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Laura (aunt)

9:40:32 PM

Black Sheep,

It is great to know you are officially back in the race. Please continue to post your journey because you will help others that follow.

Being able to share your concerns and ask for guidance is what makes this community so amazing. We are here for one another. I thank you for the kind words and pray you continue to restore your health and regain your life!

In Christ Love,
Black Sheep

1:37:41 PM

Hi Chrissie, read your post today. I've been bad at taking care of myself, but I have been good with the diet and supplements. Laura's reply put me back on the wagon.

Thank you soooooo much for mentioning that you also have many itchy pimples. I thought this was a symptom that was just mine and wasn't directly related to our disease. What you said about about this being about our body purging this disease is reassuring.

I have been taking mms baths. I also spray with apple cider vinegar which has made a huge difference. My skin care stuff and taking the sum of the parts has cleared most everything up except some spots like the soles of my feet. Strange how quickly things can change. A week ago I felt on the verge of giving up. My thoughts were not positive. I was pretty sure I'd never get rid of these itchy pimples so what's the point in even trying. Now, I'm going to keep up with things.

Thanks for letting me and my roomie aren't alone with these itchy pimples, Chrissie.

Black Sheep

1:24:56 PM


I just wanted to thank you in a post by itself for responding to my post. I think it was also kind of a cry for someone to see me, since I've gotten good at keeping to myself about how all of this feels.

Your post made all the difference for me. I'm always going to be honest here so that other people can learn something if they happens to read this, so to answer your question, Laura, no. I was making expense excuses for not doing the sovereign silver, and I fell of the wagon when it came to taking mms.

After your post, I Amazon Primed my order of Sovereighn Silver and Started back up with MMS. I've never taken my supplements, silver, and MMS at the same time. (I refused to take MMS on my first go around.)

I've only been doing it for a few days, but the results have been dramatic. My itchy spots are hardening. Weird specs come little tiny white egg-like things, small flakes that look like dandruff, and ones that look like little yellow jewels.

I also have had less itching. Just wanted to post this so you know you made all the difference in the world for me. Thanks for your compassion, Laura.


4:35:54 PM

Black sheep

I'm very sorry to hear you lost your father a month ago. It's not long at all and you must be struggling with your grief as well as being unwell. It's a tough time for you :-(

Please keep taking the protocol and keeping to the diet.
Are you getting enough rest, sleep and fresh air too?
Are you managing to take care of yourself?

I also have many many itchy pimples on my arms and back mainly. I think Peter said in a previous post they were to do with biofilm. Fibres come out the pimples. They are frustrating and upsetting at times, but I just think it's part of the body purging this disease... And it will take time.

Do you bathe in wps or epsom salts and spray with kleen green or dilute wps solution? Do you wash with sulphur soap?

There are many topical things that help as well as internal meds.

Try be gentle with yourself at this time and keep fighting the fight!

Best wishes,
Laura (aunt)

4:12:17 PM

Black Sheep,

First of all, I am sorry for the loss of your father. I understand first hand how painful this can be. They say time heals all wounds; but I feel like time makes it easier to cope with. I miss and think of my father every day. I also know he is in a wonderful place. Second of all, I would like for you to consider the following questions as far as getting better from this disease.

Since you are not new to this website and understand the importance of taking Logo's supplements, are you following the other parts of the protocol? Remember it is the "sum of the parts" not some of the parts that got people well in the first place. Next, have you read the journeys of others that have moved on with their lives because they have overcome this disease? Their journeys are informative and very uplifting.

This is a new year and I would like to encourage you take charge of your life so that this time next year you could be posting your success story on this website.

It is not easy and requires perseverance as well as discipline. But you can do it. Maybe you and your roommate could make it a race to see who crosses the finish line first. Help one another follow the complete protocol including the "sum of the parts!"

I pray you find comfort in knowing this protocol works and read the testimonies of other people who have succeeded.

May God Bless you as you begin your journey of once and for all crossing that finish line.

In Christ Love,
Black Sheep

12:37:55 AM

Just updating.

My father passed away from cancer about a month ago. Life has been rough.

I've also moved out of my apartment since I know that that might have been part of the problem with my illness.

I've been taking my logos supplements but have not been feeling hopeful lately. My main symptom is itchy pimple spots that pop up on my body. It looks like scabies. My roommate has them now, too, and his are much worse. He doesn't have fibers but has red dots all over and is convinced it's scabies. We think they were spread through skin to skin contact. The itching is relentless for both of us on the scabies like welts. He thinks that going to a doctor will get rid of the spots. I'm not convinced a doctor will have a solution. It feels like no matter what we do, they still find a way to come back and itch like crazy. I pray for a life with out these itchy spots. This is not the kind of life I want to continue living.

