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3:20:22 PM

Dear Les,

Your post of 12/28 at 4 Am was your most gentle post ever.
Although I think you forgot that Some of those doing research and treatment of morgellons seem to be mostly interested in the dollar.
Auntie M

4:12:50 AM

Re the issue of reinfecting oneself and one's environment. Dr. Staninger advocates a product called CHAC MOL that can be taken internally, put in the bath, put in your laundry, and sprayed throughout the entire house to kill everything. It is non toxic and non-polluted, coming from deep within the earth. I just ordered some to try. It is being sold on or
Once I start using it, I'll report back on my outcomes.

4:00:04 AM

Sherry - - the answer is so simple. The Greedy Big Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Companies & Agribusinesses (Bristoll-Meyers Squibb, Dupont, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow Chemical, Eastman Chemical etc. etc) have bought off all our politicians, plus the FDA and CDC. They fund the political campaigns. These US capitalists answer to no one. They care only for the dollar - not the people.
Sherry Taylor

1:50:10 AM

Sherry here,
First I was offended when Mr. CommonSense said he wasn't sure there were parasites because that is the only way I can describe them...they shouldn't be there and are eating me..whether they are worms, bacteria, fungus, or mites, or fungal gnats, or nano particles clogging up the immune system. I respect Mr. CommonSense so much though so..what do i know? I've had this thing for almost a year now and it is better than it was..because I had huge gapping open sores down to the deepest skin levels with bugs crawling out of dots that moved at any rate..some were little lines..they would swim to a biking injury..iodine headed them off. now I have a great outpouring of the black dot things and white fuzz the air and those gray balls on the laundry. Hey thanks so much for telling me what they were...i thought they were some mysterious fungus. I'm going to try menthol in the laudry. I'll steel myself up to the 2 outfil thing. The full moon is coming up in a few days and I'm pretty scared.
i have been using DMSO gel on my skin the last few days..90%,10%aloe vera..seems to help along with the 1/3 each neem, coconut oil, castor oil(from Quebec)..suposed to be the 'Edgar Cacye' one..he was a hero of mine says cold pressed but the original stuff comes from i thought it was south Carolina. It draws a lot of stuff out boy.
What a learning curve..I spent the afternoon learning about GMO's...that bacteria with the virus that gets into your gut..ugh.
it is truley a shame isn't it that we can't take info that works in the third world India and use it...what a price to pay for such arrogance. What happened to us as a society?? When I was little we always had a dog...and played outside all day with the frogs etc. There were worms, flies, and flues...we seem to have become removed from an aspect of life...the little critters and I'm wondering did all the old time doctors die without passing on their knowledge? i mean I am aghast at the denial here. I feel for everyone...and it's hard to fathom the lack of curiosity on the part of even my guy friend and brother. You'd think it would be a great challenge to solve this problem..and professionals would be lining up to be first. I don't even understand the CDC stonewalling unless they have shares in Monsanto. Have we lost sight of the ability to sit still and look at what is really we are all connected. What affects you also affects me at some level. That Jeffrey Smith is something, eh? Thank you America for that gift to the world. Sorry Pam i missremembered his name as Jim. With great minds and hearts like that this will be solved and soon. that is my declaration for 2010. Let's make an organized wish list. I need help with that. Wish us Canadians well in the Olympics in February. We are going to beat the pants off you(just a little friendly competition)From the Great White North. Sherry Taylor
Mr. Common Sense

10:29:33 PM

This is what I'll say about Parasites. The CDC states better than 1 out of 10 pet owners are infected with their pets worms. Now, getting a positive hit on parasites is far harder than getting a positive hit on Lyme, many labs will say you have indicators but really don't know. I've been around the block, years suffering with this. And after years of postings on forums of pictures of this and that claiming to be parasites I've seen less than a handful that might have been.

However, that being said, why should we have them, do you know lots of folks that do colon cleanses see them, yet they never had a clue, do they have Morgellons, no, they do not. I know many people that have sworn up and down they have them to only later be proven what they were posting were infact, no parasites, not saying some don't really have them, of course they do. But I can tell you from years of experience that dosing up on pharmy anti-parasiticals wont cure you, if they do you're a miracle but folks having been trying them for years without success.

