distant cousin Lyme could be hiding in the lymph nodes so it might not matter.
I have been over researching disease again. I'm going to have to look up Rooibos tea!

Much love to others

Justin J

4:08:38 PM

Hello Monica!

Thanks the trick is everyone has the balance of body, mind, spirit some just forgot they had it and others are in the process of finding it again. Haha
Your story and what you are doing is very inspiring. I was reading parts of it and I self identified really strongly! Like I told Peter before I realized you posted too. You guys are my heroes each and every one of you.
Yea the next step in the process is gut wrenching resolve.

Sun Tzu said, know your enemy and know yourself and in a hundred battles you need not fear the result.

Yea I already have imagined the world allot better than it is right now and I'm happy to see it get there!
I look forward to posting and hopefully it can help others too

Thanks guys


9:23:58 PM
Hi Justin,

Welcome and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think you have a great attitude to regaining health - it is actually quite similar to that of Indigenous Australians, who understand and treat problems holistically. I share some of your thoughts and find it helpful to be reminded of these from time to time.

I wish you all the best and look forward to more posts from you.

Justin J

10:45:49 AM
Hello there!

I thought I would post I just took my first ¼ of 1 activated mms drop last night and my teeth feel allot cleaner, I feel something going on inside wise. I made sure I had the 1:1 ratio of mms to citric acid down. I reread everything before I took it because I thought I might somehow confuse the process. I had my self-doubts but I did it! I figure I'm going to build up to a drop and keep going from there I'm going to see how my body reacts. I realize Mel started with allot more but I felt the need to reduce it for my own body starting out as I'm not sure what my body can handle at this point.

I realize this forum is mainly about healing and focusing on the healing and less on the nuts and bolts of how, why, what. More here's a solution. I'm going to try focusing on my own personal healing journey using Mel's protocol to get there. I don't want to add more than what is already said or confuse the message I simply want to add a different perspective and what is helping me so maybe another person might get a few ideas and not have it so hard.
Starting out I realize I don't have all the answers and I'm still learning and challenging myself each day. I started reading about the Candida diet and realized my diet still could use some fine-tuning. I read about Monica's mom having chronic yeast problems throughout her life. Yea that's exactly what my mom deals with, and I was born with a yeast infection! So I think okay maybe I should really reevaluate my food again and what I'm eating and I'm start reading more about the Candida diet really digging deeper on that one and I think hmm sounds good.
Along the way I discover buckwheat flour can be made into tortillas and there are buckwheat noodles out there called soba noodles. Apparently buckwheat is fine for the Candida diet sweet! Also threes a bunch of bread recipes on the site that are anti-candida friendly that you can make at home to supplement your diet slightly.
I think I'm going to try incorporating more pumpkin seeds, ginger, garlic, and raw veggies, and avocado as per Peter's recommendations as budget allows and do some searching for the Rooibos tea. Almond butter sounds pretty good mmm
Buckwheat seems pretty great as a pseudo-grain like quinoa and very versatile.
Also I think I have managed to close the loop by managing to outsource the other part of my protocol the support kit to another part of my family. I'm very grateful!!!

Hello Teresa,
I'm glad your feeling better after such a long time. Its possible for everyone! Indigenous wisdom everywhere can be helpful because its allot of common sense, holistic thinking and tends to go to the root of the problem. I think beauty of this site and the people on it is they are using indigenous wisdom without fully realizing it.
I was really interested in Australian culture for a while but nothing beats just going there and immersing yourself in it. Maybe one day who knows? Also Australia has some of the most diverse climates in the world! I hear you can grow everything down there but it just depends where you are. I also really loved finding gardening Australia episodes on Hulu. I was sad when they stopped putting them out after season one lol! American tv programming has nothing like it! After seeing all the diverse climates and gum forests I wanted to move for a while. Your forum subsection is very inspiring thanks!

Thanks Peter for keeping me on track whether you realize it or not haha! I might be blessed with the gift of discernment but narrowing it all down and staying on track on one thing can be a little tricky! Your very level headed in this I hope to learn more.

Much love to others
Justin J

3:52:40 PM
Hello out there in the World

I have increased my mms dosage to Mel's starting point 2 drops and I'm noticing die off reactions, burning ears, neck and eye pain and all over body pains. My energy since adding mms is probably at 45 percent. This is a huge increase for me I managed to clean the house! I feel like i'm in this weird zone between being sick and being well. I think its called healing haha
My hands have been purging fibers, and even abit of heavy metals. Also my arms seem to be purging allot of microfibers. I did some digging on the site and realized I could figure out my maximum tolerance dose of mms. I should max out around 14 drops. I was freaked about the mms at first, but now I think I have it down to science. Don't be scared about mms or the people that post scary things on other sites. I have managed to find some Tazo Rooibus tea its pretty good tasting. I also realized you can make ground chicken with a food processor so I took a bunch of chicken thighs and made ground chicken patties. No pink slime in there! I also have discovered daikon radishes are gigantic and go well in stir fries and salads i'm in love with them. One daikon radish can make two stir fries !

Its odd how synchronicities happen such as finding this site or running into helpful material again and again. I was thinking about indigenous wisdom and literally an internet program I was listening to last night started talking about the separation between the thinking of modern man and his ancestors going into an extreme amount of detail. The universe speaks to you if you listen.

Much love to others
Justin J

4:56:03 PM
Hello There!

I have been on the basic wellness protocal for 32 days. I have been on the MMS for 10 days. I'm up to 2 drops on it and I will be adding my 3rd drop tonight. I have been taking the molecular silver for 15 days.

I'm noticing my fatigue comes and goes lately and It seems I generally have more energy. I had several interesting die-off experiences. I sneezed really hard at one point and allot of blood shot out of my nose gross, but encouraging! (something wanted to leave).

I also had several odd exit points on my legs of something dying and exploding out of my leg leaving little red marks. I'm noticing allot of microfibers and a few black dot things in the tub along with a few colored fibers and fiber balls.

I also found something interesting regarding whole grains in the diet. Whole grains are very good for you but they can be difficult to digest if they aren't sprouted or soaked in water overnight in an acid solution such as a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or whey from yogurt or yogurt itself.

The reason for the slight difficulty in digestion is because they have an outer layer called the bran which has plant chemicals called phytates which can decrease digestion and keep the seed from sprouting. To improve digestion, and absorption of minerals all cultures used to sprout, soak, or ferment, their whole grains.

Lately I have been soaking my oatbran/oatmeal in water overnight with a teaspoon of yogurt to digest the phytates and break them down. I dump the water replace it with fresh water and then cook it. Its makes it much more digestable it lowers the phytate content and allows more minerals to be absorbed from the food.
I soak my rice the day before in water add a teaspoon of yogurt and let it sit overnight I then dump the water and let it sit till the evening it will usually begin to sprout. I then cook it. Its been working for me well; I just plan ahead abit.

I find since I have been doing this my digestion has improved allot.
Google. soaking, sprouting grains and germinated brown rice. You will be amazed!

Justin J

10:21:56 AM
Hello out there.

The conference call was invigorating, and inspiring last night I enjoyed it allot :)

I have found something useful for budget strapped people that might save abit of money if you have bulk almonds handy from your local health food/bulk grocery store, or farmer! (If you live in the west coast), and a food processor.

Almonds Almonds Almonds mmmm

This recipe I gleaned off the Internet and involves Almond Butter.

The logic goes like this a pound of almonds makes 16oz of almond butter, or basically a jar of almond butter. You typically pay anywhere from 6 to 9 dollars for a jar of almond butter. So if you can find a pound of almonds cheaper at a bulk store/health food store. Then you can save abit of money and have home made almond butter on the cheap.

I have been finding almonds for about $4.99 a pound at the local health food store. So this translates to me paying $ 4.99 for a jar of raw almond butter with nothing added to it, and its fresh without sugar, cottonseed oil or whatever! (Typically the cheaper almond butter that goes for 6 bucks had added things like sugar!)

Okay so you need: a standard size food processor, your
pound of bulk almonds, a small knife, a container to store your butter, and a spoon, or fork for scraping, stirring.

I chop the almonds up first to give my food processor a fair chance.
I then add the semi chopped nuts to the food processor and put it on the high setting. It will get ground up, and want to clump along the sides you have to stir every once in a while to allow the chopped almonds to find the blade in the food processor.
Note **don't stir while its on!!!!!!!!

Grinding the almonds into almond butter takes about 20 mins

Keep watching it and stiring as necessary around the 10 minute mark it starts to become more buttery.

Keep grinding till you reach a buttery consistency and stopping to
Incorporate it.

Around the 20 min mark of grinding you will likely have something resembling almond butter.

Take a spoon scrape out the food processor, and store in a container in the fridge.

It's that simple lol no sugar, or cottonseed oil needed. You just beat inflation, empowered yourself, and saved money!!

You did spend a little extra time but I find food processing very therapeutic and you learned new skill!

Justin J

8:06:39 PM
I have been on the basic wellness protocol for 1 month and 21 days. I have added the extra things in for 21 days (morgellons support kit) I'm on my second day of 6 drops of mms. Plus taking the molecula silver daily.

The week I upped my dose to 4 drops I noticed allot of purging from my arms mainly microfibers and at the end of the week I had my first real case of extreme nausea and diarrhea. I had a few days of insane energy and a few days of fatigue mixed in.
Into 5 drops mms week I noticed the purging of black fibers on my arms decided to drop allot but I had a major outbreak of itching on my scalp. To the point my scalp is driving me crazy also I noticed my hair seems to be falling out abit there is allot of dead root ends with gunk on them. My scalp is purging at the moment allot of bizarre stuff. Also in week 5 I had two separate instances of extreme eye/ear pain. I also had a weird instance where I sneezed idk what out. Better out than in.
I didn't have many issues with itching but it seems mainly centered on my scalp and legs. I think the many layers or morgellons are feeling threatened/being killed off and are making their presences known.

At the end of 5 drops mms week I noticed very very few black specks but what I'm seeing more now are weird colored fibers and from my scalp and occasional white specks here or there. No glitter to speak of.
Towards the end of 5 drops mms week I have been extremely tired. I think my body is doing allot so I have been napping abit. Also on the end of 5 drops mms week I woke up one morning and noticed my lymph nodes had shrunken allot. Idk what was going on there but its encouraging and my hair seems to be darkening. 4 drops week and 5 drops week saw almost no burning ear neck sensation. Well on week 6 it came back with a vengeance! So I shall see how that progresses.
I'm starting to realize how much dedication it really takes to stick to the protocol. Allot of mornings I wake up and I have to motivate myself to get out of bed.

