How I Cured Morgellons

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7:52:55 PM

Pamela Mae. Sorry I shouldn't have mentioned the DMSO. I started using that after my liver and colon failed ,about six years ago,under an Omish Health care person. At that point the Medical Doc's had given me six months to live and I would have taken anything. I have lived on it for six years.But that does not mean that it would be good for others.
Pamela mae

10:07:49 AM

John B.
I am not so sure about DMSO?? that scares me.What are your thoughts?
Also I just know that I tested resistant to Oregano.It was a suprise to me,as I know it works really great for mel and others.

Pamela Mae

8:39:33 AM

You can buy the whole cloves at the grocery store too in the spice section.

1:14:30 PM

Pez, I meant I will go to the healh food store to get cloves. Thanks again.

1:07:44 PM

Pez, thank you I will try the lemon water and oregano caps I tried looking for a alkaline diet but they seem to contradict themselves. I will go to the health food store and get clothes. I have been taking coffee enemas with Dmso. It really helps but you smell like spoiled brocoli for a few days. I don't care about that though.

9:23:47 AM

There are many "anti-candida" diets listed on the web and they are all very similar. just follow them. The oil of oregano and the diet help to rid your body of fungus which you probably have-I also boil some cloves(10) in a mug of water in the microwave and add to a pitcher of lemon water to drink during the day-cloves are also anti-fungal. You can reboil same cloves again. I definitly have a decrease in the biting, not as severe, but it is not gone but much less irritating. I say I notice a measurable difference every 3 days while doing this and write down what you experience so you can look back as see progress.

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4:06:37 PM

Pez, what is the anti-candida diet and where did you find it? Also how do the oregano caps help? I will go to get the test Feb 2nd and I am taking Mel's protocol. Just have been looking over different diets. I would like to know what you have experienced so far with the diet and oregano caps.Thank you.
pamela mae

7:02:19 PM

Sounds like you are doing some very positive things.
If you need any help with the Great Plains Labs when you get them back with a doctor to read them please let me know.
It is a joy to see you are on the road to kicken this stuff in the behind.
Bless you,
Pamela Mae

12:00:46 PM

I used who signed off on doctor required signature and I submitted my test samples to GPL this week. I am awaiting results. In the mean time, I am using the Bursinger protocal package, anti-candida diet, oil of orgeano capsules on empty stomach 2 times a day and I see a major difference in biting. I never did have the sores on my skin-but have have this almost 2 years.

cleaning points-use a dry swiffer to pickup the biting fibers on the floor and you can even use on your walls and ceiling. I vacuum after I have swiffted to pickup heavier dirt. I avoid our rooms with carpeting as they are hard to remove but I guess you can buy the plastic carpet protectors at home depot type store which will stick to your carpet and let you can swiffer them off of it. this can simply peeled off of your carpet later.

Laundry-I separate my clothes from family and I soak in 3/4 cup Epson Salts in warm/hot water before I acutally start the wash cycle-works great on removing them from towels and fiberous clothing they like to cling to.
Bathing-I have tried borax and several other remedies which only dried my skin-I now take a shower to remove fibers and bio-oil from the skin and then I soak in a warm tub for about 30 min-they like to release from your skin after your shower and you will see small fibers released in the reflection of your bath when you get out-at least those fibers are now being washed down the drain and not your house. Do not need to add any chemicals to the water.
pamela mae

3:46:09 PM

Hi Susanne,

I am sorry you have not felt well.
Please email me at

Pamela mae

7:51:52 PM

I will email you or you email me to get the GPL for my city. .
havent been around, havent been feeling that well, sorry
talk soon
pamela mae **

3:09:33 PM

Hi everyone,
This is clarification on how to order Great Plains testing if you decide to.
Pamela mae

Clarification on How to Go About Getting GPL Testing

Recent inquiries have made me realize that the 'process' and 'appropriate action' to take in getting The Great Plains testing done needed to be made a little clearer.

This is the process:

First of all, it is best to make an appointment with a GPL recommended doctor. They are most familiar with interpreting the expanded set of data available through GPL's testing procedures, and they are increasingly more likely to be familiar with how your results relate to Morgellons.

To find a GPL recommended doctor, email Pam at:
morgellons Focus

It should not be expected that the doctors will just 'SIGN OFF' on tests without seeing you. They need to see you for an appointment, at which time they will conduct a physical exam and medical history. Please give them that professional courtesy... it is in your best interest. While we have learned much about Morgellons, we are still not 'the Doctor'.

Yes, you can order tests on line at the GPL web site,but guess what? Great Plains may send the testing out to you, but you must have a 'Practitioner' to sign off for, receive and interpret the test results.

You may already have a practitioner that is willing to see you and read the GPL testing; that is great. The testing is not rocket science for any doctor to read but requires a little more coaching.
The GPL testing has more bacteria, fungi, parasites, natural herbs and nutritional levels to read than a common Urine Test or Comprehensive Stool Test.
Your practitioner may make a 15 minute appointment with Pamela at Great Plains Lab to get a quick course on what is covered, why, and how it works for your individual body.
This service is free to your doctor and will only take a small amount of his time.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email me at:

With warmest hopes for your swift recovery and victory over Morgellons,

Pamela Mae

P.S. - I would like to thank those of you that have volunteered your test data for me to document your findings. By gathering the volunteered test data from Morgellons friends who offer their lab results, we are hoping to uncover patterns and establish commonalities that will lead to new discoveries and treatments. The data being collected is being maintained in strictest confidence, and all identities will remain anonymous.