The sad truth is the CDC doesn't know a dang thing about parasites, there are barely a handful of true Parasitologists in the US that know they stuff (because remember, America's too good for parasites). Dr. Amin, who has been treating NCS (another name for Morgellons) and who himself, is a real bonified true Parasitologists states that this is not a parasitical disease, and he has cured people, including Joe who has done many posts on my blog, but he wasn't cured with Antiparasiticals.

I'm not saying 100% that it's not parasites. What I am saying is that if you're loading up on Ivermectin I can found you 100 people that did it way to much and way to often and still have Morgellons.

Finally, in India they diagnose those little tiny white worms with Ultrasound, it's very easy, don't in just a few minutes, you can see them moving if they are there. Why don't they do this in the United States? One really wonders, the truth behind Morgellons ought to be had quickly, but nobody is truly looking and the science to pin it down exists, and can be done quickly.

Pammie mae

8:11:07 PM

You are welcome sweet Sherry.
You have also proven your true grit.
You have been a great advocate for your brothers and
sisters in Canada.

Great job!
Pammie Mae
we will get there!
sherry Taylor

6:31:27 PM

Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for the spiritual support Pamela..and encouragement re the lab. And thanks to everyone who so openly shares their esperience.
I'd like help re the laundry..i'm wondering if you can melt the menthol crystals iin hot water and or diffuse them into clothes in a hot dryer. The Dr. bonners, Borax, Pine, Oxyclean etc have not eradicated them at all..even soaking in mms didn't.
Overdrying and doing laundry more frequently seems to help marginally. the one outfit thing is hard on my 'girl' mentality.
I am getting white things..some seemingly cemented on all over my new place..crawling up the kitchen cupboards etc.
The garlic cloves around my neck seem to help a lot..the first night anyway. I'm working on the terrain, too.
Much thanks to Auntie M for the Staninger article..i sent it to my brother..who only listens to 'science' That was a great Christmas present. Even though I saw some of these things earlier in the year the 'M' fog seems to have done a 'number' so repetition is much appreciated. My wish for the new year..that we find an antidote for 'all' aspects of this. I really feel for the parents and children..My daughter who got the gastrointestinal aspects is planning to get pregnant this year..and well it's a worry. He husband Mat got it immediately after a short visti to drop off a bike and was hospitalized it was so bad. Of course there is no proof because there is no test..but Erin said when she got it 2 weeks was unmistakably what Mat had gotten. does anyone know about long term genetic affects? Thank you so much, Mel,what would we do without you and Pamela..and othere if I missed you....for keepiing things positive. Sincerely, Sherry..that west coast Canadian

1:35:34 PM

Dr in West Chester reported to me that he has prescribed Ivermectin for some of his patients at their request, for this issue, however he also reported that they have their symptoms sometimes go away and then they have their symptoms return.
So he also does not recommend it.


12:25:50 PM

Yes Mr Common Sense!
Oh Please all we want for Christmas is to eradicate did you or how are you soaking the clothes or utilizing the menthol crystals so that we too can use your exact method!
As usual Mr CS, thank you so much for all that you have done already and continue to help us with!
We truly appreciate it!

10:18:50 AM

Mr. C. I can't seem to get them out of my clothing. I have tried borax, Dr. Bonners. If I steam iron after washing countless white things exit out. How can I get these out during the wash. How are you soaking then in menthol?
Mr. Common Sense

12:10:24 PM

Debra, I don't doubt for a second that mites are involved, that is why I think washing my clothes with Dr. Bonners Peppermint soap eventually did them in. But remember, they are on us for a reason, they are not the cause, the cause is systemic, probably GMO fungal in nature and they are feeding on it, like mite cat-nip. I literally (almost) where the same clothes every day, I live out of single laundry basket, so they just could not take but soaked in menthol every night, combine that with the Auzfre Sulfur soap I use in the shower and they messed with the wrong guy ...

And Teri, me too, thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack, the feeling lasted for 12 hours. Never again, besides which, it doesn't cure so why bother ... And one can never say they didn't suffer organ damage, all these things take their toll ...

10:13:42 AM

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my experience with Ivermectin. I've taken it several times, and it did not get rid of whatever parasite is infesting me. Also, I had very bad side effects. I developed a cough almost like Asthma. It made my chest feel very tight. Not a pleasant feeling at all. Actually a little scary.

