How I Cured Morgellons

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Pammie mae

1:37:54 AM

Sweet Rose,

I think you are wonderful !

Pamela Mae

7:32:43 PM

Greetings Pamela Mae,
Thanks much I emailed you today, JAWS is trying to find another Shark to bite. (Smile)
Blessings, Rose
Pamela mae

12:20:34 AM

Hi Sweet Rose,

Guess what? My contact manager is working on
Yay about that and still have more work to do,hope you will be patient with me.
Once again you can email

God Bless you and hope jaws is worken well,
Pamela mae
Pamela Mae

1:28:54 PM

Dear Rose,

I am so sorry, my web site is still a work in progress.
My email is

I am still working on my site - sometimes I get busy and am a little slow but the new site has been a challenge,I am sorry.
I will give you my phone number there .
God Bless you sweet Rosie- how is jaws?
Bless you,
Pamela Mae
Rose **

12:23:30 AM

Hello Pamela, Could not get your contact info on your website. Is there an email address ? Blessings, Rose