How I Cured Morgellons

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3:21:18 PM

pamela mae

10:11:28 AM

Hi Ann,
It is so nice to meet you.
Wait till you see your little timer(hour glass kind) its so cute..and very practical .

Pamela Mae

8:13:25 AM

Mine's on the way!
pamela mae

11:43:39 PM

mel and A2Z,
I just got my kit! It is so cool.
The little timer is so cute!
Thanks for offering this its really great!

Pamela mae

5:50:52 PM

Hello everyone!!

We have a Morgellon's Kit on our site now - (1) 4 oz. MMS bottle, (1) 4 oz. 50% citric acid solution bottle, and (1) 16 oz. Molecula Silver bottle. This is retailing for $60, but if you use MORG20 as a coupon code on the check-out, you save 20% off this price.
Morgellon's kit 20% savings code: MORG20
MMS and Citric Acid 20% savings code: MMS20
16 oz Molecula Silver 20% savings code: SILVER20

Mel will also offer a conference call later this month, if you wish to listen to the conference afterwards, we do archive the calls for easy access anytime, just Email A2Z Corp, and we can reply with the links.


A2Z Corp

10:13:23 AM

Hiya kim,

Welcome as always;

After speaking with geoff yesterday it seems on 12/31/09 their system throws out all old codes.
They have been under staffed and a little over worked.

The good news is that geoffe and I created a new kit,
hopefully geoff will provide the new information here today!

Based on what we discussed the kit will provide the new one to one critic acid,MMS and molecula silver.

please be patient,
God Bless,

Kim S

8:26:45 PM

Hi, I just ordered some silver and it didn't accept my coupon- discount. Can you only use that once? I had used the discount before. Thanks for your time and God bless!
A2Z **

3:48:56 PM

Just as a reminder,

Everyone who wishes to purchase MMS or Molecula Silver to use Mel's Morgellons protocol from this site have the opportunity to purchase either product using a coupon code that will give you 20-25% off each product:

20% off 'Kit C' which contains: 2oz of MMS, 4oz of citric acid solution and 16oz of Molecula Silver.
Regular price $60, you pay $48 just type MORGA2Z at the checkout page after selecting your order.

25% off 16oz Molecula Silver
Regular price: $39, you pay $29.25 just type SILVA2Z at the checkout page after selecting your order.

The website to use those codes is: or you could use this link to go right to the shopping cart:

Geoff Norrena
for A2Z Corp