How I Cured Morgellons

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4:47:53 AM

Sorry for so many mistake but it is close to 4:00 in the morning and I can't sleep. I meant that I was waiting for Mel's protacal to come in the mail.
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4:32:10 AM

I haven't seen my mother for two weeks. We have had this for many years. We use an ozone machine, the kind they use at the cleaners to dry clean clothes with that. Also l have a home hyperbaric that my daugter bought for me so . My mother is claustiphobic and will not use it . She is the worst I have seen her very week. I used my hyperbaric twice a day for two weeks the itching was gone. I took my mother to church and sent the day with . I can just feel. There were a few times I got those bites like a needle prick but I wasn't really itching. When I got home and changed my clothes and got in the hypearbaric they went crazy itching and biting. My body is not fighting them off.I had to be covered with them to itch that bad. I wouldn't have know it if I hadn't gotten into the hyperbaric. Im sure with out the hyperbaric it would have just taken more time It was just as bad two weeks ago before I started the experiment with no contact with my mother and two a day hyperbaric treatments.I really do feel if my mother and I don't change our body chemistry with the protocal we won't get rid of them. We have had them so many years. My mother was so weak and sick she pushed herself just to go today. I'm so frightened for her. I feel that the Lord led me to this site. I also believe you may come in contact with people that have it, maybe where you work or socially and not be able to pin point exactly when you contracted it.