7:32:23 AM

I have used Ivermectin countless times - every 2 weeks, every 3 days, etc. We tried many different ways. It seemed to make me better but it always returned. I do not have any damage to any organs, etc. It is not the answer.
As far as parasites, bugs etc. - Mr. C. - I have seen them with a 100x hand held scope - they are there. I am to the point where I can feel them moving on me and if fast enough pick them right off my skin. Once you touch them you destroy them. The legs are gone. But if you use the scope on your clothes persistantly, you will eventually see them burrowed in your clothing - they look like mites.
I have also spoken with a doctor who cured himself and has also seen them. Maybe we don't all have the same thing.

6:02:11 AM

I am on the protocol, plus grapefruit seed extract internally a few days/week (minus MMS); haven't been tested yet...but about 4 weeks into this regimen and I feel nearly cured! I began the M. ordeal this October, along with my two kids a few weeks later. My 5 year old boy is nearly clear now, too. I wanted to report that in my experimenting pure lemon juice brings all the stuff out of the pores (black specks and the white things...eggs and larvae) and immediately...but it stings a lot. I used it on my lips and much came out around my lipline and chin. We put lemon juice in our hair too. In the nasal area...we used Zicam swabs (used to ward off colds) and it cleared that all more itching/crawling we started it in the ears... it seems to work there too.
I just wonder if drinking a lot of lemon juice would also rid them internally for your friend. We do that also, and sometimes with the grapefruit seed extract in the lemon water My little 2 year old gets the acidophilus sprinkled into yogurt and this complete regimen cleared her stools of the specks in one or two days...and still clear a week now. I can't use as much of the protocol with her due to her age. She is constantly reinfected on her skin/hair though due to her age and laying around on the floors all the time...
On the environment...I noticed the absolute persistance of the fiber balls in some clothing even after laundering properly in bonner's pepperment soap, and arm and hammer det...or borax or clorox even. I place the black specks on slides and look microscopically. If I get one that came out of a pore and spray it with Kleen is killed in 20 seconds, it blows a hole in the middle of it...but if it is encased in even just a few fibers, the fibers hold the substance back and it does not affect the (?)mite at all. So, I think if the fiber balls remain in clothing, we are getting reinfected and shaving the clothes is imperitive...but watch for them hiding in seams too.
I have been wearing white climate control undergarments (polyester) from Penney's day and night and I don't think they can burrow or take fibers in my pores due to this non-cotton material...I believe this is helping me eradicate them somehow...same for my bedding....I use all white so I can see them now too. I noticed that as I get healthier each day, they are burrowing so superficially in my pores that they are visible now, and when I drink the GSE, they actually rub right off...So, other than reinfection, I believe the alkalinity and the protocal due truely kick these things right out of us!! Praise the Lord Jesus and thank you Mel and all here for leading us to this knowledge!
P.S. I need a solution for the eyes...and carpeting...seems like my vacuum won't pull them up and I have to use tape and be very persistant. I guess I should shampoo carpets with Kleen Green, but it seems like an ordeal. I have the crystals, but it's not real practical with small kids in the house. And I don't know where to find the essential diffuse? How can we listen to the teleconference from December? Gina

9:07:19 PM

Thank you all,
Your experience with Ivermectin is so very helpful!!

My friend is having the GPL tests done, and this will confirm what is present, however the tests will not show the presence of these horrible mites which live in hair follicles, and body orifices. The killing of germs by antibiotics, does not seem to affect the mites, the parasites yes, but not the mites, but I am hopeful that as the body comes into balance as treatment becomes more specific, that will be the end of the mites.

Although thy are the vectors of M they seem to live quite independently of the whole M process once it has been delivered. Treatment for mites on the body has been only temporary, and minimally effective, as has treatment of the environment. Mostly recently the environment has been treated with menthol vapours, but ongoing with essential oils in the air, Borax on surfaces and laundry, Kleen Green or Windex spayed on walls etc., and still they are there. It is really discouraging how persistent these critters are, because they make dealing with this so much worse.

I can only think trying Diatomaceous Earth would be the next step as it is relatively inert, and apparently there has been some success with it.

