How I Cured Morgellons

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11:48:16 AM

Hiya Teri,

Welcome again;

Try putting cleaning in our search engine and should bring up about three pages from our forum. Many of posts will be on cleaning the home! Hope this helps.

God Bless,

8:08:48 PM

Hi Mel, So nice to talk to you. Thanks so much for the info...I had a feeling about the bruises. It was just too coincidental. But Mel, since I have ya here, I have another question for you. I read your entire site (a couple of times) and I don't know if maybe I just missed something, but I didn't notice anywhere that you mention anything about what you do or have done for your environment. Pam mentioned the menthol in a diffuser, but it's difficult for me to leave the house for a day at a time. Any tips??

Thanks again,

10:43:33 AM

Hiya Teri,


I beleive this is a symptom many people get, that happened to me. Try putting bruises in the search engine and then bruising.

Good luck & God bless,
Teri **

8:19:59 PM

Hi everyone.

Just a quick question. Has anyone encountered little round bruises that come up for no reason? Just as of today, I found about 5 of them on me, and they are all the same shape, and same color. I don't know if it's coincidence or if it might be just another symptom or side effect. I could see if there was a bite mark in the same spot, and maybe I scratched so hard that I bruised myself. But there isn't.