I'm going to try to start a bit of basic yoga stretches into my morning routine while I'm waiting before breakfast. The more I take my mind off things and just get outside or do something like cooking whatever. The more it helps me to cope with whatever is challenging emotionally.

I forget whatever was bothering me, and just enjoy myself for a while. I keep telling myself each day your accumulating progress ignore whatever is complaining in your body your accumulating progress.


4:14:32 PM

The experiences you share in your recent post tell me you are doing many things right!! The disease recently loaded in my head, so your scalp issues tell me you already have the pathogen on the decline. Kleen Green does work really well to maintain a healthy scalp and make head purging more managable.

Nausea and diareah tell me you are creating a die off in the gut. This is actually another very GOOD indicator you are moving forward with your detox!

Furthermore, black hairs and white specks should tell you that are interrupting the reproductive cycle of the organism. Don't be fearful when symptoms re-emerge or show up in a different part of the body. This is just part of the process. And remember that it does move in cycles.

You are doing a powerful thing by ASSESSING what you are experiencing and sharing it here for others to learn from.

Finally, fatigue is another good sign of die off. THE KEY will next be to determine how to manage the die off. Try to do this by going slow and listening to your body. Rotaing anti-fungals is one approach to test. Try to get plenty of daily rest if you can.

You are really embracing this protocol and the discipline it requires. Because of this you are already succeeding with definitive results! A simple science, no?

STAY IN THE FIGHT LITTLE MAN! You make me proud!
Justin J

5:13:12 PM
Awe thank you Peter :)

I haven't posted lately because I have been feeling well enough to move back to Buffalo. So I did..!
I had the crazy plan in the back of my head for a couple of weeks and it sort of all fell into place. So with a good friends help I uprooted myself from South Carolina, and made it all the way back to New York State in a couple of days. It's all in my plan of restoring my life, and health, and living again.

In the process I stressed myself allot, and literally fried myself mentally, and emotionally. At the time I was sneezing out nasty gunk in my nose and I got the worse case of cold sores imaginable. My body said you need to take it easy Sir! I think I was ignoring it at the time but the signs were ever present.
Mel called me and was like you need to rest!!! God rested on the 7th day. Good point!!!!
I have a new found appreciation of people who hold down full time jobs, have kids, and families, and have to not only deal with morgellons, but deal with all the intracies of life and all that goes with it. You guys rock. I have found a new deeper appreciation for rest as a key factor in healing, and knowing when to rest!!!!

I got a few more insights during the time I was moving: I'm in for the long haul with morgellons; it's rooted in deeper than even I realized but I'm making progress.
My friends reaction to me when they first saw me was along the lines of you look anorexic. I was like no!!! I'm not!!! I'm dealing with a serious condition here. Its odd that my family so understands yet my friends who are younger, and savvier are not as understanding. It takes allot more explaining for them to understand. It also made me question myself, and really look in the mirror. I had indeed dropped allot of weight.
I realized I didn't have an easy answer to the dramatic weight loss. As far as I can tell: I need to eat more protein, and good fats. So far I'm thinking that like in previous posts mentioned. Allot of people drop weight when they are cutting out sugar, and yeast promoting foods.
It made me really think about how many unknowns there are with diet, and digestion, and how many different factors play into how you metabolize your food. Are you feeding yourself, or feeding parasites yeast, or whatever? It really made me think allot on that.
It put me in my place several times I felt humbled by the awesome power of the body, and what little knowledge we do have it. I have also lately experienced a new fear of infecting others. As I continue to improve my health my fear of infecting others with this seems to have grown. I also get angry that so many in society could be dealing with this condition, and never get help or relief. I hope in a decade this changes not just for morgellons (but all health conditions). So to combat this this new fear I simply do the best I can cleaning my environment, and maintaining my hygiene, and leave the rest up to God.

At 7 drops of mms week. I felt really wretched like I was just off feeling, tired and just achy all over bad. I had the frequent ear, eye, sinus pain, and was sneezing out blood about 4 times a day, along with with yellow gunk. I developed full on cold sores and I was purging everything out of my body. I passed a bit of gold metal right of of my foot. I also noticed for the first time I developed 2 papercut lesions on my arm, and a few bright red spots right on my fingers.
I'm up to 8 drops of mms and feeling decent a bit of biting in the scalp a bit of purging, the cold sores have dried up and I'm not sneezing out blood lol. I'm making progress!
I have been adding lime juice to my water and it reminds me of lime aide haha! That and peppermint tea have been helping throughout the day flushing toxins out while increasing the alkalinity. I'm impressed with the number of stores that are carrying organic produce, and brown rice noodles, and organic things.
Maybe I'm just noticing now that I'm eating more of those things, but its encouraging when your cheapy local grocery store has coconut oil!

I'm really happy that "For Newbies by a Newbie " is up I tried really hard to find what helped me and put it on there. I'm sure there is more that could be eventually added but it's a good start.

Thank you Mel, John B, and the site, and everyone on it.

Much love to others
Justin J

5:49:20 PM
I'm up to 9 drops of mms and I'm feeling pretty decent.
my stamina for walking seems 85 percent better than it was when I was not on the protocol. Thinking back to just a month or two ago seems very odd and surreal. I'm getting a few papercut lesions and my scalp seems to be purging quite heavily. I'm not seeing many black specks. I did the lint roller test and I found allot of microfibers, my body is kicking it out. I noticed this morning a massive amount of white dead fungal stuff on my pillow. I had one day last week where I felt moderately fatigued and off feeling followed by the ever popular symptom of bloodshot eyes, burning neck, ears. The rest has been decent, I'm forgetting I have morgellons. I have increased my protein fat intake via eggs and avocados and seem to be putting on abit more weight?? I have laughed twice this week!!!!!!!! Spring is comming and I can't wait for it! I feel happy!
Justin J

2:03:36 PM
Wow! It's been quite an interesting few weeks I have had. I have learned more regarding diet, and sugar.
Here are some key thoughts when they tell you avoid sugar it feeds morgellons its no joke based on last week's experience.

I was following my diet religiously I had cut out all fruit, sugar and high levels of carbs, high starch veggies, and glutinous grains. I was essentially following the Candida diet to a tee. I was feeling just abit tired, but my energy was stable and, my brain fog had lifted, my symptoms were not bothersome. I was experiencing sugar cravings, and I didn't realize it though nevertheless I persisted on my path. Then like the perfect storm my birthday rolled around, and I was surrounded by cake, and garbage. The most ironic thing about this whole experience is I never was a big cake eater, or bread eater, or sugar fiend until this past week.

I ate my about a 2/3 of my birthday cake. I literally felt so hypocritical, and shameful, but it felt so good, and I didn't experience any symptoms until about 30 hours latter when I felt like I had a terrible hangover. It literally went downhill from there I started eating garbage but, I kept telling myself that it was fine nutrionally and that I was fine and just completely okay!
I developed terrible brain fog had weird coordination issues, and started getting tons of critters coming out of my hands. A few days later I started just crying through out the day. I got very strong emotional symptoms.
I couldn't do anything I had no desire to do anything at all except sit around.

From my experience Sugar is rocket fuel for morgellons.

I did research on a website called 180 degree health that basically said, "white sugar is actually good for you along with refined starches, and that you should just eat everything to raise your metabolism, and flood your body with nutrients regardless of what they are since they all break down as the basic building blocks." That might work for a normal person with a normal digestive system who doesn't have morgellons, but it doesn't work for someone with morgellons disease at least it didn't work for me.
I validated it all in my mind being that I know I thrive on a high carbohydrate diet. My digestive system is compromised, and frankly eating all cake and garbage that was one of the stupidest things I have done, as of late but it was enlightening too.

However, I have learned for myself what this organism loves, and what it wants to thrive, and how it operates, messes with your mind when you get close to killing it off it will fight you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I was on the verge of killing off allot of the organisms, and I ended up feeding them birthday cake because they didn't want to die. I was basically hit with this odd perfect mental storm that could only be compared to a test from the devil.

I have done allot of dietary research in my opinion way too much, I'm reading three books on macrobiotics right now. Its liberating to look at food as just food, and not worry what you eat, and be in society oblivious about it. To just be healthy, live life in happiness, and ignorance. If I could go back to that state of ignorance and health I would but I can't. This past week I experienced freedom from that but I paid a price.

If you have morgellons disease you have to commit to eliminating sugar from your diet. Don't see it as limiting see it as a therapeutic diet that will be the key to your eventual health, and overcoming this stuff.
Also what I think happened a combination of being very close to killing off massive amounts of organisms caused the organism to fight back and literally screw with my mind and adrenal system. (I started doubting the protocol, self validated why sugar is great for people, and binged on cake, and garbage, and started crying for large portions of the day)

Something I have learned whenever your on the right path there are going to be allot of obstacles that are going to mislead you, and stall you, and try to take you down a dark path. This organism has a group consciousness that is quite happy to breed reproduce and use you up. It doesn't want to die and its purpose is to grow so anything that threatens it, it will fight back against.

I also started doubting the entire protocol towards the end of the week something I never thought I would do. I played the devils advocate in my head and It was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. I doubted everything about the site the protocol and the diet and the effectiveness of it.

So what turned this all around? I basically got phone calls from a bunch of angels who put my mind at ease regarding everything and now I'm back on the horse and I'm back on track. What happened is another validation for me that I'm on the right track on killing this stuff off, and eliminating it from my life. I'm up to 10 drops of mms and I'm eating eggs and veggies and that's it and I'm not doing anymore searching or looking at other sites because they just create a bunch of doubt. Everyone has a theory a diet and a protocol it seems but this site's actually works. I did the great experiment, and I'm better for it, and I wouldn't be better for it had Peter, Mel, John, and Tawny not called me. What I wasn't quite expecting was the dramatic weight loss and what Mel likes to say getting sicker before you get better.

When you are young sometimes you think you know it all, and sometimes you have to put a little more trust in the process and stop overthinking. I'm happy now that I have my own personal validation I'm on the right track and that I can look to one day restoring my health. Right now I'm trying to focus on not being so hard on myself, sleeping when I feel fatigued, not over working myself, and staying on the protocol, I have indeed gotten sicker than when I first started, and I think I'm nearing a bit of a big herx. I'm not entirely sure when but progress is being made in that direction. My brain fog has lifted since going back on the diet and the symptoms are reduced, I think I'm back on track although I think theres a few more organisms than there were a week ago they aren't having a good day today. This experience was turned out much better than it was meant to.

