How I Cured Morgellons

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A2Z Corp

8:30:16 PM


You want to avoid direct contact with MMS and metal because of its ability to oxidize. If contact does occur, you want to rinse as soon as possible. If you drink the MMS, I would drink a glass of water (or rinse your mouth) after the MMS dose, just to eliminate any chance of oxidation from happening. Dr. Tom Hesselink has some great information about the oxidizing properties of MMS at
Hope you found this information useful.

A2Z Corp
JDB **

7:22:35 PM

Geoff, I have been taking the MMS and Citric acid for two weeks. I take about twelve drops. I had an accident and had to have the upper bone and teeth reconstructed. I have no root canals or mercury but they had to put more bone in and most of my upper teeth are inplants. I think titanium. The false teeth attached to the titanium implants are beginning to make a popping sound and begining to move when I eat. I will try using a straw to drink it tonight. Do you have any suggestions . There may be an interaction with what ever they used to attach the teeth. Thank you