Anyone else ever have a similar problem? Any advice? I'm at the end of my rope.

6:59:39 PM

Black sheep

I am sad for you.

For the bugs try the Eliminator bug killer plug in device, about 19 dollars
The mold, clean over using a safe mold killer and paint in mold repellent paint. Keep room ventilated, Can a friend help in this?

Buy a bed bug proof mattress cover if possible.


If he is cared for and is comfortable then don't be sad for him. Just be there if he needs company and a hand to hold or physical help
And your father, If you live near him then make sure he gets the pain relief and reassurance he needs at this time. It's a time for saying those things that so often remain unvoiced.
And your aunt may overcome this and the paralysis lessen, Never lose hope.

The brain can make fresh connections. I have seen it happen.

You shall find an inner strength that helps you cope at this hard, hard time.

Losing your job may turn out a blessing , It leaves you free for more important things,

Our prayers and thoughts surround you.
God Bless.


12:48:31 PM

Oh so sorry to hear about the illness in your family and also your job.

I'll be praying for you that you find a way forward to get a job and somewhere better to live and also for your family.

Love and prayers,

Black Sheep

6:55:40 PM

Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, not sure when I’ll post again. A lot of things are going on in my world that makes me need to keep to myself, so that I can survive all of the horrible stuff.

My grandfather’s heart is giving out and they don’t know if he’ll make it another two months. My dad has severe cancer, and he may pass any day, and I just found out that my aunt is paralyzed after what should have been minor surgery.

I also just lost my job even though they loved me, it’s just they don’t need me over the summer, so I need to find another job. My apartment is a slum, but it’s the only thing I can afford in LA. I’ve had bed bug three times, am now battling cockroaches. I’m also figuring out what the Hell I can do about the mold and slime that is growing in my apartment.

I am making improvements in health thanks to the supplements. I’ll do whatever I need to do in order to be able to keep buying them. Life is really hard right now, but I’m going to claw and fight for every day I have, and I’m going to try to keep my light shining.

I’m sorry, but I really can’t respond to messages right now. I’m in self-preservation mode right now. But I wanted you all to know that I appreciate your kindness. It actually made me cry in a good way.

Not sure when I’ll write again, but I am continuing with the protocol and not giving up.

Big hug.

2:09:06 PM

Hi Black Sheep,
Maybe you should call yourself Smart Guy for having the wisdom to go back to something that you felt like was helping you instead of continuing in something that wasn't :-)

4:36:37 PM

Hi Black Sheep!

Just catching up with listening to some recorded calls and heard your voice - I am so so so sorry that you are still battling this but so so so happy to hear that you are back on the full, yes full protocol and looking forward to hearing how you are getting on.

Don't know if you will remember but you shared a recipe for almond pancakes which I made in my early days of all this and it was such a joy to have something good to eat.

You were so kind and thoughtful in your responses to me when I was so new to everything and I will always be grateful. I have often wondered how things were going with you.

Yes you're in great hands here!

Love and prayers,

Ruth (from the UK)


10:09:21 AM

Dear black sheep,

I went through a slump of my own as well. My story is similar. I got to a point where I was waiting too long in between protocol orders because I couldn't afford it anymore. Physically, I couldn't even take care of myself anymore. Would you like to be friends ? None of my family or friends understand what it is like to have this disease. When they see me, they see someone that looks perfectly healthy. They don't know the sleepless nights or the social functions we avoid because we can't eat the food, or the pain in our bodies we feel. please have Mel connect us because I would love to talk to you ??

P.s. Your puns made me laugh

10:51:29 AM

Black sheep,

So pleased to hear you are already improving. Small steps lead to bigger steps remember- If you fall just pick yourself up and carry on.

All in God's Good time.

Please, no worries! I am fine or as fine as can be thanks to the advice given and folk on this very special site.

Time is not on my side that is all.

I just meant to emphasize that the protocol is the way to go along with all that goes with it then all else will be well.

Sleep as much as you can.

We learn a lot with this thing.

It strengthens our faith in God and humanity.
We learn that it matters not if others can't believe us or that those qualified to help turn their backs.

He who matters most is there in the midst of it all.

My faith is now strong and unfailing.

"No such thing as God" said my granddaughter and instead of getting ruffled I merely said "Each person can believe what they like but it cannot change what IS."
She agreed we could each differ but still love each other.
She is 7 but an old soul.

