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5:21:42 PM
Welcome Tate, Those who have embraced these principles are in the highest percentage of those who have restored their health.

Hi all,

Hope all are in good spirits and enjoyed the recent sunshine :)

I'm not sure what current predicament ails me but I was hoping for some insight and advice.

On April 22nd, I was passing a very low wall at the train station. Pre-occupied in my thoughts, I didn't notice until the last moment a feral pigeon roosting. I was right underneath it, the pigeon a hands breath away it fluttered its wings violently and flew off. It wasn't in the greatest of shapes, I'd seen the flock before and this one looked somewhat sickly. I had a feeling that something wasn't right, but had made work commitments and instead of returning home to shower and strip off, which is what I should of done, I went to work and did a 6 hr overtime shift in the office. 4 or so days later I felt a crawling sensation on my head. I tried to pass this off as a figment of my imagination and not wanting to face the prospect of my bed and surroundings being contaminated with something from the pigeon. A few more days went by and some more crawling on my scalp. I started to notice crawling in my nose and some in my ears. A few days after this I had a series of bites on my face, two were red and prominent, the rest were harder to see but were raised with a red tip. It was at this point that I figured it must be bird mites having done a bit of reading and went into over drive throwing a lot of clothes out, getting rid of bedding and replacing with wipe downs. I read the book 'the year of the mite' and followed her protocols as close as I could, however I was still getting some bites on my flank and groin. Most of the activity seemed to be at the office, and my work suffered. With it being impossible to treat the space, my boss has very kindly allowed me to work from home.

Since shifting back home, symptoms haven't abated completely, I don't get the bites per se, as in no red marks, but I do occasionally get a pin prick sensation and the crawling sensation seems to return on occasion when in my bedroom/office for extended periods of time. This subsides with a spray of kleen green or essential oil spritz. I had an individual from a bird control company come in today and having looked at my room he couldn't; find a trace of mites. However when skirting the perimeter of the house and being in the attic, he noticed that a wood pidgeon was roosting on the chimney stack which sits on top of the 'cavity' which runs down one side of the house behind my room and the dining room below. Neither room has fireplaces anymore however my room has a plastic slat system which my bed was propped up against. It was taped up and seemed relatively sealed, but he seems to be fairly certain that the mite activity was as a result of mites falling down the chimney stack from the pigeons that occasionally sit on top of them and from their excrement. He believes that by putting up spikes, spraying the chimney stack and covering will eliminate the source. Apparently he has seen this in multiple instances and I too have noticed an itchy/ crawling sensation when sitting in old buildings which have pigeons all over them.

As much as I want to cling to this theory, I'm not completely sold as whilst the number of pigeons has seemed to increase somewhat in recent months, it's not like I haven't heard the cooing of pigeons in the morning before for many years, with no potential mite issues. That and the timeline with the pigeon incident at the station seems to align with mite reproductive cycles.

In terms of the lay of the land at the moment, I had bad eczema as a child and I know that in times of stress it flares up very badly, and it has indeed flared up terribly with the intense amounts of stress and chemicals I've been using. I have intense bouts of itching and lots of dead skin, which looks like black flecks when all rolled up and mixed up with skin oils. I'm not sure what to make of that, as there is a lot of it, with some black fibers, but then again I have a lot of eczema and I use a lot of emolients which fibres would stick to. The eczema has healed partially in areas but has spread to most of my body despite the cessation of swimming in chlorine and the use of alchol and ammonia being sprayed in the house.

I also live with my mother, most of the house is Lino except the landing and stairs, however there is an awful lot of clutter in some rooms and I see the stress it causes her at the prospect of having to clear it all out for the sake of appeasing my sanity. I say that because, and I thank the lord with all my heart, she is not affected and thinks that now there are no visible bites it must of gone away. Whilst I wash clothes with ammonia and borax, her laundry sits in a basket on the carpeted laundry, washed normally, and I worry that the cycle can't break until we both get with the protocols or I move out and find a spartan place to do this solo.

I don't notice much activity when out and about, mainly in my bedroom now or when drinking oddly. I really don't know how to proceed, I don't know why my body erupts into bouts of itchiness, almost like an allergic reaction, the skin swells up into welts and patches of red skin for no apparent reason. What am I dealing with? Is this something others can relate to?

One other piece of information which might be quite pertinent from the research that I have done. I am on hormone replacement therapy in the form of pellets which are under the skin. They can't be removed and I would have to wait months/ years potentially for the pellets to be fully absorbed. I read that HRT can weaken the immune system and there was one study that seemed to suggest that pregnant women gave off a certain pheromone that the mites found irresistible. So, my endocrinologist put me on a very high dose last September and I'm concerned that my pheromones are a flag for these insects. I've started to lift weights again and stay active to increase my levels of testosterone in the hope that my 'scent' would change as it were.

I'm sorry for the long wall of text, I'm very grateful for any advice that people may have.

Warmest regards,


9:23:21 AM

Dear Cheryl,

This is a wonderful idea and a beautiful gesture of translating in other Languages. Such a great way to get the message of hope out to so many in need. I wonder if Mel might start a new thread for you under a translation category.

Thank you Cheryl for being a beautiful blessing to this community. "This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God." 2 Corinthians 12:9

In Christ Love,

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