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9:38:41 PM

Hi Karen,

That was a great movie!
keep on going on no matter where you find yourself in life!!!

Don`t do like the first man did, that was released; that just could not face life on the outside, and took his life in that dingy old room because he felt so scared and overwhelmed.

We all have to keep on fighting no matter how dark things might seem. we have to win, not let MD win and keep us imprisoned like that poor man was!!

Thanks for the light!

7:40:03 PM

Wow Karen!!! :-) what a lovely, evocative post this is!
Firstly, 'The Shawshank Redemption,' is one of my all time favourite movies, it's wonderful.
I smiled at how wonderfully apt it was, when you described Andy chiselling away at the walls for years being similar to us chiselling away at the dis-ease!
Karen, that's a PERFECT way to describe it!
And oh boy my friends, don't we just know how long it takes to build our bioterrain!!
If only we could go into the bioterrain shop, buy some bioterrain and plant it in our system.. Voila!:-)
Alas, no, life is not like that.
But, to hear Karen how happy you feel to be getting your health back.
It's like a little bird that's finally been let out her cage to fly.
You can now flap your (proverbial) wings around and squawk loudly in your lovely (is it southern, I really like it) accent..
You are beginning to be liberated and to break free from a lot of the constraints this disease imposes on a person.
I watched the scene from the film.
It's a beautiful scene.
To see people not broken, despite the odds.
To see them smile, fight for freedom and beauty and happiness and health.
To see the unbreakable rising up from within the breakable.
I guess that's the spirit in those men that didn't break.
Just like our spirits haven't broken.
Though many times they felt that way.
But we weren't broken.
We are not broken!!!
And we all still fight the good fight, so like these men in the film...
We can once again, hold our heads to the sun and smile.
And one day be free again, free from this illness.
And as Mel says, 'do the happy dance!'
Now will it be a tango?
A foxtrot?
A salsa?

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