The secret of healing this lies in strengthening the immune system, particularly the stomach and gut so that we eventually heal ourselves.

How true are those words"Gut feeling".
Mel's protocol does just that.

Keep plodding on and you will get there.

By the way I have just found that coconut oil mixed with a few drops of the best oregano oil keeps the feet itches, pains and rough sore skin at bay.
A little tea tree can be added too.

Forgetting to dilute the oil one day it burnt my mouth and lips badly so now I just rub it into my feet.
Sometimes you have to adapt things just a little to suit you. We are all different.
I shall now try the same thing on my head.

Don't have regrets. Waste of energy and emotion.
Everything is part of a learning curve.
It's that final goal that matters; the rainbow.

Keep plodding on.
God Bless


1:47:55 PM

Hi Black Sheep!

First and foremost, welcome back AND thank you for your honesty!!

It is soooo important for all of us to hear the fact that something like dates which are considered healthy for most just aren't the same for us... especially not an abundance of them!!!

I also think the fact that you pointed out that the road to disease is a slippery slope is equally as important AND further proof that Mel knows what he's talking about when her refers to... the SUM of the parts!!!

Secondly, I must confess I have always liked the smell of the Thymic Formula in the bottle but found myself holding one up to my nose and enjoying the full effect after reading your post. Lol..!!!

Last but not least, it is definitely NOT just you... this protocol is sooooo AMAZING and even though I've been on it 10 months tomorrow, I still remember VIVIDLY that I felt MUCH better just 5 days after starting it. I've definitely had my ups and downs in the 10 months, but, I'll take them every day over what life was like before Mel's protocol!!!

Once again, I too am not only glad you're back but glad you're sharing your story with us!!! I look forward to hopefully meeting you on a conference call soon!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,
Black Sheep

4:48:56 PM

"Is it just me or am I already improving?"

It's interesting that I just started back on the supplements, and I'm already feeling better. Before this I was taking loads of cat's claw and olive leaf. Yes, they are great for the immune system, but they are also bug killers. I have a feeling I was overloading my system.

Also, it seems the warm salt water soaks in my cowboy tub are getting rid of my itchy pimples.

Black Sheep

4:28:11 AM

Kelly! Thanks for the support. Would love to hear where you're at in the protocol.

Laura, I'll be there next week. And I think I figured out a way so I don't have to pay. Muahaha, we'll see if it works.

Marie, I hate hearing you will never be rid of this completely. I know what it feel like to have this thing breathing down my neck at every turn. Have you spoken to Mel and John?
Black Sheep

3:54:26 PM

I started taking my basic Logos Supplements yesterday and had this weird reaction to the smell of the Thymic pill.

Here's my reenactment.

Body: "Eat that yellow pill bro, we needs it, we needs it!”

Me: “Hold on, man. I'm not done smelling it yet.”

And I wasn't.

So good no one saw me holding it to my nose. I was like a cat with catnip. They would have thought me insane, for sure.

I eventually did take the pill away from my nostrils. When I put it into my mouth, I immediately knew it was what my body needed. I went on the LOGOS website to look up what exactly is in that yellow pill and it all made sense.

It was also enlightening to know why my body wanted it so badly. Here's a piece of what it says on the website:

“The thymus gland lies just beneath the breast bone. It is large in infants and children and atrophies as we grow older. The thymus seeds the body with immature T-cells, the white blood cells responsible for "cell-mediated immunity". This gland secretes special chemicals called cytokines (ie.- interferon, interleukins) that influence the specialization and migration of T-lymphocytes throughout the body. The thymus also releases hormones that regulate immune function. These thymic hormones help immune cells to mature, "programming" them to recognize tissues as either self or invader. Recognizing the enemy is the first and likely most important step in the immune response.”

Confirms it! It's my immune system that is shot, and my body knows it.

I've also been taking salt baths every night in my cowboy tub. (I only have a shower so I got myself a little basin.) I look like a dork in it, but my itchy morg pimples are already starting to clear up. Yeeha!

Looking forward to being part of the next conference call.
Black Sheep

3:26:10 PM


I'll be there next week. Not getting well HAS been super expensive.


10:27:49 AM

Dear Black Sheep,

I also hear that message when I call in. However, it is 1 penny per minute. If you stay on the call for 1 hour, that is $1. It has changed my phone bill approximately $5. per month. There are 12 months in a year which adds up to $60. per year.

