How I Cured Morgellons

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Auntie M

4:02:45 AM

John B: The site has a video on the far infrared pad and then refers you to Ramona at and for more info and testimonials about how these products were specifically scientifically developed and tested to treat Morgellons patients. This Korean company has a unique patented process and is the only company Dr. Staninger advocates for treatment of Morgellons. There may be cheaper products out there but this company has worked with Dr. Staninger to develop this technology to specifically target the Morgellons invaders in the body and get rid of them as quickly as possible. If you take the time to read Dr. Hildergarde Staninger's research papers you will gain a far deeper understanding of what is happening in the bodies of those with Morgellons. The human body was not designed to assimilate, store, and expel the type of environmental pollutants that are degrading our cellular integrity now. She gets very specific about the implications of nanotechnological toxicity in humans, an area not researched, yet given approval by the government to start dropping such organisms out of planes to kill mosquitos, moths, attached to pesticides, etc.. We should all learn about this fairly new nationwide aerial exposure to toxins, which are so small, we don't even know they are infiltrating our bodies until our bodies don't work anymore. Mother Earth has been badly damaged by such technology and we are part of Mother Earth. The body is trying to deal with plastic and chards of glass in the body and particles so small they enter us without our knowledge, ultimately damaging us. New healing technologies, such as far infrared therapy, will be commonplace in the future, just one of many that will be needed to restore our personal terrain and Mother Earth's terrain. Conventional detoxing cannot even touch this inorganic matter that has invaded our bodies,though regular detoxing measures to get rid of other toxins is absolutely necessary as well. I think makes it pretty clear that we as a species are moving into a different paradigm. Life as we know it is changing as the result of the damage done. The individual process I have been going through with this disease is that I am having to come completely out of denial about the toxic state of affairs on the planet, the toxic state of my own body, and I am grieving for the losses that are occuring because of this degradation. Like someone with cancer (another form of toxicity), I am choosing to live by fighting this disease with information, common sense, personal courage and the use of a common community. There are various schools of thought about how to heal Morgellons. I want to be open to all of them and make sure that I have a qualified medical practitioner monitoring my protocol as it shifts as I find new, long term solutions to heal me on a permanent basis.
Auntie M

3:06:26 AM

Hi Roger, Ron, Deb 2 and others commenting about Far Infrared therapy. I found a day spa very close to home and worked out a price break for daily far infrared sessions. I had my 12 session today and had a great day afterwards. I'm starting to feel normal again where I am not being totally consumed by the momment to momment needs of this disease. My clothing, for instance, has stopped hurting the skin on my body.Their sauna is not the one Dr. Staninger recommends but it has given me some relief from body sensations and a reduction of bugs and fungus.I am sleeping much better too due to less body bug activity at night. After drinking mineral water to repleanish what I lost in sweat, I feel very energized and clear headed. In talking with Ramona whose website sells the correct far infrared pads, there are other testimonials such as bugs disappearing in 2 days and people getting decent sleep for the first time in many months. I hope to order the pad from site very shortly and can continue to put updates about my progress on the forum. There is lots of good info about the products and the manufacturer on the site. Getting the sauna is the best as it accerates healing faster than the smaller units, but they all work over time.
John B

12:47:12 AM

Hi Auntie M,

Detoxing has to be a central focus of any long term protocol that will impact morgellons, because morgellons patients are certainly challenged with multiple sources of toxicity.

Far Infrared Saunas are very effective for lowering overall toxin load, but as was mentioned, one must be careful about mineral depletion with frequent exposures. At any rate, I would certainly expect the full sauna to be much more effective than pads.

I have no experience with the pads, but a cursory search seems to indicate that $400 is more than twice the going price... could this be right?

Incidentally, Mel added the search feature to his site to make it easier for people to find information posted here by all. The fact that one particular practitioner's work has not been heavily discussed on this site is not an enditement of Mel... it just means their name has not come up.

I applaud Mel's track record of open-mindedness and his willingness to evolve his protocol as new information comes to light.

I don't think anyone has all the answers yet about what is going on with this very complex disease. We are learning more every day.

Hang in there folks, get tested and share with Pam what is going on with you. The more information she can gather, the greater the chance that some vital piece of information will be uncovered that will help bring relief to all.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Symptom Free New Year!