Thanks again for sharing your experience, it is really appreciated.


pamela mae

9:04:43 PM


Seems to me that mr cs said 'parasites who knows?'

We are a friendly community here and everyone is entitled to share - We are all in a process of understanding and learning,none of us have all knowledge.

I find Mr CS to be a very intelligent and kind soul.
Blessings and much Herbal calms for you!
Pamela Mae

5:10:32 PM

Mr. Common Sense - You wrote << you have no PROOF WHATSOEVER that you have parasites, in fact, most of the experts think otherwise.>>
I was rather shocked to read such an all encompassing statement. This site is known for its caring spirit, not such dogmatic proclamations. Parasites are confirmed when they are expelled from the stool. Many Morgellon's sufferers have been tested for parasites through stool samples sent to labs. My doctor confirmed I had parasitic worms by having me send a stool sample to his lab. (My doctors saw the white, soft small worms about 1/4th inch long and smaller white, soft egg-shaped worms in my stool sample.) So far the diagnosis has been parasitic worms as yet unnamed - not among the common worms usually tested for. I am continuing with a second lab test.
pamela mae

10:40:39 PM

Dear Teri,
Your page is up on
click on 'About' and you will see
'Teri's page for Help'


9:55:45 PM

Dearest Teri,

I wouldn't post today except you have touched my heart.
I am going to put a special page up just for you to outline what we have learned.
I don't want too many words here,but will outline a page just for you.
Also you may call me and I will completely explain the testing which is best for you all.
I will help.

Please email me at

Please kiss your children for me and know its going to be okay,
Pamela Mae

5:14:15 PM

Hi Pamela,
New comer here! My name is Teri and I live in New York. My kids and I were diagnosed with scabies back in April. Since then we have tried Permethrin, Elimite, Petroleum Jelly and Sulfur (a compound prescription). And I myself, tried Permethrin and Ivermectin together at the same time. Nothing has worked. We have tried these drugs several times. I have gone from dr to dr, with no solution. Total, I've been to about 9 dr's, only 1 says it looks like scabies. I am wondering if it really is scabies. I have some symptoms of scabies, but some of Morgellons. I also went through cancer treatment (radiation) 3 years ago, so I am guessing my body is not in the best of health. But then why do my kids have it too? It's so confusing!!! So I am wondering. Was Great Plains the only facility that was involved with you getting better? Were there any other dr's that you dealt with? And maybe do you have info for Great Plains. I am in Orange county NY. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. And to those of you suffering, I hope you all stay well!

Thank you so much,
pamela mae

2:42:01 PM

Thanks Mr Cs
I do so agree.
I so wish everyone would look at the side effects of parasiticals.
I am however so glad some are convinced that testing is a good thing,perhaps it will help with strengthening their terrain and eventually they will be off all parasiticals.It is my fondest hope.
Good sense Mr CS. Thanks so much for your sound advice.

Pamela Mae
Mr. Common Sense

1:38:31 PM

I have done Fenbendazole, Menbendazole, Albendazole, Praziquantel, Ivermectin, and many other things. I don't recommend them for anyone, they are not curative of Morgellons, they wreak utter havoc on your body, you have no PROOF WHATSOEVER that you have parasites, in fact, most of the experts think otherwise. I will never do another synthetic anti-parasitical again, never. You're average dog has nothing on me. I never recommend anyone self treat with these things, very dangerous.

However, when I went after my terrain with simple things such as in my terrain post I got dramatically better, the antiparasiticals were literally killing me. Instead of tearing my body apart, now I give it what it really supposed to be in it.

Did I ever have parasites? Who knows, but cleaning up my terrain (which was a garbage dump) made the rats flee (not pun intended)

1:35:20 PM

Hiya no name,


PLEASE NOTE FOR THE FUTURE:If you do not put your name, no matter who you are, the post will be ERADICATED.
Pick a name if you do not what others to know who you are, when you post on this web site, we are all entiltled to know, who is giving us the information.
thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

God bless,


8:37:57 AM

I truly believe that whatever bacteria and fungus your friend has is what is feeding the parasite. If you kill off the bacteria and fungus, there is no food source left for the parasite and it dies off. If you get on the RIGHT anti-biotic and anti-fungal then you will kill off the food source. Please take it from someone who has had this a VERY long time and is almost cured!!! Get the testing done, it saved my life.