8:35:44 PM
Brilliant post Justin, I am so proud of you! :)
Justin J

1:21:46 PM
Thanks Tawney :)

1:56:54 PM
Hello everyone and thank you very much to Justin.

It has always been very difficult for me to try to explain the mental aspect of this disease to others.
The fact that you came to these conclusions on your own and spoke them here on this post is going to be very beneficial.

I am continuously impressed with your desire to absorb knowledge and your willingness to share it with others who so desperately need it.

Thank you again Justin. We look forward to watching and celebrating your journey back to health.

God Bless; I know you will never give up Hope!

Justin J

12:21:10 PM
Hello out in the Wide World

I'm roughly 3 months into the protocol. I'm up to 13 drops of mms. Since moving I have managed to settle in and get more readjusted to a sense of normalcy in my life. I learning to relax and let the world around me keep going, and focus on myself, and doing what I need to do to heal myself. Everything else can wait.

Protocol, diet, rest and recooperation
I'm solidly eating my diet and have been going through different cycles of die-off and symptoms. I had a few periods of blistering on my mouth that looked like big cold sores or fever blisters they have healed. I have been having allot of microfibers and a few black specks here and there and I'm seeing allot of glitter as of late. I'm not getting much stinging mostly a bit of crawling sensations. For a few days I had the worst jaw ear pain imaginable and that has decreased, but now I'm getting a very runny nose and I'm sneezing allot. So my body is clearing stuff I'm pretty sure about that. The major amount of activity going on is focused on my head/sinuses and nasal cavity, ears and eyes. I have been sleeping more usually I take a nap after lunch. Overall I feel like I'm getting there. I had one day where I had a little trouble breathing and it passed. I also had a day where I was incredibly thirsty so I drank accordingly. I also have got a nice blister on my arm that has formed and a few papercut scratches, that appeared and healed so everything is eliminating/ healing right now. Some of the old symptoms of burning neck/ear resurfaces about once a week.
The mms seems to be strong tasting at times and other times its pretty bearable. I have this odd liking for the stuff. I was pretty sure I was going to max out at 14 drops but maybe 15 in my case I'm not sure anyway at 13 I'm doing decently. Its funny to think I was so nervous just taking like a quarter of a drop earlier.
My how times have changed!
Lots of love to others
Nancy G.

11:00:01 PM
Justin, Rock on buddy! ha ha that coming from a Mom of a son probably your age. Your post made me smile. I love where you said you are learning to relax and let the world go on- takes a lot to do that and so happy you are doing so. As a Mom,I had to move to a new state and live with my daughter leaving behind two sons one in high school, the other in college- ( with their Dad to care for them). Literally almost harder on me than trying to beat Morgellons but now I have been here almost a month and realized I was expending a lot of energy on them... I miss them and life around them and all the parts of life that we are all missing with this disease, but finally doing as you said and letting life around me go on while I focus on getting better! I see improvements as well. I remember when you were scared of MMS, me too at first as most of us were. I have had to make some adjustments with MMS but I can't imagine trying to win this war without it! Anyway, keep moving along and trail blaze for the youth out here who have this or are yet to find they do. Nancy G.
Justin J

10:28:20 PM
HI Nancy G !,

Being a Mom is the hardest/most rewarding job in the world and it is still Mother's days so Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!! Iâ m not a Mom haha! but I have seen how much work, effort, love my mom put into raising me. I can relate in little ways.

Leaving your family behind takes allot of strength, and courage!

When I left my family I basically told them Iâ m a phone call away.
So distance doesnâ t have to be so final, it is what you make it.
It was still hard on my parents though but they understood. It was what I had to do to really focus on myself.

Sometimes we have to go within ourselves for healing, kind-of like when a tree drops its leaves, goes dormant in the fall and then springs up with new growth in the spring. It has to build up, grow its roots store energy, and renew itself so it can bloom, bud, and grow again.

Your that strong oak tree waiting for the summer time haha! You canâ t make the summer come any faster when it is snowing out, but like clock work summer will come!

Something I just learned from macrobiotics: everything changes! Nothing is constant everything is in motion perpetually changing.

When we try to fight change instead of going with the flow we put up resistance to change, and change puts up resistance to us.

When we accept change we can surf the waves and move with it. Its pretty Zen stuff but helps with dealing with the ever changing nature of life especially when one is under abit of stress and everything seems like its spiraling crazily out of our control.

Just let go!
Let the water take you wherever it wants to go, but ride the wave!

Nancy G

12:45:12 PM
Thanks Justin! :-) I agree resistance creates a whole lot of trouble ...
Marylyn B

4:39:08 PM
Hello Justin,

Just got through reading your story, very inspirational. Thank you for sharing as I am also a newbie and also young (22)

I have a question, I don't know if you or anone else can help; I can only afford to get the Morgellons Kit. Will this be enough to fight this thing, or will I still need the other supplements? Also, how should I use it?

Would really help if someone could shed some light.
Justin J

3:28:45 PM
Hi, Marylyn B,

Your question you pose is hard to answer because Melâ s protocol involves a number of key components working synergistically to rebuild the body, starve the pathogen known as morgellons, and eradicate it. The protocol itself has changed over time with a few newer additions but basically it remains pretty similar to the original that cured Mel of morgellons.

There is the morgellons support kit: It is there to restore the immune system function, reduce inflammation, calicification of the soft tissues and aid in the absorption of nutrients from food, and speed the elimination of wastes from the body, and promote detox pathways, also it helps to restore the bioterrain. (Many, many disease processes are tied to inflammation, calcification, toxicity and compromised bioterrain, and immune system.) It is a major part of the protocol. I like to see it as a positive part. Or positively charged part, think rebuilding

There is the Morgellons support kit extension: This is a pathogen destroying part. Olive leaf is a potent antibacterial, and antiviral. The Candida rid is a potent anti fungal, Monolaurin is a potent antiviral, antifungal, antiparastic, antibacterial and Parabolish is an antiparasitic. Some people use Diatomaceous Earth and see positive impacts regarding it on their parasite loads. Magnifizyme is unique in its ability to break of biofilms, which we know morgelons uses to communicate with, and resist the destroying parts of the protocol. These components are more negatively charged, think pathogen destroying. They also seem to reduce severe detox side effects, and spread them out more evenly.

Please read the little blurbs all about them:

There is the Msm: Msm is basically an organic bioavailable form of sulfur: It seems to have a number of wonderful functions, and benefits for morgellons sufferers. Who often have joint pain, parasitic infections and, heavy metals which foster fungal infections. It helps reduce all these problems which can all be related.

There is Diet: Which should consist of alkalizing low starch veggies, organic meats, and eggs whenever possible, bonebroths, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, avocadoes, (healing fats), non glutinous grains and sprouted wheat in smaller portions. Along with home cooked beans in moderation. Your trying to go for alkalizing/antifungal as much as possible. Not many pathogens can exist in an alkaline body.

There is Molecular silver and MMS

Many people feel that morgellons canâ t be overcome unless you use mms and, molecular silver together in conjunction. These used in conjuction attack the fungal/bacterial part of morgellons. Because morgellons seems to be highly adaptive, and resistant you need the molecular silver which weakens it, and stops it from developing resistance, or biofilms to the Mms. Mms is one of the most highly oxygenating, antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial substances known to man it is the major, major player and key in the fight in morgellons it goes after acidic pathogens and anerobes.

Please reveiw all the FAQs part of the website:

Watch this on mms

Read this on mms useful info there

When I first started out Mel had me read his story, read the faqs, read the threads on the forum less itching on me and the dogs, How lucky can you get, and read living with this for a few months, as well as the whole forum, all the conference calls, and just review the whole site.

Study it

Will you get better if you just use the support kit and not follow Mels protocol with the other components?

I believe I read somewhere depending on the severity of your morgellons if youâ re a younger child it was recommend tweaking the protocol if the case was very mild but it was entirely case dependant if the child didnâ t make much improvement they often took mms and silver.
Also It seems many dogs and younger kids do fine on mms and molecula silver.

Adults and young teens seem to need the mms and molecula silver, a conversation I had with Mel I was told of a person being afraid of using mms and used a rebuilding type protocol with no killing component. It appeared they recovered their health and then they later relapsed.
There are anecdotes here and there of people recovering doing something else but Iâ m not sure how trustworthy those are.
If you commit to the protocol I guess that means the whole thing.

When I first started out I just took the basic protocol and noticed improvements but didnâ t notice major improvements until I tighted up the diet and added mms, and the molecular silver, and the other components.
Morgellons seems to be a new organism so the body has no real anologues to deal with it. You need the mms, and molecular silver. I recall Theresa S started out with just the molecula silver, and mms and later added other things.
My case is severe enough I believe I need all the components as it will give me the best shot at recovering. Cleaning up your diet is the first helpful thing you can do that will benefit you the most. Read and educate yourself.

Something that has frustrated me to no end, and probably many others is what seems like the prohibitedly expensive cost of the protocol. I wish I could think of cheaper answers at times but it appears the protocol does one thing and it works. I hate giving advice on what you should do because I donâ t feel completely qualified to answer it for you, as Iâ m not you! Iâ m simply giving you my best shot from my own personal experience and own understandings.

The short of it I believe you need mms and molecula silver.

Those two in conjunction with diet and the morgellons support kit will help, but your detox will be stronger, longer, and more severe, plus your going to have to be very strict on the diet, and use as many natural, anti fungals, antivirals, antibacterials, antiparasiticals from your food as possible.

I would urge you to contact to the He Cures All Foundation or find unique ways of saving money, finding ways to pay for it. I totally can relate and my heart goes out to you.
If you commit to the whole thing you have the very best chance at restoring your health.

To figure out how to use the protocol? Go to
Read that

There is the old protocol and the new protocol
I follow the new one:

7:30 on rising pop a magnifizyme in the mouth on empty stomach swallow wait 10 mins, then take 1 tbs of molecula silver let it sit under tongue for a long long time then swallow.