Mr. Common Sense

11:17:33 PM

I use the FAR Infrared Heating Pad which I purchased from Dr. Staninger, I do think it is very effective.

6:52:29 PM

We have improved on Mel's protocol as Pam states, it's the testing.
What is wrong, is throwing stuff out there that has no proof or results. Mel tests additional products before introducing it to the site.
What is wrong is sending people with Morgellons (who are desperate) on a wild goose chase, only to be once more disappointed and waste more money. I have done all of the above many times. I have been dealing with this for 5 YEARS! I am very close to being done with this horrid disease only because of what has been offered thru Mel and Pam. Mel, Pam and I have had this a very long time and as the saying goes..."been there, done that", doesn't work.
So berating is not what I am doing, trying to save disappointment and money, yes, I am guilty of that.
Pamela Mae

3:16:50 PM

Roger,and many above,

No one is berating you,we are asking that you be cautious where you go for direction and PLEASE READ !You are not up to date with whats on this site that will help you,we have progressed way beyond what your 'comment??' states,nor is anyone up to date who is still looking into expensive hype on the internet.

The next step after the protocol is the Great Plains Lab Organic Acid Urine and Comp. Stool tests.
The tests are essential.

What Deb#2 is saying is PLEASE READ we have been before you with proof of what needs doing we are not just running all over the internet -

THE molecula silver is not the same as the silver that turns you blue.

Here is a present-- a definition for you.
Molecula Silver

'Angstrom size is when an element is broken down smaller so that it is no longer considered the mineral and there is no way to identify it (as it is too small and of unknown matter).

Molecular science has not progressed that far into Nano science yet (Nano and angstrom are terms used in measuring millioniths and billionseth of an inch). As I now understand, if it is broken down into it's original organic state then only nature and your body can utilize it.
Other research professionals have tested this silver and found the exact same thing. It is etheric in nature but carries the signature of the element silver. The largest particle size of silver to be found is .062 nanos which is over 60 times smaller than angstrom in size. Only 1.7 to 5 ppm can be found in the product and yet it has the power of 2,000 ppm. 100% of the body's membranes are penetrated.
Even though science can't measure or prove that silver is present, it still affects the harmful bacteria like colloidal silver and it is many times more effective.

Asking a question is not wrong,be wise about what is said,and the source.
Take care
Pamela Mae
Roger N

12:21:55 PM

Those of us who continue to search for another ingredient to Mel's Protocol do so because we aren't being cured by his Protocol - - we get better - - there is some healing of the skin lesion - our brains get a little clearer - - but some symptoms - stay the same or even get worse - - we continue to grasp for another product or procedure to add to building up our terrain . . . . how many of us who have stuck to Mel's protocol for months are cured . . not even Mel is cured or else he would not have to continue with his prescription drug Bactrim . . or his Molecula Silver . . if we have to stay on a prescribed drug or silver forever . . that is not a cure. . . if we stay on 'silver' long enough our skin will turn blue . . if you don't believe that do a little search on the internet to find out the prolonged use of any type of silver suspeneded in water . . I am thankful for the info on this site . . but don't berate those of us who are still looking for another ingredient or procedure to add. . .

12:00:33 PM

Hi Auntie M,
Okay, this is now your 3rd or 4th 'protocol' that you have reported on. I have read Staninger's stuff, tried the FIR for two months......not much of a change. What I can't find on her is her RESULTS. Do you have any data to back this up? Results are wha we need here. She is also VERY expensive!!! Tells me alot!
I really hate to see people continue to throw money away that they don't have.

2:31:36 AM

FYI - the melting point of silica is 3,133 degrees fahrenheit... just a little hotter than your average far infrared sauna.

Such saunas do indeed help you detox, but not by melting metals.

Roger N.

4:29:37 AM

Auntie M.
Did I understand correctly that you were able to use this FIR (Far Infrared Therapy) for the last 8 days? Did you find a medical facility that offered this therapy? How were you able to get infrared therapy if you did not own this type of Sauna?
Camille H

2:17:33 AM

Aunti M - - Where were you able to find an infrared type of sauna? I would like to try this.

