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Auntie M

4:02:45 AM

John B: The site has a video on the far infrared pad and then refers you to Ramona at and for more info and testimonials about how these products were specifically scientifically developed and tested to treat Morgellons patients. This Korean company has a unique patented process and is the only company Dr. Staninger advocates for treatment of Morgellons. There may be cheaper products out there but this company has worked with Dr. Staninger to develop this technology to specifically target the Morgellons invaders in the body and get rid of them as quickly as possible. If you take the time to read Dr. Hildergarde Staninger's research papers you will gain a far deeper understanding of what is happening in the bodies of those with Morgellons. The human body was not designed to assimilate, store, and expel the type of environmental pollutants that are degrading our cellular integrity now. She gets very specific about the implications of nanotechnological toxicity in humans, an area not researched, yet given approval by the government to start dropping such organisms out of planes to kill mosquitos, moths, attached to pesticides, etc.. We should all learn about this fairly new nationwide aerial exposure to toxins, which are so small, we don't even know they are infiltrating our bodies until our bodies don't work anymore. Mother Earth has been badly damaged by such technology and we are part of Mother Earth. The body is trying to deal with plastic and chards of glass in the body and particles so small they enter us without our knowledge, ultimately damaging us. New healing technologies, such as far infrared therapy, will be commonplace in the future, just one of many that will be needed to restore our personal terrain and Mother Earth's terrain. Conventional detoxing cannot even touch this inorganic matter that has invaded our bodies,though regular detoxing measures to get rid of other toxins is absolutely necessary as well. I think makes it pretty clear that we as a species are moving into a different paradigm. Life as we know it is changing as the result of the damage done. The individual process I have been going through with this disease is that I am having to come completely out of denial about the toxic state of affairs on the planet, the toxic state of my own body, and I am grieving for the losses that are occuring because of this degradation. Like someone with cancer (another form of toxicity), I am choosing to live by fighting this disease with information, common sense, personal courage and the use of a common community. There are various schools of thought about how to heal Morgellons. I want to be open to all of them and make sure that I have a qualified medical practitioner monitoring my protocol as it shifts as I find new, long term solutions to heal me on a permanent basis.
Auntie M

3:06:26 AM

Hi Roger, Ron, Deb 2 and others commenting about Far Infrared therapy. I found a day spa very close to home and worked out a price break for daily far infrared sessions. I had my 12 session today and had a great day afterwards. I'm starting to feel normal again where I am not being totally consumed by the momment to momment needs of this disease. My clothing, for instance, has stopped hurting the skin on my body.Their sauna is not the one Dr. Staninger recommends but it has given me some relief from body sensations and a reduction of bugs and fungus.I am sleeping much better too due to less body bug activity at night. After drinking mineral water to repleanish what I lost in sweat, I feel very energized and clear headed. In talking with Ramona whose website sells the correct far infrared pads, there are other testimonials such as bugs disappearing in 2 days and people getting decent sleep for the first time in many months. I hope to order the pad from site very shortly and can continue to put updates about my progress on the forum. There is lots of good info about the products and the manufacturer on the site. Getting the sauna is the best as it accerates healing faster than the smaller units, but they all work over time.

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