How I Cured Morgellons

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pamela mae

9:44:21 PM


It is such a pleasure to meet you.
Hang in there and do not give up.
We are all in this together and I
beleive we will all soon be well.

Pamela Mae

8:36:38 PM

I think I have come to the right place also. My mother and I will definely follow the protocol. I will get on the Logos Nutritionls site to see how much everything is. Thank you !

2:10:30 PM


Welcome and Happy New Year!

What a blessing it is to welcome you into our midst. I don't think I have to tell you that you have come to the right place.

There is so much here to read and learn, and wonderful caring people who, like you, have been led here for encouragement, support and healing.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the Logos products... or natural health in general. You will also find a treasure of helpful articles and information on the Logos Nutritionals site.


John Burgstiner
JDB **

12:12:27 PM

Hi all! I think there are so many cases here than ever imagined. I think they thrive in warm climates. I spoke with one gentleman that got it in Houston. The humidity is very high there. I lived in Mission Texas in a new home when I got it, though I am sure they may thrive in older homes with dampness and mold. I also have had digestive problems and Lupus so my immune sytem was down. Unlike some of you, my mother and I know exactly where we got it. It some of the schools are infested with it . I spoke with one woman from Hebronville Texas that took her family and moved and left the house and everything just to get away from the school her children were attending. I was sick and not teaching and my mother brought scabiies home from a student who always had lesions. My mother itched and had a few lesions but I was totally covered she had to continue working for her retirement. So here we are. Now 13 years later we have tried so many alternative things that seem to help. But Mel's diet makes since because I was tested and I am very acidic. I too am low on funds and thankful to hear how other people are doing on this diet and protocal.