I am very intrigued by this posting of yours. There has been so much aerial spraying in many of our states and the very fine sand-colored powder sifting down from the sky in certain states gets all over our cars - it is sticky and hard to wash off. Worst of all, I can't take my long walks when this stuff is coming down because it makes it hard for me to breathe - causing very labored breathing -almost an asthma-like condition my allergist says.

Auntie M

9:29:37 PM

The three websites I know of with info about Dr. Staninger's work with Morgellons are:

I hope this helps.

5:55:21 PM

Dear Auntie M,
Can you please give me a link to that report and what Dr. Staninger reports what causes it and how to heal it. I would love to read that. Thanks
Auntie M

4:24:43 PM

I am also aware the babies are being born with this condition and that small children are getting it. I believe that the increasing level of internal, cellular pollution is being passed on. At that age of 60, I now believe I was born with a polluted body (Both parents smoked. Dad grew up on orange ranches laden with DDT.) and that toxicity in me has only increased over the 6 decades of my life. Due to poor eating habits in the last 15 years, I believe I accelerated this degradation process. I also understand now why it is really important that I eat only organic foods. I eat a lot more organic than I ever used to.

Also, Dr. Staninger recommends eating organic hemp protein powder and unsweetened organic hemp milk for the amino acid content, for one thing. Apparently, her research and testing has shown a depletion of amino acids in those with Morgellons.)

I have found that mixing these with my Amazing Grass Green Superfood Chocolate Drink Powder (2 scoops) with organic NOW brand stevia for sweetener provides a ton of protein and keeps me full for a long time. I'm also eating organic raw coconut butter (yummy and sweet and full of good fat and amino acids) with ground raw cacao nibs (this is what chocolate is made out of before they put all the sugar and other junk in it).
Auntie M **

4:05:26 PM

I haven't been on the site for about 2 weeks. I was having a set back then. I shifted my protocol to include far infrared saunas each day because Dr. Hildergarde Staninger, an industrial toxicologist, who has done years of research on Morgellons (and who understands and has pinpointed the underlying disease-causing mechanisms), prescribes far infrared therapy (daily) to all her patients. It works. It is important to replenish minerals lost through sweating daily.

In 8 days, all my skin symptoms have greatly subsided, my brain is working better and I have far more energy. I plan to buy a far infrared pad for about $400, which I will continue to use once my symptoms have reduced some more.

I am not sure why Dr. Staninger's name does not come up on the SEARCH feature of this website. Her knowledge goes far beyond what I have learned up until now about Morgellons--what causes it and how to heal it. Like Mel and what he advocates, she recommends an oxygenating product (works similar to MMS on Mel's protocol) and several other effective products.

Much more important than what she advocates to get well (some similarities to Mel's protocol), is WHY. What I did not understand until reading some of her research (very technical and scientific--not an easy read, but if you stick with it, she does get very specific about the physiological causes of Morgellons) is that the cellular damage done by environmental factors has already been very long term by the time the bug and fungus problem appear on the skin causing so much agony (for me, anyway). There is inorganic (not living) material imbedded in our cells now that must be removed for the body to regain the healthy terrain that does not attract and house the overload of bugs, fungus, mold, bacteria, viral agents etc.

What I did not understand until reading her work is that silica and other non-organic matter (some due to nanotechnology, some to other types of pollution) is imbedded below the skin(as in chards of glass), which the far infrared heat MELTS and the elimination system of the body removes. It is my understanding that if we don't get rid of THIS stuff, the degraded cellular environment which is conducive to bug and other invasions and infestations, will remain.

In other words, the plastic, shiny fibers (in metallic, Christmas colors) coming out of our lesions and on the skin, are only the tip of the tip of the iceberg of the problem.

So all the nutritional, pharmaceutical, herbal and other products in the world may eliminate the level of pollution we see and feel on our skin--bugs, fungus, etc., but the underlying cause of Morgellons remains without the use of the far infrared therapy.

I will continue to seek out all solutions to completely restore my body. I know I have turned a major corner for the better now.

Blessings and Thanks to everyone who has contributed here and shown concern for me over the months. I will continue to post here. On this Christmas Day, I feel incredibly grateful.