How I Cured Morgellons

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Pamela mae

3:58:49 AM

Hi ! it was so nice to get to meet and talk with you.
I am so glad you are starting on mels protocol.
The cream for the scalp sounds good,and you being a hair dresser should know.
I failed to get time to look at ingredients but it appears to be sulfur and silver? I'm going looking.
If it is that would explain things.

Hang in there..remember we talked about giving this time :-) email any time..I enjoy our talks.
Lets hope this helps the little boy who has these all over his head.

Bless you
Pamela mae
Dawn **

3:43:10 AM

Hi I am new to this forum,and am so glad I found it! I have had morgellons for 15 years or longer.I have used every thing I could find including snake oil,I kid you not,found it at walgreens. I am now using a product on my lesions called SSD cream,silver sulfadiazine cream,anti fungal,bacteria,seems to be working,best I have used so far. I ordered the other products from the protocall on here,I look foward to trying them.Hope this helps .