How I Cured Morgellons

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12:06:05 AM

Hi Pamela,
I spoke with you yesterday,thank you so very much for all the information. I too would like the name of the New York doctor,it would be a blessing to speak with a proffesional who is familiar with this ghastly disease.I have ordered some of the protocol already and will order the lugos next week.Thank you again for all your efforts and thank Mel and John.
Pamela Mae

11:53:52 PM

With all the confusion on the testing in New York, I thought I would post the following to clarify the facts.I personally believe it does not matter which lab you use, as long as you use one that is efficient and covers all the underlying issues we are seeing with Morgellons people so far, such as:
Immune Disfunction
Vitamin and Mineral deficits
Metabolic markers
Parasitic Involvement
Fungal Overgrowth
Bacterial Overgrowth
Any Blood or Mucous in stool

Ideally the testing should also include checking Lactoferrin, Phospholipids, Short Chain Fatty Acids, and Betaglucanase.
I spoke with a practitioner in NY to inquire on the general rule for Great Plains Labs ordered in New York, and it is :
*Patients and physicians in New York cannot order The Great Plains Laboratory (GPL) tests because GPL is not licensed in NY at this time."*Along with the lab test mentioned above in bold New York does not allow labs to run salivary and heavy metals hair analysis test.
* There are other Labs that cannot run Comprehensive Stool or Organic Acid Urine tests in NY.
I have contacted several doctors offices and several labs directly and unfortunately for those in new York you will not be able to have testing run with
'Lactoferrin, Short Chain Fatty Acids, Phospholipids, Betaglucanase or testing that includes salivary or hair analysis, unless you access these services in another state.
We will continue to develop a network of Morgellons friendly doctors across the country,who are familiar with GPLS advanced testing techniques and interpretation of testing.
We like GPL because of the good reports of their efficiency, and their over the top helpful and efficient customer service.
I hope this helps you alot.
With all my heart all I want is for you all to get well,
Much Love,
Pamela Mae
sarah brown

10:11:18 PM

I would also be interested in the name of that N.Y. doctor, and his address and phone number. I lived in N.J. If you can give me this information, it would be the answer to my prayers.
pamela mae **

2:17:21 AM

Hi my dear morgellons friends,

Len has been emailing me all day curious about Debras Doc in New York.

While solving things and getting Lenny all the information he was requesting, and going over the whole process several new solutions occured,for the problem with Testing in NY and I will be going over them tomorrow with mel. The difficulty with getting testing in New York may be solved.

Things are very promising and I thank Debra for sharing.
Debra my phones are working now call me tomorrow I would be pleased to speak with you.
I will post information tomorrow,

Nite everyone.
I may be busted for late bedtime ;-)
Pamela Mae