12:20:07 AM

The first time I tried ivermectin, it was amazing. My eyesight improved dramatically, and my irritable bowel symptoms went away for many days. I would wake up feeling great. I also think I lost a decent amount of weight, and my abdomen was not so distended.

However, my subsequent experiences with it were not as good. The last time I took it, it provided maybe a day of relief.


12:02:14 AM

Yes I Have , It's totally worthless for morgellons. I was given 30mgs twice,14 days apart. I weighed 200 lbs. The ONLY thing to make it go away for me was zithromax. I convinced my doc to give me 2 5day pacs I cleared up completely by middle of the 2nd week and stayed clear for 2 more weeks. Then it slowly came back, I went back and asked to be put on it for 6 mos. no dice wanted to talk about getting bone cancer.

12:14:53 PM

Thanks all, especially Robin for your experience.
Testing although it is in the plan for the other aspects of M, will not prove mites, even with tissue sampling they are difficult to find, their persistent exisitence is proof enough.

We are looking for something that has worked for others in getting rid of them, maybe the food grade diatomaceous earth would be a good place to start as it is unlikely to react with the protocol.


11:41:47 AM

OK, I've been slamming down the Ivermectin for a month and a half, 3 tab. every morning. Can't honestly say it has done anything at all. I drink the earth now. Did the Rife too. Thought it was helping but was scared off it by someone who told me that it could drive them deeper in. No one really knows the answers.

10:28:07 PM

I've heard that Diatomacious earth drink will do as well as the stromectol. Also might try renting a RIF machine. Check out the post by Nancy Levy 11/12009
pamela mae

5:11:14 PM

What Doctor is your friend seeing?
She needs to simplify asses what she is doing.
I believe she is on Overload!
Our systems can only take so much.
If she has no Doc if you will email the state she lives in I will find her one from Great Plains.
God Bless,
Pamela Mae

1:54:05 PM

Thank you all for your concern and input. My friend is using Mels complete protocol plus many natural antiparasite, anti mite products and nothing will get rid of the mite horror which continues internally, can easily reinfest her carefully managed surroundings. I don't think the oral antiparasitics work on the mite population because they live in hair follicles as well as nasal passages etc, and do not seem to be affected by either the oral or topical treatments of which she has tried sulphur, peppermint, menthol, lavender, neem etc etc after so many Borax treatments I cannot count that high. Plus everything natural available to treat parasites, but it has not impacted the mites.

I have heard that taking 1/4 teaspon of borax in 1 litre of water helps get rid of internal insects, and in small does is not toxic to humans. Does anyone have experience with this. She is already taking so much else in her complete protocol regime would it interfere? It might be easier on her system than Ivermectin, but would it interfere with the antiparasitics she is already taking in the form of MMS, Molecula, Bactrim, and Logos supplements, plus the other natural antiparasitic substances?

I tried the Search Engine and nothing came up for Ivermectin, someone did post earlier about using it but I have not found the post. Using Ivermectin is not "hit and miss" by the way, it is used to get rid of mites, and apparently works, but it would be good to hear from someone who has had success with it.

Thanks everyone,

10:46:39 AM

Synthetic chemical anti-helminthics like Ivermectin are typically very specific in their application, both in terms of organisms targeted and method of use (this product specificity is a byproduct of the necessity in the pharmaceutical realm to have protected licensing rights).

They are effective if used as directed, but like many drugs, may produce significant collateral damage (as evidenced by their long list of known side effects) to the liver and other internal organs.

Since Morgellons patients are already dealing with compromised detoxification systems, it makes more sense to go with natural antiparasitics that have less side effects and are effective across a much broader spectrum of organisms.

For those who feel they need the additional support, Logos does have an excellent broad spectrum formula called Parabolish. To learn more, click here

By the way, Mr. CS took Ivermectin for very short time and said it produced profound symptoms of diabetes in him. Many antiparasitics work by inhibiting glucose metabolism in the parasites... what is that doing to their host?

P.S.- The majority of this post was cut and pasted from an earlier post that I found through the search feature.