The 8:30, 12:30, and Evening meal supplements are taken with food
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The 10:30 supplements are taken after breakfast and before lunch

Then there is the whole bedtime ritual
before bed take the listed supplements with a little water let them sit abit in the stomach
Then add the mms
Read this:
You start out slowly going on two drops of activated mms each night for a week. You activate the mms by using equal parts citric acid. Think 1:1 ratio.
One drop of mms to one drop of citric acid. The older versions were 1:5 I think. Yours is 1:1. You let the mms and acid sit for 3 minutes then you add 6/8 oz water let the activated mms sortof swirl around and mix with the water for 30 secs and then drink. Each week you add another drop of mms.
Example: Week one 2 drops each night, weeks 2, 3 drops each night, week 3, 4 drops each night. Until you reach your maximum tolerance level for it. You get diarrhea, vomiting, flu or fever feel very ill. You take a break from the mms for 3 days, then drop it down 3 drops.
Example you maxed out at 20 drops so you break for 3 days then your maitenence dose would be 17 drops.

It helps to make a calendar and record every night. It also helps to set a timer to take the meds either on a phone or watch. Also use a timer for the mms it makes life easier. Also you can sort-out meds into little baggies if your feeling over whelmed, or put them in medicine cases. Keeping a diary also seems helpful.
I think I covered everything feel free to ask more questions. If anything I state is inaccurate please others feel free to chime in.
I hope it is accurate and helpful as humanly possible

All the best
Pokys Mom

7:09:14 AM
Hi Justin!
I don't think Morgellons is new. Joni Mitchell says she has had it for 20 years. It's just new to us.I was wondering if anyone besides me, could feel themselves going downhill for awhile before the full blown symptoms of Morgellons took hold? Looking back, I could feel that things were just not right....little suttle things.Keep up the great work with your posts Justin. You have your youth on your side. Me......I have brain fog! Love to all, Lis
Justin J

11:07:48 PM
After listening to the conference call I just realized something regarding allergies. The past few weeks I have been either dealing with allergies or detox that feels like allergies. I have discovered taking abit of nettle tea each day has helped me allot with allergies or odd detox: sneezing, itchy eyes.

Nettle (tea) is a natural antihistimine, Its also good for arthritis pain. Nettle is a powerful herb/vegetable. It can be foraged in the wild and is also used in biodynamic preperations to rebuild infertile soil. Its rich in trace minerals and is very good for the blood, anyone dealing with bad allergies, and having issues try it out and see if it helps you. I think its been helping. You can locate nettle tea in the woods, or your health-food store.

Another point I have to bring up is that out east there is allot of dandelions out springing up. The entire part of this 'weed' is edible.
I have been foraging dandelion greens from a local woods and field areas that I believe are not sprayed. A large portion of my meals have been featuring the lowly dandelion. I have paid nothing for something that is better than organic is abundant and delicious. Its wild!!

Dandelions are very rich in calcium and are favored in macrobiotics as a common vegetable for daily use. They are very comparable to something like kale and are also a rich source of calcium. What I love about them is the irony of one of the healthiest most abundant foods is despised and hated, mowed and not given a second thought. So many of our wild foods are like this.

Whenever I eat a dandelion I think about how many are not eaten. I am reminded of the true natural abundance in nature and the manmade created scarcity looming everywhere. The loss of our ability to feed ourselves and truly connect with the larger world simply and freely.

Healthy food should be the cheapest option and it it should be allowed to be abundant, simply because thats what it naturally is!

On another front I have been doing abit of study on macrobiotics and in its system of classification of conditions of the body.

It classifies disease processes either as yin disease, or yang disease or a combo of both and then uses diet and either or yin or yang approach to healing different diseases .

I believe morgellons could possibly classified as a yin disease, my two clues are its tied to fungal infections, and sugar seems to exacerbate it. However withholding sugar from the diet and incorporating more veggies (yang), egg (yang) and other things which are more yang but limiting fruit yin and sugar (extreme yin) makes me feel that it could be classified as a yin disease. You heal yin conditions with more yang diets which is what is happening here from and macrobiotic prespective. This is not the whole picture but its an interesting thought I have been having regarding this.

Its really wonderful to hear the conference call tonight and see how many people are being helped and the brilliant ideas that people come up with. It feels wonderfully energising like breathing clean air after being in a smoggy city!

Peace love and light to the world

John Burgstiner

9:45:36 PM
Hi Justin,

So true! No matter where you are on the planet, you are literally surrounded by natural medicines.

As it turns out, dandelion is one of the principal ingredients in our liver support formula (Liver CS Plus).

Thanks Justin for sharing.



8:07:41 AM
I have got tears,in my eyes reading your posts Justin.
My lord,you are only 20 yet you are so expressive,so wise,so aware!!!
I think its great!
And Mel,Monica,peter,Teresa all so positive in the fight.
Im tired ,so tired of fighting and so ill,but hey im.a fighter too.
Im doing everything in my power that I can for me and my dog,who I love dearly,distressed she suffers too.
I posted my story but forgot to mention im on anti candida diet too.
Im a great believer in food being our helper if we let it.
I feel emotional Justin as you expressed so aptly how this disease forces us to mobilize all of our being physically,emotionally ,spiritually to fight it.
Every day I cannot believe how,hard I am.being pushed,it feels like I need Hercules type strength to overcome it,it feels overwhelming and too big,too much.
But its,what we are faced with.
So we must endure and fight.
Love CF

8:29:17 PM
Dear Justin

I Just wanted to applaud you for the way in which you continue to provide profoundly significant information for so many here. I am more proud of you than you will ever know.

And God has you ministering and uplifting so many like CF. You can clearly see the difference you are making for people.I remeber early on I told you that God has blessed you with the 'gift of discernment' or 'special knowledge.' Your journey only proves this true. May God bless you and keep you!

Godspeed, little brother!!
Justin J

10:28:29 AM
Hello out there in the World at large

Well time has flown by allot faster than I realized and I have been meaning to do a health update recently. So today is the day I guess whew and allot of things have happened lets see If I can remember them all. Iâ m up to 17 drops of mms! I have been counting everything by drops of mms instead of months. Eventually Iâ ll figure out how many months Iâ m up to haha! The last few weeks I have been noticing I have almost no fatigue like I did early on in the protocol. Occassionally I will get a period of feeling very tired but its a different type of fatigue. Its hard to describe but kindof like your body is telling you lay down now! So I have been. I have been patiently waiting to have very violent reactions to the mms like throwing up and or fever, something. So far I havnâ t had anything to warrant me reaching my maxium tolerance level to the stuff. I literally figured I would max out around 14 drops nope! It doesnâ t work that way apparently, everyone is different haha. Also the last few weeks I have been feeling so limber its ridiculous. I had one day where I felt so good It was shocking even for me I was like wow I feel really ridiculously good. Iâ m maintaining my diet, It has become second nature and isnâ t as much of a chore as it used to be. Another thing I have realized I have fat in my cheeks again its been awhile since my cheeks looked fat and filled with flesh ! Also my skin on my face is very smooth I literally freaked myself out when I really looked at myself in the mirror. I was like wow your looking much better than you were.

Around 14 drops of mms I had an interesting reaction I was sneezing probably 25-40 times a day. I seriously thought I had allergies or something but as quickly at it came on it went away in a few days, I remember one day that week I woke up with my eyes completely crusted over with mucous. It was gross but the next few days the symptoms lessened. Also I was aggressively downing nettle tea which made life bearable. Around the end of that week I remember I was purging microfibers by the bucketload.

At 15 drops, I remember I was virtually symptom free I had very little crawling, or biting sensation in my scalp and nothing spectacular happened. I remember I got a weird rash at the end of the week and abit of pimpling.

Around week 16. I started purging microfibers again and also started passing abit of glitter. That whole week was glitter here, glitter there, glitter everywhere. I would occasionally get tooth pain, or ear pain. I also experienced pain deep in the left side of my back. That was most alarming for me because I immediately thought kidneys. However The pain has lessened to nothing so Iâ m figuring something died deep in there.
At my current 17 drops I started purging more glitter also I noticed I got the annoying burning sensation again. Plus my scalp has went back to purging. Everything is abandoning ship. Good riddens!
I also started getting brain fog at odd times which makes me believe that theres allot of dieoff going on and its deep in the body. Otherwise Iâ m feeling happy about where I am and where I going. Happy is deffinently not something that could have described me a few months ago.
I think theres a pressure to get well as soon as possible, Iâ m trying to avoid exerting to much of that thinking on myself as added stress. I just have to go slow and steady haha Another great thing I think is good when one is feeling down is if they got a little well then they can get completely well because they are moving in that direction.
Another thing I have discovered for snacking is whole raw coconut. If your feeling abit hungry: take a whole coconut (usually about $1.00) break it with a hammer, (outside or somewhere safe haha its messy!)
You could do it in a pan and get the juices. And then scrape out the innards with a knife. (Iâ m sure theres more practical ways of doing it but that how I do it haha!) The pieces are pretty good to snack on throughout the day. Coconut if our friend ! I also put some of the coconut pieces through the juicer and extracted my own oil ! Which is diabolically good.
I think that about covers it

Wishing everyone Wellness at their own pace

Lots of love

3:21:54 AM
Psalm 119:71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes.
(Food laws and how they apply to nature, and us.
Justin J

10:20:00 AM
Hello there

Iâ m now up to 19 drops and Iâ m about 5 months into the full protocol 6 months on the partial plus full one. Iâ m feeling very clean inside but now more than ever Iâ m realizing the importance of resting and not going party hardy. My version of party hardy would be simply doing too much now that I have the energy to do so. I need to focus that on healing. I have to say my biggest challenge at the moment is not overdoing myself.

Around the end of 18 drops I was passing residual black specks here and there and some small fungal hair things. I also got abit of pimpling on my arms and legs. I also got large spots that look like bruises where something died those came suddenly and went as suddenly as it came (in a few days.)
Iâ m also seeing red, silver glitter increasingly. My return of brain fog came and went in about a week. I was curious about what was going on with that since I was following the diet and protocol. Apparently its just the organism trying to get a foothold again and this happens several times throughout the process of healing.
A few symptoms reoccurred and centered in my jaw and ear (lots of pain and a burning sensation). Deep pockets of biofilm are being broken up and obliterated. Every symptom now I see as a good thing as my body is getting stronger and morgellons is getting weaker. After I went up to 19 drops the next morning I was wheezing alittle bit. I think my lungs are clearing stuff now. Iâ m watching my body closely and drinking a good amount of water throughout the day to stay hydrated but otherwise I forget I have morgellons disease except when I eat something or when I take my meds, or when a symptom returns, or Iâ m purging something. I realize this is a critical stage and Iâ m going to continue hitting this stuff with everything I have Including my good friend R&R. I also noticed very few symptoms during our recent full moon, Iâ m also seeing this as a great thing. I also noticed emotionally I have had a few days where I was all over the place. I feel like thatâ s another great sign although those around me probably donâ t see it that way.

