How I Cured Morgellons

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Lady Dee

12:52:20 PM

I agree that the fungus and mold are a big part of this, too. I had to move out of the last place I lived in because of mold. I was getting sicker with bronchitus and there were leaks in the walls, etc. I live in So. California so living in a coastal city doesn't help where mold is concerned. Dealing also with Candida didn't help the situation. I think we have to work on our bodies to clear out any fungal infections. (My doctor told me to give up the sugars, dairy, alcohol, etc.) Not easy to do but does help.

Lady Dee

10:34:17 AM

Hi Auntie M,

Very sorry to see the severity of your suffering right now. There definitely appears to be a correlation with exacerbations and lunar cycles.

Over the years, I have seen many people shorten the severity and duration of viral infections using monolaurin, the bioactive antiviral form of lauric acid from coconut oil.

I am researching a potential new antiviral product right now that is coconut based... will let you know if it works out.

10:19:28 PM

Thank you for answering to those who have, please anyone who has not yet posted , please do so.
We can learn from one another here. Perhaps you stayed in a temporary apartment, hotel on vacation, or a guest house?
Or maybe you helped to clean out an apartment or other environment..oh, and lets not forget those famous outgrown/consignment shops! No one knows where those clothes were stored, and/or for how long.
I rarely purchase clothes now from those venues unless I know their neighbor or relative, and even then they need to be washed well before using.
I am now more cautious of this than ever, though I know, everyone loves a beautiful piece of vintage now and then..
Also, regarding Deb2's response, California, Texas and Florida also happen to be the highest populated states.
Thank you once again everyone for participating, you need not put your name down if you hesitate to say where you experienced this.


10:28:41 AM

Hi G
Yes. My home has had a leaky basement and a moldy smell since we moved in - 1989. After I got this disease (only 1 yr now) I had my house tested for mold-and basement had high levels of asperilium and pennicillium. We also had it in the bathrooms. I also had a cat with a lesion and in that lesion they found pennicilium.
Possibly, this sets the environment where an infestation can take hold. But I lived here for 20 years before getting morgellons.

2:54:52 AM

I have lived/worked in moldy environments. My skin lesions showed up in appx. 2000 when I owned a chicken farm.

I am so thankful to know I am not crazy!
Auntie M

12:36:49 AM

I also live in an extremely moldy, fungal environment, a 40-year old mobile home. I am disabled with no money so moving out of here is not an option. I did not contract Morgellons right after moving here. Did not have this disease for 2-1/2 years while living here.

I believe an exposure to the skin, hair and soiled clothes of a neighbor (I responded to a medical emergency, won't go into details) possibly started this infestation that has continued for 6 months. She had been hospitalized in an Alzheimer's unit in a hospital before her medical emergency.

My immune system was weakened due to various causes before I caught this.

I now absolutely believe that an internal, toxic fungal load due to very longterm and undiagnosed candida (exacerbated by poor eating habits) has contributed to this disease taking hold. I've had systemic symptoms for candida for a long time and did not know that pathogen loads in the body cause so many detrimental health conditions. I have learned so much in the last 6 months in trying to get well. I have never smoked and don't drink alcohol (both major internal fungal generators). I'd probably be dead by now if I did.

The good news is that the nutritional protocol that Mel has shared is definitely strengthening me. I feel healthier, my brain is working better.

The parasites on my skin, which can be excrutiatingly uncomfortable at times in different areas of my body, have not left.

Also, within the last week, oral herpes, which I have not had in a really long time, has come with a vengeance. My face is red and stinging. I feel like the virus is trying to take over my whole face. That is scary. I've never had these symptoms before with this nuisance. I am taking Acylovir for the first time ever and it is bearly touching it. The bug things are hatching like crazy on my face and other parts of my body right now. Someone said there is a correlation with bug activity with the full moon. There was a full moon last night.

7:51:15 PM

Those with mold issues. About 10 years ago there was alot of attention on the news and in newspaper about people getting sick with mold/mildew where they had to just leave everything in their houses and move
only taking the clothes on their back. I think one mansion was in Texas but I know there were some in Ca. That brought it out to the attention of the insurance companies who decided to change their policy on what they would cover. I am sure alot of them are suffering from Morgellons but couldn't get Drs to help.

5:51:23 PM

Hey guys.. thanks for starting this topic. I feel that mold and fungus plays a HUGE part in this.

For me, it started when I was exposed to a moldy/mildewy room in a hotel when we went on vacation in the Caribbean. I came back home with sinus
issues for awhile which developed into infection.
Rounds of antibiotics made me sicker and sicker.

I just recently discovered mold in my shower heads
last week.. incidently, one showerhead I used caused
me to have more black specks purge from the skin. Cleaning them revealed black mold in them. I don't know how long they've been infecting me.

I'm going to be getting our water tested... after this latest discovery.

9:27:02 AM

If you go to the MRF web site, you will see that the worst states are California Texas and Florida. I don't think it's a coincidence that they are warmer states and border water. Mold/fungus is definitely a part of this. I am pretty sure I got this when I replaced my water heater and junk came lose and infected me, at the time, I live in SE Florida.

11:33:41 PM

Yes,My apartment had mold so bad, I could smell it. So I complained to the landlord and called the Health Department. The Health Dept came over to access the situation and test the level, it was documented. That was 2007 before I knew I had Morgellons. Since there is no one that can legitimately diagnose this disease, even if there was an instigator such as that . . without having a legitimate diagnosis, we cannot put blame anywhere.
G **

9:04:04 PM

Hi All!
Question, would each of you be kind enough to post if you ever have lived or do currently live in an environment that was damp and/or had mold issues at one time or another?

Please be specific.
I have found through speaking to others that this has come up, it seems to be a common denominator, and I am curious as to the same.

I for one can ascertain that I definitly have.
The bottom floor of our home is a non-stop battle ground against moisture and humidity. We have had mold issues in a portion of the home. I have swabbed the decks, if you will, with clorox.
This has helped some, but it is recurrent if not dilligently kept after.