Blessings to All,

Pamela Mae

12:13:57 AM

Hello Samskara,
For what its worth.
Because my immune system is weak,and my liver somewhat weak,and knowing that battling morgellons makes these even weaker,adding to that seems counter productive.

That is the beauty of mels protocol is the simplicity and really the mild'killer' things that are in it.

I believe in addition your friend should get the testing done from Great Plains.
It is what I believe to be the final key for the full attack on this resiliant thing.
The Tests show not only where the immunes system is at this point,it shows nutritional markers,as well as will test for bacterias,fungus,and parasite and will tell you which prescriptions(antibiotics,anti fungals and natural anti parasiticals ) will work in her specific body.

The urine and stool testing at Great Plains is different than a common ua and stool test. The techs at great plains have been trained to test and read for many more strains of bacterias and fungus than regular ua and stool tests give.

The test so far have shown that everyone has had 1 to several bacterias,1 to several fungal infections,and that natural anti parasiticals were needed.

The theory is that we build the gut flora,balance PH,build the body strength(terrain ) with supplementation,we help the immune system ,hoping that 'killer' things will not be needed (anti parasiticals,fungals,anti biotics -

Why hit and miss? and especially why hit and miss with things that could weaken the liver and other body systems which are now weakened from trying to fight.
Why not get the testing,let it pin point Exactly what is needed.
The labs will even recommend Doctors to read testing and follow up.

Hope in some small way this will help,and save you and your friend money and physical suffering.
This is my desire.
The following are cautions about Ivermectin found in Health A to Z.
Before taking ivermectin, tell your doctor about any other medical conditions that you have, especially liver disease. If you have liver problems, you may not be able to use ivermectin, or you may need a dosage adjustment or special tests during treatment.
* vision changes or problems with your vision;
* urinary or bowel problems;
* weakness, confusion, lack of coordination;
* eye redness, swelling, or pain; or
* seizure (convulsions).
emt Call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects:

* vision changes or problems with your vision;
* urinary or bowel problems;
* weakness, confusion, lack of coordination;
* eye redness, swelling, or pain; or
* seizure (convulsions).

Other less serious side effects may be more likely to occur, such as:

* nausea, diarrhea;
* dizziness;
* swelling of your hands, ankles, or feet;
* swelling or tenderness of your lymph nodes;
* itching or skin rash; or
* feeling that something is in your eye(s).

Pamela Mae

2:50:38 PM

Samskara, Ivermectin is also called Stromectol. I found that out when I was doing my research on Lice. It is an anti parastic agent. It is a dewormer for animalsl(Heart Guard). (There was a post earlier I think by one of the Debs but I could not find it again) I don't think it is approved for humans but some Doctors perscribe it for scabies if the cremes and others do not work. There are side effects and Drs. are leery because of some deaths but can't prove it was definitely the drug.

I think someone on this site has used it and it worked for them. Someone else said their Dr. prescibed it. I am requesting it but my dr. will only give me the smallest dose for I am already on Bactrin (anti parastic) which is also used to treat lice and scabies.

My thoughts are if your immune system is way off kilter as mine was, the meds may not work as well to kill them off, only slow them down or kill the weak ones but the strong ones still survive. My first derm perscribed doxycycline (she figured I had scabies) and it might have worked if my immune system was in better shape. She made the mistake of not running a blood test to find that I was REALLY LOW on the basic stuff, like C,D and B.

Since I have been taking the extra C,D and B I find the stuff coming out in my stool are A LOT SMALLER but I am still finding eggs so I know the lice are still there.

I've heard that some Drs. are recommending a switching of 2 different meds (one wonders if they are not building up resistance to a drug if you use it all the time) Ivermectin or stromectol is what I'm requesting from my Dr. but will not start on the stromectol until another week so that I have corrected some of my vitamin deficiency. I am still taking the bactrin though.

You should make sure you are NOT ALLERGIC to any drugs. Keep in mind though because of our difference in body make up, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Add the possibility of built up resistance and it makes it all so experating. Good luck, Linda
Samskara **

11:45:10 AM

Hi All,
I have used the Search to try and find previous posts on Ivermectin, but cannot find anything. I have read that it works and doctors will order it. Does anyone have experience with using this to get rid of internal mites? I am trying to find a cure for this terrible problem for my friend, who is not able to get rid of them. Your help is greatly appreciated.