To Peter and Mel thanks my friends!

5:21:54 PM
Hello Justin

You are doing so well, young man! You have given much of yourself to others here and shared everything you could about your journey back to health so far. I respect you immensely for this!

Now that you have reached a high double digit maintenance dose of MMS, you should experience longer periods of relief between symptoms together with symptoms subsiding quicker when they do present.

Remain diligent and faithful. Your complete cure surely lies ahead. May God Bless you and keep you.

Justin J

2:10:25 PM
Hello Everyone,

Iâ m moving into 21 drops tonight. Three consecutive days last week I was noticing allot of purging of black specks out of my arms and legs. Every minute I turned around there was more deciding to jump ship. Itâ s a sobering reminder how many things have decided to take up residence. There was some glitter but not as much as the previous week. I have also been getting hit with waves of fatigue and find myself taking frequent naps and going to bed early (8:00 P.M.)!

I also felt mildly sick to my stomach starting on the 20 drops of mms. Overall Iâ m feeling good but Iâ m reminded Iâ m not out of the woods yet but things are improving all over my body. My tolerance level for the mms is high apparently. Slowly pockets of biofilm are being eliminated and processed through different parts of my body. I noticed abit of bruising around my ankles, and on my arms and a few red scratches, and odd looking red circle blotchy striations near my ankles. Every new thing I see I have been getting excited because it means some other critter is having a very bad day.

I havnâ t had any brain fog except for one day for like several hours. I think Iâ m cycling through the different life cycles of this stuff rapidly and each time its getting weaker. I think the next thing I need to be doing is increasing my water intake and really start flushing stuff out since Iâ m getting up there in drops of mms.
I have also decided to commit myself to start lifting weights and increase my strength in my arms and the rest of my body. Hopefully this post can act as a friendly reminder for me to do that. I also intend to make an extensive sprouted foods post at some point about the many wonders of sprouted foods.
Last week for instance I sprouted two cups of mung beans, I didnâ t realize it would double or even triple. So I ended up with 6 cups of mung bean sprouts! I had to creatively use them in recipes.
Mung beans are the most common sprout and what you think of when you eat a bean sprout in a Chinese resturant. They are packed with nutrition and are a great sprouted living food.

Enviromentally I have stepped up the vacumming and cleaning the house is looking so neat and tidy except for the kitchen. Oh well at least its well used haha. Iâ m looking forward to dinner tonight coconut milk shrimp with broccoli rapini, green peppers, onions and turnips mmmm and loads of curry powder.

Wishing everyone a spicy day
Justin J

2:05:56 PM
The Sprouted foods Post:

I have been meaning to write this post on sprouted foods for awhile since early on I mentioned soaking rice/other grains and increasing nutrient absorption while making digestability more more easy for people.

The benefits I personally have seen from sprouting certain foods. Its fun to sprout things! It seems like sometimes whatever your sprouting doubles or increases in size. It tastes fresher more alive since itâ s a living food not a sleeping food. Living foods tend to be more alkalizing/green. Allot of the things that keep foods dormant are processed into other things in the sprouting process. Antinutrients usually found in the outer part of whatever your sprouting can really mess up your digestion and pull minerals out of your body, block absorption of certain minerals like calcium. Sprouting, soaking, fermenting usually fixes that problem.

The history behind sprouting is very ancient. Cultures even in biblical times seemed to understand that certain foods like grains and pulses were more digestable if they were sprouted or fermented, soaked or â processed in some way to increase their digestabilityâ We have examples in our stores of Eziekiel bread even today which is a flourless bread. Although in ancient times it probably would have been unleavened(no yeast more tortillia like) and baked on a rock on the sun.

Soaking and rinsing the seeds will remove enzyme inhibitors making the seed sprout. In this process all of the resting nutrition in the seed will begin to break down into its simplest components. Proteins break down into separate amino acids, starches break down into simpler carbohydrates. The nutrient content skyrockets because the seed is starting to grow.
This results in sprouts packed with nutrition that are easy on the digestion.
Sprouts tend to be packed with B vitamins, A, C, E, sometimes up to 3 times the original nutrient content!

Things you can sprout:
Seeds such as alfalfa, radish, clover, onion. Legumes such as green peas, lentils, mung, adzuki, garbanzo beans. Grains such as barley, rye, millet, soft wheat berries, quinoa. Use organic whenever possible!

How to Sprout:
Different seeds have different sprouting times*

Sort, rinse & drain seeds, and discard broken ones. Place seeds in a bowl, and add filtered water to cover. Soak overnight for about 8 hours. Then drain water.

Using a bowl
Leave seeds in a bowl rinse with water every 8 hours and drain seeds they will sprout in 2-3 days
Store in fridge for up to a week


Using Trays
Line a flat tray with paper towels . Spread the seeds in a thin layer on the towel. Cover the seeds with a layer of paper towel and sprinkle with water until all the seeds are moistened. Place the tray in a dark & undisturbed area.
Check the tray twice daily to be sure the sprouts remain damp, but not wet. By the second day, little sprouts will begin to grow. By the third or fourth day, most of the sprouts will be mature and ready. Expose the matured sprouts to sunlight for a few hours to give them the opportunity to develop chlorophyll and complete the sprouting process. Store in fridge for a week

Extremely detailed instructions and sprouting times and other good info is on this website:

Happy sprouting!!
Justin J

2:41:18 PM
Hello all,

Time is flying by rapidly and Iâ m getting better! About two weeks ago I hit my maximum tolerance dose of mms which was at 23 drops. I noticed at the higher doses I was definitely feeling off. On the first night I went up to 23. I was wide-awake and literally could not sleep and I felt bad in my stomach and there was a not so pleasant taste in my mouth and I was like okay this is it. If I go another drop I wonâ t tolerate it at all!! This is my limit.
It was a huge relief because I felt like I was just going to keep going up and up and upâ ¦with the stuff and not getting too much of reaction from the mms. Well that night I knew I hit my limit, yet there was something in the back of my mind that said maybe you didnâ t hit itâ ¦
So I spent the night staring at the ceiling because I couldnâ t sleep wondering what the following day would bring. The following day brought the feeling you have when your tired but you feel great, then in the afternoon I was like hmm maybe I didnâ t hit my limit I feel fairly decent.

Around evening after eating I was standing up and I then had this wave of nausea come over me like your need to vomit. If you donâ t run to the bathroom youâ re going to vomit. So I ran to the bathroom and I didnâ t vomit but there was this awful toxic feeling in my stomach like a knotted ball that wanted to get out one way or another. So with this episode. I reaffirmed to myself you hit it, done, over.
The next morning I noticed allot not so pleasant things in the toilet. I went off the mms for two days. Those two days I felt pretty weak and out of sorts. I dropped my tolerance dose down to 20 drops and Iâ m holding it there.
The week after hitting the maximum tolerance level I noticed more purging than the weeks leading up to the maximum tolerance level. I was passing loads of black speck, almost no glitter. The last couple weeks I have noticed allot more itching in the scalp. Iâ m getting things like, little rashes and blotches and red marks appear out of nowhere. They are breaking open and healing quickly . My body is no longer an M hotel and the house cleaning has arrived, out!!!!!!!
Iâ m maintaining my diet and eating allot of garlic, cayenne and lemon feel the burn mmmm.

I have been over working myself and then consequently I hit this period of time where I didnâ t want to do anything. My mom filled with wisdom that she is yelled at me and told me, â If you donâ t take time for yourself how are you going to be able do anything else!â A few others have reminded me of this simple wisdom. So Iâ m taking their advice and looking at my life and doing some personal house cleaning after I get a nap in.
On another note its really encouraging to read about all the people getting well. I hope to get there too 100 percent someday :)

7:09:45 PM
Hello Justin

CONGRATULATIONS, brother!!! You are now on a very good remaining number for your detox maintenance at 20 drops MMS. The reddening and blotching that you will now experience should not become an alarming concern as they will subside much more quickly.

Now you do the ongoing clean up of the disease from your blood and deeper tissue. Keep strict adherence to your diet. Also understand that rest is now critical to furthering recovery. You still have work to do, so stay diligent and disciplined. It's all about pace and patience now.

And thanks for the info on sprouting. Many will benefit from this.

'I am so uplifted by your progress!'
Strength and Love,
A. Ellis

12:22:31 PM
I have been dealing with a patasitic like itch ctawling under the skin turns white wen i put hydrogen peroxide on the wounds nd has hatd black dots it seems on the sours that are crazy strong nd impossible t get out. Ive usrd fungal cream which seems t calm them dwn. Nd ive crushed alfalfa tablets nd whiped a paste on the wounds . Nd as it dries a bunch of granules come too the surface like hard rolled up pieces of skin. Im fed up nd am really tired of the constant lack of sleep. If theres nething i can do different that would heal my wounds nd help me rid myself of these visciouse lil monsters it would mean the world too me!!! :(

12:24:45 PM
Can someone email me with more details or helpfull hints or tel # ,im all in pieces right now i dont know where to turn or begin.


6:31:30 PM
Hi TJ...

Welcome to the forum! I know far to well the fear of discovering you have Morgellons!

I pray you find the strength to walk in FAITH! Believe you will get through this... Walk in the answer.. If you work the diet and protocol You will get better!!!

If you are reading past posts, you may notice the importance of DIET!!! This is one of the most important things you need to get a grip on! Not just eating clean but eating an Anti-candida diet!!! It seems to me 1/2 the battle is diet the other is taking the protocol ... With determination you can make it through this! I was suffering so terribly with this and now 8months on the protocol and actually about 2yrs on the candida diet and my body feels sooo much better! I am proof working the diet and protocol works:)

There is sooo much info in these pages ... environment, cleaning, diet, children.. The search engine can help you narrow your search and help you navigate the site.

We all need help and support, Im glad you found the site there are so many wonderful, helpful people here!! Although one thing is true with Morgellons soo much of your healing is up to you! You can not cheat on your diet.. The importance of eating right is something I can not stress enough!!! Know the has helpful diet info.. Phase One would be the best diet for you probably :)You want to kill/ starve the fungus... so as not to feed it sugar, and other fungus feeding foods!

I hope some of this helps!

My prayers are with you and your loved ones TJ..

As on of my favo people says ...

Never Give Up Hope!

