How I Cured Morgellons


MMS is an oxidant that is only active in the body for a short time (one to two hours). Some of the nutrients in the protocol (such as the vitamin C found in Complete Thymic Formula) may inactivate the MMS if taken together, so it is important to keep the MMS separated from any antioxidants in your regimen.

This is why I always took my MMS along with my antibiotic at bedtime so it never interfered with any other part of the protocol and it seemed to optimize its effectiveness. It also seemed to help me sleep better at night.

I began with one drop of MMS and one drop of acid. I let it mix for twenty seconds, and added six to eight ounces of water. I then waited 30 more seconds and drank it.

Each week, I would add one drop more of both MMS and the acid until I reached my maximum tolerance, as evidenced by my body's response (headaches, nausea and diarrhea). I then stopped for three days to allow my body's detox systems to ”catch up”, and started my maintenance dose, which was three drops less than my maximum level.

However, experience has taught us the importance and enhanced effectiveness of pulsing a lower dose twice per day instead of taking a higher dose once per day. Optimal results are being attained using a low but therapeutic dose (working up to 3 to 7 drops according to individual tolerance) twice per day which increases the exposure of pathogens to the MMS but gives the body ample opportunity to keep pace with the detox burden.