When I developed this illness almost 2 year ago, I literally lost everything I owned and at some point I did not even want to keep my live.

Before finding this protocol I was hopeless. SO please look at this as a small investment in restoring your life.

You already know how caring and helpful the people of this community are. It is a small price to pay in order to get your life back. But not as the old "Black Sheep" rather as the new healthy life living "Black Sheet."

This community needs you to lead others that have also strayed. So please come home!

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

9:38:15 AM


in the past two years I have never heard of anyone actually being charged, although I have heard that statement from a few others!

Anyway, after all the money you have spent not getting well, wouldn't it be worth a few dollars
to restore your health?

Your new coach and I were waiting for you last evening, So Mount that pony and let's get going!

God bless, Those who did not give up HOPE got well.

Black Sheep

2:03:21 AM

Hey All,

I tried to join the chat today, but it said that it was going to charge me because it was out of service.

Did I do something incorrectly?

10:59:13 AM

Black Sheep,

If you thought Mel might reject you then you thought wrong.
Oh ye of little faith!
Your story is just what folk on here need to hear.

As Mel says it's the sum of the parts and not SOME of the parts. You have to go the whole hog.
And it's what Bill M says in his posts. His were the first posts I read on here a year ago and often tears blurred the words I was reading.

Slip back and it takes you twice as long to get well.
It seems the Logos protocol is carefully designed to address all stages of Morgellons/Lyme.
Follow it faithfully and folk get well.

I try to follow bits of it as best I can with the resources available to me but it is not the same as the real thing and never will be.
I doubt now I'll never be healed from it but as long as I can keep it in check enough to be able to cope then that's all I hope for.
Each time I think all's well and I can have a piece/bar of chocolate or a cake then I am reminded that "they" are still there lurking in the pricks/itches/head sores/lethargy and painful feet.

Who was it said that they were not going to let these tiny bugs defeat them?
This is your chance to be completely cured.
Protocol, diet, anything else that's needed including sleep and rest.
You need to take the stuff in the right way and the right order and to follow the diet outlined otherwise you will keep slipping back.
May your journey to full health be quick and easy with Hope your guide.
God Bless.

9:32:49 AM

Hi Black Sheep,
I just want to welcome you back and thank you for being so honest. We ALL make mistakes, but correcting them is all we need to concentrate on. The rest is just water under the bridge.

Black Sheep **

12:56:56 AM

Hey Folks!

A bit of time ago, I came to this website to rid myself of the horrific effects of Lyme Disease and Morgellons.

However, I did not follow Mel's complete protocol and never healed completely. I had a severe aversion to take MMS. At the time, I believed that it was poison being put in the body. I was strict with every other part of the protocol, and I did strengthen my immune system with Logos, but continued to have black fibers.

Eventually, I talked myself out of continuing with the protocol. I told myself it was too expensive. I convinced myself that if I adhered to the diet, all would be well. I bet you see where this story is going, my friends...

I started reintroducing foods, until I was eating dates. And once I ate those, I didn't just eat a few, I ate a ton. Idiot me had myself a little date fiesta.

Things seemed--and I do mean SEEMED-- fine, until a few months ago when I was bitten by a bed bug and developed itchy pimples once again. I could blame the bed bug, but I'd be BSing (Black Sheeping myself...see what I did there?)

Okay. Let me be serious for a second, my fall began the moment I didn't take MMS seriously. The road to disease is a slippery slope. And boy, it's not fun like a slip-and-slide, let me tell ya'!

Stubbornly, I tried to heal myself to no avail. I honestly was a little too embarrassed to return. But I realized I needed to stop lying to myself and reach out to the people who helped me before. I reached out to Mel, but I convinced myself that I wouldn't hear back-- that I was shunned forever. (I was once again studying this website, I just figured I'd have to settle with doing the steps alone this time around.)

Imagine my surprise to have Mel call me--and do so on the very day my Logos supplements arrived. (I'm not religious, but I do think Mel is tapped into the source or something.)

Mel's voice was exactly what I needed to hear. He went full military on me. He wasn't going to let me get away with anymore BS. I may be good at fooling myself, but I never pulled the wool over Mel's eyes for a second.

He told me I needed to start from the beginning, and that's what I intend to do. And I'm going to do the protocol right this time. This time around, I plan to adhere not to some of the parts but the SUM of the parts.

Sigh: I could have been well by now. It's okay though... I know I'm in good hands now that I'm amongst such a supportive flock.

Please let my mistakes be a lesson to anyone who thinks they know best; the grass is greener on this side of the fence.

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