Its time to take control! You may feel a loss of control right now, but with determination you can overcome this!!

Yours In Spirit


4:32:26 PM
Hello TJ and A. Ellis

On his behalf, my beloved friend Mel asked me to welcome you both to this website and to this community of people stricken with Morgellons.

Mel doesn't do it for you, but if you want to get well, it's all here. Everything there is to know about this protocol, and the many people like myself that are successfully treating this disease can be found by reading on this site. Let me assure you that you have found the one place that can give you the means to becoming cured. Mel just said recently,
"Everyone who comes here, has an equal chance to get well"

You will find that many of your questions have already been answered in this forum.
Mel wants you to know that a couple WEEKS of reading may save you many, many MONTHS of anguish! There are so many here that you can read about that are getting well!

I have been on this protocol for 15 months and I am close to being cured. I am now mostly free of all symptoms. It just takes commitment, discipline, and TIME!

If you are unable to focus on reading for long periods of time, he suggests you visit the Conference Call Archives to get the latest information updates in the shortest amount of time.

We have seen that many times those who realize that they have Morgellons in the early stages have a chance to stabilize fairly quickly, (typically three to four months).
Using the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol and a creating a Healthy Diet is how we achieve this.

The Articles and Dietary Suggestions page contains a wealth of life changing information. This includes everything from shopping for value, to recipes to enjoy. It is a continuous work of art with new information constantly being added.

Use the Site Search feature to assist you in obtaining the information in the order that is most important to you. Typing in fewer words works best.

Mel wishes you the best,
and wants you to NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP HOPE!

Justin J

12:14:44 PM
Hello everyone,
I'd like to post that I'm feeling fantastic, but the last couple weeks I haven't been doing the best.
My scalp has been generally been very itchy, and I have been revisited by brain fog at odd times which is very annoying. I'm basically at the half-way point, and I'm feeling the midway blues very hard. My upper arms seem to be the major center of activity.

I haven't seen any glitter for a while. Mainly I'm getting red blotches that appear in a day and disappear the next and they itch. I'm also noticing I'm getting more affected emotionally. The only thing that seems to help is getting out in the sun and sitting in it. My joints and bones have been aching like no-ones business and I wouldn't mind ripping out my ear canal which also decides to hurt on and off with no provocation…
Taking my mind of the pain by being in nature, in the sun or doing something has been helping.
I'm extremely thankful to be healing but it's not very fun at this point .
I have had several whole days where I just slept and each day ran into the next like one perpetual ground hogs day. I feel abit of reassurance that this is just another cycle where some of the old symptoms pop up again, and I’m not getting worse. As old tissues get broken down it releases allot of it's toxins into the bloodstream. Old tissue is most deffinently getting broken down and my body is being restored bit by bit. The most stubborn portions are being assaulted by Mel's protocol. The key stubborn areas are my upper arms and my inner right ear and my scalp and neck. Buffalo temperature got down to 44 degrees last night it was chilly. Where did summer go???? I'm not sure!!!
Even though right now I'm not doing the best I'm reminded how far I have come and where I'm headed. I feel better about the whole process; I have faith that my health will be restored.

Hello Tj, and A Ellis,
I'm sure that you have either been contacted by Mel or Peter already. Focus on the many parts that will get you better it's quite a process but I believe anyone can restore their health. Work on your diet first read as much as you can but take your time, no rush, don’t stress. Just have faith you can be well, never lose that. Then work the diet and protocol, don't overstress yourself and allow time to do the healing. Much love to you guys!
Nancy G

9:28:12 PM
Hi Justin, just wanted to give you some encouragement- hang in there :-) I appreciate your honesty about not feeling well after having an upswing. I think it is important and normal for us to admit and talk about the ups and downs of fighting this. It is clearly not one big sweep of ups to the cure. With the exception of a few, I have noticed most people go through the peaks and valleys which is again why it takes 18 months or longer to get well. Your comment about the groundhog made me laugh. I have been sleeping a lot lately too and I think change of seasons does effect us. I looked a little bit more into MMS recently and love knowing how it is killing off pathogens. That's something to hold on to. Also due to the recent discussion of Lyme on the past conference call, it wouldn't hurt in my opinion to check in with a Lyme specialist. A Lyme literate doctor, not other type to rule out Lyme. You never know and it can be a co infection to Morgellons or vice versa. Not sure if others would agree but again it was discussed on the last conference and we can all use the backing of a good doctor. Just a suggestion, meanwhile, keep up the good work and good attitude. I for one understand the emotional part! I said all along that is my biggest contender. It's good you are finding distractions and getting in the SUN no matter if it's chilly or not. Take care

8:20:44 PM
Hey folks

Just a quick post of encouragement here to note some similiar experiences.

Nancy's post is dead on. I had an increase in fatique around the 9 month mark, and am having it right now. I am convinced that it represents greater healing and restoration. YIELD to it and rest! I find this most beneficial. And sun is also very important for you right now. At least 20 to 30 minutes each day, if possible, will be huge for you.

I also went through a similar period with redness and blotching on the upper arms that was on and off for a month or two. I would look at this as a good sign that you are moving forward, and it will pass.

Finally, the chills will come and go, but they will visit you less and less in the next couple of months.
This most likely represents a rise in your core body temperature back to the range where it belongs!

Stay diligent and get plenty of REST. You are both moving further towards the end of this.

Strength and Love'
Deborah B

12:43:37 AM
Hi Justin,

Just wanted to chime in to say that your progress sounds so typical to what I have experienced too. I am at about the 13th month of the protocol and hit a mid-way slump at around 9 to 10 months. I was not able to nap or to sleep well as you are doing (and good for you!). I had depression and intense joint pain that caused me to hardly be able to walk. I'm a mom and have a little one with this disease who needs me 24/7 . . . so naps are not on the agenda ;-). At the time, I was also in the middle of selling my house and moving to get into a healthier environment so stress levels were astronomical.

At that time I was sure the 'slump' was actually proof I was not getting better and perhaps never would. It was really not a true slump I realize now. Just further evidence of purging and healing. Shortly after, as I approached the one year mark I surged ahead and gained a great deal of strength and a renewed outlook. Now I am feeling awesome. . . although not 100% symptom free. I believe that kind of surge forward is right around the corner for you too. Keep up the good fight and stay strong!

One other note. . . as Nancy mentioned, getting tested for Lyme might be an excellent idea. I also have Lyme and some of your symptoms could indicate there is an issue there. Not saying you have this, but extreme joint pain, chills and a noticeable improvement with exposure to the sun can indicate the presence of Lyme disease.

One way to do a simple home experiment is to take some additional magnesium for three or four days. Lyme disease suffers are almost always deficient in magnesium. If you try this and see a very sharp improvement, particularly in the areas of your depression lifting, fewer muscle aches and chills, then you might want to order an official test. Be sure to do your research first on tests that actually work in identifying Lyme. As you may have heard, some are simply worthless and will give a false negative every time. If you decide to check into this, I'd be happy to send you some info that might help.

I hope you don't have Lyme, and responding well to added magnesium does not mean you necessarily do. Lots of people are magnesium deficient without Lyme and respond well to extra supplementation. It's just an indicator and easy way to initially test the waters.

God Bless Justin, and keep up the amazing job you are doing in restoring your health. You inspire us all,

Deborah B
Justin J

11:40:14 AM
Hello everyone,

Thanks for the support and kind words; they are most appreciated and helpful, so thank you.

So I said I would talk more about my experiences and how I’m doing and maybe go into more detail. For starters, I’m doing better than I was, and removing myself from my former apartment was smart. In my case helpful and the best choice I could make.

I discovered about a month back my apartment was housing not just people, but a seriously huge population of bedbugs. My roommates and I felt that because there was such a huge population, they were established long before we had first moved. I was targeted probably the worst and they had heavily infested the carpeting. We tried everything to eradicate them but even when we thought they had been completely killed off, they came back. They were too established to kill off.

Its hard when you're dealing with two problems at once, but thankfully our lease was up at the time, so it was imperative we moved anyway. The landlord was anything but helpful and more than anything downright neglectful, so leaving was the best option. Alot of people would have stayed, but there were other problems as well. The bed bugs were the straw that broke the camel's back. Poor camels - we need a better saying... hmm.

This fall/winter season has been challenging for me in many ways. I mentioned in a previous post how I had sort of hit a midway mark, or what I could best describe as a wall. Its like where early on you noticed so much progress and so many things, and you start feeling better and better, then you just sort of hit this wall where there is very little noticeable progress being made. A lot of things feel like you are going nowhere or even backsliding.

I’m still stuck in the wall, although I see cracks of light on the other side. A little less itching here a little more clarity of mind here or there. Some days I feel fantastic, other days I feel lethargic, unmotivated, really out of it. I try to be positive and keep a positive mind and outlook, because without it I can’t be a warrior, can I? I’ll never win the battle or even the war.

For me, Morgellons right now is less in the body and more in the mind, specifically the head. I have bits of brain fog at the oddest times, and my scalp itches on and off, and there are still quite a few fungal hairs in the comb. The physical manifestations, the glitter is not very common, the black specks sometimes show up on my upper arms but they are very minimal. Its all in the head; its isolated itself there and is holding on for dear life, but its weakening day by day.

The past week my swollen lymph glands shrunk a bit and I broke out in cold sores. I have also noticed tingling in the spine, where the MMS is literally hitting the spine and killing whatever has hidden itself in there. It is an interesting feeling.

To the question about possibly having Lyme disease as a co-infective factor along with the Morgellons - I really wouldn’t rule it out. Its damming not to even be able to afford proper testing or a lab to figure all this out, but hey, if I have Lyme, Mel’s protocol will obliterate it eventually. Oh, and it will. I just have to wait a bit to allow the many cycles of this stuff to weaken, breed, weaken, breed, weaken, breed until it gets eliminated by my body.

I have also been loving my MMS baths. Those in combination with the strict diet & kosher meats have really helped me put cracks in the wall. I have discovered Knockwurst and have been munching on them way too much. Knockwurst addict here. I also blame (thank) Mel for mentioning that delicious kosher item…. Haha!

I haven’t started school because I realized it wasn’t something I needed to do right now. Its enough for me to deal with what I have right now. Otherwise, I continue to strive for wellness every day against the odds and see more light pouring out of this wall that is Morgellons. One day I know I’ll be on the other side.

Thanks to the website and everyone person on here who makes a difference big or small.

