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10:13:20 AM
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Hello everyone,

It is a long time since I have posted on this thread and would like to give a bit of an update on how things have been going.

This thread has always been extra special to me, as it was Mel posting here at just the right time for me to see it and to know that folks from the UK can get well here!

If you don't know my full story it is all here below on this thread. I made posts regularly from 2015 - 2018 describing what was happening to me, my symptoms, how I was getting on with the protocol and other general life stuff. It was my way of journaling that period in my life and I wanted to share it here to be a part of the community. After having felt so alone with Morgellons it was wonderful to be here, getting help, advice and support. It was an answer to my prayers.

I found it scary starting the protocol but I was already scared and now I had hope of getting better. If you read my story it is one of ups and downs and battling on but it has a happy ending. Like others here have said, I am now so grateful for what the disease and Mel and the protocol have taught me. It was a massive wake up and complete change in my life.

I am now feeling the best I have ever felt in my life. I am still learning all the time about how to live healthily. If I am tempted to eat too many carbs (and I did try a few over Christmas) my body tells me it is not too happy about it! It is really such a blessing to me that I have been made aware of how unhealthy my lifestyle was before Morgellons. It is such a horrible disease but I didn't realize how unhealthy I was for years before it and so am grateful to God for it all now.

I've retired my teaching piano and singing as the virus made it too tricky with lessons in my home and I decided not to go down the zoom direction so instead I have spent time learning about foraging and the medicinal uses of the weeds growing all around me. I now cultivate dandelions and other weeds in my greenhouse and garden and they go into my teas, salads and juices. I've also used the weeds like plantain infusing them in oil to make healing lotions. I find it so exciting that these weeds are full of wonderful benefits. So on most days you would see me outside on the lanes around my house peering closely at teeny tiny plants, learning how to identify them and how to best make use of them. From spring to autumn I am out and about harvesting basketfuls to dehydrate, infuse in oil, tincture or just eat. I do not think this I would have immersed myself to this extent in the natural world without Morgellons so although it felt horrific at the beginning God worked for good and has brought me many blessings through it.

If you are in the UK and Europe and currently on the protocol or thinking about starting it, I would love to hear from you on this thread. Or if you have been on the protocol and are now well it would be great to hear your story or get and update on how things are going.

God bless and love,


9:49:21 AM

Well Hello,

My name is Freddie and I am from England, I have been a member of this lovely web site since 2018, when I joined, Mel put me in touch with Chrissie from Scotland who talked me through the process of getting connected to Skype, so i could make calls to America, I pay just under £7 three monthly this gives me "free" calls so I can join in the conference calls each Saturday and Prayer and Fellowship on a Sunday.

As you have seen there's no scary stories nor scary photos, what you see is what you get there's no catches and no cult following ! I was so wary when I first dipped my toe in the unknown waters, but there was no need, Chrissie from Scotland put my mind at rest, she is a real bonny lassie, like the rest of the members who are all lovely and compassionate group of people, who are all in the same boat as yourselves, we all know what you have been and are going through, we all understand.

My story can be found in "England calling" just click the picture, just scroll down to the bottom, mine's the first post. I arrived not knowing what was going on with me and for me that was the scariest part, Mel often says "knowledge is power" he is so right once you know what is happening it takes so much of the worry away, for instance, I was convinced I had the start of Alzheimer's and if it wasn't that it must be a tumor, I just could think straight, I couldn't speak straight either! It was so embarrassing, I'd go to say something and what came out of my mouth just didn't make sense, I ended up just not going out if I could avoid doing so, when the self-scanners arrived at the supermarket, I was over joyed, I could go out get a weeks' shopping and get home without speaking to anyone! Once I joined this site and went to the conference call this one of the things that was talked about it was then I found out I was suffering with Brain Fog ...what a relief, I can tell you

Not only is this site so great for information and support, it also good fun, yesterday of instance Mel held one of many competitions, the prizes were fantastic and yes they gets shipped to England and other parts of Europe, I for one have won a couple of very nice prizes in my time?? Yes we have tears but there is a lot more laughter, on a Sunday when we have fellowship after prayer, there are jokes and stories also weather reports, you know how us Brits love to talk about the weather

I do hope you reading this will put your mind at ease about joining us in the conference calls and posting in the forum.

Looking forward to meeting with you soon

Freddie x (from England)

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