Bright Blessings

Justin J

12:09:31 PM
Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays

I started the protocol around Christmas of last year. It seems like a while ago and I remember how I expected by Christmas of this year to be rid of Morgellons completely and it to be a long gone nightmare.

I had no idea how tenacious and the pathogen(s) can be or how deceptive they are when it comes to compromising your health or how many factors go into getting better.

I discovered lately I’m completely intolerant of any complex carbohydrates from grains or beans and that I feel great when I avoid them completely.

I was doing all right on my prior diet but in some ways I was just maintaining not breaking through resistant determined pockets of bio film. Progress was too slow for my liking and at times I felt I wasn't making noticeable progress. Its easy to say I was cheating on my diet but I prefer to see it as the pathogen had adapted itself enough to survive, maybe not thrive, but at least not be as affected by things like MMS.

Most of December I spent off every “safe carb” and I noticed I developed loads of gas! There was still a lot of resistance left in my gut my body began breaking down a lot of tissue and I dropped allot of weight. My health got better quickly and the setbacks of fall seemed more like a thing of the past.

I feel like noticeable strides are again being made to rid myself completely of this.

Scalp purging has reduced considerably but it has been my strongest point of purging. Little black specks are nonexistent what are those again???? What I see now is small tiny weak fibers coming out of the shoulders and the first interesting thing last week in a while out of my face!

I haven’t had any type of face purging since being on the protocol other than a few cold blisters and sores on my lips but last week I got probably 29 small tiny black fibers out of my face. I knew I was making progress when I saw that as I had never seen that before. Also another heavy point of purging is metals I continue to see big pieces of metal maybe a speck or two every other day.

I continue on the MMS baths and I maintain a clean home environment.

I have also try going to bed around 9ish every night to maximize my bodies restorative sleep cycle and its been helping.

I’m feeling so much better than I was!


9:44:22 AM

Hurray for YOU! I'm a good 6 months behind you and I am applauding your wisdom! I hear that the head is the last and hardest area to clear, so this is positive conformation you are kicking it (right out the back door). Be ever vigilant and stay determined...You got this!!

Happy 2014,


3:33:46 PM
Justin, your amazing account of this journey into the unknown has totally touched my soul..... I am no college grad and could never verbally define the depth of this disease.... like you are doing... I would like to gauge my progress with your perceptions....thank you for making me smile.....I cooked for about 40 young men at a college for one year of my life!! I am on 4 changing to 5 tonight of the MMS.
Justin J

1:29:20 PM
New things to report:

2 Fridays ago I went to sleep and by Saturday morning I woke up to the worst pain of my adult life ever. The back of my mouth was sore and my left ear hurt and my jaw hurt and by mid Sat morning the left side of my entire face became very swollen and distorted. I felt reassured things would be okay but it was brutal I couldn’t chew or sleep. This agony went on for three days and then Uncle Mel called…. “Justin How are you doing?” Me not too well … “Whets the matter?” “My face is swollen otherwise doing alright!” Mel first thought it might have been a reaction to something I ate I then explained I it was in my tooth and jaw. Mel goes “aha!” Take 6 to 7 drops of inactivated mms mix it with 6 oz of water and then swish it in your mouth 4 times a day for 4 days and that should knock out the infection.
I decided to follow the suggestion and I noticed I was feeling better in about 72 hours and the swelling and pain reduced in about a week. I think a deep pocket of infection was killed off deep in the tooth and jaw and gum. I now swish my mouth with inactivated mms everyday I dissolve 3 drops in 3 oz of water and swish it around. The gums and teeth seem much happier.
My scalp purging has reduced slightly and I notice my armpits are also sweating allot. Lately I have been using coconut oil on the skin and that is doing wonders as well I wake up less stiff in the morning. Otherwise I keep plugging along at the protocol.

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for the support the scalp and hair and head are really great places for pathogens to hide and take up residence also pockets of collagen in the joints, ears, and jaw excreta kicking this disease to the curb requires addressing all those hiding places. Slow and Steady!

Hi Diana
Before you know it 5 drops of mms will seem like nothing! I’m glad I make you smile :)

Heres some interesting things I have been thinking about lately: we are the sum of our parts. Every cell, bacteria, protozoa, parasite, that is living in our body is part of our body until we decide to give it a good spring-cleaning. Often times when you have morgellons or lyme or some other disease people exhibit strange behavior that is not like themselves at all. I feel the reason behind this is they literally are two blended consciousnesses together, that of the disease and that of the person. The person literally feels not like themselves because they are vibrating at that disease rate and that level of consciousness. You could imagine what the level of consciousness a disease has. So one way to combat that is through increasing the amount of joy laughter and love in your life. Also finding acceptance and love for yourself and others.

Happy 2014!

11:43:45 PM
Hello Justin

Yet another potent tip from the Captain. He taught me how to brush my teeth with MMS, and it does work!

I have had the swelling and head and ear pain that you describe. I would see them as getting deeper into completing your restoration and detox. A very good sign. No worries matey. Let's talk soon little brother.


Nancy G

11:40:14 AM
Justin, you are very smart about the collective consciousness of the disease and us that carry it. Dr. Klinghardt goes so far as to to say the pathogens conduct us to crave foods and do things to support our internal environments for their survival. Not saying that to scare anyone, just that it's definitely a mental game to combat this as well.
Peter, second time in a week I heard of Kirk's castille soap. I plan to get some. Lastly good reminder on MMS and teeth. I went to dentist for first time in let's just say overdue since had no insurance. My teeth were getting to be worrisome. I am going to do the swishing for maintenance and seeking a dental clinic for poor people. Yes with Morgellons I am now in the poverty system sadly. Still grateful I have a roof over my head and Lyme treatment again thanks to my wonderful daughter. Things-possesions of stuff no longer matter, only health.
Justin J

12:31:24 PM
Thanks Peter and Nancy :)

The mms swishing is really doing wonders for the jaws and gums. I have been blessed today finally with sunshine and bright light and moderate temperatures ! So I decided today I'm going to go outside i'm bundling up to take a walk and enjoy being out. I focus heavily on diet when dealing with Morgellons but often I forget to mention things like exercise and how it is so wonderful for the immune system function and the overall well being of the body.

The recent polar vortex, crazy temp extremes and being stuck in the house has really gotten me feeling like I live in Siberia. Winter blues more like winter black and blues . Once I said a prayer that went like this: dear god please let it be 90 degrees tomorrow. amen.

So I'm combatting old man winter right now because I think thats the most helpful thing to do in my case at the moment. I have forced myself to start exercising as winter has made me a total homebody.

Currently I have been purging more fungal fibers out of my scalp, along with small black ones out of the upper arms with the occasional tiny pieces of ity bity metal from the hands. I have been getting sinus eye pressure lately also I have been sweating allot and tearing allot.
This indicates to me a deeper clearing and cleansing of the sinus canals and the eyes.
Otherwise not too much to report everything else is pretty routine now.

I'm especially of appreciative of the people on the site and around the world and just want to say thanks for being amazing.

Lots of Love


6:38:44 AM

Thank you for your posts. I think YOU are amazing.
I can relate to what you said about the jaw and teeth. Last week I felt like I got hit by a truck on the left side of my face. Weird hunh? So I followed the advice of Mel and you and voila, feeling much better.

I can also relate to what you're experiencing weather wise. I live very close to you (Buffalo). This winter is really kicking my butt. Yesterday, I was glad for the sun as well and as I was driving to work, heard the song "Overcomer" and thought of all the wonderful warriors striving to attain good health and peace once again.

So, just wanted to say hey, glad you are doing so well.

Blessings to all,

2:35:46 PM
Well I had my appendix out and had to go off of the MMS. It has been2 weeks and 2 days since surgery and I am feeling some crawling back in my feet and a few more bites here and there. My stitiches have not dissolved yet but want to know if any one would have some suggestions on when I should start MMS again and how much. When I quite the MMS I was at 10 drops, still taking the rest of the protocol. I am praying for all of us. God bless.

11:59:17 PM
I've noticed this, and this is just with me but has anyone ever noticed that when you have any kind of other ailment(sore throat, headache, Ext) that your symptoms die down a little. Almost like when something is wrong with my body it all goes there(morgellons). Also, im on 4 months of Doxycycline and it really is helping me.

4:22:27 PM
If you're posting a question that doesn't have to do with the topic you're on, if you could please post it on your own thread or if you don't have one create one for yourself, then it will keep posts from being randomly posted all over. Then you can refer back to one specific thread for all of your questions and answers. It makes it easier to keep track of things and people will know which thread to look under when they want to say something to you. Not meaning to be critical but it makes things less confusing. Plus when you have your own thread/topic, as you progress through your recovery and post every week or so, people can read your story as you get better and it's all in one place. It's amazing to look back and see how far you've come from your very first post. :-D


I am glad you asked the question about the MMS instead of just trying to wing it. MMS is critical to our recovery but you have to make sure that you are doing things right. I just spoke with Mel about when you've been off the MMS for awhile (a week, two, etc), at what level should you come back on. This applies to everybody no matter at what point you are in your recovery. Drop down 3 drops from where you were when you went off it then increase every week as usual until you are at your maximum dose. I hope you are recovering nicely from your surgery. I believe you can start back up on the MMS now. I am glad you are with us here on the forum. Things will slowly improve until before you know it you're kicking your heels up with joy like I am as full recovery is eminent.


I saw your other post about being able to see things only with a magnifying glass. That is correct. And that is also why the medical community does not "see" what we see because they are not visible to the naked eye. You do need a magnifying glass, microscope or close up mirror. And you are very perceptive about things moving around when you are sick or have an injury, even a previous injury. It seems that the pathogen kind of collects itself there to attack us where we are the weakest. You are in the right place to get well. There is so much information here and there are so many people who can help you and give you support. Stay with us and things will get better soon.

To both of you and all the other newbies and even people who have been here for a while, I find much strength in inspirational songs. From the very very beginning I have had a theme song. It is called "Can't Rain All The Time" by Jane Siberry. Here is the link to a youtube video with images. It is very poignant. CAN'T RAIN ALL THE TIME - JANE SIBERRY...

At first the song made me sad because I was so very lost and scared, thinking things would never get better. I had lost so much and I missed the old me and the life I used to have. But the song gave me hope that things will get better, it won't rain all the time, my tears won't fall forever. At the very end, I felt like I was talking to God and asking Him if He could hear me, if He was with me. I know He is. Now, the song brings me joy for I see how far I have come in 9 months. There is springtime in my heart. All I feel is joy, no more pain or fear. I know that I am getting better and will be well soon and I have faith that everyone will get better if they just stick with it and hang in there. There IS nowhere but UP from here! Another one of my theme songs by Shania Twain.

Much love to all, Monique
Justin J

2:49:57 PM
Time flies~Health Update

Well I haven’t made a post in a while as I have been cautious to look at how I’m doing in months instead of days lately. Over-all I’m in the best health I have been in probably since getting ill. Everyday I’m getting better, and better. I havn’t cured myself completely but I would say I’m close to 90 percent better. I still deal with minor purging from the scalp and different parts of the body but it amounts to a minor annoyance and quickly passes. This winter has been rough with lack of sunshine nothing to do and allot of boredom but its breaking up, and I’m welcoming springtime with open arms. I have had the energy to do things I miss like walking around enjoying life, and even looking for a job.
Concepts that were completely foreign to me for a time when I was severely sick.
I have managed to get my health accessed by a natropathic practioner and they said you are doing something right because your stomach, kidneys, and bones are completely clean, However you still have some issues in your lower colon and muscles and left lung. So I know the battle is far from over but I have made huge strides in health improvement and I can feel it. I celebrated my 22 birthday on the 27th and It made me reflect allot on what it means to be alive. Plus I made sure to have fun by indulging in a movie marathon of sorts. No I didn’t eat my entire birthday cake, or any cake for that matter !
I would not be here at this place without the constant support from family, friends the forum, Mel, and John Peter, and the people of this website. I’m looking forward to this year. Like all things this too shall pass.

So big huge Thank You!


7:05:35 PM
Dear Justin

I am so thrilled for you and so uplifted that you can share this wonderful news. I remember reading your very first post and knowing then that you were a good candidate for success. You have not dissapointed!

As I have followed your progress along the way, we have shared valuable information in our conversations. Now, you are working God's greater ministry in your efforts as a counselor to others! I am very proud of you for this.

May God continue to Bless You as you complete your detox and finish your journey back to complete health.


4:06:03 PM
Just seen the post but THANK YOU so much for answering my question Monique, this just reaffirmed what I did. I started 50 days after my surgery and started on 4 drops then decided that I did so well with four went to 7 the next day which was 3 drops less then what I was on! Up to 12 drops now and rarely feel a bite or crawl. I really think my appendix was a big part of my immune system failure. Still doing the protocol though and will continue on the this protocol as Mel does for the rest of my life! Joining with you and kicking my heels up with joy! God is so Good!

6:58:22 PM

I can only echo all that has been said! I'm new here and you cover so much, your details are phenomenal! I have sons that are 24 & 19 and they aren't as nearly as wise as you have an old soul (much wisdom). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing! My emotions are all over the place. I fighting but I won't act as if I'm not scared. I trust the Lord but I'm having a hard time letting go of fear completely.

God Bless You! With Love Tee!

8:34:17 PM
Heya i'm for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

9:31:32 AM
So happy for you Justin. You are quite an impressive young man, and I'm sure God has BIG PLANS for you!

Love Always,

Justin J

10:36:19 AM
Hello Everyone,

I want to say thank you to website, Mel, Peter and John and the others on this site for helping reclaim my life. I have been missing from posting on this website because I have been doing just that I have been intensely working on myself and healing. I’m off the protocol and I have gotten allot healthier in the past few months. I have gotten to a place where I no longer need the mms or the molecula silver. I’m on just a few supplements right now. In the meantime I managed to find a job and I’m finally earning some income so its been an incredible blessing. I’m very blessed at the moment.
I’m also incredibly busy, I have never been so busy in my life !!
I owe most of this to GOD

5:51:01 PM
Hi Justin,

I have read most of your posts, my birthday is just before yours i think 25th March, it has just bought a smile to my face to read you are practically cured !! amazing with your courage, knowledge and commitment, i am into month 7, get some itching, have an eye infection at the moment, very sore, inflamed and itchy !!
what herbs and additional supplements have you taken to help you give it a kick.
Thank you for your greatest news.

shawn (uk)

11:25:26 PM
Wonderful Justin! Gods Speed!

7:24:43 AM

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. You have been an inspiration and tremendous guide to all of us. I know many more blessings will come your way.

Love and peace,
John B

11:52:46 AM
Hi Shawn,

The Sovereign Silver works very well for eye infections. I have used it and seen it used successfully over the years many times.

Silver nitrate is still used today in every newborn's eyes to destroy any microorganisms that might remain from traveling through the birth canal. Funny how allopathic medicine tries to discredit silver when it remains such a vital preventive treatment in bringing little ones into this world.

By the way Justin, now that you are fully recovered, let me remind you that the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol was conceived and birthed long before we knew anything about Morgellons. It was designed to rehabilitate the bioterrain in the chronically ill and promote wellness
and longevity in healthy individuals.

For the latter, it was never expected that everyone needs to take every protocol product every day for the remainder of their lives. However, these are the nutrients that need to be around on at least an intermittent basis in order for the body to thrive.

Congrats again on your return to health and productivity. What a blessing and an inspiration you are!



1:22:20 PM

Many continued blessings to you!


10:50:13 AM
I am in my 12th month now and itchy again with mutiple small pimples over upper body, small hard white nodules come out. I know now that I have probably had this building up for years and was diagnosed with lead toxixity and severe osteoporosis last year, I beleive I am healing in layers and the morgellons ar in my bones also, my porous bones I believe are releasing the lead and morgellons. I have also prayed Psalm 71 over all with Morgellons this am. Readng His Word can be so comforting.

1:54:30 PM
My Good Friend

Congratulations, Justin!!

Always remember that the true definition of a warrior is someone who gets the job done. Well, young man, you are now a full fledged warrior! And the contributions to this web site that you have made along the way will continue in the future to relieve suffering, promote healing, and bear proof that we can become free from Morgellons disease.

I have so enjoyed the conversations we have had and the knowledge we have shared as you moved along your journey back to health. You never doubted and you never wavered. What you did, was remain committed. You worked the parts, remained slow and steady, and never gave up. I am sure that Mel, after crying, is now doing the happy dance!

Be blessed and give thanks to our Lord for your miracle. He has fulfilled his promise. “Your faith has indeed brought forth the substance of what is now evident.”

Always your friend,
Justin J

10:05:39 PM
Thanks Peter, Mel, Deborah and Tee, John and Linda

Words really don’t do it justice what I feel about Morgellons being sick and nearly dying and then having a life again. Even though my body is on the upswing now. I’m very much in a state of trauma, the whole experience was rough, and I have allot of emotional healing to do from it. I literally have layers of emotions like an onion that are all very painful sore and raw. Each one is being exposed and felt and I’m still dealing with it is my challenge right now.
What I take from this experience of disease is never be a victim of your circumstances , everything in life is a challenge. You can take charge of the most horrific circumstances and cope and manage and come out from it.
A normal life is something I took for granted until I no longer had it, now everything I refuse to take for granted anymore. Its like being stranded on a desert island with just coconuts and that is all you have and your friends are the birds and the trees on the island. No human contact you literally feel like a castaway. Robinson Caruso has nothing on people with disease
Being back in the real world in the land of the living, I see so much sickness, and disease and it breaks my heart. I can neither deny how aweful it is or how beautiful the ending is going to be if you keep at healing.
My greatest desire and dream is for the whole world to be whole again and to be healed into wholeness.
Right now I’m working at a job building muscle I never had before and I’m feeling younger and healthier than ever. I’m working 8 hour days with hard manual labor. I’m actually loving it! It’s a job where most people would literally get tired and quit. Its very dynamically challenging for me and I’m getting pretty ripped if I do say so myself. Any of those statements are nothing short of a miracle. Again I have to thank GOD

Justin J

1:14:11 PM
Health Update
Hmm I’m not sure how many months it’s been since I started my journey but I’m diffinently nearing the finish line towards ridiculously good health. There have been ups, downs, bumps, detours, snags, back peddling, all kind of crazy but I’m still here and kicking. My constant work is a blessing as it keeps me physically mentally and dare I say it emotionally fit. Dealing with the general public has indeed fine-tuned my ability to filter BS LOL! What a journey, By Christmas time I will hit the two year mark…my how time has flown! The will to live is a tremendous thing and I have persevered and am reaping the rewards of health.
All of reality is like a computer game people who get Morgellons got their settings set to superhuman “BIG CHALLENGE” not easy mode ha! It’s just a challenge I think as a group humanity isn’t defeated so easily, and when I reach the ripe age of 85 I will tell my children that grandpa survived strange times and an even stranger disease. I will be like no grandpa around though; I won’t be “old” and playing bingo.
I’ll tell you what I’m doing and what I’m eating not to make you jealous but to tell you that it can be done and you can get there I believe.
I have become a semi-vegetarian and no longer eat red meat or pork at this time as it was simply messing my body up. I eat a decent amount of dairy but only really clean things and no milk. I partake of many types of fruit and different grains and beans and veggies. I can tolerate chocolate now! Blueberries are really important and antioxidant rich! I drink loads of green and black tea mmmm
I lost my pouchy gut and my skin is gorgeous my hair has grown back and I have muscle tone.
I still am working on killing upper intestinal hookworms that are feeling the burn at the moment but otherwise looking good and feeling gorgeous :)
Love to others

9:03:03 PM

I have gone through river of emotions reading other's journeys.

I believe with all my heart that it is no coincidence that I am beginning my journey at the beginning of 2020. New year, a new journey, a new commitment that I intend to see myself giving a wonderful testimony of how my Father God sent me looking desperately for what I could do to alleviate these terrible and unbelievable symptoms and how I found an answer to my prayer for help.

I searched one day and found Mr Mel and his wonderfully informative and lovingly accepting community.

After taking the time to read and read some more, I have to agree with those who believe there is always HOPE! Never give up!!


3:50:54 PM
Hi Lora,

I so applaud you for your putting in the work...your reading and posting..coming to the Sat calls & Sunday prayers..these are the steps to wellness.

Great job Lora!!

Pastor Leslie

Mary W

7:11:09 AM
Hi Lora,

I want to Welcome you to this wonderful community where a nice percentage of people here get well.

Lori you researched a good website when you found Mel's site. This community is where you'll get the help you need and meet new friends. It's good that you're reaching out so early in your journey for Healing.

Your going to have challenges along the way but the community is here to help.Keep in mind that you have to take it easy and slow and do sums of the parts.

We're here to listen ,talk and we understand what you're going though.

So again welcome to this Community

Mary W